18 August 2019

18 AUG.ND: India plans big detention camps for migrants. Muslims are afraid:NYT/ About 4,000 people arrested in Kashmir since Aug 5: govt sources to AFP

18 AUG. 2019: 16 ZilHajj 1440:Vol: 11, No:268
India plans big detention camps for migrants. Muslims are afraid: New York Times
Over 4 million people in India, mostly Muslims, are at risk of being declared foreign migrants as Govt pushes a hard-line Hindu nationalist agenda that has challenged the country’s pluralist traditions and aims to redefine what it means to be Indian.The hunt for migrants is unfolding in Assam, a poor, hilly state near the borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh. Many of people whose citizenship is now being questioned were born in India and have enjoyed all rights of citizens, such as voting in polls. State authorities are rapidly expanding foreigner tribunals and planning to build huge new detention camps. Hundreds of people have been arrested on suspicion of being a foreign migrant — including a Muslim veteran of Indian Army. Local activists and lawyers say the pain of being left off a preliminary list of citizens and the prospect of being thrown into jail have driven dozens to suicide.But governing party of PM  Narendra Modi is not backing down.Instead, it is vowing to bring this campaign to force people to prove they are citizens to other parts of India, part of a far-reaching Hindu nationalist program fueled by Modi’s sweeping re-poll victory in May and his stratospheric popularity. Members of Muslim minority are growing more fearful by the day. Assam’s anxiously watched documentation of citizenship —a drive that began years ago and is scheduled to wrap up on Aug.31— coincides with another setback for Muslims, this one transpiring more than a thousand miles away. Less than 2 weeks ago, Modi unilaterally wiped out statehood of India’s only Muslim-majority state,J&K, removing its special autonomy and turning it into a federal territory without any consultation with local leaders — many of whom have since been arrested. Among Modi’s critics, events in Assam and Kashmir are Exhibits A and B in their conviction that PM  is using the early months of his 2nd term to push most forceful and divisive Hindu nationalist agenda ever attempted in India and to fundamentally reconfigure the concept of Indian identity to be synonymous with being Hindu. Many Indians, on both sides of the political divide,see Assam and Kashmir as harbingers of the direction Modi will take this nation of 1.3 billion people in the coming years. The stated purpose of the citizenship dragnet in Assam is to find undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh — a predominantly Muslim country to its south. Amit Shah, India’s powerful home minister, has repeatedly referred to those immigrants as “termites.’’All of 33 million residents of Assam have had to prove, with documentary evidence,that they or their ancestors were Indian citizens before early 1971,when Bangladesh was established. That is not easy. Many families are racing to get their hands on a decades-old property deed or fraying birth certificate with an ancestor’s name on it. Modi’s critics say he is playing a dangerous game and pulling apart the diverse, delicate social fabric that has existed in India for centuries.What is happening in Assam and Kashmir “is an assault on the very imagination of India, of the freedom struggle, of the Constitution, of the idea of a country in which everyone belongs equally,”said Harsh Mander, ex civil servant turned human rights activist. Ashutosh Varshney, head of Brown University’s South Asia program, said that India “in all probability and unless checked is headed toward a Hindu nationalist, majoritarian state.” With the political opposition in total disarray and all Govt agencies — especially bureaucracy and security apparatus— firmly in Modi’s hands, Varshney said only hope for India’s secular democracy is in the courts. But, he cautioned, “Judiciary might well surrender.”Even a streak of alarming headlines in recent weeks, including big job losses in the auto sector, deadly flooding across the country and a new outbreak of violence by Hindu mobs against Muslims, hasn’t dented Modi’s popularity. Outsiders may wonder how any political movement in India could question Muslims’ contribution to society. India is a thoroughly multicultural place, and Muslims have contributed for centuries, even ruling the country at times. But since Modi took office in 2014, Govt bodies have rewritten history books, lopping out sections on Muslim rulers, and changed official place names to Hindu from Muslim. Hindu mobs have lynched dozens of Muslims; participants are rarely punished. Assam state Govt sends suspected foreign migrants to foreigner tribunals, a growing network of over 100 small courts where onus is on the suspects to provide the proof that Govt is demanding.
Foreign investors pull out Rs 8,319 crore in Aug amid persisting negative sentiment
New Delhi:Foreign investors pulled out Rs.8,319 crore on a net basis from capital markets in the first half of Aug,continuing their selling spree in Indian market amid uncertainty over FPI tax and global trade worries. According to depository data, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) sold equities worth ₹10,416.25 crore on a net basis during Aug.1-16 period.FPIs, however, invested a net ₹2,096.38 crore in debt securities during the period.So far in Aug, FPIs have been net sellers for 9 out of 10 trading sessions, indicating “extreme negative sentiment”, Himanshu Srivastava, senior analyst manager research at Morningstar said.In July, FPIs had withdrawn a net sum of ₹2,985.88 crore from the Indian capital markets (both equity and debt).“Prevailing uncertainty over higher tax on FPI has negatively impacted foreign investors.They have been exiting Indian equities ever since the higher surcharge, or ‘super rich’, tax was introduced in the budget announced on July 5th,”Srivastava added.Besides, a mix of unconducive domestic and global factors have also contributed towards this exodus of foreign funds from the Indian equity markets in July as well as in Aug. While there has been a marked slowdown in India’s economic activity, a sub-par monsoon and weak earning season have made matters worse.IANS
About 4,000 people arrested in Kashmir since Aug 5: govt sources to AFP
Srinagar:Thousands of people have been detained in Kashmir over fears of outbreaks of unrest after BJP Govtstripped of the special status to the State 2 weeks ago, govt sources told AFP.A magistrate speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity said at least 4,000 people were arrested and held under PSA, a controversial law that allows authorities to imprison someone for up to 2 years without charge or trial.“Most of them were flown out of Kashmir because prisons here have run out of capacity,” magistrate said, adding that he had used a satellite phone allocated to him to collate the figures from colleagues across the State amid a communications blackout imposed by authorities. Authorities have repeatedly declined to provide a tally of how many people have been taken into custody, apart from confirming more than 100 local politicians, activists and academics were detained in the first few days after the state was stripped of its semi-autonomous status. They said the “few preventive detentions” were made to avoid a "breach of the peace" in a region that has fought an armed rebellion against Indian rule for three decades. J&K Govt spokesman Rohit Kansal said previously there was “no centralised figure” for the total number of people detained. But AFP spoke to numerous Govtofficials in Srinagar, including police and security personnel, who confirmed the sweeping arrests.A police official who asked to remain anonymous told AFP “around 6,000 people were medically examined at a couple of places in Srinagar after they were detained”.Another security official said "thousands are jailed" but that the figure did not include other residents whose detentions at police stations had not been recorded.AFP
India reimposes some curbs on movement, phones in J&K:Reuters
Authorities reimposed restrictions on movement in major parts of Kashmir’s biggest city, Srinagar, today after violent overnight clashes between residents and police in which dozens were injured, 2 senior officials and eyewitnesses said.They also reversed a decision to allow internet and mobile phone use in parts of the Jammu region, according to one official, amid concerns about the spread of rumors online.In the past 24 hours, there has been a series of protests against New Delhi’s Aug. 5 revocation of J&K state’s autonomy. This followed an easing in curbs on movement and phone use on Saturday morning.The state govt has said that it has not imposed a curfew over the past two weeks, but on Sunday people were being turned back at multiple roadblocks set up in the city in the past few hours. Security forces at some roadblocks have told residents there is a curfew.2 senior officials told Reuters that at least 2 dozen people were admitted to hospitals with pellet injuries after violent clashes broke out in the old city on Saturday night.One of the official sources said that people pelted security forces with stones in around two dozen places across Srinagar. reuters
Rajnath turns focus on PoK after Pak needles India on Kashmir
New Delhi:Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has continued to signal the country's tough stand to Pakistan, suggesting that should bilateral talks happen, it would not be on J&K, but Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir - the territory under Pakistan's control since it invaded the state in 1947."If talks are held with Pakistan, it will now be on PoK," Singh said in Haryana, where assembly elections are expected in Oct.He also reiterated the govt's position that Islamabad's support to terror must stop before a dialogue can be held.The minister's comment came days after he said that India reserves the right to revoke its 'No First Use' pledge - the cornerstone of its nuclear weapons policy for decades. It was seen as a reaction to Pakistan's move to raise the govt's decision on J&K in various international forums. The minister underscored the point today.ndtv
Imran Khan: World must seriously consider safety of India’s nuclear arsenal under Modi govt
2 days after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh hinted that India’s “no first use” for nuclear weapons might not be etched in stone, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has expressed concern about the “safety and security of India’s nuclear arsenal” under the control of the “fascist, racist Hindu supremacist” Modi  Govt and urged the international community to take notice.“The world must also seriously consider the safety and security of India’s nuclear arsenal in control of the fascist, racist Hindu supremacist Modi govt. This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world,” Khan tweeted. PM’s remarks come a day after Pakistani Army claimed that it was possible India could launch an attack to divert global attention from Kashmir, which has once again become a fresh flashpoint between the two nations since the revocation of J&K’s special status earlier this month.For 2nd time in a week, Imran once again sought to bring the attention of global community to unprecedented communication blackout in Kashmir since Aug.5, saying the matter “should have sent alarm bells ringing across the world with UN observers being sent there”.“India has been captured, as Germany had been captured by Nazis, by a fascist, racist Hindu supremacist ideology and leadership. This threatens nine million Kashmiris under siege for over 2 weeks which should have sent alarm bells ringing across the world with UN observers being sent there,” he said. Upping the ante against RSS, Khan said,“One can simply Google to understand the link between the Nazi ideology and ethnic cleansing and genocide ideology of RSS-BJP founding fathers.” “Already 4 million Indian Muslims face detention camps and cancellation of citizenship. The world must take note as this genie is out of the bottle and the doctrine of hate and genocide, with RSS goons on the rampage, will spread unless the international community acts now to stop it,” he said.indianexpress
‘I see no future (for Omar, Sajad, Mufti)… Story has ended for those thriving in vacuum, 8%turnouts’: Jitendra Singh
New Delhi :MoS, PMO, Jitendra Singh says curbs in J&K are nothing new and should not be seen through prism of Art 370, says questioning J&K Reorganisation Bill is questioning will of Parliament, and says scene in Valley will change once ‘shroud of fear’ is lifted. Responding to a question that the Home Minister has said that the politics of J&K has been appropriated by 3 families. But these leaders will be let out from preventive detention at some point.A lot of them are young politicians, such as Sajad Lone, Omar Abdullah, Shah Faesal…Do you see a future for them in Kashmir politics?, Singh replied, "No, no. Actually I don’t see any future for them. They are also realising that their political innings has come to an end. It is only some section of the media that wants to see some future, so that the story can carry on. Story has ended. For these handful of politicians who have survived, thrived and flourished in an atmosphere of vacuum, with 8, 10 per cent voter turnout, which enabled them to make it to the Lok Sabha, to make it to the state Assembly, to form state govts, generation after generation, for 3-4 generations, and thus perpetuate their dynasty rule… They tried to make the whole country and the world believe that if we are not there, there will be no one to take up the political responsibility. I say this with full confidence, that the commonman, regardless of whether he is a Hindu or Muslim, on the streets of Srinagar, is rejoicing in his heart of hearts… Just let the atmosphere open up, and just let the enormous benefits that had eluded him because of Article 370 (come in)… I think if you are objective observers, you will realise that now we are not dealing with 3-4 names that you are saying — one or 2 of them have never even contested polls."indianexpress
Former J&K interlocutor, ex military officers go to SC against Kashmir Move
New Delhi :A group of petitioners which includes Radha Kumar, who was a member of the panel of interlocutors on J&K appointed by central Govt in 2010, has approached the Supreme Court to challenge the amendments to Article 370 revoking the special status of J&K, and Bill that reorganised the state into two Union Territories. The petition says the amendments “strike at the heart of the principles on which the State of J&K integrated into India… especially as they had no affirmation/sanction from the people of J&K”, which “is a constitutional imperative as far as the State of J&K is concerned”.The petition says the amendments “strike at the heart of the principles on which the State of J&K integrated into India… especially as they had no affirmation/ sanction from the people of J&K”, which “is a constitutional imperative as far as State of J&K is concerned”. Other petitioners are Hindal Haidar Tyabji, a former chief secretary of J&K, Air Vice Marshal (retd) Kapil Kak, Major General (retd) Ashok Kumar Mehta, Amitabha Pande,ex Secretary of Inter State Council, and ex Union Home Secretary, Gopal Pillai.indianexpress
Kashmir move spells trouble for other states: BBC
PM  Narendra Modi has always fashioned himself as an advocate of federalism - someone who believes in giving the country's states more independence.But last week's revocation of special status to J&K  and the move to split it into 2 union territories, is being seen by many as a major weakening of India's federal structure. Sumantra Bose, a professor of international and comparative politics at the London School of Economics, calls them "glorified municipalities of Delhi".By revoking the special status of J&K, ostensibly to put it on the same footing as the rest of India, Modi's govt, in the words of one commentator, has "upset India's delicate federal balance". Many believe the revocation of special status from Kashmir- without consulting local people and political leaders and implemented when the state was under direct rule - is another taint on India's federal record."The single biggest significance of this move is that we are moving towards a unitary state, and abrogation of democratic principles.This is weakening federalism in India. People are so busy celebrating the move that they don't seem to get the big picture,"Navnita Chadha Behera, ex visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution and the author of Demystifying Kashmir, told me."What is more worrying is this can happen to any other state. The federal Govtcan dissolve a state government, ride roughshod over the consultative process, split the state and downgrade its status. Also worrying is the near-complete collapse of resistance to the move with most of the civil society, media and regional parties remaining silent or protesting very feebly."Yamini Aiyar believes "federalism, which the framers of India's constitution saw as necessary to India's democracy, today has far fewer takers than it did in 1947. This is dangerous for India's democracy".BBC
Modi Playing Dangerous Game:US Media
New York:US print and electronic media has given prominent coverage to reports about Friday’ UN Security Council meeting on the grave situation in Kashmir, amid continued criticism of India’s decision to scrap the state’s special status.Top US newspapers continue to denounce Indian PM  Narendra Modi’s illegal action in revoking Kashmir’s special autonomous status, with Saturday’s Washington Post saying, “Modi has stoked Kashmir’s anger and stained India’s democracy.”The newspapers also carried reports of the telephonic conversation between PM Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump on the situation in Kashmir.caravandaily
India studying early Chinese proposals on boundary issue
22nd round of India-China Special Representatives dialogue on the boundary issue will take place in New Delhi in mid-Sept. NSA Ajit Doval is evaluating the “early harvest” proposals sent by Beijing to build trust between 2 sides ahead of meeting.Dates for the meeting between Doval and Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi, the interlocutors, haven’t yet been finalised, HT learns from Chinese and Indian diplomats.The foreign ministers dialogue on Aug.11-13 in Beijing and Special Representative talks are precursors to Oct.11-12 informal summit between PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in India for which Varanasi is being considered as the potential venue.Senior Chinese diplomats said Beijing was very serious about getting the longstanding boundary issues with both India and Bhutan out of the way, and that Wang had sent “early harvest” proposals to India.Neither side is willing to share the contents of the proposals. However, Beijing, as indicated by HT’s conversations with Chinese diplomats, is showing no signs of changing any positions with New Delhi, be it India’s membership of NSG or full political support to its “all weather ally” Pakistan.HT
Magsaysay winner says he was put under house arrest thrice, Lucknow DM denies charge
New Delhi :Refuting Ramon Magsaysay award winning-social activist Sandeep Pandey’s claims of being put under house arrest on three occasions in the past week, the Lucknow administration on Sunday said he was neither put under house arrest nor detained,PTI reported. Last week, Pandey alleged that he was briefly put under house arrest to prevent him from taking part in a dharna in Lucknow against scrapping of J&K’s special status.The activist claimed they were again prevented from going to Ayodhya for a two-day programme on communal amity on Saturday.“In the past week, we have been stopped thrice by the police and administration from freely expressing our views. I was put under house arrest on three occasions (Aug.11, 16 and 17),” PTI quoted Pandey as saying.Criticising the alleged “stalling” of their programmes, Pandey said it seemed as if “there was a ban on the freedom of expression”. Last Sunday, Pandey and several other activists, including advocate Mohammad Shoaib,had planned a demonstration at Gandhi statue in Hazratganj. DM Kaushal Sharma rubbished the claims.indianexpress
Crackdown on activists continues in UP
Activists allege censorship by Centre after Press Club prevented them from sharing Kashmir footage
A group of activists who visited J&K earlier this week after the state lost its special status on Saturday reiterated their claim that Press Club of India (PCI) in New Delhi had barred them from showing visuals they recorded in the region on Wednesday reportedly because they were “under pressure”. Club’s managing committee had on Friday said that there were certain logistical problems due to which they were unable to provide the facilities required to show footage.The group includes activist and CPI (M-L) member Kavita Krishnan, economist Jean Dreze, Maimoona Mollah of AIDWA and Vimal Bhai of NAPM. They visited different parts of the state such as Srinagar, Sopore, Bandipora, Anantnag, Pulwama and Pampore from Aug 9 to Aug 13.“We all stand by the statement that permission to screen this short video report at PCI on 14 August was denied, reportedly under pressure,” the statement by the activists said. “Our quarrel is not and was not with PCI,but with Govt of India that is seeking to censor such spaces. We need to unitedly resist such censorship.”The group appealed for sustained solidarity initiatives with the people of J&K and also with the ones who are facing harassment, intimidation, censorship and house arrest for protesting against Centre’s treatment of the people of the state.They said they object to the misleading and hostile comments by PM  Modi, Govt and certain media outlets against the ones speaking on the “clampdown on democracy” in the region.scroll
Pehlu lynching: Justice Chandrachud says cases monitored by courts have shown ‘better outcome’
Justice DY Chandrachud on Saturday said cases in which investigations were monitored by courts have shown a better outcome, PTI reported. Chandrachud was speaking in connection with the Pehlu Khan lynching case, in which all 6 accused were acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence by a court in Alwar earlier this week.“We see this repeatedly... This is one of the great torments of being a judge to have to decide on the basis of evidence as it stands,” the Supreme Court judge said at Literature Live Independence Day lecture in Mumbai on “Imagining Freedom through Art”.“And then you find the investigation by the police has been woefully inadequate either deliberately or just as a matter of incompetence, that it is going to result in acquittal,” he said. “Cases where courts have been approached at an appropriate stage and have been able to monitor the investigation have perhaps shown better outcome,” Chandrachud added.scroll
Freedom’s become an avenue to spew venom on those who are different, says Justice Chandrachud
Faith in country’s judicial system is firm:Pehlu’s son
Pehlu Khan’s eldest son Irshad Khan, 28, who helplessly saw his father mercilessly beaten to death by a mob of cow vigilantes in April 2017, still hasn’t lost hope. Despite many setbacks, including the acquittal of all the accused by a local court in Alwar on Aug.14 this year, Irshad still retains immense faith in the judicial system of the country. “If we lose the case yet again, not only us but the faith of common man will be strongly shaken,” Irshad says.nationalheraldindia
Congress has lost its way, says Hooda as he backs govt’s Kashmir move months ahead of polls
New Delhi: Amid speculation of senior Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda quitting the party to form his own outfit, former Haryana CM on Sunday expressed his support towards Modi-led govt’s move on Kashmir and said that he would not compromise with anyone when it came to patriotism and self-respect.Hitting out further at his parent party, he said Congress was no more the same it used to be and had lost its way. “When Govt does something right, I support it. Many of my colleagues opposed the decision to abrogate Article 370 (of the Constitution)… Our brothers are deployed as soldiers in Kashmir and hence, I support it.“I was born in a patriotic family. Those who oppose (abrogation of Article 370), I want to tell them ‘When it’s about principles and traditions, we should fight for it. What’s alive, must look alive,” he said.news18
BJP minister doubts vote count in Bareilly, SP says return to paper ballot
A key minister in Modi Govthas filed a complaint with the returning officer in his Bareilly Lok Sabha constituency, seeking a probe into an alleged error in counting of votes during the recent Lok Sabha polls.The complaint by Santosh Gangwar, an eight-time MP and now Labour and Employment Minister, says that a particular booth in the Kali Bari locality did not vote in his favour, despite being a traditional BJP pocket. His complaint has now gone viral over social media in UP.Gangwar, who has won from Bareilly in all elections since 1989 except in 2009, filed his complaint on Aug.14 with DM Virendra Kumar Singh, the returning officer in general elections.In his complaint letter, Minister said that in booth number 290 (Shishu Bal Sadan) located in Kali Bari, BJP got only 5 votes while Congress 29 and SP 583.Claiming that there seems to be a "chook" (error) during counting, he requested a probe into the matter.Gangwar's aide Ramesh Chand Jain, who now looks after his constituency and had been Minister's additional Private Secretary earlier, told IANS that a letter in this connection has been written to the returning officer. "The booth has always been a BJP pocket, but the numbers of votes in our favour present a different picture," said Jain, who is perceived to be Gangwar's closest aide in Bareilly.On the other hand BJP's principal opponent in UP, SP raked up the issue to raise questions on the credibility of EVM. After an unexpected drubbing at the hands of BJP in the recent Lok Sabha polls, SP and its allies had raised doubts over EVMs."Gangwarji is a very honest and senior leader of the BJP. His complaint should be taken seriously. SP requests Election Commission that all forthcoming polls in UP should revert to ballot boxes as EVMs credibility is being repeatedly questioned," said SP leader IP Singh.IANS
Kerala: Muslim outfits plan flood-relief projects
Kozhikode: Muslim organisations have come forward with plans to help people who sustained heavy losses following floods and landslides in various parts of the state. Jamaát-e-Islami Hind and Wisdom Islamic Organisation have decided to spend around Rs 10 crore each for various reconstruction and relief projects, including the construction of houses and helping the victims to sustain themselves through various means. After visiting the affected areas in Malabar, Jamaát-e-Islami Kerala amir MI Abdul Azeez announced the project worth Rs 10 crore for various reconstruction works.“A person has offered us 35 cents of land free of cost at Meppadi for the construction of new houses. We think that around seven houses can be constructed at the spot for victims,”said Sheikh Muhammad Karakkunnu, secretary of Jamaát-e-Islami, Kerala. “The volunteers of Ideal Relief Wing are engaged in relief works at Puthumala and Kavalappara, where landslides struck with great intensity. We consider it as our religious duty to help the victims, irrespective of religion or caste,” he said.Jamaát assistant amir P Mujeeb Rehman said that last year, the organisation had envisaged a Rs25-crore project for the flood victims. “The project will be over soon and the declaration of the culmination will be announced on Sept.31. Our initial project for this year’s victims will be the construction of houses at Meppadi and Kavalappara,” he said.The state-level meeting of Wisdom Islamic Organisation held on Thursday also resolved to implement a Rs10-crore project for flood relief. “We are preparing a detailed plan as per the reports received from different districts for the construction and repairing of houses, cleaning and repairing of wells, supply of food and home appliances,” said K Sajjad, general secretary of Wisdom Youth.TOI
BJP MP Hans Raj Hans wants JNU to be renamed MNU, says ‘something should be after Modi’s name’
Delhi BJP MP Hans Raj Hans has suggested renaming JNU after PM Narendra Modi. Speaking on govt’s decision on Kashmir, Punjabi singer, during his visit to university, said,“JNU should be renamed to MNU.”“Pray that everyone remains peaceful. We are paying for the mistakes of our ancestors. I suggest we name it (JNU) MNU.There should be something under Modi’s name too, he said.JNU, founded in 1969, was named after India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru.indian express
Arm bands bring caste wars to school turf in T. Nadu
On July 31 this year, a circular from Director of School Education sent to senior educational officers across the State stated that in some schools students were made to wear colour-coded wrist bands and also sport forehead tilaks as “caste markers” and further instructed officials to stop such practices immediately.A day after it was published in the media last week, School Education Minister K.A. Sengottaiyan told the media that he was not aware of any such circular. Claiming that it had been issued without his knowledge, Minister said it had originally come from Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department and that he had instructed officials in his Department “not to implement” it.But, ambiguity remains over the circular. While a senior official in School Education Department said on Friday evening that the Minister had been misquoted and that the circular still held good, the Minister had a different stand. “Whatever existed before circular will continue,” said Sengottaiyan. However, he maintained that AIADMK Govtwould take action if there were complaints about such discriminatory practices. “There is no such practice in 99% of the schools, but there may be a few incidents, which we will look into.”The entire episode unfolded after IAS trainees at Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration in Mussoorie, following media reports, debated topic and eventually handed over a representation to the govt. But, what has caught everyone’s attention is the Minister’s oral order not to implement the circular.thehindu
PM’s Bhutan visit: Slew of MoUs inked
New Delhi :On his first visit to Bhutan in his second term, PM  Narendra Modi met Bhutan’s PM  Lotay Tshering on Saturday, and promised that India’s support for Bhutan’s five-year plans would continue in the future, based on Thimphu’s priorities.After the talks, Modi said, “India is fortunate to be one of the key partners of Bhutan. India’s support for Bhutan’s five-year plans will continue in the future as based on your wishes and priorities.” Modi, who is on his second visit to Bhutan, and the first since his re-election in May this year, inaugurated the 740 MW Mangdechhu hydroelectric power plant, and launched stamps to commemorate five decades of India-Bhutan hydropower cooperation.“Hydropower is an important area of cooperation between our two countries. Together, the two countries have transformed the power of the rivers of Bhutan into not only electricity but also mutual prosperity. Today we have achieved another historic milestone of this journey with the inauguration of the Mangdechhu project,” Modi said.indianexpress
Kalburgi targeted over speech at meet against superstition, say police
Kannada scholar and writer MM Kalburgi was killed on August 30, 2015, by a radical right-wing group over a speech he made in June 2014 in which he referenced an essay by Jnanpith award winner UR Ananthamurthy, a SIT of Karnataka Police has stated.SIT, which filed a chargesheet in a Dharwad court on Saturday against 6 persons linked to the right-wing Sanatan Sanstha group for the killing of the scholar, said in a statement that Prof Kalburgi, 77, was targetted by the group over a June 9, 2014, speech made in Bengaluru at a conference to debate a law on banning superstitious practices in Karnataka.“In his keynote speech, he (Kalburgi) had referenced a passage from a book written by Dr UR Ananthamurthy and had made certain observations,” SIT said.“On the basis of this speech, the accused persons identified Kalburgi as a “durjan”(evil person) as preached in Kshatra Dharma Sadhana (a book published by Sanatan Sanstha). They all jointly hatched a conspiracy to murder Kalburgi in furtherance of the achievement of their goals and executed it,’’ SIT said in an official statement placed in chargesheet filed.indianexpress
Indian scriptures mentioned gravity long before Isaac Newton, claims HRD minister Pokhriyal
Union Minister for HRD Ramesh Pokhriyal has claimed that Indian scriptures mentioned the concept of gravity long before physicist Isaac Newton did, ThePrint reported. BJP leader made the remarks in his address at Gyanotsav, an event organised by RSS-affiliate Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas to discuss new education policy. He appealed to the directors of the Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology to undertake more research on ancient Indian science.“We need to prove that all that we keep talking about like Charaka, Aryabhata, they all existed and that our scriptures mentioned the concept of gravity much before Newton discovered it,” HRD minister said.scroll
Bihar court convicts 8 in 2015 Ara civil court blast case
Bihar: A court here in Bihar’s Bhojpur district convicted eight persons in the 2015 Ara Civil Court bomb blast case on Saturday.It acquitted three persons, including former MLA Sunil Pandey, in the case for lack of evidence. Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADJ) Tribhuwan Yadav convicted Lambu Sharma, Chand Miyan, Naeem Miyan, Akhilesh Upadhyaya, Rinku Yadav, Pramod Singh, Shyam Vinay Sharma and Mohammed Wahid in the case.The court fixed Aug20 for hearing of arguments on the issue of quantum of sentence. Besides Pandey, other 2 persons acquitted in the case were Sanjay Sonar and Vijay Sharma. The court also issued a warrant against Chand Miyan, one of the eight convicts, who did not appear in the court on Saturday. It also issued orders to attach Chand Miyan’s properties.In 2015, a woman, identified as Nagina Devi, had come to the court premises as a suicide bomber with a design to set notorious criminal Lambu Sharma free from custody.PTI
Himachal: 18 killed in rain-related incidents, schools, colleges to be closed tomorrow
At least 18 people were killed and 9 others injured as heavy rains lashed parts of Himachal Pradesh Sunday, prompting the district administration to announce that all educational institutions in Shimla and Kullu districts would remain closed on Monday.Govt officials told PTI that eight people died in Shimla, two each in Kullu, Sirmaur, Solan and Chamba and one each in Una and Lahaul-Spiti districts.Several roads were blocked following multiple landslides and flash floods. Landslides hit a spot near RTO office in Shimla, leaving three persons dead and one injured.indianexpress
Kolkata: Son of famous biryani chain owner arrested for running over 2 Bangladeshis
Kolkata :Son of a popular restaurant chain owner was arrested after his speeding Jaguar hit a Mercedes and crashed into 3 people standing close to a police booth, killing two Bangladeshi nationals. The incident took place on Saturday in Central Kolkata. While one person managed to save himself the other could not escape. Police said the car allegedly belonged to the son of the owner of a famous Biryani restaurant chain, Arsalan, in Kolkata. The accused was initially absconding and later was arrested by police. “Arsalan Parvez (22) has been arrested. The car which he was driving was registered to the name of the restaurant chain Arsalan,” said an official.Car was registered in the year 2017. Parvez after completing his education from the UK came back to Kolkata about two years ago.indianexpress
Israeli fire kills 3 Palestinians in besieged Gaza Strip
At least three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in the north of Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian health officials and local media, hours after three rockets were allegedly fired from the blockaded enclave.Maan news agency said today at least one other Palestinian suffered "critical" injuries following the overnight attack.Palestinian Health Ministry Spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said that three bodies had been brought to the Al-Andalusi hospital in the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning, as well as one person with a serious injury.He identified 3 dead as:Mahmoud Adel al-Walaidah, 24, Mohammed Farid Abu Namous, 27, and Mohammed Samir al-Taramsi, 26.Medics said that Israeli forces only allowed Palestinian ambulances to enter the area hours after the attacks.In a statement issued late on Saturday, Israeli army said an attack helicopter and tank had fired at "armed suspects" along the fence that separates Israel from the besieged Gaza Strip.In an earlier incident on Saturday night, Israeli air raids hit parts of the northern Gaza Strip, including an open field used to grow crops, as well as a position belonging to a Gaza-based resistance movement, according to local media reports. Israeli military said three rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, two of which had been intercepted by its Iron Dome aerial defence system. There was no immediate comment from any of the major armed groups in Gaza, including Hamas, group that governs the strip. No Israelis were hurt.aljazeera        
63 dead as bomb rips through wedding in Kabul as US, Taliban peace talks reach final stages:AFP
Kabul: More than 60 people were killed and scores wounded in an explosion targeting a wedding in the Afghan capital, authorities said Sunday, the deadliest attack in Kabul in recent months. The blast, which took place late Saturday in the city's west, came as Washington and the Taliban are in the final stages of a deal to reduce US military presence in Afghanistan. Taliban denied any involvement in the attack. Interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said at least 63 people had been killed and 182 wounded. "Among the wounded are women and children," Rahimi said.Afghan weddings are epic and vibrant affairs, with hundreds or often thousands of guests celebrating for hours inside industrial-scale wedding halls where the men are usually segregated from the women and children. Islamic State group on Sunday claimed responsibility for the attack. Expectations are rising for a deal in which the US would start withdrawing its approximately 14,000 soldiers from Afghanistan after a 2-decade war that has turned into a stalemate. In return, Taliban would commit to various security guarantees, including that the Islamist hardliners who long harboured Al-Qaeda would not allow Afghan to once again become a jihadist safe haven.AFP
Leader's bro killing will not derail US talks:Taliban
Afghan Taliban officials said the killing of the brother of their leader in a attack would not derail talks with US aimed at securing the withdrawal of US troops.Taliban leader Haibatullah Akhundzada was not in the mosque near the Pakistani city of Quetta when a bomb went off but his younger brother, Hafiz Ahmadullah, was leading Friday prayers and was among 4 people killed, several Taliban officials have said. There was no claim of responsibility for the blast that came after both Taliban and US officials have reported progress in talks on an deal centred on a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in exchange for a Taliban security guarantee."If someone thinks martyring our leaders would stop us from our goal they're living in a fool's paradise," a Taliban leader said by telephone."We are close to our goals,” he said, referring to the talks with the US. He declined to be identified. Both US negotiators and the Taliban have reported progress after 8 rounds of talks since late last year. Top US national security advisers briefed Trump on Friday on the negotiations.Reuters
Air raids on Syria's Idlib kill family of 7, say activists
Seven members of one family have been killed in Syria's Idlib in an escalation of a Russian-backed offensive against the last major rebel stronghold, according to a war monitor and activists. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a woman and her six children were killed after an air raid hit their home in the village of Deir al-Sharqi in southern Idlib on Saturday.The children were all under the age of 18 and included a 4-year-old, said the Britain-based war monitor. Their father survived because he was not home at the time of the bombing, it added. Syria's Civil Defense, a volunteer rescue group also known as the White Helmets, said Deir al-Sharqi was hit with four air raids that resulted in the killing of the Hammoud family.By early afternoon on Saturday, Civil Defense team said it had recorded 31 attacks in the area, including 18 suspected Russian airstrikes.The deaths in Deir al-Sharqi came a day after at least 13 people were killed in an air raid on a displacement camp in the village of al-Haas.aljazeera
Gibraltar refuses US request to seize Iranian tanker
Gibraltar has refused a request by US to seize an Iranian oil tanker at the centre of a diplomatic standoff between Tehran and Europe. British Royal Marines had seized the vessel in Gibraltar in July on suspicion that it was carrying oil to Syria, a close ally of Iran, in violation of European Union sanctions.That detention ended last week, but on Friday a US court issued a warrant for the seizure of the tanker, on the grounds that it had links to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which Washington has designated a "terrorist" body. Gibraltar's government said on Sunday it could not comply with the US request because of European law.
UK To Face Fuel, Food And Medicine Shortages In No-Deal Brexit: Report
London: Britain will face shortages of fuel, food and medicine if it leaves EU without a transition deal, jamming ports and requiring a hard border in Ireland, official govt documents leaked to Sunday Times show. Times said the forecasts compiled by the Cabinet Office set out the most likely aftershocks of a no-deal Brexit rather than the worst case scenarios.PM Boris Johnson's office said it did not comment on leaked documents.The paper said up to 85% of lorries using the main channel crossings "may not be ready" for French customs, meaning disruption at ports would potentially last up to three months before the flow of traffic improves.AFP
'New Sudan': Thousands celebrate as protesters, army sign deal
Rapturous crowds filled streets of Sudan's capital, Khartoum, after generals and protest leaders signed a landmark power-sharing deal paving the way for civilian rule after months of deadly protests. Thousands of cheering people gathered on Saturday around the Friendship Hall next to Nile, where the documents that will govern country's 39-month transition were signed. Many had arrived on trains from Sudan's provinces to take part in the celebrations, which lasted deep into the night, with people of all ages spilling out of honking cars cruising up and down the main road that runs along Nile and other parts of Khartoum.aljazeera
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