07 March 2019

7 March ND: Babri Masjid title suit: SC to rule on mediation tomorrow/Rafale documents ‘stolen’ remark: How can this govt defend country, ask Opposition parties

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07 March 2019: 29 Jamadiul-II 1440:Vol:11, No:145
Babri Masjid title suit: SC to rule on mediation tomorrow
A 5-judge Constitution Bench, led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi, on Friday will pronounce orders on the limited issue of whether or not to send the Ayodhya dispute for mediation. Bench has pushed "negotiated compromise" as a means to heal hearts and minds. It has said the dispute was a festering wound which has touched the religious sentiments of Hindu and Muslim communities for decades. Justice SA Bobde, on the Bench, put matters in perspective by observing that the court was only concerned about the present state of the Ramjanmabhoomi-BabriMasjid case and not the past history of "Mughal invasion and conquests of Babur". Muslim parties have agreed to give mediation a try, while there is a dissonance of opinions among the Hindu appellants, who have said their faith that Lord Ram was born in the disputed land was non-negotiable. They had even suggested that the court should issue a public notice on whether or not to send the dispute for mediation. "Faith that Lord Ram was born there is not negotiable. But we are willing to crowd-fund a mosque somewhere else," advocate CS Vaidyanathan, for Ram Lalla, the deity, had submitted. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for the UP govt had also submitted that the path of mediation was both "imprudent and inadvisable." The court has asked the parties to suggest names for mediators "in the event" the dispute is sent for mediation. The court has also indicated that the mediation, if ordered, would be conducted confidentially with no reporting on the process of the mediation, considering the sensitivity of the issue. The Bench had indicated that the mediation, if conducted, would have not just one but multiple mediators. The court had earlier suggestion mediation for a period of eight weeks. This is the time given to the Muslim parties to examine the accuracy and relevance of the Uttar Pradesh government's official translation of thousands of pages of oral depositions and exhibits in the Ayodhya title suit appeals which have been pending since 2010. thehindu
Babri Title case: SC To Pronounce Orders Tomorrow On Whether To Refer Case For Mediation

Rafale documents ‘stolen’ remark: How can this govt defend country, ask Opposition parties
New Delhi:Opposition has slammed govt over Attorney General’s submission in the Supreme Court claiming that the Rafale documents published in The Hindu were “stolen” from the Ministry of Defence and questioned the govt’s capability to defend the country.CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said that AG had merely confirmed the series of news stories questioning the Rafale deal. “Modi govt itself admits Rafale documents “stolen” from the Ministry of Defence. How can country’s security be entrusted with this govt? But thanks to them for confirming the documents. An FIR against Modi is now inescapable,” he tweeted.CPI leader D. Raja told The Hindu that instead of shooting the messenger the government should respond to the message. “It is shameful that Attorney General is telling the apex court that the files have been stolen. Is the chowkidaar not able to protect the file? Now they are attacking The Hindu. When its suits them they claim that no one should question the source. You are attacking the messenger what about the message. Why PM is not able to respond to issues in public domain,” he said.Trinamool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi demanded a formal police probe into AG’s claim about “stolen documents”. RJD Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha said AG’s statement showed this “is the weakest government that can’t keep the country safe”. “This tells you very clearly why PM and his team were blocking possibility of JPC.You can’t cover corruption under pretext of national security,” Jha said. “Request PM to submit to due process of law.”There was no violation of the Official Secrets Act in the publication of documents related to the Rafale deal, senior advocate and constitutional expert Dushyant Dave said.He asserted that there was no violation of Official Secrets Act as ministers, and PM, besides Air Force top brass had repeatedly gone to the press with selective documents to justify their stand. The Hindu
Editors Guild condemns AG’s remark that media used ‘stolen’ Rafale documents
New Delh:Editors Guild of India today condemned the govt’s proposition that documents published by the media related to India’s Rafale fighter jet deal with France were  “stolen” from Defence Ministry.Guild said it was “perturbed” by the government’s threats that criminal action would be initiated against journalists or lawyers who used these documents.It said any attempt to use the Official Secrets Act against the media would be “as reprehensible as asking the journalists to disclose their sources”, and urged the government against initiating action that might “undermine media’s freedom and independence”. In a statement, the Editors Guild said: “Although the Attorney General later clarified that the investigation and contemplated action would not be initiated against journalists or lawyers who used these documents, Guild is perturbed over such threats. These will intimidate the media in general and curb its freedom to report and commend on Rafale deal in particular.“Any attempt to use the Official Secrets Act against the media is a reprehensible as asking the journalists to disclose their sources,”it added.indianexpress
Rahul alleges Modi responsible for delay in Rafale jet delivery; govt says attempt to shift focus
Defending Rafale deal, Govt unveils new weapon: Official Secrets Act: indianexpress
Rafale deal: ‘You may call it stolen documents, but they speak for themselves,’ says N Ram
Union minister VK Singh asks 'why doesn't India become Israel', targets govt critics, student leaders, media
In a sweeping Facebook post, Union minister V K Singh has said people want India to emulate Israel in targeting terrorists but it cannot happen because the opposition in that country, unlike India, does not question and "insult" their army when it carries out tasks like 'Operation Munich'.In his post on the social media website, Singh also attacked government critics, including opposition members, students leaders, activists and media, and called for a "surgical strike" within India, claiming if it does not happen, then the "robbers are ready to loot". Ex-Army chief called student leaders accused of involvement in "anti-India" protests as "jonk" (leeches) and took aim at the media for referring to terrorists as "militants", claiming such things do not happen in Israel.It is high time that the country followed Israel, he said.He wrote the post amid a fierce slugfest between the government and opposition parties following the Balakot air strikes with the latter seeking proof that a high number of terrorists were killed, as claimed by ruling combine leaders including BJP president Amit Shah."We want to be in Israel mode overnight. No, it won't happen. If Modi is there, I have expectation and faith that revenge will be taken. It will be fierce and 100 times more intense. But India cannot be Israel and will not be Israel," he said in the post written in Hindi. He counted multiple reasons why he thinks India cannot become Israel. Because there is no JNU in Israel where youngsters can raise slogans in support of breaking the country, he said, in an apparent reference to the alleged anti-national protests in the university in Feb.2016. Because no courts are opened for terrorists at 2 am in night and nor does journalists there "cry" for human rights of terrorists, he went on."Because when Israel carries out Operation Munich, the opposition there does not insult the country or armed forces by seeking proof," Singh said, in an apparent reference to the covert operation of Israel spy agency Mossad to eliminate those involved in the terror attack on country's 1972 Munich Olympics contingent in which several members were killed.Country is supreme in Israel, not religion or caste, and no Jat, Gujjar or Maratha torch public property there, he added."There are no leeches (in Israel) like Shehla Rashid and Kanhaiya Kumar who study on taxpayers’ money and call the Army rapists,” he alleged.Singh said time has come for india to be like Israel so that its elected representatives know that the nation will be united for protecting its integrity and sovereignty not only during war but all the time, irrespective of any eventuality.PTI
‘Why can’t India become Israel?’ asks Union minister VK Singh, attacks govt critics
Pak says it has taken control of 182 religious schools in crackdown on militants
 Pakistan intensified its crackdown today, with the government announcing it had taken control of 182 religious schools and detained over 100 people as part of its push against banned groups. The interior ministry said it was part of a long-planned drive, not a response to Indian anger over what New Delhi calls Islamabad’s failure to rein in militant groups operating on Pakistani soil. Provincial govts have “taken in their control management and administration of 182 madaris”, Pakistan’s interior ministry said, referring to religious schools. “Law enforcement agencies have taken 121 people under preventive detention as of today,” the ministry added. Interior ministry said other institutions from different groups had been taken over, including 34 schools or colleges, 163 dispenseries, 184 ambulances, 5 hospitals and 8 offices of banned outfits. Reuters
Pakistan is our ‘all-weather strategic partner’: China
Beijing:Terming Pakistan as its “all-weather” strategic partner, China today said that Pakistan appreciates China’s “unbiased attitude” and hopes that Beijing and other members of the international community play a “constructive role” in diffusing tensions between India and Pakistan.China’s comments come ahead of UNSC’s March 13 deadline for any country to raise objections against the proposal to list Jaish- leader Masood Azhar as a ‘global terrorist’. The proposal is sponsored by France and co-sponsored by US and UK. However, China maintained today that it believed a country’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity” should be upheld. Speaking about Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Kong Xuanyou’s visit to Pakistan,foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said the “main mission” for the visit was to exchange views on the situation between India and Pakistan.indian express
Arrest Mehbooba Mufti if she supports Jamaat-e-Islami: BJP leader Kavinder Gupta
New Delhi: BJP leader and former deputy CM Kavinder Gupta has said madrasas should be banned in Jammu and Kashmir and former CM Mehbooba Mufti should be arrested if she supports Jamaat-e-Islami J&K(JeI). BJP leader said, "Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other nations banned madrasas because of illegal activities. Similarly, if efforts to spread terrorism are made in Kashmir, they should be banned here too. If Mehbooba ji supports Jamaat-e-Islami, then she too should be arrested." Mufti led a protest on Wednesday demanding that the ban against Jamaat-e-Islami be revoked and warned she would intensify her protest if the ban is not lifted. "Our imams and moulvis are being arrested. 70- and 80-year-olds are being jailed. Offices of JeI have been sealed. People having Ahli-Hadith ideology are also being jailed. PDP is protesting against all this. We will not allow this muscle power. "We will protest at district level and then in every (assembly) segment. We want the ban to be revoked and these elderly people be released. Also, people should be told what their crime is, what is the charge that they face, what is the evidence on the basis of which they have been jailed,"she said.India Today
Jamaat-e-Islami an Epitome of Peace, Linking it to Terrorism is itself an Act of Terror: Mehbooba
Omar calls Kavinder Gupta an ‘ill-informed bigot’
Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has hit out at BJP leader and former Deputy CM Kavinder Gupta over his remarks, suggesting that Madrasas should be banned for promoting terror. Gupta said “Madrasas are the places where militants are born.”Gupta also called for the arrest of Mehbooba Mufti for supporting Jamaat-e-Islami. Responding to Gupta’s remarks on Twitter, Omar termed him a “bigot” and “ill-informed”.He wrote, “RSS shakhas produce ill-informed bigots like Gupta here.”financialexpress
 JKLF chief Yasin Malik booked under PSA
JKLF chairman Yasin Malik has been booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA) that can keep him in detention for up to two years, JKLF sources said today. "Malik Sahab was informed today that he has been booked under the harsh PSA and would be shifted to Kot Balwal Jail in Jammu district," an informed source said. JKLF chief was taken into preventive custody on Feb.22 and was lodged in Srinagar. Under PSA, a person in Jammu and Kashmir can be kept in detention for a period of two years without any judicial intervention.IANS
4 arrested for assault on 2 Kashmiris in Lucknow
Lucknow: 4 persons have been arrested on the charge of assaulting 2 youths from Kulgam in Kashmir, who were selling dry fruits on the roadside, in Lucknow on Wednesday afternoon. A video of the assault went viral on social media, prompting the police to register an FIR late Wednesday evening. The victims belong to Kulgam in Kashmir.While one Bajrang Sonkar was picked up late Wednesday night, 3 more - Himanshu Garg, Anirudh Kumar and Amar Mishra, were arrested on Thursday. They all belong to Vishwa Hindu Dal Trust run by one Ambuj Nigam. An FIR was been registered in the Hassanganj police station. "From the investigation so far, possibility emerges that the accused persons who are members of this Trust, executed the incident as part of a common thinking," said SSP Lucknow. In the video that went viral, the Kashmiris are seen being beaten up with sticks, slapped, and subjected to verbal abuse and anti-Kashmiri remarks.the hindu
Grenade blast at Jammu’s General Bus Stand, 1 dead, 32 injured
Jammu:A person died and 32 people were injured in a grenade blast inside Jammu’s General Bus Stand on Thursday afternoon. IGP(Jammu) MK Sinha confirmed that a grenade was lobbed towards the bus stand and said there were no specific alerts from intelligence agencies prior to the attack.“Whenever there is a heightened state of alert we step up checking. There is always a possibility of someone to slip through…appeal everyone to remain calm. Police are working on all leads,” Sinha said.The deceased has been identified as Shariq, son of Intzar of Kalyanpur, Haridwar. This is the third grenade attack in the Jammu bus stand since May last year.The grenade, lobbed by a suspected militant, fell near a ticket booking counter, sources said.However, there were not many people present at an otherwise overcrowded bus stand at the time of the blast.The injured included 11 residents of Kashmir, 2 from Bihar and one each from Chattisgarh and Haryana, PTI quoted officials as saying.  ndian express
UN human rights chief warns India over 'divisive' policies, harassment of Muslims
Geneva: UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet warned India that its "divisive policies" could undermine economic growth, saying that narrow political agendas were marginalising vulnerable people in an already unequal society."We are receiving reports that indicate increasing harassment and targeting of minorities – in particular Muslims and people from historically disadvantaged and marginalised groups, such as Dalits and Adivasis," Bachelet said in her annual report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.Reuters
Uma Bharti Warns of ‘Violent Backlash’ if Muslims Don’t Drop Idea of Mosque in Ayodhya
Bhopal:On a day when the Supreme Court pushed for amicable settlement of the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute, union minister Uma Bharti claimed that Ayodhya could only have a temple and idea of building a mosque could bolster “possibility of violent backlash”.Bharti, who was in Bhopal to discuss initiation of Ken-Betwa river linking project with Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath, denied comment on the SC’s proposal of mediation in case. “But as a Rambhakt, all I can say is that as Vatican City can’t have a mosque or Mecca Medina can’t have a temple, similarly the Ram Janmabhoomi land can only have a temple, nothing else,” she said. She said Muslims are entitled to have mosques wherever they live, and said they do and they have mosques in Ayodhya and Faizabad, but the idea of a mosque around the Ram Janmabhoomi land would only keep the dispute alive forever and bolster “possibility of violent backlash”.News18
Digvijaya doubts patriotism of Muslims, he must visit RSS shakhas to learn nationalism: Uma Bharti
Lok Sabha elections to be announced soon, preparations almost over: Sources
New Delhi:Election Commission will soon announce its schedule for the high-voltage Lok Sabha elections, which is likely to be spread over 7-8 phases in April-May, sources said today.Sources said the poll panel is in final stages of completing its logistical preparations to hold elections for the 17th Lok Sabha and a detailed polling schedule could be announced as early this weekend or by early next week.The term of the present Lok Sabha ends on June 3. The announcement of dates for the elections would be followed by a meeting of election observers next week for the first and second phase of polling.A senior Election Commission functionary said the poll panel is now prepared to announce the dates “any day” and it could happen over the weekend or at most by Tuesday.Notification for the first phase could be issued by the end of March for voting sometime in early April, sources suggested.PTT
Gujarat: 2002 Naroda Patiya riots convict Babu Bajrangi gets bail from SC
New Delhi : Babubhai Patel alias Babu Bajrangi, a Bajrang Dal leader, who is serving prison term after being convicted in the 2002 Naroda Patiya riots case, was granted bail by the Supreme Court Thursday on medical grounds.Bajrangi is lodged at Sabarmati Central Jail since 2012 after he was convicted with 30 others, including former BJP minister Maya Kodnani, for his role in the killing 97 Muslims on Feb.28, 2002 in the Patiya incident, which was triggered by the Godhra train burning incident.In April, 2018, Gujarat High Court commuted Bajrangi’s sentence of life imprisonment until death to 21 years imprisonment without remission and acquitted Maya Kodnani. indian express
BJP harassing muslims, says SP MLA after demolition of Urdu gate by Yogi govt in Rampur
Lucknow:Samajwadi Party MLA Abdullah Azam Khan today accused BJP of harassing Muslims so badly that they were left with only 2 options: give up Islam or join BJP.Irked at the demolition of ‘Urdu Gate’ in Rampur by the Uttar Pradesh govt, MLA said: “Atrocities on Muslims have reached an unbearable level,” reports IANS.Uttar Pradesh administration on Wednesday demolished the ‘Urdu Gate’, built in Rampur district by SP leader and former UP cabinet minister Azam Khan on the road leading to Azam Khan’s Jauhar Ali University during the previous SP regime. According to Rampur DM, structure was illegal as no permission was sought from Rampur Development Authority and PWD before construction of the Urdu Gate. Officials contested that the gate leading to Jauhar University was built in haste and violated rules. The gate was razed to the ground in three hours using 6 bulldozers by the order of Yogi government, prompting the sharp reaction. Abdullah son of the senior leader of the party, Azam Khan who founded the Jauhar Ali University in Rampur, slammed Rampur DM Aanjaney Kumar Singh for blindly following the BJP government’s orders.“He (Yogi) will do all that is possible to harass Muslims in the constituency,” Khan said.Caravan News
SP MLA Khan says BJP harassing Muslims; leaving them with two options give up Islam or join BJP
Maharashtra: Cleared of terror charges after 25 yrs, 11 men look to rebuild a lifetime lost
5 words by Nashik Special TADA court Judge, SC Khati that had 11 grown men standing in a dreary, unlit courtroom burst into tears and hug each other in relief. This terse verdict on Feb.27 ended a legal battle that 11 Muslim men, including a PhD holder, a 6-time municipal councillor, three doctors and an engineer, from Bhusawal in Jalgaon district, fought to free themselves of terror charges for 25 years.Branded terrorists by the Bhusawal police, which alleged that with the help of Kashmiri militants, they planned attacks in Maharashtra, all 11 were charged under the TADA. After several delays in filing the chargesheet and initiating the trial, the case was finally taken up in 2018 on Supreme Court orders.“It took less than two seconds for the judge to read out our judgment but believe me, my life for the past 25 years flashed before my eyes in those two seconds. These 5 words by the judge may finally restore some normalcy in our lives which has been turned upside down because of the apathy of the state,” said Jamil Ahmad Khan, named the main accused.It began in Bhusawal, one of Asia’s biggest railway junctions, around 440 km north of Mumbai in the turmoil that followed the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The Bhusawal police claimed that it had received a tip-off in May 1994 that Khan, a member of the SIMI, along with 8 associates had met and trained at a nearby forest to bomb government offices and attack Hindus to avenge the Babri Masjid demolition.“The early 90s were a difficult phase for the Muslim community in India. We were all socially conscious individuals who were raising their voices against the injustices of that time. I guess that is one reason why we were targeted. Imagine, I was attending a protest march against TADA in Mumbai with the late BSP chief Kanshi Ram and days later I was arrested under the Act,” said 47-year-old Maulana Abdul Qadir Habibi. He completed his PhD on the socio-political influence of Muslim clerics in Maharashtra, during the trial.And with the acquittal, all 11 are now trying to rebuild their lives. “It is a difficult task when you have been accused of being a terrorist. Even if you read the way regional papers have covered our acquittal you will get a sense that they feel we are guilty. We are called suicide bombers. For God’s sake, I am a doctor, why will I even think of taking someone’s life?” said Dr Yunus Falahi. indian express
Would like to do Hajj with family, says Dr Ashfaq Meer, acquitted after 25 yrs in fake TADA case
Adivasis of Bastar demand justice for the slaughter of their children by security forces
In Tadiballa village of  Bhairamgarh Tehsil, Bijapur district of Chattisgarh the police fired indiscriminately and killed 10 persons on 7th Feb.This appeared in the news as an encounter in which 10 Naxalites were killed by the security forces and the state government and the Home Minister hailed this as a victory.But the people from many villages of Bastar gathered at Bhairamgarh on Tuesday to protest these killings because they want to tell the world the truth and expose the lies of the Government and demand justice. When contacted one activist and also an Adivasi Lingaram Kodopi, who explained the incident that took place on 7th Feb.He affirmed the facts mentioned in their press release that no encounter took place that day instead the security forced fired indiscriminately at the crowd who had gathered to participate in the village sports. And as a result of the firings, even children died. The security personnel did not stop there they tortured the dead bodies and even raped 2 girls. One of the girls, who was 12 years was raped and her nose and privates mutilated. Further, the security forces also burned the materials they found at the site like vessels, clothes etc.TCN
SC asks AG to inform within 10 days date for meeting of Lokpal selection committee
New Delhi :The Supreme Court today asked Attorney General KK Venugopal to inform it within 10 days about a possible date for meeting of the selection committee for appointment of Lokpal and its members.A bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi was informed by Venugopal that the search committee headed by ex SC judge Ranjana Prakash Desai has recommended three panels of names to selection committee for appointment of chairperson, judicial and non-judicial members.PTI
Case filed in Bihar court against Kanhaiya for 'anti-Modi' remarks
Kishanganj: A complaint was lodged at a court here Wednesday against ex-JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar over his alleged objectionable remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The petition was registered at CJM's court by BJP minorities’ cell state vice president Titu Badwal.In his complaint, Badwal alleged that Kumar had made the “incendiary” comments at Anjuman Islamia Hall here on Monday.PTI
Maoist leader CP Jaleel killed in gunfight with police in Kerala’s Wayanad
Kochi :Maoist leader CP Jaleel was killed in a gunfight with Kerala Police’s Thunderbolt force Thursday near Upavan Resort at Lakkidi in Wayanad district of the state.The Maoist gang had reportedly arrived near Vythiri in Wayanad district to extort money and provisions from the owner of the private resort. A Thunderbolt team, that had camped nearby after reports of Maoist movement in the area, engaged them in a gunfight late Wednesday night which is reported to have continued into the early hours of Thursday.indianexpress
2006 fake encounter: Govt agencies gave biased reports to help free 11 cops, says Bombay HC
Mumbai :Bombay High Court has quashed and set aside Maharashtra govt’s order suspending life imprisonment sentences awarded to 11 police officers in the 2006 alleged fake encounter of gangster Ramnarayan Prasad alias Lakhan Bhaiya on the ground that it is “perverse and unsustainable in law”.On Dec. 2, 2015, deputy secretary of the state home department, based on reports submitted by the commissioner of police, the additional director general, the inspector general and National Human Rights Commission, had suspended the sentences of the 11 officers.indian express
Abuses, Slaps and Shoes: 2 BJP Lawmakers Come to Blows in UP
New Delhi: When words didn’t work – including hurling the foulest of abuses at each other – two BJP legislators from Uttar Pradesh resorted to hitting each other with fists and shoes over a disagreement on the names printed on foundation stones for projects.The blows occurred on Wednesday evening during a district planning committee meeting in UP’s Sant Kabir Nagar, about 200 kms from Lucknow, in full public glare. Meeting was being attended by senior administration, police officers as well as Ashutosh Tandon, BJP minister-in-charge of the district, who even attempted to stop fight, Indian Express reported.According to NDTV, the fight – videos of which has been doing the rounds on social media and news channels – broke out after the local BJP MP, Sharad Tripathi demanded to know why his name was not included on the foundation stone for a road. When Tripathi questioned PWD engineers at the meeting over the issue, Rakesh Baghel, an MLA from the district, interrupted and said: “Ask me about this, I have put in the stones.”thewire
Kerala's warring Sunni groups now in tussle over appointment of first south Indian as Grand Mufti
The standoff between Kerala’s 2 warring Sunni groups is primed to reach another boiling point as the EK faction of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama has come out in open terming the appointment of AP faction chief Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar as the grand mufti of India a farce.The EK faction alleges that the anointment of Musliyar to the key post has not been done by the authorised body of Barelvi Muslims. He is the first person from south India Parfum Monde Dubai Confident Group Miss South India who was elected for the top position of Muslim community.Musliyar, who has been the general secretary of the Samastha AP faction, was selected as ‘Grand Mufti,’ a position which enables him to give advice and opinion on Islamic jurisprudence and religious practices of the Sunni sects in the country, at a conference held at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Feb.25. Soon after Kanthapuram's elevation as the mufti, the rival EK faction started raising doubts over the appointment. Launching a scathing attack on the newly appointed ‘grand mufti’, Sunni EK faction leader Dr Bahauddeen Muhammed Nadwi said no 'authoritative' body of the Barelvi Muslims has appointed Kanthapuram to the top post. “Grand Mufti position was started by last Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar, where since its beginning, the most popular Muslim scholar in North India is usually appointed to the position. The position fell vacant as 80-year-old Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan passed away in July last year and his deputy has been looking after his responsibilities after that,” says Nadwi who is the vice chancellor of Darul Huda Islamic University, in Kerala’s Malappuram district.News18
TN Mosques Defy Stereotypes; Offer Food, Education, Jobs and Slew of Other Services
Chennai:If you thought that a mosque is only good for offering namaz or prayers, then it’s about time for you to change the way you think. Masjid Sevai Kuzhu (Mosque Service Committee), a socio-religious group in Tamil Nadu has been using mosques to do social service for almost half a decade now.For the past five years, this group has been using mosques, in a unique and practical way, to provide food, jobs, education, medical treatment and 25 other services to those in need. Interestingly, their service is not limited to any particular area, region and state. They claim that they can provide solutions or help for any social issue, but only through mosques. For instance, if a particular person approaches them for any aid, then they visit the mosque located in the area, survey the area and conduct the program and decide on the solution that needs to be provided.“We offer all type of social services, but only through the mosque. We are following Sunnat-e-Rasul (practices of Prophet Mohammed). Doing social service through mosque is the practice of Prophet Mohammed. We initiated this practice on Jan.1 of 2013, in Erode, Tamil Nadu. It was welcomed by all kind of people. As of now, we have initiated social service programmes through this model in 700 mosques of Tamil Nadu,” said A. Syed Ibrahim, National Organizer of Masjid Sevai Kuzhu, while talking to Caravan Daily.Caravan Daily
EU rebukes Saudi over human rights at UN forum
At least 36 countries including all 28 members of the European Union have signed a statement criticising Saudi Arabia's human rights record at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, diplomats said."It is a success for Europe to be united on this," an envoy of an EU country told Reuters.The statement will be the first rebuke of the kingdom since the UN forum was set up in 2006. The text, read out by Harald Aspelund, Iceland's ambassador to the Geneva talks, called on Saudi authorities to release activists held in Saudi Arabia and to cooperate with a UN-led probe into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. "We call on Saudi Arabia to take many full steps to ensure that all matters of the public including human rights defenders and journalists can freely and fully exercise their rights to freedom of expression, opinion, and association including online and without fear of reprisals," Aspelund said.aljazeera
"Gone Full Gangster": US Senators Call Out Saudi Crown Prince For Misdeeds
Washington: Retired Army General John Abizaid, US President Donald Trump's nominee to be ambassador to Saudi Arabia, defended the U.S.-Saudi relationship on Wednesday as lawmakers accused the kingdom of a litany of misdeeds and criticized its crown prince as going "full gangster."Senators at Abizaid's confirmation hearing, Trump's fellow Republicans as well as Democrats, condemned the kingdom's conduct in the civil war in Yemen, heavy-handed diplomacy and rights abuses including torturing women's rights activists and the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Abizaid called for accountability for the murder of Khashoggi, a US resident, and support for human rights, but repeatedly stressed the importance of Washington-Riyadh ties.Reuters
Tunisia to hold national elections in Oct, Nov
Tunisia will hold its parliamentary election on Oct.6 and a presidential vote starting on Nov.10, the country's electoral commission has said.This year's elections will be the third round of national voting since Tunisia's 2011 revolution toppled longtime leader, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali."Parliamentary elections will be on Oct.6 and the first presidential round will be on Nov.10," said Nabil Bafoun, president of the independent electoral committee ISIE, on Wednesday. The parliamentary race is expected to be a close fight between the moderate Islamist Ennahdha party, the more secular Tahya Tounes party of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, and the Nidaa Tounes party led by Hafedh Caid Essebsi, the current president's son.aljazeera
Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli sniper in Gaza
A 15-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli soldiers on Wednesday during an evening protest near the Israeli fence east of Gaza Strip.According to the Gaza ministry of health's spokesperson Ashraf al-Qidra, the teenager was identified as Saif al-din Abu Zeid, who was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper east of the besieged enclave.6 other protesters were wounded by Israeli forces and were taken to Shifa Hospital for treatment. Every night since Feb, young Palestinian men, known as "night disturbance unit", have been gathering by the border with Israel as part of the Marches of Return protests, which began in late March last year.aljazeera
Israel cuts water supply to 2,600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley
Israeli forces and the Israeli Civil Administration cut the water supply to 2,600 of Palestinians living in communities in Bardala village in the Jordan Valley, northern occupied West Bank.Mutaz Bisharat, an official who monitors settlement activity in Tubas/Jordan Valley, told Ma’an that Israeli forces cut off water supply for 60 per cent of residents of the Bardala village; amounting to 2,600 people.Israeli forces also cut off water supplies for 1,800-2,000 dunams (445-494 acres) of Palestinian agricultural lands that must be continuously irrigated. Bisharat added that Israel claims that water sources in the area are illegal, adding that this cannot be true because the water comes from wells in the village and inside Palestinian lands.He pointed out that as Israeli forces cut off water supplies for Palestinians, they construct wells for Israeli settlers.The Jordan Valley forms a third of the occupied West Bank, with 88 per cent of its land classified as “Area C” which falls under full Israeli military control.middleeastmonitor
Hamas chief meets Palestine election commission in Gaza
Gaza:Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas's political bureau, met with members of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Electoral Commission on Thursday.A delegation of commission members arrived in the blockaded Gaza Strip on Wednesday to discuss proposals for holding Palestinian legislative elections with Hamas officials.Neither side has yet issued a statement regarding the outcome of Thursday’s meeting.But Atef Abu Saif, a spokesman for the rival Fatah movement, was quoted as saying that legislative polls represented “the easiest way out of [Hamas-Fatah] political division”.Anadolu Agency
Israel's elections committee bans leftist Arab-Israeli coalition from running
Israel’s election committee banned a leftist Arab-Israeli coalition from running in parliamentary elections next month even as it approved two members of a far-right party who have been labelled as racist.The Central Election Committee on Wednesday prohibited both the Balad-United Arab List and Ofer Cassif, a member of another Arab-Israeli party, Hadash-Ta'al, from candidacy in decisions that rights groups said were politically motivated.'Even though Cassif was barred from running, the committee approved Hadash-Ta'al to run as a party, despite a petition brought forth by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party.middleeasteye
Hundreds of ISIL fighters surrender in Syria's Baghouz: SDF
US-backed Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria captured 400 ISIL fighters who were trying to escape the armed group's last enclave in eastern Syria.A senior commander for SDF also said on Wednesday that hundreds more ISIL soldiers surrendered from the last shred of territory they control in the village of Baghouz in Deir Az Zor province."There are a large number of fighters who are inside and do not want to surrender," said SDF commander.Those surrendering were among more than 2,000 people who left Baghouz on Wednesday in the latest evacuation, transported by trucks to a patch of desert where they are questioned, searched and given food and water. Scenes of surrender, humiliation, and anger highlighted the desperation of the armed group as its last major bastion in Syria teeters on the edge of collapse.Angry civilians evacuating from Baghouz chanted "Islamic State will remain" - underscoring the defiance of ISIL fighters and their supporters even as their defeat looms.A group of women seen at a reception area in the desert - set up for screening purposes by SDF - were rowdy, aggressive and defiant, praising ISIL and screaming angrily at journalists. "Islamic State will stay, God is great, God is great, Islamic State will stay," they screamed. Capturing Baghouz would cap four years of international efforts to roll back the armed group.American Colonel Sean Ryan, spokesman for the US-led coalition backing the SDF, said the international force had "learned not to put any timetables on the last battle".aljazeera
Egypt rights defenders face government-backed ‘phishing’ attacks
Scores of Egyptian human rights defenders have been targeted by government-backed “phishing” attacks since the start of this year, Amnesty International revealed.The London-based rights group announced that its technical team had conducted an investigation into the attacks which put the lives of human rights defenders and critics of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s government in “grave danger”.“Since Jan.2019 Amnesty Tech has analyzed dozens of suspicious emails sent to Egyptian human rights defenders, journalists and NGOs,” organisation said.It added: “The organisation found that the emails used a technique known as OAuth Phishing to gain access to private accounts, and that attacks spiked during key political moments such as the anniversary of Egypt’s uprising on 25 Jan.”MEMO
‘BNP’s alliance with Bangladesh Jamaat is an impediment to a total ban: Minister
BNP has been the main obstacle to banning Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami from politics– a religion based political party, according to Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud. “When the Awami League has been working to ban Jamaat as well as it’s activities from the politics of Bangladesh, BNP, a major political party, is actively pro-Jamaat.BNP’s support and their alliance with Jamaat is an obstacles in the process of banning the party from Bangladeshi politics,” he said.US Congressman Jim Banks,  introduced a resolution "that urges BNP and all political parties to unequivocally distance themselves from the Jamaat and other organizations."In response to US Congressional resolution, the information minister said BNP should cut all ties with the Jamaat immediately.dhakatribune
Afghanistan: Explosions target political gathering in Kabul
At least three people have died after multiple explosions targeted a political gathering attended by Afghanistan's chief executive and a former president in the capital Kabul, government officials said."We have reports of explosions in the western part of Kabul. Investigations have been launched," said Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman at the interior ministry.Another source at the interior ministry told the local media that the source of the explosions came from someone firing mortar shells from a house in Kabul's District 18.There was no immediate claim of responsibility.aljazeera
Russian S-400 missile purchase a done deal: Erdogan
Turkey will never turn back from a deal to buy S-400 missile defence systems from Russia, President Tayyip Erdogan said, adding that Ankara may subsequently look into buying S-500 systems. Erdogan also said on Wednesday the US should not try to discipline Turkey through trade measures, adding Ankara had its own penalties prepared.aljazeera  
Mahathir backs Philippines' Muslim autonomous region
KUALA LUMPUR :Malaysia supports the newly-formed autonomous region for Muslims in the southern Philippines, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Thursday.“We want southern Philippines to be stable, peaceful, and we can then find opportunities here as much as we can help in contributing towards development through maybe foreign direct investment,” Mahathir told ABS-CBN News, during an official visit to the Philippines.Highlighting the importance of economic development after the peace process in the long-fought Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao's (BARMM), Mahathir said: “And that I think when the economy is doing well, the tendency for violence is much reduced.”He also said the Philippines may look at “models” in the world in helping Mindanao progress, according to ABS-CBN News.Considering the potential of the region, Malaysia and the BARMM should increase economic relations, Mahathir said.Anadolu
US, UK arms kill more than 200 Yemeni civilians: Report
Washington:The Saudi- and United Arab Emirates-led coalition has killed more than 200 people, including women and children, using U.S. and British-made weapons in Yemen, said a report Wednesday.The report, "Day of Judgment: The Role of the US and Europe in Civilian Death, Destruction, and Trauma in Yemen" was prepared by the U.S.-based University Network for Human Rights and the Yemeni human rights group Mwatana.The 128-page investigation documented 27 "apparently unlawful" attacks on civilians carried out by coalition between April 2015 and April 2018.Anadolu
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Major Android apps like Yelp and Indeed and still sharing user data with Facebook
Major Android apps like Yelp and Indeed and still sharing user data with Facebook:Shweta Ganjoo
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