11 June 2018

11 June ND: Dr Kafeel’s brother shot at near Adityanath home in Gorakhpur;Khan says police delayed treatme/Maulana Azhar, his brother Maulana Imran assaulted in Ranchi for allegedly refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram

11 June 2018:26 Ramazan 1439: Vol:10, No:43
Dr Kafeel’s brother shot at near Adityanath home in Gorakhpur: says police delayed treatment
New Delhi:Suspended Gorakhpur BRD Medical College Hospital paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan claimed precious time was lost in filing a medico-legal case when his younger brother Kashif Jameel was shot by unidentified assailants on Sunday. Going against doctors’ advice that bullets must be immediately removed from Jameel’s body, Khan claimed the police insisted on filing a medico-legal case before his brother was treated. A case was filed at a private hospital in Gorakhpur.“It took an hour to file it (medico-legal case). They (police) again insisted that the medical college will file the medico-legal and a board will be constituted and after that, you will get the clearance,” Khan said in a two-minute video he posted on his Twitter handle. Medical college, however, clarified there was no need of filing a fresh case when it has already been registered, Khan said. The bullets have been removed and the operation was successful and Jameel is recovering in ICU, he added.The shooting, Khan claimed, happened just 500 metres away from the Gorakhnath temple. “Nobody knows who fired the gun. The incident happened just 500 metres away from the Gorakhnath temple where CM was sleeping,” he said.The attack, police said, took place on Sunday night when Jameel was on his way home on a bike. He was shot at in Kotwali police station area of Gorakhpur. Kashif, a businessman, was shot last evening meters from the Gorakhnath temple, CM Yogi Adityanath's home. With CM staying there, there was heavy police presence in the area and the family questions how the shooting could have taken place in a high security zone. “Jameel was undergoing treatment when police came to know. He is out of danger,” Circle officer said. indian express /NDTV
Why brother, shot, waited 3 hours for treatment: Kafeel Khan shares video
Lucknow:  The family of Kafeel Khan, the doctor whose brother was shot in Gorakhpur last evening, has come up with a video, citing it as proof of how the police insisted on shuttling the injured man from hospital to hospital, delaying his treatment for three hours. Kafeel, says the shooting was a conspiracy and accuses the police of obstructing treatment.Kashif Jameel was shot in the neck and he was shunted from hospital to hospital for three hours before he received any treatment. All the while, the bullet was lodged in his neck. The video shows the bleeding man lying on a stretcher in what appears a hospital corridor, while a savage argument rages over him between his family and the police. A man holds his hand. Another holds a bottle of saline. There is no doctor in sight.The police had insisted that the matter being medico-legal,  injured man had to be taken to a Govt  hospital. But facilities of first Govt  hospital they went to - Sadar hospital - were woefully inadequate, the family said. He was next taken to the BRD medical college, which turned the patient away, saying they did not have a neurologist in the hospital. He was then taken to a private hospital, where the family had taken him initially.He has undergone an operation and the doctors have said that he is out of danger.The family said police had physically tried to stop them from getting into the ambulance with injured man. NDTV
Gorakhpur Cops drive Dr-Kafeel’s brother, Bleeding and with a bullet in his neck,through city for 4 hours
Dr Kafeel’s Brother Shot At Near Yogi Home In Gorakhpur
Not leaving Gorakhpur. We’ve lived here, we’ll die here: Kafeel Khan after attack on brother
"Won't Bend": Kafeel Khan,  On Attack On Brother
Gorakhpur: Dr. Kafeel Khan took to Twitter this morning and said, "Allah rahem kare. M not going to bend." He told reporters that the bullets have been removed from his brother's body, and "the operation has been successful. He is currently in ICU. Three bullets were shot at him in order to kill him. Who has fired, we do not know. But it was 500 metres from Gorakhnath Temple, where the UP CM  was staying." Hours after the shooting, Gujarat lawmaker Jignesh Mevani targeted the state's BJP Govt.Mevani tweeted "Dr Kafeel saved children when Yogi Adityanath Govt  had no money to pay for oxygen. He was put behind bars. Now his brother is shot at. Thank you so much Modi ji for what your 'acche din' are offering us - hate speeches, violence, bloodshed and bullets." ndtv
Maulana Azhar, his brother Maulana Imran assaulted in Ranchi for allegedly refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram
Ranchi: 2 cleric brothers were brutally assaulted when they were returning home after offering Travih prayers on Sunday night in Ranchi.A group of 20-25 people confronted the brothers in Agru village around 10 PM, hurled communal abuses at them and allegedly asked them to chant Jai Shri Ram.When they refused to chant, they were brutally assaulted. According to local human rights lawyer Shadab Ansari, Maulana Azharul Islam and his brother Maulana Imran were returning after offering Travih prayers in Agru village. They were on a bike and riding towards their home in Naya Sarai village. It was round 10 PM when they were stopped by Scorpio-borne 20 people near Daladali Chowk. Hurling casteist and communal abuses at them, they started beating the two brothers.“They asked them to chant Jai Shri Ram. When they refused to do so, they were assaulted with lathi and hockey sticks. One brother (Maulana Imran) managed to flee but Maulana Mazharul Islam was brutally assaulted by the mob,” said Adv. Ansari. Adv. Ansari said he is contacting the family of the victims to know if they filed an FIR or not. He has also sent his associate to the hospital.He was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition. As he could not get proper treatment there, he was taken to Ranchi Medical College and Hospital. After the incident, the Ranchi Police is said to have launched combing operation to nab the attackers. SSP Prabhat Kumar has assured that the accused will be arrested.caravandaily
Maulana Azhar, Maulana Imran brutally attacked
Aurangabad: Mob lynches 2 tribals, injures 6 on suspicion of being robbers: Indian Express
Pune: 2 tribals were beaten to death and 6 others seriously injured after a mob of villagers attacked them on suspicion that they were robbers. The incident took place in Chandgaon village in Vaijapur taluka of Maharashtra’s Aurangabad on Friday.Police said a mob of at least 400 villagers attacked the eight tribals with wooden and metal rods after nabbing them from near a farm in the village. Policemen from Vaijapur police station said they received a call from a villager, informing that they had caught “robbers”. When police reached the village, they found six persons on the ground who had been brutally assaulted. Mob dispersed after the police warned them of using force. 2 more persons were then brought before police, who had also been assaulted. 8 persons, some of whom were unconscious, were rushed to a Govt  hospital in Aurangabad. 2 of them were declared brought dead. The deceased have been identified as Bharat Sonavane (30), a resident of Mitmita village who belonged to Bhill community, and Shivaji Shinde (45), a resident of Rajnagar in Aurangabad who belonged to Pardhi community. 6 injured are Ganesh Sonavane, Gangaram Bhosale, Rajesh Bhosale, Dagdgu Kale, Ramesh Pawar and Gamtidas Kale.Police have arrested nine persons in connection with the attack and have booked 400 others.
Before lynching of 2 in Assam village, rumour that fuelled mob: ‘There is a kid inside the car’
karbi Anglong: Shattered glass on the road, blood stains on a bamboo fence and a pall of gloom is what remains at the picturesque Panjuri Kachari village in Assam’s Karbi Anglong district. A day after 2 men from Guwahati were lynched after locals suspected they were child abductors, village is desolate and most young men have left fearing police action.After the lynching, police arrested 15 people — 9 from Panjuri Kachari and 6 others from 4 adjoining villages. A resident of Diphu town has also been held for “spreading fake news” and rumours of alleged child abductors on a Facebook page which has thousands of followers. 2 victims — Abhijit Nath and Nilotpal Das — travelling in a black SUV, were stopped at about 7.30 pm Friday mere minutes after rumours spread that 2 men had kidnapped a child and fled in a black car. Locals say the rumours spread through phone-calls that allegedly originated from Kangthilangso, a neighbouring village where Nath and Das visited a waterfall earlier. Rumours were short: “There is a kid inside the car.” But enough to get angry young men from Panjuri Kachari together to stop and check SUV.indianexpress
13 arrested for posting hate messages over lynching of 2 men in Assam
Trump accuses India of charging 100% tariff on some imports
Washington:President Donald Trump has taken a swipe at India along with the world’s other top economies and accused New Delhi of charging 100 %  tariff on some of the US’ goods, as he threatened to cut trade ties with countries who are robbing America. Trump made the remarks in Canada’s Quebec City where he was attending G7 summit that ended in farce after he abruptly rejected the text of a consensus statement and bitterly insulted the host. “We’re like the piggybank that everybody is robbing,”Trump said while addressing a press conference on Saturday. He also made a reference to India, indicating that his grievances on tariffs was not restricted to the developed economies alone.“This isn’t just G7. I mean, we have India, where some of the tariffs are 100%. A 100%. And we charge nothing. We can’t do that. And so we are talking to many countries,” Trump said. Trump has repeatedly raked up the issue of India imposing high import duty on iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles and threatened to increase the import tariff on “thousands and thousands” of Indian motorcycles to the US.PTI
Nirav Modi flees to UK, seeks asylum over ‘political persecution’: Report
Nirav Modi, the billionaire jeweller at the heart of a more than $2 billion fraud case in India, has fled to the UK, where he is claiming political asylum, Financial Times reported, citing Indian and British officials. Britain’s Home Office said it does not provide information on individual cases.Nirav Modi could not be contacted by Reuters for comment on the FT report. PNB, India’s 2nd-largest state-run bank, said earlier in 2018 that two jewellery groups headed by Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi had defrauded it of about $2.2 billion by raising credit from overseas branches of other Indian banks using illegal guarantees issued by rogue PNB staff at a Mumbai branch over several years.Nirav Modi is in London trying to claim asylum from what he calls “political persecution”, FT reported. Ministry of External Affairs told the FT the Indian Govt  was waiting for the country’s law enforcement agencies to approach them before pushing for an extradition, which had thus far not happened. The ministry did not respond to a Reuters request for comment outside regular working hours.Reuters
Nirav flees to London reportedly to seek political asylum
Banking system bankrupt, gross NPAs at Rs10.3 lakh crore: Chidambaram
Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram slammed the Modi Govt  for its poor showing on economic indicators after four years rule, noting the GDP growth rate was at a “sobering” 6.7% and the “banking system bankrupt” with gross NPAs rising from ₹2,63,015 crore to ₹10,30,000 crore.“On the day after Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the growth numbers for 2017-18, the media played up just one number: 7.7%,” he said, in a series of tweets.“At first blush it appeared to be GDP growth number for the whole year 2017-18, and was certainly impressive. Actually, it was the growth number for just one quarter, Q4, and the uptick was also because of the low base effect. For the whole year, however, the GDP growth rate was a sobering 6.7%,” he said.IANS
India 2nd-largest recipient of World Bank's loans
India no longer borrows from the World Bank’s International Development Association(IDA) arm that gives highly concessional loans to poor countries, however, it still makes use of funds from WB’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) unit to fund schemes for rural roads, cheap LED lights, etc.TOI
Gauri Lankesh murder case: Key accused points to leader of Hindutva outfit
Bengaluru:At least one senior Karnataka office-bearer of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, an affiliate of the Sanatan Sanstha, knew about the existence of an “extremist unit” in the parent organisation, according to a probe by a Special Investigation Team of Karnataka Police in the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh.Investigations have found that a Bengaluru-based co-ordinator of HJS, Mohan Gowda, allegedly put key accused, KT Naveen Kumar, in touch with this Sanstha unit in the planning phase of Lankesh murder. Gowda allegedly connected Naveen Kumar last year to Sujeet Kumar alias Praveen, a 37-year-old Udupi resident, who was part of this unit and was arrested on May 31.Much of the information pointing to this link has emerged from “a signed voluntary statement” given to SIT by Naveen Kumar. Maddur resident was arrested on March 2 for allegedly providing logistical support to a group that came from outside Karnataka to shoot Lankesh at her Bengaluru home on Sept.5,2017. indianexpress
Nehru Memorial Museum Ties Up With Right-Wing Think-Tank to Publish Syama Prasad Mookerjee's Work
https://thewire.in/Govt /nmml-ties-up-with-right-wing-think-tank-to-publish-syama-prasad-mookerjees-work
New Delhi: Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) and a BJP-affiliated think-tank,Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, are reportedly going to jointly publish the complete works of Jan Sangh leader Syama Prasad Mookerjee. According to a report in the Economic Times, the executive council of the NMML selected the think-tank, which had first floated the idea of March 2016, to be the nodal agency for the project. After the idea was first proposed, the NMML reportedly had several questions on the nature of the project. Those clarifications have been provided and work is now set to begin, officials at NMML said. It could take as along as two years to complete. conomic Times has reported that a ten-member research team will be working on the project, including Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Das Gupta and Delhi University professor Sangeet Ragi. Team is based in New Delhi and Kolkata.The first few books of the ten-volume set will reportedly be out before Dec.this year. Not only will the volumes talk about Mookerjee’s lesser known work,they will also include interviews and with people who either worked with him or studied his work closely from Rangoon,Silchar and Jammu,ET reported. thewire
NMML, Syama Prasad Mookerjee think-tank to publish works on Jan Sangh founder
‘Can’t go back to Myanmar, Army won’t let us live,’ say refugees in Mizoram
Lawngtlai: Around 300 refugees, mostly Arakan (Rakhine) Buddhists, who fled Myanmar in November last year following the military crackdown on the Arakan rebels, have refused to go back despite the Mizoram Govt  having stopped supplies of essential food items to them in Feb. “Myanmar Army will not let us live and earn if we go back,” said Khima-U, who hails from the border village of Varang in Myanmar’s Chin State.46-year-old was one of the nearly 1,400 refugees who had originally taken shelter in four border villages in Mizoram’s Lawngtlai district — Laitlang, Hmawngbuchhua, Zochachhua, and Dumzautlang. More than 900 refugees have since returned to their homes, according to officials.While the Hmangbuchhua village council claims there are 343 refugees still living there, an official of Assam Rifles said there are only 298 refugees left. Khima-U, among the many refugees who constructed bamboo houses since moving into this village 4km away from the border in Lawngtlai district, about 300km south of Aizawl, says “life is better here”.He works as a daily wager by helping villagers in jhum (shifting) cultivation, earning Rs 150 a day.Some others have joined the work as daily wagers on the 87km road connecting Lawngtlai town and Zorinpui, a proposed border crossing points with Myanmar part of the ambitious Kaladan multi-modal transport project.HT
Letter of 'Naxal plot' a bid to gain sympathy: Sharad Pawar
Pune: NCP chief Sharad Pawar questioned the authenticity of a letter suggesting a Maoist plot to conduct a “Rajiv Gandhi-type incident” and said there was an attempt to use such letters to garner public sympathy. Pune police had raided the houses of five people in April and arrested them on June 6 for suspected links with CPI (Maoist).Citing his interaction with state CID officials, Pawar said, “I have been told that letters like the one suggesting the Maoist plot are never leaked to the media.Instead, an internal investigation is carried out to verify the authenticity of the contents, and then corrective measures are taken to ensure that there is no untoward fallout if a conspiracy is established.” He said that there was an attempt on the part of the Govt  to garner public sympathy.TOI
Shiv Sena scoffs at Maoist plot to target PM Modi, dubs it ‘laughable’
Mumbai:Shiv Sena on Monday dubbed as “laughable” the alleged Maoist letter suggesting a Maoist plot to target PM  Narendra Modi, saying conspiracy does not seem legitimate and appears like the story of a horror film.In remarks laced with sarcasm, it said high-profile leaders ought to be provided elaborate security cover irrespective of lakhs of people dying in attacks by insurgents. Making light of the alleged threats by Maoists to the PM  and Maharashtra CM  Devendra Fadnavis, it said, “Some say that a part of BJP considers Modi and Fadnavis as thorns and has given a ‘supari’ (contract) to Naxalites to eliminate them. However, such statements should not be given much importance.”PTI
RSS may project Pranab as PM nominee, believes Shiv Sena; Sharmistha says father not rejoining politics
New Delhi:Days after former President Pranab Mukherjee made his maiden address at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Sunday said the organisation may project Mukherjee as a PM ial candidate in case the BJP falls short of a majority in Lok Sabha elections next year. However, Raut’s speculation was immediately countered by the Congress veteran’s daughter, Sharmistha Mukherjee, who clarified that her father will not rejoin politics.While claiming that the motive behind the RSS inviting the former president would be clear only after next year’s general elections, Raut said, “Scenario prevalent in the country is such that BJP will not win a majority in 2019. If there is a fractured mandate and other parties do not support Modi, Mukherjee will be projected as a PM ial candidate who will be acceptable to all.”Reacting to the Shiv Sena leader’s remarks, Sharmistha posted on Twitter: “Raut, after retiring as President of India, my father is NOT going to enter into active politics again.”indianexpress
SP willing to play second fiddle to BSP in 2019: Akhilesh
AGRA: Former UP  CM  and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has said that his party is willing to play second fiddle to BSP in order to ensure BJP’s defeat in 2019 Lok Sabha polls.Akhilesh, who was in Mainpuri on Sunday to unveil the statue of a former pradhan in Jaurai village of the district, said his party was willing to make a compromise and contest fewer seats if it helped to ensure BJP’s rout in the general elections next year.“We have an alliance with the BSP and it will continue. If we have to sacrifice 2-4 seats to ensure BJP’s defeat, we will not back out,” he said.Claiming that the prepoll grand alliance which won recent bypolls in UP will continue in future too, Akhilesh said, “Our motive is to win elections against BJP and for this we are ready to ally with BSP.” Akhilesh announced that toll tax on Agra-Lucknow expressway will be “removed” for farmers if SP wins in the state.TOI
SP ready to sacrifice Lok Sabha seats for BSP:Akhilesh
Kejriwal accuses PMO of stalling AAP govt
New Delhi:Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal on Monday accused PMO of stalling the AAP govt’s work by threatening officers. Kejrwial claimed that the officers are on strike for months with orders from the PMO.“Officers have been on strike for four months. In private, the officers say there is no demand and that they are being threatened to continue the strike. It has been orchestrated by the PMO and coordinated by the L-G,” he said. Kejriwal added that CBI are taking orders from PM  Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah.He listed out 14 cases filed against AAP Ministers by the CBI and Anti-Corruption Branch, which answers to the L-G. thehindu
Sampark for Samarthan: BJP book lists triple talaq, Haj for women among its achievements
Mumbai: BJP’s 35-page book, released as part of its “Sampark for Samarthan” outreach campaign, lists the triple talaq legislation passed in the Lok Sabha as one of party’s major achievements over the last 4 years. Ruling BJP has set a huge target of reaching out to more than one lakh prominent personalities from various fields as part of its campaign. The party has also handed over the same book to its cadre to reach to people at the grassroot-level through 91,000 booths.The book, cover page of which carries the images of PM  Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, is divided into several segments and leads with a title “farmers first”. Highly-placed sources in the state unit of BJP said, “The book titled — Saaf Niyat, Sahi Vikas — lists out achievements of the Modi Govt  over last 4 years. A sizeable portion of the book is dedicated to women-led development.”Under the social empowerment for women section, the book mentions the bill against triple talaq and implementation of a rule that allows women to perform Haj pilgrimage without a male guardian. indianexpress
Rajasthan IAS calls Govt  led by Mamata ‘Islamic State,’ deletes post after Kolkata Police vows to take action
http://www.jantakareporter.com/india/rajasthan-ias-officer-calls-Govt -led-by-mamata-banerjee-islamic-state-deletes-post-after-kolkata-police-vows-to-take-action/191490/
Rajasthan IAS officer Sanjay Dixit is not new to controversy and spreading fake news to push the agenda of right-wing Hindutva agenda. Many have condemned his action calling it unbecoming of a civil servant, but those feedback have had very little impact on the controversial IAS officer’s action.Dixit was on Sunday caught spreading fake news in a bid to stir up communal tension. Dixit, in his now deleted tweet (see below), had posted a letter passing it off as an official communication by Mamata Banerjee Govt . According to the Govt  ‘order, the Eid holiday this year was extended to five days.Dixit chose to post the tweet with defamatory and communal slur against the West Bengal Govt, almost 12 hours after the Kolkata Police had termed the ‘order’ fake. Dixit, in his tweet, called Mamata Banerjee Govt ‘Islamic State of West Bangladesh.’ He wrote, “Meanwhile, Islamic State of West Bangladesh declares the longest Eid holiday ever- a full 5 days of free salary and compulsory holiday for faithful and infidel alike.”jantakareporter
Police debunk fake viral notice on Eid holidays in W.Bengal
New Delhi: A fake notification on Eid-ul-Fitr holidays doing the rounds on social media has created a lot of confusion in Kolkata.The post, which went viral last Saturday evening, states that Eid holidays will be observed across the state for four days - starting from June 12. Not only that, it included the name and signature of a Govt  official on the notice. A fake Govt  logo was also used on it. The notice falsely claims: "In order to celebrate Eid festival, which falls on 12 June to 15 June, 2018, in a befitting manner, the Governor is pleased to declare State Govt  holiday on 12 to 15 June, 2018, in addition to 16 June, 2018 which has already been notified as a public holiday." The document further mentions that all state Govt  offices including educational institutions, rural and urban local bodies, Development Authorities, boards, corporations, state Govt  undertakings shall remain closed.TOI
At SCO summit, India again says ‘no’ to One Belt One Road project
Beijing:India again said “no” to China’s Belt and Road project, while PM  Narendra Modi and Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain merely shook hands on the final day of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit in Qingdao city.India, which participated at the Chinese-led security bloc for the first time after being inducted into the grouping last year, did not figure in the list of rest of the member states endorsing Beijing’s Belt and Road initiative in the joint declaration.Earlier in the day, Modi made it clear that New Delhi was all for connectivity projects but could not compromise its sovereignty and territorial integrity.India strongly opposes Beijing’s multi-billion dollar project, which aims to connect Asia with Europe through a network of roads, ports and sea lanes.IANS
Indian, Pak soldiers will train together at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s counter-terror military drills
New Delhi:After having fought the Pakistanis in 1965, 1971 and 1999 wars, about 200 Indian soldiers, mainly drawn from the five Rajput Regiment, and airmen from Indian Air Force, will train alongside Pakistani soldiers,besides military personnel of several other countries, including China and Russia, in an exercise to eliminate terrorists and neutralise their networks. It will mark the first time ever that Indian and Pakistani soldiers will train together. In the past, Indian and Pakistani soldiers have operated only under UN mandate in foreign lands as peacekeepers.The week-long exercise called “Peace Mission 2018” will take place from Aug22-29 at Chelya-binsk in west-central Russia under umbrella of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Indian soldiers will be led by a brigadier-rank officer in “Peace Mission 2018”.Deccan Chronicle
J&K: Gujjars, Bakarwals raise demand for tribal policy, rehabilitation of nomadic tribes
Jammu:Gujjars and Bakarwals have sought a “compact tribal policy” for J&K  and asked the state Govt  to rehabilitate nomadic tribes as they have been landless and homeless for centuries. The demand was raised at a function organised by the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, a frontal organization of Gujjars and Bakarwals in the state, to discuss tribal issues.The participants stressed upon the Mehbooba Mufti-led Govt  to rehabilitate nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals, enabling them to have access to education, health, health and other facilities properly. The programme was presided over by well-known researcher of the Gujjar community Dr. Javaid Rahi and was attended by a number of tribal elders and youth. Speaking on the occasion, Rahi sought development of tribal communities without disturbing their way of life. He asserted that only a well-defined tribal policy would help in eradicating illiteracy, economic instability, and cultural shyness in nomads. “Such a policy, if formulated, can pave a way for grant of rights on forest and other ancestral lands for other tribes residing in different states of India,” he opined.indianexpress
No decision to be taken which may undermine morale of security forces in J&K: MoS
Jammu:Union Minister Jitendra Singh today said no such decision would be taken which might undermine the morale of security forces operating in J&K .On registration of FIR against security forces and suspending operations against militants during Ramzan and its impact on the morale of security forces in the state, he said the Narendra Modi Govt  is giving highest priority to the concerns of security forces and also to what is closest to them for keeping up their morale. On the Centre's decision to open up the post of joint secretaries to people, even from the private sector, he said it is part of an endeavour to get the best from whichever sources available.He also warned that action would be taken against officials who facilitated Aadhaar or voter cards to illegally settled Rohingyas.PTI
Stone-pelters should be shot dead: BJP MP DP Vats
New Delhi: BJP MP DP Vats said that instead of cases being withdrawn against stone-pelters in Kashmir, they "should be shot dead", reported ANI."I read about the withdrawal of cases against stone-pelters but I think those pelting stones should be shot dead" said Vats, a Rajya Sabha MP, , according to ANI.Vats is referring to Kashmir's PDP-BJP Govt  in February deciding to withdraw FIRs against nearly 10,000 people booked for stone-pelting.BJP MP's comment came mere days after Union home minister Rajnath Singh said cases against first-time stone-pelters were withdrawn as "children make mistakes" and their future shouldn't be put in jeopardy.TOI
After lengthy NIA stint, Modi favourite now made Vigilance Commissioner
https://thewire.in/Govt /after-lengthy-nia-stint-modi-favourite-now-made-vigilance-commissioner
New Delhi: The appointment of former NIA chief Sharad Kumar as a vigilance commissioner in Central Vigilance Commission comes less than a month after the All India Network of NGOs and Individuals working with National and State Human Rights Institutions (AiNNI) had opposed his proposed induction as a member of the NHRC saying that would send a “wrong signal” and violate international principles.A 1979-batch IPS officer of the Haryana cadre, 62-year-old Kumar had retired in Sept.2017 as chief of NIA after serving the organisation for four years. While opposing  grant of high positions to Kumar, the network had stated in a memorandum to President Ramnath Kovind that “it is largely believed that Mr. Kumar is close to the current Govt  and the two-year extension as NIA chief sufficiently justifies the same.” It further noted that while Kumar was appointed the director general of NIA in July 2013 and superannuated in Oct.2015, his reappointment as NIA chief “just a day before superannuation” was an “unprecedented and questionable move”.“He was reappointed as NIA chief on contract for a period of one year ending Oct. 31, 2016. He was given another extension till Oct. 31, 2017 by the appointment committee of the Cabinet,” the note said.NGO network had also submitted that Kumar’s “role as the NIA chief has come under severe questioning, as, during his term all terror cases by right-wing Hindutva outfits associated with the RSS were closed and almost all resulting in acquittals of the accused.”Providing a detailed account of some of the major cases probed by the NIA and their ultimate outcome, the memorandum stated that “in 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing case, the prime accused Swami Aseemanand was granted bail in August 2014, three months after BJP formed the Govt . NIA which was the prosecuting agency, headed then by Mr. Kumar, didn’t oppose the bail.” Similarly, it said, “Clean chit was also given to Colonel Purohit by NIA, who was earlier chargesheeted by ATS in the case.”thewire
Ex-NIA chief handling Kashmir terror-funding case, appointed CVC head
In rejig of info commission, govt may downgrade CIC, ICs’ status
Centre may downgrade the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)’s status to that of the union cabinet secretary as it plans to rejig Central Information Commission’s terms of conditions of service, senior officials said.Information Commissioners (IC) of the states and the Centre will also be reduced to the status of the Govt  secretaries, added the officials.Currently, CIC and ICs are at par with Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners, respectively. In other words, they enjoy the status of Supreme Court (SC) judges.The powers and responsibilities of the commissioners would, however, remain unchanged, they added. CIC and ICs at present get a status equivalent to Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners, respectively. This, in turn, means they have the status similar to that of the judges of the top court.HT
Religious minority tag for Lingayats: Centre sends file back to Karnataka
Centre is likely to return the proposal regarding the separate religion status for Lingayats to the Karnataka Govt . Centre would tell the Karnataka Govt  to send a new proposal after further deliberation on the issue. The proposal sent by the earlier dispensation headed by Siddaramaiah is with the Home Ministry. Union Home Ministry says that since a new Govt  has come to power, it could re-consider the issue and then send a fresh proposal.Karnataka Govt  is however yet to receive any file on this issue. Oneindia News
‘Rename Taj Mahal as Ram Mahal or Krishna Mahal’: BJP MLA Surendra Singh
Controversial BJP MLA Surendra Singh is back with another contentious statement, this time pertaining to the Taj Mahal, one of the most popular historical monuments in the country as well as one of the ‘seven wonders’ of the world. As per BJP leader, who represents Balia constituency from UP, names of roads, monuments and memorials built by Muslim rulers in India should be changed.timesnownews
Fear of police least among upper caste Hindus, Muslims, most among Sikhs
Upper-caste Hindus fear the police the least, are most likely to have a favorable opinion of them and are least likely to be contacted by them, according to a new study by a think tank and an NGO.Among Hindus, 18% of scheduled caste (SC) respondents reported being the most fearful of police, said ‘Status of Policing in India 2018’, released in May 2018 by Common Cause, an NGO, and Lokniti Programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS).This fear of police among certain groups is likely to be related to the fact that more than 55% of undertrials in India are Muslim, Dalit or tribal, according to this analysis of national crime data. In Jharkhand, for instance, about 500 Adivasis (tribals), officially listed as scheduled tribes (STs) are in jail because trials are slow, according to this 2017 report by the Centre for Justice and Peace, a human rights advocacy.“The major finding for us was that those who are higher up the power hierarchy in society are treated better by the police, those below are treated badly,” said Vipul Mudgal of Common Cause and one of the advisors for the study. “The relationship between the police and poor and vulnerable citizens is especially shaky. However, I would say we can still recover lost ground.”Among religious communities, the Sikhs feared the police the most and Hindus the least, the report found. State-wise distribution showed high levels (46%) of fear of the police in Punjab. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka follow Punjab in this respect.There is a general perception that Muslims in the Hindi heartland fear the police more than anywhere else.But the report found that Muslims in southern India are more likely to be fearful of the police than those living elsewhere, particularly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and AP. “South India has historically been better in policing, but after the recent incidents of terrorism, the police has arrested many and this created a fear among the minds of Muslims in this region,” said Mudgal.Fear among Hindus of the police was also highest in the southern states.IndiaSpend -
1000-year-old Lucknow Temple Hosts Iftar for 500 Muslims, Offers Namaz at 'Aarti Sthal'
Lucknow: Mankameshwar Temple, one of the oldest temples, has set an example of unity and brotherhood by hosting iftar for as many as 500 Muslims on Sunday in Lucknow. Noted clerics from both Shia and Sunni sects attended the event at the same time. Mankameshwar Temple, which is situated on the banks of Gomti River near Daliganj Bridge, became the first temple ever to have hosted an iftar in Lucknow. Devotees also offered namaz at the ‘aarti sthal’. Mahant Devyagiri, the first woman chief priest of the temple said, “All religions promote love and brotherhood. Sometimes, Muslims also host 'Kanya Pujan' and put up 'Bada Mangal' stalls here.“Religious heads like priests, mahants and imams should do their job and spread brotherhood and harmony.Serving people who fast from morning to evening is the noblest job to do.“3 of our cooks along with workers of the temple started preparations for the Iftar since morning for over 500 people who were expected to come to this first of its kind Iftar. The gathering was historic and it was a step to reinstate the city's harmonious traditions,” added mahant.Maulana Fazl-E-Mannan of Teele Wali Masjid, who was also present at the event said, "Mahant Divyagiri invited me to the Iftar and we are lucky to be a part of such an event. This step is more than welcome, as it will boost communal harmony in today’s times."​News18
 Inter-faiths Iftar in Gurugram amid Namaz row
Gurugram: On Sunday, Yameen joined over 200 people for a ‘Sanjha Iftar’ in Gurugram, organised to reaffirm that such incidents can’t break the thread of social harmony in our cities that easily.“Today’s Iftar, where people from different religions came together to have a meal, is a slap on the face of those who were trying to divide this city on communal lines,” said Yameen. He was joined by people from all religions and walks of life.Inter-faith Iftar, hosted by Gurugram Nagrik Ekta Manch (GNEM),saw activists, doctors, Sikh and Hindu community leaders and representatives of political parties attending, along with city’s Muslims.Among them, there was one person who was welcomed with the biggest applause and gratitude — Delhi’s Yashpal Saxena —whose son Ankit (23) was murdered by the family of his Muslim girlfriend. Yashpal had also hosted an inter-faith Iftar last week in Delhi.“We need to ask ourselves why we hate each other, and how we can end this cycle of communalism and casteism,” said Yashpal, whose thoughts were echoed by many others, who said incidents like disruption of namaz in Gurugram need to be stopped as they are not just destroying communities, but our Constitution as well.A few kilometres away, another interfaith Iftar was hosted by 10 Muslim women, spearheaded by author Nazia Erum, who has written the book “Mothering a Muslim”. This is not the first inter-faith Iftar she has arranged, but with many Hindus helping out this time, she said this was the most satisfying Iftar yet.TOI
Jama Masjid within reach, Shias, Sunnis hold joint iftar
New Delhi:In a moment of unity, Muslims from the Shia and Sunni sects came together on Sunday at a rooftop hotel overlooking the Jama Masjid to offer namaz together at a joint iftar. The event came in the backdrop of a purported fatwa issued by Darul Uloom Deoband, prohibiting Sunni Muslims from eating with Shias.Among the prominent leaders of the sects were historian Rana Safvi, Shia cleric Maulana Jinan Asghar, Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Dr Zafarul Islam Khan and photographer Ram Rahman.Safvi said the iftar was also unique because men and women prayed together. “We should all be united at times like these, irrespective of our sects and faiths. It’s also important to understand what a fatwa means — it’s always in response to somebody’s query or question and is not applicable on everyone,” she said. The joint iftar was held despite the time difference in breaking of the fast. At 7.18 pm, the Sunnis broke their roza with bananas, dates and sherbet. 8 minutes later, the Shias too broke their fast. A joint namaz was then led by Asghar who said that “while the Muslim community is realising that unity is essential in these times, there are attempts by some to break it”.indianexpress
Trump Kim to meet tomorrow in landmark summit in Singapore
US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are set to meet in Singapore on Tuesday for a highly anticipated summit. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that CVID, or complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearisation, of Korean peninsula remains "the only outcome that the US will accept" from diplomacy with North Korea.At a press briefing ahead of Tuesday's summit, Pompeo said "the ultimate objective" of such diplomacy had not changed. He expressed hope that tomorrow's summit will "set the conditions for future productive talks". Until North Korea has completely denuclearised, Pompeo said, "sanctions will remain". Trump and Moon Jae-in spoke on the phone on Monday, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported. Spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said Moon told Trump that the summit, if it succeeds, will be a "gift" to the world.aljazeera
Final preparations under way for Trump-Kim summit
Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron
Israeli occupation forces yesterday closed the Ibrahimi Mosque in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron to Muslim worshippers without prior notice.Israel’s 0404 website claimed that an explosive device was found in the vicinity of the mosque earlier in the day.Israel forces intensified their presence in the area and closed the mosque following the incident, the sources added.No further details were given, nor is it known when the mosque would be reopened.Muslims are observing the fast during the holy month of Ramadan which is due to come to an end this weekend. Additional prayers are held in the mosque on a daily basis during this period.MEMO
Spate of deadly attacks hit Afghanistan amid Eid ceasefire
Afghanistan has seen a spate of deadly attacks, including an attempt to storm the education department in the eastern city of Jalalabad in which at least 10 civilians have been wounded. Three attackers were shot dead by security forces as they tried to enter the building, Attahullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor of Nangarhar province said on Monday.He said a vehicle filled with explosives was found near the scene of the attack.In Ghazni province, at least six civilians were killed when a roadside bomb struck a minibus, while up to 10 Taliban fighters and three policemen were killed in clashes with security forces in a separate attack. Attacks come days after a ceasefire deal was announced by Ashraf Ghani.aljazeera
Syrian forces launch deadly air raids in Idlib
At least 16 people have been killed and 18 others wounded in Syrian Govt  air strikes on villages in rebel-held Idlib province, Syria's Civil Defence said.According to the group, which operates in Syria's rebel-held areas and is also known as the White Helmets, a young girl was among the victims in Sunday's air raids.A number of buildings and facilities in the villages of Binnish, Ram Hamdan and Taftanaz, which are controlled by rebel coalition forces, were also damaged."The shelling lasted for about 2 hours," 34-year-old Mohammed Abu al-Amin, an activist based in Taftanaz, said.aljazeera
Egypt: Aboul Fotouh’s health deteriorating in prison
The health of former Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh is deteriorating in prison, with a slipped disc leaving him in pain and preventing him from walking unassisted, his son Ahmed said in a Facebook post yesterday. Last February, during the leadup to a presidential election in which incumbent President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ran for another term, the authorities arrested Aboul Fotouh on charges that included membership in the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and “spreading false news”. He has since been held in solitary confinement.Aboul Fotouh, a veteran politician and founder of the Strong Egypt opposition party, had criticised the election in an interview with Al Jazeera, saying it would not be free or democratic given the authorities’ crackdown on opponents.66-year-old appeared at the prosecutors’ office for questioning yesterday, after which his pretrial detention was extended for another 15 days.“My father arrived at the prosecutors’ [office] … almost carried due to the spinal disc,” Ahmed Aboul Fotouh wrote.middleeastmonitor
Austrian Muslims denounce Govt mosque clampdown
https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/06/austrian-muslims-denounce-Govt -mosque-clampdown-180610175413354.html
Austria's main federation of Muslim residents (IGGiOe) has expressed concerns over Vienna's announcement of shutting down 7 mosques and expelling Turkish-funded imams.Vienna wants to "discredit the religious community," Ibrahim Olgun, president of IGGiOe group, said on Sunday.The policy was not "appropriate to control political Islam" and "will lead ultimately to a weakening of structures within the Muslim community in Austria", he added. aljazeera
MB-affiliates referred to court for overthrowing regime attempt
Cairo: Egypt’s Attorney General, Nabil Sadek, referred 28 defendants to the High Urgent State Security Court on Sunday, over charges of unlawfully forming anti-regime group.  Defendants were interrogated by High State Security Prosecution, to find that Hossam Eddin Atef Al-Shazli, dubbed as Hossam Al-Shazli, has founded the Egyptian Council for Change to recruit citizens from inside and outside Egypt and incite them against the regime. Egypt Today
7 Brotherhood members receive preliminary death sentence over 2015 murder of police conscript
Egypt's Zagazig Criminal Court has referred the case of 7 members of the Muslim Brotherhood organization to the country's grand mufti for his non-binding opinion on sentencing them to death over the killing of a police conscript in the Nile Delta Governorate of Sharqiya in 2015. The court set the sentencing of the defendants for 12 July.Once the court issues its final verdict in the case, the defendants have the right to appeal.Ahram Online
Number of settlers in East Jerusalem in decline
The number of illegal settlers living in occupied East Jerusalem has reduced to ten %  while Palestinians make up 61 %  of the area’s population, a study by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies has shown.In 1990, Jews made up 49 %  of the area which was illegally annexed by Israeli in 1967, with Palestinians making up the remainder of population, the research centre’s report has revealed.However, despite their larger numbers, Palestinians own only one third of the number of apartments owned by Jews in East Jerusalem. The study revealed that illegal settlers own 186,000 flats in occupied East Jerusalem while Palestinians only own 54,500.MEMO
            BDS condemns Indonesia association visit to Israel
Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) has strongly condemned the intention of an Indonesian association to visit the occupied Palestinian territories at the invitation of Israeli authorities next week.Israeli Broadcasting Corporation Makan reported that a delegation from the Indonesian Nahdatul Ulama Association (Revolution of Nation) will visit the occupied city of Jerusalem next week to promote dialogue between Islamic, Jewish, and Christian religions.In a statement received by Quds Press, BDS in Palestine said that such visits are “shameful and unacceptable”.MEMO
The so-called non political RSS is setting the agenda for 2019 elections:KUMAR KETKAR
How ‘weak’ is the Election Commission? Uttam Sengupta
P Chidambaram fires 10 shots at Modi Govt’s handling of the economy
Why the Citizenship Bill 2016 is ill-conceived, communal and ill-advised:Rajeev Dhavan

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