03 March 2020

3 MARCH NEWS, AFTERNOON: UN Human Rights chief goes to Supreme Court against CAA, India says 'Internal Matter'/ Iran speaks out: Condemn wave of violence against Muslims in Delhi/ Coronavirus: 40 Students Of Noida School Sent To Isolation For 28 Days After Parent Tests Positive/ Madras HC rules working women giving birth to child after twins in first delivery not entitled to maternity benefits

 03 March  2020: 07 Rajjab 1441: Vol: 12, No: 147
UN Human Rights chief goes to Supreme Court against CAA, India says 'Internal Matter'
Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has filed an application in the Supreme Court against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).This rare intervention by the topmost world body on human rights drew a strong response from the Ministry of External Affairs which argued that the the law was an internal matter of India.  “We are clear that the CAA is constitutionally valid and complies with all requirements of our constitutional values. It is reflective of our long-standing national commitment in respect of human rights issues arising from the tragedy of Partition of India. We strongly believe that no foreign party has any locus standi on issues pertaining to India's sovereignty,” said the official spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Tuesday.The Permanent Mission of India in Geneva was informed on Monday evening by the office of Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, that it had filed an “intervention application in respect to CAA”. Ms. Bachelet had been expressing her concern about the fallout of both CAA and NRC on India’s population in recent months. Earlier, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also said that the CAA and the NRC had potential to turn India’s Muslims into stateless subjects.Former External Affairs Minister K. Natwar Singh has described U.N. rights body’s move as “absolutely unprecedented in the diplomatic history of India”.Former Permanent Representative of India at United Nations Chinmaya Gharekhan agreed with  Singh and said, “This is also objectionable as UN is an intergovernmental body and they are not supposed to approach the Supreme Court.”thehindu
Iran speaks out: Condemn wave of violence against Muslims in Delhi
New Delhi :Iran became the fourth Muslim-majority country to officially react to the riots in Delhi, with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif condemning the “wave of organised violence against Indian Muslims” and urging authorities to not let “senseless thuggery” prevail.Zarif, a diplomat-minister known for his careful choice of words, tweeted on Monday night: “Iran condemns the wave of organised violence against Indian Muslims. For centuries, Iran has been a friend of India. We urge Indian authorities to ensure the wellbeing of ALL Indians & not let senseless thuggery prevail. Path forward lies in peaceful dialogue and rule of law.”Zarif’s tweet came after Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan had spoken out against the riots over the last week. Malaysia and Bangladesh had earlier criticised the CAA and the proposed NRC.
India summons Iran envoy to protest Delhi riots remark
India on Tuesday summoned Iranian ambassador Ali Chegeni and lodged a strong protest with him over the comments made by Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif over the current bout of violence in Delhi.Official sources said the Iranian envoy was told that Zarif commented on a matter that is purely internal to India."Iranian Ambassador in Delhi was summoned on Tuesday and a strong protest was lodged over the comments made by Zarif on the matter internal to India," a source said.PTI
'Modi Ethnically Cleansing Religious Minorities: US Congresswoman  On Delhi Violence Cortez
Narendra Modi government attracted more criticism over the violence in Delhi with US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling out president Donald Trump for entering an arms deal with India. Cortez said in a tweet, “President Trump is engaging in arms deals with Modi while his administration is ethnically cleansing the country’s religious minorities. We must not enable this rise in sectarian violence.” Cortez shared a report by The Guardian that called Delhi violence a “Hindu nationalist rampage”. Cortez’s comments come after Democratic presidential candidate and senator Bernie Sanders’s reaction to the violence in northeast Delhi. Sanders too had criticised Trump for his show of great friendship with Narendra Modi at a time when Delhi was burning. “Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, “That’s up to India.” This is a failure of leadership on human rights,” Sanders had tweeted. huffingtonpost
Protests In 21 US Varsities Against Delhi Violence
Washington: A student-led group from the Yale University has called for demonstrations across 21 varsities in US against the violence in Delhi, which has claimed the lives of 46 people in the Indian capital, a report said.“A Holi Against Hindutva” demonstrations have been organised by Students Against Hindutva, a South Asian student activist group, the American Bazaar newspaper said in the report on Monday.In a statement on Monday, Shreeya Singh, founder of the group, said: “This fight is the most patriotic fight I have ever fought for, and I believe it is the diaspora’s duty to stand behind the protesters risking their lives day after day for India’s secular soul.”On the demonstration plans, the organisers said that they will ask participants to be dressed in black as opposed to Holi’s traditional white attire and will also supply only white coloured powder.The universities where the demonstrations will take place are Yale University, Cornell University, UCLA, Claremont Colleges, UC Davis, Harvard University, Princeton University, Brown University, Dartmouth University, Purdue University, American University, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, University of Pennsylvania, Northeastern University, Columbia University, Wellesley College, University of Illinois, Chicago, Rutgers, UC San Diego, Michigan State and Duke.IANS
‘How to Prove We Are Not Bangladeshi?’: In Aftermath of Delhi Riots, a Frenzy Over Documents
New Delhi: 20-year-old Mohammed Akbaruddin* has come back home for the first time in five days. Along with the rest of his 11-person family, Akbaruddin fled Shiv Vihar’s Phase 7 on Tuesday (February 25), when a mob which arrived in a bus bearing petrol bombs, swords, stones and batons invaded the streets and wreaked havoc in the area.Even now, he hasn’t come back for long. “I will head back (to my relatives’ house in Muslim-majority Mustafabad) again as soon as I get my documents out,” he says.When violence broke out on February 25 and they had to flee, Akbaruddin tried to protect the family’s most precious assets – their documents. “I quickly collected everyone’s birth certificates, Aadhaar cards and voter ID cards, and hid them in the latrine,” he says.In three short sentences, he explains why that was his first instinct.Fortunately, the documents survived the violence. Relieved, Akbaruddin has placed them carefully in an old, worn silicon suitcase. His house did not suffer much damage; most of his belongings are intact. But the first thing he goes looking for are the documents.“Yeh sab document ki wajah se hi to ho raha hai (This is all happening because of the documents),” he says.thewire
List of 48 people who died during  violence:The Polis Project
List of 48 people who died during  violence was originally published by The Polis Project. Polis Project  while mentioning list of died poeple, said, "Our list of deaths has been compiled from the following sources between 24 Feb, 2020 and 2 March, 2020. We will be updating this list as new information becomes available. The sources are:Deaths recorded at hospitals which have been released to the public.Deaths reported by Firstpost, Indian Express, The Wire, Quint and Print.in.Deaths reported in other print news stories filed by credible journalists.." Names of 48 people who died during  violence are: Aamir, 30, M, Aftab, 18, M, Akbari, 85, F, Akil Ahmad, 40, M, Amaan, 17, M, Anwar Kassar, 58, M, Arshad, 22, M, Ashfaq Hussain, 22, M, Ayub Shabbir, 60, M, Babbu Salmani/Babbu Mohammad 33 M, Faizaan, 23, M, Hashim, 17, M, Ishtiyak Khan, 24, M, Mahroof Ali, 30, M, Mehtab, 22, M, Mohd. Furqan, 30, M, Mohd. Monis, 22, M, Mohd. Irfan, 32, M, Mohd. Shahbaan, 22, M, Mohd. Yusuf, 52, M, Mohsin, 22, M, Mubarak Hussain, 28, M, Muddassir Khan, 35, M, Musharaff, 35, M, Nazeem Khan, 35, M, Parvez Alam, 50, M, Salman, 24, M, Sayid, 19, M, Shahid Alvi, 23, M, Shan Mohd., 35, M, Suleiman, 22, M, Zakhir, 26, M, Alok Tiwari, 24, M, Ankit Sharma, 26, M, Atul Gupta, 45, M, Bir Bhan Singh/Vir Bhan Singh, 50, M, Constable Ratan Lal, 42, M, Deepak Kumar, 34, M, Dilbar/Dilbur Negi, 20, M, Dinesh Kumar, 35, M, Nitin Paswan, 15, M, Pravesh, 48, M, Prem Singh, 27, M, Rahul Solanki, 29, M, Rahul Thakur, 22, M, Sanjeet Thakur, 32, M, Vinod Kumar 50 M  and an unknown, 70, F (Listed in GTB Hospital list).firstpost
Bodies float in labyrinthine drains of northeast Delhi; 11 found
Northeast Delhi’s drains serve many purposes. For some, they serve as a convenient way to dispose household garbage. For others, they are prominent geographic markers that help first-time visitors navigate the maze of interconnected lanes. These drains have now grabbed headlines for a different reason. Around eleven bodies, all likely those of people killed during the communal riots that roiled northeast Delhi last week, have been fished out from different points in these drains in the last five days, according to reports from hospitals and the district administration.The riots have killed at least 47 lives and left around 350 injured.The first body recovered on February 26 was that of Ankit Sharma, a staffer with the Intelligence Bureau, whose family said that he was attacked by a mob during the violence. The last five bodies recovered from the drains on Sunday and Monday are unidentified.HT
"Like I Have No Right To Live In India": Retired CRPF man Aish Mohammad In Delhi Shelter
New Delhi: Having served in CRPF for 22 years and retired as a head constable in 2002, it is difficult for 58-year-old Aish Mohammad to come to terms with his situation in a makeshift relief camp in northeast Delhi.Mohammad is among hundreds of victims of last week's violence in Delhi who have taken shelter at the relief camp in an Eidgah in Mustafabad.He had a house in the nearby area of Bhagirathi Vihar which was set ablaze by a violent mob on Feb.25."200-300 rioters came and threw stones, fired bullets and then set fire to the house. I was inside with my 26-year-old son. We went to the terrace and jumped into the neighbour's house. My niece was set to get married on 29th March so all jewels were kept and they robbed it all," he told NDTV.Mohammad has sent his wife and his 2 sons to his hometown of Bulandshahar. While the first floor of his house was burnt and so were the two motorbikes that belonged to him and his son, he has decided to stay back to save what little is left of his house."In 1991, I even served in Kashmir and suffered injuries. Now after what has been done in the riots I feel I do not have a right to live in this country," he said.ndtv
Delhi Riots: Doctor Called Riot Victim 'Extremist', 'Terrorist' During Treatment, Says Report
At least one doctor in GTB Hospital made communal remarks against a Delhi riot victim by referring to the person as “ugravadi” (militants/extremists) and “atankvadi” (terrorists) during treatment. Another doctor in LNJP asked the victim the full form of NRC and CAA, while yet another doctor in the same hospital accused another patient  of indulging in violence. These are some of the most shocking claims made in a report released by the public health advocacy group Jan Swasthya Abhiyaan (JSA) on Monday afternoon. The claims in the report are based on information accessed by volunteers from the group who were working on the ground with patients in two Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi govt hospitals and elsewhere from 25 Feb.till 1 March.“Patients and volunteers both reported that injured persons (are) being called “ugravadi” and “atankvadi” by doctors,” notes the report, released on Monday. HuffPost India has not been able to independently corroborate the claims because volunteers who worked with the families of the victims said the latter refused to speak with reporters. In an interview, Inayat Kakkar of JSA revealed the names of the government hospitals where these incidents reportedly occurred. In the third instance, according to the report, the doctor from LNJP hospital purportedly told the patient during treatment, “What will you do if we treat you? You will go back on the streets and be violent.”A response from the hospitals was not immediately available. This report will be updated when they respond.
122 Houses, 322 Shops & 301 Vehicles Completely Damaged: Govt's Interim Report
An interim report of Delhi government has recorded destruction of properties during 3-day long massive violence in the northeast Delhi.According an interim report prepared by northeast Delhi district administration, at least 122 houses, 322 shops and 301 vehicles were gutted or completely damaged during the violence that started Sunday afternoon and continued for three days. The figure was recorded till Sunday morning. This is likely to go up when the final report is submitted.After the instructions of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, 18 teams led by SDMs are conducting a damage assessment survey across riot-hit localities in Delhi.indiatomorrow
'Muslims approaching with swords to down shutters in Tughlakabad': Delhi Police busts another rumour
Delhi Police on Monday busted yet another rumor running through the national capital thick and fast. It said a rumor about Muslims approaching with swords to down shutters in Tughlakabad was found to be "fake."In a tweet, Delhi Police said: " A call was received that "Sharma market MB Road TKD rumor fail rahi hai ki muslim talwar lekar aa rahe hain shop band karlo." Found to be rumour/fake,  Legal Action is being taken. We again appeal don't believe rumors."indiatvnews
Police arrests 40 in connection with riot-related rumours, receives 1,880 distress calls after false alarm of violence
Fake, hate-mongering WhatsApp forwards can land you in jail: Delhi govt committee on peace
Forwarding fake news on WhatsApp can lead to three years of imprisonment, the newly-formed Delhi Assembly Committee On Peace and Harmony said.Delhi Assembly has constituted a new committee named 'Committee on Peace and Harmony' and its first meeting was held on Monday. The committee discussed the reasons behind communal riots in India with a focus on the recent riots in Delhi.The committee is headed by AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj who announced that it will launch a massive campaign against fake news.The committee will launch a phone number and an email-ID wherein people can complain against hate content and fake news. The committee has also recommended rewards for whistleblowers on whose complaints FIRs get registered.indiatoday
Delhi riots: 'My brother died after police beating’
Naeem says his brother Faizan died after he was beaten by police during religious rioting in Delhi last week. Video of the incident has gone viral.Delhi police have not responded to a BBC request for comment on Faizan's death. They have faced criticism for failing to stop the rioters and, according to some reports, standing by as Muslim homes and mosques were attacked.bbc
Paramilitary conducts flag march in northeast Delhi; no new incidents of violence reported
New Delhi:Paramilitary forces conducted flag marches and damage assessment teams scoured the violence-hit areas in northeast Delhi, where the situation remained tense but peaceful on Tuesday.Help trickled in the heavily-guarded riot-hit areas, with people carrying sacks of ration and milk cans in their vehicles.However, many complained of receiving no medical or legal help from the government.Hundreds of violence-hit people, displaced from Shiv Vihar, one of the worst-affected areas, have taken refuge at shelter homes in Chaman Park.They claimed that no help had come from the central or Delhi govt.The violence hit the businesses hard. Many shops continue to remain shut.PTI
Man Seen Pointing Gun At Delhi Cop Last Week Arrested From UP
New Delhi: The man who was seen pointing a gun at an unarmed policeman in Delhi last Monday during the clashes that took place in northeast Delhi has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh. In a chilling video from Jaffrabad area, the man in red shirt, holding a gun, was seen confronting an unarmed Delhi Police officer, intimidating him and forcing him to back away with his hands raised before firing repeatedly into the air.The gunman, who was arrested from western Uttar Pradesh's Shamli district, has been identified as Shahrukh, a 33-year-old resident of Delhi's Seelampur. He has no previous criminal record but his father is out on bail on drug trafficking charges.A suspect was arrested last week but, on Thursday, police clarified he had nothing to do with the shooting.In a video of the stand-off, shot on a mobile phone by an eyewitness standing on the roof of a nearby building, police officer Deepak Dahiya - who seems to be dressed in riot gear - is standing in the middle of the street as Shahrukh and at least six other goons approach him.ndtv
Kapil Mishra gets Y+ security, guards to man him 24x7 after BJP leader claims threat to life
Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who has been accused of inciting mobs and prompting the massive violence in Delhi, has been given Y+ category security owing to a threat to his life. MHA sources, on the other hand, said department was not informed about the decision. Kapil Mishra will now be given round-the-clock security by armed personnel under the Y+ category security, said top sources from Delhi Police.Delhi Police sources have said Kapil Mishra's security has been heightened after he allegedly received death threats. Opposition has sought FIRs against Kapil Mishra and other BJP leaders for hate-mongering during Delhi election campaign and ahead of the communal violence in northeast Delhi.indiatoday
Kapil Mishra Crowdfunds Rs 71 Lakh For Delhi Riots Victims, But Only For Hindus
BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who has been blamed for triggering the riots in Delhi, has collected over Rs 71 lakh through crowdfunding to help “Hindu families who are the victims of Delhi riots”. huffingtonpost
PM at BJP MPs’ meet: ‘Peace, unity and harmony prerequisites for development’
New Delhi :Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday stressed on the need for peace, harmony, and unity in society saying it is a prerequisite for the country’s development.Addressing BJP parliamentary party meet before the Parliament session, Modi asked all MPs to take lead in ensuring peace, harmony and unity in society. He said, “vikas is our mantra; peace, unity, and harmony are prerequisites for development.”On Monday, both BJP and Congress members shoved and pushed each other in Lok Sabha as Opposition parties, protesting the communal violence in Delhi, united in both Houses of Parliament to demand the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. In Rajya Sabha, AAP, Congress and SP came to the Well, shouting slogans against BJP, Shah and the Prime Minister.indianexpress
Parliament : Govt Ready to Discuss Delhi Riots Day After Holi, Says Speaker as Oppn Din Paralyses LS
 The government is ready to hold a discussion on the issue of violence in Delhi after Holi, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Tuesday. Amid uproar in the House by members demanding an immediate discussion on the issue,the speaker said the matter can be taken up after the festival.Proceedings have been disrupted in Lok Sabha over the issue of Delhi violence as Opposition members sought an immediate discussion on the matter. Sending out a stern message, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Tuesday said members from Opposition and Treasury sides who cross over to the other side during uproar in the House will be suspended for the session. Birla's announcement in the House came a day after some Congress and BJP members pushed and shoved each other in the House as tempers rose over the issue of violence in Delhi.Opposition members sought to raise the issue of Delhi violence as soon as the Speaker decided to take up the Question Hour. Citing earlier discussions among various parties, the Speaker said it was decided that howsover serious the issue is, the same can be raised during the Zero Hour.news18
Modi and Kejriwal Discuss Delhi Violence, Relief Measures but Not Hate Speech
New Delhi: Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting at Parliament House that those responsible for the violence in North East Delhi should not be spared. Talking to the media following the meeting, which took place around 11 am, Kejriwal said: “I told him (Modi) we should make sure such riots do not happen again in the national capital. Those who are responsible for the clashes – even if they belong to any political party – should not be spared, I told the prime minister.” He said he urged action against people irrespective of “how influential they were”.Delhi Police has so far registered 369 FIRs in connection with the violence and has arrested over 1,200 people. Kejriwal said that during the meeting, he had lauded the Delhi police for acting promptly to “check rumours in the last few days”. He said Modi too “agreed that such violent incidents should not be repeated in Delhi.”During the meeting with the PM, Kejriwal’s first after becoming the Delhi CM for the third successive time, the latter said he discussed relief measures which need to be taken urgently for those hit by the violence.
Delhi violence: Relief operations underway, residents say could do with more outreach from leaders
Inside narrow lanes singed by communal riots, relief and recovery vans have started rolling in, along with teams of the local administration assessing damage and handing out compensation forms to people.Having realised the futility of converting night-shelters into relief camps, a large, dedicated tent has also been pitched, with a capacity to take in at least 1,500 people. A week after city witnessed violence that left 47 dead, efforts by the administration have started to take a cohesive shape. What, however, continues to elude the impoverished working class neighbourhoods is a sustained political outreach, leaving members of both two communities more distanced than ever before. Residents across the area — be it Mustafabad, Karawal Nagar or Babarpur — lamented that as the violence raged, and then ebbed, no prominent AAP leader, “jinko humne vote diya”, showed up. Even local MLAs were missing from action, people said.The newly elected MLA of Mustafabad, Haji Yunus, admitted he has been to Shiv Vihar, among the worst-hit areas, “only once so far”. “The point is there’s no one living in Shiv Vihar. Families have left and taken shelter in relief camps. I am making myself available there. On the day of violence, I was in the Assembly,” he said.Northeast Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari has so far been absent from ground.indianexpress
First, mobs attacked protest sites. Now, Delhi police has threatened to evict them, say protestors
In the aftermath of the communal violence in Delhi that has left 47 people dead, it has become clear that the women’s protests against CAA and NRC were not only the pretext for the mobs that attacked Muslims in North East Delhi – they were also one of the main targets.The mobs vandalised and dismantled protest sites inside the neighbourhoods of Khajuri Khas, Chandbagh, Mustafabad and Kardampuri. In many instances, such as Kardampuri, the communal violence began with an attack on the women’s protest site.But in Seelampur, where the first protest took root in the area, after women sat down on the side of a road in December, the demonstration defiantly continues.Now, however, the protesters claim that the officer who heads the Seelampur police station, under the guise of an Aman Committee meeting, has attempted to coerce the protesters to do what the mobs failed to achieve: call off the protests.“The [SHO] told our men that he is asking us politely and lovingly to vacate the protest site,” said Asghari, one of the women protestors. “If we don’t, he will not be responsible for anything that follows.”One of the men who attended the meeting with the police officer on March 1 said a beat officer named Pradeep had done a round of colony a few days ago. He had collected names and addresses of all the men whose homes were in the front row of the two lanes of the colony lie adjacent to the protest site. The residents believe police narrowed down on these homes because they suspect them to be providing logistical support for the protests.The men were then asked to assemble at the Seelampur police station. At first they thought they were attending an Aman Committee meeting. The agenda turned out to be quite different. According to the resident who attended the meeting, police officer instructed the men to ensure the women wind up the protest in the next 24 hours. He repeated what Asghari had alleged – that the police officer pointed to the death of a constable as a reason for the anger among his force, and that he would not be able to control this anger for much longer.scroll
*anti-CAA,NRC-NPR stir*
Chhattisgarh govt school students take part in pro-CAA rally organised by ABVP; probe ordered, show-cause notice sent to principal
Rajnandgaon: Students of a government school took part in a rally organised by ABVP last week in support of CAA and NRC in Rajnandgaon district of Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh. 28 Feb. incident prompted district education authorities to issue show-cause notices to the school principal and Block Education Officer (BEO) and order a probe. The students of the Government High School for Girls in Ambagarh Chowki town, clad in uniform, took part in pro-CAA-NRC rally organised by RSS-affiliated ABVP.After coming to know about the rally, show-cause notices were issued to the school principal and BEO, seeking their replies. "Further action will be taken accordingly (based on their replies), said HR Som, District Education Officer (DEO).There is a state government directive banning participation of students in such (political) rallies, he said. Under what circumstances the students took part in the rally is being probed, Som said. Meanwhile, the DEO, in a circular to principals of all government schools and BEOs of the district, asked them to ensure students do not take part in any rallies without permission.PTI
Assam: Congress MLA suspended on NRC Issue, opposition staged walkout opposing CAA
Congress MLA, Sherman Ali Ahmed was suspended from Assam assembly for the day on first day of the budget session on Monday for raising NRC- related issue in House and removed from the House by marshals. During question hour, MLA of Baghbar assembly seat, Sherman Ali, repeatedly questioned on appointment of Hitesh Dev Sharma as state coordinator of NRC.During question hour, congress MLA raised the issue of Sharma’s appointment, but he was denied permission of discussing the matter by Speaker Hitendra Nath Goswami and warned not to waste time of the House, saying Sharma was qualified for the post. The congress MLA continued that Sharma has lost his credibility and trust of the people for his “communal and bias mindset” and said that he is not “worthy and competent for the post of state coordinator of NRC”. Goswami repeatedly stopped Sherman Ali in raising the issue and asked him to take his seat. Despite being denied the permission for raising the issue in the House, Sherman Ali remained persistent on discussion of the issue and continued to obstruct the proceedings of the House.Goswami then suspended the Congress MLA from the House for the day, but he refused to leave. Finally, Congress MLA was removed from the Assembly by marshals.Later, addressing media outside the House, Sherman Ali alleged that his suspension exposed the undemocratic attitude of the government. He also alleged that the intention of government behind the appointment of Sharma as state coordinator of NRC was to destroy four years of hard works.India Tomorrow
Kolkata: Police arrest fourth person, allegedly a BJP supporter, for shouting ‘goli maaro’ slogan
Kolkata Police today said they have arrested a fourth person, allegedly a BJP supporter, for shouting the slogan “desh ke gaddaron ko, goli maaro salon ko [shoot the bloody traitors]” during a march to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s rally in the city. Sujit Barua, 51, a resident of Sodepur in North 24 Parganas district, was taken into custody on Monday night after the police identified him in CCTV footage.scroll
All-faith peace marches planned in Calcutta
Calcutta:Representatives of various faiths and the civil society on Monday condemned the chants of “goli maaro” that were raised in the heart of Calcutta by alleged supporters of Union minister Amit Shah on Sunday. The disapproval was voiced at a news conference titled “Against Goli Maaro…slogan” convened by a citizens’ forum on Monday. The representatives described the sloganeering as a “blatant attempt” to trigger violence.Those present at the press conference said it was important that a counter slogan of “Gale laga lo sabko” was launched to spread peace. Abdur Rafiq, president, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, West Bengal, said the slogans were raised with an intention to whip up communal frenzy in the run-up to the Assembly elections in Bengal in 2021.“Amit Shah did not utter a word on the Delhi riots in his speech at the Shahid Minar ground. His supporters are now busy laying the ground for riots in Bengal,” Rafiq said.telegraphindia
Yogi govt denies charges by Kafeel Khan’s wife
2 days after wife of Kafeel Khan, who is booked under National Security Act, alleged that her husband faced a threat to life in Mathura jail, where he is lodged for anti-CAA protests, DM claimed that Khan was 'fully secure' in the jail."Kafeel Khan, who has been booked under NSA for alleged inflammatory statements during an anti-CAA protest in Aligarh, is absolutely fine and fully secure in Mathura jail. Allegations of 'inhuman' treatment being meted out to him are baseless," Mathura DM Sarvagya Ram Mishra said on Monday.SSP of Mathura district prison, Shailendra Maitrey, said that Khan's condition is being monitored every half an hour and the report is written in the gate book. He said, his ECG is normal and blood pressure was also in control.He said that Khan was demanding checkup from a cardiologist.IANS
Karnataka: Man booked for sedition for ‘pro-Pakistan’ slogan, family says he is mentally unstable
A 43-year-old man was arrested on Monday and charged with sedition after he allegedly chanted pro-Pakistan slogans before mini Vidhan Soudha, a complex housing government offices, at Kundapur in Karnataka’s Udupi district. The man, identified as Raghavendra Ganiga, is believed to be mentally unstable. Ganiga stood before the government offices around 10 am and shouted “Pakistan Zindabad” multiple times, the police said. He then moved to a corridor and continued to shout the slogan.scroll/PTI
‘Kagaz nahi dikhayenge’ signs spring up in Ahmedabad’s minority areas
Ahmedabad: The communally sensitive Ahmedabad which has had a history of riots — including the 2002 massacre — has been the site of peaceful protests against CAA , NPR  and NRC for at least 45 days.A feature of these protests has been boards and placards outside houses that signal the intention not to cooperate with officials carrying out population surveys. The signs say “Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge” (we won’t show any documents).These messages are seen in front of houses in Rakhial, Bapunagar, and Saraspur which mainly have Muslim populations. Along with anti-CAA, anti-NPR and anti-NRC slogans, notices of residents read: “No government official should enter this house for any kind of survey”. Local residents said that they began this non-cooperation movement to register their peaceful protest against the citizenship law.Naziya Ansari, 42, a resident of Rakhial, said that “Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge” signs in the neighbourhood are a tool of protest. TOI
Census 2021: Here are 31 question govt will ask you!
Centre has issued a gazette notification regarding a list of 31 questions which will be asked by enumerators for collecting information through the house listing and housing census schedule in connection with the 2021 Census ranging from Internet facility to smartphone being used may be asked.This exercise will be conducted between April 1, 2020 and Sept.30, 2020. Questions like the residence number, the purpose of the residence, number of family members, whether the head of the family belongs to Scheduled Caste or Tribe community and whether Internet facility is available will be asked.IANS
* Coronavirus*
Coronavirus: 40 Students Of Noida School Sent To Isolation For 28 Days After Parent Tests Positive
Shriram Millennium school in Sector 135 Noida today decided to shut down the premises for two days and also postpone its annual examinations after a student's parent tested positive with COVID-19 on Monday.A total of 40 students of the school have been tested for the virus and sent to a 28-day isolation, Chief Medical Officer of Gautam Buddh Nagar said.A senior school official, who requested anonymity, has also confirmed about the developments. "Yes the said patient of COVID-19 is a parent of our student, we have taken all precautionary measures and are in constant contact with the Health Ministry to monitor situation," senior official said.CMO of Gautam Buddh Nagar, Anurag Bhargava said: "School will be closed for a day or two now. During this time it will be sanitized. The process of sanitizing the school will take one to two days. It takes more than an hour to sanitize a room, our medical team has told the school about the treatment," CMO added."A total of 40 people have been tested in Noida. The reports will take a few hours."He specifically asked all to "ignore rumours". "We have all the facilities to tackle the situation. We have isolation ward developed," Bhargava said.Noida campus of the school has been shut down and officials from the Health Ministry have reached the spot to sanitise the school as well as take samples for further tests to verify if others in contact with the student or his parents have been infected with COVID-19 virus.On Monday, two cases of COVID-19 were found positive one of them was from Delhi who is currently under treatment and is being closely monitored. According to the Health Ministry, the person who has tested positive from Delhi has a travel history to Italy.IANS
Coronavirus: 6 suspected cases who came in contact with Delhi patient quarantined in Agra
 A day after a case of coronavirus was detected in Delhi, fumigation is on at two schools in Noida. In one of the schools, children of COVID-2019 patient’s study, the Ministry of Health and Family welfare said on Tuesday. On the other hand, six suspected cases, who came in contact with the Delhi patient have been quarantined in Agra.indianexpress
Updates: Govt Cancels Visas Issued To Nationals Of Italy, Iran, S Korea, Japan Before March 3
The deadly novel Coronavirus disease has fast spread to several countries including India where two positive cases were detected on Monday -- one each in New Delhi and Telangana. Union Health Ministry held a meeting with the Rajasthan Health Dept officials over coronavirus. RK Singh, ACS Health said: "All the hotels where the Italian tourist stayed are being sanitized. People who came in contact with the infected person, their samples are taken."Regular visas/e-visas issued to nationals of Italy, Iran, S Korea, Japan on or before Mar 3, who have not entered India, suspended, says Govt advisory. Hotels and tourists sites in Agra have been instructed to inform the office of the Chief Medical Officer as soon as visitors from Italy, Iran or China arrive, so that they can be screened for coronavirus infection, news agency PTI reported.outlookindia
6 coronavirus deaths in US, China cases slow
WHO has warned that the world was in "uncharted territory" as the number of people infected with the new coronavirus went past 90,000.US reported six deaths from the coronavirus, as the outbreak that started in China continues to spread to new countries around the world and the WHO urges countries to step up containment measures to rein in the infection.In South Korea, the country with the most severe outbreak outside China, the number infected continues to grow with three more deaths reported on Tuesday morning.In China, the infection seems to be slowing. It reported 125 new cases on Tuesday, the lowest since January.The number of deaths from the virus has reached 3,110 globally, according to WHO's latest figures.
Madras HC rules working women giving birth to child after twins in first delivery not entitled to maternity benefits
Madras High Court has ruled that if a working woman gives birth to a child in the second delivery after twins in the first, she is not entitled to maternity benefits as it should be treated as the third child."As per existing rules, a woman can avail such benefits only for her first two deliveries. Even otherwise it is debatable as to whether the delivery is not a second delivery but a third one, inasmuch as ordinarily when twins are born they are delivered one after another, and their age and their inter-se elderly status is also determined by virtue of the gap of time between their arrivals, which amounts to two deliveries and not one simultaneous act," the court said.The first bench, comprising Chief Justice AP Sahi and Justice Subramonium Prasad stated this while allowing the appeal from Ministry of Home Affairs. It set aside the order 18 June 2019 order of a single Judge, who extended 180 days of maternity leave and other benefits to a woman member of CISF under the rules governing the Tamil Nadu government servants. The admissibility of benefits would be limited if the claimant has not more than two children, the bench said "This fact, therefore, changes the entire nature of the relief which is sought for by the woman petitioner, which aspect has been completely overlooked by the single judge", the bench said.PTI
Chinmayanand sexual harassment case: SC rejects plea against Allahabad HC order granting him bail
The Supreme Court today dismissed a plea challenging the Allahabad High Court order granting bail to former BJP MP Chinmayanand in a sexual harassment case, PTI reported. The Supreme Court also sought the response of Uttar Pradesh government in a separate plea seeking transfer of the case against Chinmayanand to a Delhi court.On Feb. 5, Chimayanand was released from Shahjahanpur prison in Uttar Pradesh, two days after the Allahabad High Court granted him bail.scroll
Imam booked for ‘provocative’ speech at funeral event in J&K
Srinagar:J&K police on Monday filed a charge sheet against two persons, including an Imam (preacher), for “provocative speeches” at the funeral of lecturer-turned-militant Mohammad Rafi Bhat in May of 2018. Ganderbal police said it presented a charge sheet against the 2 accused, identified as Muhammad Rafiq Shah, a resident of Shuhama, Ganderbal and Bashir Ahmad Lone, a resident of Brein Nishat for their involvement in FIR, “pertaining to provocative speech at Chunduna Ganderbal”. They were booked under UAPA.The police on Monday presented the charge sheet against the duo before the court.Sources said the case after the conclusion of investigation was forwarded to the J&K government for obtaining sanction to launch prosecution, which has been granted. Sources said Shah, an Imam, was associated with the now-banned socio-religious group J&K Jamaat-e-Islami.thehindu
I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire us, says PM Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that he will be handing over his social media accounts to women who inspire and urged people to share stories of such women with him."This Women's Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire us. This will help them ignite motivation in millions."Are you such a woman or do you know such inspiring women? Share such stories using #SheInspiresUs," he tweeted.PTI
India will turn 'peaceful' if Modi's 'bhakts' follow PM's move in quitting social media: NCP leader
Mumbai: The country will turn "peaceful" if Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "bhakts" follow him in quitting the social media, NCP said on Tuesday, taking a dig at the prime minister over his tweet that was thinking of giving up his social media accounts.NCP chief spokesperson and Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik also said that Modi's decision will be "in the interest of the country".His comments came a day after Modi said he is contemplating giving up social media presence. "This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted," the prime minister said on the micro-blogging site.firstpost
SC dismisses review plea by Maharashtra CM Fadnavis in forgery, criminal defamation cases
The Supreme Court has dismissed a review petition filed by former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis against its October 2019 verdict directing him to face trial for suppressing information about two pending forgery and criminal defamation cases in his 2014 election documents.“We find no ground to interfere in the review petitions. The same are dismissed,” a three-judge Bench led by Justice Arun Mishra observed in an order dated February 18 and published on Tuesday.The Bench, also comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, had reserved the case for orders on February 18 itself.thehindu
UP: Bhim Army chief meets Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party president to discuss new anti-BJP front
Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad on Monday met Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party President Om Prakash Rajbhar to discuss the possibility of a new anti-BJP front in Uttar Pradesh before 2022 Assembly elections.“For an alliance, I would say that anything can happen and there are always possibilities in politics,” Azad told media persons after meeting Rajbhar. “In the coming days, we will come forward to stop the BJP with a powerful alliance. If we need someone’s help then we will take their help too.” Invoking Dalit leader Kashi Ram, Azad said he wants to follow the ways in which Kashi Ram did politics.Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party General Secretary Arvind Rajbhar told PTI that Azad will join an Opposition front known as Bhagidaari Sankalp Morcha, comprising eight parties, led by Rajbhar. scroll
No Jobs. Engineering Graduate, MBA Work As Parking Attendants In Chennai
Chennai: S Aditya, 21, a BE graduate, now works as a car parking Attendant in Chennai, promoting the Chennai Corporation's app for smart car parking among commuters at Pondy Bazaar for a salary of Rs 18,000 per month. This position actually requires just a Class 10 qualified candidate. But there are about 50 engineers and MBA holders who have taken up the same job outsourced to a private company.Mr Aditya says he's not usurping the opportunity of a lesser qualified person. "If a Class 10 qualified boy or girl is doing this job, they would take four to five hours to explain the technology. We would take only 2 to 3 minutes," he said.Rajesh, an MBA with 21 years of experience, has also joined as team leader, taking a 55 per cent salary cut after the firm he worked for shut down. He's the only breadwinner in his family and has a 6-year-old child to look after."After MBA or BE, after finishing college there are no jobs. So if we are looking for a job even for less than Rs 10,000, people are willing to work," Rajesh said.With jobs scarce, some 1,500 highly qualified candidates applied for 50-odd jobs. The company offered jobs only for around 50.B Rizwana Khathu, assistant project manager, SS Tech & Toorq Media Services, said that among 1,000 members they have selected only 50 and have given them training.Last year, 4,600 engineers, MBAs and research scholars had applied for 14 posts of sweepers at the Tamil Nadu assembly. The government had then denied it failed to generate employment.ndtv
In Tamil Nadu, a Movie That Says Dalits Are Waging 'Love Jihad' Draws Crowds
Draupathi claims to be an indie Tamil film. It has no stars. Many of the actors, including the male lead, are wooden. The sequences are tepid and the sets and props are minimal, although the female lead does infuse some energy.On Sunday, the third day of its release, Draupathi was one of the few movies running to packed halls across Chennai. Couples with children were in the audience at the hall where I watched the movie (I could only get a corner seat on the second row from the screen).Trade pundits are wondering if Draupathi will be the season’s sleeper hit. The film’s trailer logged more than 5 million views on YouTube, generating controversy and low-cost publicity for the film.Draupathi depicts the OBC reaction to Dalit politics. Anger drives the film – a sense of injustice over Dalits having gone too far just as elsewhere some Hindus feel Muslims have gone too far, egged on by political appeasement. The film’s immediate provocation, according to the director G. Mohan, is a string of recent Tamil movies championing Dalit struggles. “I am from the city and do not let caste affect me. Why are these movies accusing me of something I have not done?” he has asked.thewire
Taliban Resume Operations Against Afghan Forces, End Partial Truce
A deadly blast shattered a period of relative calm in Afghanistan on Monday and the Taliban ordered fighters to resume operations against Afghan forces just two days after signing a deal to usher in peace.No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack at a football ground in Khost in eastern Afghanistan, where three brothers were killed, officials told AFP.The blast occurred around the same time the Taliban ordered fighters to recommence attacks against Afghan army and police forces, apparently ending an official "reduction in violence" that had seen a dramatic drop in bloodshed and given Afghans a welcome taste of peace.The partial truce between US, the insurgents and Afghan forces lasted for the week running up to the signing of US-Taliban accord in Doha on Saturday and was extended over the weekend. "The reduction in violence... has ended now and our operations will continue as normal," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told."As per (US-Taliban) agreement, our mujahideen will not attack foreign forces but our operations will continue against Kabul administration forces.”Taliban's military commission circulated instructions for fighters to resume operations, according to a document provided by an insurgent.Soon after, an Afghan army commander informed that Taliban were attacking army positions in the northwest province of Badghis. At least one soldier was killed.Since the deal signing, Taliban have been publicly claiming "victory" over US.AFP
Israel poll: Exit polls show Netanyahu holds edge over rival
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gained seats in Israel's election on Monday, according to early exit polls that put him almost within grasp of a right-wing governing coalition.But it is unclear whether Netanyahu can clinch a parliamentary majority needed to claim victory.Exit polls on Israel’s main TV channels projected Netanyahu's Likud Party and its religious and nationalist allies would capture 60 seats, leaving it one seat short of the majority needed to claim victory.Netanyahu's Likud Party won about 37 seats, ahead of his rival Benny Gantz of the centrist Blue and White alliance, according to media channels.The early results came after a hard-fought campaign for the country's third election in less than a year.If final results give Netanyahu a parliamentary majority, it would pave the way for a new term and give him a boost as he prepares to go on trial for corruption charges.aljazeera
Sri Lankan President dissolves Parliament, calls for elections on April 25
Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Monday dissolved the Parliament and called for elections six months ahead of schedule, AP reported. According to the presidential decree signed by Rajapaksa, elections will now be held on April 25.Rajapaksa, a former defence secretary who won the November 16 General Elections by more than 13 lakh votes, used his constitutional powers to dissolve the 225-member legislature. Sri Lankan constitution gives powers to dissolve Parliament after completing four-and-a-half years of a five-year term.scroll
Biden bounces back in Democratic race on eve of Super Tuesday
With one lopsided result in one Southern US state and a pair of prominent withdrawals, a lot has changed in the race for Democratic presidential nomination.Saturday's results in the South Carolina primary, in which Joe Biden trounced frontrunner Bernie Sanders by more than 28 percentage points, had already thrown a ratchet into the convoluted race, puncturing the aura of inevitability that surrounded Sanders.Then, the unexpected withdrawals of Pete Buttigieg on Sunday night and Amy Klobuchar on Monday afternoon turned what had been a multi-person race into one with four viable candidates, all of them in their 70s and from states in the northeast corner of the country - Sanders, Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg.The fifth Democrat still standing, Tulsi Gabbard, is polling just over 1 percent in national polls.aljazeera
UN envoy for Libya Ghassan Salame resigns, citing 'stress'
UN envoy for Libya has resigned citing health reasons after nearly three years in the post.Appointed in July 2017, Ghassan Salame had recently been mediating three-tiered talks between Libya's warring sides on economic, political and military tracks.In a tweet on Monday, Salame cited "this level of stress" as a reason behind his intention to step down as the UN's envoy for the war-wracked country. "For two years, I tried to re-unite Libyans and restrain foreign interference […] but for health reasons I can no longer continue with this level of stress," wrote Salame.aljazeera
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