12 April 2021

'Absolutely frivolous' says top court while dismissing Wazim Rizvi's Plea Seeking Removal Of 26 Verses From Quran, imposing Rs 50,000 fine


New Delhi, 12 Apr. 2021: The Supreme Court today dismissed a writ petition filed by former UP Shia Waqf Board chairman Wasim Rizvi seeking removal of certain verses from the Holy Quran.


According to livelaw.in, a three-Judge Bench headed by Justice RF Nariman and comprising of Justice BR Gavai and Justice Hrishikesh Roy dismissed the writ petition observing, "this is an absolutely frivolous writ petition". The Court has also imposed Rs. 50000/- as costs on the petitioner for filing the petition. When the matter was taken, Justice Nariman asked the counsel if he was serious about the petition."Are you pressing the petition? Are you seriously pressing the petition?", Justice Nariman asked at the outset.


Rizvi, in his plea, alleged that certain verses in the Quran are a threat to the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of the country.  The bench was not at all inclined to entertain the matter and proceeded to dismiss it with Rs 50,000 costs, after terming the petition 'absolutely frivolous'.

11 April 2021

Renowned Indian American author and educator Dr. Abidullah Ghazi passes away in Chicago


Late Dr. Abidullah Ghazi

Renowned Indian American Islamic scholar, author, educator and poet Dr. Abidullah Ansari Ghazi today passed away in Chicago, USA.  He was born on 6th July 1936 at Anbehta, Saharanpur (UP), India. Dr Ghazi has been an educational consultant to several universities and educational institutions. He has written more than 150 Islamic educational textbooks. He was also a founder and executive director of IQRA' International Educational Foundation, US. Along with his wife, Dr. Tasneema Ghazi, he has been recognized as one of the 500 Most Influential Muslims for being a pioneer in Islamic education. Dr. Ghazi is the recipient of numerous awards, most notably the Citizen’s Award, the Ronald Regan Award, and a Certificate of Welcome from the City of Los Angeles. Qari Muhammad Tayyib was his maternal grandfather while his father Hamid al-Ansari Ghazi was the son of Muhammad Mian Mansoor Ansari, a key hero of the Indian freedom struggle ‘Silk Letter Movement’. He is survived by wife  and five children.


Soon after his death, condolence messages poured in as former Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission and author Dr. Zafarul-Islam khan said, "I am sad to know about the demise of Dr Abidullah Ghazi. He was a great son of Islam, a tall intellectual and an asset of the worldwide Muslim community. May Allah grant him maghfirat and high station in Paradise. I extend my sincere condolences to all his relatives and friends."


AMU Network in a tweet, writes: "Dr. Abidullah Ghazi - A great son of AMU died few hours ago in Chicago - Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un."




07 April 2021

Former Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Prof. Siddique Hassan laid to rest in Kerala

Courtesy: K K Suhail


New Delhi, April 07, 2021: Former Vice President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH)  and renowned social activist, Islamic scholar and inspiring leader Prof. K.A. Siddique Hassan passed away in Kozhikode, Kerala on Tuesday. Thousands of people attended his funeral prayers today in Kozhikode.

 Prof. Hassan's lasting contribution to society at large consists in pioneering the socio-educational empowerment initiatives in North and Eastern India where the minorities lead a life of economic and educational deprivation. The movement he launched in this regard - Vision 2016 through the Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) formed the backbone of institutional support for the drive. It provided schools, houses, public wells, mosques, and medical care facilities. He served as General Secretary of the Delhi-based HWF, Human Welfare Trust, Society for Bright Future (SBF), Association for the Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), and Medical Service Society (MSS). Since 2016, the project has been re-launched as Vision 2026 and is still operational. It has many projects like establishing hospitals, colleges, universities, and interest-free credit societies. Al-Shifa Hospital, Delhi is part of the HWF - Vision program.


Prof. Hassan was the former Chairman of Madhyamam, a leading Malayalam newspaper, and founder secretary of Ideal Publication Trust, publishers of Madhyamam. He had also held the position of Chairman Alternative Investment and Credit Ltd. (AICL).


Born in Kodungallur in Thrissur district, Kerala in 1945, Prof. Hassan had his education in Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College, Farook, and Islamia College Santapuram. A postgraduate in Arabic, he joined the government college teaching service and served in University College, Maharajas College, Kochi, and govt colleges in Koyilandi, Kodenchery, and Kasargod. Prof Hassan, in addition to authoring and translating various books, also was on the panel of editors of Islam Darshanam, an encyclopedic volume published by Language Institute, Kerala. He was a prolific contributor to many periodicals. He was the President of JIH Kerala, during 1995 – 2005, and later Vice-President Jamat-e-Islami Hind. Prof. Hassan had been leading a retired life at his son's home in Kovoor near here, suffering from age-related conditions. He is survived by his wife VK Zubaida, sons Faslurrahman, Sharafuddeen, Anisurrahman, and daughter Sabira.


Expressing condolences on the demise of Prof. Siddique Hassan, JIH President Syed Sadatullah Husaini has said that we have not only lost a great Islamic leader but also lost a man who in many respects was a role model for the youth of the Muslim world.


Recalling the qualities of the departed soul, Mr. Husaini said that his personality was a beautiful marquee of rare attributes such as dynamism, initiative, courage, enthusiasm, selflessness, high morale, the ability of appreciation and utilization of ability and skill, planning and foresight, long-term vision, ability to blaze new trails and evolve with time. Through these qualities, the JIH chief said that Prof. Siddique Hassan strengthened the Islamic cause in India and imparted many rare gifts. “The daily Madhyamam gave a new impetus to the voice of truth and justice in the Malayalam print media and ushered in a new era of media activism. AICL is not just an institution but the foundation of a powerful interest-free loan movement in our country. Through the HWF, a series of brotherhood and cooperation was established between the North and South India, which has now become a powerful movement. We will not forget that HWF was his brainchild. He knew the art of achieving the impossible. He inspired the leading and talented people and the numerous anonymous youth of the movement who spread in different parts of the country. The way he spotted talent and mobilized them was undoubtedly a unique ability to recognize individuals and his uncanny art of winning their hearts would help them achieve the impossible. He played a key role in creating many people who have made significant contributions to the Islamic cause and ensuring their services to it. Prof. Siddique Hassan's name is at the top of the list of elders of the movement from whom I have learned dynamism, steadfastness, perseverance, management, and good manners. He was ill for many years and removed from an active role in public life due to his illness. But even so, his existence was a source of encouragement to many like us. Now they have become a part of history but the story of his life will continue to inspire future generations. May Allah Almighty grant him the highest position in Paradise. May Allah bless him through the charity of the dozens of organizations he helped set up, and through the work of the countless individuals, he helped create. Amen!”, he added. 


In a condolence message, former chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, said, “I am pained to know of the sad demise of Prof. Siddique Hasan saheb. He was a great visionary and selfless leader. I have lost a personal friend in his departure. My sincere condolences to the HWF and the JIH family.  May Allah grant him maghfirat and high station in Paradise. Amin. Please convey my sincere condolences to JIH leaders and friends.”



Funeral prayer of Prof. Siddique Hassan held in Kozhikode. 

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