18 June 2019

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind says Dr. Morsi's death was a murder, his martyrdom will strengthen Islamic Cause; Morsi buried in Cairo

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind  says Dr. Morsi's death was a murder, his martyrdom will strengthen Islamic Cause  

Morsi buried in Cairo

New Delhi,: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) has said death of the first democratic elected President of Egypt, Dr.Mohamed Morsi cannot be considered natural, rather it was a custodial murder and his martyrdom will strengthen the ‘Islamic Cause’ all over the world. 

 On  a Facebook page, Dr. Morsi's son, Ahmed Morsi wrote, "Morsi was buried early in the morning today in eastern Cairo alongside other senior figures of the Muslim Brotherhood, his son, Ahmed Morsi. The burial was attended by members of the family in Cairo's Madinat Nasr after authorities refused to grant permission for a burial in Morsi's home province of Sharqiya in the Nile Delta, Ahmed Morsi said."We washed his noble body at Tora prison hospital, read prayers for him at the prison hospital ... and the burial was at the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guides," Ahmed wrote.Morsi's lawyer, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud, confirmed the burial took place in the public cemetery early on Tuesday. The Al-Wafaa Wa al-Amal public cemetery in Cairo where Morsi was buried.
In a press-statement issued today, JIH President Syed Sadatullah Hussaini said, "the legally elected President of the Egypt Dr.Morsi was forcibly ousted from power. His death cannot be considered natural, rather it was a custodial murder, the sole responsibility of which lies on the illegitimate Egyptian government and its self-proclaimed President and dictator Abdul Fattah Sisi. The martyrdom of Dr.Morsi will strengthen the ‘Islamic Cause’ all over the world, Insha’Allah. May Allah accept his martyrdom, grant him the highest Paradise and give patience to his bereaved family members’’.

Expressing sorrow over Dr. Morsi’s death, the Jamaat President said, ‘’the Islamic world has lost a good leader in the death of Dr Morsi. It was a blatant murder of democracy when the legitimate government of Dr. Morsi that came to power through transparent and clean elections, was overthrown using violence and military power. The Sisi regime carried out fake trials by framing fabricated charges against Dr. Morsi and by harassing and incarcerating the legitimate President of Egypt, committed a gross violation of human rights. We demand that an enquiry be conducted at the international level on the murder of Dr.Morsi whilst in jail and award exemplary punishment to the guilty after bringing them under the purview of the law’’.

The JIH President offered his condolences to all those who are associated with the Islamic movements, urging them to persevere on the path of the truth and not feel dejected. Insha’Allah, very soon they shall achieve success.

 Meanwhile, the Brotherhood, which has since been outlawed, said Morsi's death was a "full-fledged murder" and called on Egyptians to gather for a mass funeral.In a statement on its website, the Brotherhood also called for crowds to gather outside Egyptian embassies around the world.

Observers on social media decried the apparent haste with which Morsi's burial was carried out. 


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