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Sunday, 8 July 2018

8 Jul ND:Jamaat-e-Islaami Hind calls Citizenship (Amendment) Bill discriminatory, condemns increasing lynchings in country/ Malaysian PM meets Zakir Naik, ruling party defends decision not to deport him to India/ AIMPLB plans to open sharia courts in all districts

08 July 2018:23 Shawwal 1439: Vol:10, No:60
Jamaat-e-Islaami Hind calls Citizenship (Amendment) Bill discriminatory, condemns increasing lynchings in country
New Delhi: Prominent Muslim organization Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on Saturday appealed for reconsideration over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, saying, it is highly discriminatory and against the secular fabric of the nation. The Muslim outfit also expressed concern over growing incidents of lynching in the country and criticized union minister Jayant Sinha for felicitating convicts in the Ramgarh lynching case. Terming the bill as "unconstitutional", JIH Secretary General Muhammad Salim Engineer said, "This bill against the spirit of the Constitution of India as it proposes to grant citizenship to people from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan according to their religion. Thus Hindus from Bangladesh would be accepted but not Muslims''.In a press conference on Saturday, the organization also "expressed concerns" over the accuracy of National Register of Citizens (NRC) for Assam, which is expected to be released by July 30."According to the Assam Accord signed in 1985, anyone who entered the state after 24 March 1971 is considered as an illegal resident. Genuine citizens who are impoverished and could not maintain proper records are at the risk of being branded as foreigners. Most are declared foreigners due to minor inaccuracies in their documents. The number of those declared as foreigners have increased dramatically after BJP govt came to power in Assam,"said Salim. Condemning union minister for "honouring" convicts of the Ramgarh lynching incident, JIH chief Maulana Syed Jalaluddin said, "Such events should be condemned as it gives encouragement to those who take the law in their hands. Jamaat demands that central govt and the state Govt s must put an end to such incidents of lawlessness." Maulana added in the last four years, hate crimes and lynching against Muslims, Dalits and anybody suspected to be a criminal, has been rising. new indian express
Be neutral while preparing NRC, says Jamaat-e-Islami Hind:Northeast Now
Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is against spirit of Constitution: Jamaat-e-Islami
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind seeks President, PM intervention on mob lynching  
Jayant Sinha slammed for garlanding Ramgarh lynching convicts, his father Yashwant says it’s a disgrace
Defending his stand of felicitating 8 convicts of Ramgarh lynching case, Union minister Jayant Sinha claimed that he has just honoured the law. The following justification the Union Minister came in after a row erupted after the minister’s photograph of garlanding 8 convicts of lynching case in Ramgarh’s Jharkhand.The incident took place when convicts got a bail and reached Jayant Sinha’s house. Apart from irking the opposition, the union minister of state for civil aviation also annoyed the netizens that resulted in severe criticism for the leader from all corners of the country. Reacting on the matter, former BJP leader, Union Minister, Yashwant Sinha called it a disgrace and said his son his a “Nalayak”. While the opposition said that the incident was ‘despicable’. Apart from opposition several BJP leaders also slammed the actions of Jayant Sinha.Hitting out the Union minister, one Twitter user said that by felicitating the Ramgarh convicts, Sinha has clearly given out his stand and his thinking about Muslims. The user further added that the justification by the minister is just damage control as from deep inside he hats Muslims.While some said that this incident has unveiled the true face of BJP leaders who garland the convict of Ramgarh lynching. Another twitter user said that by honouring the ‘cow terrorits’ Sinha is clearly endorsing violence and terrorism in the name of the cow. He further urged PM Modi to expel Sinha over his x
Emboldened by garlanding of lynching convicts, another minister meets riot accused in jail
Patna: Days after Union Minister Jayant Sinha felicitated and garlanded lynching convicts in Jharkhand, another Union Minister Giriraj Singh met two riot-accused Hindutva workers in Nawada district jail in the neighboring Bihar on Saturday.After huge criticism for felicitating the lynching convicts after their release on bail on Thursday, Sinha said he was just “honoring the due process of law”. When questioned for his meeting with the riot-accused, Singh said the 2 persons he met in the jail were actually “peace activists” and they were wrongly implicated by the state Govt  in the riot case.“They’ve always helped maintain peace in all situations. How can you call them rioters? The administration should see if they really incited violence,” minister said about the 2 VHP and Bajrang Dal members.As per media reports, the 2 are members of VHP and Bajrang Dal. The minister, known for his controversial and provocative statements, spent 30 minutes inside the jail and enquired about their well-being. 2 are in jail in connection with communal violence in Nawada in March this year.caravandaily
Ramgarh Lynching: Alimuddin’s family lives in deep fear and on charity
 It has been a year since his father Alimuddin was brutally lynched by a mob on June 29 in Bazaartand in Ramgarh but for Shahzad and his family time has stood still.The fear and terror has become part of their lives and as he tells The Citizen, “we do not go out of our house or the village unless it is very very necessary. And that too in a group. Bahut dar hai.(we are terrified).”Shahzad knows that the men who were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Fst Track court in March this year have been released within weeks by the Jharkhand High Court. He does not know however, that they were embraced and garlanded by the Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha. Who is he? Shahzad asks saying tentatively, “no I have not heard of this, but we got to know as soon as they got bail that they were being released.”Family has still not got Death Certificate for Alimuddin. Little money he had in a bank account this is inaccessible. Shahzad has been running from pillar to post, from one office to another, but no one is willing to issue the document. “I do not know why, but they are not giving it to us,” he says.For him, his mother and siblings the struggle continues. “It will never be over” he says. His mother remains in a state of depression that he does not want to talk about. Asked, he says, “what can I say how she is, how can she be.” He remains without a job despite being assured of the same by the local District Collector. For the past one year, whenever he meets the officials he is told that he will get a job as compensation. “Till now they have not said no, so I have no choice but to remain hopeful,” he adds.thecitizen
PM's Remarks at My Farewell Were Departure From Standard Practice: Hamid Ansari
New Delhi: Raising the issue of PM Narendra Modi's remarks at his farewell function almost a year ago, former vice president Hamid Ansari says many considered the comments to be a departure from accepted practices on such occasions.August 10, 2017 was the last day of Ansari's second term as Vice President (2007-2017) and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. According to tradition, leaders of political parties and members devoted the forenoon session to thanking the Chair.“PM  participated in this and while being fulsome in his complements also hinted at what he perceived to be a certain inclination in my approach on account of my having spent, as he put it, both a good part of my professional tenure as a diplomat in Muslim lands and in post-retirement period on minority-related questions. “The context, presumably, was my reference in the Bengaluru speech to what I perceived as enhanced apprehension of insecurity' and in the TV interview to a sense of unease creeping in' among Muslims and some other religious minorities,” Ansari says.In his last interview before he demitted office, Ansari had pointed out that Muslims in the country were experiencing a "feeling of unease".PTI
Malaysian PM meets Zakir Naik, ruling party defends decision not to deport him to India
Kuala Lumpur:Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad has met Zakir Naik, wanted in India, and a ruling party strategist has stoutly defended the Govt 's decision not to deport the Muslim preacher, Malaysian media reported on Sunday.The meeting, which may not go down well in New Delhi, took place yesterday, a day after PM Mahathir ruled out deporting Naik, who has permanent residency status in Malaysia, unless he breaks Malaysian laws."I can confirm that Naik went to see Tun (Mahathir) this morning (Saturday)," Free Malaysia Today reported quoting a source as saying.It is unclear as to what Naik discussed with Mahathir in their first meeting since the ruling Pakatan Harapan assumed power in Putrajaya, the report said. The meeting, which was unscheduled, was said to be brief, it said.The meeting between Naik and Mahathir comes a day after the PM  gave the clearest indication yet that the Malaysian Govt  would not deport Naik, who is wanted in India over allegations of money laundering and terrorism.There had been intense media speculation in India that the Malaysian Govt  would act on an extradition request made in Jan.Meanwhile, a strategist of Malaysia's ruling PPBM has defended PM Mahathir's decision not to deport Naik to India, saying doing so would be akin to deporting Uighur Muslims to China.PPBM strategist Rais Hussin said he personally could see no wrong in Naik's activities and speeches.Deporting him would be akin to deporting Uighur Muslims to China, he said, referring to China pressing Malaysia for the extradition of 11 Uighur men who entered Malaysia illegally last year after their dramatic escape from a jail in Thailand last year.China accuses separatist extremists among the Uighur minority of plotting attacks on China's Han majority in the restive far western region of Xinjiang and other parts of China. But rights groups have accused China of rights abuses in Xinjiang and imposing tight control on the religion of Uighurs, a charge denied by Beijing. Rais also took issue with criticism of Naik on social media. He said the Indian Islamic preacher had his own way of articulating his views through debates.Naik's detractors those with "a mob mentality" should debate him rather than asking him to be deported to India, he said.Rais also questioned the motives of the Indian authorities whose action, he said, might not be grounded in justice.Naik has also accused the media in India of subjecting him to a campaign of vilification over the past two years. He said "fake news" about his deportation would be exposed."Most of the articles published against me will be proved as having no basis and that they were false," he said in a new video message through his Facebook page.PTI
Zakir will be arrested: MoS on Malaysian PM’s remark
Minister of State (MoS) for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir has said that Zakir Naik will eventually be arrested and brought to justice, hours after Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad declared Naik was a permanent resident and will not be sent back.
Bangladesh promises full support in India's quest to bring Zakir back
New Delhi: Promising full cooperation in India's quest to bring Zakir Naik back to the country, a close aide of Bangladeshi PM  Sheikh Hasina said on Saturday that Bangladesh will never allow its territory to be used by elements hostile to New Delhi. After delivering a talk in New Delhi, Hossain Toufique Imam, political advisor to Hasina, answered a question from a reporter on Naik. He said Naik would never get access to Bangladesh and his country would cooperate with India on the matter."We will fully cooperate with India. Our Govt is committed to its declared policy of zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism. The soil of Bangladesh will never be allowed to be used by elements who are hostile to our neighbours," Imam said.PTI
AIMPLB plans to open sharia courts in all districts
Lucknow: All India Muslim Personal Law Board or AIMPLB, the highest decision making body on Muslim affairs, plans to open Darul-Qaza (Sharia courts) in all districts of the country to resolve issues in line with Islamic laws.The proposal will come up for discussion at a meeting of the Muslim Law Board in Delhi on July 15."At present there are 40 such courts in UP . We plan to open one such court in every districts of the country. The objective of Darul-Qaza is to resolve matters in light of Shariat laws instead of going to other courts," senior member AIMPLB, Zafaryab Zilani, told PTI.Noting that around Rs. 50,000 is spent on running a Darul-Qaza (Sharia court), he said, "They will be discussing ways to generate resources for this during a meeting of AIMPLB in Delhi on July 15".With an aim to make lawyers, judges and the common man aware about Sharia law, AIMPLB will also be activating its Tafheem-e-Shariyat (TeS) committee."We will be activating Tafheem-e-Shariyat committee to make lawyers, judges and common man aware about Shariat laws. We will be discussing this at the All India Muslim Personal Law Board meet," Jilani said.He said the Tafheem-e-Shariyat committee has been around for 15 years, and is entrusted with the task of making lawyers and judges, if possible, aware of arguments related to Sharia law. "The committee was used to organise conferences and workshops all over the country, with Islamic experts trying to delve in details about Shariat laws and address queries of participants. It is now felt that the committee should be activated and more such programs should be held," he said. Asked about the other matters that will figure in the meeting, he said progress of Babri Masjid case will be discussed, and future course of action will be decided. "The Muslim faction does not want delay in the Supreme Court's decision on the matter as reported in the media," he said."Statements are being made on the Ayodhya issue. Some are saying that the decision will come in a particular month and it will be in favour of a particular side. Such statements are an attempt to belittle the highest court of the country. This should be taken into consideration. It will be discussed in the meeting," a Muslim Law Board member said, according to PTI.PTI
Muslim groups reject UP govt's accusation they delayed Babri masjid verdict
Muslims groups have rejected charges made by UP Govt accusing them of delaying the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute hearing in the Supreme Court.BJP has demanded that the matter should to be settled before the retirement of the current CJI Justice Dipak Misra in Oct.this year.UP BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said, "This is being done deliberately because the verdict is expected in favour of Ram Temple. CJI is hearing the matter and he should be giving the verdict before his retirement in October so that the matter doesn't get delayed further. The people of the country want this dispute to be settled as soon as possible."Responding to him and allegations of the UP Govt , Jafaryab Jilani convenor of Babri Masjid Action Committee said that Muslims groups have not filed any adjournment appeal in the court."The SC is hearing the matter and deciding dates. We have not made any arguments for delaying the matter. This is a baseless allegation. BJP is not a party so whatever their leaders are saying has nothing to do with the case," Jilani said.Iqbal Ansari, son of Hashim Ansari, main litigant in the case questioned why was the matter of the issue's delay being raised now when the case has been pending for decades. "Some Hindu groups in Ayodhya are also saying they will not wait for the SC's decision. The delay is being done by VHP and not us," added Ansari.Sunni cleric Sufiyan Nizami said the Govt  wants the dispute to be settled before 2019 elections just to get political benefits and that Muslim groups were being blamed unnecessarily.Meanwhile a priest of Ramjanmabhoomi Temple Acharya Satyendra Das said, "We have neither heard about the Imam of Babri Masjid nor of people offering prayers at the mosque. The place is Ramjanmabhoomi and Islam doesn't allow people to offer namaz at a disputed site."During the hearing on Friday, senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan, appearing on behalf of one of the original litigants of the Ayodhya case M Siddiq, said the court had in 1994 observed that mosques were not integral to Islam without making any "inquiry" or considering Islamic texts on this issue.It was argued by Muslim groups before a special bench comprising CJI Dipak Misra and Justices Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer that the "sweeping" observation of the apex court in the verdict needed to be reconsidered by a 5-judge bench as "it had and will have a bearing" on the land dispute case.The court has fixed July 13 as the next date to hear rejoinder arguments of Muslim groups on issues, including what constituted the essential practices of a religion. indiatoday
Ayodhya dispute: Muslim groups trying to delay hearing, UP  govt tells SC; next hearing on 13 July
Islam will become irrelevant if prayers in mosque not recognised, SC told
Indian Muslims want better representation in politics, finds study by UN-recognised institute
New Delhi:  While Muslims in India want increased participation in politics, they believe that their current crop of elected representatives do not even ask the relevant questions for the welfare of the community, according to a study released Saturday.“Democracy should ensure that minority views, opinions and votes are not ignored when Govt s are formed by majority principles,” says the study conducted by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS),UN-recognised institute that focuses on problems of Muslims and other minority communities.“There are not enough Muslim MPs and MLAs and those that are there are not asking the relevant questions,” it adds. There is only 4% representation of Muslims in the Lok Sabha.The study, Vision 2025 Socio Economic Inequalities — Why does India’s economic growth need an inclusive agenda, assessed the education levels, housing, healthcare, political representation and the socio-economic condition of Muslims in the country. A perception survey was conducted on around 3,500 Muslims in both rural and urban India to deduce their aspirations and challenges.The authors have used Sachar Committee report of 2006 as a baseline for the study.One of the biggest challenges that Muslims in India face, according to the study, is in the field of education. As per the report, there has not been a substantial change in the literacy rate among Muslims from the time of the Sachar Committee report.The literacy rate has risen to 70%  from the 59%  in 2006. Those surveyed, the report says, want Indian Muslims to change their mindset and give top priority to scientific education. IOS document also lays greater emphasis on the education of Muslims.“More educational institutions like AMU should be opened. The state should take proper care of existing schools, madrasas and maktabs and ensure that Sarva Siksha Abhiyan has an equal presence in MCD schools, where a large number of children from the minority community are enrolled,” are some of the suggestions in the
Muslims who keep beard without moustache are fundamentalists: Waseem Razvi
 Lucknow: Chairperson of UP  Shia Waqf Board Waseem Razvi on Sunday termed Muslims who don't keep mustaches with beard as "fundamentalists"."Keeping beard is Sunnat. However, keeping beard without moustache is against Sunnat as the person looks fearful. Muslims with beard and no moustache are fundamentalists," Razvi said. "Such people can be seen promoting terrorism across the world."He also spoke about fatwas being issued to govern individuals' personal life."We have some Muslims who issue fatwa by interfering in the personal life of others. They forget that Islam has nothing to do with this," he said.He said that any person or institution issuing such diktats should be "booked as traitors". "Nobody has the right to go against the Constitution and make their own laws," he said.IndiaToday
2019 polls: Opposition’s ‘fear-mongering’ campaign demolished, 30-35% minorities to vote for BJP, says Naqvi
New Delhi:Opposition’s “fear-mongering” campaign has been “demolished” by the Govt ’s development without discrimination approach, Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said today, and exuded confidence that 30-35%  minorities, including Muslims, will vote for the BJP in 2019. Maintaining that NDA Govt has worked for the development of minorities, he said there is a belief among these communities that PM Narendra Modi stands for development. Minority Affairs Minister Naqvi said that when the BJP had come to power in 2014, the opposition parties tried to create a trust deficit and indulged in “fear-mongering”.“We can’t say that the poison that had been spread in the last 70 years,we have completely eradicated that. But, the positive thing is that now the minorities are treating the BJP as a reality of Indian politics and they are supporting it on the basis of its merit and demerits,” he said.In 2014 elections, 18-20% people from the minority communities had voted for Modi, Naqvi said. “In the 2019 polls, I am expecting 30-35% people from the minority communities, including Muslims, will vote for the BJP to continue the development journey of the country,” the minister said. He also claimed that no big communal riot has taken place since Modi has taken over.PTI
All problems related to minorities’ education will be solved soon: HRD minister
New Delhi: Education system has changed with the times, hence we need to keep ourselves in line with the changing modern scenario. Computer education has become inevitable today in the modern education and training. Today the country badly needs education. Only education can make development of the country possible.These views were expressed by the Human Resource Development minister Dr Satyapal Singh in a meeting of National Monitoring Committee formed for the education and training of minorities.He said that the Govt  is focusing on minority education. It wants that not a single child of the minority community should remain away from school education. During the meeting, he assured that all the problems of education of minorities will be solved soon. siasat
One nation one poll: TMC, DMK and others express opposition against simultaneous elections
While many parties expressed displeasure over the proposal of simultaneous elections which was discussed between the Law Commission of India and political parties that began on Saturday, July 8, the ruling BJP and the Congress were absent from the debate. Sukhbir Singh Badal’s Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) of Tamil Nadu, Samajwadi Party and TRS have backed to hold simultaneous Lok Sabha and state assembly elections.While other parties, including the Trinamool Congress, All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM), All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and Goa Forward Party emphatically rejected the idea of ‘One India One Election’.NewsX
Kashmir simmers after 3 civilians shot dead
Srinagar: 3 civilians, including a girl, 16, were killed and many injured when security when security forces allegedly opened fire at a stone-pelting mob during a cordon and search operation in a south Kashmir village on Saturday, sparking tension across the Valley on the eve of militant commander Burhan Wani’s second death anniversary.A police officer said residents of Hawoora and adjoining villages tried to disrupt anti-terror operation as security forces cordoned off the area following inputs that a group of militants was hiding in Kulgam, some 70 km from south of here. 8 civilians sustained firearm injuries during the clash with security forces. 3 deceased were identified as as Andleeb, 16, Shakir Ahmad, 22 and Irshad Ahmad, 20. 5injured were being treated in hospitals and the condition of two of them was reported serious.IANS
Kerala Police Launch Crackdown on PFI, Raid Offices, 'Religious Centres:News18
Kerala: Kerala Police on Saturday conducted simultaneous raids at the offices of Islamic outfit, Popular Front of India (PFI). Police have launched a crackdown on ‘spiritual’ strongholds of PFI in Malappuram, including Manjeri, Perinthalmanna, Tirur and Kadampuzha.Following murder of SFI activist Abhimanyu in Kochi on Monday, there has been a severe clampdown on Popular Front and its political arm, the SDPI. Raids were conducted at Green Valley in Manjeri, headquarters of the erstwhile National Democratic Front, which later morphed into PFI.This is being seen as the biggest raid on Green Valley since 2010.The police also raided Satyasarani, which was at the centre of the Hadiya conversion case. POLICE suspect that the conspiracy behind Abhimanyu’s killing was also hatched at Satyasarani.Although five accused have been arrested in the case, the main culprits are still at large. Police say they may have left the state soon after the murder, hinting at prior planning into the murder.Several dozen of SDPI leaders have been put under electronic surveillance.News18
Tamil Nadu opposes Centre’s decision to conduct NEET twice a year                                 
Coimbatore/Chennai: Tamil Nadu Govt  on July 8 opposed the Centre’s decision to conduct the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test twice a year, while the opposition DMK slammed the Union Govt  for “creating confusion” over the exam for entry into medical colleges.School Education Minister K A Sengottaiyan said the State’s stand was NEET should be conducted only once a year. “We will take the matter to the notice of the CM  (Edappadi K. Palaniswami) and further take it up with PM  (Narendra Modi) and the Union Minister concerned,” he told reporters at Coimbatore. He said students cannot appear for NEET twice in the same year as a “six-month period will be short”.Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar on July 7 said that engineering and medical entrance exams — JEE and NEET — would now be conducted online and twice a year by the newly formed National Testing Agency (NTA).thehindu
Hindutva leader ‘attacked’ own vehicle in Chennai for security: police
Chennai :The vehicle of a Hanuman Sena leader was attacked with crude bombs at Sholavaram highway, 23 km north-west of Chennai city, on Friday. The police probe found that the attack was orchestrated by the leader himself to get back his police security, which had been withdrawn four months ago for his bad conduct.According to the initial complaint filed by Kali Kumar, 40-year-old leader of a Hindutva outfit, his car was attacked with a crude bomb when he was travelling on the Minjur-Vandalur outer ring road near Sholavaram. The police, however, found major disparities in the versions of Kumar and his associates.“When we found some mischief in their story, we started questioning them. Forensic experts examined the spot and charred remains of the Ambassador car led to contradicting facts. Finally, they confessed that they had done it for police protection for the leader,” a senior officer said.Kumar allegedly burnt his vehicle with the help of a friend, Gnanasekaran, and Ranjith, son of his elder brother.“He was enjoying police protection since 2016, a policeman with weapon always escorting him. We decided to withdraw it after the policeman had to protect him from problems he created in a drunken state. Now we have information that he gained the protection in 2016 by doing a similar crime. We are probing that,” the officer said.indianexpress
BJP MP, Chhattisgarh CM’s son is man named in offshore accounts leak: Congress
Raipur : Chhattisgarh Congress on Saturday claimed to possess evidence that establishes that the name “Abhishak Singh”, which found mention in ICIJ’s offshore leaks investigation of April 2013 as having an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands, is that of Abhishek Singh, BJP Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh and son of 3-time CM Raman Singh.In April 2016, three years after the Offshore Leaks investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had held a press conference in Delhi and alleged that one “Abhishak Singh” was listed as a director of Quest Heights Limited, which had an address in the British Virgin Islands.ICIJ papers also provided an address with the name, which is the same as the address registered to Raman Singh on Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha website. Both Raman Singh and his MP-son have denied having any offshore accounts. BJP has repeatedly stated that “Abhishak Singh” was not the same as “Abhishek Singh.”In a statement on Saturday, Abhishek maintained, “…I want to reiterate that I have no foreign bank accounts under any name. Leaders of Congress and others had approached the Supreme Court which has been rejected.”Addressing the media in Raipur on Saturday, Chhattisgarh Congress president Bhupesh Baghel furnished papers of a company, ‘Chalet Estates Private Limited’, registered to an address in Gurgaon and incorporated in Nov.2011. According to the papers, Abhishek and wife Aishwarya were directors of the firm.indianexpress
Shayara Bano, triple talaq  petitioner, set to join BJP
Dehradun:Anti Triple talaq crusader Shayara Bano's induction into the saffron camp — she announced her intention to join BJP on Friday —has been met with diverse reactions. Uttarakhand BJP chief Ajay Bhatt termed it as "a strong message being sent out to people who think that our party is against Muslims." "Her entry into BJP is a slap on the face of people who call our party as communal.We do not differentiate among our members on the basis of religion," he said.TOI           
JNU says it’s not starting Islamic terrorism course
New Delhi: JNU registrar Pramod Kumar, in a letter to the Jamiat Ulema on July 5, refuted any plans to start a course on ‘Islamic Terrorism’ at the university. This comes a week after he had written a letter to Delhi Minorities Commissions (DMC) clarifying the same. In a reply to a notice served by the commission, Kumar had stated that “there was no course on ‘Islamic terrorism’ proposed at the academic council meeting. He also provided a copy of a concept paper on the proposed ‘Centre for National Security Studies’ and informed DMC that JNU has no knowledge if the course was taught in any Indian or foreign universities. A committee has been formed to review comments received from the academic council members on the concept paper, he added. In his letter addressed to Maulana Mahmod Madani, Kumar clarified that JNU never had any plans to introduce a course on Islamic Terrorism.TOI
HC notice to Haryana against decision on Wakf Board chief
Punjab and Haryana high court has issued a notice to the Haryana Govt and Punhana MLA Raheesh Khan on a plea against the state Govt’s decision to give minister of state’s rank to Khan, and facilities from Wakf Board, being chairman of the Haryana State Wakf Board. Raheesh is an MLA from Punana assembly seat in Mewat. HC had issued the notice after Sufi Imran Khan, a resident of Ambala cantonment, had challenged the state Govt’s decision. The case would now come up for hearing on September 24. According to the petitioner, there was no provision either in Haryana Waqf Rules, 2012, or in Punjab Waqf Regulation, 1966, that the chairman of the Waqf Board may be given the status of a ‘minister of state’, and that the entire expenditure on admissible facilities shall be borne by the Waqf Board. “Hence, May 9, 2018, order giving him minister’s rank and facilities from Wakf Board funds is illegal and unlawful. Regulation 20 of Punjab Waqf Regulations, 1966, only provides that whenever the chairman and members come for the meeting of the board, they will be given TA and DA admissible to an officer of Grade-A. They are not entitled for anything else,” argued the petitioner. The petitioner had sought directions to set aside the May 9 decision.TOI
6 Bihar boys reach home 4 days after escaping from madrassa
Pune:6 Bihar students reached their respective homes on Saturday, 4 days after they escaped from a madrassa at Sayyednagar in Hadapsar on July 3 evening.Assistant inspector Shekhar Shinde of the Wanowrie police said, “Family members of one of the students made a telephone call to a relative inMumbai, stating that all the students had returned home safely.”Shinde said,“Relative of the boy concerned has conveyed the information to the police, requesting to abandon the search operation. Investigations revealed that students had boarded two autorickshaws to reach Pune railway station and from there they boarded the Lokmanya Tilak Express to go to Mumbai. They boarded Guwahati Express on Wednesday and reached Bihar.” He said, “Students managed to reach home without facing difficulties because one of them had earlier stayed in Mumbai for 3 years and was conversant with the trains plying to Bihar. The case registered by the madrassa official that the students had gone missing would be closed on the completion of legal formalities,” he added.A maulana rom Vadgaonsheri had brought the students from his native place Sabudangi village at Bharatpur tehsil in Kishanganj district of Bihar and got their names registered at Darool Uloom Chistiya Jalaliya Madrassa for education. The students had bath and meals in the afternoon.They also played with 3 other students outside the madrassa. They picked up their luggage and fled around 6pm. Students had told the madrassa authorities on arrival that they did not like the stay here and intended to pursue education in Mumbai. Authorities asked the students to stay here for at least 10 days because atmosphere was conducive and friendly, and facilities for learning the holy Quran, Urdu and English was available here. The students assured that they would stay here, but later fled.TOI
50 pc seats should be distributed among SCs/STs: ex  union prez of AMU
New Delhi: After UP CM Yogi Adityanath and some leaders of BJP gave a political statement regarding AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia, now the former presidents of students of Union of AMU and academicians are expressing their opinion about the issue. Former MP and former president of AMU students’ union Mohammed Adeeb said that the case of Muslim university is pending with the court and Supreme Court has ordered not to change the system which is prevalent until final judgment is given. Adeeb said that the statements given by BJP leaders are just for the election. He recalled that Jinnah issue was raised when it was Karnataka election and when the election was over the issue was buried.However, he said the AMU itself wants to give reservations to SCs, STs and BCs. I want that a law is passed in India to give remaining 50 pc seats to SCs/ STs after giving seats to Muslims. Because higher caste students can get admission in every university and college while the backward classes don’t. Hence it will be a good opportunity for AMU if a law is passed which gives reservation to SCs, STs and BCs.siasat
“Visit the Masjid” program in Hyderabad: Initiative to eradicate misunderstandings
Hyderabad: Jamat-e-Islami of Hyderabad City has launched “Visit to Masajid” program inviting everybody to come and see the worships and rituals offered in Masajid. This step is being taken to eradicate various rumours and misunderstandings spread by miscreants about masajid.Such programs were organized at Masjid Azizia Mehdipatnam, Masjid Ujale Shah, Saidabad, Masjid Balapur, Masjid Abrar Virasatnagar Colony, Tolichowki, Masjid Mohammedia Kakatiyanagar, Masjid MCH Colony Amberpet and many other masajid.After visiting MCH Colony masjid, Amberpet, brother Gopi and other compatriots expressed their feelings that they got an opportunity to step into masjid and meet Muslims. Mohammed Mujahid of Geturayi highlighted the importance of Masjid in Telugu language.In the program held at Masjid Azizia Mehdipatnam, many non-Muslim men, women and girls attended. The members of Jamat-e-Islami explained the benefit of offering namaz and various processes of ablution, prayer call (Azan) etc.Siasat
Muslims in Aligarh offer namaz in muddy water as mark of protest
Aligarh:A section of Muslims in Gonda area of Aligarh in UP  offered namaz in the middle of muddy water on Friday as a mark of protest. Residents of Gonda road area protested against "uncleanliness" in the area which is flooded with muddy water, overflowing nullahs and drains. They offered namaz on a wooden platform surrounded with dirty water.The water logging problem in the area has not only made the lives of the residents hard but has also created problems for the passerby. As a result, vehicles get stuck causing traffic jams. The people have also complained that Rehmani Masjid in the area is badly hit due to the prevailing condition.People in the area said that they are facing the issue for a long time. Even after complaining about the water-logging problem to the authorities, there has been no significant measure taken by the officials, the people said. This forced them to offer namaz in the dirty area as a mark of their protest against the authorities.It has been almost 1.5 years that the people are been affected by the water-logging problem in the area. ABP News
Israeli ministers, MKs break into Aqsa Mosque
O.Jerusalem, (PIC) A number of Israeli ministers and members of the Knesset defiled al-Aqsa Mosque courtyards on Sunday morning amid heavy presence of Israeli police forces. This break-in is the first of its kind after Israel's PM  Benjamin Netanyahu issued an edict a few days ago ending a ban imposed on lawmakers and ministers that prohibited them from visiting the holy site.The first minister to enter the Mosque was Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel who headed the first group of settlers that entered al-Aqsa Mosque via al-Maghariba Gate and toured its courtyards.In statements following the break-in, Ariel said, "We are witnessing significant progress, and anyone who was here three years ago will appreciate this. Thankfully we have a public security minister, a police chief, and leaders who care about us and facilitate our visits to the Temple."Later in the morning, MK Sharren Haskel of the ruling Likud party also entered the site with a different settler group, the Hebrew TV channel Seven reported.Haskel said that this is the first time she has been able to enter the holy site since Netanyahu imposed the ban three years ago, claiming that al-Aqsa Mosque is part of the Jewish culture and heritage.A few days ago Netanyahu said he would lift the ban on parliamentarians visiting al-Aqsa Mosque, three years after the Govt  forbade them from entering the site due to "security concerns".Minister Ariel, who had repeatedly led settler break-ins into al-Aqsa Mosque, said, "Neither the King of Jordan nor Mahmoud Abbas can decide here. Israel is the only decision maker."
Israel to allow settlers to own W. Bank land through new legislation
O.Jerusalem, (PIC) An Israeli paper said that the ministerial committee for legislation at the Knesset would study a bill on Sunday that would allow Jewish settlers to acquire land rights in the occupied West Bank.Members of the Knesset cannot discuss bills and vote them into laws before this ministerial committee, whose members are ministers, approve them for discussion on the floor of the Knesset.According to Haaretz newspaper, the explanatory notes affixed to the bill, which is sponsored by MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home), say that the current situation is based on a 1953 Jordanian law, which prevented anyone from buying land in the West Bank unless they were Jordanian citizens or citizens of another Arab country. That law remained in force after Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 six-day war.In the early 1970s, an Israeli way was found to circumvent the law and allow settlers to buy land there through a special order stating that anybody could buy land through a company registered in the West Bank, regardless of who owned the company.
Nawaz, Mayram to challenge Avenfield verdict tomorrow; return on Friday
Pakistan's former PM  Nawaz Sharif and daughter Maryam are set to challenge the accountability court's verdict against them in the Islamabad High Court on Monday.The father-daughter duo was sentenced on Friday to 11 and eight years in prison and slapped £8-million and £2-million fines, respectively, in relation to the Avenfield properties reference filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) last year. Moreover, Nawaz's son-in-law, Capt (retd) Safdar, received a one-year prison sentence.All three family members, according to sources, have given their power of attorney to Khawaja Haris — Nawaz's counsel during the over-nine-month trial in the accountability court — who will file the appeals tomorrow.
Pakistan SC bans Zardari, his sister from travelling abroad
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has banned ex president and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur from travelling abroad in the wake of the recent revelations in a fake bank accounts case, a media report said. Chief Justice Saqib Nisar ordered the names of 20 people, including Zardari and Ms. Talpur, be placed on the Exit Control List, Geo TV reported.Those persons on the list are prohibited from leaving Pakistan.The order came as Chief Justice Nisar took notice of the slow pace of inquiry into a fake bank accounts case.PTI
Religious parties in Pak field record 460 candidates on National Assembly seats for July 25 polls
Lahore: Religious parties in Pakistan, including the banned Jamaat-ud Dawa's political wing, have fielded over 460 candidates on the National Assembly seats for July 25 general elections, breaking all previous records, a media report said today. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued the final list of candidates, according to which, 3,459 candidates will contest on 272 general seats of National Assembly. Although Jamaat-e-Islami had come up with a long list of candidates in 1970 against the then nominees of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's PPP and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Awami League in East (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan, and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) had also fielded candidates across the country in 2002, the number stands the highest this time, The Nation reported.Over 460 aspirants have been fielded separately by MMA,Hafiz Saeed-led JuD's political wing Milli Muslim League-backed Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek and other small entities, the paper said.These candidates might play a decisive role in the victory and defeat of PML-N, PTI and PPP candidates on a number of seats.MMA, an alliance of five parties -- Jamiat Ulema-e Islam-F (JUI-F), Jamaat-e-Islami (JI),Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP), Islami Tehreek and Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith -- representing all schools of thought (Barelvi, Deobani, Shia and Ahle Hadith), has come up with a list of some 192 plus candidates on NA seats, mainly focusing on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Balochistan, the paper said. MMA has not introduced any candidate on 65 seats of Punjab's total 141 and seven of total 61 of Sindh for different reasons.PTI
Turkey sacks more than 18,000 personnel ahead of expected lifting of emergency rule
Ankara:Turkey issued a decree on Sunday dismissing more than 18,000 civil servants, half of which were from the police force, ahead of this month’s expected lifting of a two-year-old state of emergency imposed after an attempted coup in July 2016.The decree follows President Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in last month’s presidential election and comes before he swears his oath on Monday, inaugurating a powerful executive presidency.The decree dismissed 199 academics from universities across the country, as well as more than 5,000 personnel from the armed forces.REUTERS
Muslim Brotherhood mourns death of Islamic thinker Al-Farhan in Jordan
Muslim Brotherhood is mourning the death of one of its senior leaders, the Jordanian thinker and former minister , 84, Quds Press has reported.Al-Farhan was a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian origin. He was born in 1934 in the Ein Karem neighbourhood of Jerusalem. As a young man he studied chemistry at the American University in Beirut then continued his higher education in the US, where he obtained his PhD.The deceased was one of the senior leaders of the Islamic Movement, the head of the Scientific Association and a member of the first Jordanian Consultative Council.Al-Farhan left the Islamic Movement in 1970 to become Jordan’s Minister of Education. During his time in the ministry, he supervised the syllabus used in Jordan’s schools. In 1973 he took charge of the Ministry of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) before being appointed as the head of the University of Jordan.MEMO
9 police killed in attack in western Tunisia
Nine members of Tunisia’s security forces were killed on Sunday in an attack in the west of the country close to the border with Algeria, state news agency TAP reported.Militants present in rural parts of Tunisia occasionally target security forces, but Sunday’s toll was the highest since 2015, a year in which Islamist militants carried out three major attacks.The police unit from Gar Dimaou in the region of Jendouba was ambushed during a regular patrol, TAP reported.“The terrorist attackers threw a grenade at the first security car and there were confrontations with firearms,” the report cited a security source as saying.middleeastmonitor         
Syrians head home in thousands after rebels, Govt  agree ceasefire in south -reach-ceasefire-deal-south
Thousands of displaced Syrians are heading home after rebels and the Govt  reached a Russian-brokered ceasefire in the south after more than two weeks of fierce bombardment.Calm reigned over the region on Saturday as the two sides finalised the ceasefire deal, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitoring group.Under the agreement announced on Friday, opposition fighters will hand over territory in Daraa, a southern province near the Jordanian border."People have started to return to their homes since yesterday" from the Jordanian border, Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said on Saturday. "More than 20,000 people have set off for home so far, heading to areas for which an accord has been reached in the southeastern Daraa countryside," he said.But others "are scared to return to regime-controlled areas, fearing their children will be arrested," Abdel Rahman said.More than 150 civilians have been killed in the Govt  bombing campaign on Daraa since 19 June, the Observatory says, and trust in the Govt  does not run high.middleeasteye
Iran to maintain military presence in Syria: Official
Iran will maintain its military presence in Syria after the defeat of Daesh, according to an Iranian official on Sunday.During a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador to Tehran Salah al-Zawawi, a sSenior adviser to the Iranian parliament speaker for international affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said:"The Zionist regime [Israel] is trying to dominate Syria after [fall of] Daesh, but the Resistance forces and the military advisers of the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue their presence in Syria to counter terrorism". “Syrians will not allow the country to once again become a safe haven for Zionist terrorists,” he added in statements carried by local media, quoted by Anadolu Agency.

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