08 August 2016

08 Aug. 2016: 04 Dzulqa'dah 37: Vol:7, No:132
Govt may ban Zakir Naik's NGO under UAPA:TOI
New Delhi: Legal opinion to the Home Ministry has favoured declaration of Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), the NGO run by Zakir Naik, as an "unlawful association" under the UAPA. The grounds to be cited for the ban may include spreading hatred between religious communities through public speeches and activities and "forced conversions" by its members.An 'unlawful' association is different from a 'terrorist' organisation declared under UAPA. The law, while defining an "unlawful association", covers any organisation "which has for its object any activity that is punishable under Section 153A or 153B of IPC".Zakir Naik's interests here include IRF and IRF Educational Trust. The latter runs the Islamic International School in Mumbai. The NGOs also own some prime properties. Sources in the law enforcement agencies told TOI some legal issues had to be sorted before action is initiated against IRF, especially in view of absence of an anti-conversion law in Maharashtra.The home ministry was also examining possible FCRA violations by IRF and IRF Educational Trust, both registered as "educational" NGOs under FCRA. However, once IRF is declared 'unlawful', it will face a ban on not only receiving foreign funding but also domestic funding. A key area examined by the Central agencies while weighing option of a ban on IRF has been the alleged involvement of IRF/IRF members in "forced" conversions, as borne out by investigations into a case registered by the Kerala Police. Legal opinion was sought on whether this makes the foundation liable for criminal action, given that Maharashtra, where conversions mostly took place, is yet to enact a law against 'forced' conversions. timesofindia
Centre may ban Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research foundation
Union govt proposes a ban on Zakir Naik's IRF
Government probing foreign funds of Zakir Naik’s NGOs
Home Ministry to probe foreign funding of IRF
Never indulged in any unlawful activity: Zakir Naik's IRF
Mumbai: Taking note of certain media reports citing the Law ministry’s suggestion to ban it under UAPA, Zakir Naik’s IRF on Monday said if the government registers a case against IRF under the UAPA, it will be gross misuse of the act.“This is truly shocking. There is no evidence to show that Naik ever promoted terrorism or indulged in any unlawful activity. If the govt registers a case under the UAPA, it will be gross misuse of the draconian act,” the foundation said in a statement.“UAPA is a draconian act and for it to be used against IRF when no evidence – much less legally admissible evidence – exists, is totally shocking. Naik or IRF have not committed any terrorist act or abetted any terrorist activity,” the statement said.The foundation said that as Naik has been honoured by several countries and governments, invoking UAPA against his foundation would mean accusing all these countries of promoting a ‘terrorist’.“Naik has been honoured by several countries and governments with three of the most prestigious awards of the Islamic World including others. Never before has such a renowned Muslim been accused of promoting terrorism anywhere in the world. If the Indian government applied UAPA on Naik it will appear that the government is also accusing all these Muslim countries for promoting a ‘terrorist’,” it said.ABP
We were not converted forcefully, claim group of Muslim women
New Delhi: Police agencies are probing possibilities for forceful conversions after two people associated with Islamic Research Foundation were arrested in a joint operation by Kochi Police and Maharashtra ATS. In an unprecedented event on Sunday, 16 people who converted to Islam addressed a public gathering about their journey.India Today interviewed women who have accepted Islam for as long as 22 years while few have converted recently. Out of this, one women also came in contact with Rizwan Khan one of the persons arrested by the Maharashtra ATS, who allegedly helped couple from Kerala to convert and later they supposedly joined IS. These women denied allegations of forceful conversions.Ayesha Rodriguez, previously Monica Rodriguez was a Christian before and recently converted to Islam."Rizwan helped me in getting married and kept in touch with us because I was facing difficulties after reverting. I don't think there is any wrongdoing in this act."One of these women identified herself as Sana Ansari, previously Rupali Parmar. She converted 22 years ago and now works as a businesswoman along with her husband. Her case was ironic because according to her, women rights in Islam attracted her towards the religion. She is of the belief that most women are not educated enough to be aware about their rights."I converted in 1994. Rights given to women is what brought me towards Islam. I had to leave my house and look for a hostel which was a difficult journey. Over the years my family has accepted me. I think the perception that conversions are forceful is not true. There is process followed to get converted officially which involves an affidavit."These women were part of a session on converions by All India Dawah Centres Association on Sunday. AIDCA is an umbrella organisation for all NGOs who invite people towards Islam and regularsie it. The event was attended by Zafar Sareshwala, Chancellor of Maulana Azad University. India Today
Allahabad school that banned nation anthem sealed, manager Zia-ul Haq arrested
Allahabad:Police has arrested the manager of a school here who refused to allow recital of national anthem on Independence Day, while authorities today began proceedings for sealing the school, which was allegedly running illegally, and stepped up security due to tension in the area. Zia-ul Haq, manager of MA Convent School in Baghara locality, was booked under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act and arrested, officials said.A magisterial inquiry has been ordered to look into how the school was allowed to run for two decades without any clearance from authorities and the allegation against the manager, they said.“Orders for sealing the school have been issued. “The education department has been requested to arrange shifting of nearly 300 students enrolled there to some other school so that their studies do not suffer,” officiating DM of Allahabad Andra Vamsee said. An FIR was filed by the education department in the matter which came to light when eight of the school’s teachers, including its principal, resigned last week after they were denied permission to hold recital of the national anthem during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations. Haq had defended the move, claiming that the phrase ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ in the national anthem’s opening stanza violated the basic tenets of Islam. DM said that the manager was arrested when it was observed that “the controversy was creating some tension”.PTI
Allahabad school manager who ‘banned’ national anthem jailed, tension grips area
Punjab: Crackdown on ‘cow vigilantes’, Gau Raksha Dal chief booked
Patiala: In a crackdown on pseudo cow vigilantes, the Patiala Police on Monday lodged an FIR against ‘Gau Raksha Dal’ chief Satish Kumar in connection with a social media video showing organisation members “brutally” thrashing people in the name of cow protection.Patiala SSP Gurmeet Chauhan confirmed the news to ANI.An FIR was lodged under various sections of the IPC; however, Kumar is yet to be arrested.A day ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had strongly rebuked cow vigilantes, saying most of them are ‘anti-social’ elements who are running ‘shops’ in the name of cow protection.In his first comments on the violence against Dalits by cow vigilantes, Prime Minister Modi has also asked the state governments to prepare dossiers on the so-called cow protectors as 80 percent of them do illegal activities at night and become cow protectors in the day.“The people, who are troubled by the unity of the society, are in the name of ‘gau rakshaks’ attempting to create friction the society. I urge my fellow countrymen to be aware of such ‘gau rakshaks’,” he said.ANI
Punjab: Rajpura police book cow vigilantes after video surfaces on social media
Indira Nooyi: A Tamil Brahmin who heads world’s largest cow-meat supplier company
New Delhi : Since Modi government came to power, the only industry that has flourished is the beef export industry. There has been an increase of over 15% in India’s beef export making it world’s number one beef exporter and pushing Brazil to number two spot.Out of India’s 6 largest beef exporting companies 4 are owned by Hindu Brahmins. Ironically while.Brahmins are doing this business and taking 90% profits from the pink revolution Dalits and Muslims who get only fringe benefit are being thrashed  and sometime hanged across the country. Those who live in America or have ever lived there know that America’s most popular cow meat company is Matador. Matador products are sold by Pepsico. Pepsico serves maximum cow meat to America. In America beef means cow and not buffalo.Ironically Pepsico’s global CEO Indira Krishnamurthy Nooyi is a Tamil Brahmin. While India is number one beef exporting country a Tamil Brahmin leads world’s largest cow-meat supplier company in US.Nooyi visits temples in India and shakes hand with Narendra Modi. Was Tirupati temple washed after Nooyi’s visit?  Did Narendra Modi bath himself with Gangajal? Muslim Mirror
Gurgaon: ‘My son was one then… How do I tell him now his father died over a cow?’
Jhajjar/gurgaon:Sitting on a stool behind his cart, Devendra Singh, 47, says, “See how Dalits were flogged in Una. Between 2002 and 2016, nothing has changed. The story is the same. Like we stopped skinning cows after 2002, it is time for Dalits across the country to take a stand.”The “story” Devendra, a vegetable vendor in Badshahpur village in Gurgaon district, talks about dates back to Oct.15, 2002, when a mob lynched five Dalits, one of them his brother Virender, in Jhajjar town of Haryana for alleged cow slaughter. 2002 killing is among the earliest reported instances of cow vigilantism in the country.14 years later, the 6 upper-castes and one Dalit who were convicted by a lower court for the murders in 2010, and awarded life imprisonment, are out on bail. Their appeals are being heard in the Supreme Court.When The Indian Express met the victims’ families, it was the first they had heard of the accused being out.5 Dalits — Virender, Dayachand, Totaram, Raju and Kailash — had been lynched at the Dulina police post near Jhajjar town, in the presence of police officers and district officials. The mob, that witness accounts say included anywhere between 400 and 5,000 men, accused the 5 of slaughtering a cow. Laxmi Devi was 22 when her husband Virender was killed. Accusing police of being responsible, she asks why no action has been taken against them. “The vehicle he was in was transporting cattle hide to Karnal. Police arrested them because they refused to pay a bribe on the way, brought them to the Dulina post, thrashed them and told villagers returning from Dusshera celebrations that the men had killed a cow. The crowd got agitated and lynched them. Yehi sachayi hai (That is the truth),” she claims. indian express
You’ll pay for it in 2019 polls, VHP warns PM Modi
Ahmedabad/agra: PM Narendra Modi’s remarks against self-styled cow vigilantes have not gone down well with VHP, which warned the BJP that the party will pay for it in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.In an unsigned statement, VHP’s Gujarat unit called Modi’s “anti-socials by night and gau rakshaks by day” remark shocking and an insult to “cow protectors”.“Thousands of butchers killing one lakh cows every year are not termed ‘goondas’ and gau rakshaks like Gita Rambhiya (who was killed in Ahmedabad years ago) are termed ‘goondas’… This shows your change of heart,” stated VHP, which also demanded a nationwide law to ban cow slaughter. In Agra, the Hindu outfit’s Braj region’s vice-president Sunil Parashar said Modi’s remarks have “hurt” gau rakshaks and that “he will have to pay for it in the next Lok Sabha polls”. indianexpress
3rd  world war will start over a cow, predicts this Madhya Pradesh govt official
Bhopal:Clad in saffron, his forehead smeared with the sacred ashtagandha paste and a rudraksha mala dangling around his neck, the tonsured monk was at ease in his large government office as visitors touched his feet and sought his blessings.“The 3rd world war will start over a cow,’’declared Mahamandleshwar Swami Akhileshwaranand Giri, chairman of executive council of the MP Gaupalan Evam Pashudhan Samvardhan Board, a position that tasks him with protecting and conserving the cow in a state with a recent history of vigilantism. He is the first religious person to hold the post.“The cow has always been a source of contention. There are references in mythology and the first war of independence in 1857 began over the cow,” said the swami, 61, who got the title of Mahamandleshwar of Niranjani Akhara in March 2010, nearly 12 years after he had taken sanyasi deeksha.“It’s natural for gau rakshaks to get angry when they see dead or injured cows packed in vehicles because it’s an emotive issue for them,” he said. “They should not take the law into their own hands and should wait for the police to come once they stop such vehicles. When all states pass stricter anti-cow slaughter laws, smuggling of cattle through state borders will become impossible.” indianexpress
After PM Modi, RSS asks people to expose cow vigilantes
New Delhi: RSS on Sunday asked people to “expose” a handful of anti-social elements spreading violence and trying to disturb social harmony in the name of cow protection, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused them of creating “tension and conflict” in the society.It asked people not to link such “condemnable efforts” of “a few opportunists” with those truly serving and protecting cows.Some anti-social elements at a few places are taking law into their hands and perpetrating violence to disturb social harmony. This has raised questions about the pious work of ‘gau raksha and gau sewa’ (cow protection and service), RSS General Secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said in a statement.PTI
In one voice, opposition says Modi's anguish about atrocities against dalits is 'fake'
New Delhi: Opposition parties on Monday said they were unimpressed with PM Narendra Modi's speeches over the weekend when he dramatically urged that instead of committing atrocities against Dalits people should just shoot him.BSP, SP and the Congress said his anguish about atrocities against Dalits is not real."PM Modi and the BJP kept quiet for two years. How have their eyes opened now? UP and other states have elections soon, and they knew that Dalit people are not going to vote for them, that's why the statement has come," BSP chief Mayawati said. timesofindia
PM Modi slept like ‘Kumbhakarna’ when ‘gau rakshaks’ attacked Muslims, Dalits: Mayawati
PM Modi’s gau rakshak remarks aimed at saving sinking Dalit votes in Gujarat: Shiv Sena
Mumbai:Stating that Gujarat is a very important state for the BJP, Shiv Sena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said on Monday Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on atrocities against Dalits by the so-called cow vigilantes was an attempt to save the sinking Dalit votes in the state.ANI
VHP man on Urdu weekly Nai Duniya’s cover, Muslim vendor held
Bhopal: A Muslim vendor was arrested Sunday for hurting sentiments of Hindus by selling copies of a New Delhi-based Urdu weekly that had on its cover the photo of a right-wing activist from Bhopal brandishing a sword.Shahid Mohammed, a resident of old Bhopal, had sold about a dozen copies of Nai Duniya and also pasted one issue in his shop. Kamlesh Thakur, a local VHP leader, said it was his photo and approached police with his supporters who said the depiction of a Hindu as a terrorist had hurt their feelings.SP (North) Arvind Saxena said a case under Section 295 A (deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings) of the IPC was lodged against the vendor. He said police convinced Muslim community leaders that they had arrested people for even social media posts.The caption accompanying the photo loosely translated as “this man will set UP on fire”. The police justified the action against the vendor on the ground that sale and display of the weekly had caused communal tension. They said they were yet to decide on action against the publisher and editor of Nai Duniya. indianexpress
Bihar: Communal tension in Chhapra, 12 held
Patna:12 people were arrested Sunday from Chhapra in Bihar for allegedly trying to instigate trouble triggered by communal videos, which have been in circulation on social media for the past two days. The district administration has deployed heavy police force in several parts of the town. On Saturday, one policeman was injured after locals clashed with the police and pelted stones at them.Saran SP Pankaj Kumar Raj said: “We have lodged 15 FIRs against 100 people for causing disruptions. The district administration has decided to discontinue Internet services till Monday.” Police suspended Maker police station in-charge, Sanjay Gupta, for negligence of duty as social media messages were circulated from his area. The communal tension had built up from Maker and later spread to Sahabganj and Khanuanala areas. indianexpress
After communal clashes over desecration, Chapra peaceful amid tight security
Subramanian Swamy seeks daily hearing in Supreme Court over Ayodhya issue
New Delhi:BJP member Subramanian Swamy on Monday made a case for day-to-day hearing in the Supreme Court on the Ayodhya dispute and also sought discussion on the matter in Rajya Sabha. Raising the matter during the Zero Hour, Swamy said it is very necessary to have a disucssion in the House on an “urgent developing issue” of building a Ram temple in Ayodhya. “In the manifesto of BJP, we had made a solemn assurance that as per legal methods, and that is through courts, we will find a solution. And this is now widely accepted by all parties,” he said. The matter is currently pending in the Supreme Court.He also said that all parties had “agreed” that there should be day-to-day hearing on the issue to find a solution. PTI
After Rajnath, will it be Jaitley’s turn in Pak?
After Pakistan’s moves over Kashmir and Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s visit to Islamabad for the SAARC meet, the government is considering whether to send Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for the next SAARC ministerial meeting later this month.Though Pakistani media has reported that Mr. Jaitley was definitely attending the meeting of Finance Ministers on August 24 and 25, Finance Ministry officials told The Hindu “no decision has been taken yet” on the level of delegation to be sent.After the Home/Interior Ministers’ meet, the Finance Ministers will meet to set the economic agenda for the SAARC summit in November which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend.On Friday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had expressed displeasure after Pakistani officials moved to block the Indian media from covering his attendance at the meet. Recounting that Pakistan’s Home Minister Chaudhury Nisaar had rudely skipped the lunch he was himself the host for,Singh told Parliament that while Indian leaders have always reached out to Pakistan, “Pakistan just does not come around”. thehindu
Government misleading nation over 39 missing youths in Iraq: Congress MPs
New Delhi: Congress members in Rajya Sabha on Monday accused the government of misleading Parliament on the issue of 39 Indian youths going missing in Iraq two years ago, with an Akali Dal member also seeking an update on the matter. Raising the issue of the missing Indians during the Zero Hour, Pratap Singh Bajwa (Congress) charged External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj with having “misled Parliament and the nation” on the issue.In June 2014, he said 40 people, mostly from Punjab, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, were kidnapped by the ISIS. Bajwa said one Harjeet, belonging to Gurdaspur district, had managed to escape and later gave a statement that all the Indians were killed before his eyes. The Congress MP said Swaraj had then assured Akali Dal leaders that the government had information from six sources which confirmed that all these people were alive.Asking the Prime Minister to send an all-party delegation to Iraq to know the ground reality, Bajwa said if the abducted youths were alive, they should be brought back or else their parents should be informed that they are no longer alive.PTI

Bareilly's Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat Issues Fatwa Against Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go, the phenomenon that has the entire world out on the streets, literally, has been termed 'anti-Islamic' by a prominent dargah in Bareilly.According to a Times of India report, the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat in Bareilly has issued a fatwa, an Islamic decree, against the location-based augmented reality game, terming it anti-Islam and “one which promotes violence and the devil’s schemes”.Although the game, which is now one of the most-used app in the world, is fun, it raises safety concerns as it transforms real world locations into Pokemon arenas to catch the characters.News18.com
9 Muslim parties in UP to form 'Ittehad Front'
Lucknow: To ensure there is no division in Muslim votes which will benefit the BJP, nine Muslim outfits in UP have set up an 'Ittehad Front'.This followed a campaign initiated by Ismail Batliwala in Mumbai a year ago.The parties which have formed the alliance include Peace Party, Parcham Party of India, National Ulema Council, Muslim Majlis, Awami Vikas Party, SDPI, Welfare Party of India, National League and Indian Union Muslim League (IUML).IUML state president Mohd Mateen Khan told IANS that a large section of Muslims had shown keen interest in the Front. Uttar Pradesh will see assembly elections next year. madhyamam
Kashmir violence: Even Israel does not use pellets against Palestinians, says Yechury in Rajya Sabha
New Delhi:CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury on Monday slammed the government, questioning the use of pellet guns against civilians in the Kashmir Valley. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour, he said, “Even Israel does not use pellet guns against Palestinians.”The brief discussion took place after Congress party gave a notice in the House demanding a discussion on the issue. Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad first spoke and said that government should not deal with it as a mere law and order situation.Yechury also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that his silence showed that the government did not care. BJP’s Mukhtar Abbad Naqvi welcomed the concern of leaders and said that they were ready to discuss on the issue. “We are committed to restore peace in Kashmir,” he said.indianexpress
Kashmir: One more dead, curfew continues in many areas
Srinagar:A youth injured during clashes on Friday succumbed at a hospital in Srinagar today, taking the death toll 55 in Kashmir where curfew continued in many areas in the wake of violent protests since the killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani in an encounter a month ago. Amir Bashir Lone, a resident of south Kashmir’s Shopian district, succumbed to injuries at SKIMS hospital this morning, a police official said. He said Lone had received pellet injuries on his head during security forces’ action against protesters on Friday.With Lone’s death, the number of people killed in the unrest in the Valley, which entered the second month today, reached 55, including two police personnel. Many parts of Kashmir, including several areas of summer capital Srinagar, continued to remain under curfew for the 31st day today. Curfew remains in force in 6 police station areas of Srinagar — Nowhatta, Khanyar, Rainawari, Safakadal, Maharajgunj and Batamaloo — today as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order, the official said.PTI
Kashmir encounter: 2 BSF personnel, suspected militant killed in Macchil sector near LoC
Srinagar: 2 BSF jawans and a militant were killed on the Line of Control (LoC) in North Kashmir’s Kupwara sector. Apart from the Army, the BSF are also deployed on the LoC in Kashmir as second line of defence.Army spokesman said that in the firefight on the LoC, two BSF jawans and a militant were killed. “In a firefight terrorists & SF (BSF/Army) in Machhil ahead of LC Fence. One terrorist killed; 2 BSF soldiers martyred,’’ said Army’s Northern Command in a tweet. The operation is still underway.It is not clear whether it was an infiltration attempt or militants were intercepted by the troops. indianexpress
Safe haven to state of fear: Chhattisgarh sedition arrest rattles Kashmiris
Bhilai: Ghulam Nabi Bhat had been told many stories about his son’s life in Bhilai. His son Taufeeq Ahmad Bhat had told him of a world where he was happy and safe, where he never faced discrimination for his religion or because he was a Kashmiri. Where Bhat lived in Sopore, there were discussions among youth that Chhattisgarh was where they would prosper.And yet, when Bhat made his first 2,180-km trip from the Valley to the city his son Taufeeq had made his home, it was because he had received a call that his son had been jailed for sedition.On Thursday, Taufeeq was arrested by Chhattisgarh police from a railway station in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, as he made his way home, and charged under section 124A of the IPC. His crime, said Durg SP Amresh Mishra, was “sharing, liking and forwarding” anti-India posts on Facebook, which included several calls for Kashmir’s freedom. The complaint, based on which Bhat was arrested, was filed by a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad who alleged that Taufeeq’s profile on Facebook was “playing with people’s emotions” and “demeaning the sacrifice of soldiers in Kashmir”.Speaking to the Indian Express from the house in Durg’s Takiapara where Taufeeq lived for several years, Bhat said that he first received information that such a complaint had been registered only after his 25-year-old son was arrested. “There were three others, Umar, Haseeb and Hussain, all of whom lived in Bhilai with him, travelling in the train. Where I live in Sopore, there has been no mobile connectivity because of the violence there. So there was no way for him to contact me to inform there was something wrong. But Umar, who was traveling with him, called his family, and they got in touch with me,” said Bhat, a government middle school teacher in Gundbrath, Sopore. indianexpress
'Who gave Salahuddin right to speak about Kashmir?': Venkiah Naidu
New Delhi: After Hizbul Mujahideen's Syed Salahuddin today threatened a nuclear attack on India over the Kashmir issue, Union Minister Venkiah Naidu slammed the terrorist and asked who gave him the right to speak about Kashmir, ANI reported."Who is he and who has given him the right to speak about Kashmir? Dhamki se kuch nahin hoga (His threats won't work on us)," said Venkaiah Naidu, parliamentary affairs minister told ANI today. timesofindia
Maharashtra ATS arrests another IS suspect Iqbal Ahmed  from Parbhani
Maharashtra ATS has made yet another arrest in its ongoing crackdown against alleged Islamic State (IS) recruits, in Parbhani, 524 km east of Mumbai. Iqbal Ahmed Kabir Ahmed (28), a resident of Gulzar colony in Parbhani, was arrested Sunday after the previously arrested accused Nasir Chaus and Shaheed Khan invoked his role in the case during their interrogation.Iqbal is alleged to be a part of the “Parbhani module” that, as sources had claimed, were planning to carry out an attack on the Aurangabad ATS unit. Group was also planning to target ex-Superintendent of Police (SP) Navinchandra Reddy, who killed an alleged SIMI operative in 2012. Meanwhile, a fourth person has also been detained by the ATS sleuths. “We are interrogating a fourth suspect and we have reasons to believe that he too was a part of the module from the very start. Once the interrogation is competed, we are likely to place him under arrest ,” official added. indian express
D-company was trying to trigger communal clashes by killing Hindu leaders: NIA
New Delhi:D-company was trying to trigger communal violence by killing Hindu-leaders and throwing alcohol bottles at churches in India, reveals chargesheet filed by the NIA in the murder case of 2 BJP leaders in Bharuch in Gujarat in 2015. Investigation also revealed that international terror module was trying to lure their recruits by offering handsome money and jobs in foreign countries.NIA investigation shows that a new terror outfit was being planned by D-company and the conspiracy was hatched in Karachi and South Africa. They had asked its recruits in India to throw petrol bombs and indulge in arson in churches. The entire motive to kill Hindu leaders and attack churches was to create communal tension. The central agency mentioned in the chargesheet against ten accused which was accessed by Aaj Tak. indiatoday
2 suspected 'gangsters' killed in encounter outside Hyderabad
New Delhi: Two suspected gangsters, including a renegade Maoist, Mohammad Nayeemuddin, have been killed in an encounter in Shadnagar, 50 kilometres from Hyderabad, in Telengana.The identity of the other suspect is still now known.Sources told TOI that the NIA)isn't involved, so it's likely the encounter is with a group of gangsters rather than terrorists, ISIS or otherwise.Heavy security has been deployed in Shadnagar's Millennium Township area and one house has been surrounded by police. Late on Sunday night, a special team of the Telangana State police surrounded a house located in the Millennium Township area of Shadnagar, after receiving an alert about the movement of Nayeemuddin.TOI
Terror suspect shot dead in encounter in Telangana
63 dead in Quetta blast targeting protest over Balochistan Bar Association president’s killing
Islamabad: At least 63 people were killed and dozens wounded in a suicide attack targeting lawyers and journalists today in Quetta, the capital city of the troubled Balochistan province. Waqt News reporter in Quetta Wattan Yar said police had confirmed 42 deaths but the hospital sources put the toll much higher at 54.Graphic video footage from the scene showed bodies strewn on the ground, some smoking, among pools of blood and shattered glass as shocked survivors cried and comforted one another. A large burn mark against white brick appeared to indicate where the explosion occurred. Many of the dead were lawyers and journalists who had earlier gathered to cover a protest over the murder of Balochistan Bar Association president Bilal Anwar Kasi.According to recent statement by MS Civil Hospital, "63 people have been killed and there are many injured."Earlier the health minister of Balochistan Rehmat Baloch claimed that at least 93 people were dead while the province's home minister Sarfaraz Bugti said 53 people have been killed, various TV channels aired their statements. nation
Pakistan: Blast at Quetta hospital after lawyer killed
Turkey's President heads to Russia amid improving ties
ISTANBUL: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan heads to Russia this week as part of efforts to rebuild ties shattered by Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane last year just as Turkey’s relations with traditional allies the United States and Europe show increasing strain amid Ankara’s crackdown following a failed coup.Tuesday’s visit to St. Petersburg for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be Erdogan’s first foreign trip since the abortive July 15 failed coup. Both Turkey and Russia, which once described themselves as strategic partners, have been hurt by their roughly 7-month rupture in relations- Russia’s ban on the sale of package tours to Turkey and an agricultural import embargo dealt a painful blow to the Mediterranean country, while Moscow also paid a price as the spat shelved a much-touted Russian natural gas pipeline to Turkey and other lucrative projects.“This will be a historic visit, a new beginning. In the talks with my friend Vladimir, I believe, a new page in our relations will be turned. Our countries have much to do together,” Mr. Erdogan said in an interview with the Russian state news agency Tass.AP
Syria's civil war: Rebels push to take all of Aleppo
A Syrian rebel alliance has announced the start of a battle to recapture the whole of Aleppo, a day after it broke a government siege on the rebel-held half of the city.The Army of Conquest, a coalition of rebel groups including Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly the al-Nusra Front), said in a statement on Sunday that it would "double the number of fighters for this next battle"."We announce the start of a new phase to liberate all of Aleppo," the group said. "We will not rest until we raise the flag of the conquest over Aleppo's citadel." aljazeera
750 Palestinians held in administative detention: NGO
Gaza:A total of 750 Palestinians are being held in “administrative detention” in Israel, a Palestinian NGO said Sunday. Palestinian Center for Human Rights said that three Palestinian lawmakers were among those held in administrative detention in Israeli jails.“Israeli authorities...are using this kind of detention as a means of collective punishment,” the statement said.The rights group, meanwhile, voiced deep concern over the health condition of Palestinian detainee Bilal Kayed, who has entered his 54th day on hunger strike to protest his administrative detention. Anadolu Agency
History made as AK Party, CHP, MHP heads attend rally
Leaders of Turkey’s three main political parties, including the Justice and Development (AK) Party, Republican People's Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) are for the first time attending a rally together in the country.Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who is also AK Party chairman, has been joined by CHP Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu and MHP leader Devlet Bahceli at the massive “Democracy and Martyrs' Rally" to protest against the July 15 coup attempt in the country that left 240 people martyred and 2,200 others injured.The political party leaders will address the millions of people attending the rally, which had been called by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul's Yenikapi square.The Yenikapi event will mark the end of weeks of “democracy watch” rallies held in cities across the country since the defeated coup, which martyred 240 people and wounded nearly 2,200 more.World Bulletin
Turkish chief of staff attacks coup bid
Turkey’s most senior soldier on Sunday said “the heaviest penalty” would be imposed on those behind the July 15 attempted coup.Gen. Hulusi Akar, chief of the general staff, was speaking at a Democracy and Martyrs’ Rally in Istanbul’s Yenikapi district to mark the defeat of the coup bid. Referring to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) that has been accused of planning the takeover, Akar said there was “no doubt the heaviest penalty would be imposed on the blood-shedders of FETO”.World Bulletin
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