20 September 2017

20 Sept. Evening NEWS DIGEST

20 Sept. 2017: 28 Zilhajja 1438:Vol:8, No:282
Bhopal Jailbreak: Judicial Commission Gives Clean Chit to MP Police
The judicial commission of enquiry has given a clean chit to the Madhya Pradesh police and Anti-Terrorists Squad in the infamous Bhopal encounter wherein eight alleged SIMI activists were gunned down on a hilltop at Eitkhedi village – 12 kilometer from Bhopal city – on Oct.31, 2016, after they allegedly escaped from the high-security Bhopal Central Jail. According to this report , the document prepared by the panel headed by Justice (retired) SK Pandey has “justified” the police action, given the situation that arose following the jailbreak. But it preferred to keep mum on the following unanswered questions raised that were raised after the shootout:Did the suspects receive an insider’s help in scaling the 30-feet high wall of the most secure jail of Madhya Pradesh? Why were only four out of 42 CCTV cameras installed in the jail premise not functioning on the Diwali night when the alleged jailbreak happened? (These cameras would have captured the alleged movements of the suspects)Why were the cells, in which the undertrial SIMI prisoners were lodged, left unguarded? A prahri (jail guard) was killed in cold blood. Why did the jail authorities not find it alarming?How did the prisoners get access to weapons (.315 bore and 12 bore country-made pistols and sharp edge knives)?If they had connections to get weapons, why couldn’t they get a vehicle to escape?Why did all of them move together rather than dispersing and could not go beyond 10 kilometres in eight hours?How did three cops receive knife wounds when bullets were used in the encounter? And why were the wounded policemen brought to public? The report seems to have ignored the postmortem report, that mentioned that all the entry wounds on the suspects’ bodies measured between 0.4 to 0.5 cm in diameter, which is consistent with small calibre weapons. It means that the bullets were pumped in from a close range. The police claimed the encounter party used AK47, Insas rifles and pistols. Had they been fired at from AK47 or Insas rifles, the size of the entry wounds would have bigger in diameter.The slain SIMI suspects, according to the post-mortem report, got bullet injuries either on the left and right sides of their chests, hips and backs or on their heads from a close range. This shows that the police team perhaps did not make attempt to catch the suspects alive. And they were fired at above their waists, which was in violation of the Supreme Court ruling that says that the police should fire below the waist.The judicial commission report, which can be made public after placing it in the state assembly in Winter Session in Dec., has indicted jail officials for accommodating double the number of prisoners compared to the capacity of the prison. It has also held the authorities responsible for not raising alarm even after the jail guard had been murdered.The report – submitted to the Additional Chief Secretary (general administration) Prabhanshu Kamal – approved the police theory, referring to the statements recorded by the villagers, that “fugitive” prisoners were armed and cops had asked them to surrender. But they opened fire on the police party that had surrounded them on the hilltop.Newsclick.in
Bhopal encounter: Commission submits report to Govt
Inspect mosques to check noise levels: NGT to Delhi govt
New Delhi: National Green Tribunal has directed Delhi Govt  to inspect mosques in East Delhi and check if the noise levels generated by loudspeakers during ‘azaan’ were exceeding the permissible limit.A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar asked AAP Govt  and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) to take appropriate action against them in case of violation.The counsel for various mosques submitted that they were using loudspeaker without exceeding prescribed parameters. “Counsel for respondent nos 6 to 10 and 12 (mosques) submits that they are using loudspeaker but they are not exceeding the prescribed parameters.They further state that they have no intention of disturbing the public at large or to violate the prescribed decibel standards.“Counsel for the NCT of Delhi and the DPCC submits that they would conduct the inspection to check the noise level from different masjids stated in this application and would test the ambient air quality and noise level. If noise levels are found to be exceeding the prescribed decibel, they would take action in accordance with law,” the bench said. Tribunal passed the order as it disposed of a plea by NGO Akhand Bharat Morcha alleging that illegal use of loudspeakers at such places adversely affected the health of the residents living in their vicinity.The plea had alleged that the activities of some mosques were in violation of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000. It had claimed that these places of worship were located in silent zones housing schools and hospitals and their loudspeakers surpassed the laid down decibel levels.The plea had said the residents of the area had informed the authorities, but no action was taken.“Direct the police to ensure no noise pollution is caused by the respondent mosques and that the use of loudspeaker if any is within the prescribed limits of the law,” the plea said.PTI
Durga Puja vs Muharram: Why can’t two communities celebrate together, Calcutta HC asks Mamata
New Delhi: Calcutta High Court has slammed the Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal Govt over its recent notification on Durga idol immersion. “Why can’t 2 communities celebrate together? When you (state Govt) are firm there is communal harmony in the state, why are you creating communal distinction between the 2? Let them live in harmony. Do not create a line between them. Let them live together,” court observed.Mamata Banerjee, in a notification last month, imposed barred immersion of idols after 6 PM on Sept.30 and on Oct.1 on account of Muharram. The immersions would continue from Oct.2. It later said that the immersions would be allowed till 10 PM on Sept.30.The order triggered a row with the BJP, VHP and the RSS accusing the Govt  of interfering with the rights of Hindus in order to appease Muslim voters. “…The state Govt  doesn’t have the right to decide when and how immersion will take place, it can only decide the routes for immersion. This administration, especially CM , has no confidence in herself or in her administration. That’s why she is attacking our religious beliefs and introducing restrictions. If she has so little confidence, let her seek the Centre’s help,” State BJP president Dilip Ghosh said.Mamata, however, warned the right-wing outfists against disturbing peace. She also claimed that people were being “misinformed because of a campaign carried out by certain outfits”. Maintaining that the Govt  has handled such situations for the last 5 years, Mamata said: “I ask everyone, at this time of festivity, to celebrate in peace and be responsible. Like Paramhansa Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda said… respect everyone’s religion. Muharram is an occasion of mourning, and we must respect that sentiment.” indianexpress
Contract marriage raids: Police arrest 8 Arab sheikhs in Hyderabad who wanted to ‘marry’ minor girls
Hyderabad:In a major crackdown on contract marriages racket involving old Arab sheikhs “marrying” local teenage Muslim girls, Hyderabad Police raided several guesthouses and lodges and arrested 5 Oman and 3 Qatar nationals, who were camping in the city to “marry” teenage girls.2 of them are in their 80s and walk with the help of sticks and walkers. “They were in the process of “interviewing” more than 20 minor girls when the raids were conducted at various guesthouses,” Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy said. Cops also arrested the chief qazi of Mumbai Farid Ahmed Khan who was issuing marriage certificates for contract marriages performed in Hyderabad for Rs 50,000 each. 2 other local qazis who performed fake marriages recently have also been arrested. Cops sealed several residence-cum-guesthouses in Falaknuma and Chandrayangutta area.In an elaborate operation that was started after the arrest of an Oman national on August 17 for marrying a minor, cops kept a watch at the Hyderabad Airport for sheikhs arriving from the Middle East in recent days. They followed these eight men to the various lodges and guesthouses where they checked in. As cops watched, several brokers including some women visited them and brought the girls for “interviews”. After gathering enough evidence, cops started raids last night. South Zone Police raided one private guesthouse in Chandrayangutta area just in the nick of time and rescued a 15-year-old girl who was about to be married to a 70-year-old Omani Al Mayahi Ali Issa. The raids, which started last night, were still going on. “They were in the process of selecting young girls to enter into fake marriage agreements. Brokers were bringing the girls to the guesthouses where the eight men were staying and displaying them. They have been arrested along with three brokers and three qazis who were paid to perform the marriages. The brokers have promised the girls’ parents if the sheikhs select their daughter for marriage they would pay Rs 1 lakh. The brokers take Rs 2 to 3 lakhs,” said ACPof Falaknuma Division Mohammed Tajuddin Ahmed.Besides the 8 men who have been arrested, cops took into custody several sheikhs found living in lodges.At the FK Lodge, cops found Al Sheyadi Sulaiman Khamis Salim who is also from Oman. He told police that he came to Hyderabad to marry a young girl. He came with his son and a friend.In another lodge, cops found 80-year-old blind sheikh M Abdullah who admitted that he came for a contract marriage; he would have left the bride after three weeks and returned to Muscat.Among 35 Hyderabadi brokers cops have identified so far, 25 are women. The packages — from arranging meetings with girls to accommodation to marriage — range from Rs 3 to 10 lakhs. indianexpress
NCM to approach MHA,MEA on alleged trafficking of Muslim
New Delhi:Taking note of a complaint about trafficking of Muslim women from India allegedly to Middle Eastern countries under the pretext of marriage, the National Commission for Minorities has decided to approach home and external affairs ministries seeking intervention.NCM chairman Gairul Hasan Rizvi said the panel will urge the home ministry to crack the whip on the "caucus" of people involving foreigners, local agents and also those performing religious rituals (maulanas and kazis).He also said that the commission will request the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to issue visas to citizens from the countries concerned only after more verification.Rizvi said that the panel received the complaint about trafficking of women belonging to poor families from Telangana, Maharashtra, UP  and Delhi on Sept.  15. NCM chairman said he has already spoken to authorities in the states concerned for taking necessary action.PTI
Waqf land grab exposed, biggest land scam?India Today
Custodians of sprawling waqf estates have been caught selling Muslim charitable assets -- from shrines to cemeteries -- in what possibly could be the biggest land scam in the country unearthed by India Today.Under Islamic law, a waqf is an inalienable charitable endowment for religious or humanitarian activities. Waqf properties, or auqaf as they are called, are spread over six lakh acres across the country, with an estimated market value of Rs 1.20 lakh crore, according to the minority affairs ministry. But India Today has exposed an unholy racket involved in fraudulent sale of these massive resources. The network's undercover reporters found out how a monumental fraud is being carried out right under the nose of state waqf boards, their official guardians. India Today's special investigation team first visited Qamar Ahmad, a mutawalli or caretaker of a waqf masjid and mazar, identified as property 3068, in Meerut. UP's Sunni Central Waqf Board appointed Ahmad as custodian of the charitable estate, with stringent conditions laid out on paper. India Today's special investigation team first visited Qamar Ahmad, a mutawalli or caretaker of a waqf masjid and mazar, identified as property 3068, in Meerut.Documents accessed by India Today showed Ahmad was not authorised to sell, lease out or rebuild the property without official permissions. But the caretaker, a lawyer himself, was found to be treating the huge religious endowment as his personal fiefdom, ready to barter it away for illicit cash. "Up to 800 square yards, precisely 680 square yards, will be transferred under your title," he told India Today's undercover reporters. "Can it be done right away?" asked the journalist."Yes. If you want, it can be done tomorrow itself," Ahmad insisted. He claimed he was authorized to execute both sale and lease registration of the 3068 auqaf. Ahmad then took out what later turned out to be a forged  permission letter. "We haven't issued any permission for selling any auqaf over the past 35 years. This permission letter seems to be fake," confirmed Aley Ateeq, assistant secretary of the UP Central Sunni Waqf Board, in Lucknow when he was shown a copy of the paper Ahmad flaunted to dispose of the 3068 property. But back in Meerut, Qamar Ahmad proposed to sell the 680 square yards of auqaf he supervised at Rs 1.35 crore. indiatoday
Activists meet women’s commission to investigate rights violation of Hadiya
Bengaluru: A group of activists on Wednesday met Kerala Women's Commission to press for an investigation into suspected violation of human rights of Hadiya, a woman confined to home by her parents after her marriage to a Muslim man was annulled by the court.The activists presented a letter to commission, endorsed by 120 reputed writers, academics and social workers to probe is Hadiya is facing harassment over her decision to convert from Hinduism to Islam. Livemint
Who killed 30-year-old farmer Munfaid? Father alleges it was Haryana police
Munfaid,resident of Khadkhadi village in Haryana’s Nuh district, was found dead in mysterious circumstances on 16 Sept.on Tauru-Nuh road.A farmer belonging to Meo community, Munfaid was just 30 and he is survived by his wife, a 3-year-old daughter and his parents. His father Islam Hussain and a civil society group called Citizens Against Hate, which sent a fact-finding team to Nuh, have alleged that Munfaid was killed in A fake “encounter” by CIA (Crime Investigation Agency) staff of the Haryana police. CIA staff are crime investigation units of the Haryana police crime branch. Normally, each district has several CIA units headed by a sub-inspector or assistant sub-inspector. Locals allege that CIA Staff often act in a biased manner against minority and migrant communities. The website of the Faridabad crime branch says that the main purpose of CIA staff is to tackle crime by Bangladeshi migrants and “arrest illegal Bangladeshi immigrants” which indicates that the unit does indulge in social targeting.In a written complaint to the police, Islam Hussain narrates that on the evening of 15 Sept., his son called him and his father-in-law Khurshid to village Dekadi in Nuh.There Munfaid told them that CIA staff members namely, Vikrant, Shakti Singh, Satish and Siddharth had called him to Rewari to meet them, and told Munfaid that they will close all the false cases registered against him if he does some “work” for them. “Khurshid and I advised him to do whatever they were asking him to do, if it helped us get rid of daily harassment by the police,” Islam Hussain narrates.That was the last time Hussain saw his son. The next morning, Islam Hussain was informed that his son had been shot dead at Kala Pahad ki Ghati on the Tauru-Nuh Road between 2 am and 3 am. He went to the Nuh Hospital mortuary and identified the body of his 30-year-old son.In his complaint, Islam Hussain has alleged that the above named officials of Haryana Police CIA conspired and murdered his son. catch news
Nuh encounter: A night before killing, Munfaid was called by the police to do their work, reports fact-finding team
SIO demands probe into Haryana fake encounters
Nahas Mala, President Students Islamic Organization of India has demanded a fair and impartial probe by a competent authority into the series of fake encounters in Haryana, 11 of them in the Nuh district itself the latest being that of a boy called Munfaid.Sourcing the fact-finding report of Citizens Against Hate, Mala said, “Munfaid was called upon by the police authorities asking him to become an informer in exchange for dropping all false charges against him. He was later shot dead.”The fact-finding team which visited the Nuh district just a day after the encounter has listed 15 such incidents happened in various places across the state. The team reported that Munfaid was called by the Haryana crime branch to do some of their work in return for which Munfaid was promised removal of his name from a rape case.“Justice in such cases are never delivered, Batla house encounter being the best example,” he added.TCN
Mayawati questions encounter killings in UP as figure rises to 18 while 8 of them are Muslims
Lucknow: Raising questions on the encounter killings in UP  under Yogi Govt , BSP chief Mayawati wondered if the criminals belonged to only some specific religious community or class."In the name of crime control, the blowing of trumpet over the police encounters in the last six months raises questions that do only members of a particular class or community engage in crime or are history-sheeters?" Ms. Mayawati asked.From March 20, a day after the Yogi Adityanath Govt  took oath in UP, 17 accused criminals have been gunned down in alleged police encounters.Those killed in the encounters were identified as Sunil Sharma, Jaihind Yadav, Sujit Singh, Ramji Pasi, Kasim, Sharda Kol, Atiq, Gurmeet, Shamshad, Nitin, Nadeem, Naushad, Sarwar, Ikram, Raju, Jan Mohammad, Adesh Yadav and Bawinder.Out of the 17, majority are Muslims (8), Yadavs (2) and at least two Dalits, perhaps being the basis for Ms. Mayawati's inquiry though she did not name any particular group. thehindu
JNUTA slams removal of Menon, calls it act of intimidation
JNU Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) condemned the decision of the Executive Council for the removal of Professor Nivedita Menon from Chairpersonship of the Centre for Comparative Politics and Political Theory (CCPT), School.JNUTA said that her removal is an act of intimidation and insult by the V-C of JNU solely because Menon asserted the necessity of the correct procedure, impartiality, and absolute integrity in selection committees. It said that, it is her refusal (in writing and without offending any rules of decorum) to bow down to the dictates of a quorum stacked by the V-C that earned her this penalty, which has been imposed upon her without even an intimation to her, let alone giving her a chance to defend herself. The decision to remove her chairpersonship was taken at the Executive Council meeting held on Monday. Menon said that her formal act of objecting to improprieties in the conduct of University’s Selection Committee was falsely termed as ‘insulting behaviour’ and the decision to remove her from Chairpersonship was taken. She said “I objected to some glaring improprieties in the conduct of the Selection Committee, and so did another external member.I did this formally and placed it on record. This is what is being termed as ‘insulting behaviour’.”JNUTA further said, “it understands the overall effect being aimed for is a chilling one, whereby all Chairpersons are hereby warned that they shall meet the same fate that Prof. Menon has been meted out of they object to the repeated violations of all norms in Selection Committees in particular.” Noting that some JNU teachers have earlier taken the legal route in a bid to curb the VC’s usurpation of powers in the matter of Selection Committees, the committee affirmed that it will not bow down to such dictates.“Above all, it must be realised that it is the right to question, the right to scrutinise and the right to dissent which enables an informed citizenry to scrutinise the actions of Govt. Those who are governed are entitled to question those who govern, about the discharge of their constitutional duties,” newsclick
Journalists slam Govt  ‘control’ over press
New Delhi: A number of journalists and activists on Tuesday attacked the Modi Govt  for breeding an “environment of fear” among the press.At an event titled ‘Safeguarding the Constitution:Are the Pillars of Democracy Crumbling’,panelists decried “muzzling” of the press’s freedom and the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru.“….Modi has not done even a single press conference in three years of his Govt. He likes to have one-way communication only, as through his radio address ‘Mann’ ki Baat’,”New Indian Express’ Consulting Editor Gurbir Singh said.He termed the attempted ban on NDTV channel one instance of muscle-flexing by the Govt.
Arnab Goswami’s video deleted after Rajdeep calls his bluff on Gujarat riots coverage: JantaKaReporter
Rajdeep Sardesai has called Arnab Goswami’s claims of being in trouble while covering the Gujarat genocide of 2002 ‘fekugiri’ implying that there was no truth to the latter’s claims. Hours after Janta Ka Reporter first published this report, Arnab’s video had mysteriously disappeared from the YouTube.While posting an old video of Goswami, where he’s seen narrating how he was in trouble while covering the Gujarat riots for NDTV in 2002, Sardesai wrote, “Wow! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn’t covering Ahmedabad riots!!”He added, “Fekugiri has its limits, but seeing this, I feel sorry for my profession.” Sardesai said that the incident which Goswami spoke about had indeed taken place but ‘only he wasn’t there, some of us who actually were on ground zero were.”He wrote, “Am told Arnab speech on Guj riots made to an audience in Assam when Cong in power! Am I surprised? Post truth society mein sab chalta hai!”
Madras HC stays floor test till Oct 4, rebel AIADMK leader Dinakaran says ‘justice on our side’
Chennai: Madras high court on Wednesday extended the stay on a floor test in Tamil Nadu assembly till a petition challenging the disqualification of 18 MLAs was disposed of.Though the court refused to rescind the disqualification of the 18 MLAs, its stay on the trust vote and by-elections for the vacancies is being seen as a boost to the rebel camp led by sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dinakaran. 8 of the 18 MLAs had moved the court on Monday, challenging the action against them under the anti-defection law. The dissident MLAs had challenged the Speaker’s order as ‘unauthorised’ and ‘illegal’ in their individual petitions. Dinakaran had said the Speaker move was aimed at favouring CM E Palaniswami.Justice Duraiswamy heard all the sides and gave time to all the counsels to file their replies till Oct.4 and posted the matter for that date. The final hearing in a clutch of petitions, bunched together, will be held on Oct.4.The court room was packed with a battery of legal luminaries of the country including Kapil Sibal representing DMK working president MK Stalin, who had sought court’s direction to governor to order a floor test and also challenged speaker’s notice to 21 DMK MLAs.Besides, Congress leader Salman Khurshid and senior advocate Dushyant Dave represented the Dinakaran camp, senior SC advocate Aryaman Sundaram pleaded for TN Assembly speaker P Dhanpal and former attorney general Mukul Rohtagi represented the Tamil Nadu Govt . hindustantimes
389crore Bihar dam crashes hours before launch by Nitish
Patna: Hours before its grand launch by Nitish Kumar, a portion of a Rs. 389-crore dam in Bihar crashed during a trial run and left parts of a town in Bhagalpur flooded. CM  was forced to cancel the inauguration today of the Ganga canal project that was completed after a 40-year delay.Last evening, Kumar's office cited "technical reasons" for dropping the launch of Bateshwarsthan Ganga Pump Canal Project, which has been setup to irrigate land in Bihar and Jharkhand.Ads in newspapers had announced that Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh Lallan would also be present at the event.The wall of the canal collapsed when water from river Ganga crashed into it after the pump was switched on for a trial. The water gushed into Kahalgaon village and inundated areas that are part of a thermal power project Principal Secretary of Water Resources department, Arun Kumar Singh, and top Bhagalpur officials are overseeing efforts to drain out water from the submerged areas around 3 km from the canal."Sandbags are being placed to check the flow of water," Singh told reporters. Experts blame the collapse on the negligence of officials. ndtv
Visits by Trump, Modi to Israel 'truly historic': Netanyahu
UN: He may have hosted over a hundred of world leaders to Israel this year but PM  Benjamin Netanyahu feels the visits by the US President Donald Trump and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi were "truly historic".Netanyahu mentioned this on Tuesday during his address to the UN General Assembly here.With Modi, Netanyahu said, they imagined the endless possibilities for Israel, for India and for all of humanity."I stood here last year on this podium, and I spoke about this profound change in Israel's standing around the world. Just look at what has happened since, in one year, has happened cents. Hundreds of presidents,PMs, foreign ministers, and other leaders have visited Israel, many for the first time," he said.PTI
In Varanasi, PM Modi's 'Samvad' with Muslim women called off after protests
PM  Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Varanasi, his LS constituency, for a 2-day trip starting on Sept.22.PM's itinerary included inauguration of several infrastructure projects, address to public meetings and an interaction with Muslim women.However, after the by several Muslim groups protests over the 'Samvad' session between PM Modi and women from minority community, PMO has cancelled the interaction program.According to the program, PM Modi was scheduled to hold a Samvad (an interaction) program with Muslim women from his Lok Sabha constituency.District Minority Welfare dept had issued letters to all principals and managers of various Varanasi madrassas to bring in 25 Muslim women from each seminary for participation in the Samvad with PM Program.But a teachers association of Madaris-e-Arabia, UP raised strong objection on madrassas being put under pressure by the Govt  for the Samvad.“We are not members or agents of BJP. We condemn and oppose the move by the minority welfare department to mount pressure on us for bringing Muslim women for the PM’s program,” said Haji Diwan Saheb Zama Khan, head of Madarise Arabia, UP. About 700 Muslim women were expected to participate in the program.DNA
UP: Sambhal police invoke NSA against three for ‘cow slaughter’
Lucknow:Sambhal police have invoked NSA against 3 accused who are currently in Moradabad district jail in connection with a case lodged under the UP  Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act. IO of the case, SI Raghunath Singh, said that while the district veterinary officer, who had checked the flesh recovered from the spot, confirmed it was that of a cow, a lab report on the flesh is yet to be received.A case was lodged at Baniather police station on August 3 after a police team raided Kasanpur village following a tip-off about alleged cow slaughter.3 people, identified as Qasim, Shahadat and Mesar, who belong to the same area, were arrested over the last 2 weeks.Hindu Yuva Vahini workers organised a protest over the case.indianexpress
From Wani successor to Al Badr lone wolf,J&K’s Operation All Out
Srinagar : Since the killing of Burhan Wani, in an encounter on July 8 last year, and the subsequent violence that left over 90 people, mostly civilians, dead, over 100 youth have joined militancy, according to J&K police. The result has been a sharp spike in the number of attacks on armed forces and casualties inflicted on them. In the last 10 months, however, security forces have regained some lost ground, mainly through Operation All Out, launched by the Army and police, through which they have killed 11 top commanders of the Lashkar and Hizbul Mujahideen in different parts of the Valley. indianexpress
Congress could not deliver on job creation, neither can Modi: Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday admitted that the UPA Govt had been "unable" to deliver on the 30,000 jobs it promised to create every day, but was quick to point out that it is a goal the BJP-led NDA will also fail to meet at the current rate."Those same people who got angry with us because we couldn't deliver on those 30,000 jobs (a day) are going to get angry with Mr Modi," said the Congress leader during an interaction with students and faculty at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.In fact, dissatisfaction has already set in, said Rahul."There is anger building up in India," he said.Rahul went so far as to admit that it was the Congress-led UPA's failure in the jobs arena that was directly responsible for Modi's rise." timesofindia
Arunachal protest against granting citizenship to Chakma, Hajong refugees: OneIndia News
 Itanagar:People of Arunachal have strongly contested the Centre's willingness to honour the 2015 decision of the Supreme Court to grant citizenship to Chakma and Hajong refugees in the state. In a letter to Union home minister Rajnath Singh, Khandu said the matter was of deep emotional concern and his state was not ready to accept any infringement of the constitutional protection given to the tribals of the state, an official release said. All Arunachal Students' Union has declared a statewide dawn-to-dusk strike on Tuesday, opposing Centre's move to grant citizenship to the refugees.
We’re victims of terror, not a security threat: Hindu Muslim Rohingya refugees
Nurujjaman, now staying at a camp in Naikhong Chari, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, has heard of the debate on how safe Rohingyas are for the countries where they have now taken refuge. Then he starts explaining why he is more a victim of terror than a security threat for the country where he now finds himself, much against his will.The 43-year-old reached Bangladesh on August 25 after three days of flight from Fakira Bazar, near Maungdaw town in the violence-scarred Rakhine state of Myanmar. Before that, however, he saw all five others of his family — his elderly dad, his wife and his three children — butchered as he hid himself in the bush behind the family home."How can we be a security threat?"Nurujjaman, speaking on phone from Cox's Bazar, says. "We are fortunate to be just alive."The debate on how the Rohingyas should be viewed and treated — victims of state repression or a community that poses a security threat — has been going on since the violence started in Rakhine state, long before Indian politicians started sparring on the issue. The refugees, when TOI visited the camps in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar from Sept.11 to 14, were struggling to come to terms with the various labels that were tagged on them.Zuleha Khatun was one such refugee TOI spoke to last week at Kutupalang Camp, Cox's Bazar, one of the first temporary shelters where people fleeing Myanmar flocked. She could not recognize the face that stared back from the mirror, she said; she looked in her mid-60s although she vouched she was 56. "Most of the ageing has happened since I witnessed what the Myanmarese military did to my family. The men in fatigues burnt everything in sight. My son's throat was slit and his wife was raped and then burnt alive," she recounted."They were merciless.My daughter-in-law was pregnant. She cried and pleaded but to no avail. One of them pushed her into the hut and locked it from outside. Then they set it on fire," she said.Ganga Dhar,Hindu Rohingya now at Paschim Hindupara  near Kutupalang Camp, was another woman who witnessed terror that saw Rohingya settlements being emptied out in areas like Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung on the pretext of flushing out ARSA.She saw men dressed in black run towards her village, Fakir Bazar, with guns and machetes. 27-year-old woman pulled one of her kids inside and locked the door but she knew what was happening outside: armed men slitting her husband's and brother's throats. She stayed inside for 5 days before slipping out one night and then was on the run till she reached Bangladesh.TOI
Pelting rain, relocation add to woes in Rohingya camp: AP
Rohingya crisis: Northeastern states wary of free movement pact with Myanmar
Guwahati Officials in 2 of the 4 northeastern states bordering Myanmar have said they are wary of a free movement agreement between the two countries that could burden them with Rohingya refugees, who have fled fearing persecution. HT
People supporting Rohingya refugees are murderers of secularism, patriotism: RSS leader Indresh
Lucknow: Senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar asked why isn't any Islamic nation coming forward in absorbing Rohingya refugees, and offering them their citizenship. He continued, "Those who support Rohingyas fleeing persecution in Myanmar, or ask us to give them shelter are saying that we should support the traitors, and they are murderer of secularism, constitution and patriotism. Can we teach this to our kids?" said Kumar. timesofindia
No politics or religion in govt's stand on Rohingya: BJP general secretary  Madhav
On Rohingya refugees’ return, Home Ministry says one thing but MEA said another: indianexpress
There was no report on terror threat abou: Ex Home minister Shinde about Rohingya immigrants
New Delhi: Congress leader Sushil Kumar Shinde said that during his tenure as Union Home Minister, he was not aware of any intelligence report on the involvement of undocumented Rohingya immigrants in terrorist activity in India. Shinde who took charge as Union Home Minister in July 2012 under the then UPA Govt, said that “Rohingya never troubled us”. Asked how they entered India as they were undocumented immigrants, Shinde said, “I do not remember off-hand.”thehindu
Rohingya has become emotive, highly charged term; they are Muslims from Rakhine state: Suu Kyi
Myanmar State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi, in an exclusive interview with ANI, spoke about the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis, counter-terrorism, Dalai Lama's 'Buddha to help Rohingyas' assertion and the way forward. Explaining why she does not use the word Rohingya at all in the statements,  Suu Kyi said, "Because there have been a lot of controversies with regard to the term used to describe the Muslims of the Rakhine. There are those who want to call them as Rohingyas or who want to refer the Muslims there as Rohingyas. And the Rakhines will not use any term except Bengalis, meaning to say that they are not ethnic Rakhines. And I think that instead of using emotive terms, this term has become emotive, and highly charged. It's better to call them as Muslims which is a description that nobody can deny. We are talking about the Muslim community in the Rakhine state and other terms may be applied to that community but I do not see any point in using terms that simply inflame passions further."  Dnaindia
Suu Kyi award suspended by UK union
One of Britain’s largest trade unions has suspended an award given to Aung San Suu Kyi during her time as a political prisoner, as international criticism mounts over her tepid response to Myanmar’s humanitarian crisis.The move comes as a number of British institutions say they are reviewing or removing honours bestowed on Suu Kyi during her campaign for democracy under Myanmar’s oppressive military junta. Unison, the country’s second largest trade union, announced that it is to suspend Suu Kyi’s honorary membership, and urged Myanmar’s de facto leader to do more to denounce the plight of the country’s Rohingya people.“The situation facing the Rohingya of Myanmar is appalling,” Margaret McKee, Unison’s president, told the Guardian. theguardian
Saudi university to sack all Brotherhood-linked academics
A large Saudi public university announced it would dismiss employees suspected of ties to banned Muslim Brotherhood. Activists and rights groups say security forces have rounded up some 30 clerics, intellectuals and others over the past 10 days, in what HRW has described as “a coordinated crackdown on dissent”.Authorities have not explicitly acknowledged the detentions, which come amid widespread speculation – denied by officials – that King Salman will abdicate in favour of his son as well as deepening tensions with neighbouring Qatar.The governing council of Al-Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh advised against renewing contracts for employees it said were “influenced by the ideology of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organisation”. Statement, posted online yesterday, did not name the employees or specify their number, but said they included Saudis and foreigners. The employees’ removal “aims to protect the minds of students and university employees from those deviant, partisan ideas and dangerous, destructive trends,” it added. middleeastmonitor
Saudi university to dismiss suspected Brotherhood-linked academics: reuters
Trump says Gulf crisis can be 'solved pretty quickly'
Shortly after addressing UN General Assembly, US President Donald Trump and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani met in New York to discuss the Gulf's major diplomatic crisis. US president, who called the emir "a friend", said after Tuesday's meeting that he believed the dispute would be solved quickly."We are right now in a situation where we are trying to solve a problem in the Middle East and I think we will get it solved. I have a very strong feeling that it will be solved pretty quickly," Trump told reporters. aljazeera
Qatari emir condemns 'unjust blockade' in UNGA speech
Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has said that a group of Arab countries imposing an "unjust blockade" on Qatar are seeking to destabilise a sovereign state."I stand before you while my country and my people are subjected to an ongoing and unjust blockade imposed since June 5 by neighbouring countries," Sheikh Tamim said, addressing the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. aljazeera
Egypt’s Sisi to Israel: ‘We stand with you’
In his speech at UN, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi made a passionate appeal to the people of Israel to support their PM  Benjamin Netanyahu for the sake of building peace and ending conflict.Citing Egypt’s 40-year-old peace deal with Israel as an “excellent example of coexistence”,he said “we can repeat this experience and this excellent step once again. Peace and security of Israeli citizens together with the peace and security of the Palestinians”.Addressing “Israeli public” specifically he said: “Stand behind your political leadership and support them.” “Do not hesitate,” he urged, “and do not hesitate. We are all with you for the success of this attempt and this opportunity may not present itself again.”Sisi’s comments were made in New York. Middleeastmonitor
Sisi meets Israeli PM Netanyahu at UN for first public talks
Sisi urges Palestinians to unite, co-exist with Israelis
US builds permanent military base in Israel
US established on Monday its first permanent military base in the heart of the Negev in Israel, local media reported.According to the Israeli media, the military base is located inside the Israeli Air Force’s Mashabim Air Base, west of the towns of Dimona and Yerucham.Brigadier General Tzvika Haimovitch, head of the Israeli Air Force’s Aerial Defence Command, said this demonstrates the “years-old alliance between the United States and the State of Israel.” middleeastmonitor
High-level Hamas delegation arrives in Moscow for talks
A high-level Hamas delegation arrived in Moscow on Tuesday for talks with Russian officials, according to a statement issued by the group.“The delegation includes deputy Hamas chief Dr Mousa Abu Marzouk and other leading group members,” the statement read.“Delegation members are expected to meet several Russian officials during the visit, which is aimed at strengthening our ties with Moscow,” it added.According to the statement, discussions will cover recent developments in the Palestinian political arena and a “sought-for” Russian role in the peace process. middleeastmonitor
Bahrain King denounces Arab boycott of Israel, says countrymen may visit
Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa al Khalifa has denounced the Arab boycott of Israel and said his subjects are free to visit the Jewish state. The statement by the head of the Persian Gulf country, which does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, was revealed at a multi-national event last week in Los Angeles, hosted by the city's Simon Wiesenthal Center.  At the event, Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, who head the Wiesenthal Center, revealed the king's pronouncements made to them during their visit to Manama, Bahrain's capital city, in early 2017.A walk through the city, at that time was an eye-opener, Cooper said. There was a church, with a huge cross, next to a Hindu temple, and 90 meters on an impressive mosque.Even a small synagogue, the only one in the Persian Gulf region, still stands in an older part of the city.When Hier and Cooper met with King Hamad, they also discussed the ruler’s plan to establish a Museum of Religious Tolerance in the capital city by the end of this year. jpost
Report:8000 civilians trapped for 38 days near Hama, Syria
More than 8,000 displaced civilians have been trapped for 38 consecutive days in the Wadi Al-Atheeb area, east of Hama, under a siege imposed by the Syrian regime forces.The head of Akirbat’s local council Ahmad Al-Hamawi told the Anadolu Agency that the civilians left the Akirbat village to escape the fighting between the Syrian regime forces and Daesh fighters. Al-Hamawi warned that a major humanitarian disaster was imminent if food did not enter the area soon.Civilians live in the open in Wadi Al-Atheeb, a desert area, he explained, without protection from the sun. middleeastmonitor
'Deadly air strikes' target hospitals in Syria's Idlib
At least four hospitals have been targeted by air strikes in Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, killing three people and wounding several, according to a war monitor and rescue teams.Rami Abdel Rahman, head ofUK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), said Syrian Govt  and Russian warplanes conducted the air attack on Tuesday in the countryside of Hama and Idlib.The attacks came after opposition factions led by a former al-Qaeda affiliate launched an assault on a number of Govt -held villages along the border between Idlib and Hama.The raids hit a maternity hospital in the village of al-Tah and a medical outpost in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, as well as near 2 other hospitals in Idlib province, Abdel Rahman told AFP. aljazeera
Tunisian President committed to coexistence with Ennahdha Party, attacks Hamma Hammami
Tunisian President, Beji Caid Essebsi, reiterated his commitment to working with Ennahdha Party, which, according to him, had restored Tunisia’s stability.Essebsi said that “Ennahdha Party has made great efforts separating between the preaching and the political discourse, and that, under the leadership of Rached Ghannouchi, it has taken considerable steps in the path of moderation though that is not enough.”
Earthquake kills more than 200 in central Mexico
Mexico - Fabiola Luna Rios was in her house in the southern part of this city when Tuesday's earthquake struck."This was a horrible experience," the 47-year-old told Al Jazeera as she sat with her husband, Jesus Alberto, on Obregon Avenue on Tuesday night. 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which struck shortly after 1:00pm local time, caused dozens of buildings to collapse and sent residents fleeing to the streets. By midnight, at least 200 people had been killed across central Mexico, including more than 20 children who died after their school building collapsed. Officials said the the death toll was expected to rise.
40 million victims of modern slavery in 2016: report
40 million people around the world, mostly women and girls, were victims of modern slavery last year, according to a new report. The study by International Labour Organization (ILO) and Walk Free Foundation, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said that about 25 million people were in forced labour, and 15 million were in forced marriage in 2016. aljazeera
UN chief warns against North Korea war
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned world leaders against war with North Korea, calling on them to take the threat of "nuclear peril" seriously. "We must not sleepwalk our way into war," said Guterres at the annual summit of the UNGA in New York. aljazeera
Before investigating Hadiya’s conversion, NIA should read why western women embrace Islam:Ajaz Ashraf
NSUI’s win in DUSU elections is the beginning of an exciting new shift in student politics:Ruchi Gupta
Across the country, chilling replays of Dadri. And a long way to go before love, justice can prevail:Harsh Mander
With Rohingyas, Hindu Nationalists Forget ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’:Shashi Tharoor
Across faiths, personal laws debated in courts and Parliament:Seema Chishti
Batla House Encounter : Kejriwal demanded probe in 2008
Facebook blocks account which talks about issues faced by marginalised communities in India:Surangya Kaur
Letter of Resignation from Members of the Editorial Board of Third World Quarterly: Newsclick
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