08 December 2016

08 Dec.2016: 07 Rabiul Awwal 1438: Vol:8, No:57
Allahabad HC observes triple talaq is "cruel", questions whether Muslim Personal law could be amended to alleviate sufferings of Muslim women:PTI
Allahabad:Observing that the judicial conscience is "disturbed", the Allahabad High Court has held that triple talaq is "cruel" and raised a question whether the Muslim Personal law could be amended to alleviate the sufferings of Muslim women. Coming down heavily on the practice, the court has held that this form of "instant divorce" is "most demeaning" which "impedes and drags India from becoming a nation"."The question which disturbs the court is - should Muslim wives suffer this tyranny for all times? Should their personal law remain so cruel towards these unfortunate wives? Whether the personal law can be amended suitably to alleviate their sufferings? The judicial conscience is disturbed at this monstrosity", a single judge bench of Justice Suneet Kumar said in a judgement passed last month."Muslim law, as applied in India, has taken a course contrary to the spirit of what the Prophet or Holy Quran laid down and the same misconception vitiates the law dealing with the wife's right to divorce", he said."The purpose of law in a modern, secular state.... is to bring about social change. The Muslim community comprise a large percentage of Indian population, therefore, a large section of citizens, in particular women, cannot be left to be governed by archaic customs and social practice under the garb of personal law purportedly having divine sanction", the court observed."India is a nation in the making, geographical boundaries alone do not define a nation. It is to be adjudged, amongst others, on the parameter of overall human development and how the society treats its women; leaving such a large population to the whims and fancies of a personal law which perpetuates gender inequality and is regressive, is not in the interest of the society and the country. It impedes and drags India from becoming a nation", the court remarked. The court observed that "divorce is permissible in Islam only in case of extreme emergency. When all efforts for effecting a reconciliation have failed, the parties may proceed to a dissolution of marriage by Talaq or by Khola"."The view that the Muslim husband enjoys an arbitrary, unilateral power to inflict instant divorce does not accord with Islamic injunctions.It is a popular fallacy that a Muslim husband enjoys, under the Quranic Law, unbridled authority to liquidate the marriage. "The whole Quran expressly forbids a man to seek pretexts for divorcing his wife, so long as she remains faithful and obedient to him", the court said in an order dated Nov. 5."The Islamic law gives to the man primarily the faculty of dissolving the marriage, if the wife, by her indocility or her bad character, renders the married life unhappy; but in the absence of serious reasons, no man can justify a divorce, either in the eye of religion or the law", the court said.The court made the observations while dismissing the petition of Hina, a 23-year-old woman, and her husband who was 30 years her senior and had married her "after effecting triple talaq to his wife". The couple hailing from Bulandshahr district in western UP  had moved the court seeking a direction to the police and Hina's mother that they stop harassing the petitioners and their safety and security be ensured.The court, however, made it clear that it was not disputing the contention of the petitioner's counsel that the couple "are adults and are at liberty to choose their own partner" and they "cannot be deprived of their right to life and personal liberty" as per the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution."Nor difference in age is an issue", the court said, adding, "What is disturbing is that the instrument of instant divorce (triple talaq) has been used for ulterior purpose (by man) for divorcing his wife....first petitioner (woman) left her family and joined the company of the second petitioner and consequently the second petitioner decided to get rid of his first wife"."The question which disturbs the court is - should Muslim wives suffer this tyranny for all times? Should their personal law remain so cruel towards these unfortunate wives? Whether the personal law can be amended suitably to alleviate their sufferings?Judicial conscience is disturbed at this monstrosity", the court noted with concern."Women cannot remain at the mercy of the patriarchal set up held under the clutches of sundry clerics having their own interpretation of the holy Quran. Personal laws, of any community, cannot claim supremacy over the rights granted to the individuals by the Constitution", the court held.Stating that it would "not like to say anything further for the reason that the SC is seized of the matter", the court added, while dismissing the petition, that "the legality of the marriage/divorce and rights of parties is kept open". PTI
Allahabad HC has not “struck down” Triple Talaq
Contrary to various news reports, the Allahabad High Court did not determine the constitutionality or the legality of the Islamic practice of triple talaq. It did, however, note that its “judicial conscience” was disturbed by the practice, which it described as a “monstrosity”.In a judgment dated Nov. 5 this year, Justice Suneet Kumar had made a number of observations on the practice, the constitutionality of which is currently under the Supreme Court’s scanner.Despite making these observations, the court did not make a ruling, noting that the Supreme Court is seized of the matter. Barandbench.com
It is just an observation by the court, not the decision; have constitutional right to appeal against it: AIMPLB
New Delhi: Reacting to the Allahabad High Court’s observation on triple talaq that this practice among Muslims is unconstitutional and violates the rights of women, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Kamal Faruqi said that ‘it is just an observation by the court, not the decision.’ Faruqui said, “Constitution gives me right to follow my religion. It’s observation by court, not decision.” He also said, “Islam is one of most progressive religions about women’s rights. Talaq is part of Sharia law, no interference should be there.” The High Court also said that no personal law board is above the Constitution. Pointing out that one has constitutional rights to appeal against any verdict if he/she is not satisfied, AIMPLB’s Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali said, “Respect HC’s verdict but we’ve constitutional right to appeal against the verdict if not satisfied. ”Firangi Mahali also said, “AIMPLB’s legal committee will study the verdict and observation and then it will file its appeal against the said verdict.” He said, “I don’t think it’s unconstitutional. If few people misuse law, you take action against them and not remove the law.” indianexpress
AIMPLB defends Triple Talaq, to appeal against verdict
It is better to divorce a woman than kill her : AIMPLB on Allahabad HC triple talaq ruling
Why Did Allahabad HC Have To Restate Triple Talaq Unconstitutional? Pragya Singh, Outlook
BJP lauds HC's 'progressive' verdict on triple talaq
New Delhi: BJP hailed the Allahabad High Court's decision on triple talaq as progressive and said that it should be welcomed by all regardless of political affiliations. BJP leader and former home secretary R.K Singh said it is a correct decision, adding one can't oppress half the population in today's time.ANI
Triple talaq- HC refuses to comment on its legality
Personal Laws Can’t Claim Superiority Over Constitutional Rights: Allahabad HC
Allahabad HC’s verdict on triple talaq should not end up like Shah Bano case: Uddhav Thackeray
'Triple talaq' a cruel and most demeaning form of divorce practised by Muslim community:Allahabad HC
AIMPLB downplays Allahabad HC ruling on triple talaq
Govt, women body welcome HC's observation on triple
'Personal law not above Constitution, triple talaq unconstitutional, violates fundamental rights of Muslim women': HC observation
Allahabad HC calls triple talaq unconstitutional; BJP, Congress hail observation
Triple Talaq unconstitutional, even Holy Quran terms practice a wrongful act: Allahabad HC
Muslim Personal Law Board slams HC's on triple talaq
Hindus get 90 days to appeal family court divorce decree
Mumbai: A warring Hindu couple now has 90 days, not 30, to file an appeal against a divorce decree granted by a family court, a full bench of the Bombay high court has held.The court ruling lays to rest divided verdicts, and means that a Hindu man or woman would now have to wait three months after a divorce decree to remarry. Provided, of course, that within this time, the losing spouse has not already challenged the dissolution of marriage and the appeal is pending.The 3-judge bench comprising Justices Naresh Patel, R D Dhanuka and Sadhana Jadhav held that time to file an appeal has to read harmoniously when provisions in two different laws were different and conflicting. The two different laws here were the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA) of 1955, which provided for 90 days to file an appeal, as amended in 2003, and the Family Courts Act of 1984 that provides only 30 days. timesofindia
Women cannot wear salwar kameez inside sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, rules Kerala High Court
The Kerala High Court today ordered that women should not be allowed to wear salwar kameez and churidars inside the famous Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, reported ANI.This comes just days after the dress norms were relaxed for women at the temple.In Nov., breaking an age-old tradition, the richest Hindu temple in the world put churidars on the allowed list, against the opinion of chairman of the temple administrative committee, K Haripal, who wanted the present dress code maintained.The order was the outcome of a petition filed by Thiruvananthapuram native Riya Raji in the Kerala High Court seeking its intervention after her petition to the administrative committee was rejected.Earlier, to enter the shrine, women devotees had to wear a 'mundu' (dhoti) over their waist if they were attired in salwars or churidars. huffingtonpost
Punjab govt speaking the language of liquor lobby: SC on highway vends
The Supreme Court has slammed the govt s of Punjab and Puducherry for speaking in a language that was friendly to the liquor lobby and revenue-oriented than as states concerned over people’s well-being.The SC’s stinging comments came as it reserved orders on a batch of petitions for the removal of liquor vends on national and state highways since drink-driving was leading to fatal accidents on such roads.“You are speaking the language of the liquor lobby,” the SC bench  said. IANS
Alcohol prohibition promoting communal harmony in Bihar, says Nitish
Kisanganj:Terming prohibition as a “revolutionary step”, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Thursday claimed that the move has promoted communal harmony in the state, with members of all religions supporting the liquor ban. “The decision of liquor ban has further promoted communal harmony in Bihar as members of all religions are whole heartedly supporting booze ban, which is a revolutionary step,” he said addressing a ‘Chetna Sabha’ here as part of his ‘Nishchay Yatra’.PTI
Bhopal: Now MP Govt terms 8 SIMI activists slain in encounter as undertrials
http://www.freepressjournal.in/bhopal/bhopal-govt -regards-eight-simi-activists-slain-in-encounter-as-undertrials/984045
Bhopal: 8 SIMI activists, alleged to be ‘terrorist’, who were gunned down in an encounter, were mentioned as ‘undertrial’ in the govt ’s reply made in the state assembly on Wednesday. Former CM  Babulal Gour and Congress MLAs Bala Bacchan, Jeetu Patwari, Ramniwas Rawat, Arif Aqeel and Dr Govind Singh had asked the govt  to reply their questions regarding the encounter and the jailbreak of the 8 men.Jail minister Kusum Mehdele submitted her reply in the assembly that the 8 SIMI activists were the under trial.press press
Cross complaints filed after communal clash in Surat:TOI
Surat:Cross complaints have been registered on Wednesday after a communal clash in Paal area of Surat late Tuesday night. Three persons suffered stab wounds and four students of a madrasa were injured in stone-pelting during the violence, which had been sparked following a confrontation between staffers of the madrasa and a family of 35 members.2 years ago, a similar confrontation had taken place between the Gajjar family and the madrasa students over some reasons and at that time a compromise was reached. Indian express
Vadodara: At least 5 policemen injured following communal clashes in old city
Vadodara: A late night communal clash broke out in the old city area of Vadodara between two groups of different communities after midnight on Thursday. The area witnessed heavy stone pelting and the mob set afire a private car and a two wheeler. Police lobbed at least 20 tear gas shells to disperse the mob after a desi bomb was hurled at a police vehicle.According to police, the clash occurred after stones were allegedly hurled at a wedding procession that was passing through the sensitive Fatehpura area around 12.30 am. The situation escalated soon as members belonging to both communities gathered in a heated discussion and miscreants pelted stones at each other. The violence spread into the narrow by-lanes of the old city area that are divided on communal lines. indianexpress
Uri ‘terror guides’ are Class 10 Pakistani kids who strayed across, say family, school: Indian Express
New Delhi/lahore: 2 Pakistanis arrested by Army on charges of facilitating the attack on the 12 Infantry Brigade’s headquarters in Uri are Class 10 students who strayed across the LoC, the family of one and the principal of his school have told The Indian Express. The Ministry of External Affairs said the 2 had confessed to facilitating the “infiltration of a group of 4 JeM cadre who carried out the Uri army camp attack.” Faisal Husain Awan, a resident of Potha Jandgran near the village of Koomi Kote in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and his school-friend Ahsan Khursheed, from Khilayana Khurd in Muzaffarabad’s Hattian Bala tehsil, were arrested on Sept. 21, three days after the attack which claimed the lives of 19 soldiers. Both these villages are an hour’s walk from LoC near Uri. Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum, Faisal Awan’s brother and a Lahore-based physician, says the 2 were at home on Sept.17, the date GPS data recovered from the terrorists by the National Investigation Agency and published by this newspaper last week, shows the Uri terrorists crossing LOC. “I don’t want any controversy or recrimination,” says Tabassum,“which is why I hadn’t contacted the media. I am his older brother, and I am supposed to protect him. I do not know what to do. I can only hope someone powerful in India reads our story and sends these boys home.”
Govt welcomes Hurriyat invite for tourists to Kashmir but BJP slams move
The Hurriyat Conference’s invite to tourists and pilgrims to visit the Kashmir Valley received conflicting responses from the BJP and its govt at the Centre, with the former dismissing it as absolute hypocrisy and the latter hailing the “initiative”. 2 factions of Hurriyat Conference and JKLF, which have been spearheading the 5-month-long unrest in Kashmir, had in a surprise joint statement invited tourists and pilgrims to visit the Valley to enjoy the traditional hospitality of its people while promising them safety. Tourism minister Mahesh Sharma welcomed the initiative by the separatist groups and said New Delhi was prepared to see that the tourism industry flourishes in the Valley. “Tourism will change the shape of the Valley and will bring glory back...as a tourism minister I welcome their initiative and, of course, other calls will be taken by the govt  of India,” Sharma said here.Kiren Rijiju, minister of state for home affairs, said J&K was a “very very important” sector and everybody should promote tourism there. “If there is peace in the Valley, tourism will flourish there and if tourism increases, it will economically benefit the state and its people. Promotional tourism is absolutely necessary to revive the economy because it is a very important part of their social life,”Rijiju said.But BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav expressed doubts over the separatists’ intentions. Madhav termed it as “absolute hypocrisy” on part of the Hurriyat leadership. HT
TN:Vandals hurl stones at mosque after clash
Vellore: Tension gripped Melvisharam for over 7 hours after members of Muslim community staged a road blockade, refusing the funeral procession of a 90-year-old Dalit woman to pass through a public street to a burial ground on Palar bank, here on Wednesday.Frayed nerves were soothed after hectic negotiation by the police and revenue officials. A heavy cordon of security personnel escorted the procession to the burial ground by 7.30pm.Sources said that road blockade was a fallout of an alleged act of vandalism, wherein a group of youth from Thanjavuran Colony allegedly pelted stones at a mosque in Melvisharam after a clash over a bike accident. newindianexpress
What about Muslims, asks Cong. Will discuss later, says Maharashtra govt
Raising the issue of Maratha reservation in the legislative assembly, BJP's Ashish Shelar on Wednesday pointed out that about 85% of Marathas had an annual income below Rs 25,000 and hence needed quotas.However, the Congress demanded that the govt  should discuss Muslim reservation along with the issue of Maratha quota. The demand was rejected by the speaker.Congress's Naseem Khan, Amin Patel, Aslam Shaikh rushed into the well of the House and demanded that the govt  announce reservation for the Muslim community. Other members also joined them in the well. CM  Devendra Fadnavis said that the govt  was ready to discuss the Muslim issue on another day. Shelar pointed out that the Maratha community is eligible for quotas in Karnataka."The Karnataka govt  submitted an affidavit before the court. Subsequently the court sanctioned the reservation to the community. Like Karnataka, BJP govt in Maharashtra is also gathering evidence to prove that the community is backward," said Shelar.TOI
Muslims of India cannot prosper without leadership transformation: Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan
Riyadh;Addressing a huge gathering of NRIs in Riyadh, an eminent journalist and author said Muslims in his country cannot prosper without leadership transformation.Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, editor-in-chief of Milli Gazette newspaper, also accused the present govt led by PM Narendra Modi’s NDA of vigorously working to “saffronize” the secular fabric of the country.Referring to the growing incidents of communal violence in the name of ghar wapsi, love jihad and gau raksha, Khan said since Modi came to power aggressive Hidutva fascism has been at its peak and is ruling the country.The program, organized by Indian Friends Circle. Prominent members of the Indian community including Dr. Nadeem Tarin, Husain Zulqarnain, Murshid Kamal Jamayee, Mohammad Qaiser, Mohammad Akram and Shabbir Nadvi.Dr. Hafeezur Rahaman Falahi, president of IFC, presided over the proceedings. saudigazette
Sheila Dikshit son-in-law Imran in HC against wife, cops
Agra/new Delhi/gorakhpur: Syed Mohammad Imran, the son-in-law of former Delhi CM  Sheila Dikshit, Wednesday moved the Delhi High Court seeking contempt of court action against senior police officers for “vexatiously and illegally” arresting him after an FIR was filed against him by his estranged wife Latika. He has also sought contempt of court action against Latika.The plea alleges that the police had “brazenly” violated the procedure for arrest laid down by the Supreme Court by not giving him notice of investigation required under provisions relating to matrimonial disputes, and had lodged a “false” FIR under provisions of cheating, theft and misappropriation of property even though the “genesis of the complaint” relates to a matrimonial dispute.He said police acted at the behest of his wife, who is from an “influential political family”. indianexpress
Over 1,900 parties in India, 400 never fought polls: EC
New Delhi: Politics seems to be ingrained in Indians as the country has the largest number of political parties in the world, over 1,900 according to chief election commissioner Nasim Zaidi, but over 400 of them have never contested any election. Zaidi suspected that these could be conduits for turning black money into white . timesofindia
Sadiq Jamal encounter: Spl CBI court rejects brother’s application seeking further probe
Ahmedabad:A special CBI court on Thursday rejected an application moved by Shabbir, brother of Sadiq Jamal Mehtar, seeking further investigation into the encounter killing of his brother in 2003 by a team of Gujarat police officers. He had alleged that the CBI is not investigating the role of then politicians and senior police officers responsible for the encounter.Shabbir had moved this application in 2013 days after CBI filed its first chargesheet in this case against eight policemen, including “encounter specialist” Tarun Barot, in Dec., 2012. Barot was reappointed as DSP, HQRS, Western Railway, Vadodara on a year’s contract on Oct.13 almost two years after his superannuation. indianexpress
India sees huge spike in 'honour' killings: aljazeera
India has registered an almost 800 % rise in the number of killings in the name of "honour" reported last year, according to figures presented in parliament.Indian police registered 251 cases of honour killings in 2015, compared with 28 cases reported in 2014 when the govt  began counting them separately from murder, according to a statement this week by Junior Home Minister Hansraj G Ahir to India's parliament.
Tablighi Jamaat India head Maulana Saad Kandhalvi has gone astray, must repent, says Deoband: Ummid.com
Deoband (UP): Accusing Tablighi Jamaat India head Maulana Saad Kandhalvi of perversion, misinterpretation of Islamic Shariah and insulting prophets and messengers of Allah, renowned Muslim seminary Darul Uloom Deoband in a decree issued on Tuesday said he has gone astray and must repent without any delay. “It is our religious duty to warn Muslims especially those associated with Tablighi Jamaat about Maulana Saad Kandhalvi who due to lack of knowledge is interpreting Quran and Sunnah in a way which is off the track and against the agreed upon and unanimous principles”, Darul Deoband said in the decree which is also posted on its website. The decree, originally drafted for clerics and circulated among them, was officially made public by the Darul Uloom and published on its website after it was leaked and went viral on the social media.Among other things, messages and comments circulated in the media alleged that Maulana Saad in his speech at recently held Bhopal Ijtema said that Markaz Nizamuddin is the most sacred place on earth after Makkah and Madinah – the two places revered by Muslims across the world. Darul Uloom citing some of the statements attributed to Maulana Saad also accused him of insulting prophets and messengers of Allah. Darul Uloom said the seminary has received complaints regarding the perverted views of Maulana Saad from various places including Bangladesh and Pakistan. Draul Uloom also said that scholars across the Indian subcontinent have expressed concerns over the way Maulana Saad is propagating his perverted and distorted views among the masses.“We can’t remain silent and a mute spectator when Maulana Saad continues to disseminate his perverted views and wrong interpretations about Islam in large gatherings”, the Darul Uloom said.“After a close analysis of his speeches we have come to the conclusion that Mualana Saad has gone astray and he must repent without any delay”, the decree said also appealing to Tablighi Jamaat seniors to take immediate corrective measures to save the group from going astray.“If corrective measures are not taken immediately, we fear that a large chunk of Muslims associated with Tablighi Jamaat will also go astray and off the track”, the decree said.
TN gets proxy Modi sarkar for now:ShastriRamachandaran
Rs 500 notes will not be accepted by Railways, buses, metros after Dec.10
The Centre on Thursday announced that demonetised Rs 500 notes will not be accepted by the Railways, buses or metros after Dec.10, ANI reported. The move means that the public will not be able to use the discontinued notes across major transportation networks in the country. The govt  had earlier said that people could use the scrapped notes in the public transport sector till the midnight of Dec.15. scroll.in
Govt to waive service tax on card transactions up to Rs2000
New Delhi: Govt  will waive service tax on debit and credit card transactions of up to Rs 2,000 in a bid to promote digital transactions amid cash crunch following withdrawal of old Rs 500 and 1,000 banknotes.PTI
Cheaper fuel, train tickets on digital transaction; Jaitley
New Delhi:To promote cashless transaction, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced various discounts on digital payments on purchase of fuel and train tickets. Suggesting that transaction through cash has economic as well as in-built cost in a democratic set-up, the finance minister said govt is promoting payment by credit, debit cards and e-wallets. Jaitley said that the aim of demonetisation has been to move towards digital transactions. indianexpress
Note ban: Petrol, diesel to be cheaper in e-payment; Rs 10 lakh insurance for online railway booking, says FM Jaitley
HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh hits out at demonetisation drive, says it derailed economy
New Delhi:The much-respected Deepak Parekh, Chairman of HDFC did a big U-turn on his earlier stance and hit out at the demonetisation drive launched by PM Narendra Modi on high-value notes in a bid to stamp out black money and push the country onto the online payments platform. Parekh had earlier appreciated PM Modi’s decision that banned Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes. But in an interview with News18, he sounded quite skeptical about the move and its potential to script a windfall for India.Parekh said that the market and the corporate sector have been affected in major way and it might take a ‘quarter or so’ to get back to normal. And, on the day that RBI surprised everyone by keeping key rates unchanged at 6.25 % , Parekh said that he does not forsee any reduction in interest rate. During the interview, Parekh said everyone will have to wait for this quarter to find out the exact nature of the impact and added that from turnover to sales, everything has been affected. From a personal perspective Parekh said, “Practically everyone I speak to, has been impacted after Nov.8”. He also hinted at the helplessness of the corporates across the nation and said that there’s nothing more that can be done at the moment. “We want the normalcy to come back”, he said. financialexpress
Damning reports on demonetisation; The Economist, BBC journalists denied entry to RBI press briefing
The Economist magazine’s correspondent in Mumbai, Stanley Pingal, was denied entry to a press conference convened by the RBI on Wednesday. The Economist has recently published some critical on demonetisation in the magazine, which apparently irked the authorities, barring him from entering the press brief.Pingal says he was told “all media” cannot be accommodated “any more”. Responding to it, Pingal tweeted that it was a sad day for transparency in India.The Economist has published articles criticising demonetisation, which said that the currency ban was abrupt, drastic reform. It further contnded that the move was flawed and damaging for the economy.Pingal, who has been critical of new governor for not speaking to press, later tweeted that RBI spokeswoman said decision to exclude him from the conference has nothing to do with The Economist’s coverage of demonetisation. A BBC World Reporter Sameer Hashmi tweeted that even BBC has not been allowed for the press conference.In a series of tweets he condemned the move and termed the day ‘a sad day for transparency’. According to his tweets, space constraint was the official explanation he received from authority. Southlive
RBI bars Economist, BBC and others from its press conference. Why Mr Patel?
Demonetisation blues: No work or cash, over 10,000 daily wagers leave Gurgaon
Gurgaon: The demonetisation move by the Centre is turning out to be a nightmare for over 1 lakh construction workers in the city. Labour department sources said that 10,000-12,000 daily wage workers have already left Gurgaon.In the absence of work and cash, a majority of the seasonal workers are struggling to make ends meet.HT
70% vegetables going waste, prices nose-dive
Unnow: Known otherwise for causing traffic bottleneck, the New Sabzi Mandi along Unnao-Kanpur bypass has only a handful of takers these days. As wasted fruits and vegetables fill the area and raise a stink, estimates show that at least 60-70% of the produce is going waste because supply chain has been disrupted by cashlessness.TOI
Kashmir: Gunmen break into J&K Bank branch, flee with Rs 13.38 lakh
Unidentified gunmen looted a J&K Bank in Aarihal area of Pulwama district on Thursday. The gunmen fired several rounds before fleeing with nearly Rs 13.38 lakh, reported PTI.Of the total amount taken by the miscreants, Rs 2.23 lakh were in scrapped, reported ANI.scroll.in
Demonetisation Helped the Cause of 'Indian Culture': RSS-aligned Outfit
CM Fadnavis to meet Jaitley, demand withdrawal of money deposit ban on DCCBs
Demonetisation deaths: UP govt to give Rs 2-lakh compensation to kin of ‘victims’
http://scroll.in/latest/823615/demonetisation-deaths-up-govt -to-give-rs-2-lakh-compensation-to-kin-of-victims
Foreign missions warn of action, say cash curbs breach Vienna Convention
Demonetisation May Lead To At Least 400,000 Job Cuts Across Various Sectors: Report
WB: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind protests demonetisation
Kolkata: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind on Thursday termed as "hasty" the demonetisation move of the Narendra Modi-led central govt and said it would hold demonstrations demanding solution from the present "economic mess"."It is a hasty decision without an adequate back up plan. We will hold demonstrations asking for a solution from the present economic turbulence," Jamaat's West Bengal unit President M. Nuruddin told media persons here."The marginalised and minority community in the nation are mostly working class people who used to deal in cash. It is thoughtless of the central govt  that they are trying to create a cashless economy without creating the proper infrastructure and training those who are languishing," he said.IANS
Sales in Chandni Chowk plummet by nearly 70%
Parliament LIVE: Over 100 dead due to demonetisation, claims Congress in Rajya Sabha
US and Russia 'close' to deal on Syria's Aleppo
Russia and the US are close to reaching an understanding on Syria's Aleppo, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said. "In the past several days an intensive document exchange on the situation in Aleppo has taken place," Ryabkov was quoted as saying in the Interfax news agency on Thursday. "We are close to reaching an understanding, but I want to warn against high expectations," Ryabkov added. Kremlin said on Wednesday that a potential US-Russia deal to allow Syrian rebels to safely leave Aleppo was still on the agenda.Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was due to meet US Secretary of State John Kerry in Hamburg later on Thursday after the two diplomats held brief talks on Wednesday.Aleppo, Syria's second largest city, has been divided between govt -controlled neighbourhoods in the city's west and rebel-held areas in the east since 2012. The Syrian govt  and its allied forces reportedly control at least 3-quarters of formerly rebel-held eastern Aleppo due to a massive military assault on the besieged area. Al Jazeera
Saudi, Iran 'puppeteer' in Middle East proxy wars: foreign secretary Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson accused Saudi Arabia of abusing Islam and acting as a puppeteer in proxy wars throughout the Middle East, in remarks that flout a longstanding Foreign Office convention not to criticise the UK’s allies in public. The foreign secretary told a conference in Rome last week that the behaviour of Saudi Arabia, and also Iran, was a tragedy, adding that there was an absence of visionary leadership in the region that was willing to reach out across the Sunni-Shia divide. Johnson said:“There are politicians who are twisting and abusing religion and different strains of the same religion in order to further their own political objectives. That’s one of the biggest political problems in the whole region. And the tragedy for me – and that’s why you have these proxy wars being fought the whole time in that area – is that there is not strong enough leadership in the countries themselves.”The foreign secretary then identified Saudi and Iran specifically, saying:“That’s why you’ve got the Saudis, Iran, everybody, moving in, and puppeteering and playing proxy wars.
Turkish air strikes kill 23 IS militants in Syria- army
Turkish warplanes pounded 12 Islamic State targets in the al-Bab region of northern Syria on Wednesday,killing 23 militants, the military said. The air strikes were launched as Syrian rebels, backed by Turkish troops and firepower, besiege Islamic State controlled al-Bab as part of the three-month-old Euphrates Shield operation to push the jihadists and a Kurdish militia away from Turkey's border. Reuters
Iraqi army mistakenly bombs civilians in ISIL-held city
At least 52 people - including many women and children - have been killed when air strikes by Iraqi forces mistakenly targeted civilians gathering in the ISIL-held western city of al-Qaim, military officials told Al Jazeera.Dozens of other people reportedly waiting for their salaries outside an exchange facility and a livestock market were also wounded in Wednesday's air raid by Sukhoi fighter jets. aljazeera
IS launches overnight attack against Iraqi troops in Mosul:AP
Probe launched into Pak plane crash that claimed 48 lives
Peshawar: Pakistan International Airlines on Thursday blamed engine failure for the horrific plane crash which claimed 48 lives, even as the country's top civil aviation body launched a probe into the tragic accident.PTI
PIA plane crash at Abbottabad: Junaid Jamshed’s death shocks celebs
Pakistan plane crash: Tributes for Junaid Jamshed, wife and family pour in
Germany's top court rules Muslim schoolgirls must join swimming lessons: Reuters
Germany's highest court ruled that ultra-conservative Muslim girls must take part in mixed swimming classes at school, finding against an 11-year-old pupil who had argued that even wearing a burkini, or full-body swimsuit, breached Islamic dress codes. Reuters
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