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19 Sep. NEWS:Sunni Waqf Board denies diluting its stand in Babri Masjidcase;Personal Law Board sees plot in attempt to revive mediation process/ Kashmir: UN chief says dialogue between India, Pak is 'essential'/EU concerned over J&K curbs, Delhi to meet its chair Helsinki

19 Sept. 2019: 19 Muharram 1441: Vol: 12, No: 17
INDIA: Babri Masjid Case
Sunni Waqf Board denies diluting its stand in Babri case
 UP Sunni Central Waqf Board today denied reports that it was diluting its stand in Babri Masjid case. It said it “”unequivocally affirms its full faith in the ability and competence” of counsel Rajeev Dhawan, who is arguing for Muslim side. Dhawan is “doing a commendable job in putting forth the case of Babri Masjid,” Board chairman Zufar Ahmed Faruqi said. The Board “shall ever remain indebted to him [Dhawan].” The Board also welcomed the permission granted for mediation by the SC, arguing that a “mutually amicable settlement will be beneficial for both the communities in maintaining harmony and cordial relations.”The Board's clarification was issued a day after Mahmood Madani  led faction of Jamiat Ulama accused Faruqi of engaging in activities that raised “suspicion” in the case and warned him against entering into any “secret deals” that went against the Constitution or harmed Muslim community.thehindu
Sunni Waqf Board chief's actions suspicious: Jamiat's Mehmood Madani faction in UP
Muslim Personal Law Board sees plot in attempt to revive mediation process in Babri case
New Delhi:The Supreme Court has directed both the parties in Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi title dispute case to complete the arguments by Oct.18. The SC also made it clear that there was no bar on the parties to go for settlement of the dispute through mediation. However, All India Muslim Personal Law Board which is overseeing seven cases, cast doubts over the attempt to restart the mediation process.However, AIMPLB raised the bar of suspicion on the renewed attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiation. Board’s Babri Masjid Committee Convenor Dr SQR Ilyas expressed suspicion over the attempt to revive the mediation process in the middle of the hearing which has been closed to completion.He said it won’t serve any purpose in the backdrop of past efforts. He sees a plot in this attempt as according to him the counsels for the Babri Masjid arguing the case forcefully and strongly has shaken the faith of the Hindu parties. All the claims and arguments of Hindu parties were demolished by advocate Rajiv Dhavan, a lawyer of eminence, he added.Caravan Daily
Babri Masjid case: SC disposes contempt case against professor who threatened advocate Dhavan
The Supreme Court today disposed a contempt plea against an 88-year-old Chennai-based professor, N Shanmugham, after he expressed his regret for using objectionable language against senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan appearing for the Muslim parties in Babri Masjid case. Dhavan, appearing for the Sunni Wakf Board, had claimed that he received threats for representing the Muslim parties in Babri Masjid land dispute case. Appearing for Dhavan, senior advocate Kapil Sibal said he did not wish any punishment but a message should go to the nation. The SC said there should not be any repeated occurrences. Meanwhile, the bench has decided not to conduct hearing in post lunch session today as CJI  Ranjan Gogoi is unwell. The hearing will continue on Friday.indian express/IANS
Babri Masjid case: Historians hard pressed to wrap up in 6 weeks
New Delhi:"We were given only 6 weeks' time for the entire study. Pressure was being repeatedly exerted, so, we submitted our report without going through the excavation work done by B.B. Lal," said Suraj Bhan in his examination as an expert witness for Sunni Waqf Board before Allahabad High Court.This has been recorded in the HC order in 2010 in Ayodhya title dispute. Professor B.B. Lal conducted a more intensive and revealing study of the disputed area in 1975-76. Lal excavated the mound of the Babri Masjid. He concluded that the occupational phases of mound appear to have continued up to circa third century AD, and it represents several structural phases. In the Janmabhoomi area a massive wall of bricks was observed, which he concluded may perhaps be identified as a fortification wall. The SC on Wednesday refused to give credence to a report by 4 historians in 1991 cited by Sunni Waqf Board during the ongoing arguments on the vexed title dispute. Historians had opined that the disputed Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya was not the place of birth of Lord Ram before 1850 nor there was any proof of a temple being destroyed to construct a mosque in 1528.The SC has referred it an opinion and held back from giving it any evidentiary value. The historians are -- R S Sharma, retired professor of DU; M Athar Ali, retired professor of history in AMU and ex president of Indian History Congress; D N Jha; and Suraj Bhan, a professor of archeology in Kurukshetra University. IANS
Jamiat hails SC move to finish Ayodhya case hearing by Oct 18
Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has welcomed the Supreme Court decision to complete arguments in the Ayodhya case by Oct.18. " We are confident that in this matter too the court will dispense justice, which will be based on legal merit rather than the foundation of faith," Jamiat head Maulana Arshad Madani said. On an earlier remark of the SC that "Ayodhya controversy is solely a battle for possesion of land, which political parties have converted into a Hindu-Muslim fight," he said such controversies were a blot on Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. It should be settled legally so that in the future there was no recurrence of such type of incidents, he added.IANS
PM Modi on Ram temple: Trust the judiciary, loudmouths speaking nonsense
Speaking on the Ram temple issue for the first time after returning to the Centre for a second term, PM Narendra Modi today urged the people to trust the judiciary and asked “loudmouths” to refrain from making loose claims on the issue.Speaking at a rally in Nashik, PM Modi said, “In last 2-3 weeks, some ‘bayan bahadurs‘ and ‘badbole‘ (outspoken people) have started speaking nonsense on Ram temple. It is necessary to have respect for the Supreme Court, the matter is sub-judice there, all parties involved are presenting their case and the court is listening to them.” PM Modi said the Govt had trust in the judiciary and the Constitution on the Ram temple issue. “I am astonished where did these ‘bayan bahadur’ come from? Why are they creating obstacles? We should trust the Supreme Court, the Constitution and judiciary of India. I request these people to trust the judiciary of India, for God’s sake,” PM Modi said. indian express
Would have been better if muslim side had agreed to mediated solution”: Adityanath on Ayodhya case
UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that his Govt will respect the Supreme Court judgement on Ayodhya case and that his govt. will implement the decision of the top court. However, he rued the failure of mediation to settle the dispute and said that ‘it would have been better if Muslim side had agreed to mediated solution.”news18
Athawale: All sentiments should be considered and respected on Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid issue
Mumbai: BJP's ally RPI chief Ramdas Athawale has said that all sentiments should be considered and respected in Ram Temple issue.His remarks come a day after Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray expressed confidence in the central Govt that it will take steps to construct the Ram temple at Ayodhya soon."The way Govt is working, our hopes have increased as to the construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya. Now, there is no point in waiting anymore," Thackeray said.ANI
Kashmir: UN chief says dialogue between India, Pak is 'essential'
Saying dialogue between India and Pakistan is an “absolute essential element” for resolving the Kashmir issue, UN chief Antonio Guterres offered the services of his office if both sides seek it. He also called human rights to be respected.His remarks came ahead of UN General Assembly session where Pakistan has vowed to raise the Kashmir issue after India revoked the special status of J&K.“Well, our capacity is related to good offices, and good offices can only be implemented when the parties accept it. And, on the other hand, it relates to advocacy, and the advocacy was expressed and will be maintained,”Guterres said during a press conference. Guterres was asked by a Pakistani journalist about the situation in J&K and what will he do to bring a solution to the Kashmir issue. “I go on with a clear opinion that human rights must be fully respected in the territory, and I go on with the clear opinion that dialogue between India and Pakistan is an absolutely essential element for the solution of the problem, he said.PTI
EU concerned over J&K curbs, Delhi to meet its chair Helsinki
While European Union has expressed concern about the situation on the ground in J&K and “restrictions on fundamental freedoms”, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is scheduled to visit Finland, which is the current EU chair, from Sept.19 to 21.Jaishankar will meet his counterpart, Pekka Haavisto, and will also call on Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and PM Antti Rinne. They will hold discussions on a “broad spectrum of bilateral relations pursuant to meeting of the PMs of India and Finland in the margins of India-Nordic Summit in April 2018 in Stockholm”,MEA said. Meanwhile, in Brussels, Tytti Tuppurainen, Finnish Minister for European Affairs, gave a statement on behalf of High Representative and Vice-President Federica Mogherini at European Parliament, where she said that the tensions in the region have “increased” following India’s decision to scrap J&K’s special status under Article 370. This step has been accompanied by restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms, she said.She said India has deployed additional military and paramilitary troops in Kashmir and along LoC. “This action was presented by Indian Govt as a means to prevent violent protests,” she said.Pakistan has also deployed additional troops on its side of LoC. On both sides, the issue of Kashmir resonates strongly with “internal political dynamics”, she said. “While some of the restrictions are reportedly lifted, situation has not returned to normalcy. There have been arrests of political leaders, activists and human rights defenders,” Tuppurainen said. She said EU has been following the situation “closely”. In early Aug, Mogherini spoke on the phone with both her Pakistani and Indian counterparts. In both conversations, Mogherini underlined the importance of avoiding further escalation and stressed that dialogue between India and Pakistan through diplomatic channels is crucial. “Our position on Kashmir remains unchanged: we encourage India and Pakistan to seek a peaceful and political solution, respectful of interests of Kashmiri population on both sides of LoC. This remains the only way to solve a long-lasting dispute that for too long has caused instability and insecurity in the region,” she said. “We remain concerned about the situation on the ground, with its restrictions on fundamental freedoms. It is crucial that freedom of movement and means of communication are fully restored as well as access to all essential services,” she said.   Indian express
Protest in Brussels for lifting curfew in Kashmir                                      
A noisy but peaceful protest took place outside the European Parliament in protest at a curfew in the Indian-occupied Kashmir. About 100 Belgium-based members of JKLF gathered outside the parliament on Wednesday to demand that the curfew is lifted immediately. Protestors included women and children and were closely marshalled by police.  Diwan Ali Mushtaq, head of the Belgian branch of the party, said the curfew had caused “widespread harm” and called for its immediate
Don't go to fight in Kashmir, Imran warns Pakistanis
Pakistan PM Imran Khan warned citizens that anyone who goes to fight jihad in Kashmir will hurt the territory's cause, as anger simmers between Islamabad and New Delhi over the disputed region.Indian authorities are waiting for "any excuse" to crack down in the Himalayan region, he warned, promising again to raise the issue at UN General Assembly next week."If someone from Pakistan goes to India to fight... he will be the first to do an injustice to Kashmiris, he will be the enemy of Kashmiris," Khan said during a speech, on the border with Afghanistan."They need an excuse," he said of Indian troops. "It will provide them an excuse for torture and barbarism."Khan spoke after Pakistan fired back at Delhi's "jingoistic rhetoric" when India's foreign minister vowed to retake Islamabad's portion Kashmir. Khan has held demonstrations across the country to protest the move and will highlight the issue later this month at the UN General Assembly in New York.AFP
No chance of bilateral talks with India on Kashmir until curfew is lifted: Imran Khan
Imran Leaves for Saudi to Discuss Kashmir, Bilateral Issues: Foreign Office
 PM Imran Khan today left on a 2-day visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss bilateral and regional matters, including the Kashmir issue, with Kingdom's leadership. PM Khan will "discuss with the Saudi leadership the various dimensions of the situation in J&K, arising from India's illegal and unilateral actions of Aug,5, the Foreign Office (FO) said. FO said PM Khan has been in regular contact with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman on the Kashmir issue.PTI
Win PoK not by war but by making J&K prosperous: Governor Satya Pal Malik
Srinagar :Taking a swipe at BJP leaders and ministers who have been speaking on PoK, J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik Wednesday said he is against war to take back PoK.He said rapid development of J&K will ensure the return of PoK to India. Malik’s remarks come in the wake of statements by several BJP leaders including Union ministers — Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had said future bilateral talks with Pakistan will only be on PoK while Home Minister Amit Shah had told Lok Sabha that PoK and Aksai Chin have always belonged to India. On Tuesday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had spoken of India’s “physical jurisdiction” over PoK “one day”.Speaking at a function in J&K — it was also attended by Power Minister RK Singh — Malik said: “Over last 10-15 days, I have been seeing that many of our ministers, who don’t get a chance to speak on international issues, have been talking of attacks on PoK, how we will take back PoK, will capture PoK, that PoK is the next target. This is their thinking. I say if PoK is our next target, instead of war, we can take it back on basis of development of J&K.”indianexpress
After airspace refusal to PM Modi’s plane, MEA says Pakistan should reflect
Hours after Pakistan has rejected India’s request to allow PM Narendra Modi’s special plane to use its airspace for his visit to US via Germany, citing “current situation in Kashmir”, India expressed “regret” over the decision and said it should “reconsider its old habit” of misrepresenting the reasons for taking unilateral action.Pakistan’s Foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said, “India had requested Pak to allow Modi to use its airspace to travel to Germany on 21st Sept and return on 28th Sept. In the light of the current situation in Kashmir,India’s attitude and atrocities there, we have decided to not allow our airspace for the flight of Indian PM.” In response, MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar said,“Pak should reflect upon its decision to deviate from well-established international practice, as well as reconsider its old habit of misrepresenting the reasons for taking unilateral action.”IE
With 3 panels, J&K admin gears up for transition to UTs
As J&K transitions towards taking shape as 2 Union Territories after scrapping of its special status, Governor Satya Pal Malik-led administration is tasked with 3 key concerns —creation of a new financial architecture for 2 UTs, legislative restructuring and a massive development push.The state’s administration has constituted 3 committees to chart the necessary administrative steps and legal formalities in the run-up to Oct.31, when J&K Reorganisation Act comes into effect. The committees comprise a ‘committee for financial matters’ in the proposed UTs of J&K and Ladakh, a ‘committee for devising the modalities for functioning’ of 2 UTs and a third committee for ‘staff- related issues’ in the proposed UTs.indianexpress
Kashmir’s continuing communication blackout turns its UPSC aspirants’ dreams into a nightmare
Dozens of Kashmiri students who were preparing for the civil services examination in Delhi, considered the coaching hub for the same across the country, have been forced to cut short the same and return home due to the continuing communication blackout in the Valley. Nearly 30 distraught UPSC aspirants, mostly female, left for home weeks after the ruling dispensation did away with the special status of J&K and bifurcated the state into 2 UTs on Aug.5.Many such aspirants had enrolled themselves in various coaching centres in Delhi and had paid hefty sum of money as fees. nationalheraldindia
Apples rot in Kashmir orchards as lockdown puts economy in tailspin :Reuters
Sopore:It’s harvest time, but the market in the northern Kashmiri town of Sopore - usually packed with people, trucks and produce at this time of year - is empty, while in orchards across India’s J&K state unpicked apples rot on the branch.In one of the world’s largest apple growing regions, a weeks-old lockdown imposed after PM Narendra Modi dramatically abolished the state’s special constitutional status has cut transport links with buyers in India and abroad, fruit growers and traders say, plunging the industry into turmoil.“Everyone is scared,” a lone trader, rushing to an adjoining mosque for morning prayers, told Reuters. “No one will come.”Apples are the lifeblood of Kashmir’s economy, involving 3.5 million people, around half the population of the state.Reuters
PM Modi in Maharashtra: Have to hug each Kashmiri, create a new paradise there
New Delhi:Virtually launching BJP’s campaign for Maharashtra Assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi Thursday sought to build the narrative around J&K, saying the Govt’s pledge on building a “New Kashmir” would be taken up on mission mode.“Building a New Kashmir is our pledge which will be taken up on mission mode. We have to hug each Kashmiri, create a new paradise there,” PM Modi said while addressing a public rally at Nashik.indianexpress
Kashmiris detained over 700km away from home
India's Govt is believed to have detained thousands of people including activists, local politicians and businessmen in Indian-administered Kashmir since it stripped the region of its autonomy on 5 Aug. Many have even been moved to jails elsewhere in India. BBC Hindi's Vineet Khare visited one such prison in UP.  Kashmiris sat in a large waiting hall outside the imposing gate of the Agra Central Jail, and patiently waited their turn for a brief reunion with jailed family members.Indian security forces have transferred several hundred detainees from Kashmir to jails in other parts of India, according to media reports. Officials told BBC that more than 80 of them are being held in Agra.Agra Central Jail was heavily guarded, hot and smelly. The stink from the toilets wafted into the hall where the families sat, making the wait harder. "It's too hot. I would die here," says one of the waiting family members, smiling grimly as he wipes his sweaty face with his shirt. "Do not ask my name. We may get in trouble."BBC
ED to invoke Fugitive Economic Offenders Act against Zakir Naik; Fresh non-bailable warrant
New Delhi:In a development in the extradition process of Zakir Naik, currently based in Malaysia, the Enforcement Directorate is all set to invoke the Fugitive Economic Offenders Act against him.Sources in the probe agency have said that ED is all set to file an application before the court to declare Naik 'fugitive’ under Fugitive Economic Offenders Act.Under the act, effective action can be taken against economic offenders who have fled Indian jurisdiction. It provides for attachment and confiscation of property of fugitive economic offenders and disentitles them from defending any civil claim.If declared fugitive, the ED will have the power to attach his overseas properties. The development will also help probe agencies in extradition of Naik from Malaysia.On Wednesday, a Mumbai court had issued a fresh non-bailable warrant (NBW) against Naik in the 2016 alleged money laundering case.indiatoday
No chair, no pillow, Chidambaram to stay in jail till Oct 3
New Delhi: A special CBI court today extended former finance minister P. Chidambaram’s judicial custody till Oct.3. 74-year-old senior Congress leader, who was arrested by the investigative agency last month in connection with the controversial INX media case, was sent to judicial remand for 14 days on Sept.5. Chidambaram’s time in Tihar jail was supposed to end today. Today, however, CBI moved an application seeking an extension of judicial custody before the special court at Rouse Avenue Court Complex. Senior advocate Abishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for Chidambaram, argued that “reasonable grounds” must exist for extending judicial custody and that it should only be for four more days if granted.Singhvi also requested the court to order a medical examination of the former finance minister, who has reportedly lost weight over the last two weeks.Chidambaram also told that the court that he had “developed back pain” as he neither had a chair nor a pillow in his cell. While his lawyers were arguing for his release, Chidambaram interrupted to add, “There were chairs outside the room, I used to sit there during the day, now that too is withdrawn. Because I was using it, they have taken it away, now even the warden is without a chair.”Even as Singhvi added that he had a chair “3 days ago, now there is no chair, no pillow either”, Mehta called it “a small issue”.PTI
INX Media case: Chidambaram to stay in Tihar Jail till Oct.3 as court extends judicial custody
SC asks UP Home Sey to appear in Muslim girl's case; she challenges order to declare her marriage as void
The Supreme Court today asked UP Home Secretary to appear before it on Monday observing that the Govt has failed to file a response on a minor Muslim girl''s plea challenging Allahabad High Court order declaring her marriage as void. The SC directed the state Home Secretary to appear before the court personally, observing that the state Govt has not filed response despite being granted an opportunity. UP Govt has sought more time to file response on the plea."We are forced to compel the appearance of the state Home Secretary to appear personally before us on Monday," the bench said. The court was hearing the plea of a 16-year-old Muslim girl, who has been ordered to stay in a shelter home for women in UP, after her marriage was found to be void by the High Court.As per Islamic Law, once a female attains the age of puberty, that is 15 years, she is independent to take decisions in her life and is competent to marry any one of her own choices, the Muslim girl has said in her plea.IANS
Tabrez lynching case: Jharkhand police bring back murder charge on accused
Ranchi :Days after Jharkhand Police’s decision to drop the murder charge against 13 men accused of lynching Tabrez Ansari drew widespread outrage, Sarikela-Kharsawan police invoked the murder charge against all the accused in a supplementary chargesheet filed in the court, citing a fresh medical report.Jharkhand Police said that in the first chargesheet, “opinion on the cause of death” was kept “reserved” in the viscera report. And on invoking the murder charge under Section 302 of IPC, police said they had “additional evidence” like the opinion sought from a second medical board of directors, which opined that Ansari’s death was due to the combined effect of “injury and cardiac arrest” and that the video was not tampered with.A welder, Ansari (22) was accused of theft by a mob in Dhatkidih village of Sarikela-Kharsawan on June 18.He was tied to a pole and forced to chant “Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman”. Police later arrested Ansari and booked him on theft charges while doctors at Sadar Hospital declared him “fit for travel”. 4 days later, Ansari died while being rushed to hospital after he collapsed inside jail.In the first chargesheet presented to court on July 23, police had not included murder charges against the accused. Then, SP Saraikela Karthik had justified the move, saying the viscera report did not point to anything “conclusive” and that the murder was “not premeditated”.The police now said: “It is clear that in the previous chargesheet, doctors had reserved their opinion on the cause of death as per post mortem report received by police. After viscera report was received, doctors said that death was due to cardiac arrest.”indianexpress
Tweet on Savarkar: Court directs police to inquire into complaint against Congress, Gandhis
Mumbai :A metropolitan magistrate’s court has directed Mumbai Police to conduct an inquiry into a private complaint which has sought defamation charges against Congress president Sonia Gandhi and leader Rahul Gandhi for tweets on Veer Damodar Savarkar.Dadar-resident Ranjeet Savarkar had filed a complaint before Bhoiwada court claiming that official handle of AICC had put out tweets on Savarkar calling him a “traitor”. The complaint claims that tweets said that Savarkar had “begged for mercy” from the then British Govt and that he wanted “to be a slave in British Raj”. The complainant claimed that real facts were not examined before the tweets were put out.The court heard oral submissions made by the complainant and directed Shivaji Park police station to conduct inquiry and submit a report accordingly. Indianexpress
NSA Doval ready with India’s new military doctrine
India’s Defence Planning Committee (DPC), headed by NSA Ajit Doval, is expected to submit National Security Strategy (NSS), effectively the country’s military doctrine, to Govt in Oct, focusing on future war fronts, the requirement (if any) of naval expeditionary forces, and the projection of comprehensive national power.The much-awaited report has been mostly completed and some finishing touches are being put to it before its submission next month, three senior officials involved in the exercise said on condition of anonymity. The unclassified part of the report will be made public after the Modi Govt or Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) accepts the fundamental document defining the Indian military posture. DPC was formed in April 2018, but the report was held up pending the announcement of a new post of chief of defence staff (CDS), the single point military adviser to the Govt. While the defence ministry is tight-lipped about the report, the draft NSS is expected to define India’s position on no first use (of nuclear weapons) in the current context as well as other red lines that could lead to strategic escalation.HT
In new military doctrine readied by Doval, India’s stand on star wars
IB busts ISI honey-trap used in luring Indian personnel
New Delhi: In a major breakthrough, Indian intelligence agencies have busted a "call centre" being run by the ISI of Pakistan in Jhelum city, 116 km from Islamabad.The call centre, a major counter-intelligence hub of ISI, aimed at targeting Indian Army and Govt officials in honey-traps, was being operated with help of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited(PTCL).ISI-backed call centre was using Indian SIM cards, seized by Pakistan customs from Indian travelers, mostly women, visiting their relatives in Pakistan. Over 100 Indian SIM cards have been traced as Delhi Police along with the police of a few other states launched a nationwide investigation into a sensational honey-trap scandal. Indian SIM cards of female Indian travelers were used to camouflage identities of Pakistani women operating from call centres located across the border.Through Indian SIM cards and fake Indian IDs were created in Facebook bearing names like Sangeeta Mishra, Ayesha Roy, Nita Singh etc. Pakistani girls engaged by the call centre were especially trained in speaking fluent Hindi. With the help of ISI handlers, these girls primarily searched Indian security personnel on social media platforms and later approached them. Indian officials trapped by ISI call centre, at the outset had an impression that they were chatting with Indian girls. Sources said initially the Military Intelligence got a whiff of the honey-trap scandal when few Indian security personnel got involved in such cases on Facebook and other social media platforms. Later when Indian mobile numbers were tracked and owner of SIM cards were traced in India, the agencies became aware of ISI's notorious design to trap indian officials. Indian agencies shared its data with other state police since BrahMos Aerospace engineer Nishant Agarwal and BSF jawan Achutyanand Mishra were honey-trapped by ISI last year. IANS
India’s new wage code will push migrant labourers deeper into poverty
“I get Rs 300 for a day’s work and this is the best work I can get,” said Kamlesh*, an Adivasi migrant worker from Banswara in southern Rajasthan.For Kamlesh, this so-called best work involves 12-hour shifts, without a single day off, at a garment factory in Ahmedabad. For cleaning ash from a boiler machine while it is running in high heat, he earns Rs 9,000 a month.Although Kamlesh has been in Ahmedabad for over a decade, he continues to live in an empty lot outside the factory walls to save on rent. This allows him to send his family in Banswara some money.The landmark Code on Wages, which was passed on August 2, will have many consequences for lives and livelihoods of millions of India’s migrant workers who, like Kamlesh, perform the manual labour that powers India’s urban-centric economic growth.The Act claims to consolidate and codify four major wage-related legislations. But it dilutes or removes critical provisions for the protection of wages, marking the end of pro-worker legislation, say trade unions, workers’ organisations and experts. scroll
Slowdown: Direct tax collections now a crawl, shrink Govt’s space to cut GST
New Delhi :The impact of a slowing economy is showing up in Govt revenues with net direct tax collections in first 5-and-a-half months of 2019-20 making up just a third of the full-year target. Net direct tax collections during April 1-September 15 grew just 5% to Rs 4.4 lakh crore, suggesting Govt would have to raise more than double this amount over next 6-and-a-half months to meet the Budget estimate of Rs 13.35 lakh crore. For the full year, the Budget has targeted net direct taxes to grow 17.3%. Sept.15 is a crucial deadline for direct tax collections as it marks the second — of a total 4 — instalments for advance tax payment and by when, companies are required to pay 45% of their tax liability. Companies pay 30% and 25% of their liability in the next two installments due Dec.15 and March 15 respectively. Indianexpress
Once, in 2016, Jaitley warned of pitfalls in holding simultaneous polls
Just weeks after PM Narendra Modi first pushed for simultaneous elections at a party forum on March 19, 2016, then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said the idea “is fraught with many pit-falls”, according to the minutes of a meeting of a Committee of Ministers (CoM) obtained by Indian Express under RTI.Simultaneous polls to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies has been a constant refrain in Modi’s political discourse. Last month, he mentioned it in his Independence Day speech too. He has justified the proposal on several grounds, including a substantive cut in expenditure incurred for conducting separate elections every year.In early 2016, a CoM, set up to examine Election Commission’s proposal to purchase new EVMs and VVPAT units for Rs 5,200 crore ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls, was asked by PMO to also examine feasibility of holding simultaneous elections.At a meeting of the CoM held on April 11, 2016, Jaitley voiced his reservations. “Regarding holding of simultaneous election to Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies, FM (Jaitley) averred that this is a sphere which is fraught with many pit-falls and we should tread with abundant caution in the matter,” state the minutes of the meeting.indianexpress
Maharashtra polls: CEC says ballot paper history, voting to be conducted on EVMs
Mumbai :Voting by ballot was history and the Assembly elections in the state will be held through EVMs, said Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sunil Arora on Wednesday.“The ballot paper is history now and that may not be possible. EVM cannot be tampered with. It can malfunction like any other machine but it cannot be tampered with. It’s a standalone machine,” said Arora, while interacting with the media, on the demand of some political parties to conduct the polls through voting on ballot paper.As part of reviewing the preparedness for the Assembly polls, Election Commission (EC) held meetings with political parties, district magistrates and superintendents of police, central regulatory agencies like income tax and excise and then also held meetings with the chief secretary, home secretary, director general of police along with other senior officials.indianexpress

Modi govt all set to meet its digitisation target of over 3 lakh Waqf estates
New Delhi: The minority affairs ministry is set to meet its target to digitise over 3 lakh Waqf estates, a Govt official told ThePrint. The move will go a long way in bringing transparency and checking incidents of land grabbing.In July, Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi had announced that Modi Govt had set a target of 100 % digitisation of Waqf properties across the country in the first 100 days of assuming office.“Of 3.30 lakh Waqf estates in the country, we have been able to digitise 3.15 lakh so far. We will soon achieve our target of 100% digitisation of Waqf properties,” said a senior ministry official on the condition of anonymity.So far, the Haryana Waqf Board is the only one in the country to achieve this 100% digitisation.A single Waqf estate comprises of multiple Waqf properties and there are over 5 lakh such properties across the country, according to the official. Theprint
Tension over kidnapping incident,families flee Agra village
Agra :A day after communal tension gripped an Agra village over an alleged case of kidnapping, families are fleeing in fear.On Tuesday evening, following reports that a minor had allegedly kidnapped a minor girl from another community, a mob set shops on fire, leading to a riot-like situation.Israr (32) runs a ration shop with his brother Abrar in the main market of Semra Village in Agra’s Ehtmadpur. He said that around 5 pm on Tuesday, he heard loud noises and a mob of almost 300 people approached his shop. “We were scared to death and I somehow ran away. But they did not spare the shop. They set it on fire, causing damage worth lakhs. As they broke and looted things, they kept telling me it was time for me to leave. Since the shop is lost, we have to move out. We are not safe here,” said Israr.Several families left soon after midnight when the violence had died down, said local residents.According to police, family of a 15-year-old girl approached them when she did not return home after leaving for school on Tuesday. An FIR under section 363 (kidnapping) was registered against a minor who lives in the same colony.“Her classmates told us that she was going to school with them, but stopped near the colony where Muslims live. They proceeded to school, but she never joined. They said some boys from the colony would trouble her. We followed the legal process. It was a personal issue. We had no role to play in this riot,” said the girl’s father. Police said the girl and the boy knew each other. “FIR was filed promptly. Despite that, some people resorted to arson. About 2-3 shops caught fire. Due to timely intervention of police and PAC, further damage was avoided. The next step is to file an FIR against the rioters,” said SP (West) Rural.indianexpress
After Rumours of 'Love Jihad', UP shops, houses set on fire as minor elopes with boy of another faith
Hyderabad: 17-yr-old lynched for ‘indulging in black magic’
Hyderabad :A 17-year-old youth was lynched and his body burnt on suspicion that he was indulging in black magic. Incident occurred Wednesday at Shamirpet on outskirts of Hyderabad.Police said that K Lakshmi, 50, who was ill for nearly 5 years died yesterday afternoon. However, her family members claimed that their neighbour Boyani Anjaneyulu, an autorickshaw driver, did black magic on her.On Wednesday when Anjaneyulu went to attend the last rites of Lakshmi, her family members attacked him with axes and sickles and lynched him at the spot.“They threw the body on the same pyre as Lakshmi’s. Police got information at 9 pm and by the time we reached only ashes remained. We have collected some evidence,” official said.indianexpress
Delhi minority body serves notice to Waseem Rizvi on “Derogatory Film” about Aisha
Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a notice to UP Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi for purportedly producing a “derogatory film” on Aisha, wife of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH).In a statement issued today, the commission said, “He (Rizvi) has released an offensive trailer of the said film and has spoken publicly about his controversial project which has enraged many Muslims in the country.”The move came after the panel received complaints from a group of Delhi residents over media reports.Rizvi, who wrote and produced Ram Ki Janmabhoomi earlier this year, found himself in a controversy in July after a 17-second teaser of his upcoming film Aisha was reported to feature “inappropriate scenes”. He had denied the charge at the time. Rizvi has been directed to file a reply by 2 Oct explaining the rationale of the project, what stage it is at, and if he has obtained or applied for certification from the CBFC.The commission has also asked Rizvi to attach a CD of the trailer, a copy of CBFC certification or the application for the same, and a copy of the film’s script with names of the crew members behind it.In his letter to CBFC, DCM Chairman, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan has said, “…this is a gross insult and sacrilege of highest order which will inflame millions of Muslims not only in India but also in many countries across the world as the wife of the Prophet must not be shown in a film or even in caricature.”Requesting the body to deny certification to the “sacrilegious film”, Khan.”caravandaily
Transport strike in Delhi today against amended Motor Vehicles act; schools shut, offices declare holiday:HT
Commuters are facing problems today as transport association in Delhi and Noida have called for a strike as a protest against the penalties imposed under amended Motor Vehicles Act.Several private schools across the city are closed. Cluster, private buses, auto-rickshaws, a section of app-based cabs, trucks, grameen sevas and school vans are also off roads today, causing problems for schools.According to reports, apart from schools, several companies and industries in Noida are not working today. Transport body, comprising 41 associations and unions, called for a one-day token strike against various provisions of the amended Motor Vehicles (MV)Act.United Front of Transport Associations (UFTA), which has called for the strike, is an umbrella body representing 41 associations and unions of goods and passenger segments, including trucks, buses, autos, tempos, maxi-cabs and taxis plying in Delhi-NCR region. UFTA stated that no private commercial vehicle will be running on Delhi roads from 6 am to 9.30 pm. Many parents received messages from their children’s schools informing them that they’ll be closed today due to strike.
Himachal’s new anti-conversion law has an old provision quashed by high court
Himachal Pradesh Govt has updated an earlier anti-conversion law, increasing the quantum of punishment and adding new provisions, including one which was earlier struck down by the high court. In 2006, the Himachal Govt led by Virbhadra Singh became the first Congress-ruled state to pass an anti-conversion law. Himachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act was aimed at reported conversions done by Christian missionaries in the hill state. Soon there were reports that Christian organisations had complained about the law to the Congress High Command and later challenged the law in the High Court. Over 13 years on, the present state Govt under Jai Ram Thakur Govt has amended the law with the quantum of punishment raised from 3 to 7 years. It has also broadened the scope of the law to deal with what VHP calls “love jihad”.Late Aug, the Bill was passed unanimously with the Congress backing it in the House. Among the 8 new provisions added in Himachal Pradesh Freedom of Religion Bill 2019 is one that covers marriage done with the sole purpose of conversion.  Any marriage done for the sole purpose of conversion by a person of one religion with a person of another religion either by converting himself before or after marriage or by converting the other person before or after marriage may be declared null and void by the family court,” reads Section 5 of the Act. Meanwhile, as per Section 3, “No person shall convert or attempt to convert by either directly or indirectly, any other person from one religion to another by use of misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, inducement or any fraudulent means or by marriage, nor shall any person abet or conspire such conversion.”Christian community, however, is calling it an infringement of fundamental rights to practice religion. Human rights Activist and Christian leader John Dayal said, “This is an attempt to deny freedom of faith to a large number of people, above all demonise some religions”. indian express
IIT-Delhi creates vegan egg from plants; mock meat coming soon
New Delhi : IIT, Delhi has created a plant-based ‘egg’ and will soon launch sausages, beef, mutton, chicken, turkey from plant produce. These vegetarian or mock meat products are similar in taste to the original and are created inside labs as an ‘environment-friendly’ healthy alternative.An egg made of moong (split green gram) will be displayed during Industry Day on Sept.21 at IIT-Delhi where over 150 industry players are expected to visit. The research is being headed by Kavya Dashora, assistant professor at Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT-Delhi. “Most people who want to switch to vegetarian food stuck to meat because of its taste and protein value. We have taken care of both aspects, using normal farm produce. For the vegan egg, we have used protein isolation technology and extrusion technology for meat,” explained Dashora.indianexpress
In meeting with Amit Shah, Mamata reiterates: Don’t want NRC in Bengal
New Delhi :West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee today raised the issue of exclusions in NRC in Assam. She also said there was no need for NRC in Assam.“We have handed over a letter where we have said that of the 19 lakh people who have been excluded in the NRC in Assam, there are many Bengali-speaking people. There are Hindi speaking as well, our Gurkha brothers and sisters are also there, some local Assamese too. We have said, whichever genuine voter has been left out should get an opportunity in a manner that they feel they are very much Indian. So we have discussed issues related to NRC, ” Banerjee said.When asked if the issue of NRC in Bengal was discussed she said, “Home Minister said nothing about NRC in Bengal. Our stand is clear that there is no need for NRC in Bengal. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has also said there is no need for NRC in his state. So we discussed issues related to Assam NRC only.” Indianexpress
NHRC notice to Assam govt, police chief over 'torture' of three sisters
NHRC has issued notices to the Assam Govt and the DGP over reports of a woman and her two sisters being allegedly stripped and tortured inside a police station in Darrang.Reportedly, the incident happened while they were being interrogated by police in connection with a case of their brother, who had, allegedly, eloped with the girl of a different religion, the rights panels said."The NHRC has taken suo motu cognisance of media reports that a woman and her 2 sisters were allegedly stripped and tortured inside a police station in Darrang district of Assam," the NHRC said in a statement.PTI
Jharkhand’s BJP Govt promotes ‘paid news’, offers ₹15000 per report besides pension to journalists
BJP Govt in Jharkhand has offered a windfall to journalists working in the state. All they need to do is to write ‘positive’ reports about the Govt and rake in as much as Rs 15,000 per report for their effort.While print and video reports will be vetted by the Govt, the responsibility of getting them published or aired would be with the journalist concerned. Once they submit pre-approved report to the state’s Public Relations Department, Govt would make the payment. The offer, publicised by way of an advertisement which was uploaded on the department’s website as well, mentions that after scrutiny of proposals, which were to be submitted by Sept.16, 30 applicants would be shortlisted by the Govt for the largesse. There is no clarity, however, how long the offer would continue and whether the same journalist will be allowed to write multiple ‘positive’ reports and get paid by the Govt.There is radio silence on the advertisement in the local media. Attempts to elicit reactions from editors and journalists drew a blank. Nobody was ready to comment on or criticise the brazen attempt to promote ‘Paid News’ on record.nationalheraldindia
Unnao Case: Court Asks UP Govt About Steps to Relocate Rape Survivor, Family
A Delhi court has directed the UP Govt to file a report on possible measures that can be taken to relocate Unnao rape survivor, currently admitted at AIIMS, and her family to a safe place there or in a neighbouring state, after CBI informed that they faced the highest threat level.District judge Dharmesh Sharma issued a notice to the chief secretary of the UP Govt to file a report within a week on the steps that could be taken to relocate the rape survivor, her mother, two sisters and brother to a safe place.PTI
Personal liberty precious to Constitution: Court after granting bail to Shabbir Ahmad Lone
New Delhi :Observing that “personal liberty is of precious value to our Constitution and a person should be presumed to be innocent till he is proved guilty after facing trial”, a Delhi court granted bail to Shabbir Ahmad Lone, who was accused by the ED of being involved in terror activity in a money laundering case.Lone was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police on July 27, 2007. He was accused of being a member of the LeT. He was sentenced by a Delhi court in 2012 to 6 years in prison after he was found guilty of possessing a pistol. The court had at the time acquitted him under sections 121, 121-A/122 of IPC and sections 17, 18 and 20 of UAPA Act. Special Cell had at the time claimed to have recovered 280 US dollars from Lone, following which the ED registered a PMLA case in 2009.While granting bail on Wednesday, Special Judge Anurag Sain noted, “Object of bail is to secure attendance of accused in the trial and bail cannot be withheld as a punishment. Further, except the cases involving punishment of death or imprisonment (for) life, judicial discretion should always be exercised by the court in favour of granting bail and unless there are exceptional circumstances brought to the notice of the court which might defeat proper investigation or fair trial, the court shall not decline grant of bail.” indianexpress
Israeli Gantz party says no to Netanyahu-led unity govt after results from deadlocked election
Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, has rejected an offer by PM Benjamin Netanyahu to join forces in a governing coalition under the incumbent.Gantz, Netanyahu's main opponent in Israel's general election, told reporters he should be the PM in a broad unity Govt.With more than 97 %of the vote counted, the centrist Blue and White party has 33 seats, while Netanyahu's Likud party is behind with 31, falling way short of the majority figure of 61.Gantz, a former army chief, made remarks after Netanyahu called for them to join together in a unity Govt as results from Tuesday's deadlocked election showed neither with an obvious path to form a majority coalition.Moshe Yaalon, a senior Blue and White party leader, said on Thursday his party "will not enter a coalition led by Netanyahu". Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving PM, said he was "surprised and disappointed" by the party's rejection of the offer. Earlier, President Reuven Rivlin, who is tasked with approving a new Govt, welcomed Netanyahu's overture."I congratulate you, PM, on your joining in this call. This is an important call," Rivlin said in a speech attended by Netanyahu and Gantz.Netanyahu said earlier today he had been calling for the creation of a right-wing Govt but the results of the election proved that will not be possible."The people did not fully decide between the two blocs," Netanyahu said of his and Gantz's parties."Now I call on you, Benny Gantz, we have to create a wide-based unity Govt today. The people expect from us to be responsible, to cooperate, and that's why I'm calling on you Benny," he added.On Wednesday, Gantz said he hoped for a "good, desirable unity Govt", but had ruled out forming one with a Netanyahu-led Likud, citing looming corruption charges against the PM, who denies any wrongdoing. Arab Joint List, an alliance of 4 smaller parties representing Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, has become the third-largest bloc with 12 seats.Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu is expected to win 9 seats.During his campaign, Netanyahu pledged to annex illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, and last week promised to "apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea immediately" if he won the election.There are about 4.8 million Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.Gantz, who made similar pledges in the past, had called for pursuing peace with the Palestinians, and has remained largely silent on US-sponsored so-called Middle East peace plan - the details of which are expected to be rolled out following the formation of the Israeli Govt.aljazeera
Analysis | Is the reign of ‘King Bibi’ over?
Israel Police violate pact to reduce operations in Issawiya
Israeli police have reneged on an agreement made with local residents and leaders in Issawiya, occupied East Jerusalem, resuming aggressive raids in recent days.According to human rights group Ir Amim, after “a modest drop in police presence and altercations with area residents for approximately one week” at the beginning of the month, “hostile police incursions by para-military forces resumed Sept.7 for no apparent reason”. Ir Amim added, since 12 Sept“[Israeli] paramilitary forces have been operating daily in the neighbourhood and have employed severe measures, including the use of stun grenades and tear gas in confined spaces.”
Iran warns of 'all-out war'; Saudi says oil attacks 'unquestionably sponsored by Iran, Pompeo supports
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that any military attack by US or Saudi Arabia against his country would result in an "all-out war"."I am making a very serious statement that we don't want war; we don't want to engage in a military confrontation ...But we won't blink to defend our territory," Zarif said today.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was in Saudi in the wake of the drone attacks on its oil plants last weekend, backed Riyadh's "right to defend itself" and said that Iran's behaviour would "not be tolerated"."The Saudis were the nation that was attacked. It was on their soil. It was an act of war against them directly," he told reporters before heading to UAE, another close US ally in the region. US has accused Iran of being behind the attack - a charge Tehran has denied and warned US it would retaliate "immediately" if targeted over the attacks. Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed the attack, saying it is over the years-long Saudi-led war there that has killed tens of thousands of people. But Saudi and US officials have pointed fingers at Iran for the attack on Aramco oil facilities at Abqaiq that knocked out half of its oil production, pushing global crude prices upwards.A Saudi defence ministry spokesman said on Wednesday there was no way the attacks could have been launched from Yemen."The attack was launched from the north and unquestionably sponsored by Iran," Saudi Colonel Turki al-Malki said. "We are working to know the exact launch point."Zarif also said that the top US diplomat was trying to delay issuing visas for the Iranian delegation to the upcoming UN General Assembly.aljazeera
Oil attacks 'unquestionably sponsored by Iran': Saudi
US supports Saudi 'right to defend itself': Pompeo
Saudi jets helping Israel strike pro-Iran militias on Syria-Iraq border
Saudi fighter jets joined Israeli ones in a recent campaign to strike pro-Iran Shia militias on the Syria-Iraq border, an unnamed western source told the Independent newspaper’s Arabic site.“Saudi fighter jets have been spotted along with other fighter jets that have attacked facilities and positions belonging to Iranian militias,” source told Independent Arabia, referring to the airstrikes on the Iranian-backed militias in Albukamal area of eastern Syria on Monday night. There were reportedly 4 airstrikes that night, in which 5 to 16 Iraqi militants were killed.It is believed that the attacks conducted by Saudi and Israeli jets targeted positions belonging to the Quds Force of the Iranian IRGC, and according to the source.MEMO
Rouhani: Saudi, UAE started war in Yemen with support of US, Israel
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Saudi Arabia and UAE, backed by the US and Israel, are the ones who started the war in Yemen and destroyed it.In remarks cited by Arab media, he said: “Yemenis did not target hospitals, schools, and markets, but targeted an industrial facility to warn Saudi.”“We do not want a conflict in the region,” he continued, “but we must ask who started the war in Yemen.”MEMO
Erdogan hints at Saudi responsibility over oil attacks
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said whoever dropped the first bomb in Yemen is the one responsible for the attack on Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, in remarks understood to point fingers at Riyadh.Speaking at a press conference on Monday with his Russian and Iranian counterparts, Erdogan said: “Who first dropped bombs on Yemen? If the answer to that question can be found, I believe we will reach the conclusion that the current point is a provocation.”Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had suggested that the attack was an act of self-defence. “The Yemeni people are exercising their legitimate right of defence… attacks were a reciprocal response to aggression against Yemen for years,” he said.MEMO
Tunisian Prez candidate Karoui to stay in jail: Lawyer
A Tunisian court has turned down a request to release jailed media mogul Nabil Karoui, who, along with academic Kais Saied, has advanced to a runoff in Tunisia's presidential election. Karoui, who was arrested in August on money laundering and tax evasion charges, finished second behind Saied in Sunday's election."The judge has refused to give a ruling, saying it was not in his jurisdiction," lawyer Kamel Ben Messoud said on Wednesday, after requesting his release the previous day.This is the third time that a court rejected an appeal to release Karoui - the court of appeals refused to pass judgement on September 3, as did the court of cassation on Sept.13, citing the same reason.aljazeera
27 Children Killed in Fire at school in Liberia, 2 Injured
Monrovia: A fire at an Islamic school in Liberia has killed at least 27 children, police said on Wednesday."The kids were learning the Koran when the fire broke out," police spokesman Moses Carter said. He added the blaze was caused by an electrical issue and that further investigations were ongoing. Carter had originally said 30 children were killed before revising the death toll down to 27. Two survivors were taken to the hospital, he said. news18
Dozens killed as Kabul, Taliban step up attacks; US-backed air raid accidentally kills 30 civilians in Nangarhar
At least 50 civilians have been killed in separate incidents, as the West-backed Afghan Govt forces and Taliban fighters have stepped up attacks since a peace deal between the armed group and US collapsed earlier this month.A US-backed air raid conducted by the Afghan security forces accidentally hit farmland in Nangarhar province killing about 30 civilians and injuring 40 others, while at least 20 people were killed in Zabul province in a suicide car bomb blast claimed by the Taliban group.Afghan officials said the drone attack on Wednesday night was aimed at destroying a hideout used by ISIL group fighters, but it accidentally targeted farmers near a field in Wazir Tangi area of Khogyani district in Nangarhar province. Sohrab Qaderi, a provincial council member in Nangarhar said a drone attack killed 30 workers in a pine nut field and at least 40 others were injured.The defence ministry in Kabul confirmed the raid, but refused to share casualty details immediately. Malik Rahat Gul, a tribal elder in Wazir Tangi, said the air raid happened at a time when tired workers, mainly daily wage earners, had gathered near their tent after harvesting pine nuts in a field nearby."The workers had lit a bonfire and were sitting together when a drone targeted them," said Gul.Earlier this month, four brothers were killed in a raid by CIA-trained and funded 02 Unit of National Directorate of Security (NDS) spy agency.Taliban fighters wanted to target a training base for Afghanistan's powerful spy agency, NDS, but parked the explosives-laden truck outside a hospital gate nearby, a defence ministry source said. The spike in Taliban attacks comes as Afghanistan prepares for the presidential election scheduled to be held on Sept.28.The Taliban has warned that its fighters will step up their campaign against the Afghan Govt and foreign forces to dissuade people from voting in the presidential election.

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