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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

18 Sept. NEWS: SC sets Oct.18 deadline for completion of Babri hearing, judgment likely in mid-Nov; parties free to mediate/'Will accept SC's decision on Ram Temple; NRC will be implemented nationwide': Amit Shah

18 Sept. 2019: 18 Muharram 1441: Vol: 12, No: 16
SC sets Oct.18 deadline for completion of Babri Masjid hearing, judgment likely in mid-Nov; parties free to mediate
The Supreme Court today set an Oct.18 deadline for conclusion of hearings in the protracted Babri Masjid land title dispute, a move that has raised the possibility of a verdict in the politically sensitive case in the middle of Nov. The target date for completion of arguments by both Hindu and Muslim sides assumes significance as CJI Ranjan Gogoi, who is heading 5-judge Constitution bench hearing the case, is due to demit office on Nov.7. The SC also said the parties to the dispute can amicably resolve the matter through mediation if they want to but told lawyers from both the sides that it wanted to conclude day-to-day hearings by Oct.18 so that the judges get almost 4 weeks time to write the judgment. “Let is all make a joint effort to conclude the arguments by Oct.18”, CJI told petitioners adding if necessary, court may even hear it for an extra hour or on Saturdays.  The Court on Tuesday asked the counsels for the Hindu and Muslim parties to inform it about a tentative "time schedule" for concluding their arguments. The bench also said it has received a letter from ex-SC judge FMI Kalifulla, who was heading 3-member mediation panel, in which it was stated that some parties have written to him for resumption of the mediation process."There is an ancillary issue. We have received a letter that some parties want to settle the matter by way of mediation," the bench said, adding they may do so and the proceedings before the mediation panel can remain confidential. The bench said the day-to-day proceedings in the land dispute case have reached "an advanced stage" and will continue. Sources said the mediators are keen to have a “parallel process of talks alongside the arguments going on in court, not in lieu of arguments currently going on”. PTI / Indian Express
Babri case:Hindu side arguments based on theology rather than legality, concrete proof, says counsel
On Tuesday, lotus carvings on Kasauti pillars, figurines, Garuda flanked by 2 lions and a Dwarapal are not typical features of a mosque, the Supreme Court confronted the Muslim side in Ayodhya hearing.The questions from the Bench was based on architectural features and photographs of materials believed to be unearthed from Babri site.But senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan countered the court’s questions, saying “decorative pieces could have come from anywhere”. These objects and photographs of carvings did not provide a conclusive proof that there was once a temple dedicated to a particular deity - Ram. “There is no direct evidence of an image of a God in Ramjanmabhumi,”he argued.  Dhavan said the Hindu side's argument of a temple of Lord Ram drew strength from the impression that mosques should be simple, unadorned. Dhavan said the Hindu side arguments were based on theology rather than legality and concrete proof.“The theological argument raised here is just because they see some flowers, a lotus, this place is unIslamic and the mosque is not a mosque. It is too much to say that Islam is out, mosque is out just because you see a few figurines, flowers, etc. It is a little too rich to say a mosque is not mosque and prayer offered was not prayer,”he argued. “Just because there is cross near a temple in Kerala, it does not mean the temple stops being a temple,” Dhavan highlighted how places of worship of different religions coexist in physical proximity.He said pillars would have either been found lying around at the time of the construction of the mosque or were found broken and fixed to be used for the mosque, or they were brought to the site from other places.The presence of these objects did not make Babri mosque “unIslamic or un-Quranic”. “You cannot use them to claim Muslims were not praying to Allah there but to some other god,” Dhavan said.  Justice S.A.Bobde asked whether there was any witness to back their claim that these materials and carvings were a result of cultural assimilation. Dhavan replied,“Assimilation is there for My Lord to see. There is a chhabutra outside and a mosque inside. British had allowed both for sake of peace.”Dhavan said evidence of assimilation could be found even in "Qutub area where the Minar is" in the National Capital. He said none of the religious give the exact place of birth of Ram."Today, there are 3 spots in Ayodhya claimed to be exact spot.From Dec.1949,it is Ramjanmabhumi. In 1857, it was Ram Chhabutra in outer courtyard. Janmsthan site Rasoi Mandir outside the premises was considered the exact spot from time immemorial," Dhavan submitted.the hindu
Ram Chabutra becomes focal point in Babri hearing
In Babri Masjid hearing today,  Justice DY Chandrachud began his remarks by observing that it was “coincidental” that Ram Chabutra came up along with the construction of the railing by the British following an armed clash between Hindus and Muslims in 1855.Prior to that year, both Hindus and Muslims entered it for prayers.“After 1855, Ram Chabutra was erected just outside the railing. It in fact came up along with the railing. So it must be that worshippers believed that praying at ‘chabutra’ meant actually praying at the central dome...They actually went to pray at central dome,” Justice Chandrachud observed. Justice Ashok Bhushan intervened to say, “They went to railing because they believed that birth happened there [under central dome]”.Justice Chandrachud observed, “"Why do you need to pray at the railing? You go to the railing to look beyond railing.”Advocate Rajeev Dhavan,dismissed his reasoning as mere “conjecture”. Justice Chandrachud shot back, saying it was a “preponderance of probabilities”, which the court could indulge in.“Why did the chabutra become the focal point after 1855? Prior to 1855, both Hindus and Muslims went in... All this upsurge happens after the railing comes up. Why? It may be because of a sense of exclusion among the Hindus.This not just conjecture, but preponderance of probabilities,”Justice Chandrachud addressed Dhavan. Dhavan said 1850s was a time of inter-se conflict and conquest. “Context of the time was that of a riot situation. British may have come and said 'enough of this nonsense'. But context then was that of a riot situation. Not just riot, but internecine conflict,”he submitted.He said the judge was “adding something” not in the case records. “Where is it said from the records that they [Hindu] prayed to inner dome from chabutra? This is conjecture within the meaning of unreasonable probability... I go till the railing outside lion's den knowing it is dangerous beyond that,” he argued.the hindu
Historians 1991 report rejecting Ram birthplace claims at best opinion, not evidence: SC
'Will accept SC's decision on Ram Temple; NRC will be implemented nationwide': Amit Shah
Ranchi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today attacked Pakistan for making false accusations of human rights violations in J&K. Giving out his first interview after scrapping Article 370 in J&K, Shah at ‘Hindustan Purvoday 2019’ event said “there are restrictions only in 8 out of 196 police stations in the Valley and one can freely visit the region”. He lashed out at the Congress for deaths of 41,000 people in Kashmir in last 7 decades. Commenting on how PM Narendra Modi and he took an unprecedentedly bold step which no government could contemplate, Shah said, “With respect to Article 370, we always believed that is was a temporary provision. Preparations for the removal of 370 were going on right from the beginning. Kashmir is our internal matter and there is no question of war on it. The whole world is with India on Kashmir.”On the government imposing numerous charges against Farooq Abdullah to detain him under stringent PSA, Shah said “Farooq has been kept under house arrest due to security reasons. There is no question of keeping him in custody for 2 years. There is no coercion in Kashmir and people should not be influenced by rumors.”On the Supreme Court today stating that Ayodhya case hearings must be completed by Oct.18, Shah said “we wants the court’s decision to come soon and will accept whatever it is.” Responding to a question on the contentious issue of NRC, Shah asserted that NRC should be implemented across the country as it does not pertain just to Assam.“Can an Indian go and live illegally in US, UK, Russia? No, then how can other nationals reside in India without legal documentation? That's why I believe NRC should be implemented all over the country,” he pointed out.
Pakistan urges international community to take 'serious cognisance' of India’s statement on PoK
Pakistan has called on the international community to take “serious cognisance” of India’s “aggressive posturing” about taking “physical jurisdiction” of Pak-occupied Kashmir, saying such “irresponsible and belligerent” statements from New Delhi have potential to further escalate tensions and seriously jeopardise peace and security in region.Pakistan’s statement came hours after India said PoK is a part of it and one day it expected to have “physical jurisdiction” over the region. India also asserted that there was no need to “worry” too much beyond a point about what people will say on Kashmir, as it was an internal issue on which its position has “prevailed and will prevail.” External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar also hit out at Pakistan, saying India had a “unique challenge” from one neighbour and it would remain a challenge until that neighbour became a “normal neighbour” and acted against cross-border terrorism. Reacting to Jaishankar’s statement, Pakistan said it called on international community to take “serious cognisance of India’s aggressive posturing” on Pok. “Such irresponsible and belligerent statements from India have the potential to further escalate tensions and seriously jeopardise peace and security in the region,” Pakistan’s Foreign Office said.“We strongly condemn and reject inflammatory and irresponsible remarks made by Indian External Affairs Minister regarding Pakistan and PoK.These remarks are an obvious manifestation of India’s utter frustration over continued international censure of its egregious human rights violations in Kashmir,” the statement added.“India cannot divert international attention from its crimes against the innocent people of Kashmir blaming Pakistan. Pakistan stands for peace, but would be ready to respond effectively to any act of aggression,” the statement said. “Instead of resorting to jingoistic rhetoric, India must rescind its illegal actions, stop forthwith grave human rights violations in J&K,refrain from violating international law, and fully comply with UNSC resolutions for a final settlement of the J&K dispute,” the statement added.PTI
'Irresponsible, Belligerent': Pakistan Asks World to Note Jaishankar's Statements on PoK
Pak Army's SSG commandos came near Indian post in Aug end: Army sources
Pakistan Army's Special Service Group(SSG) commandos were seen near an Indian Army post in the Krishna Ghati sector along the LoC in August end, Army sources said today. Pakistani troop movement along the Poonch river was picked up by Indian soldiers and some hi-tech equipment, the sources said, adding that the enemy troops were "engaged" and forced to rush back to their nearest post.When Indian troops went to the spot to "seek close contact to destroy them", they found an action camera in which their movement was captured. "A video from the same camera showed Pak SSG troops in the vicinity of post,"sources said.On Sept 12-13, Pak Border Action Team attempted to infiltrate into India but they were intercepted by Indian army and eliminated.ANI
J&K leaders will be freed in less than 18 months: MoS Jitendra Singh
Jammu:Union Minister of State in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh has said that politicians detained in J&K after the scrapping of special status will be released in less than 18 months.Pointing out that the media keeps asking about the release of political leaders detained in the state, Singh said that he always says “less than 18 months”, an apparent reference to the Emergency, when leaders of all Opposition parties were jailed. Singh was speaking at an event in Katra.When contacted over phone on Tuesday, Singh confirmed this, saying that he was asked when leaders would be released and “I said less than 18 months”.Singh’s statement is first one by a senior functionary in Union Govt about maximum time for which mainstream political leaders in J&K may remain under detention.indianexpress
Stopped, beaten, prevented from working: everyday troubles of J&K journalist
Srinagar: Shahid Khan shudders as he recalls the Sept.7 incident when he was beaten up by a group of policemen while covering Muharram processions in the Rainawari locality of Srinagar.“I was among six photojournalists covering the event. Suddenly the escort of a senior police officer arrived at the spot and started beating us,” said Khan who works with the Jammu-based daily, Reporter North.“I was thrashed by a policeman who used his cane for at least five minutes. He kept telling me ‘why do you go out to shoot events, you create problems for us’,” said Khan.“They kept beating me and didn’t listen to a single word.”Khan said he has suffered a hairline fracture on his right shoulder. Doctors have advised him rest for three weeks.In the past 44 days, after the Govt of India has diluted Article 370. Journalists in Kashmir are facing tough times – the blockade of internet and mobile services has left them crippled. Restrictions and harassment faced by journalists in the hands of the security forces while on the job has added to their worries. “Journalists are understanding that they are in a kind of double siege amidst the total communication blockade. Many cases of harassment of media persons by the forces have come to the fore in the last month and in some cases the journalists have been asked by the authorities to reveal their source of information. This has added to our fears,” said Naseer A. Ganai, a senior journalist. thewire
J&K: Yashwant Sinha alleges he was ‘forcibly sent’ back to Delhi from Srinagar airport
Ex-Union minister Yashwant Sinha was on Tuesday sent back to New Delhi from Srinagar by J&K administration after high drama at airport. However, 3 associates of Sinha – Journalist Bharat Bhushan and Kapil Kak and Sushoba Bharve – were allowed to go to Srinagar.scroll
Assam: Mob makes 4 Muslims undergo ‘Bangladeshi test’; Police confirm they are not illegal immigrants
Guwahati: A mob allegedly made four persons undergo a ‘Bangladeshi test’ in Baksa district of Assam, and handed them over to the police after questioning their citizenship status.4, all Muslims, were returning from Guwahati to Suwagpur on Sept.13 in a pick-up truck with building materials. Some 50 local people allegedly stopped vehicle at night and demanded proof of their inclusion in NRC. When the four failed to give “convincing” replies, mob handed them over to Goreswar police station. Police identified them as Sahid Miya and his wife Bimala Begum of Baksa district, Lalbor Ali of Barpeta and Abdul Qayum of Morigaon. H. Goswami, SHO, said people suspected them to be Bangladeshis. “Upon verification, we found that they were not illegal immigrants,” he said. There have been reports of mob questioning “suspected foreigners” in the districts such as Dibrugarh and Tinsukia. Some NGOs in neighbouring States have upped the ante against NRC-excluded people believed to be sneaking in. In Meghalaya, over 230 people from Assam have been turned back at checkpoints or told to leave worksites.the hindu
 3 Muslim sisters stripped, beaten at police outpost in Assam, 2 cops suspended
Guwahati: 3 sisters have accused the Assam police of custodial torture, including being stripped, kicked and beaten with lathis, inside a police outpost in Darrang district. The women were picked up after a case was registered against their brother, a Muslim, for allegedly abducting a Hindu woman.Assam DGP Kuladhar Saikia said the outpost in-charge sub-inspector Mahendra Sarma and a woman constable Binita Boro were suspended Tuesday and criminal cases registered against them. He has also asked for an inquiry into their allegations within a week.The cases were registered days after one sister, on Sept.10, wrote a detailed account of the incident in a complaint to police saying Sarma and Boro “stripped us naked, assaulted us and touched our private parts”.3 sisters, aged 28, 30 and 18, were picked up at around 1.30 am on Sept.9 during a raid led by SI Sarma. Police claim women were detained for questioning because a case was registered against their brother for allegedly abducting a Hindu woman. 28-year-old sister, who filed the complaint, said the assault continued until they were able to contact their brother, who, she said, was in Shillong with Hindu woman. “He arrived with the girl at the outpost. He asked them why we were tortured for a case against him. They beat him too,” she said.Darrang SP Amrit Bhuyan said, “A case of kidnapping was registered by the family of woman on Sept.6. The brother is now under arrest.” Sister said the family had “all the proof of the relationship and there was no kidnapping”. Indian Express
'Judicious, not arbitrary justice': Assam student body appeals to minority minister for fair NRC trials
North East Minorities Students’ Union (NEMSU) has sought minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi's help to ensure judicious and not arbitrary trials in the Foreigners Tribunals (FTs) in the cases of people who have been excluded from the final NRC list. "Most of the excluded people are financially so weak that they cannot even think about going to the High Court or Supreme Court for further recourse," the group said in a letter to Naqvi and sought a fair means of justice at the courts created for foreigners in Assam. FTs are quasi-judicial bodies meant to "furnish opinion on the question as to whether a person is a foreigner within meaning of Foreigners Act, 1946". Until recently, FTs dealt with 2 kinds of cases - those against whom a "reference" is made by the Border Police and those whose electoral identity is "doubtful".However, tensions are high as all the cases of people excluded from NRC being referred to these quasi-judicial bodies, given that the court has the power to declare a person foreigner via ex-parte proceedings. Earlier, K Kishan Reddy, Home Minister, in a reply to an unstarred question, informed Lok Sabha that 63,959 people have so far been declared foreigners via ex-parte proceedings in FTs in Assam from 1985 to Feb.2019.In another reply, MoS once again told Parliament that 1,17,164 people have been declared foreigners in the state till 2019. Given the total number of verdicts, it is clear that more than half have been declared ex-parte. NEMSU raised the concerns of "minor reasons" such as wrong "spellings, difference in the surnames and intentional act on part of some officers" because of which persons have been excluded from NRC."People may have been excluded from NRC because of these errors but FTs must judiciously take note of it during the hearing of appeals," NEMSU leader Zulfikar Ahmed  said.news18
Muslim family attacked by mob at Aligarh railway station
A Muslim family travelling from Kannauj was attacked after getting off a train at the Aligarh railway station on Sunday. According to the family, they were beaten up by a mob of around 15 men who didn’t specify why they were being violent.“They were getting down from the train and suddenly a group of 15 attacked them. They were wearing saffron and screaming slogans. They were attacked because they were Muslim,” said Farhan Zuberi, an eyewitness.The family includes 2 men and 2 women who were travelling to Aligarh as one of them needed medical care at a hospital there.After they were assaulted, they were taken to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at the AMU where they were treated for their wounds. One of the men has a minor head injury while both have several bruises on their bodies.The police have registered an FIR against unidentified people. Students at AMU took out a protest march against the attack to “send a strong message to all those elements who are helbent (sic) on destroying the communal harmony at Aligarh”.thewire
School student cooks up kidnapping story, mob beats up 2 men in Kerala                                        
Kochi : 2 men were grievously assaulted by a mob in Malappuram, Kerala after a school student alleged that they attempted to kidnap him. Later, after the police intervened, it was found that the boy, who studies in class 9, had cooked up the ‘kidnapping’ story to skip school that day.An officer at Vazhakkad police station said that a class 9 student on Monday told locals in Omanoor town that 2 men, in a car, had attempted to kidnap him. When visuals from a nearby CCTV camera of a shop were perused, the boy pointed at a car and claimed that the men in the car had tried to abduct him, the officer said. Police, after being informed of the incident, directed the men in the car to appear at the police station. But on the way to the station, the men were waylaid by unidentified locals of the town who proceeded to assault them. The men, Safarullah (29) and C. Rahmath Ali (32), had to be admitted to a private hospital for the injuries they sustained.“the boy later confessed that he had made up the kidnapping story to avoid going to school,”officer said. While attempt to murder charges were filed against 40 unidentified men, 3 people have been arrested so far. indianexpress
UP: Dalit youth killed, ailing mother dead, accused says ‘did it for honour’
Hardoi : 2 fathers are neighbours but couldn’t be further apart. Mithilesh Pal, a Dalit, is at home, alone, ill and grieving, after cremating his wife and 23-year-old son the same day. The other, Radhey Gupta, an OBC, is in a police station lock-up 8 km away along with his wife and daughter — for killing the 23-year-old by allegedly tying him to a charpoy and setting him on fire, to save his family’s “honour”.On Sunday, Abhishank Pal (23), fondly called Monu, was killed by family members of Shivani Gupta, with whom he was reportedly in a relationship with, in what police said was an honour killing. Abhishank was on his way to the hospital where his mother Rambeti (56) was admitted when Shivani’s father and 2 associates caught him, tied to the charpoy and set him on fire. 5 persons, including two women, are accused, and 3 have been arrested.indianexpress
Dalit BJP MP stopped from entering village
A Dalit BJP MP representing Chitradurga constituency in central Karnataka was on Monday stopped from entering the village of a backward community.A Narayanaswamy, who represents Chitradurga seat reserved for Scheduled Caste community members, was prevented from entering a hamlet (Gollarahatti) of Kadu Golla tribe at Pemanahalli village in Pavagada region of Tumakur district on the ground that he belongs to Dalit community, which is considered untouchable by the Kadu Gollas.A video of MP’s visit to Gollarahatti along with a team of social workers for development work, which was aired on local channels, showed MP trying to reason with villagers to allow him to enter while some locals insist he cannot enter the hamlet.indianexpress
If Chinmanayand gets arrested, Hindus will rebel: Big Boss fame Omji
Shahjahanpur: SIT probing alleged rape of a law student by BJP leader Swami Chinmayanand on Sunday examined 3 male friends of the survivor, besides some employees of her college.The survivor's friends who were examined included the one who was with her when she was located in Rajasthan after having gone missing from Shahjahanpur late last month. He and the two others were also present inside the car in which the girl had made her video recording, narrating her ordeal.The apex court-appointed SITcalled them to Police Lines in Shahjahanpur and recorded their statements, official sources said. SIT also examined the principals of girl's alma mater — a law college and a post-graduate college — both located on the campus of Mumukshu Ashram of former Union minister Chinmayanand.SIT also examined two other college employees, who had been summoned on Saturday but had failed to turn up for recording of their statements.A beleaguered Chinmayanand, meanwhile, got support from self-styled godman Swami Omji who threatened with rebellion by Hindu society if a case is registered against the BJP leader."If any false case is registered against Chinamayanand, then crores of Hindus will hit the streets throughout the country and rise in rebellion," said Omji, who was also a contestant in reality TV show Bigg Boss.PTI
Union minister Sinha says he, other BJP members helped Jharkhand lynching convicts with legal fees:
Union minister Jayant Sinha has said he and some other BJP leaders provided financial assistance to pay the legal fees of the persons accused of lynching a meat trader in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh in 2017.“They (accused) came from a poor family. Their family members requested us to assist them financially in order to help them in hiring an able advocate. I, along with other members of party (BJP) helped them in paying for the advocate’s fees,” Sinha. His admission came a year after he triggered a controversy by felicitating and posing with the six accused after they were released on bail and taken straight to the minister’s residence in Hazaribagh.Sinha said although he has sympathy for the victim’s family and condemns the lynching, the accused in the case were “innocent”. “I have great sympathy for the victims’ family. Whatever happened is tragic but the people who came to my house were innocent. You’ve made this assumption that they were the perpetrators. This assumption of yours is flawed.” indian express
NGOs substantially financed by govt come under RTI: SC
NGOs that are “substantially financed, directly or indirectly”, by Govt funds will fall within the ambit of “public authority” under RTI Act, 2005, the Supreme Court ruled. This would mean that these NGOs will have to maintain records as provided under the Act, and every citizen will have the right to get information from them. The judgment came from a bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose while rejecting claims by some colleges and schools which contended that they are not public authority under the Act. indian express
SC reserves order on Centre's review plea against order diluting provisions of SC/ST Act
New Delhi:The Supreme Court today reserved its order on the review petition filed by the Central Govt against its judgment which had diluted the stringent provisions under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. A 3-judge bench, headed by Justice Arun Mishra heard the petition which was referred to it by a two-judge bench last week.The Centre had filed the review petition asking it to rethink its verdict after a backlash from the SC/ST community against the decision, which resulted in widespread protests across the country.ANI
MHA approves suspension of 3 NIA officers in terror funding case related to Hafiz Saeed's charity body
New Delhi: Ministry of Home Affairs has approved the suspension of 3 NIA officials including an officer of the rank — SP — in a case related to terror funding. 3 officers were being probed in a charity linked to global Hafiz Saeed. The officers had reportedly demanded a bribe of Rs two crores from a Delhi businessman who was being probed in an alleged case of terror funding.The officers were arrested last year for allegedly demanding money from the businessman being probed in Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) terror funding case.The officers were transferred in order to ensure a fair probe- NIA had earlier said. timesnownews
Save ‘holy desi cows’, slaughter American breeds: AAP MLA tells Punjab CM
Chandigarh:An AAP MLA has urged Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh to shun “politics of blind faith”, draw a clear distinction between ‘desi’ and foreign breeds of cows and emphasised on the need to protect the former and to slaughter the American variety. Aman Arora, who represents Sunam in Punjab Vidhan Sabha, in a letter, lambasted the state Govt for betraying people on the pre-poll promise of resolving the issue of stray cattle. Arora said that the state Govt has left the masses at the mercy of stray cattle despite taxing them for hundreds of crores on several items in the name of ‘cow cess’.He said there were numerous video clips wherein American breed stray bulls can be seen killing people on roads. “There is urgent need to draw a clear distinction between American HF breed, which was developed in Europe for meat, and our holy desi cow, as there is no genetic, religious, emotional link between the breeds, which can easily be established by their DNA test,” he said.IE
Cattle deaths at NDRI: Cops confirm deaths of 38 buffaloes, await committee report
Chandigarh :Haryana Police has confirmed the deaths of at least 38 buffaloes at National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), Karnal, in less than a week.A police team visited the institute, a day after an Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) team did the same and launched an investigation.Animal rights activist Naresh Kadyan had filed a police complaint against NDRI Director Dr R B Singh, alleging that at least 75 buffaloes and cows had died on the premises over the past week because they were given toxic feed. He also alleged that the dead animals were buried without post-mortem and the matter was “hushed up”. Police had lodged a DDR(Daily Diary Report) on the basis of this complaint.Sanjeev Gaur, SHO of Karnal Civil Lines station, who visited the spot, said NDRI officials told them 38 buffaloes had died since Sept.11. “NDRI officials suspect some infection was the cause of death.” indianexpress
At 17.5 million, Indian diaspora largest in world: UN
India was the leading country of origin of international migrants in 2019 with a 17.5 million strong diaspora, according to new estimates released by UN, which said number of migrants globally reached an estimated 272 million. International Migrant Stock 2019, a dataset released by Population Division of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) today, provides the latest estimates of the number of international migrants by age, sex and origin for all countries and areas of the world. The estimates are based on official national statistics on the foreign-born or the foreign population obtained from population censuses, population registers or nationally representative surveys. The report said that top 10 countries of origin account for one-third of all international migrants. In 2019, with 17.5 million persons living abroad, India was the leading country of origin of international migrants.PTI
Delhi odd-even vehicle scheme: NGT dismisses plea challenging implementation
NGT has dismissed a plea challenging implementation of the odd-even vehicle rationing scheme in Delhi while raising questions on the maintainability of the petition. While dismissing the plea, a Bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel said, “Under which section is the plea maintainable?”The observations came when the green panel was hearing a plea moved by advocate Gaurav Bansal who claimed that previous reports of Central Pollution Control Board  had stated that scheme had no impact on the ambient air quality in the Capital. The petition was filed following Sept.13 announcement on the fact that odd-even policy would be rolled out in Delhi between Nov.4 and 15.
E-cigarettes banned, announces FM after cabinet meet
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam today announced that Cabinet has approved the decision to ban e-cigarettes.She made the announcement after Cabinet meet.“Union Cabinet has given approval to ban e-cigarettes. It means the production, manufacturing, import/export, transport, sale, distribution, storage and advertising related to e-cigarettes are banned,” said she.The decision comes after demands from several quarters to ban ENDS, which includes e-cigarettes, Heat-Not-Burn devices, Vape, e-Sheesha, e-Nicotine Flavoured Hookah, and other similar devices.HT
Prasad pushes for debate on constitutional nationalism
New Delhi:Union Law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad called for reflection on the idea of constitutional nationalism while pointing out that the spirit of India through its culture and heritage was purposefully captured in India’s original Constitution by way of illustrations of Indian gods and rulers. “There is lot of talk of constitutional nationalism in the country these days and many pledge their faith in it,” he said and added that the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru along with other prominent leaders like Patel, Ambedkar, Maulana Azad decided to ingrain Indian culture and heritage in the newly drafted Constitution before it was presented to the Parliament. Nand Lal Bose, was tasked with the job.HT
 ‘Dam filled for one person’: Medha Patkar criticises Modi after Narmada dam’s water level is raised
Activist Medha Patkar has said the grief of those affected by Sardar Sarovar Dam project was overshadowed by the birthday celebrations of PM Narendra Modi. The reservoir on Narmada River was filled for first time to its full level of 138.68 metres on Sunday. Around 192 villages were reportedly submerged after Gujarat Govt raised the water level. “CM and officers raised the level of water in the dam to 139 metres only for the sake of celebrating Modiji’s birthday,” Patkar said. “We damn celebrations. We wish him a long life. But he should understand his duty and responsibility to let people live.” Protestors took out a rally and observed “Dhikkar Diwas”.scroll
'Camera block nahi hona chahiye' Modi allegedly moves aside official who was blocking camera
JNU sedition case: Delhi court asks AAP Govt to decide on prosecuting accused within a month
Patiala House Court today gave the Delhi Govt another month to decide on the sanction to prosecute former JNU student leaders in a 2016 sedition case, PTI reported. The court said the time being taken to approve the prosecution had wasted judicial time.Earlier in the day, the Delhi Police had told the court that its request for sanction was still pending before AAP Govt. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Manish Khurana adjourned the hearing in the matter to
JNUSU Polls: 'United Alliance' Comes Out on Top, SFI's Aishe Ghosh Elected President
The united front of Left student organisations – SFI, AISA, AISF and DSF – swept JNUSU polls, with Aishe Ghosh being elected president on Tuesday.RSS-affiliated ABVP came second on the posts of president, vice president, general secretary and joint secretary. Congress-affiliated NSUI fielded candidate only for the post of president.The results of the polls, held on Sept.6, were announced by the election committee after the Delhi high court permitted it. The court had restricted the varsity from notifying the results following petitions by two students. Left grouping’s presidential candidate and SFI member Aishe Ghosh defeated Manish Jangid, from ABVP by bagging 2,313 votes. Jangid got 1,128 votes. Saket Moon, from DSF, was elected JNUSU vice president and he bagged 3,365 votes. He defeated Shruti Agnihotri, from ABVP by 2,030 votes in the polls that saw a 67.9% turnout. Satish Chandra Yadav from AISA was elected general secretary and he polled 2,518 votes to defeat Sabareesh PA, who got 1,355 votes. PTI
$45 billion bet on India is rapidly unravelling: Economists
After pouring $45 billion into the stock market over the past 6 years on hopes that PM Narendra Modi would unleash the country's economic potential, international money managers are now unwinding those wagers at the fastest pace on record. They've sold $4.5 billion of Indian shares since June, on course for the biggest quarterly exodus since at least 1999."The euphoria around Modi before 2014 has tapered off," said Salman Ahmed, the London-based chief investment strategist at Lombard Odier Investment Managers, which oversees about $52 billion. It's hard to fault investors for losing faith. The country's economic growth has decelerated for five straight quarters to the weakest level since early 2013, one year before Modi became PM. And the 5% headline number for the second quarter may actually understate how painful the slowdown has become. Car sales are sinking at the fastest pace on record, capital investment has plunged, the unemployment rate has surged to a 45-year-high and the nation's banking system is hamstrung by the world's worst bad-loan ratio. Monday's oil-price spike adds yet another headwind for a country that imports most of its crude. Bloomberg
Israel poll: Netanyahu and rival Gantz headed for deadlock
No clear winner has emerged from Israel's election, leaving a question mark over who will be PM, partial official results confirm. With about 60% of votes counted, the party of incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu is neck and neck with that of his centre-left main challenger.The results indicate that each will struggle to form a majority coalition with smaller parties. Netanyahu is vying to stay in power for a record fifth term. The latest results from Tuesday's vote suggest his Likud party won 31 seats, while his opponent Benny Gantz's Blue and White party garnered 32 seats, Kan public broadcaster says. A PM needs to command a 61-seat majority in Knesset. Official results have been slow to be released, with only 60% of votes counted by 12:53.They put Blue and White slightly ahead of Likud, with an alliance of Arab parties third,ultra-Orthodox Shas party fourth and Yisrael Beiteinu, a nationalist party, in fifth place. The tally does not say how this translates into seats in the Knesset. Based on these reported results, neither leader can form a majority coalition without support from Yisrael Beiteinu. That party's leader, Avigdor Lieberman, reiterated that he would only support a Govt comprising both Likud and Blue and White. However, Blue and White has ruled out sitting with Mr Netanyahu in a
Israel: United Torah Judaism open to unity Govt, but without Lapid
Israeli security guards kill Palestinian woman at West Bank checkpoint
Israeli security personnel have shot a Palestinian woman at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank who later died of her wounds. Witnesses said the woman was shot after missing a pedestrian lane at Qalandiya checkpoint separating East Jerusalem from West Bank.A video showed men with rifles confronting a woman who is several metres away and does not appear to pose any immediate threat. Middleeasteye
Poll: 61% of Palestinians want Abbas to quit
61% of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip want Mahmoud Abbas to step down, a poll has found. reported that a survey conducted by the by Palestinian Centre for Political and Polling Research between 11-14 Sept found that 50 % of Palestinians want a return to an armed intifada in light of the lack of progress in the peace process and 40% want to Palestinian Authority to be dissolved.MEMO
Tunisia: Saied, Karoui head to runoff after close call in polls
Independent candidate Kais Saied and imprisoned media mogul Nabil Karoui have advanced to a runoff after obtaining the most votes in Tunisia's Sept.15 presidential election. The official announcement by the country's electoral commission on Tuesday confirmed constitutional law professor Saied won 18.4 %of the vote while Karoui, owner of popular TV station Nessma TV, garnered 15.6 percent.Ennahdha's Abdelfattah Mourou came in third with 12.9 percent.aljazeera
Saïed announces he will visit Algeria first if he wins
Saudi joins US-led maritime coalition
Saudi Arabia said Wednesday it joined a US-led coalition to secure the Mideast’s waterways amid threats from Iran after an attack targeting its crucial oil industry. kingdom’s decision to enter the International Maritime Security Construct came ahead of a planned visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Saudi officials separately planned to share information about the weapons used to attack a Saudi oil field and the world’s largest crude oil processing plant.Australia, Bahrain and the UK have already joined the mission.AP 
Oil production to be fully restored by Sept end: Aramco CEO
Saudi Aramco will be able to fully restore production capacity by end of Sept, company’s CEO Amin Nasser said. Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq and Khurais plants were hit by drone attacks on Saturday, severely curtailing their production capacity. Global oil prices shot up by about 20% following the attack.
‘Saudi sold building where Khashoggi was killed’
Saudi Arabia has sold building housing its diplomatic mission in Istanbul where Jamal Khashoggi was killed last year, a Turkish tv said.According to Habeturk TV, building, located in upscale Levent neighbourhood, was sold more than a month ago to an undisclosed buyer for a third of its value."A new building for consulate had already been purchased in Sariyer district, which also hosts US Consulate,"it added.aljazeera
Taliban delegation arrives in Tehran to discuss peace deal
A political delegation from Afghanistan’s Taliban arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran after a visit to Russia to hold peace talks, Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced. According to Arabi21, spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi said that members of Taliban’s political bureau who are based in Qatar met with Iranian officials to discuss Afghan peace talks. Sources reported Mousavi saying that delegation visited Tehran to discuss latest developments in Afghanistan with Iranian officials, without giving more details.MEMO
Afghan: Taliban tell Trump their 'doors are open'
Taliban have said that their "doors are open" should US President Donald Trump want to resume peace talks in the future. Chief negotiator Sher Abbas Stanikzai insisted negotiation remained "the only way for peace in Afghanistan" during an interview.Stanikzai's words came a week after Trump declared the talks "dead". US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a statement condemning recent Taliban attacks, saying the group "must begin to demonstrate a genuine commitment to peace". Stanikzai dismissed American concerns, telling BBC Taliban had done nothing wrong."They killed thousands of Talibans according to them," he said. "But in meantime, if one [US] soldier has been killed that doesn't mean they should show that reaction because there is no ceasefire from both sides." "From our side, our doors are open for negotiations," he added. "So we hope the other side also rethink their decision regarding the negotiation."Stanikzai said a ceasefire between Taliban and foreign troops would have come into effect after the agreement was signed. However, no such ceasefire would have existed between Taliban and Afghan Govt forces, he said. Stanikzai said intra-Afghan talks would have started on 23 Sept, had a deal been reached, and would have included discussions about a wider ceasefire.BBC
Pakistan PM aims to restart Afghan peace talks
Pakistan PM Imran Khan said today that his Govt would try to revive Afghanistan peace talks that recently broke down between US and the Taliban.“I assure you that we will use full force so that these dialogues proceed further. It is unfortunate that these peace talks were suspended,” Khan said.“We will try our best to revive the Afghan peace process.”Reuters
Egypt sentences 148 Muslim Brotherhood men to jail
Cairo:An Egyptian court has sentenced 148 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to jail ranging from 5 to 25 years over breaking into a police station in upper Egypt's province of Minya, paper reported. Minya Criminal Court sentenced 11 of them to life sentence, which is 25 years in jail in Egypt. Another 106 received 15 years in jail.The defendants were accused of storming a police station, and setting it ablaze following the security dispersal of two Islamist sit-in in Cairo in 2013.Xinhua

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