02 September 2018

2 Sept ND:Muslim bodies cautiously welcome Law Commission’s stand on UCC

02 SEPT. 2018:21 Zilhajj 1439: Vol: 10, No:97
Muslim bodies cautiously welcome Law Commission’s stand on UCC
New Delhi: The leaders of several leading Muslim bodies on Saturday cautiously welcomed the Law Commission’s stand on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) ~ that it is “neither necessary nor desirable” in the country at this stage.They however expressed their reservations over the Commission’s suggestions to amend certain personal laws. Commenting on the Commission’s views, All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat (AIMMM), said it was “heartening” that the law panel realised the “danger of the UCC in a pluralistic country like India”. AIMMM chief Navaid Hamid said, “The Commission rightly observed that UCC demand is far from reality. It is against the ethos of the Constitution.” Describing UCC an “agenda of right-wing forces”, Hamid castigated BJP and a section of media for “cornering the Muslim community” on the issue as part of their “nefarious political motive”.Hamid, however, raised apprehensions on the Commission’s recommendations to amend personal laws to “end gender discrimination”. He charged that it was “self-contradictory” and seemed to be allegedly aimed solely at Muslim community.“Such recommendations show biased, communal approach and mocks the Commission’s own submission calling for safeguarding the personal laws,” Hamid alleged, claiming the panel has thus “tried to intrude into the personal laws of the largest religious minority”.All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Zafaryab Jilani said Law Commission’s recommendation to make some change in personal laws was “unacceptable”.“We know UCC is unimplementable for 100 years to come. But our concerns is our personal law. We cannot tweak it at will as it is based on Quranic injunctions and the Hadith,”Jilani said. He charged that UCC was a “futile exercise aimed at intimidating minorities”.Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) welcomed the Commission’s position on the UCC, saying the “impracticability” of any such law in a country with multiple faiths and cultures is evident. JIH’s secretary general Muhammad Salim Engineer said:“We welcome the Commission’s assertion that a UCC is neither necessary nor desirable. However we do not favour any changes and reforms in the personal law as suggested by the panel.”JIH chief Maulana Jalaluddin Umri, who is also the vice-president of the AIMPLB, said, “The Commission had invited us a couple of times to know our views on possible changes in the personal laws. We gave clarifications on the issues, prominently pertaining to family laws, and made it clear that the Islamic laws cannot be tampered with.”Umri said he had told the Commission that UCC was an “unnecessary thing” and that it would be “unacceptable to every faith group”.the statesman

Nikahnama must say polygamy an offence:Law panel
New Delhi: Stressing that there was no place for practices not essential to a religion to be preserved as personal law, the Law Commission has suggested that the nikahnama, as followed in Muslim personal law, should make it clear that polygamy was a criminal offence and Section 494 of IPC would apply in case of violation.Releasing a consultation paper on reforms in family law on Friday, the law panel said it was clear that polygamy was a criminal offence and Section 494 of IPC would apply to all communities. “This is not recommended owing to merely a moral position on bigamy, or to glorify monogamy, but emanates from the fact that only a man is permitted multiple wives which is unfair,” the panel said while clarifying that since the matter was pending before the SC, the commission reserved its recommendation.“Polyandrous relationships where consent of the wife has not been taken are violative of her marital rights. Further, bigamous relationships, where men are permitted more than one wife, are a blatant violation of equality,”paper said.It said even in Islamic countries like Pakistan, laws had prevented bigamous marriages. In 2017, a Lahore court in a progressive judgment held that a second marriage conducted without the permission of the existing wife amounted to ‘breaking the law’, it said. The court ordered the man to serve a 6-month jail term and pay a fine of 200,000 Pakistani rupees. The panel mooted changes in Muslim Marriages Act and the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act to include suggestions common to all marriage laws with respect to grounds for divorce and share in property.  It said the changes should apply uniformly to both men and women. With regard to Muslim personal laws, which attracted maximum public interest in the exercise, the Law Commission said that resorting to unilateral divorce should be penalised as per the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, and anti-cruelty provisions of IPC, 1860, especially Section 498. On the practice of Nikah Halala, Law Commission said bringing an end to triple talaq should automatically put a curb on it. Under the Muslim law, it discusses the reform in inheritance law through codification of Muslim law on inheritance and that it gender just. The commission has also pondered over the area of adultery as a ground of divorce. In Muslim law, the commission has noted that under Section 2 of the Shariat Application Act, 1939, there are a number of grounds based on which women can seek divorce, however, “men on the other hand are not required to qualify their decision under any of these grounds”.Hence, the commission has recommended that it needs to “uniformly apply the grounds available under the Act to both men and women as it will have greater implications of ensuring equality within the community rather than equality between different communities”.Here, the commission has recommended that the Muslim law should also contain ‘adultery’ as a ground for divorce which should be available to both men and women.Striking to achieve equality under the guardianship act too, the commission recommends deletion of Section 19a of the Guardian and Wards Act, 1980, which states that if the husband of the minor is not unfit, then the court cannot appoint any other person as her guardian. Under Muslim law it has been recommended that “a Muslim mother should also be treated as the natural guardian of the minor, both the parents should be at an equal footing. Further, in the matter of custody a father should also get an equal opportunity to be considered as a custodian”.
‘UCC neither necessary nor desirable at this stage’
Law Panel: Amend personal laws for women
Make 18 legal age for marriage for men too:Law Panel
I was trolled, called Jihadi terrorist but now law commission has upheld my views on UCC: Faizan mustafa
Commending the Law Commission of India’s recommendation against imposition of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country, Prof. Faizan Mustafa, V-C of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, has said that the commission has “realized the large scale of diversities in the country” and “it is better to reform personal laws within the communities first”. He said that when he wrote articles and raised the issue during “ignorant debates” on TV news channels on UCC, he was “criticized, trolled and even called fanatic and Jihadi terrorist “but eventually the Law Commission has opined the same what he said earlier. Prof. Mustafa said, “I feel that law commission realizes that in our country of our size with large scale of diversities, UCC is not practicable and it is better that we should first reform the laws within the communities. I am of the opinion that uniformity as such is not a great factor, laws may be different but those laws have to be just laws.”“Law commission is right that we should go step by step. The first step is that law within the community should be reformed. And once we have achieved gender parity and gender justice within the community we should extend it to across the community,” he said.He was attending an annual educational award ceremony program organized by Alika Educational and Health Society at Jamia Millia Isalmia on Saturday.caravandaily
Jamaat welcomes Law Commission assertion, says no change in personal law: India Tomorrow
Jamaat welcomes Law Commission’s assertion about UCC
SC to hear Muslim woman's plea to declare Sharia courts unconstitutional
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has considered a fresh plea of a Muslim woman seeking to declare as unconstitutional the setting up of Sharia courts to decide marriage, divorce and other cases.A bench comprising CJI Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud asked petitioner Zikra to file an application to intervene as a party in a batch of pleas challenging the practice of polygamy and 'nikah halala' among Muslims.The apex court  had on March 26 decided to refer to a 5-judge Constitution bench a batch of pleas challenging the constitutional validity of polygamy and 'nikah halala'.PTI
Shyam Diwan to argue for polygamy ban; Given liberty by SC to file IA in main matter
Darul Uloom asks U’khand HC to reconsider its fatwa ban, cites 2014 SC order
Meerut: 2 days after the Uttarakhand high court issued a ban on fatwas and declared them illegal, Darul Uloom Deoband has strongly reacted to the development and cited a Supreme Court order of 2014 in its defence. According to Ashraf Usmani, in-charge, organisation and development department of the world renowned Islamic seminary, “I think the high court has given this order out of some confusion. Even the Supreme Court did not ban fatwa and allowed its prevalence as it has no legal status. Then how can a lower court give an order contradictory to the SC order? I feel that the Uttarakhand high court must reconsider its decision.”In its 2014 order, the SC had said, “A fatwa is an opinion, only an expert is expected to give. It is not sanctioned under our Constitutional scheme. It is an informal justice delivery system with an objective of bringing about amicable settlement between the parties. It is within the discretion of the persons concerned either to accept, ignore or reject it.” The high court in its order on Thursday had stated, “In Uttarakhand, all religious bodies, the statutory panchayat, and any other groups of people are banned from issuing fatwas, since they infringe upon statutory rights, fundamental rights, dignity, status, honour and obligation of individuals.” TOI
Ranjan Gogoi likely to be next CJI, may take oath on Oct 3
New Delhi : Following the principle of seniority, CJI Dipak Misra has recommended the name of Justice Ranjan Gogoi as his successor, said informed sources on Saturday. Justice Gogoi is the senior-most judge of the top court after CJI Misra.As per convention, the outgoing CJI sends the recommendation for his successor 30 days before he is to demit office so that the Chief Justice-designate is named well in timeIf the recommendation is cleared by Central Govt, Justice Gogoi will be administered the oath of office by President Ram Nath Kovind on Oct.3. CJI Misra is retiring on Oct.2 but the day being a national holiday on account of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Oct.1 will be his last working day.Justice Gogoi is one of the four Supreme Court judges who had held the unprecedented press conference in January this year, raising concerns about the administration in the apex court, saying it was “not in order”. The other three judges were — Justice J Chelameswar (now retired), Justice MB Lokur and Justice Kurian Joseph.IANS
SC to no longer monitor 2002 Gujarat riot cases: Report
A petition filed by NHRC 15 years ago was disposed by the Supreme Court, stating that the apex court would no longer be monitoring cases related to the Gujarat riots, Indian Express has reported. The Supreme Court has asked the special court, hearing the Naroda Gam case— which is last of the nine major cases being heard by the court— to see the case to its logical conclusion by Oct.16, 2018.NHRC petition had, in 2008, led to an order directing the formation of a SIT to probe into the nine major cases. The progress in these cases was to be monitored by the apex court. The SC, while disposing of the 109-2003 petition, stated that after scanning through the orders passed from time to time, “we feel that the purpose of this petition stands served and no further orders are required.”“If at any time interference of this court is required, either party would be permitted to file IA (Interlocutory Application),” the order further added, according to the report. NHRC had taken a suo motu cognizance after the Gujarat Govt was accused of mishandling the cases dealing with riots.Moneycontrol News
Home minister’s ‘Muslim radicalisation’ remarks ploy to divert attention from terror plot of Sanatan Sanstha: Muslim Leaders
New Delhi:Muslim leaders have sharply reacted over the statement of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh about his Govt’s plan to rope in Muslim clerics to check ‘rise in radicalisation’ among Muslim youths in the country.The community leaders charged that Singh’s statement is a ploy to divert attention from the recently-exposed terror plot of saffron groups. Navaid Hamid, chief, Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, said: “Home Minister is unfortunately escaping from his responsibility to respond to the direct threat and open challenge posed to the constitution, law & order machinery, peace and state itself by the goons of Sanatan Sanstha. The statement given by the home minister is nothing but a diversion from the open threat of the terrorists belonging to Sanatan Sanstha and other offshoots of Sangh Parivar.”Mohammad Salim Engineer, General Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said: “This is self contradictory that radicalisation is increasing among Muslim youth. Earlier several times Govt officials have said that no such radical organisation exists among Muslims. But it seems that Govt is not serious about the members belonging to some particular organisations, who are being arrested with explosive materials and planning terror activities. This shows double standard.Govt must take strict action against those who have been taken into custody with substantial proofs against them.”“We know that during previous Govts too several innocent Muslims were arrested under false charges and later on after spending years in jail, courts have acquitted them,” he said referring to arrest of Muslim youths during Congress rule.“As for home minister’s willingness to meet Muslim clerics, we welcome that because this will clear any such doubts about Muslim youth. But we cannot accept charges of radicalisation of Muslim youth,”he said.caravandaily
For Sanatan Sanstha, all’s fair in the war for Hindu Rashtra
Mumbai:“A third world war will take place between 2016 and 2018, marking the beginning of an end of anti-socials...Training to set up a “God’s kingdom” will continue from 2019 to 2022 and a Hindu Rashtra will be set up by 2023.”These are not predictions from Nostradamus or a neighbourhood astrologer. This is the time table for the nation drawn up by Sanatan Sanstha, an extreme right-wing Hindu organisation, headed by Dr. Jayant Athawale.The outfit is under investigation for its role in the 2013 murder of rationalist Narendra Dhabolkar and more recently by the Maharashtra ATS following the seizure of arms and crude bombs earlier this month.Set up by a doctor couple — Jayant and Kunda Athawale — the Sanstha claims to be working towards the formation of a “Hindu Rashtra” since 1995. The outfit began with a focus on three States — Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Known for its secretive style of functioning, entry into its ashrams is strictly by invitation only.Sanstha’s mouthpiece, Sanatan Prabhat, however, ensures that its followers know their enemies. Almost all political parties are termed opponents. The minorities, especially Christians and Muslims, are called the biggest obstacle in the formation of a Hindu Rahstra. The police are not spared either. An article published in the June 9, 2013 issue of the daily says: “We cannot build a Hindu Rashtra without defeating police and the military.”thehindu
Pune Court Gives Police 90 More Days to File Chargesheet Against Activists Arrested in June
New Delhi: A sessions court in Pune on Sunday granted the police 90 additional days to file a chargesheet against five rights activists – Surendra Gadling, Shoma Sen, Rona Wilson, Mahesh Raut and Sudhir Dhawale – who were arrested in June in connection with the violence which followed the Bhima-Koregaon commemorative event held in Maharashtra on Jan.1 this year. The police had asked for an extension to file the chargesheet on Saturday, NDTV reported.“The period of their judicial custody of 90 days is coming to an end on Sept 3. With the fresh five arrests in the case, probe is still going on,” assistant commissioner of police Shivaji Pawar, the investigating officer, said. The police also said that the amount of data and other seized materials they need to comb through is very large, and so more time is required.thewire
Terror arrests: Activists speaking against Hindu religion on accused’s radar, Maharashtra ATS tells court
Mumbai : Maharashtra ATS has told a special court that well known personalities like activists Shyam Manav and Mukta Dabholkar; NCP leader Jitendra Awhad and many others, “who spoke against the Hindu religion”, were on the target list of the 5 alleged Hindutva activists arrested on terror charges earlier this month. The court on Thursday was hearing a plea from ATS seeking further custody of one of the accused — Avinash Pawar, who was arrested on August 25. A resident of Mumbai suburb Ghatkopar, the 30-year-old is alleged to be associated with Hindutva organisation Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan. The court granted Pawar’s further custody to ATS till Sept.4. Pawar was arrested after suspected Hindutva activists Vaibhav Raut, Sharad Kalaskar and Sudhanva Gondhalekar were taken into custody by ATS on August 10 for allegedly conspiring to carry out bomb blasts across Maharashtra. Shiv Sena former corporator Shrikant Pangarkar, suspected to have links with the Hindutva organisation Sanatan Sanstha, was also arrested on the suspicion that he provided funds to purchase arms and ammunition for the blasts.indianexpress
Arrested activist Vernon Gonsalves' son says charges against his father 'false, laughable'
Coimbatore: 5 Muslim youths detained for allegedly planning to murder Hindu leaders
Coimbatore: Special intelligence unit (SIU) officers detained 5 Muslim youths from the Coimbatore Railway Junction on Saturday afternoon for allegedly planning to murder the leaders of some Hindu outfits. According to police sources, four people from Vysarpadi, Pallavaram, Tindivanam and Chennai were travelling to Coimbatore from Chennai by train on Friday night, followed by a team of SIU and Intelligence Bureau officers. “When a youth from NH Road in Coimbatore arrived at the railway station to receive the gang, the officers detained all of them,” a police officer said. The five youths were grilled at the Peelamedu (crime) police station. Police sources said that Indu Makkal Katchi (IMK) founder Arjun Sampath, his son Omkar Balaji and Hindu Munnani leader Mookambigai Mani are facing threats from various people.TOI
Coimbatore: Muslim outfit demands action against NIA
Coimbatore: More than 15 people from the North Coimbatore Ahlay Sunnath Jamaath petitioned senior police officers on Friday, seeking action against NIA officers, who allegedly disturbed 120 children, who were learning Arabic in a madrasa at KK Pudur, where they conducted a raid on the previous day. NIA had on Thursday raided the house belonging to S Mohammed Rafiqul Hassan, a friend of Mubarak, alleged mastermind behind the sensational murder of Hindu Munnani spokesman Sasikumar in 2016.An Arabic Madarasa functions at the house now. Mohammed Rafiqul Hassan had settled in Oman in Nov.2016 along with his family. His father Shajahan also settled there 3 months ago. Petitioners said that Shajahan was co-operating with NIA.“He is abroad on vacation. NIA is trying to damage his reputation,” the petition said.TOI
AP: 8 Muslims arrested during Chandrababu’s meet
Vijayawada: 8 Muslim youths from Kurnool were arrested for staging a protest during CM N Chandrababu Naidu’s speech. According to media reports, the youngsters at a TDP Muslim outreach event titled ‘Nara Hamara-TDP Hamara’ held recently in Guntur were reportedly demanding inclusion of Muslims in the AP Cabinet. The youths also alleged corruption and irregularities in Wakf Board properties.The arrested men were identified as Sk Mahabub Baha, SK Jubair Ahmed, Habeebullah, Jakria, Sheikh Akhtar Salman, Sk Mohammad Mujahedeen, Sk Makhtu and SK Jubair were booked under various Sections of the Indian Penal Code. Leaders from the Muslim community questioning the arrests asked, “Don’t Muslims have a right to stage a peaceful protest.”siasat
Minority status row: AMU facing its most challenging times, says VC
Agra: AMU V-C Tariq Mansoor has said that the institution was passing through one of the most challenging times since its inception. His statement came in the light of the controversy over the university’s minority status and whether or not it should give reservation to SC/ ST students like all other central universities. Addressing faculty members at the beginning of the new session on Saturday, Mansoor said, “If you look at the history of the university, this is the most challenging time it is passing through”.VC added, “Let us not underestimate it and let us not become complacent about these challenges." He appealed to the faculty and non-teaching staff to stay united, regardless of differences of caste and community in them. He appealed to them to set aside their “minor and trivial” issues and stay together for the sake of the university, “the pride of everyone attached to it”.During his address, he said that the minority status of the university was one of the main issues and he was taking the best legal advice on it. He said he was preparing the matter to present it before the Supreme Court and other forums, and needed the support of all teaching, non-teaching staff, as well as students. He added that the other issue was of reservation for scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students, which was linked to the minority status of the university. “When there is no reservation for Muslim students, how can there be the reservation for SC/ST candidates in the university?” Mansoor asked, adding the question of minority status was sub-judice in Supreme Court. “We have given 8,000 pages of documents while presenting our case in Scheduled Caste Commission,” he said, adding that both of these were very serious issues and required serious, responsible and united approach by everyone associated with university. TOI
Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha for creation of State Minority Commission
Jammu: Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha today demanded immediate creation of J&K State Minority Commission.“Despite Supreme Court directions, the State of J&K has till date not identified and notified Minority in J&K due to which majority community of the State is getting all benefits meant for the minorities”, said Ved Parkash Sharma, president of the Sabha while interacting with media person here today.He announced that DBPS has resolved to fight for the grant of minority status for minority population and creation of J&K State Minority Commission with the support of others, social and cultural organization.Sr Advocate PC Sharma, who was also present on the occasion, said that this is a gross violation of fundamental rights, especially Articles 29 and 30 meant exclusively for minorities.Dailyexcelsior
Muzaffarnagar Riots: The ‘Deal’ That Saved 32 Alleged Rapists:thequint
In the interest of 'societal harmony', upto 32 alleged rapists have been let off the hook in the aftermath of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots.The arrangement was made between two absolutely unrelated instances of rape. In the first case, 5 Muslim women were allegedly raped during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots by 22 Hindu men in Fugana village. In the second instance, in June 2014, 10 Muslim men allegedly raped a Hindu woman in Dholera village. Both villages, at least 20 kms apart, are in UP’s Muzaffarnagar district. It was after the Hindu woman was raped that an opportunity presented itself to get all the alleged rapists off the hook. A compromise was hatched by individuals linked to both incidents, from both communities. Hindu rape survivor testified that she was not raped by her alleged rapists and the 5 Muslim rape survivors said the same. While the cases are on-going, due to these key statements from the rape survivors, they are bound to fail against the 32 alleged rapists.Money was exchanged in both the arrangements. While the Hindu accused from Fugana village say they paid more than Rs 22 lakh to the Muslim rape survivors, the Muslims say they got much lesser. On the other hand, while the Muslim accused say they paid Rs 6 lakh to the Hindu rape survivor, the Hindu rape survivor denies any money was given. However, the Hindu rape survivor did change her testimony in court.thequint
West Bengal: Preparing for possibility of NRC, imams, Muslim groups urge people to ready papers
Kolkata:Religious heads including imams and Muslim organisations are urging people to get their citizenship/ identification papers ready in case National Register of Citizens (NRC) is implemented in West Bengal. While imams are making announcements in mosques, some organisations are preparing for awareness drives and workshops across the state to assist the public in the process as well as offer legal aid.Around 40 lakh people were excluded from the final draft of the NRC released in Assam in July. “BJP’s next target is Bengal. We are asking all to ready their documents; citizenship papers, identification papers, land records, inheritance records etc. In case NRC is forced on this state, people should be ready. Many are not well-educated and their papers are in disarray. We have seen in Assam that both Hindus and Muslims were kept out of the list because of errors in spellings of their names,” said Maulana Shafique Qasmi, imam of Nakhoda mosque, said.“Both Muslims and Hindus are suffering in Assam because their names were not included in the list. Muslims are at a greater risk…Every day, we see Muslims and Dalits being targeted throughout the country. Everyone should join hands against what is happening in this country, but after being prepared with papers,” Qasmi added. “According to the information we have, around 2.5 lakh Muslims youths in West Bengal have no voter card. Their names are on the census, and they have some other documents. There are many who have errors in their voter and Aadhaar cards. This is because many of them are not educated. Some may work outside Bengal and did not care to make voter cards. From Sept.1, the Election Commission will start a drive in Bengal for updating and rectifying the voters’ list. Our volunteers will go door-to-door to make people aware that they need to include their names in the voters’ list,” said Md Nooruddin, president of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s (JIH) Bengal chapter. Jamaat is one of the biggest organisations working in Assam helping people whose names have been left out of NRC. It also plans to hold workshops and awareness camps in all districts of Bengal.“We will help them include their names in the voters’ list and ask them to vote in the polls. Many do not vote for different reasons, some are aloof. We will join hands with secular and human rights organisations for the drive in Bengal,” added Nooruddin.The workshops will help educate people about where they can get the relevant forms, how to fill them up and where to submit them to get their names enrolled, or correct their details. “We will not allow NRC in West Bengal. On Monday, we are scheduled to hold a meeting where awareness campaigns and other steps will be discussed,” said Raisuddin Purkait, general secretary of the Bangiyo Imam Parishad.ATM Rafiqul Hassan, chief of All Bengal Imam and Moizzin Samity, said, “I will issue a notification to all imams that before Friday prayers at all mosques in every district, they should announce this to make people aware that their Aadhaar cards, voter IDs and other forms of identity should be in order." Indian Express
Get your papers ready, there might be NRC in West Bengal: Clerics warn Muslims
Shia Waqf Board chief ‘ex-communicated’ from Islam
Lucknow: The chairman of UP Shia Waqf Board, Waseem Rizvi, has been  “ex-communicated” from Islam  for not accepting the fatwa issued by Iraq’s top Shia cleric Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani against handing over Waqf properties for the construction of a temple or shrine.Senior Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad announced Waseem Rizvi’s “ouster” from the Shia community, following the controversy over his offer of disputed land at Babri Masjid site for Ram Temple construction. Later, talking to reporters,Maulana Kalbe Jawwad said Shias all around the world were “embarrassed” by Rizvi’s pro-temple stand.“People like Waseem Rizvi are working against Islam, either under pressure or just to please their masters. On my recent visit to Iran, people were asking me questions and I am answerable to them on the kind of things he is doing here”, he said.Maulana Jawwad also said that since Waseem Rizvi was “not a Shia anymore”, he must be removed from the post of Shia Waqf Board chairman. “A fatwa from Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani cannot be rejected. Anyone who opposes his fatwa has no right to be called a Shia anymore. Hence, I have asked the Govt to remove him from the post. We have already said that whatever the court decides will be acceptable to us, but Waseem Rizvi seems to be in a hurry. How can he donate land of which he is not even the owner? He is just the caretaker. He is fooling the entire nation by saying that he is donating the land. He can donate his own house if he wants, but he cannot donate land which does not belong to him”, the Maulana said.Asian Age
UP Shia Waqf Board Chief Waseem Rivi ‘Excommunicated’ for Rejecting Iraq Cleric’s Fatwa on Ram Temple Land
Ram temple with Muslim consensus: Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas member
Ex-parliamentarian and Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas member Ram Vilas Vedanti said a Ram temple will be build in Ayodhya withe consensus of all sections of society, including Muslims. He said preparations are on to begin the construction. Speaking on the sidelines of a`Mission Modi Again PM', he said this will happen during PM Narendra Modi's tenure.He said there seemed no option other than Modi as PM in the near future. PTI
Last rites of son of  Gujarat's Naroda Gam massacre accused performed by Muslim
Ahmedabad: A Muslim man performed the last rites of a 23-year-old Hindu man who was killed in an accident. According to DNA, deceased Kishor Thakor’s father an accused in the 2002 Naroda Gam massacre, asked Yusuf Malek, aka “Yusufbhai” to perform the final rites of his son.“My son had an emotional and social bond with the Maleks. How could I take away the right to perform his last rites from them? For me, Yusuf is his elder brother,” said Kishor’s father Baldev, a resident of Naroda.A distraught Yusuf said when Kishor didn’t return home from Dholka till the late night of August 23 after meeting his cousin sister, he called him up but a police officer answered Kishor’s cell phone and told informed Yusuf that he had been hospitalized.“Upon reaching the hospital, we came to know that Kishor had been killed in a road accident,” said Sharif, Yusuf’s younger brother, who is a witness in the riots case.siasat/DNA
AIMIM, Prakash Ambedkar inching closer in Maharashtra
Hyderabad:In a development which can have far reaching impact on Maharashtra politics, AIMIM, strong Muslim political party and renowned influential Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar appear to be inching closer ahead of the next general elections.AIMIM which has 2 members in Maharashtra Assembly and also has representation in many civic and local bodies across the State, has welcomed the statement of Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi leader Prakash Ambedkar that he was willing to go along with the MIM.MIM President and MP Asaduddin Owaisi said, “at a time when the country was being divided on caste and communal lines by BJP I personally feel that Prakash Ambedkar has a more responsible role to play in present day politics”. Prakash, who is the grandson of Dr Bhimrao Ambedka had applauded MIM as a party which has a strong faith on the constitution given by Dr Ambedkar.“The entire Dalit community, weaker sections and minorities are looking up to him to play a pivotal role in politics to defeat the nefarious designs of some parties who have always used the Dalits and minorities as either their vote banks or their strong opponents. It is in these difficult times that Dalits, minorities and all weaker sections from OBCs should forge an alliance to form a strong political force”, Owaisi said. dailypioneer
FIR against Robert Vadra, Ex-Haryana CM  over land deals
A FIR has been filed against businessman Robert Vadra, the brother-in-law of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, and former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda over alleged irregularities in a string of land deals in Gurgaon."We received a complaint today from one Surinder Sharma, resident of Nuh, in which he alleged irregularities in the land deals," Manesar Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Kumar had told PTI on Saturday. Real estate developer DLF and Omkareshwar Properties have also been named in the FIR.The FIR says that Vadra's company Sky Light Hospitality purchased land in Gurgaon's Sector 83, Shikohpur, Sikandarpur, Khedki Daula and Sihi for Rs. 7.5 crore and sold it back for Rs. 55 crore after a change in its classification.ndtv
Media Groups Demand Release of Kashmir Scribe Arrested on 'Baseless' Charges of Militancy
Srinagar: J&K Police have arrested Aasif Sultan, a Srinagar-based journalist, for his alleged involvement in militancy, a charge strongly refuted by his family and the organisation he works for. The arrest has evoked outrage from media bodies who have termed it a “tactic to harass journalists” working in Kashmir, amid a growing clamour for the release of the scribe. Aasif was picked up by the police during a raid at his Batamaloo house on the night of Aug.27, said his father Mohammad Sultan Dar.“They (police) came at around 11:15 pm and after conducting searches till 1:45 am, took Asif along,” said Dar, a retired Govt employee.Aasif is an assistant editor at the monthly news magazine Kashmir Narrator and covers politics. He has written in-depth stories on Kashmir militancy including his recent cover story titled ‘Rise of Burhan‘ for the July 2018 edition, released on the 2nd death anniversary of slain militant commander Burhan Wani. The family the contested police statement about Aasif’s arrest. “He was kept in illegal detention for last six days,” said Aasif’s father. He had gone to meet Aasif on Friday and was “assured” by the police that his son would be released in the evening.thewire
AFSPA: 107 petitioners from unit whose CO is named in Manipur ‘fake encounter’ FIR
Chandigarh :As many as 107 Army personnel from a unit being commanded by a Colonel booked by CBI at the end of July for a fake encounter in Manipur are among the signatories of a petition in the Supreme Court, which is challenging the alleged dilution of the AFSPA.These Army personnel, including four officers, 24 Junior Commissioned Officers and 79 Other Ranks, are part of the 26 Mechanised Infantry Battalion of which Colonel Vijay Singh Balhara is the Commanding Officer. Balhara and 7 other personnel have been named in FIR for the killing of 12-year-old Mohammad Azam Khan in Imphal on March 4, 2009 in an alleged fake encounter. Balhara was a Major at the time. FIR against Col Balhara was registered following directions given by the Supreme Court on July 14 this year, based on the findings of the Justice Santosh Hegde Commission, which had inquired into the matter and submitted its report to the court.indianexpress
‘Fake’ encounters: Sohrabuddin’s 3 brothers fail to appear in court
3 brothers of Sohrabuddin Shaikh again failed to appear before the court as prosecution witnesses on Saturday. Nayamuddin, Rubabuddin and Shahnawazuddin were scheduled to appear as witnesses in the alleged fake encounter case of their brother and his associate Tulsiram Prajapati. Special Judge S J Sharma called it a “delay tactic to protract the trial”. He also rapped CBI for not being able to provide substantial answers on their whereabouts and said no further summons or warrants would be issued against them. Along with the 3 brothers, another witness — a former jail co-inmate of Prajapati — also did not appear before the court.indianexpress
Exodus of J&K Bakarwal, Gujjar tribes alarming
Srinagar: Families of nomadic tribes like Gujjar and Bakarwal of J&K are silently but steadily migrating permanently to neighbouring states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and also to Haryana and Uttarakhand. About 20,000 tribal families have left J&K during the past two decades but the migration has seen a rise in the recent past. Community leaders have urged new governor Satya Pal Malik to ensure no more nomadic families leave the state permanently. The reasons range from communal tension, shortage of fodder and space for their livestock, denial of rights over forests, restrictions on the use of Govt land,insurgency, curbs imposed by Army on their movement in upper reaches including those falling close to LoC.Harassment by other communities and communal tension, which peaked after the alleged gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old Bakarwal girl in Rasana village of Kathua district in Jan, is said to be among the top reasons for the spike in exodus.J&K , as per unofficial statistics, has about 3.4 million Gujjar and Bakarwal population which lives mainly in Budgam, Srinagar, Baramulla, Kupwara, Bandipore, Shopian, Anantnag, Pulwama, Kulgam and Ganderbal districts of the Kashmir Valley and Poonch, Rajouri, Doda, Ramban, Kishtwar, Samba, Kathua, Jammu, Reasi and Udhampur districts of the state’s Jammu region.Gujjars depend mainly on agriculture and rearing buffaloes, cows and other animals whereas Bakarwals earn their livelihood exclusively from sheep rearing. Almost all of them are Sunni Muslims.Asian Age
6 injured in communal clash in Meerut
Meerut: 6 persons from two communities were injured in a clash in the city on Friday night. The violence occurred near Ghanta Ghar area, after which police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the mob. According to officers, the incident occurred at Patta Mohalla in Ghanta Ghar under Delhi Gate police station. “A group from a community was passing by a shop owned by a person from another community. A member of the first group alleged some remarks were made by youths sitting at the shop, which led to a verbal argument,” said Delhi Gate police station SHO Vijay Gupta. Later, both groups called more supporters, and some local BJP leaders also got involved. The argument led to stone-pelting between the groups. “We have received written police complaints from both sides and have started the process for filing an FIR,” said Gupta.TOI
Nothing communal in distributing Bhagwad Gita at educational institutions, says Vinod Tawde
Mumbai:State education minister Vinod Tawde said on Saturday that the Bhagwad Gita is a “non-religious” text and “a way of life” and that there is nothing communal in distributing the text in educational institutes. Tawde also said the copies of holy books of other religions can also be given to colleges, provided they are made available for free.“These days distribution of the Bhagwad Gita means one is communal and wants to saffronise the education system. When will we come out of this mentality? Even a Class 1 child can be taught several aspects of life through Gita,” he said in Mumbai. TOI
Gujarat MP Vaghela admitted in ICU after being attacked by stray cow, becomes butt of internet jokes
The ruling BJP has vociferously campaigned against the cow slaughter since Narendra Modi became the PM  in 2014. The saffron party’s supporters even killed many innocent Muslims on suspicion of transporting cows for slaughtering purpose.This has has quite an adverse impact on the cattle farming business with farmers being visibly shaken on the dangerous consequences of selling their bovine population. The issue has assumed an alarming proportion in north India more than any other parts of the country. Testament to his is ubiquitous presence of stray animals on the roads in cities, towns and villages in these parts of India, also known as cow-belt. Farmers in UP  have often complained of facing damages to their crops by stray cattle since their owners have been unable to sell them for slaughtering purpose fearing reprisals from the Hindutva terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes.Now a high profile BJP MP has had to bear the brunt of a stray cow after he was attacked by one of them during his walk in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s capital. Liladhar Vaghela, who has previously served as a minister in the state Govt before successfully contesting the Lok Sabha elections, was out for a walk in Sector 21 of the state capital, when a stray cow attacked him leaving him critically injured.Such was the level of injuries sustained by Vaghela that the lawmaker had to be admitted in an ICU of the Apollo hospital. Doctors treating him at the Apollo Hospital said that Vaghela had sustained injuries to his ribs and head.jantakareporter
India’s leather industry takes a hit as incidents of cow-vigilantism soar: Exports declined by over 3% last year
Exports of India’s leather industry declined more than 3 % in financial year 2016-17 and 1.30 % in the first quarter of 2017-18, according to the latest available figures, compared to a growth of more than 18 % in 2013-14, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of trade data.Export growth slowed to 9.37 % in 2014-15 and declined more than 19 percentage points in 2015-16, the data show.The leather industry employs 2.5 million people nationwide, most of them Muslim or Dalit. India’s leather industry accounts for 9 % of the world’s footwear production and for 12.93 % of the world’s leather production of hides/skins.The ban on cattle sale for slaughter hit the once-flourishing leather industry and its poorest employees, especially Muslims and Dalits,  The Hindustan Times reported on 25 June, 2017. Leather exports shrank from $6.49 billion in 2014-15 to $5.66 billion in 2016-17, 12.78 % lower than in the financial year 2014-15. China, on the other hand, reported a 3 % increase in exports of leather and footwear, from around 76 billion to $78 billion in 2017.IndiaSpend
Wishing away Palestinian refugees:End of US' UNRWA aid
UN Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA) has called the decision by the Trump administration to no longer commit funding "deeply regrettable" and "shocking".Chris Gunness, spokesperson for the United Nations Relief Works and Agency, said on Saturday Friday's move would affect "millions of people" including "some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised on this planet".For nearly 70 years, UNRWA has provided lifesaving assistance to more than five million Palestinian refugees in the occupied territories, as well as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.But over the past year, the US Govt has made it increasingly clear it considers the work the organisation does, and who it considers as refugees, to be an obstacle in the protracted Palestinian-Israeli conflict.In January, a month after President Donald Trump sparked widespread international condemnation by recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the White House decided to cut $65m in aid to UNRWA.It was later reported that the Trump administration had withheld about $305m in funding, and only delivered $60m to UNRWA.UNRWA said  it spent the next eight months scrambling for financial assistance, and was only able to continue operating after large contributions were raised by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which donated $150m between them.The US decision to stop all funding to the UN agency, which it called an "irredeemably flawed operation", was quickly criticised by the Palestinian leadership.A spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also pushed back against claims that the agency was inefficient. Originally established as a temporary solution, UNRWA was set up after the creation of Israel in 1948 to assist the more than 700,000 Palestinians who were forcibly expelled from their towns and villages.aljazeera
HRW wants end to Saudi arms sale after Yemen bus attack
HRW has called for an end to all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia following the bombing of a school bus last month that killed 51 people, including 40 children.The rights group called the attack an apparent war crime and said it places arms suppliers at "risk of complicity in war crimes".HRW's statement, released on Sunday, came just hours after Saudi and UAE admitted the bombing was "unjustified".A probe, conducted by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Houthi rebels, concluded on Saturday that "mistakes" were made in the August 9 air raid in Saada province.aljazeera
Saudi-UAE coalition admits Yemen school bus attack 'unjustified'
Saudi Arabia and UAE have admitted that the bombing of a school bus in Yemen last month - which killed 51 people, including 40 children - was "unjustified".A probe by the coalition fighting Yemen's Houthi rebels concluded that "mistakes" had been made in the Aug.9 air raid in Saada province.At the day of the attack, coalition spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Malki had defended the air raid, saying his forces hit a "legitimate military target", which included "operators and planners".aljazeera
Is Saudi planning to spend $750 million to turn Qatar into Island?
A senior Saudi official hinted at the possibility of the Saudi Kingdom digging a canal to separate Qatari peninsula from the mainland, and turning it into an Island. Plan to geographically isolate Qatar is the latest stress point in a fractious 14-month long dispute between the two nations. indianexpress
30 Nigerian soldiers 'killed' in Boko Haram army base raid
At least 30 Nigerian soldiers have been killed in a gun battle with Boko Haram fighters who overran a military base in the country's northeast, according to military sources.Scores of fighters in trucks stormed the base at Zari village in Borno state late on Thursday and briefly captured it after intense fighting, two sources told AFP news agency on Saturday.aljazeera
Sisi approves media law amidst criticism
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi approved the Law of the National Media Commission on Friday, a new media regulator to be chosen by him with power to control all mass media in the country, local media have reported.Based on the new law, which was passed by parliament two and half a years ago, it is Al-Sisi who chooses the chairman and members of the new body, which has the power to fine or suspend publications and broadcasters as well as approve or revoke licences for foreign media.Since it was announced, the law has been subject to severe criticism by mass media and rights groups. They insist that it undermines what little media freedom there is in Egypt, a country with one of the worst records in the world for jailing journalists and suppressing mass media.Last month, eight rights groups in Egypt condemned the laws which have been approved by parliament regarding media work, because they restrict media freedom. The law “executes the media profession,” they insist.middleeastmonitor
Iran plans to boost missile capacity in spite of sanctions
Iran is planning to increase its missile capacity and acquire modern fighter jets and submarines as part of efforts to expand its defence capabilities, a senior official has said.Mohammad Ahadi, Iran's deputy defence minister for international affairs, made the announcement in a speech to a group of foreign military attaches, IRNA reported on Saturday."Increasing ballistic and cruise missile capacity ... and the acquisition of next-generation fighters and heavy and long-range vessels and submarines with various weapons capabilities are among the new plans of this ministry," he said in Tehran.aljazeera
Journalist reveals Israeli supplied weapons for genocide of Rohingya Muslims
Jerusalem: An Israeli writer and journalist Tsur Shezaf has revealed that Israeli weapons are used in the ethnic cleansing carried out by the Myanmar army against the Rohingya Muslims resulting in the persecution of 700,000 Muslims who were slaughtered and expelled from their country. He revealed this in an article published by the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. Shezaf claimed that refusing to abide by UN international boycott resolutions to prevent supplying Myanmar with arms, Israel continues sending various weapons to the Armed Forces of Myanmar, including military technology, by utilizing its army, security services, and military industries. Palestine Chronicle has quoted Shezaf as saying “Israel and Myanmar have longstanding historical ties, and it is not reasonable that we repeat today the same mistakes that we made in South Africa, during the apartheid regime, with Myanmar which is committing ethnic cleansing crimes. Currently, Israel is contributing to a new tragedy.”siasat
Pentagon to cancel $300m in Pak aid over armed groups
US military has made a final decision to cancel $300m in aid to Pakistan, the Pentagon says, citing Islamabad's perceived failure to take decisive action against armed groups in the country. The Coalition Support Funds were part of a broader suspension in aid to Pakistan announced by President Donald Trump at the start of the year, when he accused Pakistan of rewarding past assistance with "nothing but lies and deceit".The Trump administration says Islamabad is granting safe haven to fighters who are waging a 17-year-old war in neighbouring Afghanistan, a charge Pakistan denies."Due to a lack of Pakistani decisive actions in support of the South Asia Strategy, remaining $300m was reprogrammed,"Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Colonel Kone Faulkner said.aljazeera
Pak rally ends after Dutch lawmaker cancels cartoon contest
Thousands of Pakistanis called off their rally on Friday after reaching near Islamabad following the cancellation of a Prophet cartoon contest organised by a Dutch anti-Muslim lawmaker. The far-right opposition politician Geert Wilders said on Thursday he cancelled the cartoon contest following death threats and concerns other people could be put at risk. The decision prompted firebrand Pakistani cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi to end his march on Friday. It began on Wednesday from the eastern city of Lahore. Rizvi had planned to stage a sit-in to force the Pakistani Govt to sever diplomatic ties with the Netherlands over the contest.In a published statement, Wilders said he would never personally stop his campaign against Islam but the risk to innocents, and of attacks on the Netherlands, stemming from the proposed contest were too great. Earlier this week, the Dutch police arrested a 26-year-old man suspected of threatening to attack Wilders over his plan.In Pakistan, thousands of people demonstrated against the contest.A march was organised by Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik, which also called on Pakistan and other Islamist countries to sever all ties with Netherlands.In Afghanistan, the Taliban urged Afghan soldiers to attack Dutch troops serving in NATO-led Resolute Support mission in retaliation for what it called a blasphemous action and a hostile act by the Netherlands against all Muslims.Afghan Taliban statement was issued shortly before Wilders cancelled the contest.AP
US is providing asylum to those who are hurting Muslim sentiments: Pak Jamaat chief
Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Leader and Senator Sirajul Haq has appreciated the cancellation of the profane caricature contest in Holland and called upon the Muslim rulers and the OIC to work out a joint line of action to prevent such sacrilege for all the times. ddressing a large Friday congregation at Mansoora Mosque, he impressed upon PM  Imran Khan to include this issue in his expected address to the United Nations General Assembly and strive for the enactment of a law at international level to safeguard the sanctity of Prophet (PBUH) and all the prophets and messengers of Allah and to make sacrilege a cognisable offense.He urged the Govt to convene an urgent meeting of the OIC to adopt a solid plan to protect the sanctity of the noble Prophet (PBUH) and for its strict implementation. e said the United States and the western world should see reason and not endanger world peace because of such satanic pursuits which might lead to a major war.daily times
China dismisses UN rights panel’s calls to free Uyghur Muslims from camps
Beijing : China on Friday dismissed UN human rights panel’s allegations of confinement of large number of Uyghur Muslims in indoctrination camps in volatile Xinjiang province, saying they are based on unverified information.UN’s Geneva-based Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said on Thursday it was alarmed by “numerous reports of ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities” being detained in Xinjiang region and called for their immediate release. Estimates about them “range from tens of thousands to upwards of a million,” it had said. reepressjournal
Amid second round of arrests and Maoist link claims, a look at why Elgaar Parishad has come to matter:Kavitha Iyer , Shubhangi Khapre, indian express
Elgaar Parishad probe: What police claim — accused planned to spread rebellion, overthrow govt: Kavitha Iyer , Shubhangi Khapre, indian express
From Pune to Paris: How a police investigation turned a Dalit meeting into a Maoist plot:Aarefa Johari ,  Abhishek Dey ,  Mridula Chari  &  Shone Satheesh,
Tax terrorism continues under NDA, and has risen further: Harsh Roongta, Sebi-registered investment advisor
Gujarat saw 50%  increase in cases of atrocity against SCs in 8 years: govt data

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