02 January 2020

2 JAN. NEWS : Govt unlikely to hit delete on 6 NPR questions that triggered a storm/One of the organisers 'calls off' Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protest, locals continue dharna/ Man dead for 6 yrs, Bedridden 93-yr-old in UP cops' list of people who could hamper peace amid CAA Stir

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*anti-citizenship act stir*
Govt unlikely to hit delete on 6 NPR questions that triggered a storm
New Delhi:The Govt is unlikely to delete the six additional questions that require people to report the place of birth of their parents during National Population Register survey later this year, people familiar with the development said.A controversy broke out over the additional questions included in the pretest exercise for NPR amid the ongoing row over changes to the citizenship law and NRC. 6  new parameters in the new NPR form that poses 21 questions includes Aadhaar number of the resident, Voter ID, PAN, driving licence number and mobile phone and date and place of birth of parents and the last place of residence.The Govt has not spelt out why the additional parameter are sought to be added to the database that is located in the Union Home Ministry without any oversight or statutory rules to protect the privacy of the people.It has, however, being speculated that most of the additional questions would let Govt bodies cross-refer this database with others.The question on the place of birth of the parents, on the other hand, would help the Govt get a clearer picture of the challenges ahead when it upgrades the database into a citizenship register.“As of now it seems that data will be collected on all 21 parameters in the new NPR form. The form was prepared after discussions only. But a decision on the final form will be taken soon,” said an official. Officially, the Govt has sought to delink the population register from the NRC.But it may be a little difficult. The Govt gets the power to build and update the population register from the Citizenship Act and the rules and regulations notified under this law.HT
No documents need to be produced for NPR: Union Home Ministry
Union Home Ministry has clarified that no person needs to submit any documents during the house-to-house survey for updating National Population Register and that information provided by individuals would be accepted and recorded.Through a series of tweets, the Ministry sought to deny the thrust of a report in The Hindu headlined NPR trial form gets Govt nod for rollout that appeared on Jan.1. Ministry spokesperson’s official Twitter handle said: “The line taken by the story is incorrect, without taking into account the factual position for conducting NPR.”It went on to say: “The story incorrectly quotes Govt officials that ‘respondents to NPR exercise will get time to provide papers’ and ‘families would need to dig out old documents and ensure that such documents are readily available for verification & enumerators would see those documents’.” It added: “The story ignores Govt’s stated position that no individual will be required to submit any document to any authority or enumerator visiting his/her household for NPR survey. Information provided by the individual would be accepted and recorded accordingly.” The Hindu's correspondent responds:"The report that is sought to be denied is based on points given in NPR manual. The manual clearly mentions that the existing database would be updated by verifying the details of all respondents through house-to-house enumeration. Ministry spokesperson has not denied the point that NPR form will include an additional column seeking details of the “place of birth of father and mother”.
NPR: Head of family will have to furnish ID details
Anti-CAA stir: NPR data can be used for NRC whenever govt decides, says RS Prasad
Reached out to countries, told them it doesn’t alter Constitution: MEA on CAA, NRC
New Delhi :Ministry of External Affairs has said that India has reached out to countries across all geographic regions on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC. At a media briefing today, MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, “We did reach out to countries across the globe on Citizenship Amendment Act and the NRC. We emphasised that the Act just expedites acquiring of citizenship to persecuted minorities. It does not change the basic structure of the Constitution.” Foreign Ministry further said, “Our missions have been asked to share prospectus on the Citizenship Amendment Act with the host govt.”indianexpress
One of the organisers 'calls off' Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protest, locals continue dharna
New Delhi: JNU scholar Sharjeel Imam, one of organisers and volunteers at the iconic anti-CAA protest at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh has announced through a Facebook post that the movement is being withdrawn. However, in what appears to be a disagreement between the organisers, protesters at the venue have said that the sit-in is still on and the women and volunteers at the site are likely to go ahead with the scheduled protests that have continued for 20 days now. A road blockade which was scheduled to take place on Thursday, Jan. 2, has been called off, Imam wrote on Facebook. Imam cited the twin causes of “impending violence from party goons” and “politicisation of the stage by parties” as those behind the abrupt stop of the protests.Imam’s post came in the afternoon. In the meantime, several accounts tweeted that the protests are still on.Saima Khan, one of the protesters on the ground, spoke to The Wire on the confusion regarding the movement. “There are attempts being made by some of the organisers to stop the movement. But it is very much on,” she said.For 20 consecutive days, through Delhi’s most bitter winter in a century, the women stayed put at the site which drew hundreds everyday. Artists and students would often take the stage to address crowds. The protests ended up blocking the road beside the tented venue, even though traffic would be allowed to pass.Imam’s Facebook post indicated that the road block exercise which the protesters had been looking to take on Thursday was in danger of inviting violence from members of BJP. He also said police had been asked “not to intervene,” and added that this was because BJP members would most likely introduce elements of violence in the protests themselves and “tarnish” its peaceful nature.thewire
In Biting Cold, 'Dadis' Of Delhi's Shaheen Bagh Protest Citizenship Law
New Delhi: A picture of resilience has surrounded Delhi's Shaheen Bagh area where women protestors have led protests for over fifteen days against the Citizenship Amendment Act, shedding the comfort of their homes. Amid the protestors in freezing Delhi winter, is something that cannot be missed:'Dadis' (Grandmothers) of Shaheen Bagh.Asma Khatun, 90, Bilkis, 82 and Sarvari, 75, were asked for their full names and all 3 of them had one single reply: "We won't tell. Since we do not have documents to prove. It might be held against us." The 3 women, accorded a prominent space in the front row on each day of the protests, are now being hailed as the 'Dadis' of Shaheen Bagh.To a simple question on why they are protesting, they answer one by one:"Ask (PM Narendra) Modi why we are protesting," says Asma Khatun, the strongest and the oldest of them. "Why did we have to see a day like this? That I will have to sit in protest? I am against CAA," says Asma."He wants us to furnish documents to prove citizenship? There are so many people in this country who have no papers. Many lose their papers to natural calamities like floods and rain. Where will they get there documents from? I dare Modi to name 7 generations of his family. I will name 9," thunders Asma, on being asked why she wanted the law revoked. NDTV
Over 5 Lakh attend a massive rally against CAA in Kochi
Kochi(Kerala): Multitudes of people under the banner of Muslim Coordination Committee(MCC) marched today against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Kochi on Wednesday evening.More than five lakh Muslims are estimated to attend the conference that followed at the Marine Drive Grounds in Kerala's Kochi.MCC is an umbrella organisation representing various Muslim organisations working in Kerala. Leaders from different Muslim organisations and political outfits addressed the gathering.Meeting convener K.P.A Majeed spoke of the future programmes of the committee which includes legal fights, social awareness and mobilisation of the people at the regional level. He reiterated that it is the fight to re-establish the ideals of the Constitution.Noted activist and Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani was one of the guests at meeting. Addressing the gathering,  Jignesh saluted the Kerala girls from Jamia Millia Islamia University who are at the forefront of the Anti-CAA struggle. He added that they are real inspiration for the massive struggle against this unconstitutional law across the country. He also congratulated Kerala legislative assembly for passing the resolution against CAA. The gathering paid one-minute silent homage to those who  died in detention centres and during the struggle upon his request. He also accused the UP Govt of turning the state into Syria-like condition. Addressing the gathering,  MI Abdul Azeez, Ameer of Jamaat Islami Kerala, expressed his solidarity to all the major and minor protests happening across the state."This is the second freedom struggle. The forces whose founding fathers had to bow down before the British will now be forced to bow down before people", he added. AP Aboobabacker, TP Abdullakkoya Madani, PK Kunhalikkutti MP, Sebastian Paul were among the others who spoke on the occasion.The rally which started from the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium had banners and slogans against the controversial CAA and NRC.India Tomorrow
5 lakh people take out rally against Citizenship Amendment Act in Kochi
Anti-CAA, NRC ‘Million March’ will sing national anthem with Tiranga in hands in Hyderabad
Hyderabad:Various Muslim and non-Muslim groups and social organisations will take up a four kilometre-long march in Hyderabad on Saturday in protest against the CAA, NRC and NPR. The sundry groups have formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC) for the purpose.“JAC, comprising around 40 Muslim and non-Muslim groups, will take out a procession of thousands of people starting from People’s Plaza at the beginning of Necklace Road on the banks of Hussainsagar lake, which will culminate in a brief public meeting at Sanjeevaiah Park,” JAC convenor and Tehreek-e-Muslim Shabban (TMS) president Mustaq Malik told Hindustan Times.Though named “Million March,” the rally is not expected to be attended by more than a lakh people. “People from all parts of Telangana and also from Kurnool, Nandyal in Andhra and Bidar in Karnataka would be attending in large numbers,” Malik claimed. JAC originally planned the rally on DEC. 28, but the Hyderabad police had denied them permission for on the pretext of a possible law and order breakdown.JAC convenor said they finally got the permission to hold the rally on Saturday after the Telangana High Court’s intervention.Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) head Amzadullah Khan said the joint rally will ask people to not cooperate in the implementation of NPR,NRC and CAA by withholding information sought during the tabulation exercise.JAC leaders have invited like-minded political parties to participate in the rally including ruling TRS.Meanwhile, Hyderabad based AIMIM is also planning a march on the weekend against the CAA and NRC.Hyderabad.HT
CAA-NRC-NPR: Muslim clerics decide not to submit documents
Hyderabad: A closed-door meeting was held at Maahad Islamia, Shaheen Nagar which was attended only by the invited Muslim clerics from various parts of India. It was organized by Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani. The meeting was attended by Maulana Arshad Madani (Jamiat-ul-Ulema), Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani (Director, Darul-Uloom Deoband), Maulana Syed Mahmood Madani (Secretary Jamiat-Ul-Ulema), Maulana Siddiqullah Chowdhary (Minister, West Bengal), Maulana Ashrafi Miyan Kachochvi, Maulana Tanveer Hashmi and others.Maulana Sajjad Nomani could not attend the meeting due to unavoidable reasons. Badaruddin Ajmal sent his representative. Authentic sources indicated that the decision not to file any documents for NRC, NPR was considered in the meeting.Maulana Arshad Madani suggested that it is essential to review legal aspects. One of the important features of this meeting was that the local Muslim clerics were kept away from the meeting. The reason for this is to keep them away from the protest and to formulate the strategy for the future plan of action. It was reported that a decision has been taken to keep the Muslims away from the process of NRC and NPR.It was also decided to hold another meeting in New Delhi in which the leaders of all the Muslim groups will be invited.siasat
Report On English Daily Claiming TRS Would Support CAA ‘Absolutely False’: TRS leader KTR
Hyderabad: TRS working President KT Rama Rao has claimed that an article published by an English daily (The Hindu) is "absolutely false".The Hyderabad city edition of the daily on Jan. 2 carried a report titled "TRS will support CAA if national interest warrants it: KTR" which read that addressing reporters the IT minister had said that if after consultation the Govt required to support the legislation, it would do so in the interest of the nation.Rao took to Twitter and said, “This is an absolutely false report published by The Hindu. Something that is quite the opposite of what I had actually said & reported accurately by all other media outlets, I demand that The Hindu rescind the write-up and do not resort to this kind of unwarranted propaganda."(sic).sakshi.com
TRS will support CAA if national interest warrants it says KTR: The Hindu report
'How's it human'- India's largest detention centre almost ready: Aljazeera report
Assam:Ali, 25, is an electrician working at India's largest detention centre currently under construction in Assam state's Goalpara district in northeast India.As he takes a break from his work to rest in front of the centre's hospital block, a thought occurs to him."Today I am working here. Tomorrow, it could be a jail for my brother-in-law,"he says. "It will ruin my sister's family."Ali's brother-in-law failed to make it to NRC, a list published in Assam this year which declared 1.9 million people as "illegal" migrants, who now face either detention in a camp like the one coming up at Goalpara, or deportati on.Spread around nearly 28,000 square metres or 2.8 hectares of land, the detention centre in Goalpara's Matia village, near capital Dispur, can house 3,000 people. The centre is situated in a remote area of Goalpara with open land on its three sides and a road linking it to the main city of Guwahati in the front.On one side, the road to the detention centre passes through what is known as the "ghost" mountain. According to local residents, legend has it that ghosts used to rule the mountain centuries ago and no human was allowed to cross it."I feel it is the same situation here. Any person who goes to this detention centre will not come back," said Ghulam Nabi."How is it human to isolate a person from the population, from his family and put him behind these giant walls?" asked Nabi, pointing towards the high walls of the compound. Besides a hospital, the centre will have a dining area, school, recreational centre, and 2 separate lodging facilities designated for male and female inmates."Male and female inmates will be kept in separate areas divided by a 6 feet red-coloured wall. There will be 13 male blocks of 4 storeys each and two female blocks of the same size," Rabindra Das, an engineer with Assam's police housing board and incharge of the construction of the detention facility, said. "The entire compound is surrounded by 2 walls, the inner being 20 feet high, followed by the outer wall six feet high," Das said.As a security measure, the detention centre has 6 watchtowers for round-the-clock monitoring, supported by a 100-metre high-beam light.
Bengal’s Republic Day tableau rejected because of CAA protests:TMC
Kolkata: Trinamool Congress on Thursday hit out at the BJP-led Govt at the Centre over the rejection of West Bengal’s tableau proposal for Republic Day parade, saying it insulted the people of the state for protesting the amended Citizenship Act.The state BJP was quick to hit back and accused the TMC Govt of not properly following rules and procedure which it said caused the rejection.Defence Ministry had on Wednesday rejected West Bengal’s tableau proposal. West Bengal Govt’s proposal was rejected after an Expert Committee examined it in two rounds of meeting, a statement by the ministry said.“The tableau proposal of the West Bengal Govt was not taken forward for further consideration by Expert Committee after deliberations in the second meeting.“It is pertinent to mention here that the tableau of the Govt of West Bengal was short-listed for participation in the Republic Day Parade 2019 as an outcome of the same process,” it said. Ministry had received 32 tableau proposals from states and union territories and 24 from central ministries and departments of which 22 proposals, comprising 16 states/UTs and 6 ministries/depts, have finally been short-listed, the statement said.PTI
Bengal: BJP to launch intensive booth-level campaign to counter anti-CAA/NRC ‘propaganda’
Kolkata :To counter the “false propaganda” by TMC chief Mamata Banerjee over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), NRC and NPR, the state BJP has decided to train 25,000 booth level party activists and explain the “facts” about Modi govt’s measures on citizenship. BJP’s state president and MP Dilip Ghosh said that the BJP leadership has decided to launch an intensive campaign in West Bengal to counter TMC’s “false propaganda” regarding CAA and reach out to refugees.thestatesman
‘Where will they go, to Italy?’: Union Minister Reddy on non-Muslims from 3 countries
New Delhi :Amid criticism over the citizenship law, Union Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy attacked the Congress party saying whether the minority communities facing religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would go to Italy.“It’s our moral responsibility to give citizenship to the minorities (from the three neighbouring Muslim countries). If they don’t come to India, where will they go? To Italy?” he asked. “Italy will not accept Hindus or Sikhs as they are poor people,” he said.Owing to persistent persecution of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Jains in Pakistan, Kishan Reddy said, population of minorities in the neighbouring country has come down drastically from its earlier 30 percent-level. The minister said it’s moral responsibility of India to give shelter and citizenship to non-Muslims from the three neighbouring country. He also accused the opposition of playing “cheap politics”, saying that it is instigating people to protest against the recent changes in the citizenship law by misleading them.indianexpress
Kerala Governor on Assembly resolution against CAA: It has no legal or constitutional validity
New Delhi : 2 days after Kerala Assembly passed a resolution demanding scrapping of the CAA, Governor Arif Mohammad Khan today said it has no legal or constitutional validity. “This resolution has no legal or constitutional validity because citizenship is exclusively a central subject, this actually means nothing,” said Khan, who abruptly ended his speech at the inauguration of the Indian History Congress in Kannur after delegates protested against the Act.The resolution —first such move by a state against the CAA — was moved by CPM leader and CM Pinarayi Vijayan, and seconded by Congress leader and Leader of Opposition Ramesh  Chennithala. CPM and Congress had earlier organised a joint protest against the law in the state.indianexpress
Congress hits back at PM on allegations over CAA violence
 New Delhi:Congress has slammed PM Narendra Modi on his speech in Karnataka''s Tumakuru rally where he accused Congress of fomenting trouble during anti-Citizenship protests.Reacting sharply to the allegation, Congress said, " Modi ji, this agitation is not against the Parliament but against your divisive work. We will not let you break the country. So far as Pakistan is concerned, India taught them lessons in 1948, 65, 71 and in Kargil and gave so much wound that they are not being able to cope with it. If you want to reply to Pakistan, stop playing games of Biryani and mangoes."Earlier in the day, PM Narendra Modi on Thursday hit out at the Congress blaming it for anti-CAA protests in the country and said that opposing CAA is like opposing Constitution of India.Speaking at Sree Siddaganga Mutt in Tumkuru, Modi said: "Our Govt brought CAA, but Congress has opposed it. These people have started agitation against the Constitution.""They are opposing entry of Dalits and other persecuted people from Pakistan. Atrocities against minorities have been rising in Pakistan. Pakistanis have unleashed injustices against the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains but Congress hasn''t raised its voice," PM said.While attacking the Congress, Modi said: "They don''t have the time or intention to take on Pakistan. It''s our duty to stand by those who are fleeing Pakistan. It''s our duty to help them."IANS
Protest against Pakistan’s atrocities on minorities, Modi tells anti-CAA protesters
#GoBackModi trends in India again as PM arrives in BJP-ruled Karnataka
CAA, NRC will not harm Muslims in India: Athawale
Pune :Union minister and Dalit leader Ramdas Athawale Wednesday said that the CAA and NRC will not cause any harm to Muslims in the country.RPI(A) chief visited Jaystambh in Perne village to mark 202nd battle of Koregaon Bhima. Addressing a gathering organised by his party later, Athawale said, “CAA, NRC will not cause any harm to the Muslims in the country… but they are being misled for political purposes. Violence in agitation is not good. Peace was maintained by both sides during the Ayodhya verdict.”indianexpress
'No howls?': After tweet on Hungarian PM, Subramanian Swamy now cites Putin to incite CAA protesters
After batting for the Citizenship Amendment Act through an ambiguous reference to Hungarian PM, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday cited Vladimir Putin saying that the Russian leader "has said that Russians have tears in their eyes when they see Christians being massacred by Muslims in Middle East".Earlier on Wednesday Swamy had taken to Twitter to support the CAA. In his tweet Swamy had claimed that Hungarian PM Viktor Orban had maintained that his country won't accept any Muslim immigrants."Hungary's PM has just announced, according to one Delhi paper, that only Christians will be allowed to immigrate to his country. Hungary will not allow Muslim immigrants. Any howls please?" the former Union Cabinet Minister wrote on Twitter.Swamy also instigated people who have been opposing the controversial Act to now peak up and say something on the issue.freepressjournal
Tamil orator Nellai Kannan arrested for remarks against Modi, Amit Shah after BJP protests
Tamil orator Nellai Kannan was arrested on Wednesday after he was accused of making provocative comments against PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, PTI reported. A police team held Kannan from Perambalur district, nearly 300 km from Chennai.This came hours after BJP activists, led by senior state party leaders such as H Raja, La Ganesan, Pon Radhakrishnan and CP Radhakrishnan, staged a demonstration in Chennai demanding his arrest.On Tuesday, Kannan was booked by Tirunelveli city police for allegedly making the comments. Kannan had made the remarks at an anti-CAA rally on Sunday. scroll
Calling Faiz 'anti-Hindu' is absurd: Javed Akhtar
After IIT Kanpur constituted a panel to decide whether legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz's poem Hum Dekhenge is offensive to Hindu sentiments, senior lyricist Javed Akhtar has termed the incident absurd and funny.Speaking to ANI about Faiz and the recent controversy, the writer told ANI, "Calling Faiz Ahmed Faiz 'anti-Hindu' is so absurd and funny that it's difficult to seriously talk about it."The writer further said that Faiz wrote the poem Hum Dekhenge against the then Pakistan Govt run by former President of the country Zia-ul-Haq.Earlier, IIT Kanpur has set up a committee to look into the issue.The move came after some faculty member complaint that the students who took out a peaceful march in the campus on DEC. 17 against the CAA and in solidarity with Jamia Millia students, sung it as a mark of protest, which hurt the sentiments of other communities.ANI
On Camera, Assam Cops Thrash Citizenship Law Protesters As CM's Convoy Passes
Guwahati:Police personnel in Assam were filmed beating up people protesting amended Citizenship Act on Wednesday after they waved black flags at CM Sarbananda Sonowal. Multiple videos of alleged brutality by Assam Police, viral on social media, show cops thrashing protesters in Nalbari district where the CM's convoy was passing through.Activists of AASU and AJYCP waved black flags at Sonowal at a number of locations while he was travelling from Guwahati to the ashram of religious preacher Krishnaguru in Barpeta district.The protesters shouted slogans against the citizenship law and the Govt as CM's convoy pass through.In one of the videos, policemen are seen chasing unarmed protesters away from the highway as they raised slogans when Sonowal's convoy passed. The police is also seen chasing the protesters inside a by-lane and catching hold of one of them. The man was seen being taken away in a police van.Another unarmed protester is seen being detained by the police as one of the cops brings him to the highway and canes him. Other policemen then join their colleague.A video shows the police dragging a protester even as other protesters gather around cops. Policeman who was seen hitting the protester was then seen running away towards a bus. Similar videos of crackdown by the police have emerged from UP as well where violence protests over the citizenship law have left 21 people dead.ndtv
Sonowal smells trouble as Assam continues anti-CAA stir; makes emotional appeal, gives funds to literary body hosting protests
As New Year begins, the college and university students of Assam have taken a pledge to continue their protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act despite all odds. However, the peaceful uprising seems to be emotionally taxing for Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal.On Wednesday, Sonowal said – “Muk eghoriya nokoribo – moi koloi jam?” ("Don’t ostracize me, where would I go?")"I am your son, a part of you. You have chosen me to lead you, how can I let you down? I have never compromised with the interest of the people of Assam," he added.Sonowal's comments come at a time when Assam sees widespread protests against the amended law and after former Assam DGP Harekrishna Deka criticized him, stating that he has turned into a 'hardcore Hinduist'.firstpost.com
Nobel laureates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo call for a rethink on NRC, Citizenship Act
The amended Citizenship Act and the proposed nationwide NRC are not signs of minimal Govt or maximal governance, Nobel laureates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo said in an article in Indian Express.Instead, CAA and NRC introduce “meddlesome officialdom into a question as fundamental to people’s lives as citizenship”, they said. “If you are not citizen of the country where you have lived all your life, and no one else wants you, who are you? And it is what many young people are upset about.”Banerjee and Duflo, who are married to each other, co-founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab in 2013, and teach at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They won the Nobel Prize for economics in 2019, along with Michael Kremer.“But there is something else that the Govt should worry about here,” article said. “In all of this conversation about citizenship, it seems to take as given that immigrants are a problem.” The economists argued that there was no case against low-skilled economic migrants. Instead, all the evidence suggested that “even after large bouts of low-skilled migration, the earnings of other low-skilled migrants are unaffected”. This was partly because economic migrants take up any job that they get and partly because they not only sell labour but also buy things with their earnings.They added that the real challenge was for the middle class since they would worry that the economic migrants will take away what they perceive as theirs – a local Govt job. scroll.in
Actors to comedians, poets to students: World’s a stage at Jamia
New Delhi :On stage, there were actors Swara Bhaskar and Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, comedian Sanjay Rajoura and poet Gauhar Raza; and off stage, there was 35-year-old Nargis from Batla House, her sister-in-law, nieces, and neighbours. Amongst the adults sat five-year-old Aaliya, Nargis’ daughter, with a toothy smile. If anyone asked why she was in a gathering of several hundreds on a cold afternoon, she said it was for “Azaadi”.They, along with hundreds of students and locals from Zakir Nagar, Shaheen Bagh and Batla House, had gathered at Jamia Millia Islamia’s gate number 7 on the afternoon of Jan.1 for the ‘Artists in Solidarity with Jamia’ protest.Rajoura came on stage and evoked ‘Kisi ke baap ka Hindostan thodi hai’ from poet Rahat Indori’s 30-year-old ghazal. He said, “They are trying to scare away students with abuses and lathi-charge, but students are never afraid. Inn he pata nahi hai inhone kinn se panga liya hai.”Bhaskar recited poet-lyricist Varun Grover’s viral poem ‘Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhayenge’, as many joined in chorus. “Woh lathi charge chalayenge, hum kagaz nahi dikhayenge, woh metro band kar jaayenge, hum paidal chal ke aayenge, hum kaagaz nahi dikhayenge,” she said.Just a few metres away, students sat on the pavement and painted slogans on chart papers. As the protest ended a little before 5 pm, Nargis said, “This is a fight for the present and for the future, for me and my daughter Aaliya. I came here regularly for a few days at first, but then got busy with household work. I wanted to be here for the right issue on the first day of the year.”Also at the protest, with two toddlers in tow, was another woman from Shaheen Bagh. “During the day I come to Jamia with my children to protest, and at night I sit with the hundreds of women at Shaheen Bagh. It’s my way of fighting the new Citizenship law. Also, what will you do with my name? We are all saying the same thing and I represent a common citizen of India,” she said.Actor Zeeshan, who was present at the Shaheen Bagh protest till early Wednesday morning, said, “Yeh desh aise hi bana rahe, Samvidhan hi yaha raaj kare aur hum logo ko mil jul ke rehna hai. Naya Saal mubarak.”indianexpress
Swara Bhasker lauds students of Jamia for waking up entire country against CAA
AMU, Jamia are emerging as epicentres of a national awareness
Jamia Become Pilgrimage Site for Struggles: Swaraj Abhiyan Leader
New Delhi:“Jamia Millia Islamia has become a landmark where those opposing the Govt moves are taking strength from each other and Jamia has in fact become a pilgrimage site for struggles,” said Prof. Ajeet Jha, senior leader of the Swaraj Abhiyan.Prof. Jha was addressing the crowd of students of Jamia Millia Islamia and local residents who have been protesting against the CAA and Govt move for nationwide NRC for past 21 days.Prof. Apoorvanand from Delhi University and mother of Junaid Khan, who was beaten to death in a running train in Haryana two years ago, also attended today’s protest demonstration.India Tomorrow
Jamia clarifies no student died from injuries sustained during CAA protest violence
Jamia Millia Islamia today rejected reports that one of their students succumbed to injuries sustained during the protests against the amended citizenship law.There were reports doing the rounds that a student had died during the police action in the protests on Dec.15.However, the hospital, where he was admitted, said that the deceased was not a protester and had died due to chicken pox.According to Ahmad Azeem, Public relations officer of the varsity, they have been informed by the Proctor’s office that the deceased was not a student of the varsity.“A fake news is circulating in social media that a boy named Abdurrahman/Obaidurrahman died of injuries inflicted upon him by tear gas shell during protest on 15th DEC., was student of Jamia.“JMI would like to clarify that he was not our student. We do not know what is the cause of his death,” Azeem said.Sources said he was preparing for entrance exams and staying in the area near the university.PTI
Delhi's Jafrabad CAA protest: Court extends judicial custody of accused till Jan 16
New Delhi:2 days after the 2 accused in Jafrabad violence case were granted bail, a Delhi court on Thursday extended the judicial custody of the rest of the accused.Metropolitan Magistrate Prayank Nayak remanded them to judicial custody till Jan. 16.A total of 6 people were arrested by the Delhi police on DEC. 17 after a protest in Delhi's Jafrabad area against CAA. They were then sent to judicial custody by Delhi's Karkardooma court.The accused were presented before court today at the end of their remand period.ANI
 ‘My Son Was Killed for Being a Muslim, His Crime Was he Joined an Anti-CAA-NRC Protest’
Patna: Recovery of the decomposed body of 18-yearold Aamir Hanzla, 10 days after he went missing following the attack and firing on a peaceful protest march against the new citizenship law or CAA and NRC during opposition RJD’s shutdown, has raised many eyebrows over the failure of Bihar Police and administration to trace him. What is more disturbing is that the victim’s family members have questioned the role of a local police officer (DSP Sanjay Pandey) and a Bihar Minister, Shayam Razak, who happens to be the local MLA of the ruling JD-U, to save the accused and hush up matter.The killing of Aamir on DEC. 21, allegedly by a group of youths belonging to Hindu Right-wing, Bajrang Dal, in Phulwari Sharif located on the outskirts of Patna, is the first reported casualty in Bihar during the ongoing protests against CAA-NRC. There are reports of several protestors as well as some policemen being injured during the protest so far across the state.“My son was killed for being a Muslim in Sangat Gali (a bylane) near Tam Tam Padao, hardly 250 metres from the Block and DSP offices, by Bajrang Dal activists and supporters. His crime was that he joined the protest march like hundreds of others against CAA-NRC during opposition RJD’s shutdown on DEC. 21,” Aamir’s grief-stricken father, Sohail Ahmad, told NewsClick here, adding “there was no other enmity or dispute behind the incident”.newsclick.in
‘It’s slow poison’: At Bhima Koregaon event, visitors say CAA-NRC undermines Ambedkar’s Constitution
As lakhs of Ambedkarites gathered in Bhima Koregaon village near Pune on Wednesday to commemorate a battle fought in 1818, the police kept strict watch. With crowds congregating from across the country over past fortnight to express their opposition to the new Citizenship Amendment Act, the authorities wanted to ensure that this mammoth event passed off smoothly. Internet services had been snapped around Bhima Koregaon. In addition, the Pune district administration said that it would not give visitors permission to display banners criticising the Citizenship Act and the planned NRC, Indian Express reported.scroll.in/
Peace protest against CAA in Mangaluru postponed after K'taka Home Minister's request
The peace protest planned in Mangaluru against CAA and NRC on Jan. 4 has been postponed."We have decided to postpone the event after discussions with the Home Minister and Mangaluru Police Commissioner. We will announce a new date and time soon," Haneef Khan, a member of Muslim Central Committee, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi told TNM.The call for the protest was issued by a delegation of various Muslim organisations led by the Muslim Central Committee, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. The delegation met Mangaluru Police Commissioner PS Harsha and ADGP Dayananda on Thursday and obtained permission for the protest to be held at Nehru Maidan in the city. Similarly, the BJP said that it will organise a pro-CAA event at the same venue on Jan. 12 .However, the protest planned on Jan. 4 has now been postponed after a request by Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who met religious leaders in Mangaluru on Tuesday. Thenewsminute
CAA-NRC: Chennai Police Chief Accuses Rangoli Protestor of Pakistan ‘Links’
Chennai:  Even as the kolam (rangoli) protest against CAA, and NRC spreads across Tamil Nadu, with massive participation cutting across political parties, Chennai Police Commissioner gave an unexpected twist on Thursday, alleging a key protester’s ‘links’ with Pakistan. Incidentally, the police chief’s statement comes the day PM Narendra Modi also invoked the Pakistan narrative while attacking anti-CAA-NRC protesters across the country.At a press conference here, police chief A K Viswanathan alleged that the woman protestor, Gayathri, was working as a research associate with Bytes For All (B4A), an organisation connected with Association of All Pakistan Citizen Journalists (AAPCJ).newsclick.in
Man dead for 6 yrs, Bedridden 93-yr-old in cops' list of people who could hamper peace amid CAA Stir
Lucknow: In major embarrassment for Firozabad Police, a man whose name was included in the list of 200 people who could hamper peace in the backdrop of protests over the new citizenship law was found to be dead for six years. After the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act turned violent in UP’s Firozabad on DEC. 20, the Firozabad police booked around 2,500 people. As a precautionary measure, they have now issued notice to Banne Khan, who died around six years ago, under section 107/16 of the IPC. Apart from this, two men aged 90 and 93 have also been asked to appear before the Magistrate and fill a bond of Rs 10 lakh.Expressing shock at the notice, Khan’s son Mohammad Sarfaraz said: “My father died around six year ago but his name was included in the list. Though I have not received a copy of the notice, I have read about it in newspapers. The police should have done a proper inquiry before issuing notice in my father’s name. I also have my father’s death certificate.”Others who were served notices include 90-year-old Sufi Abrar Hussain, who has been working at the Jama Masjid for the past 58 years. A 93-year-old identified as Fasahat Meer Khan has also been issued a notice. Khan, who is a social worker, is bed-ridden. Speaking to the media, Khan’s son said: “My father is a well-known social worker and has even met former President APJ Abdul Kalam at Rashtrapati Bhavan. I fail to understand why police is issuing notice to him.”Under fire, City Magistrate Kunwar Pankaj Singh said: “The day there was violence during the protests, there was pressure on the administration to ensure peace in the district. We received reports from several police stations and action was taken. We have been informed that many people were wrongly named, were elderly and bed-ridden. For sure no action will be taken against them.Protests against the contentious legislation — which seeks to make religion the test of citizenship — have rocked UP, with six people killed in the state alone. A death was also reported from Firozabad as protesters clashed with police.news18
UP Police Sends Notice To Man Who Died 6 Years Ago For Causing Violence During Anti CAA Protests
After 2 weeks in Jail over Anti-CAA Protests, mother finally meets her baby when UP court grants bail to couple with 56 others
Activists Ekta and Ravi Shekhar returned home to their 14-month-old baby Champak in Varanasi on Thursday, a day after an UP court gave bail to them and 56 others arrested for protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC nearly 2 weeks ago. Shekhars, who run the environment NGO Climate Agenda and made national headlines with many voicing concern about their toddler daughter being left alone, were among the 59 people taken into custody during the protests on Dec.19.“My baby daughter Champak is dependent on my milk, I was worried about her. It was very tough for me,” Ekta Shekhar was quoted as saying by ANI. On Wednesday, the court of the additional sessions judge, Varanasi, granted bail to Ekta (32) and Ravi (36), residents of Mehmoorganj, and 56 others, ending their ordeal."I didn't think it would take so long," an emotional Ekta told NDTV as she hugged her daughter after two weeks. "Main bata nahin sakti (I can't put it in words)," she said when asked how it felt. The bail application of the couple -- nabbed along with other protesters from Left groups from Beniyabagh and nearby localities for violating prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CRPC -- was initially cancelled by a lower court and the next hearing fixed for Jan.1.nationalheraldindia
Police action in Gorakhpur: Shaken and scared, residents recount day police ‘barged in’
Gorakhpur :Residents of Muslim-dominated areas in Gorakhpur city have similar stories to tell about DEC. 20, when policemen allegedly entered their homes, hurled abuses at everyone, including women and children, broke their doors and beat up whoever was around. Several houses Indian Express visited had broken doors.Nasir, 24, who lives in Ismailpur under Kotwali police station is standing outside his house with a plaster on his right hand and injury marks on his legs. “I am uneducated. I don’t know about the citizenship issue. I was standing outside my house when police came. They asked me what I am doing outside, I didn’t reply out of fear. They then beat me up with lathis,” alleges Nasir, an electrician.His neighbour Rizwan alleges that police just beat up whoever they found. “He is innocent. He was not arrested. This means he was beaten up just because he is from this area,” he says.A few houses away, a 32-year-old woman, whose husband was booked and arrested under Section 144, says he has not been able to go to work since he was released on bail. “He is badly injured and is not talking to anyone. He says he was beaten up by 7-8 policemen. They kept him in jail for seven days. He can’t work because of the injuries,” says the woman, who has a seven-year-old daughter and lives in Ismailpur.Her husband is a daily-wage labourer who refused to talk, citing the “trauma”. The woman shows how bricks are holding their broken door in place. “They broke the door. If you go around, you will see those who have money have got their doors fixed, but those who don’t have put bricks behind the door to shield themselves from the cold,” she says.Local residents in nearby Askarganj allege that policemen climbed on to the terraces of each house to look for the men and when they could not find them, they hurled abuses at women and threatened them.indianexpress
Rioting FIR has details, timeline, gives clean chit to police; FIR on killing is just one para
Sambhal:It’s a tale of 2 FIRs — and it reveals glaring gaps in the response of UP Police to the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act.One FIR against 17 persons for alleged rioting and the other related to the killing of 23-year-old Mohammed Sheroz are two telling documents on the police investigation underway in Sambhal district.In the formerthe police has meticulously documented details of the alleged violence, timeline of events, and slapped seven separate charges under IPC against 17 named individuals. However, in the latter, document is devoid of any detail, is completely silent on the murder — and just one section under IPC has been slapped, records reveal.This when both FIRs are related to events that happened within 24 hours, in the same neighbourhood of Sambhal and registered at the same Kotwali Sambhal Police Station.The stark contrast between the two 2 is not just confined to the nature of charges.In FIR against 17 persons, who have been charged with rioting, police have admitted they fired and have given a clean chit to their personnel on the grounds that the firing was done to control the mob and in self-defence.However, in FIR related to Sheroz, who had bullet injuries and was declared dead on Dec.20 by Govt authorities — he was one of the 2 killed in the district — no accused have been identified. In fact, Sheroz FIR is just a one-paragraph document registered on the basis of the initial complaint filed by his uncle Mohammed Taslim.Despite body being referred to a Govt hospital, FIR makes no mention of the doctor who examined Sheroz; the time of his death and the prima facie reason for the death — routine information in an FIR related to a killing.FIR also makes no mention of any public witness or deployment of any police force at Chandausi Chauraha, where Sheroz was shot at. This despite a huge police deployment at the Chauraha after the district had witnessed a wave of protests on DEC. 19. Until tonight, no one in Sheroz’s family has received the post mortem report.Officials admit that the absence of such crucial information in FIR will only make the prosecution case weak. indianexpress
Firozabad: No link to protests, unable to pay, say recipients of recovery notices
Firozabad district administration is yet to make a final estimate of the damage to property during anti-CAA protests, but it has sent showcause notices to 26 people accusing them of damaging public and private property and sought a response within a week.The families of some of those who were served notices said that they are daily wagers and labourers who got caught in the ruckus while on their routine jobs. Most of the recipients of the notices are in jail.One of the recipients, Adil, a 20-year-old, is the second of 6 children of Sayeed Khan. He is a carpenter and works with his father. “On his way back after namaz, he was talking to me when the mobile phone call got disconnected. Later we heard he is in jail. He told me the police beat him badly. I have received a notice for damage to property, but my son was doing his job and had no role in damaging property,” Sayeed said.All the notices issued by Firozabad ADM have similar language: “…from FIR I am convinced that you are prima facie responsible for (damage of public and private property). Appear before this court within a week and clarify why an order should not be issued to you for the recovery of this damage.”None of the notices mentions any specific damage.indianexpress
Muzaffarnagar Violence: Innocents Should be Spared, Admits BJP Minister
MP from Muzaffarnagar, Dr Sanjeev Balyan, is also Union minister of state for animal husbandry. Jat leader has a track-record of spreading hatred. He was booked and jailed for 2013 communal riots in rural areas of Muzaffarnagar. Last week, he was again in a similar situation, as he asked for a probe into Deoband-linked madrassas in the anti-CAA protests in West UP, particularly Muzaffarnagar. His own henchmen are said to have participated in rioting and arson in the course of Dec.20 unrest in the city. However, he remains popular and could be seen roaming around his constituency, re-assuring people about their life and property. On such a tour to the Shiv Chowk area, he picked up a call from Caravan Daily and answered several questions. Balyan said, "I repeat that innocents should be spared of any trouble of any nature. I will try and do whatever I can to help innocents."caravandaily
UP in retaliatory mode to clamp down on CAA protests:Medha Patkar-led fact-finding team
Asking IP CM Yogi Adityanath to resign taking moral and legal responsibility for the death of 20 anti-CAA protesters, a fact-finding team has claimed there is a "climate of terror" in the state where administration swung into "retaliatory mode to clamp down" on peaceful protests as it was "rattled by the public outrage".The report 'Resistance, Repression and Revenge' released recently by activist Medha Patkar-led National Alliance of People's Movement (NAPM) also claimed that situation is "extremely alarming with the state cracking down massively" on students, activists, human rights and community organisations and civil society groups."Needless to say, Muslim communities and regions are being specifically targeted and ruthlessly hounded, with many even fearing to file complaints or choosing to leave their homes," the report said.It said videos have surfaced of "destruction and arson" of cars and properties by police and some miscreants, "firings" leading to many deaths, "custodial torture", "assaults" on civilians, "pelting of stones from rooftops by security personnel, vitriolic hate, brutal and excessive use of force" by state with "alleged sanctions from the top".The report said at least 327 FIRs have been filed and 1,113 people, including 280 from Lucknow alone, have been arrested and some of them are lawyers and activists while many of them are young Muslim men from the poorer localities. Almost 5,558 persons have been taken into preventive custody "in anticipation of violence" and reportedly released later. deccanherald
Anti-CAA protests: UP Govt sets 7-day deadline for response to seizure notices
 UP Govt has set a 7-day deadline for response to property attachment notices slapped on those accused of damaging public property during citizenship protests.More than 150 notices have been issued by Lucknow administration since CM Yogi Adityanath declared those who indulged in violence will have to compensate for damages. Reviewing security arrangements in the aftermath of massive protests across the state during anti-CAA protests, the CM had directed police and administration to expedite identification of ‘rioters’ through photographs and video footage and swiftly issue notices. TOI
CAA-NRC: Some AMU Students Allege They Are Being Falsely Implicated Under Goonda Act
Some students of AMU, some of whom were not even in the city, are upset with district administration's decision to book five former students, including two student union leaders, under the stringent Goonda Act in connection with the alleged violence in the campus during an anti-CAA-NRC protest as also against the police attack in Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi in mid-Dec.Some students claimed they were being falsely projected as “accused”, and also claimed that they been booked under the Act despite the fact that they were not present in the city when the alleged violence took place."I was not present at the site of protest on the day of incidence, DEC. 15. I was in Delhi. It is clearly evident that V-C Tariq Mansoor and Registrar S Abdul Hamid are targeting me because I was the first one to confront them for their alleged malpractices. Despite these hurdles, I will continue to fight until my last breath," Huzaifa Aamir Rashadi, ex secretary AMU Students Union told NewsClick. His name figures in the list of those booked under the Goonda act.newsclick
Administration disrupting stir, claim AMU students
Aligarh: Students of AMU have accused the university administration of disrupting their ongoing protest against CAA on campus by allegedly hiding their amplifier, speaker and mike.AMU students’ co-ordination committee has filed a police complaint about the missing speaker, amplifier and sound system.Former students’ union president Faizul Hasan said that when the proctor team refused to comment on the missing equipment and denieed the CCTV footage too.“On one hand, VC himself writes to students that he has no issues with peaceful protests. The he sends his administrative officials to disrupt the protest,” alleged Hassan.TOI
CAA protests: 300 WB workers fled Lucknow fearing police, 6 ‘innocent waiters’ jailed, says lawyer Ashma Izzat
On the pretext of the crackdown on illegal refugees/immigrants from Bangladesh, UP police arrested six daily wage workers belonging to West Bengal’s Malda district, during the anti-CAA protest from Lucknow, National Herald has learnt.Apart from those who have been arrested, as many as 300 other daily wage workers fled Lucknow, fearing being jailed or killed in an encounter by UP police.Human right activist and lawyer Ashma Izzat told National Herald that police have arrested “innocent” waiters to justify their brutal action against protesters and to support the dominant political narrative in favour of CAA-NPR.According to her, the arrested “innocent waiters” have been living in the city for last 5 years and they were working at the famous Dastarkhwan, Naushijaan Darbar and Open-Air restaurant at the time of their arrest.National Herald
#FreeSadaf trends on Twitter, 46,000 people sign petition on Change.org
A petition on Change.Org had collected over 46,000 signatures by Thursday afternoon calling for the release of the activist and single mother, who was arrested by Lucknow Police on DEC. 19 while she was recording live on Facebook the protest against CAA and NRC and the violence that followed.The hashtag #FreeSadafJafar was trending on popular microblogging platform Twitter.Petition on Change.org read:‘Sadaf is a teacher, a single mother, a survivor, and an overall kind and powerful woman. Right now, she is behind bars and her bail has been rejected. Her fault- she simply attended a protest as a citizen of her country! She was brutally beaten up by the UP police and has suffered multiple injuries.She was arrested while doing a Facebook Live video of the protest.’nationalheraldindia
CAA-NRC row: Agra Municipal Corporation flooded with birth, death registration applications
The fear of CAA and RC has not yet left the minds of the Muslims despite numerous explanations by the Central Govt. Consequently, the normally sedentary office of the birth certificate issuing department is now working overtime with over five times the workload on the employees.A senior official at the Agra Municipal Corporation said that at present, the birth registration department at the AMC is receiving 100-150 registration applications daily which was highly unusual and it was clear that this spike was a result of the unjustifiable fear of NRC.SK Majumdar at SN Medical College also confirmed that people are proactively seeking birth and death certificates from the hospital while earlier, these records remained lying for months before anyone coming forward seek them.indiatoday
Govt should remove confusion over CAA among Muslims: Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe
Muzaffarnagar:Shia cleric and a member of All-India Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Kalbe Jawad, in Muzaffarnagar on Wednesday expressed concern over police action against anti-CAA protesters in the state and said the Govt should remove confusion among Muslims on the legislation. Interacting with media persons Muzaffarnagar, the maulana said, "There is confusion and fear among Muslims. It is the duty of the Govt to remove confusion over the CAA."He also showed displeasure over police action in Muzaffarnagar on DEC. 20. He visited the principal of a local madrassa, Asad Raza, who was allegedly tortured by police during the Muzaffarnagar protest.He also met the family of Noor Mohd, who was allegedly killed in a firing during the protest. indiatvnews
Ground Report: Hawkers Arrested in Gorakhpur Are Still Wondering What They Did Wrong
Gorakhpur: 2 young street hawkers in UP’s Gorakhpur were languishing in jail for 12 days before they were released on DEC. 31. The police arrested Rashid Ali and Mohd Yasin, who sell clothes on the street, on DEC. 20 after protests against the CAA and NRC erupted across the state.So far, five people have been arrested in the matter including Mohd Shadab (36), Hamza (21) and Ayub Khan (36). The police have released photos of the alleged miscreants in the media and pasted them at various places. Salman said that both Rashid and Yasin belong to poor families. They came to Gorakhpur in search of  livelihood as they do not have any ancestral land or property. They were neither part of the agitation nor created any fracas, yet the police arrested them. They have now been granted bail and released.“We are still unable to understand what was our fault, which was badly beaten and kept in jail for 12 days,” Rashid told The Wire.Most of those arrested alongside Rashid and Yasin have the same complaint – that they have been arrested without reason and tortured in jail.thewire
*J&K & S. ASIA*
No internet in Kashmir hospitals despite govt claim
Srinagar:Despite Govt''s claim that Internet has been restored in most hospitals and health centres in Kashmir, the facility is yet to be restored in most hospitals.The announcement to restore the Internet on new year''s eve in hospitals in Kashmir was made by Govt spokesperson Rohit Kansal at a press conference in Jammu on DEC. 31.A police statement on Jan. 2 also claimed that broadband has been restored in Kashmir hospitals."Broadband high speed Internet connectivity restored at 80 Govt hospitals including health centres and offices linked to Department of health across Kashmir valley," statement said.Principal, Govt Medical College, Srinagar, Parvez Shah told IANS that Internet couldn''t be restored in SMHS hospital in Srinagar due to snapping of phone lines."We have been without the Internet for five months. Phone lines at SMHS are dead," Shah said. He hoped that restoration of phone lines and the Internet will begin by the evening."Internet has however been restored at the Govt Chest diseases hospital in Srinagar," he said.In other hospitals, situation is no different.In JLNM hospital, at Rainawari, the Internet continues to remain suspended.JLNM Superintendnt said they are awaiting the restoration of the facility after the Govt''s announcement.While Internet continues to remain shut in most Govt Medical Colleges and associated hospitals, Kashmir''s lone tertiary hospital SKIIMS has limited connectivity."Ayushman Bharat scheme connection is working besides a couple of kiosks set up a fortnight ago for doctors and staff," Farooq Jan, Medical Superintendent, SKIIMS told IANS.IANS
'Thought I'd wish my friends a happy new year': Kashmiris disappointed as postpaid SMS services resume only for BSNL contrary to govt claims
J&K administration has claimed that it has restored SMS services for postpaid mobile phones in Kashmir from the midnight of 31 DEC.. However, as of now, the service has been restored only for BSNL users. On New Year's Eve, Maheen Jan, who has an Airtel postpaid connection, stayed up till midnight, hoping that she would be able to message her friends. She had even typed out several SMSs to her friends to wish them for the new year. However, she was disappointed. Jan said, "I thought SMS services would resume at 12 am, but that didn't happen. I had compiled all the messages, and had to just send them at 12 am. But when I typed the 'send' icon, a message saying ‘failed to send messages’ appeared. I was so disheartened. This incident gave me another reason for distrust the Govt.” Like Jan, Mommin Shabir, a student of Class 12, could not sleep till 3 am in the night, with the hope that he would be able to send SMSs, only to be disappointed. "I thought I would wish my friends a happy new year," Shabir, who has a Jio postpaid connection, said. Another student, Ubeer Shah, who has postpaid mobile connections of Jio and BSNL, was only able to send SMSs through the latter network. He rued, "We have been saying for a long time that we need SMS facility to get OTPs for several purposes. But no one listens to us."firstpost
Iltija Mufti says detained by police after trying to visit grave of ex-JK CM Mufti Sayeed
Iltija Mufti, daughter of PDP president Mehbooba Mufti, on Thursday said she was detained by police at her residence in Srinagar after she tried to visit the grave of her grandfather and former J&K CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in south Kashmir.Iltija, a Special Security Group protectee, said she had sought permission to visit her grandfather's grave in the Bijbehara area of Anantnag district."I have been detained at home and not allowed to move anywhere," Iltija told PTI.However, ADGP (Law and Order) Munir Khan denied it."I wanted to go to visit my grandfather's grave. It is my right. Is it a crime for a granddaughter to visit her grandfather's grave or do they think I am going to organise stone pelting or a protest there," Iltija said.PTI
Save 5 top leaders, all detainees in J&K MLA Hostel set to walk
Srinagar :Political detainees being held at the MLA Hostel in Srinagar barring 5 leaders are likely to be released by the J&K administration in batches in Jan.Sources said 5 leaders unlikely to be released soon are Peoples’ Conference chief Sajad Lone, National Conference general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar, former IAS officer and J&K People’s Movement president Shah Faesal, senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar and PDP youth wing president Waheed ur Rehman Para. “Barring these five individuals, others are likely to be released in batches slowly. At least 6 individuals are scheduled to be released this week subject to their signing of release bonds,” a source in the administration, who did not wish to be named, said.As on date, 26 persons are under detention at the MLA Hostel including PDP’s Ajaz Mir, NC’s Salman Sagar, Showkat Ganai, Ali Mohammad Dar and Altaf Kuloo and Awami Ittihad Party lawyer and social activist Bilal Sultan. Many individuals were detained in the first few weeks of August from across the Valley. “Approximately 800 or so are still under detention all over Kashmir,” a source said. Besides this, about 200 individuals are held in jails in other states, the source added.indian express
Held under PSA, J&K Bar Association chief moved to Tihar from UP
Srinagar :The president of the J&K High Court Bar Association, who was detained under the Public Safety Act (PSA) following the Govt’s decision to revoke the special status of J&K on August 5, has been shifted from a jail in UP to New Delhi’s Tihar Jail, authorities have informed the court.The court has asked authorities to ensure Mian Abdul Qayoom is “provided adequate medical treatment”.While the next hearing is listed for Jan. 30, an application for preponing the date of hearing was filed with the plea that directions were required to be issued with a view to ensure proper medical attention to the petitioner.indianexpress
Pak dubs army chief Naravane comment on ‘India’s right to pre-emptive strikes’, irresponsible; says don't forget response to 'Balakot misadventure'
Pakistan has rejected India's new Army chief's statement that New Delhi reserves the right to "preemptively strike" across LoC, terming the remarks as "irresponsible".In an interview to PTI barely hours after taking charge of the 1.3-million strong force, Army Chief Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane on Tuesday said India reserves the right to "preemptively strike" at sources of terror.  Reacting to Gen Naravane's remarks, Pakistan Foreign Office said, "We reject the new Indian Army Chief's irresponsible statement regarding 'pre-emptive strikes' across LoC" inside PoK.There should be no doubt about Pakistan's resolve and readiness to thwart any aggressive Indian move, inside its territory or PoK, the statement said."No one should forget Pakistan's befitting response to India's Balakot misadventure," it added.PTI
Pakistan to induct upgraded JF17 fighters that took maiden flight in China
Beijing:The new version of the fighter aircraft jointly developed by China and Pakistan with upgraded fighting capabilities made its maiden flight in DEC. and the first batch is set to be inducted by Islamabad in 2020. JF-17 Block 3 aircraft was flown above Chengdu in southwest China’s Sichuan province last month, the Aerospace Knowledge magazine said in a report this week.Pakistan had said that the existing and operational version of the aircraft, known simply as JF-17, was used against Indian Air Force (IAF) during the dogfight along LoC early last year.The single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft has been developed jointly by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of China. China agreed to share more advanced technology from the superior J-20 fighter jets with the new JF-17 aircraft.HT
Nepal top court seeks original map exchanged with India while hearing plea on Kalapani issue
Nepal’s Supreme Court has sought within 15 days the country’s original map exchanged with India during the signing of Sugauli Treaty in 1816 after a petition sought the apex court’s intervention to secure the Nepali territory.A single bench of Justice Hari Prasad Phuyal demanded the map from Nepal Govt in response to the public interest litigation filed by a senior advocate who appealed the Supreme Court to order Govt to start political and diplomatic efforts to protect Nepali territories.Nepal has raised objections after India released its new political map in November last year following the reorganisation of J&K. Nepal claimed that Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani areas were shown under India’s territory even though they lie within the Nepalese territory. India has said the new map accurately depicts its sovereign territory and it has in no manner revised its boundary with Nepal.Nepalese territories including Darjeeling were handed to British East India Company as concessions under the Sugauli treaty which was signed in 1816 on the conclusion of the Anglo-Nepalese War.PTI
Govt sets up dedicated desk to look after Ayodhya issue
Ayodhya :The Govt has set up a dedicated desk, headed by an additional secretary, to look after all matters related to the Supreme Court verdict on the Ayodhya issue. In an official order, Union Home Ministry said Ayodhya matters and related court judgements will be handled by three officers, headed by Additional Secretary Gynesh Kumar.The move bears significance in the wake of judgement of the Supreme Court which allowed construction of a Ram Temple in the disputed site in Ayodha. The apex court also ordered handing over of a 5-acre plot to Uttar Pradeah Sunni Waqf Board and setting up of a trust for construction of the Ram temple. Now, this new wing of the home ministry, headed by Kumar, will look after all matters related to the Ayodhya issue.There have been reports that the UP Govt has sent a proposal to the home ministry suggesting three plots in Ayodhya, one of which can be given to UP Sunni Waqf Board.“All such matters will be now handled by the new desk in the home ministry,” an official said. Interestingly, Kumar also heads Department of J&K and Ladakh affairs in the home ministry.He was the key officer in the central Govt’s move to abrogate the special status given to J&K.PTI
Babri Masjid demolition Trial: Examination of Chief Probe Officer begins in CBI court
New Delhi: The trial in Babri Masjid demolition case has reached a crucial stage, with its chief investigating officer being examined in the special CBI court in Lucknow.The court has started examining former CBI joint director M Narayanan, who was lead investigator. The examination-in-chief has commenced and Narayanan will soon be cross examined by the defence counsels. Narayanan in his statement has supported the case of the prosecution, people with direct knowledge of the matter told ET. He has corroborated production of evidence and summoning of records, they said.After Narayanan’s examination, the assistant investigating officers, who had recorded testimonies of the witnesses, would be examined by the court. The evidence would be closed after that examination.economictimes
Unemployment doubled in UP during 2019, shows CMIE data
Unemployment almost doubled in India's most populous state, UP, during the last year compared to 2018 according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) data.The average unemployment in UP grew from 5.91 % in 2018 to 9.95 % during the last year. According to 2011 census, UP is home to nearly 20 crore people, which is over 16 % of India's population.Unemployment rate of 10 % means that nearly 10 in every 100 persons are unemployed.The unemployment numbers were higher than the national average of 7.7 owing to a marked decline in economic activity in the country. India's GDP growth rate has crashed by more than 2 % in just one year. Joblessness was also on the rise in the top most populous states in the country. In Maharashtra, the second most populous state, unemployment in 2019 rose to 4.87 % from 3.81 in 2018.IANS
Priyanka slams PM over Section 144 in Varanasi on ‘359 days’
New Delhi :Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra attacked PM Narendra Modi, saying he has the “gall” to tell people they have nothing to fear when Section 144 was imposed in his constituency of Varanasi on “359 out of 365 days”.Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) section empowers an executive magistrate to prohibit an assembly of more than four persons in an area.Taking to Twitter, Priyanka Gandhi cited a media report that quoted a Banaras Hindu University student as saying that in the 365 days of 2019, Section 144 was imposed in Varanasi town for 359 days.PTI
‘Sanskaari’ Giriraj says Gita, Hanuman Chalisa should be taught at pvt schools to discourage beef-eating
Union minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday stoked a fresh controversy alleging that children who study in missionary schools lack "sanskaar" and end up in practices like "beef-eating" when they go abroad.Addressing a religious function at his Lok Sabha constituency in Begusarai, Bihar, the firebrand BJP leader also advocated, as an antidote, teaching of "shlokas" of Bhagavad Gita and the verses Hanuman Chalisa at private schools."I would like to say to people present here, this practice should start from the private schools since at Govt-run ones, we run the risk of inviting accusations of imposing the bhagwa (saffron) agenda", Singh said.At private schools, students should be taught shlokas of Bhagavad Gita and Hanuman Chalisa."I say this because it has been seen that at schools run by missionaries, children from well-off families excel academically, go on to have successful careers, but when they go abroad they eat beef. Why so? This is because we have not inculcated sanskaar into them", the Union minister said.Singh also addressed a press conference in support of the CAA where he equated protests against the contentious legislation with Pakistan-sponsored "Ghazwa-e-Hind" (holy war against India) and lambasted opposition parties like the Congress and West Bengal CMs TMC for their strident criticism of the new law.He dared the Congress to come out and openly proclaim that it supports granting citizenship to all illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and the Rohingyas from Myanmar."All these things are part of Pakistans Ghazwa-e-Hind, aimed at weakening India. CAA is just an excuse. It is an instance of kahin pe nigahen, kahin pe nishane", said BJP leader.PTI
Minister Giriraj stokes controversy again; says ‘most of missionary school students eat beef abroad’
MP Congress booklet on RSS: Savarkar had physical relationship with Godse
Bhopal:Acontroversial booklet on Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and RSS has claimed that Hindu Mahasabha co-founder had a physical relationship with Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi.The booklet, named 'How brave was Veer Savarkar', was allegedly distributed in an All India Congress Seva Dal training camp run by the Congress in Bhopal, MP. It mentions and talks about several incidents, questions and controversies surrounding Savarkar.Referring to an incident mentioned in Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins's 'Freedom at Midnight', the Congress booklet said, "Before adopting brahmacharya, there is only one mention of Nathuram Godse's physical relationship. His [Godse] partner in his homosexual relationship was Veer Savarkar."The content of the literature on RSS and Veer Savarkar aims to answer some questions related to the Hindu Mahasabha co-founder which may lead to a major controversy.The questions include 'Did Savarkar encourage Hindus to rape of minority women?' and the answer to the question, as mentioned in the Congress's booklet, is a 'yes'.The literature also claims that Savarkar had pelted stones at a mosque when he was 12 years old.The booklet describes RSS as a "Nazi and fascist" organisation and that it took inspiration from Hitler's Nazism and Mussolini's fascism.indiatoday
RSS leader wants India’s economic policy to be drawn from Hindu religious texts
Senior RSS leader J. Nandakumar has suggested that Hindu religious texts should form the foundations of India’s economic policy, in his new book titled Hindutva for Changing Times. The author also asks companies to consider adhering to the principles of profit maximisation that are expounded in ancient Hindu scriptures.The book, which is slated to be released in Delhi Thursday by RSS’ joint general secretary Krishna Gopal, further raises alarm about the “Islamisation of West Bengal” and accuses Malayalam language media of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Nandakumar, who hails from Kerala, heads the RSS-affiliated outfit Prajna Pravah in Delhi. He was formerly the deputy head of Prachar Vibhag, RSS’ media and publicity wing.theprint
No Muslim minister in 15 of India’s 28 states, one each in 10 others
In his cabinet expansion, CM Uddhav Thackeray inducted 4 Muslim MLAs into his council of ministers, making Maharashtra the state with the second largest number of Muslim ministers after West Bengal, which has 7.There is no Muslim minister in India’s 15 states — Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura and Uttarakhand — out of the 28. 10 other states — Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and UP — and the national capital of Delhi have only one Muslim minister each.theprint.in
Elgaar Parsihad case:Defence lawyer for Rao refutes police version — ‘No damaged hard disk seized’
Pune :The defence lawyer for Elgaar Parishad case accused Varavara Rao on Wednesday told a Pune court that no ‘damaged hard disk’ had been seized from the Telugu poet-activist at the time of searches at his premises in 2018.The claim was made by the defence lawyer while questioning the prosecution, which had said that it was taking the help of forensic experts from FBI to retrieve data from a damaged hard disk, purportedly recovered from Rao last year. Rao is among the 23 people booked in the Elgaar Parishad case by the Pune City Police.79-year-old poet-activist and eight other accused, arrested in connection with the case, have been lodged in Yerwada Jail in Pune since 2018. In August that year, police had conducted searches at four premises linked to Rao and four separate search and seizure panchnamas were prepared.Rao’s defence lawyer Rohan Nahar submitted an application in the court of Special UAPA Judge S R Navandar on Wednesday.indianexpress
UP Congress leader Siddiqui goes to police against Sambit Patra and Tarek Fatah for ‘fake video’
 Senior UP Congress leader Nasimuddin Siddiqui has filed a police complaint against BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra and Canada-based Pakistani author Tarek Fatah for allegedly maligning his image.Patra and Fatah shared a video on Twitter, targeting Siddiqui. In the video, a man is seen and heard saying: “First we are Muslims and then Hindustanis.”The man in question is, however, not Siddiqui but Samajwadi Party leader Maviya Ali, and the video is from 2017.“Fatah and Patra made an attempt to tarnish my image. I have never said such things, I’m not even in the video. In such a situation, some strict action needs to be taken against them,” Siddiqui told ThePrint.theprint
Ambala: Passport officer rapped for seeking nationality certificate from sisters who ‘looked Nepali’
Ambala deputy commissioner has reprimanded Regional Passport Office for demanding nationality certificates from two sisters based on their appearance, TOI reported.On Sept.16, regional passport office had asked the Ambala-based sisters, Heena and Santosh, to get a nationality certificate from the deputy commissioner’s office because the “applicant seems to be Nepali”. The women’s father Bhagat Bahadur said he and his daughters were born in Ambala and that his father had come to India from Nepal. “My entire family has all the required Indian documents as we are all born and brought up here but we cannot understand this objection,” he said.The family then approached Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij seeking help. Vij directed Ambala Deputy Commissioner Ashok Sharma to redress their grievances, according to Indian Express.scroll.in
Governors of Rajasthan and Gujarat may attend ‘Brahmin business meet’
Ahmedabad:Governors of Rajasthan and Gujarat are expected to attend a three-day “Brahmin Business Summit” organised by the Brahmin community at Adalaj on Jan.3-5, 2020, where the primary aim will be to provide jobs to an estimated 10,000 youths from the community.While Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani, his Deputy Nitin Patel and other members of the cabinet are expected to participate on the first day of the summit, at an open ground near TriMandir in Gandhinagar, leaders from the Congress party including Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Amit Chavda, are expected to attend the summit on the second day.Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat and Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra are also scheduled to participate during the three-day summit.Interestingly, this Brahmin Business Summit will be coinciding with 3-day Patidar Business summit to be held during the same period. One of the aims of the latter is also to provide jobs to the youths from the Patidar community.At the Brahmin Business Summit organised by the Samast Gujarat Brahmsamaj, 200 industralists will set up stalls where jobs will be provided to an estimated 10,000 youths. In the first edition of Brahmin Business summit organised at Mahatma Mandir in April 2018, jobs were provided to 4,200 youths.indianexpress
ISRO belatedly admits Vikram ‘crash landed’ on moon
India's maiden attempt to soft land on moon during the Chandrayaan-2 mission failed in September last year, as its spacecraft Vikram 'crash landed' near the moon's south pole due to a velocity glitch, a top space official said on Wednesday."The velocity reduction was more than the required pace during the second (rough-breaking) phase of the lander's descent. Hence, it was not able to perform the third phase, as it was beyond the navigational system," state-run ISRO Chairman K. Sivan told reporters in Bengaluru.Contrary to space agency's claim that Vikram had a hard landing on the lunar surface on that fateful day (Sept.7,), Sivan admitted to IANS that the lander crashed on impact. b"For strategic reasons we could not admit Vikram crash landed because its images from the mission's Orbiter did not show that it disintegrated on hitting the lunar surface as it fell in the shadow," Sivan clarified.Admitting that the velocity (speed) reduction was more than it should have been, Sivan said as the descent was on an autonomous mode, system was not designed to factor deviation.IANS

Ahead of Bihar polls, Owaisi, Bhim Army Forge Dalit-Muslim Unity
Kishanganj (Bihar): AIMIM’s national expansion plan can be summarised in the party’s four-word slogan – ‘Jai Bhim, Jai Meem’ – in which Bhim stands for Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Meem is Urdu alphabet ‘M’, for Muslim. The idea of Dalit-Muslim unity has been  around for a long time, the only difference now is the issue of leadership. Traditionally, Muslims have followed Dalit leaders, but AIMIM’s Asaduddin Owaisi is trying hard to reverse the equation.After a stint and some success with Prakash Ambedkar’s Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) in Maharashtra, Owaisi is trying to pull off a similar alliance in Bihar – the third state where the party has tasted victory – ahead of the upcoming assembly elections.He addressed a gathering of more than 50,000 people in Bihar’s Kishanganj on DEC. 29. At the rally titled ‘Sanwidhan Bachao, Desh Bachao’, Owaisi spoke at length against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, National Register of Citizens and National Population Register. It was his first visit to Bihar since his party, the AIMIM, opened its account in the state in the October assembly by-elections, wresting the prestigious Kishanganj seat from the Congress.thewire
Rajasthan infant deaths: Don’t politicise issue, our govt is sensitive to it, says CM Gehlot
Facing flak over the deaths of at least 100 infants at Kota’s JK Lon Hospital today, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said the issue shouldn’t be politicised, adding that his Govt is sensitive to the deaths. “The Govt is sensitive to the death of sick infants in JK Lon Hospital in Kota. There should no politics over the issue. Infant mortality at this hospital is steadily decreasing. We will try to reduce it further. It is our top priority that mothers and children remain in good health,” Gehlot stated in a tweet. “We also established an ICU for children in Kota in 2011,” he added.indianexpress
At 67,385, India Leaves China Behind In Births On New Year: UNICEF
Nearly 400,000 babies were born around the world on New Year's Day with India recording the highest number of these births worldwide at 67,385, UN children's agency said.An estimated 392,078 babies were born around the world on New Year's Day, according to UNICEF. Of this, an estimated 67,385 babies were born in India, the most globally. China comes in second with 46,299 births. Globally, over half of these births were estimated to have taken place in 8 countries - India (67,385), China (46,299), Nigeria (26,039), Pakistan (16,787), Indonesia (13,020), US(10,452), DR Congo (10,247) and Ethiopia (8,493).PTI
Israel demolishes newly built houses of Palestinian families on New Year's Day
Israeli forces demolished two houses 0n Wednesday belonging to Palestinian families in Silwan neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.After two years of construction, the al-Khalialeh families had made ready their houses to move into in the near future, their relative Jamal al-Khalialeh told Middle East Eye.The two families were shocked to wake up on the first day of the new year to hear that Israeli bulldozers accompanied by military forces were demolishing the two houses.They were not at the scene when Israeli security forces had earlier broken into the two properties, local media reported.“They had an Israeli court hearing at 10am to look into the issue of demolishing the houses, but at 8:30 am they were surprised to hear the demolishing vehicles had come to knock down their houses,” said Jamal. 2 houses are 100 metres square and located next to each other.The first house is owned by Wafa al-Khalialeh with her husband and their seven children. The second house belonged to Mohanad al-Khalialeh and his wife and their two children.The demolishment of the houses was carried out based on the basis that “building without permit” had occurred.Israel rarely issues building permits for Palestinians in East Jerusalem or in Areas B and C of the occupied West Bank. Middle East Eye
Turkey's parliament votes on sending troops to Libya
Turkey's parliament voting on whether to send Turkish troops to Libya, to back the UN-recognised Govt in the capital, Tripoli, which is battling forces loyal to a rival administration based in eastern Libya.The Turkish legislators are expected to approve the motion at Thursday's emergency session and grant a one-year mandate for the deployment, despite concerns that Turkish forces could aggravate Libya's conflict further and destabilise the region. Tripoli-based Govt of National Accord (GNA) of Libyan PM Fayez al-Sarraj, has faced an attack by the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA), led by renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, who launched an offensive against the capital in early April.aljazeera
Taiwan’s military chief among 8 killed in helicopter crash
Taiwan’s Military Chief of Staff Shen Yi-ming died in a helicopter crash in a mountainous region in the northern part of the island on Thursday morning, South China Morning Post reported. At least seven others were also killed when the Black Hawk chopper crashed. Taiwan Air Force Commander Hsiung Hou-chi confirmed the deaths. Among the dead were Political Warfare Bureau Deputy Director Yu Chin-wen and Hung Hung-chin, from the defence ministry’s office of the deputy chief of general staff for intelligence, the newspaper said. A lieutenant colonel, a captain, a major and two senior master sergeants were also killed in the crash.Taiwan’s defence ministry said in a statement that the location of the helicopter had been identified and that 2 Black Hawks and about 80 military officers have been dispatched to the scene. Rescuers have also been sent to location, in New Taipei county’s Wulai district.scroll.in
Dozens killed in violence in Sudan's West Darfur state
At least 24 people were killed after a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) was attacked in Sudan's West Darfur state, as top officials arrived to try to calm the violence.Krinding Camp, east of the state capital Geneina, was raided over Sunday and Monday following a dispute between Arab and African ethnic groups, said Ashraf Eissa, a spokesman for the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping mission in Darfur, UNAMID."The Arab tribesmen came to IDP camp and started shooting and killing and burning," he told Reuters news agency on Wednesday. aljazeera
Tunisia: PM-designate announces Govt formation
Tunisia's PM-designate has announced the formation of a cabinet of independent technocrats, more than a month after he was picked to head a Govt focused on reviving the economy.Habib Jemli, an agricultural engineer by training and a nominee of the moderate Islamist Ennahdha party, said the new Govt comprised independent Tunisians but stopped short of disclosing their names."I have depended [in forming the cabinet] on elements of competence and independence from political parties," said the 60-year-old Jemli after a meeting with Tunisian President Kais Saied on Wednesday.Tunisia's official news agency TAP said Jemli had presented the proposed Govt to Saied, who will ask parliament to set a session for holding a confidence vote on the lineup.aljazeera
Pro-Iran protesters leave US embassy compound in Baghdad
Protesters withdrew from US embassy perimeter in Baghdad after Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) paramilitary force ordered them to leave, a day after their dramatic demonstration.Iraq's military confirmed on Wednesday that the protesters had left.On Tuesday, thousands of Iraqi supporters of the largely Iranian-trained group had encircled and vandalised the embassy compound, outraged by US air raids in Iraq and Syria that killed 25 Hashd fighters over the weekend.Angered crowds marched unimpeded through the checkpoints of the usually high-security Green Zone to the embassy gates, where they broke through a reception area, chanting "Death to America" and spraying pro-Iran graffiti on the walls.aljazeera
4 Syrian kids killed in New Year's Day attack on school
At least eight civilians were killed on Wednesday in a rocket attack by Syrian Govt forces on a school in Idlib, the country's last opposition stronghold of Idlib.The victims included four children and two women, the White Helmets civil defence agency reported.The school was packed with students and teachers at the time, the group added.The attack took place in the rebel-held town of Sarmeen in Syria's northwest province of Idlib, said war monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).At least 16 others were injured in the attack, part of a months-long Govt offensive in Idlib, the Britain-based watchdog added.aljazeera
Several dead, thousands caught in flooding in Indonesian capital
At least 23 people were confirmed dead on Thursday and thousands were forced to evacuate, after severe flooding hit Indonesia's capital as residents were celebrating New Year.Tens of thousands of revellers in Jakarta were soaked by torrential rains as they waited for New Year's eve fireworks on Wednesday.Jakarta's domestic airport was also shut, where almost 20,000 passengers were stranded.aljazeera
S Lanka's Tamils fear discrimination under new Prez
Sri Lanka's minority ethnic Tamils who are concentrated in the country's north, say the area still suffers from a lack of development, despite promises by its new President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.As defence minister during the civil war, he oversaw a campaign which led to the defeat of Tamil separatist movement.Analysts say despite the building of a new railway and road linking the peninsula and mainland, the gulf between the majority Sinhalese and Tamil community is still wide.aljazeera
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