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Thursday, 8 June 2017

08 June 2017: 12 Ramazan 1438: Vol: 8, No:212
Kerala Assembly calls cattle ban ‘fascist’, passes resolution to urge Centre to scrap
New Delhi:In a special session of Kerala Assembly today, the ruling LDF and opposition UDF came together to oppose the Centre’s new ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter. Calling the ban ‘fascist’, the House passed a resolution asking the Centre to withdraw the resolution. The only member to oppose the decision was BJP’s O Rajagopal.Members of both fronts said the notification was an ‘intrusion’ into the state’s rights and an ‘infringement’ on people’s food habits. They agreed the ban was not only “communal” in nature, but also “anti-working class” and “anti-farmer”. They also alleged the move was an attempt to corporatise the meat-trading sector. CM Pinarayi Vijayan, who has opposed the Centre’s ban since it was notified, said the Centre was imposing a ban based on the political agenda of the Sangh Parivar. Moving the resolution, he said, “NDA Govt , that has failed to fulfil any of its promises, was raking up issues such as cattle slaughter to divide the people through communal polarisation for political gains.” He elaborated on the negative consequences the ban would have on the agrarian, dairy, leather and meat export sectors.“The notification is impractical in Kerala where 95%of the population is non-vegetarian. It is clearly an intrusion into the citizens’ choice of food,” Vijayan said. CM has written to other states asking them to ‘stand together’ and ‘oppose’ the ban along with Kerala.Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala described the ban as another ‘surgical strike’ by the Modi Govt, similar to that of the note ban. He added it was ‘a sign of arrival of fascism’ in the country.“Modi has transformed himself into ‘abhinava Hitler’ (neo Hitler),” he said.Speaker claimed there was an ‘indirect interest’ behind the notification. Indian express
Kerala assembly terms cattle trade ban 'fascist', passes resolution
Kerala assembly kicks off cattle debate with beef breakfast
5,000 BJP workers in Meghalaya quit party over cattle rule
Tura:Over 5,000 BJP workers in Meghalaya on Wednesday quit the party over the Centre’s new rules that aim to prevent sale of cattle for slaughter. BJP Youth Wing President of Tura city Wilver Greham Danggo, who was among those who resigned, said it was in protest against the BJP-led NDA Govt’s attempt to “suppress the tribal and other communities who consume beef”. Danggo said 5 BJP mandal committees have been dissolved and over 5,000 youth workers had resigned from the party. “We cannot play with the sentiments of our own people who trust us and we don’t mix politics with religion as BJP is doing. Any party or individual that hurts the sentiments of our people will be against us… we will protect our tribal land,” he said. 2 senior BJP leader in Meghalaya, Bachu Marak and Bernard Marak, have also quit the party.IANS
'Bible Allows Us to Eat Beef': Mizoram BJP Chief
 Beef may be an anathema for BJP in the rest of the country, but there is nothing to worry about in Mizoram, state BJP chief JV Hluna has assured people in the state. Amid the crackdown on cattle slaughter, Hluna said that there is no problem in eating beef in Mizoram as its consumption is allowed in the Bible.Mizoram has over 87% Christians and eating beef here is a norm.He said that people should not worry about central Govt’s notification on cattle ban.“I am aware about recent Govt notification on cattle ban but I would like to clarify that as per bible eating beef is allowed,” he said.
UP BJP leader threatens to embrace Islam on July 1, says upper caste Hindus being ignored under Yogi regime
Moradabad: Irked by failure of the Yogi Govt in checking atrocities being committed against caste Hindus, a BJP leader in communally-sensitive Moradabad, threatened to embrace Islam next month on July 1. BJP’s Moradabad City Convener Pawan Agarwal alleged that caste Hindus, particularly the upper castes, were being harassed, murdered and looted under the Yogi govt. "Yogi govt's priorities have changed. They are taking upper caste Hindus for granted. Even party leaders are not safe under their own govt and there is no one to listen to the plight of upper caste Hindus,” he charged. Agarwal is an RTI activist and had exposed many district officials in Moradabad who were involved in corruption during the BSP and Samajwadi Party rules. Recently, he was attacked and his revolver was looted by assailants.“When I sent a complaint to CM  Yogi Adityanath, the inquiry was handed over to the same corrupt officials whom I had exposed earlier,” he said. “I met them and sought justice, but they laughed at me saying I belonged to an upper caste and their priority is to protect lower caste Hindus and Muslims,” he alleged.Agarwal claimed that he tweeted to Yogi Adityanath and lodged several complaints at the CM’s office in this regard but nothing has happened till date. “My only fault is that I belong to the upper caste. So I have decided to shun Hinduism and embrace Islam to get protection under Yogi Govt ,” he warned. “We had high hopes from the Yogi Govt  but all our hopes were shattered when it started ignoring us. If we are not protected under our own Govt , then it is better we change our religion and embrace a religion which is better protected under the present regime,” he fumed. Agarwal, however, said that he would continue to be a member of the BJP even after embracing Islam on July 1, 2017. “I have worked for the BJP for a long time. I will continue to serve the party even after changing my religion,” he added.DNA india
Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Arrested from Himachal
New Delhi: Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’, 30-year-old lawyer who heads the Dalit-rights outfit Bhim Army, was arrested from Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh on Thursday, sources in UP Police said. According to police, a total of 25 FIRs were registered in connection with the May 9 Saharanpur caste-based clashes and Chandrashekhar was named as one of the main accused. "He (Chandrashekhar) was arrested today morning. He was holidaying there (Himachal Pradesh),” said UP Home Secretary Mani Prasad Mishra.Ravi Kumar Gautam, leader of the Bhim Army’s youth wing, also confirmed the arrest to “Chandrashekhar was in Himachal Pradesh where he was arrested by a team of UP Police. They came to Himachal Pradesh in civil dress and took him away.”“We request the administration to follow the rules and take him for medical examination and then to court. If the administration tries to skip any step, the central and state Govt s will be responsible for the consequences. They should withdraw the false cases….Dalit community will not tolerate this,” he said.
UP: 50 Dalits tonsure heads to protest against Yogi Govt 's inaction -s-inaction-2464917
Kanpur:About 50 members of Dalit Panther tonsured their heads in Kanpur on Wednesday, to protest against spurt in crime against Dalits under Yogi Adityanath-led BJP Govt  in UP .Led by its President Dhaniram Panther, members held a demonstration at Shikshak Park in Kanpur on Monday. They were protesting against atrocities being committed against Dalits, backwards and Muslims across state.“The law and order is at its lowest in UP . Fake cases are being slapped on Dalits in Saharanpur and other places. The ploy of the BJP-RSS is to establish an upper caste monarchy by suspending the rule of law,” Dhaniram said. dnaindia
Mevani tries to unite Dalits, Muslims over cow slaughter
Ahmedabad:Almost a year after the Una flogging incident hit the headlines, Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani on Wednesday addressed a gathering here in a bid to unite and mobilise Dalits and Muslims by raising the Centre’s ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter. While the gathering — organised soon after iftar — was aimed at bringing both the communities together ahead of Assembly elections in Gujarat, hardly any Muslim attended it.The public meeting was being organised by Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch (RDAM), in alliance with Dalit-Muslim Sangathan, at Behrampura in the city after a gap of five months.“It will soon be one year of Una Dalit flogging incident. When the incident took place, the Dalits and the Muslims united and took it as their own fight. That was a slap on the face of BJP Govt. Let’s unite again and show them our collective power,” said Jignesh Mevani, addressing the well-attended gathering on a narrow lane of a residential area. He was referring to last year’s July 11 incident in which a family of Dalits was flogged by alleged gau rakshaks after they were found skinning a dead cow in Una taluka of Gir Somnath.“It is time that issues of health, education and employment are taken up by our movement. Only Dalit rhetoric will not help us. Look at the Govt -run hospitals in the city — most cater to the Dalits and the Muslims. None of them has enough staff and proper facilities. Let us demand our right to good health,” he said. “Access to education continues to be a problem for the Dalits and the Muslims. Why does a Dalit still pick up a broom and get into the gutter? Modi’s development model called Gujarat model is actually a modern version of the Manusmriti in which we continue to do the same thing our forefathers were forced to do.”“If Modi really has a chhapan inch ki chhati then he should ensure that the one lakh unemployed youth in the state get jobs. Which Hindu rashtra are you talking about?For whom is this Hindu rashtra?,” he said.Indianexpress
Delhi: Goons vandalise under-constructed Masjid by shouting ‘jai shri ram’ slogans
New Delhi:A recent incident happened on Wednesday at Ambe Enclave of Sonia Vihar in Delhi where some fanatics with the aim to destroy the peaceful communal scenario take law into their own hands and targeted under constructed masjid.The video of the incident is shared on Facebook which shows people chanting slogans of “Jai Shree Ram slogans” climbed the without plastered structure and deliberately vandalizing it. 25 Muslim families of Ambe Enclave did not have a mosque therefore a kind-hearted person waqf a 100 sq. feet of plot for the construction of the mosque so that Muslims does not face difficulty in offering prayers during the month of Ramzan.The namaz offered for only 8 days in the under-constructed mosque. The responsible people of the mosque took police permission to offer Namaz in the mosque, which was even granted by the police.But on Wednesday afternoon, without any reason, around one thousand men with “Jai Shree Ram slogans” and demolition tools climbed the masjid rooftop and reduce it into ruins.On the basis of the complained lodged by the residents, police registered an FIR in which names of 12 people who were the leaders of this crowd come forward.After the incident, people from the Muslim community had clean vandalism and also offered Taraweeh, Ramzan special night prayers. Police have been deployed outside the mosque to prevent any untoward incident. Siasat
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Condemns Govt’s Inept Handling Of Farmers’ Agitation
New Delhi:Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has condemned government’s inept handling of the farmers’ agitation in the country and demanded that the government should take immediate steps to pacify the farmers by accepting their legitimate demands.In a press note, Secretary General of the Jamaat, Muhammad Salim Engineer said: “We are appalled by the manner in which the farmers agitation has been handled in the BJP governed states of Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan and Haryana. The death of 5 farmers in police firing in Mandsaur (MP) is particularly condemnable. It seems that the governments in these states have been busy in implementing their divisive and polarizing agenda while totally ignoring the core issues of governance including the long standing problems of the farmers. Meanwhile we also appeal to the farmer community to avoid resorting to violence and to protest in a peaceful manner”.Explaining the farmers’ crisis Engineer said: “After two years of successive drought, last year the rainfall was normal resulting in a bumper harvest. However a short-sighted import policy saw a glut in the market with the farmers not getting their promised Minimum Support Price (MSP). Adding to the farmers’ woes was the cash crunch because of demonetization and the farmers were left high and dry with no money in the market and government not ready to buy their produce at a reasonable price. Thus the farmers were left with no choice but to protest against the government policies’’. Jamaat has always demanded interest-free loans to farmers. The government must take this demand seriously and ensure that farmers do not get caught in the web of money-lenders. In the short term MSP must be increased preferably at 50% over and above the cost to farmers. Partial or complete loan waiver should be implemented, he said.Caravan Daily
War zone Mandsaur: Rioters attack officials, burn vehicles, loot shops
Mandsaur: Ground zero in Mandsaur, the site of Tuesday's shooting of 5 farmers, resembled a war zone on Wednesday as thousands of protesters defied curfew in Pipliamandi, beat up the collector and policemen, torched warehouses and vehicles, and looted liquor shops. Over a dozen policemen were injured and an officer, RB Sharma, was in critical condition.Just about anybody on the street who was not part of the mob was a target. Many journalists, including from TOI, were injured in stone-pelting by riotous mobs. The town was cut off from the rest of the state as chaos reigned in Mandsaur. Among politicians stopped from entering the town were BJP state chief Nandkumar Singh Chouhan and agriculture minister Gaurishankar Bisen.Congress ex-MP Meenakshi Natarajan was detained when she tried to reach Suwasara village.The cops seemed restrained after Tuesday's deaths, and made feeble attempts to drive away angry demonstrators. Sources said this may have encouraged the protesters, resulting in a free for all even as the admin.described them as "instigators and anti-social elements".The attacks began in the morning as funeral processions heightened emotions in Barkheda Panth village. Mandsaur collector Swantantra Kumar Singh went to the protest site to calm sentiments, but was pushed around and slapped. Even as the collector was being escorted out, a mob set fire to the toll collection booth and brickbatted policemen. A cotton warehouse was set ablaze and when 2 fire trucks arrived, protesters smashed the windscreens, forcing the firemen to flee.Journalists reporting the arson were also targets of brickbatting, and many of them were injured. More than 22 vehicles, including trucks, were burned and their smouldering frames lay scattered by the Mandsaur bypass.TOI
Curfew continues in Mandsaur, farmers say 8 killed
Mandsaur/Indore:Hundreds of angry farmers blockaded roads and attacked two top officials at Mandsaur in MP  as their leaders claimed that eight people died in police firing a day earlier. Mandsaur DM Swatantra Kumar Singh and Indore SP O.P. Tripathi were roughed up by a mob when they reached Barkheda Pant in Mandsaur where farmers were squatting on a road with the body of one of those killed on Tuesday.Singh and Tripathi wanted to talk to the farmers in a bid to persuade them to end their protest but the attempt backfired.IANS
After protests and riots, MP now faces an internet cut, leaving students in a fix
MP farmers protest: 5 farmers killed in Mandsaur in police firing, admits Home Minister
Backtracking on his earlier claim, MP Home Minister Bhupendra Singh today for the first time admitted that the five farmers who were killed in Mandsaur died due to police firing. “Death of the five farmers was due to police firing. It has been established in probe. I have said earlier that the farmers may have died in police firing. I have conceded this earlier, various channels have also ran it,” Singh said. Indianexpress
Rahul Gandhi released after bail, allowed to meet kin of farmers killed by police
Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who was arrested on his way to violence-hit Mandsaur, was released on bail today. He agreed to take bail after the administration allowed him to meet the agitating farmers at the MP-Rajasthan border."After a long struggle, administration has finally agreed to allow Rahul Gandhi to meet the families of those who were killed in police firing," ex-Congress MP Meenakshi Natarajan told reporters outside the guesthouse in Meemuch where scores of Congress leaders and workers were being kept after their arrest.IndiaToday
Youth Cong workers stage 'rail roko' as protests spread to J&K: Times Now
Jammu: Farmers’ protests reached the state of J&K as Youth Congress workers in Jammu protested against the killing of the five farmers in MP’s Mandsaur. Raising slogans against the MP Govt , the youth Congress workers held a ‘rail roko’ protest at Jammu railway station’s platform number 1 and attempted to block trains. Police reinforcements were rushed in and the protesting crowd was dispersed.The protests that began in Maharashtra have spread to MP, Rajasthan and Karnataka with farmer unions and political outfits demanding action against those responsible for the killing of the 5 farmers in MP.
Maharashtra farmer kills himself, says don’t cremate me till CM meets demand
Pune: Amid the ongoing agitation by farmers in Maharashtra, a cultivator allegedly committed suicide at a village in Solapur district, leaving behind a note purportedly stating that he should not be cremated till the CM  meets the demands of protesting farmers.Dhanaji Jadhav, 45, hung himself from a tree near his house at Veet village in Karmala tehsil last night, Solapur Collector Rajendra Bhosale said.According to Karmala police, Jadhav’s suicide note, addressed to his friends, said, “I am a farmer, Dhanaji Chandrakant Jadhav. I am committing suicide today. Please take my body to the village and do not cremate me till CM  Devendra Fadnavis comes here.”PTI
Modi Govt abandons its goal of training 500 million people in new skills by 2022
New Delhi: Govt  has abandoned its goal of training 500 million people in new skills by 2022, in a clear shift in strategy.Skill development ministry officials, at a press conference in New Delhi on Tuesday, also refused to spell out a new number that the Union Govt and its 22 departments and ministries will chase.“We don’t want to chase any number. Whether it is 150 million by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and 350 million by ministries—we are delinking it, not attaching any number,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, DG of training and a joint secretary in the skills ministry.Skill development minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy agreed. “It will be demand driven than supply driven,” he said.Skills minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy: Many of NSDC’s initial loans have turned badThough the ministry did not give a reason for shifting focus and delinking numbers from the skills mission, over the years, skill training targets have been missed.Between 2011 and 2015, Union govt missed the skill training target in three out of four years, barring 2013-14.
Modi Govt Abandons Its Promise of Training 500 Million People To Get Jobs -abandons-its-promise-of-training-500-million-peo_a_22130293/
‘At current pace,BJP govt will take 1560 yrs to create jobs’
Congress today hit out at the BJP-led NDA Govt  at the Centre, on its third anniversary, accusing it of having failed on all fronts including jobs creation.“BJP Govt  has failed on all fronts. Their tall promise of creating two crore jobs annually too has fallen flat. Every month 10 lakh youth get added to the queue of the unemployed.“India needs to create 34.35 crore jobs by 2028, that is 3-4 crore jobs every year. At current speed, the Govt  will take 1,560 years to create as many jobs,” Congress general secretary and ex-Union minister, CP Joshi said at a press conference.Joshi, who is also a party spokesperson, alleged that BJP only believed in propaganda, politics of polarisation, false promises and misleading the public. “Yesterday, ex-PM Manmohan Singh had said that the country’s growth has slowed down mainly due to demonetisation. Maximum impact has been seen on the informal sector, the Govt  should tell how many jobs have been lost in this sector,” he said.Asked about the BJP’s argument that they have not been hit by any scam, unlike the previous Congress led UPA govt, Joshi said, “you wait for some time, many things will come out of the closet.”He said the Congress will collect proof on how corruption was going on and then bring it before the people. Jantakareporter
Discord between RBI and Modi govt rises
Tensions boiled over between the RBI and the govt of PM Narendra Modi as Asia’s third largest economy faces its weakest growth in two years and record low inflation.9 months after setting up an independent committee to oversee interest rates, the govt is openly expressing frustration that the RBI chose not to ease monetary policy on Wednesday. Economic conditions warranted a substantial monetary easing, said chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian just hours after RBI kept its benchmark repurchase rate unchanged as expected at 6.25%."I think there is a plausible alternative macro-economic assessment," Subramanian said at a media conference in New Delhi."Inflation forecast errors have been large and systematically one-sided in overstating inflation." Move to keep rates unchanged, amid a dissent within the monetary policy committee for the first time, followed reports the committee declined a meeting with the govt."The meeting did not take place," RBI governor Urjit Patel told a media conference following the rates decision."All MPC members declined the request of the finance ministry for that meeting." Bloomberg
Zakir Musa cited Bijnor alleged Muslim woman rape to stoke communal passion
Lucknow: Kashmiri jihadi Zakir Musa who used to work as Hizbul Mujahideen commander, raised the Bijnor rape case while disseminating his message to his followers. On Tuesday, ATS of UP police went through the voice recording which had been intercepted by intelligence agencies recently.Musa is instigating Muslim men by highlighting how a Muslim woman who was fasting was sexually targeted by police personnel while she had boarded a Chandigarh-bound train on May 30. The said incident is being probed and the Govt  railway police constable who was caught with the woman is in jail. Police denied the woman was raped, as was alleged.Inspector general of ATS Asim Arun said, "He cited the Bijnor case twice in his address. We are keeping a close watch in sensitive towns in west UP. Social media is being used widely to mislead people and the Bijnor case is the latest example."TOI
Soldier dies as Army foils another major infiltration, 2 militants killed
Srinagar: 2 more infiltrators and a soldier were killed as the Army foiled a 2nd major infiltration near LoC in north Kashmir in the past 36 hours.A Srinagar-based Army spokesman told The Hindu that alert troops foiled another infiltration in Naugam sector in Kupwara, over 90 km north of Srinagar.The Hindu
Indian Army ready to fight on ‘2-and-a-half fronts’, says Army Chief Rawat: ANI
Army Chief Bipin Rawat has said that the Indian armed forces are ready for a “two-and-a-half front war”, in an interview with ANI. “2-and-a-half fronts” refer to Pakistan, China and internal security threats.Army chief also said that the situation in Kashmir would normalise soon, and claimed Pakistan was using social media to stoke unrest in the Valley. “Pakistan is spreading disinformation among the youth of Kashmir with doctored videos and messages,” Rawat said. “This is further supported by some of the people in the Valley who spread it and glamorise the young boys who have joined terrorist outfits.”He added that “effective mechanisms are available to diffuse the adverse situation [in Kashmir]”. Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp have come under increased scrutiny especially for their alleged role in inciting youth of Valley to join stone-pelting protests during the Army’s anti-militancy operations. Repeated mobile internet bans and curfews in the Valley have done little to curb the protests.
CDRO condemns Army Chief’s statements on Kashmir; terms it as mocking democratic process
New Delhi: Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO),a coalition of  civil and democratic rights organizations from across India, condemned Army Chief statement of asking citizens to pick up arms instead of stones and termed it as a means to facilitate Indian army to use ‘equal’ and ‘proportionate’ force while exercising self defense which otherwise will be prohibited by International Law. “General Bipin Rawat’s remarks as mocking the ‘Democratic process’, which the Indian army, and as its chief, he is expected to defend and uphold,” said CDRO.The rights body termed  remarks in total disregard for Rules of War as well as utter contempt for the Rule of Law, authorizing violation of Article 21 of Constitution, and amounts to normalising lawless war, which is already unleashed by army on the people.TCN
For PM Modi's trip to Israel next month, 80,000 Indian Jews start preps
New Delhi: PM  Narendra Modi will next month become the first Indian premier to visit Israel -  PTI reported that his 3-day visit will begin on July 4 and he will meet his counterpart, Benjami Netanyahu, same evening. India is now the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment, while Israel is India's largest customer after Russia.PM Modi will on July 5 address the Indians in Israel who have launched a website for his trip. About 80,000 Indian Jews belonging to four different communities - Bene Israel, Cochinis, Baghdadis and Bnei Menashe - live in Israel.The 2 leaders have already met twice on the sidelines of UN-related events.  NDTV
Patiya riots: Gujarat HC bench to visit crime spot
Ahmedabad:A division bench of the Gujarat High Court on Wednesday passed an order for visiting the scene of the offence in the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case and also warned the media against “any intervention”.The division bench led by Justice Harsha Devani — hearing a set of appeals of the convicts — has directed the prosecution lawyers to “maintain total confidentiality about the date and time on which we would be visiting the scene of offence”.The bench in Wednesday’s order stated: “Right from the beginning since the matters are being heard, the learned counsel for the respective parties have been requesting this court to visit the scene of incident so as to get a better idea of the manner in which the incident has occurred.” indianexpress
Waqf board to get teeth with judicial powers
Hyderabad: Telangana State Wakf Board is likely get judicial powers with a proposal being sent to the Govt  seeking teeth to Muslim endowments administrative panel.For several years, Wakf protection activists and others dedicated to the protection of Muslim endowed have been crying hoarse and described the board as a toothless organisation, which is not empowered to remove encroachments from the land parcels the baord is supposed to protect.All this could change if the proposal is accepted. Advisor to Telangana Govt on minorities welfare A K Khan said the proposal is being studied by the govt.TOI
Telangana's Mubeen Ahmed shot at after argument in California departmental store, critical
Hyderabad: A 26-year-old youth from Telangana was shot at allegedly by an unidentified person in California four days ago, his family members said on Thursday. The condition of the youth from the state’s Sangareddy district is stated to be critical.The incident was said to have happened at 6pm on June 4. The victim, Mubeen Ahmed, went to the US to pursue his masters in engineering in February 2015 after completing B Tech in electronics and communications engineering from the state’s Royal Institute of Technology and Science.After completing his course two months ago he has been working at a departmental store near California.Victim’s uncle Mufti Aslam Osman said Mubeen was about to finish his duty at the store and return to his apartment in Fremont, when a few black persons stormed his place and demanded of him money and his mobile phone.“Apparently, an argument ensued between him and the miscreants when one of them opened fire at him, before fleeing the spot,” Osman told HT.“He was immediately rushed to Eden Medical Centre in Castro Valley. The bullets pierced into his abdomen and liver,” he added.HT
Raid on NDTV,its promoters is nothing but witch-hunt:WPI
New Delhi: Welfare Party of India strongly criticized the raids conducted by the CBI at the premises owned by NDTV and its promoters as nothing but witch-hunt and part of the intimidation tactic followed by the Modi Govt .Party national president SQR Ilyas in a statement said that the clarification by the central Govt  has nothing to do with the raids, and it will not satisfy even its own sympathizers.“Selective use of the investigative agency against leaders of opposition political parties has become routine now. It is alleged to be the tactic followed to silence them or make them fall in line,” said Ilyas.TCN
Iftar with a difference organised by SIO: Scarred by lynchings, families say will give up dairy farming                              
New Delhi: Generations of Azmath Khan’s family have dabbled in dairy farming, but that’s about to change now. “I will leave this and move to farming. Life is more precious, I’d rather leave the profession than be beaten up again or, worse, get killed,” said the 26-year-old, who was allegedly beaten by gau rakshaks in Alwar on April 1. Dairy farmer Irshad, who lost his father Pehlu Khan in the Alwar mob lynching case, agrees with him. On the Centre’s latest ruling, which bans sale of cows for slaughter, he said, “Centre should buy old cattle from us and keep them in gaushalas. This way at least we will be able to make some money. Now, there is fear of transporting even buffaloes, and this ruling makes it even tougher. I’ll move to farming too.”“It’s been two months since I lost my father, and no one from Rajasthan or Haryana Govt  has visited our home. No one should be allowed to take law into their hands… we want justice,” he added. The 2 were present at an Iftar get-together organised by the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) in Jamia Nagar. Also present at the event were families of Mohd Akhlaq, who was killed in Dadri over suspicion of cow slaughter, and Fatima Nafees, the mother of missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed. Before the Ramzan fast was broken with plates full of mangoes, watermelons, pakodas and sherbet, the families took the stage to recount their stories.  “They broke my ribs and nose, I haven’t been able to get myself treated because I have no money. I can’t work now and I will not do dairy business anymore,” said Rafiq, 24, who was with Pehlu Khan the day he was beaten up. In an emotional plea about her missing son, Nafees said, “We have to protect ourselves; we will keep coming to the streets. I’ve written to and tried meeting several leaders about my son, but none of the accused have been arrested.” indianexpress
A get-together of lynch mob victims and a missing student’s mother
Cow vigilantism victims' kin share ordeal at SIO's Iftaar
Akhlaq, Najeeb, Pehlu Khan’s family members share their painful ordeals at SIO Iftar gathering:TCN
 Iftar with Akhlaq,Najeeb,Pehlu Khan’s Families: The Quint
Burqa-clad girl faces 20-minute security check
Bengaluru:A burqa-clad student who came with her classmates to witness a Karnataka Assembly session on Wednesday had a horrific experience when the police asked her to remove the burqa and subjected her to security check for around 20 minutes.Girl student of Christ Junior College was in tears when the security staff told her to remove the burqa.“Someone took a video of the police asking her to remove the burqa,” Christ Junior College Principal Fr. Biju K. Chacko told IANS. “Police allowed her to enter the assembly gallery only after the teachers assured them about the girl’s identity,” he said.IANS
Qatar crisis could have major implications for massive US-UK air base, analysts say
The prolonged isolation of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its allies could see the collapse of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Turkey’s entrance to the region, with serious implications for US and UK military bases in the country, analysts have warned. Qatar is home to the giant US Air Force Al Udeid air base, a key staging area for operations against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The base, which boasts one of the longest runways in the Middle East, is a strategically important facility for the US-led coalition and is home to 10,000 US personnel.The future of the base was thrown into doubt on Tuesday when US President Donald Trump took sides in the bitter row among the Gulf monarchies, which has seen Saudi Arabia and its allies isolate Qatar over claims it supports extremism.US military authorities have been at pains to stress friendly relations with Qatar, but Kamal Alam, a visiting fellow at diplomatic and defence think-tank RUSI, said that Trump’s tweets have put US military establishment “into a bit of a spin”. 'The longer term implications, if this becomes a protracted dispute, are huge and with Kuwait and Turkey mediating, it is largely out of the hands of the US and UK'. He said: “The longer term implications, if this becomes a protracted dispute, are huge and with Kuwait and Turkey mediating, it is largely out of the hands of the US and UK.”Alam added that the “worst case scenario” could be the collapse of GCC or the exclusion of Qatar from the key regional grouping. “The Saudi Islamic Arab coalition could fall apart,” he said. “And maybe if this situation continues we might see the first steps of replacing US protection in Qatar for Turkish protection.”His comments came as the Turkish parliament moved to fast-track legislation to allow its troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar, in a move that is likely to increase tensions in the Gulf.“It’s unlikely (to say the least) that Donald Trump realised we are running the entire air war out of Qatar prior to his tweet,” Andrew Exum, a deputy assistant secretary of defence for Middle East policy in Obama administration, tweeted.Middle East Eye
Analysis: Why is Turkey deploying troops to Qatar?
Turkish parliament approves troop deployment to Qatar
Turkey's parliament has approved a legislation allowing its troops to be deployed to a Turkish military base in Qatar.The bill, first drafted in May, passed with 240 votes in favour, largely with support from the ruling AK party and nationalist opposition MHP.Wednesday's decision is a show of support for Qatar as it faces diplomatic and trade isolation from some of the biggest Middle Eastern powers. Turkey is a key ally of Qatar and is setting up a military base in the country which also hosts the largest US airbase in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Bahrain severed relations with Qatar and closed their airspace to commercial flights on Monday, accusing it with financing "extremist" groups.Qatar vehemently denies the accusations. This is the worst split between powerful Arab states in decades. Aljazeera
Muslim Brotherhood rejects Saudi terror accusations
The Muslim Brotherhood, in its first reaction to the Gulf crisis on Wednesday, rejected what is said were false accusations of terrorism by Saudi Arabia.In statement, world's oldest Islamist movement called on the kingdom to cease its support for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and not to listen to the rulers of UAE, whom it called corrupt and oppressive." Kingdom's insistence on backing the obscene putschist (Egyptian) regime, providing it with financial and political support, attacking the moderate Islamist movement represented in the Muslim Brotherhood, and accusing it of terrorism, puts the Kingdom's credibility at stake," Brotherhood said."Do not listen to the princes of oppression and injustice in the UAE, those corrupt men are a plague on the (Islamic) nation and the Kingdom both. They are the cohorts of Zionists and finances of oppression and obscenity," the group said.The statement came from a Cairo-based wing.Reuters
UAE threatens 'economic embargo' against Qatar
UAE threatened to impose an economic embargo against Qatar while Bahrain said "any options" were on the table as the crisis in the Gulf showed no signs of abating on Thursday.The tough talk from the Gulf Cooperation Council members came on Wednesday despite efforts by US President Donald Trump and Kuwait's emir to prevent a further escalation of the dispute. UAE Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash said there would be more economic curbs on Qatar, if necessary, and said Doha needed to make ironclad commitments to change what critics say is a policy of funding armed groups.Gargash later told France 24 television any further steps could take the form of "a sort of embargo on Qatar". aljazeera aljazeera
Questions raised over $110bn arms deal to Saudi
Washington DC:President Donald Trump's highly touted deal to sell Saudi Arabia $110bn in American weapons is coming under new scrutiny in Washington where politicians are increasingly concerned about the kingdom's conduct of the war in Yemen and, now, the sudden blockade of Qatar.As details have emerged about the arms sale, it's become clear the $110bn value Trump claimed is exaggerated. The new sales are actually just proposed offers and most of the underlying weapons systems were previously organised under former president Barack Obama.Congress is poised to vote in coming days on a resolution of disapproval of a portion of the announced deal. US law provides Congress an opportunity to veto arms sales to foreign countries. While Republican lawmakers are likely to support their president, the resolution will draw more than 40 supporters in the Senate, more than previous measures and a sign of trouble for Riyadh."The $110 billion is definitely inflated, but it's not zero," said William Hartung, an arms trade analyst at the Center for International Policy in Washington."It's very hard to evaluate. They haven't been very specific about some of the categories they are talking about," Hartung told Al Jazeera. aljazeera
Palestinian factions condemn Saudi Minister’s statements
Gaza, (PIC);Palestinian national forces strongly condemned in a press release issued Wednesday the statements made by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir against Hamas Movement. The statement considered al-Jubeir’s remarks as a serious incitement against Palestinian legitimate resistance, saying that it only serves the Israeli occupation.Such serious statements only offer a cover to Israeli crimes, the press release reads. Hamas Movement and all Palestinian resistance factions are fighting in defense of the nation’s dignity and holy sites, the statement added. They also called on the Saudi to apologize to Palestinian people and to stop such statements which distort its role in support of the Palestinian cause.
Iran weighs whether Saudi was behind attack
Iran's military has vowed to take action against the perpetrators of Wednesday's double attacks in Tehran, which killed at least 13 people.ISIL says it was responsible and released a video purporting to show gunmen inside the parliament building.But the Revolutionary Guard has questioned whether Saudi Arabia played a role, with officials recently saying that the kingdom had threatened to “take the war inside Iran”. aljazeera
Tehran attackers were Iranians, death toll raised to 16
The attackers who stormed Iran’s parliament complex and revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s shrine were Iranian nationals who had joined the Islamic State (IS) group, a top official said. 6 attackers “were Iranian and joined Daesh from some parts of Iran”, Reza Seifollahi, deputy secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, said. The parliament attackers were in their early 20s and spoke Arabic, according to a Revolutionary Guards intelligence official. Authorities also said they had arrested six suspects, including a woman, since the attacks in Tehran on Wednesday. The intelligence ministry said there had been a third “terrorist” team that was neutralised before the attacks started.Authorities also raised the death toll in the attacks to 16 people killed. State TV reported the increase on Thursday, citing Ahmad Shojaei, head of the forensic center. hindustantimes
Iraqi Kurds to vote on independence on Sept.25
Officials in Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region have announced that northern territory will hold an independence referendum on Sept 25.Masoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Govt  (KRG), announced the vote on Twitter. Hamin Hawrami, a senior presidential adviser, said on his own Twitter account that the decision follows a meeting of the major Kurdish political parties in Erbil, the region's capital.The referendum on whether to secede from Iraq will be held in the three governorates that make up the Kurdish region and in the areas that are disputed by the Kurdish and Iraqi Govt s but are currently under Kurdish military control. aljazeera
PM Theresa May vs Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party: Britain goes to polls in heated contest
Polls have opened in the UK for the country's second general election in little over two years after one one of the most tumultuous campaigns in recent decades. majority of voters on Thursday are expected to choose between PM  Theresa May's Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn's opposition Labour Party.Other choices on offer for the 45.7 million eligible voters include the Liberal Democrat Party, which wants to reverse a process for Britain to leave the European Union, or Brexit, and nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales. aljazeera
67000 settlement units proposed to solve real estate crisis
Israel Council of Settlements (Yesha Council) in the occupied West Bank has agreed with the Israeli housing ministry to prepare a large settlement plan to solve the crisis of high real estate prices in the Gush Dan area in the western part of the occupied West Bank, Quds Press reported. According to the Israeli news website Ynet News the plan was proposed to the interior committee in the Knesset on Tuesday and includes the construction of some 67,000 new settlement units to solve the crisis of high prices.Ynet News said that the Council of Settlements commissioned a panel of experts to assess the total amount of vacant land available for construction in the area between the settlement of Karnei Shomron in the north, through to the settlement of Ariel and up to the settlement of Modi’in in the west of Ramallah. middleeastmonitor
Fatah accepts 12% land swap with Israel
Fatah Central Committee has accepted a 12 %  land swap with Israel, an informed source revealed to the Palestinian newspaper Al-Resalah yesterday.According to the sources, the issue was discussed in the Central Committee meeting held on 25 May headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas.The sources said that this is far greater than the offer made by the former Israeli PM  Ehud Olmert in 2008. Olmert requested that the PA offer 6.3% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem area in return for 5.8% of Israeli land. In response to the Israeli request, the PA agreed then on a 1.9% land swap, but the Israeli side rejected this. middleeastmonitor
Knesset calls for permanent annexation of West Bank
A number of far-right Israeli parliamentarians called for the permanent annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory during a Knesset plenary session to mark the 50-year anniversary of the 6-Day War on Tuesday. middleeastmonitor
Amnesty International: Ban import of settlement products
The international community must ban the importation of goods produced by illegal Israeli settlements and must end the millions of dollars profit-taking that have fuelled massive violations of Palestinians’ human rights, Amnesty International said.On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Israeli occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights, Amnesty has launched a new campaign calling on other countries to prevent the entry of goods produced in Israeli settlement into their markets and to prevent their companies from operating in the settlements or trading in their goods.
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