06 April 2020

6 APRIL NEWS: Restrictions May Continue Beyond April 14, Lockdown Only for Coronavirus Hotspots One Option: Govt Sources. Islamophobia Hurting India's Battle Against Coronavirus: huffingtonpost. Delhi Police issues second notice to Markaz chief Maulana Saad


6 April 2020: 11 Shaban 1441: Vol: 12, No: 174


Restrictions May Continue Beyond April 14, Lockdown Only for Coronavirus Hotspots One Option: Govt Sources


New Delhi: The strict restrictions imposed on the movement of people as an emergency measure to curb the spread of coronavirus may continue post April 14, when 21-day nation-wide lockdown is set to end, government sources have told News18. While Cabinet Secretary Rajeev Gauba had a week ago denied that there were any plans to extend the lockdown, several states have written to Centre saying that the restrictions must continue.Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in India have risen sharply in the last one week, crossing 4,000-mark on Monday morning, while 109 people have died so far, according to health ministry data. The trajectory has been steep as cases have nearly doubled in the last four days, and if the same trajectory continues for a few weeks, India's hospitals could get overwhelmed. While the curve is flatter than the one seen early on in US, which has become the global epicentre, it has been sharper than Asian peers like Singapore and Japan.Another proposal that govt is considering is to lock down only Covid-19 hotspots, and not extend the nationwide lockdown. The health ministry has identified at least 20 virus hotspots across the country and another 22 potential hotspots.According to sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be apprised of the situation at the Cabinet’s meet on Monday and the final decision on extending the lockdown will be taken by him.The state government in Maharashtra, which has been the hardest hit by the virus, had on Sunday already said that if cases continue to rise, then there may be no option but to extend the lockdown.news18

Will Lockdown End On April 14? What Minister Javadekar Said After Cabinet Meet


New Delhi: Amid questions on whether the national lockdown to fight coronavirus will be extended beyond April 15, government today said a decision would be taken "in the national interest" and would be declared "at the right time". A top official in Uttar Pradesh, however, went on record to say people may have to wait longer as the number of COVID-19 cases is rising."When we open the lockdown it will be after we have ensured that the state is corona free. If even one corona positive person is left, it will be very difficult to open the lockdown and that is why it may take time," said Awanish Awasthi, Additional Chief Secretary, UP.After a meeting of Union Cabinet, central govt, however, remained non-committal on ending the lockdown in eight more days."We are monitoring the world situation every minute. A decision will be taken in the national interest. A decision in this regard will be declared at the right time," Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said after a meeting of Union Cabinet via video link."There is an empowered group of officials that is assessing the situation," he added.ndtv

 Confirmed coronavirus cases in India surge to 4,281, death toll at 111. State-wise tally


The total number of novel coronavirus cases in India surged to 4,281 on Monday, according to Union Health Ministry. The number of fresh cases increased by 214, from the earlier data which recorded 4,067 positive Covid-19 cases.The death toll has increased to 111, while 318 patients have been discharged or recovered from the highly contagious disease. One has migrated to another country, the ministry said.Out of the total confirmed Covid-19 cases, 66 are foreign nationals. The total number of active Covid-19 cases rose to 3,851 with Maharashtra being the worst-hit with 748 cases and 45 deaths followed by Tamil Nadu (571) and Delhi (523).Apart from Maharashtra, the other most-affected states according to their recorded deaths are Delhi (7) Gujarat (12), Telangana (7), Madhya Pradesh (9), Punjab (6), Karnataka (4), West Bengal (3), Jammu and Kashmir (2), Uttar Pradesh (3) Kerala (2), Andhra Pradesh (3) and Tamil Nadu (5). Bihar and Himachal Pradesh have reported a death each.Going through the earlier data that was released on Monday morning, Lav Aggrawal, Health Ministry, said, "63% of the deaths have been reported among people over 60 years age, 30% in age bracket of 40 to 60 years and 7% victims were below 40 years age."Talking about the Tablighi Jamaat congregation, Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said, "We have quarantined over 25,000 Tablighi Jamaat workers and their contacts; 5 Haryana villages where they visited have been sealed."livemint

Coronavirus: India sees 704 cases and 28 deaths in last 24 hours; biggest rise so far


Islamophobia Hurting India's Battle Against Coronavirus: huffingtonpost


New Delhi:The ruling BJP relentless campaign against India’s 140 million Muslims, and a lack of transparency on the part of AAP-run Delhi government, is compromising India’s attempts at containing novel coronavirus, members of the community say. On Friday, 3 April, surveyors from Delhi’s health department were run out of the city’s Nizamuddin neighbourhood after the surveyors couldn’t prove they were in fact sent by the state government. The first four questions on the Delhi govt’s health survey form ― what is the name of the head of the household, the house address, the mobile number and how many people live in the household ― alarmed the residents. Residents said they feared that data gathered by surveyors would find its way to NRC — which in turn could be used to render thousands of citizens stateless. The few forms the surveyors had managed to fill were torn up by the residents. The fears are not as far-fetched as they sound: As recently as February this year, BJP made Islamophobia a centrepiece of the party’s election campaign in Delhi, and senior BJP members including Home Minister Amit Shah have telegraphed mixed messages by first promising to create a nation-wide NRC, only to subsequently disavow their claims.The subsequent outpouring of explicit anti-Muslim hate on social media and television channels, and from members of the BJP, has set up a vicious cycle where the hate campaign has made an already marginalised community wary of state authorities, making it harder to tackle the virus, which in turn prompts more Muslim demonisation and Islamophobia.“The atmosphere till just a few weeks ago was so hateful and toxic. We are still haunted by the NRC-NPR. This being a Muslim locality, we were alarmed when they started asking these personal questions,” said Sheikh Ghulam Jeelani, a social activist and resident of Nizamuddin who spoke with the surveyors.huffingtonpost


Madhya Pradesh: 26,000 Quarantined After 10 Feast Attendees Contract COVID-19


Morena: Days after 10 people tested positive for coronavirus after attending a funeral feast organised by a man on his return here in Madhya Pradesh from Dubai, over 26,000 of their contacts and family members have been placed under home quarantine, officials said on Sunday.The man, who worked as a waiter at a hotel in Dubai, returned to Morena from Dubai on March 17 after getting information about his mother’s death, SDM RS Bakna said.“He organised a customary feast on March 20 to mark 13th day of mourning after his mother’s death,” he said.The man initially hid his travel history, but revealed it after he and his wife tested positive for coronavirus on April 2, Chief Medical and Health Officer R.C. Bandil said.PTI


India's Power Grid Survived 'Diya Jalao' – but Only for Drastic Action Behind the Scenes


As on August 31, 2019, India had one of the largest operational synchronous grids in the world, with 360.78 GW of installed power generation capacity.The famous blackout of July 30 and 31, 2012, was the largest power outage in India. It affected more than 620 million people – half the country’s population. Apart from other causes of suffering, the outage also stranded 300 railway trains and trapped 200 miners underground. The monetary loss ran into the lakhs of crores of rupees. The episode highlighted the scale of what could happen in the event of a power grid failure. The cause of the problem in 2012 was a trip on the 400-kV Bina-Gwalior line on July 30 and, on July 31, a relay problem near the Taj Mahal.It is important to note that the grid is sensitive to the small disturbances. But unlike all previous grid failures, India was faced with the prospect of a potential grid failure due to a human decision. On April 3, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the country’s citizens to shut off their lights at home at 9 pm on April 5 for 9 minutes, and instead light oil lamps, candles and torches and flash them from their balconies, gates, rooftops, etc. to show support for workers maintaining the country’s essential services.thewire


Manipur Man Booked for Urging People Not to Take Part in PM's 'Lights-Out' Call


Imphal: Case was filed against a man in Imphal after a purported audio clip of him urging people not to follow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s lights-out call went viral on social media, police said on Monday.Yumnan Devjit, an entrepreneur who is in his early 30s, urged people not to heed to the prime minister’s appeal as it will lead to a surge in the load of the power grid, resulting in a nuclear-like explosion in the country, they said.He further said in the clip that the prime minister’s appeal will lead to damage to electrical appliances, besides transformers, power sub-station, and other installations, police said.PTI


Delhi Police issues second notice to Markaz chief Maulana Saad


Delhi Police on Monday issued another notice to Muhammad Saad Kandhalvi, the chief of Delhi-based Tablighi Jamaat Markaz, officials said. The Markaz was the site of a religious congregation last month that has been linked to more than 1,000 cases of the novel coronavirus.Crime Branch of Delhi Police issued the second notice after it found Saad Kandhalvi's response over the first notice "unsatisfactory". Crime Branch had earlier asked Saad to furnish detailed answers to 26 specific questions but in its reply, Maulana Saad has maintained that as he is in self-isolation and since the country is in lockdown, he has no access to the required details.On Monday, Delhi Police issued a fresh notice to Maulana Saad with more questions."Saad's reply that he has no access to files because country is in lockdown appears to be flimsy," sources say.Delhi Police, in its notice to Maulana Saad, has also asked specific questions pertaining to the finances of the organisation.Meanwhile, Tablighi Jamaat Markaz claims that the organisation has submitted a list of documents to the Crime Branch and Delhi government.India Today TV has learnt that two officials of Tablighi Jamaat Markaz were asked to join the probe on Sunday when Crime Branch visited the premises in Nizamuddin.Sources say that the documents submitted by Markaz were in Urdu and they claimed that 1,010 Indians along with 281 foreigners were present during the religious event in March.However, police suspects that that more people were present during that period of time.Markaz claimed that they have shared a list of all those who attended the congregation as per their record with the authorities.The probe by Crime Branch has revealed the Markaz event was planned months in advance and complete details of the event are with Saad and four of his close aides. A team of Crime Branch and forensic personnel visited Markaz in Delhi's Nizamuddin but found no electronic device with data relevant to the investigation.The investigative agencies have also started their probe in the funding of Markaz, sources said.Today


Assam Police Registers FIR Against Maulana Saad of Markaz Nizamuddin on Charges of "Bio-Terrorism"


Guwahati:Assam Police on Sunday registered a criminal case against top leadership of the Tablighi Jamaat including Maulana Saad and several local Tablighi leaders. However, no arrest has yet been made. FIR was registered on the basis of a complaint made by one Eashankur Saikia who alleged the Tablighi leadership has indulged into "bio-terrorism" by spreading coronavirus. The Tablighi Markaz at Hazrat Nizamuddin is being described as coronavirus ‘hotspot’ orepicentre of Covid-19 as about 25 per cent of the coronavirus positive cases have been reported from those having attended the Tablighi congregation or those who came in contact with these people. FIR was filed at Changsari police station in Kamrup district, saying that 25 of 26 people infected by Covid-19 were linked with the Tablighi congregation.India Tomorrow


Tablighi Jamaat member sends legal notice to Times Now's Bennett Coleman MD for article alleging links with terror outfits


A member of Tablighi Jamaat has sent a legal notice to Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd, its Managing Director Vineet Jain, and others for publishing a “highly defamatory and inflammatory” article alleging that the Jamaat shares links with terror outfits.In the legal notice sent through Prime Law Associates, Tablighi Jamaat member Hafeezulla Khan has sought a sum of Rs 1 crore as liquidated damages for the mental agony caused to him due to the article which was published by Times Now on April 1.The legal notice states that Tablighi Jamaat is one of the largest Islamic movements in the world that works with the Muslim community to increase their awareness regarding the basic principles of Islam and Prophetic traditions and to enable Muslims to live as honest and responsible citizens of the countries they live in. Asserting that all its programs are organized and conducted with due permission from the relevant authorities in a cordial atmosphere, it is stated,"The organization has always cooperated with the authorities and has had absolutely no run-ins with the law in over 100 years of its existence. All its members are law-abiding citizens and the Jamaat neither encouraged nor supported and has in fact opposed any violation of law by any person of the organization."barandbench


Many having nothing to do with Tablighi meet also quarantined


Nagpur: Wasim Pathan (name changed) is a staunch Barelvi sect member and holds top position in its local body here. Pathan is 83-year-old and had recently suffered a heart attack. Despite his failing health and belonging to a sect ideologically opposed to Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), Pathan now finds himself in institutional qurantine at Ravi Bhavan. Though Pathan had been to Delhi to pay obeisance to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, a practice proscribed by the TJ, he has been allegedly bracketed in the same group since he is a Muslim.Similarly, two more Muslim youths belonging to Ahle Sunnat Jamaat have been quarantined at Vanamati. A newly married Muslim man and his friends too have been quarantined while the bride is stuck in Delhi. Some couples who had gone for honeymoon to North India are also being quarantined.Lack of understanding about these sects and their ideologies among government officials have led to their journeys to Delhi being attributed to TJ congregation.“It is blasphemous to being linked to TJ, which propagates the concept of Da'wah (invitation) and proscribes sufism,” says a Barelvi sect member. The feud over conveying Allah’s message through Dargah culture or Tabligh is centuries old and have kept the sects at loggerheads.TOI


'Muslims Not Allowed': Police Says Viral Picture of Banner in MP Village Unrelated to Virus


Dhar: A picture of a banner with a message saying 'entry of Muslims for business is not allowed' in Madhya Pradesh's Borud village went viral on social media on Sunday, prompting authorities to clarify it was put up last month before the lockdown and immediately removed by locals. "Vyapar ke liye is gaon me Musalmano ka aana pratibandhit hai" (the entry of Muslims for business purpose is not allowed in this village), reads the message with the name of the village written below on the banner put up on a road signboard.When contacted, Dhar SP Aditya Pratap Singh said that it is an "old issue"."The banner was put up on March 17 and immediately removed by villagers after they came to know about it. Now, there is no such banner," he said.Borud resident Narendra Choyal said "someone" put up the banner in their village, but they removed it as soon as they got to know about it.news18


40 Kerala nurses tests positive for COVID-19 in Mumbai private hospital


Mumbai: 40 Kerala nurses working at a private hospital in Mumbai have tested positive for coronavirus disease.  They have been shifted to an isolation ward. More than 150 nurses in the hospital are kept under observation.A total of 51 people have tested positive for the virus from the hospital. Out of this 40 are nurses from Kerala.Earlier, seven nurses were tested positive and other nurses and medical staffs showed symptoms of the disease.  It was in the subsequent tests that the 40 nurses tested positive.So far, three people have died in the hospital due to coronavirus. Health Department believes that the nurses could have been infected with the virus from them.mathrubhumi


Gujarat Police Arrests Rumour-Mongers About Tablighi Jamaat, UP Police Denies Report of Misbehaviour of Tabligh Activists


New Delhi:While Gujarat police have arrested as many as seven persons in connection with a hate campaign, calling people for social and economic boycott of the Muslims after Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi, the Uttar Pradesh police have rejected the media reports of misbehaviour of Tablighi Jamaat activists with staff members and others in hospitals and quarantine centres. A large number of people- all Muslims-connected with Tablighi congregation in Delhi-are reported to have tested COVID-19 positive.Gujarat DGP Shivanand Jha told mediapersons that action was being taken against those spreading false information on WhatsApp and other social media platforms to harm social harmony.Those who have been arrested include Ripen Singhav(27), Paras Vala( 39, a driver, Jayanti Giri (51), a businessman, Nirav Marwadi (30), Hareshsinh (42), Umakant Rathod ( 50) and Ratilal Patel (70). Ahmedabad Police Commissioner Ashish Bhatia has warned that action will be taken against those who circulate rumours and false messages having the potential to disrupt social and communal harmony. He has sent circulars to all police stations in his jurisdiction to take immediate action in connection with hate messages, if any, being circulated against Tablighi Jamaat congregation to prevent occurrence of any untoward incident. UP police that the reports in a section of media regarding Tablighi Jamaat members having misbehaved with staffers in quarantine centres and hospitals were only rumours and not based on facts.indiatomorrow


Tableeghis never misbehaved while evacuation at Nizamuddin. Not once: Urvi Sharma Raina



Raipur AIIMS denies 'spitting, misbehaviour' by Tablighi Jamaat patient


Raipur: As fake news of a Tabligh-e-Jamaat youth 'spitting and misbehaving' with doctors and staff went viral in social media, the city-based AIIMS came out with a candid statement denying any such conduct by him.Even the Raipur MP Sunil Soni claimed that the boy associated with Tabligh-e-Jamaat had created "trouble-making" scenes the moment he entered the hospital.It was also aired by a regional TV channel. Later, the channel's report was declared as ‘fake’ by Chhattisgarh state fake news control and special monitoring cell.“A coronavirus positive minor from Korba district didn’t spit on doctors or any staff of AIIMS. He is taking medicines and coopearating with the staff as per the given protocol for COVID-19 patients. He is following the rules of isolation ward as prescribed," said AIIMS statement.newindianexpress


Covid-19: Tablighi Jamaat attendees kept without testing at LNJP Hospital; not given water, soap, medicines


After herding many of the people who came to attend the Tablighi Jamaat conference in Delhi to the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, the hospital authorities have not conducted the required Covid-19 tests on them, nor have they been given soaps, adequate drinking water or even medicines for their pre-existing medical conditions.“As soon as the Delhi govt announced that LNJP was going to be the centre for Covid-19 patients, the emergency, surgical and special wards were readied for those patients. The people from the Tabhlighi Jamaati function have been put up at Surgical building. They are on the second, third and fifth floor,” explained a nurse working at LNJP Hospital. The person did not want to be named.“We were brought here on a bus from Nizamuddin on March 29. Before we got on the bus, they checked our temperatures, but they did not tell us anything else. Several of us do not have any of the symptoms. There are mostly youngsters and a few senior citizens here. But, they have not conducted any tests on us for these eight days. We don’t know if any of us have contracted the virus. If we are asymptomatic, then why were we brought here,” asked a person who has been admitted in the hospital. nationalheraldindia


Hindu Mahasabha leader booked in Aligarh for inflammatory’ comments on Jamaat event


Hindu Mahasabha General Secretary Puja Shakun Pandey was booked on Monday for allegedly making inflammatory comments targeting the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz event in Delhi, police said.An FIR was registered against Pandey on the basis of a complaint filed by former Samajwadi Party MLA from Aligarh City Haji Zameer Ullah Khan, they said.PTI


PFI Says Will File Criminal Case Against BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje Over ‘Corona Jihad' Remark


Bengaluru: Muslim political organisation Popular Front of India has decided to file a criminal lawsuit against BJP parliamentarian Shobha Karandlaje for her provocative statements against the Tablighi Jamaat.PFI, at its meeting  resolved to file a case against Karandlaje for her statement that the participants of Tablighi Jamat in Nizamuddin, Delhi, have "committed the evil deed of spreading corona and the smell of ‘Corona Jihad’ is being felt behind this.”Saying that the use of the word ‘jihad’ was a conspiracy to stoke religious tension, PFI state secretary AK Ashraf said, "Our State Committee has decided to file the case. We have to discuss with our legal team how to go about this, under what sections, etc." PFI also issued a statement saying using the word jihad makes the entire community stand as accused, and not just those who attended the gathering in Delhi. "Karandlaje has tried to disturb the communal sensitivity of the society even earlier with her provocative words. And a legal action was also taken against her for which she had obtained judicial bail. Once again, a criminal case will be filed against her," he said.news18


AMU teachers urge people not to add communal colour to Covid-19 outbreak


 Worried over the rise in the number of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases due to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz, senior faculty members of AMU, on Sunday, said that the event was an aberration and warned people against communalising Covid-19 outbreak. They also urged Union govt to bring the guilty to book. Taking strong exception to attempts being made by certain people to hold all Muslims responsible and to be squarely blamed for accentuating Covid-19 outbreak in the country, faculty members expressed their deep concern. They were particularly concerned over the campaign launched by such people to add a communal colour to this monumental human tragedy.TOI


Maharashtra: 2 booked for sending mssgs against minority community traders


Pimpri-Chinchwad police on Sunday booked two persons for spreading messages via WhatsApp against traders of a minority community.2people have been identified as Sushilkumar Simruram Khairaliya, 54, and Amit Manoj Bhalerao, 33, both residents of Ota scheme, Nigdi, according to police.Khairaliya was spreading messages that urged people to not buy essential goods like vegetables, groceries, and milk from shopkeepers who belong to the minority community.Bhalerao is the administrator of the group called ‘Amit Bhalerao Mitra Parivar’, through which Khairaliya was spreading the message, according to the police.HT


Coronavirus Won't Look at Your Religion, Time to Unite Against it: Adityanath Tells Religious Leaders


Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked various religious leaders of the state to stand united in the fight against coronavirus. He spoke to around 377 religious leaders from different faiths in Lucknow on Sunday evening and asked them to rise above differences in such a time when the world is witnessing a pandemic and lend a helping hand to govt.Speaking to religious leaders through video conferencing on Sunday evening, Adityanath said, "coronavirus will not look at your religion, faith or face before striking, hence it will be best to stand united against it." The chief minister further said the state government will soon be providing audio clips, which should be played at religious places, in order to sensitise people on how to keep themselves protected during the pandemic.The initial idea of playing audio clips at religious places after every 4 hours was given by Sunni cleric Maulana Kahlid Rasheed Farangi Mahali. The recorded audio clips will soon be provided to the religious leaders, who ensured full co-operation with the government.Adityanath also emphasised that all the religious leaders should put their influence to good use and make guide people on how to stay safe.news18


UP police book social activist who highlighted issue of Musahars eating grass after lockdown


A week after National Herald exposed how Musahars – one of the most backward and poor sub-castes among Dalits – were pushed to eat grass due following the nationwide lockdown in Modi’s constituency Varanasi, UP police booked the social activist who highlighted the incident under various sections of IPC on Saturday.The activist, Mangla Rajbhar, belongs to OBC community and is an active member of People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR), was first to bring up the plight of the Musahars on various social media platforms. He was instrumental in highlighting the issue in the local media also.His colleagues in PVCHR contend that UP police booked Rajbhar for his campaign which brought discredit to PM Modi in the press.


UP: 6 pockets in Kanpur visited by Covid-19 positive Tablighi members declared red zones


Kanpur:6 pockets in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh have been declared 'red zones' after 6 Tablighi Jamaat members, including two foreign nationals, who attended a congregation in New Delhi and visited a number of places, tested positive for coronavirus, officials said on Sunday.DM Brahmadeo Ram Tiwari said Halim Primary Masjid in Chamanganj, Humayun Masjid in Colonelganj, Suffa Masjid in Babupurwa, Badi Masjid in Baripal village in Sajeti, Naubasta and Ghatampur visited by Tablighi Jamaat members, including 6 who have tested Covid-19 positive, have been declared as 'red zone'.Police have deployed drones in the 'red zone' areas to monitor people's movement and unlawful assembly amid the lockdown."The decision to barricade the area of around one kilometre of each hotspot was taken on Saturday night after 6 Tablighi Jamaat members, including 2 foreign nationals, were found coronarvirus positive in a single day," Tiwari said.He said, "Red zone is marked in a radius of one kilometre from the spot visited by Tablighi Jamaat members. Instructions have been issued to sanitize the area properly and restrict movement of people."PTI


8 Tanzanian nationals who tested Covid -ve twice; booked for violating assembly prohibition orders in Pune


 Pune police booked 8 nationals of Tanzania of Tablighi Jamaat for allegedly carrying out community-related services during the lockdown period. Among the eight, four are women and 4 are men.They were sent to the Naidu Hospital for a Covid-19 test twice - on Sunday and once on March 24. On both the instances, they were found to have tested negative for Covid-19, according to assistant police inspector PR Shikalgar of Samarth police station who is investigating the case.The police have found that the eight arrived in India at the Mumbai airport on March 5 on tourist visa, which is valid. From Mumbai airport, they travelled to Delhi and roamed in the Nizamuddin area which is also a hub of Tablighi Jamaat. However, they were not present in organisation’s meet held in Nizamuddin area of Delhi, according to officials. HT


Attempts being made to communalise COVID-19 crisis : Kolkata Mosque trustee writes open letter to PM Modi


 Kolkata: Nasser Ebrahim, trustee of Nakhuda Mosque, Kolkata has written an open letter to Prime Minister alleging that certain sections of society and media are maliciously trying to spread hatred against Muslim in the country by giving communal colour COVID-19 crises. "At a time when world is united to fight against the pandemic coronavirus, the Indian media is in to play the communal game of Islamophobia and blame Muslims of India for the spread of the pandemic COVID-19" the letter read. The letter stated that the alleged hate against Muslims has further deteriorated the fight against the novel coronavirus. ANI


Delhi Police urge Muslims to not go out during Shab-e-Barat amid Covid-19 lockdown


Delhi Police has appealed to the Muslim community in the national capital to not venture out of their houses on the forthcoming occasion of Shab-e-Barat in view of the coronavirus lockdown in the country.The tweet shared by Delhi Police urged the people of the Muslim community to support the department in the fight against COVID-19 and added that “Lockdown is in force even on the sacred night of Shab-e-Barat on April 8 and 9.” Shab-e-Barat, which in Islamic faith means Night of Forgiveness or Day of Atonement, is considered to be an occasion when the Almighty forgives sinners if they pray. Observed on the night between 14 and 15th day of the eighth month of the Islamic calendar, the occasion is marked by Muslims congregating in mosques and visiting graves of their departed loved ones.The roads around mosques and cemeteries see large crowds on the day with extra police deployment to ensure law and order. However, this year the festival has fallen when the nationwide lockdown is in place.PTI


Muslim cleric held for communal message on social media in Himachal


Shimla:In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, a Muslim cleric has been arrested for circulating a communal message on social media in Himachal Pradesh''s Kangra district.DGP Sita Ram Mardi said on Sunday said tension gripped a part of Fatehpur tehsil after maulavi (cleric) circulated the message containing indecent language.The maulavi was arrested after the registration of a case against him, he added.PTI


Mangaluru: Poster spreading communal hatred spotted on electric, telephone poles


Mangaluru: In an act to disturb the communal harmony unidentified miscreants stuck poster spreading communal hatred on electric and telephone poles at Second Kolya situated beside National Highway 66 by unidentified miscreants.The photographs of the poster which went viral on social media read, “Till COVID-19 cases are completely cured, in the interest of residents of second Kolya Kaneer Thota, businessmen from the Muslim community are barred from entering the area.”Human Rights activist Kabeer Ullal said that he has brought the issue to the notice of Deputy Commissioner.UNI /udayavani.com


Muslim Truckers 'Beaten Up' in Arunachal, Concern Over Supplies of Essential Items


Itanagar: Several truckers, belonging to Muslim community, were allegedly beaten up in Arunachal Pradesh, following which they fled to neighbouring Assam, leaving their vehicles behind, officials said on Sunday.The incident, which follows several people across the country testing positive for coronavirus after attending a religious congregation at Tablighi Jamaat's Markaz in Delhi's Nizamuddin last month, is likely to affect the supply of essential commodities, they said.In a letter to the deputy commissioner, Kurung Kumey district Food and Civil Supply Officer Chukhu Jirjo said the truckers, who unloaded rice at Koloriang, were beaten up by a group of men on Saturday at a place between Sangram and Palin in Kra-Dadi district.Their trucks were also damaged in the attack, following which they left the vehicles behind and fled to Assam, the letter said.News18/POTI


Muslim Economic Organization condemns Criminalizing of Tableeghi Jamaat


Indian Minorities Economic Development Association (IMEDA),a not for profit organization based in Delhi that connects youth for business opportunities has released a press statement condemning criminalization of Tableeghi Jamaat in the wake of Nizamuddin controversy. IMEDA opines that “singling out of Tablighi Jamaat ignores other large gatherings that took place around the same time and even later, often attended by politicians.”  In its conclusion, IMEDA has also blamed the mainstream media in fanning anti-Muslim rhetoric, where Muslims are being called ‘corona bombs’, and ‘enemies of the nation’ on TV channels, and anchors are mouthing phrases like ‘corona jihad’. One channel even ran a banner with the Islamophobic catchphrase “Corona aaya, maulana laaya”, the statement said.twocircles


Chennai man, who passed away due to coronavirus, buried in absence of family members


CHENNAI: 60-year-old COVID 19 patient who died in Chennai on Sunday was buried in the absence of his near and dear ones since all of them are quarantined in hospital.Though cremation is the most suggested method, Corporation officials said the head of Masjid did not give the permission for the same. “We requested them to cremate but they did not agree. So we had to bury the body,’’ said a Corporation official.Old Washermenpet resident, who was tested positive on April 1, was buried in a minimalistic way in a Masjid funeral ground near Cemetery Road in North Chennai, with just a few Chennai Corporation and Stanley Hospital staff, all covered in layers of lab coats.Once the civic body made all the arrangements, the body was brought to the burial ground at the Mottai Thottam Masjid. Apart from the Masjid head, the civic body did not allow any members at the funeral due to social distancing norms.newindianexpress


Hyderabad:BJP MLA Raja Singh visits Masjid, distributes food packets


Hyderabad: BJP MLA of Goshamahal Constituency, T Raja Singh has visited Masjid in his constituency and distributed food packet. Telangana CM, KCR has announced 12Kg rice and Rs. 1500 to the one who have white ration cards.On Saturday, BJP MLA, Raja Singh visited masjid in Mangalhat and distributes food packet to Muazzin and Imam of that masjid.He also urges them to make a list of people who are in need of food and share the same with him so that he will directly provide the food packets to them.He is known for delivering provocative speeches against Muslim. But in this crisis, he is sending a message of peace and harmony.siasat


Haryana Man Suspected to Have Coronavirus Dies as Attempt to Flee Hospital Using Bedsheets, T-shirt Fails


A 55-year-old man who was admitted to the Kalpana Chawla Medical College in Karnal on the suspicion that he might have contracted coronavirus, fell to his death from the sixth floor of the hospital on Monday while allegedly trying to escape, police said.The man, a resident of a village in neighbouring Panipat, tied together bedsheets, a polythene sheet and his shirt to make a rope to escape the isolation ward of the hospital, they said.PTI


Covid-19: India faces greatest economic emergency since

Independence, says Raghuram Rajan


Coronavirus pandemic is likely to be the biggest economic crisis faced by India since the emergency according to former Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan.“Economically speaking, India is faced today with perhaps its greatest emergency since independence,” Rajan said in a post detailing his views about the pandemic on LinkedIn.“The global financial crisis in 2008-09 was a massive demand shock, but our workers could still go to work, our firms were coming off years of strong growth, our financial system was largely sound, and our government finances were healthy. None of this is true today as we fight the coronavirus pandemic,” he further said.The former RBI chief added that the crisis could be mitigated with proper measures, prioritizing containment and spending more resources on the needy.According to Rajan, though our priority should be containment of the virus through widespread testing, rigorous quarantine and social distancing, the country could not be locked down for much longer periods. The govt will have to think of ways to restart activities with thorough precautions in regions that are less impacted by the outbreak.He also added that the country needs to ensure that the poor and non-salaried lower middle class can survive amid the lockdown.“Direct transfers to households may reach most but not all, as several commentators have pointed out,” he said.“Spending on the needy at this time is a high priority use of resources, the right thing to do as a humane nation as well as a contributor to the fight against the virus, “he added.the hindu

COVID-19 Pandemic Denting Tourism, Hospitality Sector: Industry Body


Kolkata: The cascading effect of the global coronavirus pandemic is crippling the country’s tourism and hospitality industry at an “astonishing pace”, an industry body said.Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTA) has come down by about 67% annually in Jan-March quarter, while for domestic tourists, the figure is lower by nearly 40%, according to statistics published by the tourism ministry, Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) said.“Disruption due to coronavirus could result in 18-20% erosion of nationwide occupancy across the hospitality sector, and 12-14% drop in average daily rates (ADRs) for the entire 2020,” ICC Director General Rajeev Singh said.The travel and tourism sector alone accounted for 9.2% of India’s GDP in 2018 and generated 26.7 million jobs in that year, the ICC said in a statement.PTI


4 Out of 10 Workers Have No Ration Even for the Day, 92.5% of Them Lost Work in Lockdown: Survey


A survey conducted by NGO Jan Sahas, which included 3,196 migrant construction workers, revealed that 42 per cent of them have no ration left even for the day, let alone for the entire lockdown period.The telephonic survey of workers from North and Central India also confirmed that 92.5 per cent of labourers have already lost work ranging from one week to three weeks.At least 66 per cent of the labourers mentioned that if the lockdown continued beyond 21 days, they will not be able to manage their household expenses beyond a week.One-third of the respondents said they “are still stuck in destination cities due to the lockdown with little or no access to food, water and money”. While nearly half the migrant labourers were already in their villages, they face different challenges such as no income and accessibility to rations.news18


Muslim body distributes free medicine to daily wagers in Tamil Nadu


Chennai: Finding that daily wagers did not have money to buy medicines for chronic ailments in Melapalayam and surrounding areas, Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaat Sunday started distributing free medicines to the poor belonging to all religions, said an official.“Most of the poor in and around this place are daily wagers rolling beedis for livelihood. They buy medicines in small quantities even for chronic ailments. With the lockdown, their daily wages have vanished. So, we decided to provide them medicines,” K.A. Syed Ali from the Thowheed Jamaat told IANS from Melapalayam.IANS 




Over 250,000 patients recover from coronavirus globally


More than 250,000 people have recovered from the novel coronavirus globally, according to US-based Johns Hopkins University. China has the highest number of recovered people with 77,207. Outside of China, the total number of recovered people is 38,080 in Spain, 26,400 in Germany, 20,996 in Italy, 19,736 in Iran, 15,574 in France, 15,021 in the U.S, 6,463 in South Korea, 6,415 in Switzerland, 1,005 in Malaysia, 215 in the U.K, and 786 in Turkey, the university data showed. Since appearing in Wuhan, China, last December, the novel coronavirus has spread to at least 182 countries and regions. The data shows more than 1.2 million people have been infected, while the death toll exceeds 65,600 across the world.Anadolu Agency


Globally coronavirus death toll passes 70,000; Daily coronavirus cases, deaths in Spain again drop


Spain has reported 4,273 new cases of the coronavirus with 637 new deaths, the fourth day the daily totals have declined from the previous day.The total deaths in the country from COVID-19 as of Monday stands at 13,055 among 135,032 cases. The new numbers offer another glimmer of hope in Europe, after Italy on Sunday saw its death toll at its lowest in more than 2 weeks and its infection curve finally on a downward slope.Meanwhile, US entered one of the most critical weeks so far in the coronavirus crisis with government officials warning the death toll in states such as New York, Michigan and Louisiana was a sign of trouble to come in other states. Globally, the death toll from COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new virus, has passed 70,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, while the number of infections rose above 1.28 million. Aljazeera

Boris Johnson hospitalised for tests after persistent coronavirus symptoms


 British PM Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital for tests on Sunday after suffering persistent coronavirus symptoms 10 days after testing positive for the virus, though Downing Street said he remained in charge of govt. Johnson, who was isolating in Downing Street after testing positive last month, still had a high temperature and so his doctors felt he should go to an undisclosed hospital for tests in what the govt said was a “precautionary step”.Reuters


Palestinian movement urges Israel to lift Gaza blockade


GAZA:The secretary general of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement urged Israel on Sunday to lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip as the novel coronavirus poses a threat to all Palestinians.In a statement, Ziad Nakhla said the Israeli authorities had to choose between ending the blockade and releasing Palestinian prisoners or facing the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.Nakhla warned the Israeli administration and said the movement would protect Palestinians should they face any trouble emanating from the blockade.He noted that Palestinians should adopt a firmer stance against Israel, whose blockade makes daily life difficult.12 people in the Gaza Strip have been diagnosed with the coronavirus so far.Anadolu Agency


COVID-19: Israel to produce special masks to accommodate beards


Israelis who keep beards for religious reasons will get the option of custom-made face masks to protect them from the coronavirus rather than being asked to shave, a government official said on Monday.As part of measures to combat the pandemic, Israeli authorities last week told people to cover their mouths and noses in public.Health Ministry Associate Director-General Itamar Grotto said masks would be adapted accordingly."We are creating an industrial certification for masks, which means that in a few days there will really be masks of different sizes," he told Army Radio. "[So] those with beards will be able to use the appropriate masks."Palestinian citizens of Israel, who comprise about 20 percent of the country's population, have felt "left out" of the country's protective measures to fight the coronavirus, according to Member of the Knesset Ahmad Tibi of the Joint List, a coalition of predominantly Arab parties representing Palestinian citizens of Israel in parliament. The coalition has 15 seats in the current 120-seat Knesset.aljazeera

'Trump more dangerous than coronavirus': Iranian admiral


An Iranian official has called US President Donald Trump "more dangerous than coronavirus" saying moves to block vital medical supplies to fight coronavirus from reaching Iran was tantamount to crimes against humanity.Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, accused American govt of opposing efforts by the IMF to assist Iran during the pandemic."The sanction on health items is an illegal and inhumane act and a symbol of Trump's open hostility to the Iranian people," Shamkhani wrote in a tweet." US opposition to granting facilities to Iran by the International Monetary Fund to meet the required medical items to fight against the coronavirus is a real example of crimes against humanity."More than 3,600 people have died of COVID-19 in Iran, while the number of confirmed cases in the country reached nearly 60,000, according to Johns Hopkins University.aljazeera


Taliban launches campaign to help Afghanistan fight coronavirus


Kabul:When 55-year-old Khairullah from a village in Afghanistan's northern Jawzjan province was invited to join a meeting after Friday prayers on March 27, he was not prepared for what he witnessed.Despite the unusually cold spring weather, Khairullah, who asked for his name to be changed, and his neighbours were welcomed by Taliban fighters holding their AK-47s and dressed in complete medical PPE (personal protective equipment) for a workshop on the prevention of the coronavirus."It's been about a week since Taliban has been conducting such awareness campaigns here. They are asking people to use masks and gloves, talking about washing hands with soap, those kinds of things," Khairullah said, in a phone call from his village in Taliban-controlled Darzaab district."They have cancelled all public gatherings, weddings and have asked people to pray at home instead of mosques," he added.While Afghanistan has fewer than 400 confirmed cases of coronavirus, there are worries of an outbreak of the deadly virus in a country already facing years of conflict, displacement and poverty. "We were directed by our health commission to hold public awareness campaigns, which we have undertaken in areas we control. We are also distributing pamphlets with advice on prevention of coronavirus in these districts," Qari Khalid Hijran, who described himself as Taliban's newly-appointed director of public health of the Baghlan province, said. As surreal as it was for many Afghans, the Taliban's initiative was welcomed by the country's Ministry of Public Health. Aljazeera


Pakistan quarantines 20,000 following Tabligh gathering in Lahore


Pakistan has quarantined 20,000 people and is still searching for thousands more who attended a Muslim group's gathering in the city of Lahore last month despite the worsening coronavirus pandemic, officials said on Sunday. Authorities said they want to test or quarantine those who congregated at the event held by the missionary movement, Tablighi Jamaat, between March 10-12 over fears they are now spreading COVID-19 across Pakistan and overseas. More than 100,000 people went to the meeting, organisers said, undeterred by government requests for it to be cancelled as the virus hit the country.In northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, authorities have so far quarantined 5,300 tablighis, or Islamic preachers, who attended the meeting. aljazeera

Shahid Afridi, Jahangir Khan come forward to help minorities in fighting pandemic in Pakistan


Karachi : Pakistan's renowned sports personalities Jahangir Khan and Shahid Afridi have started distributing ration and cash to the minorities after a hindu tennis player drew their attention to the plight of the community amid COVID-19 pandemic.In a statement, international tennis player Robin Das had appealed to Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) to help the minority communities in the city."Jahangir Khan who is president of the foundation called me and spoke to me about Das's statement and said the minority community members whether christian or hindus must also be helped in these difficult times," Asif Azeem, the secretary of the Karachi Sports Forum, told PTI.PTI




Delhi Police On a Spree To Arrest Muslim Youths Connected with Anti-CAA Protests, Booking Them for Delhi Violence During Trump Visit


New Delhi:When the entire nation is fully involved in fighting the dreaded coronavirus that has claimed 75 lives and thousands of others have been detected to be COVID-19 positive, Delhi police is on a spree to arrest Muslim youths and activists who were on the forefront of anti-CAA agitation on the allegations of their involvement or allegedly conspiring the northeast Delhi riots, which Muslims largely believe to be anti-Muslim pogrom having been orchestrated to divert attention from anti-CAA protest and weaken the movement. While Muslims found themselves at the receiving end during the violence termed as riot by the police, Crime Branch of Delhi Police on March 6 registered an FIR accusing former JNU student Umar Khalid and his unnamed colleagues in the “larger conspiracy” behind the northeast Delhi riots that claimed 54 lives, mostly Muslims, resulting in injuries to hundreds of others and displacement of thousands of people, apart from loss of properties worth thousands of crores of rupees and almost 99% belonging to Muslims.  While a Jamia PhD student Meeran Haider and a scores of others from PFI as also activists from United Against Hate(UAH) have been arrested and linked with this conspiracy, Umar Khalid and one Danish, a resident of Bhajanpura in northeast Delhi, also mentioned in FIR as one of the chief conspirator, are yet to be arrested. If the police sources are to be believed, more activists are on the list who would be arrested in days to come allegedly at the behest of the political masters with a view to paralyse Muslim activists so that anti-CAA movement dies when lockdown is finally lifted.FIR claims that “the violence was conspired on Feb. 23, 24 and 25 coinciding with the visit of US President Donal Trump to carry out a propaganda that minorities in India are subjected to persecution and tyranny”.A legal expert said that the nature of FIR is so wide that any number of people could be arrested and at any point of time as happened in several cases that were lodged after anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat in 2002.Many youths said that they were called by the crime branch and questioned about who were behind arranging finance for anti-CAA protests at Jamia, Shaheen and other places. They were also questioned about funding sources for UAH that was behind mobilising anti-CAA protests at different places in Delhi and other parts of the country. It was in this chain that Jamia PhD Student Meeran Haider was also questioned by Crime Branch and subsequently arrested on April 3 and has now been charged for allegedly inciting riots in North East Delhi along with Umar Khalid and Danish.  Khalid Saifi, one of the founders of UAH, was arrested by Delhi police on Feb.26, along with another activist Ishrat Jahan, on charges of preventing police from removing anti-CAA protesters in Khajuri. Both the activists were behind the anti-CAA protest in Khajuri in trans-yamuna area. Samajwadi party worker and activist Ashu Khan, a resident of Bhaskar Compound in Abul Fazal Enclave, was arrested on April 5 for his alleged involvement in the Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA protest. He was presented before a court on Sunday and remanded to 2-day  police custody. Ashu Khan was arrested on the basis of an FIR number 0043 registered in Shaheen Bagh Police Station on March 24, when 21-day long total lockdown nationwide began. indiatomorrow


Bihar: 5 Dalits Injured in Firing by Members of Dominant Caste Groups, Two Arrested


New Delhi: Amid the national lockdown, five persons belonging to the Dalit community have been injured in Bhojpur district of Bihar after they were fired upon by members of dominant caste groups on Sunday night. District SP Sushil Kumar has confirmed the incident to The Wire.According to SP, on Sunday around 9 pm, at least six people from dominant caste groups tried to enter the house of a person belonging to the Mahadalit community in Sara village under Tarari police station. When the victims resisted their entry, they were fired upon with a country-made revolver in which five people got injured. The police were informed that the dominant caste men tried to steal chickens that the Dalit family was raising, but have not verified it independently yet.thewire


J&K's Keran encounter: 2 more commandos succumb to injuries, toll reaches 5


New Delhi:2 more soldiers who were injured during a gunfight with militants near LoC in Kashmir’s Kupwara district succumbed to their injuries on Monday, taking the number of army personnel killed in operation to 5. 5 militants associated with LeT were also killed in the operation that was launched after Army intercepted a group of infiltrators in the Keran sector last week. It was the first major operation against infiltrators near LoC in Kashmir this year.“4 soldiers under the command of a Junior Commissioned Officer from Para SF Units were heli-dropped near LoC after information about infiltrators was received. An intense hand to hand battle ensued and all five terrorists were eliminated,”a defense spokesperson said. Indian Express



Taliban threaten more attacks if peace deal not honored


Afghan Taliban warned Sunday that it will resume full-scale attacks if a peace agreement signed with US in Feb.is not followed in letter and spirit.In a statement, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid accused Afghan government of delaying the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners which was promised under the agreement. "Islamic Emirate has so far remained committed to the agreement and its contents. US officials have also acknowledged that the Islamic Emirate's mujahideen have acted on compromises," Mujahid said in a statement, referring to Taliban’s shadow govt.Until intra-Afghan talks lead to a separate agreement with Afghan leaders, the Taliban can attack the Kabul administration’s military centers but has refrained from doing so, he added. "American side and their internal and external military supporters have committed several violations, including not releasing 5,000 prisoners, carrying out attacks on Taliban centers and raids and bombing of civilian settlements," Mujahid said. The deal has been violated in Afghan provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Farah, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Paktia, Badakhshan, Balkh and other parts of the country, the details of which have been communicated to the American side from time to time, he added. Mujahid urged US to respect the content of the agreement and asked its allies in Afghanistan to follow the agreement in its full sprit. "If such breaches continue, it would create an atmosphere of mistrust that will not only damage the agreement but also force the mujahideen to respond similarly and will increase the level of fighting," he warned. Taliban have demanded the release of 5,000 of their militants in return for the release of 1,000 captives, including Afghan officials and security personnel. Afghan government, however, insists on releasing them in phases along with intra-Afghan talks and a ceasefire in place.Anadolu Agency


Up to 20 Malian soldiers killed in attack on military base


At least 20 Malian soldiers have been killed in an armed attack, local politicians and a military official said, in the latest bout of violence in West African nation.Fighters attacked a military base in the northern town of Bamba early on Monday morning, according to a local government official, who called the assailants "terrorists".Another local official gave a similar account, explaining that the fighters arrived on motorbikes and in cars."Investigations are still ongoing on the ground because the death toll must be higher than the 20 deaths announced," official told AFP.aljazeera

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Mosque Vandalised in Mukhmelpur Near Delhi, Locals Claim, Police Deny


Coronavirus Disruptions See India's Services Activity Contract in March:Vivek Mishra, thewire


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