01 January 2020

1st JAN. NEWS: Centre Okays NPR Trial Form, Including Parents' Birthplace, for Rollout /India celebrates New Year's Eve with protests against citizenship law; Delhi's Shaheen Bagh, anti-CAA protesters ring in 2020 with national anthem, 'inquilab zindabad', 'azadi' slogans

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*anti-citizenship act stir*
Centre Okays NPR Trial Form, Including Parents' Birthplace, for Rollout
New Delhi:National Population Register (NPR) form, which was used in a trial stage and sought details like the “place of birth of father and mother” has likely been approved since the authorities did not receive any adverse feedback regarding it from a sample set of respondents, according to a report in the Hindu. In 2010, data for NPR was first collected and it was updated in 2015.It collected details on 15 parameters: name of person,relationship to head of household, father’s name, mother’s name, spouse’s name (if married), sex, date of birth, marital status, place of birth, nationality (as declared), present address of usual residence, duration of stay at present address, permanent residential address,occupation/activity and educational qualification. Modi government has proposed that the next phase of NPR be conducted alongside Census exercise between April and Sept.2020.An estimated 30 lakh people responded to “pretest” form in Sept.2019, which collected data in 74 districts. According to the report in the Hindu, the “pretest” form sought additional details on a variety of parameters including “the place of birth of father and mother, last place of residence”, along with Aadhaar (optional), voter ID card, mobile phone and driving licence numbers.Currently, NPR has a database of 119 crore residents.“None of the respondents gave an adverse feedback. The final form is likely to remain the same,” an official told the national daily.Another official stressed that families would be informed in advance about the visit of an enumerator so that they could keep necessary documents of all the individuals ready for verification.“If there are 15 members in family, enumerators would give them a prior notice, so that documents of all are available when field visit is undertaken. Enumerator will see the documents,” the official said.NPR training manual says that the existing database would be updated by verifying the details of all respondents via house-to-house enumeration.thewire
Bangladesh revokes decision of suspending mobile network along India border
Bangladesh has reversed its order suspending telecom services along the country’s over 4,000 km-long borders with India, PTI reported Wednesday citing media reports. According to The Daily Star, authorities sent an email to all mobile operators on Wednesday, asking them to restore the networks. “Please reinstate operations of BTSs near Bangladesh-India border sites immediately,” the email, by Md Sohel Rana, deputy director of BTRC’s spectrum management division, said.The decision comes two days after the country’s telecom regulator ordered operators to shut down services along the border with India citing security reasons. Mobile network coverage was suspended for one kilometre along the entire border with India “for the sake of the country’s security in the current circumstances”, officials said in the statement, which was released on Monday.One official on condition of anonymity told Reuters the decision was taken out of concern that Indian Muslims might seek to enter Bangladesh after India introduced the Citizenship Amendment Act which has triggered violent protests across India. Indianexpress
States rejecting CAA should seek better legal opinion: Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad
Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Wednesday hit back at states rejecting the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, saying they have a “constitutional duty” of implementing laws passed by Parliament. These states should also seek appropriate legal opinion before taking such decisions, he added.Prasad’s remark came a day after the Kerala Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution demanding that the CAA be scrapped.Dismissing the resolution, Prasad referred to Clause 2 of Article 245 of the Constitution. He said Parliament can make laws on subjects under the Union List which includes citizenship. indianexpress
Kerala CM says 'assemblies have their own privileges' as Centre slams state's resolution against CAA
A day after the Kerala assembly passed a resolution against the controversial CAA, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday rejected BJP's critisism against it, saying the state assemblies have their own privileges. Hours after the assembly had passed the resolution demanding the scrapping of the CAA, union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had hit out at Left government and said Vijayan should seek "better legal advise"."State Assemblies have its own privileges. Such actions are unheard of anywhere. But we cannot rule out anything in the present circumstance as unprecedented things are happening now-a-days in the country," Vijayan told reporters here when asked about the breach of privilege proceedings.The Assemblies have its own special protection and it should not be violated, he said.PTI
AIADMK to implement NPR and CAA in Tamil Nadu
Less than a month after 11 AIADMK MPs in the Sabha, voted to pass the India Govt’s controversy-ridden Citizenship Amendment Bill, summarily resulting in the CAA, AIADMK-led Tamil Nadu Government has thrown its weight firmly behind the implementation of the CAA and NPR.“UPA had implemented BJP’s NPR amendment in 2010, and the DMK, which was part of the UPA had supported the amendment,” said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palniswami, hitting out at the opposition, adding, “DMK and Congress are now objecting to NPR for political reasons.”cnbctv18
At Delhi's Shaheen Bagh, anti-CAA protesters ring in 2020 with national anthem, 'inquilab zindabad', 'azadi' slogans
As the world geared up to bring in 2020, more than 3,000 people gathered at Delhi's Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Millia Islamia on New Year’s Eve against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The protesters decided to walk into the new decade while singing national anthem and raising 'azadi' slogans.Braving the biting winter cold in the National Capital, women of all age groups – from a 90-year-old senior citizen to a mother of a 20-days-old baby – were seen at the peaceful protest. Senior citizens and children also attended the protest.Tents were pitched and discussions on the CAA, NRC, NPR, India’s freedom struggle, the Constitution and the ideologies of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and BR Ambedkar were discussed.The stage gave a platform to poets, professors, civil society groups, civic leaders, actors and students, belonging to Jamia, JNU and other colleges and schools to voice their opinions against the amended Citizenship Act. A band performance was also held, driving home the central message to save the country from the legislation passed by the Modi-led central government.‘No-CAA’ and ‘no-NRC’ stickers are now found everywhere, even as protesters chanted 'Azaadi' and 'Inquilab Zindabad'.Anti-CAA protesters also staged demonstrations at several other places in Delhi, including Connaught Place’s Central Park and Saket’s PVR Anupam complex.The protests at Shaheen Bagh have been going on for over two weeks even as temperatures continue to hover around the single-digit figure in Delhi. The crowds started swelling around midnight as people from different parts of the city reached Shaheen Bagh to show their solidarity including activists like Harsh Mander, Kafeel Khan, Yogendra Yadav, and actor Zeeshan Ayyub. Protesters were also collecting messages in a cardboard box which they plan to send to PM Narendra Modi’s office.firstpost/HT
CAA protest: Delhi Shaheen Bagh’s New Year message: We’re speaking in one voice, politicians aren’t
Shaheen Bagh Reclaims the National Anthem
Protesters Usher In New Year At Delhi's Shaheen Bagh With National Anthem
Art of Resistance: Ringing in the new year with CAA protesters at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh
Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh rings in new year with anti-Citizenship Act slogans
How Shaheen Bagh Ushered In The New Year On A Cold Winter Night In Delhi
India celebrates New Year's Eve with protests against citizenship law
New year’s eve turns into ‘Azadi Night’ at Jamia Milia; students, locals protest against CAA
It was different kind of new years eve at gate number 7of Jamia Milia Islamia , students whose first preference in Delhi or any other metro is always to go to different pubs in South Delhi and Connaught Place to enjoy and shake their legs were singing patriotic songs and demanding Azadi (freedom)from CAA and NRC.Students and locals started gathering at Jamia to celebrate ‘the Azadi Night’ from 9 pm. Some locals were distributing biryani and students were busy chanting slogans, raising banners. Students from various universities continued coming till midnight and they were so full of energy that they did not mind walking about half a kilometre from Julena in the freezing night. To ensure smooth traffic, students divided the single road with a rope so that traffic from both side could move and student volunteers stood in between to ensure smooth passage.There were different groups who sang different revolutionary songs like “Hum Dekhenge, Laazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge’(we will see and definitely we will also see). Ankur, whose whole family is into music, sang different revolutionary songs. Ankur’s son Anshul was full of energy and shouted slogans while singing songs.Young girls with their relatives or friends came in large numbers.Students and elders present there appeared to be least affected by the biting cold. They were shouting slogans and shaking legs on every note of the songs.At the stroke of midnight when people in the country were bursting crackers, dancing in pubs or enjoying on roads, the students and the other present at Jamia were singing national anthem.The banner on the stage read ‘New Year Resolution’ they just wrote ‘v’ over ‘s’of resolution which made it ‘New Year Revolution’. At the bottom of the banner was written ‘Azadi Night’ . nationalheraldindia
Anti-CAA Protestors Take Mass Pledge at India Gate to Defend Constitution
New Delhi: Scores of protesters took a mass pledge at India Gate here today to "defend the Constitution" by opposing the recent changes in the citizenship law.The strength of protesters as well as visitors, who were out to celebrate the New Year, led to the iconic monument area getting extremely crowded, causing the traffic to virtually crawl in adjoining areas.PTI
Anti-CAA protesters in Odisha brave chilling cold, read Constitution as world celebrates New Year
Bhubaneswar:Several students and activists in Bhubaneswar, Odisha held protests against CAA even as the world celebrated New Year on Wednesday night. Hundreds of activists garlanded the Ambedkar statue at AG Square and marched towards Master Canteen square holding placards protesting against the CAA. The protesters spent the entire night in the chilling cold to protest against the CAA.At the protest, which continued till 6:00 am, students and activists read the Constitution and raised slogans against PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.Activist Amiya Pandav criticised Modi and Shah saying that they are trying to divide society on religious line in the name of CAA and NRC. He said: "We have gathered here to protest against Modi-Shah duo; against the way they are trying to divide society on religious line in the name of CAA and NRC.The Constitution is in danger. The nation is burning." Other activists Sujata Behera said, "The way Modi-Shah are dividing our secular nation is a matter of concern. We are protesting against CAA which is non-Constitutional and derogatory in nature."The protesters say that the implementation of CAA, in combination with the proposed NRC, will discriminate against the Muslims living in the country.indiatoday
Kerala: Kochi braces for massive anti-CAA protests, 2 lakh people may take part; police on alert
Kochi: Islamic organisations have called for massive demonstrations in this Kerala city on Wednesday against the amended citizenship law. Protests have been called at Marine Drive and to ensure law and order, the Kochi Police is deploying nearly 1000 cops at the location. Kochi Police Commissioner Vijay Sakhare said around two lakh people are expected to take part in the anti-CAA protests in the city today.“The police personnel will be deployed to prevent any untoward incident as part of the protest march, in which around two lakh people from across the state will participate,” the city police chief was quoted as saying by New Indian Express.timesnownews
CAA: RWA WhatsApp groups are filling up with pro-govt hate again
New Delhi:“The enemy is not just on the other side of the border, but inside the house as well, living like a termite,” read a message that landed in the WhatsApp group of Resident Welfare Association (RWA) of an East Delhi neighbourhood earlier this month. “Termite” is the word that BJP leader Amit Shah, now India’s Home Minister, had used to describe persons living without papers in the country in an election speech he gave in April.As protests against CAA gained momentum in Dec, RWA WhatsApp group, meant to coordinate activities and disseminate information in the colony, has been flooded with hateful messages targeting Muslims. The activity on these groups is significant as BJP has built a well-financed misinformation campaign anchored by an in-house propaganda unit, called Association of Billion Minds, and its so-called IT Cell with a reputation for sharing fake news. Much of hate speech on WhatsApp groups tends to mirror the news cycle, and pushes the BJP’s preferred narrative on a given subject.“The amount of misinformation is directly proportional to the sensitivity and longevity of the issue. CAA-NRC protests have both those elements,” said Pratik Sinha, the founder of Alt News, a website dedicated to exposing false news. “During the Balakot strike, it went on for 3-4 days, but since the CAA protests are going on and on, the longevity is quite a bit.”huffingtonpost
Opposition to CAA, NRC: With 9 rallies in 2 weeks, Mamata seeks to emerge as pivot of protest
Kolkata :In her bid to checkmate the BJP in West Bengal on the new citizenship law and proposed NRC, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, who has hit the streets nine times in the last fortnight, is also trying to emerge as the central political pivot of the anti-CAA, NRC protest on the national level.Besides promising to give Rs 5 lakh to the families of the two men killed in the protests in Mangaluru after the BJP government in Karnataka, withheld the announced compensation, her party leaders also met the families of those arrested in Lucknow in connection with the violent protests there and expressed full support to them.Banerjee’s protest marches and rallies, which have become a recurrent event in the state, in their sights and sounds highlight Bengali cultural traits with a message of secularism and unity. Even choices of starting points and endpoints of her street marches are strategically chosen — like Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral house, Rabindranath Tagore’s Jorasanko Thakurbari among others.indianexpress
CAA is unconstitutional, may sow seeds of ethno-nationalism in North East:prominent analyst Suhas Chakma
As the new year approaches, the country continues to witness large-scale protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. Critics have termed the legislation as one that contravenes the secular values of the Constitution, while the Central government says that it does not apply to Indian citizens, and is only aimed at giving shelter to persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries.Suhas Chakma, Director of the Rights and Risks Analysis Group, spoke on these issues in detail in an interview with Firstpost. Chakma, who is also an advisor to the All India Chakma Social Forum, has worked with Chakma and Hajong migrants, as also with Tibetan, Tamil, Chin and other refugees recognized by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in India (UNHCR).firstpost
Hyderabad: Muslims from across India gather to contest NRC
Hyderabad: 25 leaders from Muslim communities all over India gathered in Hyderabad to take stock of the post-CAA situation in the country. They were clear that CAA is not a problem only for Muslims and that secular and educated Indians must be a part of the anti-CAA struggle.The elders felt that if the country's people do not act promptly on the initiatives taken by the union government to divide the nation on a religious basis, India will witness a new order where citizens will be denied equal rights and status.  However, they expressed that it is a satisfactory sign that the student fraternity has come forward and take the responsibility of safeguarding the constitution and upholding the secular fabric of the country.They were happy that students are now leading the movement against CAA, NRC and NPR.They resolved to hold a special session with constitutional experts and eminent lawyers to ascertain the legal aspects of the amendments carried out in the CAA and additional points added in NPR and their implications. Prominent among those who attended the meeting were Moulana Syed Arshad Madani, president of Jamiat Ulema Hind, Moulana Abul Qasim Nomani, vice chancellor, Darul Uloom Deoband (Waqf), Moulana Mahmood Madani, general secretary, Jamiat Ulema Hind, Moulana Gulam Mohammed Vastanvi, former vice chancellor, Darul Uloom Deoband, Moulana Siddiqullah Chowdhury, minister. West Bengal, Moulana Shabbir Nadwi (Bengaluru), Moulana Shah Jamal ur Rahman, president, Khatm e Nabuwat, Telangana and AP, Moulana Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmed and Moulana Mufti Gayasuddin Rahmani.DECCAN CHRONICLE
Pak Poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz's "Hum Dekhenge" Anti-Hindu? IIT Kanpur Probes
Kanpur: Does Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz's iconic poem "Hum Dekhenge" -- sung as a protest anthem over decades -- provoke anti-Hindu sentiments: This is the rather unusual investigation a committee of Kanpur's IIT is currently engaged in.The matter came under focus after some students held a solidarity march for their counterparts at Delhi's Jamia Millia University. It was part of the countrywide student protests triggered by the police crackdown on Jamia students on Dec.15.  Dec.17 march had started with a reading of the poem and the students were caught on camera, said IIT-Kanpur's Deputy Director Manindra Agrawal. "Who knows Faiz Ahmad Faiz?" he questioned. "The video suggests that poem provokes anti-Hindu sentiments," he added.After a teacher filed a complaint against the solidarity march, a probe committee was formed to investigate three issues: Whether the students defied prohibitory orders, the social media posts they shared ahead of march and if the poem of Faiz is "anti-Hindu".ndtv
'No Time To Celebrate': Students, Locals Continue Anti-CAA Protests In Assam
The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) continued unabated on Wednesday, the first day of 2020, in Assam, with students of Cotton University in Guwahati staging a sit-in.“This is not the time to celebrate. We are in a crisis and we are here to express our opposition to the CAA, which is against the indigenous people of the state and the northeast. We will continue to oppose until the act is repealed,” said a student.In Guwahati Club rotary, people from different walks of life gathered to demonstrate against the newly amended law that has triggered Opposition across India.“We are having a tough time. We are facing a crisis for our identity and motherland. We want to clarify this fight is not against any religion or Bengalis. This is to protect our identity. I pray for a peaceful 2020 without the CAA,” said popular Assamese actress Barasha Rani Bishoya taking part in the protest.Similarly, several protest rallies were taken out across the state.outlookindia
Assam submitted recommendations on framing CAA rules: CM Sonowal
Assam government has submitted its recommendations to the Centre regarding the framing of rules for implementing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said this on Wednesday while taking part in an interaction with the journalists in Guwahati.Sonowal also assured that his government is committed to protecting the interest of the indigenous people of Assam.“There is no need to be afraid of the CAA. CAA is a national Act. We are committed to protecting the indigenous people of Assam,” Sonowal said.nenow.in
Arunachal: Senior NPP leader quits opposing CAA
Claiming that Citizenship (Amendment) Act will change the demography of the entire northeast, Nabam Vivek, a senior NPP member of Arunachal Pradesh has resigned from party.Vivek, a contestant for Doimukh Legislative Assembly constituency, resigned from primary membership of the National People’s Party (NPP).Citing NPP national president Conrad Sangma’s “U-turn on the CAB, 2019” as the primary reason, Vivek tendered his resignation from the primary membership of NPP. nenow
Fresh protest in Hyderabad against CAA, NRC on New Year’s eve: Six detained, later released
Hyderabad's Charminar police took as many as six men into preventive custody after they reportedly raised slogans against CAA and NRC on New Year's eve.The incident took place within the Charminar police limits on the intervening night of December 31 and January 1. When the six started raising slogans at a public space near Charminar area, the police took them into preventive custody in view of the law and order situation.  According to officials, the six have been identified as Abbas Ali Mohammed Niyamath, Syedd Gofran, Maqbul Ahmed, Maqbul Gafar and Salar. The officials also added that the men are not associated with any political parties. The six were released a few hours later.
HC gives permission to hold Million March in Hyderabad
Hyderabad:  The anti-CAA-NRC group is all set to hold a ‘Million March’ aginst the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC on 4 January at Hyderabad’s Necklace Road.Joint Action Committee (JAC) leaders have announced the date of ‘Million March’ as Saturday, 4 January from 2 P.M. to 5 P.M.Mohammed Mushtaq Malik, who is also the President of the Tehreek, claimed to have invited Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to lead the ‘Million March’ on Saturday. JAC leaders said that if really the Chief Minister is against the CAA-NRC-NRIC and promised not to implement the NPR and NRC in Telangana state the JAC invites him to lead the ‘Million March’, as other states’ Chief Minister is spearheading their protests too.” This will gives relief to the people of Telangana as we are still in strain what if the CAA-NRC implemented in TS. JAC leaders added.Earlier the ‘Million March’ was postponed as the Hyderabad City Police denied permission to carry it out. Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said, “There is no permission for any rally in the city”.siasat
CAA won't impact Goans with Portuguese passports: Official
Panaji: Goans who have obtained Portuguese passports through a unique law enacted by the Portuguese government for its formal colonials in Indian territories, will not be impacted by the CAA state Commissioner for NRI affairs, Narendra Sawaikar said on Wednesday."In fact, they should not worry. The Citizenship Amendment Act should not have any impact on those people. They have registered as Overseas Citizens of India. They should not have any problems," Sawaikar told reporters at the state Secretariat here.IANS
Prof Ilyas Husain appointed as Pro-V-C of JMI
New Delhi: Professor Ilyas Husain has been appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University in Delhi.He is a Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Education of JMI. The development comes after the University saw vociferous protests against the newly enacted CAA. (ANI)
CAA protests: AMU extends winter vacations for indefinite period
Aligarh : With trouble still brewing and discontent simmering over CAA and NRC, AMU authorities on Wednesday decided to extend the winter vacations. The university will not reopen on 6 January, as announced earlier.A university spokesperson said, "Due to overall prevailing situation, winter vacations of AMU for students as well as for the teaching staff, have been extended and the University will not be opening on January 6, 2020. It was decided in a consultative meeting of the Deans of Faculties, Principals of Colleges and Polytechnics and other functionaries of the University under the Chairmanship of AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor held today.""A detailed schedule for opening of the University in a phased manner, the conduct of remaining examinations which could not be held in December, 2019, commencement of classes for the next semester and the duration of the summer vacations shall be notified by the University in due course of time so that there is no academic loss to the students," said Mujib Ullah Zuberi, Controller of Examinations.IANS
PFI rubbishes accusations, says police turned protests into bloodbath only in Yogi-ruled UP
New Delhi:Aday after Uttar Pradesh Police accused Popular Front of India (PFI) of playing a key role in triggering violence during the recent anti-CAA protests in the state, organisation's General Secretary, M Muhammed Ali Jinnah said the allegations were "absurd" and a "face-saving act" by the police.Uttar Pradesh DGP OP Singh on Tuesday sent a letter to the state home department seeking a ban on the PFI, alleging that they fanned anti-CAA protests across the state.In a statement, PFI said while anti-CAA protests took place all over the country, it was only in BJP-ruled states that the government tried to suppress the people's democratic rights to dissent. The organization said it was only in Uttar Pradesh that the "protests turned into bloodbath and destruction". Condemning the move and terming it as a face-saving act by Uttar Pradesh Police, PFI said, "In most of the states the police were respectful of people's democratic rights to dissent. Only in Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh, police brazenly turned protests into bloodbath and destruction."On UP DGP seeking a ban on PFI, the organization said, "We condemn this move, which is nothing but a 'face-saving act'. We would like to tell them that their cold-blooded killings and maiming of innocents and the destruction of properties lay bare to entire world.""Every child in the country knows what happened. The democratic consciousness of the country will make them pay for their crimes. The move against Popular Front is yet another authoritarian step by Yogi Police against democratic activism in the state," PFI said.It ended the statement saying the organization will fight against the "political vendetta through legal and democratic means". Meanwhile, UP IG said the cops have arrested 25 persons affiliated with PFI "for their involvement in different criminal activities".UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on Tuesday said that PFI had fanned protests against the against CAA in the state. india today
PFI's role in violence coming forward, Home Ministry to decide on action: Union minister RS Prasad
NEW DELHI: Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Wednesday said that the role of PFI is coming forward in violence and the home ministry will decide on an action against the organisation based on evidence."PFI's role in violence is coming forward. The Home Ministry will decide on further action based on evidence. There are many allegations against them including connection with SIMI," Prasad told reporters here.ANI
After NHRC, now UP human rights panel issues notice to Yogi govt over CAA protests
Lucknow :Close on the heels of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issuing notice to Uttar Pradesh Police regarding the action taken during CAA, UP human rights panel has also issued notice to Yogi Adityanath govt.Taking a suo-motu cognisance based on the various media reports, UPHRC chairperson Justice (retired) Rafat Alam directed the state chief secretary to make a “detailed enquiry of all the related incidents” and send a report within four weeks.In its order, UPHRC noted that according to the media reports, several people were injured and “many died” when the police resorted to lathicharge and firing at rallies and dharnas (sit-ins) organised by the protesters against the CAA.“Allegations are raised at certain quarters including the media that these deaths, scores of injured persons and the consequent violation of human rights, was the result of police excesses and reckless handling by the police. The Commission finds it a fit case for an inquiry by taking suo-motu cognisance,” the order bearing Dec. 30, 2019 date stated. business-standard
UP: 12 days after court’s order, cancer patient assaulted by police during anti-CAA stir yet to reach hospital
Even after 12 days, Firozabad jail administration has not been able to take stage-2 cancer patient Ahmed Nabi, who suffered multiple fractures in alleged police action during the December 20 anti-CAA stir violence, to district hospital due to lack of personnel for police escort. On December 24, a special court judge had ordered the district administration to provide all possible medical assistance to Nabi who suffered multiple fractures during the alleged police action. Firozabad jailor Lal Pratap Singh said, "We had written to Firozabad Police Line reserve inspector (RI) for personnel to escort Nabi, but he failed to provide any. Nabi had to go under surgery for his fractures, though our jail medical staff had provided him temporary plaster. He is currently into medical ward of jail."timesofindia
Week after death of 8-year-old Varanasi boy during CAA protest, family yet to get post-mortem report
Varanasi: When 8-year-old Mohammad Sageer stepped out of his home to play with  friends on 20 Dec, little did his family know that it would be the last time they would see him. Sageer was killed in a stampede that ensued when police started lathi-charging people agitating against the Citizenship Act in Varanasi’s Bajardiha. He was caught in the crowd that ran amok while trying to escape the police lathis.“He was playing right outside the home with his cycle. We have no idea when he went to the main road,” his grandmother Shehnaz Akhtar told ThePrint.At around 6 pm that day, when Akhtar went out to call Sageer back home, she realised he was nowhere around. That’s when panic struck, Akhtar said.Sageer’s father, Mohammad Vakil, told ThePrint he only found out about the incident after he returned home from work at 9.30 pm.“Someone showed me a picture on their phone of my son lying on the ground. That’s when I rushed to (BHU) trauma centre,” he said. But when he reached there, the doctors told him Sageer had died.The family is awaiting Sageer’s post-mortem report.ThePrint
Varanasi: ‘Not CAA, but poverty our biggest enemy’
Varanasi:“We don’t know anything about CAA or NRC...What is it?...Poverty is our biggest enemy,” says septuagenarian Mukhtar Ahmed, grandfather of Shagir Ahmed — a 9-year-old boy who died in a stampede caused during the police lathi-charge on anti-CAA and NRC protesters on Dec.20 in Varanasi’s Muslim dominated Bajardiha locality. Like him, the majority of residents too are unaware about CAA and NRC. They, however, admit that there is a feeling fear in the city, especially after these twin issues were raised.Only 10 days after Shagir’s death, the poor family has apparently come to terms with the tragedy. On Saturday, Vakil Ahmed (father of the deceased) went to work as a cook along with his 11-year-old second son Zahir Ahmed, while his wife Maiser Jahan was at her parents house. Their other 2 sons Nasir Ahmed,12, and Tanzim Ahmed, 6, pass their day exploring some daily work in neighbourhood shops.Shagir was Vakil’s third son. The children do not go to school or local madarsa for studies.“If they don’t work what will they eat?...Everyday we’ve to work and earn to survive – death or no death in the family...studies are a luxury for our children,” says Vakil’s younger brother Shakil, who also works as a cook in the locality.Both Vakil and Shakil live with their ageing parents and seven, now 6, children in a ramshackle house.thehindu
Priyanka slams govt over Varanasi toddler’s plight whose parents were arrested during anti-CAA protest
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi today slammed BJP govt over the plight of a 14-month-old girl whose parents were arrested for participating in an anti-CAA protest defying prohibitory orders, saying it is the moral duty of the government to allow the child's mother to go home.On December 19, people gathered in Beniya Bagh area of Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha constituency, to protest against the contentious CAA, defying section 144 of CrPC imposed by police.Champak's parents, activists Ekta (32) and Ravi Shankar (36), who run an NGO, Climate Agenda, were among those arrested in connection with the protest.PTI
BJP widens campaign to counter anti-CAA drive in UP
Lucknow:BJP in Uttar Pradesh is widening the scope of its ongoing campaign to allay apprehensions about the CAA. The party will now meet protesters and their families and discuss the issue with them.This comes even as the Yogi Adityanath government continues its crackdown on protesters and initiates the process of confiscating their properties in lieu of damages done to public property.The party has asked booth and sector level functionaries to identify those engaged in protests and meet them.UP BJP general secretary and in-charge of west UP, Vijay Bahadur Pathak, said the party's campaign will now reach out to those driven by the political agenda of the opposition.IANS
J&K HC withdraws ad inviting outsiders to apply for district court jobs
Jammu and Kashmir High Court on Tuesday withdrew its notification seeking applications from across the country for recruitment of 33 non-gazetted posts.The vacancies were advertised on December 26 by HC registrar general Sanjay Dhar, and was the first instance of government jobs that made candidates from other states also eligible to apply.The notification had come months after the removal of special status and bifurcation of erstwhile state into the Union Territories of J&K, and Ladakh.A notification issued by Dhar on Tuesday stated, “It is hereby notified for information of all the concerned that the advertisement Notice No. 09/2019 dated 26.12.2019, whereby applications were invited for different posts in Non-Gazetted category in the HC of Jammu and Kashmir stands withdrawn with immediate effect.”Informing this to all principal district and sessions judges, Dhar requested them to ensure that the notification is adequately and effectively publicised both in Leh and Kargil, in the of Ladakh. The notification also stated that bank draft submitted by any candidate along with application should be returned. The administration is learnt to be considering a 15-year residency clause to allay fears of local residents in matters of employment and land in both UTs.Opposition parties had criticised the development, and had said that J&K govt/administration jobs should be reserved for candidates only from the Union Territories.indianexpress
J&K HC quashes PSA detention of NC youth head
Srinagar:Jammu and Kashmir High Court in Srinagar on Tuesday quashed the detention under Public Safety Act (PSA) of NC youth president from South Kashmir, and directed the authorities to release him from jail.Ishtiyaq Ahmad Ganie, hailing from Kulgam district, was booked under PSA post-Aug.5.“Since Detaining Authority has failed to mention in detention order about the petitioner’s right to make representation constitute an infraction of a valuable constitutional right guaranteed under Article 22(5) of the Constitution of India as also of the right under Section 13 of the Jammu and Kashmir P.S Act, 1978, which renders the detention order as invalid and deserves to be quashed,” Justice Ali Mohammad Magrey of the High Court said.indianexpress
PSA on more than 600 people in 2019, says J&K rights body
Srinagar :Jammu and Kashmir’s top human rights body has said that the government slapped the Public Safety Act (PSA) against more than 600 people this year, the highest in over a decade.Releasing its annual human rights report, Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) and Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) has said that 662 people have approached the court for quashing of their PSAs and the actual number of PSAs in 2019 could be more.“A final list of 635 PSA cases was compiled for the year 2019 through information gathered from the RTI filed by JKCCS and APDP in Jammu and Kashmir High Court along with extensive field work conducted,” JKCCS said in an official release. “We are treating this data cautiously as we anticipate a more number of cases, which are yet to have surfaced either in our data collection or any list produced by the state.”The annual human rights report says 662 people have filed Habeaus Corpus petitions in the High Court seeking quashing of PSA against them. It says that 412 of these petitions have been filed post August 5.indianexpress
Post Abrogation of Article 370: Human Rights Groups Bust Centre's 'All is Well' Claim on Kashmir
SMS on Postpaid Mobiles, Internet Services in Kashmir's Govt Hospitals Restored after 150 Days
Internet services in all government-run hospitals and SMS facility to all postpaid mobile phones in Kashmir were restored from the midnight of Dec.31 midnight, PTI reported Jammu and Kashmir official spokesperson Rohit Kansal as saying."It has been decided to restore internet connectivity to all government hospitals with effect from midnight of December 31 besides fully restoring SMS on mobile phones," Kansal told reporters in Jammu.While landline telephones were gradually restored first, postpaid mobile services were resumed later. However, prepaid mobile and internet services are yet to be resumed in the entire Valley.news18
Kashmir Press Club: ‘Internet clampdown has crippled functioning of media’
Srinagar :Kashmir Press Club (KPC) has said the clampdown on Internet has “severely crippled” the functioning of the media fraternity in the Valley, and has “adversely affected the ground reporting and news gathering operations”.KPC statement came after a meeting attended by all editors’ bodies and journalist associations of the Valley.“The participants were of the view that the government has deliberately muzzled the press to control flow of information which has equally impacted the readers who have right to know facts. Gag has adversely affected the ground reporting and news gathering operations. It has now become untenable for journalists and media organisations to operate out of the makeshift media facilitation centre which is inadequate to accommodate reporters, editors, photojournalists and video journalists of over 200 publications and scores of bureaus,”KPC said.indianexpress
Review Internet Shutdown Policy, Cellular Association Tells Modi Govt
Mumbai:Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the apex body for India’s telecom industry and considered to be industry’s official voice, has criticised Modi govt’s policy of internet shutdowns in the wake of country wide protests against controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.Rajan Mathews, DG of the association, which includes operators such as Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, told HuffPost India that the industry was surprised by the cavalier fashion in which the government had issued recent shutdown orders, and called on government to review the policy.huffingtonpost
J-K: 2 soldiers killed during cordon and search operation in Nowshera
Jammu :2 Indian Army soldiers were killed late Tuesday night in an encounter with militants along the Line of Control in Nowshera sector of Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district. The soldiers were killed during a cordon and search operation.Confirming same, Lt Colonel Devender Anand, a defence ministry spokesperson said that the operation is still underway.Meanwhile, sources said that troops were carrying out searches in the area around Manawar Tawi in Kalal since Tuesday morning following inputs about the presence of some militants. The militants appeared to have sneaked into the area from across the LoC. When the searches were in progress, militants opened fire on the troops and during a fierce gunfight, 2 soldiers were killed.indianexpress
General Rawat takes charge as India's first Chief of Defence Staff, says armed forces have always stayed away from politics
Newly-appointed Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat today said the armed forces stay far away from politics and work as per the directives of the government in power, remarks that come amid allegations that the forces were being politicised.He also said that his focus as CDS will be to integrate the efforts of the three services and to work as a team. "I want to assure you, that Army, Navy and Air Force will work as a team. CDS will keep control over them, but action will be taken through teamwork,"said Gen Rawat after receiving a Guard of Honour by 3 services. Asked about allegations that Army was being politicised and questions being raised by Congress over the creation of CDS' post, he said, "We stay away, we stay far away from politics. We work on the directives of the govt in power."PTI
No land identified for mosque in Ayodhya:UP govt
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday denied media reports that it has identified five options for a five-acre land to build a mosque in Ayodhya as per the Supreme Court ruling in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case. A section of media had reported earlier in the day that the state government had identified an alternative plot outside ‘Panch-Kosi Parikrama’ periphery, the roughly 15-km route that covers all the important temples and shrines in the present-day Ayodhya.Denying the reports, additional chief secretary (home), Awanish Awasthi, said, “The state government has not done anything of the sort.”Media reports had also said that the UP government, through the Ayodhya district administration, had shortlisted five places, each with five acres of land available, and forwarded the proposal to the Union home ministry to finalise one. However, Ayodhya district magistrate AK Jha denied that the district administration had made any such move. UP Sunni Central Waqf Board  chairman Zafar Ahmad Faruqui said, “I have not received any information or official communication from either the state or Centre regarding the allocation of (five-acre) land.”HT
Train tickets to become costlier as Railway announces price hike
The hike, which will be implemented in various categories of services provided by Railways, will not be applicable for suburban train services, which constitutes 66% of Railways’ passengers.The railways also announced a 2 paise/km hike in fares of mail and express non-AC trains, and 4 paise/km increase in the fares of AC coaches. For passengers looking to travel in Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani, hike at the rate of 4 paise/km will be about Rs 58. Reservation fee and superfast charge will not be changed, and the hike in fares will not be applicable to tickets already booked.In a statement, railways said the price increase became necessary to ensure the expansion passenger amenities and facilities at various railway stations and trains. The railways said fare revision would expedite its modernisation. Ordinary Non-AC classes: Increase of 01 paisa/km. Mail/Express Non-AC classes : Fare increase of 02 paisa/km. AC classes: Fare increase by 04 paisa/km. scroll.in
Faced With Mounting Losses, Indian Railways Starts New Year With a Fare Hike
Modi govt’s New Year gift: Steep hike in prices of non-subsidised LPG cylinder
On a day when people celebrated the beginning of a new year, the Modi government increased the financial burden on consumers by announcing a steep hike in prices of non- subsidised LPG cylinder.As per the revised rate, a non-subsidised LPG cylinder will be available for ₹ 714 in Delhi and ₹ 684.5 in Mumbai from January .After the hike, people will have to pay ₹19 and ₹ 19.5 paise extra in Delhi and Mumbai respectively for a non-subsidised LPG cylinder.Similarly, in Kolkata and Chennai prices has been increased by ₹ 21.5 and ₹ 20 per cylinder respectively.nationalheraldindia
India Will Struggle To Achieve 5% GDP Growth In 2020: US Economist
New Delhi: India will "struggle" to achieve 5 per cent GDP growth in 2020 as the significant deceleration in past few quarters was largely owing to credit squeeze which is a cyclical problem, said noted American economist Steve Hanke.Hanke, who currently teaches applied economics at Johns Hopkins University (USA), pointed out that India experienced an unsustainable credit boom, and now the chickens are coming to roost with a massive pile of non-performing loans piled up, primarily at the state-owned banks. "The slowdown in India is related to a credit squeeze, which is a cyclical problem - not a structural problem... As a result, India will struggle to make a GDP growth rate of 5 per cent in 2020," he said.He also noted that India is already highly protectionist. India, which till recently was hailed as the world's fastest-growing major economy, has seen growth rate decline to a six-year low of 4.5 per cent in the September quarter of 2019-20. This has largely been attributed to the slowdown in investment that has now broadened into consumption, driven by financial stress among rural households and weak job creation.PTI
Economic slowdown: Output of 8 core industries declined 1.5% in Nov., shows data
Output of 8 core infrastructure industries declined 1.5% in November – the fourth straight month – compared to November 2018, government data showed on Tuesday. 5 of 8 sectors – coal, crude oil, natural gas, steel, and electricity – contracted.Coal production declined 2.5% last month, while crude oil output fell 6% in the same period. The production of natural gas fell 6.4%, and the output of steel decreased 3.7%. Electricity generation, meanwhile, fell 5.7% in Nov. In October, the output of eight core industries had declined 5.8% compared to the same period last year.scroll
2017 Dera violence: 2 years on, no damages recovered for destruction of property worth Rs 118-crore
Chandigarh :While UP Govt has issued notices for recovery of damages for destruction of public property during protests against the amended citizenship law, the question of whether Dera Sacha Sauda can be made to pay for damage to property worth Rs 118 crore in Haryana after Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s conviction in a rape case in 2017, is still pending in the absence of a legislation on recovery, and because of a pending court case. There was large-scale violence in Haryana, particularly Panchkula, after Ram Rahim was convicted in a rape case. In the run-up to the verdict by a special CBI court at Panchkula, hundreds of Dera followers had gathered outside the court complex. As the verdict was pronounced, there was mass violence and destruction to property worth Rs 118 crore as per official estimates. At least 36 people were killed in Haryana in forces’ action.indianexpress

JNU students’ union calls for boycott of semester registration process as new hostel manual with hiked room rent comes into effect
New Delhi: JNU Students' Union (JNUSU) has called for a boycott of the semester registration process on Wednesday and asked the vice-chancellor "to have a proper deliberation and work in the spirit of resolution" of issues. JNU has been seeing a standoff between the students and the administration over the issue of hostel fee hike for over 2 months.On Monday, the JNU released a circular saying that the new hostel manual will be implemented from 1 January, with the hiked room rent even though the service and utility charges will be taken care of by University Grants Commission.The union said that the Delhi High Court had observed in its order on 23 December that the solution to the current crisis must be found by VC only through dialogue with stakeholders - university students. The administration held two meetings with JNUSU on 26 and 30 Dec."While having communicated through informal channels that it would initiate dialogue with the JNUSU, in a shocking display of their insidious intentions, the administration brought out a notice that was in complete violation of a conducive environment where negotiations can further proceed," the JNUSU said.PTI
5 lakh at Bhima Koregaon’s mega Dalit event near Pune, Internet shut down
Pune: Nearly 5 lakh Dalits have gathered at Bhima Koregaon 40 km from Pune to commemorate the Anglo-Maratha battle of 1818, an event that had seen violence 2 years ago and triggered a police crackdown on community leaders. The state government has deployed nearly 10,000 at venue and suspended access to Internet as a precautionary measure, a senior Pune district official said.Pune district collector Naval Kishore Ram had earlier indicated that the administration would suspend internet in areas around the event to prevent rumour mongering on social media. Special IG (Kolhapur range) Suhas Wadke said about five lakh pilgrims had already gathered at the venue. The total number of pilgrims at the memorial is expected to rise during the day. Last year, it was attended by 10 lakh people. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and prominent Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar were among those who visited the monument early morning and offered flowers. Several other ministers from the state and central government are expected during the day for the celebrations. Jan.1 event at Bhima Koregaon ‘Jai stambh’, victory monument of the third Anglo–Maratha battle won by the British forces, marks the 202nd anniversary of this victory.HT
India will soon have a Chandrayaan-3, might be pushed to 2021: ISRO chief K Sivan
New Delhi :Months after India’s ambitious lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 was deemed unsuccessful by ISRO, its chief K Sivan has confirmed that Chandrayaan-3 project is ongoing, however, it might be pushed further to 2021. ISRO chief’s comments come a day after Union Minister Jitendra Singh had announced that India would launch Chandrayaan-3 in 2020.indianexpress
41 Muslims Crack UPSC-Conducted Combined Medical Services Exam
New Delhi:As many as 798 candidates have cleared the Combined Medical Services Examination 2019 conducted by the Union Public Service Commission against 919 vacant positions. Among the successful candidates, there are 41 Muslims.The examinations were held in 2 parts. The Computer Based Examination (Part-I) was held on July 21, 2019 and Personality Test (Part-II) was held from October to December 2019. The final results were declared on December 27.caravandaily
Gujarat bypolls: BJP wins 29 out of 33 taluka and district panchayat seats
Gandhinagar :BJP on Tuesday won 26 out of 30 seats of taluka panchayats and district panchayats for which polling was held on December 29. Apart from these 30 seats, BJP had already won three taluka panchayat seats unopposed earlier, taking its total tally to 29 out of 33 seats in the bypolls.Out of the total 33 seats, 30 were of taluka panchayats and three of district panchayats. The State Election Commission had declared bypolls for 41 taluka panchayat seats and three district panchayat seats earlier in December. However, the by-election on seven taluka panchayat seats of Chanasma taluka in Patan district and Mahemdavad taluka in Kheda district were cancelled following court orders. indian express
IIMs Seek Exemption From SC, ST, OBC, EWS Teaching Quotas
New Delhi: 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), where 90% of the faculty belongs to the general category, have requested the Ministry of Urban Development to exempt them from reserving positions in the teaching staff for members of Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).In a letter sent to the Ministry last week, representatives of these IIMs demanded that they be added to the list of “Institutions of Excellence” since that would allow them to not reservation positions for the four categories.A report on the Indian Express said the IIMs made the request after the Centre issued a directive about a month ago directing them to provide reservations in faculty positions for SC, ST, OBC and EWS candidates. They are required to provide 15% reservations in teaching posts for SCs, 7.5% for STs, 27% for OBCs and 10% for the EWS. The Wire/ indianexpress
MP honeytrap case: Money in, accused made ‘deal with victims not to blackmail’
Bhopal :After getting money from some victims, the accused in the Madhya Pradesh ‘honeytrap case’ had signed agreements with them, promising not to blackmail them in future and destroy the videos in their possession, according to the chargesheet filed by CID in a Bhopal court.The chargesheet refers to one such “rajinama agreement’’ among a Jaipur-based builder and 2 accused — Aarti Dayal and the youngest accused (name withheld) in the case — after a dispute over money.The chargesheet does not elaborate on the alleged agreement but mentions details of the youngest accused person’s visits to Jaipur. Dayal is the youngest accused in the case.According to the police, at least two more agreements had been recovered during searches at premises of the accused persons, including Dayal. Five diaries were recovered from Dayal, which have details of alleged transfers of government employees and officers, besides land deals, according to the chargesheet.In one of the diaries recovered from Dayal, code words have been used to detail monetary transactions and the identity of alleged victims, the chargesheet states. The police have said that bank cheques worth more than Rs 10.04 crore have been recovered from Dayal.The chargesheet has listed 12 witnesses and named two TV journalists – Veerendra Sharma and Gaurav Sharma – and Arun Sehlot, who is a builder and owns Raj Express.indianexpress
US deploys 750 troops to Middle East after Baghdad embassy attack
US has said it was sending additional troops to the Middle East, after hundreds protesters stormed its embassy compound in Iraq, setting fires and chanting: "Death to America!"Angered by US air raids that killed two dozen militia fighters on Sunday, supporters of the powerful Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) paramilitary group spilled through checkpoints in the high-security Green Zone on Tuesday, demanding the removal of American troops from Iraq.Reacting to the attack, US President Donald Trump said he held Tehran "fully responsible" for the incident, and said the protesters "will be held fully responsible", he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday."In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect Embassy, and so notified!"Trump later warned in a separate statement that Tehran would "pay a very big price" after the attack, but when asked later in the day about the possibility of tensions spiralling into a war with Iran, Trump told reporters: "Do I want to? No. I want to have peace. I like peace. And Iran should want to have peace more than anybody. So I don't see that happening." aljazeera
China took their parents: Uighur refugee children of Turkey
Istanbul:Having fled a worsening crackdown on Uighur Muslims in northwest China, some of their parents thought it was still safe to return occasionally for business and to visit family, only to disappear into a shadowy network of concentration camps from which no communication is permitted.Out of just over a hundred pupils at the school, 26 have lost one parent to the camps, and seven have lost both, says its head, Habibullah Kuseni.Nine-year-old Fatima has only vague memories of her homeland – and now, of her father, too.She remembers watching television with him: She wanted cartoons, but he liked watching the news, especially about President Tayyip Erdoğan, one of the only leaders in the Muslim world willing to stand up for the Uighurs and risk China's wrath.Her father flew back to China from time to time for business before anyone knew about the camps in the Xinjiang region."And then he was gone," she says, tears streaming down her face."I thought he would come back, but he never did."No one has heard from him in 3 years.Exiled Uighur activists in Nov.released evidence of nearly 500 camps and prisons being used against their ethnic group in China, saying the overall number of inmates could be "far greater" than 1 million usually cited.With some 50,000 Uighur refugees in Turkey, there are many more children like Fatima or some even worse off. Tursunay, 15, hasn't seen or spoken to either of her parents since July 2017.daily sabah /AFP
Muslim women detained in China claim forced abortions
Muslim women who were detained in northwest China's detention camps have accused authorities of abusing and forcing them to have abortions.Al Jazeera has spoken to some, and in Part Two of our special series, Osama Bin Javaid meets ethnic Kazakh women who say they feel there is nothing they can do to bring their abusers to justice.aljazeera
At least 31 killed in Taliban attack on Afghan forces
At least 31 members of Afghanistan's security forces were killed in a series of Taliban attacks in three northern provinces, officials said Wednesday.A Taliban member posing as a police officer helped facilitate an attack that killed nine policemen at a base along the Mazar Sheberghan highway in the province of Balkh late Tuesday, provincial council members Ibrahim Khair Andish and Afzal Hadid told DPA.Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that insurgents in the Balkh attack had infiltrated police ranks from a while ago, waiting for a chance to strike. Though Taliban often exaggerate their claims, the insurgents also on occasion disguise themselves in Afghan uniforms to get easier access to their targets. In the province of Kunduz, Taliban members attacked at least 3 checkpoints in Dasht-e Archi overnight, leaving at least 14 dead and six injured, according to provincial council members Safiullah Amiri and Fawzia Yaftali.dailysabah
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