31 July 2019

31 July ND: Triple talaq bill is a ‘complete charade’ and against minorities: Civil Groups, Intellectuals/ Women will be ultimate sufferers of triple talaq law: AIMPLB women wing head/Zakir Naik slams political witch-hunt, says ‘you can't get Interpol to play political, communal game’

31 July 2019: 27 Dhul Qadah 1440:Vol: 11, No:259
Triple talaq bill is a ‘complete charade’ and against minorities: Prominent Civil Groups, Intellectuals
Several civil society members and organisations has condemned passage of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019, in Parliament. Members of civil society called the bill a “complete charade”, and said they would petition President Ram Nath Kovind urging him not to sign it into law. “We the undersigned groups and individuals condemn the govt’s attempt to criminalise Muslim men in the guise of protecting Muslim women,” the statement read. “We stand today in strong opposition to the Triple talaq bill, which has been pushed through Rajya Sabha in great haste by this govt.The signatories included organisations such as Bebaak Collective and United Against Hate. Writer Farah Naqvi, historian Uma Chakravarti, and activists Harsh Mander, Arundhati Dhuru and Kalyani Menon-Sen were also among the signatories.The statement said that the Govt was pretending to save Muslim women even as Muslims were being lynched daily. “After the Supreme Court in 2017 already made the pronouncement of talaq in a single setting void in law, it is an absurdity to make a person uttering it criminally liable, facing 3 years of imprisonment,”it read.These members of civil society said the bill does not really care about justice for Muslim women, as imprisoning the husband for 3 years leaves the woman at the mercy of her matrimonial family. They said the bill does not provide for financial security of the woman and her children.The signatories added that personal laws were civil and not criminal matters. “This is the first time in the history of India, that we are witnessing criminal provisions in matters of marriage and divorce,” they said. “In its intent and target, it is clear that this is not a pro-woman but an anti-minority bill.”They also criticised the ineffectiveness of the Opposition, which was unable to stop the passage of the bill. scroll.in
Civil Society Groups, Intellectuals Urge Prez Not to Sign Talaq Bill; Call it ‘Charade’
Women will be ultimate sufferers of triple talaq law: AIMPLB women wing head Zehra
Women will be the ultimate sufferers of the triple talaq legislation as they will be damaging their homes and causing harm to their husbands, Asma Zehra, Chief Organiser of the women's wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board(AIMPLB) said today. Zehra described as "anti-women" the triple talaq bill."It is instigation of women and end sufferers will be women only. It is totally an anti-women bill," she said."The lady who lands in such a problem will get nothing. In fact she will be damaging herself in many ways. She will be damaging her home and causing lot of harm to her husband," said Zehra.She pointed out that for victims of domestic abuse, the country has the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act which has many doors open for reconciliation and repair of damages in marriages while this Bill has nothing."The minute a woman goes for an appeal under this Act, she herself will damage her home," she said.She believes that even the lawmakers and judges will find it very difficult to handle these cases because the burden of proof lies with women. She feels that this will impose lot of burden on the judiciary and the legal fraternity."This bill has nothing to do with Muslim women empowerment or their protection. It is just vote bank politics of the ruling party," she added.She slammed the regional opposition parties for what she called deceiving the Muslim community by not opposing the defective bill. She said the weakening of opposition and opposition leaders led to this "calamity" She pointed out that 2 crore women had come out on the streets to protest against the bill. "In a democratic country where numbers have value, the govt turned a blind eye to the voice of the women and posed itself as messiah of Muslim women. Muslim women very well know who are their enemies and who are their friends. "There is nobody to raise voice over lynching of our brothers and husbands and here several hours of Parliament were wasted on this issue of husband and wife," she said. AIMPLB had collected 5 crore signatures during a nation-wide campaign against the bill last year. "They included 2.85 crore women who opposed any kind of interference in Personal Law. Still Law Commission, Women Commission and Human Rights Commission did not pay heed to the voice of the majority," she said.IANS
Muslim Personal Law Board calls passing of Triple Talaq bill as Indian democracy’s black day
All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) reacting sharply called it a "black day in Indian democracy" when on Tuesday the Parliament passed the central govt's bill criminalizing the practice of instant triple talaq. The board maintained its stand of using its constitutional rights to oppose the passed bill in the Supreme Court.  The board, which is the umbrella organisation of all Islamic sects, said that the "Modi Govt passed the bill in both the lower and upper house despite Muslim women's opposition to it." Board's general secretary, Maulana Wali Rahmani, said that AIMPLB condemns the central Govt's action on behalf of millions of women. Also slamming the opposition, Rahmani said that "they have all shown their true colours." Rahmani said, "We strongly condemn Congress, Janta Dal, BSP, AIDMK, TRS and YSR Congress. They supported BJP's political agenda and walked out at the voting time in Rajya Sabha. They have all shown their true colours." TOI
Passage of triple talaq bill in Parliament no big deal, legal options still open: AIMPLB’s Zafaryab Jilani
Both houses of Parliament have finally cleared triple talaq Bill. Reacting on it, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has suggested that it might challenge the law in the Supreme Court. AIMPLB convenor and senior advocate Zafaryab Jilani has said that the passage of triple talaq bill in Parliament does not matter as there still are several “loopholes”. Terming the bill as “unconstitutional”,Jilani said that the bill would be studied in detail to explore the legal options to challenge it. According to Jilani, AIMPLB may challenge the bill in the top court of the country and a final decision in this regard would be taken in the legal committee meeting of the board.  He said that if the Supreme Court rules against the bill, the same can even be repealed by Parliament, adding that “it is not a big deal”.zeenews
It's interference in personal law: Muslim bodies
New Delhi: Muslim organisations and All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) called passage of the bill criminalising instant triple talaq an "interference in personal law". These organisations said they would explore options to secure their rights under personal laws within the constitutional framework. "This is not going to help. Even the woman will be left in the lurch when the husband goes to jail," said former chief of Jamaate-Islami Hind Jalaluddin Umri. AIMPLB member Kamal Farooqui said: "Passage of this bill is a reflection of how the Govt in power has used its brute majority to push for its approval. They have interfered with my right to practice my religion," he said. TOI
22 opposition MPs were absent during voting on ‘Triple Talaq’ Bill
The bill to ban Triple Talaq, opposed bitterly since the idea was floated in the first term of Modi govt, unexpectedly passed the Rajya Sabha test. Despite the shortage of numbers in NDA, the opposition crumbled. While the stand of the non-aligned parties helped the bill, what further aided it was a huge hole in the opposition ranks. No less than 22 opposition MPs gave the voting a miss today.There were 5 absentees from the Congress including Oscar Fernandes, 6 from Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, 4 from Mayawati’s BSP and 2 from the Trinamool Congress; both Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel were absent from NCP, one each from Lalu Yadav’s RJD, MK Stalin’s DMK and CPI. While Sharad Pawar said he could not attend because of health reasons, no explanations came from the other parties. The Congress, which was the only party to issue a whip demanding that all its lawmakers attend Rajya Sabha today, is yet to comment on the matter. caravandaily
Archaic practice confined to dustbin of history: PM Modi after triple talaq bill passed by Parliament
New Delhi:After the Parliament passed triple talaq bill, PM Narendra Modi termed it as victory of gender justice which will further equality in society."An archaic and medieval practice has finally been confined to the dustbin of history! Parliament abolishes Triple Talaq and corrects a historical wrong done to Muslim women. This is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society. India rejoices today!" Modi said in a series of tweets. "The abolition of Triple Talaq will contribute to women empowerment and give women the dignity they deserve in our society," he further tweeted.indiatoday
‘Attack on Muslim identity’: Owaisi slams triple talaq Bill, says it will further marginalise women
Asaduddin Owaisi, president of AIMIM party has slammed the triple talaq Bill. Calling the Bill as an attack on the Muslim community, Owaisi said such moves won’t bog down the Muslims.“#TripleTalaqBill should be seen only as one part of many attacks on Muslim identity & citizenship since 2014. Mob violence, police atrocities & mass incarceration won't bog us down. With a firm belief in the Constitution, we've withstood oppression, injustices & denial of rights,” Owaisi said. MP indicated that his party would challenge the Bill in the Supreme Court.Rejecting the govt’s argument that banning triple talaq would empower Muslim women, Owaisi said it would force the women to stay in a marriage that was not acceptable to the 2 parties.Owaisi said the prevalent laws were capable enough to protect Muslim women from exploitation and harassment.timesnownews
Passage of triple talaq bill is only a part of many attacks on Muslims, says Asaduddin Owaisi
Zakir Naik slams political witch-hunt, says ‘you can't get Interpol to play political, communal game’
New Delhi: Days after Interpol refused to issue a red corner notice against Dr Zakir Naik for the third time, the Islamic preacher on Tuesday released a video in which he slammed political witch-hunt.Calling the Interpol’s decision as “not shocking at all”, Dr Naik said the Indian agencies “know in their hearts that their charges are trumped up and fictitious”.“You can't get Interpol to play your political, communal game,” added Dr Naik.“My lawyers tell me that when charges of terrorism are involved, the Interpol rarely refuses a red corner notice. For it to refuse an RCN in my case shows how flimsy the Indian govt's charges have been against me,” added the preacher.He added that his case officers “know the truth”. “They know that I have not committed a crime, any crime. They continue because they're forced to by their political bosses. They continue to waste their time and taxpayers’ money over a political agenda of the ruling party, when they should be going after real criminals and solving real crimes. Not just others, they're ruining the future of their own kids.”Naik added that if no evidence has been found against him in the last 3 years, “chances are they don't exist”.Hitting out at the Modi govt, Naik said “India has been regressing - socially and economically” under NDA rule.He added that the international community was discussing “the social hatred and the impending financial crisis facing India. It is the worst crisis in the history of this great nation and the future generations are at risk.”“All that the officers need to do is to gather enough courage to refuse to be drawn into political games. All that they need to do is to follow the truth. Develop a spine and stick to the truth. I don't say that, it's what the Upanishads and Vedas say. If the officers, BJP ministers and even PM Modi follow the teachings of their own scriptures - the way I follow the Quran - India would become a great country that it was.”“I'm not sure what Modi govt gains by falsely implicating me, I'm not even sure for how long this witch hunt will continue. What I'm sure of is that truth is on my side and the Interpol's decision shows that the truth is already winning," said Naik.timesnownews
NIA set to start afresh in Zakir Naik case
New Delhi: Amidst a series of setbacks in the Zakir Naik case, NIA is planning to move against the preacher afresh.An NIA source said that they are studying the points raised by the Interpol and would take corrective measures. We will seek an RCN against him once these issues are sorted out, the source also said.OneIndia
Akhilesh questions RSS' military school, says only mob lynching would be taught
Akhilesh Yadav has come out all guns blazing against RSS for constructing a sainik school (military school) in UP's Bulandshahr district. Questioning the need for establishing the school when similar schools are already run by the Govt in the country, the SP chief went to the extent of saying that only mob lynching would be taught here.RSS is overseeing the work of a sainik school in Khandvaya village in Bulandshahr's administrative division of Shikarpur. Work is on in full swing and the academic session may begin from early 2020. Children here would be taught regular curriculums - reportedly under CBSE, while also being groomed for the armed forces.Taking strong exception to this, Akhilesh said that RSS' moves are suspicious at best because there are already several sainik schools in the country. "RSS' plans are suspicious because when already several such schools at the Govt level exist, what is the use or objective of this?" he said. Accusing RSS of being devoid of patriotism, he then said that the outfit only has its political objectives in mind. "Creating military and sainik schools apart from the ones run by the Govt is definitely suspicious. It is opening the school for its own selfish reasons. In this establishment, mob lynching and how to hurt communal harmony would be taught. The objective would be to spread hate between communities," he said.zeenews
West Bengal: 19 yrs Muslim youth kills another for 'forcing him to chant Jai Shri Ram' in Asansol
Asansol:A 19-year-old youth was arrested on Monday for a murder committed last Tuesday that police said was the result of a drunken brawl. Accused Md Kabir, however, said he was acting in self-defence after being forced to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’ by victim Suraj Bhadur (24) at Asansol’s Sher Talao locality. Bhadur’s sister had lodged a complaint with Asansol North police station on July 23, hours after the murder. As Kabir’s arrest proved elusive, BJP supporters surrounded the police station in protest on Sunday. West Burdwan BJP chief Lakshman Ghorui issued an ultimatum to OC, warning of a large-scale agitation unless the culprit was arrested within 3 days. After questioning witnesses who were drinking with both Suraj and Kabir on July 23, police learnt that one of the friends had advised Kabir to either surrender or flee Asansol. Police were tracking the friends and managed to pick up Kabir from his home in Gulzar Moholla locality. He was remanded in police custody for 14 days by a local court. Outside the court, Kabir said: “I killed him (Bhadur) by mistake. He tried to force me to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram.’ I tried to save myself.” TOI/India tv
Accused of stealing cellphones, labourer in Bengal lynched by colleagues
A daily wager labourer was lynched in Bengal’s Hooghly district early today by some of his co-workers who suspected him of stealing mobile phones, police said. Dipak Mahato was fatally beaten at Kamarkundu by some of his co-workers who alleged that he entered the tent of a supervisor to steal the latter’s mobile phone. Mahato and those accused of killing him, were engaged by a civil contractor for a project at Kamarkundu railway station. Labourers who witnessed the incident told police that Mahato was tied up and beaten up for hours by some men and left unconscious. Some people took him to Singur Govt hospital where he was declared dead on arrival on Wednesday morning.HT
Muslim man thrashed by villagers in Alwar, suspecting as cow smuggler
Alwar:On the day when the Rajasthan Govt introduced a bill against mob lynching in the state Assembly, a man from the minority community was beaten up on suspicion of cow-smuggling in an Alwar village, about 162 kms from capital Jaipur. Salim Khan and his 2 accomplices--who managed to escape-- allegedly opened fire at the villagers who were chasing them after not receiving a satisfactory answer about the 9 cows they were minding through the village farmland on Tuesday night. Khan has been admitted to the intensive care unit of Alwar Govt hospital. 2 villagers injured in the firing were also hospitalised but are reported to be out of danger.eputy SP Alwar, OP Meena said 5 men were bathing at a tube well in Patthar Pahadi village on Tuesday around 8 pm when they saw 3 men passing through a farmland with eight or nine cows in tow.“When confronted about the cattle, the three men abused the villagers. The village youth then chased the suspected cow smugglers on motorcycles and nabbed one of them while two others fled,” Meena said. 3 men allegedly opened fire, injuring 2 villagers, before Khan was caught and brought back to the village and beaten up.Police are conducting raids to trace 2 who had allegedly managed to escape from villagers.HT
Raids continue in Azam Khan’s university; 2,500 rare books recovered
Lucknow:The joint raids of the police and district administration continued at SP leader Azam Khan’s Mohammad Ali Jauhar University in Rampur today even as his son Abdullaha Azam was detained for creating hindrance in Govt work. Rampur SP Ajaypal Sharma said over 2,500 rare stolen books were recovered from university’s library till now. “Azam’s son and SP MLA Abdullah Azam has been detained for obstructing the raids and creating hurdles in the Govt work,” Sharma told PTI. Investigation in the case began on June 16 after Zubair Khan, principal of Oriental College in Rampur, earlier known as Madarsa Aliya, lodged an FIR alleging over 9,000 books were stolen and taken to the library in Jauhar University. Madrasa Aliya is about 250 years old.“Raids which started on Tuesday are continuing. Rare books have been recovered there,” DGP OP Singh told PTI.PTI
Aligarh mufti orders Friday namaz on terrace, instead of roads
Aligarh: In a decision that could end confrontation between two communities, Aligarh Shehar mufti, Mohammad Khalid Hameed, has directed administrators of all the mosques in the city to make arrangements for offering Friday namaz on the terrace of mosques, instead of roads.The announcement by the Shehar mufti came after the members of the community met the district administrative officials who had banned all religious activities on the streets.The Mufti told reporters that though there is no provision of offering namaz on roads, people sometimes do so due to lack of space inside the mosque."I have conveyed to all the mosques' administrators regarding this and they will have to make arrangements on terrace if required," he said.He added that on special occasions like Eid and Bakrid, people will offer namaz on roads at Jama Masjid and Eidgah as the mosques cannot accommodate the people."We will perform aarti or recite Hanuman Chalisa on roads, if Muslims offer Friday namaz on roads," said Gaurav Sharma, convener of Bajrang Dal in Aligarh.IANS
DMK chief accuses BJP of targeting Muslim youth, demands NIA to stop searches in Muslims houses
Chennai:DMK has alleged that BJP-led central Govt is using the NIA for its political advantage. The party also slammed the BJP for 'targeting' innocent Muslims in Tamil Nadu by raiding their houses.In a statement, DMK president MK Stalin demanded that the searches in Muslims' houses in Tamil Nadu should be immediately stopped."NIA is treating all people from the Muslim community especially the youth as terrorist. This should stop immediately. Political parties are against terrorism, but the BJP Govt cannot single out a particular religion," he added.He further questioned the need of NIA to investigate these cases when the state police department already has a "Q" branch supervised directly by DGP and monitored by CM. Strongly condemning the searches carried out by NIA in the state, Stalin said his party would raise the issue in Parliament in a democratic manner.On June 19,NIA conducted search operations at various locations across Tamil Nadu and arrested 14 youths who were deported from UAE."Income Tax dept, ED and other investigating agencies should work independently. However, the functioning of the agencies has been politicised to suit BJP Govt,"he said."BJP is trying to polarise votes by targeting the minorities in the state and AIADMK Govt which should question the act of Centre remains a mute spectator," he alleged.indiatoday
‘Don’t use NIA to brand Muslims as terrorists’
Unnao rape case: CJI to take up victim’s letter on threat by MLA’s aides tomorrow
The Supreme Court tomorrow will take up the Unnao rape victim’s letter to CJI Ranjan Gogoi apprehending threat to her life. The SC has also sought a report from its secretary-general as to why the letter was not placed before CJI.The direction came when Senior Advocate V Giri who is assisting the court in POCSO cases sought urgent listing of the Unnao matter. Victim, who is now battling for her life after an accident in Rae Bareli, had written to CJI stating that she faced threats by the accused BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar in the rape case. “Unfortunately, the letter is yet to see the light of the day and yet the papers flashed it as if I have read the letter,” Justice Gogoi said.Earlier,CJI had asked the SC Secretary-General to prepare a report for him on woman’s letter.indianexpress
Zomato says ‘food has no religion’ after customer wants food delivered by a Hindu
Food delivery company Zomato today refused to resolve a customer’s complaint about being assigned a Muslim delivery executive for his food order in the “holy month” of Shravan. “Food doesn’t have a religion,” the company tweeted. Deepinder Goyal, the company’s founder, said: “We are proud of the idea of India – and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values.” A Twitter user who identifies himself as Pandit Amit Shukla, tweeted that he had cancelled his order after a delivery executive called Faiyaz was assigned to deliver his food. Shukla shared the order status with a map from a locality in Jabalpur.When asked why, Shukla said: “We have Shravan and I don’t need a delivery from a Muslim fellow.”Customer care executive responded that cancelling the order would cost him Rs 237, and then said: “At Zomato we don’t discriminate on basis of riders, I hope you understand.”Shukla tweeted:“...they said they can’t change rider and can’t refund on cancellation I said you can’t force me to take a delivery I don’t want don’t refund just cancel.”He further said that Zomato was “forcing us to take deliveries from people we don’t want”. scroll.in
Major dent to Lalu as RJD strongman and ex minister Ashraf Fatmi joins JD(U)
RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav suffered another jolt when its senior leader Mohammed Ali Ashraf Fatmi announced his departure from the party and joined JDU of Nitish Kumar. 4-time MP from Darbhanga and ex Union minister was considered a close aide of Lalu.Fatmi joined JD(U) in the presence of party’s state unit head Bashishtha Narain Singh in Patna.financialexpress
Over 6.8 lakh companies mostly in Delhi, Maharashtra have ‘shut down’ in FY19
Of 1.9 million companies registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) over 36 %(6.8 lakh), a majority of which are located in Maharashtra and Delhi, have ‘closed’ in FY19, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Parliament.While the numbers saw a marginal increase since FY18, there is a big jump from 20%shutdown recorded prior to that period, Business Standard reports.Re-categorisation of non-compliant companies that failed to file financial statements or annual returns over a 2-year period as ‘defunct’ under Section 248(1) of Companies Act, 2013 could be a reason for increased numbers, the report added. While Maharashtra saw 142,425 shutdowns, Delhi was a close second with 125,937 cases. 2 states along with Tamil Nadu and West Bengal account for more than half of registered companies.After re-categorisation, shut downs in Maharashtra spiked to 38 %from 15 %and in Tamil Nadu from 24 %to 44 %(FY17to May 19). W.Bengal showed least increase in non-compliance/ shutdowns, it added. Besides the re-categorisation,MCA also removed 330,000 shell companies from its list, which could contribute to increased numbers. Of this, 220,000 were knocked off in FY18 and 110,000 in FY19. Dormant companies, companies under liquidation and those under strike-off made up less than 3%of number. Moneycontrol
Behind J&K troop surge, move to hoist Tricolour in all panchayats on Independence Day: indian express
New Delhi:The Centre is “infusing” troops in J&K to provide security cover for a move to hoist Tricolour in every panchayat in the state this Independence Day,Govt sources said.“Govt is infusing troops as many panchayat heads want to hoist the national flag this Independence Day. This deployment is being done to ensure no disruption to the process and avoid any untoward incident,” said sources. Over the weekend, reports of deployment of additional troops in the state had led to intense speculation over Centre’s plans. Sources said ruling BJP has already given instructions to its units in every panchayat of the state to hoist Tricolour on Aug 15. Following the panchayat polls in the state last year, which it considers as a “gain in grassroots democracy”, BJP also hopes that move will help it gather momentum for the assembly elections that are expected to be held this year. According to sources, preparations for the elections topped the agenda of the meeting of senior BJP leaders with its J&K core group in Delhi Tuesday. The meeting follows Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to state during which he held detailed discussions with the state unit leaders.
Modi govt will take necessary steps for benefit of J-K: Ram Madhav on Article 35A
Evading a direct response to a question on whether Centre had any plans to revoke the constitutional provisions giving special status to J&K, BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said today the Modi Govt would take necessary steps for the benefit of the state at an appropriate time.“BJP’s stand on it (repeal of Article 35A) is very clear but it is not the party which is going to decide (on the matter). The decision will be taken by PM and his Govt, but I can assure you that whatever decision they will take, will be in the interest of the state,” Madhav said.He said the state’s political parties were creating an atmosphere of fear in Kashmir by linking the movement of central armed paramilitary forces with other issues to save their political turf.PTI
ED questions Farooq in money laundering case
Enforcement Directorate (ED) today questioned former J&K CM Farooq Abdullah in connection with a money laundering case involving State cricket association funds.His statement is being recorded in the ED’s Chandigarh office, said a senior agency official. ED probe is based on an FIR registered by CBI in 2015 alleging a scam involving ₹38 crore.
Cabinet approves J&K Reservation Bill 2019, clears 10% EWS quota in govt jobs, educational institutions
Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved the J&K Reservation (2nd Amendment) Bill, 2019. The move will pave the way of extending the benefit of reservation of up to 10 % for Economically Weaker Sections(EWS) in educational institutions and public employment alongside existing reservations, reports said. Central Govt’s decision will benefit more than 36 lakh local residents of J&K and will not have any impact on Article 35-A which provides special rights and privileges to the permanent residents of the state.NewsX
EWS reservations: Supreme Court reserves verdict on whether to refer pleas to Constitution Bench
The Supreme Court today reserved its verdict on whether a batch of petitions to examine the validity of a constitutional amendment providing 10% economic reservation in Govt jobs and educational institutions should be referred to a Constitution bench. The SC bench was hearing pleas challenging the validity of the Constitution (103 Amendment) Act, 2019. The petitions said that economic criterion cannot be the sole basis for granting reservation.Attorney General KK Venugopal told the bench that 10% reservation to economically weaker sections was intended to uplift around 200 million people who are still below poverty line.scroll.in
India had third-highest number of deaths of people defending their land in 2018: Report
23 people were killed in India last year for defending their land and environment, with only Philippines and Colombia recording more deaths, human rights group Global Witness said in a report. The report, titled “Enemies of the State”, mentioned deaths of 13 protestors allegedly in police firing in Tamil Nadu in May 2018 during the anti-Sterlite protests.The forum documented 164 killings worldwide of “land and environmental defenders– ordinary people murdered for defending their homes, forests and rivers against destructive industries”. However, it said “countless more were silenced through violent attacks, arrests, death threats or lawsuits”, and the data could not provide an accurate picture of true scale of the problem.
Indian culture destroyed in areas with concentration of Christians, Muslims:UP BJP MLA Surendra Singh
Ballia: In a statement that could stir controversy, BJP MLA from Ballia, Surendra Singh said that India's culture is being destroyed in the regions where there is a concentration of Muslims and Christians."The power of our country can be reflected in the regions where people with Hindu ideology reside in a large numbers. India's culture is being destroyed in the regions where Muslim and Christian populations are concentrated in a large number", he said."God has sent Modi and Yogi in the field of politics as avatars who will keep India colourful with the idea of Hindutva", Singh said.ANI
Cafe Coffee Day boss was upset over IT torture: Associate
Mangaluru:Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) owner VG Siddhartha, whose body was found on the banks of Netravati River early morning on Wednesday near Hoige Bazaar in Mangaluru, was allegedly upset about  "income tax torture", claimed his close associate and Sringeri MLA TD Rajegowda."He was a close family friend of mine, for the last 40 years we have been close associates. 4-5 days back he was upset about the Income Tax torture. Had he not been troubled, he would have survived," said Rajegowda."He worked for the economy of the country as well as Karnataka. He gave jobs to 30-50 thousand people who are from villages and also to the poor. He also wanted to sell some of his properties to settle the debts and had more assets than liabilities," he added.Days before he went missing, Siddhartha, 60, had reportedly written a letter to board members and employees of Cafe Coffee Day. The letter - accessed by ANI - alleges harassment by an income tax officer and expresses regret for not being able to create "the right profitable business". He also said that he was under "tremendous pressure" from one of "private equity partners".Following a massive search operation involving multiple agencies, the body of missing CCD founder-owner VG Siddhartha was on the banks of Netravati River in Mangaluru. He was the son-in-law of former Karnataka CM SM Krishna and had been missing since Monday.  ANI
Bahrain king refuses offer to meet Israel’s Netanyahu
King of Bahrain Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa has rejected a request by Israel to meet with PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Manama, according to a source who informed the Arabic news site Elaph.In response to Netanyahu’s request, Al Khalifa said: “The time has not yet come.”The source, who refused to be named, claimed that Netanyahu recently sent a special envoy to Bahrain accompanied by three security officials under the pretence of informing Bahraini officials of a security threat. The offer was then made in the meeting in Bahrain’s capital Manama between the monarch and Israeli envoy, proposing that King Hamad should welcome Netanyahu in August to discuss issues of mutual interest including security. The source speculated that Netanyahu was looking to benefit from the meeting which would highlight the extent of normalisation with Gulf states ahead of Israel’s planned 17 Sept.election. PM’s aide refused to comment on the revelation.MEMO
Israel summons father of 6-yr-old Palestinian child who ‘threw carton’ at soldiers
Israeli occupation forces summoned the father of a six-year-old child from the city of Jerusalem for interrogation yesterday evening after accusing the child of throwing a juice carton at occupation forces.The child, named Qais Firas Obaid from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Issawiya was stopped by Israeli forces after he allegedly threw a carton at them, soldiers told him to provide them with his mum’s ID card. They then return to him home and issued a summons for his father, ordering him to come to the city’s interrogation centre today. The case comes a day after another child, Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan, aged just 4 years old, was summoned by Israeli forces for allegedly throwing stones at police vehicles.Israel Police denied summoning Muhammad saying they had only called his father in for questioning, contrary to pictures and video images showing child carrying the summons.MEMO
Netherlands, Switzerland suspend UNRWA funding over ethics report
Netherlands and Switzerland suspended their funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees after an ethics revealed alleged mismanagement and abuse of authority at its highest levels.The findings in the internal report,, include allegations of misconduct, nepotism and discrimination. The report was sent to UN Secretary-General in Dec and an investigation was launched. UN investigators visited UNRWA offices in Jerusalem and Amman, collecting information related to allegations, sources said. Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation said it has "expressed to UN in New York and to UNRWA its great concern and asked for clarification. The Netherlands is also in consultation with other donors".aljazeera
Muslim symbols ordered taken down in China's capital
Authorities in Chinese capital ordered halal restaurants and food stalls to remove Arabic script and symbols associated with Islam from their signs, part of an expanding national effort to "Sinicize" its Muslim population. Employees at 11 restaurants and shops in Beijing selling halal products said officials told them to remove images associated with Islam, such as the crescent moon and the word "halal" written in Arabic, from their signs.Govt workers from various offices told one manager of a Beijing noodle shop to cover up the "halal" in Arabic on his shop's sign and then watched him do it."They said this is foreign culture and you should use more Chinese culture," said the manager, who, like all restaurant owners and employees, declined to give his name because of the sensitivity of the issue. The campaign against Arabic script and Islamic images marks a new phase of a drive that has gained momentum since 2016, aimed at ensuring religions conform to mainstream Chinese culture.The campaign has included the removal of Middle Eastern-style domes on many mosques around the country in favour of Chinese-style pagodas.aljazeera
Iran threatens to reduce N-deal commitments further
Iran has threatened to cut its commitments under the international nuclear deal further unless European partners move to protect it from US sanctions by ensuring it can sell oil and receive income.Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also told state television on Wednesday that Iran was ready to negotiate with arch rival Saudi Arabia, and said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was not welcome in Tehran."Under current circumstances and if no action is taken [by Europeans] we will take the next step [in cutting commitments],"said Zarif.Iran has said it will reduce its commitment to the 2015 nuclear accord in stages and may even withdraw from the pact unless the Europeans find ways to shield its economy from the devastating US sanctions.Zarif also said Iran was ready to talk with Saudi Arabia over their differences if Riyadh was also ready, according to IRIB. aljazeera
N. Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles as S. Korea bristles
North Korea conducted its second weapons test in less than a week on Wednesday, firing 2 short-range ballistic missiles off its east coast in a move observers say could be aimed at boosting pressure on US  to set up new denuclearisation talks. Projectiles were launched early from Hodo Peninsula in South Hamgyong province on North Korea's east coast, according to South Korea's military's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). aljazeera
Dozens of civilians killed as Afghan bus hits roadside bomb
Dozens of civilians, mainly women and children, were killed in Afghanistan today when the bus they were travelling in hit an improvised explosive device.The passenger bus travelling on Kandahar-Herat highway struck a "Taliban roadside bomb" and at least 34 people were killed and 17 wounded, said the spokesman for Farah province."The bomb was freshly planted by the Taliban insurgents to target Afghan and foreign security forces," he said.Sediq Sediqqi,spokesman for Afghan presidency, blamed the attack on Taliban.A Taliban official, however, said their fighters were not responsible for planting landmines in the area. "The blast has not been conducted by Taliban, we are investigating the incident,"said spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. aljazeera
Boko Haram defeated, but new groups conduct attacks: Nigeria
 The militant group Boko Haram, which has killed tens of thousands of people over more than a decade, has largely been defeated in Nigeria, but attacks are now being perpetrated by other terrorist groups, the nation’s presidency said.“What we have now is a mixture of the remnants of Boko Haram, fugitive criminals, and the Islam in Maghreb” working together with West African terrorists, Abuja-based presidency said in an emailed statement Tuesday. “This is a fallout of the collapse of the Libyan state, and from farther away, of the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. They are taking advantage of our porous Sahelian borders.”In 2015, Boko Haram was active in almost half of Nigeria’s states, controlling a territory the size of Belgium with systems of administration and taxation of its own, the presidency said. The group is now confined to the remote, rural agrarian areas of Borno state and pockets of the Adamawa and Yobe regions, it said.Bloomberg
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