03 October 2017

03 Oct.2017 NEWS DIGEST

03 Oct.2017: 12 Muharram 1439:Vol:9, No:11
India has lost Kashmir valley emotionally, says Yashwant Sinha,  advices Indian Army to go back to barracks
Hyderabad: BJP leader Yashwant Sinha has suggested that Army should return to barracks in J&K, leaving the anti-militancy operations to CRPF and state police, which he said would act “like a balm on the psyche” of the people there.Ex-external affairs minister also said that Pakistan has become a “necessary third party” in J&K issue because of “our own repeated mistakes”.Delivering a talk on ‘Kashmir-Now and Way Ahead’ at an event here, Sinha pressed for an urgent dialogue with “our own people” of J&K, saying too much violence has already taken place and too many lives lost, including that of the security forces, and it’s time to put an end to this. He said it has now become the primary responsibility of the Army to be in the forefront in the fight against militancy in J&K.“In villages or towns, when there is militancy situation, it is Indian Army first, followed by CRPF and J&K Police,” Sinha said. He said he was against the excessive use of armed forces in controlling internal law and order situation, including in J&K.“There is a case for the Army going back to the barracks, leaving the operations (against militancy) to CRPF and J&K Police,” he said, adding “It will act like a balm on the psyche of the people.”Sinha attacked the Govt on the Kashmir imbroglio, insisting “India has lost people of the valley emotionally”. In an interview to ‘The Wire’ recorded on Friday, Sinha answered questions from journalist Karan Thapar on him being criticised for an article he wrote in a leading English daily on the state of economy that left BJP embarrassed. Sinha termed as “exaggerated claims” the success of the various reforms and schemes undertaken by Govt like the Mudra Bank.“I am looking at the alienation of the masses of people in J&K. That is something which bothers me the most…We have lost the people emotionally… You just have to visit the valley to realise that they have lost faith in us,”Sinha said. He also said Kashmir was a political problem and people want the dialogue process to begin as was “promised” to them. A large number of people in J&K had welcomed PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day message in which he had emphasised that the problem of the state will be solved neither by abuse nor bullets but by embracing all Kashmiris, he said.“They were looking forward to a beginning of a political engagement. But, the first task is to identify the internal stakeholders. Please make up your mind who the stakeholders are.They have to be identified,” BJP leader said.“Obviously the stakeholders will be political parties, civil society groups,intellectuals, trade bodies, youth, various regions of J&K,” he said, adding “Then we will have to decide who the interlocutor will be.”He said the day the Centre shows a keenness to begin the dialogue process and announces that “such and such person or persons will conduct it”, there will be a dramatic improvement in the situation in the state.“Let’s begin the dialogue process with our own people...our own citizens in the state of J&K,” he said.He went on to add, “There is an urgency attached to it because people are suffering. It is entirely our fault that the people of Kashmir are alienated from us and (since) we consider them our people, it is our duty to reach out to them and ensure that alienation subsides and is eliminated.”In separate remarks, the former finance minister maintained that “demonetisation was not a good idea at all” and it should not have been attempted as “it has had very adverse impact on the economy.”Sinha also said that the implementation of GST has been “flawed and the design of GST has left much to be desired.”PTI
India has lost Kashmir valley emotionally: Sinha
Father cannot hold custody of 24-yr-old girl, SC questions Kerala HC annulment of Hindu-Muslim marriage
New Delhi: After ordering a NIA probe into the alleged conversion and marriage of a Hindu girl to a Muslim in Kerala, the Supreme Court on Monday turned around to question the very annulment of the inter-religious marriage by the Kerala High Court and the legality of the girl's father keeping her in his custody for the past several months.A Bench of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and D.Y. Chandrachud asked how the High Court, on May 24, annulled the marriage of a woman, who has reached the age of majority, while exercising writ jurisdiction under Article 226, which is used to challenge violations of fundamental rights, legal rights and other basic rights.“We will hear logical and legal arguments on 2 issues - can the HC nullify a marriage exercising jurisdiction under Article 226 and was an NIA probe necessary,”Chief Justice Misra observed and posted the case for hearing on Oct 9.CJI Misra then turned to counsel for the girl’s father, observing “she is a 24-year-old woman. You cannot have control over her.”The court said it could either appoint a loco parentis or send her somewhere safe.“The father cannot say he should have 24-hour custody of her,” CJI Misra observed.Senior advocate Dushyant Dave, appearing for the Muslim man, Shafin Jahan, strongly objected to the SC order for NIA investigation. Jahan has filed a plea for recall of the order.“The order for NIA investigation strikes at the very foundation of multi-religious society...2senior BJP functionaries have married members of minority communities... Call the girl here, ask her,” Dave submitted.Kerala Govt, which had agreed in the SC to give the probe in favour of NIA, also came forward wanting to file an affidavit.Ex-SC judge, Justice R.V. Raveendran, had refused the SC’s assignment to monitor NIA probe.Jahan’s recall petition requests the SC to stop NIA probe in light of subsequent events showing the girl converted of her own free will and she is being confined and “tortured” by her parents.Jahan also sought a direction to be issued to DGP, (Law and Order), Trivandrum, Kerala to produce the girl before the SC.His plea,through advocate Haris Beeran, refers to an aired video shot by activist Rahul Easwar, featuring the girl objecting to her “house arrest”.The application claimed that the acting president of the Kerala Human Rights Commission, P. Mohandas had gone on to make a statement that the girl “is undergoing immense human rights violation at her house”.“NIA has already commenced investigation and already found a link, all without the guidance of Justice Raveendran, the worst fears of the petitioners have therefore been realised. That such an probe is clearly not fair and is against the orders of the SC,” the application said.It said that keeping the girl in custody against her will wherein she is not free to practice the religion she has chosen of her own free will is a clear violation of her fundamental rights,” it said. thehindu
Kerala case: Can HC annul marriage of an adult, asks SC
Kerala 'Love Jihad' case: SC asks how HC can annul Hadiya's marriage; to hear matter on Oct.9
Father cannot hold custody of 24-yr-old girl: SC on Kerala conversion case
How Can HC annul marriage of 24yr old girl exercising art 226: SC Questions Kerala HC judgment In Hadiya Case
Arguments on Rohingya Muslims must be on law points, not on emotional aspects: Supreme Court
New Delhi: Fixing Oct 13 as the date for hearing the matter of Rohingya Muslims, the Supreme Court today said that the arguments in the case should be based on law points and now on emotional aspects. The SC added that the concern for humanitarian cause and humanity should come with mutual respect. The court directed Centre and 2 Rohingya petitioners to compile all documents and international conventions for its assistance.In its affidavit last month, the Centre had told the SC that Rohingya Muslims are “illegal” immigrants in the country and their continued (rpt continued) stay posed “serious national security ramifications”. The plea, filed by 2 Rohingya immigrants, Mohammad Salimullah and Mohammad Shaqir, who are registered refugees under the UNHCR, claimed they had taken refuge in India after escaping from Myanmar due to widespread discrimination, violence and bloodshed against the community there. indianexpress
SC to hear Rohingya refugees' plea on Oct 13
Bashar al-Assad's Grand Mufti supports India's stand that Rohingya Muslims are a 'security threat'
Syria’s grand mufti sided with India over Myanmar Rohingya crisis in a TV interview last week. Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the highest Islamic authority in Syria, claimed in an interview with Indian World is One News (WION) channel that there was “big propaganda against the Govt of Myanmar”, stating that 450,000 refugees from the country are mentioned “at least a hundred times a day” in the media, implying that the plight of the refugees is being exaggerated. India has stated that the Rohingya are "illegal immigrants" and not refugees. According to a report by Amnesty International, Hassoun was deputised by President Bashar al-Assad to approve the execution of up to 13,000 inmates in Saydnaya prisoner over the last five years, and has previously said that he would "train suicide bombers" to launch attacks in Europe and US if the West launched air strikes on "Syria and Lebanon".Hassoun has been a staunch supporter of the Syrian Govt  since the start of the civil war and has been pictured on numerous occasions with Assad. Middleeasteye
Langar for Rohingya refugees: Ludhiana mosque, gurudwara donate money to Sikh volunteers
Ludhiana:Presenting yet another example of communal harmony, Jama Masjid of Ludhiana and a gurudwara came forward to donate money to Sikh organization Khalsa Aid on Monday, so that langar (community kitchen) service being run by Sikh volunteers for Rohingya refugees is continued at Bangladesh-Myanmar border.Shahi Imam Punjab Maulana Habib ur Rahman presented a cheque of Rs 9.32 lakh to the volunteers of Khalsa Aid at Jama Masjid premises in Field Ganj of Ludhiana. Interestingly, the sum also includes Rs 1 lakh contributed by Gurudwara Dukhnivaran Sahib of Ludhiana, one of the largest Sikh temples in Punjab. Their head priest Pritpal Singh said Sikhism is not about differentiating among people on basis of religion. “We have donated the amount for the service of humanity,” he said.Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid were also honored at Jama Masjid for running langar for Rohingya refugees. “Sikh volunteers have shown the true spirit of humanity by filling the empty stomachs of Rohingya refugees. I also thank all those people who came forward to donate for this noble cause and we were able to collect Rs 9.32 lakh for it. We thank Sikh community for running langar for Rohingya refugees,” said Rahman.Meanwhile, Gursahib Singh, Khalsa Aid volunteer informed that the langar service at the border for Rohingya refugees is running unabated since Sept.14 and thousands being fed on daily basis. indianexpress
Australian media investigates Adani, uncovers unknown tax havens: nationalheraldindia
An investigation by the ABC’s 4 Corners programme has uncovered previously unknown tax haven ties for Adani Group's Australian operations, with key assets ultimately owned in the British Virgin Islands.“Adani Group has promised a $22 billion windfall in taxes and mining royalty payments for Australia over the life of the giant Carmichael coal mine it has been given approval to build in outback Queensland,” the report said and added, “but experts say an opaque web of companies and trusts behind its Australian assets gives it ample opportunity to minimise the tax it pays.”“Adani has put in place multiple ways in which they can minimise the amount of tax they pay in Australia, and maximise the amount of profits if they choose in Caribbean tax havens," the report quoted Adam Walters, research director at the consultancy Energy and Resource Insights.In August, Adani’s Abbot Point coal facility was fined more than $12,000 for releasing water during Cyclone Debbie that contained eight times more sediment than allowed, reported news.com.au.“Indian mining giant was granted a temporary emissions licence during Cyclone Debbie in March to allow stormwater to be released due to high rainfall,” the report said, adding that “in April, Adani advised the Queensland Dept of Environment and Heritage Protection it had breached the strict conditions of the licence by releasing more sediment than allowed and the department has now issued the miner with a $12,190 fine.”“Temporary emissions licences and environmental authorities are not taken lightly by the department and there can be harsh penalties for companies that breach their approvals,” the report stated.
‘History will damn you for generations’: What are Aussies saying about Adani’s mine
What do these Nathuram Godse fans have in common? They are all followed by PM Modi on Twitter: altnews
“Godse was God sent”, “Gandhi should have been hanged“, “Godse had valid reasons to shoot Gandhi”, “I repeat I’m a big Godse fan, so what?” What do the people who posted these tweets have in common? Yes, they are all followed by the honorable PM  of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. “गांधी जयंती पर बापू को शत्-शत् नमन! I bow to beloved Bapu on Gandhi Jayanti. His noble ideals motivate millions across the world,” Even as PM Modi tweeted his homage to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, he continues to follow many of those who celebrate the killer of Gandhi.The video that is attached to Mr. Modi’s tweet pays a personal tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his Birth Anniversary. Though from PM  downwards, BJP leaders don’t miss to their mandatory Gandhi Jayanti tweet, the situation on the ground among the followers of the RSS ideology is very different. From criticizing Gandhi to praising Godse, you can see it all there.Alt News researched the tweets of the people Modi follows to see the sentiment they express towards the father of the nation and his murderer.The above is only a small extract from a large number of such tweets by people Mr Modi handpicked to follow. Though he follows so many admirers of Nathuram Godse, Mr. Modi himself has never tweeted anything in his praise. At the same time, he has never said anything negative about him either.Alt News
Mumbai Stampede: Modi Deletes Condolence Tweet, Govt Under Fire for Ignoring Warnings: thewire
New Delhi:In a tweet PM  Narendra  has expressed his condolences over the loss of life in the stampede at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station – has now been deleted but the reasons for this remain unclear. While the cause of the accident that killed at least 22 people and wounded 36 on Friday is being investigated by the authorities, witnesses say the stampede took place after a cloudburst caught commuters off guard, leading to a huge buildup on the station’s pedestrian overbridge that was too narrow to accommodate the surging crowd.“My deepest condolences to all those who have lost their lives due to the stampede in Mumbai. Prayers with those who are injured,”Modi had tweeted.Apart from the poor draftsmanship – condolences are offered to the families of deceased persons and not to the dead themselves –PM  was slammed on Twitter for focussing on vanity projects like the bullet train and Rs 3,600 crore-statue of Maratha ruler Shivaji.
MEA’s Latest: BJP ‘Only Alternative’, Only Hindus Are ‘Spiritual’:The Wire
 On Sept.2017, a few days before the birth anniversary of RSS ideologue and Bharatiya Jan Sangh founder Deendayal Upadhyaya, Ministry of External Affairs uploaded an e-book with the title Integral Humanism on the home page of its official website.Apart from being shoddily written and edited, the e-book – which external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj describes as the product of the “hard work of MEA officials” – falsifies independent India’s early political history and shockingly describes BJP as the only political alternative for the country.Sample this strange text:“When India’s struggle for freedom was covered under the shadow of 2-nation theory, at that time in 1942 he started his public life through RSS. He engaged himself in Sangh-work as an excellent organiser, writer, journalist and orator…“The democracy of the country required a capable Opposition; Bharatiya Jansangh (sic) emerged as a strong Opposition in the first three Lok Sabha elections. He made full preparations so that with time this Opposition becomes alternative…“From 1951 to 1967 he remained the general secretary of Bharatiya Janshangh (sic). He got the responsibility as President in 1968. Suddenly he was murdered. Only the party, BJP, developed by him became the political alternative.” (emphasis added).In the original Hindi, which the e-book also contains, that last sentence sounds even more blatant: उनके द्वारा विकसित किया गया दल, “भारतीय जनता पार्टी ही देश में राजनैतिक विकल्प बना (‘Unke dvara viksit kiya gaya dal, ‘BJP’, hi desh mein rajnaithik vikalp bana’). This line is more accurately translated as: “The party that he helped develop – the BJP – became the only political alternative in the country.”
Journalists Across Country Protest Attack on Media, Demand Report from Centre
New Delhi: A gathering of journalists today vowed to take up the recent killings of people from the media in the country with the home ministry and demand a status report on the attacks against the media in various states.Scores of journalists gathered at PCI here and formed a human chain to condemn the recent spate of killings, threats and violence directed at journalists.Organised on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, protesting journalists, wearing black bands, also took out a silent march from PCI to the Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) building, demanding press freedom.A petition, signed by hundreds of journalists, is going to be submitted to the home ministry on Oct 5, when the presidents of various press clubs from across the country are going to meet to chalk out the future course of action, PCI president Gautam Lahiri said.Similar protests were staged by the PCI’s affiliate bodies across the country, down to the district-level, IWPC vice-president T.K. Rajalakshmi said, expressing anguish over the recent killings of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru and young reporter Shantanu Bhowmik in Tripura.PTI
A temple for Modi to be built in Meerut: thehindu
Meerut:A temple in the name of Narendra Modi to be built in Meerut where admirers of the PM  can offer worship.J.P Singh, the ‘follower and supporter’ of Modi, told presspersons that the temple would be built on 5 acres of land in the Sardhana area of Meerut where a 100-foot statue of PM  would be installed.
Zee News unlikely to apologise for inflammatory reporting on Indo-Pak mushaira
Zee News is unlikely to carry the ‘regret’ at 9 PM on Friday, Sept. 8, as directed by the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA), said sources within Zee Media Corporation Ltd on Saturday. The channel, they indicated, would challenge the order.In a rare order, NBSA had ordered the channel to pay a fine of ₹ one lakh to NBSA and carry an apology at the specified time on full screen. The apology was to be tendered for violating guidelines of the NBSA in a programme that was reportedly aired nine times between March 9 and March 12, 2016.While the channel was reporting on an Indo-Pak mushaira, the 51st anniversary of the Annual Shankar Shad Mushaira, which began in 1954, it used the title “Afzal Premi Gang Ka Mushaira”, described eminent poet and scientist Dr Gauhar Raza as ‘Deshdrohi’, or traitor, and used video footage from JNU and Kashmir to buttress the point that the event was a gathering of traitors.Aggrieved Dr Raza filed a complaint with the broadcaster, but Zee News refused to tender any apology or retract. Dr Raza, then, approached the NBSA and sought a public apology, removal of the programme from public domain and payout of ₹ one crore as compensation.nationalheraldindia
‘No hope of recovery’: Varanasi sari weavers are abandoning their looms as GST rips business by 50%
“I am facing a bit of trouble buying food,” admitted Altafur Rehman. The only earning member of a family of 4, Rehman’s income from weaving Banarasi silk saris has fallen to less than half of the Rs 800-Rs 1,000 a week he was making in Sept. last year.Now he makes Rs 400 in a good one. “It will drop to Rs 300 or less,” he predicted darkly. At least he is still holding out.Dozens of his neighbours in Varanasi’s Jaitpura-Chhora colony of weavers have abandoned their craft, opting to drive cycle or autorickshaws, said another weaver, Sohrab Ali. Till Sept 2016,HAR Fabrics, run by Ali’s uncle Abdul Hasan, employed over 40 weavers.He now has 20-25.Sari business in a city that has a textile tradition dating back to at least the 16th century has been struck a body-blow by 2 Govt  policies in under a year – demonetisation in Nov.and the introduction in July of the GST.“Business is down to 50% of what it was,” complained Rajan Behal, the general secretary of the Banarasi Vastra Udyog Sangh, a trade association.For customers who can afford them, the intricately embroidered Banarsi saris are a valued part of North Indian bride’s trosseau. Saris produced in this region can sell over Rs 2 lakh. The cheapest, starting from Rs300, are made of synthetic fibre on powerlooms. The most expensive are made of silk, and incorporate silver or gold thread. A sari that sells for Rs 5,000 sari can take a handloom weaver 3-4 days to make. According to Behal, Banarsi sari trade is valued at about Rs 5,000 crore per year. According to another veteran in the business, it provides employment to over 5 lakh people in Varanasi district alone. Scroll.in
Under Modi Govt, Funding for Railway Amenities Has Taken a Back Seat: thewire
https://thewire.in/183400/modi-Govt -funding-railway-amenities-taken-back-seat/
New Delhi: Data shows that existing rail infrastructure remains neglected under the Modi Govt, which has taken a heavy toll on passenger safety.The recent stampede over a narrow foot overbridge near a local Mumbai railway station, which resulted in the tragic death of more than 20 people, is a chilling reminder that the bulk of rail infrastructure that was built during the British Raj is now unable to cope with the increased traffic. There is thus an urgent need to renovate and modernise the rail infrastructure.A close look at Govt  spending patterns show that the bullet train system appears to be a greater priority than the renovation of rickety and outdated rail infrastructure.The Govt  has envisaged spending Rs 65,000 crore for the high-speed rail project during 2016-20 but just Rs 12,500 crore for providing passenger amenities including foot overbridges, escalators and toilets.Not only is the budget for passenger amenities puny, it is hardly ever fully utilised. For example, nearly 17% of the allocation made for passenger amenities in 2014-15 was not utilised. The shortfall in fund utilisation on this head was as high as 38% in 2015-16. While Rs 1,838 crore was allocated for this purpose in 2016-17, it is still not known how much was actually utilised.Thanks to the uneven utilisation of funds, actual spending on amenities has seen negative growth in some years. For example, actual expenditure on this head was Rs 906 crore and Rs 910 crore in 2009-10 and 2010-11 respectively but slipped to Rs 859 crore in 2014-15.
UP govt proposes projects worth Rs 156 cr for Taj Mahal amid reports of exclusion
UP Govt  has proposed a slew of tourism projects worth Rs 370 crore, around half of which is meant for the Taj Mahal and its surrounding areas, an official release said on Monday.The details have been released in the wake of reports in a section of the media saying the Taj Mahal has been excluded from the tourism development projects of the state.“Tourism projects worth Rs 370 crore are proposed, under which schemes worth Rs 156 crore are meant for the Taj Mahal and its surrounding areas in Agra,” the release read.The proposal for the projects have been prepared in consultation with the World Bank and submitted to the Union Govt for approval, which is expected within the next three months, the release read.PTI
Powder recovered in UP assembly not explosive: NIA to file closure report
New Delhi: NIA is all set to formally close the probe into the alleged recovery of ‘explosives’ in the UP assembly.“We will file a closure report in the designated court this week,” said a senior NIA official on the condition of anonymity.NIA decided to close the case after a Hyderabad laboratory concluded that the alleged ‘explosive’ was silica powder (silicon oxide), which is mainly used as a filler in glass work. hindustantimes
Day after Dalit youth’s murder in Gujarat: ‘They banged his head against wall, they kept kicking him’
Around 4 am Sunday, 20-year-old Jayesh Solanki woke up his mother who was sleeping on the verandah of their house: “I will be back in an hour. Keep breakfast ready. I will have to leave for Vadodara, so that I can be at work by 6 am.” Madhuben nodded. Her son, a Class X dropout, who used to work as a daily wager in Bhadraniya in Borsad taluka of Anand district, had landed a job as a security guard at a Navratri venue in Vadodara. He had returned home to Vankarvas in Bhadraniya late at night but decided to watch the garba outside the Someshwar temple in the village.But Jayesh never returned. Within the hour, the Dalit youth was dead. He was beaten to death, allegedly by men who were upper-caste Patels, for watching the garba — police later arrested all 8 accused, including a juvenile. 7 men have been sent to judicial custody. Incidentally, hours after the incident, BJP’s Gaurav Yatra, led by party president Amit Shah, passed Borsad, some 10 km from Bhadraniya.On Monday, Prakashbhai Solanki (23), Jayesh’s cousin, said:“I was sitting on a wall outside the temple with my friend Deepakbhai. We were watching the garba when Sanjaybhai Patel came and abused us. He used derogatory words about my caste and said, ‘what are you looking at?’ Jayesh, who was also there, told him we are watching what you are watching.”“Sanjay left but returned soon with 7 others, all Patels.He slapped me. Jayesh stopped him when he tried to do it again. The other men with Sanjay caught hold of Jayesh by the neck and pushed him against the wall.They banged his head against the wall and he lost consciousness. But they kept kicking him, sat on him and punched him,” said Prakashbhai, now a witness in the case.The post-mortem report pointed to intracranial haemorrhage or head injury as the cause of death. Produced in a Borsad court, 7 of the 8 accused —eighth is a 17-year-old — were sent to judicial custody. indianexpress
Dalits have no right to watch garba: Upper caste men lynch youth in Guj
Guj:2 Dalits thrashed allegedly for ‘sporting moustache’
Ahmedabad: 2 Dalit men of a village near Gandhinagar in Gujarat were allegedly thrashed by members of Rajput community for “sporting a moustache” in two separate incidents, the police said on Sunday. The incidents occurred on Sept.25-29 at Limbodara village in Kalol taluka of Gandhinagar district. In the Sept.29 incident, Krunal Maheria (30), a law student, was allegedly beaten up by one Bharatsinh Vaghela.In his complaint to the Kalol taluka police, Maheria claimed that Vaghela assaulted him for sporting a moustache.“When I was visiting my friend on Friday night, Vaghela and some others intercepted me and verbally abused me. Vaghela told me that I cannot become a Rajput by just sporting a moustache. When I ignored him, Vaghela beat me up with a stick,” Maheria said.He returned his home on Sunday after undergoing treatment at the Gandhinagar civil hospital.Based on his complaint, police had lodged an FIR against Vaghela under section 323 of IPC and under the Prevention of Atrocities Act, a Kalol taluka police official said.PTI
Join Army, drink rum: Athawale advises Dalit youth
Pune:Advocating the need for reservation for Dalits in the defence forces, Union minister Ramdas Athawale quipped on Monday that instead of consuming country-made liquor the youth from the community should join the Army, where “rum” is available.“We have been demanding reservations for the Dalit youth in Army, Navy and Air Force because the community is a fighter and ready to make the supreme sacrifice for the nation,” he said. RPI-A leader, however, said that not all those who join the military get martyred.“In fact, more people lose their lives in road accidents and due to heart attack, so the Dalit youth should not think that going to the Army is equal to getting martyred,”he said.He quipped:“Instead of consuming country-made liquor,Dalit youth should join Army where rum is available and they will also get good food to eat.” PTI
In MP village, 8 held for beating Dalit to death
Bhopal:8 upper caste men were arrested on Monday, 2 days after they allegedly beat a Dalit man to death, apparently for lodging a complaint against them at the SC/ST Police Station in Mahukhan village of Guna district in MP.The deceased, Neelam Ahirwar, 40, had on Sept. 25 filed a police complaint accusing four people — Deenbandhu Sharma, Mithun Sharma, Dharmendra Sharma and Anurag Sharma, all residents of Mahukhan — for hurling caste slurs and profanities at him, as also for intimidating him, on Sept.18. Based on his complaint, a case was registered against 4 under IPC Sections 323, 294, 506 and 34, and sections of SC/ST Act.Ahirwar’s wife Rajabai told the police that on Saturday, several men arrived at their house on motorbikes and beat her husband with rods.When she and her daughter tried to stop them, Rajabai said, they were also beaten up.He died the same night. Indianexpress
CBI should probe 'foreign funding' of Kancha Ilaiah: World Arya Vysya Mahasabha moves Hyd HC
Hyderabad High Court on Monday accepted a petition filed by World Arya Vysya Mahasabha, Chennai, which sought a criminal case against writer and social scientist Kancha Ilaiah over remarks made against the community in his book. Arya Vysya organisations have been holding protests in parts of Telangana and AP and burning the writer's effigies, seeking a ban on his book 'Komatollu Samajika Smagglarlu' (Komatollu are social smugglers).TOI reported that the Mahasabha also sought a CBI probe into the alleged “fund flow from foreign elements” to the professor, and asked the court to direct the police to book a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act on the ground that he was making money through illegal sources.A writ petition was also filed against the writer for reportedly misusing his position and causing “threat to social and national integrity”.Last month, Kancha was allegedly attacked with slippers and stones, as he was heading towards Hyderabad, after attending a function in Bhupalpally in Telangana.Kancha filed a police complaint accusing 4 people of attacking his vehicle and trying to kill him. Thenewsminute
BSP leader shot dead outside Allahabad University
Allahabad:A BSP leader was shot dead outside a hostel near the University of Allahabad in UP ’s Allahabad late on Monday, police said on Tuesday.Enraged BSP workers staged a violent protest and torched a roadways bus demanding the early arrest of the culprits. Heavy police force was rushed near the Indian Press Crossing to control the situation.Preliminary investigations revealed Rajesh Yadav had gone to meet someone at Tara Chand Hostel with his friend Dr Mukul Singh where he had an altercation with some people. hindustantimes
Noida mosque ‘vandalised’, imam ‘beaten up’ police deployed: indianexpress
Noida; A local mosque in Chhaprauli village in Noida Sector 135 was allegedly vandalised after another community raised objections over Friday prayers being offered there, police said. While an FIR is yet to be registered, a meeting between various sections of the local communities and district officials is set to take place on Tuesday morning.“There was some vandalism at the mosque in Sector 135.Once a police complaint is filed, an FIR will be registered. The situation is under control, there is no communal tension. But security has been deployed in the area as a preventive measure,” SSP Gautam Budh Nagar, Love Kumar, said.The incident allegedly took place around 9 am on Monday.“Some youths beat up the Imam.They broke the windows and also vandalised the graveyard. We informed police, who asked us to file a complaint. But we held a meeting in the village. We have been asked to wait till tomorrow, when another meeting will be held. We have been assured that the culprits will apologise. It is a matter of the village; all of us have to live together,” Noor Mohammad, a resident, who is also a member of the mosque’s committee, claimed.According to Mohammad, for the last few months, the attackers had been “demanding that the mosque stop operations”.“Some anti-social elements, mostly youths from the area, raised objections to the use of loudspeakers for azaan. A meeting had been called last Thursday on the matter, but the venue was changed at the last minute. They had asked us to meet them at a village elder’s house. But when we got there, we were told the venue had been changed. Some people warned us, saying anti-social elements from the village had organised the meeting to beat us up,” Mohammad alleged.  “Earlier, Noor mosque was located inside the village. It was a small mosque. Over the years, the number of people visiting the mosque to offer namaaz on Fridays increased. Some locals objected, so we found another spot half a kilometre away. It was decided that daily prayers will be offered at the old mosque, and the new mosque will be used on Fridays and festivals when there are more people,” Mohammad claimed.
Tension grips Noida village after imam abused, kin roughed up by mob
Gurmeet Singh's aides threaten mass conversion to Islam, say Dera chief was jailed since he is Hindu
Chandigarh:Gurmeet Singh's aides and followers have threatened mass conversions to Islam in a bid to stoke another controversy. The controversial Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda chief's followers claim that their chief - Gurmeet Singh - was jailed because he is a Hindu and that Hindu organisations are easy targets.The latest allegation and the threat of conversion surfaced on social media in a video which is being anchored by none other than the Dera spokesperson Sandeep Mishra himself. In the video, he can be seen in conversation with a Dera follower whose face is masked. The video, as claimed by Mishra himself, was shot in Sirsa. In the video, Mishra claims that the Dera followers are in touch with AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi and Shahi Imam Syed Ahmad Bukhari of the Jama Masjid, Delhi."If you love Hindustan... it will bring tears to your eyes that being a Hindu is a crime in our own country Hindustan. When faith is under attack, why not to convert? I am being joined by people with a similar mindset," says Sandeep Mishra in the video.The person on the other side, whose face has been masked, says converting to Islam will be beneficial for them as nobody touches Muslims even when they throw stones. "We face bullets even when we are empty-handed. Our leader is in touch with Muslim leaders and we will convert when one lakh followers give their consent," says the Dera follower who says they will live in India after converting to Islam.In the video, Sandeep Mishra is also heard saying that those who are followers of Ram get punished while those who pledge their allegiance to Rahim are allowed to go scot free. The follower also claims that all Dera followers will convert to Islam in batches of one lakh followers. He also says that Gurmeet paid the price for being a Hindu. indiatoday
Honeypreet Insan, arrested by Haryana Police
Panchkula:Gurmeet Singh’s ‘adopted daughter’ Honeypreet Insan was today arrested by Haryana Police, DGP BS Sandhu said. Honeypreet, who was absconding since the last 32 days, along with another woman travelling in an Innova was apprehended by ACP, Panchkula, Mukesh Malhotra from Zirakpur-Panchkula Highway at around 2pm.AS Chawla, Police Commissioner, Panchkula range said, “We have rounded up Honeypreet along with her another woman associate from Zirakpur-Patiala road. indianexpress
FIR against 21 after 'pro-Pak slogans' raised during Muharram procession in Bihar’s Bettiah
Motihari:The police has detained 3 persons and lodged FIRs against 21 persons who reportedly raised pro-Pakistan slogans during a Muharram procession near Bettiah on Sunday. The police had registered the case on charges of sedition and trying to breach communal harmony. 3 persons detained were from Yogapatti, about 30 km north-west of Bettiah, district headquarters of West Champaran, nearly 200 km north-west of Patna.The youth, clad in green colour T-shirts, with ‘Pakistan’ and ‘PCB’ inscribed on them, came armed with lathis. The procession was taken out from Pipra Katharia village to Yogapatti block, a distance of 2-3 kms.The police raided some houses and recovered T-shirts similar to those worn by Pak cricketers.However, accused were absconding.Yogapatti SHO Vivek Kumar Jaiswal said FIRs had been lodged against 21 persons.“We have slapped sedition charges and also charged them with trying to breach communal harmony. Raids are on to nab the accused,” he added.Nazir, Aftab, Sarfaraz, Salman, Azhar, Gauhar, Aujekh, Imran, Salaluddin and Nasseruddin were among the 21 named in the FIR.HT
Mallya arrested in London in money laundering case:
Liquor baron Vijay Mallya was today arrested by London police in the second money laundering case. This case of money laundering was filed by Enforcement Directorate. “Vijay Mallya has been arrested on money laundering charges and will be appearing in court today,” CPS spokesperson said.indianexpress
All 3 militants who attacked BSF camp in Srinagar killed, one jawan dead
Srinagar: A BSF trooper was killed on Tuesday after militants attacked a paramilitary complex in a high-security zone close to the Srinagar airport just before daybreak, leading to an hours-long gunfight that ended after all 3 suspects were killed, officials said.According to officials and sources in the state police, search and combing operations were started after three militants were neutralised. HT
Kishanganj born scientist Dr. Mumtaz develops Hepatitis-C vaccine in British university
It’s very pleasing to know that a major breakthrough happened in the global biological science research and innovation of a life-saving vaccine has Bihar connection. Dr. Mumtaz Naiyer, a postdoctoral scientist at University of Southampton, UK originally hailing from Kishanganj (Bihar) with his team has made a significant discovery in efforts to develop a vaccine against Zika, dengue and Hepatitis C viruses that affect millions of people around the world. In a study published in Science Immunology, researchers have shown that natural killer cells (NK cells), which are a fundamental part of the body’s immune system, can recognise many different viruses including global pathogens such as Zika, dengue and Hepatitis C viruses, through a single receptor called KIR2DS2.milligazette
UAE Woman saves Indian driver’s life, to be honoured
Dubai:A woman saved the life of an Indian truck driver in UAE when she saw him in flames following a horrific road accident, media reports said. Jawaher Saif Al Kumaiti, 22, was driving home after visiting a friend in a hospital when she saw 2 trucks burst into flames in Ras Al-Khaimah, a city in the UAE, and responded to the victim’s pleas for help, Gulf News reported. She bravely saved the Indian driver from a fire by dousing the flames with an abaya, a traditional garment worn by Muslim women. Al Kumaiti said she was shocked to see the two trucks on fire following the accident. She also saw a man on fire shouting for help, the report said.The police have named the victim as Harkirit Singh. Al Kumaiti asked her friend, who was with her, to take off her abaya cloak and leaped out of the car and used it to douse the flames, police said.PTI
Govt should set up authority to ‘compel’ ministries to put info on websites: Wajahat Habibullah
New Delhi:Govt  should set up an authority to “compel” ministries to disclose information on their websites and reduce the burden of RTI applications, India’s first chief information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah has said. Hailing RTI as a “great success story”, Habibullah added that there were still challenges in the implementation of the 12-year-old law. The absence of updated information on websites by ministries, both at the central and state level, and the maintenance of autonomy and independence of the Central Information Commission and information commissions in states were some of the challenges, the exCIC said.Under RTI Act, he said, it is expected that every ministry and department under the Centre or state Govt  should not only develop a website but also ensure that it contains a host of routine information. The websites are there and a lot of information is there but that “information is unfortunately out of date”, he said.
Police say the white gunman in Las Vegas isn't a terrorist. Nevada state law defines mass shooting as a terror attack
Police investigating the mass shooting of concert-goers at a music festival in Las Vegas have said they are not treating the incident as an act of terrorism. But Nevada law suggests the Sunday night massacre of at least 50 people can be defined as such. The state's statute says an “act of terrorism means any act that involves the use or attempted use of sabotage, coercion or violence which is intended to cause great bodily harm or death to the general population”.However, police, who are early on in their investigation of the shooting that also left at least 200 injured, said it was too early to label the incident as terrorism.Responding to questions about whether the killing was being treated as terror-related,Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said:“No not at this point, we believe it is a local individual, he resides here locally.“We don’t know what his belief system was at this time.”.Independent.co.uk
No connection to terrorism found in Las Vegas case: FBI
Las Vegas:Investigators have so far found “no connection” between international terrorist groups and a mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed at least 58 people and injured more than 500, an FBI special agent said on Monday.”Police said the attack was carried out by Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old retired accountant.“As this event unfolds we have determined to this point no connection with an international terrorist group,” said Aaron Rouse, the special agent in charge of the Las Vegas office of the FBI.AFP
Las Vegas shooting: Gunman Stephen Paddock a wealthy gambler who owned homes in 4 states
Las Vegas massacre: 59 dead, more than 500 injured
Palestinian PM leads unity cabinet in Gaza
Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah has chaired a unity cabinet meeting in Gaza as part of national reconciliation efforts between his Fatah party and Hamas."We are here to turn the page on division, restore the national project to its correct direction and establish the (Palestinian) state," said Hamdallah, in his opening remarks on Tuesday.An Egyptian security delegation is monitoring the reconciliation process. It was the first meeting of the cabinet in Gaza since November 2014, although Hamdallah visited a year later without his ministers. Upon his arrival in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Hamdallah announced that several committees have been established to handle issues such as border crossings and PA employees in the Strip.Upon his arrival in the Gaza Strip on Monday, Hamdallah announced that several committees have been established to handle issues such as border crossings and PA employees in the Strip. Last month, Hamas announced it had agreed to demands by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party to dissolve what is seen as a rival administration in Gaza. It also said it was ready for elections and negotiations towards forming a unity Govt.Hopes are that reconciliation will end a decade of bitter feuding between Hamas and Fatah - and a parallel entrenchment of territorial divisions between Gaza and the occupied West Bank.Hazem Qassem, Hamas spokesperson, said that the reconciliation efforts reflected people's wishes."Hamas demanded that people's grievances be addressed in the meeting," he said. "This time, both parties are serious about making reconciliation project/unity Govt last."Qassem pointed out that Hamas' decision to dissolve its administrative Govt was a strategic step that they will uphold. Usamah Qawasmeh, Fatah spokesperson, said the group expected that "this time, the reconciliation will last."Qawasmeh said:"Project requires patience and perseverance, and we're surrounded with a hopeful atmosphere. This time, and in accordance with Palestinian law, we're not going to back down and we will continue to only move forward."Al Jazeera
Fatah hails Hamas efforts to end internal division
A senior member of Fatah’s Central Committee, Azzam Al-Ahmad, has hailed Hamas efforts to end the internal division in Palestinian politics. Al-Ahmad said that this week would be “decisive” as the Ramallah-based PA Govt is going to take up its responsibilities in Gaza.The Fatah official noted that these developments are part of the understandings reached under the auspices of the Egyptian mediator who made “abnormal” efforts to end the division. He acknowledged that the division had resulted in a humanitarian crisis that is reflected in all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, as well as a negative effect on the Palestinian cause. middleeastmonitor
Israel bans children playing in Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard
Israeli authorities have prohibiting Muslim children from playing in the courtyards surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque, according to Israel’s Channel 7.The channel reported yesterday that orders were issued to police units at Al-Aqsa in occupied Jerusalem not to allow children to play with balls in the courtyards.It also reported that the Israeli Supreme Court issued an order banning Jerusalemite children from playing in Al-Aqsa courtyards.The order was issued after complaints filed about a month ago by settlers who storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and claimed to have seen children playing football around the schools. According to the Supreme Court ruling, “ball games on Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa Mosque] are prohibited as it violates its sanctity.”According to the Israeli police, the order is aimed primarily at the areas adjacent to the Islamic schools located in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque. middleeastmonitor
11-year-old Palestinian shot in the head with rubber bullet during raid in Shufat
Jerusalem; 3 Palestinians, including an 11-year-old boy, were injured Monday when Israeli forces raided Shufat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem, sparking violent clashes. Palestinian Red Crescent said that the child was evacuated in a moderate condition to Israel’s Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem after Israeli forces shot him in the forehead with a rubber-coated steel bullet.A man in his 60s and another resident who was not identified further were also treated on the scene after they were shot with rubber bullets. Several others suffered from severe tear gas inhalation. maannews
Erdogan to visit Iran to discuss regional issues
President Tayyip Erdogan will pay an official visit to Tehran on Wednesday to discuss bilateral relations as well as regional and global issues, according to the president's press office.The visit comes upon the invitation of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a statement on Tuesday said. During the visit, Erdogan is scheduled to meet his Iranian counterpart and the country's religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei. The leaders are expected to have talks over current regional and international issues, and in particular Iraq and Syria, the statement said. Erdogan and Rouhani will also co-chair the fourth meeting of Turkey-Iran High Level Cooperation Council.World Bulletin
Oman’s Sultan Qaboos holds talks with Iran
Oman’s Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said held talks with the Iranian foreign minister in Muscat yesterday, the Times of Oman reported.In his first public appearance in months, Sultan Qaboos met Mohammad Javad Zarif and discussed bilateral cooperation “with a view to serving the shared interests of the Omani and Iranian peoples”.Oman’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yusuf Bin Alawi Bin Abdullah, also attended the meeting. Political developments in the Middle East were discussed in the meeting. An Iranian news agency reported that the conflict in Yemen, Syria and Iraq were the main focuses.The majority of Sunni-led Arab states do not have strong bilateral ties with Iran due to political and religious differences; however Oman has maintained links with Tehran and has often mediated between conflicting sides. middleeastmonitor
In first, Saudi king set for Russia visit: World Bulletin
King Salman of Saudi Arabia will arrive in Russia this week to conduct the first official visit to the country by a Saudi king, a senior Kremlin aide said Monday."We are awaiting the king's visit on Thursday," President Vladimir Putin's foreign policy aide, Yury Ushakov, was quoted by TASS as saying.Putin visited Riyadh in 2007.The visit comes a month before members of the OPEC oil cartel, of which Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer, are due to meet with the other nations that have joined them in cutting crude output, including Russia, to discuss extending the pact that has helped prop up prices.
Saudi court clears Binladin Group in deadly crane crash
A Saudi Arabian court has cleared the Binladin Group of responsibility for the 2015 collapse of a crane in Makkah which killed 100 people, the Saudi press reported on Monday. The Saudi-based Binladin construction firm belongs to the family of the late Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. At least 107 people were killed on Sept. 11, 2015, when the crane toppled over near the Grand Mosque in Makkah, just days before the annual Hajj pilgrimage.Binladin Group’s defense team claimed the group could not have predicted the severe thunderstorm and violent winds that caused the crane to fall, according to the Arabic-language Asharq Al-Awsat daily. AFP
Director of Mossad: ‘we carry out thousands of operations in the enemy countries every year’: middleeastmonitor
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad Director Yossi Cohen spoke in a brief and vague manner about the operations of Mossad, at a ceremony to honour operative from the organization, Monday. etanyahu told Mossad agents:“I salute you for your initiative, courage, professionalism, planning and implementation.” He went on “there are campaigns and intelligence operations that provide a counter attack to the central threats we are dealing with.”He also pointed out that the Mossad coordinates its actions with other Israeli security forces.Cohen spoke about Mossad’s directing the activity focus against Iran’s “renewed threats” and its military presence in Syria, in addition to the focus on the Lebanese and Palestinian context, especially the 2 movements of Hamas and Hezbollah and against their missile production, as well as against Daesh.
Drone strike kills 8 Hezbollah soldiers in Homs, Syria
At least 8 members of Hezbollah guerrillas were killed yesterday in a drone strike in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.“An unidentified drone hit a Hezbollah position near the town of Sukhna in the eastern desert of Homs province killing eight fighters and injuring more than 20,” Rami Abdulrahman, director of the observatory, told AFP.Sources close to the party reported that indicators point towards the Israeli army because of similar attacks in the past.The operation comes only two days after the party received a major setback in Homs where it lost many fighters during battles against Daesh on Friday.Sources close to the party said more than 10 fighters were killed during fierce fighting in Homs over the past days. middleeastmonitor
Syria's deadliest month of 2017 claims 3,000 lives including 955 civilians
Nawaz Sharif re-elected PML-N president after assembly passes controversial bill
Nawaz Sharif was re-elected as the president of Pakistan’s ruling PML-N party after Parliament passed a controversial bill, paving the way for the ousted PM ’s return to politics. Sharif, 67, had to step down as the chief of the PML-N after he was disqualified as PM by the Supreme Court on July 28 in Panama scandal.Under Representation of Peoples Act 1976, a disqualified person could not hold office of a party. However, the legal hurdle in his way to become party chief was cleared on Monday when National Assembly passed a controversial Election Bill 2017 that allows politicians disqualified from holding public office to head a political party.PTI
CPN-UML,CPN-Maoist Centre set to form alliance in Nepal
Kathmandu:In a surprise political development, 2 of Nepal’s largest leftist parties – CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre – are set to announce their coming together in an alliance ahead of provincial and general elections.Other leftist parties too are likely to join this new alliance, which is reportedly being backed by Beijing.Analysts believe the new alliance could boost forces that oppose any major role for India in Nepal’s domestic politics and come as a setback for Govt  led by Nepali Congress. CPN-Maoist Centre is part of the ruling coalition led by PM  Sher Bahadur Deuba. hindustantimes
Why questioning nationalism of Assam Muslim men, with track record of serving India, is shameful: oneindia
Deep inside the saffron lair in Bengal: What RSS is up to in eastern state: Soibal Dasgupta
Is India contributing to Rohingya catastrophe?Arijit Sen
Losing sight in Kashmir: Pellet guns shatter many dreams
India’s millions of new Internet users are falling for fake news — sometimes with deadly consequences: Washington post
With nearly 200 Durga Puja pandals immersing idols in river in Delhi-NCR, Yamuna choked with debris
Swachh Bharat: Kerala best-performing, BJP-ruled states fail the clean test: business-standard
India has 33.69 lakh gun licences,UP tops with 12.77 lakh

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