26 June 2019

26 June ND: 1 Lakh more excluded from Assam citizen list ahead of July deadline/ PM Modi: Jharkhand lynching has pained me, but unfair to insult state/Govt not interested in stopping lynch mobs; need collective efforts to check violence: Muslim Leaders

26 June 2019: 21 Shawal 1440:Vol: 11, No:230
1 Lakh more excluded from Assam citizen list ahead of July deadline
Guwahati:Over 1 lakh people more have been excluded from the draft National Register of Citizens or NRC in Assam.The additional draft exclusion list published today names 1.02 lakh people whose names figured in the draft citizens' list that was released in July last year. These names were subsequently found ineligible for inclusion. Assam citizens' list is being updated for the first time since 1951 to account for illegal migration into Assam from neighbouring Bangladesh. The people who have been excluded will be informed individually through letters to be delivered at their residential addresses. The list of names dropped today can be accessed on the National Register of Citizens' website. The excluded people will have the chance to file their claims at the designated NRC help centres by July 11. Over 40 lakh people were were not named in the draft citizens' list published on July 30 last year, creating a huge controversy. Lakhs of them have applied for re-verification. The draft list included the names of 2.9 crore people out of the total 3.29 crore applications. NRC in Assam is being updated under the Supreme Court's monitoring. The final NRC, a list of Assam's residents, will be published on July 31.A person whose name is not part of the NRC can approach any such tribunal with a certified copy of the rejection order received from the NRC authorities along with the grounds for appeal.NDTV
Assam NRC publishes 1.02 lakh names in ‘additional draft exclusion list’
Asked if NRC will be extended, Centre refrains from direct answer, presents Assam details
Union govt on Tuesday did not give a direct answer on whether the NRC will be extended beyond Assam.In response to a question, the Home Ministry said the provisions under which NRC was being conducted in Assam, without mentioning whether it will be applied anywhere else.This comes days after President Ram Nath Kovind mentioned in his address to the joint sitting of Parliament on June 20 that NRC will be implemented in areas affected by infiltration. indian express
NRC exercise became necessary because of Rajiv Gandhi's Assam Accord: Modi
On a day in which over 1.02 lakh names were additionally excluded from the draft National Register of Citizens, PM  Narendra Modi said Congress must take credit for the exercise under way in Assam and his Govt was only following the rules laid out by the Supreme Court."On one hand, you claim we don't give you credit. Why don't you take credit for this,"Modi asked Congress, while replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to President’s address in Rajya Sabha today.The Hindu
PM Modi: Jharkhand lynching has pained me, but unfair to insult state
In his first remarks on the Jharkhand assault case, PM  Narendra Modi has said the mob lynching of a Muslim youth on the suspicion of theft has pained him but added that insulting the entire state was unfair.“The lynching in Jharkhand has pained me. It has saddened others too,” PM Modi said while replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Rajya Sabha. “But, some people in the Rajya Sabha are calling Jharkhand a hub of lynching. Is this fair? Why are they insulting a state. None of us have the right to insult the state of Jharkhand,”PM added.Modi further said whether it is Jharkhand, or West Bengal or Kerala, incidents of violence should be treated in the same manner and perpetrators of violence get a lesson that the entire country is one on this issue.Tabrez Ansari died days after he was attacked by a mob, which accused him of theft and allegedly forced him to chant “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”.Opposition parties have been stepping up attack on BJP over the incident, with Congress president Rahul Gandhi calling the incident “a blot on humanity“.indianexpress
From Jharkhand lynching to AES deaths: Top quotes of PM Modi in Rajya Sabha
‘Minorities safer under Modi’: BJP’s response to lynching allegations
New Delhi:Minorities have never been more safe in the country than under PM  Narendra Modi, BJP leader KJ Alphons said in Rajya Sabha today amid opposition references to lynching cases.Speaking on the Motion of Thanks on President’s address, he said Modi is “more democratic” than anyone before him.5 years back it was said that Christians will be beaten up and churches will be burnt once BJP comes to power, he said.“Have you seen any Christian being beaten up or any church being burnt (since BJP came to power)”he asked.
Govt not interested in stopping lynch mobs; need collective efforts to check violence: Muslim Leaders
New Delhi:The gruesome lynching of 24-year-old Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, and a series of hate crimes against Muslims in the name of cow across the country have set off a debate on the fate of Indian Muslims under the Modi Govt. Ever since he became the PM  of India in 2014, crimes of these sort have witnessed a steep rise. Since the new NDA Govt came to power after registering a landslide victory in the 2014 elections, the attacks on Muslims in the name of religion have been a regular feature, according to Muslim leaders. These incidents have been completely unchecked because the Govt does not want to stop them, they said urging Muslim organisations and activists to exert collective efforts to deal with the situation.Asaduddin Owaisi, outspoken Hyderabad MP and President of AIMIM, said that these incidents are not going to stop because the ruling party, BJP, and its parent organisation RSS have long pursued an agenda of spreading hatred against Muslims.Dr SQR Ilyas, President of the Welfare Party of India, said that the perpetrators of these crimes are enjoying a kind of tacit support from BJP Govts. If the Govt wanted, it could have stopped such attacks very easily.The Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission Dr Zafarul Islam Khan also concurred with the view that the BJP Govt is not serious about stopping these hate crimes against Muslims. “These attacks were stopped during the elections. But when the election got over, it has started happening again. These are all pre-planned and someone is definitely orchestrating these attacks. The continued happenings and no action against the perpetrators are a clear evidence of the fact,” he said. caravandaily
Nationwide protest for justice to Tabrez
Jharkhand assault victim had head injury, went undetected: Post-mortem team
Saraikela-kharsawan: Death of 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari, days after he was attacked by a mob that accused him of theft in Jharkhand, was “in all possibility” caused by a brain haemorrhage triggered by a head injury that was not detected by the doctor on duty at a local hospital, team that conducted the post-mortem said. Ansari, who was in judicial custody after the attack in Saraikela-Kharsawan district on June 18 during which the mob allegedly forced him to chant “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman”, died last Saturday after he complained of nausea, vomitting and chest pain, and fell unconscious. “There was an injury on right frontoparietal region, which was left undetected by the doctor at the Sadar Hospital who was on night shift and treated Ansari (who was brought in at 7 am on June 18 after attack). There is a possibility that this led to effusion or oozing of blood from the skull leading to haemorrhage. This could be a possible cause of death,”said Dr Bariyal Mari,Deputy Superintendent,Sadar Hospital.indianexpress
Jharkhand lynching: Tarbez Ansari's father had met the same fate 15 years ago
Jharkhand lynching: Community leaders demand swift, stringent action against perpetrators
Saraikela :Enraged at the lynching of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, Muslim community leaders have demanded that lynching should be treated on a par with terrorism and the perpetrators should get the strictest possible punishment.“Lynching is no lesser crime than terrorism. It is going on across the country, especially in Jharkhand, where 13 to 14 people have lost their lives. However, the Central Govt is unconcerned,” said Hafiz Anwar, Secretary of civil society body Jamilulumahind. Members of the body visited Tabrez’s village.the hindu
West Bengal: 3 Muslim Men Pushed Off Moving Train For Not Chanting 'Jai Shri Ram'
3 Muslim men were allegedly pushed off a moving train by a group of people in West Bengal's South Parganas district after they refused to chant "Jai Shri Ram" on Tuesday. Mannah Mullah, one of victims, was travelling with six others from Canning in South 24 Parganas district in West Bengal to Hooghly. A group of men barged into their compartment and forced them to chant "Jai Shri Ram." When Mullah and his fellow travellers refused, men started thrashing them. Recalling the ordeal, Mullah told ANI that he wanted to chant the slogan he was asked to, but couldn't as the mob was continuously thrashing him."Seven of us were attacked by a group of people. Although I tried to chant 'Jai Shri Ram', I could not because they kept beating me. They, then, pushed me off the train with two more people," he mentioned. A similar incident had come to light last week when a Muslim man, Mohammad Momin, was allegedly attacked by 3 people in New Delhi's Rohini area after he refused to chant 'Jai Shri Ram'.outlookindia
Bengal madrasa teacher thrashed, pushed off train for not chanting Jai Shri Ram

121 cases of mob violence since 2015; 66 % cases in BJP ruled states: Data
New Delhi: The mob lynching of a man in Jharkhand is not the first such incident in this year reported NDTV. Referring to the data from website ‘’, this is the 11th incident of the hate crime this year. So far, there have been four deaths and 22 people were injured in mob violence.Over the last decade, in total 297 incidents of hate crimes have taken place in the country in which 98 people have been killed and 722 were injured.The data indicates that while 66 %  cases took place in BJP-ruled states, 16 %  cases were reported in Congress-ruled states.Also, 28 %  cases were related to cattle theft or slaughter and in 58 %  of the cases, the victims were Muslims.6 incidents were reported between 2012 and 2014, while 121 incidents of mob violence over cattle theft have taken place since 2015.deccanchronicle
MP likely to become first state to frame law against cow vigilantism
Bhopal:Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh is likely to become the first state in the country to legislate against cow vigilantism. The Govt proposes to amend the anti-cow slaughter Act to make those indulging in violence or those caught for violating the law or damaging property a punishable offence.Sources said that the punishment could be three years for the first offence and 5 years for subsequent offences. The cabinet is likely to clear the amendment at its meeting today.Currently, such offences are dealt with by IPC and CrPC sections.The Supreme Court in July 2018 said “horrendous acts of mobocracy” cannot be allowed to overrun the law of the land and issued a slew of guidelines to deal with mob lynching and cow vigilantism, besides asking the Centre to consider enacting a new law to sternly deal with such cases. The apex court had issued a slew of directions to the Centre to provide “preventive, remedial and punitive measures” to deal with such offences.indian express
Congress alleges 'irregularities' in appointments at Delhi Waqf Board, demands CBI probe
New Delhi:Delhi Congress has alleged "irregularities and nepotism" in contractual appointments to various posts of the Delhi Waqf Board and demanded a CBI probe into it.7 "close relatives" of Waqf Board chairman Amanatullah Khan were among the candidates appointed to 33 posts advertised in Feb, alleged Delhi Congress spokespersons Jitender Kochar and Harnam Singh, and party leader Parvez Alam.Khan, an AAP MLA from Okhla, rejected the charge, saying he was filling the vacancies which had been pending for a long time and hampering the functioning of the Waqf Board."Such people who are involved in corruption are being removed from the Waqf Board and recruitment is being done as per rule," he said.PTI
Punjab & Haryana HC agrees to hear Kathua convict’s appeal
Punjab and Haryana High Court has admitted the appeal of Tilak Raj, a former police officer and convict in the Kathua gangrape and murder case, for further hearing and stayed the recovery of fine during pendency of the appeal.Raj was sentenced to 5 years in prison by the Pathankot Sessions Court on June 10 for destruction of crucial evidence in the case. The court had also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the convict.His counsel Sanjeev Patyal Tuesday argued before the court of Justice Rajbir Sehrawat that he has been “falsely implicated and wrongly convicted” under Section 201 of Ranbir Penal Code.“The prosecution story is highly improbable and is a cock and bull story.The learned trial court has committed grave legal error by convicting and sentencing the appellant,” read the appeal, adding the conviction is “based on mere conjecture and surmises”. Raj’s petition is the first against the conviction to be filed and admitted in the HC. Another convicted police officer, Anand Dutta, has also filed an appeal against his conviction but it is yet to come up for hearing.indianexpress
Balakot air strikes planner is new R&AW chief, Kashmir expert appointed IB chief
New Delhi:PM  Narendra Modi has appointed Samant Kumar Goel as the next chief of India’s external spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) and Arvinda Kumar as the Director, Intelligence Bureau. PM Modi, as chairman of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, also cleared the empanelment of 1986 batch IPS officer in the rank of Director General.Both are Indian Police Service officers of 1984 batch with Goel belonging to Punjab cadre and Kumar, to Assam-Meghalaya cadre.The 2 officers will take over this month-end when the extended tenure of IB chief Rajiv Jain and R&AW secretary Anil K Dhasmana ends. Jain and Dhasmana were appointed in Dec.2016 and were given a six-month extension as the country moved into election mode.By Wednesday evening, Appointments Committee of the Cabinet also issued the orders appointing the two officers on a two-year term. Anil Dhasmana’s term expires on 30 June while Rajiv Jain will step down a day earlier, on 29 June.Goel heads operations for the external intelligence agency.The senior police officer was instrumental in planning the February 2019 Balakot air strikes and the 2016 surgical strikes carried out after the attack at Uri brigade, the two strikes that have defined the NDA Govt’s approach to counter terror emanating from the neighbouring country. Goel has handled Punjab militancy at its peak in the 1990s and is a Pakistan expert. A mild-mannered police officer, Samant Goel has impeccable integrity, said a senior R&AW officer. Arvind Kumar has been closely involved in tackling left-wing extremism at the Intelligence Bureau. The special director-rank officer is also the intelligence agency’s Kashmir expert and has been closely involved in formulating and executing the Centre’s approach on terrorism in the valley.HT
Centre counters J&K governor on Pulwama attack, denies intel failure
New Delhi :Minister of State for Home G Kishan Reddy on Wednesday told Parliament there was no intelligence failure in the Pulwama attack.The minister’s assertion counters J&K  Governor Satya Pal Malik’s remarks following the incident on Feb.14, where he said the attack was partly the result of an intelligence failure, especially due to the fact that security forces could not detect the loading and movement of the explosive-laden vehicle.When asked whether intelligence failure was one of the reasons for the Pulwama attack, Reddy said, “J&K is affected by terrorism sponsored and supported from across the border for the last three decades. However, owing to the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism and sustained action against the terrorists by the security forces, a large number of terrorists have been neutralized during the past few years.”indianexpress
Editor of Kashmir daily arrested in nearly 3-decade old terror case
Srinagar : Editor of a local Urdu daily has been arrested here in a nearly 3-decade-old terror-related case, officials said on Tuesday.Ghulam Jeelani Qadri, editor of 'Daily Afaaq', was arrested late Monday night in a case that was registered in 1990 under section 3 of TADA.He was arrested on a non-bailable warrant issued by the then chief judicial magistrate on Oct.15, 1992.The law under which Qadri has been arrested deals with intention to overawe the Govt as by law established or to strike terror in the people or any section of the people or to alienate any section of the people or to adversely affect the harmony amongst different sections of the people does any act or thing.He was arrested from his residence in Balgarden area of the city, Qadri's family said."It was nearly midnight when police came to arrest Qadri sahib. No reasons were given before taking him away, a police official asked him when is the election," a relative said.Kashmir Editors' Guild, of which Qadri is a member, has moved court to seek bail.Various journalist bodies, including Kashmir Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ), has condemned the midnight arrest of Qadri, alleging it seems the aim of the Govt's move was to muzzle the voice of local press.PTI
So far 155 arrested in IS cases: Home Ministry
New Delhi: A total of 155 members and sympathisers of Islamic State (IS) have been arrested in the country so far, the Home Ministry said Tuesday.Some instances of individuals from different states joining the IS have also come to the notice of central and state security agencies, it said.NIA and the state police forces have registered cases against IS members and sympathisers, and have arrested 155 accused from across the country so far, Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy said in a written reply to Lok Sabha."IS is using various internet-based social media platforms to propagate its ideology.Cyberspace is being closely watched in this regard by agencies concerned and action is taken as per the law," Reddy said. PTI
Karnataka Rights Body Recommend Probe into Alleged Custodial Torture of Muslim Youth
Bengaluru:Karnataka State Human Rights Commission on Wednesday has recommended that the Criminal Investigation Department launch a probe into the alleged police brutality that led to the death of an under-trial prisoner, Fairoz, in January earlier this year. The death of 19-year-old Fairoz had raised suspicion about whether he was tortured inside Parappana Agrahara Central Prison in Bengaluru, where he was lodged. According to a report published on, the KSHRC Chairperson, Justice DH Waghela, has also recommended that Karnataka Govt pay a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to Fairoz’s family.“The state Govt should entrust the investigation into the criminal case in respect to the death of Syed Fairoz to the Criminal Investigation Department for carrying out further and proper investigation under supervision of an officer not below rank of SP for expeditious filing of investigation report in the court,”Justice Waghela noted in his order, while referring to inordinate delay in the probe carried out by Parappana Agrahara Police officials.Caravan
Pune court acquits 2 criminals charged with murder of Qateel Siddiqui inside Yerawada jail in 2012
Pune: 7 years after Qateel Siddiqui, suspected in a terror case, was strangled to death inside a high-security cell of Yerawada jail in Pune, a court has acquitted the two notorious criminals — Sharad Mohol and Alok Bhalerao — who were charged for the June 2012 murder.Siddiqui (27), a native of Darbhanga in Bihar, was at the time facing charges in the terrorism cases in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. On the morning of June 8 in 2012, Qateel was allegedly strangled to death with a drawstring inside the high security ‘Anda’ cell of the Yerawada Central Jail in Pune, according to the police at the time. Notorious gangsters Sharad Mohol (35) and his aide Alok Bhalerao (29), who were lodged in the same cell at the time, were charged for the murder. The two were in jail for the murder of another notorious gangster in Pune.During the trial, six key witnesses in the case including some inmates of the jail at the time, turned hostile leading to dilution of prosecution’s case. On Wednesday, the court of Additional Sessions Judge SH Gwalani acquitted Mohol and Bhalerao of murder charges.When contacted, Qateel’s elder brother Afroz Siddiqui said, “If these two gangsters are not guilty, then who are the killers of my brother? We will not stop fighting for justice for my brother. We will approach the high court.” indianexpress
Karnataka: NIA arrests missing suspect in blast case
Bengaluru :A suspect in 2014 Burdwan blast case who had been missing was arrested by NIA in Karnataka’s Dodaballapur region on Monday night and was sent in transit on Tuesday by a local court for production in a Special NIA court in Kolkata in 5 days’ time.The case involves a bomb blast that occurred in a house in the Khagragarh locality Burdwan town on Oct.2, 2014, in which two people engaged in preparing IEDs were killed.The accused was identified as Habibur Rehman Sk alias Habibur Sk alias Sheikh alias Habibur Kabore Shaik, a resident of West Bengal. Meanwhile, STF of Kolkata Police has arrested 4 persons, claiming that they are members of JMB. Of 4 arrested, 3 are Bangaldesh nationals,police said.indianexpress
Indore: Kailash Vijayvargiya’s son attacks govt official with cricket bat, arrested
Bhopal:BJP MLA Akash Vijayvargiya, son of BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya, was caught on camera attacking a Municipal Corporation officer with a cricket bat in Indore on Wednesday. BJP MLA has been arrested and a case was lodged under sections 352, 294, 506, 323, 143, and 144.In the video, Akash can be seen thrashing members of the anti-encroachment team that had reached to pull down a dilapidated house in Ganji Compound locality. Armed with a cricket bat, the young legislator was seen chasing and beating up the staff that was on a drive to demolish dangerous properties in view of the monsoon. video shows Akash threatening the staff to leave the area within ten minutes or face consequences. MLA had been called by residents of the area. Despite repeated attempts, Akash, his father and another Indore MLA Ramesh Mendola, a close confidant of the senior leader, were not available for comments. indian express
Implement pending schemes, Muslims urge Gehlot
Jaipur: A group of minorities have called upon CM Ashok Gehlot urging him to allocate funds for implementation of schemes pending since latter’s last tenure at the secretariat on Monday. The members have demanded that the Govt should allocate at least 5% of the total budget for its minority population. They also urged the Govt to pay the revised rent on Waqf Board properties which would increase the income of the board. Quyum Akhtar, state president of Milli Council Rajasthan has reminded the CM of the announcements of hostels and soft loans for minorities that were made in their previous term. “Since the Govt lost to BJP, most of the schemes were abandoned. I have urged CM to allocate funds for the construction of the remaining hostels. Along with opening skill centres in Muslim stronghold to make both men and women employable,” said Akhtar. The community members shared their concern with CM that the enrolment of Muslims in secondary and senior secondary classes has reduced to almost half of their actual population of 9.89%. TOI
TMC MP Mahua Moitra: India moving towards fascism, signs everywhere if you open your eyes
In her maiden speech in Parliament, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra warned that prevalent signs suggest that India is moving towards fascism. During the discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in Lok Sabha, the Krishnanagar MP said, “Only if you would open your eyes, you would see that there are signs everywhere, that this country is being torn apart.”Quoting freedom fighter Maulana Azad, and poets Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Rahat Indori, ex investment banker spoke about dissent, religious freedom, and media control, besides other issues. She said that the Constitution which each member of House has “sworn to protect” is “under threat today”. “Of course you may disagree with me, you may say achche din are here,” she said, pointing to the Treasury benches, “but then you are missing signs”.indian express
Police Threatens to Kill Muzaffarnagar Riots’ Witness Ikram, Alleges Family
Muzaffarnagar:Social Activists and family members of Ikram has alleged that the local police has threatened to eliminate him, as he is one of the witnesses of Muzaffarnagar riots. This is being done in order to mount pressure and discourage him from giving his account of the murder that he had witnessed during the 2013 riots. According to Ikram’s daughter Salma, a team of police arrived at their residence in Budhana’s Safirpur Patti on 12 June, asking about her father. On being asked the reason for inquiry regarding Ikram, police said that he is being summoned by CO of Budhana, Vijay Prakash. Ikram, who was upstairs at that time, was dragged by his collar by the police outside.Salma said that when they asked and opposed the police’s behavior, her sisters and mother were brutally thrashed by the cops. They also went to the extent of opening fire at that time, which caused the gathering of local people, who in turn opposed the police’s action. Following the protest by local people, the police did not arrest Ikram, but took two other men with them, but released them later.Ikram had migrated from his native village in Muhammedpur, Ajay Singh to Safirpur Patti after their home was set ablaze by the rioters in what was one of the worst communal riots in the country. He was a witness to the burning down of his home as well as to murder of Raees which happened during riots. caravandaily
Mike Pompeo pledges close cooperation with India but trade, defence issues unresolved
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sought to reduce heightened trade tension with India on Wednesday, promising a renewed focus on negotiating improved trade and investment ties between the two nations.But Pompeo, on a visit to India, gave few specifics of how they would overcome disputes on issues ranging from access to Indian markets for leading American companies to New Delhi’s demands for foreign firms to store Indian data in the country, and exports of steel and aluminum to US.The 2 nations are “friends who can help each other all around the world,” Pompeo told a joint news conference with Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar after they met.The current differences were expressed “in the spirit of friendship”, he added.The disputes have led to higher trade tariffs by the two countries and created unease over the depth of their security alliance.In particular, the sudden introduction of new e-commerce rules for foreign investors in Feb angered the Americans because it showed New Delhi was prepared to move the goalposts to hurt two of the largest US companies, discount retailer Walmart, and Inc.Walmart last year invested $16 billion to buy control of Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart.Reuters
India sticks to S-400 from Russia, gives up Iran’s oil after S Jaishankar’s meeting with Mike Pompeo
Pakistan among nations backing India for 2-yr UNSC term
55 countries of Asia-Pacific group, including Pakistan, have unanimously endorsed India’s candidature for a non-permanent seat of UNSC for a 2-year term. India’s permanent representative at UN Syed Akbaruddin thanked the countries for the massive support.“A unanimous step. Asia-Pacific Group @UN unanimously endorses India’s candidature for a non-permanent seat of the Security Council for a 2-year term in 2021/22,” Syed Akbaruddin tweeted.Akbaruddin’s tweet also included a video thanking these countries for endorsing India’s candidature.“Asia-Pacific Group endorses India for Non-Permanent Seat of UNSC. 55 countries, 1 nominee - India for non-permanent seat of UNSC Term 2021-2022,”video accompanying Akbaruddin’s tweet said.Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, UAE and Vietnam were among the countries which supported India.The election for 5 non-permanent members of 15-nation UNSC for the 2021-22 term will be held around June next year.HT
India-Pak clash over Nizam’s funds in UK
London:A decades-old legal dispute between India and Pakistan over around 35 million pounds belonging to the Nizam of Hyderabad at the time of Partition in 1947 and deposited in a London bank account has reached an important stage in UK High Court.Nizam’s descendants, Prince Mukarram Jah – the titular eighth Nizam of Hyderabad – and his younger brother Muffakham Jah, have joined hands with the Indian Govt in the legal battle against Pakistan Govt over the funds lying with NatWest Bank plc in London.The dispute revolves around 1,007,940 pounds and 9 shillings that were transferred in 1948 from the then Nizam of Hyderabad to the high commissioner in Britain of newly-formed Pakistan.That amount has since grown into millions as the Nizam’s ancestors, supported by India, claim it belongs to them and Pakistan counter-claims that it is rightfully theirs.“His Exalted Highness Nizam VIII and his younger brother have waited decades to receive what their grandfather gifted them. Pakistan has blocked access for 70 years and we hope the recent trial will mean a final resolution at last,” said Paul Hewitt, partner at Withers law firm, which is representing the Nizam’s ancestors, now in their 80s, in Royal Courts of Justice in London.The two-week trial, presided over by Justice Marcus Smith, has been presented with arguments from both sides in the case listed as – The High Commissioner for Pakistan in UK versus seven others, including the Nizam’s ancestors, the Union of India and President of India.The judgment in the case is expected in an estimated six-weeks’ time.The judge has been asked to determine the “central question” of who exactly is the “beneficial” owner of the funds belonging to the late Nizam Osman Ali Khan.PTI
IMA Jewels scam: Drawn to ‘halal’ firm, its founder ‘who spoke of god’, 40,000 investors left in lurch
Bengaluru :An elderly investor in ponzi scheme company I Monetary Advisory – which has left over 40,000 investors stranded after its founder went underground on June 8 – blames politicians and religious leaders from the Muslim community for the scam.“People trusted the company because its founder Mohammed Mansoor Khan was seen in the company of political leaders at various events. In messages religious leaders said the company’s investment schemes were in line with our beliefs. People flocked to invest in IMA because of these factors,” said Mohammed Akram, 70, an investor who has now approached the police to atleast recover his principal amount of Rs 12 lakh from the sunken firm.A series of companies running ponzi schemes, targetting mostly middle class Muslim investors – with hard earned money from small businesses or jobs in the middle east – with promises of huge returns on investments have crashed in Bangalore in the last few years.Firms like Ambidant Marketing, the Ajmera Group, Hira Gold, Injaz International have all come under the scanner of tax, banking and police authorities amid complaints of fraud. Karnataka Govt and police have acted against these firms under the Karnataka Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishment Act, 2004, after complaints of defaults on payments and reports against them from agencies like the RBI. indianexpress
Arif Khan: Narasimha Rao said if Muslims want to stay in gutter, let them
New Delhi:During his speech in Lok Sabha Tuesday, PM  Narendra Modi quoted a former Congress leader as having said that it was not the duty of their party to uplift Muslims and “if they want to lie in the gutter let them be”. He did not name the leader. But soon, the phones started ringing at the residence of Arif Mohammed Khan, a former 4-time MP who was a Minister of State in Rajiv Gandhi Govt until 1986 when he resigned over its stand on the Shah Bano case.Khan said he took “a minute or two” to recall that comment. “I think what he (Modi) did was right because it exposes the intention behind all those actions, which were basically meant to divide the society,” he said.Narrating the events that followed his resignation, Khan said there was an effort by the Congress leadership to persuade him to remain on board.“Many people met me that day. And I gave the same argument. First Arun Singh, then Arun Nehru, then (M L) Fotedar, then three senior ministers under whom I had worked as a junior minister. They showed a lot of affection and tried to persuade me. And finally Narasimha Rao came. Rao told me, ‘You are so young, bright, such a good speaker, your career is ahead of you, how can you resign?’ Then, he told me that even Shah Bano has changed her stance, which was right as she had issued a statement.”“I said I am not Akbar’s Birbal. Then, he (Rao) told me that you are being foolhardy. He was not being rough or crude with me, he was very gentle. But then, he told me, ‘Try to understand. We are not a party of social reformers. If the Muslims want to remain in the gutter, let them be. Why you should resign?’,” Khan said.indian express
Owaisi attacks PM over Muslims in gutter comment
 AIMIM chief, Asaduddin Owaisi has lashed out at PM Narendra Modi for diverting attention on mob lynching victims. Owaisi said PM can remember Shah Bano’s case but not the names of Tabrez Ansari, Akhlaq and Pehlu Khan who were victims of mob lynching. Questioning Modi’s nature of administration where ministers had garlanded the murderers of Alimuddin Ansari, Owaisi said PM Modi could give reservation to Muslims if he had no control over his ministers’ disgusting speech. He said there’s a big difference between the BJP’s work and word. It seems, Modi wants to follow the steps of ex PM Narasimha Rao who was responsible for demolition of Babri Masjid, he said.newsx
Online readers didn’t polarise during LS polls: Study                   
Unlike other partisan news audience around the world, India’s online news readers did not polarise into separate audience bubbles during the recent Lok Sabha elections. Instead, Indian online news consumers appear to have overlapping and diverse consumption patterns across the political spectrum, according to an Oxford study accessed by Indian Express. Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism researchers compared online audience behaviour between 37 digital-born outlets and 64 legacy media outlets, 38 of which were regionally-focused.They collected election-related Facebook posts (66,000 from 78 news outlets) and tweets (63 million from 73 news outlets) between April 11 and May 19, as well as Web traffic statistics for 101 outlets between January and March this year.They chose organisations with highest online performance. Indian Express
Ayodhya’s amity saga: Hindus gift burial ground to Muslims
Faizabad: Hindus have donated their land to Muslims for a burial ground in Belarikhan village under Gosaiganj assembly constituency here, the unique show of harmony prodded by none other than local BJP MLA Indrapratap Tiwari. Land had been a bone of contention between the two communities for years until now. Surya Kumar Jhinkan Maharaj, a local seer, signed the registered deed for 1.25 bissas of land along with eight other shareholders on June 20 to bury the dispute forever. “Land belonged to Hindus as per records. It is beside a graveyard and sometimes, Muslims buried their dead on the land. There were disputes and tension. But now, we have settled the matter,” Jhinkan Maharaj told TOI.TOI
US pushes Bahrain economic plan in absence of Palestinians
Trump administration is seeking support for an economic plan it says will be a foundation for Israeli-Palestinian peace but which Palestinians and many others dismiss as pointless without a political solution.Today, as a US-led peace conference was under way in Bahrain, PLO reiterated its rejection of the $50bn plan, saying the proposal's lack of political vision guarantees its failure.The statement said US wanted to sell a "mirage of economic prosperity" which would only perpetuate the Palestinians' "captivity".It accused the White House of using the workshop as cover for Israel's efforts to achieve normal relations with Arab states and grow its illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.At the opening panel session of Bahrain conference, IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, said that fund's experience in conflict-riven countries showed it can be a struggle to generate economic growth in such an environment. Lagarde told the conference that growth in West Bank and Gaza had to be "job intensive". aljazeera
Oman to open embassy in occupied West Bank
Oman will open an embassy in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, the sultanate's foreign ministry said. The decision announced on Wednesday was made "in continuation of the sultanate's support for the Palestinian people" it said."A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will travel to Ramallah to initiate the opening of the embassy," the foreign ministry said, without providing further details.Hanan Ashrawi, a senior official in PLO, welcomed the move."I hope the embassy will help in educating the Omani Govt on the real nature of the Israeli occupation," Ashrawi said at a news conference in Ramallah.Oman's announcement coincided with the second and final day of a United States-led economic "workshop" in Bahrain, the supposed first step of US President Donald Trump's so-called "deal of the century" proposal for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.aljazeera
Rights group: illegal ‘admissions committees’ enforcing segregation in dozens of Israeli communities
Dozens of Israeli communities are using ‘admissions committees’ to filter potential residents, in violation of the law.According to legal rights centre Adalah, the “committees in Israeli Jewish towns can reject potential residents based on ‘social suitability’, essentially enforcing de facto housing segregation between Jewish and Arab citizens”.The role of admissions committees is actually authorised by law for communities of up to 400 households, but a recent Knesset report revealed that at least 24 communities in the Galilee and Negev regions are operating the committees despite having grown larger than 400 households.Writing to Israeli officials, Adalah “emphasised its principled and resolute opposition to the existence of admissions committees – in general – as a mechanism of discrimination and humiliation”.However, the organisation continued, “as long as this discriminatory mechanism continues to operate, its terms must be guaranteed”, and the Knesset report “clearly reveals that the authorities in these 24 communities are acting without authority and in violation of the rule of law”.middleeastmonitor
New settler-run ‘tourist projects’ further linking Silwan with West Jerusalem
A “recent burst” in settler-run ‘tourism’ projects around Jerusalem’s Old City is further linking the west of the city with Silwan in the occupied East, reported NGO Ir Amim on Tuesday.According to the organisation, the uptick in “touristic settlement projects” is part of an “intensifying belt of settlement activity in and around the Old City”. “Blurring the Green Line”, Ir Amim added, “these projects are being implemented around the vicinity of the planned cable car recently approved”.Together, these developments will “create a more seamless link between West Jerusalem and particularly Silwan and divert tourist traffic from its traditional routes via Jaffa and Damascus Gates”. middleeastmonitor
Egypt arrests 8 over Muslim Brotherhood allegations; Amnesty described arrests as chilling
Egyptian authorities arrested eight people on Tuesday, including secular activists and a former member of parliament, on allegations that they plotted with the Muslim Brotherhood to undermine the stability of the country. The arrests are the latest in a crackdown that began in 2013 and has mainly targeted Islamist groups, but also extends to secular critics of the regime.Those arrested on Tuesday include Ziad Al Eleimy, a lawyer and former parliamentarian who acted as a spokesman for main youth alliance that was at the forefront of the country’s 2011 revolution. Hossam Mones, a leftwing activist, and Omar al-Shenety, economist and businessman, were also among those arrested.The interior ministry said secular activists were “provocateurs” who entered into a conspiracy named the “Hope Plan” alongside exiled Brotherhood leaders, aimed at “toppling the state and its institutions”.Please use the sharing tools found via the share button at the top or side of articles. News reports on Tuesday suggested that Mr Eleimy and other detained activists had met political parties and opposition members of parliament to explore the possibility of running in elections next year.Amnesty International described the arrests as “chilling” and called on the Egyptian authorities to “immediately and unconditionally” release the detainees.“Their detention is solely based on the peaceful exercise of their human rights,” Amnesty said. “In the meantime, the Egyptian Govt must ensure that those arrested are protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and must allow them access to lawyers, as well as contact with their families.”Financial Express
In Egypt, chilling wave of arbitrary arrests as authorities intensify crackdown: amnesty
Egypt refuses to treat senior Brotherhood prisoner, even at his own expense
A security source in Egypt has revealed that the Interior Ministry is refusing to treat the Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, at his own expense and despite his deteriorating health condition, New Khalij has reported. Businessman Khairat El-Shater is said to be suffering from colon cancer in Al-Aqrab Prison south of Cairo and is in desperate need of urgent medical care.The Egyptian authorities have been accused of medical negligence by denying political prisoners of access to adequate and appropriate treatment. However, Cairo denies the allegations and claims that all prisoners are offered free health care.According to TV presenter, El-Shater has received “medical care” costing Prison Authority 20,000 Egyptian pounds  every month. Moussa, who is known for being very close to Egypt’s security agencies and politicians, claimed that, “[El-Shater] leaves prison once or twice a month because he is hallucinating [sic] about having cancer. He asks his test to be processed in private labs and he gets what he wants.” The senior Brotherhood official has been held at the notorious Al-Aqrab Prison since the military coup in mid-2013 and faces several charges, notably “communicating with Hamas”. .middleeastmonitor
SLanka police overturn local council ban on Muslims
Colombo : Sri Lanka's police Tuesday stepped in to prevent a local council from banning Muslim traders from a weekly fair in another backlash from the devastating Easter attacks blamed on Islamic extremists.The local Govt body had ordered minority Muslims not to participate in the farmer's market in the town of Dankotuwa, 47 kms north of the capital."We got a court order against Wennappuwa Pradeshiya Saba (council) because we can't allow this Islamophobia," local police official told AFP by telephone. He said the local council chairman representing a political party affiliated to former president Mahinda Rajapakse ordered Muslims to stay away, saying their presence could trigger violence in the region. Police said there was no basis for Tuesday's action by council when communal tensions had eased and the region was returning to normality after several days of anti-Muslim riots last month."We have asked courts to take action against the council chairman for causing tension between communities," he said adding that a hearing has been scheduled for Friday.AFP
Khashoggi killing: UN rapporteur presents report
Agnes Callamard, UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, is presenting her report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.Callamard's presentation before the UN Human Rights Council in the Swiss city of Geneva started at 13:00 GMT today and will be followed by a news conference.In her 100-page report, which was made public on June 19,Callamard says that Khashoggi's killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October last year constituted a premeditated extrajudicial killing for which Saudi Arabia's leadership was responsible.The report also concluded that Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,  should be investigated regarding the incident. aljazeera
Gambia's ex Prez Jammeh 'handpicked' women for rape, abuse
Ex-Gambian president Yahya Jammeh "handpicked" women to rape or sexually coerce by offering cash, gifts and other privileges, international rights groups alleged.In a statement released today, HRW and Swiss NGO TRIAL international said three women accused Jammeh of rape and sexual assault while he was in office between 1996 and 2017.Jammeh's administration was notorious for its brutality and corruption, but it was the first time that sexual abuse of women was extensively and publicly documented.aljazeera
Uganda strains as thousands flee violence in DR Congo's Ituri
About 7,500 people fleeing violence in the eastern DR Congo have arrived in neighbouring Uganda since the beginning of the month, adding pressure on already overstretched facilities. More than 300 people crossed the border every day since June 1, escaping a wave of resurgent inter-ethnic conflict in the DRC's Ituri province, which has killed at least 160 people over the past two weeks, UNHCR spokesman Andrej Mahecic said in a statement on Tuesday. aljazeera
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