18 March 2018

18 March ND: Nobel-winner Paul Krugman warns India story could end with mass unemployment/ Govt should bring Ordinance to build Ram Temple: Swamy

18 March 2018:29 Jamadiul-2 1439:Vol:9, No:145
Nobel-winner Paul Krugman warns India story could end with mass unemployment
Paul Krugman, American economist who won a Nobel Prize in 2008, has warned that India could end up with huge mass unemployment if it does not grow its manufacturing sector. "There is this concept called artificial intelligence that you should be wary of. In future, while diagnosis may be outsourced to a doctor in India, it could also go to a firm based on artificial intelligence. Things like this could be a cause for worry for Indian services sector," Krugman said while speaking at a News 18 event."Japan is no longer a superpower because its working-age population declined, and China is looking the same. In Asia, India could take the lead but only if it also develops its manufacturing sector, not only the services one,” he said. “India’s lack in the manufacturing sector could work against it, as it doesn't have the jobs essential to sustain the projected growth in demography. You have to find jobs for people,” he said. On the other hand, India can also ride the next wave of globalisation on its demographic dividend. "India's growth story is quite unique. Services propelling growth to an extent that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the world and the possibilities of service globalisation has only just begun. Globalisation of service trade has a huge potential. That's one reason to be especially hopeful of India’s progress. It has the first-mover's advantage here," he said.Krugman said India's growth story was incredible but it never got the attention it deserved because China hogged the world's attention. "Rest of the world is not paying as much attention to India as it should. If China wasn't around, we would have said what an incredible story India is. Quadrupling of GDP per capita in a very short time, becoming a better place to do business etc." economictimes
Govt should bring Ordinance to build Ram Temple: Swamy
New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the Govt  should bring an Ordinance to construct a Ram Temple on the disputed site in Ayodhya.He informed the Prime Minister that the main civil suit is before the SC and is posted for March 23, "but I am out of this case, and instead my earlier writ petition has been revived by the CJI in which the Govt  is the respondent".In the writ petition, Swamy had sought enforcement of his fundamental right to worship at Ram temple on the disputed site in Ayodhya. He also enclosed an affidavit filed by Narasimha Rao Govt  in the Supreme Court on Sept.14, 1994, and said, "Narasimha Rao Govt  stated on oath that if there was a pre-existing temple before the masjid was built, then the Govt  would hand over the land to Hindus to build the Ram Temple."Citing an Archaeological Survey of India report filed in the Allahabad High Court and in the Supreme Court, Swamy said, "The report said there was indeed a pre-existing temple whose foundations are still visible underground at the spot where Babri Masjid once stood."Swamy wrote that "therefore Govt  can bring an Ordinance (for subsequent passage of Bill in Parliament) on the ownership of Ram Janmabhoomi land (presently nationalised by, and in the custody of the Union Govt) and thus pass a law to handover the Ram Janmabhoomi land to an eminent body of religious leaders, especially well versed in Agama Sastra, with a direction to build a Ram Temple on the Ram Janmabhoomi".Swamy said it would be the best approach under the present circumstances to end the litigation.ANI
If not in Ayodhya, will the temple be built in Mecca? asks Mahant Gyan Das
New Delhi: President of Akhara Parishad Mahant Gyan Das while speaking to the media, reprimanded Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on his Syria remarks, saying “he is not a saint and he speaks nonsense”. He further said that “we should not make such a temple whose roots match with blood.”Gyan Das said that Ravi Shankar wants to gain respect in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s eyes.“Ravi Shankar had also visited us in Ayodhya, but we refused to meet him,” he added.The art of living founder is trying to make fool of people in the name of settlement.He further said that now the court will decide, whether temple would be built. If Ram Temple is not built in Ayodhya, will it be built in Mecca? Gyan Das asked. Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya, he emphasised. However, the temple should not be constructed upon blood, he said adding that the leaders are creating issues.He spoke on the strategy of politicians and said that these people divide public on the basis of religion, but when they need votes, they give respect to all.siasat
Devotees must be ready to sacrifice life for Ram Mandir: MP Katiyar recalls karsevaks shooting
MP Vinay Katiyar said that even though he awaits a fair decision by the Supreme Court where the cases are being heard, he feels that the Ram Mandir land demands a sacrifice from a Hindu communityWhile the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir land dispute in Ayodhya is still said to be one of the biggest concerns of the Hindu community, a leader of the party advocating the fast-speed construction of Ram Mandir stirred a fresh controversy stating that the Ram Janambhumi seeks a sacrifice from a Hindu soul. Irking the religious sentiments, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar said that even though he awaits a fair decision by the Supreme Court where the cases are being heard, he feels that the Ram Mandir land demands a sacrifice from a Hindu community. He further stated that the people belonging to Hindu religion must be ready to sacrifice their life when it is needed. Recalling the shootings ordered by then UP CM, Mulayam Singh, Vinay Katiyar said, “Ram Janabhumi is demanding another sacrifice, just like several karsevaks (volunteers) achieved martyrdom when Mulayam Singh ordered shooting on Dec.6, 1992. Hindu community must get ready for another revolution.” In 1992, Mulayam, Singh Yadav, belonging to Samajwadi Party, had ordered shooting on the communal forces behind the demolition of Babri Masjid. During the shootings, at least 16 people had lost their lives in Ayodhya, UP.The following remarks were made by BJP MP after attending a rally in Ayodhya on Saturday.  NewsX
Muslims are younger brothers, must respect Hindus if ‘family’ is to run smoothly: UP CIC Usman
Muzaffarnagar: UP chief information commissioner Hafiz Usman has landed himself in another controversy by saying that “Muslims were younger brothers of Hindus and must respect them if the family is to run smoothly”. However, he also advised Hindus to reciprocate with the same gesture. “An elder remains an elder till such time that he respects those younger to him,” he said.In another controversy last year, Usman had raised slogan of “Jai Shri Ram” several times while addressing the audience during a workshop on the Right to Information Act in Moradabad, where district magistrates and other officials were also in attendance.Speaking at a private function in Muzaffarnagar on Saturday, Usman said, “I appeal to every Muslim that he must respect a Hindu because, in India, a Hindu is the elder brother while a Muslim is the younger one. And if this respect is missing, a family cannot run.”Usman went on to tell how minorities enjoyed far more rights in India than any other country. “India is the country where we live in peace. I have visited several countries, like Saudi and UAE, where I tried to speak with local residents about their King or PM. However, no one wanted speak against the Govt or their PM. In India, however, you can speak about your rights and hold demonstrations,” Usman said.
PIL filed in SC against polygamy, temporary marriages under Muslim law
New Delhi: A PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the practice of temporary marriages and polygamy under the Muslim personal law.The petition has opposed the practice of Nikah Halala, where a divorced woman has to remarry and then get a talaq before being able to marry her first husband, as well as Nikah Mutah and Nikah Misyar -- both temporary marriages where duration of the relationship is specified and agreed upon in advance.The petitioner, a Hyderabad-based lawyer, has also challenged the practice of polygamy, claiming that all these types of marriages under the Muslim personal law violate the fundamental rights of Muslim women.The petition has contended that while the Muslim law allows a man to have multiple wives by way of the temporary marriages or polygamy, same permission is not extended to women. The petition, filed through advocate R D Upadhyay, has said that a complete ban on such practices was the need of the hour.PTI
Thousands of Muslim women protest in Lucknow against triple Talaq bill
Lucknow:Thousands of Muslim women held a massive protest demonstration here on Sunday against the central BJP govt’s proposed Triple Talaq Bill.Citing it as “anti-social, anti-women and anti-children” Muslim women, who had gathered under the banner of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, demanded the Modi govt to withdraw the bill which has been passed by the Lok Sabha but is stuck in the Rajya Sabha.They were holding placards with anti-Triple Talaq bill slogans written on them in one hand and the national flag Tiranga in the other.“Our sisters and daughters who remain in homes have now come out on the streets to tell the society and the Govt  that we are happy with our Shariat,” said Asma Zohra, head of AIMPLB’s women wing.“We have right to follow our Muslim Personal Law as per the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and we do not want any change in it. We want that Triple Talaq Bill is withdrawn,”she said.Addressing Lucknow press conference today, another Muslim woman said:“Form Muslim women of Lucknow, I want to tell that we will not tolerate any interference in our Shariat. Such protests are being held in all parts of the country.”In the last 2 weeks, several cities including Jaipur, Pune, Bhagalpur, Mumbai, Madhubani, massive protests were taken out by Muslim women against Talaq Bill.Caravan Daily
Muslim Women Stage Silent Protest Against Triple Talaq Bill in Lucknow
Osmanabad: Muslim women protest against Triple Talaq Bill
Osmanabad:Thousands of Muslim women carried out a silent march on Saturday here protesting against the Triple Talaq Bill brought in Parliament by Central govt.As per the order issued by the Muslim Personal Law Board, the morcha was taken out in a disciplined manner from Gazi Maidan in which numbers of women across from city were participated and reached to district collector office where they staged a demonstration.They said that the Bill was against the provision of right of freedom of expression and religion enshrined in the Constitution and blamed Central govt for polarisation of the Muslim community.Later they submitted a memorandum to PM through District collector Radhakrishna Game.UNI
'Personal Law Board of India’ representing Sufism announced
New Delhi: Many Muslim religious scholars on Saturday announced the formation of parallel ‘Muslim Personal Law Board of India’ claiming that All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) represents only 20 per cent of Muslims in India.The clerics argued that more than 80 percent of Indian Muslims belong to Sufism, which do not get any representation in the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.Maulana Qari Mohammed Yusuf Azizi, President of the new board said, “Effective implementation of Sharia law, meaningful utilization of education and development, proportional representation in legislative institutions, communal harmony, bringing Muslim women to mainstream and with the spirit of serving humanity the Muslim Personal Law Board of India has been established.”Dr. Moin Ahmed who has been appointed as General Secretary of new board said that the Muslim Personal Law Board of India activities will not be limited to family issues, but it will also ensure proper utilization of Waqf Board and the education of Muslim youth particularly girls for nation building.Replying to multiple questions, other responsible officials of the Personal Law Board of India, including Shahi Imam of Banaras (Varanasi), Maulana Hussain Ahmad Habibi said that there wouldn’t be any need to form new Board if few people might not have monopoly over AIMPLB and if it would have worked for larger interests of Indian Muslims.theshahab
Women Enjoyed Equal Status in Vedic Times, Islamic Invasion Changed That: RSS Leader
New Delhi: Senior RSS leader Krishna Gopal, during an RSS event, said that women enjoyed a position of prominence in Vedic times and blamed ‘Islamic’ invasion for the decline of the status of women in India. “Women in Vedic times enjoyed equal status, it was only after Islamic invasion that their condition deteriorated,” said Krishna Gopal. Gopal was answering questions posed by Sangh prachar pramukh Manmohan Vaidya during RSS ‘Knowledge Series’ event. In the video interview, the senior leaders discussed ‘Hindutva: Issues of Women and Untouchability’.Gopal was asked by Vaidya if there is any truth to the claim that there is no respect and place for women in Hindutva.Citing the example of Vedic times, Gopal said, “Hindu itihas is centuries old, and if we go to the time of Rig Veda we see that women were proficient in Vedas. They wrote and presented hymns in Vedas.”Naming Vedic period female philosophers and seers like Ghosha, Pala, Suryasavitri, Vishwavara Aatreyi, Gopal said, “Who were they? These women who presented Vedic hymns were all women. This is not a correct thing to say that Hindutva suppressed women.” “When Islam came to India it did not treat women well. Women were kept in purdah, women were not allowed to venture out. The practice prevailed and Hindus also gave in to it. Gurukuls were being destroyed, boys could not go and women were also not able to attend the gurukuls. The condition of women started declining,” said Gopal.Gopal said, “Unlike the Semitic religions, Hindus accept women as Goddesses – so whether it is Durga or Kali, Hindus have female gods. Judaism, Islam, Christianity do not accept women as a divine.”RSS leader further blamed Islamic invasion for the practice of untouchability. News18
After tension in Araria, Darbhanga, communal violence erupts in Bhagalpur
patna: Communal clashes erupted during a religious procession in Bhagalpur on Saturday when some members of the procession allegedly raised provocative and communal slogans while passing through a Muslim-dominated locality. Some news reports said the cause of clash was playing of music during the procession. Members of the two communities pelted stones on each other and several vehicles and shops were torched. Some members of the police force and a civilian were injured in firing during the clashes.According to PTI , the procession was taken out by members of BJP, RSS and Bajrang Dal under the leadership of Arijit Choubey, son of BJP leader and Union Minister Ashwini Choubey. The procession was taken out on the eve of the new ‘Vikram Samvat’ year.BJP leader and ex-MP from Bhagalpur, Shahnawaz Hussain has appealed to people for peace.“I strongly condemn the incident occurred in Madani Nagar area of Bhagalpur and demand strong action against the culprits. I appeal to people of Bhagalpur to maintain peace and harmony, tweeted Hussain.He further said: “Peace and harmony are strength of Bhagalpur and it is the responsibility of all of us to maintain peace and harmony at any cost and not to fall prey to any rumor.” After communal tension in Araria and Darbhanga in the wake of BJP’s defeat in the Araria Lok Sabha by-poll and Jehanabad Assembly by-poll,Bhagalpur has witnessed communal clashes.In Araria, an apparently doctored video went viral showing some jubilant supporters of RJD celebrating victory of party with some anti-national slogans being heard from background or third person, not from the mouths of those captured in the video. Three youths from the minority community have been arrested in the case. Meanwhile a new video of the same occasion and persons has come out with no such anti-national slogans.caravandaily
‘Pro-Pak slogans’: Families of Araria men say video doctored
Araria:Families of 3 men charged with raising pro-Pakistan slogans in Araria and allegedly seen in a viral video said they have given police an original copy of the video Saturday, which “clearly shows” the men raised no “objectionable slogans”. According to the families, the slogans in the viral video — “Pakistan zindabad” and “Bharat tere tukde honge” — were either in the background or were superimposed.The video families have submitted to police and seen by The Sunday Express, shows 3men shouting, “Katno kariyo baap baap, lalten chhaap (However hard opponents try, RJD will win).”Araria police said the 3 men — 2 were arrested Friday — were charged for sharing the video, which could have fomented communal trouble. Police said they could investigate further only after receiving an FSL report about the video to determine if it was genuine or doctored.While charges under Section 66A of IT Act, which the Supreme Court struck down last year, were dropped, police are yet to gather strong evidence against the three men charged — Adib Raza, Shehzad Afroz and Sultan Azmi — with trying to cause enmity between the two communities, sources said. The video went viral after RJD leader Sarfaraz Alam won the Araria Lok Sabha bypoll and was allegedly shot during the victory celebration. While Shehzad and Sultan surrendered, Abid has been absconding and can apply for anticipatory bail.indian express
Congress plenary session: Modi govt mismanaged J&K, situation worsening each day, says Manmohan
New Delhi:Former prime minister Manmohan Singh slammed Narendra Modi Govt ’s policies saying 2 crore job per year is a pipe dream. On the third day of the Congress’s 84th plenary session in New Delhi today, Singh used the word ‘jumla’ and said: “When Modi ji was campaigning he made lots of tall promises, those promises have not been fulfilled. He said we will provide 2 crore jobs, we have not seen even 2 lakh jobs. Modi said farmers’ income will be doubled in 6 years; it is a jumla-type statement unlikely to be achieved.” Manmohan Singh also criticised Modi Govt’s mismanagement of issues in Jammu and Kashmir and said the atmosphere is deteriorating every day. “The atmosphere is deteriorating day in and day out, it’s obvious from the fact that our borders are insecure, be it cross border terror or internal,” he said.indianexpress
Congress plenary 2018: Chidambaram blames Modi for robbing people, pushing them to poverty
Rahul Gandhi launches blistering attack on Modi-Shah, compares BJP-RSS to Kauravas
Lohia, Ambedkar in frame, SP says will stay with BSP for long
Lucknow:After posters of Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav and Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati together appeared in Lucknow and Gorakhpur following the success of their alliance in recent bypolls, Akhilesh Saturday showcased photographs of B R Ambedkar and Ram Manohar Lohia even as senior SP leaders said the alliance would now continue “for a long time”.Akhilesh was gifted the photographs by the party workers to congratulate him on the SP-BSP alliance. He then insisted that the photographs be made public as it would convey a “good message”.indianexpress
Key conspirator of Kathua girl’s rape-murder could be hiding in govt quarters of kin: police
Jammu;A former revenue officer who is suspected to be the main conspirator in the abduction, rape and murder of an eight-year-old Bakerwal girl in Jammu’s Kathua district has gone into hiding, police officials believe.The suspect, Sanji Ram, was not home when the police went to his house in Rasana village, in Kathua, on Monday to serve him a notice seeking his appearance before Crime Branch, according to sources.He is suspected to have taken refuge at the Govt  residential quarter of his son-in-law in the Valley, sources added.After questioning the five people arrested in connection with the case, Crime Branch officials investigating the case concluded that the alleged abduction, rape and murder of the girl was part of a conspiracy to terrorise Bakerwals, a nomadic tribe, and drive them out of the forests of Rasana, where they settle down every winter with their cattle. They suspect Sanji Ram is the main conspirator.Crime Branch has so far arrested a police head constable, two Special Police officers and two local youths in the matter.indianexpress
Ahmedabad sessions court allows Teesta to travel abroad
Ahmedabad:A sessions court in Ahmedabad on Saturday permitted activist Teesta Setalvad to travel abroad and ordered to release her passport for over a month. Setalvad had to deposit her passport in court’s custody as a condition of her anticipatory bail in the alleged case of hurting religious sentiments lodged at Ghatlodia police station in Ahmedabad, and another one in Bhavnagar by members of VHP in 2014.The sessions court directed the trial court to release Setalvad’s passport on the condition of that she deposits Rs 1 lakh as surety. The order reads, “Applicant (Setalvad) is hereby permitted to leave the local limits of India and travel abroad between 1/4/18 and 31/5/18/…actual travel period during the aforesaid period, whichever is earlier.” The court also ordered her to submit her itinerary and addresses of places she would visit.indianexpress
Ishrat encounter: Govt denied sanction, court took cognizance wrongly of two IB officers
Ahmedabad: Senior lawyer SV Raju, who represents 2 IB officers accused in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, told the special CBI court on Saturday that a magisterial court wrongly took cognizance of the chargesheet filed against them, as Govt  had denied sanction to prosecute them. Citing various provisions of CrPC and judgments as precedents, Raju argued that the magisterial court should not have taken cognizance of the chargesheet and issued summons, as sanction was refused. 2 accused officers — Rajeev Wankhede and Tushar Mittal — moved the special CBI court (sessions) after a CBI magisterial court took cognizance of the chargesheet, which was pending for over 2 years, and issued summons to four accused officers of IB, including former special director Rajinder Kumar and Mukul Sinha.In their review application in the sessions court, Wankhede and Mittal sought quashing of the summons on the ground that cognizance of chargesheet cannot be taken since it was not approved by Union Home Ministry, which controls the IB.Earlier, the court had reserved the order for pronouncement in Jan., but Raju sought more time for further argument. Pandya reserved the order for pronouncement on March 31.indianexpress
JNUTA calls for 3 day varsity strike
JNU Teachers' Association (JNUTA) on Saturday began its "satyagraha" to protest the administration's removal of seven Chairpersons and a Dean and said they would go on a fast and a three-day strike from Monday if the decision was not reversed."The decision to remove seven Chairpersons and Deans for not complying with or refusing to implement the recent attendance system is illegal. The teachers will go for three days strike from Monday and will also begin a hunger strike," said JNUTA Secretary Sudhir Kumar Suthar.To show solidarity to sacked chairpersons and deans, hundreds of teachers and students held a protest march from Ganga Dhaba to Sabarmati Dhaba via the Chandrabhaga hostel.IANS
Republic, Times Now, Zee News stopped from covering JNU protests: jantakareporter
A video of JNU students forcibly preventing the crew of Republic TV, Times Now and Zee News from covering the students’ protests has now gone viral.In the video, a group of JNU students are seen preventing the representatives of the three channels from covering the students’ protests. At one point, a female student is saying, “No Zee News, No Republic TV and no Times Now.”The female student is then seen approaching the Republic TV representative, “No Republic TV. This is a collective decision. It doesn’t matter what you are saying. We are saying very nicely. Please leave. You don;t need a sentence.”Meanwhile, Delhi Police has registered an FIR against a JNU professor on complaints that he had been sexually harassing female students.
Irani’s revelation: I&B ministry is busy framing code of conduct for social media and news websites
Union I&B Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday said that her ministry was considering framing new laws to regulate online content including on social media and websites.Speaking to News18’s conclave, Irani said, “Instead of calling it a troll monitor, one can say that agencies that want to be part of news, because news today is also very filled with views. It’s not devoid of views. And that’s the fine line that some journalists and media personalities now tend to cross. She is now considering framing a code of conduct. I am hopeful that such a similar body will also emerge for the social media at least in the news and entertainment content.” Explaining her rationale as to why Govt needed to consider launching a system akin to the regulatory body for TV and newspapers, the minister said, “First when it comes to content, which is on television and for that matter radio or newspaper, there’s a code of conduct. There’s a code of broadcast of ad that everybody that’s constituted under the law or, for that matter licensed to function under the law, has to adhere to. But online is the ecosystem, where legislation in terms of news, legislation in terms of broadcast content materials is not very clear. That’s something the ministry is currently undertaking and in conversations with stakeholders. But let it be said that we cannot ignore the capacity of fake news to defame and demean you.”jantakareporter
SEBI Fines NDTV Rs 10 Lakh for Disclosure Lapses
Capital markets watchdog SEBI has imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh on NDTV and  a fine of Rs 3 lakh each on four individuals, including promoters Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy, for certain disclosure lapses. The order follows a probe by the Securities and Exchange Board of India into the alleged delay in disclosure of a Rs 450 crore income tax demand — subsequently challenged by NDTV, which has been in the cross hairs of various agencies — and about the sale of some shares by a top company executive over four years ago.PTI
1-yr Yogi Govt: In West UP, riot-scarred Muslims feel under siege from BJP govt
The residents of Garhi Daulat seem to think they are being singled out by the police even when it comes to matters as small as traffic violations. “The police stop us at checkposts and ask us our names,” claimed Afsar Ali, a resident. “Depending on the name, the person might be let off with a few swear words, or threatened with arrest.”Garhi Daulat is a village of around 3,000 people in western UP ’s Muzaffarnagar district. Principally, the residents belong to Gujjar Muslim community. For the past year, they have seen Adityanath rule as chief minister. A far-right member of BJP – he is facing multiple cases of rioting and attempt to murder – Adityanath has pursued hard-line Hindutva in office. This has meant state-sponsored celebrations of Diwali in Ayodhya, the site of Babri Masjid-case, a crackdown on the meat trade, free rein to gau rakshaks and a policy of “encounter killings” of alleged criminals, with an emphasis on Muslims. In the communal cauldron of western UP , which suffered a communal carnage in 2013, this has resulted in the Muslim population feeling hemmed in by its own Govt.Nisha Khatun, 65, complains with a smile about the unavailability of meat. “Earlier, the men would just slaughter our own buffaloes and distribute the meat in the village, but now the police will arrest us if we do that. So we are eating this,” said Khatun, referring to potatoes she was peeling for dinner.In the nearby town of Kandhla, Arif Quraishi complains that his butcher’s shop barely turns a profit now. “Earlier we would slaughter our own buffaloes but now we need to buy them from a private trader in Kairana,” he said. “And he often doesn’t have meat or gives me bad cuts.”The feeling that the police are discriminating against Muslims, extends to beyond traffic violations. On February 5, a Garhi Daulat resident named Akbar was killed by the police, accusing him of being involved in criminal extortion. In the first 11 months of the BJP Govt  in UP , the police have been involved in over 1,100 armed confrontations with alleged criminals, killing at least 34 people. Most of these “encounters”, as they are called, were carried out in Meerut and Saharanpur divisions, where three out of every four alleged criminals killed was a Muslim.scroll.in
'Langar' at mosque feeds 100 a night, kitchen has capacity to serve 400
Mumbai: It is around 8.30pm. The muezzin at the massive, white-washed green minarate-decorated Muslim Bilal Masjid in Grant Road (East) has called out the faithful for Isha or the night's prayer. While several devout Muslims, clad in white kurta-pyjama, head to the mosque's inner sanctum after doing wadu or ablutions at the front wadukhana, a group of Good Samaritans first finish a big task at hand before joining others at the prayers. They hand out food packets, each containing containing 3 rotis, sabzi and achar, to the hungry, impoverished lot who have queued up at the Idgah Maidan on the mosque's eastern flank. Led by spiritual leader Syed Moin Ashraf Quadri (Moin Mian), one of the trustees of Sunni Muslim Chhota Kabrastan Trust which manages both the Bilal Masjid and the Idgah Maidan, this charitable act is unusual if not altogether unique.For, langar or community kitchen through which some Sikhs distribute free meals to the visitors to a place of worship, especially Gurudwaras, is common. Distribution of free meal at Dargahs or mausoleums of Sufi Saints is also passe. But rarely does a mosque or a trust which runs a mosque manage a langar.Kicking off the service named Langar-e-Rasool (the Prophet's kitchen) this month's beginning, the trustees have not just begun feeding some of the poor in the city but even revolutionise the role of a mosque. Mosques traditionally are used to pray or even to hold Quran classes at non-namaz hours but, by initiating a free vegetarian meal service and naming it after the Prophet, the trustees have introduced an inclusivity to a sacred space.  "We have done the maths and can give food to at least 400 people every night. Currently around 100 turn out to receive free meal," fellow informs trustee Amin  Dabbawala.timesofindia
Murshidabad imams campaign against cheating in exams
Berhampore: In a unique initiative, imams in Murshidabad district of West Bengal have launched a campaign to create awareness against cheating in examinations.The initiative, describing cheating in examinations as Haram (act forbidden by Allah), was started on Friday after prayers and comes amidst the ongoing Board examinations.Ahasan Hasib, an imam of Rusulpur mosque in Domkal of Murshidabad, close to Bangladesh border, said the initiative was taken following request from parents of students appearing for the exams this year.He said that cheating is a kind of theft, and is ‘Haram’ in Islam.“We have plans to launch similar post-Namaz campaigns before the forthcoming Uchha Madhyamik (higher secondary) examinations,” he said.The district’s Imam-Moajjem Association has also decided to approach counterparts in other districts of Bengal to start similar awareness campaigns.HT
Sexual assault cases involving children rose to 1 lakh in 2016, SC informed
Sexual assault cases involving child victims rose to over one lakh in 2016 across the country and only 229 of them were adjudicated upon by trial courts in that year, the Supreme Court has been informed.The figure were brought recently to the notice of a bench, headed by CJI Dipak Misra, which had asked the Registrar Generals of high courts across the country to collect and collate data on pending cases of sexual offences against children as victims lodged under stringent POCSO Act. Act provides that such cases have to be decided within a year after the trial court takes cognisance of charge sheet.Lawyer Alakh Alok Srivastava, who filed a PIL in a rape case of an eight-month-old baby by her adult cousin, referred to the 2016 data of NCRB and said 229 cases, out of the total of 1,01,326 POCSO cases, were decided by trial courts that year.PTI
Violent protests not a basic right: Supreme Court
New Delhi:Public demonstrations resorting to violence, including stone-throwing, are not protected by the fundamental right to free speech and expression, the Supreme Court has held.A Bench of Justices A.K. Sikri and Ashok Bhushan observed that the reason for the demonstration might be genuine, but this did not give agitators the licence to resort to violence, destroying property and, at times, lives of citizens.The judgment came on a plea by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha leader Bimal Gurung for protection against arrest in several cases filed against him by the West Bengal Govt  for violent unrest in the Darjeeling Hills.
PUNE: 3 Bangladeshis held on terror link suspicion
Pune: 3 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested by the city unit of the Maharashtra ATS on Saturday on suspicion that they were part of an al Qaeda-inspired extremist organisation. Trio, Mohammad Habibur Rahman Habib (31), Mohammad Ripan Hossain and Hanan Anwar Hussain Khan (both aged 25), had been residing in the city with forged identity papers and were believed to have links with outlawed Ansarullah Bangla Team said ATS sources.They were produced in a local court, which remanded them in police custody till March 29. thehindu
Kerala: WPI activists protest against police thrashing its worker
 Welfare Party activists held protest against police after their worker was thrashed yesterday. The worker was allegedly thrashed by police. Police had to use water cannon to disperse the mob. The agitators held flags and marched on roads to oppose the incident. Heavy security has been deployed to control the protestors.ANI

Turkish forces, FSA capture Afrin city
Turkish forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) opposition group have captured the city centre of Afrin in Syria, which was previously controlled by Kurdish fighters, Turkish military forces and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said."Turkish armed forces and Free Syrian Army have taken the control of Afrin's city centre," the Turkish military said in a tweet on Sunday, adding that experts were searching for landmines and other sorts of explosive traps in the area.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also announced that Turkey-backed forces took complete control of the city centre at 8:30am local time.Erdogan also said that 3,603 "terrorists had been neutralized" in Afrin since the launch of the operation.Turkey - together with the FSA - in January launched a military operation into Afrin in the northwest of Syria to vanquish the US-backed Kurdish People's Protection (YPG) fighters near its border.The armed forces shared a video in a separate tweet allegedly showing the Turkish flag hoisted in the city centre of Afrin, among other media.Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,  previously said that at least 150,000 civilians fled the city since last Wednesday.aljazeera
Deputy of ex-Iranian President Ahmadinejad arrested
A deputy of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was arrested as part of an investigation by the country’s revolutionary court, according to the state channel on Saturday.In November, Iran’s Revolutionary Court had summoned Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei — who briefly held the position of vice president under Ahmadinejad — to answer to a raft of criminal charges. Rahim Mashaei faces accusations of “disseminating propaganda against Iran’s ruling regime”, “slandering the leader” (a reference to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei), and “inciting the public to hatred”.Rahim Mashaei briefly served as Ahmedinejad’s vice-president following Iran’s 2009 election but was abruptly dismissed after a week.middleeastmonitor
Sri Lanka lifts state of emergency as ethnic tensions subside
Sri Lanka's president announced he has lifted the nationwide state of emergency that was imposed after communal clashes resulted in the deaths of three people. The latest series of violence began on March 4, after a Buddhist Sinhalese man was beaten to death by a group of Muslim men following a traffic accident in Teledeniya town in Kandy.Several dozen people were wounded in riots, in which mobs vandalised mosques and scores of Muslim homes and businesses."Upon assessing the public safety situation, I instructed to revoke State of Emergency from midnight yesterday,"  President Maithripala Sirisena said on Twitter. The measure was imposed on March 6 after police failed to control the riots and the military was deployed. Internet access was also blocked across the country.Police have arrested the suspected instigators of the riots.aljazeera
Trump prepares for visit by Saudi prince bin Salman
Washington;Donald Trump will host Saudi Arabia’s crown prince in Washington Tuesday, giving the president a receptive audience to denounce rival Iran and a chance to take stock of significant changes the prince is engineering in the kingdom.10 months after the last face-to-face meeting between Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in Riyadh, the 71-year-old president and 32-year-old strongman prince are expected to deepen an already warm and congenial relationship. But they are also expected to take up major developments for Saudi Arabia, both internally and externally: the end of a ban on Saudi women driving, the unprecedented detention of dozens of people that was billed as a high-level anti-corruption purge, Saudi involvement in the war in Yemen, and the crisis with the Gulf state of Qatar.AFP
US 'Crusaders' militia on trial for anti-Muslim plot
Months before the 2016 US general election, members of a Kansas militia group that has come to be known as the "the Crusaders" met in an office to pick the targets of bombings that they hoped would inspire a wave of attacks on Muslims throughout the US.In a business in the southwestern city of Liberal that sold mobile homes, the four men took precautions to avoid getting caught, putting their mobile phones in a separate room and locking the door to prevent anyone from walking in on them. 3 of them did not know that the fourth was wearing a wire as part of a federal investigation that would thwart their plot.Authorities say that on the day after Election Day, the "the Crusaders" planned to detonate 4 car bombs as part of an attack on a mosque and an apartment complex that was home to Somali refugees who had settled in the meatpacking town of Garden City, which is about 60 miles south of Liberal, along the Oklahoma border.Jury selection begins Tuesday in the trial of Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. Stein, who prosecutors say was the militia's leader, also faces an additional weapons-related charge, and Wright faces a charge of lying to FBI. They have pleaded not guilty. If convicted of the weapon of mass destruction charge, each could be sentenced to up to life in prison. Prosecutors have said that a militia member tipped off federal authorities after becoming alarmed by the escalating talk of violence and later agreed to wear a wire as a paid informant. Govt's case features months of profanity-laced recordings in which militia members discussed plans and referred to the Somalis as "cockroaches".aljazeera
US: Moms took children to a mosque and live-streamed their hate-filled tirade in Arizona
2 women were arrested Thursday after allegedly stealing items from an Arizona mosque and broadcasting the whole episode on Facebook Live, police say. In the videos, the women, with three children in tow, can be heard unleashing a steady stream of invective against Muslims. Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer have been charged with third degree burglary, a felony, police in Tempe said."Based on the details of the crime, an enhancement of hate crime will be considered for sentencing," Tempe Police spokeswoman Lily Duran told CNN in a statement. "Pamphlets and literature from the mosque were stolen."Gonzales did not respond to requests for comment. We were unable to reach Dauenhauer.In the videos, the two women can be seen bringing the children to the Islamic Community Center of Tempe and narrating what they describe as their attempts to expose "Sharia law in America" and "the illegal invasion of Muslims."They refer to themselves in the videos as "patriots" and "infidels," and say they are removing items from the mosque to expose "the infiltration of the Arabic Muslims coming in and destroying America.""Muslims are nothing but devil, Satan worshipers,"one of the women says at mosque, pointing at flyers on a community message board at the mosque.At least one of the children seems to take the message to heart. CNN
Australian Cricketter Usman Khawaja's fiancée reveals she converts to Islam: 'DailyMail
The fiancée of Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja has spoken out about why she made the decision to convert from Catholicism to Islam.Rachel McLellan, 22, from Brisbane, and her Muslim groom, 31, will tie the knot in what they describe as a 'big white wedding' next month following the cricket season.Appearing on 60 Minutes, to be aired on Sunday night, the bride-to-be admitted she believed the misconceptions of the faith before she met Khawaja.The Pakistan-born batsman - who became the first Muslim to ever play cricket in Australia - said his faith has always come first in his life.And so it came as a surprise when he fell in love with the Catholic school girl.Despite trying to challenge the stereotypes of the religion, Khawaja said the pair have faced outrage since going public with their relationship.'A lot of times a lot of the hate I get is from other Muslims on social media,' he said.'We will put up a photo of us 2, and it will be like, "Oh she's not Muslim.That's haram, you can't marry her".
Qatar's healthcare ranks first in the Middle East
Qatar's health system has been ranked first in the Middle East and 13th best in the world by the 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index. The annual index measures and ranks the health of people living in 149 countries.Qatar's health ranking within the Legatum Prosperity Index has risen in past 10 years, advancing from 27th in the world in 2008 to 13th place at present.aljazeera
After Repeated Communal Violence, a Gujarat Village Stands Polarised:Damayantee Dhar
Harish Khare Forced Out Again: Exit Casts Shadow Over The Tribune’s Independence:Mohan Guruswamy
Photojournalist Kamran Yousuf back home: ‘I was reading the newspaper, found I had been granted bail’:indianexpress
In the ashes of an encounter in Kashmir, 30 yrs of a poet’s work:Bashaarat Masood
An evening out at a Mumbra Masjid:Jyoti Punwani,
Eastern Ghouta students: It's suicide if we leave our basements:aljazeeraZ

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