25 February 2020

25 FEB. NEWS AT 9: Death toll rises to 13 as violence continues in parts of Northeast Delhi; 70 have gunshot wounds/-CAA Protest Site in Jaffrabad Cleared by Police/ Shoot-at-sight order issued in North East district; Curfew imposed in Maujpur, Jafrabad, Chand Bagh, Karawal Nagar/In Riot City, Hindutva Mobs Rage With Impunity as Police Watch in Silence:The Wire Ground Report/Hindu supremacist mobs orchestrate violence against Muslims where BJP won in Delhi polls: caravanmagazine/Jamaat-e-Islami Hind demands judicial probe into violence in Delhi/ Delhi Riots: Mosque Set on Fire in Ashok Vihar, Hanuman Flag Placed on Top

 25 Feb.  2020: 30 Jamadi-2, 1441: Vol: 12, No: 141
*anti-CAA,NRC-NPR stir*
Death toll rises to 13 as violence continues in parts of Northeast Delhi; 70 have gunshot wounds
Stone-throwing between rival groups, arson and vandalism on Tuesday marked unrelenting violence over citizenship law protests for more than 24 hours in a part of Delhi, in which 13 - including a policeman - have been killed and over 150 injured. At least 70 of those injured have gunshot wounds. Shops were burnt and people armed with sticks and rods were on streets in Bhajanpura, Chand Bagh and Karawal Nagar in northeast Delhi, which saw clashes between protesters for and against the controversial citizenship law spiral into unprecedented violence in the capital yesterday. Union Home Ministry ruled out calling the army, saying adequate central forces and police are on the ground, said government sources.Over 6,000 police and paramilitary personnel have been deployed along the stretch. This evening, police resorted to using tear gas shells in Chand Bagh to control the clashes.Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia on Tuesday afternoon visited the injured admitted to the Hospital. Meanwhile, Maujpur area of north-east Delhi continues to be tense with rioters destroying private properties and indulging in arson. Journalists have also been attacked, with rioters forcing them to delete videos and photos of the violence. Fresh violence has been reported from northeast Delhi areas such as Karawal Nagar, Maujpur, Bhajanpura, Vijay Park and Yamuna Vihar. While stones were thrown in neighborhoods such as Maujpur, the fire department has been getting more SOS calls, many of them unattended after three firefighters were been injured yesterday. A group of people set a fire engine ablaze and threw stones at another. In Maujpur, a group of people travelling in an e-rickshaw were thrashed and looted of their valuables this morning. In Gokulpuri area, a mob set a tyre market on fire last night. The Delhi government has ordered all private and government schools to be closed in the northeast Delhi district today in the wake of the violence.Delhi Metro has closed the Jaffrabad, Maujpur-Babarpur, Gokulpuri, Johri Enclave and Shiv Vihar stations.Large gatherings have been banned in northeast Delhi under Section 144.  news18/ndtv
Delhi violence : Anti-CAA Protest Site in Jaffrabad Cleared by Police
Delhi police clears the site of anti-CAA protest in Jaffrabad, where sit-in protests continued even as rioters went on a rampage across various parts of the city.
Delhi: Shoot-at-sight order issued in North East district; Curfew imposed in Maujpur, Jafrabad, Chand Bagh, Karawal Nagar: Indiatoday
As the violence continued to simmer in North East Delhi over CAA, a shoot-at-sight order in the clashed-hit areas in the city. The orders to shoot the rioters on sight have been issued in North East district where violence cut a swathe through several localities, including Chand Bagh and Bhajanpura, with stones and other missiles hurled and shops set ablaze. The shoot-at-sight order was announced by the Delhi Police SP in Yamuna Vihar area in Delhi. In the announcement, SP said that a curfew has been imposed in four areas of North East district of Delhi and shoot orders have also been issued.Meanwhile, in view of the violence, the district administration in Ghaziabad has sealed three borders adjoining North East Delhi and shut down bars and pubs in Ghaziabad.Delhi Police's Special CP Pravir Ranjan said that curfew has been imposed in violence-affected regions in North East Delhi - Maujpur, Jafrabad, Chand Bagh, Karawal Nagar.Section 144 has been imposed in Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad over continued violence in Delhi. All liquor stores have been ordered shut.
In Riot City, Hindutva Mobs Rage With Impunity as Police Watch in Silence:The Wire Ground Report
New Delhi: At Maujpur-Babarpur chowk, Hindu men gathered around BJP leader Jai Bhagwan Goyal, who had led a rally of a 100-odd people minutes before he broke into a rant against Muslims.“‘If you want to stay here, then you will have to rise up’” 60-year-old saffron clad leader declared, even as his voice faded amidst chants of “Jai Shri Ram” and “‘We are surrounded by Muslims from all four sides, if we want to defend ourselves we will have to fight’,” said one of his supporters, even as  Goyal kept inciting the Hindu men who had gathered there against Muslims. Several parts of north east Delhi have witnessed large-scale communal riots since Monday. On Tuesday, the mixed localities of the region stand entirely polarised on religious lines.While Muslims have congregated in areas where they are in majority, the Hindus, barring politically-sponsored rioters, also remain in the confines of their homes. “Hasn’t Section 144 been imposed here?” a journalist asked a policeman guarding the area in his riot gear.“Yes,” he replied. “Then how could the leader take out a rally here?” the journalist followed up. “Pata nahin (I don’t know),” came the policeman’s pat reply. The panic call that Goyal and his supporters gave could leave any observer perplexed. The stretch between Jaffrabad and Maujpur metro stations – in effect the epicentre of the communal riots – is less than a kilometre but represents a religious polarisation hitherto unseen in the national capital. The area near the Jaffrabad metro station has a strong Muslim presence. But, on Tuesday, the Muslim protesters remained largely muted. “Our intention is to protest against CAA. We have no intention to fight our Hindu brothers and sisters,” a protestor at Jaffrabad told The Wire. When asked whether the situation escalated into a riot only because of Hindutva participants, he said, “I won’t lie. Yesterday, when the Hindu mob started pelting stones, some young men from our side too picked up the very same stones and bricks and threw them at the mob. We couldn’t control the situation. But today, we are clear that no one will be encouraged to indulge in any form of violence.”Even as a few policemen kept guard, the protesters kept chanting slogans against CAA. Multiple speakers called people to refrain from any form of violence.  In contrast, the area around Maujpur station has been entirely taken over by a frenzied Hindutva mob.One is greeted by large hoarding of saffron drapes that read “Jai Shri Ram”. Young men, with sticks, tubelights, or plain PVC pipes, openly flaunted their strength in front of a small battalion of Delhi Police personnel stationed there. The police stood as mute spectators even as an anarchic mob swelled. They looked at journalists with suspicion. Each time anyone attempted to take a video or a picture, they would snatch her phone, make them delete all photos, and threaten to beat her up.  The police kept requesting the journalists to keep a distance from the mob which was merely 20 metres away but refused to answer why the mob was allowed to congregate despite Section 144 in place. “Saare ugrawadi hai aas paas. Dande se hi maante hai yeh log (‘We are surrounded by militants. They understand only the language of stick’),” a Hindu man, probably in his late twenties, told The Wire but only after ensuring that this correspondent was a Hindu by birth. At the same time, he refused to engage with one Muslim reporter who stood there. In small intervals, temperature soared as various mobs spread over different parts of the area burst into slogans of “Jai Shri Ram” – visibly the most-used war cry against Muslims. Use of invectives, particularly those clearly intended to be anti-Muslim, pervaded the air, along with the tear gas that the small troupe of police occasionally fired to disperse the mob. At another corner, there were middle-aged women, clad in saffron, who moved around Babarpur streets where Hindus were in majority, with what appeared to be a clear objective to organise more people from the community against Muslims.“Yaad rakho, ‘Modi Modi’ nahin bolna hai. Sirf ‘Jai Shri Ram’,” one of them said in response to many in the group keenly wanting to take the prime minister’s name during rioting. Even as most shops and businesses in north east Delhi remained shut on Tuesday, the stretch between the Jaffrabad and Maujpur metro stations was a stark reminder of what conspired on Monday. Many shops owned by Muslims in the Jaffrabad area had been set ablaze. The streets were strewn with stones, bricks, and glass. Thewire
Delhi violence: Cops shouted “Jai Shri Ram” with armed Hindu mob, charged at Muslims: caravanmagazine
Hindu supremacist mobs orchestrate violence against Muslims where BJP won in Delhi polls: caravanmagazine
Blood, injustice and anger burn the streets of north-east Delhi
Delhi Police look other way as rioters run amok in northeast Delhi
If this is not Jungle Raj, what is? Mobs run amok in parts of Delhi
An eyewitness report from ground zero in Delhi
“Are you a Muslim? What kind of name is this,” asked Raja, a Hindu Sena goon near Maujpur metro station in north-east Delhi where the situation continues to remain tense along with Jaffarabad, Maujpur, Noor-e-Ilahi, Ghonda, Bhajanpura and Chand Bagh.A saffron tilak-sporting rioter armed with a lathi asked this question as I was walking from Maujpur to Noor-e-Ilahi, which is a couple of kilometres down the road. The question stumped me and before I could answer, a passer-by responded saying, “She is Hindustani”. It seemed to have caught the Raja also by surprise and he toned down his questioning, even though he was insistent on finding out my religion. I had to finally tell him ‘Christian’, which is when he decided to speak up. It was the first time my Christian identity had marked me safe.“We Hindus have woken up. You people never report our side. We are surrounded by Pakistanis, so how can we ever be safe? If Muslims can sit for two months, why can’t we come out to support the Citizenship Amendment Act. Give your number so that I can give you our side of the protest,” stressed Raja, before moving away to let me walk off. nationalheraldindia
Delhi Police says shortage of forces lead to spread of violence, deploys 1,000 personnel in riot-hit areas as toll climbs to nine
Delhi Police told Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday that it did not have adequate forces to immediately control violence that hit parts of Delhi claiming 9 lives, including that of a policeman, officials said.The non-availability of adequate forces was conveyed by Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik during his meeting with the top brass of MHA.Delhi Police told MHA that it did not have adequate forces to control North East Delhi violence immediately, which led to the situation getting aggravated, a senior official said. It also conveyed to MHA that it was deploying a battalion (around 1,000 personnel) of its armed police in the violence-hit areas, he added. Firstpost
Delhi Top Cop Denies Allegations, Says Enough Forces To Deal With Clashes
Sufficient numbers of security personnel have been deployed to combat and control violence that has hit parts of northeast Delhi and claimed the lives of at least 11 people, including a policeman, Delhi Police said today, denying reports it had told the Union Home Ministry - to whom it reports - that "non-availability of adequate forces" had led to an escalation of violence."Information is wrong. Home Ministry is continually supporting us and we have adequate forces. Delhi Police denies this completely," Amulya Patnaik, Police Commissioner (Delhi), told ANI.However, this statement, also issued by Delhi Police PRO MS Randhawa this evening, appears to contradict that by a senior officer who earlier said "non-availability of adequate forces was conveyed by Delhi Police Commissioner" during a meeting with Home Ministry.The officer said "non-availability of forces" had led to escalation of violence on Monday. NDTV
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind  President demands judicial probe into violence in Delhi
New Delhi:Expressing concern over the situation in the national capital, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) demanded a judicial probe into the violence in northeast Delhi which claimed 10 lives."The situation in the nation''s capital is extremely worrying and there is an urgent need for all to work together and restore peace and normalcy immediately," said JIH President Saddatullah Hussaini."We all witnessed the overt incitement to violence by politicians followed by violent attacks on protesters. The Delhi Police was unable to control the violence. Armed gangs went on the rampage in the presence of the police, which didn''t do anything to stop them," said Hussaini in a statement.The JIH demanded that the politicians who were responsible for provoking the violence should be immediately arrested. The Chief Minister along with his MLAs, the MPs of Delhi and prominent community and religious leaders must tour the violence-affected areas and appeal for calm."The Delhi Police must act against those breaking the law and resorting to acts of violence irrespective of the citizen''s religious and political affiliation. We have so far seen that the police are acting in an extremely prejudiced manner against the minority community," the JIH chief said.IANS
Delhi Riots: Mosque Set on Fire in Ashok Vihar, Hanuman Flag Placed on Top
New Delhi: A mosque in Ashok Vihar was set on fire late on Tuesday afternoon. A mob shouting “Jai Shri Ram” and “Hinduon ka Hindustan” paraded around the burning mosque, and a Hanuman flag was placed on top of the structure. Shops within and around the masjid’s compound, including a footwear shop, were being looted. Locals told The Wire that the looters are not residents of the area, which is predominantly Hindu but has few Muslim families. Though there were a few firefighters present at the site, police could not be seen.Locals also said that police removed members of the Muslim community from the locality.thewire
'We Burnt Mazar Down': Hindutva Men Talk About the Violence They Unleashed
New Delhi: Since Monday, North East Delhi has been on the boil. Hindutva mobs have unleashed large-scale violence against anti-CAA protestors, and there has also been violence and stone-pelting from the other side.Shots have also been fired in some parts of the district. Several shops and homes have been vandalised and set on fire, and vehicles have been torched.The violence has led to the death of at least 7 persons and more than 100 have been injured. The situation remains volatile, with armed mobs patrolling the streets and continuing to torch homes and shops.The Wire met with a pro-govt Hindutva mob and spoke to them about the violence and their modus operandi.They agreed to talk “if the camera is not focused on our (their) face”.thewire
Delhi Riots: 14-Year-Old Boy Shot at in Kardam Puri, No Ambulance 'Allowed to Reach' Spot
New Delhi: 6 hours after a 14-year-old Muslim boy was allegedly shot at by Hindutva supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act in the Kardam Puri locality of Shahdara, no ambulance had reached him.The Wire‘s reporters found him slumped on his stomach, with locals attempting to offer relief with preliminary care.The boy, identified as Faizan, had not been a part of protests or clashes but had been in the area to drop off some items to an acquaintance.According to bystanders that The Wire‘s reporters spoke to, he was shot at at 11 am. Since then, he had not received medical care other than first aid.“Police have been turning away ambulances that have tried to reach him,” a bystander told The Wire. The reporters themselves saw personnel of the security forces standing in a file less than half a kilometre from place where Faizan lay by the side of the street.thewire
Delhi violence: 4 journalists injured in mob attacks, several forced to delete videos from phones
At least 4 journalists were attacked by mobs on Tuesday as violent clashes over CAA entered the third day in North East Delhi. News network NDTV said 3 of its reporters and a cameraperson were assaulted by armed mobs. reporters saw supporters of the law threatening journalists and checking their phones for videos and deleting them.NDTV journalist Arvind Gunasekar lost a tooth when a mob hit him on the face, according to the news network. He was about to be hit by a cane but his colleague, Saurabh Shukla, intervened and got hit instead. No policemen were present at the location, according to NDTV.Mariyam Alvi, another NDTV journalist, was allegedly hit on the back by a mob in another locality. A cameraperson, Sushil Rathee, was injured. A reporter tweeted that a journalist, who she identified as Akash, had been shot while he was reporting at Maujpur.Today, reporters at the spot witnessed Hindu mobs throwing stones and petrol bombs at Muslim homes across the road in Kabir Nagar, near Maujpur.scroll
NDTV Reporters Attacked By Armed Mobs During Delhi Violence
In photos and videos: Day 3 of violence in Delhi as attacks against Muslims mount
Parts of Northeast Delhi continued to be hit by violence on Tuesday, with the toll from clashes over the CAA reaching 9. reporters at the spot witnessed Hindu mobs throwing stones and petrol bombs at Muslim homes across the road in Kabir Nagar, near Maujpur. Journalists were also attacked and many forced to delete pictures and videos from their phones.scroll
'Are you Hindu or Muslim?’: TOI photojournalist recounts Maujpur horror
New Delhi: This story is all about how things have been spiralling out of control in northeast Delhi and how misguided youths have decided to take the law in their hands by unleashing violence based on religious identity. My horrifying experience began when I reached Maujpur Metro Station around 12.15pm. I was taken by surprise when a Hindu Sena member suddenly approached me offering to put tilak on my forehead saying it would make my work “easier”. He could see me with cameras, which identified me as a photojournalist. However, he was insistent. “You are also a Hindu, bhaiya. What is the harm?” timesofindia
Delhi Cop Who Died In CAA Clashes Was Shot Dead, Autopsy Reveals
Delhi Police officer Ratan Lal, who was killed in northeast Delhi on Monday during violent protests over CAA, died of gunshot wounds, police sources said today. 42-year-old officer was killed near Dayalpur Police Station by miscreants around noon, when the violence was at its peak.It was earlier reported that Head Constable Ratan Lal had been killed in stone throwing.According to the results of an autopsy that was conducted at the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital in Dilshad Gardens, the bullet that killed him entered from his left shoulder and was recovered during the procedure from his right shoulder.ndtv
Don't share unverified WhatsApp messages: Delhi deputy CM Sisodia requests people to avoid rumours
Deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia on Twitter urged people to not believe in rumours and not share on social media report they cannot verify.Sisodia said on Tuesday, "The work of spreading rumors is also being done in many places.""Unless you see an incident happening with your eyes, neither believe such things nor send such WhatsApp messages to anyone. The greatest contribution at such critical times is not to spread rumors," Sisodia wrote on Twitter.indiatoday
Amit Shah cancels trip to Thiruvananthapuram
Home Minister Amit Shah has cancelled his visit to Thiruvananthapuram scheduled for Wednesday. Shah held a high-level meeting with Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal regarding the continuing spate of violence in northeast Delhi over CAA protests. Firstpost
Reschedule Board Exams In North-East Delhi Or Shift Centre: High Court To CBSE
New Delhi: Safety of children cannot be put at risk, the Delhi High Court said Tuesday and asked the CBSE to decide at the earliest on rescheduling Wednesday's board exam at one of the centres in the north-east Delhi where violence related to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act have claimed 10 lives. Justice Rajiv Shakdher asked the CBSE to take the decision as soon as possible on the exam and convey it to all concerned. The court will hear the matter again on Wednesday morning.
Victims of Delhi violence say rioters are not local
CNN-News18 reported that the victims of the continuing violence in the National Capital said that the rioters aren't locals. Meanwhile, a delegation of civil rights activists, including All India Progressive Women's Association secretary Kavita Krishnan, on Tuesday went to meet Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal at his residence to submit an appeal to protect the people in the city from communal violence. firstpost
Senior citizen’s source of livelihood set ablaze
Fatima, a 62-year-old widow, could not hold back her tears when her source of livelihood was set afire by protesters in north-east Delhi’s Khajuri Khas. Her worry? Daughter’s wedding.A resident of the slums near Khajuri Khas junction, Ms. Fatima sold fruits on a wooden cart for a living, which on Monday was set ablaze. The burnt and destroyed fruits lying on the street told a wretched story.“What am I supposed to do? What is my fault? I don’t know or care about the CAA. I was not protesting. Why should I bear the brunt? This was my livelihood. 2 days ago, I had bought oranges worth ₹50,000 and so many of them are now destroyed. How will I manage funds? It’s a big loss for me,” she cried.thehindu
BJP councillor saves Muslim family from murderous mob in Yamuna Vihar: india today       
New Delhi:At a time when Delhi is witnessing violent communal clashes in many parts, a BJP Councillor has set a positive example by rescuing a Muslim family and their house from a violent mob.A local BJP ward councillor from Yamuna Vihar came to the aid of a Muslim family and saved their house from being set ablaze by a mob of around 150 people.A family member who did not want to be named, narrated details from last night's incident which started at around 11:30 pm.He said mob suddenly started marching towards their neighbourhood, chanting slogans of 'Jai Shri Ram'. The mob entered from a road which was left unbarricaded by cops; the other side of the road, which leads to a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood, was barricaded to prevent protesters from entering.He added the mob first burnt down a boutique below his house, which belonged to his tenant. A car and motorbike that belonged to the family were also torched by the mob.indiatoday
With blocking ambulances, patients being brought to hospitals on bikes, vans
The injured in violent clashes in northeast Delhi are being brought to hospitals on bikes and vans as ambulances fail to make their way to the violence-hit areas, police said on Tuesday.The police said protestors were blocking ambulances and other vehicles.Constable Amit Kumar, who sustained injury on his right hand while he was trying to disperse two groups pelting stones at each other, was brought to the Jag Pravesh Chander Hospital on a bike.Kumar, posted at Khurjei Khas area, said, "I was trying to disperse two groups who were pelting stones at each other at Khajuri Khas Chowk and suddenly something hit me from behind. I do not know if it was a stone or something else." Kaif (32), who sustained injuries in clashes at Khureji Khas area, was brought by the police in a van at the hospital.Another man with suspected gunshot injury was rushed to the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital on a bike by two men.PTI
Delhi violence: Bhim Army chief blames BJP’s Kapil Mishra for clashes; SC to hear plea by Wajahat Habibullah, Azad tomorrow
Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad today blamed BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s incendiary remarks for the clashes that broke out in Delhi over CAA. Azad made remarks in a petition filed in the Supreme Court seeking police action in connection with the violence, in which seven people have died so far.The petition, moved by Azad along with ex CIC Wajahat Habibullah and Shaheen Bagh resident Bahadur Abbas Naqvi, has sought directions for Delhi Police to register first information reports based on complaints filed related to the violence that began in northeast Delhi on Sunday. The top court will hear plea tomorrow.In his petition, the Bhim Army chief alleged that Mishra was responsible for inciting and orchestrating the violence in the city. The petitioners have also demanded protection for the women in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh locality who have been protesting there since Dec.15. The petition, moved by Azad, Habibullah and Naqvi alleged “allegation of road blockade by protestors is just an excuse”.scroll
Delhi CAA violence: SC to hear plea by Wajahat Habibullah, Bhim Army chief tomorrow
Delhi Minorities Commission demands imposition of curfew in violence-hit areas
Delhi Minorities Commission on Tuesday appealed to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal for the imposition of curfew in violence-affected areas, after 10 people were killed in clashes and arson over the new citizenship law.In a letter to Mr. Baijal, DMC Chairman Zafarul Islam Khan expressed apprehension over the violence and its escalation after the departure of the visiting U.S. President Donald Trump.“The situation may worsen tomorrow after President Trump leaves tonight. Please treat this as urgent as any delay will result in more loss of lives and damage,” Mr. Khan said in his letter, demanding the imposition of curfew in the violence-hit areas.He also requested the Lt. Governor to direct the police to check violence and to take action against those involved in it.Mr. Khan also issued a notice to DCP of Northeast district to send more forces to the affected areas.DMC has also asked the DCP Northeast to file his reply and the action taken report on a number of connected issues, and help people wishing to leave the area and escort the injured to reach the nearby hospitals, he said.PTI
Delhi CAA violence: Civil rights activists go to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, urge him to ensure peace         
A delegation of civil rights activists, including All India Progressive Women's Association secretary Kavita Krishnan, on Tuesday went to meet Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal at his residence to submit an appeal to protect the people in the city from communal violence. Krishnan said they are outside Kejriwal's residence and are waiting to meet him.Over 100 activists, including Harsh Mander, Apoorvananad, Annie Raja, Yogendra Yadav, Shabnam Hashmi, and senior advocate Vrinda Grover came out with a statement in which they called upon "all authorities to perform their constitutionally mandated job of bringing the situation under control and restoring peace".PTI
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind expresses concern over Delhi violence
New Delhi:Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has expressed concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi after violence in parts of the city on Monday.The JIH has alleged that the Delhi police did not taken action against the rioters."We have credible reports of clashes between pro and anti-CAA protesters in the Maujpur area in which the Delhi Police was just a mute spectator. The protesters were pelting stones and provoking others," said Salim Engineer, Vice President of the Jamaat."Delhi Police brutally did a lathi-charge on the anti-CAA protesters who were taking out a peaceful march in Hauz Rani last night," said the statement.The JIH said that many women and girls have been seriously injured in the lathi-charge and were admitted in hospitals.It also condemned the ultimatum given by BJP leader Kapil Mishra to the police, in which Mishra said: "Remove the anti-CAA protesters from Chand Bagh and Jaffrabad within 3 days".The JIH alleged that the ultimatum is an open provocation to violence.IANS
Jamaat expresses concern over law and order situation and role of Police in Delhi
Kejriwal offers prayers at Rajghat with AAP MLAs as northeast Delhi remains tense
As northeast Delhi continues to remain on edge after the violence over the amended citizenship law, CM Arvind Kejriwal today led his party MLAs to Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial at Rajghat to pray and meditate, following a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah to discuss the law and order situation in the city. indianexpress
Delhi violence aimed at discrediting peaceful Shaheen Bagh: Tushar Gandhi
Nagpur:Mahatma Gandhi's great-grandson Tushar Gandhi has suggested that violence in parts of Delhi was a conspiracy aimed at defaming the peaceful Shaheen Bagh protest.Gandhi was in Nagpur to deliver a lecture on 'Kasturba, A Remarkable Life' organised by SGR knowledge Foundation.Clashes had broken out on Sunday evening between pro and anti-CAA groups near Jaffrabad in northeast Delhi."This violence is a conspiracy to discredit the peaceful Shaheen Bagh protest. We need to know the source of violence and its architects. They are still afraid of Mahatma Gandhi."We cannot shun non-violence, but the perpetrators of violence will get a reply," he told PTI.PTI
Delhi violence : Leaders making hate speeches must be held accountable, says Amnesty
Amnesty India on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to unequivocally condemn the recent hate speeches made by leaders and demanded that they must be held accountable, as ten people were killed in violence in north east Delhi over the citizenship law.Amnesty International India executive director Avinash Kumar demanded a prompt, independent and impartial investigation into such speeches that allegedly led to ongoing and past violence, adding that the “prolonged impunity” must end.“Political leaders in India who are fuelling hatred and creating a violent environment by making hate speeches must be immediately held accountable,” the Amnesty said in a statement.“There has been a deafening silence from the Prime Minister on the hate speeches made by the political leaders since December 2019. The Prime Minister must lead the way and unequivocally condemn them,” it said.Amnesty also pointed out to controversial speeches made by BJP leaders like Anurag Thakur.PTI
Delhi violence: Jamia committee demands BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s immediate arrest
Jamia Coordination Committee submitted a memorandum of demands to the police on Monday and said BJP leader Kapil Mishra should be arrested for allegedly inciting violence in northeast Delhi.The committee had given a call for protest outside the new police headquarters on Jai Singh Road, but they were escorted to Nizamuddin following meetings between the joint commissioner of police (southern range) and the agitators.“Immediate arrest on FIRs registered against Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra for inciting violence in northeast Delhi through his speeches and tweets,” the memorandum read.They also demanded security for 20 sites where protests against the new citizenship law are underway. These site include Shaheen Bagh, Jamia Millia Islamia, Mustafabad, Turkman Gate, Khureji, Jama Masjid, Jaffrabad metro station.PTI
"Kapil Mishra's Speech Unacceptable": BJP's Gautam Gambhir On Delhi Violence
New Delhi: BJP MP Gautam Gambhir hit out at party colleague Kapil Mishra's provocative speech on Sunday, a day before large-scale violence broke out in Delhi over the controversial CAA, saying strict action must be taken against those responsible irrespective of their allegiance."This is unfortunate. Whoever has done this, strict action must be taken - whether from BJP, Congress or AAP. Kapil Mishra's speech is not acceptable. This is about Delhi not about any political party," Gambhir said as he visited a hospital where injured policemen are being treated.ndtv
Day after BJP’s Kapil Mishra warning, how violence erupted across the divide:Indian Express
How violence unfolded on Delhi streets during anti-CAA protests in Jafrabad: HT
"Up To India, Hope They Make Right Decision": Trump On CAA Amid Delhi Violence
New Delhi: US President Donald Trump, asked today about the violence in parts of Delhi over citizenship law protests and religious freedom, said he discussed it with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and "he wants people to have religious freedom".On the violence in Delhi, President Trump said it was "up to India"."We did talk about religious freedom. PM said he wants people to have religious freedom. They have worked really hard on it. I heard about the individual attacks but I did not discuss it. It is up to India," Trump said.Asked about his position on CAA, US President said, "I don't want to discuss that, I want to leave that to India. I hope they will do the right thing for the people of India."PTI.
Trump on hate crimes, Delhi riots: ‘Modi told me his govt is working closely with Muslims’
Shaheen Bagh calm as northeast Delhi burns
The epicentre of the anti-CAA protests, Shaheen Bagh, has been calm while reports of fresh violence continued to pour in from northeast Delhi on Tuesday.Amid violence in northeast Delhi, the women protesting against the CAA at Shaheen Bagh are determined to continue the peaceful protest till the CAA is rolled back.One of the protesters said: "We know the violence is being perpetrated with the complicity of higher ups to scare us but we are not going to be cowed down." Another protester Zulqarnain said: "We are here to oppose the CAA and our fight is with the government, not with our Hindu brothers. It is the BJP who wants to make it a communal issue."A person on the condition of anonymity said the protest at Shaheen Bagh entered the 73rd day on Tuesday even as the apex court will hear the petition about the blockade on Wednesday. The people here are making speeches in solidarity with the people who have lost lives during the protest and blame BJP leaders for instigating the crowd against the anti-CAA protesters.IANS
Bihar Assembly passes resolution against NRC, Nitish says will implement NPR in 2010 format
 Bihar Assembly today unanimously passed a resolution to not implement NRC in the state.“NRC bogey is being raised despite PM Narendra Modi’s categorical statement that NRC is not on the anvil,” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said. House also passed a resolution to implement NPR in its 2010 format. Kumar said his government has written to the Centre, “seeking omission of contentious clauses from NPR forms”. BJP ally-JD(U) chief added that there should be “no confusion” regarding how NPR would be carried out in the state and allayed fears about having to furnish information relating to places of birth of parents. He also read out the text of the letter which included a proposition by Bihar govt to include “transgenders” in gender column of the forms.indianexpress
Bihar: Muslim bodies urge CM to pass resolution against NPR and NRC
Patna:The representatives of Muslim religious bodies and social organizations on Monday urged chief minister Nitish Kumar to pass a resolution by the state legislature against NPR in the present format and NRC in Bihar.The religious bodies and social organizations making such demands included Imarat Shariah, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Jamiat Ulema, Khanqah Munimia and Loktantrik Jan Pehal. Their representatives said they will go against NPR, if not implemented in its old format.CM Nitish Kumar, however, has already said in Darbhanga on Sunday that he would allow NPR in Bihar only in its old format and there was no question of implementing NRC in the state.“We welcome what chief minister has said in Darbhanga and expect only the old format of NPR to be used in Bihar,” said Maulana Shamimuddin Ahmad Munemi of Khanqah Munimia, Patna City. “If new format of NPR is implemented then we will go against that,” he added.The state president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Maulana Rizwan Ahmad Islahi, said the condition of country has deteriorated since the new CAA came into existence and discussions on NRC and NPR began. “We want the gazette notification of NPR to be recalled and reverted to old format. We request our CM to listen to the voice of people and pass a resolution in the House in this regard,” he said.Imarat Shariah (Bihar, Jharkhand and Orrisa) acting general secretary Maulana Shibli al-Qasmi appreciated Nitish’s announcement in Darbhanga and called CAA a black law.TOI
Activists on way to Assam not allowed to get down from bus and meet people in Uttar Pradesh
In yet another bizarre incident, Uttar Pradesh Police stopped a bus carrying activists from different states to Assam and forced them to continue their journey without a break. Section 144 was in force throughout the state, activists were told, and therefore they would not be allowed to get down from bus or meet people and address even small gatherings. The activists belonging to relatively small organisations like ‘Khudai Khidmatgar India’ and Socialist party India had organised the Anti-CAA, NRC, NPR Yatra. Beginning from Delhi on Feb23 , Yatra was to conclude in Assam on March 2. Magasaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey, Faisal Khan, Kartik Arora, Kripal Mandoli, Suresh Bhai, Dharamveer Singh, advocate Shiva Kumar and Mukhtar Singh were in the bus among 30 people when the Yatra started. As many as 10 of them returned from Aligarh, where the bus was intercepted and the police refused permission for bus to enter the city.nationalheraldindia
High Alert in Lucknow, Security Beefed Up in Aligarh
 A high alert has been sounded in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow following violent clashes over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in parts of Delhi, a police official says. Lucknow Police Commissioner Sujeet Pandey said additional force has been deployed in Ghantaghar area where women and others have been staging a protest against CAA for the past one month. Security has been stepped up in Aligarh too, PTI reports. There have been no untoward incident in any part of the cities. However, the police have taken precautionary measures to ensure the law and order is maintained.news18
Anti-CAA protests reach Telangana towns, villages
Hyderabad: Protests against the CAA and NRC have spread to smaller town in Telangana as a large population of Muslims joined a demonstration in Sathupalli on Sunday, shouting slogans.The protest was led by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind women wing. Ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi and Congress party functionaries extended support to them.JIH functionary Khalida Parveen said during the protest, "Women should emulate the Shaheen Bagh protests against CAA and NRC. To create division between castes and religion is anti-constitutional. If someone asks us about our documents in NRC, we would tell them to take our DNA tests. It is an insult to ask us to prove our nationality. We will continue our protests till NRC and CAA re withdrawn."TRS local functionary Matta Dayanand also spoke against NRC and CAA. National Christian Council local members extended support to the protest, attended by more than a thousand women.TOI
Trump reiterates offer to mediate in Kashmir dispute, says cross-border terror is a problem
United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday described Kashmir as a “big problem” between India and Pakistan and said he would do whatever he could to mediate in the dispute, ANI reported. “If anything I can do to mediate, I will do,” he said.“Kashmir obviously is a big problem between India and Pakistan,” Trump said, while addressing the media after meeting Modi in New Delhi. “They are going to work out their problem. They have been doing it for a long time.”Trump said he discussed terrorism and Pakistan with Modi. “No question it is a problem,” he said. “They are working on it. India is a great nation too, there’s no pullback from India. I said I will do whatever I can do to help because my relationship with both gentlemen [Modi and Khan] is so good.”The president described Kashmir as a “thorn in a lot of people’s sides” and said there were two sides to every story.  US president finished his two-day visit to India on Tuesday. He said he had discussed religious freedom also with Modi, but added that it was “up to India” to handle the ongoing violence in parts of Delhi. Trump and Modi held bilateral discussions and discussed a potentially “big trade deal”.scroll
US working with Pakistan to defeat terrorism:Trump
US was working with Pakistan to defeat terrorism, U.S. President Donald Trump said in New Delhi today. Addressing the media at Hyderabad House, he also said the Indo-Pacific region should be free and open for navigation and 5G technology should be used for spread of freedom and not for suppression of people.“We affirmed that our two countries together will work to protect our citizens from radical Islamic terrorism. The U.S. is working productively with Pakistan to confront terrorists who operate on its soil,” said President Trump delivering a press statement. thehindu
2G mobile net services extended in J&K till 4 March, ban on social media to continue; tighter vigil on use of VPNs
Jammu: Social networking sites allowing peer-to-peer communication and VPNs will remain unavailable in Jammu and Kashmir as anti-national elements and people across the border continue to "misuse" these platforms, the authorities said on Tuesday as 2G mobile Internet services were extended till 4 March.Issuing an order in Jammu, the home department of the Union Territory said that while assessing the impact of the directions relating to regulation of telecom services, it has come to fore that VPNs continue to be misused by ANE (anti-national elements), including their handlers from across border, to bypass the Internet restrictions. It said that VPNs come handy for them to coordinate with their operatives within the UT and plan terror acts and scale up anti-national activities. 2G mobile Internet services extended in Jammu and Kashmir till 4 March, ban on social media to continue; tighter vigil on use of VPNs Jammu and Kashmir Home Secretary Shaleen Kabra, while signing the order, said restrictions would continue till 4 March. As per the order, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been asked to ensure access to 1,674 white-listed sites only and not to any social media applications allowing peer-to-peer communication and VPN applications. Firstpost
Pakistan raises J&K at UN again, demands lifting of communication blockade, release of politicians
Pakistan today appealed to UN Human Rights Council for the immediate lifting of the communication blockade, and the release of political leaders and activists, in J&K. Speaking at 43rd session of the Human Rights Council in Switzerland, the country said any kind of inaction by the international community will only “embolden” India.Jammu and Kashmir has been in partial lockdown since August 5,. Several major political leaders were put under house arrest, and communication systems were blocked.Demanding that all actions taken by the Indian government since August 5 be repealed, Pakistan Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari alleged that India continues to violate the human rights of the Kashmiri people. She alleged that “over six thousand Kashmiri people, activists... were arrested without the due process of law” and demanded their immediate release. Scroll
Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims to hold joint peace rally in Srinagar
To show unity between two communities, Kashmiri pandits and Muslims will hold a joint rally on streets of Srinagar to spread a message of peace. The rally is being organised by Bollywood singer Saim Bhat and chairman of Reconciliation, Return and Rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants Satish Mahaldar on February 28.The rally, named "Saath Do", will start from Batamaloo and go through various areas of downtown Srinagar before culminating at Kashmir.Press Club Polo View where the participants will address the media and spread a message of peace and love."A joint rally will be held by Kashmiri Muslims and pandits to spread a message of peace and love. This is a message for those who want to create a wedge between two communities," Mahaldar said.nationalheraldindia
Gujarat: Communal clashes in Khambhat town continue for third day, more arson reported amid shutdown
A mob set 2 roadside cabins and motorcycles on fire in Khambhat town of Gujarat’s Anand district on Tuesday as communal clashes entered the third day, PTI reported. 5 persons have been detained for the arson incident, IG of Ahmedabad Range IK Jadeja said. Some Hindutva outfits had organised a shutdown in the town on Tuesday to demand action against those who indulged in violence on the previous two days, Jadeja said. Several persons gathered at Gavara Chowk and staged protests, he added.“While leaving the area, some of them torched two wooden cabins roadside and few motorcycles,” he said. “We have detained five suspects.” Most schools, colleges and markets remained shut in the town on Tuesday. The situation was now under control as adequate police personnel had been deployed, Jadeja said. The deployments included two companies of the Rapid Action Force and four companies of the State Reserve Police.Since Sunday, 85 people have been arrested for arson and stone-pelting. More than 20 houses and as many vehicles have been burnt by mobs since Sunday in the town. scroll
Maharashtra: Split wide open in Sangli over azaan, Hindus of Andhali, staying away from Muslim shops
At Andhali, a remote village in Sangli, minority community and their businesses, respectively are being ostracised and blockaded over Azaan. 3 shops that served all the meat the village consumed until a couple of months ago are swatting flies today. Similarly, the only bangle vendor of the village has almost gone out business. All these establishments run by members of Muslim community in village, are victims of an embargo imposed by members of Hindu community. Such a confrontation is unprecedented, informed the elders of Muslim community, who trace their moorings to the village back to 400 years. “All this while, selling meat and bangles was our community’s preserve in the village. Now, just to spite us, Hindus here have started a meat shop, while another lady from that community has started selling bangles from her home,” a villager pointed out, while the men surrounding him nodded gravely. Their angst is not so much about competition as it is over the diktat banning Hindus of the village from buying from Muslim traders. As a meat shop owner revealed, his business is down to 20 per cent of what it used to be before the blockade was enforced. 2 old shops where meat was sold now see no customers, but a new shop named Shetkari gets better business; new masjid with speakers came up as the old one was located far for regular visits; a few villagers have been accused of promoting ostracisation of local Muslim businesses. The villagers revealed that this is the outcome of a new mosque being built in the heart of the village and the Hindus taking objection to the use of loudspeakers for azaan, splitting wide open the village on communal lines. Punemirror
MP govt hikes honorarium of Muslim clerics
Chief Minister Kamal Nath gave his nod to a proposal to hike the honorarium of imams from ₹2,200 to ₹5,000 per month and that of their deputies - muezzins - from ₹1,900 to ₹4,500 a month, a government officer said.The hike was suggested by Minister of Minority Affairs Arif Aqueel at the inauguration of a building of the Madhya Pradesh Masajid Committee near the famous Taj-ul Masajid (mosque) in Bhopal and Mr. Nath promptly gave his nod, he said.The committee is a religious institution of the Muslim community.Imams lead the prayers, while muezzins give calls for prayers. Service to humanity is the biggest religion. We serve our religions by servicing the needy,” Mr. Nath said at the function.Our country’s culture is great as we respect feelings of each other which fosters unity and peaceful co-existence, Nath added.PTI
India, US sign defence deals worth $3 billion; Trump says Washington keen on having 'comprehensive trade deal' with New Delhi
India and US today finalised defence deals worth 3 billion dollars, and signed 3 MoUs, including one in the energy sector, as PM Narendra Modi asserted that the two countries have decided to take Indo-US ties to comprehensive global partnership level. The unprecedented and historic welcome given to Trump in India will be remembered, said Modi at a joint press meet with Trump and added that the relations between two countries are not merely confined to governments but are people-driven.Trump announced that the two countries have finalised defence deals worth USD 3 billion and asserted that their focus was on having a comprehensive trade deal.The relations between the two countries have never been as good as they are now, Trump said, adding that countries have made "wonderful deal".PTI
‘Very inspiring’: Melania Trump after attending ‘happiness class’ in Delhi govt school
US First Lady Melania Trump today visited a government school in Delhi to attend a class on the “happiness curriculum”. She called the experience inspiring and said it sets a “healthy and positive” example for educators.Dressed in traditional Indian attire, the students of Sarvodaya Co-Educational Senior Secondary School in Moti Bagh welcomed the First Lady by applying “teeka” on her forehead. The students also staged cultural dance performances and gifted her Madhubani paintings made by them.scroll/PTI
6 Supreme Court judges down with swine flu
New Delhi:6 Supreme Court judges are down with Swine Flu (H1N1), Justice DY Chandrachud said Tuesday while addressing lawyers in the top court.This morning, Justice Sanjiv Khanna was seen wearing a mask during a hearing in court. Judges of the Supreme Court held a meeting with Chief Justice SA Bobde and immunisation of judges and court staff has been proposed. Sabarimala reference proceedings were rescheduled as two judges on the Constitution bench are unwell. On Monday, one of the judges hearing the Shaheen Bagh case came to hear the case despite being down with swine flu, before postponing it. indianexpress
Uncertainty grips Malaysia as Mahathir considers next move
 The political guessing game continues in Malaysia a day after Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's abrupt resignation, prolonging the atmosphere of uncertainty in the nation of more than 30 million people. While Mahathir stays on as premier in an interim capacity without a cabinet, efforts are under way on Tuesday to find the country's next leader.Now there are questions whether the 94-year-old leader will make another comeback, or will his would-be successor, Anwar Ibrahim, cobble enough support from a fractious coalition to become the next prime minister.But the possibility of a dissolution of the parliament, which paves the way for new elections has also emerged.Malaysia's king is holding meetings with all members of parliament on Tuesday and Wednesday to determine who the majority wants to support and form a new government."The king will be meeting all 222 MPs to find out who they support as PM. The person who has the support of at least 112 MPs will be the most likely one to be appointed as PM," a senior member of Mahathir's Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope) coalition explained to Al Jazeera.In the meantime, Mahathir runs the government with the king's backing and the help of civil servants, Kadir Jasin, Mahathir's media adviser, said.On Tuesday, Mahathir's office confirmed that he met leaders of different parties across Malaysia's political divide, including Anwar, as well as the opposition.Reuters news agency is also reporting that he is proposing to lead a "unity government", but it is unclear which political blocs would be willing to join such an arrangement.On Tuesday night, UMNO, the main opposition party, has rejected a unity government with Mahathir, adding that its members favour a dissolution of parliament that would pave the way for a general election.aljazeera
Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak dies at 91
Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's president for almost 30 years who stepped down after a popular revolution in 2011, has died. He was 91.Mubarak served as Egypt's fourth president starting in 1981 until his removal in what became known as Arab Spring revolution. State TV  said Mubarak died at Cairo hospital where he had undergone an unspecified surgery. The report said he had health complications but offered no other details.aljazeera
Shaky ceasefire holds between Islamic Jihad, Israel in Gaza
A ceasefire between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group and Israel is holding in Gaza Strip after two days of heavy fighting. Following Egyptian and international mediation, the truce came into effect at 11:30pm on Monday, Ihsan Ataya, a senior Islamic Jihad leader based in Lebanon, said in a press statement.No projectiles were fired from the Gaza Strip overnight, a spokeswoman for the Israeli army confirmed.During two days of fighting, Israeli aircraft pounded dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip while Islamic Jihad bombarded southern Israel with heavy rocket fire.The latest escalation began after Israeli soldiers on Sunday shot dead Mohammed al-Naim, a member the Islamic Jihad's armed wing, who was allegedly planting an explosive device at the heavily secured Israeli fence east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.aljazeera
Israel and Iran were partners during war against Saddam:ex-UK FM
Despite their public hostility, Israel and Iran cooperated militarily against Saddam Hussain’s Iraq during the 1980s Iraq-Iran war, former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has claimed.Straw, who served under Tony Blair during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, highlighted the complex relation between the two countries during an interview with Al-Araby TV.  Straw is reported saying that Israel had provided information about military sites in western Iraq, while Iran provided Israel with information on Iraq’s Tammuz nuclear reactor, leading to its destruction in an Israeli strike.During that period arms exports from Israel to Iran are said to have totalled around $2 billion. At the same time the US, Israel’s main western ally, backed the Iraqi dictator in the eight-year conflict which ended in 1988 following a UN-brokered truce. As many as one million people are thought to have died in the war.Israel backed Tehran thinking that the revolutionary government of the Mullahs would act as a counterweight to Iraq. The secular Baathist leader posed a serious challenge to Israel’s military dominance in the region.middleeastmonitor
Hamas: Arab, US support is ‘greenlight for Israel crimes’
Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar said yesterday that normalising ties with Israel “are the greenlight for Israeli crimes”, Al-Khaleej Online reported.“Israeli crimes against the Palestinians will never stop as long as the Arab and international communities are not ready to do anything,” Al-Zahar said, stressing that the Arab countries are currently allies with Israel so “they will not stop and the Israeli aggression”.Arab states support Israel with money, he explained, “so they cannot ask it to stop its violations,” stressing that the Israeli occupation “has the greenlight to escalate against the Palestinians, their national rights and their Islamic holy sites.”
Israel closes 60-year-old Jerusalem bakery for distributing bread to Muslim worshippers
Last week in a dawn raid, Israeli police shut down a 60-year-old Palestinian bakery and arrests the owner’s son in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.According to local sources, police forces stormed the Bab Hitta area in the Old City and shut down the bakery, owned by the Abu Snaina family. The son of the owner, Naser Abu Snaina, was arrested during the incident.A video released on the Facebook page of Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, a Silwan-based watchdog, shows footage of the closed bakery shop in the Bab Hitta neighbourhood, named after one of the doors leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque; the Gate of Remission.middleeastmonitor
Israel builds new Jew-only road and steals more Palestinian land
Israel is building yet another bypass road for use by Jewish settlers only and, yet again, it is stealing Palestinian land to do so. The land in question is in Huwwara, to the south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.The 7-kilometre road will start from the village of Zaatara and pass through land owned by Palestinians in Huwwara, Beita and Odala. Until now, the access route in the area has been shared by Palestinians and Jewish settlers — whose presence is illegal under international law — who often use it to raid and terrorise the residents of the local villages.
Senior settler leader: ‘No Arab entity’ in the West Bank
A senior settler leader vowed that there will be “no Arab entity” created in the occupied West Bank, reported right-wing news outlet Arutz Sheva. Yisrael Gantz, head of the so-called Binyamin Regional Council, was speaking at a conference organised by Besheva newspaper.Addressing the Trump administration’s plan, and its implications for West Bank settlers, Gantz told attendees that “there are about half a million Israelis who need to be in the State of Israel”.
‘Israel is ready for a widescale military operation in Gaza’
Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that Israel is closer to carrying out widescale military operations in Gaza than ever, Israeli media reported. According to Quds Net News, Erdan was reported by the Israeli Public Broadcaster Kan saying: “It is not interesting to take such a decision one week before the elections, but it must be approved by the cabinet and the prime minister as soon as possible.”His remarks came amidst tension between Israel and Palestinian resistance forces in Gaza after Israeli occupation forces killed and then used a bulldozer to drag away the body of a Palestinian man.
Egypt: 8 executed in one day
8 men were executed in Egypt in what is thought to be the first death sentences carried out in the country so far in 2020.The defendants were among 17 men who had been sentenced to death in a military court in May 2019 and accused of attacking three Coptic churches and a police checkpoint that killed 88 people in 2017. The executions were carried out at Borg El-Arab prison in Alexandria.Several of the defendants told prosecutors that they were subject to enforced disappearance after their arrest, according to an Egyptian rights organisation and reported by Amnesty International.The rights organisation We Record has said the defendants were subject to systematic torture to obtain false confessions.We Record published the names of the defendants: Rami Ghani, Walid Abdul Aziz, Mohamed Metwally, Salama Qasim, Ali Shehata, Ali Hassan, Abdul Hussain and Rifai Mohamed.
East Timor PM Ruak resigns as coalition collapses
The prime minister of East Timor has sent a letter of resignation to the president, he said on Tuesday, as the tiny Southeast Asian nation faces new political instability after the collapse of a coalition supporting him in parliament. Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak has repeatedly failed to secure passage of a budget for 2020 after the largest party in his coalition, CNRT party of independence hero Xanana Gusmao, withdrew support."I have sent a [resignation] letter to the president," Ruak told reporters after meeting President Francisco Guterres.He said he was prepared to stay in office until resignation was accepted "to guarantee government activities in our country".Ruak has only served as prime minister since June 2018, following the collapse of 2 previous governments.On Saturday, Gusmao, East Timor's first president and a former prime minister, announced a new 6-party coalition controlling 34 seats without Ruak's party that he said would prepare to form a new government.aljazeera
Erdogan says 2 Turkish troops killed in Libya
President Tayyip Erdogan has said two Turkish troops have been killed in Libya where they back the UN-recognised government in the North African state's conflict.Turkey provides military support to the Government of National Accord (GNA), which is based in the capital, Tripoli. Since April, the city has been under an assault by forces loyal to renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar, who is aligned with a rival administration based in the country's east.aljazeera
Jordan court:Muslim Brotherhood was ‘dissolved in 1956’
General Authority of the Court of Cassation in Jordan said that the Muslim Brotherhood was dissolved in the country on 15 June 1956, Al Watan Voice reported. The court threw out an appeal filed by the Court of Appeal against a previous ruling.The Court of Cassation reiterated that the government’s dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood does not legitimise the group because it is still an illegal body which was dissolved legally after it failed to rectify its status.The Muslim Brotherhood was licensed in 1946 as a charity in Jordan affiliated with the mother group in Egypt and was relicensed in 1953 as an Islamist society.At the end of May 2015, the Legislation and Opinion Bureau issued a legal edict allowing the transfer of the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood to the newly licensed Muslim Brotherhood Group.
Coronavirus cases surpass 80,000 globally
China reported 508 new cases and 71 news deaths on Tuesday in an outbreak of the coronavirus that has spread to other parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe, infecting more than 80,000 globally.  The updates bring mainland China's totals to 77,658 cases and 2,663 deaths. Clusters continue to grow in South Korea, which reported 144 more cases of the new virus, bringing its total to 977 with 10 deaths. The vast majority of cases have been reported in mainland China, followed by Japan, where 691 cases have been confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, and South Korea, which raised its tally to 977 confirmed cases on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Iran's death toll has risen to 15 among 64 reported cases. Aljazeera
Iran deputy health minister tests positive for coronavirus
Iran's deputy health minister has tested positive for coronavirus, the semi-official news agency ILNA reported on Tuesday. The spokesman for Iran's health ministry confirmed in an interview with state television that deputy minister Iraj Harirchi has been infected and is now under quarantine.indiatoday
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