10 January 2018

10 Jan. ND: Indian origin MPs concerned over rising intolerance, Cow vigilantism /‘What about Asaram Bapu?’: Tribunal restrains ED from taking over Zakir Naik’s assets

10 Jan.2018: 22 Rabial Aakhir 1439:Vol:9, No:95
Indian origin MPs concerned over rising intolerance
At the first-ever conference of sitting Indian origin MPs representing 23 countries across the world, a disquiet on the rising incidences of intolerance and hostility towards religious minorities in their ancestral land was palpable. While some expressed their concerns subtly at the stage reminding others of the values of pluralism and India's cultural synthesis, a group of MPs from South Africa and Tanzania reportedly raised the issue during their private meeting with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. They felt that reports of cow vigilantism and open promotion of Hindu nationalism by the ruling party were taking its toll on their spaces in their homelands, as they were also living there as religious and/or ethnic minorities. A group of Sri Lankan MPs had a different complaint. Their grouse was that Govt  of India had a different yardstick for issuing Oversees Citizenship of India (OCI) cards to people residing in the US, Africa, Australia, and European countries, and for those claiming Indian ancestry in Sri Lanka. "We are Tamils and were transported to Sri Lanka centuries back to work in tea gardens. We are proud of our Indian lineage. But when we apply for OCI or PIO card as Indian origin people residing in other countries do, the High Commission in Colombo asks for streams of documents which are almost impossible to produce,"A Arvindh Kumar, an MP from Sri Lanka told DNA."I can produce birth certificate of my father or upto grandfather, to dig out documents of ancestors and proof of working on tea gardens, is almost impossible," he said, pleading that procedures for Sri Lanka citizens of Indian origin should be made similar to those of living in Europe or other continents.The shock for Swaraj was, however, reserved when after the inaugural address, she decided to meet delegations in batches privately to listen to their feedbacks. An MP of Gujarat descent from Tanzania reportedly enquired steps the Govt  was taking to protect minorities in India. He referred to killing of cow traders in the last few years as well as the creeping insecurity among minority communities. Some MPs from South Africa also raised the issue. Tanzanian MPs, both Hindus and Muslims, said they were also in minority in their country."We read in media that high-level Govt officials are making statements that are spiteful to minorities. And at many places they are encouraging vigilantes to attack members of minority communities engaged in the cattle trade," said the MP.He further added that such acts restrict our initiatives to project India a democratic, multi-cultural, pleuritic and a tolerant society.Lord Ranbir Singh Suri, representing Conservative Party in UK House of Lords said India's democracy and adhering to liberal values are its biggest strengths. "We have been telling Europeans to learn from India how to live in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society peacefully. But the reports of killings here and there, though aberrations crate a bad impression," he added. He, however, praised Modi Govt, saying he has put India on a right track of progress. Originally born in Rawalpindi, he is perhaps the only MP, in the list of Pakistan's people of origin list as well. "I had to attend a similar conference some months ago in Islamabad, but that was postponed, because of political turmoil there," he said. Though, I had gone to UK from India in 1971, but my ancestors lived in Rawalpindi so I claim both countries and want them to live peacefully.Swaraj, who was reportedly taken a back initially gave a detailed briefing to these groups denying any bias or rising insecurity against minority community in India. DNA
Cow vigilantism a ‘nasur’ for India, says Indian-origin Tanzanian MP
New Delhi: Expressing deep concerns over cow vigilantism in India, Salim Turky, an Indian origin Tanzanian lawmaker, claimed that it has become a “Nasur” (canker sore) for the country. 2-time lawmaker of the Tanzanian ruling party CCM, who is in New Delhi to attend “First PIO-parliamentary conference” said,”We are proud of what Modi Govt is doing in the world and in the country. But one thing is not good for India and I call it a ‘nasur’ and that is cow vigilantism.”“We do not live in India, but in the news, specially the (electronic) media, you find clips of people being killed, being provoked. This is like discrimination,” he added. His remarks come in the backdrop of cow vigilantes resorting to violence in some states in the recent past.Turky, whose great-grandfather migrated to Tanzania from Gujarat’s Kutch region, said that he didn’t want to raise the issue at the conference as it would have “made the atmosphere bad”.Meanwhile, when he raised the issue with the External Minister Sushma Swaraj,he claimed that she dismissed the reports calling it them an exaggeration.indianexpress
Cow vigilantes sponsored by govt:Former MP
Panaji: Ex-MP Francisco Sardinha on Tuesday alleged that cow vigilantes are "sponsored by this Govt " and said that they cannot take the law into their own hands."Who are they to give a certificate (that the meat is being transported legally)?" he asked. "Are they doctors? We have the police if at all they feel something is going wrong. They can bring this to the notice of the Govt . There's no need for vigilantes." He was addressing mediapersons on Tuesday.Sardinha said that the beef scarcity has deliberately been created to allow prices to soar. He added that it is a staple food for minorities and half the tourists who visit Goa.He said that while tourists may not mind paying more, the Govt  shouldn't turn local beef eaters into tourists in their own state, he said."Govt wants to satisfy its RSS bosses," Sardinha, a former minister for animal husbandry, said.TOI
Goa beef traders call off strike on assurance of protection from Gau Rakshaks
Panaji: Normal supply of beef in Goa is expected to resume from tomorrow with the traders ending their strike called to protest the harassment by cow vigilante groups.All Goa Qureshi Meat Traders Association announced withdrawal of the strike and resumption of meat supply from neighbouring Karnataka from tomorrow.“Police have assured us that they will not allow the harassment of traders who import beef from Belagavi in Karnataka at the border,” Association president Manna Bepari said.“So we are withdrawing our strike and the supplies will resume from tomorrow,”Bepari said. siasat
Cow vigilantism hits UP, once again: 2 men beaten up, heads tonsured, paraded for cattle stealing
Lucknow: In 2017, India got a clear-cut idea how cow vigilantism, carried out by gau rakshaks (cow vigilantes), could prove fatal to the nation's peace and diversity.While gau rakshaks possessed by mad love for cow (considered holy in the Hindu religion) did not even shy away from killing people in the name of animal protection, the country's minority communities like the Muslims and Dalits (mostly engaged in cattle-related trade) started living their lives under the shadow of fear.It seems 2018 is not going to be any different, as the first high-profile case related to cow vigilantism came to light from UP  on Wednesday, within the first 10 days of the new year.According to reports, two men were beaten up by a mob in Ballia, UP for alleged cattle stealing. The "animal lovers" did not stop at that. The mob also partially tonsured the heads of the two alleged cow thieves as a punishment.Later, the duo was seen walking on the streets of Ballia holding placards saying "gai chor" (cow thieves)."Two people were beaten up, their heads partially tonsured and paraded on allegations of stealing cattle in Ballia," tweeted ANI.oneindia
Gujarat: Dalit Family, Beaten up by Cow Vigilantes, to Embrace Buddhism
Una: A Dalit family, who were flogged by cow vigilantes in Una for skinning a dead cow, have decided to embrace Buddhism. “We have decided to convert to Buddhism as we have faced a lot of discrimination due to our traditional profession for skinning dead animals,” Vashram Sarvaiya, one of the Dalits, said. In 2016, seven Dalits of Mota Samadhiyala village were paraded and flogged in public. Later, the Dalits were taken to Una in Gujarat where they were tied to a vehicle and beaten up by cow vigilantes. Then, the police had arrested 20 people in the case.“We are yet to finalise the date, but we have asked the community members to come together and convert to Buddhism in large numbers,” he was quoted as saying by PTI. He also alleged that as promised, they have not been given jobs and a piece of land by the Govt .He also alleged that the then Gujarat Govt  did not constitute a special court to try the case of assault. “The accused are roaming free after they were released on bail, and the case drags on. We haven’t been given anything as promised by the state Govt,” he said. india
With ease of doing business in mind, govt approves 100% FDI in single brand retail
New Delhi:Union Cabinet approved 100%  FDI in single-brand retail and construction through the automatic route. It also allowed investment up to 49% under approval mechanism in Air India to facilitate its divestment process. Besides,Govt allowed FPIs and FIIs to invest in power exchanges through primary market. The measures, Govt said, were intended to “liberalise and simplify the FDI policy so as to provide ease of doing business in the country”. In case of single brand retail, the current policy allows 49% FDI under the automatic route and up to 100% through Govt approval route. “It has been decided to permit single brand retail trading entity to set off its incremental sourcing of goods from India for global operations during initial 5 years, beginning 1st April of the year of the opening of first store against the mandatory sourcing requirement of 30%of purchases from India,”Govt  said.IE
Foreign banks make a beeline for India, lenders include China, Iran: indianexpress
New Delhi;Renewing their interest in India, at least 14 foreign banks have applied to RBI for opening branches in the country. 4 banks from South Korea, three from Iran, two each from China and the Netherlands have applied for setting up branches and wholly-owned subsidiaries in India over the last 12 months. One bank each from Czech Republic, Sri Lanka and Malaysia have applied for opening branches in India.RBI, Govt sources said, is currently examining these applications.
1984 anti-Sikh riots case: SC directs re-investigation of 186 cases closed earlier by SIT
New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday stated that it would set up a fresh 3-member SIT to look into 186 anti-Sikh riot cases in which investigations were closed, PTI reported.A bench headed by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra also asked the Centre to suggest names today itself for the proposed panel, which will be headed by a former high court judge and consist of one retired and one serving police officer.The apex court said the supervisory body, appointed by it has found that out of 241 cases, 186 cases had been closed without investigation. The top court also examined the report of the body which was submitted before it in a leather box with number lock system.Sikhs fleeing the capital stranded at the New Delhi railway station on November 2 during 1984 riots in Delhi.A total of 2,733 people lost their lives in Delhi alone in the 1984 riots, which had erupted after the assassination of then PM  Indira Gandhi.indianexpress
After Canada, Indian officials banned from entering 96 gurdwaras in US
Washington: Days after several gurudwaras in Canada banned the entry of Indian officials and a prominent Sikh group in the UK proposed a similar move, a ban has also been reported from the US. Prominent Sikh Federation in UK bans Indian officials from entering Gurudwara. TOI said on Tuesday that 96 gurudwaras in the United States have decided to ban the entry of Indian officials.Sikh Coordination Committee East Coast (SCCEC) and American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (APGC) announced the move, saying Indian officials would not be allowed to attend nagar kirtans (religious processions) as well.SCCEC and AGPC, among biggest Sikh gurdwara umbrella organisations in the US, said the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) have supported the move.In fact, TOI quoted SFJ legal adviser Gurpatwant Singh Pannun as saying that those Indian officials who defy the ban would face legal action."Indian Govt  officials and any person/s representing the interests of the Indian Govt , shall not be allowed to enter the US gurdwaras or to participate in any religious programmes," the resolution passed by the 96 gurudwaras reads.The gurudwaras who have passed the resolution have done so as they hold the Indian Govt  responsible for June 1984 events when the Army entered Sri Harmandar Sahib or Golden Temple and 40 other gurdwaras, to flush out militants hiding there.Earlier, 14 gurdwaras in Ontario, Canada had imposed a similar ban. They, however, allowed Indian officials to visit the gurdwaras in their personal capacity.Also, a prominent Sikh group in the UK has proposed to ban Indian officials from entering gurudwaras, alleging that they are "interfering" in the internal matters of the Sikh community. "Sikhs in the diaspora are fed up with Indian Govt officials and their agents increasingly interfere in our institutions and Sikh affairs, undermining of Sikh campaigns for greater rights and internal matters for the Sikh community," said Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of Sikh Federation (UK).timesnow
Muslim bodies, Shia cleric Kalbe Jawad demand Shia Board chief Rizvi's arrest for anti madrassa remarks
New Delhi: The row over Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi's remark on madrassas escalated on Wednesday with both Sunni and Shia scholars across the country demanding his arrest. Prominent Shia cleric Kalbe Jawad has threatened to come on roads to protest if Rizvi is not arrested. "Such statements can disturb the peace and harmony in the country and lead to riots in the state. A strict action is required against Rizvi and he must be arrested. We will launch a protest from Lucknow to Delhi if a stern action is not taken against him," Jawad said.Jawad, who is also a senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, termed Rizvi's statement as "baseless" and asked the state Govt  that why such freedom is given to Rizvi when his "involvement in cases of corruption has been established".Muslim scholars across the country have condemned Rizvi's onslaught against madrassas and demanded a strict against him."Rizvi is giving such provocative statements to serve his interest and avoid arrest," they said, demanding PM  Narendra Modi and UP  CM Yogi Adityanath to act against Rizvi. Narendra Modi's aid and chancellor of MANUU, Zafar Sareshwala, also slammed Rizvi saying he doesn't know the functioning of madrassas and demanded he be arrested for spreading hatred."Rizvi has no idea how a madrassa functions. There are several corruption cases against him but he won't speak on it. He must be jailed for spreading hatred," Sareshwala said.However, retracting from his earlier statement, Rizvi told ABP News that he didn't say that all the madrassas teach extremism.Reacting to Rizvi's allegations, Muslim Personal Law Board spokesman Khalilur Rehman Sajjad Nomani had on Tuesday said madrassas had played a key role in the freedom movement and by raising questions on these schools, Rizvi was insulting them. Calling Rizvi a 'buffoon' and an opportunist, AIMIM President and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi said he has sold his soul to the RSS."Waseem Rizvi is the biggest joker, an opportunist person. He has sold his soul to RSS. I challenge this buffoon to show one Shia or Sunni or Madrasa where such teachings are imparted. If he has proof then he should go and show it to the home minister," he had said. BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said the BJP Govt s at the Centre and in UP had no plans to shut down the madrassas.abplive
BJP Govts have no plan to close madrassas: Shahnawaz
http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bjp-Govt s-have-no-plan-to-close-madrassas-hussain/1/1127100.html
New Delhi:BJP Govt s at the Centre and in UP  had no plans to shut down the madrassas and were, instead, working towards the modernisation of education imparted in these institutes, party spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said .The Govt s of the saffron party were working hard to ensure modernisation of the madrassas and the work that had started during the Vajpayee Govt  in this regard was continuing under the current dispensation led by PM  Narendra Modi, he claimed.PTI
Future of 1,000 madrassa students from Nepal hangs in balance sans Aadhaar card
Bareilly: Days before the last date for filling online examination forms, 16-year-old Nazir Ahmed, native of Nepal’s Rupandehi district and student of a madrassa in Maharajganj district of UP , was shocked to find that the UP Board of Madrassa Education has made Aadhaar card compulsory for it.“My future is likely to be jeopardised as I do not possess an Aadhaar card. I have been studying in this madrassa for the past five years. Many neighbours of mine have also studied from other Islamic schools in India for decades. There have been no problems in the past,” said Ahmed, who is pursing Alim course. The last date for filling formss is January 15. Like Ahmed, the future of nearly 1,000 students from Nepal hangs in the balance. “Due to 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the two countries, Nepalese citizens can stay and study in India without a visa. Since our country does not have enough madrassas, nearly 1,000 students from their study in the UP madrassas. They cannot write their exams now even after attending classes,” said Deewan Saheb Jaman Khan, state general secretary, Teachers’ Association Madaris Arabia UP . Khan, on Tuesday, wrote to UP CM Yogi Adityanath, state minister for minority welfare and UP Board of Madrassa Education in this connection. timesofindia
Uttarakhand: Education certificates not recognized, madrassa passouts face dark future
Dehradun: Growing up as the eldest of four siblings, Mohmmad Arshad wanted to go abroad and start working to help his brothers and father, who is a labourer in Dehradun. However, the 21-year-old’s dream came crashing down when the passport he had applied for came in ECR category that is marked for illiterates. He had passed class X from Maulana Abul Kalam Madrassa but the state Govt didn’t recognize his Uttarakhand Madrassa Education Board(UMEB) certificate. Sharing his plight, Arshad said, “When I was filling up forms at the passport office, an official asked me not to attach my class X certificate. He said that it is not recognized by the state Govt and so the document is useless. Even then I attached it and now I have received a passport under the ECR category, which means I won’t be able to work outside India.” Arshad now wants to enroll his siblings in Govt schools to secure their future.UMEB came into existence in 2012 and ever since, 22,469 students have passed classes X and XII from 297 registered madrassas in Uttarakhand. The future of all these students is in the dark as they won’t be able to apply for any Govt job or pursue further education as their qualification certificates are not considered equivalent to other boards.Prior to 2012, madrassas in Uttarakhand were registered under UP Madrassa Education Board and their certificates were equivalent to state board certificates. Hence, they were valid. Arshad, who now runs an electronic goods shop in Dehradun said, “I had started applying for jobs in Dubai. I had also told my friends about the opportunities there. And now with this passport, I won’t be able to work there. Dropping out from madrassas and taking admission in Govt schools is a challenging process, but I will do everything to secure my brothers’ futures.”Rishi Angra, regional passport officer of Dehradun said, “Working in other countries becomes easier if a candidate holds Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR)-category passport. ECNR and ECR categories are made according to the candidate’s qualifications. In this case, the candidate got an ECR as he doesn’t have a valid certificate.”“If this is the case with passports then over 20,000 students are officially illiterate until the GO is released,” said Sibte Nabi, chairman of Uttarakhand Madrassa Welfare Society, under which 207 madrassas are registered.
‘What about Asaram Bapu?’: Tribunal restrains ED from taking over Zakir Naik’s assets
A tribunal under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act has restrained the Enforcement Directorate from taking possession of immovable assets that it has attached in connection with a money laundering case against Zakir Naik, PTI reported. Naik was booked by NIA for inciting the youth to take up terror activities and for hate speech.Justice Manmohan Singh criticised the ED of ignoring religious leaders who have criminal cases registered against them, TOI reported. He reportedly said that the Enforcement Directorate had done nothing to attach Asaram Bapu’s properties, but in the case of the Naik, the agency was “working with quite a bit of speed”.“I can give you the names of 10 “babas” who have assets in excess of Rs 10,000 crore each and they have criminal cases against them,” Singh told the ED’s counsel, according to the newspaper. “Have you taken action against even one of them? What about Asaram?”ED has said that it will appeal against the tribunal’s order in the High Court, PTI reported. scroll
Why Target Only Zakir Naik, Why Not Asaram Too? Tribunal Questions Enforcement Directorate
Tribunal judge slams ED over 'speedy action' against Zakir Naik, but 'zero action' against Asaram, Ram Rahim
‘Have found nothing objectionable in Naik's speeches’
ED stopped from taking possession of assets of Zakir Naik
Tribunal restrains ED from taking over Naik’s assets
12-member inter-ministerial panel to take a call on playing of national anthem in cinema halls
New Delhi: Union Home Ministry has appointed a 12-member inter-ministerial committee to take a call on the playing of the national anthem in cinema halls and public places.The committee, led by Additional Secretary B.R. Sharma, will recommend changes, if needed, in the existing laws. Its first meeting will be held on Jan. 19. thehindu
Maharashtra: Police arrest 13 more people for Bhima Koregaon clashes, 43 in custody so far
The police have arrested 43 people, including three minors, so far in connection with the violence in Bhima Koregaon near Pune on Jan.1, ANI reported. Those arrested include people from both the Maratha and Dalit communities, according to PTI. 13 people were arrested on Tuesday and three minors were detained, The Indian Express reported. This came a day after the police took 12 people into custody for allegedly vandalising vehicles.“The police are analysing CCTV footage and recordings to identify the anti-social elements involved in the violence,” Pune DSP Suvez Haque told PT. scroll
Newton didn't discover gravity, claims Rajasthan education minister who once said cows exhale oxygen
Jaipur:Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani, who claimed that cows exhale oxygen, has a new claim.Vasudev Devnani has claimed that Brahmagupta II was the one who discovered the Law of Gravitation and not Newton, like we have all been told.According to the minister, Brahmagupta discovered gravitation thousand years before Newton did.While speaking at the 72nd Foundation Day celebrations at the Rajasthan University, Devnani mentioned, "Three-four days ago, I was reading about who discovered the law of gravitation. It was mentioned that Newton did it. I have read it, you have too. But if you go deeper, you would know Brahmagupta II had given this law of gravitation 1000 years prior to that. Why don't we connect that? The mechanism was developed later. Modern scientists have done it."Devnani, who holds the education ministry in the Vasundhara Raje Govt , has often been in news for his claims.Last year, Devnani in an attempt to put the cow on a pedestal claimed that cow is the only animal that inhales as well as exhales oxygen.indiatoday
Rajasthan minister and Alwar Lok Sabha bypoll candidate says Hindus should vote for BJP, Muslims to Congress
Jaipur:Dr Jaswant Singh Yadav, minister in Raje Govt , is again in the midst of a controversy that is unlikely to die anytime soon.BJP candidate for Lok Sabha bypolls in Alwar, while speaking during a campaign, allegedly asked those who are Hindus to vote for him and Muslims to vote for Congress. "I had gone to Mewat to ask for votes. It got printed in the papers as well. In the villages, I was welcomed and garlands of money were also put on me. I asked the people why would you vote for me?They said 'Because you work. Whenever we went to you, you catered well to us'," Yadav quoted.indiatoday
Love is ‘pavitra’ but its use as arm to target some group is wrong: RSS leader at ‘love jihad’ book launch
New Delhi: Senior RSS functionary J Nandkumar on Wednesday insisted that love is ‘pavitra’ but its use as an arm to target some group is wrong. Nandkumar made this comment during the launch of a book titled ‘Ek Mukhauta Aisa Bhi’ (A Mask Like This) – a collection of stories on love jihad by a firm that is part of a newly-formed group of publishers associated with the RSS- at the ongoing World Book Fair in the national capital. 86-page book, with the tagline “Love Jihad Par Kendrit Kahani Sangrah”, includes 15 stories on the topic authored by Dr Vandana Gandhi, a teacher of sociology and education in Bhopal. indianexpress
Bilkis Bano gangrape: SC for Gujarat govt’s reply on compensation
New Delhi:A plea demanding exemplary compensation for Bilkis Bano, who was gangraped during the 2002 riots in Gujarat, on Wednesday led the Supreme Court to seek the response of the state Govt . A bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud issued notice to the Gujarat Govt  seeking its reply by March 12 on the fresh plea filed by the victim.Considering the extreme violation of fundamental rights of the victim in the case, the court should revisit its law on assessment of the quantum of compensation to be given to Bano, the plea, filed through advocate Shobha, said.Bano, who was gangraped in March 2002 when she was pregnant, had lost seven family members in the riots that followed the Godhra carnage.PTI
Gulberg massacre accused held after almost 16 yrs
Ahmedabad:An accused in 2002 Gulberg Society massacre case, absconding for almost 16 years, was arrested in the city, police said.Ashish Pandey, one of the five absconding accused in the case, was arrested from Aslali locality by Crime Branch sleuths, a police official said.A mob had attacked Gulberg Society, a pre-dominantly Muslim colony in Ahmedabad, on Feb.28, 2002, killing 69 persons including former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri. It was one of the worst incidents of violence during the post-Godhra riots.“Pandey was absconding ever since he was named as an accused in the FIR lodged in 2002 after the incident. He lived in Naroda locality with his family, but had fled to evade arrest and thereafter lived in different cities including Haridwar and Vapi and worked in the transport business,” said the official.Police had got a tip-off that Pandey was in the city in connection with his work, he said. PTI
SC sends notice to Centre on PIL alleging Kendriya Vidyalayas promote Hindu religion
A plea claiming that all students of the Kendriya Vidyalayas, irrespective of their faith and belief, have to compulsorily recite a prayer based on the Hindu religion at the morning assembly, today led the Supreme Court to seek the Govt 's response.A bench of Justices R F Nariman and Navin Sinha issued notice to the Govt  on the plea which said that the morning assembly prayer was being enforced throughout the country in all the Kendriya Vidyalayas, which are also known as Central Schools. Petition filed by MP resident Veenayak Shah said the practise of prayer created obstacles in developing scientific temperament among students as the whole idea of God and religious faith is given immense priority and instilled as a thought-process among the students."Students as a result learn to develop an inclination towards seeking refuge from the almighty instead of developing a practical outcome towards the obstacles and hurdles faced in everyday life, and the spirit of enquiry and reform seems to be lost somewhere,"plea said.PTI
India to purchase anti-tank missiles from Israel through govt-to-govt deal
New Delhi; India will purchase Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) from Israel through the so-called Govt  to Govt  (G to G) route because the military wants the proven weapon, and the DRDO has no objections to the deal as long as it does not involve transfer of technology (TOT). Last month after much deliberations, the defence ministry withdraw the Request for Proposals (RFP) for 8,000 Israeli spike missiles, a deal that would have been worth $500 million, after DRDO developed the indigenous Nag ATGM with seeker software and said it was against any TOT from Rafael Advanced Systems, the Israeli company that makes the Spike missile.While the Israelis were upset as the withdrawal of RFP came almost on the eve of PM  Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to New Delhi on January 14, South Block officials said they have no objections to the Indian Army purchasing the long range (not line of sight) ATGM from Israel through the G to G route. This decision has been discussed at the highest level, they added, especially because Rafael Systems, Bharat Dynamics Limited and Kalyani Strategic Systems have set up a factory to manufacture the ATGM in Hyderabad under “Make in India” route.HT
Another JNU student Mukul Jain goes missing
A year after a JNU student went missing, police are now probing the whereabouts of another scholar, who went missing from the central university.Mukul Jain, pursuing PhD from the IGNOU under the supervision of a JNU professor, went missing form the central university recently. Jain used to attend lab number 408 at the JNU's School of Life Sciences. A 'missing poster' was also tweeted by student leader Shehla Rashid today.Initial reports suggest that Jain was last seen leaving the campus at around 12.30 pm from the East Gate of JNU. According to the Delhi Police, 'JNU day-scholar who was reported missing on January 8, last seen exiting East Gate of the university campus, no violence or academic pressure surfaces in primary probe. dnaindia
Kashmir: Friends struggle to connect schoolboy they knew with fidayeen
Srinagar: 16-year-old who became only the third local militant to be part of a fidayeen attack in the Valley was the son of a police constable and died within 100 days of dropping out of school and picking up arms. Manzoor Ahmad Baba, 22, of Drabgam village died along with him in the December 31 attack on a CRPF training centre in Pulwama, making it the first suicide strike in Kashmir involving 2 locals. The third person to die was reportedly a Pakistani.At Iqra Educational Institute, where Fardeen Ahmad Khanday studied in Class X, his classmates and friends, who don’t want to be identified, struggle to associate the 16-year-old with fidayeen. “He was one of the brightest students of our class,” says a friend, also in Class X. “He was unlike most of us. He would hardly talk about politics, and stayed away from stone-throwing protests. I never thought he would become a militant.”Apart from being good at studies, Fardeen was also among the best cricketers at school, they say. “He loved playing cricket. He was also a prefect,” says a friend and neighbour.Fardeen belonged to Hyuna village, which falls in slain Hizb-ul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani’s Tral, while another top Hizb-ul Mujahideen militant, Shabir Ahmad Bhat, was his neighbour. But family members say what badly affected him was the killing of another militant and neighbour, Aaqib Moulvi, in March last year.Moulvi, an alleged Hizbul commander, was a hafiz (one who has memorised the Quran in full) and was Fardeen’s Quran teacher at a local madrasa. “Fardeen had a religious bend, and prayed regularly. He sometimes even led prayers at the local mosque,” says a friend. “He was disturbed by the killing of Aaqib. But we never had an idea what was on his mind.”Family members say Fardeen left home on September 17, a Sunday, without informing anybody. Days later, his picture surfaced on social networking sites holding a gun, with a banner of the Jaish-e-Mohammad behind him. indianexpress
AMU scholar ‘militant link’: 2 Jamia students questioned
New Delhi:2 students of Jamia Milia Islamia were questioned in connection with expelled research scholar of AMU, Mannan Wani, who reportedly joined Hizbul Mujahideen. The students, from Kashmir, were questioned Monday evening by officials of intelligence agencies and local police and later allowed to go. Police sources said the two students live in the Jamia hostel were seen in CCTV footage recovered by UP Police during the probe. Wani had last paid a visit to Delhi on January 3 and reportedly met them. The two students had also visited AMU and met Wani during seminars, said sources. Jamia administration objected to the action. “It doesn’t make sense why police are so paranoid about particular universities,” said Jamia Media Coordinator Saima Saeed.indianexpress

Working as geologist in firm, says AMU ex-scholar
Srinagar;An AMU scholar who was said to be missing has said that he is working as a geologist in a public sector enterprise in Maharashtra.PhD student of AMU was the roommate of Mannan Wani — whose picture recently appeared on social media with text declaring that he had joined militancy.SP (City) Aligarh Atul Srivastava had said that Wani’s roommate had gone to his native place four months ago and was yet to return.The roommate’s brother said, “My brother left AMU more than 16 months ago, soon after he was employed as a geologist in a company, and started working there after police verification. My brother had intimated his professor and guide about his leaving, as well as joining the company.”indianexpress
As AMU scholar is investigated for terror links, other students say don’t tar us with same brush
RSS trying to trigger riots by distributing defamatory books on Prophet: Mamata
Kolkata:West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday made a sensational allegation that RSS and its affiliates were distributing defamatory material against Prophet Mohammed with an aim to fan communal riots in the state.Speaking at a public rally in Alipurduar in north Bengal, Banerjee alleged, "A book has come to my knowledge yesterday. It is a private book for class two students. RSS is distributing such books. We have recovered it from a school in Uluberia and an FIR has been lodged yesterday. The book, published as "inspired by West Bengal Govt ", contains defamatory content against Prophet Mohammed, and is being distributed among school children so that there is a communal riot.""We have filed FIR against them. Just imagine the extent of their nefarious plan, they are printing books themselves and distributing them in the market. Such books are being planted in school bags of children who are being asked to read it at home. They know, if they read it in schools they will be caught. Never fall for such traps," Banerjee said.Her allegation comes just two days after RSS conducted a yoga shivir in Howrah despite the state police's refusal to grant permission for event. The programme, organised to mark 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand was conducted after the Calcutta high court gave its nod last week after Sangh challenged police's role.indiatoday
Kalburgi’s wife seeks SIT probe, SC issues notice to probe agencies
New Delhi;The Supreme Court Wednesday issued notices to CBI, NIA and Govt s of Maharashtra and Karnataka, seeking their reply to a plea filed by noted Kannada writer M M Kalburgi’s wife who sought a SIT probe into his murder.A bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud took note of the petition filed by Uma Devi Kalburgi, wife of the slain author, and sought the response of the investigative agencies and the two states within six weeks. Uma Devi claimed that the murders of her husband, leftist thinker Govind Pansare and rationalist Narendra Dabholkar were similar in pattern.Earlier, investigations by Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department revealed that countrymade pistol used to kill Kalburgi was the same one used to murder Pansare.indianexpress
‘We don’t want to be identified on the basis of our religion,’ say Assam’s indigenous Muslims
On Sunday, Abdul Hamid, who teaches Assamese in a private school in Assam’s Goalpara district, boarded a bus to Balijhar in neighbouring South Kamrup district.The bus had been booked a week ago to ferry them to Balijhar Middle Education School. School grounds were hosting a conference of Assam’s Desi Muslims – a community that everyone in the bus, including Hamid, considered themselves to be part of. Assam’s Desi Muslims, around 20 lakh in number. They trace their roots to the ancient kingdom of Kamrup and contend that they originally belonged to a range of indigenous Assamese communities, such as Koch, Rabha, Mech, Garo, Nath, Yogi and Kalita. The community insists that their ancestors were the first people in the area to convert to Islam in the 13th century – following in the footsteps of Ali Mech, a tribal man widely regarded by historians as the first person in the region to have embraced Islam.“It is a mobilisation of sorts to let everyone, including the Govt and nationalist organisations,know that we are indigenous people of Assam, not migrants,” Hamid said. “There is no point if one of us goes and talks to some minister in private, we have to come out in numbers and assert ourselves. That is why we are here today.”The genesis of this latest assertion of identity lies in the current political climate of Assam. As the state updates its National Register of Citizens – for the first time since 1951–in a bid to detect illegal migrants from Bangladesh, many have claimed that the exercise has bordered on profiling minorities – the term “Muslim” has started to stand for “migrant”.Assam is home to several distinct Muslim groups. While the Desis are considered indigenous to Lower Assam, the Goriyas and Moriyas are native to the Upper Assam districts. These three groups are widely clubbed under the umbrella of khilonjia or indigenous Muslims. Several other Muslim communities have lived in Assam for at least a couple of centuries – the Bengali-speaking Bhotia Muslims and the Juluha Muslims from Bihar and UP, for instance. There is another group: the Miya or Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh, who are often viewed with suspicion in Assam and are regularly targeted by the state’s many nationalist groups.scroll
Assam NRC excludes genuine residents: Mamata
21400 hectares under illegal possession of Army in JK:CM
Jammu;Over 21,400 hectares of land are under unauthorised occupation of Army and other security forces in J&K , state legislative assembly was informed on Wednesday. In a written reply, CM Mehbooba Mufti informed the House that over 18,846 hectares are under authorised occupation of the forces in Kashmir division including Ladakh.She added that over 2,555 hectares of land are under unauthorised occupation of Army in Jammu division. indianexpress
Hyderabad: 9 acquitted in 14-year-old rioting case
Hyderabad:Seventh Additional CMM has acquitted 9 persons allegedly involved in a 14-year-old rioting case which took place in Saidabad. Although most of the witnesses were policemen, the prosecution failed to prove the charges against the accused.The case is related to incidents in April 2004 after the operation of Gujarat police who arrested the controversial cleric of Saidabad, Maulana Naseeruddin, in a criminal conspiracy case pertaining to the killing of ex-Gujrat home minister Haren Pandya.His arrest as well as shifting of the cleric out of the city was resisted by a group of people, including Mujahid Saleem Azmi, son of cleric Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi.In the ruckus that followed, Saleem Azmi was shot dead by a team of Gujarat crime branch sleuths near the state police HQRS of undivided AP in Lakdikapul.After the killing and completion of autopsy at Osmania General Hospital, body of Mujahid Saleem was being taken back to his residence at Jeevan Yar Jung Colony in Saidabad, when a group of men who were part of funeral procession allegedly pelted stones, damaged Govt  property and attacked the police who were on duty.As soon as news of the rioting spread, people shut themselves inside their homes and shops downed shutters. It took some time for more cops to reach the area and bring things under control.Ex-ACP, Malakpet, M Vishwanatham filed a complaint with the Saidabad police, upon which a case was registered listing as many as 33 persons as accused.SIT later cited 18 accused in the case following which the Nampally criminal court issued NBW against them. 11 accused, including late Darsgah-E-Jihad-o-Shahadat chief Shaik Mahboob Ali, arrested and filed a chargesheet against him.While trial was in progress, Darsgah chief and another accused, Saleem Shareef, died and the action against them was abated. In the meantime, accused Sharfuddin, Zaheer, Nadeem Shareef, Fareed, Abdul Aziz, Syed Rasheed, Azeem Ali,Shakeel and Mohtasim Billah were acquitted by court.Naseeruddin too was acquitted on Jan.12, 2010, after spending 5 years in prison.TOI
NIA Frames Charges Against 5 in RSS Man Murder Case
Bengaluru: A NIA court has framed charges against 5 people accused of killing RSS worker Rudresh on Oct.16, 2016. The court said that all 5 accused — Irfan Pasha, Wasim Ahmed, Mohammed Sadiq, Mohammed Muzeeb Ulla and Asim Sheriff — must face trial on charges of murder and terrorist act as defined by the Section 16 (1) (a) of UAPA. The court said it will fix the date of trial on Jan.27.news18
Soon no need to share Aadhaar ID for verification: UIDAI
New Delhi:Addressing privacy concerns after a news report claimed a breach in the Aadhaar database, the UIDAI on Wednesday announced a new two-layer system to strengthen security of Aadhaar number holders which would do away with the need to share the unique ID for verification purposes.Under the new system, at the user-end, the Aadhaar holder will have the choice not to share their Aadhaar number at the time of authentication.Instead, a random 16-digit Virtual ID number would be generated and could be used in lieu of Aadhaar with the authorised agency like banks and telecom service providers.IANS
Flaw in UIDAI’s SMS service lets anyone with your Aadhaar number trace your bank info:HT
In light of media reports about access to a specialised Aadhaar website being sold for as little as Rs 500, an SMS flaw in UIDAI’s service has become apparent that allows anyone who has your Aadhaar number to figure out your bank details.The flaw resides in a USSD service that UIDAI publicly shared in Dec. last year. First reported by Gadgets.NDTV, the service allows anyone to check if their bank account has been linked to their Aadhaar number, as has been mandated by the authority.
UP Admin asks Darul Uloom to obtain permission for use of loudspeakers
Muzaffarnagar: Saharanpur district administration has asked Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband to obtain permission for the use of loudspeakers in its compound by January 15, an official said. A notice has been issued to the seminary after the UP Govt banned the use of loudspeakers at temples, mosques and other public places without permission. State Govt  move came after the Allahabad high court asked it to ensure proper implementation of noise pollution control rules.The administration has told the seminary that if it fails to obtain permission by the scheduled date, the equipment would be removed, the official said.Saharanpur DSP Siddhartha said that similar notices have been sent to all religious organisations. Darul Uloom said it was trying to obtain permission from the authorities concerned.PTI
SC doesn't have right to 'make' law: Muslim law board member on triple talaq
Aurangabad: AIMPLB member has raised questions over the Supreme Court's move in the triple talaq issue and said the court does not have the right to 'make' the law.A member of the board, Maulana Ata Ur Rehman Rashdi, said the work of the Supreme Court is to make decisions within the purview of law and not to 'make' the law."This very role of the court is a violation of basic rights which can never be accepted. The interference of the apex court and the Govt  in the Shariat laws is also wrong," Maulana maintained.ANI
Israel to approve 1,200 settlement homes in West Bank
Israel is set to approve the construction of more than one thousand settlement units in the occupied West Bank, the defence ministry said."The defence minister will on Wednesday present for approval by the Higher Planning Council an immediate construction plan for 2018 of 1,285 housing units in Judea and Samaria," the defence ministry said in a statement, referring to West Bank.Avigdor Lieberman, defence minister, said that he will seek the approval from Israeli authorities about building a further 2,500 units in 20 different locations. Higher Planning Council meets several times a year to study and approve settlement construction projects.Last June, Lieberman said that plans in 2017 had been advanced for 8,345 homes in the occupied West Bank, including 3,066 slated for "immediate construction".Peace Now, Israeli NGO that is opposed to settlements, announced that 6,742 construction units were approved in the settlements in 2017, highest since 2013.In 2016, number was at 2,629 units.To date, there are 600,000 settlers in occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.Al Jazeera
Israeli army raids villages after settler shot dead
Israeli army has carried out raids in Palestinian villages near Nablus in the occupied West Bank, following the death of an Israeli settler who was shot in the area.The shooting incident happened on Tuesday on the main road near the illegal Israeli settlement outpost of Havat Gilad, where 35-year-old settler, a rabbi, resided.He later died of his wounds in a hospital near Tel Aviv, Israeli media reported.Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from Jerusalem, said the Israeli army declared the area to the southwest of Nablus a military zone and raided the Palestinian villages of Tell and Sarra.Al Jazeera
Palestinian National Council  may cancel Oslo Accords, withdraw recognition of Israel
Political committee of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) is studying the potential abolition of the Oslo Peace Accords and Palestinian recognition of Israel, the body’s Deputy Secretary-General Qais Abdul-Karim said. Abdul-Karim said that the PNC’s political committee “is taking decisions which could change its fate”, noting that it “is the body which is authorised to take decisions regarding the relationship with Israel.”He expected that the PNC might take “clear decisions” related to the Oslo obligations that “restricted” the Palestinian Authority (PA) during its upcoming meeting which is expected to take place early next week.Abdul-Karim stressed that the Israeli occupation had “turned its back on Oslo Accords, as well as on its obligations stipulated by the peace pact.” middleeastmonitor
Israel opposition group to grant Saudi role in Al-Aqsa
Leader of Zionist Camp and head of Israeli opposition Isaac Herzog pledged to grant Saudi Arabia a leading role in running Al-Aqsa Mosque and Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem after a peace deal is reached with Palestinians, Felesteen reported yesterday.Reporting the Israel’s Maariv, the Palestinian news site said that Herzog said that a “special” role in running the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem should be given to Saudi Arabia due to its position.Meanwhile, he invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to deliver a speech in the Knesset in order to help oust Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu.He said that ousting Netanyahu would lead to establishing a Palestinian state because only the head of the Israeli Labour Party would lead Israel to peace, in reference to himself. middleeastmonitor
Court case against Guatemala’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem
Lawyer Marco Vinicio Mejla lodged a complaint to the Constitutional Court in Guatemala against the state’s decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.The decision was made after US declared the occupied city as Israel’s capital.Mejla considered his country’s decision a violation of international law, which considers Jerusalem occupied territory.“Such a change of policy should have been put to a referendum. President Jimmy Morales flouted Govt  standards by making the announcement on his Facebook page rather than leaving it to the foreign ministry to make the announcement through official channels.” middleeastmonitor
Gaza to be Israel's 'hottest' front in 2018: Israeli military
Jerusalem;Israel's front with the Gaza Strip will be the "hottest" in 2018, compared to its Syrian, Lebanese and West Bank fronts, according to Israeli military spokesman Avichay Adraee. Adraee said Israeli army this year would finalize the construction of a cement barrier around the blockaded Gaza Strip with the stated aim of stopping Hamas from digging cross-border tunnels into Israeli territory."The barrier [around Gaza] is similar to walls built on the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian borders," he said. "But Gaza barrier also includes underground components [to disrupt cross-border tunnels]." "There has been relative calm in recent days [on Israel’s southern border]," Adraee went on to say, adding: "Our policy now is to achieve a state of total calm vis-à-vis Gaza." Anadolu
Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Saud 'fired after audio tape contradicts state': aljazeera
A Saudi prince was removed from his post after he released an audio recording that contradicted the Saudi authorities' version of the arrest of 11 princes in Riyadh last week, reports said. Prince Abdullah bin Saud, who was appointed president of the Saudi Marine Sports Federation back in Oct, stressed that the recording, which was released on Monday,was his own personal initiative.The arrests occurred on Jan.4, and were carried out by an elite force called the Blood-rusted Sword that is directly linked to Crown bin Salman.The official version given by the Govt  was that the princes were arrested after protesting austerity measures in front of a royal palace.Yet Saudi activists on social media said the rally was an objection to a campaign of arrests targeting royals and the absence of ex-Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef."Because I am close to the events, I want to clarify an important point," Abdullah bin Saud began. "These young men are the finest youth of our country, and there is no way that they can object to the orders of the rulers."
Qatar seeks arbitration to end Saudi-led blockade
Doha:Qatar said it has a legal process to challenge a blockade imposed by four Arab states since last year.In June, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain severed diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism.“We have already begun moving internationally to seek arbitration or [go to] international courts or UN institutions” to end the blockade, foreign ministry spokeswoman Lulwah al-Khater said in a press conference.“All options are available for us,” she said. The statements came following a report issued by the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) that documented “violations” by the blockade states.anadolu
UN raises concern over human rights in UAE
UN has painted a grim picture of the human rights situation in the UAE, raising concern over the torture of prisoners, injustice against foreign workers and discrimination of women in the Gulf state. A report by the Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has shed light on the suppression of freedom of expression and the undue influence of executive authorities and security services on the judiciary in Emirati state. aljazeera
Greece makes sharia law optional for Muslim minority
athens: Greek parliament has made the practice of Islamic sharia law in family disputes optional for the country's Muslim minority, changing a century-old legacy.Greece's leftist PM  Alexis Tsipras immediately called the vote a "historic step" as it "extended equality before the law to all Greeks."The legislation will allow Muslim litigants to opt for a Greek court to resolve family disputes rather than appealing to Islamic jurists known as muftis.For family law matters, Greek Muslims generally seek recourse to muftis for things like divorce, child custody and inheritance. Rights groups say it is a system that frequently discriminates against women.The issue has its origins in the period after World War I, and treaties between Greece and Turkey that followed the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.The 1920 Treaty of Sevres and 1923 Treaty of Lausanne stipulated that Islamic customs and Islamic religious law would apply to thousands of Muslims who suddenly became Greek citizens. Greece's roughly 110,000-strong Muslim minority mainly lives in Thrace, a poor, rural region bordering Turkey.AFP 
Greece votes to change how Sharia is applied in Thrace
Pak threat to cut off US access:US may be talking to Russia, others, about alternate supply route to Afghan
As Washington's relations with Islamabad hit an all-time low, US may be considering not using Pakistan as a route to send supplies to Afghanistan, a US State Dept official hinted. He was answering a specific question about what the US will do if an angry Pakistan cuts off access to the routes through which military and other supplies get to Afghanistan."Is the US talking with Central Asian countries or Russia about trying to expand resupply - like northern resupply - routes to have alternatives if Pakistan cuts that off," was the question asked of State Dept official Steven Goldstein.He replied in the affirmative."We always look at that,"said Goldstein, emphasising though that the recent suspension of as much as $2 billion in funds to Pakistan was just that - a suspension - not an end."...this is a suspension and not a cut-off.No funds have been reprogrammed, and we're hopeful for future cooperation from Pakistan," said Goldsmith, referring to help from that country to rein in Taliban and Haqqani Networks. TOI
 Turkey summons Russia, Iran envoys over Idlib violence
Turkey's foreign ministry has summoned Russian and Iranian ambassadors for what Ankara says Syrian Govt forces' escalation of violence in the city of Idlib, diplomatic sources said.Russia's ambassador to Ankara, Alexei Yerkhov and Iranian envoy Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard were called in to express Turkey's "discomfort" about the attacks in Idlib, officials, who asked to remain anonymous, said. Turkey had previously voiced its discontent to Russian and Iranian officials via military and diplomatic channels about Govt forces' violations of de-escalation zones,according to sources.AlJazeera
Myanmar charges Reuters reporters covering Rohingya
A Myanmar court has charged 2 Reuters journalists, who were covering the crisis of Rohingya Muslims in northern Rakhine state, of allegedly violating a national secrecy law. Myanmar reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were formally indicted by prosecutors in Yangon on Wednesday for breaching the colonial-era Official Secrets Act, which could sentence them to a maimum of 14 years in prison, their lawyer said.  The pair were taken into custody on December 12 after being invited to dine with police officers on the outskirts of Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, according to Reuters.aljazeera
Jordan: 50 MPs demand ambassador be recalled from Israel
50 members of the Jordanian Parliament signed a petition urging Govt to summon the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel, Walid Obeidat, in protest against the “unilateral and racist practices” of the occupation authorities.In the petition, which was introduced by MP Mustafa Yaghi, the members of the Jordanian parliament demanded the action be taken as a response to the Israeli Knesset’s ratification of a law that would subject Jerusalem to Israeli sovereignty, which would pave the way for expelling Palestinian people from Jerusalem.The petition was launched to protest against Israel’s solo and racist moves that do not respect any agreement, it said. middleeastmonitor
Why BJP cries for Muslim women:Aijaz Zaka Syed
Rohingya Refugee Petitions Supreme Court: “We Are Here Not To Take Lives But to Save Lives”:IFRA RASHID
From Shah Bano to triple talaq, lies and deception are being used to cheat women of rights:MJ Akbar, Union Minister
Cabinet approves amendments in FDI policy to better 'ease of doing business' with India
Dearest Mannan bhai:indian express article
Even 6-year-old kids are bullied for being Muslims in elite Indian schools;NAZIA ERUM
Dear Hindutva Trolls Abusing Muslim Refugees, Tomorrow It Will Be Your Turn To Be Under Far-Right’s Radar Of Hatred:ASHOK SWAIN
Muslim women may stand to lose more from proposed law criminalising instant triple talaq:ARVIND MAYARAM
'There is continuity between home and school for Muslim girls':IANS
California mudslides: At least 13 killed, thousands evacuated

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