08 June 2020

7 JUNE NEWS: Unlock 1.0: Religious places, malls opening from Monday, okays over 800 monuments across the country that have places to worship to open . Mosques To Open For 'Namaaz' On Monday, Clergies Issue Advisories For Devotees, Ask To Follow Government Guidelines


07 JUNE 2020: 14 Shawwal 1441: Vol: 12, No: 226


Unlock 1.0: Religious places, malls opening from tomorrow


Places of worship and Shopping malls across the country, barring states like Maharashtra and Goa, are ready to throw their doors open to people from Monday after remaining closed for nearly two and a half months due to the lockdown prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), malls, hotels, restaurants and places of worship can open from June 8 as part of phase I of the “unlockdown”. Besides coming up with their lists of dos and don’ts for the people, authorities have ensured that premises of religious places, restaurants, malls have been cleaned and provisions for adherence to social distancing and other protocols being made.While entrance to religious places and malls must have hand sanitiser dispensers and thermal screening provisions, not more than 50 per cent of seating capacity is going to be permitted at food courts and restaurants, the guidelines say. Instead of dine-ins, the SOPs call for takeaways to be encouraged.

Uttar Pradesh unlocking 

Malls, hotels, restaurants and religious places will open up across Noida and other areas outside containment zones in Uttar Pradesh. Face masks have been made compulsory and persons showing symptoms have been advised not to visit public places.Additional Chief Secretary (Home) Awanish Kumar Awasthi said religious places, “apart from those in containment zones”, will be allowed to open and gatherings would be restricted.“At malls where there are food courts, it must be ensured that crowds don’t gather and seating capacity is only used at 50%… At restaurants, tables must be disinfected after each use. And in hotels, staff must collect medical history and travel history of people staying there,” he said.

👉 Haryana unlocking 

In Haryana, shopping malls and religious places are set to open across 20 districts in the state except Gurgaon and Faridabad. Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality services will, however, be allowed to operate across the state. Restaurants shall be permitted to operate their dine-in facility with maximum 50% seating capacity.

👉 Punjab unlocking 

Restaurants in Punjab will continue to remain shut for dine-in customers even though the state government has allowed opening of malls, where you can shop for clothes but without trying them on. People can also visit places of worship but ‘prasad’ or langar won’t be served.According to the guidelines issued by the Punjab government Saturday, restaurants or food courts in malls will not operate except for take away or home delivery. Guests in hotels will have to be served food in their rooms.The fresh guidelines also provide for a token-based entry to malls. The system will have a provision for maximum time limit for a mall visitor. “The maximum capacity of persons allowed in each shop in the mall shall be fixed on the basis of maintenance of six-feet distance,” as per the government notification.As per the guidelines, mall visitors are required to have COVA app on their mobile phones. The management of the mall will ensure that not more than 50 per cent of the maximum capacity shall, at any point of time, enter the mall.

👉 Chandigarh unlocking 

All malls, including Elante mall, DLF Mall, Centra, Fun republic, are set to open in Chandigarh from Monday. Hotel chains, microbreweries, food courts will also open from June 8, but with distancing rules in place and only till the prescribed time. The night curfew will be from 9 pm to 5 am for the movement of non-essential items.

👉 Maharashtra unlocking 

The Maharashtra government is yet to take a decision on opening religious places for devotees. Last week, the Maharashtra government had extended the lockdown period till June 30 and decided to keep religious places closed for some more period.“A decision is yet to be taken on opening temples, mosques, churches and other religious establishments for people. There has been no decision so far on allowing people to gather at such places, Maharashtra’s law and judiciary department secretary Rajendra Bhagwat told PTI. Authorities of some prominent temples in Maharashtra also said they have not received any official communication on allowing shrines to be opened for devotees.

👉 Gujarat unlocking 

For religious places, the Gujarat government has decided they could open in “non-containment zones, but only for viewing”. The guidelines issued by the government said, “The temple management and organisers will have to ensure the devotees observe the protocols issued during the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid crowding.”Rupani has directed authorities of places of worship to ensure no rituals, like offering prasad and sprinkling holy water, are performed.

👉 Kerala unlocking 

Kerala government has decided to allow functioning of malls, restaurants and places of worship, including the Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa temple, from June 9, but made it clear that the elderly and children will have to stay away from such places.However, an archdiocese of Catholic Church in Kerala said churches under it would not offer services till June 30. Although masses and other services would not be carried out, the churches can, however, be opened for the faithful to go and say individual prayers, the Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese under the Syro-Malabar Church said in a statement. Kerala government has said the maximum number of people inside a place of worship will be decided as per its size. “Only 15 people per 100 square metre, maintaining a six feet distance between each other, can be allowed but must restrict to a maximum of 100 people at a time in the premises,” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said. indian express

Union Culture Ministry okays over 800 monuments across the country that have places to worship to open on June 8


Over 800 monuments across the country that double up as places of worship will be opened to the public starting Monday, after being closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. Union Culture Minister Prahald Singh Patel said in a tweet that the Ministry, under which the Archaeological Survey of India functions, had decided to open certain monuments and that safety procedures announced by the Union Health and Family Welfare and Home ministries would apply.In directions to the ASI, the Ministry on Sunday wrote that the Centrally-protected monuments “under worship” would be opened to the public. The government had decided last week to open all places of worship from Monday. The remaining monuments of the ASI’s total 3,691 protected sites, including the Taj Mahal in Agra, will remain closed to visitors for now.According to a list of 821 monuments released by the Ministry, 114 were in the North region, 155 in Central, 170 in West, 279 in South and 103 in East.While the Taj Mahal itself will continue to remain shut, the Fatehpuri Masjid on the south-west corner of its entrance, the mosque inside its premises and the Kali masjid near it will be opened.In Delhi, Friday prayers would be allowed in the Qutub archaeological area and at Afsah-wala-ki Masjid outside the west gate of Humayun’s Tomb, the list said.The Sankaracharya temple in Srinagar, the gurdwara in Bhatinda Fort in Punjab, the Buddhist monastery in Lamayuru, Leh and St. Mary’s Church in Fort St. George in Chennai would also be opened.

Mosques To Open For 'Namaaz' On Monday, Clergies Issue Advisories For Devotees, Ask To Follow Government Guidelines


 NEW DELHI: There is likely to be a historic change in the habit of devotees who will be allowed for prayer in mosques from tomorrow after almost two and half months following lockdown as they have been advised by clergies for ablution at home, go to mosque wrapping a mouth-mask, follow social distancing and no social contacting after ‘namaaz’. They are also advised for only compulsory (farz) ‘namaaz’ in mosque, offer ‘sunnah’ and ‘nawafil’ at home and follow government guidelines properly.  Mosques and other worship places will open tomorrow for devotees after lockdown 5.0.  The Unlock 1.0 will begin from Monday.arpets and mats will be removed from the ‘namaaz’ area in mosques facilitating for sanitization after every ‘namaaz’ to prevent COVID-19 infection. Peoples with symptoms of cough and cold will not be allowed. President of Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind’(Arshad faction), Syed Arshad Madani, Imam of historic Shahi Jama Masjid in Delhi, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, Imam of Masjid Fatehpuri, Dr Mufti Mukarram and Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahli  said that carpets from the prayer area would be removed as Corona virus was likely to survive in carpets for longer times.  Those coming for ‘namaaz’ will be asked to bring their own prayer mates or clothes for ‘namaaz’. Emphasis has been given on social distancing with stickers on lines for prayer. Ablution area (tap and small ponds constructed inside mosques) have been closed. Senior citizens and children up to the age 15 have been advised for doing prayers at home, avoiding going to mosques. Maulana Madani asked Muslims to follow guidelines issued by the government while going to mosques for ‘namaaz’ by protecting each other from the pandemic. He also said that government guide lines should be the same for followers of each religion.Ahmad Bukhari said that devotees should go to mosques wrapping mouth-mask and avoid hand shake and hugging. The devotees should keep away from social gathering after ‘namaaz’.Mufti Mukarram asked people not to touch books kept inside the mosques. “Leave the mosque after the ‘namaaz’. Read the Holy Quran and other religious books at home”, he advised. As all devotees cannot do prayer in one go due to social distancing, Maulana Firangi Mahli of Lucknow advised Muslims to hold four ‘jamaats’ after a gap of 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia of Hyderabad Hyderabad, has issued 2 separate 'fatwas', permitting social distancing and wearing of masks during prayers. Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin of Jamia Nizamia, in his 'fatwa', said, “While standing shoulder-to-shoulder is 'sunnah' or the practice of Prophet Mohammed, there remains scope for maintaining distance between two worshippers till the pandemic subsidises”. He also said that "covering nose and mouth during namaz is 'Makrooh-e-Tehrimi' (impermissible) but one can wear the mask as a precautionary measure provided the nose and forehead are placed firmly on the ground." Though the central government has allowed opening of religious places from June 8 all over the country, Maharashra government is yet to take a decision on reopening of mosques, temples and other religious places from June 8 owing to increase in positive cases of coronavirus.

 Major Mosques Not To Open In Kerala On June 8

Reports coming from Kerala said that major mosques would not reopen on June 8 as increase in cases of coronavirus infection are not conducive to allow people to pray collectively in mosques.

 All Mosques To Open In Karnataka On June 8

Maqsood Imran, Khateeb-o-Imam of Bengaluru Jama Masjid, told media that mosques will reopen on June 8 by following all precautionary measures like sanitising the entire premises and adopting social distancing norms. He said that prayers might be held in batches in case more number of people to mosques and all of them could not be accommodated in one go because they would not be allowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder.India Tomorrow

Mosques in Telangana to reopen from tomorrow, social distancing norms to be followed


The worshippers will not stand shoulder-to-shoulder in mosques when they reopen along with other places of worship after two-and-half months on Monday. Managing committees and caretakers of mosques are busy making arrangements to meet the new requirements of social distancing to check the spread of COVID-19.Carpets are being removed in many mosques in view of the findings that virus survive longer on the coverings. People are being told to come to the mosques with their own 'janamaz' or individual mats or offer prayers on the stone floor.As a precautionary measure mosques will also keep the toilets and 'wazu khanas' or ablution rooms shut. People have been told to come prepared from their homes.As standing shoulder-to-shoulder for congregational prayers is considered must, there was uncertainty on how the social distancing will be maintained. However, Islamic scholars have issued 'fatwa' or edict that the gap between two worshippers can be maintained to contain the spread of disease.Jamia Nizamia, the renowned Islamic university of Hyderabad, has issued two separate 'fatwas' permitting social distancing and wearing of masks during prayers.Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin of Jamia Nizamia, in his 'fatwa' said while standing shoulder-to-shoulder is 'sunnah' or the practice of Prophet Mohammed, there is scope for maintaining distance between two worshippers till the end of the pandemic.

''Unlockdown'': Most places of worship to open in MP from Monday


Bhopal:Places of worship outside containment zones in several places in Madhya Pradesh will reopen from Monday, when several restrictions for the coronavirus-induced lockdown are set to be eased, though no decision has been taken for red zones Indore and Bhopal.The state government had issued the standard operating procedure (SOP) for religious places on June 5.According to an official, the doors of Ujjain''s famous Mahakaleshwar Temple, one of the 12 ''jyotirlingas'' which attracts several lakh devotees every year, would open from 8 am on Monday, though another ''jyortilinga'' at Omkareshwar in Khandwa district, will follow the suit on June 16.Bhopal-based Masajid Committee office-bearer Yasser Arafat told PTI the decision to open mosques would be taken as per directives of the local administration, adding that mosques in red zones like Bhopal and Indore would not open as of now. PTI 

Malls, restaurants, religious places to open in Delhi from Monday; hotels to remain shut


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that malls, restaurants and religious places in the national capital would open from Monday after more than two months since the coronavirus-induced lockdown was imposed, but banquet halls and hotels would remain closed.At an online briefing on Sunday, Kejriwal said hotels and banquet halls might be converted into hospitals in the coming days to treat coronavirus patients and therefore, they would remain shut."Malls, restaurants and religious places will be opening from Monday in Delhi in accordance with the Centre''s guidelines," he said.The city government will comply with the instructions of the Centre and its experts like maintaining social distancing and wearing of masks at these places, Kejriwal said.PTI 

Unlock 1: Uttarkhand Govt Issues SOP; Places of Worship to Open From 7 AM to 7 PM; no Outsiders Allowed


New Delhi: As the places of worship are all set to open across the country from Monday, the Uttarakhand government on Sunday issued guidelines for opening of religious places with effect from tomorrow. Issuing the guidelines, the state government said that the places of worship will be allowed to open from 7 AM to 7 PM. However, the places of worship in containment zones will remain closed till further orders. Religious places which are located in non-containment zones will only be allowed to open from Monday.In the guidelines, the state government said that the pilgrims from places outside the state are not allowed to visit until further orders.

Jammu and Kashmir Unlock 1.0 guidelines: Religious places continue to remain shut


 Jammu and Kashmir administration announced that religious places would continue to remain closed in the Union Territory as it allowed certain activities, including reopening of malls, barber shops, hotels and restaurants with new guidelines from Monday.The administration on Sunday also exempted private transport from the purview of the coronavirus-triggered lockdown outside containment zones but decided against allowing inter-state and inter-province movement without passes.Earlier during the day, the administration issued a fresh classification of the districts on the eve of implementation of the lockdown relaxations in the country effective till June 30.

MHA Says 'Fake Media Reports' to Blame for Migrant Workers Gathering at Anand Vihar


New Delhi: An affidavit filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Supreme Court on Friday has said that “fake media reports” and “misinformation” were to be blamed for the large number of migrants who had gathered at the Anand Vihar bus terminal and Ghazipur border area in Delhi on March 28. In doing so, the ministry has conveniently sidestepped the issues – such as uncertainty over employment caused by lockdown, companies and factories laying them off, and their running out of food and money – which led to the assembly of migrants.The affidavit also failed to state that the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh and the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi had announced special buses to facilitate the journey of migrant workers and their families back home.In its affidavit, the MHA said that “due to circulation of certain misinformation in the area of GNCT (Delhi), thousands of migrants gathered at Anand Vihar bus terminal and Ghazipur border area on March 28. This gathering occurred due to fake media reports that 1,000 buses for travel of stranded migrants to their home State have been arranged and would be available at the said points.”

‘Stop attending to Muslim patients’: WhatsApp chat between Rajasthan pvt hospital staff goes viral, cops begin probe


Jaipur :Rajasthan Police is conducting an inquiry after receiving a complaint that the staff of a private hospital in Churu district allegedly discussed not attending to Muslim patients.Screenshots of a purported WhatsApp chat between the staff of the hospital have gone viral on social media.On Saturday, Dr Sunil Choudhary, who runs the Srichand Baradiya Rog Nidan Kendra in Sardarshahar and whose staff purportedly wrote the messages, apologised through a Facebook post, saying the hospital staff didn’t have any intention to hurt any religious groups. “Kal se me muslim ptnt ka x-ray ni krunga. Yah meri sapat hai (from tomorrow onwards, I won’t do the X-rays of Muslim patients. This is my promise),” reads one of the messages in the alleged chat which took place between the members of a WhatsApp group titled ‘BARDIA RISE’.The same individual writes another message, “Muslim ptnt ko dekhna hi band krwa do (Stop attending to Muslim patients).”“Agar Hindu positive hote n, Muslim dr hota to hinduo ko kbhi ni Dekhte. Me ni dekhungi Muslim opd. Bol dena madam h he ni yaha (If Hindus were positive and had there been a Muslim doctor, then Hindus would have never been attended to. I will not attend to Muslim OPD. Tell them madam is not here),” reads another message in the alleged chat.Another message reads that only Muslims have been found positive in Sardarshahar so it will be best not to attend to Muslim patients and send them to another doctor who is a Muslim.Reacting on this, Sardarshahar police station sub-inspector Ramesh Pannu told Indian Express said they were conducting an inquiry into the matter. 

UP police file charges against 83 Tablighis, 57 of them foreigners


Lucknow :Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday filed chargesheet against 83 Tablighi Jamaat members, including 57 foreign nationals, who were arrested in six different cases registered against them in Saharanpur for allegedly spreading coronavirus, as also not informing the district administration about their participation in the Jamaat’s congregation in Delhi in early March.More than 2,500 Tablighi members, including 308 foreign nationals, had earlier been booked in approximately 300 cases filed in different districts of the state.The police had taken them into custody after the Tablighi members completed the mandatory 14-day quarantine. So far, an officer said, chargesheet has been filed in more than 200 of these cases.Of those taken into custody, 300 Tablighbi members,including 279 foreign nationals, are at present lodged in different jails in UP. The others are out on bail, an officer said. Saharanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar P confirmed, “The police today filed chargesheet against total 83 Jamaat members, which includes 57 foreign nationals. They were accused in six cases lodged in Saharanpur.”indianexpress

‘They acted as Corona carriers, action justified’: Yogi on Tablighi Jamaat


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that people associated with Tabighi Jamaat acted as Corona carriers and hence action against them was justified. In an an interview with Hindustan editor-in-chief Shashi Shekhar, Yogi Adityanath said that if members of Tablighi Jamaat had acted responsibly, India’s Covid graph may not have increased so drastically. Watch the full video for all the details.hindustantimes

Kejriwal key announcements: Hospitals only for Delhi residents; borders to open from tomorrow


Delhi Cabinet decided Sunday that beds in hospitals run by the state government shall be reserved for residents of the national capital till the corona pandemic subsides, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Sunday. However, the decision will not cover hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung that come under the Union government, he added.Reiterating his apprehension that city hospitals may get swamped by people from other states in the absence of restrictions, the chief minister, while addressing the citizens via video conferencing, said: “A five-member committee assessed the situation and found that by the end of June, we will be needing around 15,000 beds to treat infected patients. There are around 10,000 beds each in Delhi government and Centre-run hospitals. The Cabinet has decided that beds in Delhi government hospitals should be reserved only for people of Delhi.”He added: “The Centre-run ones will be open to all. Even private hospitals will have to reserve beds for Delhi residents.”

School charged with sedition for anti- CAA play now aids Govt in relief work amid COVID19- lockdown in Bidar

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Bidar: Shaheen Group of Institutions in Bidar Karnataka, which was booked with sedition in Feb.for an anti-CAA play – has been doing relief work and aiding the administration and public during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.Recently, Shaheen group started sanitizing buildings under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan after the central government announced to open public buildings and places of worship from 8 June onwards.Chairman of the Shaheen group, Dr Abdul Qadeer said that they started to sanitize places of worship like Mosques, Temples, Church’s, Gurdwaras along with other public spaces under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.“Today we dispatched three teams of eight volunteers each carrying equipment and spraying machines,” he said.Dr Qadeer said that the group is also planning to extend sanitizing services to the government buildings as well.Shaheen group is an educational institution having 50 branches in 13 states across the country.TwoCircles

Coronavirus: Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine production begins; US says 2 billion doses ‘ready to go’


With the search for a Covid-19 vaccine becoming nothing less than the holy grail for scientists, enormous attention and funding have been focused on developing and mass-producing an injection. The rapid spread of SARS-nCov-2 has led experts to declare that it would continue to spread if a vaccine cannot be found.In latest developments, British pharma giant AstraZeneca, which is developing a vaccine in partnership with Oxford University, said it was “on track” to roll out up to two billion doses in September. Meanwhile, US also said that it had already produced two million vaccine doses that are “ready to go” if they “check out for safety”.Additionally, India has pledged $15 million to vaccine alliance GAVI at the Global Vaccine Summit hosted by the UK. Addressing the summit, Prime Minister Modi said, “Our support to Gavi is not only financial. India’s huge demand brings down the global price of vaccines.” British pharma giant AstraZeneca has started to mass-produce its experimental AZD1222 vaccine, being developed by Oxford University, and plans to roll out up to two billion doses of a coronavirus vaccine in September.indianexpress

China defends fight against coronavirus, says US was informed on January 4


Beijing:China on Sunday defended its actions on fighting the coronavirus outbreak in a lengthy white paper which said Beijing “wasted no time” in sharing information on virus with WHO and that the Chinese Centre for Disease Control informed its US counterpart about the unknown virus as early as January 4. The coronavirus disease first emerged from the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year before rapidly spreading within the country and then globally. National health commission, Ma Xiaowei, said: “Chinese government did not delay or cover up anything”.

UK : Mosques told not to reopen despite government plan


A senior Imam has advised mosques not to open until they can hold congregational prayers, despite government plans for places of worship. The government is expected to announce that churches, mosques and synagogues in England can open their doors for private prayer from 15 June. But as mosques are primarily for congregational prayers Muslim leaders have warned the plans lack clarity.Imam Qari Asim said opening them would "cause more challenges".Full services and weddings will still be banned under the measures, which the prime minister is expected to outline to his cabinet on Tuesday.Northern Ireland already allows private worship but Scotland and Wales have not yet done so.Downing Street says any changes are contingent on the government's five tests for easing lockdown continuing to be met.Imam Asim, chairman of the Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB), has called on mosques not to reopen until it is safe to do so and they are able to hold congregational prayers.


India-China to resolve border tensions as per bilateral agreements: MEA on LAC standoff


New Delhi :A day after Indian and Chinese army commanders held a meeting to resolve the tense situation along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Sunday said that both the sides have agreed to resolve the border issues in accordance with various bilateral agreements.The statement from the MEA further noted that peace and tranquility in the India-China border regions are essential for the overall development of bilateral relations. It further noted that the meeting was held in a positive atmosphere and hinted that it could first in the series of meeting, as it stated that the dialogue will continue at military and diplomatic levels.The disputed boundary between India and China, also known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC), is divided into three sectors: western, middle and eastern. The countries disagree on the exact location of the LAC in various areas, so much so that India claims that the LAC is 3,488 km long while the Chinese believe it to be around 2,000 km long.

India, China to continue military talks along with diplomatic deliberation to resolve Ladakh standoff: Sources


India and China will, for now, continue to hold further talks at to resolve the ongoing standoff in eastern Ladakh after the meet between commanders of both armies on June 6 yielded no immediate results. Top commanders of India and China met at Maldo on the Chinese side, opposite Chushul.Efforts are being made both at military and diplomatic levels to resolve the issue in eastern Ladakh where both Indian and Chinese troops have engaged in military buildup along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), sources said.A future date for further military talks will be announced as soon as both sides deliberate and decide, added sources.

After Bill on new map, Nepal tells India: Let Foreign Secys talk, even if meeting is virtual


New Delhi :Days after its government sought parliament’s backing for a Bill on the country’s new political map that includes territories on Indian maps, Kathmandu has conveyed to Delhi that it is open to the idea of a virtual meeting between the Foreign Secretaries to resolve the border issue that is threatening relations.Sunday Express has learnt that the Nepal government, via a note verbale (a diplomatic note), said that the Foreign Secretaries can meet in person or hold a virtual meeting to discuss the issue of Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura, the Indian territories it is claiming.Last month, Delhi said that the Foreign Secretaries, Harsh Vardhan Shringla and Shankar Das Bairagi, will discuss the issue “after” the two countries have “successfully dealt” with the Covid-19 pandemic.On May 9, the spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs said: “Both sides are in the process of scheduling Foreign Secretary level talks which will be held once the dates are finalised between the two sides after the two societies and governments have successfully dealt with the challenge of Covid-19 emergency.”

J&K: Five militants killed in encounter with security forces in Shopian


Srinagar :Five militants were killed in an encounter with security forces in South Kashmir’s Shopian district Sunday morning, a senior police officer told Indian ExpressA CRPF spokesperson, earlier in the day, said that the encounter broke out around 8 am in Reban area. According to sources, they received inputs that a group of five militants were in the area.The encounter took place a few days after security forces said that a JEM top commander, who was a bomb maker and Afghan war veteran, was among the three militants killed in a gunfight in nearby Pulwama district.On Wednesday, according to the police, the top slain commander, code-named “Fouji Bhai”, was an Afghanistan war participant and was the mastermind of the averted car bombing incident in Pulwama last week.


Main accused in last year’s Meerut anti-CAA protest arrested: Police


Meerut :A Popular Front of India (PFI) member and the main accused behind the anti-CAA protests in Meerut on December 20 last year, Mufti Shehzad, was arrested from his residence in Muradnagar by the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) on Saturday.Shehzad was absconding since an FIR was registered against him and his accomplice, Parvez, at Meerut’s Nauchandi police station in December last year. Six persons died and over five dozen, were injured in the violence, police said. He has been handed over to the Nauchandi police by the ATS sleuths for further interrogation. The police said Shehzad and his accomplice had also opened an office of the PFI at a rented house in Meerut’s Shastri Nagar from where the police had recovered several banners and posters carrying inflammatory messages during a raid after their names figured as main conspirators in anti-CAA protests in the town.“They have played an incendiary role before and during the violent protests on December 20. Shahzad and Parvez were instigating a particular section to indulge in violence to vent their ire against the CAA. We have now launched a manhunt to trace Parvez,” said Meerut Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Sahni.

Pakistan wanted to cause communal unrest in India during anti-CAA protests: ZEE news Report 


Pakistan's ISI had conspired to launch terror attacks in India during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests which erupted across India in December 2019 after the passage of of Citizenship Amendment Bill in both houses of the Parliament.The exclusive information available with Zee Media shows that ISI had activated underworld and criminal network to carry our terror strikes in India.

Four anti-CAA protesters booked under NSA


ALIGARH: National Security Act (NSA) has been invoked against four people arrested in connection with anti-CAA protests in Aligarh.These people were arrested in February while the law was imposed on them on Saturday. Under the NSA, a person can be detained without a charge for up to 12 months.Aligarh SSP Muniraj G. said that the NSA order was handed over to the four in jail.The four have been identified as Imran, Anwar, Sabir and Fahimmuddin.They are presently in jail and their bail application is pending before a sessions court.Some others arrested in the case were granted bail recently."The district administration has decided to charge the four under the NSA since there were inputs suggesting that if they came out on bail they would pose a threat to peace," the SSP said.The four were arrested for their alleged role in the violence on February 23 when clashes had taken place between police and anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) protesters in the old city area in which at least five people were injured, two of them critically.

Despite Court Order, Sudha Bharadwaj Denied Basic Right of Phone Calls in Jail


Mumbai: Maaysha saw her mother, Sudha Bharadwaj, last on February 22. It was a day after Maaysha’s birthday; she turned 23 this year. In the mulaqaat (meeting) at Yerwada prison in Pune, Bharadwaj – an academic and human rights activist – was barely given five minutes to talk to her daughter who had travelled from Delhi just for this meeting.The conversation, on an intercom across a glass window, was chaotic and interrupted by a dozen other undertrials also trying to catch up with their families simultaneously.A week later, Bharadwaj and her other co-accused in Elgar Parishad case, one of the most controversial cases in the recent times, were transferred from the custody of the Maharashtra police to NIA. Later in March, the entire country was put under a lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, impacting regular court visits, mulaaqats and phone communications of over four and half lakh prisoners across India.

Delhi Riots: Days after being granted bail, Pinjra Tod activist Devangana Kalita booked under UAPA


Four days after granted bail in the northeast Delhi violence case, Pinjra Tod activist Devangana Kalita has now been charged under the non-bailable UAPA by the Delhi Police. Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested Devangana Kalita under the UAPA Act. Earlier, Natasha Narwal, another member of the Pinjra Tod collective, was arrested by the Special Cell under UAPA.The police have filed a fourth FIR against Devangana under the stringent anti-terror law in connection with her presence in the anti-CAA protests and subsequent communal riots in north-east Delhi that took place earlier this year.

Delhi Riots: Fourth Chargesheet Filed, 7 Named For Murdering 27-year Old Rahul Solanki


Delhi police on Saturday evening filed two chargesheets - one related to in 78 cases in connection with the communal violence in northeast Delhi in February and another related to murder of 27-year old Rahul Solanki during the riots. 410 people have been chargesheeted in the 78 cases related to the riots, and 7 people have been identified for murdering Solanki. The Delhi Police had earlier filed three chargesheets in cases related to Delhi riots, including the murder of IB officer Ankit Sharma.The Crime Branch of Delhi police filed the chargesheet before Metropolitan Magistrate Richa Parihar against seven persons in the murder case of Rahul Solanki. The court has decided to take up the matter for consideration of the chargesheet on June 20.republicworld

Kashmiri woman held for planning terror acts tests positive for COVID-19 in NIA custody


New Delhi: A Kashmiri woman, who was arrested earlier this year for allegedly planning a terror attack in the country during anti-CAA protests here, has tested positive for COVID-19 while in the custody of NIA.The judge directed the NIA to admit Hina Bashir Begh to Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital with immediate effect.The court sent her husband Jahanzaib Sami and another accused Abdul Basith to judicial custody in the case after the agency did not seek their further remand.Her lawyer advocate M S Khan, meanwhile, filed an application seeking interim bail for two months for her, saying "Delhi is struggling to cope up with the rising number of coronavirus positive cases" and that there is "lack of proper treatment facilities in government hospitals".The accused were arrested for allegedly promoting the Islamic State''s ideology and instigating protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, the agency had alleged.PTI

Clash Between Two Communities over Facebook Message in Bihar's Kishanganj


Aclash erupted here between members of two communities after a man circulated a communally sensitive message through Facebook, though the situation was brought under control following the arrest of the accused, officials said on Saturday.According to DM) Aditya Prakash and Superintendent of Police (SP) Kumar Ashish, the trouble began after accused Bimal Basak, a resident of Pichhla Haat locality in Sadar Police Station area, circulated the message through the Facebook Messenger app to which members of another community took strong exception.On Friday, a crowd attacked Basak's house and indulged in vandalism demanding that the accused be immediately handed over to the police.This led to a major skirmish between members of the two communities and the situation was brought under control only after Basak was arrested and taken to the Town Police Station from where he was sent to jail after being booked under relevant sections of the IPC, officials said.Tension continued to simmer in the area as members of the community aggrieved by the social media message kept demanding the arrest of all those who gave patronage to the accused.They relented only after the DM and SP convened a meeting of representatives of both groups and persuaded them to give up their fight."Tough action will be taken against all those who may have been involved in fomenting communal tensions. Kishanganj has been a symbol of Hindu-Muslim amity and we will not allow mischief mongers to vitiate the atmosphere," Prakash told the agitated residents."In the eyes of the law, all are equal. The accused has been arrested and please rest assured that none, who may have been involved in causing disturbances in any manner, will be spared," said Ashish.

Rajya Sabha polls: Congress shifts 21 Gujarat MLAs to Rajasthan


AHMEDABAD/JAIPUR:The Congress on June 7 shifted 21 of its Gujarat MLAs to a resort in Abu Road in Rajasthan and alleged that the BJP was indulging in horse-trading ahead of the June 19 polls for four Rajya Sabha seats.After the resignations of three MLAs, the Congress, whose strength has been reduced to 65 in the 182-member House, had earlier shifted its legislators to three resorts in Rajkot, Ambaji in Banaskantha district and Anand in Gujarat to thwart any “poaching” bid.However, a police complaint was file on June 7 for alleged violation of lockdown norms against a resort in Rajkot district where the Congress had lodged some of its MLAs.A party leader said that “21 Congress legislators are camping at a resort in Abu Road. More are about to come from North Gujarat on Monday”.

Reliance raises ₹5,683.50 crore from Abu Dhabi Investment Authority


Reliance Industries on Sunday said it sold 1.16% stake in its digital unit to Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) for ₹5,683.50 crore, taking the cumulative fund raising to ₹97,885.65 crore that will help pare debt at the oil-to-telecom conglomerate.“This investment values Jio Platforms at an equity value of ₹4.91 lakh crore and an enterprise value of ₹5.16 lakh crore. ADIA’s investment will translate into a 1.16% equity stake in Jio Platforms on a fully diluted basis,” the company said in a statement.PTI 

Eminent Islamic Scholar and Jamaat-e-Islami Hind leader Maulana Rafique Ahmed Qasmi Passes Away

http://www.indiatomorrow.net/eng/eminent-islamic-scholar-and-jamaat-e-islami-hind-leader-maulana-rafique-ahmed-qasmi-passes-away?utm_source=feedburner HYPERLINK "http://www.indiatomorrow.net/eng/eminent-islamic-scholar-and-jamaat-e-islami-hind-leader-maulana-rafique-ahmed-qasmi-passes-away?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=emailemail&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Indiatomorrownet+%28IndiaTomorrow.net%29"& HYPERLINK "http://www.indiatomorrow.net/eng/eminent-islamic-scholar-and-jamaat-e-islami-hind-leader-maulana-rafique-ahmed-qasmi-passes-away?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=emailemail&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Indiatomorrownet+%28IndiaTomorrow.net%29"utm_medium=emailemail HYPERLINK "http://www.indiatomorrow.net/eng/eminent-islamic-scholar-and-jamaat-e-islami-hind-leader-maulana-rafique-ahmed-qasmi-passes-away?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=emailemail&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Indiatomorrownet+%28IndiaTomorrow.net%29"& HYPERLINK "http://www.indiatomorrow.net/eng/eminent-islamic-scholar-and-jamaat-e-islami-hind-leader-maulana-rafique-ahmed-qasmi-passes-away?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=emailemail&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Indiatomorrownet+%28IndiaTomorrow.net%29"utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Indiatomorrownet+%28IndiaTomorrow.net%29

NEW DELHI;6-Senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Rafique Ahmed Qasmi, passed away at the Al Shifa Hospital on Saturday due to a massive heart attack. He was 75. Islamic scholars across the nation and the world offered their condolences on his demise. He was popular among every religious sphere for his interfaith dialogues. The news of his death shocked and saddened not just Muslim community but also communities from different faiths. Social media was flooded with the messages of condolences on his sudden demise. Maulana Rafiq Qasmi was an excellent speaker and had cordial relations with the scholars of different schools of Islamic thought as well as the religious leaders of other communities. He was born in Datauli, District Balrampur and hailed from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. He was National Secretary and Central Advisory Council member of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He was also executive member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. The President of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Syed Sadatullah Hussaini, along with senior Jamaat leaders offered their condolences and prayed for his forgiveness and blessing him with eternal paradise.His Namaaz-e-Janaza was held in the lawns of the Ishaat-e-Islam Masjid  in Abul Fazal Enclave, Okhla, New Delhi. His body was buried in Shaheen Bagh graveyard.India Tomorrow

Senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami  Hind Moulana Qasmi passes away



Vegetable vendor’s son tops Assam madrassa board exam


GUWAHATI: Karam Ali’s years of struggle has not gone in vain.The vegetable vendor’s son, Eyamin, secured the top rank in Assam’s High Madrassa Examination, 2020, the results of which were declared on Saturday.From the local MLA to panchayat leaders, people swarmed to Ali’s modest house at Kahibari village in Barpeta district of Lower Assam to extend their best wishes to the family.For over a decade, Ali had pulled a cycle rickshaw to eke out a living for his family of six members. Two years ago, he had made the rickshaw a vegetable carrier by modifying it. Given his son’s achievement, he said “poverty can never stand in the way of excellence”.

‘Over 2,000 cattle dead at cow shelter,’ says Bikaner mayor citing negligence


More than 2,000 cattle died at a government cow shelter in Rajasthan’s Bikaner in the last five months, states a letter by Mayor Sushila Kanwar which HT has accessed. Kanwar has alleged that the municipal commissioner was not paying attention to the crisis in the shelter at Sarah Nathaniya, situated at the outskirts of the city.Stray cattle are kept in the shelter for which Bikaner Municipal Corporation (BMC) pays Rs 50 a day per cattle to Sohanlalji Buladeviji Ojha Goshala Samiti governed by a Chennai-based businessman.The society signed an MoU with the civic body through which the BMC agreed to pay Rs 5 crore as interest-free loan to develop 148 acres into a cow shelter and to create the infrastructure and maintain the shelter. BMC had paid Rs 2.5 crore till date.HT 

Amit Shah at Bihar rally: NDA to form govt with 2/3rd majority under leadership of Nitish Kumar


Launching the BJP’s election campaign in Bihar, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday exuded confidence that the NDA would form the government with 2/3rd majority under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.Addressing the ‘Bihar Jansamvad Rally’ through video conferencing, Shah said under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the state moved from “lalten raj” to “LED raj”, referring to the RJD’s poll symbol of lamp. The BJP will have 75 such meetings, he said.“I believe that under Nitish Kumar ji’s leadership NDA will form the government with 2/3rd majority but this isn’t the time for politics. We all should fight Covid-19 under Modi ji’s leadership. Bihar’s growth rate was 3.9 per cent when RJD was ruling, it reached 11.3 per cent under Nitish Kumar,” Amit Shah said.

Sonu Sood enacting a political script by BJP: Sanjay Raut on actor helping migrants


Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut Sunday wondered whether the BJP was behind Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s recent efforts to help stranded migrant workers, in a bid to show the Uddhav Thackeray government in a poor light. In his weekly column ‘Rokhthok’ in the party’s mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, Raut raised questions on the sudden rise of “Mahatma” Sood and referred to a sting operation ahead of the 2019 General Elections, which showed Sood accepting an offer to promote the BJP-led government on various social media platforms.Sena’s attack came in the backdrop of Sood arranging buses and chartered flights for migrant workers stuck in Mumbai.“Sood is an actor whose profession is to deliver dialogues scripted by someone else and make a living out of it. There are many people like Sood who would promote any political party if paid well,” Raut wrote.


‘It’s a war crime’: Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu annexation bid


Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv Saturday evening to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to begin annexing parts of the West Bank next month.Police initially sought to block the rally but backtracked Friday after meeting with organizers, who urged participants to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.Dozens of officers were securing the demonstration after police said attendance would be capped at 2,000, though the Haaretz daily put turnout at 6,000 people in what appeared to be the largest protest in the country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.The demonstration was organized by the left-wing Meretz party and the communist Hadash faction of the majority-Arab Joint List, along with several other left-wing rights groups.MK Nitzan Horowitz, the head of Meretz, told the crowd that annexation would be a “war crime” and would cost Israel millions as the economy is already reeling due to the pandemic.“We cannot replace an occupation of dozens of years with an apartheid that will last forever,” shouted a hoarse Horowitz. “Yes to two states for two peoples, no to violence and bloodshed,” he continued. “No to annexation, yes to peace.”Horowitz said “annexation is a war crime, a crime against peace, a crime against humanity, a crime that will result in bloodshed.”timesofisrael


New India has a solution to all its problems — Blame the Muslim:JYOTI YADAV


The Safoora Zargar bail order: An exercise of complete judicial oversight?Uday Bedi


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