10 July 2018

10 July ND: Section 377 hearing: SC says will examine to decriminalise homosexuality/'Female circumcision' violates privacy, a crime under POCSO:SC/ Centre to 'examine' Shariat court proposal

10 July 2018:25 Shawwal 1439: Vol:10, No:62
Section 377 hearing: SC says will examine to decriminalise homosexuality
New Delhi:The Supreme Court has commenced a crucial hearing on a clutch of petitions seeking decriminalisation of consensual sex between two adults of the same gender.A 5-judge constitution bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra said it will also examine the correctness of its 2013 verdict that had set aside the Delhi High Court judgement decriminalising homosexuality. The SC had in 2013 restored sexual relationship between persons of the same sex as a criminal offence by setting aside the 2009 Delhi High Court judgement that had held as unconstitutional section 377 of IPC, which makes such actions between two consenting adults of same sex as a penal offence. During the hearing on Tuesday, Bench, also comprising Justices RF Nariman, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra, said it would examine the constitutional validity of Section 377 of IPC and the fundamental rights of LGBTQ (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community.When the hearing was about to commence on the batch of writ petitions, an advocate appearing for NGO Naaz Foundation, which was first petitioner to approach the Delhi High Court in 2001 on the issue, sought permission to intervene.The Bench said the curative petitions filed by it has a limited scope and would have to be heard by some other bench. Today's hearing began with senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for dancer Navtej Jauhar, one of the petitioners, telling the court that the right to have sexual freedom should be examined in view of 9-judge bench verdict on privacy which was delivered on Aug.24, 2017.The Bench, which agreed with the submission of Rohatgi, also said it would examine the fundamental right to life and sexual freedom.The SC had yesterday refused to defer the hearing after the Centre sought more time to file replies on the PILs.PTI
Section 377 hearing: Will examine correctness of 2013 verdict, says Supreme Court
Homosexuality against Hindutva, cannot celebrate it: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy
New Delhi: BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy has said that homosexuality was not a normal thing and, in fact, against Hindutva. Swamy’s comment came ahead of the Supreme Court’s hearing of petitions against Section 377 of IPC that criminalises consensual sex between two adults of the same sex.BJP leader went on to say that the Govt  should invest in medical research to see if homosexuality can be cured. “It is not a normal thing. We cannot celebrate it," he said. Speaking about homosexuality, Swamy said they all are American habits. "There is a lot of money behind it. The Americans want to open gay bars, and it'll be a cover for paedophiles and a huge rise in HIV cases."Swamy dubbed it as a danger to the country's national security. he further said though the Govt  did not favour discrimination against homosexuals, "it doesn't consider it to be natural"."We want them to have a normal economic life. They should get jobs on merit, but we cannot allow them to celebrate. It is not a natural thing."Swamy further said that if the top court ruled homosexuality to be normal and a free choice, Govt should constitute a 7-judge bench or a 9-judge bench to review it."It (Homosexuality) is against Hindutva, it is against all our scriptures and I will certainly continue to protest against it," he added. Times Now
'Female circumcision' violates privacy, a crime under POCSO, observes Supreme Court
New Delhi: Expressing concern against the practice of female genital mutilation prevalent among Bohra Muslim community, the Supreme Court on Monday said that it violates privacy and compromises with bodily integrity.“Our genitals are as private as any other body. Why anybody should be allowed to touch the genital of a human being? Why bodily integrity should be violated and compromised?” asked justice DY Chandrachud, a member of the bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra.The bench also observed that the act would be a crime under POCSO — the special law that protects minors from sexual assaults. Popularly known as ‘khatna’, female genital mutilation involves cutting off the clitoral head, which Bohras believe makes women lead a life of infidelity. It’s generally done at a young age by midwives in unhygienic conditions. The court was hearing PILs filed by an advocate and two by Bohra women, demanding a law against female circumcision on the ground that it violated child rights of Bohra Muslim girls.The petition said the circumcision causes pain during menstruation and sexual intercourse, loss of libido and even pain during urination.Attorney general KK Venugopal, on behalf of the Centre, supported the demand and cited the WHO  report to point how genital mutilation affected the health of the women.He agreed with the bench’s view that it is a crime. Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi opposed PILs on behalf of a trust belonging to Bohra women. He said female circumcision is not the same as female genital mutilation and argued that the practice is part of the essentiality of the Dawoodi Bohra religion since centuries and the same would be protected under Article 25 and 26, right to practice and propagate religion.Singhvi said genital mutilation was practised among Bohra muslim men too and suggested the petitions be referred to a constitution bench for a larger debate.Venugopal rebutted Singhvi, saying an essential religious practice cannot be allowed if it affects public morality and health. He read out the same WHO report to justify male circumcision.“The report says it has positive health impacts and reduces infection in men,”AG said, but added that female genital mutilation is a crime in America, Australia, UK and France.At this, CJI Misra said:“These petitions have been filed by women. And if they do not want it, then it cannot be imposed.”The SC allowed all impleadment pleas and fixed July 16 for a further hearing.HT
Ban female circumcision, centre tells Apex Court
SC rules out probe into ATS chief Hemant Karkare's death during 26/11 Mumbai attacks
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has declined to order an investigation into the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.A bench headed by Justice AK Sikri observed that such a plea lacked merit, particularly in view of the fact that one accused, Ajmal Kasab, has been executed following the top court's order."We don't see any merit in your petition. It was a terror attack and one of the matters came to this court. This court affirmed death sentence for one convict (Kasab). Now you want us to reopen everything after the case has been duly established. Sorry, we cannot do that," the bench told senior lawyer Indira Jaising.Jaising was appearing for ex-IPS officer SM Mushrif, who demanded a probe into ATS officer Karkare's death in the terror attacks.Mushrif, Karkare's senior in the state police, had come in appeal against an order of the Bombay High Court, wrapping up a petition for the investigation. Jaising pointed out that PIL petitioner in the HC has passed away and Mushrif now wanted to take the cause further.She cited from Mushrif's books in which ex-Maharashtra IGP has accused the Intelligence Bureau of deliberately blocking the inputs about the terror attack from Mumbai Police. According to Mushrif, there were serious circumstances warranting a fresh probe into role of IB as well as some officials in Mumbai Police.But the bench was not impressed.news18
Centre to 'examine' Shariat court proposal
London: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who is on an official visit to London, said that he will look into All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB)'s Shariat court proposal. "When I go back to India, I will examine the demand and then react to it. We have taken a very firm position as far as Triple Talaq is concerned. It's not a question of religion or community. It's a question of gender justice," he said here. Earlier, Union Minister of State for Law and Justice, PP Chaudhary, argued that the establishment of any court would have to be sanctioned by law.Dismissing the Shariat Court proposal, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told ANI that it is a de-facto way of dividing the country and creating secession.He further said that the people, who are trying to make such an attempt, should be arrested under National Security Act.ANI
Sharia courts unconstitutional, AIMPLB has no power to set up courts: Union Minister PP Choudhary
No conflict between civil courts & Darul-Qaza: AIMPLB
Lucknow:A day after AIMPLB proposed to open Darul-Qaza (Shariat courts) in all districts of the country to resolves issues like marriage, divorce and inheritance in line with Islamic law, Secretary of AIMPLB, Zafaryab Jilani said that it was a 100% constitutional exercise and that there was no conflict between Civil Courts and Darul-Qaza.“Media has caused confusion by dubbing Darul Qaza as court. It’s not a court as it is headed by a Qazi.  Darul Qaza will perform the role of mediation and arbitration which is permissible under Indian Arbitration Act and its order will not be binding on litigants. If they are not satisfied then they could approach Civil courts,” said Jilani.   “No one calls it Shariat court anymore but Darul Qaza, where Qazi solves civil disputes or suggests ways for separations if issues aren’t solved,’’ he explained. When asked as to why he wanted different court for Muslims even though the country had Supreme Court, Jilani said, “This is not a court. We call it Darul-Qaza where a Qazi sits and listens to people’s disputes. Both parties approach him and he tests them about Shariyat. He tries to resolve their issue and if they agree they do not approach Civil Court. There is no conflict between Civil Courts and Darul-Qaza.”“This matter was challenged in Supreme Court (Vishwa Lochan Madan case) where a plea was raised that this was a parallel judicial system. We have the right to practice our religion,” he said.dailypioneer
Experts: ‘Darul Qaza’ term is mistranslated
Hyderabad: The decision of AIMPLB to set up Darul Qaza courts in all districts to resolve issues pertaining to the community, particularly instant triple talaq, has drawn mixed response from the community in the city. Some of them questioned the board’s translation of Darul Qaza as Shariat courts, and said they were merely counselling centres. President, Jamaat-e-Islami, Telangana and Odisha, Hamed Mohd Khan, said that some sections were wrongly interpreting the term Darul Qaza. “If the AIMPLB names it as a Shariat court we condemn it and demand they rename it. Darul Qaza translates into counselling centres. There is a need for such centres across the country,” he said. “If the AIMPLB names it as a shariat court we condemn it and demand they rename it. Darul Qaza translates into counseling centres. There is a need for such centres across the country to help Muslims resolve civil issues and bring in more awareness about Islamic principles and laws,” he said Para legal volunteer and social activist Qutbuddin Masood said the term ‘Darul Qaza’ was mistranslated into shariat courts.“Actually, it is a counseling centre and the ministry of law and higher courts has emphasised the need to have counselling or arbitration centres to resolve small disputes. Following the observations and orders, several Govt agencies have themselves set up Lok Adalats and counselling centre’s to reduce the burden on the courts.”Majlis Bachao Tehreek leader Amjedullah Khan said that AIMPLB was making such statements at a time when there were disturbances over various issues.Deccan Chronicle
Sharia courts not parallel courts: Asaduddin Owaisi
Hyderabad:“Darul Qazas” (Shariat courts) are not parallel courts. They are mere alternate dispute redressal mechanism,” said AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi.“Darul Qazas will only preside over civil matters. And that too only if the two parties consent to take their problems to a qazi. Even if a decision is given, it depends on the parties to accept it. The decision is more like a legal opinion,” Owaisi, who is also a member of the Executive Committee of AIMPLB, said.He also said, “We must understand that this is not a way to impose Sharia in the country. These bodies are constitutional and nobody is forcing the parties to go over there.”  newindianexpress
Bareilly:A group of Muslim women demand banning triple talaq, polygamy, halala
Lucknow:At least 35 Muslim women organised a press conference in Bareilly appealing the Centre to make stringent laws against triple talaq, halala, polygamy and child marriage. Speaking to media, Shabina, one of the victim said, "What kind of a rule is this where the husband becomes your son? "Shabina got married to Wasim Hussain in 2009 who gave her triple talaq after 2 years. After begging him to take her back, she was forced to have halala with her father-in-law. Later, she was given divorce and was forced to have halala with her husband's younger brother.Another victim Nisha shared an emotional story. Nisha got married to Anwar in 1999 but was divorced in 2010. Later, she was forced to have halala with her husband's friend but Anwar didn't accept her after that. She has 4 children and is working as a weaver for livelihood. According to her, Muslim women could get justice only with strict laws. Nida said that she was pressurised by her husband and his family members for dowry. Later on she was given divorce and pressurised to undergo halala. Currently, she is running an NGO to help triple talaq, child marriage and halala victims in rehabilitation.Nida who heads the "Aala Hazarat Helping Society" spoke about the ordeals and atrocities carried out by her husband under the guise of triple talaq.Other women who were part of the press conference also appealed to the Centre to make strict laws banning triple talaq, polygamy and child marriage.UP BJP spokespman Dr Chandramohan said, "Both Central and state Govt are working tirelessly for the welfare of women from every section of the society. AIMPLB shall also ensure that women should get liberty from societal restrictions so that they can prosper in life." indiatoday
Babri Masjid title case should be transferred to constitutional bench: Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui
New Delhi:Amid the hearing of Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi case in the Supreme Court, Justice Sohail Aijaz Siddiqui said that as per justice the case should be transferred to the constitutional bench and the wrong judgment of M Ismail Farooqui should be reformed because it was the wrong judgement.It must be noted that the case was heard on July 6 and the next hearing will be on July 13. Muslim parties to the case demanded that the case is transferred to a 5-member constitutional bench as the case is serious. siasat
UN report on Kashmir not even fit for consideration by Human Rights Council members: India
UN:Reacting angrily to Pakistan’s reference to a UN report on Kashmir at the Security Council, India has said the “so called” report reflects “clear bias” and was not even found fit to be considered by the members of the human rights body where it was submitted.Pakistan raked up the issue of J&K at a UN session on Monday, the third time it did so in as many weeks. India hit back, saying there has been yet another attempt by Pakistan to misuse the UN forum by referring to situations that are extraneous to the discussions.Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi referred to June 14 report on Kashmir and PoK by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein during a Security Council debate on Children and Armed Conflict.PTI
Mehbooba Mufti faces revolt, political future uncertain
Srinagar: The political future of Mehbooba Mufti's PDP remains uncertain with party leaders and MLAs dissenting publicly and accusing the leadership of promoting family rule in J&K. Since governor's rule was imposed in J&K on June 20, a day after BJP withdrew support to PDP-BJP coalition, PDP MLAs, one after another have been publicly revolting against their party chief, Mehbooba. Disgruntled PDP leader and MLA Zadibal, Abid Ansari claimed that 14 legislators have decided to leave the party. Shia leaders like Imran Ansari Raza and his uncle MLA Zadibal Abid Ansari announced their decision of leaving the PDP last week. They accused Mehbooba of favouritism towards her brother, Tassaduq Mufti whom she had appointed as tourism minister and her maternal uncle, Sartaj Madni who was vested with undue powers even as he allegedly indulged in largescale corruption.This was followed by Baramulla MLA, Javid Hussain Baig, who publicly criticised Mufti for encouraging dynastic rule in the state and left the decision to quit the party to his uncle and parliamentarian, Muzaffar Hussain Baig. PDP MLA Gulmarg, Mohammad Abbas Wani, also announced last week that he has decided to leave the party and blamed the leadership of promoting nepotism and corruption in the state. PDP leader and MLC from north Kashmir's Bandipora, Yasir Reshi, on Friday supported his party colleagues to seek an alternative to the traditional family rule in J&K.TO
J-K: Youth killed, 50 civilians injured as security forces open fire at protesters in Shopian
New Delhi ;A youth was killed and around 50 civilians were injured as security forces opened fire on protesters in Shopian district of J&K . The clash occurred near the encounter site where two militants were neutralised and a security personnel was injured earlier in the day.A gunbattle broke out in Kundallan area after security forces launched a cordon and search operation following inputs about the possible presence of militants. An official said the search operation turned into an encounter after the militants opened fire on the security forces, who retaliated. A jawan was injured in the exchange of fire with the militants, the official added.He said a large number of civilians rushed towards the encounter site at Kundullan and started pelting stones at security personnel.On Monday, a militant was killed in an overnight encounter with security forces in Kupwara district.indianexpress

J&K:Court directs police to re-investigate 24 yr old murder case of political activist ‘involving’ Congress MLA
Bandipora: A local court has directed police to re-investigation the case related to the killing of a political activist associated with the J&K Jamaat-e-Islami in North Kashmir’s Hajin area in the year 1993 citing that the investigation in the case was carried out for the sake of completing mere formalities.  The court of Judicial Magistrate first class Sumbal directed the police to re-investigate the case related to the murder of Jamat-e-Islami activist, Abdul Khaliq Wani of Madwan area of Hajin around two decades ago by the pro-Govt  militia group, Ikhwan.The killing allegedly involves the present MLA of Congress party from Bandipora constituency, Usman Majid, then an active member of a pro-Govt  militia group, Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen led by Kuka Parrey. The court has also directed SP Bandipora to give protection to victim family from Hajin and the witnesses and complete investigation in 8 weeks.kashmirwatch
BJP, RSS interfering in Assam citizen registry to keep out minorities, alleges AIUDF’s Badruddin Ajmal
Guwahati:The ruling BJP and its ideological mentor, RSS, are interfering in the ongoing National Register of Citizens exercise in Assam to ensure that a large number of minorities are kept out of it, alleged Badruddin Ajmal, chief of AIUDF.“We have full faith in Supreme Court. But over the last two months, we have been seeing that a large number of people, especially from minority groups are facing harassment,” Ajmal, who is visiting Dhubri, his parliamentary constituency, said.The process of NRC which is being updated in Assam to ascertain the number of illegal immigrants is being monitored by the SC. “BJP-led state Govt  and the RSS are interfering to make sure that a large section of minorities do not make it to the final list,” he said.The perfume baron who divides his time between Assam, Mumbai and Dubai said poor and illiterate people are facing harassment. “The SC said village panchayat certificates are admissible in case of married women. But even when people produce the certificate, they are asked for many more additional documents,” he said.“Similarly, even in cases of small errors in mistake in spellings of names, which is common, they are made to run around and face exclusion,” he pointed out, adding how AIUDF, which has a large support base among the Bengali speaking community in Assam, will approach the SC.HT
Rahul Gandhi likely to meet Muslim intellectuals
New Delhi: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is expected to meet Muslim intellectuals and leaders on Wednesday. According to sources, Rahul will not meet religious or fundamentalist Muslim leaders but only progressive and moderate intellectuals of the community.The meeting is being organised by a senior Cabinet Minister to discuss challenges being faced by the Muslim community under the current regime. According to Congress Minority Dept.head Nadeem Javed, Rahul had met different leaders of different communities in the past and observed that dialogue with intellectuals leads to constructive outcome. ANI
Ramgarh lynching: Another convict granted bail by Jharkhand HC
Ranchi: Jharkhand High Court on Tuesday granted bail to one more convict in the Ramgarh lynching case. The HC had last month granted bail to eight other convicts in the case, including a BJP leader.The HC bench headed by Justice H.C. Mishra granted bail to Chhotu Verma, one of the 11 convicts in the June 2017 Ramgarh lynching case. Now only two convicts are left behind in jail.In March this year, 11 people, including a district-level BJP leader were convicted and awarded life sentence by a fast-track court in Jharkhand for their involvement in the lynching of meat trader Alimuddin Ansari in Ramgarh district of the state on 29th June last year. 8 of the convicts challenged the judgment in the Jharkhand High Court. Now only 2 convicts in the case – Deepak Mishra and Vikram Prasad – are left behind bars.Caravan News
Hapur lynching: Main accused gets bail due to ‘dilution’ of case by police, victim family shocked
Hapur: The family of cattle trader Mohammad Qasim, who was brutally lynched by a mob over cow slaughter rumor in Hapur district of UP  last month, is in shock as the main accused in the case has got bail from a local court.The order of the Hapur court is “painful” for them, said the family over bail granted to Yudhishthir Sisodia, the main accused in the 18th June lynching case.Mohammad Saleem, brother of Qasim said, “It is very sad. It is painful. We came to know about this very late. We are in fear.” Saleem told that he was unaware of the hearing date when on 4th July Yudhishthir Sisodia got bail. The family said they had not hired a lawyer to fight their case. Adv.Shahid Husain, victim family’s counsel, said that the bail was granted by the court due to ‘dilution’ of the case by the police. He said that the police had invoked section 302 of IPC (for murder) in FIR but later presented the incident as a road rage case rather than mob lynching.“In the cases filed under section 302, generally bail is not granted so easily. Court has granted the bail on the ground of road rage case registered by the police observing that it was not motivated and pre planned. While in the matters of lynching Supreme Court had recently said that pre-planning or motive or whatever the reason behind don’t matter in the case of lynching,” Adv. Husain argued.“On 5th July, the same court had rejected bail appeal in a case filed under section 307,” he further told.Caravan Daily
Ex-bureaucrats Ribeiro, Habibullah among 41 to demand Sinha’s sacking for felicitating lynching case convicts
New Delhi:Former Mumbai police commissioner Julio Ribeiro, ex chief information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah and 41 other retired bureaucrats have demanded that Union minister Jayant Sinha be sacked for felicitating eight people convicted in a lynching case, saying his action shows “there is a licence to kill minorities”.Minister of State for Civil Aviation stoked controversy after he felicitated eight convicts in the Ramgarh lynching case after they came out of prison on bail last week. Meat trader Alimuddin Ansari was beaten to death last year by a mob in Ramgarh on suspicion that he was carrying beef in his car.Expressing happiness over their release from jail after being granted bail on June 29 this year by the Jharkhand High Court, Sinha garlanded them and offered them sweets.“The larger and chilling message that Shri Sinha’s action sends out is that there is a licence to kill minorities and that those who are accused of such crimes will be enthusiastically supported financially, legally and politically,” the bureaucrats said in a public statement.They said Sinha felicitated the convicts as if they were “some revolutionaries in a freedom struggle”.PTI
Ramgarh lynching: Rahul Gandhi supports online petition demanding withdrawal of Jayant Sinha’s Harvard alumni status
New Delhi:Intensifying his attack on Union Minister Jayant Sinha for felicitating convicts of Ramgarh lynching, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday supported a petition demanding the withdrawal of Sinha’s Harvard Alumni status. Sinha had completed his MBA from Harvard.“If the sight of a highly educated MP & Central Minister, Jayant Sinha, garlanding & honouring criminals convicted of lynching an innocent man, fills you with disgust, click on the link & support this petition,” the Congress president tweeted. Gandhi has been critical of Sinha’s actions and had said that the politics of hatred and communal polarisation is irreparably damaging our social fabric. indianexpress
Beef company owners are non-Muslims also, but only Muslims are targeted: Malegaon MLA
Nagpur: Beef traders and beef export company owners are non-Muslims also. But only Muslims are targeted by the mob. Taking part in the debate during zero hour in Nagpur assembly on Monday, Malegaon MLA Asif Shaikh Rasheed told that a beef company named Fair has been set up in Malegaon. The project has been started at the cost of 120 Cr but the company is giving jobs to labours from Bengal instead of giving employment to educated youth of Malegaon.Asif Shaikh Rasheed said whenever it is said that beef factories are of Muslims only. Muslims are killed in the name of beef slaughter and Gau Raksha. He revealed that the owner of the beef company ‘Fair’ is Vijay Pillay, resident of Kerala. Since Malegaon is a Muslim majority area, the owner of the company found it safe hence he established the company there. siasat
Using headgear to signify identity could be bigotry: Hamid Ansari
New Delhi:A skull cap does not add to identity and suggesting it does may be a misperception or "perhaps a reflection of bigotry", ex-Vice President Hamid Ansari said. Speaking at the launch of book "Of Saffron Flags and Skullcaps: Hindutva, Muslim Identity and the Idea of India" written by veteran journalist ZiyaUs Salam, he also recounted his lone experience of wearing a skullcap when he was India's Ambassador to UN. "During a prayer at a dinner by my Israeli counterpart, everyone put on their caps on their heads. I did likewise. A gentleman said I need not have done that.I said I didn't see the problem. It doesn't in anyway impinge on my identity," said Ansari.Citing it to be a "very seriously and carefully written book" with an innovative approach, he said the writer has woven "happenings, episodes, practices" into a pattern.The book, published by Sage Publishing, takes a dispassionate look at how majority communalism is sought to be passed off as nationalism and explores "how the new notions of nationalism are removed from the principles of our Constitution"."Having discerned that there are two dominant patterns in our society, he comes back to the third most important pattern, which is India, and the idea of India," said Ansari who was recently in news for his book "Dare I Question".Salam's book attempts to "trace the growth of the Hindutva ideology from the time of VD Savarkar and MS Golwalkar to the contemporary age, and how it precedes any talk of Muslim appeasement", said the publisher.IANS
Sohrabuddin ‘fake’ encounter case: Can accused be discharged anticipating hostility, asks Bombay High Court
Bombay High Court has asked CBI to put forth its stand on three revision plea filed by Rubabuddin, brother of Sohrabuddin Shaikh, challenging the discharge of ex Gujarat DIG DG Vanzara and IPS officers Dinesh MN and Rajkumar Pandian in the alleged fake encounter case.Justice AM Badar, hearing arguments on Pandian’s discharge, asked the CBI to state its “stand so far as this accused is concerned.” He asked CBI, “Why he (Pandiyan) should not be put to trial at least…3 persons are killed…all the aspects he (Rubabuddin’s lawyer Gautum Tiwari) has covered…whether why they should not be considered as sufficient for framing of charges.” Justice Badar further said CBI should tell the court that “with this material why you’re not considering the case as a case for framing of charges.” The court later asked CBI to give replies to all the three applications.CBI told the court that it was concerned with just two review pleas that it filed before the court. 2 pleas challenge the discharge of Rajasthan police constable Dalpat Singh Rathod and Gujarat police officer NK Amin.indianexpress
Sohrabuddin ‘fake’ encounter case: Cops threatened to kill Tulsiram Prajapati, us, says witness
Before the alleged “fake” encounter of Tulsiram Prajapati, policemen had threatened to kill him, a witness told the court Monday. The witness, a childhood friend of Tulsiram’s nephew, Kundan Prajapati, said that the police arrested the 2 in a false case to prevent them from travelling with Tulsiram for court hearings. The police allegedly threatened to kill them too, said the witness.On Monday, 28-year-old witness was brought to court from a jail in Indore, MP, where he is currently lodged. The witness told the court that in 2006, he along with Kundan went to Udaipur central jail for to meet Tulsiram. He said that subsequently the 2 went to Udaipur railway station as per instructions of Tulsiram to accompany him for a court hearing in Ahmedabad. The witness told the court that they were to travel on the same train as Tulsiram as he had expressed apprehension of being killed in a staged encounter by the police.“Tulsiram had told us that since he was a witness in the abduction of his associate Sohrabuddin Shaikh and Kausarbi, policemen wanted to kill him in an encounter. Just when Kundan and I were to board the train, some policemen dressed in civil clothes stopped us and took us in a jeep to Surajpol police station. Both of us were beaten up continuously and detained for 20-25 days,”witness said. indianexpress
Kathua rape-murder case: SC orders transfer of accused to Punjab jail
New Delhi :The Supreme Court has asked the J&K  police to file its supplementary chargesheet in the Kathua gangrape and murder case within eight weeks and ordered shifting of the seven accused in the case to Punjab’s Gurdaspur District jail from Jammu’s Kathua jail.A bench of CJI Dipak Misra and Justices D Y Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra brushed aside the objections of the counsel appearing for the accused and said their transfer was being done in view of the “exceptional circumstances”.The SC had earlier shifted the trial in the case, which had triggered widespread outrage, from Kathua to Pathankot on May 7.indianexpress
Munna Bajrangi shot dead: Facts about the slain gangster
New Delhi:Gangster Prem Prakash Singh alias Munna Bajrangi was shot dead by another gangster Sunil Rathi inside the Baghpat Jail Monday. The killing came hours before he was to be produced in court in an extortion case. 10 days ago, Bajrangi’s wife Seema Singh had complained that her husband would be murdered. Bajrangi was shifted to Baghpat from Jhansi jail late on Sunday. The slain gangster was facing trial in several cases including the killing of ex BJP MLA Krishnand Rai. Calling the incident “serious”, UP  CM  Yogi Adityanath ordered the suspension of four prison officials — jailor, deputy jailor, head warder, warder.Bajrangi killed before he was to be produced in a local court on Monday in an extortion case for allegedly demanding money from ex BSP MLA Lokesh Dixit in 2017. Bajrangi had unsuccessfully contested 2012 Assembly polls from Mariyahu seat in Jaunpur on an Apna Dal ticket and was also known as gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari’s right-hand man in the 90s. Bajrangi’s wife Seema had also unsuccessfully contested 2017 Assembly polls as an Independent from Madiyahun constituency in Jaunpur. Bajrangi’s wife Seema, who had called a press conference on June 29 to allege that her husband’s life was in danger, has demanded a CBI probe. “It was a custodial murder and a planned conspiracy hatched by the UP  police and jail officials. Several persons, including a former MP, are behind the murder of my husband,” she alleged.indianexpress
Joshi-led Panel Summons Arvind Subramanian, Hasmukh Adhia over NPA Crisis
New Delhi: The estimates committee of the Lok Sabha, which is headed by senior BJP leader, Murli Manohar Joshi, has summoned outgoing chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian, finance secretary Hasmukh Adhia, deputy RBI governor Mahesh Kumar Jain and economic affairs secretary Subhash Chandra Garg over the burgeoning non-performing assets crisis in India’s banking system.In the past, Joshi headed public accounts committee (PAC), which brought out a scathing report on 2G scam.The estimates committee, on the other hand, examines the efficiency and usage of proposed Govt  expenditure of taxpayer money. In this context, sources with knowledge of the matter say that Joshi is likely to follow a non-partisan approach in examining the magnitude of bad loans plaguing the financial system.Of particular significance is the invitation to Subramanian, the outgoing chief economic adviser in the finance ministry, who is known to be candid in his analysis of the economy.The Wire has learned that the panel’s summons sent alarm bells ringing in the finance ministry, which is currently being helmed by Piyush Goyal, even though erstwhile finance minister Arun Jaitley continues to strongly articulate his views on various policy issues.the wire
HRD Ministry issues clarification after Jio Institute receives Institute of Eminence tag
Union Govt  has bestowed the honour of Institute of Eminence awards to 6 institutions which includes, IIT Delhi, IISc Bangalore; IIT Bombay, Jio Institute (Reliance Foundation), Pune, BITS Pilani,; and Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Karnataka.However, some people took to their social media to criticise the inclusion of Jio Institute in the list. Twitter users slammed the HRD questioning about the institute’s whereabouts and its credentials. They also expressed that it is not a fair decision to give such a status even before an institute is established. Meanwhile, defending its decision, HRD Ministry has released an official clarification on account of the criticisms on the social media received after their announcement. HRD Ministry said that Jio Institute fulfills four parameters which other institutions did not fulfill according to the clause 6.1 of UGC Regulation 2017.NewsX
Move to disband UGC a blatant attempt for political control:Prof P K Abdul Azis, ex AMU VC
Kochi:Prof PK Abdul Azis, ex V-C of AMU and Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat), said the proposed move to disband UGC and set up the Higher Education Commission of India is a “blatant attempt for political control of higher education”. In a letter to Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, he said there was no reform in this initiative and it was a blatant attempt to usurp all financial powers to allocate funds received by the ministry for higher education based on political consideration.“The result would be unfettered bureaucratic and political control of grants released to higher educational institutions and universities across India.It is virtually total bureaucratic takeover of the higher education sector, negating the claim of the Centre that it stands for ‘less Govt  and more governance’,” he wrote.newindianexpress
HC quashes appointment of 4 asst profs in AMU
Allahabad High Court has quashed the appointment of four assistant professors in AMU, terming the process as "wholly illegal" and ordered the university authorities to proceed for fresh selection process for the posts as per the law.The bench of justices Sudhir Agarwal and IA Khan quashed the appointments in the Department of Statistics and Operation Research (DSOR) on a plea by Dr Kamal Ullah, a former guest lecturer in the department, challenging the recruitment.Dr Ullah had challenged the appointments contending that the four - Dr Irfan Ali, Dr Shakeel Javed, Dr Jaki Anwar and Dr Mohd Faizan were appointed as assistant professors in DSOR despite having applied for the higher post of associate professors and having been interviewed for the same.PTI
After Pranab, Ratan Tata to Share Dais with RSS Chief
Mumbai: Industrialist Ratan Tata will be sharing the stage with RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat at an event here next month.The development comes after former president Pranab Mukherjee attended a function of the RSS in Nagpur last month."Tata and Bhagwat will attend an event in Mumbai on Aug. 24 organised by the Nana Palkar Smriti Samiti," a Sangh functionary said. NGO is named after Sangh pracharak Nana Palkar.PTI
Disturbing to see a particular religion is targeted:actress
Actress Taapsee Pannu, who is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming courtroom drama Mulk, says it is disturbing to see a particular religion being targeted.Taapsee interacted with the media at the trailer launch of her upcoming film Mulk with Rajat Kapoor, director Anubhav Sinha and producer Deepak Mukut on Monday.In the movie, she will be seen as a defence lawyer trying to restore the honour of a Muslim family accused of treason. Taapsee said:"It is disturbing that a particular religion is targeted like that. It is disturbing to see it happens because my life is run by Muslims. My manager, my driver, my housemaid...are all Muslims and they are an inseparable part of my life."This is one of the reasons why I chose to do this film. If somebody has to stand up to address the issue, then I would love to take the responsibility. Doing this movie was a way of venting out how disturbed I felt because of how Muslims are treated."IANS
Erdogan vows to advance Turkey under new governance system, names new cabinet
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has hailed the beginning of a new chapter in the country's history in his inauguration address, while promising improvements in "every" area.His comments on Monday came shortly after taking the oath of office to become Turkey's first executive president with increased powers after his election victory last month."In the new era, Turkey will improve in every field, including democracy, fundamental rights, freedoms, economy and large investments," Erdogan said in his speech at the presidential palace in the capital, at a crowd, comprised also of dozens of foreign leaders and dignitaries.Among them were Russian PM  Dmitry Medvedev, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Monday's inauguration concluded the transition from a parliamentary system to an executive presidency,in line with the constitutional changes approved in a referendum in April 2017.Under the new system, Erdogan leads the state's executive branch and has the right to appoint and dismiss vice-presidents, a newly introduced position, as well as ministers, high-level officials and senior judges - without parliamentary approval. He has also the power to dissolve parliament, issue executive decrees and impose a state of emergency. The prime ministry will not exist in the new system.Later on Monday,Erdogan announced his new cabinet, in which he named his son-in-law, Beraat Albayrak, as treasury and finance minister.Mevlut Cavusoglu stayed as foreign minister, while Suleyman Soylu kept his position as interior minister. Other members, including Vice-President Fuat Oktay, were former bureaucrats, NGO leaders, business people and advisers. Opposition parties, Turkey's Western allies and other critics argue that the system grants the top office major powers without the necessary checks and balances, calling it a "one-man rule".aljazeera
In a surprise visit to Afghanistan, Pompeo urges Taliban peace talks
Kabul: US secretary of state Mike Pompeo, on a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday, promised support for President Ashraf Ghani’s bid to start peace talks with the Taliban and repeated US would be willing to take part.The visit, at the end of a tour of Asian countries including North Korea and Vietnam, was Pompeo‘s first to Afghanistan since he became secretary of state.He said the strategy announced last year by President Donald Trump of sending more troops to increase pressure on the Taliban and push them towards negotiations was working and would reassure Afghans “that we will support them as they continue fighting to liberate their country and their people.”“The strategy sends a clear message to the Taliban that they cannot wait us out,” he said.Pompeo‘s visit follows one by the state department’s top diplomat for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells, who said this month that pressure was building on Taliban to respond to Ghani’s offer for peace talks.Reuters
Afghanistan: At least 10 killed in Jalalabad suicide attack
At least 10 people have been reported killed and 4 others injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a checkpoint in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad.A spokesman of Nangarhar provincial governor told Al Jazeera that among the casualties in the attack on Tuesday were two security personnel.Kabul-based news website, Tolo News, reported that the 8 other fatalities were civilians.No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the violence.Al Jazeera .
Gaza Sanctioned by Israel for 'Kite Blazes'
 Israel imposed sanctions on the Gaza Strip and its dominant Hamas Islamists on Monday in retaliation for attacks by Palestinians using burning kites and helium balloons carrying blazing rags.People taking part in more than three months of protests at the Gaza border have started scores of fires by sending the balloons and kites into Israel, vexing its advanced military which is used to dealing with more conventional weapons. With southern residents and his far-right coalition partners calling for an end to the blazes, even if that required killing kite and balloon fliers, Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu announced the closure of Gaza‘s main commercial border terminal.Israel also cut the area fishing boats are allowed to operate off Gaza‘s Mediterranean coast and blacklisted what it described as a pro-Hamas TV channel. Reuters
Hamas decries Israel's closure of vital Gaza commercial border: aljazeera
Hamas has condemned an Israeli decision to seal off the Karam Abu Salem commercial border crossing, the primary passageway that transfers necessities to residents of the besieged Gaza Strip.The group  described Monday's measure as a "crime against the people of Gaza", blaming the international community's prolonged silence that encourages Israel's blockade on Gaza.Earlier on Monday, Israel said it will be closing off the Karam Abu Salem border crossing, saying it was in retaliation over Palestinians setting fire to Israeli land. Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu said the decision to shut down the border was taken in coordination with the country's defence minister.The move, which will come into effect on Tuesday, will only allow for the transfer of humanitarian needs such as cooking gas as well as wheat and flour into Gaza, an official responsible for coordinating the movement of cargo through the border confirmed to Al Jazeera from Gaza.Raed Futooh said items that will be banned from entering the strip, which is home to more than two million people, include clothing goods and construction materials such as "plastic and chemicals".
Police question Israel PM for corruption for tenth time
Israel Police has grilled PM  Benjamin Netanyahu over corruption allegations, according to local media.Investigators questioned the PM at his West Jerusalem home on suspicion that he awarded favours to Israel’s telecom company Bezeq Telecom in return for favourable news coverage.The probe relates to suspicion that Netanyahu, served as communications minister, advanced regulatory decisions benefiting the telecom company in exchange of positive coverage on the company’s news site.This was the 10th time in more than a year that he was questioned over corruption and fraud by the police.MEMO
Latest poll shows Netanyahu easily winning new election
A new poll has found that Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu would easily win a fifth term as premier if new elections were held today. The poll, conducted by Panels Politics for Walla! news site, shows Likud winning 35 seats, which would constitute the party’s largest Knesset presence since 2003.A long way behind in second place was former minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party, on 17 seats, with the Labor-dominated Zionist Camp ticket securing just 11 seats (down from its current 24).The Joint List faction would win 12 seats according to the poll, while Meretz would win seven.MEMO
Rebel attack in Syria kills 27 Govt fighters: Observatory -fighters-monitor-1975614567
Over 2 dozen pro-Govt fighters were killed in northwestern Syria overnight in an attack by rebel forces, an activist group said on Tuesday.The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the surprise offensive late Monday targeted a pair of villages and observation points in the coastal province and Govt  stronghold of Latakia, near the Turkish border."At least 27 regime forces and allied fighters, including eight officers, were killed in fierce clashes and shelling in the village of al-Ateira,"said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman."They took al-Ateira and kicked out regime forces from several observation points after killing or wounding them." Another 40 Govt  loyalists were wounded and six rebels were killed, he said.The death toll made the attack the bloodiest opposition assault on the area in three years, according to the Observatory. Al-Ateira lies about two kilometres south of the Turkish border. middleeasteye
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood revives amid ongoing civil war, lashes out at US, Israel: Fox News
Istanbul: Syrian Civil War, which has lasted more than seven years, has claimed the lives of at least 500,000 people, displaced more than 12 million from their homes and cost others, too many to count, their arms and legs, each victim lost in the fog of war.And yet, Syrian President Bashar Assad – who has been widely accused by the international community of targeting civilians and being responsible for the majority of deaths – looks set to take back full control of the once opposition-held Daraa province, a step closer to presiding fully over the embattled country with impunity.It’s a reality, the recently revived Syrian Muslim Brotherhood says, which will only lead to more bloodshed and instability in the years to come – with or without an official war.“The tolerance of the United States and Israel with the crimes committed by Bashar al-Assad will not contribute to stability in the region. The revolution of the Syrian people aims to end oppression and gain freedom,” Omar Mushaweh, the Istanbul-based head of media and communications for the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, told Fox News. “What is happening in Syria is a violation of the values of freedom and human rights that America preaches around the world. The American administration should not remain silent in the face of the crimes committed by the regime.”Despite Trump twice targeting Assad’s assets directly with missiles, and Israel striking their Iran counterparts in Syria numerous times, Mushaweh lamented that no sincere effort has been made to oust the dictatorial leader.“If there was a serious desire to do that, the regime would have been targeted in the early years of the revolution. The regime could have been easily overthrown and the large number of casualties avoided,” he said. “Therefore, the only entity capable of overthrowing Assad is Syrian people alone, without assistance from anyone. That was about to happen in 2014, if it wasn’t for the intervention of Iran and then Russia.” Fox News
Political crisis in UK after PM Theresa May faces mass rebellion over Brexit deal, several ministers resign
The Govt  in UK led by PM  Theresa May plunged into a deep crisis on Monday after a ‘mass rebellion’ by several ministers, who quit the Govt  protesting over the Brexit deal.The first to announce his resignation was Brexit Minister David Davis, who said that he believed the UK’s plans had become “diluted” and that he would be a “reluctant conscript” if he stayed in his position to push May’s latest Brexit proposal that was adopted by the cabinet on Friday.In her reply to Davis, May thanked him for his service but also laid out 12 reasons why she did”not agree” with his comments. She wrote, “I am sorry that you have chosen to leave the Govt  when we have already made so much progress towards delivering a smooth and successful Brexit, and when we are only eight months from the date set in law when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.“At Chequers on Friday, we as the cabinet agreed a comprehensive and detailed proposal which provides a precise, responsible and credible basis for progressing our negotiations towards a new relationship between the UK and the EU after we leave in March.”jantakareporter
Thai cave rescue: All 12 boys, coach brought out of cave
“2 days, 8 Boars,” read a Facebook post by the Thai Navy SEALS after 4 more boys, part of the football team were rescued from the Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand on Monday. The eleventh boy was rescued this afternoon after the Thai rescuers resumed their searches. Officials hope to bring all of them to safety today.Chiang Rai province’s acting governor, Narongsak Osatanakorn, who is in charge of the rescue, voiced confidence Monday in the ongoing operation, provided the weather doesn’t take a turn for the worse. “I beg Phra Pirun (rain God) because the Meteorological Dept said that from Monday on there will be continuous rain,” regional army commander Maj-Gen. Bancha Duriyapan told a news conference, imploring him to “keep showing us mercy.” The eight rescued boys are meanwhile, recuperating in a hospital. The boys and their coach were stranded when they were exploring the cave after a practice game on June 23. Torrential rainfall and flooding cut off their escape route and prevented rescuers from finding them for almost 10 days.indianexpress
Japan: death toll climbs to 155 after 'historic' rain and landslides
The number of people who have died in floods and landslides triggered by “historic” levels of torrential rain in Japan has climbed to at least 155, with dozens of others still missing.Almost 2 million people were still subject to evacuation orders on Monday, while tens of thousands of rescue workers battled mud, water and rubble to search for survivors stranded in their homes.At one point about 5 million people were told or advised to evacuate. Some of those who decided to stay home found themselves trapped by rapidly rising water or landslides.theguardian
Imran Khan promises to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in party’s election manifesto
Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on Monday unveiled the election manifesto of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, promising to turn the country into a welfare state if voted to power.Titled “Road to Naya Pakistan”, the manifesto’s primary point is to turn the country into an Islamic welfare state, on the lines of Scandinavian countries, Khan was quoted as saying by Dawn online.He said his party would safeguard national security and defeat the terrorists’ narrative, human resources, finances and weaponry to tackle the internal threats Pakistan faces. In order to curb the proliferation of arms and ammunition at the international level, the PTI govt would also invite India for strategic discussions, Khan said.Khan said: “We will make the National Accountability Bureau (anti-graft body) autonomous and pursue all cases of corruption,” Khan said, adding that “we will empower the people and devolve the power to the village level”.“We will introduce a non-political model of policing like the one in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the rest of the provinces as well. And to ensure that Pakistanis get instant and quality justice, we will introduce comprehensive judicial reforms,” Khan said.Khan outlined the major issues of all the regions and vowed to resolve them if voted to power in the Pakistan general elections . PTI chief further said his party would boost the economy by creating 10 million jobs and promoting small-to-mid-level industries.“We will make Pakistan business-friendly and turn the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor into a game-changer by enhancing bilateral relations.”IANS
24 persons killed in mob attacks in 2018; analysis shows such incidents rose 4.5-fold since 2017:IndiaSpend
Bitcoins are not Islamic, a new directive tells Indian Muslims:RASHEED KIDWAI
Why India’s new citizenship law is so controversial – and why some regions are angrier than others
The trolls that target Sushma Swaraj are a byproduct of her and her party’s politics:Apoorvanand
SC has let go of opportunity to immunise the allocation of cases from abuse of power:Prashant Bhushan
Munna Bajrangi’s murder in jail raises questions on law and order in UP:Aas Mohd Kaif
Jayant Sinha confirms lynching is BJP’s agenda by garlanding lynch brigadeHumra Quraishi
Despite Uri and surgical strikes, Modi-Doval kept in touch with Pakistan:Jyoti Malhotra

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