04 August 2016

4 Aug. 2016: 29 Shawal 37:Vol:7, No:130
Ahmadiyyas now find place as Islam sect in 2011 census report despite leading Muslim bodies term them non-Muslims: Indian Express report
Mumbai: Ahmadiyyas have finally managed find a place in India as a sect of Islam in the 2011 census. With a large section of Muslim clerics deeming the community to be heretics, successive govt s in previous years had refrained from including them as a sect of Islam in the census report. This happened despite successive High Court judgments upholding their legal status as Muslims.The community, which was recently lauded by PM Narendra Modi for its “religious tolerance and universal brotherhood”, has found its name included in the “Details of Sects/Religions clubbed under specific religious community” data released by the govt  last week. In earlier census reports, only Sunnis, Shias, Bohras and Agakhanis were identified as sects of Islam.Conservative estimates of the community’s population in India, which originated in Qadiyan in Punjab, is pegged at 1 lakh.“It is a welcome move by the govt,” said Mahmood Ahmed, ex president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Mumbai. The sect’s origins lie in Qadian in Punjab. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad founded in 1889. Rejecting orthodox Muslim beliefs, he preached that he was the promised messiah with the divinely inspired task of bringing God’s teaching into harmony with the present-day world. He said he was the messiah whose advent was awaited by Muslims, Christians and Jews alike, as well as the incarnation of Krishna.Since its inception, the sect has been opposed by hardline Muslim clerics. This opposition culminated in a constitutional amendment in 1974 in Pakistan, declaring the Ahmadiyyas to be non-Muslims in the eyes of law. Leading Islamic seminaries in India, like the the Darul Uloom Deoband, have also declared the community as non-Muslim. They are also not given representation on the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Indian law, however, regards them as Muslims. Kerala High Court in 1970 upheld their legal status as Muslims.
Finally, Ahmadiyyas included as a ‘sect of Islam’ in Census 2011
Govt unveils GST roadmap, aims for 1 April 2017 roll-out
New Delhi: Pressure is building on the states to accept moderate tax rates under the goods and services (GST) tax even as finance minister Arun Jaitley hinted that the standard tax rate under GST could be higher than the 17%-19% proposed by a committee of the central govt . The govt also indicated that it is looking to bring in GST from 1 April 2017, a target considered ambitious not only by analysts and economists but by the central govt  itself. To this effect, it will look to get the bill ratified by at least 16 states in the next one month, subsequently set up a GST council and table the central GST and the integrated GST laws in the winter session of Parliament.Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, a day after 122nd constitution amendment bill was passed, Jaitley said, “Whether there will be inflation will depend on what will be the slabs and what will be the rates under GST. Many of the commodities in CPI basket are exempt from GST,” he said.An unreasonable cap will increase fiscal deficit, Jaitley said. “That’s why I said there is a difference between holding the responsibility at present and holding the responsibility in the present. You collect less but spend more the existing person cannot say this. It is the govt ’s responsibility to fund states’ losses as well as for its own revenue. I think what you need is an optimum rate.”On a question if GST rate will be higher than the 18% being talked about, Jaitley said, “Obviously I indicated that currently what the taxpayers are paying is phenomenally much higher. For almost 60%-70% of commodities on a weighted average, you are paying 27% taxes with some other small taxes,” he said. It will gradually slide down. But even in the first instance it will come down from these levels,” he added. livemint
GST bill: Green light for ‘one nation, one tax’
One day before GST Bill bonhomie, Modi-Sonia thaw played out in Varanasi
GST Bill: Why the Congress game plan on 18% GST rate could spoil the party for Arun Jaitley
GST Bill passed: Want to know the sectors, companies that will benefit? Check this table
India eyes prompt GST launch, talk of 18 percent rate 'premature': official
GST Guessing Game: Even Without Tax Rate, Here Are Everyone's Picks For Winners And Losers
No impact on inflation even if GST rate is 18-20%: Ministry
Communal violence deprive minorities of their sense of belonging: SC
New Delhi: Religious minorities are “as much children of the soil as the majority” and nothing should be done by the majority community to deprive them of a sense of belonging, of a feeling of security, the Supreme Court observed in a judgment condemning repeated incidents of communal violence targeting minority communities.A Bench of Chief Justice of India TS Thakur and UU Lalit said the State’s actions should never cause minorities to fear the extinguishment of their “consciousness of equality."The measure of civilisation prevalent in a nation is the extent to which its Minorities feel secure and are not subject to discrimination or suppression, the SC held in a judgment directing the re-investigation of 315 cases of communal violence against Christians in the 2008 Kandhamal riots in Odisha.Over 230 Christian religious establishments and 39 people were killed in the riots. State Police arrested 6495 persons and registered 827 cases of communal violence. However, chargesheets were filed in only 512 cases. The police concluded that no offence or offender could be detected in the remaining 315 cases.The SC expressed its chagrin at the snail-paced delivery of justice to the victims even though eight years have passed since the violence.“Trials have been completed only in 362 which resulted in conviction in 78 cases while 284 cases ended in acquittal and only 15 appeals have been filed,” it noted. But it refused to order a CBI probe.In a judgment authored by Justice Lalit for the Bench, the apex court pointed to the case of the 2013 Muzzafarnagar riots in UP to hold that both the Centre and the State where the communal violence occurred were obliged to shell out additional compensation to be paid to the victims. “Incidents of communal violence had occurred in and around Muzaffarnagar in the year 2013 and that the State itself had decided to pay compensation…We have considered the scales at which compensation has been granted and disbursed in the present matter. In our view the ends of justice would be met if the State Govt  and the Central Govt are directed to pay additional compensations,” the SC observed. the hindu
SC: Minorities as much 'children of soil' as majority
2002 Gujarat riots: 11 get life imprisonment for killing Muslim father-daughter duo in Mehsana
Ahmedabad;The Gujarat High Court on Thursday awarded life imprisonment to 11 convicts in connection with the brutal killings of a father-daughter duo in Mehsana district during the 2002 riots. The High Court reversed the order of trial court which had acquitted all the accused back in 2006.The division bench of justice A S Dave and justice B N Karia pronounced the quantum of sentence while awarding life imprisonment to all the 11 convicts. Last month, the bench had found 11 accused, out of 27, guilty of killing Kalumiyan Saiyed and his daughter Haseenabibi on March 3, 2002 at Meda Adraj village, Kadi taluka of Mehsana district. While seeking life imprisonment special public prosecutor JM Panchal argued that the two victims were chased by the mob, beaten up and killed in a brutal manner and therefore, severe punishment should be given. On the other hand, victims’ lawyer Iqbal Shaikh sought capital punishment. Following the brief hearing, the bench awarded life imprisonment to all the 11 convicts.The court supported the prosecution’s claim that the father-daughter duo was chased by the mob, dragged them from their Hindu neighbour’s house and were burnt to death. According to the case details, the victims tried to douse the fire from a water tank kept in the compound of the Hindu neighbour but the mob came back again and killed them.The fast track court in Mehsana acquitted all the 27 accused for want of evidence. The order was challenged in the high court by the state govt  along with the victims’ family. indianexpress
Gujarat riots: 3rd convict in Naroda Pataya massacre has cancer, gets regular bail
Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court Wednesday granted regular bail to Kishan Khubchand Korani, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the 2002 Naroda Patiya massacre case. The court granted relief to Korani on medical ground as he has cancer and is “not in a position to perform his routine activities” in the Sabarmati Central Jail.Korani is the third convict who has been granted bail in the case. Earlier, ex-BJP minister Maya Kodnani and her then personal assistant, Kirpal Singh Chhabda, were released on bail. Korani was held responsible for leading the mob during the riots. He was found guilty of opening fire on the victims. indian express
Activists want `cow vigilantes' booked for instigating riots and under SC-ST Act
Lucknow: As Dalit workers continued to boycott work of lifting carcass in some wards of Indiranagar to protest recent assault on their fellow workers by cow vigilantes on suspicion of cow slaughter, people from all walks of life came together on Wednesday near Ambedhkar at Hazratganj to express their solidarity with the victims and unanimously demanded registering a case under SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) Act.More Dalit outfits announced to hold protests in coming days and threatened to launch a statewide agitation.On July 28, two contractual Dalit workers Vidyasgar and Chhotey who were transporting a dead cow from Mayawati colony in Takrohi Indira Nagar on standard call from the LMC were assaulted by cow vigilantes. On Monday, they announced to boycott work demanding security. They alleged that it was third incident in past few months. Subsequently, an FIR was lodged at the Indiranagar police station on Tuesday for voluntarily causing hurt, intentional provocation for breach of peace and criminal intimidation. However, no arrests have been made so far.On Wednesday, several activist organizations and individuals, who assembled under the banner of Rihai Manch, also demanded for quick action and immediate arrest of the culprits in the case. They claimed that the Indian Penal Code sections included by the police in the FIR are lighter in comparison to the severity of the offence. "Why were the sections pertaining to SC/ST Act not registered? There was no section dealing with creating communal disharmony between two communities and instigating riots? IT only shows that the police are trying to save the criminals," said Mohammad Shoaib, president of Rihai Manch. Protesters demanded that sections 147, 148, 153 A and 342 be registered in the case. These sections pertain to rioting, promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religions, race, place of birth, residence, language and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony and wrongful confinement of persons.Prof Ramesh Dixit, from Centre of Objective Research and Development  said attack on these Dalits is part of the same Hindutava agenda which was responsible for demolition of Babri mosque. TOI
Panjab's Phagwara clash : Sena leaders apologise for  attack on Muslims in front of Muslim, Sikh Dalit representatives
Phagwara: Shiv Sena and other right wing leaders have tendered an apology for the attack on Muslims in Phagwara in July. They have also assured not to issue any statement or resort to a protest that would hurt any community in the future.The apology was tendered in the presence of police officials and representatives of Muslim, Sikh and Dalit organizations on Tuesday evening. At the same time the Sikh, Muslim and Dalit representatives, including the Imam of the mosque outside which clash had taken place, said they regretted the damage to glass shield of the idol. A violent clash had taken place on July 22 between Shiv Sena activists on one side and Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits on the other after Sena men attacked the Muslims when they were coming out of the mosque after offering prayers. "We apologize for hurting religious sentiments of the Muslims brethren during our protests from July 20 to July 22, when abuses were hurled at them, their shops damaged and stones were pelted on them. We also assure that in the future we shall not issue any statements or protests that would hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims or any other community," read out a Shiv Sena leader from written text and others agreed with it. Later the other side provided a copy of this text, read out by Shiv Sena leader, which was purportedly signed by 9 right wing leaders and they also circulated it on social media. After the incident, Shiv Sena leaders were booked for attempt to murder, hurting religious sentiments and rioting and their police security was also downscaled or removed. Later a case was also registered against Sikh and Muslim activists for damage to a glass shield of an idol on the gate of a temple where Sena activists had entered when they were chased away and brick bats were exchanged between both sides.TOI
Phagwara: Shiv Sainiks, Muslims extend olive branch to quell tension
Congress opposes govt reference of uniform civil code to Law Commission
New Delhi:A Congress member in Lok Sabha Thursday opposed the govt ’s move to refer the matter of uniform civil code to the Law Commission and asked it not to “prick the conscience” of Muslims and drop the idea.Raising the issue during Zero Hour, M I Shanawas (Cong) said the Muslims have accepted the criminal laws in all matters and wondered why the govt  was “intruding upon” their civil laws when there were so many important issues facing the country. “Why prick the conscience of Muslims? The govt  should drop the idea,” he said, noting that Muslims believed in Sharia, the Islamic law, to be the law of the god.PTI
Stop use of pellet guns: Amnesty International to JK
http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/stop-use-of-pellet-guns-amnesty-international-human-rights-to-jammu-kashmir-govt -2953630/
New Delhi: Global rights group Amnesty International on Thursday asked the Jammu and Kashmir govt  to stop the use of pellet guns which have claimed lives and left hundreds blinded in the ongoing protests in Kashmir Valley.“Pellet guns are inherently inaccurate and indiscriminate, and have no place in law enforcement,” Zahoor Wani, Senior Campaigner, Amnesty International India said in a statement issued in New Delhi. “Amnesty International India calls on the Jammu and Kashmir govt  to immediately stop the use of pellet guns in policing protests. They cannot ensure well-targeted shots and risk causing serious injury, including to bystanders or other protesters not engaging in violence. These risks are almost impossible to control.”Amnesty also termed the weapon as a “less-lethal” weapon which has “deadly consequences”. Authorities have termed the pellet gun as a “non-lethal” weapon. “The death of a third person in Jammu and Kashmir due to injuries caused by pellet guns is a reminder that the ‘less-lethal’ weapon can have deadly consequences.” On Wednesday, 23-year-old Riyaz Ahmed Shah died in Srinagar of multiple pellet injuries.IANS
One killed in firing after mob attacks official in Kashmir
Srinagar: A 32-year-old man was killed and several injured after a cop fired on a mob that blocked the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway and attacked a state govt  official in Pulwama district on Tuesday night.A govt  spokesman on Wednesday said the personal security guard (PSO) had to fire in self defence after the mob stopped the official vehicle of the assistant commissioner development of Ramban, Baba Ram, and started thrashing the officer. While Farooq Ahmad Khuchay died on the spot, the condition of one of the injured is said to be critical. timesofindia
Kashmir: Over 500 arrested in Valley
Srinagar:In a bid to end street protests, police have launched a massive crackdown against “hooligans and miscreants” in Kashmir and arrested nearly 500 youth from across the Valley. “In its continuous drive against hooligans and miscreants, 349 accused persons have been arrested in the Valley,” a police spokesman said. The spokesman said 122 persons have been detained under “prohibitory provisions of law”.More than 50 persons have been killed, including two policemen, and nearly 6000 others injured in the ongoing street protests in Kashmir since the killing of Burhan Wani and his two associates in an encounter with security forces on July 8. Initially, the authorities imposed curfew across the Valley to curb the protests but the strategy failed as more and more people took to the streets. A senior police official said the security agencies are using video footage and photographs to pinpoint the “trouble mongers and instigators” among the protestors.PTI
Curfew, protest shutdown continues in Kashmir
Srinagar: Curfew and protest shutdown continued in Kashmir on Thursday for the 27th consecutive day.Over 50 protesters were injured on Wednesday in Adijan area of south Kashmir's Kulgam district when their rally was intercepted by security forces.Reports said CRPF troopers torched over two dozen motorcycles and other vehicles that participated in the protest rally. Protest rallies and marches also took place at Koil, Bijbehara and some other places in south Kashmir where the security forces did not intervene.Protesters marched with the body of a youth working as an ATM guard in Srinagar.The guard had died under mysterious circumstances, but the autopsy report stated that he was shot with a pellet gun from point blank range.IANS
Kashmir remains tense and life remains paralysed due to curfew for 27th day
SAARC meet: India, Pak barely shake hands, Indian media kept at bay
Islamabad: The ongoing strain in Indo-Pak relations was evident at the SAARC Interior/Home Ministers’ conference in Islamabad when Home Minister Rajnath Singh came face- to-face with his Pakistani counterpart Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan for the first time today and the two leaders barely shook hands.As Singh arrived at the venue of the conference at the posh Serena Hotel, Khan was at the gate to receive the dignitaries. The two leaders barely touched their hands, not even a formal handshake, before Singh moved ahead to enter the meeting hall.Members of the Indian media, which came from New Delhi to report the conference, were not allowed to capture the moment and was kept at a distance by Pakistani officials, which led to a verbal dual between a senior Indian official and a Pakistani official.Indian officials said the ongoing chill in Indo-Pak relations after killing of Hizbul Mujahideen militant was clearly visible in the conference.Meanwhile, Khan said Pakistan was “committed to SAARC processes, and, desires to see it as a successful regional organisation.”PTI
Rajnath Singh's Message In Islamabad On Terror Blacked Out By Pakistan
Islamabad:  In a speech in Islamabad that was blacked out by the Pakistan media, Home Minister Rajnath Singh delivered a tough message, saying: "There should be strongest action not only against terrorists but also against nations who support terrorism."Singh also said that "in no circumstances should terrorists be eulogised as martyrs" - a reference to the lionizing in Pakistan of Hizbul Mujahideen’s Burhan Wani, who was killed by security forces in Kashmir on July 8.The speeches of Singh and other delegates was not aired by Pak state-run PTV, which was the only media allowed to cover the conference ; Indian crew were not allowed to shoot them either. NDTV
Kejriwal loses 'Jung' with Centre? LG administrative head of National Capital Territory, rules Delhi HC
Delhi High Court on Thursday upheld Article 230 of the Constitution stating that the Lieutenant Governor remains the administrative head of the National Capital Territory, concluding the legal tussle between Delhi's AAP govt  and Lt governor Najeeb Jung.A division bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath ruled that Delhi govt  notifications must be issued after consulting the LG."Policy direction can't be issued without communicating to the Lt Governor," bench said.The court said that it is constitutionally correct that Anti-Corruption Branch cannot initiate investigation against central govt  officials.The court's judgement came on nine different petitions arising out of the spat between the LG and Delhi's AAP govt  over the power to appoint bureaucrats in national capital and other issues.Delhi High Court said that  AAP govt's contention that LG is bound to act on advice of Council of Ministers like in other states in India is without any substance and cannot be accepted, stating the LG of the National Capital Territory is not bound by the aid and advice of Council of Ministers. Ruling on AAP's plea alleging undue interference from the Centre and the Lt Governer, the court said that all service matters fall outside the jurisdiction of Delhi Legislative Assembly and if Lt Governor chooses to exercise his powers then it cannot be deemed unconstitutional. Meanwhile, reacting to the huge setback in what was more a political battle, AAP has decided to move the SC. AAP govt 's counsel has said that hey will immediately file an appeal against the verdict in the apex court.  firstpost
Kejriwal says he will move Supreme Court after Delhi High Court disappointment
Gujarat High Court quashes ordinance on 10 % quota for economically weak among upper castes
In a huge blow to the Gujarat govt , the Gujarat High Court quashed an ordinance promulgated by the State govt  to provide 10 per cent quota for the economically backward among upper castes in education and admission.The court held that no quota can be granted on the basis of economic criteria because it is not provided for in the Constitution, which allows quotas on socially backwards and Scheduled Castes and Tribes.The court observed that the ordinance promulgated by the State govt  is against the spirit of the Constitution and fundamental rights.Besieged with the highly charged agitation by the politically and socially powerful Patidar community seeking quotas, the Anandiben administration, ‪on May 1, issued Gujarat Unreserved Economically Weaker Sections (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions in the State and of Appointments and Posts in Services under the State) Ordinance, 2016. the hindu
'Peepli Live' co-director, Mahmood Farooqui, sentenced to 7 years in jail on rape charges
A Delhi court sentenced 'Peepli Live' co-director Mahmood Farooqui to 7 years in prison for raping a 30-year-old US researcher last year. On Tuesday, Delhi police sought maximum punishment for Farooqui, as they said the crime brought 'disrepute' to the country. Farooqui was convicted of the rape charges on Sept.30th, and taken into custody by the Delhi Police. economictimes
Una Dalits’ flogging: PUCL, Dalit body submit fact-finding report to National Human Rights Commission
Ahmedabad: PUCL and Navsarjan Trust, which works for the uplift of Dalits, submitted a fact-finding report to the NHRC on Wednesday. In the report, they have demanded a probe into the Una Dalit flogging incident by two sitting judges of the Gujarat High Court, completion of the probe and filing of the chargesheet within 60 days, setting up of a special court for speedy trial of the case, payment of Rs 10 lakh compensation to each of the victims and appointment of at least two “credible and genuine special public prosecutors in this case”.11-page report, along with photographs of the flogging and victims’ confinement in police lock-up without booking any case against them, they also sought immediate arrest of the remaining accused involved in the attack and plotting the conspiracy, which, according to the report, includes “police and village head”. So far, the police have arrested 31 accused. 4 policemen have been put under suspension, but they have not been arrested.Requesting NHRC to set up a SIT to investigate and collect authentic facts related to the incident, 2NGOs sought adequate police protection to the victims and their families until the trial is over. They also demanded allocation of five acres of land to each affected family as rehabilitation measure to liberate them from the caste-based occupation.
Saudi King assisting stranded Indian workers: Sushma
New Delhi: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday said the King of Saudi Arabia has given instructions to help the thousands of Indian workers stuck in the Gulf kingdom, including giving them free passage back home.The minister informed the Rajya Sabha that Saudi King has instructed his officials to resolve the crisis faced by Indians. "Saudi King has instructed his officials to solve the problem in two days. General VK Singh is there. He met Labour Minister there yesterday, he said instructions have been given to give the Indian workers exit visa; they will send them back in their own flights, at their own expense," Sushma Swaraj told Rajya Sabha."They have also permitted that those who are found suitable may be given another job," she said.IANS
Kanhaiya Kumar seems to have misused his liberty: Police to Delhi High Court
New Delhi:Delhi Police Wednesday told the High Court that JNU Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar “seemed to have violated” the conditions of his bail order.Last month, the High Court had refused to issue orders on a plea to cancel Kumar’s bail, observing he was “not hampering the investigation.” Delhi Police had then pointed out that they had not sought cancellation of Kumar’s bail and the plea had been filed by a private person.Citing “public speeches” made by Kumar, police said “from the bare perusal of the material which is available in public domain, it seems that he has misused his liberty.” indianexpress
First batch of Haj pilgrims leaves from Delhi for Jeddah
New Delhi:The first batch of 340 Haj pilgrims from Delhi on Thursday left for Jeddah while a total 1,00,020 pilgrims will be facilitated by the govt  across India through Haj Committee this year.“Haj pilgrimage is a cherished desire of every Muslim in his life time. All the Haj pilgrims should pray for peace, prosperity, harmony and brotherhood in our great nation as well as the entire world,” Minister of State for Minority Affairs  Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said after flagging off the first group of pilgrims from IGI Airport in New Delhi during wee hours. Naqvi extended wishes to the pilgrims on the behalf of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.For Haj 2016, a total 1,00,020 pilgrims will be facilitated from 21 points across India through Haj Committee. Apart from this, 36,000 pilgrims will proceed through private tour operators. A total of 12,500 pilgrims will be proceeding from Delhi to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by Air India’s 37 charter flights for the pilgrimage this year. Of these, 8,690 pilgrims are residents of UP, while the rest are from Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana.PTI
NIA reveals that ISIS outfits are ready to attack RSS, BJP and VHP leaders in India: indialivetoday report
New Delhi August 4:According to NIA sources, dreaded terror outfit ISIS is planning attacks on RSS, BJP and VHP leaders. According to details available so far, ISIS terrorist Shafi Armar is targeting to attack RSS, BJP and VHP leaders in India by carving out the plans in Syria.  Reportedly, the terror attacks in India may also target foreign nationals.These details have come out during interrogation by NIA of an ISIS suspect.
 IS targeting RSS, BJP and VHP leaders?zee news
IB, NIA sleuths scan Mysuru court blast site
NIA names Islamic scholar who speaks against terrorism in ISIS chargesheet: TOI
Iran executes 20 Sunni 'terrorists' in a single day after forcing them to confess their crimes on TV
Iran has executed a group of 20 'terrorist' Sunni prisoners for committing several murders and undermining national security, state media reported today.'These people had committed murder... killed women and children, caused destructions and acted against the security and killed Sunni religious leaders in some Kurdish regions,' IRIB television quoted Prosecutor General Mohammad Javad Montazeri as saying. He said all the executions - carried out by hanging - happened on Tuesday. Iran's intelligence ministry on Wednesday issued a statement detailing 24 armed attacks between 2009 and 2011, including bombings and robberies, apparently by a single group. 'Tawhid (monotheism) and Jihad' extremist outfit were responsible for the deaths of 21 people in three western provinces in that time span, the ministry said.'102 members and followers of the Tawhid and Jihad terrorist group were identified... some of whom were killed in armed clashes with police forces and some were arrested. Some of those arrested were sentenced to death while some received prison terms,' it added. Daily Mail
Iran executes Sunni convivts
Think tank: Russian involvement in Syria serves Israel’s goals
The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) called for seizing the Russian intervention in Syria as a way of building strategic relations between Moscow and Israel.The centre, considered one of the most important strategic assessment forums in Tel Aviv, urged Israel to establish strategic cooperation that ensures the achievement of its interests in both Syria and Lebanon.In a statement published on Sunday in Brevity journal, the INSS demanded Tel Aviv ensure solutions in Syria take Israel’s interests into account, particularly in relation to the Golan Heights, and prevent areas in Syria from being used as attack points against Israel.
Syrian opposition rejects UN proposal to appointing 3 Assad deputies
Syrian opposition has rejected the UN’s suggestion that three of President Bashar Al-Assad’s deputies should be appointed to run country’s security, financial and military establishments in order to resolve the crisis, a senior official said.“This Iranian proposal was rejected,” the head of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee, Asaad Al-Zoabi, tweeted. He added that any settlement that allows for Al-Assad to remain in power is a violation of the Geneva I resolution.
Pentagon not to pay Pakistan $300 million in military reimbursements
Washington: Pentagon will not pay Pakistan $300 million in military reimbursements after US secretary of defense Ash Carter decided not to tell Congress that Pakistan was taking adequate action against the Haqqani network, a US official said.Relations between the two countries have been frayed over the past decade, with US officials frustrated by what they term Islamabad's unwillingness to act against Islamist groups such as the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network. "Funds could not be released to the govt  of Pakistan at this time because the secretary has not yet certified that Pakistan has taken sufficient action against Haqqani network," Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said on Wednesday.Reuters
Israel razes West Bank homes of Palestinian attackers
Israeli forces have razed the southern West Bank homes of two Palestinian men accused of shooting dead 4 Israelis at a popular Tel Aviv nightspot in early June, Palestinian sources have told Al Jazeera.Mohammad Makhamrah, 22, and his cousin Khaled Makhamrah, 21, were charged last month for murder, conspiring to murder and attempted murder, along with a third suspect who allegedly provided them with guns ahead of the attack at the Sarona market, an area with restaurants and cafes. Israeli army also said on Thursday that forces had demolished the cousins' houses in Yatta, south of Hebron.
Israel imprisonment of Palestinian children decried
Human rights groups have condemned Israel's approval of a new law allowing the imprisonment of children as young as 12 for "terrorist offences", and which is expected to apply mostly to Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem."Youth Bill" allows authorities to imprison minors convicted of serious crimes such as murder, attempted murder or manslaughter, even if he or she is under the age of 14, the Israeli govt  said in a statement on Wednesday.Attacks in recent months "demands a more aggressive approach, including toward minors", the govt  said in the statement. aljazeera
400 commodities still banned from Gaza
Israeli occupation authorities continue to prevent the entry of 400 commodities into the Gaza Strip, a senior Palestinian official said yesterday.Maher Al-Tabbaa, is a senior official in Gaza’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, said Israeli occupation authorities had tightened measures against Palestinian traders, companies and businessmen.These remarks came a day after occupation authorities said they had facilitated the movement of goods and commodities into the Gaza Strip. Speaking to QudsNet, Al-Tabbaa said:“Israel bans all chemical raw materials needed for the industrial sector, cleaning materials, sponges, paints, welding skewers and other materials needed for making furniture.”
Israel to build wall around Gaza Strip: Press report
Jerusalem: Israel plans to build a massive concrete wall along its border with the blockaded Gaza Strip with the stated aim of destroying cross-border tunnels dug by Gaza-based resistance groups, the Israeli press reported Wednesday. According to daily Yedioth Ahronoth, the Israeli Defense Ministry recently accepted bids from 20 Israeli construction firms for the planned multi-layered wall, which will extend both above and below ground.Construction is expected to begin in October with the participation of four Israeli companies, the paper reported.
Al-Khatib: PA too busy spoiling elections to deal with Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa
In a first, US police officer charged with aiding IS: Reports
New Delhi: In what seems to be the first case of a US police officer aiding the Islamic State, a Washington-area transit officer has been charged with attempting to provide material support to the terror group, CNN reported on Wednesday.The report said that 36-year-old officer Nicholas Young of Fairfax, Virginia was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation following more than a year of investigation. indian express
Myanmar to prosecute Illegal mosque builders
Yangon: Myanmar’s religious authority has said it will to take legal action against those who constructed a mosque and other religious buildings on state-own land in the country's north, along with those who later destroyed them. Anadolu agency
Tunisian president names Youssef Chahed as new PM
Tunisia's President Beji Caid Essebsi has named Youssef Chahed as prime minister after parliament ousted Habib Essid in a vote of no-confidence because of his handling of economic reforms and security.Chahed, 41, a former minister for local affairs, announced the appointment himself on Wednesday, warning Tunisians to brace themselves for "exceptional sacrifices"."The president has put me in charge of the national unity government. This is a message of confidence for young people also," Chahed said. "In this delicate time we need a lot of audacious decisions." aljazeera

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