22 June 2019

22 June ND: Attacks against minorities by Hindu groups continue in India: US Report/ Amid US-Iran tensions, Indian airlines to avoid Iranian airspace

22 June 2019: 17 Shawal 1440:Vol: 11, No:227
Attacks against minorities by Hindu groups continue in India: US Report
Washington:Mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against the minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018, amid rumours that victims had traded or killed cows for beef, an official US report said Friday. The State Department in its annual 2018 International Religious Freedom Report alleged that some senior officials of ruling BJP made inflammatory speeches against minority communities. "Mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against minority communities, especially Muslims, continued throughout the year amid rumours that victims had traded or killed cows for beef," it said. According to some NGOs, authorities often protected perpetrators from prosecution, it said.The report said that as of November, there were 18 such attacks, and eight people killed during the year.On June 22, two Uttar Pradesh police officers were charged with culpable homicide after a Muslim cattle trader died of injuries sustained while being questioned in police custody, the report said. Mandated by the Congress, the State Department in its voluminous report gives its assessment of the status of religious freedom in almost all the countries and territories of the world.Releasing the report at Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the report was like a report card which tracks countries to see how well they have respected this fundamental human right.In the India section, State Dept said that there were reports by nongovernmental organizations that the govt sometimes failed to act on mob attacks on religious minorities, marginalised communities and critics of the govt.The State Dept said that the central and state governments and members of political parties took steps that affected Muslim practices and institutions. Govt continued its challenge in the Supreme Court to the minority status of Muslim educational institutions, which affords them independence in hiring and curriculum decisions, it said. "Proposals to rename Indian cities with Muslim provenance continued, most notably the renaming of Allahabad to Prayagraj. Activists said these proposals were designed to erase Muslim contributions to Indian history and had led to increased communal tensions,"State Dept said.There were reports of religiously motivated killings, assaults, riots, discrimination, vandalism and actions restricting the right of individuals to practice their religious beliefs and proselytize, the annual report said.Senior US officials underscored importance of respecting religious freedom and promoting tolerance throughout the year with the ruling and opposition parties, civil society and religious freedom activists, and religious leaders belonging to various faith communities, the report said.PTI
US report on religious freedom shows clear bias against Modi govt:BJP
BJP has  dismissed an official report released by US that said mob attacks by “violent extremist Hindu groups” against minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018. The party said the report shows a clear bias against Modi government.“The basic presumption in this report that there is some grand design behind anti-minority violence is simply false,” said BJP media head and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni. “On the contrary, in most of such cases, these instances are carried out as a result of local disputes and by [people with] criminal mindsets.”Baluni said Modi and other leaders have always deplored violence against minorities and other weaker sections of the society.
With China Still Opposed, India’s Membership Application Remains in NSG's Freezer
New Delhi: 48-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group that met in Kazakhstan has again not taken any decision on India’s pending application to enter the exclusive club, with China continuing its opposition to the group solely taking up New Delhi’s case.NSG’s plenary meeting took place in the recently-renamed capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan on June 20 and 21.“Group noted the discussions on the issue of “Technical, Legal and Political Aspects of the Participation of non-NPT States in NSG”,” said the statement.This line, largely unchanged, has been inserted in statements since 2016, when India had first formally submitted its application for membership before the plenary meeting in Seoul. A few days after India sent a letter dated May 10, 2016 to the NSG chair, Pakistan also did same.This year’s statement also had another familiar line. “Group noted that discussions were continuing on the requests for participation that had been submitted”. This sentence has also been a staple in public statements since the 2017 plenary at Bern, Switzerland.The third reference to India in the statement is related to the waiver granted by NSG in 2008, which allowed New Delhi to join the global nuclear market despite not being a signatory to the NPT. This is also a regular part of discussions between NSG members at their plenary meetings.The Wire
Amid US-Iran tensions, Indian airlines to avoid Iranian airspace, says DGCA
New Delhi: Amid heightened tensions between the United States and Iran, following the shooting down of an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz, the Indian aviation regulatory body on Saturday said its airlines would avoid the “affected part of the Iranian airspace” and re-route their flights.“All Indian operators in consultation with DGCA have decided to avoid the affected part of Iranian Airspace to ensure safe travel for the passengers. They will re-route flights suitably,” the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on Twitter.However, Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani said the order won’t have any substantial effct on Air India flights. “No substantial effect on Air India flights, details being worked out for rerouting of incoming planes,” PTI quoted Lohani as saying.The DGCA order comes a day after the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an emergency directive, restricting US-registered aircraft from operating over the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the overwater area of the Tehran airspace.indianexpress
Babri Masjid Action Committee not to accept any solution to Ayodhya issue except SC verdict
 Lucknow:While the Hindu organisations like VHP, saints and seers are mounting renewed pressure on the Centre to proceed in the direction of facilitating a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, the Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC) has made it clear that it will not accept any decision or solution to the vexed issue except the Supreme Court order.The BMAC condemned all those statements, wherein, the central government has been exhorted to frame a law for temple construction in Ayodhya. The committee claimed that as the case was pending with the Supreme Court, so it won’t accept any other solution to dispute but the apex court order.“Even if the central government tries to bring about an ordinance or follows a legislative route to temple construction, BMAC would challenge it in the court of law,” said a senior BMAC member.Notably, VHP, at the conclusion of a dharam sansad in Haridwar on Wednesday,had not only demanded Central govt to facilitate Ram temple in Ayodhya owing to huge majority it got in recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, but also urged the Chief Justice of India to expedite proceedings in the title suit pending before it for decades now. Moreover, UP Deputy CM Keshav Maurya had recently reiterated BJP govt’s commitment to the Ram temple in Ayodhya.Getting concerned over such statements, especially, about the Muslim sentiment involved in the issue, the BMAC had convened a meeting of its office-bearers to hold elaborate discussions in Lucknow.After the meeting, BMAC convenor, Zafayab Jilani rejected Keshav Maurya’s statement saying that it smacked of government’s partisan attitude. He said Maurya’s statement showed that the government was working for a particular community. “As per the Constitution of India, the government of that day should not be seen working for any specific community. The government happens to be secular and not related to one specific religion. Temple construction is not the duty of any government. It should impart equal treatment to all religions,” said Jilani.He said when the Prime Minister had assured that nothing would be done in the issue before the court order then the frivolous statements given by other leaders hardly held water.The Central government would not be bringing any ordinance over temple construction but if any such move was made, it would be challenged in the Supreme Court, said Jilani.On the role and efforts of the mediation panel set up by the apex court, Jilani said mediation should also be tried within the judicial purview.“All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and BMAC have never opposed the efforts to find an amicable solution through dialogue,” he added.
UP govt is acting like one of particular community only: Babri Masjid Action Committee
RSS Indresh Kumar visits Darul Uloom at Deoband
Deoband: Intensifying the campaign to reach out to the minorities, senior functionary of RSS Indresh Kumar visited renowned Islamic seminary Darul Uloom at Deoband in Saharanpur district on Thursday. Kumar, who also heads the 'Muslim Rashtriya Manch’ (MRM), an RSS affiliate, said he had gone to seminary with message of brotherhood and mutual love. RSS leader described the visit as ‘courtesy visit'. The seminary said that its doors were open for everyone. Kumar was in Deoband on Thursday for a MRM’s function after which he went to Darul Uloom, where he was welcomed by Mohatmim or the chancellor of the seminary Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani. During the visit, Nomani apprised Kumar of the history of Ulema's role in freedom struggle. "Our doors are always open for visitors. We welcomed Indreshji with an open heart," he said.UNI
Triple Talaq Issue of Social Reform, Not Legislation: Muslim Personal Law Board
New Delhi:Denouncing the insistence of the BJP-led NDA government to criminalize the practice of instant Triple Talaq, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Friday said that it is not a legal issue, rather a social issue.“It is disturbing that the present government is rigid on implementing its proposed law on Triple Talaq in an undemocratic way and after failure in the Rajya Sabha it is resorting to ordinance, and now it has tabled the bill in the current Budget Session,” said Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, Secretary and Spokesperson of AIMPLB in a press statement on Friday.Board’s statement has come hours after the Union government tabled the bill in the Lok Sabha amid protest from the Opposition parties.“Board thinks that it is not a legal issue, rather a social issue. The energy and resources the government is using for this legislation for political purposes and publicity. If it had used them for social reform and take support of the religious section of the Muslim community for this purpose it would have been more beneficial,” he said. Maulana also demanded the government to send the bill to Select Committee so that the community related to the issue could also put their views before the committee and the issue could be resolved with mutual agreement and democratically. AIMPLB has also demanded the Opposition parties not to allow the passage of the bill in its present form in Rajya Sabha.India Tomorrow
Triple Talaq Bill is 'unconstitutional'; Owaisi
New Delhi: AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi has claimed that the controversial Triple Talaq Bill is unconstitutional, saying it would be a great injustice against Muslim women if the Bill became law."Triple Talaq Bill is unconstitutional. It is a violation of Constitution's Article 14 and 15. We already have the Domestic Violence Act 2005, CrPC Section 125, Muslim Women Marriage Act. If Triple Talaq Bill becomes a law it will be even greater injustice against women," he told reporters outside the Parliament.Voicing his opposal on the Bill, Owaisi said, "If a man gets arrested how will he give allowance from jail? The govt says if a Muslim man commits this crime the marriage will remain intact and he will be jailed for 3 ears if punished by the court. He will be jailed for three yrs but marriage will be intact. What law is Modi forming?""I would like to ask him (Modi) what kind of justice is this that if such law is implemented on a non-Muslim man then he goes to jail for one year and a Muslim man goes to jail for three years," he added.The controversial Triple Talaq Bill was introduced on Friday in the Lok Sabha in the midst of stiff opposition from Opposition parties which are against criminalising the offence.The Opposition raised strong objections at the introduction itself. After a brief discussion, the motion for tabling the bill was put to vote. 186 members voted for introduction and 74 against.ANI
Owaisi should be happy that 'certain protections' being made for Muslim women: Mehmood Pracha
Owaisi should be happy that government is making certain protections for Muslim women through Triple Talaq bill, said Mehmood Pracha, member of AIMPLB here on Friday.Pracha said the arguments given by the opposition shows that they have not studied the bill properly."Owaisi is saying that there is one-year punishment for men in other communities but Muslim men will get three years. I do not think there for men there is one-year punishment for divorce in any community. That punishment is under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and that itself is for violation of a protection order," he said.However, he also criticised the bill. If anything, according to Pracha, Owaisi as a Muslim leader should be very happy that certain protections are being made for Muslim women and he should rather criticize the govt on the ground that the bill is not strong enough."Firstly, the bill does not take care of women in situations where Muslim men without uttering triple talaq throw out his wife. Secondly, women do not get any financial protection in this bill and matters like financial assistance should be decided by the magistrate within 5-7 days else women will get harassed in court for years without getting a single rupee in maintenance just like the provisions in section 125 in CrPC, and Domestic Violence Act (2005)," he said.ANI
This is to keep me in news, move focus from other issues:Zakir Naik on non-bailable warrant
Dr. Zakir Naik recently went on to release another statement in response to the news of a non-bailable warrant against him if he doesn't appear before the court. Naik said, "I don't understand the need for another warrant against me when a similar warrant was issued in the courts twice in 2017. There was no need for this, especially in the absence of any evidence or proof of wrongdoing. This is merely to keep me in the news and take away focus from important matters facing the country.""Let me reiterate, I trust the Indian judiciary but not the prosecution system. The recent history of India is replete with cases of Muslims arrested and put in jail for 8, 10, 15, even 20 years before being declared innocent by the courts. Knowing this record of Indian agencies, I don't want to take a chance of ruining my life and my unfinished work." Let me make my previous offer again. If the Supreme Court of India gives me in writing that I will not be arrested and jailed until I am convicted, I will return to India, and I will make myself available to the courts."mid-day
Oppn seeks Muslim quota in Maha; govt says no provision for it
Mumbai:Opposition parties Friday demanded 5 per cent reservation for Muslims in education and government jobs in Maharashtra, but BJP-led dispensation countered them, saying there is no provision for religion- based quota in the Constitution.Congress and NCP MLCs vociferously raised the demand in the Maharashtra Legislative Council. Taking part in a calling attention moved by Manisha Kayande (Shiv Sena), Congress and NCP legislators said despite a large section of Muslims falling under the economically weaker section, the state government has failed to offer any reservation benefits to the community in education and jobs.However, Minister for Higher and Technical Education Minister Vinod Tawde said the ruling BJP cannot go against constitutional provisions regarding quota."Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had categorically mentioned at the time of drafting the Constitution that reservation should not be provided on the basis of religion."BJP, as the party in power, cannot set this provision aside and offer reservation to Muslims." He said Congress-NCP combine was in power for many years in Maharashtra (1999-2014), but did not offer reservation to Muslims.T awde said the real reason behind the opposition's quota demand was political and electoral."The real reason behind such aggression is that the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi had eaten into their votes (in the just held Lok Sabha polls).They (Congress-NCP) are not talking about the measures we have taken up for the betterment of the community," BJP minister said.The Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA), a social coalition of Dalits, OBCs and Muslims, dented the prospects of Congress- NCP candidates in nearly a dozen Lok Sabha seats in the state.The front has been formed by Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar in alliance with Assaddudin Owaisi.Tawde said sections in the Muslim community were already getting benefits of the existing quota system.PTI
Bihar encephalitis toll reaches 139, Opposition blames govt
Three more children with symptoms of acute encephalitis syndrome died on Friday at a hospital in Muzaffarpur district. With this, the toll in the encephalitis outbreak has now reached 139.All three deaths have been reported from the government-run Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital, said the Muzaffarpur district administration authorities. The hospital has accounted for 104 casualties by itself since June 1.
Human skeletons found near Bihar hospital with most encephalitis deaths
Muzaffarpur:Skeletal remains have been discovered lying in open, in a forest near the government-run Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) here, which is grappling with cases of AES.An investigation team of SKMCH hospital accompanied by policemen visited the spot on Saturday.Dr Vipin Kumar from the hospital said: “Skeletal remains have been found here. Detailed information will be provided by the Principal.”One or two of the dead bodies were found charred and many skeletons were found strewn on the ground or stuffed into sacks in the forest area.HT
Assam: Additional NRC exclusion list to be published on June 26
An additional list to the draft National Register of Citizens in Assam will be published on June 26, the office of the state coordinator for the exercise has said. It will contain only the names of people who figured in the draft list published in July 2018 but were subsequently found ineligible for inclusion due to various reasons, the state coordinator’s office said on Thursday. People may have been excluded for being doubtful voters, foreigners, or having a case pending at one of the 100 Foreigner Tribunals in the state.More than 40 lakh people were excluded from the final draft of the register published on July 30, 2018. Those who did not make the draft list were allowed to make one last claim for inclusion before the publication of the final consolidated list at the end of next month. Authorities also allowed objections to be filed against people included in the final draft. People whose names will be excluded will be informed through letters delivered at their residential addresses. “Such persons will have the opportunity to file their claims at the designated NRC Seva Kendras before July 11, 2019,” the statement said. “Their claims will be disposed thereafter before publication of final NRC on July 31, 2019.”
Goons Force Muslim Youths to Shout 'Jai Shri Ram' on Assam Street, Upload Video on Social Media
Barpeta: Complaints were filed against a little-known right-wing organisation on Thursday for allegedly assaulting a group of people from the minority community in Assam and forcing them to utter slogans 'Jai Shree Ram' and 'Pakistan Murdabad'. 2 FIRs were filed against the right wing organisation and its founder by All Assam Minority Students' Union (AAMSU) and the North-East Minorities Students' Union (NEMSU). According to the police, the Tuesday night incident came to light after a video of the purported attack and the forcible utterance of slogans went viral on social media. The complaints stated that a group of men claiming to be members of right-wing group stopped an autorickshaw in Barpeta town and beat up the youth travelling in it. The victims, who were from a minority community, were then forced to utter slogans like 'Jai Shri Ram', 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' and 'Pakistan Murdabad'.Hurling abuses, the attackers themselves shot the video and uploaded it on social media.Congress MP from Barpeta, Abdul Khaleque, said he has asked the superintendent of police to take action in the incident.PTI
Delhi: Muslim cleric claims he was hit by car for not chanting 'Jai Shri Ram'
New Delhi:A 40-year-old cleric has alleged that a car hit him in northwest Delhi's Rohini on Thursday after he refused to heed to the demand of its three occupants to chant 'Jai Shree Ram'. However, the police said they are verifying the claims made by the cleric.In his complaint to the police, Maulana Momin (40), who teaches at a local madrassa in Rohini's Sector 20, said the incident occurred on Thursday evening when he was taking a stroll near the mosque cum madrasa.As he walking back towards his mosque at around 6.45 pm, Momin said, a car first brushed past him. The car had 'Jai Shree Ram' written on its windscreen."Three men in their mid-thirties tried to shake hand with me. I was suspicious of their intentions, but nevertheless shook hand with them," Momin said.The three asked about Momin's well being to which he replied, "By the grace of Allah, I am good. They objected to it and asked me to chant Jai Shree Ram." Momin refused to chant Jai Shree Ram and said they were free to do so. "I started walking back to my masjid, but I was hit by a vehicle. The impact was such that it flung me in the air. As I fell on the ground, I lost consciousness," he said. One of the passersby called police who later took him to the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Sultanpuri. Momin suffered injuries on his head, face and hands.Momin gave a formal complaint on Friday. A senior police officer said the complainant has reported the alleged incident and police have registered a case of accident under sections 337 (causing hurt by endangering life or personal safety) and section 279 (rash driving).The police said they are scanning CCTV cameras to find information about the three people.PTI
NIA files chargesheet against 10 for ‘forming IS-inspired module’
New Delhi :NIA Friday filed a chargesheet before a Delhi court against 10 people for forming an Islamic State-inspired module in UP’s Amroha and Delhi, and said that the accused have “planned (a) bigger terror attack in national capital region”.The agency claimed that the accused had intended to carry out “fidayeen” attacks at several places in and around Delhi, in which regard they have intimated the Ministry of Home Affairs.NIA chargesheet was filed under various provisions of UAPA, Explosive Substances Act, and under various sections of IPC, including criminal conspiracy and for possessing arm or ammunition to wage war against the Government of India against all the 10 accused.NIA, in its chargesheet, claimed before Special Judge Ajay Kumar Jain that Mohammed Suhail, a mufti in a seminary in Amroha and the alleged mastermind of the Islamic State module, was “involved in radicalisation and brainwashing of other like-minded youth with a view to commit terrorist acts and acts of waging war against the government of India”.Taking the chargesheet on record, the special judge listed the matter for further consideration by the judge concerned on July 4.indianexpress
Raise SC strength, retirement age of HC judges, CJI Gogoi asks PM Modi
New Delhi: To tackle the huge backlog of over 43 lakh cases in the Supreme Court and high courts, CJI Ranjan Gogoi, in two letters to PM Narendra Modi, has requested top priority for passage of 2 constitutional amendments - suitable increase in the strength of SC judges which currently stands at 31 and raising the retirement age of HC judges from 62 to 65 years. A third letter from CJI to the PM sought revival of an old tradition of tenure appointments of retired SC and HC judges, under Articles 128 and 224A of the Constitution respectively, so they can be assigned cases pending for years. The SC, which attained its full strength of 31 judges only recently after more than a decade, had a pendency of 58,669 cases and the number was rising due to a higher rate of filing of fresh cases, the CJI said. His letter said there were 26 cases pending for 25 years, 100 cases for 20 years, 593 cases for 15 years and 4,977 cases for 10 years. He said inadequate judge strength prevented the CJI from constituting the required number of 5-judge constitution benches to adjudicate cases involving substantial questions of law or interpretation of constitutional provisions."You would recall that way back in 1988, about 3 decades ago, the judge strength of the SC was increased from 18 to 26, and then again after 2 decades in 2009, it was increased to 31, including the CJI, to expedite disposal of cases to keep pace with the rate of institution," CJI Gogoi said. In 2007, the pendency was 41,078; now, it stands at 58,669. "I request you to kindly consider, on top priority, to augment the judge-strength in the SC appropriately so that it can function more efficiently and effectively as it will go a long way to attain ultimate goal of rendering timely justice to the litigant public," he said. The CJI also informed the PM that in March 2007, the then CJI had told govt that if HC judge-strengths were being enhanced triennially, it could definitely be done at least once in a decade for the SC. "Despite this, no norms in this regard have been laid down," he said. TOI
CJI writes to PM, seeks increase in number of Supreme Court judges:PTI
Jamia to promote Yoga in the campus:  Prof. Najma Akhtar, JMI Vice-Chancellor
New Delhi:In a bid to promote Yoga among students, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) will provide Yoga training everyday to one group each of boys and girls under the supervision of an Instructor, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Najma Akhtar announced today at 5th International Day of Yoga celebrations in the campus that was attended by a large number of students, faculty members, staff and people from the neighbourhood.Over 500 participants including volunteers of NCC, NSS performed Yoga in the sprawling lawns of MAK Pataudi Sports Complex under the supervision of an instructor provided by the Union Ministry of AYUSH.Speaking after an hour-long Yoga exercise, Prof. Akhtar while congratulating the people on the occasion of Day of Yoga emphasized that Yogasana should be practiced every day./
‘Vindictive persecution’: After Sanjiv Bhatt gets life sentence, wife says justice denied
Hours after former IPC officer Sanjiv Bhatt was sentenced to life imprisonment in a 30-year-old custodial death case, his wife Shweta Bhatt said he had been punished for “doing his duties...irrespective of political pressure”.In a Facebook post from her husband’s account on Thursday, she claimed that the Gujarat government had supported Bhatt in the case until 2011, when he accused then CM Narendra Modi of encouraging communal riots in the state in 2002.“It is strange that how a death which occurred after 18 days of being out of custody, without any indications of internal or external trauma or injury, a death which was examined and reported by the forensic medicine experts to have no indication of torture or grievance, was declared to be a homicidal death,” Shweta Bhatt wrote. Shweta said the sentencing was a “blatant example of vindictive persecution”. “Justice has not only been denied, but an innocent man has been persecuted for doing his duty with diligence,” she said, adding that they will challenge the sessions court
Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt promises to fight, asks if the country will stand by an honest officer
Malegaon blasts: Pragya Thakur again given one-day exemption from appearing in NIA court
A special National Investigation Agency court in Mumbai inquiring into the 2008 Malegaon blasts case on Friday once again exempted Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur from appearing before it, ANI reported. BJP leader had cited the ongoing Parliament session to seek the exemption.This came a day after the court rejected her plea seeking exemption from appearing before it once a week in connection with the case. However, the court had allowed her to skip proceedings for the day. Thakur had cited ill health, distance, security, requirement of attending Parliament daily, and her life as a religious leader as reasons for
Cops stop Dalit activist  Chandrashekhar from visiting Ghaziabad dispute site, send him back
 Police stopped Chandrashekhar Azad, Dalit activist and chief of Bhim Army, from visiting an area in Indirapuram where tension had flared up last week over an anti-encroachment drive near a mosque that took a communal colour.A police officer said Azad was detained and sent back because there was apprehension that his visit could once again lead to a law-and-order problem. One of Azad’s supporters was booked under the Arms Act for carrying a gun and taken into custody, a police officer said. Azad, sources said, was headed for Makanpur village to talk to locals there. But he was detained more than a kilometre before Makanpur, at Kanawani near the exit ramp of the Hindon elevated road. From there, he was taken to Indirapuram police station, a police officer said. A police team then escorted Azad up to the Ghaziabad border. “This step was taken as a conflict had already taken place in the village a few days ago. Azad’s visit could have led to fresh tension, so we decided to take precautionary measures to maintain law and order. He was detained and escorted outside the district border along with his supporters,” police said. Some of Azad’s supporters who allegedly misbehaved with the cops have been booked. No one, though, has been named in the FIR, which has been registered against 25 unknown people . Kamal Wallia, general secretary of the Bhim Army, said Azad was going to the village to promote peace.TOI
IMA: 5 more directors held
Bengaluru: In continuation with the probe into the multi-crore I Monetory Advisory (IMA) investment scam, in which over 40,000 investors have been cheated, SIT has arrested five more directors of the group.The arrests were made on Thursday and the total number of those arrested in the case has reached 13, including 12 directors and one auditor. However, the main accused, Mohammad Mansoor Khan, the MD of IMA group, is still at large and is said to be in Dubai. SIT is interrogating all those arrested to acquire information about Mansoor Khan, IMA and transactions carried out individually by him and through his entities. 5 directors arrested on Thursday have been identified as Shadab Ahmad (28), Israr Ahmad (32), Faisal Ahmad (30), Mohammad Idrees (30) and Usman Tabrez (33).Earlier, seven directors of IMA group, Nasir Hussain, Naveed Ahmed Nattamkar, Nizammuddin Azeemuddin, Wasim Arshad Khan, Afsar Pasah and Dadapeer had surrendered before the Commercial Street police, while the police had detained IMA's auditor Iqbal Khan for interrogation. SIT sleuths conducted raids on the two jewellery showrooms of IMA in Shivajinagar and Jayanagar and also at the house of Mansoor's third divorced wife Tabassum.The school in which IMA had invested 12 crores and had received over 1000 admissions,will be taken over by the Wakf Board. After the scam broke out, panic-stricken parents had withdrawn their children and many teachers had resigned as well.Deccan Chronicle.
Over 12,000 farmers died of suicide in three years in Maharashtra: Subhash Deshmukh
Mumbai :Despite spending over ₹19,000 crore on farm loan waiver, a total of 12,021 farmers have died in the State due to suicide between 2015 and 2018, the government said in Assembly on Friday.In a written reply, Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Subhash Deshmukh further admitted that the first three months of this year saw 610 deaths of farmers.Replying to the discussion on the Governor’s address, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had on Thursday told the House that over 50 lakh farmers would benefit from the loan waiver scheme and ₹24,000 crore will be spent for this. Of the total number, 43.32 lakh farmers have actually received benefits worth ₹19,000 crore.thehindu
WB:Fresh clashes break out in trouble-hit Bhatpara; many injured
Bhatpara:Several persons were injured as fresh clashes were reported in trouble-torn Bhatpara area in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal Saturday as rival groups violated Section 144 imposed there.Police had to resort to lathi charge to disperse the crowd.The incident happened moments after a 3-member BJP central delegation left the area after their scheduled visit.As the delegation left, two groups, one led by the BJP and other by TMC, engaged in pitched battle as both sides hurled countrymade bombs and stones at each other.Several persons were injured in the incident.PTI
Indian-origin pioneer of Muslim charity in South Africa dies
 Shawkat Ali Thokan, an Indian-origin man considered the pioneer of the Islamic movement in South Africa, was buried here Thursday after he died following a lengthy illness. He was 81. Born in Maharashtra, Thokan died on Wednesday and was laid to rest at Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg. He emigrated to South Africa with his parents when he was 10.Thokan was first National Coordinator of the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF), a faith-based, educational and socio-welfare organisation that helps the Muslim community. The organisation in almost 5 decades has assisted tens of thousands of students at all levels, as well as funding scores of budding entrepreneurs to become self-sufficient through training programmes. PTI
Iran to 'confront any threat', as Trump warns of 'obliteration'
Iran will respond firmly to any US threat against it, a spokesman of the country's Foreign Ministry has said after President Donald Trump warned it of "obliteration" if a full-scale conflict would ensue. "We will not allow any violation against Iran's borders. Iran will firmly confront any aggression or threat by America," spokesman Abbas Mousavi told the semiofficial Tasnim news agency on Saturday. Tensions between Tehran and Washington have spiked since Thursday when an Iranian missile destroyed a US Global Hawk surveillance drone flying near the Iranian coast.Tehran said the drone was shot down over its territory and Washington said it occurred in international airspace."Regardless of any decision they (US officials) make, we will not allow the Islamic Republic's territory to be violated," Mousavi said.Under pressure to respond to the high-stakes incident near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, Trump said the US was prepared to hit "3 different sites" on Thursday night but that he scrapped the strikes "10 minutes" before they were to have been launched.aljazeera
Trump confirms calling off attacks against Iran                                          
US President Donald Trump confirmed in a series of tweets that he called off retaliatory attacks on three Iranian targets following the downing of the US drone, saying the attacks would not have been a proportionate response."We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it," Trump said.His comments confirmed earlier reports by US media outlets which said Washington had prepared to attack Iranian installations in response to the downing of the US drone, only for Trump to order his military to stand down at the last minute. aljazeera
Strikes on Iran Approved by Trump, Then Abruptly Pulled Back:NYT
Saudi intelligence chief lobbies London for strikes against Iran: UK source
A Saudi intelligence chief pleaded with British authorities to carry out limited strikes against Iranian military targets, just hours after Donald Trump aborted planned US attacks against the Islamic Republic, a senior UK official told Middle East Eye.The intelligence chief was accompanied by Saudi diplomat Adel al-Jubeir on his trip to London, the source said.Still, the Saudi lobbying efforts fell on deaf ears, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject."Our people were sceptical," the source said, adding that the Saudi official was told a plain "no" in response to the request.middleeasteye
Key suspect in murder of Khashoggi not put on trial: UN
A key suspect in the murder case of Jamal Khashoggi at the Kingdom's consulate in Istanbul has not been put on trial, a recently released UN report said.Saud al-Qahtani, a former advisor to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, allegedly communicated with hit-squad sent to Istanbul to kill Khashoggi. Khashoggi, a contributor for The Washington Post, was killed and dismembered by a group of Saudi operatives shortly after he entered the country's consulate last Oct. Riyadh offered various, conflicting narratives to explain Khashoggi's disappearance before acknowledging he was murdered in the diplomatic building, seeking to blame his death on a botched rendition operation by rogue agents.AA
US ambassador to Israel: Bahrain workshop will create momentum
US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has hailed the upcoming United States-led conference in Bahrain this month as an important step towards achieving Washington's Middle East peace plan in the region, despite Palestinians announcing they would boycott the meeting."[The Bahrain workshop] is an attempt to jumpstart the Palestinian economy. That's the purpose and that's the focus. To improve the quality of life of Palestinians," Friedman said.The meeting, which will be held in Bahrain's capital, Manama, on June 25-26, has drawn criticism from the Palestinians who say US President Donald Trump's peace plan is likely to be heavily weighed in favour of Israel and quash their aspirations for statehood in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.aljazeera
Jordanians and Palestinians rally in Amman against Trump's 'deal of the century'
Amman:Jawad Dweedar, a 37-year-old Palestinian refugee, had a message he wanted Washington to hear, and it was scrawled across the placard he was holding: "Down with the normalizing auction in Bahrain".The Palestinian from Baqaa camp was one of hundreds of refugees and Jordanians outside the US Embassy in Amman on Friday, railing against the upcoming conference in Manama set to launch the first phase of Donald Trump's so-called "deal of the century".Trump's deal, or peace plan, is designed to settle the Israel-Palestine conflict once and for all, starting with economic incentives for the Palestinians that are to be laid out in Bahrain on Tuesday.Critics have lambasted the US president's initiative, saying it is heavily biased in favour of the Israelis, and on Friday the plan's opponents flocked to Amman to protest in response to a call by leftist and nationalist parties.Dweedar's family became refugees during the 1948 war in which Israel was created. He feels that there is a real danger he will not be able to return to the lands from which his family was expelled in the conflict. middleeasteye
Mauritania's Muslim Brotherhood hopes for fighting chance ahead of presidential elections
White pick-up trucks arrive to a fanfare of cars blaring their horns outside the Nouakchott headquarters of presidential hopeful Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar in Mauritania. Cavorting supporters wear T-shirts bearing his image and use loudspeakers to amplify chants in his name. Others are seated on chairs spread out across the wide pavement, watching a giant projection of Boubacar giving a speech.Much of Mauritania’s capital is dominated by images of establishment candidate Mohammad Ghazouani. Some of his pictures hang from the tops of tall buildings and others are plastered at the entrance of mock Bedouin tents that line Avenue Moktar Ould Daddah, a major thoroughfare.Boubacar’s supporters fear that Ghazouani will follow in the footsteps of his close political ally President Mohamed Ould Abdul Aziz, who is stepping down after two terms in office. Abdul Aziz’s crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated organisations in the country have left their supporters both hopeful that the tide will turn in their favour - and fearful of what may come next if the outgoing president’s allies stay in power.middleeasteye
Morsi 'killed' by Egyptian govt, son says
A son of the late former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has accused incumbent President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and a number of other officials of "killing" his father.In a Twitter post on Thursday, Morsi's son, Abdullah, named a number of officials whom he called "partners" of el-Sisi "in killing the martyr president".He particularly accused incumbent and former interior ministers Mahmoud Tawfiq and Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, respectively.Egyptian authorities have yet to comment on the claims by Morsi's son. Morsi's death was mourned by many people around the world, including in Turkey, where mosques held special prayers on Tuesday, while leaders in Malaysia and Qatar were among those offering tributes.aljazeera
In a Surprise Move, Sri Lankan President Extends Emergency by Another Month                                  
Colombo: A state of emergency was extended by Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena on Saturday, going back on his pledge to relax the tough laws introduced after the Easter Sunday attacks.President Sirisena said in a decree that he believed there was a "public emergency" in the country, and he was invoking provisions of the Public Security Act extending the state of emergency.The tough laws, granting sweeping powers to police and security forces to arrest and detain suspects, were due to expire on Saturday. Just over 100 people, including 10 women, are currently in custody in connection with April's Easter Sunday attacks.The continuation of the emergency came as police announced criminal investigations against several top officers, including the Inspector-General, for negligence and lapses ahead of the bombings.AFP
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