23 January 2018

23 Jan.ND Court can’t decide marriage is invalid: SC says no NIA probe in Hadiya's marriage/No mediation on Kashmir unless both parties agree: UN chief

23 Jan.2018:05 Jamadiul-1 1439:Vol:9, No:105
Court can’t decide marriage is invalid: SC says no NIA probe in Hadiya's marriage
New Delhi:The Supreme Court today observed that NIA cannot take a call on whether the marriage of the 24-year-old Hadiya with Shafin Jahan is legitimate. “If she (Hadiya) has no issues (with the marriage), that’s the end of the issue,” LiveLaw quoted Justice DY Chandrachud as saying.His remark came during hearings on the controversial case which pits advocates of the autonomy of an adult woman to decide whom she marries against conspiracy theorists who see Hadiya’s marriage as part of a supposed Muslim plot to seduce and convert Hindu women.“How can we say marriage is not valid when she says she married…she can choose independently. She is 24 years old,”Bar and Bench quoted bench comprising CJI Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and Chandrachud as saying. “Marriage has to be separate from criminal activity, otherwise we will be creating a bad precedent in law.”Lawyer representing Hadiya’s father, who had insisted from the beginning that the marriage is a case of ‘love jihad‘ even though Hadiya converted to Islam before she met Jahan, said that the circumstances leading to the marriage needed to be investigated. To this, the court said that the couple’s marital status was not a matter for investigation. NIA can continue with its probe but it cannot investigate into the marital status of the man and the woman, PTI quoted the court as saying.NIA told the court that it has made “substantial progress” in its probe into ‘love jihad’ in Kerala.The SC also said today that it is not within the courts’ jurisdiction to decide whether or not a grown woman should live with her parents. “When the girl says I don’t want to go with father, how can the court compel her? She is an adult, she appeared and made a statement,” LiveLaw quoted the bench.The court also accepted lawyer Kapil Sibal’s request to make Hadiya a party to the proceedings, and said that the matter will next be heard on Feb. 22. thewire
Kerala conversion case: NIA can investigate all aspects except Hadiya’s marriage, observes SC
Now we can live normal life:Hadiya’s husband
“I feel we can lead a normal husband-wife life now,” said Shafin Jahan, Hadiya’s husband, as he received the dispatches from the Supreme Court from Tuesday morning. “Allah is supreme. Truth will prevail, always,” he added.Hearing a request made by Jahan, a bench of the SC made a statement long awaited by the woman and her husband:“That’s her choice.”Jahan, who described his struggle, from legal battles to terror charges, as “harrowing”, can’t wait to move on as well. Asked what the couple will do next, he said, “That I will decide after consulting with my wife. I am yet to talk to her. I will be meeting her in a couple of days.” For the moment, he can’t thank the judicial system enough. “I have unflinching faith in judiciary. For people like us, it is the last resort.” hindustantimes
'I want to meet my husband,' is all Hadiya says as she leaves delhi
New Delhi: Hadiya said that she would meet her husband Shafin Jahan after winning a reprieve from the Supreme Court. She was yesterday freed her from her parents, who have refused to accept her marriage to a Muslim man."I want to meet Jahan. I believe I will meet him in Salem," she uttered repeatedly, facing reporters at Delhi airport.Escorted by Kerala policemen, Hadiya took a flight from Delhi to Coimbatore, from where she is likely to be taken to Salem by road. ndtv
CPI(M) considering impeachment motion against CJI Misra
New Delhi:CPI-M said it was contemplating an impeachment motion with other opposition parties against Chief Justice Dipak Misra after 4 senior-most judges complained about arbitrary allocation of cases in the Supreme Court.“In this situation, there is no other option but to correct this institution (SC) in case there is anything wrong. This can be done by an impeachment motion against the CJI,” CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury said.He said the matter was being discussed with other opposition parties on the possibility of an impeachment motion against the CJI in the upcoming budget session that begins Jan.29.“We are moving ahead. I think by the time Parliament opens on Jan. 29, the matter will be very clear. We will be moving towards impeachment motion. It is time for the legislature to play its role along with the executive.”IANS
Discussing possible impeachment motion against CJI with other parties: Yechury
Lawyers in Silent March For Justice, As SC Begins Judge Loya Case Hearing
 New Delhi: Approximately 300 lawyers gathered demanding a fair and just inquiry into the death of Chief Justice Loya on Monday. The peaceful Silent Protest March was held in front of the Supreme Court.On the call of Lawyers’ for Democracy, all sections of society including Lawyers’, Delhi University Teachers & Engineers of CPWD participated in the demonstration. Protesters were carrying placards demanding court monitored fair and impartial probe in the death of Judge Loya.Similar protests also took place in Rajasthan and Assam, with signs reading, “Country wants to know, who killed Judge Loya” and “Judge Loya’s death accident or murder?”thecitizen
Must constantly study how institution is functioning: Justice Chelameswar
New Delhi: In his first public appearance after the dramatic press conference in which he and three other senior judges of the Supreme Court questioned the conduct of the CJI, Justice Jasti Chelameswar said Monday that one “must constantly keep analysing and examining how exactly the institution is functioning”, and its achievements and failures.Speaking at the launch of the book Supreme Court of India — The beginnings, Justice Chelameswar said: “I believe, and I am sure, each one of those present in the gathering believe that for the survival of a liberal democracy, an impartial and independent judiciary is essential, without which, I don’t think, liberal democracy can flourish.”Referring to the book, written by late Prof George H Gadbois Jr from the University of Kentucky in the US, Justice Chelameswar said:“This book…made a study of the foundations of the SC of India, the functioning of the approximately the first two decades of its existence. Those of us who are interested in sustaining and improving the institution for the welfare of the people of this country need a greater study for the remaining period. This must be an ongoing process.You must constantly keep analysing and examining, how exactly the institution is functioning, and what are all the achievements and what are all its failures. It is a matter, which requires constant examination.”Justice Madan B Lokur, who was also present along with Justice Chelameswar at the press conference on Jan. 12, was a part of the audience. Referring to “various aspects of the SC discussed in the book”, Justice Chelameswar said:“The SC of India is not a superintending court over the entire judiciary of this country. At least, the text of the Constitution does not provide for such superintending power. But in practice, the SC exercises a great deal of superintendence. Directly, the matter of appointment and transfer of judges of the high courts. Of course, indirectly, by laying down the law regarding various aspects of the administration of justice at the high courts and subordinate court levels in the country.”Expressing concern over the huge backlog of cases in the SC, he said that a “solution must be found, if the institution is to remain relevant”.indianexpress
Sohrabuddin encounter case: CBI to oppose PIL over Amit Shah’s discharge
Mumbai: CBI  has said it will oppose PIL filed in Bombay High Court against the agency’s decision not to challenge a lower court order discharging BJP chief Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case. PIL, filed by the Bombay Lawyers Association last week, termed as “illegal, arbitrary and malafide”CBI’s action of not challenging the Dec.30, 2014 order of a special CBI court here discharging Shah.“We are opposing the petition. We also have an issue on the maintainability of the petition. The discharge order is of Dec.2014...there is an issue of limitations,” CBI counsel Anil Singh said in the HC.A division bench of Justices SC Dharmadhikari and Bharti Dangre posted the petition for arguments on Feb.13 after CBI counsel sought time.Senior counsel Dushyant Dave, appearing for the petitioner, pointed to the bench that PIL has also sought records from the high court administrative committee on why CBI judge, who was initially assigned to conduct trial in the case, was transferred.PTI
More Hindu women experiencing domestic violence than Muslims
New Delhi: Through the fierce debates over triple talaq in and outside the Parliament, BJP Govt at the Centre and assorted TV channels have been peddling a deliberately misleading narrative, trying to portray Muslim woman as the most oppressed and vulnerable because of the “lethal weapon” of triple talaq wielded by men. Thus she needs to be “rescued” with a stringent criminal law to protect herself from from her husband. However, National Family Health Survey 2015-16 conducted by Central Govt  punctures its own argument.The data collected during the survey shows that other women, far more than Muslim women in percentage, are experiencing various kinds of atrocities and violence at home even though their husbands are not armed with the ‘weapon’ of triple talaq. As per the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, which was released a couple of weeks ago, 27% of women in the country have experienced physical violence since age 15 and 6%  have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. 3% of even pregnant women have experienced physical violence during any pregnancy.Indian Muslim women protest against the Triple Talaq Bill introduced by the Modi govt.As for spousal violence, 31% of married women have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence.The most common type of spousal violence is physical violence (27%), followed by emotional violence (13%). 6 % of ever-married women have experienced spousal sexual violence. Survey also collected community-wise data of domestic violence. In the age group of 15-49 years, 28.7% Hindu women have ever experienced physical violence as against 21.5% Muslim women closely followed by Christians (21.4%). Among religious communities, the Jain women are safest with just 9.3% of them experienced physical violence.Of women of all categories, the largest victim of physical violence are Scheduled Castes women (33.2%) followed by women of OBCs (29.2%) and tribal women (26.3%). Even after marriage, women continue to experience violence of various kinds – now at the hands of their husbands.As for spousal violence, both Hindu and Muslim women face emotional violence in equal percentage. But when it comes to physical violence, while percentage of Hindu women victims is 28.8%, that of Muslim women is 23.5%. More Hindu women (6.6%) become victim of sexual violence than Muslim women (5.7%). caravandaily
Kolkata: BJP member Ishrat Jahan’s husband Ansari denies divorcing her using ‘triple talaq’
Kolkata: The husband of Ishrat Jahan, a key petitioner against triple talaq in the Supreme Court, has claimed he “never divorced her using triple talaq”. Ms. Jahan had stated that her husband divorced her using triple talaq on phone from Dubai in April 2015. However, she denied his latest statement as “false and baseless”. Ms. Jahan’s husband Murtaza Ansari said on phone from Bihar that he had “never said teen talaq (triple talaq) to Ishrat on phone from Dubai”. He added, “I have certain reservations about her conduct and if she changes herself and agrees to stay at my home in Bihar, then even now I am ready to live with her.” Asked why he was not willing to allow her to stay in Howrah district, Ansari claimed her “earlier conduct” at his Howrah residence was “inappropriate”. Denying the allegations,Ms. Jahan said, “He divorced me by using triple talaq on phone from Dubai. So I don’t have any proof of it. He said that ‘I am giving talaq from Dubai’. There were 2 or 3 people with him at that time.” Ms. Jahan joined the BJP earlier this month. thehindu
Did Ishrat Jahan, one of the petitioners in Triple Talaq, lie about her divorce?
AAP MLAs approach HC to quash their disqualification, matter to be heard tomorrow
20 AAP MLAs today moved the Delhi High Court seeking to quash their disqualification by President Ram Nath Kovind which was done on the recommendation of the ECI.The HC has agreed to hear the matter tomorrow.Appearing on behalf of one of the MLAs, advocate Manish Vashisht submitted before the bench that the matter required urgent listing given the notification disqualifying 20 members of Delhi Assembly.The plea by the MLAs has also sought a stay and quashing of the Govt's notification stating the President had held that the MLAs stand disqualified under the Govt  of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) Act.indiatoday
AAP calls Election Commission ‘Khap Panchayat’, slams new CEC Rawat
New Delhi:AAP dubbed the Election Commission a “Khap Panchayat” and raised questions over new chief election commissioner OP Rawat’s relationship with BJP.AAP spokesman Raghav Chadha said Rawat had recused himself from hearing an office of profit case against the disqualified 20 AAP MLAs after allegations that he was close to many BJP leaders including MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Chadha said that 6 months back Rawat again became a part of the case without informing the party or its MLAs. “It was first time in the history of India that a judge who had recused himself from a case sneaked back to the case through back door.”IANS
AAP says office of profit charge false as MLAs were not entitled to any benefits
Shiv Sena won’t ally with BJP for 2019 Lok Sabha, Maharashtra polls, Aaditya Thackeray elevated
Shiv Sena announced that it would contest the 2019 state and Lok Sabha elections on its own, and elevated Uddhav Thackeray’s son Aaditya in its hierarchy to make him a part of the core team. Party spokesperson Sanjay Raut made the announcement.Shiv Sena national executive, which met at the NSCI in Worli on the birth anniversary of their late founder Bal Thackeray, passed a resolution that the party would contest the 2019 Lok Sabha and Maharashtra Assembly polls solo.The decision comes amid increasingly strained relations with its ally, BJP. For a while now, the Sena chief has been taking on the BJP and even CM  Devendra Fadnavis — with whom he is said to share a good personal rapport — on several issues.HT
Uddhav Thackeray attacks PM Modi: He is interested in flying kites with foreign leaders
No mediation on Kashmir unless both parties agree: UN chief Antonio Guterres
UN: UN chief Antonio Guterres has ruled out any mediation to resolve the Kashmir issue unless all parties agree to it and asked India and Pakistan to address their outstanding issues through talks amidst heightened tensions along the border. UN Secretary-General’s spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that in principle good offices of the UN chief are always available for mediation, but everyone needs to agree on involving the world body.Asked about escalating tensions between India and Pakistan due to ongoing skirmishes and firing along the border, Dujarric said, “We’re obviously aware. We’re following this… what’s been going on, really for the last 10 days.”Asked why the Secretary-General is not so keen to involve himself in this crisis, Dujarric said, “In principle good offices of Guterres are always available for mediation, but everyone needs to agree on involving the UN.”“As a matter of principle I’m not talking specifically about this issue, but about any issue where there is conflict between parties, the Secretary-General’s good offices are always available,” he said. “As in any issue…if there are multiple parties, everyone needs to agree on involving the UN. That is true of any mediation effort,”Dujarric said.“Secretary-General would encourage both sides to address any outstanding issues through dialogue,” he said. PTI
UN chief asks India, Pak to resolve issues through talks
Indian aggression will get befitting response: Pak Army chief on LoC firing
Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa warned that any Indian “aggression” or “misadventure” will always get a most befitting response.He made the remarks during his visit to the LoC and Working Boundary in Khuiratta and Ratta Arayan sectors, Inter-Services Public Relations said. Army chief met local commanders, who briefed him about the ceasefire violations, specially alleged targeting of the civilian population across the LoC and WB, it said.“Our commitment to abide by the ceasefire agreement of 2003 should never be misconstrued as response limitation. Indian aggression or any misadventure shall always get a most befitting response,”Gen Bajwa said.PTI
Assam forces accused of waterboarding detainees:report
Guwahati: On the night of Jan.9, a police team headed by officer Ranjit Hazarika raided the home of one Hasen Ali of No 2 Atakata village in Mangaldoi district of of Assam. Suspecting him of possessing illegal arms, the police barged into his home at midnight and searched for the weapons but couldn’t find any.Hasen, who had been a migrant worker in the southern state of Karnataka, had recently come back home with his wife and 3 children, including an infant.40-year-old was the sole breadwinner for the family.Hasen's wife Jamiran Nessa said that her husband was dragged out of the home and at least 4 policemen pinned him down in the courtyard and kicked him indiscriminately."Police covered his face with a cloth and poured cold water on his face. He vomited and fainted after a while," Nessa, 35, said.Police brought him to Mangaldoi Civil Hospital around 12km from his home, where a doctor declared him "brought dead".Next morning when news of Hasen's death spread, a large number of villagers gathered to protest against police atrocities and demand justice. At least one person died when police opened fire on the agitated crowd of about 5,000 people. Ainuddin Ahmed, a student activist from Darrang district, claims that waterboarding is a widely practiced torture technique used by the Assam police as part of their notorious "third degree", or torture practices, in police custody to extract information from detainees. Ainuddin's organisation, AAMSU, works for the victims of police atrocities and persecution of minorities."Tens of thousands of genuine Indian Muslims of Assam have been harassed on the pretext of being illegal immigrant from Bangladesh and over 2000 of them are put up in detention camps across the state,"Ainuddin, general secretary of AAMSU, said.Aman Wadud, a lawyer based in Guwahati who provides a pro-bono legal aid to the victims of state persecution and targeted violence, says police actions against Muslims are often harsh."Police have always been uncharitable towards Muslims of Assam; it has a different and very harsh parameter to deal with Muslims. Whenever Muslims protest for their rights, the police forces hardly hesitate to open firing,"he said.2 days after the custodial death of Hasen, a journalist from a local channel, Swarupjyoti Chetia, was picked up by security forces in a midnight raid at his residence in the Dibrugarh district.The channel alleged that Chetia was subjected to torture during detention, including pouring cold water on his body in the middle of the winter night.Police officer Hazarika has been accused of using waterboarding before to get confession from detainees. Aljazeera
Muzaffarnagar riots: Khap leaders threaten stir if cases against leaders are withdrawn
Meerut: 2 the state Govt seeking opinion of DM and SSP Muzaffarnagar on the withdrawal of 9 cases related to 2013 riots against some BJP leaders, powerful khap leaders of western UP assembled in Shamli and registered their protest.  Naresh Tikait, head, Balyan Khap, said, “More than 600 people from both Hindu and Muslim communities are facing trials in several riots cases. And the leaders who benefited immensely from these riots and got plum political positions want withdrawal of cases against them. This is selfish attitude.”Tikait said, “If cases of hundreds of others are not withdrawn along with the leaders, we will be forced to launch a massive agitation.” Leaders of various other influential khaps were also present at the meeting.The letter in question, sent from the office of the special secretary, Raj Singh, in the department of justice, had sought information on the possibility of withdrawing nine criminal cases pending in a local court in Muzaffarnagar against some top BJP leaders. Cases were then filed against UP minister Suresh Rana, ex-Union minister Sanjeev Balyan, MP Bhartendu Singh, MLA Umesh Malik and party leader Sadhvi Prachi. timesofindia
My son is innocent, charges are false: Qureshi’s Father
Residing in a humble locality of Mira Road, Mohammed Usman Qureshi, father of arrested SIMI alleged suspect Abdul Qureshi applauds the arrest of his son in the hope that the Indian Judiciary system will declare him innocent one day.Usman Qureshi stays with his wife Zubeda on the sixth floor apartment at Highland CHS in Nayanagar area of Mira road. Neighbhours remember Abdul to be a very hardworking and religious man. Naya Nagar and Kanakia police of Thane Rural police dept often visited the Qureshi residence to gather information about Abdul.“I remember Abdul teaching Quran at a local madarassa and also teaching academics to students in the locality. But we never knew about his involvement in terror activities until media reports with his picture were flashed,” said Dr. Mohammed Hamid, a local resident. Usman said, “I remember that he had informed us once about he being working with SIMI. But it was only for preaching and not for terror activities. I am happy that he has been arrested and the court will declare him innocent. For me my son is innocent and the charges against him are false as he has been never involved in terror activities.”“Since he left the house we have never heard from him. The police officers often come to our house to gather information and every time I have to tell them that we do not have any such information,” said Qureshi. Mother  said, “Govt has falsely implicated my son. But truth will soon come out.”DNA
Father of Abdul Subhan Qureshi says he was not involved in any terror activities
Silence over 8-yr-old Bakerwal girl’s rape, murder?
After 4 serial rape cases reported from different parts of Haryana in the past fortnight, now 8-year-old from Hiranagar tehsil in J&K’s Kathua district became the victim of sexual violence. The minor victim belonging to the Bakerwal or Gujjar community was abducted on Jan. 10, held captive for a week and raped before she was murdered.Her body was found on Jan.17 deep inside bushes located over a km from her home near a police station. Her family suspects that she was electrocuted to death as there were severe burn and bite marks on her body.The police have constituted a SIT led by a SP rank officer to probe the incident and one arrest has been made so far. “As soon as we received a missing complaint, we registered an FIR on Jan.12 and launched a search operation but her whereabouts could not be traced. After the body of the girl was found, we rounded up few people and arrested a boy who is a minor. Our investigation is still on and we are trying to nab all those who were involved in the heinous crime,” Kathua SSP Mohammad Suleman Choudhary said.But the victim’s family and the community accuse the police of not making sincere efforts to trace the girl even after registration of a missing complaint on Jan.11. “The parents and relatives of the victim went to police station to lodge a missing complaint but officials denied to do so and asked the worried family to trace her on their own. The police lodged the complaint on Jan. 11 but told the family to keep patience as it is Govt  work that takes time. Instead of searching her in the village, the police visited forest areas and that too only once. The jungle is best known to be second home for tribals and no one knows jungle better than them,” said Waqar Bhatti, an activist who along with others and family members is fighting for justice.He said the body of the girl was badly mutilated with bites of human teeth. “The goons tried to crush her body with stones due to which her collar bone, ribs, arms and hip were broken,” he described. Terming the arrest of the minor boy an attempt to “cover up” the matter and let go the culprits “scot free”, Bhatti said, “Police on Jan. 19 claimed to have solved the case by nabbing a 15-year-old boy who they say has confessed to commit the crime and he kept the girl in a cowshed. The questions that arise here are: how can a 15-year-old boy manage to hide girl for 7 days and that too in cowshed without any help, how did he manage to get live wire for electrocution and how did he manage to hide himself from the police and the girl’s family? The police is trying to save the real culprits by arresting a juvenile. This is real foul play.” The family and people of the area suspect involvement of locals associated with various Hindutva espousing outfits, which – according to them – wants to throw the Gujjar Muslim tribals out from the region.Newsclick
Brutal rape, murders: Dalit teenagers’ killings in Jind divide a Haryana village
Jind: When a 15-year-old girl and her teenage male friend went missing from Jhansa village near Kurukshetra on Jan.9, the police’s first reaction was to treat it like any regulation elopement. They picked up the boy’s relatives for questioning and called on the girl’s parents to search for their daughter.But when teenagers’semi-naked bodies were recovered separately over the next week, the police realised they were handling a more complicated case with multiple possibilities. Girl had suffered brutal injuries, reigniting memories of Dec.16 gang rape and murder in Delhi.The older of two daughters in a Dalit family from the Chamar community, the girl lived with her family in a single-storey house that had just two rooms. Her father works as a tailor at a shop around 20 kilometres away. “She aspired to be a doctor and would say she would rid us of our poverty. We decided to provide private school education and tuitions to our daughters,” her mother said.hindustantimes
PMO protecting Bhima-Koregaon violence accused: Prakash Ambedkar
New Delhi: Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar alleged that PMO had given orders not to arrest Hindutva leader Sambhaji Bhide, booked on the charge of orchestrating violence during the celebrations of Battle of Bhima-Koregaon this month.He claimed PM Narendra Modi and Bhide had good relations. “CM Devendra Fadnavis had assured on the arrest since an FIR had been registered. But when we inquired, we learnt the message had come from the PM ’s Office not to arrest Bhide or take action against him,” Ambedkar said.“Modi had worn saffron turban during his first speech from the Red Fort on Bhide’s advice.Modi praised him in an event.This is the relation.” He warned that in case there is no response from the Govt, his outfit will take the issue across the country.The Dalit leader said Bhide had not even filed any application for interim bail since he was quite sure that PMO was protecting him.IANS
UP: Dalit farmer dies after loan agents throw him down from tractor
Lucknow: At a time when the Yogi Govt  in UP  is vouching for its work in easing farmer loans, in a tragic incident, a farmer in Sitapur was crushed under the wheels of a tractor after the private loan financier’s men threw him on the road, police said.Police say they have registered a case of murder against the accused persons from the finance company and were on a look out for them.The incident took place on Saturday when the finance company’s men came to the house of the 45-year-old Gyan Chandra.They asked him to pay back the loan dues of Rs 65,000 he had taken to purchase a tractor. When he pleaded helplessness in settling the amount at the time, the company people tried to drive away with the tractor.IANS
BJP-RSS want Dalit-Muslim Mukt Bharat: Owaisi
AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has sparked yet another controversy as he alleged that RSS-BJP wants a Dalit-Muslim Mukt (Free) Bharat.Owaisi was addressing a huge public meeting in Aurangabad of Maharashtra on Monday.AIMIM chief said, "Muslims and Dalits have to wake-up because BJP-Sangh Parivar is suppressing the down trodden and weaker section of the society.""Whole BJP wants to make this country Muslim Mukt, RSS wants Dalit mukth bhaarat," said roaring Owaisi amid cheers of the people.He alleged that Sangh parivar's ideology, Guru Golwalker's ideology, Hegdewar ideology, Sawarker ideology wants to convert Muslims into Hindutva and it is now required that Dalits and Muslims unite and wake up against these kind of effort and say that they will not accept Hindutva ideology.Pitching for Dalit-Muslim unity, Owaisi said that the Dalit-Muslim Unity is the need of the hour to stop oppression, discrimination by Sangh Pariwar.Owaisi also tweeted on Talaq Bill: "40,000 people at Aurangabad Aam Khaas Ground which also included women all opposed the Triple Talaq Bill as it is against Muslim women, against Right to Equality, there is no need for such flawed law."indiatoday
Triple talaq bill is tactic to bring women on road, send men to prison: Owaisi
If 4% Rajputs Can Fight Against Padmaavat, Why Can't 14% Muslims Fight For Shariat: Owaisi
Haj committee of India seeks GST exemption for Hajis
Lucknow: Haj committee of India (HCoI) has proposed to the central Govt to not levy GST on pilgrims going for Haj 2018 in wake of Haj subsidy rollback.HCoI member, Iftikhar Javed, present in Lucknow on Monday, said that HCoI has written to the central Govt  to end airport tax in the form of GST on Hajis to ease some burden off the pilgrims."With the Haj subsidy slashed, pilgrims could have to pay an approximate Rs 25,000 including taxes of around Rs 10,000. If the latter is taken back by the Govt , it would be helpful to Hajis," he said. timesofindia
Urdu at 4 among Languages Being Studied at PG Level
New Delhi: Urdu is among the top 5 Indian languages in which students are enrolled at Ph.D., M.Phil. and Post-Graduate levels at universities in the country. After Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit, it is Urdu language in which students are enrolled at university level. Sanskrit’s closest competitor is Urdu.At PG level, there are 3.34 lakh students enrolled out of which 2.10 lakh are females and 1.24 lakh are males. According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE 2016-17), Hindi with 1,38,676 students has the highest number of students enrolled at PG level. Out of that, 65.1% are females and the rest are males. Bengali language has 32,359 students with 67.8% female students. Sanskrit has total number of 26,197 students with 64.9% females. And Urdu has 23,262 students enrolled at PG level with 52.6% females.Caravan News
SC dismisses Rajasthan, MP govts’ pleas against Padmaavat, tells states to abide by order
New Delhi:The Supreme Court dismissed Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh govts’ pleas to modify its earlier order lifting the ban on controversial Bollywood film Padmaavat.The top court had last week set aside the notification passed by Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat to ban the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat.SC asked states on Tuesday to implement its Jan. 18 order and said it will examine pleas to stop exhibition of the film on case-to-case basis if the situation warrants. HT
Man claiming to be 'gau rakshak' has criminal record: Maharashtra govt to HC
Mumbai: Maharashtra Govt denied in the Bombay High Court the allegations that the police in Malegaon had ordered the externment of a local 'gau rakshak' as they were opposed to his cow protection efforts.In an affidavit, state Govt  submitted that it had inquired into the allegations of Macchindre Shirke that he was being targeted because of his efforts towards cow protection.However, the inquiry revealed that Shirke had a criminal history and several serious cases were registered against him, the state Govt  said."The petitioner (Shirke) has several cases against him dealing with serious offences such as culpable homicide, theft and property feuds. However, because of the power he wields among the locals, several witnesses were hesitating to testify against him," said the affidavit, signed by Malegaon's sub-divisional officer. "Therefore, police ordered that he stay away from the village for two years to ensure that they could question witnesses freely while probing the criminal cases against him," it said.PTI
Cow shelters in UP  reel under money, management woes
Kanpur/Lucknow:Money and management problems appear to be troubling 2 of the biggest cow shelters in UP .The Kanpur Gaushala Society, considered the oldest and richest of all the cow shelters in the state, has about 1,200 cows but almost a third of them are ill, say doctors at the facility. 128-year-old facility hit the headlines last July when it was revealed that 150 cows had died in the previous five months, and at least six of them from alleged starvation.The society, which is spread over 400 bighas and was set up to take care of stray cows, faced outrage and allegations of siphoning of funds after an autopsy of the cows pointed at empty intestines and urinary bladder – this indicated that the animals hadn’t eaten anything or had water.Six months on, the situation hasn’t improved much. Staff at the shelter said on the condition of anonymity that the animals were given half of their daily diet – eight kg of hay and 15 kg of green fodder – as the management was busy settling court cases and personal battles. As a result, a third of the animals are said to be sick.Moreover, the society with properties worth Rs 220 crore has its all bank accounts frozen on the orders of Allahabad high court.hindustantimes
Actor slams Bollywood biggies for meeting Israeli PM
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to India sparked a controversy after big names from Bollywood met him and took selfies with the leader, which has upset and angered many Indian Muslims. Bollywood actor Ajaz Khan isn’t too happy with his fellow artists for meeting the Israeli PM either, as he took to social media to criticize the actors for attending the event. The former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant wrote on his twitter that he has lost all respect for the stars, especially Amitabh Bachchan, who went to the event and took selfies with the PM and his wife.In the six minute video published on YouTube, the actor slammed Modi for inviting the ‘killer of the innocent’.  Ajaz bashed Amitabh for taking photos with Netanyahu, without considering the sentiments Indian Muslims. He further said that he is disappointed in director Imtiaz Ali, Vivek Oberoi, Aishwarya Rai and Karan Johar for their hypocrisy.Ajaz went on and showed the images of the Palestinians kids and women who have lost their lives in Israeli attacks. The actor further said that he is not scared of getting banned by the TV and film fraternity for standing up for something that he feels is right.brecorder
Nature of ex-judge Quddusi’s plea ‘serious interference’ in probe: CBI
New Delhi: CBI said that the plea of former Orissa High Court judge IM Quddusi seeking a court-monitored investigation into the leak of transcripts of his purported telephone conversations is “not maintainable”, and that an application “of this nature” causes “serious interference” in the probe. Quddusi, who is on bail in connection with a medical college graft case, had on Jan.17 also sought an inquiry on whether any documents or conversations have been tampered with.His application mentioned that there “should not be a media trial”.indianexpress
UP: Influenced by Hindu culture, Muslim man gives Hindu names to his children
Basti (UP): Badiuzzama Siddhiqui, 65-year-old Muslim man in UP 's Basti has given Hindu names to his children. He says that he is very much influenced by the Hindu culture.His elder son's name is Pankaj and the name of his daughter is Palak. Badiuzzama heads a joint family,so he has given Hindu names to his nephews as well who are named Neeraj, Anoop, Anil and Alok respectively.A lawyer by profession, Badiuzzama has been reciting Ramayana and Gita for the last 40 years. Along with the 5 times Namaz, listening to Hindu scriptures is a part of his daily routine. He is very much fluent in Quranic verses as well as slokas of Gita and Chaupai of the Ramayana. People of both Hindu and Muslim communities respect him. timesofindia
SC panel chief Shankar Katheria ‘threatens’ cop in audio clip gone viral: Are you challenging Yogi?
Lucknow : In An audio clip that is being shared online, a voice, purportedly that of National Commission for Scheduled Caste chairperson and Agra MP from BJP Ram Shankar Katheria, is heard threatening a policeman.The clip begins with a man addressing SI Mahesh Pal Yadav, in-charge of Bodala outpost in Agra. He claimed he was calling from “MP’s house”, and that several people had arrived there complaining that Yadav did not allow them to hold a bazaar in the area. He seemed to be referring to an anti-encroachment drive in the area earlier. S-I is purportedly heard saying he was merely following instructions of the SSP.The man then ostensibly hands over the phone to Katheria. “Mahesh Pal Yadav-ji, Yadav ho tou gunda to nahi na ho tum. Yogi ko challenge karte ho?… Naukri kha jaunga aur jail bhej doonga dubara bakwas ki to (You maybe a Yadav but you are no thug. You dare challenge Yogi?… You will be dismissed and sent to jail if you do any mischief again),” the voice is heard telling the S-I.indianexpress
PM Modi made yoga popular in 80 Muslim countries, claims UP minister
Gorakhpur: UP Transport minister Swatantra Dev Singh credited PM  Narendra Modi with popularising yoga in the Islamic countries. “PM Modi is taking the country on the path of development and people respect him. Due to his efforts, yoga is getting popular and 80 Muslim countries are following ‘surya namaskar’ and other postures,” Singh claimed here.PTI
Pence in Jerusalem pledges embassy move by end of 2019, faces protest
Jerusalem:US Vice President Mike Pence pledged to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem by the end of 2019 on Monday in a speech to Israel s parliament that saw Arab lawmakers expelled after they shouted in protest.As Pence spoke, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas arrived to meet European Union foreign ministers in Brussels, urging them to "swiftly" recognise the state of Palestine.Pence s speech, filled with biblical references and praise of Israel, was greeted with loud applause by Israeli Jewish lawmakers, including PM  Benjamin Netanyahu.Referring to the 1948 founding of Israel, he said US President Donald Trump’ss decision to recognise Jerusalem as the country s capital last month "righted a 70-year wrong"."In the weeks ahead, our administration will advance its plan to open the US embassy in Jerusalem," Pence said."And that US embassy will open before the end of next year."As Pence was set to begin his speech, a group of around a dozen Arab Israeli lawmakers shouted in protest, with some holding signs saying Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.They were escorted out by security agents as Netanyahu and others stood and applauded their expulsion. Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, denounced Pence s speech as "messianic" and a "gift to extremists".Pence, devout Christian, will visit  Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism today.AFP
Arab MPs ejected after protesting Pence Knesset speech
Middle East christians shunned Pence, but US supporters are thrilled with his Israel Trip: Haaretz
When the White House first announced that Vice President Mike Pence would visit the Middle East in October, the trip was to draw attention to the plight of Christians in the region, and aim at securing their rights.Instead, Pence will complete his visit on Tuesday without holding a single meeting with a prominent Christian leader from any of the 3 countries he had visited - Egypt, Jordan and Israel.Christian leaders in Egypt and Jerusalem decided to boycott his visit in protest over the Trump administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.Palestinian Authority, which was originally part of Pence's itinerary, declared that he was" unwelcome in Palestine," leading to the cancellation of his visit to the holy city of Bethlehem.  Pence's office briefed the journalists traveling with him that he raised the issue of protecting Egypt's Christian population in his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi on Saturday. That was, at least publicly, the only mention of the issue of Christians in the Middle East during a visit that originally was presented as focusing on their fate. What Pence's visit in Israel definitely has achieved, however, is praise from Christian leaders and politicians in the US, who consider themselves strong supporters of Israel. Many of those leaders and politicians are also strong supporters of Trump administration, at least partly due to its policy alignment with the current right-wing govt in Israel. haaretz
Abbas wins renewed EU backing for Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem
Brussels European Union assured President Mahmoud Abbas it supported his ambition to have East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state, in the bloc’s latest rejection of US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.At a meeting in Brussels with EU foreign ministers, Abbas repeated his call for East Jerusalem as capital as he urged EU Govt s to recognise a state of Palestine immediately, arguing that this would not disrupt negotiations with Israel on a peace settlement for the region.While Abbas made no reference to Trump’s move on Jerusalem or U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the city on Monday, his presence at the EU headquarters in Brussels was seized on by European officials as a chance to restate opposition to Trump’s Dec. 6 decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.Reuters
HRW: Pence ignored ‘entrenched discrimination’ against Palestinians
HRW accused US Vice President Mike Pence of ignoring “entrenched discrimination” facing Palestinians in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, following Pence’s speech at the Israeli Knesset. Responding Monday, Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of the Middle East division of Human Rights Watch, said that while Pence “lauded Jerusalem’s pluralism”, he “unsurprisingly ignored entrenched discrimination against Jerusalem’s 330,000 Palestinian Christian and Muslim residents”. “One cannot speak of safeguarding persecuted minorities in the region and turn a blind eye to Israel’s two-tiered system in Jerusalem”, she continued.Noting how Palestinians make up 37% of the population of the Jerusalem municipality, including occupied East Jerusalem, Human Rights Watch noted how the Israeli Govt ’s “master plan for the municipality explicitly lays out its goal of ‘maintaining a solid Jewish majority in the city’”.middleeastmonitor
Fatah requests Ghannouchi mediation to accelerate implementation of reconciliation deal with Hamas
Fatah movement has asked the leader of Tunisian Ennahda movement, Rached Ghannouchi, to intervene with Hamas in order to implement the terms of the reconciliation agreement signed between the two parties in Cairo in October.Azzam al-Ahmad, Fatah Central Committee member and its official for the reconciliation file, said in an interview with Quds Press that “he met with the head of Ennahda, Ghannouchi, on Monday in Tunis and asked him to intervene with Hamas to accelerate the practical implementation of what was agreed upon in Cairo”. He added: “I have briefed Sheikh Rached in my meeting with him today, which was a lengthy meeting, on the situation in Palestine in all its aspects, and the importance of unity of the Palestinian people in confronting the occupation and the Trump Declaration on Jerusalem.“He added: “I also briefed him on the obstacles that have emerged in the implementation of the reconciliation agreement according to the mechanisms signed between the Hamas and Fatah movements on 12 Oct. in Cairo and the very slow pace of the implementation of what was agreed upon, both in terms of enabling the national consensus Govt  to perform its functions according to the order and law in Gaza as in the West Bank, as well as other points in the agreement.”Al-Ahmad revealed that he told Ghannouchi: “We in Fatah and Palestine Liberation Organization adhere to the literal text of what has been signed. We asked Sheikh Rached to intervene with the brothers in Hamas, and I told him we accept you to be a judge between us and the one who hinders the implementation of the agreement.”middleeastmonitor
Israel distributes eviction, demolition notices to Palestinians in Bethlehem area
Israeli occupation authorities distributed eviction and demolition notices Monday to Palestinians in Khillat al-Nakhla village in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Felesteen.ps reported.Anti-settlement activist in Bethlehem Hassan Brijea reported that Israeli occupation forces raided the village and handed over the notices to the Jubran family, asking them to evacuate their 45-dunam agricultural land.Brijea said that the Israeli occupation authorities claimed, in the notices, that the designated area is classified as a state land.middleeastmonitor
Young American Jews increasingly hostile towards Israel, says Jewish Agency CEO
Young American Jews are increasingly turning away from Israel, the Jewish Agency CEO has warned, viewing “the Jewish state as antithetical to their liberal values”, reported Haaretz. Speaking in what the paper described as “uncharacteristically blunt terms for an official in his position”, Alan Hoffman said the trend was “extremely worrisome”. According to Hoffman, the solution is to “encourage young Jews not only to engage in Israel advocacy and in defending Israel – those are all important things – but also to have them accept the legitimacy of challenging Israel”.Senior official made the remarks while “addressing a conference sponsored by the Israel Democracy Institute on Israel’s relations with Diaspora Jewry”, said Haaretz.Hoffman cited a recent study showing “that support for Israel among Jewish college students in the US had dropped 32% between 2010 and 2016”.middleeastmonitor
US aid cut risks more Mideast instability: UNRWA chief
The head of the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees said on Monday that US plans to cut funding to the body were abrupt and harmful and risked destabilising the Middle East.Pierre Krähenbühl, commissioner-general of the UN UNRWA, visited the Gaza Strip on the same day that US Vice President Mike Pence told the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem that the US would move its embassy there by the end of 2019. US, by far the largest contributor to UNRWA, announced on 16 Jan. that Washington will withhold $65 million of $125 million that it had planned to send to UNRWA this year. UNRWA is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions from UN member states.middleeastmonitor
Egyptian army detains ex-military chief over Prez bid
Egyptian ex-military chief of staff Sami Anan was detained in Cairo on Tuesday, three of his campaign organisers said, after the army summoned him for questioning over his intention to run for president. The interior ministry could not immediately be reached for comment. Military gave no immediate comment on the alleged detention.The army had said in an earlier statement, which appeared in text on state TV and was read aloud by a spokesman, that “the armed forces will not overlook the blatant legal violations (Anan) has committed which are a serious breach of the laws of military service.”It said he had announced his candidacy “without getting permission from the armed forces … or taking the steps necessary to terminate his service”.Former army officials must have ended their service and received permission from the military before they can run for political office in Egypt. The statement said Anan had falsified official documents that stated his military service had ended, in order to run.middleeastmonitor          
Turkey seeks no clash with Russia, Syria, US, but will pursue Syria goals: minister
Ankara:Turkey seeks to avoid any clash with Syrian, Russian or US forces during its operation in northern Syria but will take whatever steps it needs for its security, Turkey’s foreign minister was quoted as saying on Tuesday.The US and Russia have both urged Turkey to show restraint in its military campaign, Operation Olive Branch, to crush Kurdish YPG control over the Afrin district on its southern border. Syria has condemned the incursion.Reuters
Turkey battles Syrian Kurds 'on two fronts' in Afrin
Turkish troops have taken control of 11 Kurdish positions and created "safe zones" in neighbouring Syria's northwestern region of Afrin, according to Turkish media.Reports on Tuesday said the army, aided by Free Syria Army rebels, is pushing towards the southern part of the Syrian region with fronts on the west and the east.The Turkish army, which launched the Afrin operation on Saturday, captured the villages of Shankal, Qorne, Bali and Adah Manli, as well as the rural areas of Kita, Kordo and Bibno and four other hills in Afrin, Turkish daily Hurriyet reported.aljazeera
Afrin clashes kill 54 Syrian Kurdish and pro-Turkey fighters: monitor
Beirut: 3 days of fighting since Turkey launched an offensive on the northern Syrian region of Afrin have left at least 54 Syrian combatants dead, a monitor said Monday.Among them were 26 Kurdish fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces that have controlled the region on the border with Turkey, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.Many of them were killed in Turkish air strikes, the head of the Britain-based monitoring organisation, Rami Abdel Rahman, told AFP. Another 19 fighters from the ranks of the pro-Ankara rebels who are fighting alongside Turkey were also killed, the monitoring group said, adding that nine more unidentified bodies were found on the battlefield.The civilian death toll rose to 24 over three days, Abdel Rahman said.AFP
Assad regime attacks E.Ghouta with chlorine gas, reports
The Assad regime attacked a besieged Damascus residential suburb with chlorine gas on Monday, according to the pro-opposition Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets).At least 21 civilians, including children, were injured in the attack, which hit the city of Duma in the Eastern Ghouta region, according to civil defense.The injured were taken to a health center in the region.Meanwhile, regime artillery and airstrikes targeted Eastern Ghouta’s cities of Harasta and Duma as well as the towns of Arbin and Marj, according to Anadolu Agency correspondents in the region.middleeastmonitor

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