13 May 2018

13 May ND: ​ Gyms on Panchayat Land in Haryana to be Used for RSS 'Shakhas'/After Haryana, RSS in Bengal call for bar on namaz on roads/ Dalits shift their daughters out of village after ‘threat’ to their safety

13 May 2018:26 Shaban 1439: Vol:10, No:19
​ Gyms on Panchayat Land in Haryana to be Used for RSS 'Shakhas'
New Delhi: Haryana CM M.L. Khattar may have raised objections on the use of ‘public spaces’ for namaz, but the BJP-led state Govt  headed by him seems to have no issues with the RSS expanding its footprint by using Govt  gyms made on panchayat land to hold shakhas to propagate ‘Hindu’ culture and ethos in rural areas.At the inauguration of a state-sponsored gymnasium in Panchkula recently, Haryana agriculture minister Om Prakash Dhankar recently announced that the state Govt  planned to set up gymnasiums on two-acre panchayati land in every village where the youth can practise yoga, wrestling and games like volleyball and kabaddi and also do some weight training, according to a report in India Today . Earlier, State education minister Ram Bilas Sharma had also said that gyms being set by Govt would also be used as RSS units. In fact, Dhankar was asked the question in that context, the report aid.Meanwhile, more Haryana ministers have backed Dhankar, making clear the Haryana Govt ’s push for the expansion of RSS in the state. Food and supplies minister Karan Dev Kamboj said “Shakhas don’t indulge in any activity which prohibits gyms from being used as RSS units. I don’t think there is anything wrong in using gyms as shakhas. RSS shakhas have been in existence since 1925.” Incidentally, RSS shakhas are an all-male. Thereafter, yet another minister jumped up in support. Sports and youth affairs minister Anil Vij said, “Out of the target of setting up 1,000 gymnasiums, 300 have already been opened. We are in the process of hiring yoga trainers. Besides that, the youth will be trained in kabaddi, wrestling and volleyball,” adding that “What’s wrong in RSS holding shakhas there?”, the India Today report said.thewire
In Gurgaon, Muslims allowed to offer Friday prayers at 47 designated open spaces amid heavy security
On Friday, Muslims in Gurgaon, Haryana, congregated at 47 open spaces for the namaaz. Despite heavy police presence at all venues, most worshippers were anxious that Hindutva groups could disrupt the prayers as they had at several places the previous week. Of the 47 open spaces where namaaz was held this Friday, 24 are owned by the Haryana Waqf Board. The rest are state lands for using which the worshippers had to take permission from the district administration. There were no disruptions reported this time, said Haji Sehzad, a member of Muslim delegation that is working with Gurgaon administration to resolve the dispute about offering the prayers in the open. Until last week, there were at least 106 open spaces across Gurgaon where Muslims gathered for Friday
Namaz offered amid tight security in Gurgaon; many miss prayers due to less number of places to worship
Now, outfits to press for namaz at just 5 places in Gurgaon
Gurgaon: Devotees driven out of masjid
Nuh, Mewat, Gurgaon: The controversy over Friday prayers has not yet ended in Gurgaon. Some miscreants of the majority community in Bhora Kalan a Village in Pataudi Tehsil in Gurgaon District of Haryana State disrupted the namaz and forced devotees out of the masjid. The incident created panic in Pataudi tehsil and adjoining areas.According to sources when a Muslim labour arrived in the masjid to offer namaz some anti-social elements held his hand and forced him out of the masjid saying that only people from Bhora Kalan can offer namaz in the said masjid. Due to disruption of namaz by the miscreants, the Friday prayer was offered 3 hours late; while a dozen labour were deprived of offering namaz.The namaz was followed by a panchayat in which majority community forced Muslims to agree nearly a dozen conditions which were agreed upon by both communities in 2013 which include not allowing non-local people from offering namaz and not conducting any Islamic activity.Majority community warned that if conditions are not agreed upon, another way will be adopted. Prominent local persons condemned atrocity of miscreants on Muslims of Bhora Kalan. They urged the Govt to provide security to Muslims and take strict action against the criminals.siasat
After Haryana, RSS in Bengal call for bar on namaz on roads
Members of the RSS in West Bengal have said that Muslims in Kolkata should be barred from praing on the road, as it causes an ‘obstruction’. Speaking to DNA, Jishnu Bose, the secretary of RSS in south Bengal said that if Hindus started praying in the middle of the road every Thursday, it would only add to the problem.“People block the road to say namaz, which is inconvenient. It it’s done once or twice a year like that on Eid, it is understood, but doing it every day is an attempt to convert West Bengal into Bangladesh,”he said.Bose added that Bikash Bhavan, which is the offices for several senior administration officials, is blocked because of people saying namaz. “This poses a security threat and they should be stopped,” he added.Muslim religious leaders, on the other hand, said that it was true that if saying namaz on the road was causing inconvenience to others it should be stopped but they also see a hidden agenda in the Haryana incident.Shafique Qasmi, imam, Nakhoda Masjid said that people said namaz on the road only because there was lack of space in the mosques. Md Nooruddin, president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said, "Yes it is written in our inscription that our action and even our prayers should not cause any problems to others but when it is said at open spaces belonging to Govt or any individual and are not thoroughfares, there should not be any problem. What has been happening in Haryana, preventing people from saying namaz, is also not correct. It is part of the hidden agenda of the saffron brigade.”DNA
Dalits shift their daughters out of village after ‘threat’ to their safety
Meerut: Half a dozen Dalit families in a Baghpat village which saw Dalit-Gujjar clashes last month have now claimed that they have shifted their daughters to the houses of their relatives out of the village following threats to their safety.Situated barely 40 kms from Kairana which will go to bypoll on May 28, Kamala village in Baghpat has remained tense ever since a Dalit youth allegedly assaulted by Gujjars succumbed to his injuries here early this week.A large number of Dalit families had gone into hiding and had allegedly also begun leaving the village following the attack.Earlier this week, NHRC had issued a notice to UP DGP and chief secretary over the death of Akash Khondwal, 19, who was allegedly brutally assaulted by a group of Gujjars on April 27. Taking suo motu cognizance of the matter, the rights body has asked the two top officials to submit a detailed report in the case.Khondwal was abducted and assaulted by more than haff a dozen men as he was friends with another Dalit youth who had eloped with a Gujjar girl on April 22. He was admitted to a Meerut hospital where he died of multiple organ failure triggered by septicemia on May 7.Currently, seven youths involved in the crime are lodged in jail because of which there is considerable amount of anger among Gujjars in the village.The village, which has a population of 4,200, has only 20 Dalit families.TOI
Crackdown on illegal water lines triggers riots, 2 die in Aurangabad
At least 2 persons lost their lives and more than 35, including several police personnel, were seriously injured after violent clashes between two groups in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad on Friday night.The district administration has clamped Section 144 and suspended Internet services in the city to prevent further violence.The deceased have been identified as 62-year-old Jaganlal Bansile of the Shahaganj area and Abdul Kadri,17, who allegedly died from a gunshot wound in police firing. Bansile’s shop was among those torched by the rioters and he could not escape as he was disabled.The rioting started in the Moti Karanja area around 10 p.m. and spread to Gandhi Nagar, Raja Bazaar, Shah Ganj and Sarafa areas, forcing the police to fire in the air and lob teargas shells, an official said. Tensions escalated after Aurangabad Municipal Corporation cracked down on illegal water connections in Moti Karanja. In the drive, a tap at a shrine belonging to a community was removed. In retaliation, members of the community destroyed the water connection at shrine of another community.thehindu
Aurangabad Riot is Planned, Illegal Water Connection Not Actual Cause: Local MLA
Refuting the reports that illegal water connection was behind the communal clashes in the historic city last night, local MLA Imtiyaz Jaleel said the riot was planned and a situation was being created by communal forces since last 10 days.“It is only to divert attention from the real cause behind the riot and to mislead the country that talks of illegal water connection are being spread. The fact is that there are ample proofs to show that a situation to create communal unrest was created since last ten days”, Imtiyaz Jaleel AIMIM MLA said.caravandaily
Najeeb case: CBI tells HC no evidence to show crime was committed
A year after it was handed over the probe, CBI told the Delhi High Court that disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed was only a "missing" person case as of now as it has "not found any evidence" to show that any crime was committed. CBI, which took over the case on May 16 last year, also told the HC that presently it does not have "an iota of evidence" to arrest or take any coercive action against 9 students who are suspects in the case of disappearance of Ahmed.PTI
Najeeb’s mother asks CBI: when no crime committed on my son, why was he taken to hospital?
New Delhi: Missing Najeeb Ahmed’s family is not happy with the way CBI is probing his mysterious disappearance from the university hostel one and half years ago. His mother Fatima Nafees reacted sharply on CBI’s statement before the Delhi High Court that it has not found any evidence of crime committed on Najeeb. After a year of investigation, the federal probe agency also told the court that presently it does not have “an iota of evidence” to arrest or take any coercive action against the nine students who are suspects in the case of disappearance of Najeeb.Reacting on the Friday statement of CBI, Fatima asked: “I wonder how CBI brings new theories every time. If no assault took place then why did Najeeb go to Safdarjung Hospital for medical aid? If no assault took place then how were the 7 students (allegedly ABVP members) found guilty in a proctorial enquiry?”“CBI said in the court that in its enquiry to students and security guards, nobody knows any assault on that day. In the beginning, CBI said that it would work on the case with a fresh investigation and now it is giving the same theory that Police had given.Actually since the beginning, police have ruined the case by just filing FIR of missing not assault and abduction by the accused students,” Fatima said.Appearing for Najeeb’s mother, senior advocate Colin Gonsalves demanded that the information in CBI status reports has to be provided or communicated to her and she cannot be excluded from it.Caravan News
Najeeb not missing, he has been abducted: Kin
Hamid Ansari backs AMU students demand for judicial probe on Jinnah Row, questions timing of controversy
New Delhi:Breaking his silence, ex vice president M Hamid Ansari has supported AMU students' demand for action against intruders who created ruckus on the varsity campus over Jinnah portrait issue on May 2, when he was present there for an event, and said their peaceful stir against the transgression is commendable.The event where Ansari was to be conferred the life membership of AMU Students Union was cancelled due to the alleged violence by Right-wing Hindu activists. Ansari, who has studied at AMU, said on Saturday that the disruption, its precise timing, and the "excuse manufactured for justifying it", raises questions."The peaceful protest by (AMU) students against this transgression is commendable. They must ensure that it does not in any way interfere with their academic pursuits.Their request that action be taken against the intruders and disruptors, after a judicial inquiry, is justified. The authorities of the AMU have made a similar request," he said in a letter to AMU Students Union.He said the programme of the day, including an address by him on May 2 in the Kennedy Auditorium, was publicly known. The authorities concerned had been intimated officially and were cognizant of the standard arrangements including security for such occasions.In view of it, the access of the intruders to close proximity of the University Guest House where I was staying remains unexplained, he said.PTI
Hunger strike to begin if demands not met: AMUSU
Aligarh:As the ongoing protest by AMU students entered its 11th day on Saturday, the students’ union leaders said that the stir would be intensified and a relay hunger strike will start this evening if their demands were not met. AMUSU president Mashkoor Usmani told PTI that a general body meeting of the students’ union was held on Friday.In the meeting, it was decided that a relay hunger strike would begin this evening if authorities do not agree to take action against members of right-wing organizations who barged into the campus and were involved in acts of violence, Usmani said. They were also demanding action against the police officers responsible for a lathicharge on students on the same day. A number of students were injured in the lathicharge, he said.PTI
BJP's 2014 win was 'historic' and Hindutva means nationhood: new NCERT Class XII text book
New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi and the BJP's win in the 2014 general elections was “historic”, says a new NCERT text book meant for Class XII students. The book titled Politics in India Since Independence, which hit the market recently, also seeks to establish the party’s support for Muslim women’s cause by noting how it stood for them during the 1989 Shah Bano case against the then ruling dispensation.To boot, the chapter titled “Communalism, Secularism, Democracy” tries to enlighten discerning students on how BJP after 1986 began to emphasise Hindu nationalist element in its ideology. “Hindutva literally means Hinduness and was defined by its originator VD Savarkar as the basis of Indian nationhood. It basically meant that to be members of Indian nation, everyone must not only accept India as their father land but also their holy land,” reads the new content added to the text.For the uninitiated, the book also explains the meaning of ‘Hindutva’. “Believers of Hindutva argue that a strong nation can be built only on the basis of a strong and united national culture,” it says.The book has also dropped the phrase “anti-Muslim” from a passage on 2002 Gujarat riots. The passage has now been titled “2002 Gujarat riots”. The word ‘Muslim’ has been cut from the text inside as well, though it remained critical of the way the state Govt  handled the riots.Education experts see it as part of broader strategy to promote a “certain” ideology.“Every political dispensation tries to influence textbooks but the current Govt  has a very clear swing towards trying to tamper with historical facts,” said Amber Ahmad, who teaches political science in Kamala Nehru College in Delhi University. newindianexpress
Dates for Maharashtra, all-India teacher eligibility tests set to clash
Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test (MAHA-TET), state-level qualifying examination for primary school teaching aspirants, and UGC-NET, the national-level qualifying examination for degree college teaching aspirants, have both been scheduled on July 8. As a result, many students, who were planning to take both the tests, are now in a fix.Those aspiring to teach Classes 1 to 8 in state board schools are required to clear MAHA-TET, which is conducted annually by the Maharashtra State Examination Council, after their DEd.Clearing UGC-NET, which is also held annually, after a post-graduation is a must for those aspiring to teach in colleges and universities across the country or pursue PhD in some disciplines.Students Islamic Organisation of India has written a letter to the state school education department, requesting that MAHA-TET be postponed."Students will be at loss if they are forced to choose between 2 examinations. The dept. should reschedule TET, so that students from the state don't miss an opportunity to appear for the national level examination," read the letter.HT
Outraged, Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s family tells Rajasthan to ban book, referring him ‘Father of Terrorism’
Pune:Stunned by the description of Bal Gangadhar Tilak in a Class VIII reference book in Rajasthan — which said the social reformer and freedom fighter was called the “Father of Terrorism” — the Tilak family in Pune has taken up the matter with the Rajasthan Govt .They have urged the Rajasthan Govt  to ensure that the derogatory remark is removed and sought a ban on the book. The family of Lokmanya Tilak has also demanded action against those who published the book and approved its content.indianexpress
STs, SCs and Muslims propel Congress to victory in Karnataka:India Today-Axis My India exit poll
New Delhi:Congress may romp home to power in Karnataka Assembly polls with majority of 6 castes and community groups voting for the ruling party. These 6 groups constitute 48 % of the population.As per the India Today-Axis My India exit poll, majority of SC, ST, Muslims and Christians have voted for the Congress.The ruling Congress is likely to win 106-118 seats, BJP 79-92 seats, while JD(S) seems to be winning 22-30 seats of the total 222 constituencies that went to polls today. According to the exit poll, 43 %  of STs, 48 %  of the SCs, 80%  of the Muslims, 61%  of Kurbas, 68 %  of Christians and 38 %  of Gollas have voted for the Congress in Karnataka, polling for which was held today.On the other hand, 33 %  of the STs, 26%  of SCs, only 5%  of the Muslims, 22 %  of the Kurubas, 18%  of the Christians and 36%  of Gollas for the BJP. Compared with Congress, BJP gets the support of the majority of 11 caste groups, including those of the Lingayats, Brahmins, OBCs, upper castes and some other castes.BJP gets votes of 62 %  of Lingayats, 66%  of the Brahmins, 49 %  of the OBCs, 52 %  of the upper castes, 57 %  of the Marathi Kshatriyas, 54 %  of Edigas, 53 %  of the Nekaras, 51 of the Reddys, 42 %  of the Bestharu, 40 %  of the Upparas and 38 %  of the Tamils.
70.91% turnout in Karnataka elections; exit polls divided
Karnataka polls : Muslim voters turn out in large numbers
Bengaluru: In constituencies where the Muslims population is high, like Chamrajpet, Shivajinagar and Pulikeshi Nagar, voters were seen coming out in large numbers to cast their votes. At polling booths under the Chamrajpet constituency, majority of Muslim voters said they were against incumbent MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan.They complained that they have not seen any major development works in the area and said they voted for another Muslim candidate, Altaf Khan, fielded by the JD(S). Some even said they chose the NOTA option.On the other hand at Shivajinagar constituency, most of the voters favoured the sitting Congress MLA, Roshan Baig, saying they were happy with the development works being done and promised to be taken up in the future too.  deccan chronicle.
Karnataka: Muslim woman asked to remove burkha, stopped at polling booth
Bengaluru:A Muslim woman was stopped from entering the polling booth in Karnataka's Belagavi after she refused to remove the veil of her 'burkha' for identification.However, the woman was later allowed to cast her vote after her identity was verified by a female official.ANI
Draft law on livestock market rules vague: Maneka Gandhi
New Delhi: Objecting to the Centre’s move to dilute the May 2017 regulation of livestock market rules, Union women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi has written to environment minister Harsh Vardhan flagging shortcomings in the ministry’s new draft proposal which was issued recently to replace last year’s controversial notification.She even questioned the rationale behind deleting the definition of ‘cattle’ and called many such changes as “very vague” and “unimplementable”. May 2017 notification which banned sale of cattle for slaughter in livestock markets had defined ‘cattle’ for clarity. It said the term included bovine animals including cows, buffaloes, bulls, bullocks, steers, heifers and calves. It also included camels in the category while seeking ban on sale of these animals for slaughter in such markets.The environment ministry’s draft proposal, issued in March for stakeholders’ comments, has, however, deleted definitions of not only ‘cattle’ but also of ‘fractious animal’, ‘poultry’ and even ‘inspector’ (for monitoring livestock markets).“Without the definition of cattle, the Rules are unclear as to which animals they may be extended to,” Gandhi said in her note to Harsh Vardhan.TOI

Notices to civic body, Delhi Waqf Board over illegal construction in mosque
Delhi Minority Commission (DMC) issued notices to the Delhi Police, the south civic body and the Delhi Waqf Board in connection with illegal construction and presence of anti-social elements at two mosques in south-west Delhi's Mehrauli area on Saturday.According to the commission, a centuries-old mosque in Masjid Makhdoom Shah Colony in Mehrauli has been usurped by some locals who sold it to a builder. It was then demolished by the builder and converted into a multi-storey building on its site. "Commission has received complaints from the locals saying that despite them informing the police and the Delhi Waqf Board about the ongoing construction work at the site, no action has been taken so far,"DMC said in a statement.In another case, the commission has issued suo motu notices regarding Gulshan Masjid in Mehrauli where anti-socials had stopped the offering of namaz for the past few days.dnaindia
RSS affiliate opposes Centre’s plan to merge labour laws
BJP-led Govt ’s proposal to merge labour laws that govern institutions such as Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation and Employees’ State Insurance Corporation to create a Labour Code on Social Security has run into resistance from Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), an affiliate of the RSS.BMS, which has in the past criticised the BJP-led NDA govt’s labour policies for leaving out unorganised workers from the ambit of social security programmes, has called for a rethink on the proposal. It has also demanded the creation of a separate ministry of social security, pointing out that four ministries now handle issues related to about 490 million workers.HT
Hindus to agitate if SC verdict against Ram Mandir: VHP
Haridwar:Newly elected VHP international president Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje has said that Hindus will launch a countrywide agitation to mount pressure on their local MPs for passage of a law in Parliament facilitating the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya if the Supreme Court’s verdict “goes against their faith”.On his first visit to the pilgrimage city after assuming charge, Kokje said the Ram temple issue is in a decisive stage of resolution in the SC and legal experts in VHP believe that the SC will pass a judgement in accordance with the faith of crores of Hindus.“However, if the court verdict goes against their faith, crores of Hindus all over the country will start a movement to mount pressure on MPs representing their areas to pass a law in Parliament which paves the way for the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya,” said Kokje in an interaction with the media in Haridwar.PTI
J&K BJP leaders’ land row: Omar seeks probe into Army’s concerns
New Delhi:NC leader Omar Abdullah Saturday sought an immediate probe into the Army’s “serious misgivings and concerns” over the construction on land bought by top BJP leaders next to an ammunition depot in Nagrota in Jammu.Indian Express reported in its Saturday edition that Lt Gen Saranjeet Singh, Corps Commander of the Army’s 16 Corps, had written to state assembly Speaker Nirmal Singh asking him to stop the construction, which he said violated a string of laws, and had “implications on the security of a major ammunition storage facility as well as the safety of all personnel living in close vicinity…”Nirmal Singh had rejected the “politically motivated” opposition to the construction, which he said was “the Army’s view”, which was not binding on him. The land in question belongs to Himgiri Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, a company owned by BJP leaders including Nirmal Singh and Deputy CM  Kavinder Gupta.Omar Abdullah said he had heard about BJP leaders buying land at throwaway prices, but “We didn’t know that the Army was opposing it because it is a security risk”. After the land was purchased, an “IIT, IIM, and a zoo were conveniently set up there by the Govt , close to this place”, Omar alleged. “BJP is so keen on CBI inquiries, so why not a CBI inquiry into this then?” he asked.Indian Express
Police arrests 4 for attack on Kashmiri family in Delhi
New Delhi: A security guard and 3 other people have been arrested in connection with the alleged assault on 5 Kashmiri people, including four women, by a group of residents in southeast Delhi’s Siddhartha Extension on Thursday night.4 men were booked for assault, molestation, sexual harassment and criminal intimidation, police said.A video of the assault showing the woman sitting on the road and her family members trying to save her from the mob assaulting them with batons was widely circulated on social media on Friday. The victims, originally from Kashmir, are from the same family.The victims had alleged on Friday that they were called “Kashmiri extremists” by some people in the mob and that the attack was “completely unprovoked”.HT
J&K Jamaat’s Srinagar president booked under PSA for delivering ‘hate speech’: Free Press Kashmir
Jamaat-e-Islami J&K’s district president Srinagar Bashir Ahmed Lone has been booked under the Pyblic Safety Act (PSA) by the authorities.According to Rising Kashmir, Police detained Lone under the “Lawless Law” for delivering “hate speech” during the funeral prayers of assistant professor turned militant Dr Mohmmad Rafi Bhat in district Ganderbal.Dr Rafi was killed in a gunfight with the Govt  forces in district Shopian last week.Reacting to his killing, former CM  Omar Abdullah had said that ‘his killing is an answer to those who say jobs are the solution to violence and alienation in Kashmir.
Ishrat Jahan encounter: Seeking discharge, accused ex-SP calls CBI probe ‘false, funny, dirty’
Ahmedabad;Arguing for his discharge from trial in Ishrat Jahan encounter case, retired SP NK Amin, key accused in the case, on Saturday called CBI investigation “false and fabricated, funny and dirty”, and one based on “assumption and presumptions of two Vermas and Jha”.Amin also told CBI court, “One of the key eyewitnesses (Ibrahim K Chauhan), despite being a Muslim, took oath of speaking the truth in the name of Bhagwan, and not Allah; the other witness (B A Patel) takes pills of mental disorder and therefore cannot be trusted.” SIT had found out that Ishrat, her friend Pranesh Pillai (alias Javed Sheikh) and two alleged Pakistani nationals — Zeeshan Johar and Amjadali Rana — were killed in cold blood on June 14, 2004 on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. indianexpress
2002 Ode massacre: Gujarat HC acquits three, upholds conviction of 19 others
A division bench of the Gujarat High Court has upheld the conviction of 19 people and acquitted three others who were sentenced by a special trial court in the Ode massacre in Anand district during the 2002 post-Godhra riots. The HC also confirmed the acquittal of 23 of the 47 accused sentenced by the trial court in 2012.While pronouncing the verdict, Division Bench of Justice Akil Kureshi and Justice BN Karia said that communal frenzy turns “perfectly normal human beings momentarily into murderous monsters, leaving nothing but a trail of death and destruction for the victims and his own family alike”. The judgment notes that although the court can’t reduce the “pain and agony of the relatives of the victims and accused,” it “tried to give judgment as soon as possible to at least reduce anxiety arising out of the uncertainty.”indianexpress
Samjhauta blast case warrants early disposal: Trial court
Panchkula:With only 25 witnesses left to be examined in the trial of 2007 Samjhauta Express blast case, Special NIA Court at Panchkula has directed the prosecution to make efforts for examination of maximum number of witnesses on the dates fixed for hearing. It said the trial warrants an early disposal as the accused have been behind bars for over 5 years.Out of the 299 witnesses, 274 witnesses have been examined during the ongoing trial. Out of the remaining 25 witnesses, 13 are Pakistani citizens who were recently sent communication by the trial court about the summons through Ministry of External Affairs. Lawyers appearing in the in-camera hearing of the case said that two witnesses have also been given up by NIA since April. Indian Express
Himanshu Roy suicide: From IPL spot-fixing to 26/11 Mumbai attacks, many high-profile cases he handled
In a shocking incident, former Mumbai top cop and Maharashtra ATS chief Himanshu Roy allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with his service revolver on Friday. Soon after he shot himself at his residence, the cop was taken to a Mumbai hospital where he was declared brought dead. Known for his towering personality and an impeccable career, Himanshu Roy handled a number of high-profile cases, including the 26/11 Mumbai attacks case and IPL spot- fixing scandals.  As per reports, Roy had been suffering from cancer and was said to be in depression due to his illness. He was on leave from duty since April 2016 and still had 7 years of service left.Roy was part of a probe team that handled 26/11 Mumbai attack case. Roy was tasked with the planning and execution of plans to contain the damage during the ghastly terror strikes. In 2010, Himanshu Roy led as joint commissioner of Mumbai Police and worked on intelligence inputs to deter a terror attack planned by LeT. Himanshu Roy also handled the 7/11 Mumbai terror attack case when he was the Maharashtra ATS chief.He was also a part of the team that then probed the high profile murder case of Mid Day journalist Jyotirmoye Dey.Recently a Mumbai court awarded life term for Chota Rajan and eight others in the case.financialexpress
Court awards death within 22 days of infant’s rape-murder
Indore: Indore district court on Saturday awarded death penalty to a 26-year-old man for rape and murder of a three-month-old girl, while likening him to “gangrene”.The verdict came within 22 days of the incident.Additional Sessions Judge Varsha Sharma sentenced Naveen Gadke, the accused, to death.He was also found guilty under the POCSO Act.PTI
Installing CCTV cameras ‘un-Islamic’: Darul Uloom
Muzaffarnagar: Darul Uloom Deoband said that it is un-Islamic to install CCTV cameras.In response to a query made by a Maharashtra-based Muslim if it was okay to install CCTV cameras in a shop or a place where there is movement of a lot of people, a three-cleric panel of the fatwa department of the world-renowned Islamic seminary, said, “There are many other ways to ensure safety of a commercial establishment or a home.In Shariat, it is un-Islamic to shoot a picture. Consequently, even the CCTV is un-Islamic.”TOI
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood ready for dialogue with al-Sisi: international relations representative
Geneva:The international relations representative of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, known as Ikhwan, on Saturday said the brotherhood is ready for dialogue with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to find a political solution in the wake of the 2013 military coup."We are ready and open to deal with anyone. This does not mean we have to surrender," Yusuf Neda said in Campione d'Italia near the Swiss-Italian border."I will never stop making peace," Neda said.Stressing the importance of finding a solution in Egypt following the coup, Neda said: "If you want to settle things, every Egyptian must sacrifice."Anadolu Agency
Egypt court jails 65 Brotherhood loyalists up to 10-yrs over violence
Cairo: Egypt's top court upheld on Saturday jail terms from seven to 10 years against 65 loyalists of the currently outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group over committing acts of violence in 2013 in the capital Cairo, official MENA reported.The rulings of the Court of Cassation are final and unappealable, as they have been issued in response to a previous appeal by the defendants against the criminal court's initial rulings.The convicts have been accused of holding illegal protests, committing acts of riots and violence that killed some citizens and attempted to kill others, storming public and private properties and other charges.A lot of Brotherhood leaders, members and supporters, including Morsi himself and the group's top chief Mohamed Badie, are currently jailed, and many have received appealable death sentences and life imprisonments over various charges varying from inciting violence and murder to espionage and jailbreak.Xinhua
US envoy gives first glimpse of new Jerusalem embassy compound
Viewers were given a sneak preview of the compound housing what will be the new American Embassy in Jerusalem on Friday, when US Ambassador to Israel posted footage of preparations for the opening ceremony.Ambassador David Friedman put on the ‘US Embassy Jerusalem’ Facebook page a video of himself standing in front of scaffolding covered in blue and white drapes.Behind him are signs saying “Trump Make Israel Great” – a reference to President Donald Trump’s election slogan “Make America Great Again” – and “Trump is a Friend of Zion.” A small interim embassy will open inside an existing American consulate building in Jerusalem on May 14, the 70th anniversary of Israel’s founding, an event named “Nakba” by Palestinians. A larger site will be found later when the rest of embassy relocates from Tel Aviv.middleeastmonitor
30 ambassadors to participate in celebrations of US Embassy transfer
Out of 86 foreign ambassadors in Israel, 30 ambassadors responded to the invitation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the celebrations of the transfer of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.The daughter of US President, Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner, and US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, will attend the event which will be held next Sunday. Among the 30 ambassadors who responded to the invitation, three are members of the European Union that already opposed it, namely Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Meanwhile, the Romanian and Austrian representatives have not yet replied to the invitation.There are also ten countries that refused to participate in the celebrations; some of them refused for reasons related to principles, and others for technical reasons, including Russia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Portugal and Sweden.Haaretz newspaper pointed out that the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not invite members of the Knesset from the opposition; however, it invited members of the Govt , heads of committees of the Knesset, members of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee of the Knesset and the rest of the governing coalition blocs.middleeastmonitor
Turkey: Lawmakers sign Jerusalem Oath in defense of sacred city
We would rather die than forsake Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque, Nureddin Nebati, a ruling AK Party's deputy and head of the Inter parliamentary Jerusalem Platform, said.Nebati made the remarks on the sidelines of a symbolic "Jerusalem Oath" signing ceremony attended by national and international lawmakers. US President Donald Trump's decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was also slammed during the meeting."The mafia-like alliance formed by those who see themselves as owners of the world ignores law, morality and conscience. Jerusalem has been a milestone in global politics. The dark forces of today extend their hand to Jerusalem, like countless times before, with a view to infiltrating Muslims' lives, controlling over 2 billion Muslims and shackling their dreams," he said.Anadolu Agency
Gaza rallies: Killing of Palestinian takes toll to 49
Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are protesting for the seventh Friday in a row as part of the Great March of Return movement.The rallies are part of a weeks-long protest that will culminate on May 15 to mark what Palestinians refer to as the Nakba or "Catastrophe" - a reference to Israel's establishment in 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from Palestine.Since the protests began on March 30, Israeli forces have killed at least 49 Palestinians in the coastal enclave and wounded more than 8,500. aljazeera
Israel to Assad: Get rid of your Iranian allies, they will harm you
Israel’s Defence Minister warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday to renounce the Iranian military presence in his country, saying the activities of Assad’s staunchest regional ally would only cause “damage and problems”.Speaking on a tour of the Golan Heights, the minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told Assad to beware especially of Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force, the branch of its Revolutionary Guards that oversees operations outside Iran’s borders.middleeastmonitor
After Netanyahu’s visit, Moscow will not hand S-300 missiles over to Syria
Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on Friday the statement of Vladimir Kojin, aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin, that there were no ongoing talks between Russia and the Syrian regime on supplying the latter with the sophisticated S-300 missile defence system, and that Moscow did not see the system as necessary for the regime at the moment.The statement by Kojin who oversees Russian military aid to other countries, came after Israeli PM  Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow this week. Netanyahu put heavy pressure on Putin not to provide the Syrian regime with the missiles.Russia offered to supply the Syrian regime with the missile system, despite Israel’s objections, about a month ago, after Western military strikes in Syria. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the time that the strikes have exempted Russia from any moral obligation preventing it from delivering missiles.MEMO
Blast in Syria's Idlib kills 12 civilians
Idlib:At least 12 civilians were killed and another 25 injured in Syria’s Idlib province from a bomb attack on Saturday, according to White Helmets Civil Defense.Mustafa Haj Youssef, director of the White Helmets in Idlib, said that a bomb-laden car exploded in front of a hospital in the city center.The blast also damaged nearby houses and vehicles, Youssef added.  Located in northern Syria near the Turkish border, last May, Idlib was declared a "de-escalation zone" in which acts of aggression are expressly forbidden.Anadolu
Iraq votes in first elections since ISIL defeat
Iraqis have voted in the first parliamentary election since the country declared victory over the ISIL group at the end of 2017.Polls opened at 7am on Saturday and closed at 6pm. While the independent body overseeing the election projected a high turnout among the 24.5 million registered voters, participation appeared to be low.The low turnout was partly blamed on a 24-hour curfew put in place by the Govt  since midnight, which was partially lifted by PM  Haider al-Abadi later in the day. aljazeera
Malaysia: Najib Razak hit with travel ban, quits UMNO
Malaysian ex-PM  Najib Razak has been hit with a travel ban days after his Barisan Nasional coalition, which ruled Malaysia for 60 years, lost a general election.Malaysia's Immigration Department announced the travel ban on Saturday, moments after the scandal-plagued Najib said in a Facebook post that he and his family were taking a post-election holiday overseas starting from Saturday and would return next week.Malaysia's new leader Mahathir Mohamad confirmed he prevented Najib from leaving. aljazeera
 Anwar Ibrahim to be freed on Tuesday, daughter says
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is set to be released from custody and granted a full royal pardon on Tuesday, local media reported. Channel NewsAsia cited Nurul Izzah, Ibrahim's daughter, as saying on Saturday that the paperwork for her father's release was under way. Newly elected Malaysian PM  Mahathir Mohamad said at a press conference on Friday that the king of Malaysia had decided to pardon Anwar, but did not give a date for his release.In 2015, Anwar, 70, was jailed for 5 years for sodomising a former aide, a charge he described as a politically motivated attempt by former PM  Najib Razak to end his career.aljazeera
Nawaz Sharif under fire for saying Pak establishment is delaying 26/11 trial
Ex-Pakistani PM  Nawaz Sharif’s implicit criticism of “parallel Govt s” – a euphemism for the military establishment – for fostering Pakistan’s international isolation by harbouring militant organisations and stalling the trial of 26/11 Mumbai attack has prompted a backlash from opposition leaders who accused him of being “pro-India”.On Saturday, Dawn published an interview of Sharif, who has been travelling across the country to claim that he has been victimised by the judiciary at the behest of the Pakistan army.Sharif’s claim on the Pakistani establishment’s support for terror groups was in reference to international community not accepting Islamabad’s “narrative” of being a ‘victim’ of terrorism.He claimed that Pakistan’s security and foreign policies “had isolated ourselves”. “Despite giving sacrifices, our narrative is not being accepted. Afghanistan’s narrative is being accepted, but ours is not. We must look into it,” he added.Opposition leaders from Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to the Pakistan Peoples Party have reacted to Sharif’s remarks with anger.“Every Pakistani feels hurt by Nawaz Sharif’s statement. It is indeed an open pro-Indian declaration,” Shah Mahmood Qureshi of PTI leader was quoted as saying by the Nation. Qureshi was Pakistan’s foreign minister when Mumbai attack took place.According to the Nation, “Qureshi said Mumbai attack was India’s self made drama. It was not Islamabad but New Delhi which tactfully tried to delay the trial of Mumbai attack incident in Pakistani court and failed to provide any solid proof about it, he added.”thewire
N. Korea's nuclear test site to be dismantled within weeks
N.Korea has announced it will dismantle its nuclear weapons testing site in less than two weeks, according to state media.The dismantlement of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site will take place sometime between May 23 and May 25, depending on weather conditions,  the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Saturday.It will involve the removal of all research buildings, observation facilities and security posts.aljazeera
Europe's Muslim population to hit 8 pct by 2030: Report
Ankara: Muslim population of Europe will rise to 8 % and of the US to 2.1 % by 2030, according to Global Muslim Diaspora Report released on Saturday.The report was released at a workshop in Istanbul called “Muslim Diaspora: Global Peace and Difficulties for Welfare.”The two-day workshop was co-organized by the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and the Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) under the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).Anadolu Agency
Surabaya attacks: 11 killed in Indonesia church bombings
Suicide bombers have attacked 3 churches in Indonesia's second-largest city Surabaya, killing at least 11 people.Around 40 others were injured in the attacks, which occurred within minutes of each other. No group has so far said it carried them out.Indonesia, the most populous Muslim-majority country, has seen a resurgence of Islamist militancy in recent months.BBC
India is failing the test on J&K:P Chidambaram
Did the Pokhran nuclear tests gain anything for India? No:Aakar Patel
Jinnah Alone Not Responsible for Partition — Amulya Ganguli
PDP-BJP Alliance in J&K Is a Total Disaster: Former RAW Chief A.S. Dulat
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