16 February 2020

16 FEB. Jamia Millia students release CCTV footage of Delhi police assaulting Students in library on Dec.15/Stopped from Marching to Amit Shah's Home, CAA Protesters Return to Their Tent in Shaheen Bagh/ Maharashtra will not implement NPR till ruling alliance arrives at a consensus, says minister/ Child rights panel chief ‘unaware of police brutalities on children’ in UP or anywhere

 16 Feb.  2020: 21 Jamadi-2, 1441: Vol: 12, No: 133
*anti-CAA,NRC-NPR stir*
Jamia Millia students release CCTV footage of Delhi police assaulting Students in library on Dec.15
New Delhi:A group representing the students and alumni of Jamia Millia Islamia has released CCTV footage purportedly showing Delhi Police personnel assaulting students in university library on the night of December 15 when violence rocked the campus amid anti-citizenship law protests in the area. Video, tweeted by Jamia Coordination Committee, shows police entering the library on the first floor of MA/MPhil section. The time-stamp on the CCTV footage shows the cops entering at 6:08pm and raining blows on unarmed students using lathis. The police action on students had marked a turning point in protests against the CAA with anger at the police and opposition to the controversial law blurring into a unison of protests at campuses across India. According to students, police laid siege to the campus, fired tear gas shells and those injured were not even allowed to get medical attention. Students said windows of the library were smashed and around 50-60 students were inside when policemen gheraoed it. Previous video footage shot by students inside the library had showed dozens of young students — including several women — scrambling for cover, cowering beneath desks, and jumping over metal and broken glass dividers as they attempted to flee. Defending the action, Delhi Police had claimed that some people part of the violent mob that burnt the buses had managed to enter the campus the police followed them in pursuit.Students and teachers at Jamia, however, said when that police started shooting tear gas inside the university, there were only students inside.The new CCTV footage again prompted questions on the police action, with opposition demanding action against the cops.“CCTV footage has emerged showing police assaulting Jamia students without provocation. Horrifying. Exemplary punishment must be levied on these lawless policemen,”Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said. Party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused Union Home Ministry and Delhi Police of lying. CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury demanded an FIR against Delhi Police. “Why hasn't an FIR been registered against Delhi Police so long after this action against students in a library in the heart of Delhi? As Home Minister has justified police action, courts should take suo moto cognisance of the footage and initiate action against those responsible,”he said.News18
Watch: New video shows Delhi Police assaulting students inside Jamia library
Priyanka Gandhi asks for action after tweeting ‘proof’ of police brutality on Jamia students
‘Will investigate it’: Delhi police takes note of the video ‘proof of police brutality’ on Jamia students
Delhi police have taken note of the video purportedly showing its men thrashing students studying peacefully in a reading room in Jamia Millia Islamia on Dec.15, the day police and varsity students clashed in and outside campus leading to injuries on both sides.“We have taken cognizance of the latest video (of Dec.15) of Jamia Millia Islamia (library) which has surfaced now, we will investigate it,” said Special Commissioner of Police (Intelligence), Praveer Ranjan.HT
Video of purported police brutality inside library not released by Jamia Millia: University
New Delhi:Jamia Millia Islamia today clarified that it has not released the new video which is circulating on social media showing some men in paramilitary and police personnel uniform beating up students in the university''s library on Dec.15. 48-second video, which appears to be a CCTV footage, purportedly shows some seven to eight people in paramilitary and police personnel uniform entering the Old Reading Hall and beating up students with batons. Those in paramilitary and police uniform have their face covered."It has come to our notice that some video with regard to police brutality in Dr Zakir Husain Library of Jamia Millia Islamia is in circulation. This is to clarify that the video has not been released by the university," the institute''s public relations officer Ahmad Azeem said.The video was released by Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), a group comprising JMI students and alumni. "This is to clarify that JCC is not an official body of the university. Any communication from JCC should not be taken as version of the university" Ahmad Azeem said said.PTI
Stopped from Marching to Amit Shah's Home, CAA Protesters Return to Their Tent in Shaheen Bagh
New Delhi: After weeks of staying put on the road in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, the women protesting against CAA marched towards Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence with scores of other protesters on Sunday but had to return after denial of permission. As the march began on Sunday afternoon, the elderly women, popular now as ‘Shaheen Bagh dadis’, walked up to the police where barricades have been set up and asked for an update on their request for permission to meet the home minister.“The administration is keen on this. Their request will be forwarded and when they get permission, we will let them proceed,” a police official said.The protesters then returned to the tent put up on the road in Shaheen Bagh, which has become synonymous with the resistance against CAA. They said they would wait for permission or else “the govt should come and meet us”.While the police said they had asked the protesters to form a delegation on Saturday, the women said the protest was "leaderless" and it was up to the Home Minister to decide who all he wanted to call for talks.An announcement in this regard was also made by a speaker from the dais at the protest venue on Saturday. "We are ready to meet Home Minister. But he should make it clear how many people he wants to meet," Syed Ahmed Taseer, one of the organisers, had said.In an interaction with a channel earlier this week, Shah said anyone who wants to discuss issues related to CAA with him can seek time from his office. "(We) will give time within three days," home minister had said.news18
No permission, Delhi Police stop Shaheen Bagh protesters from marching to Amit Shah’s residence
Shaheen Bagh Protesters Marching To Amit Shah's House Turn Back
PM Modi on CAA: ‘Despite pressure, we stand by our decision’
Amidst ongoing nationwide protest against contentious CAA, PM Narendra Modi Sunday reiterated that his government stands by decision “despite all pressure”. “For years, India had been waiting for decisions like repealing Article 370 and the introduction of CAA. These decisions were necessary in the interest of the country. Despite all the pressure, we stood our ground over these decisions and will remain so,” Modi said while addressing a public meeting in Varanasi.indianexpress
Maharashtra will not implement NPR till ruling alliance arrives at a consensus, says minister
A minister in Maharashtra government has clarified that the state would not implement NPR and NRC  until parties in the ruling alliance arrive at a consensus.Maha Vikas Aghadi –alliance of Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress – said more discussions about population and citizens’ registers would be held. The statement came after thousands of people participated in “maha morcha” protests against NPR and NRC exercises, and CAA. “Had a discussion with Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray and it was decided that a discussion would be held for benefit of the citizens by discussing all matters related to NPR and NRC,” said NCP leader and state Housing Minister Jitendra Awhad. “However, nothing [of] such sort of survey will happen in Maharashtra. CM has already ensured that there will be no discrimination on the basis of religions, caste and creed in progressive Maharashtra.”Awhad also dismissed reports claiming that the state government had directed officials to start collecting data for the population register from May 1 to June 15 in a special drive. “It is unfortunate that some groups were trying to create disputes in the alliance government without any reason,” he tweeted.The Hindu/ scroll
Citizens raise voice against CAA-NRC at Mumbai's Azad Maidan
Mumbai: Thousands of citizens gathered at Azad Maidan on Saturday afternoon to protest against CAA, NRC and NPR. The organisers of ‘Maha Morcha’, including ex Bombay high court judge justice BG Kolse Patil, also submitted a memorandum under the banner of ‘Alliance Against CAA-NRC-NPR’ to the Governor.The memorandum, a copy of which HT has, read, “Abolish CAA because it is arbitrary and discriminatory, therefore unconstitutional…Assure that NRC will never be implemented because it will bring enormous hardships to poor and downtrodden masses of the country.” Organisers claimed that this was the largest anti-CAA gathering in the city till now.Among those who gathered at Azad Maidan were people who had come all the way from Mumbra. “There are a lot of events taking place, but because they are in the suburbs they aren’t catching the attention of authorities, which is why a big event such as this was planned at Azad Maidan,” said Hasib Bhatkar, president, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Mumbai.Sarah Sheikh, a businesswoman, expressed concerns if people from all sections of the society will be able to produce citizenship documents. Among those who addressed the audience were representatives of the Buddhist, Christian and Sikh communities.HT
Azad Maidan, again: Hum Dekhenge
Bidar school sedition case: 9-yr-old reunites with mother after fortnight
Bidar: 9-year-old was uttering a prayer while waiting to meet her mother after 17 days. At times, she smiled shyly, while sometimes there were tears.“I am praying that she is released today. I want to hug her, I want to take her home. I want sleep peacefully beside her,” she said on Saturday morning, waiting at the home of an official of Shaheen Group of Institutions, which runs her school, Shaheen Urdu Primary School, at Shahpur Gate in Bidar.A few hours later, her mother Najmunissa, 35, stepped out of Bidar District Jail at 6 pm. In 20 minutes, the two were reunited, hugging and crying.A single parent, Najmunissa was put in jail on sedition charges after her daughter — a Class V student – spoke against CAA in a school play.The school’s headmistress, Fareeda Begum, also held on sedition charges, was released from jail a day after the two were granted bail.Her daughter, Najmunissa told Sunday Express, wants to know what she did in jail during these 17 days, and is “eager to tell me what all she did while waiting for me”.She said: “All she wants now is to be alone with me so that we can talk. When I met her today after being released, it was like seeing my daughter for the first time – she is the only one I have; I prayed all the time for her safety.”While her mother was in prison, 9-year-old said she sometimes stayed at their rented room in Maniar Taleem Colony. “I used to sleep in the same room as the landlord’s wife but I could not sleep. She helped me a lot, as I used to wake up crying at night…I missed my mother,” she said.At times, she would stay over at the home of a school teacher after school. “I felt lonely and sad because all I have is my mother. I have never lived without her for a single day. So I was terrified,” the girl said.“I have to tell her everything that happened at school — there is so much to tell my mother. I missed her so much,” she said shyly.indian express
HC seeks report on Bidar cops questioning kids
Karnataka High Court has directed the state govt to file a report on whether children at a private school in Bidar district were interrogated by policemen in uniform as part of the investigation into a sedition case registered against the school and its authorities over a play staged to oppose CAA.A division bench of Karnataka HC issued the directive on Friday following a petition filed by Congress worker Nayana Jyothi Jwahar and South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM), stating that children between nine and 12 years of age were questioned by the police in a hostile environment, in violation of the law.indianexpress
Karnataka: 3 students from J&K held on sedition charges in Hubbali
Bengaluru: 3 Kashmiri students of KLE Institute of Technology in Hubbali region of Karnataka were arrested on Saturday by the police in a case of sedition registered on the basis of a complaint filed by college authorities over a video that the students put out on social media, where they seemed to be singing along with a song with the words “Pakistan zindabad” allegedly playing in the background.The video, which was widely shared on social media on Friday, resulted in Bajrang Dal activists approaching the college, which is part of a chain in north Karnataka belonging to a BJP politician, and seeking police action against the students.Two of the students are in a first-year engineering course; the third is a second year student, college authorities said. ““They gathered in their room and (allegedly) recorded a pro-Pakistan video. It seemed to have been done to mark the lapse of a year since Pulwama attack. We summoned students after we learned about the video,’’ college principal Basavaraj Anami said.indianexpress
RSS, BJP biggest threat to country… occupy university spaces to counter them:JNU student leader Aishe Ghosh
Kolkata:JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh on Friday said RSS-BJP combine was the biggest threat to the country and asked students to foil their attempts to curb dissent by occupying spaces in universities.She was taking party in an SFI rally at Jadavpur University (JU) to support its candidates contesting JU Students’ Union election and to protest against CAA.Addressing the rally, Ghosh said, “BJP-RSS combine is challenging the free discourse and liberal environment in institutes of higher studies. They have tried to make inroads in JNU since 2017, but their attempts were thwarted by its students who put up resistance. I would ask my students community in JU not to yield an inch of space to them. If they stare at you, stare back harder. Face their challenge head on to save this country and your campus. They are the biggest threats of this country,” Ghosh said.indian express

Firing near CAA protest site in Bihar, 2 detained
Patna Police on Saturday detained two people on suspicion of opening fire near an anti-CAA protest site at Phulwari Sharif on Thursday night. Though no one was injured and the firing also took place at 100 yards away from the protest site — at Ishapur pipeline — the police said it could be an attempt to “intimidate” anti-CAA-NPR-NRC protesters, who have been sitting at the site on dharna from 29 days now.The police recovered two empty cartridges from the spot on Thursday midnight soon after gunshots were reported in the area.indianexpress
Child rights panel chief ‘unaware of police brutalities on children’ in UP or anywhere
New Delhi:National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Chairman Priyank Kanoongo has said he has no information of illegal detention of children in jails or abuse by policemen either in Uttar Pradesh or anywhere in the country.NCPCR has been criticised by activists for allegedly turning a blind eye to police brutalities following the crackdown on protesters holding demonstrations against CAA, in UP and Delhi.The Supreme Court on Feb.10 ordered Centre, NCPCR and its arms in New Delhi and UP to submit a report on detention of children in jails, calling such actions as a violation of Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.“I appeal to activists and organisations to provide me information about any illegal detentions, abuse, torture or exploitation in the context of anti-CAA protests. Give me the details of the victims and I will ensure justice is delivered,” Kanoongo said. Kanoongo said he had written to SP of Muzaffarnagar and Bijnore seeking their response to media reports of children being detained for several days, beaten up in police custody, denied water and access to toilet, adding that he received their response calling the reports “false” and “rejecting” that children were either taken into custody or beaten up while quelling protests held in various parts of UP The Hindu has seen these letters.The Hindu

Back from adult prison, Bihar minors arrested in police raids on Muslim homes post CAA protests tell of maltreatment

On notice, Imran Pratapgarhi says: All peaceful that day… admin thanked me
Over the last two months, poet Imran Pratapgarhi has travelled to almost a hundred cities to speak against the CAA and NRC. Crowds ranging from hundreds to thousands, Imran captures the audience by blending social messages with poetry and satire.Alleging that UP government is on a “witch hunt” to recover Rs 1.04 crore from him for law and order costs during anti-CAA protests, Imran said that the government is out to muzzle protests in all forms.Regarding the particular protest in Moradabad, Imran maintained that his visit had concluded peacefully and that he wasn’t aware the administration had issued such an order a before it. “I had been in touch with the administration days before the protest. I had been asked to not visit, and I complied. On Feb.7, I visited and spoke (at the venue) — everything was peaceful. In fact, they (administration) thanked me for it. I only wonder at the level of targeting,” he said.Undeterred by the administration’s decision, Imran is firm with his resolve to travel across the country and make people aware about the dangers of the new citizenship law. “Ab baat ghar bachane ki hai (it is now a matter of saving our house),” he said.indianexpress
Digvijaya attacks Amit Shah on CAA, asks him to resign
Congress leader Digvijaya Singh attacked Union Home Minister Amit Shah and asked him to withdraw the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and say No to NPR and NRC.The Congress leader tweeted in hindi: "Today people of Shaheen Bagh will be meeting Amit Shah. Take three decisions, then there will be peace in the country, take back CAA, No NPR and No NRC. Otherwise follow the statement given by Mohan Bhagwat in Ahmedabad and resign."IANS
Inspired by Shaheen Bagh, women in Chennai lead protests against CAA: 3,000 protesters occupy 2 streets in Washermanpet
The violence in Washermanpet on Friday might just have created a Shaheen Bagh-like situation in Chennai where hundreds of women began an indefinite protest against CAA and the proposed NRC and NPR on Saturday.Lala Gunda locality in Old Washermanpet is famous for its butter biscuit manufacturing units. Two of its narrow alleys — Sajja Munusamy Street and Aziz Mohamed Street — have been packed with more than 3,000 women and children, wearing anti-CAA and NRC bandanas and chanting anti-CAA and azadi slogans. Black flags atop buildings indicate the protest site. On February 14 night, there was commotion in the locality after a scuffle broke out between the protesters and the police. Over 140 people were detained. Condemning police high-handedness, protests by Islamic outfits erupted across the State.However, a group of women and men in Lala Gunda area continued their protests. “If women think, they can bring about any change. CAA and NRC have triggered the sentiments of women as the future of our children is at stake. Hence we all stepped out on to the streets,” said Kathija Beevi of National Women’s Front, an NGO working for the education and uplift of Muslim women.Claiming that the women were not backed by any political party, the protesters said they were inspired by the protests at Shaheen Bagh which had been going on despite attempts to forcibly stop it. Nida Sabreen, a student who is part of the protest, said that women were not allowed to come out of their homes for decades. To show solidarity, many political leaders, including TNCC president K.S. Alagiri, CPI veteran Tha. Pandian, and CPI(M) MP T.K. Rangarajan came to the venue. The protesters also brought the body of Fasiluz Haq, 70, who reportedly died due to shock during the protests. Police refuted that, saying he had been ailing for a while. They performed prayers and took away the body for burial.thehindu
Assam NRC list in limbo: ‘Will they take me away?'
Bongaigaon(Assam): As the narrative moves on to CAA and a possible nation-wide NRC, the Assam list hangs in a limbo. So does the fate of children out of it. Centre has assured the Supreme Court, Parliament that such children, whose parents are on the list, won’t be taken to detention centres. But that hasn’t lessened their dread, of being sent away to “a place called Bangladesh”.“Cars, trees and flower gardens!” says Fatima, 12, her face lighting up at the memory. That morning, more than a year ago, her 15-member family hired three autos for a trip to Boitamari. It was Fatima’s first time outside her village. The furthest she had ever ventured was her school, a 3-km walk from the family’s small thatched house in Borpara village, in Assam’s Bongaigaon district. Sitting by her side was her niece, neighbour and best friend, Narzina, and they watched paddy fields fly past window over a 30-km journey that took nearly 2 hours. The evening before, the girls had been told by their elders to answer every question clearly. “What if they catch you there itself? Don’t make mistakes,” they were warned.Narzina and Fatima giggle at “the great time” they had at NRC hearing. The grim purpose of their visit — to prove Narzina is Indian — hasn’t registered, though the 10-year-old is acutely aware of the value of the plastic folder holding her “nothi potro (documents)”.On January 6, Attorney General of India KK Venugopal assured the Supreme Court that children excluded from the Assam NRC will not be sent to detention centres for now if their parents feature in the list.To Narzina’s parents, such assurances mean little. The final draft of the Assam NRC came out more than a year and a half ago, and included Narzina’s parents, grandparents, but not her and her younger brother, 7. The family attended four hearings in four different towns. At each, officials assured them “it will be okay” — rules say parents who are in NRC need to only give “oral/written” testimonies for children under 14. But Narzina or her brother didn’t figure in final NRC list, published on Aug.31, 2019. Narzina’s mother recalls that night of August, Narzina waking her up. “Will they take me away?” she sobbed. Her mother, who is in her mid-20s, says she did not know what to say. “I just hugged her and we slept.”indianexpress
Strict restrictions to continue as J&K administration extends 2G mobile data service till Feb 24
J&K administration has extended the 2G mobile data service and fixed line internet connectivity wherever provided across the union territory till February 24, an official spokesperson said on Sunday.However, internet service providers (ISP) have been given directions to ensure access to 1,485 white-listed sites only and not to any social media applications allowing peer-to-peer communication and virtual private network (VPN) applications, he said."The directions shall be effective from February 16 and remain in force till February 24, unless modified earlier," he said quoting an order issued by Home Department.2G internet facility on mobile phones was restored in Jammu and Kashmir on January 25 after remaining suspended since August 5 last year."Whereas, reports have been received from the intelligence and law enforcement agencies inter-alia bringing out the manner in which social media sites are being accessed through the virtual private network (VPN) applications, for coordinating terror activities as well as to upload provocative material aimed at disturbing the public order.PTI
J&K: 1,485 websites whitelisted but ban on high speed internet extended till Feb.24
After Kashmir Valley visit, French envoy says lift curbs soon
New Delhi :French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Lenain, who was among the 25 foreign envoys who were taken to J&K earlier this week, said on Saturday that while the authorities were making “significant efforts” to “normalise the situation”, the remaining restrictions should be removed “as soon as possible”.His comments came a day after similar remarks by EU spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Virginie Battu-Henriksson, who said that “while we recognise the serious security concerns, it is important that the remaining restrictions be lifted swiftly.”Lenain said: “This trip was important because, as an Ambassador, I need to see the situation with my own eyes in order to make an assessment as objective as possible. It was useful to be able to interact directly with local authorities, and also with some parts of the civil society, local media and business community.”indianexpress
J&K National Conference decides to participate in panchayat polls, wants ‘roadblocks’ to be removed
Jammu:National Conference (NC) has decided to participate in the Panchayat elections in J&K next month but wants “roadblocks” placed in its way to be removed so that it can campaign freely.In a letter to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Shailendra Kumar, NC central secretary Rattan Lal Gupta said the party is a strong votary of democratic process and wishes to participate in the eight-phase elections starting March 5 in over 11,000 seats. A copy of the letter has been marked to Chief Election Commissioner.he letter states that it is practically impossible for the party to participate in the election when its top leaders, including its president Farooq Abdullah, vice president Omar Abdullah, general secretary Ali Mohammed Sagar, are in detention under the stringent Public Safety Act.PTI
Father not allowed in Delhi OYO hotel for being Kashmiri: DU student alleges harassment
A Delhi University student, Nauman Rafiq, has alleged that his father and his sister were not allowed at an Oyo hotel in Delhi after they revealed that they were from Kashmir.The hotel apparently stated that as per police orders, guests from J&K "are not allowed to check-in". Nauman Rashiq said that Aasha Residency hotel staff told him that "people from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are not allowed as per Oyo's policies." However, when Nauman said that he is a resident of Jammu and not from any of the three mentioned countries, the hotel authority said that there are orders from the police to not "allow Kashmiri residents to check-in".he hotel is located in Delhi's Vijay Nagar area.Nauman also said that the hotel did not even care to check his father’s ID before rejecting them. He said, "They did not even ask for my father’s ID, they just said that you are from Kashmir, and we have orders from the police to not allow people from Jammu and Kashmir, we are just complying with the orders.indiatoday
India Ready With Masood Azhar's Exact Location if Pakistan Again Tells FATF He's Missing:news18
New Delhi: While it appears that Pakistan may escape the blacklist as global financial watchdog FATF meets at Paris plenary, multiple sources have indicated that India is ready to expose Islamabad with evidence of sham claims to escape the blacklisting.Starting with the conviction of JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, India will press upon the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that his conviction by an anti-terrorism court in Lahore can go into appeal. This effectively means that the five-and-a-half year jail term is not the final word on the matter, clearly putting the irreversibility of action under question.India has already highlighted the timing of the conviction just four days before Paris plenary from Feb.16-21. In response to the conviction, sources had said that the decision was made on the eve of FATF plenary meeting. Hence, efficacy of this decision remains to be seen.Pakistan had earlier told FATF that JeM founder Masood Azhar was missing along with his family, and hence action can't be taken against him. Indian government officials said they will be watching keenly if position is reiterated by Pakistan in the Paris plenary. If Islamabad repeats the claim, New Delhi will share the exact coordinates of Masood Azhar, intelligence sources said.Source said Masood Azhar and his family are in Chakshahzad in Rawalpindi, around 10 km from Islamabad. He has been sheltered in an ISI safe house, sources added.
Masood Azhar and family missing, Pakistan tells terror financing watchdog FATF
Antonio Guterres arrives in Pakistan on 4-day visit
UN Chief Antonio Guterres arrived here on Sunday on a four-day visit to Pakistan during which he will attend the international conference on Afghan refugees, hold talks with top Pakistani leadership and visit the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur.UN Secretary-General was received by Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN Munir Akram and senior officials of the Foreign Office and the United Nations in Pakistan on his arrival at Nur Khan Airbase, Radio Pakistan reported.PTI
‘They cannot use India flag’: AKFI ask Pakistan not to allow ‘unauthorised’ team to hoist national flag during Sunday’s final
New Delhi:Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) has written a letter to its Pakistani counterpart, asking it not to allow “unauthoried” Indian team, which is under investigation by the Sports Ministry, to use the national flag during Sunday’s final of the circle style World Cup.Around 45 players accompanied by a group of some 12 officials and coaches had travelled to Pakistan without any official permission or clearance to participate in a tournament called ‘Kabaddi World Cup’. The final of the tournament will be held at Lahore on Sunday between India and Pakistan.However, AKFI made it clear that it has not sanctioned any kabaddi team’s visit to Pakistan for a tournament and asked the Pakistan Federation to not allow team to use ‘India’ in the jersey or track suits that the players would be wearing.PTI
PM Modi announces ‘another big decision’ on Ayodhya Ram Temple
Varanasi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the Central government will hand over the 67-acre land acquired in Ayodhya to the newly formed Ram Temple trust tasked to oversee the construction of a grand ‘Mandir’ at Lord Rama’s birth site. Centre had acquired 67 acres of land around what was earlier known as “the disputed site” in Ayodhya. The SC had directed that this land stays with the Central government until the resolution of the dispute.“Government has taken another big decision related to the Ram Temple (in Ayodhya). 67-acre land acquired under Ayodhya law will be transferred in its entirety to the newly formed Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. The grandeur and divinity of the Temple built on this big piece of land will increase,” Modi was quoted saying.PM’s statement came during his address at closing ceremony of the centenary celebrations of Shri Jagadguru Vishwaradhya Gurukul in Varanasi on Sunday.Modi also said that India’s identity was made through its collective tradition and culture and not defined by its rulers.“India as a nation was never defined by who won and who lost. The concept of the nation here is formed not by ruling power but by people’s culture and traditions, it (the concept of the nation) is made by the people’s enterprise,” said PM.Priests of the gurukul helped prime minister perform Puja at the event where he released the version of ‘Shri Siddhant Shikhamani Granth’ in 19 different languages and its mobile application.UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was present at the occasion along with his Karnataka counterpart, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa and the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Anandiben Patel.HT
Kejriwal takes oath as Delhi CM for 3rd term, seeks Modi's blessings after countering BJP on 'freebies' jibe
New Delhi: AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in as Delhi’s CM for the third consecutive time on Sunday at the Ramlila Maidan.In his address after taking oath, Kejriwal said he wants to work in harmony with the Centre and also sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi's blessings for smooth governance in the capital.“I had sent an invitation to PM Modi ji for this event. He could not come…maybe he is busy at some other event. Through this platform, I want to take blessings of Prime Minister and central government for smooth governance and development of Delhi,” said AAP supremo, who has had several run-ins with the Centre in the past.Kejriwal said he has “forgiven” his opponents for the remarks they made during the poll campaign. Referring himself as Delhi's “son”, he said this is not his victory but of every single Delhiite.“This is not my win, this is the victory of every Delhiite, of every family. In the last five years, our only effort has been to bring happiness and relief to every Delhiite,” said AAP chief, adding that he did not give step-motherly treatment to anyone and has worked for all in the last 5 years.“Elections are over, it doesn't matter who you voted for, now all Delhiites are my family. I will work for everyone, be it from any party, any religion, caste or strata of society. I am not just AAP’s CM. I am BJP’s CM, I am Congress’s CM, I am everyone’s chief minister,” he said.He also took on BJP for its remarks on AAP attracting voters by providing freebies.News18
Kejriwal says he wants to work in coordination with Centre
6 AAP leaders who took oath alongside Kejriwal
Apart from Arvind Kejriwal, 6 of his party leaders took oath as part of his cabinet on Sunday at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan.Kejriwal retained all 6 ministers who served his government in the previous term – Manish Sisodia, Satyendar Jain, Imran Hussain, Gopal Rai, Rajendra Gautam and Kailash Gehlot.Manish Sisodia, who also held the position of Delhi’s deputy Chief Minister, is considered Kejriwal’s right-hand man and the force behind reforms in the public education sector. Apart from Education, Sisodia also held the crucial portfolios for Finance, Planning, Tourism, Land & Building, Vigilance, Services, Women & Child Development along with Art, Culture and Languages. It is speculated that the Patparganj MLA will retain his portfolios.HT
After 'Goli Maaro' Chants in Delhi, BJP Ally Paswan Calls for Restraint Over Language in Bihar Elections
New Delhi: Bihar Assembly polls later this year should be fought on local development issues and restraint over language must be maintained, Union minister and LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan has said.The remarks by the BJP ally assume significance as they come after a vitriolic Delhi Assembly polls campaign in which some BJP leaders were rapped by the Election Commission for making inflammatory speeches.In an interview to PTI, Paswan said the NDA alliance in Bihar was intact and expressed confidence that it would form the government with a two-thirds majority as the Opposition was a "sunken ship"."LJP  has strongly been with the NDA. I have always said only that animal dies on the road who cannot decide whether to go left or right. As far as Nitish (Kumar) ji is concerned, I don't think he will go anywhere," he said when asked about the state of the NDA alliance in Bihar.PTI
Dalit Man Lynched in Tamil Nadu for Defecating in Field Owned by Man From Dominant Caste
Chennai: A 24-year-old Dalit man from Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu was lynched by a mob because he defecated in an open field that belonged to a person from a dominant caste.A video of the February 12 incident shows Sakthivel being brutally thrashed by locals in a hamlet in Villupuram. The police made arrests after the video clip went viral. A complaint was also lodged by Sakthivel's sister at a local police station. According to the complaint filed by Shaktivel’s sister, he was attacked after he defeated in an open field that belonged to a dominant caste section of people. She claimed that the mob became violent after learning that he was a Dalit.Sakthivel’s sister said she received a call for help from her brother, who told her he was being attacked in a field. She rushed to the spot and managed to save Shaktivel with the help of police. But Shaktivel lost consciousness on reaching home and died before the medics arrived.7 people were arrested on Friday under 5 sections, including punishment of murder and under prevention of Atrocities Against SC/ST Act.Thol. Thirumavalavan, leader of Dalit outfit VCK, visited the grieving family and later demanded action against those responsible for the crime.News18
Bhim Army members take out protest march against SC ruling on reservation in promotions
New Delhi :Scores of Bhim Army members on Sunday took out a protest march against the Supreme Court’s ruling that state governments are not bound to provide reservation in promotions in public services.Bhim Army chief Chandra Shekhar Aazad also joined protest march, which started from Mandi House. The protesters said they will march to Parliament.“The judgment of the apex court is totally against the Constitution’s promise of right to equality,” Harjeet Singh Bhatti, spokesperson said.PTI
Man asked to marry minor daughter to atone for accidentally killing a calf in MP
Bhopal :A man who accidentally killed a calf a few months ago was all set to marry his minor daughter to atone for his crime, as ordered by the panchayat, before the local administration and police stopped the marriage in a village under Pathariya Police Station in Vidisha district.It is a common practice in parts of Madhya Pradesh to impose social sanctions on individuals or families for killing cows accidentally. The sanctions include asking the alleged culprit to take a dip in the Ganges and throw a feast for villagers. Occasionally, the culprit is asked to marry his daughter, irrespective of her age, because the villagers believe kanyadaan in the culprit’s family is the only way to ward off the curse.In-charge of Pathariya Police Station B D Singh said that the man was riding his two-wheeler when it accidentally hit a calf leading to its death. He took the ritual dip in the Ganges and wanted to throw a feast for his relatives and villagers but they refused to turn up saying he will have to marry his daughter.indianexpress
'World War III underway': RSS chief Bhagwat says there is only 'violence and dissatisfaction' in society
Ahmedabad: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, on Saturday, while speaking at a gathering in Gujarat said that there is a chance that a World War III ‘in a different form’ is going to take place. He further said that in today’s world, nobody seems to be happy and everyone is agitating over something. “There is violence and dissatisfaction here and there,” he said. He said, “The world has come closer but in the process two World Wars took place and the threat of a third one is looming. It is said that the third one is underway, in a different form,” while adding, “No one is happy. Everyone is agitating. Mill owners and workers are agitating. Employers and employees are agitating. Govt and public is agitating. Students and teachers are agitating. Everyone is unhappy and dissatisfied.”Time now
Owaisi And Digvijaya Back RSS Chief's 'No One Is Happy' Remark Amid Nation-wide Protests
After RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat's 'No one is happy' remark, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday claimed that even BJP's ideological parent - RSS could not ignore ground reality anymore. He urged Bhagwat to tell people why everyone was agitating. Taking a jibe at the Home Minister, he claimed it was not because of India's 'bettering' economy.Slamming RSS and PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that Home Minister Amit Shah said that RSS was responsible for the current state of India. He urged the RSS to stop supporting BJP, claiming the 'ground beneath their feet will crumble'. He also pointed out that Bhagwat's comment was made in Gujarat - indicating at some tussle.republicworld
Taslima calls AR Rahman's daughter Khatija's burqa suffocating; She hits back with classy reply
Writer Taslima Nasreen is known for the controversial statements she makes on social media. This time, her opinion on AR Rahman's daughter Khatija wearing a burqa has baffled the netizens. She said that she feels suffocating when she looks at Khatija wearing a burqa.A year ago, AR Rahman was trolled by a group of people for making his daughter Khatija wear a burqa. However, composer shut down the trolls saying that the women in his family are free to wear whatever they want. Now, a year later, Taslima has shared a photo of young Khatija and shared her thoughts on her wearing a burqa. Khatija Rahman took to Instagram to give a classy reply to Taslima's tweet. She once again reiterated that it was her choice to wear what she wants.Her post reads, "Been only a year and this topic is in the rounds again..there’s so much happening in the country and all people are concerned about is the piece of attire a woman wants to wear. Wow, I’m quite startled. Every time this topic comes the fire in me rages and makes me want to say a lot of things..Over the last one year, I’ve found a different version of myself which I haven’t seen in so many years. I will not be weak or regret the choices I’ve made in life. I am happy and proud of what I do and thanks to those who have accepted me the way I am. My work will speak, God willing.. I don’t wish to say any further. To those of you who feel why I’m even bringing this up and explaining myself, sadly it so happens and one has to speak for oneself, that’s why I’m doing it. Dear Taslima Nasreen, I’m sorry you feel suffocated by my attire. Please get some fresh air, cause I don’t feel suffocated rather I’m proud and empowered for what I stand for. I suggest you google up what true feminism means because it isn’t bashing other women down nor bringing their fathers into the issue. I also don’t recall sending my photos to you for your perusal (sic)"Khatija's Instagram post has received a lot of love from fans who are appreciating her for giving a fitting reply to Taslima's tweet. Hundreds of fans applauded her for standing up for herself and taking on Taslima's opinions.india today
Kerala DGP who probed Haren Pandya murder case, accused of misappropriation of police funds by CAG
Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) audit report on general and social sector in Kerala has pointed out that after a joint verification in Special Armed Police Battalion (SAPB) at Thiruvananthapuram, it was revealed that there were 25 INSAS rifles and 12,061 live cartridges missing. The department is headed by DGP Lokanath Behera, who had also investigated Haren Pandya and Ishrat Jahan cases. The report also accuses Behera for diverting Rs 2.81 crore meant for the construction of staff quarters for upper subordinate staff to build villas for himself and assistant DGPs.The report on General and Social sector for the year ending March 31, 2018, was tabled earlier this week in Kerala Assembly. The audit observed that Police Department under Beherawas aware of the shortage in ammunition and attempted to cover up the shortfall instead of identifying and taking action against the culprits responsible for the loss of ammunition.nationalheraldindia
UP: Section 144 imposed in Gautam Budh Nagar district for 3 months
Noida: Authorities have imposed Section 144 in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Budh Nagar district to maintain peace during the CBSE board exams for Class 10 and 12.“Board exams have started from Saturday. Section 144 has been imposed so that candidates don’t face any problem during the exams. We expect the general public to co-operate as well,” DCP of Noida, Nitin Tiwari told IANS.Plice officer said Section 144 imposed on Saturday would remain in force for 2months.IANS
Minority school seeks reimbursement for reserving EWS seats, HC issues notice to UT Administration
Chandigarh :Punjab and Haryana High Court issued a notice to the Chandigarh Administration in a petition filed by the Independent Schools Association Chandigarh and New Public School (NPS) Society seeking full reimbursement for providing education to students belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS).Under Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, schools are required to reserve 25%seats for students belonging to EWS category. According to the Act, the amount is later reimbursed to the schools by the state.Issuing the notice in the petition, Justice Sudhir Mittal said in the order, “Liberty is granted to seek interim relief, in case of any emergency.” The matter was adjourned for hearing on March 20.indianexpress
Dozens of civilians killed in Saudi-UAE-led air raids in Yemen
Yemen's Houthi rebels say more than 30 civilians have been killed in air raids carried out by a Saudi-UAE-led military coalition, with UN confirming the death toll as it deplored a "shocking" failure to protect the war-torn country's unarmed population.Saturday's air raids in northern al-Jawf province came hours after the Houthis said they had shot down a Saudi fighter jet in the same area with an advanced surface-to-air missile."Preliminary field reports indicate that ... as many as 31 civilians were killed and 12 others injured in attacks that hit al-Hayjah area of al-Maslub district in al-Jawf governorate," said a statement from the office of the UN resident coordinator and humanitarian coordinator for Yemen.The statement said "humanitarian partners" deployed rapid response teams to provide medical assistance to the wounded, many of whom were being transferred to hospitals in al-Jawf, as well as the capital, Sanaa.aljazeera
Turkey hits back at Russia claims over Syria's Idlib
Turkey said it has fulfilled its responsibilities in Syria's Idlib region and warned it would take "necessary steps" if diplomatic efforts with Russia fail, amid a continuing Syrian govt offensive on the last rebel-held region in the country.Ankara, which backs several Syrian rebel groups, and Moscow, which supports Syrian govt, agreed in Sept.2018 to set up a de-escalation zone in opposition-controlled northwestern Syria. Under 2018 deal, Turkey has 12 observation posts in Idlib, with some of them now being in Syrian government-controlled territory following gains by Damascus.aljazeera
Syria: 800,000 displaced face desperate conditions in camps
A military offensive on the last rebel-held region in northwestern Syria is causing largest single displacement of people since the conflict began nine years ago.At least 800,000 people have fled the fighting since the start of December.They are stranded in areas near the border with Turkey, suffering in cold temperatures in overcrowded camps.aljazeera
Tunisia talks on cabinet press on amid risk of new election
Designated Tunisian PM Elyes Fakhfakh proposed the lineup of a new government on Saturday and then said negotiations would continue after the Ennahdha party, the biggest in Parliament, rejected it.The proposed government must be approved by the deeply fragmented parliament in two weeks or there will be a new election.Fakhfakh submitted a list of cabinet nominees to President Kais Saied, with Nizar Yaich as finance minister, Nourredine Erray as foreign minister and Imed Hazgui as defence minister.But with the largest parties either opposed to his coalition or unenthusiastic about its composition, Fakhfakh may struggle to gain the strong parliamentary majority needed for any significant political programme.Islamist Ennahdha party, with 53 seats, said it would only join a unity government that brings together parties from across Tunisia's political spectrum."Ennahdha's decision will put the country in a difficult situation," said Fakhfakh. Aljazeera
Xi had early knowledge of coronavirus severity, speech shows
China has announced a drop in new virus cases for the third straight day, as state media released a speech by President Xi Jinping that indicated the country's leadership was aware of the potential gravity of the outbreak far before the Chinese public was informed.In the early days of the epidemic, which has been one of the biggest political challenges of Xi's tenure, the president seemed to play a muted role, partly fuelling criticism of the government's approach to the outbreak. But during a speech Xi delivered February 3, which was published by state media on Saturday, he said he gave instructions on fighting the virus as early as January 7.It was not until late January that officials said the virus could spread between humans and public alarm began to rise.In the address, Xi said he ordered the shutdowns at the epicentre: "On January 22, in light of the epidemic’s rapid spread and the challenges of prevention and control, I made a clear request that Hubei province implement comprehensive and stringent controls over the outflow of people." aljazeera
Coronavirus Outbreak: China Death Toll Exceeds 1,600, But Fall in New Cases for 3rd Straight Day; Global Infections Top 69,000
The death toll from China's coronavirus epidemic jumped to 1,665 on Sunday after 142 more people died, although the number of new cases dropped for a third consecutive day. According to China's national health commission, there were 2,009 new cases reported across the country — the third day of declining cases after a spike earlier in the week due to a change in the way cases were counted. This brings its total number of confirmed cases to 68,500.The outbreak began in December in Wuhan, capital of central Chinese province of Hubei. It has since spread to more than 24 countries and prompted sweeping prevention measures from the Chinese govt, including a lockdown of cities with a combined population of more than 60 million. news18
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