24 June 2018

24 June ND: Govt backs campaign against animal sacrifice ahead of Bakrid/ Bareily Lynching: 'People in power extort money from cattle and meat traders' allege dead Muslim meat trader's wife

24 June 2018:09 Shawwal 1439: Vol:10, No:50
Govt backs campaign against animal sacrifice ahead of Bakrid
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New Delhi: Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is launching a campaign to crack down on the slaughter of animals for sacrifice, ahead of the Muslim festival of Bakrid, or Eid al-Adha (festival of sacrifice), which will be celebrated on August 21-22. Volunteers of the agency will watch out for and report any instances of cruelty to animals.“If anyone does animal sacrifice, that is punishable, no animal is exempted.” said SP Gupta, chairman of the board, a statutory advisory body under the union environment ministry. “People are not aware, they link it to religion, but this is not a religion thing. In no religion can you kill animals.”Bakrid is one of the biggest Muslim festivals, celebrated traditionally with an animal sacrifice. In UP  last year, ahead of the festival, a number of prominent Muslim organisations and leaders urged the followers of Islam to avoid offering animal sacrifices on roads, and to maintain hygiene, exercise restraint and not give a reason to people of other communities to complain.“Whatever people might say, the context of this campaign is that it is directed at communities that have this as part of their tradition, especially Muslim community,” Harsh Mander, director, Centre for Equity Studies, said.“This idea that animal protection is what is motivating us, is a very thin one.”There is no blanket ban on animal sacrifice in India. The controversial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules 2017, notified by the environment ministry, banned the sale of cattle, including bulls, bullocks, cows, buffaloes, steers, heifers and calves, and camels for slaughter, including for religious purposes.Rules were criticised for squeezing supplies to India’s meat industry, which employs mostly Muslims, and for hurting farmers who find it difficult to deal with non-milch cattle. The clause on sacrifice under the rules was stayed by the Supreme Court and later the rules were themselves sought to be replaced with regulations diluted by the environment ministry, dropping the slaughter provision altogether. According to Gupta, provisions exist under various other laws on the slaughter of animals and specific guidelines within the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which, if strictly imposed, rule out sacrifices. “There is no ban per se. If it is in your religion, then there is a criteria on how to kill animals that no one follows,” Gupta said.Mohammed Abdul Faheem Qureshi, an advocate and president of All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee,who had challenged the centre’s controversial cattle trade rules in the Supreme Court, is critical of the AWBI campaign that he alleges also targets Muslims. The committee calls itself a social organisation.“They are only concerned about cattle, they are targeting the Muslim community,” Qureshi, said. “If they impose the provisions, every action will be an offence.”AWBI is only an advisory agency but it has a wide mandate under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and is able to recruit functionaries at the state and district levels to keep an eye on violations of provisions under the act. hindustantimes
Bareily Lynching: 'People in power extort money from cattle and meat traders' allege dead Muslim meat trader's wife
A day after the picture of the cops dragging the body of Qasim, the man who was lynched in Pilakhua area of Hapur, went viral, Mohammad Salim Quraishi, a meat trader in Bareilly, died after he was assaulted by State police officials in Bareilly. Salim had to be hospitalised in a Delhi hospital on Thursday, 4 days after he was allegedly assaulted by a group of police officials on June 14. He used to run a meat shop in Baradari area of the Old Bareilly. According to Farzana, Salim's wife, police officials of Bareilly assaulted her husband in order to extort money from him in the name of cow slaughter. According to her complaint, a group of police officials from Kankartola police station in Bareilly visited her husband on June 14 saying that they wanted to question him about some incidents of cow slaughter. Her husband had to be admitted to a multi-speciality hospital because he collapsed after the cops assaulted him.“3 police officials from Kankartola police station came saying they wanted to question him about some false allegation of cow slaughter. The police officials, Harish Chandra, Shreepal and Ali Zaidi came and started questioning. During the questioning, they started assaulting him after which he collapsed. We immediately took him to a local hospital. But his conditions kept on deteriorating. He was shifted to a multi-speciality hospital in Delhi where he died on Thursday,”Farzana said. She alleged that her husband was a victim of the “police terror”. She said that due to the crackdown the State Govt has started against cow slaughter, many members of the State police have started misusing it to extort money from the poor cattle and meat traders.“Reality today is that many people in positions of power, especially police officials, extort money from cattle and meat traders. Just because state Govt was strict about preventing cow slaughter the police officials would misuse it to blackmail and extort money from meat traders. It has become quite easy to harass poor meat traders. Even if one has nothing to do with cow slaughter,police will raid their houses on the name of cow slaughter and threaten to book the meat traders on stringent charges,”said Farzana. She said there existed a mafia which worked to exploit State govt's crackdown against cow slaughter to generate bribes. She alleged that members of State police are very much part of that mafia which extorts money in the name of the cow.She wrote to DGP UP OP Singh and alleged that her husband's death was part of some conspiracy which must be investigated. Salim's death has led to tension and a sense of anger among local Muslims as it comes hours after lynching of Qasim in Hapur. NewsClick
Meat seller thrashed by UP Police for 'cow slaughter' dies in AIIMS
Jamaat delegation visits Qasim family in Hapur
Pilkhuwa: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has expressed its deep concern over the brutal killing of a man for allegedly selling cow in a town of Delhi’s adjourning Ghaziabad district. A delegation comprising JIH Vice President Nusrat Ali and General Secretary Mohammed Salim Engineer visited the victim families in Pilkhuwa and also met with the Ghaziabad SP demanding strict action against the culprits.  Qasim was lynched by a violent mob in Pilkhuwa, 2 days after Eid.His brother Saleem and Nadeem told the delegation that they are in cattle trading business for many generations and Qasim too was in the business since the last 20 years.He has six children and now no one left to take care of his family. According to Nadeem and Saleem, when Samiuddeen, a 62-year-old person from neighbouring Hapur, saw Qasim under attack, he tried to help and rescue him but he was also attacked and suffered serious injuries and still in ICU in a hospital in Hapur. The delegation also visited him in the hospital.The delegation also met with Sankalp Sharma, SP Ghaziabad and demanded to restore law and order in the district and take strict action against such extremist people.The delegation also demanded to give Rs 25 lakh as compensation to Qasim’s family and 10 lakh to Sameeuddin.IndiaTomorrow
Hapur lynching: Owaisi urges Indian Muslims to ‘fight back and save country’
New Delhi: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi has called upon Indian Muslims to “fight back” and save the country in the wake of the alleged lynching of a Muslim man in UP’s Hapur. Taking to Twitter, Owaisi, the Lok Sabha MP from Hyderabad, also wondered if India was going the “Rwanda” way and called the lynching incident “shameful”.In the Rwanda genocide of 1994, about 800,000 people were killed in an orgy of violence by Hutu extremists targeting the Tutsi community. Owaisi’s Twitter remarks came as a 2nd video of the alleged incident surfaced in which a mob is seen abusing and beating Samiyuddin, 65-year-old man who was injured in the attack.timesnownews
Muslims take out protest march in Agra over RSS shakhas on Waqf land near Taj Mahal
Agra:Although UP Govt  and local administration have put an end to RSS shakhas being held on the disputed land near the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Muslim community is not satisfied with this action, demanding the return of the land to Muslims. Congress city president and Muslim leader Haji Jamiluddin said that the land is being forcibly made disputed whereas it was never disputed.Every year, the urs of Baba Naeem Shah was held at the shrine of Sufi saint constructed on this land.The land was also registered in the Waqf Board with a registration no of 2151.A few times, RSS had tried to hold its shakha there and the Muslims allowed that to happen in order to maintain communal harmony, but now the RSS wants to take over the land, claiming it to be theirs.He said that the Muslim community will oppose any such move of RSS and a memorandum demanding the immediate removal of the police force from the land and the handing over of the lands peaceful possession to the Muslim community was sent to the UP CM  Yogi Adityanath through City Magistrate Agra. UP Congress general secretary Shabbir Abbas said that if the RSS tries to capture that land again, Muslim community will oppose that attempt with full force.Jamit-ul-Quresh president Mohd Shareef Kale said that RSS wants to take advantage of being in power at the Centre and state and oppress the Muslim community, which cannot be allowed. India Today
SP, SHO, SI shunted after police stop RSS camp at disputed site in Agra
AGRA: 5 days after local police halted a shakha (camp) of the Agra unit of RSS, which was being held at a disputed land in Pawandham colony of Chamrauli area, SP of Agra city Kunwar Anupam Singh was transferred to Lucknow.He has been made ASP (ATS). On Friday,Tajganj SHO Shailender Singh was given marching orders by SSP Amit Pathak, citing that his transfer was made in “public interest”. Singh has been shifted to the complaints cell. Sub-inspector Rajkumar Yadav of Ekta police jurisdiction was sent to Police Lines on Tuesday.DM Gaurav Dayal was also transferred as special secretary of state tourism department on Saturday evening.BJP MLA Yogendra Upadhyay from Agra south and MLA Chaudhary Udyabhan Singh of Fatehpur Sikri, who were in Lucknow on Monday evening, met CM Yogi Adityanath and registered a complaint against the cops for taking action against RSS activists. Upadhay said, “Cops insulted the saffron flag of the Sangh and flung it to the ground. They also called the right-wing nationalist activists ‘militants’.When local residents objected to it and called police to stop it, the cops should have first contacted senior functionaries of the Sangh and understood the situation before taking action. Instead, they were rude and even assaulted some of our party members. The action taken against the cops is justified and we support it.”A police official, who chose to remain anonymous, said, “cops were merely doing their duty. No cop insulted any flag or anyone’s sentiments. The very next day, that is on Tuesday, ADM (city) KP Singh allowed RSS to hold the shakha at the disputed land under police observation.”TOI
Lucknow officer who denied passport to interfaith couple will be honoured: Shiv Sena to UP Governor
Lucknow: Days after a Lucknow Passport official was transferred after he allegedly denied the passport renewal to an interfaith couple, a body of delegates from Shiv Sena met UP Governor Ram Naik, ANI reported.In their shocking statements,Shiv Sena delegation accused the Govt of 'trying to appease Muslims'. Delegation also said that they will honour the officer Vikas Mishra.Claiming that the matter involved national security, the delegation slammed Govt's decision to transfer passport official Vikas Mishra. “Govt was trying to appease Muslims. It's a matter of national security. We'll honour officer Vikas Mishra who tried to stop this but was transferred,” delegation said to Governor Naik.timesnownews
Rihai Manch delegation meets Bahraich DM, SP with families of apprehended Muslim men
Lucknow: A high-level delegation of rights group Rihai Manch met DM and SP of Bahraich district with families of the 5 Muslim men languishing in the jail under NSA for 7 months.The Rihai Manch delegation that met Bahraich district administration included Adv. Mohammad Shoaib, President, Rihai Manch; S.R. Darapuri, former IG, UP ; Rajeev Yadav, General Secretary, Rihai Manch; Journalist Salim Siddiqi, Zaid Ahmed Farooqi, Srijanyogi Adiyogi and Virendra Gupta. The poor victim families handed over a memorandum to the district authorities detailing the way their breadwinners were picked by the police and later NSA was slapped on them. They include a rickshaw-puller and a brick kiln laborer.On 2nd Dec.2017, following the communal tension during the Eid Milad procession in Nanpara area of Bahraich district, several people from the minority community were arrested – 5 of them were later slapped with NSA and they have since been in the jail.A delegation of Rihai Manch under the leadership of eminent rights activist and its general secretary Rajeev Yadav had met their families and villagers last month to find out the truth.“A large number of people from the Muslim community were arrested. They could not get relief from the lower court. They moved the High Court from where most of them got bail. But 5 people are still in jail under NSA,” said Yadav.caravandaily
Gauri Lankesh murder suspect’s ‘hit list’ spikes threat perception to Karnataka’s Hindutva critics
Bengaluru:A plainclothes constable keeps watch on a road in Basavanagudi in Bengaluru, where Veerabhadra Chennamalla, pontiff of Nidumamidi Math, resides.The constable, the pontiff’s Personal Security Officer (PSO), is alarmed by reports of a scooter without a number plate having passed by the building several times in the last three days.The neighbourhood also houses the office of slain journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh. Since her murder, the police have stepped up security for other critics of Hindutva and proponents of Anti-Superstition Bill. Given the foiled plot to kill K.S. Bhagavan, a professor from Mysuru, and the murders of Gauri and M.M. Kalburgi in Karnataka, and Govind Pansare and Narendra Dabholkar in Maharashtra, the police will have to follow up on reports of the scooter.That people are under threat from an unknown group aiming to silence critics of extreme right wing Hindutva is not a conspiracy theory but a proven fact, say police officials.SIT probing the killing of Gauri recovered a diary from Amol Kale, believed to be the key handler of the group, containing a “hit list” of eight people from Karnataka. Gauri was on that list. Professor Bhagavan is also on that list, as is Veerabhadra Chennamalla.The threat perception to the pontiff — at the forefront of several progressive movements, including an initiative to draft the Karnataka Anti-Superstition Bill — has increased.“I am a sanyasi. The threats and the security have neither affected me nor brought any change,” he said. But almost as an afterthought, he added that he was concentrating more on the Math’s work.The pontiff’s remark points to a telling shift in public engagement. After Gauri was shot, the Govt  provided security to 26 intellectuals, rationalists and activists, known to be critics of Hindutva.In the days that followed the killing, the horror of the murder was masked by dark humour:“Are you on the list? Better watch out,” people would tell each other.But the recovery of Kale’s diary with chilling proof that such a list does exist, there is little room now for humour. Though everyone is loath to confess to self-censorship, it is happening very subtly, said advocate-activist C.S. Dwarkanath, also on the alleged hit list.“Many intellectuals are watching their words, and some have gone silent,” he said.Others are under pressure from friends and family to maintain a low profile. “Unlike me, others have anxious families to deal with and this had created an inner tussle between speaking out and watching their words at least for now,” said the seer Veerabhadra Chennamalla.thehindu
PDP urges J&K governor to arrest BJP leader Chowdhary Lal Singh for threatening Kashmiri journalists
Srinagar:PDP has urged J&K Governor NN Vohra to immediately book and arrest former minister and BJP leader Choudhary Lal Singh for his “derogatory remarks” against Kashmiri journalists, terming him a “serious threat” to the state's communal harmony. The state unit of the Congress too has condemned ex minister's remarks warning Kashmiri journalists to draw a line between reporting facts and supporting terrorists or face the fate of Rising Kashmir editor Shujaat Bukhari, who was shot dead by militants.“Keeping in view Singh's continuous rants against the people of Kashmir and efforts to stoke the communal passions in the state, it is highly unfortunate that elements like him are allowed to roam freely,” PDP general secretary Mansoor Hussain said.PTI
'No basis in reality': Mehbooba Mufti rubbishes Amit Shah's charge of discrimination against Jammu, Ladakh
New Delhi:A day after BJP Amit Shah accused her of discriminating against Jammu and Ladakh region during her tenure as CM , Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday rejected the charges wondering why none of BJP ministers spoke about it till now if it was true.Ex-J&K CM  and PDP president, in a series of tweets, said that whatever happened during the time of PDP-BJP rule in the state was in accordance with Agenda of Alliance (AoA) the two parties had drawn up. “Many false charges levelled against us by our former allies,” she said, in response to Amit Shah’s statements made in Jammu a day earlier. “Our commitment to AoA, co-authored by (BJP leader) Ram Madhav and endorsed by senior leaders like Rajnath (Singh) never wavered. It is sad to see them disown their own initiative and label it a ‘soft approach’.“Status quo on Article 370, dialogue with Pakistan and Hurriyat were a part of AoA. Encouraging dialogue, withdrawing cases against stone-pelters and the unilateral ceasefire were much needed measures to restore confidence on the ground. This was recognized and endorsed by BJP.“Allegations of discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh have no basis in reality. Yes, (Kashmir) Valley has been in turmoil for a long time and the floods of 2014 were a setback, therefore needed focused attention. But that does not mean that there was any less development elsewhere,” she added.“If anything they (BJP) should review the performance of their own ministers, who largely represented the Jammu region. If there were any such concerns, none among them either at state or central level talked about it during the last 3 years.”Mufti said that not handing over the Rasana rape and murder case to CBI, getting “pro-rapist Ministers” removed from the cabinet and issuing orders not to harass the Gujjar and Bakarwal community in the guise of anti-encroachment drives were her duty as CM .indianexpress
Amit Shah's tendentious speech in Jammu could spell an end to J&K's special constitutional status:David Devadas
J&K: 2 suspected militants killed in gunfight with security forces in Kulgam district, say police
Two suspected militants were reportedly killed on Sunday in a gunfight with security forces in the Cheedar area of south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, said Director General of Police Shesh Paul Vaid. The Army, the state police and the Central Reserve Police Force launched a search operation in the area after receiving inputs about the presence of militants, Greater Kashmir reported.scroll.in
Pakistan Rejects Allegation of Preventing Indian Envoy from Visiting Gurduwara
Islamabad: Pakistan on Sunday rejected the allegations that Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria was denied access to a famous Sikh Gurduwara near Islamabad, saying the diplomat had agreed to cancel his visit following the protests by the Sikh pilgrims against the release of controversial movies in India.India on Saturday summoned Pakistan's Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi Syed Haider Shah and lodged a strong protest over the denial of access to its envoy in Islamabad and consular officials to visit Gurdwara Panja Sahib and meet visiting Indian pilgrims.It was conveyed to the Pakistan side that preventing the Indian High Commission officials from discharging their consular responsibilities was in violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, and the 1974 bilateral Protocol on visit to religious shrines.Foreign Office spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal on Sunday tweeted that Sikh pilgrims "were protesting against maltreatment in India & release of controversial movies. He said the Indian High Commissioner was informed about the heightened pilgrim sentiments and he agreed to cancel his visit due to this concern.Faisal said that more than 300 Indian Sikhs are visiting Pakistan for the death anniversary of Raja Ranjit Singh and a special train was arranged from Attari to Wagah for the Sikh yatris "who are always welcome to Pakistan for their religious and cultural ceremonies".PTI

After protests, JNU drops plan to offer ‘Islamic terrorism’ course
New Delhi: JNU has dropped its plan to start a course on Islamic terrorism following objections raised by minority bodies as well as some university academics and students.“JNU authorities recently replied to our notice saying there was no proposal to start a course on ‘Islamic terrorism’ but their documents submitted to us mention it as part of the curriculum of the proposed Centre for National Security Studies,” Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Zafarul Islam Khan said.“The Commission has suggested that JNU should instead run a course on how different religions are being misused by a bunch of people, but this proposed course should talk about various religions and not remain confined to one or two religions. In this course, they can talk about terrorism etc.,” Khan said.While the proposed centre was a good initiative, Khan felt ‘Islamic terrorism’ as a subject of research and teaching was ‘flawed’ and would ‘deteriorate’ the communal atmosphere on the campus and beyond “and create wrong notions about Muslims.”newindianexpress
Shiv Sena slams BJP over post-demonetisation deposits in Gujarat DCBs
Shiv Sena pounced on the BJP, seeking to know "what action the (current) Finance Minister Piyush Goyal has taken against the RBI governor and chiefs of banks" which have been defrauded by big industrialists who have fled the country."How many bank chairmen who gave fraudulent loans have been sent to jail? Even the BJP President Amit Shah is the Director of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank... It collected ₹745.59 crore of spiked (₹500/₹1,000) notes within five days after demonetisation," the Sena asked.Shiva Sena said that a Gujarat cabinet minister Jayesh V Radadia is a Chairman (of Rajkot DCB), which also secured the second highest amount in the country after ADCB —₹693.19 crore deposits of the old currency notes.IANS
Sarpanch beats up Dalit man in MP for ‘riding bike’ near his house
Sagar:A man, belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC), was allegedly beaten up by a village sarpanch in Madhya Pradesh’s Tikamgarh district for passing by the latter’s house riding a motorcycle, police said.The matter came to light after a video of the incident circulated on social media, prompting the police to start a probe.According to the victim, Dayaram Ahirwar, the incident took place on June 21.Dayaram said he was going to the Dharampura village market to make some purchases for his son’s wedding and had passed by sarpanch Hemant Kurmi’s house.While returning, he was stopped by Hemant, Vinod Kurmi and others. They took him to Hemant’s house where he was verbally abused and also beaten up for daring to ride a motorcycle outside the sarpanch’s house and warned him not to do so again, the police said quoting the victim.A video clip showing sarpanch Hemant sitting on a chair, grabbing hold of Dayaram’s hair and smacking him went viral on social media.HT
Shia waqf board chairman donates Rs 10,000 for Ram Temple at Ayodhya
Ayodhya: UP  Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi on his visit to the birth place of Lord Ram donated Rs 10,000 for the construction of grand Ram Temple at the disputed place.>Rizvi donated the money at the Ram Janambhoomi workshop during his visit on Sunday.
Ram temple to be in focus at VHP’s 2-day meet
New Delhi :A day before its two-day governing council meet, VHP Secretary General Milind Parande said construction of a Ram temple at the disputed Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi site has been a long-standing resolve of the Hindus, and the VHP would ensure it is constructed “under any circumstance”. The biannual meet of the VHP, slated to begin in New Delhi from Sunday, will be attended by delegates from across the country and abroad.indianexpress
Jharkhand’s rapists inserted branch of tree, pistol, tobacco into women and made victims to drink urine as they filmed gang-rape
More gory details have emerged out of Jharkhand related to the gang-raping of 5 women activists who had travelled to the state to raise awareness on migration and human trafficking. According to police, the women were part of the 11-member team, which visited Chochang village in Jharkhand, around 100 kms from Ranchi. Supported by Christian missionaries, they were busy performing a street play when a group of armed men arrived on motorbikes and forcibly took the women members of the group to the nearby forest. The rapists were identified and police were quick to detain eight people in this connection. Quoting SP Ashwini Kumar Sinha, PTI reported that an FIR had been filed and three teams have been formed to investigate the matter and arrest the culprits. Medical examination has confirmed rape.According to new details, one of the rapists inserted a branch of a tree into a woman, while another thrust his pistol and a third, pushed in chewing tobacco, reported NDTV. As expected, the victims screamed in pain, but to no avail. This had no effect on their tormentors, said one victim, who spoke to Hindi paper Bhaskar.The rapists continued with their utter barbarism for nearly four hours while repeatedly sexually assaulting the women. They even forced the women to drink their urine while filming their brutal act all along.Senior police officer RK Mallick was quoted as saying,“This was not a crime of passion. It was a conspiracy to teach them a lesson.” Jantakareporter
Muslim BJP leader hacked to death in Karnataka's Chikmagalur
The general secretary of BJP unit in Karnataka's Chikmagalur was hacked to death on Friday night. BJP leader, who has been identified as Mohammed Anwar was returning home from a cultural event in the area at around 9:30 pm when he was attacked.A few bike-borne assailants stopped him near Gauri canal and stabbed him to death. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared brought dead. It is being suspected that the attack was a result of personal rivalry, reported Amarujala. Cops are currently investigating the case and have registered a murder case against the unidentified assailants. ibtimes
Maulana Asrarul Haq Qasmi acquitted in criminal case
Patna: MPs and MLAs court judge Parshuram Singh Yadav has acquitted Congress MP Mohammad Asrarul Haque Qasmi for lack of evidence in a criminal case. This is the second judgement of a special court after its constitution in Patna, The then circle officer of Kishanganj circle, Satyendra Kumar Sahay, had lodged an FIR against Qasmi with Kishanganj police station during Lok Sabha polls on April 14, 2014.According to FIR, on April 15, 2014, a handbill with the face of the Congress candidate was distributed among voters in Kishanganj area.The handbill had no sign of the publisher's name. Election Commission of India guidelines say candidates cannot publish any election poster or handbill without having the name and address of the printer.Haque was a Congress candidate during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.telegraph india
Century not out, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind still bats for an India with a composite culture
New Delhi: A century ago, a Muslim organisation was set up to pursue two broad goals: freedom for India and the restoration of the Muslim Caliphate after Turkey’s defeat in the First World War. Cut to the present, when the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind is observing its 100th anniversary, and the organisation has emerged as a voice for Muslim causes in independent India.It famously espoused a composite nationalism for India, opposed the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan and took part in the freedom struggle. And it was in the news in 2008 for getting the Islamic seminary Dar-ul-Uloom at Deoband to pass a fatwa declaring terrorism as un-Islamic.Jamiat has had a close association with the famous Islamic seminary at Deoband. However, this eminent group of “nationalist Muslims” has been struggling to come to terms with criticism from within: the recent Pasmanda Muslim claim that it did not take up the issue of caste differentiation among Indian Muslims.“We have always stood for India’s composite culture and pluralism. We fought British right from our birth, took part in Gandhian movement, and opposed the two-nation theory promoted by the Muslim League,” says Jamiat Ulema  secretary Maulana Niaz Ahmed Farooqui, as he reminisces about the history of organisation. Post-independence,Jamiat worked to inject confidence among Indian Muslims, says AMU historian Mohammad Sajjad.They took up the cause of Urdu, the need to protect Muslim personal laws as “integral” to Muslim religio-cultural identity and worked to spread education among Muslims, running schools, colleges and madrasas.However, a Pasmanda Muslim critique of Jamiat’s purportedly Ashraf (upper caste/class) moorings is increasingly audible, as the question of caste becomes crucial among Indian Muslims.thehindu
Rebel BJP MLA Tiwari, son float new party to contest Rajasthan election
Jaipur:Rebel BJP leader Ghanshyam Tiwari’s son Akhilesh has founded a political outfit named ‘Bharat Vahini Party’ to contest the Assembly polls in Rajasthan.The party will work with an aim to contest election on all 200 Assembly seats under the leadership of Ghanshyam Tiwari, founder and president of the party Akhilesh Tiwari said.The party is going to organise its first state meeting of leaders and workers in Jaipur on July 3, he said, adding that 2,000 workers will take part in the meeting.He said 10 representatives from each Assembly seat have been invited.Representatives and workers currently working for Deen Dayal Vahini, an organisation that Ghanshyam Tiwari had founded, will be joining the new political party, Akhilesh Tiwari said. ECI has registered the ‘Bharat Vahini Party’, allowing it to field its candidates in the Assembly polls.PTI
Muslim man arrested for posting morphed Ramdev’s photo in WhatsApp group
Police in Noida have arrested a Muslim man after he alleged posted a morphed photo of Ramdev in a WhatsApp group.A press release by Noida Police said, “We’ve arrested Rahisuddin, son of Murad Ali, from Dadri area for posting a morphed photo of Baba Ramdev in a WhatsApp group. The investigation is underway.”According to reports, Rahisuddin had posted an objectionable photo of the founder of Patanjali in a WhatsApp group called Jain Hind. “Some group members objected to the photo as it was objectionable. A case under IT act was registered against the accused. A police team on Saturday arrested him from his house,” Nishank Sharma, Dadri circle officer was quoted as saying.jantakareporter
Turkey Votes In Crucial Twin Polls: Updates
Turkey is going to the polls on Sunday, voting simultaneously in parliamentary and presidential elections for the first time in the country's history.More than 56 million voters will be able to cast their ballots in more than 180.000 ballot boxes across Turkey.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be looking for a first round knockout and an overall majority for his ruling Justice and Development Party.But both these goals are in doubt in the face of an energetic campaign by his rival from the secular Republican People's Party, Muharrem Ince.Turkey's justice minister Abdulhamit Gulsays voting is proceeding peacefully across the country, after he cast his vote in southern Gaziantep province. The AK Party joined forces with the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to create the People's Alliance for the polls. Erdogan is the bloc's joint presidential candidate.To challenge Erdogan's alliance, the opposition formed the diverse Nation Alliance, which includes the CHP, the debuting right-wing Good Party (IYI) and the Islamic Felicity Party (Sadat Party), with backing from the minor centre-right Democrat Party (DP).The Nation Alliance parties have fielded individual presidential candidates, including CHP's Ince, whose numbers have been climbing in opinion polls, and Meral Aksener, the popular right-wing politician who leads IYI Party. Incumbent President Tayyip Erdogan and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) argue that a more powerful executive presidency helps Turkey tackle economic and security challenges.But critics like Temel Karamollaoglu, presidential candidate and leader of the Saadet Party, warns that Erdogan is moving the country to a dictatorship and says the president is not doing enough to unite the Muslim world abroad."The new presidential system is going to lead Turkey to a dictatorship," Karamollaoglu says. "There is no doubt, because the parliament has no influence on the president. They can't control, they can't produce any values which will be effective, so the president, in fact, will decide whatever he thinks proper without consulting the parliament,"he said.  Aljazeera
Turkey votes in landmark presidential, parliamentary elections
Turkey election special: Erdogan adviser vs Saadet Party leader
Over 200 Bangladesh Jamaat Islami men held in Chittagong for 'attending eid get-together'
Chittagong: Police have detained at least 210 leaders and activists of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and its student front Islami Chhatra Shibir, including the Jamaat ameer and Shibir president, from a Parjatan Corporation motel in Chattogram.They were detained in a raid on Motel Saikat on Station Road on Saturday night, said SM Mostaeen Hossain, deputy commissioner of the city police.Police raided the motel following a tip and detained more than two hundred people, he told reporters.Mohammed Mohsin, chief of the Kotwali Police Station, later told bdnews24.com that the detainees were arrested under the Special Powers Act.Deputy Commissioner Mostaeen told reporters that, the Jamaat and Shibir activists had gathered at the motel for an alleged Eid get-together, but had not sought permission from police.“An organisation named ‘Parabar’, the cultural affairs wing of Shibir’s Chattogram City North unit, organised the programme,” said OC Mohsin.Another police officer said that leaders of Chattogram south and north Islami Chhatro Shibir organised two separate programmes named ‘Sonibar Eid get-together’. Chattogram city Jammat Ameer Muhammad Shahjahan was the chief guest in the north city’s programme.Police said the programmes were basically a formal meeting in the name of an Eid get-together and the attendees had been detained for organising such a political meeting without permission. bdnews24.com
250 Bangladesh Jamaat men held in Chittagong
Abadi, Sadr alliance brings new Iraq government step closer
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said on Saturday their political blocs would enter into an alliance, bringing Iraq one step closer to forming a new government after an election marred by low turnout and fraud allegations.The alliance between Abadi's Victory Alliance, which came third in a May parliamentary election, and Sadr's Saeroon list, which won the largest number of seats, increases the chances of forming a government after weeks of political tensions. On Saturday, Abadi travelled to the Shia shrine city of Najaf to meet Sadr. After three hours of talks, they issued a joint statement announcing they had set up a coalition."We announce a cross-sectarian, cross-ethnic alliance to speed up forming the next government and to agree on common points that guarantee the interests of the Iraqi people," Sadr said at a news conference in the Shia holy city of Najaf.He called for a wider alliance consisting of all components of Iraqi society that would form an inclusive government.Sadr presents himself as a non-sectarian nationalist opposed to both the United States and Iran's influence over his country. Saeroon is an electoral alliance between Sadrist politicians, the Iraqi Communist Party, and other secular candidates.middleeasteye
PM Abadi, Moqtada al-Sadr alliance brings Iraq Govt  closer
https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/pm-abadi-shia-cleric-moqtada-al-sadr-alliance-brings-iraq-Govt -closer/story-BX3GjwH6l50MZG8Ip602UI.html
Iraq bombs meeting of Daesh leaders in Syria; kills high-value targets
Iraq has launched an air attack on a gathering of Daesh leaders inside neighbouring Syria, killing 45 members of the hardline militant group, its military said on Saturday.F-16 fighter jets destroyed three houses on Friday which were connected by a trench in the town of Hajin, where the leaders were meeting.Those killed included high profile targets such as the group’s “deputy war minister”, one of its “media emirs”, its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s personal courier and its chief of police, the military said in a statement.Daesh, which once occupied a third of Iraq’s territory, has been largely defeated in the country but still poses a threat along the border with Syria.The Iraqi military has carried out several air strikes against Daesh in Syria since last year, with the approval of the Syrian Govt  of President Bashar al-Assad and the US-led coalition fighting the militants.middleeastmonitor
Syria pounds rebel areas in south, thousands flee to border zone
Syrian army and allied forces pounded rebel-held areas of the southwest as thousands of civilians fled to safer opposition held areas along the border with Jordan and Israel, aid workers and rebels said.They said hundreds of families with their personal belongings had arrived in the last two days in the towns of Tayba and Mataiyah, just a few kilometres from the heavily patrolled border with Jordan.Busra al Harir, Nahta, Maliha and a sting of towns and villages east of Deraa city have borne the brunt of a ramped up assault by the Syrian army begun last week. It is targeting opposition areas in the strategic region bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.Thousands of Syrians also fled frontline opposition-held villages of Masahra and Hara in the Quneitra province to makeshift camps near the border with Israel, where Syrian artillery avoid shelling, two residents said. The army’s offensive threatens to wreck a de-escalation zone agreed by the United States and Russia last year and risks drawing Washington deeper into the war.middleeastmonitor
US-backed force ousts IS from Syria's Hasakeh province
Hasakeh:US-backed fighters have ousted the last Islamic State (IS) group militants from Syria's northeast province of Hasakeh, the force and a monitor said late Saturday.The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters backed by the Washington-led coalition, have captured swathes of the country's north and east from IS since 2015.  On Saturday, they cleared a string of outposts in Hasakeh, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor. The SDF finished their combing operations through three IS positions in Hasakeh province," said Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman. "Now, for the first time since 2013, the province is completely empty of IS," he told AFP. AFP
US-backed forces announce 3-day curfew in Raqqa city
US-backed forces in control of Syria’s Raqqa city imposed a three-day curfew on Sunday and declared a state of emergency saying Daesh militants had infiltrated the city and planned a bombing campaign.Witnesses say internal security forces affiliated to SDF, who had announced late last night the surprise curfew from dawn in the former Daesh stronghold until Tuesday, set up checkpoints across the devastated city.A statement said the state of emergency in the city were “protective measures”.“Our intelligence apparatus has received information of the entry of terrorist groups tied to Daesh that are about to wage attacks to undermine secuity in the city,” the statement read.2 residents said the city has seen in recent weeks growing tensions between the majority Arab residents and SDF forces dominated by Kurdish personnel that spilled into sporadic protests last month. The protests, quelled by force, called for SDF’s eviction from the city.They said many of its over 100,000 residents are angered by a policy of obligatory military conscription of youths and resentful of perceived discriminatory practices against the majority Arab population by senior Kurdish officials who effectively run the city. Middleeastmonitor
Trump adviser Kushner says he's 'ready to work' with Abbas: Report
Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump's senior adviser, said that he is "ready to work with President Abbas," a Palestinian newspaper reported on Sunday.Kushner, who is married to Trump's daughter Ivanka, spoke in an interview with the newspaper Al Quds. The interview was headlined, "I am ready to work with President Abbas, if he wishes." He was referring to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.In the interview, which was published in Arabic, Kushner sent a direct message to the Palestinian people: "You deserve to have a bright future, now is the time for both the Israelis and Palestinians to strengthen their leaderships and re-focus them to encourage them to open up towards a solution, and not fear trying," the newspaper reported.Washington has said it has a peace plan in the works that could be released soon. Israeli-Palestinian negotiations stalled in 2014.
Saudi women hit the road as driving ban is lifted
Women in Saudi Arabia are now allowed to drive for the first time since the religiously conservative kingdom overturned the world's only ban on female motorists as critics note activists who fought for the right to drive are still in prison.The lifting of the prohibition on Sunday, which follows a sweeping crackdown on prominent women's rights activists who staunchly advocated for the right to drive, was first announced last year as part of the then newly-appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's plans to reform the country."Now every woman has the right to drive a car anywhere in the kingdom," state broadcaster al-Ekhbariya quoted traffic authorities spokesman Colonel Samy bin Mohammad as saying on Sunday.Saudi Arabia, which has some of the world's tightest restrictions on women, started issuing its first driving licences for female motorists earlier this month.On Thursday, it launched a three-day campaign called "place your trust in God and drive" to educate women on driving and raise awareness about safety regulations.aljazeera
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A referendum in J&K should ask people a simple question: Do you wish to stay in India or not?Meghnad Desai
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