31 August 2019

31 AUG. ND: Assam NRC Final List: Over 19 lakh excluded, 3.11 crore included in list/Next? 120 days for appeal at Foreigners’ Tribunal; 10 months to prove citizenship before being sent to detention centres/ No one will be declared a foreigner immediately;MHA/ Conspiracy to keep Hindus out: Assam BJP Leaders unhappy with NRC list

31 AUG. 2019: 29 ZilHajj 1440:Vol: 11, No:280
Assam NRC Final List: Over 19 lakh excluded, 3.11 crore included in list
Final list of the updated NRC (NRC) in Assam left out over 19 lakh people, almost half of 40 lakh people excluded in the final draft published last year. Out of 3,30,27,661 applicants, a total of 3,11,21,004 persons were found eligible for inclusion in the final NRC. This is informed by Prateek Hajela, state coordinator of NRC.Today’s publication is a “Supplementary Inclusions List” which provides the names of those included into NRC after they had filed “claims” against their exclusion in the final draft published July 30 last year or excluded in the additional draft exclusions list published on June 26, 2019 or those who were in the final draft but had “objections” filed against their names or those who were included in the final draft but called for hearing from July 5, 2019 onwards. “Process of receipt of NRC Application Forms started during the end of May 2015 and ended on Aug.31,2015. A total of 3,30,27,661 members applied through 68,37,660 applications. Particulars submitted by the applicants were taken up for scrutiny to determine the eligibility of their inclusion in NRC. The exercise of NRC Update is a mammoth exercise involving around 52,000 state Govt officials working for a prolonged period,”Hajela said. Those excluded can approach a Foreigners Tribunal with a certified copy of the rejection order from NRC, along with the grounds for appeal.IE
Next? 120 days for appeal at Foreigners’ Tribunal; 10 months to prove citizenship before being sent to detention centres
Those excluded from the final NRC published on Aug. 31 will get a window of up to 10 months to prove their citizenship before being sent to detention centres. Centre had in June decided to help Assam create e-Foreigners’ Tribunals and increase the number of Foreigners’ Tribunals – quasi-judicial establishments headed by members who are lawyers and retired judges and bureaucrats – from the existing 100 to 1,000.At least 200 of the additional Foreigners’ Tribunals are expected to be set up by Sept.with the Govt already having appointed 221 new members.Each person excluded will have a maximum of 120 days or 4 months from the date of publication of the final NRC to challenge his or her case at a Foreigners’ Tribunal, which has to dispose of the case within 6 months. Thehindu
No one will be declared a foreigner immediately;MHA
Ministry of Home Affairs has assured that those excluded in the final list will not be immediately sent to dentition centres and they can appeal."Those excluded could move Foreigners Tribunals, [there is] 120 days window to appeal," an MHA official told The Hindu."No one will be declared a foreigner immediately, no one will be sent to detention centres," he assured.thehindu
Conspiracy to keep Hindus out: Assam BJP Leaders unhappy with NRC list
Guwahati:As the Assam NRC was released today, members of the state's ruling BJP lashed out, saying the list left out many genuine citizens, especially refugees who migrated from Bangladesh before 1971. "Names of many Indian citizens who migrated from Bangladesh as refugees prior to 1971 have not been included in NRC because authorities refused to accept refugee certificates," Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said in a series of tweets."Many names got included because of manipulation of legacy data as alleged by many," he added.Sarma, who is among BJP's top leaders in Assam, had earlier said he had no faith in NRC and didn't think it would help remove illegal immigrants.Govt says they won't be declared foreigners immediately and have the option of appealing to the foreigners' Tribunals and the courts.After NRC, BJP has indicated that it will bring the citizenship amendment Bill soon. Firebrand BJP MLA Silditya Dev alleged that NRC was part of a "conspiracy to keep Hindus out and help Muslims". He alleged that NRC software was bugged and the process of preparing the citizen's list was steeped in corruption. "People wanted error free NRC for protection of right but it didn't happen... It seems a conspiracy to keep the Hindus out and give legitimacy to Muslim infiltrators," Silditya Dev said."When the Assam accord happened it was estimated there are over 1 crore Bangladeshis, where have they gone now," he questioned." BJP will now protect the Hindus with citizenship bill. We will bring it soon," Dev declared.NDTV
BJP not happy with NRC list as ‘more should have been excluded’: Himanta Biswa Sarma
NRC: Current MLA Ananta Kumar, ex Army officer Sanaullah among those whose names are excluded
Assam AIUDF MLA Ananta Kumar Malo and retired Army officer Mohammad Sanaullah are among 19.07 lakh people whose names have been left out of state’s NRC.Malo, MLA from South Abhayapuri, and his son did not make it to the list.Sanaullah, who had earlier been declared a foreigner and sent to a detention centre in Assam, told ANI that he was not expecting his name to feature in NRC since his case is still pending in court. “I have full faith in the judiciary and am confident I will get justice,” he was quoted as saying. Members of his family had been excluded from the list too.However, he said he had hoped his name would be included at the last minute, HT reported. Other prominent names not on the final NRC include ex AIUDF MLA from Katigorah, Ataur Rahman Majharbhuyan, and daughter of Dalgaon Congress MLA Ilias Ali.The number of people left out comprise around 6% of Assam’s entire population, two times the number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and the population of Nagaland.scroll.in
BJP demands NRC in Telangana, claims lakhs of illegal immigrants
Telangana BJP has demanded a NRC in the state. In a press statement issued by party chief spokesperson for Telangana state K Krishna Saagar Rao, BJP claimed that there’s a steady growth of illegal immigrants in the state in general and Hyderabad in specific in guise of refugees.Alleging that TRS-led Govt along with its ally AIMIM was turning a blind eye to the issue, BJP stated, “BJP considers this trend is growing and illegal immigrants are moving into Telangana State from many borderline states, finding local environment conducive for their survival. Telangana state Govt in political connivance with AIMIM is looking the other way, with full knowledge of this dangerous trend.”Claiming that the Telangana police have pegged the number of illegal Rohingya refugees in the state as 5000, while the real numbers were ‘running into several lakhs’, BJP alleged, “These illegals are being used by AIMIM in variety of ways apart from using them as illegal voters during elections.” The state wing of the BJP intends to formally appeal to and brief Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the relevance of this demand. Thenewsminute
NRC:Gorkhas’ body claims over 1 lakh community people excluded
Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangha (BGP) has claimed that more than 1 lakh people belonging to the community have been excluded from Assam’s final NRC. The list otherwise is believed to comprise mostly Bengali-speaking Hindus and Muslims. State BGP president Nityananda Upadhyay said the figure was arrived at by speaking to members of local units of the organisation across the State. BGP is one of the stakeholders in the cases related to NRC in the Supreme Court. thehindu
Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari renews demand for NRC in Delhi, to meet Shah
New Delhi: Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari has renewed his demand for a similar exercise in the city and said he will meet Union Home Minister soon to press for it.The situation in Delhi is "dangerous" due to the presence of a "large number" of illegal immigrants including Bangladeshis and Rohingyas who have been found involved in "criminal activities", he said.Tiwari, who had demanded NRC exercise to identify and evict illegal immigrants from Delhi, wrote to the then Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the issue. "I firmly believe that illegal migrants in Delhi are depriving locals of their rights and opportunities. I have even met Muslims from the city who told me that NRC should be conducted in Delhi because criminal activities of illegal immigrants maligned the image of their community," Tiwari said.PTI
NRC final: Many genuine cases left out, but do not panic, says state's Parliamentary Affairs Minister
Many genuine Indian citizens have been left out of the final NRC but they need not panic as they can appeal to the Foreigners Tribunal. "One thing is sure that many genuine Indians were left out of the NRC. However, they don't need to panic or worry. They can appeal in the Foreigners Tribunals," said Assam Parliamentary Affairs Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary.
NRC: TMC opposes, says Centre will have to take responsibility of those excluded
Trinamool Congress hit out at BJP Govt at Centre for allegedly trying to drive out Bengalis from Assam in the name of NRC and said it will have to take the responsibility of 19 lakh applicants who failed to make it to final list. "Our party supremo (Banerjee) is very concerned about the future of 19 lakh people who have been left out of the NRC list. What will happen to them? What is their future? The central Govt has to take their responsibility,"said senior TMC leader Firhad Hakim. PTI
AGP dissatisfied with final NRC
Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), a member of ruling alliance in Assam, today expressed dissastisfaction over the final NRC in the state and said there is scope for its review in the Supreme Court, which supervised updation process.The number of exclusions appears to be "ridiculuously small",AGP president and state Agriculture Minister Atul Bora said. (PTI)
Amnesty International voices concern over NRC list
Amnesty International India has appealed to Assam Govt to ensure that the Foreigners Tribunals function with utmost transparency.It should function in line with the fair trial standards guaranteed under national and international laws, Akar Patel, Head of Amnesty International India, said in a statement here. "Several reports have demonstrated how the proceedings before Foreigners Tribunals are arbitrary, while their orders are biased and discriminatory," he said.Patel expressed deep concern over the functioning of the 100 and more Foreigners Tribunals.Patel cited media reports that alleged Assam Govt was applying "pressure on members to allegedly declare large numbers of people as irregular foreigners."PTI
Family of India’s Fifth President, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Left Out of Final NRC List
Family of the son of Fakhruddin’s brother was not listed in NRC list released at 10 am today.Their names were also left out from NRC draft which was released in July.“I am nephew of ex President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, and my name is missing in the NRC since my father’s name is not in the legacy data, we are little worried about it,”Ziauddin Ali Ahmed had then told News18.india.com
NRC should be implemented in Bengal too: West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh
West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh today demanded implementation of NRC in the state to drive out Bangladeshi Muslims for the sake of internal security of the country. BJP, he said, is committed to protecting the interest of Hindu refugees through the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Ghosh accused TMC Govt of aiding Bangladeshi infiltration in the border areas of Bengal to secure its minority vote bank, a charge often brought by the saffron party. “We demand that just like Assam, NRC should also be implemented in Bengal.If TMC Govt is not willing to bite the bullet, we(BJP) will implement it and drive out Bangladeshi Muslims from the state after we come to power in 2021,”he told reporters here.PTI
We do not trust final NRC list: Assam President Ranjeet Kumar Dass
The ruling BJP today said they do not trust the updated NRC, specifically prepared for Assam, and appealed to the central and the state Govts to prepare a nationwide NRC. Addressing a press conference here, BJP Assam President Ranjeet Kumar Dass said final NRC contains very small figure of exclusions compared to officially stated figures earlier. “We do not trust this NRC… We are very unhappy…We appeal to central and the state Govts to prepare a national level NRC,” he added.PTI
BJP Failed to Ensure Error-free NRC:Ex- CM Gogoi
Former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi today accused the ruling BJP of failing to ensure a free and fair NRC even with the entire administrative machinery at its disposal. He further slammed the saffron party for attempting to "hoodwink" the people following NRC publication. "I am not happy with the way NRC has been published with names of genuine Indian citizens left out and foreigners included", the three-time former CM told reporters.PTI 
Assam NRC mayhem: 60-yr-old woman jumps into well hearing rumours of being excluded, dies
After hearing rumors that her name was not on the NRC final list, Sayera Begum, a 60-year-old woman from the district of Sonitpur in northern Assam, jumped into a well Saturday."She was dragged out of the well and taken to hospital, but she died," said Mukesh Agarwal, a senior Assam police official.indiatoday
Students, minister, allies: despite detailed work & huge expense, Why NRC has left many unhappy
Govt will provide legal support to citizens left out of NRC, says Assam minister; 200 new foreigners’ tribunals to open from Monday
Guwahati: Assam Govt has claimed many genuine Indian citizens have been left out of final NRC, but said they do not need to panic as they have option to appeal in the Foreigners Tribunal (FT).Assam Parliamentary Affairs Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary, said the Govt will provide legal support to the Indian citizens not finding place in the NRC list. If the genuine Indians, who were not included in the NRC, require assistance in appealing in the Tribunal, the Govt will assist them, he added. "We have increased the number of FTs to 300 from 100 earlier. Additional FTs will start functioning from Monday. So people can result approach FTs," said Patowary, who is also spokesperson of the Govt.PTI
Aadhaar to those who get entry in final NRC
Aadhaar cards will be issued to all those who were excluded in the draft NRC but could get entry in the final list.This will happen as NRC authorities have taken biometric data from more than 36 lakh people who have claimed Indian citizenship after their exclusion from the draft NRC published on July 30, 2018.However, those who may be excluded from the final NRC and can not prove their Indian citizenship after pursuing legal process will not be eligible for obtaining Aadhaar cards anywhere in the country as their biometrics will be flagged. “Biometric data taken during the process of claims of NRC will ensure that those who are in the final NRC will get Aadhaar and those who could not prove their Indian citizenship will not get it anywhere in the country,” a senior home ministry official said.thehindu
NRC : Owaisi says myth of illegal migrants busted
AIMIM chief Assaduddin  Owaisi said the so-called myth of illegal migrants had been busted. “BJP should learn a lesson. They should stop asking for NRC throughout the country in terms of Hindus and Muslims. They should learn from what has happened in Assam. The so-called myth of illegal migrants has been busted.”“I have my own doubts that the BJP through Citizen Amendment Bill can bring a bill wherein they can try to give citizenship to all non-Muslims, which will again be a violation of Right to Equality,” Owaisi said.“Many people in Assam have told me that the parents’ names are included, but the names of their children are excluded. For example, Sanaullah, he has served in the Army. His case is pending in High Court. I am sure that he will also get justice,” he said.indianexpress
NRC: Congress says final list will end suspicion about undocumented migrants in Assam
The Congress on Saturday said the final NRC published in Assam will end the suspicion that there are “tens of millions” of “illegal immigrants” living in the state. “With publication of the final list, the decades old suspicion that tens of millions of illegal immigrants are in Assam, will also end,” Leader of Opposition in the Assam Assembly Debabrata Saikia said. “It will also stop harassment of people dubbed as foreigner merely on suspicion. We would appeal to the public to maintain calm and not fall prey to rumours.” Saikia said Congress will provide legal help to all genuine Indians who have been left out of the list. “We are of the opinion that of the 1.9 million names missing from the list, there would be several who are genuine Indian citizens,” Saikia said.scroll/ht
NRC: Hindu, Muslim organisations raise credibility concerns, ethnic groups keep distance
In a surprising turn of events, Hindu and Muslim groups find themselves on same page ahead of the publication of the final list of NRC. Both groups have expressed serious concern that many might find themselves excluded from the final list and have thus threatened to agitate. Significantly, ethnic groups in Assam, which have been demanding NRC update, have kept a safe distance from such concerns.All Assam Minority Students Union (AAMSU) recently held a press conference expressing apprehensions that NRC may include names of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh while excluding many bonafide citizens. Hindu groups have also expressed their concerns. ABVP, of the Sangh Parivar, recently held a protest demanding 100%re-verification of NRC before it is published.“We do not understand what is the problem in conducting a 100%re-verification of the entries in the NRC,” said ABVP leader Natwar Kedia. “If the people of Assam could wait for 35 years, they can certainly wait another year for a flawless NRC.”He added that the draft NRC did not include many names from indigenous tribes and ethnic groups. Interestingly, ethnic bodies in Assam, which have been demanding NRC update for past 35 years, have dubbed AAMSU and ABVP stance a ploy to further their own agendas.“How did they know that NRC would be flawed?” asked Lurinjyoti Gogoi, general secretary, All Assam Students Union. Firstpost
Imran Khan claims NRC final list is part of Centre’s policy to target Muslims
Pakistan PM Imran Khan today lashed out at India over NRC exercise, claiming that the publication of the final list was part of govt’s policy to target Muslims. “Reports in Indian and international media on Modi Govt’s ethnic cleansing of Muslims should send alarm bells ringing across the world that the illegal annexation of Kashmir is part of a wider policy to target Muslims,” Khan tweeted. “Fascist, Hindu supremacist Modi Govt should know that while armies, militants and terrorists can be defeated by superior forces; history tells us that when a nation unites in a freedom struggle and does not fear death, no force can stop it from achieving its goal,” he said.scroll.in
Imran Khan cites NRC, says ‘illegal annexation’ of Kashmir part of wider policy to target Muslims
India's GDP Growth Drops to 5% for First Quarter of FY20, Slowest in 6 Years
India’s economy expanded at its slowest pace in over five years for the first quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2019-2020, according to official Govt data released on Friday evening.GDP growth rose just 5% for the quarter ended June 2019, in a development that reinforces concerns over a slowing down of Indian economy.Lower growth, data shows, is primarily due to a sharp deceleration in the manufacturing sector and sluggish agriculture output. In addition to this, ‘consumption growth’ was also weak – private final consumption expenditure growth fell to 3.1% in Q1 FY20 as compared to 7.2% in previous quarter. The numbers that were released on Friday are below general market expectations: most estimates had predicted that Q1 growth would be between 5.7-5.8%Growth is down compared to the 5.8% recorded in Q4 FY19 and the 8% that Indian economy hit one year ago in Q1 FY19. thewire
‘Say goodbye to $5 trillion economy’: Swamy on Economic Slowdown
A day after GDP growth dropped to a near 7-year low, of 5 %in the first quarter of 2019, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said, “Get ready to say good bye to ₹ 5 trillion if no new economic policy is forthcoming.” The economic growth was 8 %in the same quarter of 2018-19. This is the fourth straight quarter of slower growth. Govt has adopted a slew of measures to control the economic slowdown over the last few weeks. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, announced that 10 public sector banks would be merged into four entities.Announcement came a week after Sitharaman unveiled a slew of measures to revive economic growth. She announced measures to prop up the economy, 2 months after presenting the budget in parliament on 5 June. On 26 Aug, RBI had announced that it would give the Centre Rs 1.76 lakh crore of its dividend and surplus reserves. Over the last few months, among the sectors hit the most is the automobile, real estate and manufacturing industry. The slowdown was due to the weakened consumer demand and dearth of investments.However, Chief Economic Adviser KV Subramanian on Friday said that the Govt is taking various steps to boost economic expansion. "The slowdown in growth is due to endogenous and exogenous factors," Subramanian said while commenting on the fresh GDP data. He said the Govt is taking all steps to revive the economy and expressed confidence that the country would be on a high-growth path "very soon".The Quint
Misra, principal secretary to PM, submits resignation, P.K. Sinha appointed OSD in PMO
New Delhi: Nripendra Misra, principal secretary to PM Narendra Modi, has expressed his intention to be relieved, said a senior Govt official aware of the development. “PM Narendra Modi has requested Nripendra Misra to continue for 2 weeks," said the official.Former cabinet secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha, a 1977 batch UP -cadre IAS officer, who superannuated on Friday has been appointed the officer on special duty (OSD) in PMO. The resignation of Misra comes at a time when India’s GDP growth slowed down to more than a five-year low of 5% in June quarter of 2019-20 against 5.8% in the March quarter. livemint
Modi govt’s ‘financial mess’ triggered RBI’s surplus transfer: Prithviraj Chavan
Pune :Modi Govt was forced to lay its hands on surplus of RBI because of financial mess it landed the country into due to the unnecessary blow it gave to the economy with demonetisation and slowdown caused in industry due to faulty implementation of GST, senior Congres leader and ex Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan said. Chavan also blamed Govt of selling the people a ‘daydream’ of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy, while saying that in reality, country’s economy was worsening with every passing quarter.indian express
Economy in crisis: Housing giant HDIL sinks, insolvency proceeding begins
In what is seen as a sign of impending economic crisis, the Mumbai based housing giant, Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd (HDIL) has gone insolvent.The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has ordered insolvency proceeding against the company, following which, HDIL has appointed Abhay Narayan Manudhane as the interim resolution professional (IRP) to run the insolvency process on Friday.In a regulatory filing, HDIL has stated that IRP has been appointed to carry out the functions as mentioned under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC).nationalheraldindia
India open to discuss outstanding issues with Pakistan bilaterally: S Jaishankar
Brussels (Belgium):India is willing to discuss outstanding issues with Pakistan bilaterally in an atmosphere free of terror and violence, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Friday.The remark was made during the minister’s meeting with EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides after the latter reiterated the EU’s stance that New Delhi and Islamabad need to re-open dialogue through diplomatic channels for the de-escalation of tensions in the Kashmir region.The two leaders further shared their expectations for better governance and greater development in the regions of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh, as well as their perspectives on the recent developments pertaining to the situation in Afghanistan and Iran.“Underlined India’s openness to discuss other outstanding issues bilaterally with Pakistan in an atmosphere free of terror and violence,” he added.ANI
World would have supported Kashmiris if they were not Muslims: Imran Khan
Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Friday sought to play the religion card over Kashmir after his country's repeated attempts to get the support of international community yielded no results.Khan said the entire world would have supported Kashmiris if they were non-Muslims, stressing that Pakistan would stand by Kashmiri people till their last breath, reported The News.theweek
India, Pak officials hold technical talks on Kartarpur corridor
Officials from India and Pakistan on Friday discussed the technical modalities of the Kartarpur corridor for the Sikh pilgrims, the first meeting after New Delhi revoked J&K’s special status leading to fresh tensions between the two countries.The meeting being held at Zero point, where the Indian and Pakistani side of the proposed corridor converge, is attended by 15 officials from each side, officials said.The corridor will connect Darbar Sahib in Pakistan’s Kartarpur with Dera Baba Nanak shrine in Gurdaspur and facilitate visa-free movement of Indian Sikh pilgrims, who will have to just obtain a permit to visit Kartarpur Sahib, which was established in 1522 by Sikh faith founder Guru Nanak Dev.PTI
India, Pak. to join SAARC event in US
India and Pakistan are expected to participate in Foreign Minister-level meeting of SAARC in New York on Sept.26, a diplomatic source has confirmed. The meeting has remained on track despite the state of tension between the two countries.“We have asked both India and Pakistan informally and formally if they would proceed with the planned meeting of Sept.26 in New York and they have communicated that there is no change in the previous plans,” said the source. The meeting is an annual affair that takes place on the sidelines of UN General Assembly’s session. It will be the first occasion since Aug.5, where Foreign Ministers will be seen in a single venue. thehindu
Imran Khan pens NYT op-ed on J&K, says talks with India only after it reverses special status decision
 Pakistan PM Imran Khan said that talks with India can happen only if New Delhi "reverses" its decision on revoking J&K's special status, end the restrictions and withdraws its troops to the barracks. In an opinion piece in The New York Times on Thursday, Imran Khan again warned that if the world does nothing to stop India's decision on Kashmir, the two nuclear-armed countries will get ever closer to a "direct military confrontation." "On Kashmir, the dialogue must include all stakeholders, especially the Kashmiris," Imran says."But dialogue can start only when India reverses its illegal annexation of Kashmir, ends the curfew and lockdown, and withdraws its troops to the barracks," he says. Asserting that abrogation of Article 370 was its internal matter, India has strongly criticised Pakistan for making "irresponsible statements" and provocative anti-India rhetoric over issues internal to it.Imran says that when he was elected PM last August, one of his foremost priorities was to work for lasting and just peace in South Asia. But he says that all his efforts to start a dialogue for peace were "rebuffed" by India. India has not been engaging with Pakistan since an attack on the Air Force base at Pathankot in Jan.of 2016 by Pakistan-based terrorists, maintaining that talks and terror cannot go together.PTI
‘Huge difference between govt claims and actual situation’:Yechury after J&K visit
CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Friday visited his ailing party member Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami for the second day before returning to the national capital, officials said.Yechury held a breakfast meeting with Tarigami at his Govt accommodation situated at the Gupkar road in the civil lines area of Srinagar city where he has been put under detention since Aug.5. After the meeting concluded, Yechury left for New Delhi where he would be submitting an affidavit regarding his meeting with Tarigami to the Supreme Court. CPI(M) general secretary also refuted Centre's claims of normalcy returning to the Valley and said that there is a huge difference between what Govt's claims and the situation."I was put up in a guest house where I could not have gone out and nobody could have come to meet me. As it appeared, there is a huge difference in what Govt and administration is claiming and the actual situation there," Yechury was quoted as saying by ANI after he returned to Delhi from J&K. outlookindia
'Don't beat us, just shoot us': Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown: BBC
Security forces in Kashmir have been accused of carrying out beatings and torture in the wake of the Govt's decision to strip the region of its autonomy.BBC heard from several villagers who said they were beaten with sticks and cables, and given electric shocks. Residents in several villages showed me injuries. But the BBC was not able to verify the allegations with officials. Indian army has called them "baseless and unsubstantiated". Unprecedented restrictions have put Kashmir into a state of lockdown for more than three weeks and information has only trickled out since 5 Aug. Tens of thousands of extra troops have been deployed to the region and about 3,000 people - including political leaders, businesspeople and activists - are reported to have been detained. Many have been moved to prisons outside the state.Doctors and health officials are unwilling to speak to journalists about any patients regardless of ailments, but the villagers showed injuries alleged to have been inflicted by security forces.In one village, residents said that the army went from house to house just hours after India announced the controversial decision that upended a decades-old arrangement between Delhi and Kashmir.2 brothers alleged that they were woken up and taken to an outside area where nearly a dozen other men from village had been gathered. Like everyone else we met, they were too afraid of reprisals to reveal their identities."They beat us up. We were asking them: 'What have we done?You can ask the villagers if we are lying, if we have done anything wrong?' But they didn't want to hear anything, they didn't say anything, they just kept beating us," one of said.BBC
NIA mistakes medical term for 'Indian Rupee', interrogates eminent doctor
New Delhi: Dr Upendra Kaul’s use of medical acronym ‘INR’ in an SMS to J&K separatist leader Yasin Malik some years ago led the National Investigative Agency to summon the leading Delhi-based Kashmiri cardiologist to answer questions relating to a 2017 terror funding case on Friday.Coincidentally, the summons came days after Kaul had criticised the Centre’s Article 370 decision on television.When Kaul appeared for interrogation at the Lodhi Road offices of the NIA on Friday morning, it became evident that the crack anti-terror agency’s sleuths had assumed ‘INR’ meant ‘Indian rupees’ and that his text message was evidence of some sort of illicit money transfer.The doctor had to explain that the acronym he used in the message to Malik, who was his patient, actually stood for the medical term of “international normalised ratio”. International normalised ratio is, simply, a laboratory measurement of how long it takes blood to form a clot.Speaking to The Wire about the text message to Malik in which he had written ‘INR 2.78’, Kaul said, “They asked me what that was about. In medical terms, INR stands for international normalised ratio, a range to determine blood thinning, which needs to remain between 2 and 3. Now, to them, INR stands for the Indian rupee and 2.78 could mean anything, lakhs or crores. So they thought it was havala money that I was talking about,” said the doctor.thewire
Kashmiri Lawyer, Who Encouraged People to Vote, Detained to Prevent Protests
Srinagar:A former president of the Kashmir High Court Bar Association (KHCBA) was detained under the Public Safety Act after the revocation of Article 370 because, among other things, he had the ability to convince people to vote even during poll boycotts, documents accessed by The Wire show.After Govt of India revoked the special status afforded to J&K, security agencies launched a massive crackdown to arrest politicians, businessmen, lawyers and young Kashmiris fearing they could initiate mass protests.Among those arrested was ex KHCBA head Nazir Ahmed Ronga. According to a lawyer who is part of the association, Ronga was arrested on August 4.One of the charges levelled against Ronga, in the PSA dossier, talks about his potential to mobilise people to participate in voting even when a boycott was called.thewire
Doctors, scientists condemn Govt action against Dr. Omar Salim
New Delhi:A group of doctors, medical students and scientists under Progressive Medicos and Scientists Forum (PMSF) have condemned Govt action against Dr. Omar Salim, a 1999 batch MBBS graduate, currently working as a urologist in the Govt medical college in Srinagar.The group is also seeking permission to send a fact-finding group to Kashmir and, in a statement issued on Thursday, noted that Dr. Salim was requesting the Govt to restore landline and internet connectivity to hospitals and medical establishments because patients were suffering, health insurance schemes were defunct, dialysis sessions were being cut down and cancer patients were not reaching for treatment.Dr. Salim had insisted that it was not a protest but “a request for humanitarian causes”. thehindu
'My Husband Has Not Talked To His Parents In 22 Days': Urmila On Kashmir Lockdown
Actor-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar has said that her husband has not been able to talk to his parents in Kashmir for last 22 days."My father-in-law and mother-in-law stay there (in Kashmir). Both are diabetic, have high blood pressure. Today is 22nd day, neither I nor my husband have been able to speak to them. We have no clue if they have medicines available at home," she said.The actress also hit out Centre over the security clampdown in J&K. She said that the special status of J&K was stripped in an inhuman manner.outlookindia
Among the 3,000 detained by Indian authorities in Kashmir,  Children: Washington Post
Dusk was falling as 3 boys walked home from the neighborhood mosque earlier this month. Farhan Farooq, a skinny 13-year-old with a tuft of black hair, was the youngest. Suddenly, a police vehicle came to a stop next to them and armed officers jumped out. They bundled the three friends into the car, one of the other boys recalled later. Farhan began to cry. For the next week, Farhan’s family said,  he was held in a jail cell at the local police station in this Kashmiri town 10 miles outside of Srinagar, part of a sweeping crackdown by Indian authorities in the wake of the Govt’s decision to strip Kashmir of its autonomy and statehood. Farhan was among some 3,000 people detained in Kashmir since Aug. 5, according to an estimate from a senior local Govt official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter. It is unclear how many of the detainees were minors, but Washington Post has confirmed that at least five Kashmiris under the age of 18 were taken into detention in the weeks since the start of the crackdown.“There is an atmosphere of fear in every house,” said Farhan’s mother, Nazia, adding that she did not know why her son was detained. “If they can pick up children, they can do anything.”India’s Home Affairs Ministry did not respond to requests for comment on the detention of children. The supervising officer at the Kashmir police station where Farhan’s family claims he was held declined to speak with The Post. A senior police official for the district denied that any minors had been picked up or detained.Farhan, 13, and his friend Junaid Shafi Mir, 17, were picked up on Aug. 5 and held in a cell with four others, with new detainees arriving and leaving each day, Junaid said. On the second day of their detention, he said, the two boys were asked to tell the police the whereabouts of another boy. When Junaid said he didn’t know the boy, an officer hit him with a wooden baton five times on his knuckles and palms, he recalled.Raids and detentions were still underway this week. About 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Nisar Ahmad Mir, who is not related to Junaid, was awakened by a voice claiming to be a local cleric, asking him to open the gate to his home. Half a dozen armed policemen jumped over the wall and said they were looking for his youngest son, 17-year-old Danish, he said. They whisked the boy away. 2 days later Danish had still not returned.
3 days after Trump thumbs up on Kashmir, US expresses concerns again
3 days after US President Donald Trump met PM Narendra Modi in France and discussed the situation in Kashmir, American officials said they were “concerned” about the continuing communication restrictions and detentions in the Valley.Trump had said he discussed the Kashmir issue with Modi and that the latter stated he “really feels he has it under control,” and that India and Pakistan could resolve the issue bilaterally.Sources said that diplomats from different embassies, including senior officials from US and UK, have been meeting Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) officials over the past few days to stress that they were watching the situation closely.A State Department spokesperson said in comments made available by US Embassy in Delhi on Thursday. “We continue to be very concerned by reports of detentions and the continued restrictions on the residents of the region. We urge respect for human rights, compliance with legal procedures, and inclusive dialogue with those affected. We welcome PM Modi’s statement that J&K will soon return to a normal political status.”The spokesperson added, “We call on all parties to maintain peace and stability along the Line of Control and to prevent cross-border terrorism. We continue to support direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues of concern.”thehindu
Pakistan observes “Kashmir Hour” to express solidarity with Kashmiris
Pakistan on Friday observed “Kashmir Hour” to express “solidarity” with the Kashmiri people after India revoked the special status of J&K.Sirens blared across country as the clock struck noon and traffic signals turned red on all roads of the federal capital Islamabad. PTI
More US lawmakers raise concerns on Kashmir
Weeks after India ended the special status for J&K, attention on the issue persists in Washington, with many members of the US Congress entering the fray.“I am excited to see so many members joining us in calling attention to what is happening in Kashmir.Please continue to call your members and ask them to speak up. We expect openness from India,” Representative Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, tweeted, referring to a comment from Ted Lieu, a California Democrat in the US House of Representatives.Earlier in the week, Lieu had tweeted that he had heard from his constituents that they were unable to reach their families in Kashmir. “Democracies like India should not be engaging in a communications blackout that has lasted over three weeks. We need de-escalation, not the hiding of what’s happening,” Lieu had said on Twitter, referring to a tweet from Representative Don Boyer, a Virginia Democrat. Number of lawmakers commenting on Kashmir could possibly increase when Congress, which is in recess, reconvenes in Sept.The tweets come weeks before PM Narendra Modi is due in New York for 74th session of UNGA and Houston for a diaspora interaction. thehindu
RSS Chief meets Jamiat chief Arshad Madani
In a significant development, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday met Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind chief Maulana Syed Arshad Madani and held deliberations on the current political situation in the country.Informed sources told ANI that the meeting, which took place at "Keshav Kunj" in Jhandewalan, RSS HQRS in New Delhi, lasted around 1-and-half hours.They claimed that Madani visited RSS HQRS on initiative of "Rashtriya Janmanch", a forum which works to foster national unity.What transpired in the meeting was not immediately known but sources said it was an "unprecedented" meeting which will help the cause of social unity."Meeting was historical from the perspective of Hindu-Muslim unity. Both the sides were satisfied with the deliberations," a source said. Ex-BJP General Secretary Ram Lal, who is back with RSS, has been asked to continue the dialogue and take forward the issues deliberated at the meeting.The meeting comes amid growing tensions between India and Pakistan after Govt's recent decisions of abrogation of Article 370.It also comes days after the Govt passed a bill in Parliament criminalising triple talaq. Madani, who recently presided over a meeting of Jamiat's Working Committee at its headquarters, had demanded that the Govt enact a special law to deal the issue of mob-lynching. Madani had expressed his deep concerns about the deteriorating communal atmosphere, particularly "spurt of mob-lynching incidents" in the country after the re-election of the Govt. Dnaindia
Babri case: Sunni WAQF board lawyer threatened for appearing for Muslim parties, contempt plea filed
New Delhi: Sunni Central WAQF board lawyer, Dr Rajeev Dhavan, on Friday filed a contempt petition against one professor, N Shanmugam for allegedly threatening him for appearing for Muslim parties in the Ayodhya Babri Masjid land dispute case. Dhavan has in his petition pleaded to the top court for initiation of contempt of court proceedings against Shanmugam for interfering with the court proceedings as he had written a threatening letter to him stating that he should not argue on behalf of the Muslim parties before the apex court.The litigant, in his petition, stated that he had received a letter dated August 14, from Shanmugam threatening him for appearing for the Muslim parties. Dhavan, through his Advocate-on-Record,Ejaz Maqbool, has submitted the petition to the SC seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against Shanmugam.ANI
Ayodhya hearing: Rajeev Dhavan seeks contempt proceedings against Chennai-based man
Ayodhya hearing: Shia Board stakes claim over 1/3rd land share, says ready to give it to Hindus
Shia Wakf Board on Friday staked claim over one-third share of disputed land in Ayodhya, contending that the Sept.30, 2010 order of Allahabad High Court on a three-way division had only said that the share be given to Muslims, and not specifically to Sunnis. Advocate MC Dhingra, appearing for the Shia Board, told a 5-Judge Constitution Bench that it had filed an appeal in the apex court against the March 1946 decision of Faizabad civil court upholding the Wakf Commissioner’s decision to list it as a Sunni Wakf.indianexpress
After 500 yrs, Examining Babur's Dedication Of Mosque 'Little Problematic': SC
Minister Piyush Goyal wants security guards to join RSS shakhas for better ‘weapon’ training
Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said the training provided in RSS shakhas was far superior than that imparted to private security guards by their agencies, adding that even a baton can be an “effective weapon” if it is in well-trained hands.Goyal was addressing the Private Security Industry Conclave (PSIC) - 2019 organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The theme for this year's conclave is "Creating jobs - securing new India". Urging private security agencies to look at training in a "bigger way", the Minister, who attended the programme in place of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, said: "I am not so sure how well these guards are trained. I am not even sure about the equipment they have and how well they know how to handle it..."But a baton can be an effective weapon, if it is in well-trained hands, said Goyal. "In many places in the world, baton itself provides a lot of confidence... A baton can do wonders, if it is in the hands of a well-trained guy."IANS
Jamiat launches national campaign to build awareness among Muslims on NPR
Amidst the talk that NRC will be implemented across the country, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind (JUH), launched a mega awareness campaign among Muslims urging them to gather all necessary documents for upcoming National Population Register (NPR), which is believed to be a predecessor to the proposed NRC. The message is “forget NRC but first prepare for NPR”. Jamiat, which has units all over the country, enjoys a strong following among Imams of mosques. It has issued pamphlets and posters to various mosques in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana and AP for display on notice boards. It has also asked local religious leaders to create awareness among Muslims during Friday congregations to first get ready for NPR, which will begin on April 1, 2020 and continue till Sept. 30. TOI
India asks Interpol secy gen to act on RCNs, including one on Naik
Visiting Interpol secretary general Jurgen Stock on Friday met union home secretary AK Bhalla, who is believed to have impressed upon him to take action on pending requests for Red Corner Notices, including against Zakir Naik, officials said. Bhalla held a 30-minute meeting with Stock and is said to have conveyed to him the necessity to act on pending RCN requests against fugitives avoiding Indian laws, according to a Govt official.Till July 15 this year, as many as 41 requests have been sent to Interpol and 32 have been published. “Among those against whom the Interpol is yet to issue the RCN include Naik,” another official said. TOI
Leniency for Chidambaram, will help Mallya, Zakir Naik, Choksi, Nirav Modi says ED
New Delhi: During course of the arguments in the Supreme Court, the ED said that any leniency shown to P Chidambaram could impact pending cases against Vijay Mallya, Zakir Naik, Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi. The submission was made by Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta, while opposing the petition by the former union minister, in which he had challenged order of the Delhi High Court, which rejected his anticipatory bail. Mehta said that if a mini-trial is held, where the court will ask for evidence first before ordering the arrest, our entire evidence, material and sources will be exposed. This would have a devastating effect on the probe, Mehta also contended. The evidence in economic offences is largely digital and if shared with the accused, it would get wiped out within seconds and also put the witnesses under serious threat. oneindia
In 55 hours, no question on shell firms, money trail: Chidambaram
New Delhi :Former Union minister P Chidambaram, who has been remanded to another 3 days of CBI custody in connection with the probe into charges of alleged corruption in INX Media case, on Friday told a special court that he has been questioned for over 55 hours, during which more than 400 questions were put to him. He replied them promptly, even though the agency claimed he has been evasive and non cooperative, he submitted. Chidambaram opposed CBI’s demand for further five days of his custodial interrogation. He said that he was repeatedly shown only three files during questioning, and was shown the same even on Friday for over two-and-a-half hours.“There is simply no justification to keep me in custody. No question on bank accounts, shell companies and money transfers (were asked),” Chidambaram, who himself was making the submission, said.The court extended the remand until September 2 in view of submissions made by CBI and Chidambaram’s counsel.indianexpress
West Bengal Assembly passes bill against mob lynching, Congress, CPI(M) back legislation
West Bengal Assembly passed an anti-lynching bill on Friday. The legislation was introduced by CM Mamata Banerjee and supported by Congress and CPI (M). However, BJP neither supported nor opposed the West Bengal (Prevention of Lynching) Bill, 2019, as it felt that the legislation might be used for settling political scores.Mamata said the state Govt introduced the bill as the Centre had not formulated a law against lynchings. “Lynching is a social evil and all of us have to come together to fight against it,” she said while tabling the draft law in the House. “The Supreme Court has given direction to take action against lynching. We need to raise awareness against the incident of lynchings.”The bill proposes a maximum punishment of life imprisonment and fines ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for offences. It defines lynching as any attempt or act of violence by a mob on the “grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth, language, dietary practices, sexual orientation, political affiliation, ethnicity, or any other ground”.scroll.in /PTI
Delhi policemen assaulted in Bareilly: Visit UP at your own risk
People in UP are increasingly taking law into their hands and there is serious concern after a team of Delhi policemen were beaten up on suspicion that they were part of a gang of child lifters. Tourism department’s  catch phrase, `Jisne UP nahi dekha usne Bharat nahi dekha’ (He who hasn’t seen UP hasn’t seen India) should now change and warn people to visit at their own risk.The assault took place in Bareilly on Thursday night, when a police team from North-East Delhi went to Bhura hamlet to serve a summon in connection with a dowry case. As they were dressed in plainclothes, villagers mistook them as child lifters and beat them up. They were later rescued by local police but by that time damage was done.Admitting to growing lawlessness and increase in incidents of child lifting, officials pleaded their helplessness. At smallest suspicion villagers, they say, are beating up people. As per police records in just last one month, 52 incidents of mob lynching were reported, a majority of them from western UP. DGP of the state OP Singh admitted that one man died and 33 others were injured in mob attacks since Aug2.nationalherald
Gujarat: Residential society in Vadia village asks members not to sell property to Dalits, Muslims
Vadodara :A residential colony in Vadia village of Nandod taluka in Narmada district has “suggested” its members to refrain from selling properties to members of the Muslim and Dalit communities. The “suggestion”, which attracted the ire of the Dalit community, was part of a multiple-point pamphlet that the society later claimed was just part of a “list of agendas to be discussed at their society meeting”.The pamphlet, which went viral on social media Thursday, mentioned several points about the society’s cultural events in view of the upcoming festivals as well as the charge to be levied on sale of properties. Among them, the society also mentioned that the members must “refrain from selling properties to Muslim and Vankar (Dalit) communities”.A representation from Dalit community met the collector and “demanded action against the caste discrimination”. A member of the committee who submitted the memorandum said, “We have asked the District Collector to probe the matter and book those who are spreading hatred among communities with such discrimination. We are hopeful that action will be taken. These kind of diktats keep coming now and then and shake the faith of the community in the social justice system.”Confirming the incident, I K Patel, Narmada District Collector, said, “When we sought a reply from the colony, they told us that it was just a draft of their agenda to be discussed at a meeting and they were not passing any such rule.” Indianexpress
alegaon blast victim, media oppose NIA plea to hold in-camera trial
Mumbai: A 2008 Malegoan blast victim on Friday opposed the prosecution's plea to the special anti-terror court here to hold in camera trial of the "communally sensitive" case, saying terror has no religion."A terrorist is a terrorist. Why make it communal? What has the terror got to do with religion?" said victim's counsel B A Desai, opposing the NIA's plea to hold in camera trial of the case on the ground that it was a "communally sensitive" one.The victim's counsel also opposed NIA plea, contending that he feared a collusion between the prosecution and the accused if the trial is held in camera."We want the trial to be held openly as we fear collusion between the prosecution and the accused. The prosecution is protecting the accused, not the victims by wanting to make it in camera," he argued.Several media persons and one of blast victims have filed applications opposing NIA plea for in camera proceeding. While media persons have said in their application that their fundamental rights will be violatedif the trial is held in camera, the victim's counsel Desai said his client fear collusion between the prosecution and the accused persons. BJP MP from Bhopal, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Lt Col Prasad Purohit are among accused in the Malegaon blast case.freepressjournal
Bihar: Nitish govt bans jeans, t-shirt, asks staff to wear ‘simple, decent’ attire
Bihar govt dress code: In what could trigger a controversy, the Bihar Govt has issued a dress code for its employees asking them to wear simple and sober attire in office. A notification issued by the Nitish Kumar Govt has banned staff of the state secretariat from wearing jeans, t-shirt to work.The aim behind the move is to maintain office decorum, the notification said.“It has been noticed that officials and employees are coming to office in attires which are contrary to the office culture. This is against the office decorum,” order undersigned by Upper Secretary of the state Govt, Mahadev Prasad stated.“Officials and employees must wear decent, comfortable, simple, sober and light-coloured attire. Choose your dress according to the weather and nature of work,” it added. financialexpress
After Muslims Left, Hindus In This Bihar Village Have Been Taking Care Of a Local Mosque
Peace and harmony are the two words people in Mari village, in Nalanda district in Bihar swear by. Hindu residents of this village have given their all to take care of a mosque. According to an ANI report, Muslim population in the village slowly faded out and there was no one left to care for the mosque. That’s when the people in the village joined hands and preserved it.From painting the walls, sweeping and mopping the premises to playing azaan at the right hour, the locals here are making an effort to do everything like the people who left it behind. They might not know the namaz routine, but with the help of a pen drive which guides them through the process, the Hindus gather to pray just like their Muslim brothers in the mosque. indiatimes
Adopted Islam out of my own free will: Sikh girl after family alleges forced conversion in Pakistan
Islamabad: Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur made headlines recently when it was reported that she was forcibly converted to Islam and made to marry a Muslim guy in Nankana Sahib area of Lahore, Pakistan.However, Jagjit Kaur's latest statement given in a court has provided a new twist to the incident.In her statement, Jagjit Kaur said, "I am an independent individual. I am 19 years old. I contracted marriage with one Muhammad Hassaan on Aug. 28, of my own free will and consent. My Sikh name was Jagjit Kaur and it was mentioned in an FIR as well whereas after the conversion to Islam, I adopted the new name Ayesha.""Neither anybody abducted me nor committed zina with me. I left my parent's house with 3 pairs of clothes, without any gold ornaments or cash. The accused persons in FIR are innocent. Story narrated in FIR is false, frivolous and baseless."Jagjit's (now Ayesha) statement has given a new twist to the case as her family has alleged that she was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. On the other hand, Jagjit has filed a case in Lahore High Court accusing her family of giving her death threats. Jagjit is currently housed in Darul Aman, a shelter home for females in Lahore.Jagjit Kaur's family believes that whole issue is in fact a case of forced conversion. Jagjit's family has threatened of self-immolation outside Governor house in Pakistan's Punjab on Aug.if Jagjit is not sent back home. Punjab CM Usman Buzdar took notice of the incident and deputed the law minister Raja Basharat to look into the matter. india today
EC’s mega Electors Verification Programme to be launched on Sept.1
New Delhi: Election Commission’s new mega Electors Verification Programme (EVP), which seeks to update electoral rolls through crowd sourcing, is set be to launched on Sept. 1 across the country, officials said on Saturday.Under the programme, a voter from each family will get a username and password, allowing a person to upload all documents related to electoral registration and tag similar details about his or her family members, Delhi CEO Ranbir Singh said.“These details will then be verified by BLOs and therefore, it will save a lot of time. The idea is also to empower voters to assess electoral roll details, self-authenticate and then get mistakes rectified, if any,” he said.The ‘mega million’ launch will take place in all States and Union territories. It will be done by 36 CEOs at the state headquarters level, by 740 district electoral officers at the district level and by BLOs and electoral registration officers in around one million polling stations, the EC said.“In Delhi, the EVP will be launched from 14,000 different places. The programme will take place in campaign mode from September 1 to October 15.PTI
Elgaar Parishad case: ‘Bharadwaj held on basis of documents seized from hard disk of other accused’
Mumbai :while arguing in favour of her bail application before Bombay High Court, an advocate representing activist Sudha Bharadwaj said on Friday that not a single document relied upon by Pune Police against her was recovered from her electronic devices.Bharadwaj was arrested by Pune Police last year, in connection with the Elgaar Parishad case, for her alleged links with the banned CPI-Maoist. Advocate Yug Chaudhry argued that Bharadwaj was arrested on the basis of documents seized from the hard disk of other accused in the case. “Not a single document relied upon by the police was from any of her electronic devices,” he told the court. Chaudhry also said that no incriminating statement has been made by any of the witnesses named in the chargesheet, except a police officer who had searched Bharadwaj’s house. He added that the documents found by the police, on the basis of which she was arrested, were not generated from her computer. All documents are typed and the police cannot link her to them through handwriting analysis, he maintained.indianexpress
13 dead, 35 injured in chemical factory blast in Maharashtra's Dhule; at least 70 trapped
 At least 13 persons died and another 35 injured in a major explosion at a chemical factory located at Waghadi village in Maharashtra's Shirpur today. Seventy persons are still trapped inside the factory, authorities informed. Rescue and relief efforts are underway. A team of NDRF has been deployed at the site.  As per preliminary information, the explosion occurred at inside a chemical company compound in Shirpur's Industrial Development Corporation. The blast was so intense that surrounding villages felt tremors. Six fire brigades were immediately rushed to the accident spot. zeenews
UAE: 'Terrorist militias' targeted as fractures with Saudi grow
UAE said it carried out air raids against "terrorist militias" in southern Yemen as the UN-recognised Govt accused UAE of killing and wounding hundreds of people in the attacks."Precise and direct air strikes" on Wednesday and Thursday targeted the militias, said UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement late on Thursday.The armed groups planned to target Saudi-led military coalition - of which UAE is a key member - backing the Yemen Govt against the Houthi rebels who control northern Yemen, it said.UAE acted in "self-defence" after attacks by "armed groups affiliated with terrorist organisations," the ministry said."The military operation against the terrorist militias was based on confirmed field intelligence that the militias prepared to target the coalition forces - a development which required a preemptive operation to avert any military threat," it added."Accordingly, the coalition responded as per their right of self-defence to protect the security of their forces," said UAE's official.The foreign ministry did not identify the "terrorist militias" it targeted.The statement came hours after Emirati-backed separatists on Thursday regained control of Aden - Yemeni Govt's de facto capital - forcing Govt troops who entered the city a day early to withdraw.Govt on Wednesday said it had seized back Aden from separatists who captured the strategic city on August 10 after a fierce battle that killed dozens.In further violence in the port city on Friday, ISIL group claimed a suicide bombing that killed three separatist fighters, while a separatist military chief survived a roadside bomb that wounded five of his guards, security sources said.The suicide attack wounded and killed "members of the Security Belt... in an explosion of a motorbike-borne device in the Saad area of Aden," ISIL group said via its propaganda arm Amaq, referring to the UAE-backed force of southern separatists who control the city.In a separate attack, the military head of the UAE-backed Security Belt force - dominated by the separatist Southern Transitional Council - survived a roadside bomb attack on his convoy in central Aden that killed five of his guards, the sources said.Meanwhile, Yemen's Ministry of Defence said more than 300 people were killed and wounded in the UAE's air raids. The casualty tolls could not be independently verified. The air raids on Aden and its vicinity - as well as on Zinjibar, capital of Abyan province - killed 40 Govt troops and wounded 70 civilians, Yemen's Minister of Information Moammar al-Eryani said.Yemen's Govt urged Saudi Arabia to intervene and halt the UAE's air raids on its forces. UAE's attacks risk straining an already complex conflict in Yemen."Saudis and Emirates are divided on these issues because from a Saudi perspective what they had always wanted was to ensure the Houthis are not a threat that can operate across the border and launch rocket or drone attacks," said Sigurd Neubauer, a Middle East analyst."What the UAE wants to do instead is to establish an independent southern state. These two objectives do not align," he told Al Jazeera. The fighting has opened a new front in the war that has already killed tens of thousands of people and led to what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis.Abu Dhabi has trained and supported secessionists who seek an independent southern Yemen, despite being a key pillar in the Saudi-led coalition backing the Govt against the Houthi rebels. Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi called on Saudi to intervene to stop what he called UAE interference and support for the separatists.aljazeera
Sudan’s ex-President Bashir charged with corruption, holding illicit foreign currency
A Sudanese judge formally indicted former President Omar al-Bashir on charges of possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption on Saturday.Questioned in court for the first time, Bashir said that he had received $25 million from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as well as funds from other sources, but that he had not received or used the money for his own benefit.A lawyer for Bashir said that his client denied the charges against him and that witnesses for the defence would be presented at the next hearing.The judge denied a request for bail and said a decision on the duration of Bashir’s detention would be taken at a hearing on Sept. 7.Reuters
Taliban launches major attack on key Afghan city of Kunduz
Taliban launched a major assault on one of Afghanistan's largest cities, Kunduz, and intense battles were ongoing on Saturday.The complex attack came as the US and the Taliban continued to seek an agreement in Qatar that would see thousands of American troops leave Afghanistan in return for security guarantees. Officials said the assault started when Taliban fighters targeted the city from several directions. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the attack resulted in the capture of several important buildings."Taliban attacked Kunduz city from several directions this morning. We are in the city now capturing Govt buildings one after the other," he told reporters.Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, a Kunduz police spokesman, told AFP fighting was ongoing and commando forces had arrived to repel the Taliban attack.The interior ministry said at least 34 Taliban fighters were killed in ground and air operations in three areas of Kunduz city. Govt casualty figures were not given.At least 3 civilians were killed and 41 wounded were taken to hospitals, said Ehsanullah Fazli, head of the public health department in Kunduz.The Taliban was in control of the city's hospital, provincial council member Ghulam Rabani Rabani told The Associated Press.The fighters took hospital patients hostage, defence ministry spokesman Rohullah Ahmadzai told reporters in Kabul. He did not say how many."We could very easily attack but we don't want civilian casualties," he said. Hospital officials could not immediately be reached.The Taliban launched the "massive attack" from several different points around the city, said Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, spokesman for the provincial police chief.aljazeera
US Census Bureau abruptly ends just-announced partnership with Muslim advocacy group CAIR
US Commerce Department has terminated its just-announced planned partnership with the nation's largest Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" asked about the arrangement -- given CAIR's reported ties to the terrorist group Hamas, and its repeated attacks on the president."Based on further review, the Census Bureau is no longer partnering with CAIR,"Commerce Department said in a statement to "Tucker."The plan, according to the group, was to enhance outreach efforts to Muslims using CAIR's network of local offices. The census, conducted once a decade, has been used not only to determine congressional apportionment, but also as a critical planning tool for state, local and federal agencies. However, CAIR and Trump administration would have been strange bedfellows -- and tension in the relationship was evident earlier Thursday. Reached by Fox News prior to Census Bureau's decision, CAIR openly derided Trump administration as "white supremacist" despite the partnership."Census Bureau, like CAIR, is nonpartisan," the organization said. "CAIR is not receiving any Govt funding as part of this project to promote Muslim participation in the US census. We continue to believe that President Trump and his administration promote a white supremacist, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic agenda."In its official statement announcing the partnership, however, CAIR sounded a more positive note."CAIR is proud to partner with the US Census Bureau to ensure American Muslims are fairly and accurately counted in the 2020 Census," Nihad Awad, CAIR’s national executive director, said in a news release earlier on Thursday. "Full participation in the census ensures that American Muslims will be better represented in Congress and that their communities receive an equal share in state and federal programs."The organization added: "CAIR wants to ensure that not only are American Muslim communities being fairly counted, but that their neighbors are getting a fair share in federal and state funding."foxnews
Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque, install surveillance cameras in Beit Jala
Israeli army has closed the doors of the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, preventing Palestinians from entering under the pretext of Jewish holidays, and installed surveillance cameras in Beit Jala.Israeli army closed all military checkpoints and electronic gates leading to the Ibrahimi Mosque and prevented citizens and residents of the area from crossing to reach the mosque for prayer or visit.Israeli occupation forces have also prevented Palestinian civilians from reaching their homes in the outer courtyards of the mosque. The closure will continue until 10 pm, on the pretext of allowing settlers to celebrate Jewish holidays.Head of the Public Relations Office of the Waqf and Islamic Endowment Department in Hebron, Raed Maswada, said that the occupation forces closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the face of Muslim worshipers, and allowed the settlers to desecrate the holy site. He added that the colonists had set up tents in the outer courtyards of mosque.MEMO
Official: Israel Foreign Ministry is bankrupt
Israel Foreign Ministry is bankrupt, according to one official, quoted in a report by Yedioth Ahronoth.The report stipulated that the Foreign Ministry’s officials were informed earlier that there was no budget to host delegations or guests from Israel. Thus, official meetings were cancelled, and employees were asked to “come up with solutions.”According to a report published on Yedioth Ahronoth’s website, the crisis Ministry of Foreign Affairs is going through has worsened, to the extent that some employees hosted delegations or guests at their own expense. One diplomat was quoted saying: “The Foreign Ministry went bankrupt,” adding that some employees have paid money from their personal accounts, as they felt embarrassed in front of delegations and guests.middleeastmonitor
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Assam NRC: What next for 1.9 million 'stateless' Indians?BBC
Assam NRC: Uncertain Future Stares at Over 19 Lakh Disenfranchised People:Tarique Anwar
Delicate art of writing an obituary:Sobhana K. Nair
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Ghulam Nabi Azad on Kashmir: ‘People will know drama was to divert attention’

Stimulative impact of RBI transfer is lower than presumed: Sajjid Z. Chinoy
For the clueless Govt, wisdom, time and luck running out:Rahul Pandey
Demonetisation is real culprit behind slowdown, Modi govt is guilty of crippling rural economy:Dr. B K Kango/IPA
HRD minister Pokhriyal has many PhDs, his office says & slams complaint against his degree
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