03 November 2015

03 Nov, 2015: 20 Muharram 37: Vol:7, No:16
BJP leader threatens to behead Karnataka CM if he eats beef: Indian Express  
Stoking a controversy, a local BJP leader has threatened to behead Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in public if he consumed cow meat here. Remarks were made by SN Channabasappa, ex-president of erstwhile Shivamogga City Municipal Council, during a protest organised by the local party unit against Siddaramaiah’s reported comment on beef eating last week.“How dare you lay your hands on the neck of Gomata? You are openly saying with a dictatorial attitude that you will eat cow meat… If you have the guts, you come here and eat at Gopi Circle (in Shivamogga), then, let there be no doubt that on that day, you will be beheaded,” Channabasappa said.“… Are you playing with the emotions of Hindus? Don’t do it…,” Channabasappa had warned at the meeting held yesterday. Remarks were described as “a provocative statement” by Siddaramaiah.“It is a provocative statement. I will ask the police to inquire into it. If it is true, they will definitely take action,” he said. “If I say I will eat, how will it harm majority community? Don’t we eat other kinds of meat?” he said.“…food habit is an individual’s choice and should be left to them; no one should interfere with it.By interfering and attacking one’s rights is not correct. It is against the Constitution. It is against individual liberty, it should not be done…  Indian Express  
'Will chop of Siddaramaiah's head if he dares to eat beef': Latest from a Karnataka BJP leader
Activists eat beef in public, supporting CM’s remarks
Raichur: Leaders and cadres of CPI (ML) supported CM  Siddaramaiah’s recent remarks on beef consumption by consuming beef kabab in public at a demonstration outside the office of Deputy Commissioner.“We too ask the very same question that CM recently asked: I will eat beef if I want and who are you to question me? Siddaramaiah correctly upheld the real Indian culture and tradition. It is our right to eat what we like,” R. Manasayya, CPI(ML) leader, said during the agitation. He said that beef had been the part and parcel of Indian food culture right from the beginning. They said that even the Hindu religious texts, including Vedas and Manusmriti, upheld beef as holy dish to be consumed by everyone who wanted to attain salvation. thehindu
Manipur shocker: Madrassa headmaster lynched to death for stealing cow
Imphal: In yet another shocking incident, a headmaster of the govt primary madrassa was lynched to death in Manipur. 55 year old headmaster named Md Hasmad Ali was killed allegedly for stealing cow from the neighbouring village. Reportedly the ghastly incident took place in Keirao Makting village of Imphal East district. It is being said that the area where headmaster was killed is dominated by Manipuri Muslims, known as Pangals. Police said that body of the deceased was found 5 km away from his house. Following the recovery of the body, a large number of residents of Keirao Makting village stormed the Irilbung police station demanding arrest of the culprits. Tension griped the whole area, police said. oneindia.com
Article in RSS monthly: ‘Deendayal Upadhyaya was against Hindu-Muslim unity’
Lucknow: In the middle of a raging debate over the ‘climate of intolerance’ in the country, an article in RSS mouthpiece Rashtra Dharma has claimed that Sangh ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya was against ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ and believed that issue of ‘unity’ was ‘irrelevant’ and appeasement of the Muslims. Titled “Muslim Samasya: Deendayal Ji Ki Drishti Mein”, the write-up appeared in a special edition of the Rashtra Dharma, which was released by Union Minister Kalraj Mishra in Lucknow on Sunday. This special issue of the monthly magazine is dedicated to Upadhyaya and carries articles about him and his views.Written by Dr Mahesh Chandra Sharma, the article even claimed that Upadhyaya said that “a person turns an enemy of the nation after becoming a Muslim”.According to the article, Upadhyaya also believed that while a Muslim may be good individually, he in “bad in a group”, and further a Hindu – who may be bad individually — is “good as part of a group”. The author said that the difference in the nature of the groups must be understood. Indian express
Ram not born in present-day Ayodhya: AIMPLB leader Abdul Rahim Quraishi's book
New Delhi: A book by a senior functionary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board(AIMPLB) has claimed that the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute is a relic of the British-era and that Ram was not born in present-day Ayodhya, but somewhere in northwestern India or Pakistan. AIMPLB, which is a party to the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute pending in the Supreme Court, now plans to organise meetings all across the country with Hindu leaders to “spread awareness” about the book’s “findings”. In his book Facts of Ayodhya Episode(Myth of Ram Janmabhoomi), Abdul Rahim Quraishi — assistant general secretary and spokesperson of the board  — argues that nowhere in Vedas or the Puranas is the Gangetic plain mentioned as the birthplace or the kingdom of Ram. He adds that Ram’s domain — the Sapta Sindhu — was actually the land extending from Haryana and Punjab, through Pakistan and up to the eastern fringes of Afghanistan. He also questions the Hindu belief of Ram being born in the Treta Yug. “According to the Hindu Yuga system of calculation of time, Sri Rama appeared at the end of the 24th or 28th Treta Yug and we are in the 28th cycle of Kali Yuga.This gives the period of Sri Rama approximately 18 million years ago. Nowhere in the world anything, any remains or any relic of a million years past has been found. On the basis of position of stars and constellations given in Ramayana etc experts have calculated the year of his birth as 5561 BC or 7323 BC. But in Ayodhya and other places of UP – whose names appear in Ramayana in connection with some event of Sri Rama story – no human habitation is found beyond 600 BC in the past,” Quraishi writes in his book. Citing writings by former ASI official Jassu Ram, he goes on to argue that Ram was actually born in Dera Ismail Khan district of Pakistan, in a town called Rahman Dheri, which was earlier called Ram Dheri.Speaking about the board’s plans around his book, Quraishi said: “This false story of demolition of Ram Temple for the construction of the Masjid was spread by the British to create discord between Hindus and Muslims. However, that goes against the very character of Babar. I have with me a copy of his last testament where he advised his son Humayun to abolish religious prejudices and refrain from cow slaughter, among other things. AIMPLB will hold meetings across the country with Hindu leaders to spread awareness about this matter.”Both Quraishi and Kamal Farooqui, who is also a member of the board, claimed that some of these facts had also been placed before the court.In his book, Quraishi also points out that during the reign of Akbar, Goswami Tulsidas composed Ramcharitmanas sitting in Ayodhya, with the mosque standing right before him. But he does not mention anything about the mosque being built on the relics of a Ram temple, something that would have been highly unusual if indeed it was the birthplace of the prince of Ayodhya, Quraishi argues. Indian express
VHP meet to remember Babri kar sevaks banned
Ayodhya: BJP MPs Yogi Adityanath, Vinay Katiyar and Uma Bharti cancelled their visit to Faizabad on Monday after authorities banned VHP's programme to remember karsewaks killed in police firing ahead of Babri Masjid demolition 25 years back. At least 13 people were killed in the firing as VHP supporters proceeded towards the masjid to demolish it. VHP's programme was planned to re-tell stories of the 13 under the banner of 'Kothari Bandhu Sewa Trust, established in the memory of 2 brothers, Ram Kothari and Sharad Kothari, who were among the 13 killed in the firing on Nov.2, 1990. TOI
VHP vows to build Ram temple in Ayodhya
SC observation’s to review Islamic law regarding Muslim women is legally inappropriate: AIMPLB
New Delhi: AIMPLB strongly disapproved the Supreme Court's observation in which it called for examining Islamic law to do away with discriminations against Muslim women. AIMPLB spokesman of the board, Abdul Rahul Qureshi said, "SC order is legally not appropriate because the Muslim law is an integral part of the religion. The right to freedom of religion is a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution." To a question on the right of a woman after talaq, he said that a woman is free to do second marriage once the iddat (period of waiting) is over."It is necessary to understand the concept of talaq. After talaq, a woman is free to marry another man. After talaq, second marriage for a woman is permissible. Talaq doesn't mean that she can't marry again or be locked in a room," Qureshi said, adding that 'it seems there is a misconception in the mind of our judges and others'. On controversial triple talaq system, he said, "It will not make any difference whether you practice triple talaq or single talaq. After the waiting period of single talaq or triple talaq, your wife is free. What is the difference? Where is the difference? There is no difference at all.""In fact, in the triple talaq practice, if a man feels he has taken this extreme step mistakenly, he can take back his wife during the iddat (period of waiting)," he added quickly.When asked why women's right to initiate divorce is very limited compared with that of men, Qureshi said, "If a woman wants to initiate divorce, she can approach to the Khula but talaq is only given by the man.Woman has to justify why she wants talaq. Since there are no Islamic courts, imams can be contacted for this." "Everything in Islam is governed by family and family is an institution. Each institution is headed by only one person. So it is obvious that that head of family will have some liberty," he replied when pointed out that don't you think there is a discrimination in the process. He also said that the talaq delivered through social media like WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, email or phone calls are valid. Indiatvnews
Intolerance: PM Modi deliberately silent while colleagues keep issues alive, says Arun Shourie
Former Union Minister Arun Shourie said on Monday that PM Narendra Modi’s silence on key issues amid growing intolerance in the country was a political decision aimed at winning the Bihar elections.Rejecting the BJP’s defence that the PM could not be expected to speak on every issue, Shourie told Karan Thapar in an interview: “PM is not a section officer of homoeopathy dept. He is not head of a department. He is the PM. He has to show the country the moral path.He has to set moral standards.”Pointing out that Modi finds time to tweet on events such as British PM David Cameron’s birthday, Shourie alleged that his silence on crucial issues was deliberate. “He kept silent on the Dadri incident and incidents like the killing of two Dalit children (in Haryana)…He is keeping silent while his party colleagues and ministers are keeping the issues alive,” he said. Asked whether Modi’s silence was political, Shourie said: “I think so… you can’t have it both ways. You are a very strong leader but cannot control your members.”Terming ArunJaitley’s statement that Modi was the victim of intolerance as “most dangerous”, Shourie said: “When a ruler believes or he is made to believe that he is a victim then in his mind he gets the fullest justification for vengeance. It is terrible.It will give him grounds to be vengeful.”Indian Express
Sonia submits memorandum on intolerance to President; people unhappy with PM, says Rahul
New Delhi:Congress president Sonia Gandhi submitted a memorandum to President Pranab Mukherjee expressing deep concern over the rising intolerance. Congress chief led a march of party leaders to Rashtrapati Bhavan to appeal to the president to use his constitutional powers to end the “atmosphere of intolerance”.Members of the Congress Working Committee, AICC General Secretaries and and party MPs were part of the delegation meeting the President, who sought to underline need to preserve India’s core values of diversity, tolerance,and plurality of Indian civilisation. Indian Express  
UP: HC asks CB-CID to probe Khalid Mujahid’s death in custody
Lucknow:Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court on Monday directed the Crime Branch-CID (CB-CID) to probe the death of Khalid Mujahid, who had died while he was being brought to a Lucknow jail after appearing in court in a terror case in Faizabad on May 18, 2013. On a complaint lodged by Khalid’s uncle Zaheer Alam Falahi, Barabanki police had then lodged an FIR of murder against against ex-DGP Vikram Singh, then ADG  Brij Lal, ex-ASP Manoj Kumar Jha, Deputy SP of Special Task Force Chiranjeev Nath Sinha and 37 others, including IB officials. Barabanki police has filed a closure report in the case twice in a local court. While it has been rejected once, the second report is pending before court. Additional Advocate General Zafaryab Jilani confirmed the court decision. Last year, Khalid’s uncle had moved high court for a CBI probe. This was after CBI turned down state govt’s recommendation to probe Khalid’s death. Falahi had also demanded a compensation of Rs 20 lakh from the state govt.“Division bench comprising Justice Ajai Lamba and Justice Brijesh Kumar Srivastava has directed for a CB-CID investigation into the matter,” Falahi’s lawyer Syed Farman Naqvi said.Indianexpress
ABVP drops Dadri talk after RSS rejects its ‘love affair behind lynching’ theory
Lucknow:Following “instructions” from the top RSS leaders, ABVP has dropped its plan to discuss the Dadri lynching incident during its ongoing annual state-level convention in Sitapur. Instead, the RSS wing has decided to focus on targeting the Akhilesh govt on the law and order issue and “grievances” faced by students in educational institutes in UP.On Oct.26, Indian Express had reported that ABVP would take up the Dadri incident during a discussion on “appeasement politics” on the first day of convention. Suggestions from participating youths would have been sought the next day. Report had quoted ABVP Awadh region organisation secretary Satyabhan Bhadauriya.ABVP had said it would claim that the incident was the result of “a personal dispute” as one of Mohammad Akhlaq’s two sons had “an affair with a Hindu girl” and that politicians had wrongly projected lynching as a fallout of rumours over “beef consumption”. Its claim was based on certain media reports. Sources in ABVP said following the Indian Express report, top RSS office-bearers pulled up senior ABVP leaders. Since the RSS was reportedly “not satisfied” with the ABVP’s “love affair” theory, the latter dropped issue from its agenda for the convention. It also dropped proposals related to discussion on “appeasement politics, communal harmony and terrorism.” indian express
UK filmmaker backs protest against Modi
London:Leslie Udwin, who made the critically acclaimed documentary India’s Daughter, has voiced her support for protests organised against PM  Narendra Modi during his visit to London on Nov.12. Ms. Udwin however insisted that has not been personally involved in organising any of the Modi-related protests. Recent news reports have said that she issued a “public appeal” to bring together “hundreds, if not thousands” of protesters in a demonstration outside the Wembley Stadium where Modi will address a 60,000-strong audience of UK Indians on Nov.13. “I did not personally put out such a call, but would love to see it happen.I don’t wish to disdain the objectives of those who did.I applaud them,” she said.the hindu
Modi to raise issue of radical Sikh elements with Cameron
New Delhi: When PM Narendra Modi visits the UK on Nov.12, he is likely to raise the issue of radical Sikh organisations with his counterpart David Cameron. Mr. Modi is likely to ask the authorities there to rein in Sikh television channels promoting radical sentiments among the diaspora, a senior govt official said. He is also likely to tell Cameron that there was a strong possibility of these channels being funded by ISI and a probe  should be launched by the authorities concerned. This comes in the background of resurgence of pro-Khalistan sentiments in Punjab, which witnessed State-wide protests and violence on account of desecration of holy books of the Sikhs. The hindu
RSS mouthpiece alleges JNU is housing anti-India forces
New Delhi:RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya accused the JNU of providing a home to a large chunk of anti-national groupings which have the singular aim of disintegrating India. Claiming that pro-Naxal students' unions of JNU had openly celebrated the killing of 75 CRPF personnel in an ambush at Dantewada in 2010, the RSS organ, in its cover article, stated that JNU routinely hosts anti-national activities."In 2010 when Naxals in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, killed 75 paramilitary personnel, pro-Naxal students unions of the University celebrated openly and hailed the act. And all this happened under the nose of the JNU administration," the article said.IndiaToday 
Dalit panel criticises police clean chit to V K Singh for ‘dog’ remark
New Delhi: UP Police have concluded that no case is made out against Union minister VK Singh for his "dog" remark uttered in the context of the burning of two infants in Faridabad while Delhi Police have washed their hands off the row by stating that the development was outside their jurisdiction.On Monday, the "all clear" to Singh elicited a sharp reaction from National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) which told the two police forces to lodge a case and report back on Nov.17. Senior officials deposed before the NCSC in pursuance of the notices issued to them on Oct.23. TOI
Jharkhand tribes up in arms, say no difference between RSS and Christian missionaries
Tribal gurus from Jharkhand have claimed that there is 'no difference' between Christian missionaries and the RSS, says a report in the Hindustan Times. Bandhan Tigga, Sarna dharmguru from Oraon clan, told HT that "They (RSS and missionaries) are the same. One tries to lure us, the other forces its ideologies on us". The tribes, who have been protesting against RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, say that while the missionaries want to convert them to Christianity, RSS wants to impose Hinduism on them.The tribes have also alleged that the RSS preaches casteism. "They (Hindus) are divided into Rajputs, Brahmins, Shudras, Kayastas and more. We, on the other hand, are all equal," said Laskar Soren, a Santhali tribe leader.The reactions came a day after Sarna followers in Jharkhand took to the streets against the RSS, burnt effigies of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and leader Krishna Gopal, demanding an apology from the organisation, says HT.The controversy began when RSS sah sarkaryavah Krishna Gopal claimed on the last day of RSS's executive committee meeting in Ranchi on Sunday, that all tribes were actually Hindus and 'fall under the Hindu code'. DNA/ HT
Patel thought RSS had no role in Gandhi killing
New Delhi: RSS was not involved in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination but was guilty of “distributing sweets” after the incident, India’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel believed. The Sardar — whose 140th birth anniversary was celebrated last weekend — had a nuanced take on the Sangh and the Muslim question after Partition. He accused the RSS of spreading “communal poison” but also suspected that sections of Muslims were not “loyal” to India.Patel wrote to PM  Jawaharlal Nehru on February 27, 1948, less than a month after Gandhi’s assassination, “…The RSS was not involved at all. It was a fanatical wing of the Hindu Mahasabha directly under Savarkar that hatched the conspiracy...” But he added, “His assassination was welcomed by those of the RSS and the Mahasabha who were strongly opposed to his way of thinking...But beyond this, I do not think it is possible…to implicate any other members of the RSS or the Hindu Mahasabha. RSS have other sins and crimes to answer for, but not this one.”However, Patel remained stern towards the banned RSS for months. thehindu
Centre should keep in mind some Mumbai cops have links with Dawood: Chhota Rajan
New Delhi/Bali: Arrested underworld don Chhota Rajan on Tuesday alleged that some Mumbai cops have links with Dawood Ibrahim and that the Centre must keep that in mind when he is questioned. He also alleged he's been tortured in the past by the Mumbai police."I have been tortured a lot by the Mumbai Police. They have treated me very badly," Chhota Rajan told reporters in Bali, from where his deportation is expected in two-three days.When asked whether he would like to be taken to Delhi or Mumbai, Rajan said,"It is up to the govt  to decide, but it must ensure that I get justice." TOI
Chhota Rajan likely to be deported to India tonight
Dawood's security upped, Pak army directly in charge, claims Intelligence
New Delhi: Security of Dawood Ibrahim, who reportedly keeps shuttling between safe houses in Pakistan, has been enhanced in the past one week with the Pakistan army directly overseeing arrangements, according to senior sources in the Indian intelligence establishment.  The stepped up protection for Dawood, who figures at the top of the most-wanted list of Indian fugitives based in Pakistan, comes close on the heels of a similar security upgrade for LeT boss and 26/11 plotter Hafiz Saeed and coincides with the arrest of Dawood's arch rival Chhota Rajan in Bali, Indonesia. TOI
Rajasthan town split over top cop’s crackdown in Bikaner
Jaipur: An extraordinary order issued 3 days ago by a magistrate in Sri Dungargarh, directing an Inspector-General of Police to leave the city as punishment for taking “discriminatory action… against a particular community”, has exposed sharp communal fault lines in eastern Bikaner. Additional CJM's order against the tanashah (despotic) IG Dr Girraj Lal Meena was struck down within hours by a Bikaner judge as “illegal”. But its fallout is still being felt here with some leaders alleging that Meena targeted Hindus in a crackdown following a communal clash on Oct.23, while others described the officer as a “just man”.“The people are very angry as the entire police action has been against Hindus. Children were pulled out of their homes and were beaten up worse than you would beat animals,” alleged Kishana Ram, BJP MLA from Sri Dungargarh, adding that he had requested CM Vasundhara Raje to “control the police”.“It is true that more Hindus were arrested and detained. Now, upon instructions from the CM, the entire incident is being investigated,” said State Minister for Mines Raj Kumar Rinwa, who is in charge of Bikaner. “IG is a just man. Why should anyone take action against someone who is not indulging in violence? They are calling for action against both sides but only action against the culprits is justified,” said Mohammad Iqbal Siddiqui, state secretary of the inter-faith group FDCA.When contacted, IG Meena said: “I have followed the Constitution, the Raj Dharma.”indian express
Hurriyat (M) invites Geelani, Yasin to ‘solidarity day’ function at Jamia Masjid
Srinagar: Mirwaiz Umar-led Hurriyat Conference will observe Nov.6 as ‘solidarity day’ with Muslims of Jammu province for which invitations have been sent to Huriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani and JKLF chairman Yasin Malik. In a statement issued, Hurriyat (M) said that hundreds of thousands of Muslims were massacred by communal and fascist elements in Jammu on this day in 1947. “To pay tributes to martyrs of Jammu massacre and sacrifices of people of Jammu and Chenab Valley regions to the ongoing freedom struggle, we have decided to observe Nov.6 as ‘solidarity day’, the statement read. greaterkashmir
Reach out to Pak from Srinagar, Hurriyat ready to talk: Mirwaiz to PM Modi
Srinagar: Amid expectation in Srinagar that PM  Narendra Modi will announce a long-awaited economic package when he visits the city later this week, Hurriyat leader Mirwaiz Umer Farooq has said what is more important for Kashmir is a political initiative from the Modi govt . In an interview, Mirwaiz, who is perceived to be a moderate among the separatists and leads his own faction of the Hurriyat Conference, said the Hurriyat is ready to engage with the Centre in a “meaningful” political initiative but also stressed the importance of Pakistan in any such process. He asked PM  Modi, “(like) Vajpayee, announce a hand of friendship to Pakistan from here”. “Hurriyat stands for a meaningful dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir with both India and Pakistan,” he said.Mirwaiz, who has thrown himself behind pro-Pakistan Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s call for a “million march” event at the TRC ground on the same day as the PM’s rally, said people need the money to rebuild lives, but a political initiative is more important.Indian Express
Ajmal refutes RSS' claim of rise of Muslims in states bordering Bangladesh
Guwahati: AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal criticized that the RSS wanted to create an issue out of illegal migration ahead of 2016 assembly polls after it failed to polarize the state on religious lines. RSS at its Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) Baithak in Ranchi recently passed a resolution highlighting that growth rate of Muslims has been higher than national average in the border districts of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar because of unabated infiltration from Bangladesh. RSS has also demanded reformulation of national population policy to address the demographic imbalance. Taking the case of his MP constituency Dhubri which borders Bangladesh, Ajmal argued that rise in population there is mainly because of illiteracy, poverty and social backwardness. "Dhubri was formed out of the undivided Goalpara district in 1983. The percentage of Muslims in Dhubri after carving out was 70%. Muslims of Dhubri are most backward. The rise of population is primarily due to illiteracy, poverty and social backwardness," Ajmal countered. "When failed to polarize Assam on religious lines, RSS wants nationwide debate on illegal migration ahead of 2016 assembly election," he added. TOI
SC names 4 points, including transparency, for reforms to the collegium system
New Delhi: The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that it will this week begin discussions on reforms in the collegium system of judges' appointments, in the four areas of transparency, candidates' eligibility, a complaints mechanism against candidates and the setting up of a permanent secretariat for the collegium.Eminent advocates will on Thursday begin offering the top court suggestions for reforms in these areas."We must decide the reforms issue soon," because the entire appointment of judges is held up across the country, said a bench headed by Justice J S Khehar. Timesofindia
Bihar polls: His hunt for victory modest, Owaisi’s pitch is for a party for Indian Muslims
Rahmat Parra (kishanganj): “The politics of Bihar is telling all of you to show foresight,’’ Asaduddin Owaisi told his audience in Kishanganj. “The politics of Bihar and the country tells us to note how various communities have chosen their own leaders —Yadavs have chosen Lalu Prasad; Kurmis have chosen Nitish Kumar; Bhumihars, Brahmins and all the upper castes are behind the BJP. Manjhis have declared (Jitan Ram) Manjhi their leader; Paswans have accepted (Ram Vilas) Paswan as their leader.”This has been the Hyderabad MP’s pitch in Seemanchal — to project his AIMIM as the party that will represent Muslims. The vision he describes is of freeing the community from the fight between communal and secular parties, thus making the agenda of an anti-Muslim consolidation irrelevant. “While Yadavs form 11% of the population, they were given 64 seats by maha gathbandhan. Muslims, who are 17%, were given 33 seats,’’ Owaisi told his audience, almost entirely Muslim. “Muslims are taken as bandhwa (captive) voters because the secular parties have concluded they can’t go anywhere else because of the fear of the BJP.”“Owaisi is telling the truth but our elders are so scared that they want to vote for the maha gathbandhan,’’ said Ishfaq Ahmad, a university student. “I think the only solution to Muslims’ problems is to have our own party. Let the others fight among themselves. What did we get by voting for those parties?”Owaisi’s electoral expectations are modest but the party sees itself as a serious contender in two seats, particularly Kocha Dhaman.  indianexpress
Owaisi party not anti-Hindu, but pro-dalit: Amit Paswan
Why Owaisi’s point man, Akhtar-ul-Iman, in Bihar left RJD, JD(U) to join him: Indian Express spl story
AMU backs suspended teacher
Aligarh: AMU authorities on Monday locked the chamber of Mustafa Zaidi, secretary of the teachers' association, who was earlier suspended for leading a dharna on campus. Zaidi is not the first staff member to face suspension and then the ignominy of having his chamber locked. Earlier, Hasan Mateenul Islam of the department of statistics and Nadeem Rezavi, a teacher who had called VC Lt general Zameer Uddin Shah "be aql" (foolish) on Facebook found similar treatment meted out to them. Teachers say doling out such embarrassment to members of the staff is happening with regularity under the regime of VC Shah. They contend that these are means of curtailing dissent, peacefully and democratically expressed.  TOI
Rajasthan: Highest school dropout rates among Muslims, SCs/STs
Jaipur: Children of scheduled caste/scheduled tribes and Muslim communities in Rajasthan are the worst affected in cases of school dropouts, a report of a joint survey by district information system for education (DISE) and independent bodies has revealed. The survey report was presented by educationalist Ganesh Nigam at the two-day national consultation on RTE organised jointly by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)and Ajit foundation on Saturday. According to the report, the annual average dropout rate at primary level for the state was at 8.39% in 2013-14 and 18.50% for the Muslim community. hindustantimes
Urdu words in FIR can leave you in a linguistic tizzy,claims Times of India report
New Delhi: Filing an FIR may have become easier over the years, but what you write in it can leave both you and the policemen in a bit of a linguistic tizzy. The main reason is the customary use of Urdu/Persian words while registering an FIR. It begins at the outset with the "bayanajaane" (a compound Urdu-Persian word for statement, description or expression) of the "tehreer" (complainant) being taken down. Contents usually follow with an average of six more similarly confusing words.
Historian Pathak to return Padma, cites ‘intolerance’
New Delhi:The list of artistes and intellectuals returning their awards got another entry on Monday with noted historian and writer from Uttarakhand, Shekhar Pathak, announcing his decision to give up his Padma Shri. indianexpress
Masked men kill 2 Gujarat BJP leaders
Surat: 2 BJP leaders were shot dead by masked gunmen in Gujarat’s Bharuch district Monday. The victims have been identified as Shirish Bangali (60), a former president of BJP’s Bharuch unit, and Pragnesh Mistry (32), a general secretary with the party’s youth wing. indianexpress
India's N-programme among largest in developing nations: US report
Washington: Stating that India has "one of the largest nuclear power programmes" among developing nations, a US-based thinktank said by the end of 2014 India had enough weapon-grade plutonium to possess an estimated stock of atomic weapons in the range of 75-125. "An estimate of India's nuclear arsenal can be derived by considering its weapon-grade plutonium stock. The resulting estimate has a median of 138 nuclear weapons equivalent with a range of 110 to 175 weapons equivalent," a report released by Institute for Science and International Security said. PTI
Kerala mosque celebrates 18th century Hindu martyr
Malappuram: At a time when the country witnesses cases of religious intolerance, this mosque in Malappuram continues to be as an epitome of communal harmony. Kunhelu, a Hindu martyr was buried at Valiyangadi Jumammasjid here centuries ago. The mosque continues the tradition of offering special prayers at his grave even today.Kunhelu, locally revered as a legendary figure, is believed to have lost his life along with 43 Muslim warriors in a battle against the erstwhile Zamorin (ruler) of Kozhikode 290 years ago. timesofindia
‘Conspiracy to instigate riots in 2010’: Pune court quashes govt plea to withdraw criminal case against Sena leaders
Pune: Citing several loopholes, a court in Pune on Monday rejected the state govt’s application to withdraw a criminal case against Shiv Sena leader Neelam Gorhe and Sena president Uddhav Thackeray’s personal assistant Milind Narvekar. A wiretapped telephonic conversation between the two had revealed a criminal conspiracy to instigate riots during a bandh in Pune in 2010. On Oct.25, The Indian Express was the first to report about the application made by the state govt . Pune police had wiretapped a conversation between the two on Dec.27, 2010, and released the details of the conversation two days later. During the phone conversation, Narvekar had purportedly given instructions to Gorhe to cause violence during the Pune bandh scheduled for December 28 by stone pelting, burning public transport buses and rioting while also ensuring that media covers it. At least 30 buses were damaged and burnt during the bandh the next day and several workers of Shiv Sena and other political parties were arrested.indianexpress
Sadhvi Prachi calls Shah Rukh Khan a “Pakistani agent” for his remarks on “intolerance”
Cops smell Patidar role in Qaida, IM 'bomb threats':TOI
Ahmedabad/Vadodara: Gujarat police are now probing the possible involvement of Patidar outfits in the series of letters warning of bomb explosions across the state since a month. The bomb disposal squads, especially in Vadodara, are running from one place to another almost daily, after getting letter threatening blasts at schools, temples, trains, colleges, bus depots and railway stations. All have been hoaxes. What's more, letters have been sent in the names of terror outfits like IM, al-Qaida and Jehad Atankavad, leaving the cops rattled.
Bombay HC upholds life sentence of four for murdering Muslim couple during 1992 riots
Mumbai: Bombay High Court has upheld the conviction and life sentence awarded to four persons for murdering a Muslim couple during 1992 communal riots in Mumbai, while observing that the prosecution proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. A division bench of Acting Chief Justice VK Tahilramani and Justice AS Gadkari on 27 Oct.dismissed the appeals filed by the four convicts - Suhas Panchal, Sanjay Mandavkar, Sunil Mandavkar and Chandan Lokhande - challenging a sessions court order of Feb.2011 convicting them for murder and imposing life sentence on them.According to the prosecution, the accused, soon after the communal riots in Mumbai in December 1992, had asked Gani Shaikh and his wife Rabiya Shaikh to vacate the room he and his family were staying in at suburban Chembur or else face dire consequences.PTI
Constable murder case: SIMI leader Faizal's aide gets bail
Iran may quit Syrian peace talks: Minister
Ankara: Iran said late on Monday it would quit ongoing negotiations for a political settlement of the Syrian conflict citing disputes with Saudi Arabia, according to a statement by Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian made to the Iranian news service ISNA. Anadolu Agency  
Can’t rule out terror plot in Sinai plane crash: US intelligence chief
ISIS cannot down plane: experts
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