30 January 2020

30 JAN. NEWS : LIVE: Jamia student Shadab shot at during anti-CAA peace march, accused detained, protests intensify/Jamia Shooter Has Right-Wing Links, Shared Photos of Weapons on Facebook/ Jamia firing a direct result of provocative remarks by BJP leaders’: Opposition hits out at BJP

 30 Jan 2020: 04 Jamadi-2, 1441: Vol: 12, No: 119
*anti-citizenship act stir*
LIVE: Jamia student Shadab shot at during anti-CAA peace march, accused detained, protests intensify
A student from Jamia Millia Islamia was injured after a gun-wielding man opened fire during a protest against the CAA in the city’s Jamia area on Thursday. 25-year-old, who was shot in the hand, has been taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre. Protests intensified in the area following the attack with hundreds of agitated people gathering near the university, breaking barricades and clashing with police personnel.In a video, the man brandishing the gun can be heard saying, “Yeh lo azaadi…Hindustan zindabad…Delhi Police zindabad.” Delhi Police personnel were present at the spot when the shooting took place. The man has been detained. The injured student has been identified as Shadab Najar. Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, 25-year-old is studying mass communication from the varsity. The students of Jamia were to hold a march to Rajghat on the 72nd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said the government will not tolerate such incidents and assured that the culprit will not be spared. After Shah’s tweet, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged the home minister to ensure law and order in the national capital.Thousands of people and police personnel faced off against each other near the Jamia Millia Islamia on Thursday after a man fired a pistol at a group of anti-CAA protesters, injuring a student before walking away while waving the firearm over his head shouting "Yeh lo aazadi". As night fell, massive protests broke out with agitated students and others gathering near the university, breaking barricades and clashing with police personnel. Some demonstrators, including a woman, could be seen being forcibly taken away. Many sang the national anthem. indianexpress
WATCH: Man fires at protesters in Jamia area of Delhi, shouts ‘who wants Azadi’, one injured
Man Fires Gun at Protestors at Jamia, Shouts 'Yeh Lo Aazadi'
Jamia Shooter Has Right-Wing Links, Shared Photos of Weapons on Facebook
Note: The article has been updated to remove mentions of the shooter’s name after reports emerged that he was a minor. New Delhi: The Facebook profile of the young man identified by Delhi Police as the person who brandished a gun and opened fire at anti-CAA protestors near Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi on January 30, is noteworthy for several reasons.The profile of the young man, from the Jewar area of Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddha Nagar district, has begun making the rounds on social media. While ANI had first quoted police as having said that he was 19 years old, it later tweeted the photograph of a marksheet that showed that he was just shy of 18. Minutes before he took out the gun, he went live on the page, before typing out a series of posts in Hindi, one of them stating: “Shaheen Bagh, khel khatam (Shaheen Bagh, the game is over).”thewire
Chandan bhai, ye badla aapke liye: Jamia shooter’s Facebook post reveals revenge motive
How online rivalry, anti-Muslim hate radicalised Jamia shooter:indiatoday
#ArrestAnuragThakur trends on Twitter soon after Jamia firing incident
Soon after a man fired a pistol at a group of anti-CAA protesters in Delhi’s Jamia area today, #ArrestAnuragThakur was the top trending hashtag on Twitter with users asking Delhi Police to immediately arrest Anurag Thakur. The incident left one student injured. The assailant before calmly walking away waved the firearm above his head shouting “Yeh lo aazadi” amid heavy police presence in the area, witnesses said.The firing took place days after Anurag Thakur, Union Minister of State for Finance, urged a crowd at an election rally in Delhi to say "goli maaro" - or shoot down traitors. nationalheraldindia
Jamia Shooting: Twitter Mad At Delhi Police For 'Standing Idly'
Opposition parties and several Twitter users are criticising the Delhi Police after videos emerged of them seeming to stand by while a man threatened to open fire at an anti-CAA protest outside the Jamia Millia Islamia University on Thursday. He shouted “yeh lo azaadi” and “Delhi Police zindabad” at the protesters, according to reports. In the video tweeted by ANI, the man can be seen walking on a road and waving a gun as Delhi Police officials silently look on. It is only after he moves closer to the police while still brandishing a gun that some officers come forward and get hold of him.   huffingtonpost
Folded Arms of Law: Delhi Police Slammed For Not Stopping Gunman
Amit Shah says Jamia shooter won't be spared. Kejriwal replies: Get it together
New Delhi:Union Home Minister Amit Shah has condemned a shooter who opened fire at an anti-CAA protest near Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia on Thursday and said he would not be spared."The central government will not tolerate any such incident," he said on Twitter hours after the shooting, which prompted Delhi's ruling AAP to call for Shah's resignation.Amit Shah said he had asked Delhi's police chief to take the "strongest action".Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal replied to the tweet within minutes, asking Amit Shah to take care of law and order in the capital.
Jamia firing incident: Attempt to murder case filed, Arms Act imposed against shooter
An attempt to murder (IPC Section 307) case has been registered in Jamia firing case by the police. Police have also imposed Arms Act against the gunman. Claims about his age are being verified.Praveer Ranjan, Special Commissioner of Police: We've checked the injured & pellet has been removed from his arm. As per doctors he's stable. Police couldn't react immediately as incident happened in split second but soon police overpowered him. Case transferred to Crime Branch.Praveer Ranjan, Special Commissioner of Police met Shadab Farooq, a Jamia student, at AIIMS Trauma Centre. indiatoday
Tumhare qaatil abhi zinda hain: Aatish Taseer remembers Mahatma Gandhi after Jamia firing
New Delhi:Author Aatish Taseer, who had hit headlines over his controversial article on PM Narendra Modi last year, rephrased the infamous 'tukde-tukde gang' slogan to remember Mahatma Gandhi after the Jamia shooting incident. Taseer tweeted: "Gandhi, hum sharminda hain, tumhare qaatil abhi zinda hain".indiatoday
Would have shot at Jamia shooter if I was there, says ex-UP DGP Vikram Singh
New Delhi:Former Uttar Pradesh DGP Vikram Singh said had he been on ground duty near Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia on Thursday, he would have shot the attacker who brandished a gun and fired at a student. Vikram Singh said he would have shot at the man's knees to immobilise and overpower him so that he could not endanger anybody's safety.Coming down heavily on the Delhi Police for its failure to prevent the firing incident in Jamia and the manner in which the force handled the situation, Vikram Singh said he had "high hopes" from the Delhi Police but was "disappointed". Ex DGP said, "I had high hopes from Delhi Police. The shooter gave a chance of 20 seconds to the cops on ground. He brandished his weapon and shouted some slogans. He could have been controlled by [police] overpowering him. But that did not happen."Vikram Singh said if Delhi Police remains a silent spectator, such cases will be repeated. indiatoday
Anti-CAA protesters breach barricade after firing at Jamia, condemning police for not removing it to get medical help for injured
New Delhi:Anti-CAA protesters breached a part of thick police barricading near Jamia Millia Islamia on Thursday after a boy shot a protester.The students and locals protesting against CAA even after a student of Jamia university was shot and injured by a boy in broad daylight. The protesters have, however, accused the police of not acting when the boy was brandishing the gun. The video of the incident shows the shooter shouting threats at the crowd before shooting, while the police stood at a distance.The protesters have also condemned police for not removing the barricade to let the injured student pass and seek medical care. He was seen jumping over the barricades. The injured student - Shadab Farooq - was later taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre for treatment.Aamna Asif, a friend of the injured student and an eyewitness, said that they were "shouting for help from the police but they didn't help". She said "Shadab had to jump the barricade at the Holy Family Hospital" in an injured state as the police were not removing the barricades to let them in. Aamna said the bullet was inside Shadab's hand when he was taken to the hospital.After the incident, the protest outside Jamia gathered strength as the protesters tried to overthrow the barricades while police pleaded them to remain calm.India Today
Jamia shooting: Facebook removes gunman’s account, says it will remove any content praising incident
Social media company Facebook on Thursday took down the account of the gunman who shot a student of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi in the afternoon during a protest against the CAA.scroll
‘Jamia firing a direct result of provocative remarks by BJP leaders’: Opposition hits out at BJP
Several politicians from across party lines on Thursday condemned the shooting near Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University in which one student was injured.The incident occurred after a man shot at protestors marching towards Rajghat – the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, whose death anniversary is being observed on Thursday. The firing came days after BJP leaders made several allegations against anti-CAA protestors, especially in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh neighbourhood. A video of Union minister Anurag Thakur seemingly encourage the crowd to shoot protestors went viral earlier this week.Following the episode, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said the incident was possible only because BJP leaders provoked people to shoot through their speeches. CPI’s General Secretary D Raja said the incident was the “direct result” of inflammatory speeches made by BJP leaders. MIM  chief Asaduddin Owaisi blamed Thakur for the incident and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to identify the shooter by his clothes. AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the incident proved that the law and order situation in the national Capital had taken a turn for the worse. In an apparent reference to Anurag Thakur, Singh also blamed the saffron party’s leaders for delivering instigating speeches. scroll
EC bans minister Anurag Thakur from campaigning for 3 days, BJP MP Parvesh Verma for 96 hours
Election Commission on Thursday imposed a 72-hour campaigning ban on Union minister Anurag Thakur and a 96-hour campaigning ban on BJP MP Parvesh Verma ahead of Delhi Assembly elections, ANI reported. The two BJP leaders were accused of making objectionable remarks in the past week.Thakur is the minister of state in the Union Ministry of Finance, which will present the Union Budget for 2020-’21 on Saturday.
Modi believes in Godse’s ideology but lacks courage to say it, claims Rahul Gandhi
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes in the same ideology as Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse, but does not have the courage to say so, ANI reported.
Jamia firing 'direct result' of remarks made by BJP leaders during campaigning in Delhi: D Raja
CPI general secretary D Raja on Thursday said the incident of firing at Jamia Milia Islamia was a "direct result" of incretionary comments made by BJP leaders while campaigning for the Delhi Assembly polls.Raja told PTI that it was unfortunate that such an incident had happened on the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.PTI
Situation Continues To Be Tense At Jamia, Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav Detained At Delhi Gate
NEW DELHI,:Even as the situation at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University continues to be tense after a gunman fired at one of the anti-CAA protesters, senior Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan and Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav, along with 50 others, were detained from near the Delhi Gate when they were trying to march towards Rajghat, the mausoleum of Mahatma Gandhi to commemorate the latter’s assassination on January 30, 1950, by Hindu radical Nathuram Godse.In a tweet, Yogendra Yadav said, “Prashant Bhushan, myself and about 50 protesters have been detained from Delhi Gate. We were just standing with national flag and singing national anthem. Police confirmed: no 144 in force, served us no order. Yet dragged and pushed into bus. Being taken to unknown destination.”India  Tomorrow
Republic TV misreports: Calls gunman a 'Jamia protester', blames Kejriwal for violence
A few hours ago, a gunman shot a student of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi, after brandishing a pistol at a group of students on the road outside the university. Even as reports and videos flew thick and fast on social media, Republic TV led with the news that a "Jamia protester" had turned "violent".Aishwarya Kapoor, channel's political editor, said: "In the name of CAA...guns are being brandished in broad daylight on the streets of the national capital. Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal have supported it."When Kapoor said, "This should not be allowed", Republic's reporter chimed in over the telephone: "That is exactly the point...They have no remorse."At this point, the ticker on the bottom of the screen read "Jamia protesters use guns".newslaundry
India’s transition from democracy to mobocracy seems complete: Mehbooba on Jamia shooting incident
The shooting incident at Jamia Millia Islamia University seems to have completed India’s transition from democracy to mobocracy, a tweet on PDP president Mehbooba Mufti’s Twitter handle said on Thursday.“As we remember Gandhiji on the sombre occasion of his death anniversary, India’s transition from democracy to a mobocracy seems complete,” a tweet on Mehbooba’s Twitter handle read.“Interesting that certain media channels are referring to culprit named Gopal as ‘shooter’. He’d be a certified terrorist only if his name was Ghazi or Ghazanfar,” another tweet on the handle read, questioning the description of the shooter in certain TV news channels.PTI
Shaheen Bagh 'Jihadis' inciting division of India, will remove them on Feb 2: Hindu Sena
Right-wing fringe outfit Hindu Sena on Wednesday threatened to remove all the anti-CAA protesters from Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. Hindu Sena, in a press release, said it would remove all the "Shaheen Bagh Jihadis" at 11 am on February 2. Shaheen Bagh protest against CAA, which has been going on for more than a month now, has become a flash-point of politics weeks ahead Delhi election 2020. Allegations and counter-allegations have been exchanged between BJP and AAP on this issue.Amid the ongoing war between the two parties ahead of the Delhi polls, the Hindu Sena said it will open the way to Shaheen Bagh at 11 am on Feb.2. Hindu Sena said, "Millions of people are inconvenienced by the closure of the Shaheen Bagh road on the pretext of anti-CAA protests. Shaheen Bagh has become the hub of anti-India voices. This protest is going on under office of PFI. This organisation is affiliated with the terrorist organisation SIMI." Addressing the Shaheen Bagh protesters as "Jihadis", Vishnu Gupta said, "We have started mobilising people from neighbouring villages of Shaheen Bagh, Faridabad and Noida. Gurjars and other local majorities will join us in removing the protesters on Feb 2. We will create pressure through police and make noise. If they still do not get up, we will also sit there on an indefinite dharna."india today
BJP leader likens Shaheen Bagh protests to ISIS module, defends ‘shooting traitors’ slogan
BJP National Secretary Tarun Chugh has defended the idea of “shooting traitors”, and referred to the Shaheen Bagh protestors of Delhi as an “Islamic State-like module”. He referred to the locality as “Shaitaan Bagh”, or the devil’s place. This was the latest in a series of verbal attacks by BJP leaders on the women-led protest ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections next week.“We will not allow anyone to break India’s integrity,” Chugh posted on Twitter in Hindi. “Shaheen Bagh means Shaitaan Bagh. They are implementing the same module with which the Islamic State used women and children. Hafiz Saeed’s ideology will not be tolerated in India.”
Shaheen Bagh a hub of treason, says BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga on Thursday courted controversy by dubbing Shaheen Bagh -- where women are spearheading a protest against CAA and NRC -- as a "hub of treason".Bagga, who is the party candidate from the Hari Nagar segment and is the Delhi BJP spokesperson, claimed that a "surgical strike" would be done there on February 11 after the Delhi Assembly poll results are out.In a tweet, Bagga said: "Supporters of Shaheen Bagh claimed at Jantar Mantar yesterday that the Indian Army kills its people, and even compared it with the Pakistani Army. Shaheen Bagh has become the hub of treason, surgical strike will happen there on February 11 soon after the results are declared."IANS
Won’t allow Delhi to become Syria, says BJP leader Tarun Chugh on Shaheen Bagh protest
With the Delhi assembly polls just over a week away, the BJP has upped its ante against anti-CAA protesters at Shaheen Bagh, with a top party functionary on Wednesday saying the national capital will not be allowed to become "Syria".BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh in a tweet alleged that the Shaheen Bagh protesters are trying to create fear in the minds of the people of Delhi by blocking roads.PTI
Shaheen Bagh Protest 'Totally Communal', Natural that Others are Worried: Vijay Rupani
New Delhi: The protest in Shaheen Bagh is "totally communal" and has left others worried, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said on Wednesday as he defended the controversial comments of BJP leaders during the Delhi poll campaign, arguing they stand for the country's integrity while the other side is "against" it.Here to campaign for the BJP, Rupani in an interview to PTI also spoke against the Arvind Kejriwal government's freebies like free power and free transport, saying states cannot progress through such "cheap popularity" and that money should be spent in building infrastructure and schemes to boost people's income.PTI
Shaheen Bagh isn't a poll issue, work is: Kejriwal
New Delhi:As BJP's surround sound over Shaheen Bagh turns shriller, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is treading cautiously not to let his campaign lose its focus on civic issues.Aam Aadmi Party leader, seeking re-election for a third term, insists the voters in the national capital would not get swayed by the Hindu-Muslim rhetoric. At the same time, he challenged the BJP to name its candidate for the CM post."They want to change the narrative of the election," he told India Today TV when asked about the BJP's accusations that Kejriwal had remained silent on Shaheen Bagh protests. "They (the BJP) have nothing else to offer," Chief Minister said.Work and performance over the past five years, remarked Kejriwal, will determine the voters' decision. He described the BJP's Shaheen Bagh pitch in the middle of the Delhi election campaign as a digression tactic."This entire election is being fought on the work done by the Delhi government. In our meetings, we don't deliver speeches. We tell the public to vote for us only if we have done our work on the ground. They (BJP) have nothing to say. They just want to divert public attention," Chief Minister said.Electricity, water, education, schools, hospitals are the issues, he said when asked about the relevance of the CAA/NRC in the Delhi campaign.
Put my life in danger for the country, how can I be a terrorist: Arvind Kejriwal on BJP’s jibe
Being framed, don’t trust UP police, says Kafeel after STF unit arrests him in Mumbai over anti-CAA stir
Uttar Pradesh STF arrested Dr Kafeel Khan from Mumbai airport late Wednesday night, for making alleged inflammatory statements at AMU during protests against the CAA last month. UP STF arrested Kafeel with the help of Mumbai Police at the airport when he arrived to attend anti-CAA protests in the city, an official told PTI.On Thursday, ANI quoted Khan as saying that the Uttar Pradesh police was trying to "frame" him. "I was given a clean chit in Gorakhpur children death case, now they are trying to frame me again," Khan told ANI. He further requested the Maharashtra government to let him stay in state as he did not "trust" the Uttar Pradesh Police.firstpost
'Disgraceful': Twitter Criticises Yogi Govt, UP Police For Dr Kafeel Khan's Arrest
Dr Kafeel Khan, a vocal critic of the BJP government led by Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh, was arrested on Wednesday night from Mumbai airport by the UP police that has accused him of trying to spread communal hatred. The UP police alleged that Khan, who the UP government tried to blame for the deaths of 70 kids suffering from encephalitis in Gorakhpur in 2017, provoked religious sentiments of Muslim students at the Aligarh Muslim University in speech on the Citizenship Amendment Act on December 12.  According to The Hindu, the FIR against Khan said, “Dr Kafeel said in his speech that Mota bhai (home minister Amit Shah) teaches us to become Hindu or Muslim but not human beings.” Khan’s arrest comes at a time when leaders from the BJP have made outright communal remarks against protesters and even openly threatened Muslim citizen of the country. huffingtonpost
UP Court Orders Release of 48 CAA Protesters on Bail as Police Fail to Present Proofs
LUCKNOW:A court in Uttar Pradesh’ Bijnor district has ordered release of 48 people who were arrested by the police charging them of rioting and opening fire on cops during protests against CAA on December 20.The court granted them bail on Tuesday as the police failed to present evidence in support of their charges. Last week also, the court had granted bail to seven other anti-CAA protesters.After the anti-CAA protests turned violent in Bijnor on December 20, police had arrested 80 people and booked several others.“In the FIR, it is said that the mob opened fire on the police but no weapons were shown recovered. According to the case diary, bullet case of 315 recovered from spot but the prosecution did not present any proof that could show which accused from among the crowd opened fire. According to prosecution, no policeman or any one got bullet injuries, nor have they produced any fire arm,” said judge Sanjiv Panday in his bail order on January 28.The judge also said that the police did not present any proof of mob damaging government or private vehicles or ransacking any shop.“FIR said that the mob damaged government and private vehicles and ransacked shops but the prosecution did not present any proof for these charges, nor details about such vehicles and shops,” said the judge in his bail order.India Tomorrow
EU Parliament debates anti-CAA motion, puts off vote till March; S&D Group says poll on resolution after SC's ruling on law will give 'more clarity'
London: A joint motion, combining 5 different resolutions tabled by Members of the European Parliament against India's CAA, was debated at the Plenary session in Brussels, with an expected vote on the motion on Thursday postponed until March.The debate opened with a statement by Helena Dalli, Vice-President of the European Commission and High Representative of Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who spoke strongly in favour of the "rich, frank and open" relationship EU shares with India.She highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi's upcoming visit to Brussels in March for 15th India-EU Summit."We believe that it is the role of the Supreme Court of India to assess the compliance of the law with the Constitution and we are confident that the ongoing judicial process will contribute to appeasing the tensions and violence witnessed over the past weeks in the country," said Dalli, who concluded the debate with a message to "pursue and intensify" dialogue with India as a "respected democracy" and valued EU partner. 2 Indian-origin MEPs, Dinesh Dhamija and Neena Gill, were among a host of members who spoke up in India's favour to point out elements of "disinformation" around CAA and NRC within the parliamentary motion.Thierry Mariani, a French MEP, alluded to the "hand of Pakistan" in the motion being tabled, while others condemned it as meddling in another country's internal affairs. Pakistan-origin MEP Shaffaq Mohammed and others such as S&D's John Howarth and VERTS/ALE's Scott Ainslie described the CAA as a "highly discriminatory" legislation and alleged that EU had crumbled in the face of India's diplomatic lobby and prioritised trade and business interests over human rights concerns by postponing a vote on the motion."The only lobby that has won today is that of common sense and respect," countered ECR's Polish MEP Ryszard Czarnecki.Earlier, the European Parliament had announced that the vote on the motion would be postponed to the Plenary session in March.One of the groups behind the motion, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in European Parliament (S&D), said the reason for the postponement was because CAA was undergoing a legal process in India."As the Supreme Court in India will rule in the coming days linked to this issue and, as such, the law may be adapted, it was considered better to vote on the resolution in the European Parliament when there is full clarity on the situation," a spokesperson said.However, another group GUE/NGL, objected to the postponement, saying they "disagreed" with the delay.Meanwhile, the government sources in Delhi claimed a diplomatic victory over the vote delay and said friends of India prevailed over those of Pakistan in the European Parliament.PTI
CAA is India's internal matter, will continue to engage with members of European Parliament: MEA
Asserting that the CAA is an internal matter of India, the Ministry of External Affairs said it has noted the European Parliament’s decision to not put to vote a resolution on the citizenship law on Thursday and will continue to engage with the MEPs on the issue.Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said India has noted European Commission’s clarification that the EU Parliament’s views don’t reflect the official position of the grouping.PTI
Did not Imagine a Play would Attract Such Harsh Actions: Shaheen School Chairman on Sedition
BIDAR: Terming the filing of FIR against some faculty members of the institution as unfortunate, Shaheen Group of Institutions chairman Dr Abdul Qadeer stated on Wednesday that applications have already been filed for anticipatory bails. Shaheen was not only a leading minority educational institution in India but is also grooming youths who would uphold values and morals in their lives, he said.Dr Qadeer said an innocuous play against CAA was staged by students of the institute. Now, cases are being filed against those involved in this. In a democratic society, every citizen has the right to lend his/her voice on issues, by any form of expression, he said and added that the government responded in a harsh manner. The teaching staff was booked under harsh sections of the sedition law; and this would hurt the health of democracy.Dr Qadeer said, “We have applied for anticipatory bail for the teachers who have been named in FIR.”He said it was heartening to note that Shaheen Group got tremendous all-round support on this issue, and “we would succeed in court,” he said.Meanwhile, SDPI extended it support to the Shaheen Group. Party vice president and noted lawyer Sharfuddin Ahmad said the intimidation of educational institutions by citing sedition provisions and filing cases was not acceptable and must be condemned by one and all.Caravan Daily
Last lap, BJP mines Shaheen Bagh while AAP works to steer clear
New Delhi :Shaheen Bagh, the epicentre of protests against the new citizenship law, found a mention in all three election rallies held by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the national capital Wednesday. Shah’s criticism of protesters — he appealed to voters to press the lotus button on February 8 so hard that Shaheen Bagh feels the current — found an echo at a rally by Union Minister Smriti Irani and a press conference by Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.This is in sharp contrast to AAP’s poll campaign, which has in the last two days consciously tried to move away from the topic of Shaheen Bagh, and steer conversations on bijli-paani, health and electricity, all issues that the party has identified as key elements of its poll pitch.indianexpress
Yashwant Sinha blames government for CAA violence in UP, claims BJP will lose Delhi polls
AGRA: Former Union minister Yashwant Sinha, who was stopped by the Aligarh administration from going to AMU to address students, on Wednesday, blamed the Centre for the anti-CAA protests and violence which has erupted in parts of the country, especially in Delhi and UP. He also claimed that BJP will lose the February 8 Delhi elections.The language being used by the BJP leaders in their campaign for Delhi elections is a proof of their impending defeat, Sinha claimed while speaking to the media. “People use derogatory language when they feel frustrated,” he said, adding that the party wants to fight Delhi’s election with a communal agenda.TOI
Will protest if Indian Muslims are troubled by NRC, says Ramdev
Hubballi: Seeking to disabuse people of the notion that CAA, recently passed by BJP-led central government threatened the legitimacy of Muslims in the country, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said that he would among the first to take to the streets should the community face any such trouble. “If the NRC threatens injustice to Indian Muslims, it I not just I, but a billion Indians will protest against its implementation,” he added.
Protest watch: Curfew relaxed in Lohardaga of Jharkhand, 21 arrested for violence
The administration in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand on Thursday announced a six-hour relaxation in the curfew that was imposed after a clash broke out during a pro-Citizenship Amendment Act rally on January 23, Dainik Jagran reported. The curfew was relaxed for four hours in two phases on Wednesday.The relaxation of curfew on Thursday was from 9 am to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm.Police said 21 persons had been arrested in connection with the violence, while several others were being investigated. Security forces conducted a flag march in the Lohardaga town on Wednesday. Peace meetings were organised in all the blocks of the district, police said.
Govt. cautioned against going ahead with Census: More clarity on NPR needed: Jamaat
Thiruvananthapuram: The State government should go ahead with the Census proceedings only after ensuring clarity on whether the Census data will be used for updating NPR, T. Arif Ali, general secretary of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has said.At a press meet here on Wednesday, he lauded the government for taking a stand against implementing NPR and CAA. “Even while lauding the government, it has to be said that they have to take a more stringent stand against implementing the NPR. We are now hearing that the government has decided to cooperate with the Census. However, in a scenario where there is confusion on whether the data will be used for the NPR also, the government should go ahead with it only after bringing some more clarity on the same,” said Ali. To a question on the Left Democratic Front’s opposition to involving Jamaat-e-Islami in the ongoing protests against the CAA and NRC, he said that it is an issue related to the electoral politics of Kerala, to which the organisation is choosing not to respond at this juncture. On Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobacker Musliyar’s comment that women need not shout slogans, raise clenched fists and get on the streets to protest like men, he said that such opinions will not affect the movement in any manner.“This is a protest movement which has from the beginning been led by students and women. It is not easy for any political or religious leader to take over the leadership of this movement, nor do those who are part of this movement prefer such a leadership. Such comments will not affect the movement or deviate it from its aim,” he said.thehindu
Kanhaiya Kumar detained in Bihar over anti-CAA protest, allowed to hold rally later
PATNA: Gandhi ashram in Bettiah district of Bihar witnessed a high voltage drama on Thursday when CPI leader and former president of JNU Students Union Kanhaiya Kumar along with hundreds of his supporters were detained by the administration.West Champaran district administration later cancelled the detention order and allowed him to carry on with his "Jana Gana Mana" yatra from the Gandhi ashram to the Patna Gandhi maidan.According to official sources, permission was not granted to organise a rally citing Saraswati Puja and other reasons.But despite not being allowed, Kumar reached the Gandhi ashram with his supporters. The local police detained him and the other protesters."Finally administration bowed down to people protests and cancelled the detention order and allowed us to move on yatra and for holding public meeting against CAA, NPR and NRC,"he tweeted.newindianexpress
Shiv Sena agrees with Amit Shah: Sharjeel Imam statements dangerous than Kanhaiya
New Delhi :Shiv Sena on Thursday endorsed Home Minister Amit Shah remarks in which he said the statements made by JNU student Sharjeel Imam at an anti-CAA protest were dangerous.In an editorial published in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana,’ the party said, “no politics should be done on the issue and such pest afflicting the country should be finished off”.“We agree with union home minister’s comments that Sharjeel Imam’s alleged words of separation are more dangerous than that of Kanhaiya Kumar,” the editorial added.“The union home ministry, while initiating action against Imam, should not indulge in politics and try to finish off this pest that is afflicting our country,” the editorial further read.indianexpress
Sharjeel Imam highly radicalised, believes India should be Islamic state, claim Delhi Police sources
JNU student Sharjeel Imam, who was sent to five-day crime branch custody, is highly radicalised and believes that India should be an Islamic state, Delhi Police sources claimed today."Interrogation has revealed that Sharjeel Imam is highly radicalised and believes that India should be an Islamic state, he has also admitted that no tampering has been done with the videos of his different speeches," sources claimed."Police are also examining Sharjeel Imam's connections with Islamic Youth Federation and Popular Front of India. He has said he has no remorse over his arrest. All his videos are being sent to Forensic Science Lab and his social media accounts are being examined," sources said.ANI
Spoke in heat of moment: Sharjeel Imam says viral video genuine, but not complete
New Delhi:JNU research scholar Sharjeel Imam has admitted to the Delhi Police that the viral video of his speech given on the AMU campus is genuine.He said he made the controversial remark of cutting the Silliguri Corridor, also known as Chicken's Neck, in the heat of the moment.Sharjeel Imam has asserted that the video clip doing the rounds on social media doesn't contain his full speech. Delhi Police Crime Branch and special cell officers believe that Sharjeel Imam didn't give the speech in the heat of the moment -- rather, it was part of a well-planned strategy.
'People Behind SIMI Have Risen Again; We'll Put PFI Members Behind Bars': UP Min Raza
Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister Mohsin Raza on Wednesday said the people belonging to SIMI have become active again and are trying to disrupt peace in the country."People belonging to SIMI have become active again. SIMI was banned but no action was taken against its members. Now, we will not only ban PFI but will also put its members behind the bars," Raza said while speaking to ANI in Lucknow. republicworld
Chandra Kumar Bose on CAA: Politics of polarisation will ruin India
Kolkata: BJP Vice-President and Netaji kin Chandra Kumar Bose claimed that the CAA has alienated the Muslims in the country and “Modi government’s catch line Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikash would remain uncherished unless Muslim community is included in the process.”In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Bose said, “Had Netaji and Mahatma Gandhi been alive, they would not have supported CAA.""Why are we alienating the Muslims?" Bose questioned.punemirror
On Gandhi's Death Anniversary, Bhubaneswar Witnesses its Biggest Anti-CAA Protest
Bhubaneswar: The Odisha capital on Thursday, witnessed an unprecedented protest march against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the impending countrywide NRC and NPR in response to a call given by several political, social and student groups.Over 25,000 people across the state including leading social workers, academics, different minority groups, Dalits and Adivasis started their march in the morning from the Exhibition Grounds and reached Mahatma Gandhi Marg carrying banners, placards and Indian flags, chanting slogans of peace, unity and harmony.
AMU impasse enters fourth day, students block entry to women’s college
The exam boycott at AMU continued on the fourth successive day as students blocked the entry points of the varsity’s women’s college and formed a human chain to prevent teaching staff from entering the college campus at Marris Road, PTI reported.“While a section of the girls are ready to end the deadlock and resume attending classes, some others are still refusing,” a university official told PTI. Police has also been posted at the gates as a precautionary step, the official added.The protesters are demanding the withdrawal of “false” FIRs lodged against them during protests against the police excesses at Jamia University campus on December 15. The university was shut down after that and was reopened on January 13, but the students have been boycotting classes since then.
Situation worsens in AMU, VC threatens closure; anti nationals will die a dog’s death, says Raghuraj Singh
The situation in AMU seems to be worsening with students and the faculty toughening their stand and politicians adding more fuel to the raging fire.UP Labour Minister Raghuraj Singh stoked another controversy on Wednesday by saying that "anti nationals will die a dog's death"."Kutte ki maut mare jayenge ye log jo deshdrohi ka kaam karte hain (Anti-nationals working against the country will die a dog's death)" Singh said.IANS
Anti-CAA protesters speaking Pakistan’s language, won’t tolerate such acts: UP CM
Gorakhpur|:Continuing his attack on anti-CAA protesters, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday accused them of “speaking the language of Pakistan” and said such acts won’t be tolerated.“Those staging protests at several places are directly or indirectly speaking in the language of Pakistan. The country is being cheated in the name of protests. Such acts won’t be tolerated or accepted,” the CM said during the convocation of a nursing college here.PTI
2012 Delhi gangrape case: Supreme Court rejects curative petition of third convict
New Delhi :The Supreme Court today rejected the curative petition of Akshay Thakur, one of the four death row convicts in 2012 Delhi gangrape case. So far, the curative petitions filed by two other convicts — Vinay and Mukesh — in case have already been dismissed by the apex court.The curative petition of Akshay was heard in-chamber by a bench comprising Justices NV Ramana, Arun Mishra, RF Nariman, R Banumathi and Ashok Bhushan, which also rejected the convict’s plea seeking a stay of his execution.“The application for stay of execution of death sentence is also rejected,” the bench said. With the dismissal of his curative petition, Akshay now has the option to move a mercy plea before the President.Pawan, the fourth convict, is yet to file a curative plea. Meanwhile, a Delhi court Thursday issued notice to Tihar jail authorities, asking them to reply on a plea seeking stay on the convicts’ executions on Feb.1.Special Judge A K Jain directed Tihar Jail Superintendent to reply by 10 am on Friday.indianexpress
2013 Gudiya gangrape case: Delhi court sentences both convicts to 20 years in jail
A Delhi court on Thursday sentenced two men to 20 years in jail in the case of gangrape of a five-year-old girl, in East Delhi in 2013.The Delhi court also granted Rs 11 lakh as compensation to the survivor, who was given the name Gudiya’ after the incident.Advocate HS Phoolka, appearing for the survivor, said he will appeal against the order in the high court and seek life imprisonment for the two convicts.After the verdict in the case, the survivor’s father with tears in his eyes said that such people should not be hanged.The court had on January 18 convicted Manoj Shah and Pradeep Kumar.indiatoday
Sabarimala case to be taken up on February 3 by nine-judge Supreme Court Bench
A 9-judge Supreme Court Bench will on February 3 hear and examine the matter related to the entry of women into Kerala’s Sabarimala temple and discrimination at other religious places, ANI reported. Chief Justice SA Bobde said the top court will begin to hear the legal questions on the matter and other religious practices.Bobde said that the top court will decide how to “crystallise the issues and then take a decision on the schedule of the proceedings”, reported Bar and Bench. A senior counsel should argue one point due to lack of time, Bobde said.Advocate Indira Jaising said it should be specified which lawyer was arguing for “which proposition and for which party”. To this, Bobde said that each lawyer would have to inform the proposition s/he is arguing to avoid duplication.
Bhima Koregaon: NIA seeks to transfer case to special Mumbai court, files fresh FIR
NIA has submitted an application before the Pune court that has been hearing the Bhima Koregaon case to seek its transfer to a special court in Mumbai, PTI reported on Thursday. The case, which was earlier being investigated by the Pune Police, was handed over to the agency last week by the Centre, weeks after a new government came to power in Maharashtra.The investigation agency made the submissions on Wednesday. A defence lawyer in the case confirmed that NIA had filed the criminal miscellaneous application before Additional Sessions Judge (Special) SR Navandar. The agency asked for the transfer of all records and proceedings of the case to the special NIA court in Mumbai.
Govt not accepting resignation, wants to dismiss me instead: IAS officer who quit over Article 370
Jaipur:Kannan Gopinathan, the man who resigned from IAS over restrictions imposed in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370, has claimed that the Centre did not accept his resignation "as the government wants to dismiss him from the service"."I think they want to dismiss me. They don't want to allow me the tag that I resigned from the service... which is fine, I think. That's childish behaviour from the government," Kannan Gopinathan said. Gopinathan, who had resigned from the IAS in August last year, had been travelling to communicate with people about the CAA, NCR, NPR.indiatoday
Billionaires Buy Electoral Bonds, Netas Get Funds, Taxpayers Pay Bank Charges
NEW DELHI;When anonymous billionaires use electoral bonds to funnel thousands of crores into the coffers of India’s political parties, the Indian taxpayer pays the banking fees, commissions, printing costs and associated charges, documents reviewed by HuffPost India establish.Neither the secretive billionaire donor, nor the recipient political party, pay a paisa to maintain the secure infrastructure of banking channels, accounts and printing presses that facilitate political donations. Instead, the money is paid from the Consolidated Fund of India, a Government of India account that includes all direct and indirect tax revenues. This is in sharp contrast to banking transfers conducted by ordinary citizens, which attract banking fees and commissions. Thus far, the ruling BJP has been the biggest beneficiary of the Indian taxpayer’s forced generosity. The party has raised the most money since the scheme was first unveiled. Reports from earlier this month show that 60% of the BJP’s total funds raised through donations in 2018-19, Rs 1,450 crore, was through electoral bonds.Worse, political donations are tax-free for the donor, so when companies and wealthy individuals donate to their party of choice, the Indian exchequer receives less tax — an argument first made by none other than the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2017 in the course of the BJP’s illegal, but ultimately successful, attempt to use the “money bill” route to implement scheme.huffingtonpost
Kashmiri Pandits In Kashmir: Those who stayed back have a home — and a roomful of regret
Anantnag: In an upstairs room of their modest house in Ranipora village, 3 generations of the Ganjoo family keep the winter cold out with kangris and blankets and ponder if they would have been better or worse off leaving Kashmir in 1990 with most of the others in Pandit community as they weigh loss against gain of the last 3 decades. Ganjoos are one of just 3 Pandit families of their village that stayed on in the Valley as the remaining 60 or so families left fearing for their safety against a background of rising militancy and the killings of several Pandits.Anantnag had witnessed communal trouble in 1986 and most Pandit families in the district fled when the government appeared to have lost control over the emerging situation 4 years later.“We did not have the resources to leave and start life anew in Jammu. Another factor was that my parents did not want to leave this village and their home. We could not go without them. So we trusted in god, and our (Muslim) neighbours, who wept, and said they would not let us go. There was love and affection for us. So we stayed and our neighbours supported us a lot. It was the right decision at time,” said Ashok Kumar Ganjoo, 58, who is employed as a government pharmacist. “But today I feel it was not right decision,” he said.His 86-year-old mother Lakshmi Shri echoes that view. The reason: “migrant Pandits” got all the political attention, benefited from government compensation packages that helped them with quotas in education and employment at places where they went while the “non-migrants”, as those who stayed on describe themselves, became invisible.Today, as migrant Pandits demand that the government resettles them in Valley, the divide with the non-migrant is perhaps sharper than it has been all these years.“We are culturally distant and isolated from our own community. During deaths or marriages, it is our neighbours who support us till our relatives arrive. When someone dies, it is Muslim neighbours who sit through the night with us, make all the preparations, even help to carry the body to the cremation ground. We celebrate our festivals like Shivratri and Diwali with our neighbours, and we celebrate Eid with them,” said Ashish, who has formed a group called Kashmiri Pandit Helping Hands to assist poor Pandit families. indianexpress
J&K Industrialist Who Received National Award From Vajpayee in Detention Since August 5
Srinagar: Early on August 5 last year, before the announcement of the scrapping of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, Kashmir police personnel climbed the wall of Shakeel Qalander’s residence in Srinagar’s Kanitar area.They barged into his house. They were there to take him away.On that night, the 58-year-old industrialist and noted civil society member was taken to Srinagar’s Central Jail where he continues to be in detention to this day.According to his family, they were told by the local police that he’ll be taken to SKICC, which has been functioning as a detention centre for political prisoners since August 5, and kept there under “preventive detention” for a few days.However, Qalander was instead shifted to Srinagar’s Central Jail.“I have been given to understand that you and your associates are about to organise processions and such meetings which are likely to deteriorate the law and order situation,” read a magistrate’s order against Qalander who was detained under Section 107/151, which cite preventive measures, according to a report in The Hindu.thewire
Parents of Bhainsa riots accused die on same day
NIRMAL: In a tragic incident, the parents of the two brothers accused in Bhainsa communal clashes, who were in old age, died on Wednesday in Panjashagalli in Bhainsa town on Wednesday.The husband and wife died on the same day. According to sources, Abdul Ahmed,75 years old, died due to ill health on Wednesday morning, while his wife, Haimadi Begum, 68 years old, died of a cardiac arrest within hours as she could not cope with the news of the death of her husband.Akram, relative of the deceased couple, said Ahmed was worried over the well being of their two sons, who had been arrested by police in connection with recent communal clashes that took place in Bhainsa. The two sons are currently lodged in Nirmal sub-jail.Akram appealed to the police to bring the two sons of the deceased couple to attend the funeral of their parents.DECCAN CHRONICLE.
9 lakh workers who benefited from Centre’s scheme to promote formal jobs were ineligible: Report
Around 9 lakh workers out of the 1.2 crore who benefited from a government scheme for job creation in its first three years were later found to be ineligible for it, Business Standard reported . Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has already recovered Rs 222 crore from these employers, and has blocked the provident fund accounts of the workers.The Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana, or the “scheme for incentivising employment”, applies to employees who have joined the formal sector for the first time. The government pays the employer’s full share of the pension scheme and provident fund for such workers for three years. When the scheme was launched in August 2016, the government paid only for the pension fund, but has added the provident fund since April 2018.
Most marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men result of love affairs, not abduction, says All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat
AMRITSAR: All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat (APHP) claims that majority of cases of marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men were result of love affairs. It said due to honour, the family members of women concoct stories of abduction and forced conversions.APHP had investigated into the incidents of ‘abduction and forced conversion of Hindu girl’ in Pakistan, especially in Sindh province of Pakistan which has a large Hindu population. Talking to TOI over phone from Karachi on Wednesday, APHP general secretary Ravi Dawani said, “Zyadatar cases mein ishq aur mohabbat paya gaya hai, chahe wo minor ladki ka ho (it is love in most cases, even if it involves a minor girl).”Citing the incident of Bharti, an engineering student at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, who was reported to have been abducted and forcibly converted to Islam, he said she fell in love with fellow student Shahrukh Memon.TOI

Rights Cherished by Citizens Are Fundamental, Not Restrictions: SC
New Delhi: The rights which are cherished “deeply” by citizens are “fundamental”, not the “restrictions”, the Supreme Court observed Wednesday while laying down criteria for granting anticipatory bail to persons apprehending threat of arrest.The Indian freedom movement is an example of the likelihood of arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention and the lack of safeguards playing an important role in rallying the people to demand independence, it said.Justice S. Ravindra Bhat, who was part of a five-judge Constitution bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra, made these observations in a separate but concurring 73-page verdict on the issue of anticipatory bail. The bench also comprised Justices Indira Banerjee, Vineet Saran, M.R. Shah.PTI

Bank Strike tomorrow: Public sector banks to go on two-day strike on Jan 31, Feb 1
New Delhi :Bank Strike Tomorrow: Banking operations and ATM services across the country are likely to be affected as bank unions have called for a two-day nationwide strike from Friday seeking wage revision, a demand that has been pending since November 2017. The strike, which was announced on January 15, will coincide with the beginning of the Budget session of parliament and presentation of union Budget 2020-21.The strike call has been given by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), an umbrella body of nine bank unions, including All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC), All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and National Organisation of Bank Workers (NOBW).
IndiGo pilot who witnessed Kunal Kamra-Arnab Goswami episode says comedian’s conduct didn’t warrant penalty
The captain on the IndiGo flight that saw the stand up comedian Kunal Kamra confront news anchor Arnab Goswami has communicated to a higherup in the airlines that Kamra never endangered safety or disobeyed any instructions, a report posted on the news website MoneyControl.com says.“I do not find the aforementioned events reportable in any way. Mr Kamra’s behaviour, while unsavoury, was not qualifying of a level 1 unruly passenger. Indeed, we pilots can all attest to incidents similar and/or worse in nature that were not deemed unruly.”

Nitish compromised with fascist forces in pursuit of power: Pawan K Verma
Saying that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has compromised with the fascist forces in pursuit of power, the expelled JD(U) leader Pawan K Verma said that his anti-CAA posturing was the main reason behind his expulsion.Alleging that Nitish Kumar compromised with his politics and principles, the former bureaucrat-turned-politician said, “Nitish considered me as an obstacle…His friendship with the BJP is essentially nothing but a compromise in pursuit of power with the fascist forces,” asserted Verma.“That is why we have been expelled,” he added referring to the expulsion of JD(U) vice president Prashant Kishore and that of his own.
12 Children, Woman Held Hostage By Murder Convict In His Basement In UP
Lucknow: A murder convict who is out on parole is holding his wife and over 12 children hostage in the basement of his house at Mohammadabad town in West Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad district. Police are currently negotiating with the man -- identified as Subhash Batham -- to rescue them.The hostage situation has been going on for over two hours now.According to police, the convict invited some children and women from the village to his house on the pretext of celebrating his one-year-old daughter's birthday. However, once they were inside, he forced everybody - including his own wife and children - into the basement at gunpoint.When their children did not return after a while, some of his neighbours knocked at his door. They were forced to retreat and alert the police when Subhash Batham began shooting at them.Police said that when they rushed a PCR van to his house, Subhash Batham began shooting at it from the terrace. He even threw a crude bomb at them. Commandos of the Anti-Terrorism Squad and a police team led by the Kanpur Zone Inspector General were subsequently deployed at the spot.ndtv
Palestinians push for UN action over Trump Middle East plan
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will visit the United Nations within two weeks to address the Security Council on his rejection of the new US Middle East plan, his ambassador to the body has said. At that time, a draft resolution will be submitted to the council, Riyad Mansour told reporters on Wednesday, without specifying a date for the visit.US President Donald Trump unveiled his long-delayed plan - referred to as the "deal of the century" - to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Tuesday, but Palestinians called the proposal dead on arrival and Abbas reacted with " a thousand no's" to the announcement. "We will try our best with our friends to have the strongest possible draft resolution and to receive the strongest and largest possible voting in favour of that resolution," Mansour said. He did not give details of what might be in the text.aljazeera

Putin meets Netanyahu, reserves judgement on Middle East plan
Israeli prime minister visited Moscow on Thursday to discuss United States President Donald Trump's Middle East plan and take an Israeli woman, who had been jailed in Russia, back home.Benjamin Netanyahu made a stopover in Moscow after visiting Washington, where Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East plan on Tuesday.Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin as they sat down for talks in the Kremlin that he wants to discuss the plan and hear his opinion on it."You are the first leader I am speaking with after my visit in Washington for Trump's Deal of the Century," he said. "I think there is a new opportunity here, maybe even unique opportunity, and I'd like to discuss it with you and hear your insights."Putin did not talk about Trump's plan in his opening remarks, and Russian officials so far have refrained from comment - a careful stance reflecting Kremlin's desire to maintain warm ties with Israel and its hopes for a rapprochement with Trump's administration.aljazeera

At least 10 killed in air raid in Syria's Idlib
An air raid near a bakery and a medical clinic in Syria's rebel-held Idlib region has killed 10 civilians, a war monitor and a rescue service said, as government forces kept up a ground offensive. The attack on Thursday, believed to have been carried out by Russian warplanes backing a Syrian government offensive, also put a local hospital out of service, they said.
China battles coronavirus outbreak: Death toll jumps to 170
The death toll in China from the new coronavirus has risen to 170, as more countries announced plans to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak.More than 7,800 people,  including 7,711 in China, are now confirmed to have the infection, which has spread from Wuhan's Hubei province to every one of China's 31 provinces. WHO on Wednesday urged governments around the world to "take action" over the SARS-like virus, cases of which have been confirmed in almost 20 countries.The WHO will hold an urgent meeting on Thursday over whether the outbreak should be declared a global health emergency - a designation that can lead to increased international coordination.Paris has postponed the popular annual Lunar New Year parade scheduled for this weekend in the capital's Asian quarter, organisers said.
Coronavirus: 6,000 tourists in lockdown on Italian cruise ship
More than 6,000 tourists have been put on lockdown on a cruise ship in Italy on Thursday after a suspected case of coronavirus was detected on board the vast liner.Samples taken from a Chinese couple were sent for testing after three doctors and a nurse boarded the Costa Crociere ship in the port of Civitavecchia, near Rome, to tend to a woman running a fever, local health authorities said.Costa Crociere has confirmed that its ship, the Costa Smeralda, carrying some 7,000 people including crew, was in lockdown.aljazeera
Coronavirus | In Kerala, student of Wuhan University tests positive
One positive case of Novel Coronavirus — of a student studying in Wuhan University — has been reported in Kerala, the Health Ministry confirmed on Thursday.The patient, in isolation in a hospital, was stable and being closely monitored, said a senior Health Ministry official.Meanwhile, the three suspected coronavirus cases in isolation at the Capital’s Ram Manohar Lohia hospital tested negative on Thursday.The Health Ministry has now prescribed a 14-day isolation period for people with travel history to China in the past 15-days or had possible contact with an nCoV-infected person.thehindu
Coronavirus outbreak: China assures India of cooperation in epidemic prevention and control
China on Thursday said it is closely watching the report about one confirmed case of the Coronavirus in India, and assured cooperation to the Indian side in jointly strengthening the epidemic prevention and control.Chinese Embassy Spokesperson Ji Rong said the mission has maintained close communication with the Indian government on the issue by briefing regularly on the novel Coronavirus (nCoV) development and China’s efforts in preventing and controlling.PTI
UK is set to become first country to leave European Union  tomorrow
But do not expect an end to the drama. January 31 marks a single page-turn in the Brexit odyssey and the next chapter could be just as fraught.A transition period will run for at least 11 months, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's ideal timeframe, while negotiators thrash out the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU.But do not expect an end to the drama. January 31 marks a single page-turn in the Brexit odyssey and the next chapter could be just as fraught.A transition period will run for at least 11 months, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's ideal timeframe, while negotiators thrash out the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU.Unpicking 40 years of integration promises to be a testing process and there is scepticism on both sides of the English Channel.
US military recovers 2 bodies from Afghan plane crash site
US  has recovered the remains of two personnel from a US military aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan, US and Afghan officials told Reuters.On Monday, US military said an E-11A aircraft had crashed in the province of Ghazni, but disputed claims by the Taliban that they had brought it down."US forces recovered the remains of two personnel from the site where a US Bombardier E-11A aircraft crashed in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan," a US military statement said.The statement said the remains were "treated with dignity and respect by the local Afghan community".On Tuesday, Afghan forces and Taliban fighters clashed in a central region where the US military plane crashed as the government tried to reach the wreckage site in a Taliban stronghold.aljazeera

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