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Monday, 20 March 2017

20 March. 2017: 20Jamadiul Akhir 1438: Vol:8, No:146
With Yogi Adityanath at helm, India’s largest meat processing state could lose Rs 11,350 crore a year
New Delhi:BJP, in their UP  election manifesto, promised to close down all “illegal” abattoirs in the state if it comes to power. BJP national president Amit Shah, however, went on to state that all slaughterhouses will be closed down on March 12, a day after counting of votes. His remarks came just before the first phase of the Assembly elections in Feb. It has been 216 hours since the results came in, 48 hours since the BJP chose Yogi Adityanath as the CM , and 24 hours since his swearing-in.In a press briefing on Sunday, when reminded about Shah’s promise, BJP minister Shrikant Sharma told reporters that a decision on the issue will be taken when the state Cabinet meets. Adityanath asked his ministers to resist from making comments that would hurt anyone’s sentiments, Sharma added. In the event of a ban on slaughterhouses in the state, its impact on the economy and the loss of jobs will be significant.Data from UP ’s Animal Husbandry department show the state produced 7,515.14 lakh kg of buffalo meat, 1171.65 lakh kg of goat meat, 230.99 lakh kg of sheep meat, and 1410.32 lakh kg of pig meat in 2014-15. The above figures also include those from meat processing plants in the state.There are 72 Govt approved abattoirs-cum-meat processing plants/standalone abattoirs in India at present; 38 of them in UP alone. In 2011, when Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) released its list of Govt  approved slaughterhouses, there were only 30 across the country, but over half of them were based in UP. In its 2014 notification, the APEDA approved list increased to 53 abattoirs in the country. The following year 11 more were added to the list, taking it to 62 overall. At present, out of the 38 slaughterhouses — 7 in Aligarh, 5 in Ghaziabad — 37 produce and export buffalo meat.In 2016, India exported 13,14,158.05 metric tonnes of buffalo meat worth Rs 26,681.56 crores to the world. The major destinations for its exports are Muslim-majority countries such as Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In UP, the law permits slaughter of buffaloes/bulls that are over the age of 15 and unfit for breeding. There are reports suggesting that the BJP Govt  in the state is likely to promulgate an ordinance banning slaughterhouses. It is, however, unclear whether the Govt  will be targeting only those in the buffalo meat business or even the others involved in the trade of other meat products.In the eventuality of the BJP coming good on their poll promise, the decision will wipe away the crores of investment that went into setting up the abattoirs and put the future of thousands employed in the industry at risk. The owner of a slaughterhouse in UP, speaking to the on condition of anonymity, said:“They (BJP) said they want to stop slaughterhouses but which ones is still not clear. Old Govt  slaughterhouses have already been ordered to shut down about three years back, but some are still working. I can’t comment more on the issue.” Efforts to reach out to the All India Meat Exporters Association have also hit a wall.Ban could lead to a deficit of at least Rs 11,350 crore (2015-16) in terms of revenue from exports. Indianexpress
Beef ban in UP, Uttarakhand imminent? Allahabad slaughterhouses closed; Rawat backs law to protect cows
UP  slaughterhouses set to face the axe:ET
Will upcoming slaughterhouse in Lucknow face the axe?
On first day at work, Yogi govt sealed 2 slaughterhouses
Allahabad: Soon after Yogi Adityanath took charge as UP CM , Nagar Nigam authorities sealed two slaughter houses in the city of Allahabad implementing the BJP manifesto. According to media reports, the municipal corporation sealed two slaughter houses running illegally in Atala and Naini area and is planning to close down another in Rambag.Closing down of the illegal slaughter houses was the main agendas of the BJP’s manifesto.UP  has around 130 legal slaughterhouses and the state tops in buffalo meat-producing in India.Though, the manifesto pitches on closing down of illegal abattoirs, the owners of more than a dozen registered mechanised abattoirs were panic as such a step will cripple investments worth crores and the thousands of people will be left unemployed. Saisat
Adityanath’s favourite cow Nandini has a Muslim caretaker
When a mob of ‘gau rakshaks’ laid siege to a Jaipur hotel over beef rumours
Jaipur:It was nearing midnight on Sunday, but wary expressions of a large number of police personnel deployed near a hotel in Kanti Nagar area of Jaipur suggested they had much work to do. For over 6 hours, the Pink City saw a mob of more than 100 people — many of whom claimed to be self-styled gau rakshaks (cow protectors) — protest in front of hotel Hayat Rabbani over allegations that it serves beef.  Fiery chants of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Modi Zindabad’ rang out even as visibly bemused boarders exited the hotel one by one. With a business-like expression on her face, local councillor Nirmala Sharma of the BJP looked on and instructed officials of Jaipur Municipal Corporation to seal the hotel building. Like many of the people protesting, Sukhdip Singh, one of the protesters was not a resident of the locality and identified himself as “from Rajasthan University”. He conceded he had not seen the leftover meat, but heard about it from “an acquaintance”.Many other slogan-chanting protesters could not say how they knew for sure that the hotel had beef on its menu.“What kind of question are you asking? Don’t you understand what meat a hotel named Rabbani could serve? Isn’t name of the hotel proof enough that it serves beef?” said Karamveer, one of the protesters outside the hotel which is near the city’s bus stand popularly known as Sindhi camp. Karamveer too was not from the locality.At a park a few hundred metres away from the hotel, Sadhvi Kamal ‘Didi’, the national president of Mahila Gauraksha Dal addressed a gathering of protesters as they discussed their course of action. All this while, an SUV in which the Sadhvi travels with two assistants was parked outside the gate with a sticker of Gau Raksha Dal pasted on the windscreen.Only a handful did, while more than 90% chorused they were from outside the locality.A youth interjected with an unmistakable hint of pride in his voice, “Don’t worry about the numbers as it will just take me a couple of phone calls to assemble 200 people from somewhere else. After all, it was me and my friends who slapped Sanjay Leela Bhansali on sets of Padmavati.” DCP(west) Ashok Gupta said, “We have collected meat sample from the hotel and it will be sent to the forensic science laboratory  for testing.”ACP (Sadar) Neeraj Pathak said police also arrested two people from the hotel after receiving the allegations.“Hotel is owned by my brother-in-law and on Sunday I had come there on some errand when the police took me along with them amid allegations of beef selling by the hotel. I have absolutely no idea about the matter but the police wouldn’t believe me,” said Abdul Rehman, who was briefly detained by the police.The police released Rehman on the insistence of human rights activists, who kept reasoning with officials at the Sindhi Camp police station.According The Hindu report Hotel Hyatt Rabbani, owned by Naeem Rabbani and functioning for several decades at Kanti Chandra Road near Central Bus Stand here, largely caters to tourists and travellers from outside Jaipur. It has been getting awards for its services regularly from various hoteliers’ associations.HT/the hindu
No proof that beef was served in hotel, 'could be chicken':Police
Two staff members of a hotel in Jaipur have been arrested and the hotel sealed amid allegations that they served beef in the hotel. The police is on the lookout for the owner of the hotel.However, there is no proof yet that there was any beef served in the hotel.A police case was registered against the hotel owner under section 295A of the IPC, which deals with deliberately outraging religious sentiments, a senior police officer told HuffPost India.Yet, there is no reason to believe that the bones in question were actually remains of a dead cow."We don't know yet if the meat is beef," admitted Manphool Singh, chief of Sindhi Camp police station where the FIR has been registered, in a telephone conversation on Monday.Singh added that samples collected "could even be chicken", and didn't "appear to be beef". However, a case has still been registered and the matter is under investigation. "We have sent it to the forensic laboratory for testing," he said.
Hotel sealed in Jaipur after rumours about beef cooking
Jaipur Hotel Sealed After Vigilantes Raise Ruckus Over Meat That ‘Could Be Beef’
Jaipur: Minority community representatives meet police commissioner over cow vigilantism, express concerns
Jaipur;After a Jaipur hotel, Hayat Rabbani, was sealed and two of its employees arrested by the police, representatives of minority community and social activists on Monday met Jaipur Police Commissioner and complained that a deliberate attempt was being made to vitiate the atmosphere on the pretext of cow vigilantism.The representatives mentioned that there is a sense of unease after more than 150 vigilantes turned up outside the Hayat Rabbani hotel in Jaipur and started a demonstration. The protestors were shouting slogans of 'Gau Mata Ki Jai' and claimed that beef was being served at the hotel premises.The representatives also mentioned that the police had arrested hotel staff employees and hotel premises was sealed in an arbitrary and unjust manner. indiatoday
Adityanath will push RSS agenda, not development in UP: Mayawati
BSP chief Mayawati today attacked UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath, alleging that he will "divide the state on communal lines" and push RSS agenda in the state. outlookindia
A 'new India' where fringe is the mainstream:Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
Sufi clerics accuse Pak daily of calling them RAW agents
Will Yogi govt pursue Ayodhya case by Sunni WaqfBoard?
Faizabad: Sunni Central Board of Waqfs, the main claimant of the Babri Masjid tittle suit, is a part of UP Govt  that is going to be headed by CM  Yogi Adityanath. The recipient of one-third part of the Masjid after the high court's decision, Waqf Board is now fighting for the case in the Supreme Court.In its manifesto, the BJP had announced that it would work for the construction of Ram temple on the Babri Masjid site "within law". However, now, the UP Govt  will have to fight the case from the side of Babri Masjid in the role of the Waqf Board.The Board's chairman and members are nominated by the Govt  and it is also funded by the state Govt . All the moves in case of Babri Masjid, from filling the case of placing of idols in Babri Masjid to the demolition, have been taken by the UP  Govt  in favour of the Masjid till now.When the idols were placed on the intervening night of Dec23-24 1949, the FIR was lodged by UP  Govt  through Ayodhya Kotwal Ram Dev Dubey on the report of beat constable Mata Prasad.In 1969, after the consent of UP  Govt , the Sunni Central Waqf Board had filed a suit in Faizabad court claiming the title of Babri Masjid."Digvijay Nath, the then-Mahant of Gorakhnath temple and leader of Hindu Mahasabha had engineered the placing of idols in Babri Masjid through local leaders in Ayodhya Mahant Abhiram Das and Mahant Ram Chandra Das Paramhans in 1949," said Dhirendra K Jha, the author of 'Dark Night At Ayodhya'.Mahant Ram Das, the chief priest of Nirmohi Akhara, said, "If the state Govt  takes the step of withdrawing Waqf Board from the case, it will open the way for the construction of Ram Mandir."Ranjeet Lal Varma, the lawyer for Nirmohi Akhara, a litigant from the Hindu side, said, "The Govt  can do nothing unless any change in law of Central Waqf Act is made. It might bring some formula of settlement. If the Govt  withdraws Waqf Board from the case, there are more Muslim parties fighting the case as appellants in Supreme Court.""We are ready for negotiation over this issue. Let the new Govt  bring some formula in the light of Supreme Court's full bench verdict of Oct24, 1994. In that verdict, there is provision for both mosque and temple," said Khaliq Ahmad Khan, a litigant in the Babri Masjid case."Will Yogi Adityanath allow the Waqf Board to stick to the claim of the title suit of Babri Masjid or will he withdraw the Board from the case? This is a big question," said Iqbal Ansari, a litigant from the Babri Masjid side.TOI
‘None other than Yogi has drive to build Ram temple’
Ayodhya: About 130km away from Lucknow where Yogi Adityanath was sworn in in as UP's new CM , sadhus and mahants of Ayodhya cheered aloud, calling it the unfolding of the will of God to build Ram Temple after a wait of almost 25 years. The priests hailed 'Centre mein Modi, State mein Yogi, Yeh Bhagwan ka sanyog hai ki Ram Janmabhumi par mandir bane aur Ram Lala qaid se mukt ho (This coincidence of Modi ruling at Centre and Yogi in state points at building of Ram temple and freeing of Ram Lala)."Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, president of Ram and Krishna Janmabhumi Nyas said, "Since Yogi is a priest, he would work selflessly for everyone's development, in the footsteps of Modi."TOI
UP will go back to masjid-mandir, polarisation-communal days: Congress on Yogi's appointment
Criticising Yogi Adityanath's selection by the BJP as UP  CM , the Congress on Sunday dubbed the decision as a 'cruel joke' and said the development has ensured that the state will no longer remain secular.Congress leader Rizwan Arshad said, "It is a cruel joke played on the people of UP. Yogi Adityanath is a divisive man, he divides society. He shamelessly propagate divisive agenda, which he carries forward from RSS."ANI
UP  CM Adityanath called an ‘anti-Muslim bigot’ by foreign media: indianexpress
In light of BJP’s win in UP and the selection of Yogi Adityanath as its CM, an editorial in the Guardian titled ‘The Guardian view on a key poll: victory for anti-Muslim bigotry’ argues that religion is playing a role in country’s regression. It describes Adityanath as an “anti-Muslim extremist” and now a “powerful figure”, and says his previous statements against minorities — ‘If [Muslims] kill one Hindu man, then we will kill 100 Muslim men’ for instance’ — can’t be dismissed as mere rhetoric.
With 'anti-Muslim' Adityanath as UP CM, Muslims will stay 'insecure': UP clerics
Meerut: Soon after the announcement of Yogi Adityanath as the BJP's CM ial face for UP , "insecurity" crept in among the Muslim community. Clerics in the state voiced their worry, saying with Adityanath who is known for his "anti-Muslim" stand, at the helm, BJP has "disappointed" a large section of its voters.Qazi Zainus Sajidin, Meerut city qazi and former UP Madrasa Board chairman, said, "The announcement of Yogi Adityanath as the UP CM is extremely disappointing for the Muslims of the state, without whose contribution BJP could have not got such a mandate. Maulana Shahbudin Razvi, general secretary of All India Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa, a wing of Dargah Aala Hazrat in Bareilly, said, "There is a sense of fear in a large section of Muslims after the announcement of Yogi Adityanath as the UP CM face. It is said that when people don't have responsibilities, their actions and words are not well thought of, but with responsibilities change comes too. All we can hope is that the change comes in this case as well."TOI
Shut down Deoband, Jamiat, other Islamic seminaries and organisations: BJP leader after Deoband cleric’s arrest
Meerut: A day after Masood Madani, brother of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind general secretary Maulana Mehmood Madani, was arrested on charges of rape, a BJP leader has called for the Darul Uloom, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and other Islamic seminaries and organisations to be shut down, claiming that such incidents of clerics victimizing the gullible under the pretext of religious healing had happened far too often."The most horrible crime has been committed by Masood Madani, who is someone in a very powerful place. His brother sits in the governing body of Darul Uloom and the Jamiat itself is a very influential body. Masood Madani, himself, has been a minister and has been associated with Jamiat and Darul Uloom. If people who hold this kind of sway in such influential Islamic organisations commit these kinds of crimes, then organisation should also be held responsible. They have not even issued a statement condemning the incident, nor have they disassociated themselves from Masood Madani. Therefore, the organisation's support is clear. I appeal to the state Govt  to shut down Darul Uloom, Jamiat and other such organisations which exploit women under the pretext of Islam," said Gajaraj Rana, BJP city president, Saharanpur.Rana also claimed that incidents of rape and exploitation at Darul Uloom and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind have happened in the past, but only the BJP Govt  acted.Raghav Lakhanpal, MP from Saharanpur Lok Sabha seat, which Deoband is a part of, distanced himself from Rana's comment, but did say that the Jamiat  should have issued a statement.TOI
Najeeb Ahmed case: Delhi Court to pass order on JNU students’ polygraph test on March 27
New Delhi: Delhi court today said it will decide on March 27 whether nine JNU students can be asked by Delhi Police to give their consent for lie detector test in a case relating to the varsity’s missing student Najeeb Ahmed.Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Sumit Dass, who was scheduled to pass the order today, deferred the matter saying that the order was not ready.The court had on March 15 reserved its order after the counsel appearing for the students submitted that the “lie detector test is unconstitutional and illegal unless it is voluntary”.The nine students, who are suspects in the case, have approached the court challenging the notice sent to them by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police seeking their presence before the magistrate for recording of their statement that whether they were willing to undergo the lie detector test.PTI
ABVP demands action against AMU Professor of Islamic studies Dr Majid Khan for alleged 'anti-India' stance
Agra: The year old issue of an AMU Professor of Islamic studies allegedly making "anti Modi" statement and criticizing the Govt 's handling of Kashmir issue has once again rocked the university with the ABVP demanding stern action against him.Though this controversy has been going on for the last one year, as no action was taken against the associate professor, Dr Majid Khan, despite an inquiry reportedly indicting him, allegations that he has been continuing with his tirade in classes have resurfaced. ABVP has now submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate demanding registration of cases against Dr Khan for his "anti-national" activities and his removal from the university.When contacted AMU Registrar, Dr Javaid Akhter, said the earlier inquiry report was submitted a year ago to the Vice Chancellor, who had called Dr Khan and instructed him not to discuss anything other than his subject. He said that the inquiry report had stated that Dr Khan did discuss issues other than his subject during his classes. However, Dr Akhter claimed that there was nothing "anti-national" in Dr Khan's utterances.According to university sources, a complaint that Dr Khan had been making undesirable comments against Modi and on Govt 's handling of Kashmir situation was submitted by 30 students, only 14 had confirmed their signatures on it.Interestingly, though AMU PRO, Omar Peerzada denied that any complaint was ever submitted against Dr Khan, the university's response to a RTI reveals that an inquiry was conducted. In a recent response to a RTI filed by Sabhya Sanchi Mishra regarding this complaint, Chairman of department of Islamic studies, Prof Sayyid Ahsan has responded saying, "students had put up a complaint in Feb 2016 about Dr Abdul Majid Khan's outburst in the class. I had sent the complaint to VC and no action was taken against the teacher as it is not the prerogative of the chairman". The response also states that an inquiry committee was formed and they had visited the department and the concerned class but what transpired after that was not known.TOI
ED attaches assets worth Rs 18.37 crore of Zakir Naik's NGO, others; NIA issues second summons to Naik
MUMBAI: The Enforcement Directorate on Monday attached assets worth Rs 18.37 crore of Islamic Research Foundation and others in connection with its money laundering probe against Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.The agency issued a provisional order under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) attaching mutual funds worth about Rs 9.41 crore and five bank accounts containing deposits worth Rs 1.23 crore in the name of Naik's NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).The order also attached a school building valued at Rs 7.05 crore belonging to Islamic Education Trust Chennai and a godown building in the name of Ms Harmony Media Private Limited worth Rs 68 lakhs.The Enforcement Directorate (ED) said it attached the assets "in view of their involvement in the case."The central probe agency had registered a criminal case against Naik and others last December after taking cognisance of an NIA complaint filed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).It had also issued four summons to Naik to depose before it, but the agency said the preacher has "avoided" all of them.Meanwhile, the NIA today issued second summons to Naik to appear before it in Delhi on March 30.PTI
NIA issues fresh summons to Zakir Naik
Christian NGOs top in foreign funding:TOI
 Kerala-based Ayana Charitable Trust, the new name under which US charity Gospel for Asia is reportedly funding projects in India, has emerged on top of the list of Indian NGOs with the highest foreign funding in 2015-16.It is one of three Christian evangelical NGOs -- the other two being Believers Church India and World Vision India -- that figure among the top four foreign contribution grossers in the country last fiscal.
SC should come out with positive verdict on triple talaq, says Mani Shankar Aiyar:ANI
New Delhi:With battle against triple talaq gaining momentum, senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Monday said he awaits the verdict from Supreme Court for all Muslim women and wishes for improvement. “My concern is towards to the 10 lakh Muslim women in the country who face issues regarding the triple talaq. I’m totally against it and hope that Supreme Court comes out with a positive verdict,” Aiyar told ANI. Aiyar further asserted that apex court should prohibit the word ‘triple talaq’. “I totally disagree and wish that apex court puts a ban on the word and act against triple talaq,” said Aiyar.
RSS Muslim body plans to raise banner against triple talaaq
Nagpur: After facing initial resistance from the grass roots workers, RSS outfit, Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) plans to take up the parent body's agenda on triple talaaq. There are plans to take up a strong campaign with eyes on votes from Muslim women as banning the practice may benefit them.A state-level meeting of MRM has been planned on April 8 and 9 at Aurangabad on the issue. Similar events will be held elsewhere in the country too, said sources in the organsiation.
The Sangh Parivar is seeing electoral gains by raising the issue. It is being claimed that the Muslim women voted for BJP in the UP elections as the party was against triple talaaq. Now a similar campaign is planned for the upcoming Delhi municipal elections. A meeting has been planned late this month at Delhi to chalk out the strategy, said sources.TOI
Will move court against 'EVM tampering' in 2-3 days: Mayawati
New Delhi: BSP will move court against the alleged tampering of EVMs during the UP Assembly elections in the next two-three days, its chief Mayawati today said.She charged that "the BJP won elections by rigging electronic voting machines"."We will approach court over the issue in the next two-three days," the BSP supremo told reporters in Parliament premises.Earlier, the Election Commission (EC) had rejected Mayawati's claim that EVMs were rigged and said her demand for a repoll using ballot papers was legally untenable.PTI
GSM alleges EVM tampering during Goa polls
Panaji:Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM) has alleged tampering of EVMs during the recently held Goa Assembly polls.“Votes polled by our candidates are too less and unexpected. Such a low response to our candidates is not expected,” GSM head Anand Shirodkar said.GSM polled only 1.2% of total votes during the Feb.4 state elections in which they had contested on 6 seats in alliance with MGP and Shiv Sena.PTI
BJP-led Govt  in Manipur wins trust vote -in-manipur-wins-trust-vote/article17535461.ece?homepage=true
BJP led combination in Manipur won the confidence vote in the State Legislative Assembly with a voice vote on Monday.Prior to the floor test, BJP legislator, Yumnam Khemchand Singh was elected as the Speaker of the House.After election of the Speaker, N. Biren Singh Govt won the confidence vote through a voice vote.  A Congress legislator demanded that the voting be done through a secret ballot, which was rejected by the Speaker.The Congress, which had won 28 seats in the Assembly polls, is left with the support of 27 MLAs.THE HINDU
TV journalist Ravish Kumar gets first Kuldip Nayar award, here’s what he said in his speech
New Delhi:For his contributions in the world of journalism, eminent TV journalist Ravish Kumar on Sunday was honoured with the first Kuldip Nayar journalism award. He was conferred with an award plaque along with a cash amount of Rs one lakh.In the event organised by Gandhi Peace Foundation at the India International Centre, veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar was present to bestow the award named after him. Nayar said that the award is being given at a time when Yogi Adityanath has taken over as the CM of UP. He said that even though there may be vast ideological differences, people have given Yogi Adityanath and BJP mandate, which must be respected. Accepting the award conferred on him, journalist Ravish Kumar said that in today’s age there is time to explore possibilities. He said that there are journalists who are constantly looking to fulfill the potential present in them. He added that even when the potential is exhausted, they inspire others with their work. He further added that once these journalists rise above the flattery of the establishment, they will realise the importance of whatever potential they have left. indianexpress
Those Who Throw Ink Have Become Party Spokesmen, Those Who Use Ink Are Propagandists:Ravish
TN: 2 more surrender in rationalist Farooq murder case
Coimbatore :3 days after the murder of DVK functionary H. Farook, two people whose name had surfaced in connection with the case, surrendered at a court on Monday.Those surrendered have been identified as Sadam Hussain (32) and Shansudheen (31), both residents of Podanur. While Hussain reached the court and submitted his surrender petition in the morning, Shamsudheen completed the formalities in afternoon. Both of them have been remanded to judicial custody till April 4.The lawyer who appeared for Hussain and Shamsudheen said that the duo surrendered before the court following harassment by the police. The counsel claimed that both the persons did not have any connection with the murder of Farook.“They were afraid to go home as police had harassed their family. Hence they stayed away from the police and surrendered before court as law permits,” said counsel.thehindu
H Farook Murder: Demand to shut Atheism WhatsApp group is the reason, say police ...
China angry at Dalai Lama’s Nalanda visit, says move could disrupt ties with India
Beijing:China lashed out at India on Monday for inviting Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to attend and speak at an international Buddhist seminar in Bihar, sponsored by the Central government, saying New Delhi was acting against one of Beijing’s “core concerns”.Such moves would disrupt bilateral ties, the foreign ministry said.Beijing regards the Dharamshala-based Dalai Lama as a “separatist” and is sensitive to him meeting international leaders, attending official functions or visiting places at the invitation of the Indian govt.TOI
Clerics back from Pakistan, deny reports of detention
New Delhi: 2 Indian clerics who reportedly went missing in Pakistan returned to Delhi on Monday, rubbishing Pak media reports that they were detained there on spying charges. Syed Asif Ali Nizami and his nephew Nazim Ali Nizami, both clerics of Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, landed at the airport on Monday morning and went home. Nazim Ali Nizami said they left for Pakistan on March 8 to meet a relative in Karachi. "We had gone to meet my aunt who is 90 and lives in Karachi. My uncle met his sister after 26 long years," Nazim Ali told the media. He rubbished reports that they were detained in Pakistan. At the same time he thanked Modi Govt  for their return to India. "Irrespective of our different religions, we all live here peacefully and in harmony. But there are some elements who don't like this," he said."There is this(Pakistani) paper 'Ummat' which reported falsely about us and printed fake pictures." He said they were under "no kind of pressure". Nizami's son Syed Sajid Ali also displayed the newspaper report to media persons where it was reported that the clerics had links with the Indian intelligence agency RAW. IANS
Nizamuddin clerics who disappeared in Pakistan are working against India, claims Subramanian Swamy
New Delhi: In what may spark a fresh controversy, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Monday claimed that the two Indian clerics, who had gone missing in Pakistan, are working against the nation."They are lying in order to defend themselves and get sympathy. They are saying that they were portrayed as RAW agent. We can't trust them. We have independent information that they are working against the nation," Swamy was quoted as saying by ANI. zee news
Uttarakhand High Court declares river Ganga ‘first living entity of India’
New Delhi: In first of its kind decision, Uttarakhand High Court on Monday recognised river Ganga as the ‘first living entity of India’. Along with Ganges, river Yamuna has also been declared a living entity. As per the decision, the rivers will now be entitled to all rights available to humans as per the constitution, Jansatta reported. financialexpress
Is Yogi Adityanath a candidate to succeed Narendra Modi in the future?Sushil Aaron
Yogi Adityanath: 'Give him a chance' and six other meaningless arguments busted: Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
US boycotts UN human rights body over Israel, Palestine
Geneva:US on Monday boycotted a UN Human Rights Council session on Palestine and other Arab occupied territories, claiming it was biased against Israel."The United States will vote against every resolution put forth under this agenda item and is encouraging other countries to do the same," U.S. State Department Acting Spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement.Toner said it did not “suit the interests of the Council to single out one country in an unbalanced manner”.The United Nations last Wednesday accused Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” on the Palestinian people -- the first time a UN agency had leveled such an allegation.Anadolu Agency
Iraq buys fighters with Israeli radars: middleeastmonitor
Israeli military sources revealed on Sunday that Iraq had bought fighter jets with radars made in Israel, Safa News Agency reported.According to the website Israel Defence, Iraq bought 24 ‘T-50IQ’ fighter jets made in South Korea and equipped with radars made in an Israeli factory.The Israeli website, according to Safa, said that Iraq had bought the fighter jets which are similar in performance to the F-16s.
Israeli coalition crisis raises threat of snap polls
Israel's PM  backed out of an agreement to establish a new broadcasting authority on Sunday, creating a coalition crisis with one of his key partners that could lead to early elections. The conflict centres on the fate of the struggling state-run Israel Broadcasting Authority. Netanyahu initially ordered it shut down and replaced with a new corporation, only to reverse course once the emerging personnel of the new body did not seem as favourable as his administration had hoped. Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that his coalition partners are required to side with his ruling Likud party regarding all media regulation matters. But Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, head of the centrist Kulanu party, said the corporation would start broadcasting next month as planned. aljazeera
Arab MK: ‘I resigned from Knesset with no regrets”
Arab Israeli MK Basel Ghattas said on Sunday that he resigned from the Israeli Knesset “without any regrets.” He noted that his parliamentary work was just one area of his political work during the recent years.Ghattas faces a two-year prison sentence after being accused of exploiting his position to smuggle cell phones to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.  Under a plea deal, Ghattas agreed to resign from the Knesset and serve a prison sentence in return for avoiding more serious charges of “aiding the enemy and being an accomplice to terror.” Middleeastmonitor
Two-state solution ‘only game in town’: Fatah leader
Ramallah:Arab countries must reaffirm their support for the establishment of a Palestinian state in exchange for normalized relations with Israel, a leading Palestinian politician told reporters in Ramallah on Monday.Jibril Rajoub, secretary-general of the Fatah movement (the leading faction within Palestinian Authority), said Arab leaders should use this week's Arab League summit in Jordan to clarify their respective positions in response to comments made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding a “regional” solution to the conflict.Anadolu Agency
Trump invites Egypt's Sisi to White House
US President Donald Trump will host Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for talks in Washington on April 3, a White House official said on Sunday.The visit will be at Trump's invitation, the official said. aljazeera
Over 30,000 people fled fighting in Myanmar’s north: UN
Yangon;Tens of thousands of people have been displaced in Myanmar’s northern Shan State amid continued fighting between government troops and ethnic rebels, according to the United Nations on Monday.Fighting has intensified in the mountainous area along Myanmar’s eastern border with China since March 6 when an ethnic Kokang rebel group -- the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) -- attacked the small town of Laukkai.Anadolu Agency
Mosul refugee numbers mount amid humanitarian crisis
Nineveh;An Iraqi relief official has warned of the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation at refugee camps amid a surge in the number of civilians fleeing western Mosul, where Iraqi forces are fighting to dislodge Daesh terrorists from the area.“The humanitarian situation for refugees from western Mosul is worsening,” Iyad Rafed of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society said on Monday.“The number of refugees fleeing the fighting continues to mount,” he said. “Rains and bad weather are aggravating the situation.”Anadolu Agency
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