Tuesday, 13 June 2017

13 June 2017: 17 Ramazan 1438: Vol: 8, No:216
UP Govt to make marriage registration compulsory for all
The UP  Govt  has now decided to make marriage registration compulsory for all communities.Those, who do not register their marriage, will be deprived from the benefits of Govt  schemes. The plan has been drafted by the Women's Welfare Department and is likely to be brought before the state cabinet in its next session.Reportedly, UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath-led BJP Govt  has decided to include everyone in this proposal, including the Muslims following the Supreme Court's order for compulsory registration of marriages.States like Rajasthan, Himachal, Kerala and Bihar have already done it.All religions have the authority to work according to their personal laws as well. The governing power must take that into consideration. Everyone's development should be the core issue. Islam would acknowledge marriage in front of two witnesses, Muslim Cleric Mufti Ayub Hasan said.ANI
UP  to make marriage registration mandatory
Fine with marriage registration, but involve us in decision making: AIMPLB Member
Lucknow: Just hours after it was revealed that the UP Women's Welfare department had drafted a proposal to make marriage registration compulsory in the state for everyone, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has said that the Govt  must seek suggestions from all stakeholders before implementing the proposal.AIMPLB executive member, Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali said, "When marriage is not mandatory by law then how can you make marriage registration compulsory? We're not opposed to it, but the Govt  should consider taking everyone's point of view before making any such implementation."Senior Lawyer and member of AIMPLB, Zafaryab Jilani said, "This is a Supreme Court ruling and state govt has nothing to do with it. Failing to register your marriage doesn't make it illegal. This is a welcome step and marriages should be registered. Some countries like US and UK require a Govt  certification of marriage if a couple wants to travel to these countries."Shia leader Maulana Yasoob Abbas welcomed the decision and said that religion must not be brought into the picture as the decision was for everyone's good.A committee of ministers was formed during former CM  Akhilesh Yadav's regime but its was protested by the Muslim community. Samajwadi Party Govt  had decided to exclude the Muslims but the rule book was never released. The couples who are not registered will be deprived of benefits from Govt  schemes, the sources added. Many states like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Rajasthan have already made marriage registration mandatory. There are also penalties for not adhering to the rule.News18.com
Ex-Bureaucrats warn Govt against growing majoritarianism, religious intolerance against Muslims
In an open letter, 65 senior retired officials from different central services including a 91-year-old Har Mander Singh, a 1953 batch IAS officer, have urged the public authorities and constitutional bodies to take heed of growing Majoritarianism in India. The letter drew concerns regarding growing climate of religious intolerance against Muslims. The civil servants of the country raised issues aimed at Muslims. In UP, in the run-up to the elections, an odious and frankly communal comparison was made between the relative number of burial grounds and cremation grounds. The question was also asked as to whether electricity was being supplied equally to different communities during their religious festivals. All this without any basis in fact or evidence was devastating to hear. The letter stated, "The banning of slaughter-houses targets the minorities and affects their livelihoods as well. Such intolerance breeds violence in a communally charged atmosphere – even to the extent of a local leader in UP provoking an attack upon the residence of a superintendent of police, whose family was terrorised."They also raised the matter of vigilantism stating its unfortunate widespread in the country. An Akhlaq is killed on the basis of a suspicion that the meat he has is beef and a Pehlu Khan is lynched while transporting to his place two cows he had bought and for which he had the necessary papers. The letter brought out some necessary concerns of the buzz around 'gau-rakshaks' and 'anti-romeo squads' being a classic example of vigilantism. People can’t walk hand-in-hand on the streets with friends or family without the fear of being questioned at any time. All of this looks even better on paper but the practicality of such laws are awful and making the country quite an authoritarian in every aspect. newsworldindia
Retired Bureaucrats Warn of ‘Growing Authoritarianism, Majoritarianism’ in India
In Goa, Church and Muslim groups come together to fight anti-slaughter order
Panaji:The collective, which has held meetings at the Clergy Home in Margao, was formed after the June 1 incident when trucks travelling to transport bullocks were stopped at the Goa-Karnataka border following the central notification. Image for representational purposes.With influential Muslims and the Roman Catholic Church in the state backing a civil society collective called Goa for Beef — Beef for Goa, Qureshi Meat Traders Association filed a writ petition Monday before the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court, seeking a stay on the May 26 central notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter. The Qureshi Meat Traders Association, part of the collective, made the Union and state Govt s respondents in the petition — the Manohar Parrikar Govt  has been silent on the central notification that has hit Goa’s meat industry and tourism. Collective expects to hear the “justification behind the ban on trading at cattle markets”. Anwar Bepari, representing the Qureshi Meat Traders Association, said one of the important points raised in the petition is the ban on purchase of animals for religious sacrifice. “This is important for us because in two months we have Bakr Eid which will open other issues if this notification goes through.”The collective, which has held meetings at the Clergy Home in Margao, was formed after the June 1 incident when trucks travelling to transport bullocks were stopped at the Goa-Karnataka border following the central notification.Abdul Matin, representing the Muslim community, said the collective was formed because they found no representation from the new Govt  on the beef issue. “We were tired of their silence when other state Govt s and CM s were sending letters against the notification,” Matin said.Calling the collective a product of “inter-faith dialogue”, Father Savio Fernandes, its co-convener, said “it was the need of our times”. He is also executive secretary of Council for Social Justice and Peace, “a body of the Church” formed in 2005 to look into cases of rights violations.“We were quiet but now the issue affects livelihood and is an act of infringement,” Father Fernandes said of the central notification. “In this collective, there are three formal members — the Church’s body, that is this office; the Muslim community; and, representatives of the meat traders in Goa. We have come together specifically for this issue as this is is a direct attack on the secular nature of our country. We now feel that the time has come where we will have to meet more often than before. Inter-faith dialogues will have to increase,” he said.In meetings in Margao and at the office of the Council for Social Justice and Peace, convenors and meat traders highlighted loss of livelihood because of the notification — the state relies on cattle markets in Karnataka and the slaughter house in Ponda for beef. indian express
Goa: Meat traders move HC against ban on sale of cattle
Panaji: Quraishi's Meat Traders' Association of Goa has approached the high court of Bombay at Goa challenging a few provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules, 2017, as it 'violates' the right to carry on trade and freedom of religion provided under the Constitution of India.The petition states the rules prohibit sale of the cattle to a person outside the state without permission from the authorities.The petition also states that members of the association, who are engaged in meat trading, purchase cattle from various animal markets in the state and outside Goa for slaughtering as per law. The petition also challenges the validity of Rule 22, which provides that the purchaser of cattle shall not sacrifice the animal for any religious purpose.TOI
Eating meat harms the body, teaches Rajasthan school textbook: Times Now
Textbooks in BJP-ruled Rajasthan are teaching their students that eating meat “causes a lot of harm” to the body and a mantra should be chanted before beginning any meal. “Eating meat causes a lot of harm to the body. Chant mantra before meals, and while eating, think of food as 'God's Prasad'. Whenever possible, the meal should be taken while sitting on the floor in aasana,” is an excerpt from the Class 10 Physical and Health Education textbook.The Social Science textbook for the same class describes moderate leaders of the Congress as “prosperous, middle-class intellectuals hailing from big cities” who had no connection with the masses.“They wanted to prolong British rule in India because they felt the latter's exit will lead to lawlessness in the country,” the class 10 social science textbook adds.English textbook for Class 10 also explains how the victory of the lotus is the victory of Indian culture over the western world since the lily and the rose are Western flowers.Besides these concepts of social sciences, the textbooks have also suggested that the Govt  rectify its language policy.“For Hindi to become the 'contact' language for the entire country, efforts should be made rising above political considerations,” says Class12 Political Science textbook.
No meat, no sex, pure thoughts: Modi ministry’s prescription to pregnant women for healthy baby
New Delhi:Don’t eat meat, say no to sex after conception, avoid bad company, have spiritual thoughts and hang some good and beautiful pictures in your room to have a healthy baby. This is ministry of Ayush’s prescription for pregnant women in India, where 26 million babies are born each year. Put together by Govt -funded Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy, whose website describes yoga and naturopathy as “the good old Indian traditional systems of health care having history of centuries”, the recommendations are part of a booklet called Mother and Child Care. The booklet was released by minister of state for Ayush Shripad Naik in the run-up to International Day for Yoga on June 21.HT
Beef fest held in Aizawl to coincide with Rajnath’s visit
Irked by Centre’s notification banning cattle trade in animal markets for slaughter, a group in Mizoram’s capital organised a beef fest on Monday to coincide with Union home minister Rajnath Singh’s visit.A social media group called Zolife, which has over 9,000 members on Facebook, and some other activists held the event at Vanapa Hall in Aizawl, which was attended by hundreds despite inclement weather.“Despite heavy rain, nearly 5,000 people turned up. But we were able to serve only around 2,000 as we ran out of beef,” Remruata Varte, one of the organisers, said over phone from Aizawl.HT
Govt won’t impose any restrictions on choice of food:Rajnath
At lifeline of Kerala cattle business, traders, brokers & dairy farmers hit
Business has fallen by three-fourths at Vaniamkulam livestock market in Kerala’s Palakkad district since Centre’s notification restricting the sale of cattle for slaughter, says the contractor who runs the market.The weekly market, said to have started seven centuries ago and spanning five-and-a-half acres, is among three major hubs of the cattle trade in Kerala — Kuzhalmannam in Palakkad district and Perumbilavu in Thrissur being the others — and the lifeline of smaller such markets in the state.N Chandran, who has the contract to run the Vaniamkulam market, says trade of animals, which had peaked at Rs 1.25 crore in the weeks preceding the notification — issued by the environment ministry on May 23 — had reduced to Rs 30 lakh by last Thursday. Indianexpress
Cattle trade rules: Farmers' body urges CMs to protect livelihood of farmers
New Delhi: Expressing deep concern on the likely devastation of the rural economy due to the center's new cattle trade rules, country's leading organization of farmers has urged CM s of all states to come forward to protect the livelihood of farmers. All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) has demanded all political parties to clear their stand on the issue of cattle trade ban for slaughtering. "NDA Govt's ban on cattle trade for the purpose of slaughter including cow, bull and buffalo if implemented will affect the agrarian economy very severely and intensify the agrarian distress and peasant suicides. The cattle are the wealth of the farmers and notification of the Central Govt  will make the cattle worthless," said AIKS.IndiaTomorrow
Policemen injured in stone-pelting over cow slaughter in Muzaffarnagar
Muzaffarnagar:2 cops were injured after a group of people allegedly resorted to stone-pelting when a police team raided their house on information of cow slaughter at Chaparasi village. “Acting on specific information that cow slaughter was being carried out at a house in Chaparasi village in the district, police conducted raids there last evening.“They seized meat and skin from the house following which about nine occupants of the house allegedly pelted stones at them from the terrace,” SP city Ombir Singh said. Tarik Waseem and Bhishember Singh were injured in the incident, he said, adding that police has registered a case against the accused and efforts are on to nab them.One of the accused was held by the police but later freed by the other accused. Security has been tightened and extra police deployed as a precautionary measure.PTI
2 farmers commit suicide in MP, 5th death since Mandsaur protest
Bhopal: 2 debt-ridden farmers died in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday as the Govt  struggled to contain acute agricultural distress that has claimed 5 lives since violent protests broke out last week.A 68-year-old farmer allegedly killed himself in the state’s Hoshangabad district and his body found hanging from the branch of a tree in his farm, police said. Makhan Lal had taken a loan of Rs 7 lakh from local money lenders and had also sold nearly 7 acres of land in the past two years to repay the burgeoning interests. Another debt-ridden farmer from Vidisha district, Hari Singh Jatav, died during treatment in Bhopal after taking tablets to end his life days ago, police said. More details were awaited. 2 incidents took the death toll to 5 since farmers went on a rampage in Mandsaur on June 6, ransacking property and torching vehicles to press for better crop prices and a loan waiver. In Raisen district, about 45 km away from Bhopal, a 40-year-old farmer Kishan Singh Meena from Sagonia village allegedly took tablets on Thursday evening and died hours later. He was struggling to pay back loans worth Rs 17 lakh.Another debt-ridden farmer, Anwar Khan, allegedly committed suicide by consuming pesticide in Bundelkhand’s Sagar district on Thursday evening, police said. He had a loan of about Rs 5 lakh.52-year-old farmer Dulichand Keer allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison in Rehti area of Sehore district, 40 kms from Bhopal, on Monday. Sehore is home district of CM  Chouhan.HT
MP: Now traders up in arms, protest CM Chouhan’s MSP directive
Bhopal: MP Govt ’s decision to treat buying of agricultural produce below the minimum support price (MSP) from farmers as crime has opened another Pandora’s box with traders now up in arms against the announcement.In protest against the govt’s move, traders refused to buy produce from farmers at mandis in several districts such as Sehore, Shajapur, Shivpuri, Narsinghpur, deepening the agricultural crisis.CM  Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Sunday announced MSP directive while ending his “indefinite fast” for peace as there was no fresh incident of violence in the state.A traders’ body Sakal Anaaj DalhanTilhan Vyapari Sangh said traders would refrain from buying produce until the Govt  rollback its MSP directive.HT
Manual scavenging in Meerut: Why are women made to carry excreta on their head for two stale rotis a day?
Meerut;“I started my work as a manual scavenger after my marriage,” says Premi, as she dabs her tears with her faded yellow cotton dupatta. She’s known as ‘Budhiya’ (an old woman) in the Radhna Inayatpur village in Mawana town of Meerut district of UP . She doesn’t know her age but her wrinkled face and bent frame suggests that she must be in her early 70s. Every morning, 30 women including Premi, leave their homes at 8 am to work as manual scavengers in the village. They go from house to house scraping off human excreta from dry latrines and collecting it in a cane basket. Once all the houses are covered, they carry the basket on their heads and walk to the dumping ground, just next to their settlement in the village, to get rid of the excreta.Manual scavenging was banned in India in 1993.Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013 has outlawed manual cleaning of excrement from insanitary latrines, open drains, or pits and imposes fines on those who construct dry latrines. On March 16, 2017, Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Thawar Chand Gehlot in response to a question on manual scavenging revealed that 13 States and Union Territories have “reported identification of 12,737 manual scavengers up to Jan, 2017”. The actual numbers, however, are higher.A Human Rights Watch report suggests that out of all those engaged in manual cleaning of dry latrines and removal of human excreta from public streets, 95% are women. indianexpress
India, Israel sign ‘white shipping’ agreement
Jerusalem/new Delhi:India and Israel on Monday signed a “white shipping” agreement to improve data sharing on non-classified merchant navy ships or cargo ships, as Indian Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba met with top brass of Israeli defence forces to further deepen bilateral military ties. The agreement was signed by Admiral Lanba and Chief of the General Staff of Israeli Defence Force Lt Gen Gadi Eisenkot after their meeting during which they explored ways to further deepen bilateral defence and security ties.In their talks, they deliberated on overall security situation in the region and deliberated on various aspects of defence cooperation between the two countries.“Lanba CNS calls-on & interacts with Lt Gen Gadi Eisenkot, Chief of the General Staff, Israeli Defence Force,” Indian Navy Spokesperson Capt D K Sharma tweeted. Lanba, who reached in Israel yesterday, also met Major General Udi Adam, Director General of Israel’s Defence Ministry during which various issues relating to bilateral security cooperation figured. Indian Navy Chief’s trip to Israel comes ahead of PM  Narendra Modi’s historic visit to the country next month.Lanba also visited HQRS of Israeli Defence Forces.He is scheduled to meet the Commander-in-Chief of Israeli Navy, Commander of Israeli Air Force, Commander of Israeli Ground Forces and a number of high-ranking officials of Israel’s defence ministry.PTI
Kashmiri Pandits should be given minority status: New NCM chief Gayorul Hasan Rizvi
New Delhi: Kashmiri Pandits should be accorded minority status “if the definition of minorities” needs a relook, according to Gayorul Hasan Rizvi, who was appointed chairman of the National Commission of Minorities (NCM) on May 26. Rizvi said he will raise the issue with the Centre.“If the definition of minorities has to be relooked at, it is my opinion that Kashmiri Pandits should be the first people to be accorded that status,” he said. “When minorities in the entire country have that status, and privileges and opportunities that come with it, why should Kashmiri Pandits, who are a minority in their home state, be left out? It is something that Parliament will have to decide, but I will definitely raise the matter in the appropriate forum.”Rizvi, a former national general-secretary of BJP’s minority morcha, said he was conscious of the fact that Article 370 keeps J&K outside the purview of NCM. “Leh has the maximum number of Buddhists, and yet Commission can do nothing about Kashmir. There is no point trying to change that,” he said.“But as far as Pandits are concerned, at least by giving minority status, we can ensure their rights here, in Delhi.” Indian Express
Happy Birthday Donald Trump - Hindu Sena to cut cake for 'saviour of humanity'
New Delhi: Donald Trump's birthday will be celebrated here on Wednesday with a "raj tilak" ceremony by a little-known group that calls itself the Hindu Sena and that calls the US President a "saviour of humanity'.The group had a similar celebration on US President's birthday last year. Trump turns 71 tomorrow. The celebratory event at Jantar Mantar will feature a "photo exhibition" of the US President. The poster publicising the event features a childhood photo of Trump alongside a current photo, with both pictures surrounded by balloons . The Hindu Sena shared the poster of the event on WhatsApp and on other social media platforms inviting people to attend."The event will be much bigger than (the one in) 2016. This time we have planned to organise a photo exhibition depicting successful journey of Mr Donald Trump during last five years," President of Hindu Sena Vishnu Gupta told TOI.
Soon, an Indian village named after Trump in Rajasthan
Washington: A top Indian sociologist and social worker has announced to name one Indian village after US President Donald Trump, as part of his efforts to further India-US relationship."I announce to name one village in India as Trump Village," Sulabh International founder and chief, Bindeshwar Pathak, announced at a community event organized in the suburbs of Washington DC. The village is being developed in Mewat region of Rajasthan.This, he said, is part of his effort to enhance India-US relationship.PTI
Indian shot at by Saudi forces in Awamia
Hyderabad:An Indian has been reportedly injured in a shooting resorted to by Saudi forces at Awamia in Saudi Arabia on June 12. A photograph of the man, soaked in blooded and lying on the ground, was shared on Twitter by those who are raising their voices against the violence.Consulate General of India (CGI) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which took note of the post responded saying: "Very sad. Share his details to help him if he needs."On Tuesday, when TOI sought the know the identity of the Indian driver who was shot at, Ali Al Nimir, who shared the photograph said, "Unfortunately, we don't. Yesterday, there were 30 people injured. We try to know their identities to tell the world about them."Ameen who also shared photographs of the shooting incident said the India driver was working for a family in Alowina neighbourhood. "He was a victim of 34-day Saudi state terror military campaign," he said. timesofindia
Caught on camera: Govt employee kicks fasting Muslim woman colleague in Karnataka
New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a woman Govt  employee was seen being kicked, allegedly by her male colleague in Karnataka's Raichur late last week.The incident was caught on surveillance cameras and shared by ANI on Tuesday. Sindhanur City Municipal Council employee kicks a woman colleague, in Karnataka's Raichur. Accused arrested, case registered.In addition, a police official said that the woman, Nasreen, was observing the Ramzan fast at the time of the incident .An official at the Sindhanur City Municipal Council, (SCMC) where the woman works, said the incident occurred last Saturday and added that the man in the video is one Sharanappa, a contractual employee, who has since been arrested by the police."Following the woman's complaint, her male colleague has been dismissed and handed over to police," said official who didn't wish to be named. "Sharanappa is a contractual employee and the Council had no idea about the incident. We came to know about it only after police informed that Nasreen has complained against him,"he said.TOI
Inside the world of Hindu right wing fake news website DainikBharat.org
New Delhi:Pakistan praises Mamata Banerjee. Mark Zuckerberg does “gau seva”. JNU students celebrated Maoist attack in Sukma.These were some of the stories churned out by news website DainikBharat.org during the past few months. On each occasion, the story was debunked, but didn’t deter the Hindu right-wing publication from gaining more readers or pressing on with fresh instances of questionable reporting. Now, an investigation by AltNews.in has identified the people who possibly run the website and own its domain name. The probe points to an FIR allegedly filed against the editor-in-chief of the website for spreading a fake photo involving AAP leader Kumar Vishwas. The investigation also hints at possible ties of these people with the Hindu Sena, a little-known outfit that shot to prominence this year for backing Donald Trump during the US presidential elections.The investigation, done by Pratik Sinha of AltNews.in, starts by trawling through the domain information and finds that it is registered to an individual identified as Shashi Singh and the editor-in-chief of the website Ravi Singh.Using tools such as Truecaller, archived and cached pages of social media sites and tools such as Wayback Machine, which stores snaps of websites at various times in the past, Sinha finds out that the purported Facebook page of Ravi Singh has a profile photo of Hindu ideologue Savarkar and has shared photos from a page run by the Hindu Sena.Sharing screen space with Singh is Vishnu Gupta, who hogged primetime television space for doing a “havan pujan” for Trump. Singh was even acknowledged by ‘USAHindus4Trump’ Twitter handle. hindustantimes
Hindu Yuva Vahini eyes Gujarat: Yogi’s outfit targets six lakh members, its objective ‘Hindus first’
Ahmedabad:Aiming at a membership of 6 lakh till December this year, the Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV) — floated in 2002 by Yogi Adityanath who took over as UP  CM— plans to expand its presence in Gujarat with an objective of uniting different castes and communities as “Hindus first”. Though the organisation was present in Gujarat since last three years, it remained largely dormant and had only around 11,000 registered members.On HYV’s plans for Gujarat, Arjun Mishra, newly appointed state association minister, said, “Today, for political gains, different castes and communities are being divided and several agitations have been reported from Gujarat in last two years. We do not want any nuisance in Gujarat in the name of gau raksha or Patidar agitation.” indianexpress
Yuva Vahini plans to revive anti-Romeo squads in Gujarat

Dalits being treated as untouchables at Sabarmati Harijan ashram, set up by Mahatma Gandhi: indiatimes.com
Downtrodden Dalits found a better life when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi invited them to set up homes at the Sabarmati Ashram almost 100 years ago.Today, when Ashram is gearing up to celebrate 100 years of its existence, these people who were once like family to the Mahatma are being treated like pariahs again. While the Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust has organised a grand fete to mark the centenary on June 17, Dalit families at the Ashram allege the trust is treating them like untouchables by excluding them from all celebrations.Forming a group called 'Harijan Ashram Bachao Samiti', they have listed their grievances and submitted a memorandum to the trustees. Families have also planned to stage a dharna on June 17. The trustees, however, refute the allegations, claiming that the celebrations are being hosted by Gandhian organisations including the Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust.Shailesh Rathod (41), head of Gandhi Ashram Rehvasi Mandal and convener of Harijan Ashram Bachao Samiti, says, "Gandhiji came here with 99 Dalit families and called this place Harijan Ashram. My grandfather Ukabhai was one of the families. We are the original ashramvasis but we have not been included in the celebration. We have no clue about the festivities to be held on June 17."
TN: Dalits allege police inaction,bias towards caste Hindus
Madurai:Over a hundred Dalits from K. Alampatti and Boothipuram villages, led by functionaries of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, staged a protest on Madurai Collectorate premises on Monday alleging police inaction and bias towards caste Hindus during the recent clash between two groups in their villages. V. Kaniamuthan, deputy general secretary, VCK, alleged that in K. Alampatti violence last month, in which a number of Dalit households were attacked by a group of caste Hindus, police were yet to arrest the key accused. “Moreover, while the caste Hindus were the main offenders, the police booked many Dalits under harsh sections of the IPC,” he claimed.Dalits from the village, including a large number of women, said that they came to Collectorate to protest since a sit-in protest in their village over the past three days did not invoke response from police officials.Dalits from Boothipuram village made similar allegations on police over the scuffle that broke out in village on Friday over a temple festival.thehindu
Dalit Professor Denied Promotion In JNU, Teachers’ Body Threatens To Approach SC/ST Panel
A dalit professor in Delhi’sJNU has alleged that he has been denied promotion despite a majority of the Selection Committee members approving it, triggering a controversy. JNU Teacherss Association (JNUTA) has threatened to approach the SC/ST Commission against the vice chancellor.A statement by the JNUTA has said there is no legal basis for the denial of promotion for Saitya Brata Das, an associate professor at the Centre for English Studies. According to a report in Indian Express, Das has alleged that his “different caste” or differing “political views” may be the reason behind the denial of promotion. JNUTA said  “both the Centre and Dr Das had reason to be confident (for the promotion), as the past four years had been a period of extraordinary productivity for Dr Das". “Dr Das’s interview went exceedingly well, and the three experts invited to evaluate his contributions were well satisfied,” the association said, adding, “JNU VC, Jagadesh Kumar, however, had quite a different agenda.”“The JNUTA cannot fathom whether this victimisation by the JNU vice-chancellor is because of caste and/or other suspected political differences — that is for the VC to explain — but its net effect is one of flouting the Statutes and Rules of JNU with the sole  intent to discriminate against an individual. outlookindia
Now, Bhim Army chief’s mother to address Delhi rally on June 18
Meerut: Days after the arrest of Bhim Army founder and chief Chandrashekhar Azad, the organisation is set to take the protest against alleged atrocities on Dalits in Saharanpur a step forward as it on Monday announced a rally at Delhi's Jantar Mantar on June 18 - which will be addressed by Chandrashekhar's mother Kamlesh Devi. A video of Devi has been released in which she has appealed to the masses to reach Jantar Mantar on day of protest."I - Chandrashekhar's mother - Kamlesh Devi, will be there at Jantar Mantar on June 18. All of you are requested to reach the spot to show your support. This is Baba Saheb BR Ambedkar's mission and we have to ensure that it doesn't stop. Also, remain cautious of people who want to foil the mission," said Devi, with a poster of BR Ambedkar in the backdrop. timesofindia
New Dalit icons emerging in UP  as BJP tightens its reins
Lucknow: Change is only constant and politics is no exception. With BJP  taking over the reins in UP , new icons of Dalit and backward castes have gained prominence.Raja Suheldev, Rani Jhalkari Bai, and Lakhan Pasi have replaced Dr BR Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram, Ramabai, Jyotiba Phule and Shahuji Maharaj – the icons appropriated by BSP. The idols of the Samajwadi Party – Ram Manohar Lohia and Janeshwar Mishra – have also relegated to the background.BJP Govt  has not only decided to install the statues of new icons at public places but will also include chapters on them in school textbooks under the new education policy. Recently, CM  Yogi Adityanath said, “The role of Suheldev and Jhalkari Bai has been deliberately ignored by historians who have distorted history. BJP Govt will include chapters on these icons in school syllabus so that students draw inspiration from them.”He also announced the construction of a Surya Temple at Balaar in Bahraich that was razed by Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud. The announcement by backward class welfare minister Om Prakash Rajbhar that the statues of Raja Suheldev would be installed at the memorials constructed in Lucknow during the BSP rule has put BJP at loggerheads with the blue brigade.“Backward caste icons like Suheldev and Jhalkari Bai and Muslim faces like Ashfaqullah Khan, Abdul Hameed and APJ Abdul Kalam are respected by one and all. It is up to us if we want to associate ourselves with them or Alauddin Khilji, Mahmud Ghazni, Mohammed Ghauri, Salar Masud, Babur and Aurangzeb,” said Yogi Adityanath. hindustantimes
Mohsin Shaikh’s murder case: Nikam withdraws as public prosecutor, family clueless
In a strange and controversial move, advocate Ujjwal Nikam withdrew his position as public prosecutor in the murder case of Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, a Pune-based techie who was killed in 2014 by members of radical outfit Hindu Rashtra Sena (HRS). Mohsin was attacked and killed while he was returning to his home after prayers on June 2, 2014. Advocate Nikam’s appointment as public prosecutor was cancelled after he made a request, although the reason behind Nikam withdrawing his appointment remains unclear. What makes the move even more surprising is that the state Govt did not ask for the consent from Mohsin Shaikh’s family before cancelling the appointment of Nikam. Advocate Hafiz Qazi who is also associated with the case said, “It is shocking for us. Nikam is very learned lawyer. The case made a tremendous progress under him. But requesting to remove himself as public prosecutor without no reason is more surprising.” Commenting on how the family’s view had been ignored, Hafiz said, “State Govt  should have consulted Mohsin’s father before cancelling the appointment, but they did not do so. That is also one thing that disturbs because he was appointed after the request from the Mohsin’s family,” added Hafiz Qazi. Late Shaikh’s father Sadiq Shaikh has sent a message to Nikam asking the reason behind this strange move but he hasn’t got any response yet. Sadiq Shaikh has also written to him to get reappointed in the case. It seems Nikam is not willing to comment on this issue as several other activists-lawyers as well as TCN tried to reach him but failed. Over the issue, Sadiq Shaikh said, “I am trying to reach him since I got the notification this morning, but still I haven’t received any response from him. I do want to know what has made him to take this decision.”TCN
What’s conspiring against Pune’s Mohsin Shaikh? Judiciary or his religion?
Bhopal: Court records SIMI men’s statement on 'shouting anti-Modi and pro-Taliban slogans'
Bhopal: Statements of 18 alleged activists of SIMI, including Abu Faisal, were recorded in court on Monday in connection with case related to 'shouting anti-Modi and pro-Taliban slogans' in 2014. The statements of the accused were recorded through video conferencing in the court of chief judicial magistrate, Bhopal. "All the accused denied charges in their statements," advocate Parvez Alam, the counsel for 14 out of 18 accused, told TOI. He said, "The next date of hearing in the case has been scheduled on June 21. Arguments in the case will begin now".Earlier in May 2014, when they were being produced for hearing in the court of special judge BS Bhadoria and chief judicial magistrate of Bhopal, Pankaj Singh Maheshwari, they started raising slogans after seeing a group of mediapersons.They had shouted "Taliban zindabad" and "Ab Modi ki baari hai" while being taken to the police van.TOI
Mecca Masjid case Accused Rateshwar seeks exemption from appearance: indianexpress
Hyderabad: An accused in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case moved a petition seeking exemption from personal appearance as the special NIA court hearing the case resumed trial on Monday after vacation. The court was immediately adjourned to June 19 to fix the schedule fo hearings. Bharat Mohanlal Rateshwar, who is out on bail and lives in Gujarat, sought time, saying he won’t be able to immediately appear in court as he is working as a teacher and coaching civil services aspirants. He was arrested in Dec.2011 for his alleged role in blasts in Mecca Masjid, Ajmer dargah and Samjhauta Express.
Act against those involved in demolition of mosque in Delhi, writes Mahmood Madani to Rajnath
Maulana Mahmood Madani, of Jamiat Ulam-i-Hind in a letter addressed to Home Minister Rajnath Singh has demanded stringent action against those persons involved in demolition of under construction mosque situated in Sonia Vihar, Chauhan Patti New Delhi.In letter to Minister Singh, Madani wrote, “The communal elements are also threatening local Muslim community of the area to evacuate their residents.” He has also demanded aqequate security arrangements for the local Muslims and rebuilding the mosque.TCN
3 booked for ‘uploading objectionable picture’ of Adityanath on Facebook
Lucknow: 3 persons were booked for allegedly uploading objectionable photograph of CM  Yogi Adityanath on Facebook and announcing reward of Rs one crore for anyone who kills him. The accused — Sushil Yadav, Sunil Kumar Yadav and Syed Rehman Ilyas — are yet to be arrested.
BSP MLA murder case: Atiq Ahmed, his brother booked for ‘assaulting’ witness in court
Lucknow :Jailed former MP and don Atiq Ahmed, his younger brother and former MLA Ashraf and others have been booked for allegedly threatening and assaulting a prime witness in the BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case. Advocate Umesh Pal alias Krishna Kumar Pal, the complainant, has alleged that he was threatened and assaulted in court when he had gone to get his statement recorded in a kidnapping case. Umesh is the cousin of former BSP MLA Pooja Pal — Raju Pal’s wife, who is also the complainant in the murder case. indianexpress
UP CM Adityanath Might Not Host Iftar Party
Lucknow: UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath might not host an Iftar party at his official residence, 5 Kalidas Marg.Adityanath will be the second BJP CM  after Ram Prakash Gupta to skip hosting an Iftar party.Earlier, top leaders of the BJP like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Rajnath Singh and Kalyan Singh hosted Iftar parties at their official residences during Ramzan, but according to sources, this time the current CM  is not going to do so.outlook
In time of communal frenzy, non-Muslims invited over Iftar of friendship in Kolkata: IndiaTomorrow
Kolkata: Local residents of Kiddrepore area in Kolkata organised a unique ‘Dosti Ki Iftar,' on Sunday where they invited non-Muslims from the city, including journalists, academicians, social activists, professionals, and young students for direct interaction with locals.This iftar party was different from other such programs where the focus remains on high profile politicians and celebrities. In this iftar party no politician was invited, but aimed at people-to-people interaction in the city at a time when certain forces are trying to create communal frenzy in the state.
UAE allegedly funneled $3bn to topple Erdogan: Govt
https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20170613-uae-allegedly-funneled-3b-to-topple-erdogan-turkish-Govt /
UAE spent $3 billion to topple President Tayyip Erdoğan and the democratically elected Govt  in Turkey, a columnist in the Turkish media claimed yesterday.Mehmet Acet, a columnist for Yeni Şafak daily, said Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu hinted at a Muslim country “spending $3 billion to topple Erdoğan and the Govt  in Turkey,” while lending support to putschists in the July 15 coup attempt, as well.According to Acet, Çavuşoğlu said:“We know that a country provided $3 billion in financial support for the coup attempt in Turkey and exerted efforts to topple the Govt  in illegal ways. On top of that, it is a Muslim country.” Columnist claimed that Muslim country was UAE, claiming the funnelled money was to topple Erdoğan and the Turkish Govt .Speaking to Daily Sabah regarding the claim, Acet said sources from the Turkish Foreign Ministry confirmed the Muslim country was indeed the UAE. “Minister did not name the country. However, sources from the foreign ministry have confirmed that it was UAE,” Acet told the paper.Deputy coordinator of Ankara-based Foundation for Political Economic and Social Research (SETA), Professor Muhittin Ataman, said UAE has already engaged in attempts against the Turkish Govt  since the beginning of the Arab Spring, adding that it did not abstain from diplomatic and economic costs in this regard.Shortly after the July 15 coup attempt carried out by the Gülenist Terror Group  David Hearst of the Middle East Eye claimed the owner of Al-Ghad TV Channel, Mohammed Dahlan, had transferred money to the terrorist group for the attempted coup. middleeastmonitor
Siege by Muslim states on another is ‘forbidden: scholars
International Union of Muslim Scholars said once again yesterday that the imposition of a siege on a fellow Muslim state is haram (forbidden), AlKhaleejonline.com has reported. The organisation has called for the crisis between the Arab states and Qatar to be resolved through dialogue.In a statement signed by the Secretary General of the union, Shaikh Ali Al-Qaradaghi, it was stressed that blockading a Muslim state is not only haram; as a neighbouring as well as a Muslim state, Qatar also enjoys double rights from other Muslims, those of being a neighbour as well as those from sharing a faith. The media campaign against Qatar which preceded the blockade, added Shaikh Al-Qaradaghi, was “completely unacceptable” from a religious point of view.The scholars’ union called for the leaders of the Gulf States, who imposed the siege on Qatar, to “lift it completely and return to the Islamic spirit in their mutual dealings.” It praised and supports the “wise” efforts to end the crisis, including those by the Emir of Kuwait, Shaikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.
Egypt seeks Interpol help to nab 30 ‘terrorists’ in Qatar
Egypt is seeking help from Interpol to arrest 30 “terrorists” living in Qatar, Sky News has reported. An unnamed official said on Monday that the foreign minister and justice ministry have been reviewing a list of the alleged terrorists; some live in other countries apart from Qatar.There are 40 names on the list, said the official, including 30 senior Muslim Brotherhood officials who are accused of being involved in terrorist acts. Brotherhood group all live in the Gulf State. Prominent Muslim scholar Shaikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi, is on the list, as is the leader of the Islamic Group in Egypt, Tareq Al-Zomar, Asem Abdel Majed and Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour. “Terrorists” include Egyptians living in Britain.middleeastmonitor
Netanyahu considers closing Al Jazeera offices in Jerusalem
As the Gulf crisis intensifies and Qatar continues to be besieged by Saudi Arabia and several other countries Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu is considering closing down Al Jazeera’s offices in occupied Jerusalem.The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth (Ynetnews) revealed today that Netanyahu, a team coordinating with the state press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shin Bet have begun studying the details of the closure, which will be similar to the punitive measures taken by Saudi Arabia and Jordan against the Qatar-based network.Netanyahu’s move coincides with calls by a number of leaders on the Israeli right – led by the settler Baruch Marzel – to close down Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem office. Marzel stormed office and posted a banner demanding the Israeli authorities close the office in occupied Jerusalem. Middleeastmonitor
US' Mattis: Qatar blockade 'very complex situation'
The blockade against Qatar by Gulf states was a "very complex situation" and an area where common ground had to be found, US defence secretary Jim Mattis said.Mattis spoke on Monday ahead of talks between the US and Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir in Washington, DC, as the Gulf crisis entered its second week. The former general told the House Armed Services Committee that Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani had inherited a difficult situation and was moving in the right direction."I believe that Prince Thani inherited a difficult, very tough situation, and he's trying to turn the society in the right direction," Mattis said. aljazeera
Somalia turns down $80m to cut ties with Qatar
Somali President, Mohammed Abdullah Farmajo, has been offered $80 million in exchange for his agreement to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar, New Khalij news outlet reported a prominent journalist has revealed.“After 2 hours of enticement, Farmajo rejected the tempting offer,” journalist Jaber Al-Harimi said.The paper Somalia Today quoted unnamed sources saying “there was pressure put on the Somali Govt by Saudi Arabia to reverse Somalia’s decision to stay neutral in the siege imposed by some Arab Govt s on State of Qatar.”The sources confirmed that Saudi Arabia threatened to withdraw financial aid to the Somali Govt  unless Somalia change its neutral stand in which it has called for an end to the political dispute between Qatar and the other Arab nations through dialogue via Islamic organisations like the Arab League and the OIC.The sources added that “ministers of the Somali Govt  returned from Saudi Arabia after meetings with their counterpart were unexpectedly postponed.” Middleeastmonitor
Qatar Airways to run 300 daily trips through Iran
DG of Fars Province Airports Reza Badiei- Fard has said that Qatar Airways will run 300 additional flights through Iranian airspace daily.Badeiei-Fard explained that Iran’s airspace was the only option for Qatar Airways flights since the embargo imposed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt amid a deepening diplomatic row that saw the four countries cut off sea and air links and diplomatic relations with the Gulf state. Qatar has also re-routed its flights over Turkey and Oman.
Trump's 'Muslim ban' dealt new blow by US appeals court
Another US appeals court stomped on President Donald Trump's revised travel ban, saying the administration violated federal immigration law and failed to provide a valid reason for keeping people from 6 mostly Muslim nations from coming. The decision by a unanimous  3-judge panel of the San Francisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals helps keep the travel ban blocked and deals Trump a second big legal defeat on the policy in less than 3 weeks.The administration has appealed another ruling against the ban to the Supreme Court, which is likely to consider the cases in tandem. White House said it is confident the high court will uphold Trump's executive order. 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Virginia last month cited the president's campaign statements calling for a "total and complete shutdown" on Muslims entering US as evidence 90-day ban was unconstitutionally "steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group", rather than necessary for national security. aljazeera
Hundreds sick, 2 dead in food poisoning at Mosul camp
Baghdad: A mass food poisoning at a camp for displaced Iraqi civilians outside mosul has left at least two dead and hundreds requiring urgent treatment, officials said today."There are 752 cases of food poisoning and two deaths, a woman and a child" following a meal last night, health ministry spokesman Seif al-Badr told AFP.He said around 100 of those affected required serious treatment after the iftar meal, which breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Badr said the exact source of the poisoning would be revealed after a more thorough investigation. Other health officials from Nineveh province, in northern Iraq, confirmed the figures.AFP
Mosul battle: Fleeing civilians caught in crossfire
More than 10,000 Iraqis have been forced from their homes because of fighting between Govt forces and ISIL in Mosul over the past two days.Iraqi forces have been trying to push the group from the western area of the city since Feb. Mosul is densely populated and thousands of civilians are stuck on the frontline of the battle. Those who have tried to flee have been injured in the crossfire.Al Jazeera
ISIL resists Syrian rebel effort to take Raqqa
US-backed alliance SDF, has continued to advance one week after its operation to retake ISIL's last stronghold in Syria.The forces are now near the walled old city but ISIL has put up significant resistance.Al Jazeera
Iran has ‘proof’ of Saudi support for IS attacks in Tehran
Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, has confirmed that Iran has accurate information regarding Saudi Arabia’s support for the attacks by Daesh militants in Tehran on 7 June.“US and the Israeli regime backed the Daesh terrorists who carried out dual attacks on Iran’s parliament and Imam Khomeini’s shrine,” Jafari told the media. “We have obtained accurate intelligence that Saudi Arabia also supported the terrorists and asked them to carry out attacks in Iran.”Daesh militants carried out 2 attacks in Tehran last Wednesday. middleeastmonitor
Chinese duo killed in Balochistan were 'preaching', 'engaged in evangelical activities':Pakistan
New Delhi: The mystery surrounding the 2 Chinese nationals recently murdered in Balochistan has only deepened, as Pakistan is now saying the duo may have been "preachers" who were "engaged in evangelical activities" despite being on business visas, Pakistani media reported.In a turn of events that's likely to displease China even more than it already reportedly is, a senior Pakistani minister was said to have been very annoyed upon hearing about this alleged breach of visa terms by the Chinese duo, when he was informed about it Monday.Nisar was told that the abductees "were engaged in preaching under the garb of learning Urdu from a Korean national", reported Dawn and The Express Tribune. Their reports didn't say exactly who informed the minister. They only said he was given this information at a "high level meeting".As well, the reports didn't specify what the Chinese nationals were preaching, although the phrase "engaged in evangelical activities" could mean the duo were preaching Christianity. Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar was quoted as saying that while foreigners' security is certainly Islamabad's responsibility, those who visit Pakistan "are equally bound to abide by the terms and conditions of their visas", reported the Tribune.TOI
China denies snubbing Pakistan, its media blames S Korean preachers for killing of 2 Chinese nationals
New Delhi: As China denied rumours of a rift with Pakistan, its state media on Tuesday slammed South Korean Christian missionaries for causing the murder of 2 young Chinese people in Balochistan and added that 'iron brother' Pakistan is not to blame for the incident.TOI
‘Jewish people will never give up any part of Israel’s land,’ insists minister
Israel’s education minister has said that, “Jewish people will never give up any part of Israel’s land,” Shehab.ps reported on Monday. Naftali Bennett of the far-right Jewish Home party added that the best political reconciliation for the issue of Jerusalem is uniting the city under Israeli sovereignty. Ironically, the extremist politician made his comments at the Haaretz Peace Conference in Tel Aviv.“The Jewish people have no interest in conceding any particle of Israel’s land,” he insisted. “Peace is not achieved through conceding land, but through force.” Reaching a peace deal, he continued, is not a monopoly of the left-wing. “I want peace, but peace with the concept of the rightists. There is no chance of establishing a Palestinian state except in Gaza.”While Bennett accepted that Israelis are destined to live next to the Palestinians, he said that there is no love lost between them. “However, we will not go anywhere else. We have to learn from Gaza 2014. The situation is deteriorating and we have to do our best in order not to go for another military confrontation.” middleeastmonitor
No plan to change name of Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan
General Observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, Shaikh Ali Mohamed Jawish, reiterated on Monday that his outfit will never change its name under any circumstances, Quds Press has reported.“This name has a reference, cultural value and a long history,” Shaikh explained. “It has been in Sudan since 1946.” He stressed that it is an extension of the Egyptian movement established.The official pointedout that Brotherhood name exists in more than 80 countries, although he accepted that a group of defectors are trying to change the name of the organisation in order to get involved in charitable activities.
Haftar affiliated militia dissolved after release of Saif
Commander of the Western Military Region of retired General Khalifa Haftar’s forces, Col. Idris Madi, has issued a decree to dissolve the Abu Bakr Siddiq Battalion just two days after the release of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, son of late leader Muammar Gaddafi.A statement issued yesterday said the battalion had been dissolved and its personnel, equipment, vehicles and weapons had been integrated into the headquarters of the Western military zone. middleeastmonitor
Bajrang Dal training camps in Hanumangarh: A journey into the Hindutva heartland: Asad Ashraf
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