25 December 2017

25 Dec.ND : Kerala bypasses RBI objections, launches foray into Islamic banking in Kannur:report/ Palestine slams Israeli plan to build new 300,000 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem

25 Dec.2017: 06 Rabial Aakhir 1439:Vol:9, No:82
Kerala bypasses RBI objections, launches foray into Islamic banking in Kannur:Firstpost report
A move by the previous LDF govt in Kerala to open an Islamic bank did not take off due to objections from several quarters, especially the RBI.However, the CPI (M) that heads the ruling coalition has found a way out to overcome the objections–open a bank outside the purview of the bank regulator.The central bank had initially opposed the move stating that it was against the current banking laws. Last month, the RBI passed its final verdict on Islamic banking, saying that it was against the principle of providing wider and equal opportunities to all the citizens to access banking and financial services.CPM has bypassed the RBI by launching the Sharia-compliant bank as a society in the primary co-operative sector, which is not governed by the apex bank regulations. The bank called Halal Fayida Co-operative Society was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in Kannur, the cradle of the Communist movement in the state, on 24 Dec.Kerala has a large network of primary co-operative societies spread across the state. A large number of these societies function as banks by receiving deposits from public and lending money. Halal Fadiya will be one such institution.The primary cooperative banks had come under the scanner of RBI and the Income Tax department during demonetisation. A tussle to make them accountable to the IT department has been going on for years, but the state government staunchly opposed such moves saying that the sector was playing an important role in the development of the state.B Unnikrishnan, former general manager of State Cooperative Bank, said the primary cooperative banks are not being monitored by the RBI since they are being operated under a state Act. They function in Kerala under the State Co-operative Societies Act, 1969. All powers under the Act are vested with the Registrar of State Cooperatives, who comes under the administrative control of the state government.The previous LDF government led by VS Achuthanandan had proposed the Islamic bank in 2009 under the aegis of Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC), the industrial and investment promotion agency of the state government, with the objective of attracting investments into the cash-strapped state.The brain behind the move was Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, a neo-liberalist who found the huge sums of money kept outside the formal interest-based banking system by devout Muslims as an alternative to the private capital that the hardliners in his party, including the then chief minister, opposed.Isaac had targeted mainly Muslims from Kerala working in the Middle East, who are familiar with Islamic banking. According to Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Thiruvananthapuram, Muslims accounted for over 40 percent of the estimated 2.4 million non-resident Keralites and about 45 percent of over Rs.1 lakh foreign remittances the state receives a year now.After the Islamic bank project hit a roadblock, Isaac mooted Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) to mobilise funds for infrastructure development outside the state budget. However, the CPM was not ready to abandon the Islamic banking project.B The party found the concept financially and political rewarding. The party saw huge potential for Islamic bank in the state since 27 percent of the population is Muslim. A major section of this population has been keeping away the formal banking system in the absence of Sharia-compliant banking institutions. M Shajir, president of Kannur district Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), the youth wing of the party, who is the chief promoter of Halal Fayida, said they had mooted the idea after it was found that a large section of the Muslim community in the district did not have a bank account.“A large number of the community keep their money at home. Many lost their savings during the demonetisation period since they could not produce proper documents to show the source of their income. Hence, we decided to come up with a solution to address the issue,” Shajir said.The CPM found the co-operative sector ideal for the foray into Islamic banking since it has high stakes in the sector. More than 90 percent of the cooperative banks in Kerala are controlled by political parties, according to Unnikrishnan.Of this, 75 per cent are under the control of the CPM. Unnikrishnan told Firstpost that co-operative banks in Kerala were flush with money unlike in other states. The total deposit base of cooperative banks in Kerala crossed Rs 1.40 lakh crore in 2016, according to the state level bankers committee.Apart from banks, the CPM has also launched several other commercial ventures such as amusement parks, hospitals, schools, colleges and even manufacturing units in the co-operative sector. Most of these ventures were developed with funds ploughed in from its cooperative institutions.The biggest benefit of the Islamic bank, however, is the Muslim support. CPM was finding it difficult to make inroads into the community due to its atheist tag. The party, therefore, has been trying to reach out to the minority community through intermediaries.The promoters of the society have secured the support of 21 minority organisations. Shajar said these organisations had bought shares and were spreading the word about the initiative. He hopes that others will also join the society as it will function strictly according to Sharia law.“Like any other Islamic institution, the society will not pay interest on deposits or charge interest on loans. It will also follow ethical financing practices and refrain from lending money for industries like gambling, pornography and liquor, which are considered forbidden in Islam,” he added.Shajar said that the bank will invest only in Halal business ventures. It will initially invest the funds in meat processing units, construction and contracting businesses, he added.Shajar has denied any political motive behind the initiative. He said that it was not aimed at making electoral gains. CPM is against identity politics and it will never promote it. He said that the bank was open to all. Since it is a cooperative society anybody can buy shares and avail its services.However, the Hindu organisations see red in the initiative. Firstpost
Triple Talaq bill: Muslim Clerics back AIMPLB's request
Mumbai/Faizabad: Muslim clerics on Monday supported the All India Muslim Personal Law Board's (AIMPLB) request to the Centre to withdraw and withhold the Triple Talaq bill stating that the law provisionally made has loopholes which need to be addressed."The AIMPLB is right in their demand; the bill should be withdrawn. It has many loopholes. First and foremost, the punishment of three years for an offender is not justified. When the man is in jail, what will his wife do? Who will take care of her expenses? The AIMPLB is right, the bill affect women drastically. The punishment term should be shortened," secretary of Jamiat Ulama, Gulzar Azmi, told ANI.Further, the cleric accused the Centre of indulging in votebank politics, and added that the law has not taken the religious norms into consideration. Another cleric, Iqbal Ansari, opined that the laws that are made should be in the interest of the nation as a whole, and should not harm any particular religious community."The laws that were made until now were for the benefit of Indians on the whole. They should not harm any community, but benefit the larger section of society. The Centre should rethink its decision," he said.ANI
AIMPLB's request to withdraw Talaq bill surprising: BJP
New Delhi: BJP on Monday, while responding to AIMPLB's request to withdraw the Triple Talaq Bill, said the proposal put forth was surprising, adding that the Centre is merely seeking enforcement of the Supreme Court's order. "It is very surprising that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has asked for the Triple Talaq bill to be withdrawn. The practice of Talaq-e-bidat is something that destroys the structure of the family. Blame is placed without knowing who is at fault and is used as a way to escape maintaining a family life. There is nothing absurd about this bill; the Centre is seeking enforcement of the Supreme Court's judgement," BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi told ANI.On the other hand, BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain questioned why the board did not put forth any representation when they were first approached regarding the matter."When the government approached the AIMPLB initially, they did not want to put forth any representation. Now, all of a sudden, why are they opposing it? If they wanted to be represented, they should have done so before itself," he said.ANI
Opposition, Muslims up ante against triple talaq bill
New Delhi:As the NDA government gets ready to introduce a bill in Parliament to criminalise instant Triple Talaq , leaders from Opposition parties said that they were unhappy with several key provisions, and AIMPLB said it would urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withhold and withdraw the proposed law.The stance indicates another tussle may be in the offing on the floor of the House in the winter session, which has been acrimonious because of the Congress party’s demand that Modi apologise to former PM Manmohan Singh over remarks made about him on the campaign trail in the recent Gujarat elections.On Sunday, the Congress and the CPI(M) questioned the requirement of an instant triple talaq law, while the BJD, the fifth-largest party in the House, opposed the penal provision of a jail term for husbands.Sources said the government may introduce the bill on Wednesday, when the House resumes after Christmas.CPI(M) MP Md Salim maintained that the government should spread awareness instead of bringing a law. “Is this the most pressing issue in the country? How many cases of triple talaq happen in the country? Islam doesn’t approve of triple talaq. The Centre must focus on issues like malnutrition among children, trafficking of women instead,” he said.BJD’s Lok Sabha leader Bhartruhari Mahtab said strict penal provisions in a civil matter were uncalled for. “The three-year imprisonment for a husband who gives triple talaq to his wife is a point of concern. If the law is unnecessarily stringent, every possibility that it may be misused and not serve the purpose,” said Mahtab.The government, however, justified the need for a bill. HT
Congress to have a relook at bill criminalising instant talaq
New Delhi: Congress is likely to hold discussions with inhouse experts and like-minded parties to firm up its stand on the triple talaq bill that the BJP-led government plans to introduce in Parliament. The party wants to take a second look at the provision which seeks to "criminalise" the banned divorce practice.Congress sources said there was not much to be discussed on the issue after the Supreme Court judgment banning instant divorce among Muslims. The government bill only seeks to build on the judicial pronouncement.However, there are reservations in certain sections of Congress about a couple of provisions in the bill. Sources said the clause in the proposed legislation that talks about "criminalisation" was not straightforward and its repercussions would have to be discussed.AICC spokesman and senior Congress MP Abhishek Singhvi said he was uncomfortable with the "criminalisation" bit provided in the bill. timesofindia
Mumbra school bans female students, parents from wearing burqa; parents upset
Mumbai: Parents of children attending a private school in Mumbra have expressed unhappiness at the school’s decision to disallow naqaabs, that cover the face, on its premises. The school has cited security issues as the reason for its decision. Early this month, Symbiosis school in Mumbra released a circular saying students’ parents and family members would have to reveal their face by lifting the veil while entering school premises. It also said students would not be allowed to cover their faces, even while leaving school. “Our hijabs are meant to be wrapped in a way that our faces are visible at all times,” said a student of the school.School trustee Kamalraj Deo said the step was necessary for security reasons. “Some students left school in a fully-veiled burkha. When their parents came, our security wouldn’t know where their girls were,” he said.In addition, the school recently came across two women seeking to take their child home early. “Their faces were covered. We summoned the class teacher, but before she could arrive, the two ran away,” he said, calling it an attempted abduction. Though many parents have expressed discomfort at what they deem to be interference with religious practices, some others welcomed the decision.“I don’t intend to hurt any religious sentiments, but on camera, faces need to be revealed, for our records… It is purely for safety reasons,” said Deo.indianexpress
Mumbai: School bans students, parents from wearing 'burqa', 'hijab'
NIA set to seek Zakir Naik’s provisional arrest in Malaysia
New Delhi: NIA will move a request for provisional arrest of Zakir Naik, believed to be in Malaysia, apart from submitting a fresh plea to Interpol on Tuesday for a red corner notice (RCN) against him. On receipt of the provisional request for arrest, Malaysia, as per terms of its extradition agreement with India, will be obligated to confirm Naik's location within its jurisdiction and arrest him pending presentation of a formal extradition request by India.Interpol had earlier this month announced rejection of the NIA's request for a red notice against Naik, stating that no chargesheet was filed against him at the time of submitting that request. However, with the chargesheet filed subsequently in October, the NIA will now submit a copy of that along with the fresh RCN request.The agencies are moving Interpol for the preacher's provisional arrest as he is known to have been travelling out of Malaysia from time to time. "Even though his Indian passport stands revoked, he continues to possess the document. If a foreign country is willing to let him travel abroad on the Indian passport carrying a valid visa issued by the country of destination, nothing can be done to stop him. However, once the RCN is issued, the immigration authorities of the country of his location will be obligated to detain him and inform Interpol," explained an officer."Besides, in case he has travelled out of Malaysia and is in the jurisdiction of another member state, RCN notice will also require that member state to detain him and inform Interpol," said an NIA officer.A senior home ministry official said the argument cited by Interpol that the Indian extradition laws require an investigation agency to move RCN request only after chargesheet is filed, was flawed as RCN could be sought against a fugitive who is either accused, charged or convicted of an extradition offence. "Only legal requirement for submitting an RCN request is a non-bailable warrant of arrest against the subject. This was done in Naik's case," said the officer.TOI
50,000 madrassa teachers not paid by Centre for 2years
Agra/ Dehradun: Over 50,000 madrassa teachers in 16 states, including UP, Uttarakhand, MP and Jharkhand, registered under the Centre's Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrassas (SPQEM) have not been paid the central component of their salaries for two years now, forcing many to quit their posts.SPQEM was introduced by the Union HRD ministry in 2008-09 to promote quality education at madrassas. Under it, madrassa teachers are entitled to salaries to be paid by the Centre. Graduate teachers are paid Rs 6,000 per month, while, PG teachers are paid Rs 12,000, which constitute 75% and 80%, respectively, of their total pay. The respective states are to pay the remainder of the salaries.President of Akhil Bharatiya Madrassa Adhunikikaran Shikshak Sangh (ABMASS) Muslim Raza Khan said, "Half of the 18,000 madrassas in India are in UP, with around 25,000 teachers. Across 16 states, teachers have not received the central government component of their salaries for the second year now. In some states, they haven't been paid for three years. We plan a protest in Lucknow on January 8."Confirming that salaries had not been paid, registrar of the UP Madrassa Board, Rahul Gupta said, "Rs 296.31 crore was not released by the Union ministry for 2016-17. In 2017-18 so far, the funds have not been released either.""Union ministry has been giving states various reasons for this situation, from non-submission of utilisation certificate by the states to not having Unified District Information System for Education code for these institutions," said Halim Khan, former member, CGIAC.TOI
Tension in UP’s Amroha village after complaint against namaz in house: indianexpress
Lucknow: Tension gripped Gangeshwari village in Amroha on Saturday after some of its residents allegedly objected to a group of Muslims offering ‘namaz’ at a house.On receiving information, a police team rushed to the village and held a meeting with local residents to sort out the matter. Heavy security was deployed in the Hindu-dominated village.Sub-Inspector Kiran Pal Singh, in-charge of Rehra police outpost, said that on Saturday, a local resident made an “oral complaint” to the police, alleging that one Zakir Ali, who runs a medical store, had opened an “illegal madrasa” on the ground floor of his building. “The complainant also told police that for the past few days, several Muslims were visiting Ali’s house to offer namaz. Most of them are from the neighbouring village,” he added.“Muslim residents assured they would not hold joint namaz at Zakir Ali’s house. If they do so again, legal action will be taken against them as it can create a law and order problem. We will take surety in this regard from 15 Muslim residents.”Circle Officer, Hasanpur (Amroha),Ajay Kumar, said, “Zakir Ali was running a madrasa on the ground floor of his building since last month. In the meeting, an objection was also raised over the madrasa and Zakir Ali agreed to close it down.”
"Smuggle, Slaughter Cows, You'll Be Killed," Warns Rajasthan BJP MLA
Jaipur: A lawmaker of Rajasthan's ruling BJP, speaking on a the mob beating of an alleged cow smuggler on Saturday, has declared: "If you smuggle cows, you will be killed". Gyan Dev Ahuja, known for controversial statements, insisted that the man was never beaten up, that the truck fell on him. A man called Zakir Khan was arrested for cattle smuggling after he was pulled out of his truck and beaten by villagers on Saturday. The police had tried to stop his truck, in which there were eight cows, but Zakir allegedly drove through the barricades. The police also claim those in the truck fired at them. Villagers stopped the truck and attacked Zakir Khan. 3 others with him ran away.Reacting to the incident, Gyan Dev Ahuja said: "Mera toh seedha seedha kehna hai ki gautaskari aur gaukashi karoge to yu hi maroge (If you smuggle and slaughter cows, then you will be killed). The cow is our mother." BJP legislator from Ramgarh also rubbished that Zakir Khan had been beaten up. "As the public was following the truck, it overturned, resulting in the injuries... The people didn't beat him...he was injured because the vehicle overturned," he said.Ahuja is known for his extremist views. Last year, at the height of a stand-off between the JNU and the government, he had said that 300 condoms and 200 liquor bottles were found each day on campus of the prestigious university.His latest comments have done nothing to calm the atmosphere of fear and hostility in Alwar following a series of cow vigilante attacks. ndtv
Alwar: Mob assaults man held for alleged cow smuggling
Jaipur : An alleged cattle smuggler was arrested by police on Saturday and reportedly thrashed by a mob in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. According to the police, a truck carrying bovines was intercepted near Yadav Nagar around 3.30 am on Saturday.“We had information that cow smugglers were trying to transport bovines to Haryana and had erected barricades in the area. A truck was seen approaching the barricades but after seeing us, the vehicle turned around,” said Ajit Singh, the station house officer of Ramgarh police station.He said the people in the truck opened fire at the police, who retaliated by firing back.“Out of the three men in the truck, two escaped in the dark and one was arrested. A mob had, meanwhile, assembled after hearing the shots,” Singh said.He added that the arrested man was later identified as Zakir, from Utawad village in Haryana.Members of the Meo panchayat, however, said Zakir was severely beaten up by the mob before he was arrested.“I went to see Zakir in hospital and from his injuries it was obvious that he was severely beaten up before being arrested. Why does this happen time and again, when the mob takes the law into its hands?” said Sher Mohammad, chief of Alwar’s Meo panchayat.He also criticised the police for alleged “inaction”. “We demand strong police action against those who beat up Zakir. It is strange that the police would need help from cow vigilantes to protect law,”Mohammad said. indianexpress
Don’t Call Yourself Secular, Identify by Religion or Caste Instead: BJP Minister Hegde
New Delhi: Anantkumar Hegde on Sunday  ruffled quite a few feathers by saying that he wants people to identify themselves by their caste or religion, instead of saying that they are secular. The Union Minister of State for Employment and Skill Development reportedly said that those who claimed they were secular “do not have an identity of their parents and their blood”, adding that it was time to amend the constitution. According to The Hindu, Hegde, who was speaking at an event in the Koppal district of Karnataka, said: “I will be happy if someone identifies as Muslim, Christian, Brahmin, Lingayat or Hindu. But trouble will arise if they say they are secular.”The minister, who was just a few months back handed the skills development portfolio in the Modi cabinet, said that Manusmriti had become outdated and in the present times, ‘Ambedkar Smriti’ was being talked about instead. “We respect the constitution and it has changed over time, several times; and it will change in the future. We are here to change the constitution,” he said.The minister was further quoted by The Hindu as saying: “Progressive thinkers do not know about history, tradition and culture. Those who themselves have erred are trying to blame others for their mistakes.”THE WIRE
We are here to change the Constitution: minister Hegde
RSS spreading communal hatred: Hardik Patel
Ahmedabad: Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) chief Hardik Patel has accused the RSS of spreading communal hatred. On Sunday morning, Hardik circulated an 'open letter' on social media, reminding the Patidarsof how the RSS was turning Dalits against the upper castes, Muslims against Hindus and thus ruling via 'politics of fear'.RSS spokesperson Mukesh Malkan, however, dismissed Hardik's allegation. "That young boy doesn't have an understanding of the country or the world's issues and the RSS's contributions to the country," Malkan said. He added they would suggest all such people "to study what is happening in Kerala and other states. They should go and see the work that RSS does for the nation."In his letter, Hardik says: "BJP has been garnering votes from the Patidar community by spreading fear of Muslims." He recalled how Dalits and Muslims had, in fact, supported the Patidar movement. "Until the younger generation understands RSS' motives, lakhs of people will continue to be killed," Hardik says."The Patidars have never thought there was not a single Muslim among the goons who were supported by the police in inflicting atrocities on Patels(sic)" asks Hardik in the letter.TOI
Magenta Line inauguration: Not inviting CM Kejriwal insult of Delhi people, says Sisodia
New Delhi: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was not invited to the launch of Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line out of the fear that he might publicly demand a rollback of the fare hike, his deputy Manish Sisodia said on Monday.He also said that not inviting the chief minister to the inauguration programme at Noida was an “insult” to the people of Delhi.Sisodia’s observations came minutes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 12.38-km stretch of the Magenta Line, between the Kalkaji Mandir and Botanical Garden metro stations, in the presence of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath.“Not calling the Delhi chief minister in an inauguration of a Delhi Metro project is an insult of the people of Delhi. There’s only one reason behind not inviting Kejriwal, the fear that he may urge the prime minister to roll back the fare hike (sic),” AAP leader tweeted.Of the 9 stations on the Magenta Line, 7 are within the boundaries of Delhi, while the remaining two are in Noida. hindustantimes
Modi inaugurates Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line, Kejriwal not invited
Kulbhushan meets wife, mother at Pak foreign ministry
Islamabad: Kulbhushan Jadhav, the death row prisoner at the centre of a diplomatic battle between India and Pakistan, on Monday met his wife Chetankaul and mother Avanti at the foreign affairs ministry in Islamabad, Pakistani officials said.TV footage showed Jadhav’s family, accompanied by India’s deputy high commissioner to Pakistan JP Singh and Pakistan’s foreign office director for India Fareha Bugti , entering the main building of the ministry and the door shutting behind them.The former naval officer’s kin arrived in the morning in Islamabad on an Emirates airlines flight from Dubai and were taken to the Indian High Commission initially for a meeting with Indian diplomats. They greeted the media after arrival but refused to respond to questions.The meeting, which reportedly lasted for 30 minutes, started at around 1:35pm local time, officials said.Pictures of the meeting released by the foreign office later showed Jadhav sitting behind a thick glass partition while his wife and mother are on the other side. Ahead of the meeting, Pakistani foreign office spokesperson Mohammed Faisal tweeted a picture of Jadhav’s mother Avanti and his wife seated ahead of the meeting, adding they were “sitting comfortably in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan. We honour our commitments”.HT
Samjhauta blast case: NIA likely to drop 13 witnesses from Pak to speed trial
New Delhi/Panchkula: NIA intends to drop 13 Pakistani witnesses in the Samjhauta Express train blast case. “We have not heard anything formally from the Pakistani side since the summons for appearance of the witnesses were issued through the ministry of external affairs. The court had in July given four months to secure their presence. Although no final decision has been taken, the NIA plans to request the designated court in Panchkula to drop these witnesses in order to not delay the trial any further,” a home ministry official told HT on the condition of anonymity. Pakistan has repeatedly expressed “concern” over what it terms “unnecessary delay” in the Samjhauta case. But those who have followed the Pakistani tactics for long say the neighbouring country has never been interested in cooperating with India in legal matters. Around half a dozen Hindu extremists, including Aseemanand, are facing trial in the case. Sources said the testimony of Pakistani witnesses is important as they were travelling in the train at the time of the blast. After recording their initial statements with Haryana police, they were allowed to leave. HT
Govt committed to minority community students welfare: Naqvi
Kozhikode:Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday said the BJP-led Central government was committed to provide access to quality education to students from minority communities. Speaking at a function in Kozhikode, the minister said the government was working with utmost sincerity to ensure welfare of these students through affordable, accessible and quality education. “For this, we are going to start ‘Tahreek e Taleem’ Campaign,” the minority affairs said. He was spending about 65 per cent of its budget on educational empowerment and skill development of the community, he noted. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central government has been working with commitment to provide affordable and quality education to students of all sections, including the minorities.”PTI
Pune Police launch flagship education programme for skilling, educating Muslim youth
Pune: In a bid to spread to awareness about skill and vocational education, importance of competitive examinations among the Muslim youth, Pune City Police following the footsteps of their Mumbai counterpart launched the Muslim youth connect programme called ‘Mission Parvaaz’ in 15 police stations across Pune.It is a part of its educational, confidence building and outreach programmes for different sections of the Muslim community in the city. The Mumbai police has achieved deep inroads into the Muslim community with its flagship programme ‘Mission Dosti ’ which is playing a transformational role in skilling and educating urban Muslim youth of Mumbai.The well-attended programme at Savitribai Phule Sabhagriha in Lohianagar was inaugurated by Pune Police commissioner Rashmi Shukla who is the chief architect of the programme. The initiative is aimed at connecting the disadvantaged Muslim youths with proper guiding tools. The programme encompasses career counselling, educational aids, free vocational training and coaching them to join the civil services at the Centre and state level. HT
637 including 40 Muslims crack UPSC Combined Medical Services Exam 2017
New Delhi: 40 Muslim doctors are among a total of 637 recommended for various medical posts to be filled based on the Combined Medical Services (CMS) Examination 2017 conducted by the UPSC the final results of which were declared Saturday.Out of the total 40 Muslim doctors, who made to the list of 637 successful candidates, 13 are female.As per the Merit List released by the UPSC, 06 Muslim doctors figure among top 100. Mohammed Sajid Abdul Samad bagged the 7th rank whereas Mubeen Karikazi ranked 27, Nabeel Thaha 62 and Md Nizamuddin Khan ranked 73.Other Muslim doctors who are among top 100 are Ruksana Farooq (Rank76) and Abdul Faheem A H (Rank 100).In 2016, a total of 43 Muslim doctors had figured in the list of 894 successful candidates. Of them 09 were among top 100. Like 2017, 13 Muslims doctors who craked UPSC CMS 2016 exams were female.UPSC declared the final results of Combined Medical Services Examination, 2017 on Saturday recommending 637 candidates for various posts. ummid.com
UP tops in custodial rape cases:parliamentary panel report
New Delhi:A parliamentary panel has expressed concern over the high occurrences of custodial rape cases in Uttar Pradesh, from where over 90% of such cases in the country have been reported over the past few years.The panel looked at data from 2015 in its report on “Women in Detention & Access to Justice” in which, 95 cases of custodial rape were reported from UP, followed by two cases from Uttarakhand and one each from Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.However, the number of cases has declined dramatically in 2016 (the latest period for which NCRB data is available), with 11 of the total 26 custodial rapes reported from UP. hindustantimes
Palestine slams Israeli plan to build new 300,000 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem
Palestinian foreign ministry has denounced a new Israeli settlement construction plan, which includes the building of 300,000 housing units in occupied East Jerusalem.In a statement on its Facebook page, the ministry on Sunday held US President Donald Trump responsible for "Israeli arrogance" that has endorsed the annexation of East Jerusalem."The ministry affirms that this Israeli colonial arrogance would not have happened without US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital," the statement read."Trump's administration must bear the responsibility for new crimes that Israel, the occupying country, imposes on our people."The ministry urged the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court to confront the move. According to Israeli media, the country's Minister of Housing and Construction Yoav Galant announced the launching of a campaign to promote the building of the new settlement units.Israel's Channel 10 said the planned construction was part of the so-called "Greater Jerusalem Bill", which aims to annex illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank to Israeli-defined boundaries of the city of Jerusalem. The bill was meant to be voted on in Oct.by a ministerial committee before going to the Knesset for approval, but the vote was delayed until further notice.If passed, the bill would annex to the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem the three major mega-settlement cities of Maale Adumim, Givat Zeev and Gush Etzion, which together house around 140,000 Israelis.It would add the Israelis who live there to the population of Jerusalem, thus allowing them to vote in local elections.To ensure a Jewish majority in the city, the bill would also create "independent municipalities" for several Palestinian neighbourhoods that are part of the Jerusalem municipality but cut off from the city by Israel's separation wall.These neighbourhoods are home to more than 100,000 people who suffer from a severe lack of basic services and infrastructure. aljazeera
Following recognition, 300 new homes to be built in Jerusalem: israelnationalnews
Following Trump, Guatemala to move embassy to Jerusalem
Guatemala has announced plans to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, following in Washington's footsteps.President Jimmy Morales confirmed the move from Tel Aviv on Sunday, days after Guatemala voted with the US against a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution on the matter. "Today I spoke with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. We are talking about the excellent relations that we have had as nations since Guatemala supported the creation of the state of Israel," Morales said in a Facebook post on Sunday."One of the most important topics was the return of the embassy of Guatemala to Jerusalem."So I inform you that I have instructed the chancellor to initiate the respective coordination so that it may be."Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon welcomed the move and expressed gratitude, describing the move as an "important decision" in a Twitter post. aljazeera
Lebanese PM Hariri 'pressured to resign' by the Saudis
Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh expecting to spend the day in the desert with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman but instead found himself manhandled by Saudi security forces and forced to resign his position, according to a report by the New York Times.The report citing unnamed Lebanese and Western officials, said the Lebanese leader, who also holds a Saudi passport, was only freed after lobbying by foreign diplomats. Hariri had his mobile phone taken off him and was separated from most of his bodyguards except one, before being handed a prewritten resignation speech, the report said. The televised speech in early November railed against the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah and Iranian interference in Lebanon, and in it Hariri claimed his life was in danger. aljazeera
Families besieged in Syria's Eastern Ghouta struggle to survive: aljazeera
As 2017 comes to an end, we're looking back at some of the biggest stories of the year, through the eyes of five families.In part 3, we speak to a Syrian family. Like millions of other Syrians, they have been internally displaced by the war.They are also among 400,000 people who live in the government-besieged, rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta.They say they don’t trust the Russian-sponsored de-escalation agreements, and their greatest fear now is not having a place in their country.
Egypt: 9 Sinai attack suspects killed in police raid
Egypt's interior ministry says police have shot dead nine people suspected of belonging to a cell behind deadly attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.The nine were killed in a shoot-out during a dawn raid on a farmhouse in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya, the ministry said in a statement on Sunday.   They were suspected of "planting explosives and targeting security checkpoints in northern Sinai, which led to the deaths of a number of police and army personnel". aljazeera
Tunisia suspends Emirates Airlines flights
Tunisia's transport ministry has announced the suspension of all Emirates Airlines flights to and from the North African country.The move on Sunday came two days after Tunisian women were denied boarding their flights to Dubai on UAE-based carrier.The transport ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page that it "has decided to suspend flights of Emirates Airlines to and from Tunisia until the company can find a suitable solution to operate its flights in accordance with international laws and treaties".According to Tunisia's state-run news agency, Salem Zeabi, the UAE ambassador to Tunisia, was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday to "provide clarification on the measure banning" Tunisian women from flying to or transiting through the Gulf state's territory.Zeabi reportedly said the measure was "temporary and relating to security arrangements". aljazeera
India And the UN Vote on Jersualem:MARTAND JHA
Even after surgical strikes, there has been no drop in number of Indian soldiers dying on LoC:Ipsita Chakravarty
The triple talaq Bill is hasty, impulsive and cruel – much like the act it seeks to criminalise:Abhishek Sudhir
Charity launches festive TV ad to challenge view of British Muslims as anti-Christmas:theguardian

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