20 June 2018

20 June ND: Governor's rule imposed in J&K after Prez's approval/BJP timed exit so J&K doesn't go to polls before LS polls/ HC refuses to grant relief to Zakir Naik

20 June 2018:05 Shawwal 1439: Vol:10, No:47
Governor's rule imposed in J&K after President's approval
President Ram Nath Kovind who is currently overseas on an official trip has formally approved the imposition of Governor's rule in the state of J&K . Kovind, who is currently in Suriname gave the nod after Governor NN Vohra forwarded his report to him. The step comes after BJP pulled out of its alliance with PDP in the state, leaving CM  Mehbooba Mufti with no option but to resign given her party’s lack of numerical strength. NC —third biggest party in the Assembly — and Congress both said they would not partner with any party to form Govt in the state. BJP had said, while bowing out, that it favours Governor’s rule. A Raj Bhavan spokesman said that after concluding consultations with all the major political parties in J&K, Governor Vohra forwarded his report for imposition of Governor’s rule under Section 92 of the Constitution of J&K . The move was a merely, as unlike other governors, Vohra has to inform the President and not seek his approval, given J&K’s special status. This would be the eighth time that Governor’s rule would be imposed in the state since 1977.DNA
Centre to scale up ops against Kashmir militants as Governor’s rule imposed after BJP, PDP split
BJP timed exit so J&K doesn't go to polls before LS polls
The timing of BJP's decision to pull the trigger on its alliance with PDP was determined by a desire to ensure that the J&K assembly election was not scheduled before Lok Sabha polls due in early 2019.With J&K having a provision for governor's rule for 6 months, BJP leadership is keen to let this period run as close to the end of 2018 as possible. The calculation was that if the 6 months ended in December, it would be too close to the Lok Sabha elections to be scheduled ahead of the national polls. The electoral process for the Lok Sabha would begin to unroll from March onwards.Sources conceded that governor's rule - which is specific to J&K - could be followed by President's rule and this would also delay the assembly election. But the conversion of governor's rule to President's rule would need ratification by Parliament in two months or, in a month if it is in session.6months of governor's rule in J&K  will expire by Dec.19 or 20, depending on when it is imposed. By then, the winter session of Parliament is likely to have ended. So, even if it were to be followed by President's rule, the latter would have to be ratified only in the budget session. However, had BJP pulled the plug earlier, governor's rule would have expired while the winter session was on. With a one-month deadline to approve President's rule when Parliament is in session, it would have required ratification in the winter session itself. Govt can be expected to schedule the winter session accordingly.TOI
J&K Constitution provides for Governor's rule unlike other states
New Delhi: In all states of India, the state Govt 's failure results in President's rule. The process is slightly more nuanced in J&K  where not the President's but Governor's rule is imposed. Under the provision of Section 92 of J&K  Constitution, Governor's rule is imposed for 6 months, but only after the consent of the President of India.The Constitution of India grants special status to J&K  among Indian states, and it is the only state in India to have a separate Constitution and regulations specific to it. Economictimes
Governor Vohra, whose term ends in 5 days, may stay till Amarnath Yatra
After the collapse of the Mehbooba-led coalition Govt, J&K  is back under Governor NN Vohra, who is due to retire on June 25. This is the fourth time in his 10 years that he is back to calling the shots in the state.Asked whether the centre was looking to appoint a new governor after Mr Vohra's term ends, BJP leader Kavinder Gupta, who was deputy CM  in the collapsed J&K  Govt , said: "It is a routine matter, after the Amarnath Yatra maybe a decision will be taken."His reply indicated that the centre was unlikely to let go of Mr Vohra, 82, until the Amarnath pilgrimage is over in August at least.NDTV
Omar calls for immediate dissolution of Assembly, fresh polls
NC leader Omar Abdullah has called for the immediate dissolution of J&K Legislative Assembly and holding of fresh elections in the State.“J&K state assembly should be dissolved immediately & fresh elections should take place as soon as appropriate. The former DCM has admitted that BJP can’t be trusted not to horsetrade for Govt formation,”Omar tweeted.PTI
Pakistan to milk PDP-BJP collapse, UN report:TOI
New Delhi: As J&K plunged into political uncertainty with BJP-PDP alliance, breaking down there is apprehension that Pakistan could use the situation for its own designs.Modi Govt is likely to maintain its no-talks, tough stand against Pakistan, while unleashing a more muscular policy against terrorism inside J&K. Given that summer months are generally high-infiltration periods, Govt expects a spike in attempts across the LoC, with the 2003 ceasefire coming under strain, weeks after Indian and Pakistani DGMOs promised to uphold it.SK Lambah, a former PM's special envoy, said he didn't foresee any significant impact on India-Pakistan relations as Pakistan elections are scheduled for 3rd week of July and politicians are busy. Ex-Indian high commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan agreed."Pakistan is in election mode, so I don't see any immediate impact. However, there will be a spike in rhetoric. Unfortunately, this coincides with the damaging UN report, which will be diplomatic fodder for Pakistan," he said.However, the global situation has changed with the Kashmir 'issue' having traction in fewer countries. If the Modi Govt pitches its approach as going after terrorists, it would meet little opposition.TOI
India slams UN’s J&K report, says it legitimises terrorism
India has called upon UN to reject efforts by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to legitimise terrorism and call for India's dismemberment through the recent report on Kashmir in defiance of very definition of terror outlined by the global body. "It should be a matter of deep concern for the Council that this report undermines UN-led consensus on terrorism and in fact, legitimises terrorism by referring to the UN designated terrorist entities as “armed groups” and calling terrorists “leaders”. Surely, Council cannot be oblivious of this attempt to legitimise terrorism, which remains the pernicious violator of all fundamental rights,"Rajiv K. Chander, Permanent Representative of India in UN (Geneva) emphasised in a statement. This was India's first reaction at UN following last week's report on Kashmir human rights situation. "We are dismayed at the High Commissioner’s reference to a fallacious and motivated report that has already been rejected by India. This selective compilation of largely unverified information, aimed at promoting a false narrative, distorts the truth," Chander noted. "...the entire state of J&K is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in forcible and illegal occupation of a part of the Indian state. We condemn all references in this report which seek dismemberment of India," Chander said in reference to report on "self determination" in Kashmir. Experts familiar with the issue said that suggestion in the report on "self-determination" in Kashmir is akin to suggesting dismemberment of a UN member by an UN official.economictimes
64% rise in terror incidents in J&K over 2 yrs, as BJP-PDP alliance splinters: IndiaSpend
Mumbai:There was a 64% rise in terror incidents in J&K  over 3 years to 2017, providing some perspective to the BJP decision to call off its 3-year alliance with PDP.Over 800 terror incidents have been reported in J&K over 3 years ending 2017–up from 208 in 2015 to 342 in 2017–according to an IndiaSpend analysis of Govt  data.As many as 744 people died in these 3 years: 471 terrorists, 201 security forces and 72 civilians, data show.It was amidst this scenario eight months ago that home minister Rajnath Singh said the situation in the conflict ridden state was “improving”. “I don’t want to claim that everything is completely fine but things are improving, this I can say with firm belief,” Singh said on Sept.11, 2017.The state saw the most terror incidents in 2017 since 2010, which saw 488 incidents. J&K witnessed the fewest terror incidents (170) over the last 28 years in 2013. Since then, incidents have more than doubled over the last 4 years to 2017.PDP and BJP formed a coalition Govt in J&K in March 2015. Since then armed encounters between militants and security forces have increased by 53% over the preceding 3 years, IndiaSpend reported on May 18, 2018. In 247 encounters recorded from 2015 to 2017,439 militants (including 156 Kashmiris) and 200 Govt forces (including 109 army personnel) were killed.indiaspend
 China distances itself from India-Pak-China Trilateral Cooperation Idea
Beijing: China, today, distanced itself from its envoy’s comments on the idea of trilateral cooperation between India, China and Pakistan under the aegis of the SCO, but underlined the importance of strengthening of dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad to improve mutual trust. Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui on June 18 endorsed the idea of trilateral cooperation between India, China and Pakistan under the aegis of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), saying it could “in the future” help resolve bilateral issues between New Delhi and Islamabad and help maintain peace.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang, when asked about Luo’s comments, said both India and Pakistan are China’s friends and neighbours.“We are willing to conduct relations with all our neighbours including Pakistan and India to strengthen our cooperation for better development and stability in this region.“We also hope India, Pakistan can strengthen their dialogue to improve mutual trust in their bilateral relations. This is in the interest of the regional countries,” he said.Asked whether China is distancing from Luo’s remarks, Geng said “what I said represents the official position of the Chinese side”.He also declined to answer a question on the Chinese Embassy erasing envoy’s comments from the transcript posted on the website.thewire/PTI
52 Indian asylum seekers among detainees under Trump's zero-tolerance policy
Washington:Over 50 individuals from India, some of them possibly separated from their children, are reportedly incarcerated at a federal prison in Oregon under Trump administration’s tough ''zero-tolerance'' policy against illegal immigration, an Asia-Pacific activist organization said. Over the last month, 123 immigrants seeking asylum have been detained and transferred to Oregon’s Sheridan federal prison in Yamhill County, Asia-Pacific American Network of Oregan said, revealing that the majority of the 123 people in the Sheridan prison are South Asian, who speak primarily Hindi and Punjabi, and a few identified as Chinese. These detainees are isolated, have limited access to interpretation, and are at-risk of abuse in their current prison housing arrangement, the organization warned.The organization indicated that the detention involved separating children from parents but did not say how many were affected.''2,000 kids have been separated from their families, some for 2 months. This is the definition of cruel and unusual,'' said Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner-Elect for Multnomah County, referring to the national crisis. ''This policy of family separation needs to end now; and in the meantime, all detainees deserve legal representation and fair treatment, starting with transparency about their children’s whereabouts and humane detention conditions.''TOI
HC refuses to grant relief to Zakir Naik
MUMBAI: The Bombay High Court on Wednesday refused to grant relief to Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who is facing charges of inciting communal disharmony and committing unlawful activities, observing that he did not show any interest or desire to help the probe agencies.A division bench of justices R.M. Savant and Revati Mohite Dere was hearing a petition filed by Naik seeking a direction to NIA and the ED to submit reports on the probe carried out by them against Naik.In the petition, Naik also sought direction to Ministry of External Affairs to cancel the revocation of his passport.The court said it cannot pass any order pertaining to revocation of passport and asked Naik to file a separate petition for the same.“Regarding the other reliefs sought in the petition...we do not see how this court can consider them when the petitioner has not even presented himself before the probe agencies. The petitioner is ensconced in Malaysia and is seeking a direction to the agencies to submit probe reports,” the court said in its order. “These are serious offences in which a person faces maximum punishment up to life imprisonment. The petitioner has been declared a proclaimed offender and extradition proceedings have been initiated with the authorities in Malaysia. Under such circumstances, this court cannot grant any relief to the petitioner,” Justice Savant said.The court added that Naik should have ideally come back to India and presented himself before the investigating agencies. “Such long distance thing will not work. In the absentia of the petitioner, how can we entertain such pleas,” it said.PTI
Yoga shouldn't be used as a political tool: Muslim bodies
Lucknow:Yoga should not be used as a political tool or linked to a particular community, top Muslim bodies said today on the eve of International Day for Yoga.The organisations also said that Yoga should be seen as form of exercise and not through the prism of religion."Islam lays special emphasis on physical fitness and considers things related to fitness as good. Yoga as an exercise is good, but it should not be made compulsory which may not be acceptable to people of other religions."The most important thing is that Yoga should not be used as a political tool. But, sadly this practice is going on," All India Muslim Personal Law Board spokesman Sajjad Nomani said. He also said that people of every religion and section of society should be encouraged to celebrate Yoga Day tomorrow."It is unfair to force upon someone any particular exercise. There should be no dispute vis-a-vis Yoga. People of every religion and section of the society should be encouraged to celebrate International Yoga Day."It is important that Yoga should be perceived as a rahmat (mercy) and not a 'zahmat' (worry),"he said.All India Shia Personal Law Board  was of the view that Yoga should not be linked to a community.PTI/outlookindia      
Maharashtra police forced us to sign letters implicating missing children as Maoists, say villagers: The Wire
Mumbai: “Each time the police visit our village or summon us to the police station, we feel hopeful. It has been 2 months that our children went missing. At least now they should tell us what actually happened to them,” a parent from Gattepalli who lost a child around the time the police killed 40 ‘Naxalites’ near his village told The Wire over a telephone conversation on June 18.Nearly two months ago, 8 children had left their homes in Gattepalli of Etapalli tehsil in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district to attend a wedding in nearby Kasansur village. The next morning, on April 22, at the banks of Indravati river right outside Kasansur, the Gadchiroli police’s C-60 commandos opened fire at “over 50 guerrillas” who had allegedly taken shelter there overnight. Thirty-four of them were killed at the spot.  A day later, another 6 were killed at the nearby Rajaram-Khandla forest.Media reports and photographs released by the police from the encounter spot confirmed that at least two of those killed at the river bank were children from among the group that has been missing. Curiously, the police handed over the body of only one. The villagers say no communication has come from the police about the rest.Even as the mystery of the missing children persists, the villagers claim the police has resorted to intimidation and threats and have coerced parents into signing a clutch of pre-written documents implicating their children in Maoist activities. “The police are using us to justify our children’s killings,” one of the parents said.
All arrested 'Hindu terrorists' have had RSS link: Digvijaya
Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh is at it again. Accused RSS of promoting terrorism in the county, ex MP CM said that all Hindu terrorists caught in the past have had association with the Sangh. "All Hindu terrorists who have ever been caught have association with RSS in some way or the other. Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, was also part of RSS," Dijvijaya said. "So, this ideology is spreading hatred, hatred breeds violence, and from violence is bred terrorism," he said. Reinforcing his stand on "Sangh terror," he said, "bomb blasts were executed by people influenced by Sangh ideology, be it Malegaon blast, Mecca Masjid blast, blast in Samjhauta express or Dargah Sharif." Accusing RSS of propagating violence, Singh said, "The outfit which propagates violence and hatred, further propagates terrorism." Defending Singh's charges, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid said that his statements needs to be seen in the right context. "Ideologically Digvijay Singh has very strong views. He has opposed minority extremism and said that every kind of extremism is bad. We must contextualise what he said rather than generalise it and think he is saying it against one community or organisation," Khurshid said.economictimes
Real masterminds behind rationalists’ killings are Hindutva groups, they should be exposed:Pansare’s daughter                    
Pune:SIT  is busy questioning Parshuram Waghmare, arrested in connection with the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh. Megha Pansare — daughter of slain senior CPI leader and rationalist Govind Pansare — tells Indian Express that SIT should focus its energy on nabbing alleged assailants, Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar." She said, "Pawar and Akolkar’s names cropped up in 2009 Madgaon blast. Since then, both of them are absconding. In fact, Pawar has been acquitted in the case, based on a small technical issue." Megha further said, "Besides arrests of Pawar and Akolkar, we have been demanding that the masterminds in these cases should be exposed. The real masterminds are the Hindutva organisations. They have formed a group of 60 people from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and other parts of the country to target activists and intellectuals who do not agree with their radical views."indianexpress
Lankesh murder: Shooter kept in house rented by man linked to Sanatan Sanstha, says probe
Bengaluru:Investigations into the shooting of the journalist Gauri Lankesh, 55, outside her home in Bengaluru on September 5, 2017, has thrown up more indications of links to Hindutva group Sanatan Sanstha and its affiliate, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), following the arrest of six suspects in recent days.A Karnataka Police SIT, which is probing the case, has found that the alleged shooter, Parshuram Waghmare, 26, was called to Bengaluru in July 2017 and housed in a remote home on the outskirts of Bengaluru by a key planner of the murder, Amol Kale, 37, a Pune resident, and former HJS convenor.indianexpress
Kafeel Khan replies to Rahul Gandhi’s letter, calls for CBI probe into attack on brother, BRD tragedy
Lucknow:Days after Congress chief Rahul Gandhi wrote to suspended BRD Medical College paediatrician Dr Kafeel Khan expressing solidarity and the need to investigate the alleged “complicity” of Govt  officials in the attack on his brother, Khan wrote back on Tuesday. Khan has sought a CBI investigation not only into the incident of attack on his brother, but also in the BRD Medical College tragedy in which 60 children in a span of five days in April last year.Kafeel’s younger brother Kashif Jameel was shot at thrice by unidentified men on June 10 in Gorakhpur. No arrests have been made in the case so far.“Life has become very tough for me and my family post BRD hospital tragedy. It has been more than a year since the incident. I was made a scapegoat for the reasons best known to the people who did that. Our victimisation is quite evident since I came out of prison. Despite several requests to the administration, they have not revoked my suspension,” Khan wrote in his letter that was handed over to state president Raj Babbar by Kafeel’s brother on Tuesday during Rahul’s birthday celebrations in Lucknow.“After 9 months of emotional and physical turmoil when I was trying to make a fresh start, they tried to kill my brother and what followed has been horrible… insensitive attitude of UP Police.” wrote Kafeel.indianexpress
JNU denies course on 'Islamic Terrorism' in reply to Delhi minorities commission notice
New Delhi: In its reply to a notice by the Delhi Minorities Commission, the JNU administration has said no course on "Islamic terrorism" was proposed in the academic council meeting of the university, DMC chairman Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan said today. JNU registrar Pramod Kumar has said "there was no course on 'Islamic terror' proposed in the academic council," Khan said.Taking cognizance of media reports, the panel last month issued a notice to JNU asking for reasons to start the proposed course.The registrar provided DMC with a copy of a concept paper on the proposed 'Centre for National Security Studies' and said JNU has no knowledge if a course on "Islamic terrorism" is taught in any Indian or foreign university, Khan said. Registrar has provided DMC with a copy of the minutes of 145th Academic Council meet on May 18, where the concept paper was placed for discussion."Contrary to the assurance given by the registrar of JNU, the concept paper does include 'Islamic terrorism' as part of 'key areas' of the proposed centre which will first do research about these areas before starting teaching them," DMC chairman said.The panel has written back to JNU saying the proposed Centre is a good initiative and the country needs it but the introduction of "Islamic terrorism" as a subject of research and teaching at the Centre is "flawed" and will "deteriorate" the communal atmosphere on the campus and beyond and will create wrong notions about Muslims, he said.JNU has been advised by the Commission to adopt "Religious terrorism" instead of "Islamic terrorism" as a subject of study and teaching at the proposed Centre so as to cover all forms of terrorism using religion to spread terror, Khan said. Such larger focus will cover the subject properly, offer a better understanding of this kind of extremism and will help us avoid spreading communalism within and without the campus, he added.PTI
Indian Muslim is the best Muslim in the world, says Home Minister Rajnath at Eid Milan program
New Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has hailed the contribution of Muslims in the Indian society, saying that “Indian Muslims are the best Muslim in the world.” He added that it was only in India that “all 72 sects” of Islam reside, stating that “there was no Islamic country in the world where all Islamic sects live.” The Home Minister made the statement at an Eid Milan program in New Delhi. Singh attended the event in the national capital along with RSS leader Indresh Kumar. During his speech, Singh reportedly said, “I believe Indian Muslim is Muslim by choice; they would have gone during partition if they would have wanted to.” He further said, “Those who try to be leaders of Islam get ‘rozedaars’ killed, this is injustice.”Times Now
UP: Hapur lynching linked to cows, claim victim’s kin; police deny, say road rage
Hapur :A day after a cattle-trader was beaten to death and a 65-year-old severely injured by a mob, families of the victims alleged that the attack was due to a “cow-related matter” while police insisted that it was the fallout of a road rage incident. Qasim(45) was beaten to death by a mob at a sugarcane field in Hapur’s Pilakhuwa and 65-year-old Samiuddin was injured in the incident. Police have arrested 2 men — Yudhishtir Singh and Rakesh Sisodia — on the charge of murder. According to the FIR filed at the Pilakhuwa police station, the incident was the result of a scuffle between unidentified bike-borne men and the two victims. But the family of Samiuddin and the two men arrested insisted that it was related to “cattle”.Hapur SP, Sankalp Sharma said that FIR was registered on the basis of a complaint by Samiuddin’s brother Yasin. “This is all the complainant has told the police. We have not recovered any motorcycle from the spot. As far as the allegations about attempted cow slaughter or cattle smuggling is concerned, we are investigating the matter,” he said.Qasim, according to his family, had received a phone call hours before the incident at around 11 am Monday. “He was at home yesterday and he left immediately stating that he will be back by 4 pm. He took around Rs 60,000-70,000. We had asked him to not leave in a hurry and to return quickly. He used to go to neighbouring villages to procure and sell cattle and we thought that it must be regarding his business,” said Qasim’s daughter-in-law Arshi.A few hours later, 2 men had hurried to Qasim’s house to inform the family that he had been rushed to the hospital after he was mercilessly assaulted around five km away. A video has also surfaced that shows Qasim lying in a field, his clothes torn and bruises across his body.In the video, Qasim pleads for some water as a group of young men stand in the background. A voice asks people to calm down since they have already beaten the man and requests the mob to give Qasim some water. Soon after, another person is heard saying that cows were tied in the fields for slaughtering.“They did not give him water because he was a Muslim,” says Mohammad Salim, Qasim’s younger brother as he stares at the phone screen on which the minute-long video plays.The incident took place between 12 pm and 1 pm on Monday in the sugarcane fields that divide 2 villages in Pilakhuwa — Muslim dominated Madapur and Thakur-dominated Baghera Khurd. “It happened due to a cattle issue. My brother lives in Madapur village and has no association with Qasim. He was crossing the area and he could have been trying to intervene when he was attacked. He has injuries all over his body including fractures in his leg. He was beaten up with sticks,” Yasin said.“He has been shifted from the ICU to the general ward today but he is not in a position to talk. He has just said one thing the matter is related to cows.” Indian Express
Man lynched on cow slaughter rumour day after Eid in Pilkhuwa near Dadri
Airtel responds to allegations of discrimination, denies changing representative due to religion
New Delhi:Two days after the company came under fire for discrimination, Airtel Wednesday put out a statement saying events reported have been “untrue and factually incorrect”. The company maintained that its representatives were following a “dutiful course” in their regular work shift and were taught a “harsh lesson” that their religious identities matter.On Monday, a customer tweeted to Airtel with a complaint, to which its representative, Shoaib, responded. The customer, however, wrote back to the company saying “you’re a Muslim and I have no faith in your working ethics because Kuran may have different version for customer service, thus requesting you to assign a Hindu representative for my request.” She subsequently got a response from a Gaganjot at Airtel. Several users on social media pulled up the company for condoning racial intolerance. Many questioned why the company did not respond immediately, questioning the complainant’s request for a Hindu representative. Some people even said they would change their service provider due to the incident.Airtel said its representatives were merely doing their job and trying to solve the service issue but were wrongly targeted for “acceptance of discrimination” and “bowing down to bigotry”. indianexpress
 Assaulted church priest by Bajrang Dal creates communal dispute in Meerut: daily pioneer
Communal tension flared up in Hapur and Meerut districts after a mob lynched a youth belonging to minority community in Hapur while in Meerut, activists of Bajrang Dal reportedly assaulted a church priest accusing of involving in changed the religion of some locals. In the Meerut case, the Centre has also summoned a detailed report from the state Govt . In Meerut, some Bajrang Dal activists nabbed a priest of St Thomas Church and an employee and brutally assaulted them on Tuesday morning. They alleged that the priest had lured some local residents of Khatuli area and gave them money to change their religion. They later handed over the priest to the local police and lodged a case against them. Talking serious note of the allegations of the Bajrang Dal, the Central Govt sought a detailed report in the matter from the State Govt. DGP OP Singh, later asked SSP Meerut to immediately dispatch a factual report in matter. Heavy police force has been also deployed in the area to avert any further clash.
Meerut priest arrested for trying to convert 17 Hindus into Christianity by offering jobs, money
Cow vigilantes attack 2 Muslim youth in Bhainsa
Bhainsa: Miscreants attacked 2 Muslim youth Amjad Khan and Ishaq Quraishi near Omer Farooq, Bhainsa on Sunday night. The miscreants stopped them on Pardi Road near Mahagaun and vandalised the vehicle. The incident occurred when the youth were shifting a bull and buffalo’s calf in a pickup vehicle to Bhainsa. A group of 20 to 25 people followed the vehicle and stopped it on the way. Though the Muslim youth tried to convince them that the animals were not cows a bull and a buffalo’s calf, the cow vigilantes didn’t pay heed to them and assaulted them leaving them seriously injured. They also vandalised the vehicle.Meanwhile, an ambulance passed by; mistaking it with police vehicle the miscreants left the youth and fled. Both were shifted to the area hospital Bhainsa by the locals. Amjad Khan who has sustained serious injuries has been shifted to Nizamabad for treatment.Siasat
Karnataka Muslim cleric sparks controversy with remarks about cow sacrifice; What he said?
Bengaluru:A Muslim cleric has kicked up a controversy in Karnataka with remarks made in the presence of a minister that cows will be sacrificed during Bakrid festival in the state where cow slaughter is banned. The cleric made the purported remarks in the presence of Health and Family Welfare Minister Shivanand Patil during his sermons on occasion of Ramzan prayer at Vijayapura in north Karnataka 2 days ago. Tanveer Hashmi is the head of Hashim Pir Dargah at Vijayapura, a popular Muslim shrine. The video of his purported remarks has gone viral. The minister chose to remain quiet after Hashmi made the controversial remarks. “Let me bring to your notice, in 2 months time there will be Bakrid. In the name of cow, this satan (devil) will do a mischief. I am telling you (the minister) this beforehand so as to ensure that with the cow another sacrifice does not happen,” Hashmi said in his speech in Urdu.The cleric’s remarks came days after a purported video of former Union minister and BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal asking corporators to work only for Hindus, who voted for him, and not for Muslims went viral on social media. “I had called all corporators and have told them that they should work for Hindus who have voted for me in Bijapur and not Muslims,” Yatnal is purportedly heard saying in the video.PTI
Karnataka Muslim cleric says Minister ‘in the name of cow slaughter wants to stop sacrifice on Eid’
Chief Economic Adviser Subramanian Quits, to Return to US for Personal Reasons
New Delhi: Chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian is headed back to the US, cutting short the extended tenure he received last September, on account of “pressing family commitments”.While Subramanian’s exit had long been rumoured in Delhi’s policy circles, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Wednesday confirmed the development.“Few days ago Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian  met me over video conferencing. He informed me that he would like to go back to the United States on account of pressing family commitments. His reasons were personal but extremely important for him. He left me with no option but to agree with him,” the finance minister, who is currently recovering from a kidney operation, noted in a Facebook post. “Arvind had joined us as Chief Economic Advisor on 16th Oct., 2014 for a period of three years. On the expiry of the three year I had requested him to continue for some more time. Even at that stage he told me that he was torn between family commitment and his current job which he considered the best and most fulfilling he has ever done,” Jaitley added.thewire
After flop show, Modi govt  decides against privatising Air India -india-privitisation-air-india
 Govt  has decided not to go ahead with Air India stake sale in an election year and will provide required funds for its operations, a senior official said on June 19. Decision comes less than 3 weeks after the proposed 76% strategic stake sale in debt-laden national carrier failed to attract any bidder.Air India will very soon get funds from the Govt  for its day to day operations and will even place orders for a couple of aircraft, the Govt  official said.The decision was taken at the high-level meeting convened by Union Minister Arun Jaitley on June 18. The meeting was attended by Piyush Goyal, who has been temporarily given the charge of finance ministry, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and other senior officials of finance and civil aviation ministries.PTI
Swami given cabinet rank wants cow ministry for "Golden" MP
Bhopal: A top MP official has appealed to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan to create a cow ministry saying it would be in the best interests of the state. Akhileshwaranand Giri, the chairman of the Cow Protection Board who was elevated to the rank of a cabinet minister last week, said that CM would inspire future generations if cows in the state were taken care of in the same manner that "Chouhan looked after cattle at his home". A cow ministry would help create a "golden Madhya Pradesh" and would set a precedent for other states, he said. Justifying his demand, Swami Giri said that if Rajasthan could have a 'Directorate of Gauseva' and if CM  Chouhan himself could create a 'Happiness Department' in the state, then the creation of a cow ministry was also in the interests of the people.Swami said gaushalas or cow shelters across the state could act as nodal points for day-to-day functioning of the ministry.NDTV
Mahagathbandhan not quite so ‘maha’ as cracks appear between Congress and regional parties:theprint
New Delhi: The much-touted mahagathbandhan or a grand alliance of all opposition parties for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections is unlikely to take shape.Congress is not inclined to a pre-poll alliance in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi and some other states even as regional parties are joining hands in solidarity to keep the grand old party from dictating terms.Last week, four CM s and prospective members of the grand alliance — Mamata Banerjee, Chandrababu Naidu, HD Kumaraswamy and Pinarayi Vijayan — came out in support of Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal in his feud with Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, a move that betrayed the widening fault-lines in the mahagathbandhan-in-the-making.Congress had criticised Kejriwal for holding a sit-in at the Raj Niwas and called it “an excuse not to work”.Though a section of the Congress favours a tie up with Kejriwal, party president Rahul Gandhi is learnt to be opposed to any alliance with the AAP, which he holds responsible for the ouster of UPA in 2014. Congress is also not interested in any alliance with Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party and TRS of KC Chandrasekhar Rao, its principal political adversaries in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Gujarat:  Man arrested for sharing ‘provocative’ video on his YouTube page ‘Dharm Yodha’
Vadodara:Crime branch has arrested a man for uploading a ‘communally provocative’ video on his YouTube page on Saturday night, after communal tension prevailed in the old city area during Eid festivities and a procession to mark Maharana Pratap Jayanti.According to the police, the accused, Mayur Kadam (30), has confessed to his crime and said that he wanted to make people aware through the video. The video, which was uploaded on Kadam’s YouTube page ‘Dharm Yodha’ and garnered more than 2,500 likes within a day, had communally provocative text imposed on the visuals of the Maharana Pratap rally.Vadodara Cyber cell took the video down within a day. indian expres indian express
UP  BJP MLA makes Hindu-Muslim divide in power theft
Lucknow: “Why no action has been taken against Muslims for power theft,” these were the words spoken by UP  BJP MLA Sanjay Gupta during a telephonic conversation with an electricity official.In a call recorded by Govt  engineer Avinash Singh, BJP MLA from the Kaushambi district, Sanjay Gupta, was heard threatening him and demanding an account of how many Muslims he had taken action against."Give me data from April 1, how many Muslims you have acted against. Getting yourself transferred will not save you - wherever you are in UP , I will have an investigation done. Go to a Muslim locality, see how electricity theft happens," Sanjay Gupta was heard shouting at the engineer who was trying to put his point forward. "To hell with you and your department. I will speak to Lucknow. Only Hindus are being harassed. You are harassing businessmen and Hindus on purpose," fuming BJP MLA Sanjay Gupta was heard saying. deccanchronicle
Rohith Vemula’s mother denies accusing Muslim League of exploiting her
New Delhi: A day after a news report said research scholar Rohith Vemula’s mother had accused the IUML of not fulfilling its promise of building a house for the family, Radhika Vemula termed the article “fake”.According to the report, Radhika claimed that the IUML promised her Rs 20 lakh to build a house soon after her son committed suicide, but only used her for political gains. She added that she was taken to several public gatherings and while her presence helped IUML, she never received what she was promised. She alleged that on one occasion, the party gave her two cheques of Rs 2.5 lakh each but one of them bounced.CK Subair, general secretary of the Youth Wing of Kerala unit of Muslim League, had said the cheque bounce was a mistake.On Tuesday, Radhika said the article was spreading misinformation. “No cheque bounced, it was rejected due to an error. I have no problem with them [IUML]. They have given me an advance of Rs 5 lakh for land and promised me Rs 10 lakh more after Ramzan. I will campaign for anyone who is against the BJP. The article is spreading wrong things,” she said.Rohith’s brother also took to Facebook to defend his mother and the IUML. “…This is to clarify that someone hacked my account and trying to defame my mom, Radhika Vemula, by saying that she accepted some amount from IUML party, Kerala to talk against  Modi. That's bull shit and not true. IUML party promised to help us to build a house as we are poor. And they stand on their word.”News18
Bihar :5 minors face sedition charge for dancing to ‘anti-India song’
Rohtas:A day after Nasriganj police in Rohtas district of Bihar held 8 people, including 5 minors, for sedition, children charged with dancing to a song that spoke about “mujahids” who “threatened” India’s unity, their parents on Tuesday said that the DJ was playing songs from his mobile phone, and the controversial song played “inadvertently” in continuation and the boys danced without realising the lyrics.The parent of one minor wondered whether any of the boys even know the meaning of mujahid. “They must have danced to the beat — the song barely played for 3 or 4 minutes,” he said.The case was lodged on Sunday after a video of the controversial song was circulated on social media, and police HQRS reportedly directed Rohtas police to take action. According to the FIR, a person named Chandan Thathera shot the video and later handed it to a local Bajrang Dal leader named Manoj Bajrangi, who gave the video clip to the police.The incident took place last Friday when, around 8 pm, about 150 people aged between 10 and 22 years took out a “chand julus (moon procession)” a day before Eid after hiring a Dj, named Ashish Kumar, a local resident.Rohtas SP Satyaveer Singh said the case names 8 people —- the event’s organiser, Raja Khan (20 years old), DJ player Ashish kumar (20), his driver Mukesh Kumar, and five youths aged between 14 and 17 years —- apart from 20 unidentified people.Mohammed Shyamul Haque, Nasriganj Akhada Committee president and deputy secretary in the local peace committee, said, indian express
Inter-faith marriage: Couple ask Delhi HC for protection
New Delhi :A 23-year-old Muslim man and a 26-year-old woman who converted to Islam to marry him Monday knocked on the doors of the Delhi High Court, seeking police protection since they “fear for their lives” ever since they got married in Feb.The couple, who were present in court, also alleged that the woman’s family has been threatening them. Sensing the urgency, a vacation bench of Justice A K Chawla said, “It is something very serious and authorities should have provided them shelter.”It issued notice to Delhi Police Commissioner’s office and SHO concerned asking them to disclose the compliance of the Supreme Court’s direction to ensure the safety of couples of inter-religious marriages.“Failing which (the SC’s direction), ACP concerned shall remain present in person before the court on June 20,” the court said. The man said, “my wife converted to Islam as per her own choice.” Couple alleged they are being harassed in the name of probe.indianexpress
Congress grapples with discontent in Karnataka; Muslim MLAs squabble:PTI
Differences among top Muslim lawmakers in the Congress have come to the fore with trading of charges against each other, even as the party is grappling with discontent of several MLAs who have been denied ministerial berths.Rubbishing allegations by senior Congress MLA Tanveer Sait that he tried to defeat him during the recent assembly elections, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Zameer Ahmed Khan challenged him for a show of strength in Sait’s constituency in Mysuru.He also responded to another senior leader Roshan Baig’s reported opposition to him being made a minister, saying he has been chosen by the high command for his capability, and he was “not Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s relative to get the post just like that.” “If I had tried to defeat him (Sait), he should have complained to the high command immediately. Why is he raising (it) now almost one month after election.  PTI
Haryana Govt’s new diktat for officials: Stand up and greet MPs, MLAs s-new-diktat-for-officials-stand-up-and-greet-mps-mlas
Haryana Govt  has issued a circular asking all its officials that they are required to stand up while meeting MPs and MLAs. The circular was issued by Chief Secretary of Haryana Govt  Depinder Singh Dhesi. The circular has sparked a controversy; many social media users are calling it an arbitrary order. It is a follow-up of the Central Govt . On February 7, the Department of Personnel and Training of the Centre had asked the states to implement certain standards to be followed by babus. The memorandum also requested Chief Secretaries of the states that they should circulate the information to all officers and periodically review the implementation.NewsX
UP govt gives Y Category security to Waseem Rizvi
Lucknow:UP  Govt  has decided to give Y-category security to controversial UP Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi. According to official sources here, the state home department has given the facility after assessing the security threat of Rizvi. However, the security has been given on temporary basis till the next meeting of the state security board. Recently, two people were arrested from Bulandshahr ,who were planning to kill Rizvi.UNI
Modi govt can no longer blame Congress for its own failure: Niti Aayog vice chairman
Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar has said that Centre’s Modi Govt  could no longer keep blaming the Congress for leaving behind a legacy of “governance failure”, “policy paralysis” and “economy in shambles” and the Central Govt will have to take ownership of not only its accomplishments but also its failures from now on.Kumar told IANS, “Now the economy has come out of those inheritance issues.No more should they be used as an excuse for anything. Whatever happens now is the Govt ’s own (doing) completely. “After all the Govt  has done so much despite all of it (legacy issues).It took huge structural reforms like demonetisation, GST, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Benami Act, RERA and recapitalisation of banks to overcome those legacy issues. I think we have finally overcome those and henceforth, Govt should be judged on its own merit.”jantakareporter
After 9 days, Kejriwal ends L-G office sit-in, officers back at work
New Delhi:Delhi CM  Arvind Kejriwal Tuesday called off his nine-day sit-in at the office of Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal to protest against an alleged strike by Delhi IAS officers. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said the sit-in had been called off after bureaucrats started attending meetings at the Secretariat. Kejriwal and 3 Cabinet colleagues had been on a sit-in protest in Baijal’s office since June 11, demanding that the Lt Governor intervene in ending the alleged strike by IAS officers, and grant approval for the doorstep ration delivery scheme. Sisodia and Health Minister Satyendar Jain had also started a hunger strike and were hospitalised. Both were discharged Tuesday. According to Sisodia, IAS officers attended several meetings Tuesday, following which Kejriwal left the waiting room at the Lt Governor’s office.indianexpress
Govt  plans to boost density of schools in SC/ST, Muslim localities -plans-to-boost-density-of-schools-in-sc-st-muslim-localities/story-zFuL6YRGXVNygN8YOQNJyL.html
New Delhi:Union Govt has urged all states to put in place measures and training programmes to combat discrimination faced by students from Muslim and scheduled caste/scheduled tribe (SC/ST) communities in schools, recommending measures that include creating new reporting mechanisms, bringing diversity in school management committees and launching sensitisation programmes.The recommendation is part of the Govt ’s integrated education policy called the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, which has also identified a need to open more schools in Muslim neighbourhoods across the country.“There is undue harshness in reprimanding SC children... They are excluded in public functions; made to do menial jobs and sometimes denied the use of school facilities...” says a document released under the policy, highlighting some of the several ways in which the “system” leaves out students from disadvantaged communities.HT
US quits UNHRC, alleging 'bias against Israel'
US withdrew from UN Human Rights Council accusing it of  "chronic bias against Israel," a move that activists warned would make advancing human rights globally even more difficult.US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley slammed Russia, China, Cuba and Egypt for thwarting US efforts to alter the council. She also criticised countries which she said shared US values and encouraged Washington to remain but "were unwilling to seriously challenge the status quo".US is half-way through a three-year term on the main UN rights body.The Trump administration had long threatened to quit if the 47-member Geneva-based body was not overhauled. Standing with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Haley said the "disproportionate focus and unending hostility toward Israel is clear proof that the council is motivated by political bias, not by human rights".Washington's withdrawal is the latest US rejection of multilateral engagement after it pulled out of the Paris climate agreement and the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.It also comes as the United States faces intense criticism for detaining children separated from their immigrant parents at the US-Mexico border. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein on Monday called on Washington to halt its "unconscionable" policy.Rights groups have criticised the Trump administration for not making human rights a priority in its foreign policy. Critics say this sends a message that the administration turns a blind eye to human rights abuses in some parts of the world.Diplomats have said the US withdrawal from the body could bolster countries such as Cuba, Russia, Egypt and Pakistan, which resist what they see as UN interference in sovereign issues.Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu applauded US decision, accusing the UN Human Rights Council of "obsessively" focusing on Israel.middleeasteye
UK vows to vote against Palestine at UNHRC
UK has joined the US in condemning an alleged anti-Israel bias at the UN, pledging to vote against issues on Palestine brought by the Human Rights Council.Foreign Minister Boris Johnson yesterday urged the council to reform its treatment of Israel, objecting to the permanent Agenda Item 7 which deals with Israeli abuses in the Palestinian territories.“We share the view that the dedicated Agenda Item 7 focused solely on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace, and unless things change we shall vote next year against all resolutions introduced under Item 7,” Johnson said.middleeastmonitor
Israel says its former Minister Gonen Segev spied for Iran
Jerusalem:  Israel has charged a former cabinet minister with spying for Iran, the Shin Bet internal security service says. Gonen Segev, a medical doctor who served as Energy Minister in 1990s, was allegedly recruited by Iranian intelligence while living in Nigeria.He was detained during a visit to Equatorial Guinea in May and extradited following a request by Israeli police, a BBC report said. 62-year-old was jailed for 5 years in 2005 for smuggling drugs and forging a diplomatic passport. He also had his medical licence revoked, but he was allowed to work as a physician in Nigeria when he moved there after his release from prison in 2007. A statement issued by Shin Bet on Monday said Segev was detained immediately upon his arrival in Israel last month.Segev's lawyers stressed that the full indictment painted a "different picture than Shin Bet statement", Israeli media reported.IANS
Israeli jets carry out strikes in Gaza
Israeli jets have attacked 25 targets linked to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, after the group launched rockets and mortar shells at Israeli territory, the military said.3 Palestinians were lightly injured during the attacks in the early hours of Wednesday, residents said. The exchange was one of the most intense recent barrages of rocket fire and air strikes.No casualties were reported in Israel.aljazeera
Palestinian activists slam draft law prohibiting filming of Israeli forces
For years, Israeli Govt has targeted Palestinians and their supporters through a series of highly controversial laws. But the latest bill discussed by Israeli lawmakers has local and international activists and journalists alike fearing for the future. The proposal, which was put forward late last month with the support of right-wing Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, seeks a ban on filming or photographing Israeli soldiers while on duty.The bill calls for a maximum 5-year prison term for anyone photographing, recording or distributing Israeli army activity on social media with “the aim of hurting the soldiers’ spirit,” and up to 10 years for anyone convicted of “seeking to harm national security”.Israeli paper Haaretz reported on Sunday that despite concerns from Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit that the bill was “problematic from a constitutional standpoint,”it was still approved by Ministerial Committee for Legislation.middleeasteye
Israeli media links Netanyahu visit to Amman with US peace plan            
Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with Jordanian King, Abdullah II, on Monday in Amman, Israeli media have revealed.Israeli media linked this secret visit to the visit of the senior US diplomatic convoy, which included Jared Kushner, the top aide of the US President Donald Trump, and Jason Greenblatt, the US envoy to the Middle East.Israeli TV Channel 10 revealed that the head of Mossad Yossi Kohen attended the Netanyahu-Abdullah meeting, while the Israeli ambassador in Amman did not attend.middleeastmonitor
Israeli activists call on Hamas to help restore calm to southern Israel
Activists within Israel’s Other Voice Movement have sent a letter to the head of Hamas Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, as well as the movement’s leader in Gaza, Yahya Al-Sinwar, asking them to restore calm to southern Israel. “We, your neighbours, hope to live based on mutual respect and peace,” they told the Hamas officials.The message was sent to Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip who were asked to deliver it to Hamas. It was also passed to left-wing Israeli activist Gershon Beskin, who is close to Fatah and Hamas leaders and helped to mediate the release of Gilad Shalit in 2011. Israeli soldier was captured by Hamas in 2006 while on active duty on border between Gaza and Israel.MEMO
Church leaders angry with Israeli land expropriation bill
Leaders of 3 main churches in Jerusalem sent a message on Monday to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to scrap the draft bill that proposes to allow his Govt to expropriate church land in the Holy City, news agencies have reported. The heads of the Armenian, Greek Orthodox and Catholic Churches accused the Israeli occupation of failing to commit to a deal reached earlier this year that stipulated the formation of a committee to solve the crisis surrounding this issue.The letter was sent after Rachel Azaria MK re-submitted the bill with very few changes from its original draft. However, the Israeli Govt  pledged to scrap it when the crisis, which led to closure of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, deepened.middleeastmonitor
No breakthrough in Turkey-Iran-Russia talks on Syria constitution: Aljazeera                                               
Geneva: A tripartite meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran to discuss the formation of an all-inclusive committee tasked with drafting a new Syrian constitution had ended without a major breakthrough, and a plan to reconvene in a few weeks time. The officials of the 3 nations acting as guarantors of a ceasefire in the war-torn country met on Tuesday in the Swiss city of Geneva under the auspices of UN.In a brief statement issued after meeting, UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura said "some common ground was beginning to emerge" around the formation of committee. "Constructive exchanges and substantive discussions took place on issues relevant to the establishment and functioning of a constitutional committee."
Saudi to press ahead with canal cutting Qatar from land: Report
Saudi Arabia has moved forward with its plan to build a canal between it and Qatar, which would effectively detach the latter from Arabian Peninsula, Gulf Arab media reported Tuesday. Saudi Arabia, along with UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, has placed Qatar under a yearlong blockade in protest at policies allegedly pursued by Doha.Riyadh has set a deadline for bids to dig the 60-km "Salwa Canal" for 25 June, with 5 international companies already throwing their hats into the ring, according to Gulf News.Saudi Arabia will announce the winner 90 days after the deadline passes, Saudi daily Makkah reported, and the victorious company is then expected to complete the project in a year.The project is estimated to cost $530,000. The canal will stretch from Salwa to Khor al-Adeed, and is to be 200 metres wide and 15-20 metres deep.middleeasteye
Egypt court to retry Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Cairo Criminal Court is to retry the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie along with 11 other Brotherhood leaders, Al-Mesryoon reported yesterday.Khairat Al-Shater, Saad Al-Katatni and Mohamed El-Beltaji are amongst those also being tried in the case.The suspects are accused of supplying unknown people with guns, weapons and other equipment to plan and carry out attacks on people near Muslim Brotherhood office with aim of killing them. International human rights groups have repeated condemned Egypt’s continued detention of opposition groups and activists.MEMO
Egypt's new defence minister 'arrested Morsi during coup': Former official
Egypt’s new defence minister is the man who personally arrested the country’s former president Mohamed Morsi during the 2013 coup that brought Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power, said a former Morsi official.Lt. Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, 62-year-old ex-paratrooper commander, was appointed by Egyptian President Sisi last week in a Govt  reshuffle that saw 11 other newcomers promoted to cabinet.Zaki replaced Sedki Sobhi, who had held the post under Sisi since 2014 and was a former head of Egyptian armed forces.Analysts and ex officials said the appointments suggested that Sisi, who was re-elected in March in an election in which he effectively ran unchallenged, was moving to consolidate his authority by rewarding those who had backed him so far. Official described Zaki as a “close friend” of Sisi. Pair are near contemporaries in the Egyptian army, graduating from military academy just one year apart in the late 1970s. Prior to 2011, he served as commander of Egyptian army’s paratrooper units.MiddleEastEye
At least 30 Afghan security forces killed in Taliban attacks: officials
Herat:At least 30 Afghan security forces were killed by Taliban fighters on Wednesday in multiple attacks in western Afghanistan, days after the group ended its ceasefire.“More than half of the fatalities came from the ambush and roadside bomb blasts that hit a reinforcement convoy,” Badghis provincial governor Abdul Qhafoor Malikzai was quoted as saying by AFP. Qhafoor added that other soldiers and police were killed when militants stormed their bases overnight.The Taliban have rejected the Afghan Govt 's calls for extending Eid ceasefire, dashing hopes for peace talks to end the deadly conflict.As per AFP, Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks in a WhatsApp message to journalists. Confirming the death toll to AFP, provincial council chief Abdul Aziz Bek said, “During the ceasefire the Taliban had sent informants to collect information about the bases and plan the attack.”indianexpress
J&K: BJP will milk withdrawal from alliance with PDP in 2019 elections:Bhasha Singh
After 3 Years, BJP Leaves PDP High and Dry, Betrays Ladakhis on UT Status:Athar Parvaiz /after-three-years-bjp-leaves-pdp-high-and-dry-betrays-ladakhis-on-ut-status
With Chhattisgarh officer’s transfer to Kashmir, Modi govt signals return to muscular policy:Maneesh Chhibber
Airtel gives in to customer's bigotry against Muslim executive: Service provider's response does not make much sense:Sharanya Gopinathan
Decoding BJP-Shia Political Alignment in UP : Eram Agha
From Data Privacy Law to Bombay Blasts, Meet Ex-Judge Srikrishna Who Has Been a Favourite of Govts for 26 Yrs
Allahabad University Student Leader Richa Arrested: “Police Not Students Set A Bus on Fire”

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