15 July 2019

15 July ND: Lok Sabha passes NIA Amendment Bill, opposition calls it attempt to turn India into ‘police state’/Babri Masjid demolition cases: special judge seeks 6 months’ time to finish trial

15 July 2019: 11 Dhul Qadah 1440:Vol: 11, No:245
Lok Sabha passes NIA Amendment Bill, opposition calls it attempt to turn India into ‘police state’
Lok Sabha has passed National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill.Govt said the bill to broaden the agency’s investigating powers was part of its policy of zero tolerance against terrorism and in national interest. Minister of State for Home Ministry G Kishan Reddy introduced the Bill in the Lok Sabha, and sought support from all parties for the passage of it. Reddy said special court judges would continue to be appointed by the chief justice in order to fast-track the trial processes.NIA was set up in 2009 after the Mumbai attacks.Reddy said the new law will allow the agency to investigate cases of terrorism targeting Indians and their assets abroad. It will also empower the agency to investigate cases of arms and human trafficking besides those linked to cyber terrorism, he claimed.“We want to fight terrorism with zero tolerance and have brought this bill in national interest,” he said. “I pray to all of you for its passage.” However, Congress accused Govt of trying to turn India into a “police state”.Congress MP Manish Tewari opposed the bill. “NIA Bill, in 2008, came under specific circumstances after the country felt some unprecedented incidents,” Tewari said. “The constitutional validity of the NIA Act is not settled as of now. The Bombay High Court had upheld the constitutional validity of the act. J&K Court has not yet given its approval.In Nov.2013, a division bench of Gauhati HC had spoken of the ‘illegal organisation’.”He also said that probe agencies were misused for “political vendetta” and “inspired media leaks” from them have turned the maxim of “innocent until proven guilty” on its head.Union Home Minister Amit Shah asserted that BJP will never misuse NIA law on the basis of religion but instead will ensure it ends terrorism irrespective of the religion of the accused. The House also witnessed an argument between Shah and Asaduddin Owaisi when Opposition members interrupted Singh. Singh alleged that a Hyderabad Police commissioner was once asked by a political leader of the state to change the course of probe in a particular case or face transfer.Owaisi demanded that Singh should place on table of the House all records related to his
What is NIA amendment bill; Why opposition is against It:NDTV
Babri Masjid demolition cases: special judge seeks 6 months’ time to finish trial
New Delhi:The Supreme Court today asked UP  Govt to suggest a way out after the sessions judge hearing the joint trial of the dual Babri Masjid demolition cases sought 6 months more to finish the case.On April 19, 2017, the SC gave the trial judge 2 years to complete the trial after reviving the criminal conspiracy charge against BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders, including L.K. Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti, in connection with the demolition of the mosque on Dec.6, 1992.The court had evoked the maxim — “Let justice be done though the heavens fall” — to flex its extraordinary constitutional powers under Article 142 of the Constitution to bring the cases to justice.Now, the trial is yet to be completed and the sessions judge is due to retire on Sept. 30. A Bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi has scheduled a hearing on Friday.Besides Advani, Joshi and Bharti, the court had ordered the Lucknow Court to frame the conspiracy charge against Vinay Katiar, Sadhvi Ritambara, Vishnu Hari Dalmia, Champat Rai Bansal, Satish Pradhan, Dharam Das, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, Mahamadleshwar Jagdish Muni, Ram Bilas Vadanti, Vaikunth Lal Sharma and Satish Chandra Nagar. All were named as accused in 1993 CBI charge sheet.If convicted, the accused would face punishment of three to five years. This would mean that they would be barred from contesting elections for 6 years following the completion of their sentence.thehindu
SC to hear Ayodhya case on Friday, asks UP govt to inform it by July 19 about mechanism to extend special judge’s tenure
Cong-backed Chandra Shekhar govt was planning ordinance to resolve Ayodhya dispute Book
New Delhi: 2 years before the demolition of Babri masjid in 1992, the then Congress-backed Chandra Shekhar-led Govt was "on the cusp" of resolving the Ayodhya dispute by promulgating an ordinance, according to a book written on the former PM by Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh.The book titled "Chandra Shekhar --- The Last Icon of Ideological Politics", says in 1990, ex PM, along with then CMs Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, had mediated between VHP and Muslim leaders on the sensitive issue. Quoting journalist Ram Bahadur Rai, a close associate of Jayaprakash Narayan, the book states that it is widely believed that the Shekhar Govt was "on the cusp of solving the Babri dispute by promulgating an ordinance". After getting the information of preparation of such an ordinance, then Congress president Rajiv Gandhi and his "coterie of advisers panicked" as they "did not want Chandra Shekhar to gain in stature" by resolving such a complex problem, the book states.PTI
Assam NRC: Over 4 millions left off-draft since enforcement of exercise, Muslims majority among those who 'fear for future': AFP 
Kamrup: Born in India 71 years ago, Mohammed Rehat Ali is still traumatised a month after his release from a detention camp, struggling to shake off a fear for the future shared by millions, many of them Muslims, under PM Narendra Modi.The push to render stateless people described as "infiltrators" by Modi's right-hand man has been limited to the north-eastern state of Assam, but his Hindu nationalist party wants to replicate it nationwide, alarming Muslims, who critics say are the real focus. "I have never expected that I would have to prove my citizenship.I am an Indian citizen, we are born here in Assam and living here for generations," Ali, a farmer, said. But when he was unable to produce the required documents, a "Foreigners' Tribunal" declared him a Bangladeshi and sent him to a detention camp.After 3 years, his sons secured his release by appealing to a higher court, but only after selling their land and cattle to raise legal fees. He is one of the lucky ones. Over 4 million others in the state of 33 million,where immigration has been a hot topic since British colonial rule, were left off a draft "National Register of Citizens" (NRC) last July. They could not prove that they or their parents or grandparents were in Assam before 1971, when millions fled Bangladesh's war of independence into India. Those excluded have been able to appeal, but up to 2 million people could be left off a final list due at the end of this month, reports say.Those who fail to make the cut have to go to one of around 100 "Foreigners Tribunals" currently in place. Another 200 are being set up. These are a lottery however, campaigners say and the staff often unqualified.There are currently 938 people in 6 detention camps. Another with a capacity of 3,000 is set to be built and Assam Govt wants another 9, each for 1,000 people.AFP
India elbowed out of Afghanistan peace talks:TOI
New Delhi: Pakistan joined US, Russia and China over the weekend to craft a peace agreement with the Taliban, a development that shows how Islamabad has moved to the centerstage of the Afghan peace process, and how India has been dealt out of the future of Afghanistan. India's participation or voice has been negligible in the evolving situation, while Pakistan has used the opportunity to manoeuvre itself to centerstage of the region's geopolitics. Shaida Abdali, former Afghan ambassador to India and a presidential candidate, told TOI here, "India's 18-year-old effort to strengthen ties with Afghanistan should not be lost at this juncture. India's indifference to evolving situation in Afghanistan will likely cost it in the long run." India is nowhere in the peace negotiations, nor have India's concerns really found any traction. In the latest blow to India, US ambassador to Afghanistan,John Bass, on Thursday said that Afghanistan's presidential elections, scheduled for Sept.28, could be postponed, until the peace process with the Taliban was completed.India is opposed to this - during US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo's visit to New Delhi,NSA Ajit Doval repeatedly stressed the importance of holding elections in Afghanistan on schedule even if the peace process was on. India also opposed the proposal to have an interim Govt in Afghanistan, both with US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and with Russia. None of India's concerns cut much ice with any of the principal stakeholders in Afghanistan.Last week, US and Taliban hammered out a provisional 8-point agreement (although in the Pashto version it includes 10 points). Despite Khalilzad saying the US won't "cut and run" and that it was "not a withdrawal agreement but a peace agreement" Taliban and others have interpreted the agreement as the former. The process has gathered momentum, despite almost daily attacks by Taliban. Doha deal of July 7-8 between US and Taliban includes the agreements reached in Moscow, thereby taking care of Russia's interests.China and Pakistan look out for each other. India is out of the picture, despite having vital security interests. Interestingly,ex Afghan president Hamid Karzai, believed to be close to India, became a facilitator of Taliban talks both in Moscow and in Beijing.
Karnataka: Speaker schedules trust vote for Thursday
Bengaluru:Amid the ongoing turmoil in state, Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar scheduled a trust vote for the ruling Congress-JDS coalition govt for 11 am on Thursday. He announced the decision of the trust vote after a meeting of the Business Advisory Council of the assembly.He also adjourned the house till Thursday after BJP objected to the conduct of regular proceedings without Govt proving it’s majority. Congress, JDS and BJP MLAs will move to resorts around Bangalore to protect their flock ahead of the floor test. While the trust vote will be taken up on Thursday, the voting will take place following discussions on the vote members of all parties.On Friday, Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy announced a move to seek a trust vote after 16 MLAs of the coalition put in their papers, reducing Govt to a minority.BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa has been demanding that CM Kumaraswamy resign immediately or face a trust vote at the earliest. Congress-JDS coalition are trying to bring back a few rebels to restore it’s majority numbers, even as 15 rebel MLAs have approached the Supreme Court with a plea to direct the Speaker to accept their resignations. The SC is scheduled to take up the pleas on Tuesday.indianexpress
Karnataka: Speaker adjourns Assembly till Thursday after BJP refuses to participate in proceedings until floor test
Monsoon kills dozens in North India, North East; lakhs affected in Bihar,Assam, Meghalaya,Tripura  
Lakhs of people have been affected, and majority displaced, after heavy rains lashed parts of north and North East India in the last week. Lakhs have been displaced as monsoons hit northern states like Bihar and North East states like Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura. Around 11 people have died in Assam while in Bihar around 18 lakh people have been affected.In Meghalaya, continuous rains for the last seven days has led to the flooding of the plains of West Garo Hills. 2 districts in Tripura were forced to take shelter in relief camps following incessant rains for the past two days in the state's capital, Agartala.In Bihar, the flood situation turned grim on Sunday with the death of 4 people. Around 18 lakh people in 9 districts of the state have been affected an official report said. 5 rivers of the state are flowing above the danger level due to torrential rains in the catchment areas bordering Nepal.The flood situation in North East India took a turn for the worse with Assam's toll rising to 11 and affecting nearly 26.5 lakh people across 28 districts.Till Saturday, around 14.06 lakh people were affected in 25 districts out of the total 33 districts.Incessant rains across Meghalaya for the past 7 days and rising waters of 2 rivers flooded the plains of West Garo Hills district, affect at least 1.14 lakh people, officials said on Monday.In Tripura's capital Agartala, at least 10,000 people of 2 districts of Tripura were rendered homeless and forced to take shelter in relief camps following floods caused by incessant rain for the last 2 days, officials of the state revenue department said Sunday.forstpost/ PTI
Under Stress to Pull Off Grand Moon Mission, ISRO Treads Slow After Launch Scrub
ISRO postponed launch of its GSLV Mk III rocket, carrying the Chandrayaan 2 modules, only 56 minutes before liftoff in the early hours of July 15. The order to scrub the launch was issued in an exercise of “abundant caution”, according to ISRO officials, after they detected what they only described as a “technical snag” during the customary pre-flight checks.Chandrayaan 2 is a modular stack comprising three units: an orbiter, a lander named Vikram and a rover named Pragyan. If the Mk III had lifted off successfully and injected the stack into an elliptical orbit around Earth, the trio would have reached the Moon by Sept. There, on Sept. 6/7, Vikram would have attempted to perform a soft-landing over the lunar surface and roll Pragyan out. The trio collectively carried a suite of 14 instruments to perform detailed studies of Moon’s surface, subsurface and atmospheric characteristics.This event is likely to precipitate further delays for the mission, which has been pending since at least 2017, because the current launch window expires on July 16. (Technically, there are launch windows about a minute long per day for the rest of July, but that is more a launch pinhole than a window.) 4 of those delays have been since only March 2018.thewire
Dalit Husband of BJP MLA’s Daughter 'Assaulted' in Allahabad HC After Court Says Their Marriage Valid
Lucknow:The daughter of a BJP MLA from UP , who had moved the Allahabad High Court last week to seek police protection, citing threat to her life from her father after marrying a man outside her caste, appeared in court on Monday morning, amid kidnapping rumours and high drama.Allahabad High Court termed their marriage ‘valid’ and also directed the police to provide security to the couple. However, the couple’s lawyer alleged that the husband was assaulted outside the court room when the couple was leaving after the hearing.Sakshi Misra, 23, daughter of Rajesh Misra MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly, and her husband Ajitesh Kumar, 29, have been on run since announced her marriage last week. Ajitesh was allegedly assaulted by unknown people in black coats in the high court corridor, their lawyer said. On seeing Ajitesh being beaten up, Sakshi immediately came to his rescue, after which the couple was asked to sit inside the court room, their lawyer said.Earlier on Monday, Sakshi and Ajitesh, along with a few family members, reached Prayagraj for the hearing of the plea in which Sakshi had demanded security from her family. She also stated life threat from her family as she had married a Dalit boy against the will of her family.The couple has now been provided security by Police.News18
Cops booked for alleged gangrape of Dalit woman in Rajasthan
Jaipur :An FIR was registered on Saturday night against several police personnel including a suspended SHO of a police station in Churu district of Rajasthan for the alleged gangrape and wrongful confinement of a 35-year-old Dalit woman, senior officials said on Sunday.The brother-in-law of the woman had died in police custody earlier this month, with the family alleging he was murdered by the police.The woman has said in her statement that the policemen beat her brother-in-law throughout the night of July 6 and that he died after 2am. The police say that they had arrested the man in connection with a theft case. Indian Express
Gujarat's Dalit flogging: A year later, Una victims want cases to be withdrawn
Rajkot:On the third anniversary of Una Dalit atrocities case, the victim’s family repeated their demand that state Govt withdraw cases filed against the community members during the violence in the aftermath of the Una case. In a memorandum submitted to SDM of Una on July 11, Vashram Sarvaiya, one of the victims, said, “In 2016, people of Scheduled Castes in Mota Samadhiyala village of Una taluka were beaten up publicly by so-called gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes) and were subjected to atrocities by parading them.Rallies were taken out, memorandums were submitted and representations were made at many places in Gujarat as well as in many parts of India by people of Scheduled Castes, demanding immediate legal action against those so-called gau rakshaks and justice for the victims’ family. However, the state Govt filed false complaints against the protesters and jailed them.”Sarvaiya demanded that the Govt withdraw the cases filed against the community members in the aftermath of the attack on them on July 11, 2016. “After the atrocities on Dalits in Una, people from (our) community took out rallies and submitted memorandums in support of the victims. We demand that the Govt withdraw all the false cases filed against those who were part of the agitation. If false cases are not withdrawn against them and are instead sentenced, we Dalits of Mota Samadhiyala village who were subjected to atrocities, will serve such sentences,” the memorandum further said.Vashram said that of 43 accused in the case, five were in judicial custody and the rest were released on bail.indianexpress
Mayawati seeks action against practice of forcing people to chant religious slogans
BSP chief Mayawati has alleged that a “wrong practice” of forcing people to chant religious slogans has begun in UP  and a few other states, while seeking tough action against it from the Centre and state Govts. Her remarks came after a cleric claimed that he was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’.“In some states, including UP, a wrong practice of forcing people to chant religious slogans and committing atrocities has begun, and it should be condemned,”she tweeted.She said, “There is a need for Centre and state govts to take tough actions against it so that brotherhood and harmony is maintained everywhere and development is not affected.”PTI
Assaulted for not chanting Jai Shri Ram: cleric
Aligarh Muslims slam wife of Hamid Ansari for planning to build temple, mosque in Madrasa
Aligarh:Former vice president Hamid Ansari’s wife’s decision to construct a temple and a mosque inside the “Chacha Nehru Madrasa” run by her has created a controversy. Salma Ansari, in a bid to promote Hindu-Muslim unity and religious tolerance announced the move earlier also citing security reasons for the students studying there. Ansari said the move will help Hindu students studying in the Aligarh madrasa, as they have to go out of the premises everytime they want to pray. SP Aligarh MLA from Koil seat Zameer Ullah Khan slammed the move arguing the temple should be “built at a better place and madrasa is not the right place for the same otherwise people will start demanding temples to be constructed in other madrasas as well”. Similarly, AMU scholar and Professor of Theology, Mufti Zahid, said that Muslims cannot propagate idol worship, leave alone establisha temple at madrasa premises. Hundreds of Muslim and Hindu students study at the ‘Chacha Nehru Madrasa’ which is run by Ansari.Times Now
UP: 8 officials suspended over reports of cattle deaths
UP Govt has ordered suspension of 8 officials and issued show-cause notices to three others, including district magistrates, following reports of cattle deaths from different parts of the state.The action comes after 16 bovines died after consuming poisonous fodder in Chheria Khurd village of Chitrakoot district.PTI
Hyderabad: Avoid sacrificing cows this Bakrid, elders tell Muslims
Hyderabad: Several Muslims have started a campaign to avoid sacrificing cows and calves on the eve of Bakrid. No unpleasant incident occurred last year, but what is different this time is that organisations engaged in cow protection have become active a month before the festival. Muslims apprehend that there are possibilities of untoward incidents this year. A delegation of VHP  had submitted a memorandum to DGP M. Mahendar Reddy and appealed to him to check slaughter of cows and calves on Bakrid. They urged him to take precautionary steps to check transport of cattle.Fearing illegal seizure of cattle by ‘gau rakshaks’ and unnecessary clashes, many traders have decided not to trade in calves this year for Bakrid. Mohammed Muneer Qureshi, secretary, All Jamiat ul Quraish, said vehicles carrying bulls and buffaloes were being stopped illegally by gau rakshaks on the outskirts.The ‘gau rakshaks’ involve law-enforcing agencies to seize the cattle. Authorities do not shift seized cattle to govt-run cattle shelters but to gaushalas run by private organisations. Qureshi alleged that in a few places these groups were involved in the business and they shifted the cattle on their own on payment. Muslim youths have been campaigning to avoid sacrificing cows and calves to avoid any untoward incident. Muslim traders have been advised not to take the risk of transporting cows and calves.Ilyas Shamsi, president, Reformers Front of India, urged the Govt to provide cattle legally for Bakrid sacrifice.Moulana Zubair Qasmi, general secretary, Jamiat Ulema Telangana said scholars had advised the community to sacrifice goats or sheep to avoid unpleasant incidents. Deccan Chronicle
Moradabad: FIR against 3 Muslim barbers for ‘refusing’ to cut hair of Dalits
Lucknow :An FIR was lodged against 3 Muslim barbers in the Peepalsana village in Moradabad district after Dalit residents alleged that they refused to cut their hair.3 barbers — Riyaz Alam, Ishaq and Jahid — were booked under IPC and SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.According to 45-year-old Mahesh Chandra, he filed a complaint to stop caste-based discrimination. “This has been going on for several years, but now we have decided to raise our voice,” he said. Mahesh also said that after he filed a complaint, police held a meeting in the village.“In the meeting, barbers agreed that they would cut the hair of Dalits. But after police mediation, barbers shut their shops for three days,” he said.There are around 20 barber shops in the village, all run by Muslims. According to Circle Officer of Thakurdwara (Moradabad), Vishal Yadav, barbers claimed that they closed shops to decide on their next step. Zahid, who has been named in FIR, said, “I have never refused any customer. False allegations have been made against me.”indian express
BJP MLA says Islam allows having 50 wives and 1050 children, it’s ‘animal tendency’
In a controversial statement, BJP MLA from Ballia, Surendra Singh has said that Muslims who have many wives and children in large numbers have an 'animalistic tendency'. While speaking to reporters, Singh said, "In the Muslim religion, you know that people keep 50 wives and give birth to 1050 children. This is not a tradition but an animalistic tendency. In society, giving birth to only two to four children is normal."Surendra Singh has been in news, time and again, for his controversial statements. On July 2, Speaking at a function on Doctors' Day in Ballia, the MLA had said that the Govt doctors were like "demons" who did not serve the poor." Nationalheraldindia
SC to hear plea against delay in clearing Justice Kureshi’s name as CJ
The Supreme Court on Monday decided to hear on July 22 a petition against the Centre's delay in clearing the name of Justice Akil A. Kureshi as the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court.A Bench comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Deepak Gupta asked Gujarat High Court Advocates Association, which has filed the petition, to supply a copy of it to Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for assisting in the matter.Lawyers' body alleged that the Centre has cleared the appointment of Chief Justices of other high courts, the recommendation of which was made by 3-member the SC collegium before the summer vacation. Centre, however, did not clear the file for appointment of Justice Kureshi as the Chief Justice and on June 7 came out with a notification appointing Justice Ravi Shanker Jha as Acting Chief Justice of MP High Court, it said.PTI
Malegaon blasts: Prosecution witnesses whose statements truncated from chargesheet won't be examined for a week, says NIA
Mumbai: NIA has told Bombay High Court that it would not examine for a week,evidence of those prosecution witnesses whose names and statements have been truncated from its charge sheet filed in 2008 Malegaon blast case. NIA made the statement before a division bench of Justices IA Mahanty and AM Badar which was hearing an application filed by Lt.Col.Prasad Purohit, one of the accused in the case,seeking non-truncated copies of the witnesses' statements that are part of the charge sheet. Purohit's lawyer Shrikant Shivade said the special NIA court is presently recording the evidence of prosecution witnesses and the cross-examination of those witnesses whose statements or names have been masked would not be possible.NIA counsel Sandesh Patil said that on 22 July it would give names of the prosecution witnesses whom they propose to examine out of those whose statements have been truncated. The agency said till then it would not call any of these witnesses to the stand before the trial court for recording of evidence. firstpost
Divide in DU over proposal to include 2002 Gujarat riots in syllabus
New Delhi: Professors in Delhi University are divided over inclusion of a chapter on Gujarat Riots in the syllabus with members of Executive Council calling the move an attempt to politicise the syllabus.The group from a DU panel not only recommended dropping the chapter from the syllabus under BA (Programme) course but also objected to a paper on homosexuality.As per a news report, both the topics come under the English Department whose teachers said that they will argue against dropping the lessons on Monday.The objections over adding the course in the syllabus were made during a meeting of the University’s standing committee for academic affairs.Times Now
Solan building collapse: Death toll rises to 14, all 42 people trapped in debris rescued
The death toll in the building collapse incident on the Kumarhatti-Nahan highway in Solan district mounted to 14 after eleven more bodies were retrieved from the debris on Monday. 14 dead included 13 Army personnel and one civilian. Moreover, all the 42 people — 30 Army personnel and 12 civilians — who were trapped in the debris were pulled out after night-long rescue operations by Army, CRPFand police, ANI reported.indian express
Bengal BJP’s special membership drive targets 5 lakh from minority communities
Kolkata :In its latest membership drive in West Bengal, BJP has set a target of achieving 5 lakh party members from the minority communities. A special membership drive will be held from July 14 to 18 in minority-dominated areas across the state in this regard.BJP’s state minority morcha president Ali Hussain said that kiosks or stalls would be set up outside mosques and madrasas to reach out to Muslims.“In 2014 membership drive, which was conducted through missed calls, we had about 40,000 members from minority communities. In Lok Sabha polls, we received a good and positive response from Muslims and other minority groups. Their support helped us win several seats in Bengal. This time will we are targeting to achieve 5 lakh party members from the minority communities, which will be 12 times more than last time,” Hossain said. Indian Express
Waseem Rizvi’s movie on Hazrat Ayesha triggers unrest
Lucknow: Waseem Rizvi has announced to produce a film on Hazrat Ayesha, wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It has invited opposition from Muslim organizations.Religious and social activists, in one voice, are demanding imposing ban on the production of this movie. They said that he is making an attempt to create rift among various sects of the Muslims and also defaming Islam.They condemned the statement issued by Rizvi in which he has given the details that Sonam Tripathi will play the role of Hazrat Ayesha.General Secretary of Ulema-e-Hind, Maulana Kalbe Jawad in his Friday sermon condemned this act of Waseem Rizvi and demanded the Govt. to impose a ban on its production. Imam of Eidgah, Maulana Khalid Rashid Faringimahli said that producing any film on the holy personalities like the wives of Prophet (PBUH) is condemnable. The personality of Hazrat Ayesha is such that Allah  Himself praised her character in the Quran. She is treated as Ummul Momineen .Shaista Amber, Founder of Women’s Muslim Personal Law Board expressed her surprise that how can one think of producing a film on the holy personality of Hazrat Ayesha.siasat
European powers urge unity to save Iran nuke deal
Iran nuclear deal is not yet dead, but UK has warned there remains just a small window to save it, as European foreign ministers gather in Brussels to find ways to convince Washington and Tehran to engage in dialogue.Tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated since US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from a landmark pact last year and reimposed sanctions on Iran. Iran has subsequently decided to no longer respect some of its obligations. Tehran says it will come back into full compliance if European powers ensure it can sell oil on global markets - a revenue stream blocked by US sanctions regime."Iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear bomb. There is still some closing, but small window to keep the deal alive," UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said ahead of Brussels meeting.aljazeera
Iran 'ready for talks' with US if sanctions are lifted
Iran is ready to hold talks with US if Washington lifts sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal it pulled out of last year, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said."We have always believed in talks ... if they lift sanctions, end the imposed economic pressure and return to the deal, we are ready to hold talks with America today, right now and anywhere," Rouhani said in a televised speech on Sunday.But Iran has made any talks conditional on first being able to export as much oil as it did before the US  withdrew from the nuclear pact with world powers in May 2018. aljazeera
Pak, Saudi, Russia, 34 Other Countries Come Out in Support of China at UN Over Crackdown in Xinjiang
Beijing: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia along with 34 other countries came out in China's defence in UN, after envoys from 22 nations sharply criticised Beijing for the mass detention of Uighur Muslims in camps in the restive Xinjiang province, a media report said. Envoys from across European Union, along with Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada, last week jointly wrote a letter to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHRC) Michelle Bachelet, asking China to uphold its own laws and international obligations and stop arbitrary incarceration of the Uighurs and other Muslim and minority communities, and permit freedom of religion.They also urged Beijing to "end mass arbitrary detentions and related violations against Muslims in the Xinjiang region."China is facing severe criticism from western countries over persistent reports of mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang, bordering Afghanistan and PoK, in bid to control violent attack by the separatist East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM).UN's Geneva-based Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination last year said that it was alarmed by "numerous reports of mass detention of ethnic Uighurs and other Muslim minorities".On July 11, China lodged a protest with the ambassadors of 22 countries for writing the letter to the UNHRC.On Friday, China obtained the support of Muslim countries to refute the criticism demonstrating its growing global clout.PTI
War monitor: Syria regime destroyed 20 hospitals, medical centers in Idlib, Hama
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that as many as 20 hospitals and medical centres were out of service as a result of the Syrian regime’s aggression on the towns of Idlib and Hama, the last major opposition strongholds in the country.“Syrian regime and its Russian ally in the most violent continuous escalation since the end of April 2019 in the area ‘Putin-Erdogan’; are targeting hospitals and medical centers directly by bombing them with warplanes to destroy them and getting them out of service,” observatory said. Since 25 April, Syrian regime forces backed by Russian jets have launched a large-scale offensive against opposition factions in Hama and Idlib.middleeastmonitor
‘Court-sanctioned vengeance’: Israel ban on family visits for Hamas prisoners from Gaza upheld
Israel’s top court has given its approval to a punitive ban on family visits for Hamas prisoners from the Gaza Strip, a decision slammed by human rights activists as “court-sanctioned vengeance”.In July 2017, Israel banned family visits to Hamas prisoners from Gaza, in an apparent bid to pressure the organisation over its ongoing detention of two Israelis and the remains of two soldiers.Following the ban, four Hamas-affiliated prisoners brought a petition to the Supreme Court, which was finally rejected last month.Some 300 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are in Israeli jails, roughly a third of whom are Hamas-affiliated. Even for non-Hamas prisoners, Israel imposes draconian restrictions on family visits.In its ruling, the court acknowledged that family visits are being denied as a way of pressuring Hamas rather than based on “concrete concern over abuse of the visits by any of the prisoners”.middleeastmonitor
Row erupts over antibiotics discovery in Bangladesh packaged milk
Dhaka: The discovery of hazardous antibiotics in some of the most popular packaged milk brands in Bangladesh has raised serious health concerns and triggered controversy. A research team in Dhaka University, led by Professor ABM Faroque, conducted 2 separate tests within a month and found antibiotics present in at least five major milk brands. "The only difference is that we found three types of antibiotics in the first study, the second time we found four," said Faroque, who is a former head of the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) at Dhaka University, one of the premier educational institutions."For the sake of public health, I wanted to test popular pasteurised milk products to check whether those contain any harmful antibiotics," Faroque said."Since most commercial dairy firms feed excessive antibiotics to their cows to keep them free of diseases, I wanted to check the condition of their milk."Al Jazeera
World Cup 2019: We had Allah with us, says skipper Eoin Morgan after England’s historic win
After leading the England men’s team to their maiden World Cup glory, skipper Eoin Morgan said that “we had Allah with us” and also mentioned that New Zealand had a better outing as compared to the hosts.Empathising with the Kiwis, who lost the match on the basis of boundaries after both the regulation 50 overs and the Super Over ended in ties on Sunday.Morgan on New Zealand’s campaign: “They’ve been actually through a better tournament than we have. The fact a trophy is sitting here is, you know — like I mentioned, we got the rub of the green today,” Morgan said during the post-match conference. On being asked if it was Irishman’s luck: “We had Allah with us as well. I spoke to Adil (Rashid), he said Allah was definitely with us. I said we had the rub of the green (smiling).”indianexpress
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‘I am Miya’: Why poetry by Bengal-origin Muslims in their mother tongue is shaking up Assam:Shoaib Daniyal
Integral Humanism can help reconcile nationalism and internationalism: Ananya Awasthi
Explained: Behind Chandrayaan-2’s GSLV Mk-III rocket that developed a glitch today:Amitabh Sinha
Our Father is Being Persecuted for Standing by Truth: Sanjiv Bhatt’s Children Write
Why 'poverty first, moon next' is an absurd argument
Govt readies plan for second wave of asset monetisation
MP Govt may consider building temple at site linked to Ramayana in Sri Lanka

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(Released at: 8:02 PM)


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