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29 March. 2017: 29 JamadiulAkhir 1438:Vol:8, No:153
Via telefilms, RSS to motivate Muslim women to support anti-triple talaq stand:TOI
Bijnor: With an aim to secure support of Muslim women for opposing the practice of triple talaq, the RSS plans to motivate the former by means of telefilms which will highlight the plight of those entangled in divorce battles. The decision comes a day after the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) told the Supreme Court that if triple talaq was declared illegal it would amount to disregarding Allah's directions and rewriting of the Holy Quran, thus forcing Muslims into committing sin."It is high time that Muslim women stand for justice against this oppression in the name of religion," said an RSS leader, who did not wish to be named.The right-wing organisation had earlier said that the Islamic law was an 'internal' matter for Muslims but made it clear that they were against gender bias. According to Sangh functionaries, the practice is a social evil in which women fall prey to social ostracism. Hundreds of Muslim women across the country have already signed a petition moved by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM), a group affiliated to the RSS, against the practice.RSS functionaries said they were looking for victims of triple talaq who can come forward and speak about the hardships they have faced. "We are set to launch a nationwide movement to create awareness among Muslim women about the evils of this practice," said the RSS leader."Our plan is to make telefilms depicting evils of triple talaq. We will highlight the grievances, particularly financial and social difficulties, of the divorced women. For this, we also request educated Muslim women from across the country to come forward and help us in making the series," added the leader.Regional spokesperson for RSS, Ajay Mittal, said, "We have urged members of MRM to come forward in this venture. Indian Constitution gives equal rights to men and women. Women should be aware of their rights and our telefilms will create awareness about the evils of triple talaq.""The movement is a bid to unite all Muslim women," said Mayank Mayur, the body's vibhag pramukh. RSS members also said that their demand to abolish triple talaq should be seen as an attempt to free Muslim women from 'bondage'.
Triple talaq victim writes to PM  for abolition of instant divorce practice
Shagufta Shah, a mother of two girls, has written to the PM  Narendra Modi, appealing for immediate abolishment of triple talaq.When the victim got pregnant with the third child, she was taken to abort the fetus, fearing it to be a girl. When she refused, she was thrashed, thrown out into the streets and also verbally divorced by her husband.Shagufta complained to the police but no action was taken against her husband or her in-laws. Failing to get any help, Shagufta wrote a letter to the PM, apprising him of her condition and requesting him to scrap triple talaq.The development came on the heels of the Supreme court last year initiating a historic exercise to examine if controversial practices such as instance divorce and polygamy allowed by Islamic personal law results in gender discrimination. indiatoday
Left to die on road, pregnant Lucknow woman writes to PM Modi to end 'triple talaq', says 'I voted for BJP'
Draft law to imprison those who misuse triple talaq: Nida Khan
Bareilly: Seeking justice for women who are victims of triple talaq, Nida Khan, who was divorced from Sheeran Raza Khan, the nephew of Dargah Aala Hazrat head Subhan Raza Khan, on Tuesday tweeted CM Adityanath demanding imprisonment for those who misuse the provision.Nida demanded seven to eight years of imprisonment for those who give triple talaq. She said victims of triple talaq are waiting for justice. timesofindia
Meet the RSS-backed ‘nationalist’ Muslims campaigning for a Ram Temple in Ayodhya:TCN
‘What’s in a name?’ asked William Shakespeare centuries ago. Azam Khan will disagree. As journalists, we are used to making calls and taking notes. But the first sentence uttered by Azam Khan left me slightly baffled, but not enough to disrupt my professional duty.“Before you talk, I must say that my full name is Rashtrawadi (Nationalist) Azam Khan. I don’t use Mohammad anymore. When you write, please write my name as such.” Reason why TCN had called Rashtrawadi Azam Khan was to follow up on a poster installed in Lucknow and Faizabad districts of UP. In a country obsessed with installing giant posters over any and everything, Azam’s posters had managed to stand out. And there is a good reason for that.The saffron-coloured poster being circulated over various Whatsapp groups will surely catch the attention of almost everyone who sees it. The center of the poster has a striking message: Desh ke Musalmaanon ka yahi hai maan, Shri Ram Mandir ka ho Nirman (Muslims of India have only one belief, the Ram Temple must be constructed). Below the message is a one-liner:  Ek hi Lakshya (Only one target). On the top of the poster, Jai Shri Ram is written with one holy vase with Om in middle of two moons labeled with 786.He said, “Don’t confuse me with another Azam Khan who talks about breaking up the country into pieces. I am uniting the country.” With such views, however, it is unlikely that anyone would confuse with the Rampur leader from Samajwadi Party.Azam Khan is national president of an organisation called Muslim Karsevak Sangh, a one-year-old organisation which has been formed, as the name suggests, to mobilise Muslims in favour of construction of Ram Temple at the disputed site. This group was constituted under the patronage of Indresh Kumar and Muslim Rashtriya Manch(MRM), an outfit of RSS which works within Muslims and projects them as someone favoring and endorsing the Hinduism. twocircles
Muslim-born Salabeg, Jagannath devotee who brought Lord to the masses: indianexpress
The grandiose Puri temple, dedicated to Jagannath, his brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra, is of paramount importance to Hindus as one of the 4 abodes or chardham and hence a sacred pilgrimage site. This centuries-old temple and stories of its origination find mention in old Hindu texts such as Brahma Purana and Rig Veda. Over the years, the cult of Jagannath has expanded and transformed. There have been several devotees, stories of whose devotion became a part of the folklore associated with the temple. But one story stands out, that of Salabeg, a 17th-century poet who wrote paeans in praise of the lord.There are a number of folklores associated with Jagannath temple which throw light on Salabeg’s deep devotion for him. However, to ascertain his exact origins and identity, using literary proofs that exist beyond his creations, it can be assumed that Salabeg was born in early 17th century. “Some have worked on his date of birth as 1606 or 07. As his writings say, he was the son of a Muslim father and Brahmin mother,” says Pritish Acharya, professor of history at Regional Institute of Education in Bhubaneswar.Muhammad Yamin, the author of the book ‘Impact of Islam on Orissan culture’, in one of his articles, cites references from Baharistan-i-Ghalibi by Mirza Nathan and Dandyatabhakti Rasamruta of Ramdasa to corroborate these claims. Going by these accounts, it can be concluded that Salabeg’s father Jahangir Quli Khan or Lalbega served as Subedar of Bengal from 1607 to 1608. Salabeg’s father died just a year after he was born and hence he spent most of his time with his mother. indianexpress
Why did Gandhi, Ambedkar, Patel, Nehru oppose Hindu Raj? Why did they find Hindu Raj very different from liberty and justice for all, asks Rajmohan Gandhi
In an email interview with Charmy Harikrishnan, the grandson and biographer of the Mahatma answers PM Narendra Modi’s question on why BR Ambedkar resigned in 1951.In his new book Understanding the Founding Fathers (Aleph), writer and historian Rajmohan Gandhi attempts to answer questions, such as: Would someone like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel have led India better than Jawaharlal Nehru did? Was Mohandas Gandhi a Hindu revivalist? In an email interview with Charmy Harikrishnan, the grandson and biographer of the Mahatma answers PM Narendra Modi's question on why BR Ambedkar resigned in 1951; comments on the Modi Govt's selective appropriation of Gandhi and other national heroes; and compares the present-day rhetoric on nationalism and "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" with the founding fathers' views.Responding to PM Modi questions - 'Why was it that Dr Ambedkar had to resign from the ministry?’, Rajmohan said,” That resignation, which occurred in 1951, was indeed unfortunate. But why did Ambedkar resign? Because an obdurate Hindu Right (which had its presence in the Congress as well) was pressurising Nehru against Hindu Code Bill which was piloted by Ambedkar with Nehru's strong support. Even when mouthed for purely political reasons, expressions from the Hindu Right in support of Dalit rights, and for equality among Hindus, should be welcomed. Yet a key question must be asked. Will the Hindu Right also demand justice for Muslims? Or does it only long for an anti-Muslim 'consolidation' of Hindus? Hindu Right should ask itself: Why did Gandhi, and Ambedkar, and Patel, and Nehru, all four of them, oppose Hindu Raj? Why did they find Hindu Raj very different from liberty and justice for all?”ET
Telangana Govt firm on getting Aseemanand’s bail cancelled -firm-on-getting-swami-aseemanands-bail-cancelled-4589854/
 Telangana Govt  resolved to take steps to get the bail of 2007 Mecca Masjid bomb blast accused Swami Aseemanand “cancelled”, state’s Home Minister N Narasimha Reddy said. “We will definitely oppose (his bail) and make efforts in this regard. (MIM MLA) Akbaruddin Owaisi has already raised this matter in the Assembly,” he reporters. On March 23, Hyderabad court had granted bail to Aseemanand and Bharat Mohanlal Rateshwar alias Bharat Bhai, a co-accused in the case.Though, Bharat Bhai walked out of the jail, Aseemanand continues to remain in the prison in Hyderabad as he is yet to complete some legal formalities. A warrant has also been issued seeking his presence in a case in Ambala.PTI
Modi Govt's crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses causing unease among Muslims
New Delhi:A crackdown on unlicensed abattoirs in India's most populous state has spread to other states ruled by PM  Narendra Modi's party, as Hindu hardliners press a political agenda that risks alienating the country's Muslim minority.The latest crackdown started after Modi appointed Yogi Adityanath as CM  of UP  following the Bharatiya Janata Party's landslide victory in elections there earlier this month.The demands by right-wing Hindu groups to stop the slaughter of cows, considered holy in Hinduism, could stoke communal tensions with Muslims, who dominate the meat industry and make up 14 % of India's 1.3 billion people. Most of the beef produced in India comes from buffalo rather than cattle .Several other BJP-ruled states, including Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, have followed suit, ordering closures of abattoirs operating without licences, according to media reports and local officials."The order has been issued keeping overall issues of public health, hygiene, and safety in mind. We will not allow any illegal abattoirs to operate," K G Rahate, a senior Jharkhand Govt  official told Reuters.In Rajasthan, 16 illegal slaughterhouses were shut down last week, a Govt  official said.The closures have led to fears of meat shortages and disruption of exports of buffalo beef and other meat products.India is one of the largest exporters of buffalo meat, selling $4 billion worth of beef in the 2015/16 fiscal year. Its biggest buyers included Vietnam, Malaysia and Egypt. Huffingtonpost
Meat shop crackdown in UP hits Muslim traders
Adityanath's crackdown on slaughterhouses hits mass marriage festivities, only vegetable pulao available
 A welfare organisation in UP ’s Moradabad, which conducts mass marriages for poor Muslim people, was hit by UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath who ordered the closure of slaughterhouses operating without licenses soon after taking over as CM  on March 18.Hit by low supply of meat, organisers of the mass marriage were forced to serve vegetable biryani to their guests on Tuesday. Guests at the function were served vegetable pulao, colloquially known as tahri. While Moradabad's non-vegetarian biryani is making itself famous abroad. A strike has been called by the meat sellers in UP . The slaughterhouse association on Tuesday said that they do not want to make it difficult for the people and have called on the state Govt  to think about the livelihood of the shop owners. dnaindia
No meat? Guests served vegetable biryani at a Muslim mass wedding in UP
Double Standards: BJP Promises 'No Ban' On Beef If It Wins Polls In Northeast States
Bajrang Dal won't listen and doctors won't lie: This top BJP 'gaurakshak' had a hard Sunday night
New Delhi:The Meerut wing of the Bhartiya Janata Party found itself in a spot on Sunday, after a crackdown on a meat packaging unit ended up in its own 'gaurakshak' being thrashed.A group of Bajrang Dal workers descended upon a meat packaging unit on Sunday night as part of the saffron camp's statewide campaign to shut down illegal slaughterhouses. While the police was in the middle of raiding the unit and seizing red meat, top BJP leader and celebrated 'gaurakshak' Rahul Thakur tried to pacify authorities, according to a report in the Hindustan Times.It was then that the Bajrang Dal activists decided to thrash Thakur, assuming he was involved in the meat packaging business. When Thakur denied any involvement with the unit, police checked his phone only to find several missed calls from the unit's owners. indiatoday
Meat sellers, butchers meet UP minister to solve licence issue
Lucknow:A delegation of meat sellers and butchers from UP  met state Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh on Tuesday and submitted a memorandum, a week after the administration initiated crackdown on slaughterhouses operating without licence and failing to fulfill requisite norms. The decision has resulted in closure of many meat shops across the state. “We informed the minister about hardships we are facing. Thousands of people have become jobless. Many poor people are struggling for food,”Umar Chaudhary,general secretary of All-India Jamiatul Quresh (AIMQ), said. “We asked him to ensure that the civic bodies start renewing licences that have expired and urged him to identify places where animals can be slaughtered until modern slaughterhouses are developed. ”Calling Govt ’s action against illegal slaughterhouses “arbitrary”, meat sellers and butchers across the went on an indefinite strike over the weekend. Closure of mechanised and illegal slaughterhouses was one of the promises in BJP manifesto for the Assembly polls. AIMQ president Sirajuddin Qureshi led the delegation for the meeting, which comes a day after Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court asked the state Govt  to submit details of directions and orders issued for the drive against slaughterhouses and meat shops. “The minister said he will discuss our issues with officers and get back in two or three days. We will continue with our strike until a permanent solution is found,” said Shahabuddin Quraishi, general secretary of Lucknow-based Quraish Welfare Foundation.Iqbal Qureshi, president of Meat-Murga Vyapari Kalyan Samiti, an association of chicken sellers who have also gone on strike against the crackdown, said they are ready to comply with the orders of the state Govt , the court and the NGT. “But the Govt  should have given us notice for some time before initiating the closure,” he said. “If we were not able to comply, then the authorities could have closed our establishments.” indianexpress
How Adityanath’s crackdown on slaughterhouses could impact UP economy
Muslim Doctor From Bhopal Arrested Over Facebook Photo Of Sadhu Buying Meat
Bhopal:Atik Afzal Khan, a practicing doctor in his 20s, posted a photo of a Hindu hermit buying meat from a meat shop on his Facebook page on Monday. He posted it with the caption 'Rahim Ki dukan se Ram hari sabjiya kharidate hue, ek durlabh tasvir' (Ram buying green vegetables from Rahim. Such a rare picture'.), as per a report in Indian Express.Khan was booked by the Kotwali Police under Section 505(2) of the IPC after a local resident lodged a complaint against him.Khan was first produced before a local court before being sent to judicial custody where he will be held till April 11. According to reports, in the complaint lodged against him, Khan was accused of hurting Hindu sentiments by using the word 'Ram'. scoopwhoop
Muslim Man Held in Bhopal For FB Photo Showing Sadhu Buying Meat
 Gurgaon: Sena shuts 500 shops selling meat products
Gurgaon: Shiv Sena has claimed that more than 500 shops across Old Gurgaon, including a KFC in Sector 14, were closed down on account of Navratri.Party workers, in groups of about 50 people each, arrived at the shops and demanded that they shut the shops on account of Navratri and also asked them to remain shut on all Tuesdays.Confirming this, Ritu Raj, media coordinator of the Shiv Sena, said, “Usually the shopkeepers close their stores themselves during this season but, last year, we noticed a lot of them did not do so. So we ran this campaign.”Meat shop owners, however, expressed their dissent at the move.A meat shop owner, requesting anonymity, said, “We had no option but to close down because of the sheer strength of the opposite side. We will hold a meeting tomorrow and decide on the course of action. We may even file a police complaint regarding the matter.”Commissioner of Police, Sandeep Khirwar, meanwhile, said investigations will be conducted when a complaint is filed. indianexpress
Mamata Govt rolls out meat delivery vans
Kolkata:AT A time when meat sellers have come under watch in UP , and now Jharkhand, the West Bengal Govt  is set to get non-vegetarian delicacies to Kolkata’s doorsteps through ‘Meat on Wheelz’.The initiative has been started by West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Limited (WBLDCL)’s popular brand ‘Haringhata Meat’, which also deals in non-conventional meat such as that of quail, duck, turkey and emu. Officials said that apart from taking cooked non-veg delicacies to Kolkata and its suburbs, ‘Meat on Wheelz’ would also sell frozen packaged items of Haringhata.The scheme was launched by Animal Resources Development Department Minister Swapan Debnath on Monday at the department’s headquarters at Salt Lake. There would be three vans initially, spread out across Kolkata. “Depending on the success of the pilot project, a fewmore vehicles would be added, including in other district headquarters of the state,” an official said.
Mamata slams UP Govt  for meat crisis -for-meat-crisis.html
Opposition’s concerns over GST Bill, Moily calls it “technological nightmare”: HT
New Delhi:After 12 long meetings on the GST implementation for months, the parliament on Wednesday has entered into a seven-hour long discussion where parties raised concerns on the unified tax regime aimed at making “One nation, one tax”.It started when Congress MP, Veerappa Moily said that it was the BJP, which delayed the implementation of the GST during the Congress-led UPA regime. He said that the opposition of the GST then has caused an estimated loss of Rs 12 lakh crore to the people of the country.“Who is to make up for this loss?” Moily asked.He also pointed out various discrepancies in the Bill, which included too many rates – seven, including the cesses. “This is not a game-changer as it is made out to be,” Moily said, and added that “one tax one nation is a myth”.
India lost Rs 12 lakh crore due to BJP's opposition to GST, says Congress leader Veerappa Moily
GST debate LIVE : Finance Bill with amendment passed in Rajya Sabha
Shocking! At Rs 72,000 crore, Adani's firm owes banks 8 times more than Mallya
New Delhi: In an interesting turn of event, it appears that the Gautam Adani owned Adani Group owes more money to banks at Rs 72,000 crore than beleaguered businessman Vijay Mallya.According to PTI, Pawan Verma, member of JD(U), raising issues about corporate houses owing money to PSU Banks in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday alleged that Adani Group got “unimaginable” favours and that its debt stands at Rs 72,000 crore.Corporate houses owe about Rs 5 lakh crore to PSU banks, the JD(U) member said, particularly referred to the Adani Group.Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Pawan Verma contended that PSU banks are influenced to give loan to the people who are not able to repay them, the PTI report said."PSU banks are owed about Rs 5 lakh crore by corporate houses and of this roughly Rs 1.4 lakh crore are owed by just five companies, which include Lanco, GVK, Suzlon Energy, Hindustan Construction Company and a certain company called the Adani Group and Adani Power," he said. The amount owed by this group "called the Adani Group" both in terms of its long term and short term debt today is around Rs 72,000 crore, he added quoting reports."Yesterday it was mentioned that the entire amount that the farmers need to pay as crop loans is Rs 72,000 crore. The Adani Group itself owes to the banks Rs 72,000 crore," he said. zeenews
Not in the presidential race;RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat
Nagpur: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday dismissed suggestions that he was in the presidential race, wryly calling such reports "entertainment news".He asserted that his name would not come up for the President's post and even if it is proposed, he "will not accept it"."The news about I being a nominee for the upcoming Presidential elections is not true. The report that the media is running is entertainment news," Bhagwat said at a felicitation programme in Rajwada Palace here.Clarifying on his rumoured presidential ambition, Bhagwat said that as a member of the Sangh Parivar, he is devoted to his organisation and the society."When we joined the Sangh, we closed doors for all other possibilities. We work only for the Sangh and the society, and my name would not come up for the President's post. And even if my name is proposed, I will not accept it," he said.PTI
Getting threats for criticising BJP, Modi: Guha
Writer-historian Ramachandra Guha today tweeted that he has been getting “identical” threat mails warning him not to be critical of PM  Narendra Modi and the BJP.Guha, 58, claimed that the mails also warned him against criticising BJP President Amit Shah.“Many people/ids sending identical mails warning me to “get ready to be punishment (sic) by Divine Mahakal” for being critical of BJP,” tweet read.“I am also warned not to criticize Narendra Modi and Amit Shah who ‘are blessed & divine chosen one by Divine Mahakal to change the world’,” he tweeted.PTI
Malappuram bypoll: Votes, that went to smaller parties in 2014, could decide the winner: indianexpress
New Delhi:Kerala is on the cusp of a surprise by-election. More than ten months after the CPM-led LDF steamrolled its way into power winning 91 seats in the 140-member Assembly, it faces its first electoral challenge in the Lok Sabha constituency of Malappuram. The election in the northern district has been necessitated after the death of IUML war-horse E Ahamed, who served as a minister of state for external affairs in the UPA administration. Ahamed had suffered a cardiac arrest during President’s joint address to both Houses of Parliament on January 31 this year and was admitted to RML Hospital in New Delhi where he passed away the next day.Malappuram, where Muslims form close to 70%  of the population, is seen as the backyard of the IUML and analysts consider Kunhalikutty’s chances unassailable. CPM’s reluctance to field a heavyweight candidate could give Kunhalikutty a walkover. indianexpress
Abolishing no detention policy to have negative impact on Dalit, Muslim school children: RTE activists
New Delhi:RTE activists on Wednesday opined that rolling back of the no detention policy will have a “negative impact” on the financially deprived Dalit and Muslim school children in Govt  schools as their future would “hang in balance”.No detention policy to ensure universal education was introduced through Right To Education Act 2009 with an aim to bring down the drop out rate among school children specially those belonging to disadvantaged groups of Dalits and Muslims, said Prof Janki Rajan.“These children belonging to the disadvantaged Dalit Muslim families are clinging to the school system precariously and as such abolishing no detention will have negative impact on such children,” she said.In 2016, Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) decided to withdraw no detention policy.“CABE claimed that students from the marginalised community never came back to school when they were detained in the same class. Now that it is being abolished, the future of a large number of poor school children hangs in balance,” said Tausif Ahmad, director of Centre for Educational Research and Training.RTE experts including RTE Forum convener Ambrish Rai raised the issues of poor implementation of Right to Education Act provisions and “dilapidated” condition of Govt  school system in the country.  Govt  says that no detention led to poor quality of education while an analysis of RTE in the last two years shows that more emphasis was laid on implementing 25 %  free seats to economically weaker children in private schools and “least” focus was on infrastructure and teacher training, Ahmad said. Syed Azharuddin, member CERT, Abdul Wadood, secretary of Students Islamic Organisation of India, and Inamurrahman, coordinator of Federation of Muslim Educational Institution, also participated in the discussion. PTI
After Budgam encounter, Kashmir shuts down to protest killing of 3 civilians
Kashmir:A restive Kashmir shut down on Wednesday to protest the killing of three civilians by security forces during an encounter with militants in Budgam district, raising possibilities of another prolonged unrest in the militancy-hit valley.The civilians were killed in the Chadoora area of central Kashmir after security forces opened fire on protesters who were allegedly pelting stones during an encounter between militants and army. A local militant was also killed in the encounter whom the stone-pelters were allegedly trying to help escape.At least five civilians have been killed by security forces since March 10 when army chief General Bipin Rawat warned of “tough action” against people trying to disrupt operations by security forces. He said the such would face harsh action reserved for anti-nationals.Separatist leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik said the Chadoora killings were the outcome of army chief’s threat. hindustantimes
Ajmer dargah blast :File report on suspects by April 3, court to NIA
Jaipur: NIA, which investigated Ajmer dargah blast case, seeks more time to file reports on the suspects and absconders in the case. The court gave April 3 for filing the report. NIA court while sentencing two of the accused, Devendra Gupta and Bhavesh Patel to life imprisonment, had asked the agency to either file closure report or charge-sheet those who were initially named as suspects but failed to file charges against them.While NIA had charge-sheeted 13 people in connection with the case, three persons are still absconding. timesofindia
China demands protection of its firms, nationals after flag row at Oppo factory
China said on Wednesday it hoped the rights of its companies and nationals working in India would be safeguarded, reacting to protests against a Chinese employee of a mobile phone company for allegedly tearing up an Indian flag.A large posse of police had to be deployed inside and outside the Noida Sector 63 office of Oppo, the rapidly-expanding Chinese phone company and the main sponsor of the Indian cricket team from next month.“We have seen the report. As far as we know, the company is in touch with the local police. We hope this issue can be resolved properly,” Lu Kang, foreign ministry spokesperson said, when asked to comment about the incident at the regular presser in Beijing.HT
Mewat Muslim mahapanchyat bans dowry, costly weddings, gives women rights over father’s property
Gurgaon: A mahapanchayat of Muslims organised in Punhana, Mewat, has announced several social reform decisions, including a complete ban on dowry and rights for women on their father's property, as per Islamic laws. Mahapanchayat was attended by thousands from over a hundred villages of Haryana and neighbouring Rajasthan and UP, who vowed to ostracise those who spend heavily on wedding ceremonies. Among the main decisions adopted by the congregation were compulsory Sharia compliance for weddings, returning dowry if already accepted, ban on 'bhaat' and ring ceremonies, making the groom's family responsible for taking the bride home, only 11 people allowed in a groom's wedding party, a maximum of 35gm silver to be allowed as 'mehar', ban on fireworks and DJ at weddings, instead of dowry the bride to be given a share in her father's property, financially stable villagers to aid in the wedding of a girl from a poor family, etc. It was also decided that committees would be formed in each village to ensure these resolutions are properly followed. TOI
Bengaluru:Urdu School files plaint against 'illegal' temple construction on its premises
Bengaluru:Education department has filed a complaint with the police to prevent the construction of a Sai Baba temple on the premises of the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Kannada and Urdu Primary and Secondary School in Hombegowdanagar. Earlier, there was an ‘Ashwathakatte’ on the premises. In the name of renovation of the structure, Ravichandra, husband of former corporator Vasanti, tried to build a temple, locals say. Some local residents complained to the Lokayukta about this. In spite of the Lokayukta issuing a notice, the construction work continued. The school principal lodged a complaint with the Wilson Garden police and BBMP Executive Engineer on Tuesday. According to the locals, the construction has been on for the past four months. deccanherald
ISIS suspects say they are remorseful, plead guilty
Two persons accused of criminal conspiracy to raise funds for ISIS and recruiting people for terror outfit today approached a special court pleading guilty, saying they are remorseful and want to join the mainstream.The accused - Azhar-ul-Islam (24) from J&K and Mohammed Farhan Shaikh (25) from Maharashtra did the U-turn more than a month after court had framed charges against them.District Judge Amar Nath issued notice to the NIA and sought a reply by April 10. Outlookindia
Demand for student union grows stronger in Jamia, protests force University to postpone Student Council elections
As BJP starts preparations for the Gujarat polls, is Pravin Togadia the new Yogi Adityanath? Ajaz Ashraf
Yes, bring on Bharatiyata: Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Contributing Editor, Indian Express
Sisi Govt  seizes billions in assets of Brotherhood men -seizes-billions-in-assets-of-brotherhood-members/
Since 2014, Govt  of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has seized property and assets belonging to Muslim Brotherhood members valued at 50 billion Egyptian pounds, Erem News Network reported on Tuesday.According to the UAE-based outlet, the head of the Egyptian Govt  panel set up in 2014 to confiscate the funds and property of Brotherhood members, Mohamed Abul-Fotouh, said that the items confiscated include moveable and unmoveable property.  Items belonging to 1,370 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned by Al-Sisi in 2014, has been confiscated, Erem News added. middleeastmonitor
Grand Mufti: Arrest of al-Aqsa guards 'unacceptable'
Jerusalem;Grand Mufti of Jerusalem says Israel's detention of Palestinian security guards working at the al-Aqsa compound is "unacceptable" and Israeli police are trying to change the status quo at the holy site. Israeli police detained several guards working at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem earlier this week after they prevented an Israeli archeologist from trying to remove a stone from the religious compound. "I believe the Israeli police are trying to impose a new reality and are trying to intimidate the al-Aqsa guards and to stop them from carrying out their duty," Mufti Muhammad Hussein told Al Jazeera."That is unacceptable." Aljazeera
US probably involved in mass Iraqi civilian deaths: top commander
Top US commander in Iraq on Tuesday acknowledged the likelihood that the US-led coalition played a role in blasts in Mosul that killed many civilians this month, but said an investigation was under way and ISIL may also be to blame. "My initial assessment is that we probably had a role in these casualties... What I don't know is were they [the civilians] gathered there by the enemy?We still have some assessments to do," Lieutenant-General Steve Townsend told a Pentagon news briefing, speaking from Iraq."I would say this, that it sure looks like they were." aljazeera
Theresa May set to trigger Brexit Article 50
UK PM  Theresa May will on Wednesday trigger the formal, 2-year process of negotiations  that will lead to Britain leaving the European Union (EU). Late on Tuesday, a photograph was released of her signing a letter invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially notifying the EU of Britain's decision to withdraw from the bloc after more than 40 years in a process popularly known as Brexit.The letter is to be hand-delivered to European Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels by British Ambassador to the EU Tim Barrow at 1130 GMT and copies are to be sent to the other 27 EU member states.
Muslim cop in US files discrimination suit after co-workers allegedly call him 'ISIS leader'
Iranian-origin ex-police officer in US has filed a discrimination lawsuit after being fired, alleging that his colleagues in the police department called him an "ISIS leader" and asked if he rode a goat to work.Ramtin Sabet, who was fired last month, has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that he was fired after he complained that he was constantly harassed for practicing his Muslim faith. He alleged that he was repeatedly called a terrorist by his co-workers at North Chicago Police Dept, told he was an "ISIS leader working as a police officer" and asked if he rode a goat to work, according to the lawsuit.PTI
Official: Some 10,000 Russians are fighting in Middle East
As many as 10,000 militants from Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) members are fighting alongside terrorists in the Middle Eastern region, a senior Russia official said yesterday. middleeastmonitor

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