02 May 2019

02 May ND: Our objective was designation of Masood Azhar as global terrorist: MEA on no Pulwama reference/ Opposition says Disappointed that Azhar's designation doesn't mention Pulwama, J&K / Ishrat Jahan ‘fake’ encounter case: CBI court discharges police officers Vanzara, Amin

02 May 2019: 26 Shaban 1440:Vol: 11, No:191
Our objective was designation of Masood Azhar as global terrorist: MEA on no Pulwama reference
New Delhi :Ministry of External Affairs today maintained that Pulwama attack played a role in the listing of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist under UN Security Council resolution 1267 sanctions committee. MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said: “Our objective was to ensure the designation of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist,” adding that Pulwama attack, played a key role in Azhar’sdesignation.“The designation is not based on the basis of a specific incident, but on the basis of evidence which we have shared with members of UN’s 1267 Sanctions Committee, linking Azhar to several acts of terrorism,” he said. Yesterday, Pakistan said it would “immediately enforce the sanctions” imposed by UN on Azhar and that it agreed to his listing after all “political references”, including attempts to link him to Pulwama attack, were removed from the proposal.Reacting to reports that Pulwama attack did not find mention in UN decision on Azhar’s listing, Kumar said “elements (are) being introduced to divert attention from Pakistan on this diplomatic setback that they have suffered. They can’t welcome the decision, they can’t criticize the decision, the only option left for them is to pick up some holes.”Indian express
Disappointed that Masood Azhar's designation doesn't mention Pulwama, J&K: Congress
Congress has welcomed the designation of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN, but expressed disappointment that the listing "does not mention Pulwama and Jammu and Kashmir" while recounting his role in terror activities. The Congress said it expected the Modi government to act with a "greater speed" in pursuing the case with China as several precious lives in terror attacks like Pulwama could have been avoided. The Modi government should now push for a declaration of bounty on Azhar's head as was ensured by UPA in the case of Hafiz Saeed, Congress said. PTI
What did you compromise with China?: Owaisi asks govt over UN action against Masood Azhar
Asaduddin Owaisi has questioned the soundness of the designation of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist and disapproved the Modi govt’s claim of terming UN action against Azhar as a “big success”.Owaisi further attacked government, asking what it had compromised with China that it uplifted the technical hold on the proposal to ban Azhar.“What did you (govt) compromise with China? Hafiz Saeed was blacklisted in 2008, doesn’t he hold public meetings? Didn’t his party contest elections? Surely Azhar has been blacklisted but if you are claiming it as a big success, it’s not,” said Owaisi.newsnation
Don't know if this is related to LS polls: Kamal Nath on UN listing of Masood Azhar
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Wednesday expressed uncertainty on whether the designation of chief Masood Azhar as a 'global terrorist' had anything to do with the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in the country."It (listing Azhar) was long due, it is good that it has been done. This should have happened a long time ago. I don't know if this has something to do with the elections," he told reporters here.ANI
How will listing Masood Azhar help when Pak PM is friends with Modi: Digvijaya
Bhopal: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh asked how designating JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist would help when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan flaunts his friendship with Narendra Modi. Congress' candidate from Bhopal, said, "How will listing (Azhar as a global terrorist) help when Pakistan Prime Minister is flaunting his friendship with Modi ji. I would say, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar, and Hafiz Saeed should be immediately handed over to India."ANI
China wanted to delay terror designation of Masood Azhar citing Lok Sabha elections but US prevailed
China wanted to delay terror designation of Masood Azhar until after May 15 citing the Lok Sabha elections in India but was forced to advance the date after the US refused to budge beyond April 30.ET has reliably gathered that France, Russia and UK finally brokered an understanding by which China got its way to the extent that the designation was done in May but not on the date Beijing indicated.The deal was brokered about 3 weeks back but Washington insisted on a written assurance before April 23. Separately, ET has learnt, India told the US that it would prefer a negotiated settlement with China than have Beijing veto the entire effort.US then said it would not wait until beyond a week starting April 23. China indicated May 6 as a revised date. US did not budge.And finally May 1 was settled as the date for China to lift the hold. At US insistence, sources said, China sent in a written assurance with the date last week. The starting point of this effort was UN statement condemning Pulwama attack. This was the first time that UN had condemned a terror attack in Kashmir and that too on security personnel.China resisted this, delayed the statement by bringing in changes to the description of the attack but eventually agreed. This formed the basis for India to work on the US and France to submit a fresh bid to designate Azhar a global terrorist. US decided to exercise this option, circulated a draft proposal and put April 23 as the deadline for China to change its mind. A vote would have forced China to veto designation of Azhar in case it wanted to help Pakistan. However, that would have meant a loss of face given that all other 14 members of UNSC were in India’s favour. At this point, China agreed for negotiations, thus opening up the possibility of a deal which it had hoped would happen after the elections in India were concluded, said sources. economictimes
Modi gets election boost with UN sanction against India's 'enemy No. 1':Reuters
Pak asked for Azhar ban to be put off till elections, felt will benefit Modi: Sources
New Delhi:Much before Beijing lifted the technical hold that led to global ban on Jaish chief, Pakistan and China had reconciled to the distinct possibility that they might not be able to block Masood Azhar’s global terror tag any longer but wanted the UN to designate the Jaish boss as a global terrorist only after the Indian elections.Pakistan didn’t want the terror listing to happen at a time India was in the middle of national elections as it could benefit PM Narendra Modi who is in the middle of a campaign for a second term, people familiar with developments said.HT
Victory for US diplomacy: Pompeo on Masood Azhar
Washington: Masood Azhar being declared a global terrorist is "a victory for American diplomacy", US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted today. "Congrats to our team @USUN for their work in negotiating JEM's Masood Azhar's #UN designation as a terrorist. This long-awaited action is a victory for American diplomacy and the international community against terrorism, and an important step towards peace in South Asia," the Secretary of State tweeted.ndtv
Azhar proscribed under Anti-Terrorism Act much before his UN listing, claims Pak
Hours after UN designated Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday claimed that Azhar was listed under Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Act "much before" the case of his listing was taken up before the UN. “You are aware that the listing of Azhar had been under consideration in the Sanctions Committee for several years, (since 2009). He has been proscribed under Pakistan's Anti-Terrorism Act for some time, even before his case for listing was taken up by the Sanctions Committee,” read a statement issued by Foreign Ministry.The statement further argued that the earlier proposals to list JeM chief “failed to generate the requisite consensus in the sanction committee” as the information regarding terrorist activities of Azhar and his outfits did not meet the technical rules and regulations. ANI
‘Many surgical strikes during UPA’s tenure’, says Manmohan Singh
Indian armed forces received a free hand to respond to external threats during the term of Congress-led UPA as well and BJP’s attempt to gain electoral mileage from military operations are “shameful and unacceptable,” says ex PM Manmohan Singh. “Multiple surgical strikes took place during our tenure, too.For us,military operations were meant for strategic deterrence and giving a befitting reply to anti-India forces than to be used for vote garnering exercises,” Singh, said.HT
‘6 surgical strikes’ in UPA tenure: Cong backs Manmohan Singh with dates
New Delhi:India conducted “6 surgical strikes” across the border into Pakistan between 2008 and 2014.Congress leader Rajiv Shukla made this revelation at a press conference in New Delhi.During the press conference, Shukla went on to list the dates when the strikes were carried out.The first strike, according to the dates Rajiv Shukla gave out, was conducted on June 19, 2008, in Bhattal Sector in J&K’s Poonch.The second was conducted from August 30-Sept.1, 2011, in the Sharda sector across the Neelam River Valley in Kel, ANI quoted him as saying.He said that a third surgical strike took place on Jan.6, 2013, at Sawan Patra Checkpost; another on July 27 and July 28, 2013, at Nazapir Sector; a fifth one on August 6, 2013 at Neelam Valley; and the sixth one on Jan.14, 2014.Shukla’s revelations come close on the heels of former prime minister Manmohan Singh saying that multiple surgical strikes had taken place during his tenure as PM.HT
 Zakir Naik charged with money laundering by ED
New Delhi:Zakir Naik, whose speeches were alleged to have inspired one the gunmen responsible for the Dhaka café attack that cost 22 lives, has been charged with money laundering by Enforcement Directorate, according to the agency’s filing in a Mumbai court. The ED, the agency mandated to probe financial crimes, told the court that it had linked assets worth Rs 193 crore as proceeds of crime. The agency has already attached Rs 50.46 crore assets, the agency said in its second charge-sheet against the televangelist.HT
Ishrat Jahan ‘fake’ encounter case: CBI court discharges police officers Vanzara, Amin as Gujarat refuses to sanction prosecution
A special CBI court Thursday dropped charges of murder, conspiracy and other criminal sections against retired IPS officers DG Vanzara and NK Amin in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case. The decision came after CBI placed on record the letter of the Gujarat government refusing to sanction their prosecution in the case. The court observed that in view of this refusal, the court was not in position to frame charges against the applicants.Vanzara and Amin had filed an application on March 26, seeking that all proceedings against them be dropped in light of the Gujarat government order, that had declined sanction under section 197 of Criminal Procedure Code.The main argument put forth by Vanzara and Amin was that there was no abduction of the deceased and that the encounter was a genuine one and part of their official duty.The application was opposed by Vrinda Grover, lawyer of Ishrat’s mother Shamima Kauser, who said that pleas were “untenable in law and unsustainable on facts”, and that the state government was not the appropriate authority to refuse sanction to prosecute the 2 officers.indianexpress
Muslims oppose burqa ban, call it an individual's choice
After Shiv Sena triggered debate by calling for a ban on the use of burqa, members of the Muslim community said that wearing burqa was an individual choice and thus, should be respected.They, however, added that burqa should not be regarded as a religious but a cultural practice."In a secular and democratic country like India, one has no right to tell women how to dress. Short, slawar or burqa — it's a personal choice. One has no right to dictate another's personal choices. Beefing up security is the need for the hour.Banning burqa is not the solution," said Zeenat Shaukat Ali, a scholar. Echoing Zeenat's sentiments, Noorjehan Safia Niaz, co-convenor of Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan said, "Burqa is an individual's choice. However, when it comes to security, one must reveal her face for identification."Muslims said that the entire debate was a non-issue. Speaking about it, Dr Asma Zehra, working committee member of All India Muslim Personal Board said,"This is a non-issue. There are many important issues that are faced by the community and nation. They need to be addressed." Indian Constitution allows people to wear what they want. Such practices exist in other communities too. Even Rajputs women cover their face," said Maulana Mehbood Dariyabadi, vocal voice from community.DNA
Muslim women condemn Shiv Sena
Shiv Sena clarifies its 'ban on burqa' remark
Mumbai:Shiv Sena has issued a clarification over demanding a 'ban on burqa' in India in its mouthpiece 'Saamna', stating it may be the personal opinion of the editor."Every policy decision is discussed in the leader's meeting or announced by Uddhav Thackeray," said Shiv Sena spokesperson Neelam Gorhe. "Today's editorial has neither been discussed in leaders' meeting nor announced by Uddhav and thus it may be the personal opinion of editor on the current affairs in Sri Lanka but is not endorsed by the party president or party," Shiv Sena issued a statement on the editorial.ANI
Mehbooba Mufti: Shiv Sena demand for ban on burqa will fan Islamophobia
Srinagar: PDP president Mehbooba Mufti has said Shiv Sena’s demand for ban on burqa in public places was unwarranted and will “fan the flames of Islamophobia”. “Shiv Sena’s call to ban burqa is unwarranted & will fan the flames of Islamophobia. It also influences people to look at Muslim women who follow the Islamic dress code with suspicion. Sad that the diversity our country takes great pride in is under attack,”she, said.indian express
BJP opposes burqa ban demand by Shiv Sena
New Delhi:An MP and spokesperson of BJP, GVL Narsimha Roa, opposed demand to ban burqa in public places across the country called by Shiv Sena, saying there's "no need for India to ban" burqa.Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, an ally of NDA, also differed with the Sena's demand saying not all burqa-clad women are terrorists."Not all women who wear burqa are terrorists, if they are terrorists their burqa should be removed. It's a tradition and they have right to wear it, there shouldn't be a ban on burqa in India," Athawale said. Shia Waqf Board head Wasim Rizvi also opposed the demand saying,"This is an irresponsible and unconstitutional demand.It's up to the Muslim women whether they want to wear Burqa or not."India Today
Ban burqa but outlaw ‘ghunghat’ too:Javed Akhtar
New Delhi ;A day after an editorial in Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana demanded to ban the burqa, lyricist Javed Akhtar said the move should be accompanied with a similar action against the ‘ghunghat’ system prevalent among women in Rajasthan.“If you want to bring a law banning burqa here (in India) and if it is someone’s view I have no objection. But before the last phase of election in Rajasthan, this government should announce a ban on the practice of ‘ghunghat’ (covering of the face by Hindu women) in that state,” Akhtar was quoted as saying by PTI.
Kerala:Muslim Educational group bans women from wearing veils on its campuses;Samastha slams
Kozhikode-based Muslim Educational Society has issued a circular prohibiting female students from wearing veils in its institutions across the country, he News Minute reported today. The group runs 35 colleges and 72 schools, and has around one lakh students on its rolls. The Society President PA Fazal Ghafoor issued the circular on April 17, but media reports emerged only on Thursday. The circular, while banning veils that cover faces, adds: “Institution heads and officer-bearers of the local management of the institutions should be vigilant.” The circular quotes a Kerala High Court order from Dec.2018, which dismissed a plea filed by 2 female students of Christ Nagar SSC in Thiruvananthapuram, seeking to wear headscarves and full-sleeve shirts. The HC, upholding the school’s refusal to grant permission for such clothing, said in its order that collective interest must supersede individual interest.“According to the HC order, female students should not wear garments that cover their face,”the circular said.“This should be implemented without giving way to controversy.”Circular said it is necessary to discourage all “undesirable practices on the campuses”,TOI reported. “Dresses that are unacceptable to the mainstream society, whether modern or religious, cannot be promoted,” it added. Ghafoor said that the circular had nothing to do with the Sri Lankan gov’s decision to ban face veils. Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama’s president, Sayyid Muhammad Jifri Thangal, opposed the circular. “Muslim Educational Society has no right to interfere in religious practices,”he said. “Unlike Samastha, they’re not an organisation entitled to make those kinds of statements.” Ghafoor had courted controversy in 2014 by claiming that veiling was un-Islamic and a western
Muslim man lynched after his bike hit cyclist in Bihar
Supaul;A Muslim man Mohammed Sharif has been lynched by a mob in Bihar’s Supaul district after the victim hit a cyclist at Nunupatti of Sadar police station in the district.The incident made the relatives of the deceased outraged and subsequently they blocked the Nunu patti chowk demanding the arrest of the culprits. Sharif, a father 4 small girls, hails from Supaul’s Itahari village.According media report, the incident happened when Sharif was heading toward Supaul from his village. On the way at Nunu Patti village, he hit a man riding on cycle. After hearing about the incident, the locals surrounded Sharif and started beating him brutally. Later, the police reached the spot and took the severely injured Sharif to nearest hospital Sadar hospital but he was referred to another hospital. On the way, he succumbed to the injuries. The deceased was a teacher at private seminary.caravandaily
SC directs EC to decide by May 6 complaints of Congress alleging MCC violations by PM, Amit Shah
New Delhi:The Supreme Court today directed the Election Commission to decide by 6th May, 9 complaints of Congress alleging MCC violations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah. The poll panel told a bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi that it has already decided on 2 out of 11 complaints which were filed by Congress against Modi and Shah for alleged violation of the Model Code of Conduct.Senior advocate, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, appearing for Congress MP Sushmita Dev, who has filed a petition in the apex court on the issue, said that they have given 11 representations to EC against the duo but it has taken decision on only two. "The remaining representations of the petitioners shall be decided by Election Commission before we hear the matter again on May 6,"said the bench also comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna. The poll panel has given clean chit to PM Modi for 2 of his speeches -- one in Latur last month urging first time voters to dedicate their votes in the name of Balakot air strike heroes and soldiers killed in the Pulwama attack, and the other in Wardha on April 1, slamming Rahul Gandhi where he had also indicated that the Kerala constituency had more voters from the minority community. In her plea, Dev has alleged that "inaction" by EC on complaints against top BJP leaders was "a sign of invidious discrimination" as also "arbitrary, capricious and impermissible" as it was destructive of the integrity of electoral process. It has been alleged that BJP leaders have been violating MCC during last four weeks and the EC has not taken any decisions on as many as 40 complaints of Congress party."Since March 10, that is the date on which General polls, were notified, Modi and Amit Shah, specifically in sensitive areas and states, have ex-facie violated the provisions of Representation of People's Act and the Conduct of Election Rules and the process, thereof. "It is in public domain that they have indulged in hate speeches, repeatedly used the armed forces for political propaganda, despite a clear prohibition on the same by the EC," Dev alleged. PTI
SC throws out plea seeking recusal of CJI from Assam detention centres case
NewDelhi:CJI Ranjan Gogoi today refused activist Harsh Mander’s request that he recuse himself from hearing a PIL petition highlighting the “sub-human” living conditions of detenues in Assam's detention centres. Mander said his petition, which was solely intended to release those languishing in the detention centres for years, transformed itself, through oral observations made by CJI during hearings, into a premise for “more people being detained and deported” in Assam. “With great respect, My Lord, PIL was filed on the basis of what I saw when I visited these detention centres as the Special Commissioner for the National Human Rights Commission. Your Lordship's oral observations have caused a great impact and led to more people being detained... Arrests have started and there is an atmosphere of fear,”Mander, who was permitted to speak “fearlessly and faithfully” by CJI, said. Mander argued the recusal plea in person after discharging his lawyer, Prashant Bhushan.The Bench, dismissing the plea, directed the registry to strike out Mander as litigant to replace him with the Supreme Court Legal Services Authority. It brought  Bhushan back into the case as an amicus curiae. CJI warned Mander not to “overstep.” In its order, the Bench said the plea had “enormous potential to damage the institution.” CJI said recusal meant the “destruction of the institution.”thehindu
CJI appears before panel probing sexual charge
In an unprecedented development, CJI Ranjan Gogoi has appeared before Justice SA Bobde in-house inquiry committee examining sexual harassment allegations levelled against the top judge by a former SC employee. A letter of request was issued to CJI and he responded to it and met the panel, a highly-placed source told The Hindu. High constitutional office-holders like CJI are not issued summons as is the usual case. They are sent a 'letter of request' to participate in the proceedings. The development comes a day after the complainant declined to participate in the in-house proceedings. “She declined to participate following which the committee conveyed to her that the consequences of her decision would be that the committee would have to continue the hearings ex parte. She agreed,”source said. the hindu
SC/ST Act: SC reserves order on pleas challenging amendments,says laws should be uniform
The Supreme Court has reserved its order on a batch of petitions challenging the amendments to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, ANI reported. A bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Uday Umesh Lalit has been hearing the petitions since Feb.19.“Laws in the country should be uniform and cannot be for general category or SC/ST category,” the bench observed.In its verdict on March 20, 2018, the SC had diluted the law’s provisions and had said public servants cannot be arrested immediately after a complaint is filed against them under the law. At least 11 people died and hundreds were detained during protests against the SC order in April 2018. After this, Centre moved court to seek a review of this order, and the Parliament passed an amendment bill in August to reverse the verdict.scroll.i
"942 Bombings Since 2014, PM Needs To Open His Ears": Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi: Hours after 16 security personnel were killed in blast triggered by Maoists in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after he claimed that "since 2014 the sounds of blasts can't be heard in India.""PM says since 2014 the sounds of blasts can't be heard in India. Phulwama, Pathankot, Uri, Gadchiroli and 942 other major bombings since 2014. PM needs to open his ears and listen," tweeted the Congress chief. Ndtv
Kejriwal Was "Shifting The Goalposts", Rahul Gandhi Tells NDTV
 Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, accused by many of failing to hold the opposition line together in Delhi and Bengal, today said Arvind Kejriwal was "shifting the goalposts". Seven seats are stake in Delhi and 42 in Bengal and numbers suggest that the opposition's best chance of beating the BJP lies in joining forces. But while there were no talks in the eastern state, the Congress's on-again, off-again negotiations with Mr Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party -- prodded by key opposition leaders including Sharad Pawar, Chandrababu Naidu -- had occupied headlines for weeks.In mid-April, the Congress abandoned the attempt and named its candidates for the Lok Sabha seats.NDTV
EC bans Pragya Thakur for campaigning for 3 days
New Delhi:Election Commission of India (ECI) ay debarred BJP Bhopal candidate Pragya Singh Thakur from campaigning for three days in the Lok Sabha polls.The ban which will be effective from 6 am tomorrow (Thursday) comes in the wake of Thakur's remark that she is proud of Babri Masjid's demolition. The remark was found violative of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) by the poll body. Malegaon blast accused Thakur on April 21 had said that she is "proud" to accept that she was involved in the demolition of Babri Masjid.ANI
Kashmir: ‘I set up a shop in sensitive area… maybe this will motivate Pandits to return home’
Srinagar:Inside his newly-constructed shop in old Srinagar, Roshan Lal Mawa (74) is distributing sweets to every visitor. After a gap of 29 years, Roshan, a Kashmiri Pandit who left the Valley in the 90s, is back to his roots to restart his business.It is the first day of his shop in Zaina Kadal, and for neighbouring shopkeepers, the mood is festive as Roshan becomes the centre of attraction for the array of business establishments around.“I was not expecting that I would get such a rousing welcome from locals here. Returning here was my last wish. I am thankful to God that my last wish is fulfilled now,” says Roshan, sitting in his shop in Zaina Kadal market in Downtown.Local market committee members visited Roshan’s shop and felicitated him and his son with a traditional turban. “It is a good thing and everyone is happy here. Kashmiri Pandits are our brothers and there is no difference between us and them,” says Mohammed Lateef, who runs a grocery store located next to Roshan’s.indian express
Clerics’ ask Muslim couple to say ‘kalma’ again before daughter’s nikah:TOI
Shahjahanpur: Printing picture of Hindu Gods on their daughter’s wedding invitation card proved costly for a couple in Chillaua village under Allahganj police station of Shahjahanpur district. They drew the ire of clerics. When a qazi refused to solemnize their daughter’s nikah, a few other clerics advised the couple to apologize (tauba) and read ‘kalma’ (declaration of faith) again. In fact, the tailor and his wife were made to read ‘kalma’ again for solemnising their own nikah first following which their daughter’s nikah was completed on Tuesday. Ibadat Ali, 55, lives in Chillaua since his childhood. And despite being the only Muslim family in the village, Ali never faced any issues. 1,800-odd village population is either Kshatriyas or Brahmins. Ali’s children - two daughters and two sons - had grown up playing and studying with other villagers.Since Ali was closer to local villagers than his own relatives, when Ali’s elder daughter’s marriage was fixed with a youth from Allahaganj town, he printed his daughter’s wedding card with the picture of Lord Ram and Sita. His family offered the first card to the Kuladevi (religious deity) of Chillaua Devi temple.Qazi Mobeen Ahmad told TOI, “I asked Ali and his wife to apologize (tauba) and read ‘kalma’ (declaration of faith) again. Thereafter, their nikaah was solemnized. After following this procedure, I could solemnize their daughter’s marriage.”TOI
Hindu girl who eloped says Muslim lover must convert, turn vegetarian to marry
Surat :In a unique development, an adult Hindu girl has submitted an application to Surat police in which she has said that she would marry a Muslim youth with whom she had an affair only after he converted to Hinduism and became a vegetarian.The girl, aged 18 years, submitted the application to Katargam police a day after she and her lover were detained by the police, acting on the missing complaint case filed by the girl’s parents. On April 22, the couple had fled after the girl’s family reached Nanpura marriage registry office where she was going to get married to the Muslim youth.After detaining them on Monday, police released the couple, saying that both were adults and free to take their own decisions. However, the girl returned to her family, and a day later submitted an application to the police in the presence of her parents and family members.indianexpress
Footprints spotted by Indian Army belong to a wild bear, not Yeti: Nepal Army
Nepal Army has dismissed Indian Army’s claim that it had discovered the footprints of the Yeti, a mythical beast of folklore.Indian Army had on Monday said the “mysterious footprints” were found by a mountaineering expedition team close to the Makalu base camp near the Nepal-Tibet border on April 9 and that it measured 32 inches by 15 inches.But local porters who went with the Indian Army and others dismissed the claims. “A team of Indian Army had noticed footprints and our liaison team was together with them,” Nepal Army spokesperson Brigadier General Bigyan Dev Pandey told the newspaper. “We tried to ascertain the fact, but locals and porters claimed that it is the footprints of wild bear that frequently appears in that area.”
Hyderabad’s iconic Charminar damaged as portion of minaret falls off
Charminar, 428-year-old historic monument that stands as an iconic structure in Hyderabad, suffered considerable damage when a large piece of lime stucco work on one of its 4 minarets fell off at around midnight. According to the Charminar police, the piece of stucco work on the minaret facing the Mecca Masjid on the south-west side gave way and fell off. Luckily, there were no casualties or injuries reported.The local people immediately rushed to the spot to have a look at the damaged portion. Police cordoned off the area around the debris and immediately informed the officials of ASI, which is the custodian of the monument.ASI superintending archaeologist Milan Kumar Chauley could not be reached for comment as he was away in Delhi. An official familiar with the development said the piece of the minaret was quite big -- of two-metre length and 88 cm width. The damaged portion also exposed a crack in the minaret, which might result in the collapse of more portions. The authorities are putting up a mesh around the monument.HT
HRW: China using mobile app for surveillance of Uighurs
Chinese police are using a mobile app to store data on 13 million ethnic minority Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang province, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has revealed.The app, known as the Integrated Joint Operations Platform, is being used to store information from the height and weight of individuals to facial recognition scans.The report, released on Thursday, added that Xinjiang authorities closely watch 36 categories of behaviour, including those who do not socialise with neighbours, often avoid using the front door, don't use a smartphone, donate to mosques "enthusiastically", and use an "abnormal" amount of electricity. "The goal is apparently to identify patterns of, and predict, the everyday life and resistance of its population, and, ultimately, to engineer and control reality," HRW said in the report.The rights watchdog worked with German security firm Cure53 to reverse engineer app in late 2018 to provide "an unprecedented window into how mass surveillance actually works in Xinjiang".Along with collecting personal information, the app prompts officials to file reports about people, vehicles and events they find suspect, and sends out "investigative missions" for police to follow up.aljazeera

12,000 Jewish Israel settlers raid historic West Bank cemetery
Some 12,000 Israeli Jewish settlers yesterday raided several historic Muslim tombs belonging to scholars and prophets in the village of Kafl Haris, east of the West Bank city of Salfit, Quds Press reported.Local sources told the news site that a large number of Israeli occupation forces also raided the city to secure the invasion of the settlers.The settlers performed Talmudic rituals near the Islamic tombs.Israeli settlers regularly raid Islamic sites to perform Talmudic rituals that provoke Palestinians.Occupation forces ban Palestinians from accessing the sites during the raids and often impose curfews in nearby areas.middleeastmonitor
NGO: ‘Demonstrable rise’ in Israel demolitions across East Jerusalem
An Israeli human rights NGO has identified a “demonstrable rise” in demolitions of Palestinian properties in occupied East Jerusalem during 2019. According to Ir Amim, since the start of 2019 “there have been 93 demolitions across East Jerusalem, 41 of which were residential units”, revealing “a demonstrable rise in demolitions when compared to the same period in 2018”. Fifty-five demolitions were carried out in April alone, Ir Amim added.The group was responding to fresh demolitions by Israeli occupation authorities in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Wadi Yasul, “destroying two residential units and three animal stalls”.“One housing unit belonged to a family of 6 with 4 children, while the second unit was home to a family of five with three children. One homeowner was arrested during the incident and several injured,” Ir Amim reported.MEMO
Hamas fires rockets after Israel carries out attacks in Gaza
Hamas, the group that governs the Gaza Strip, reportedly launched two rockets towards Israel on Thursday morning in response to Israeli rocket fire.Earlier on Thursday, Israeli warplanes targeted several Hamas positions in the northern part of the strip in response to the alleged launch of incendiary balloons from the besieged enclave, the Israeli army said.There had so far been no reports of injuries.aljazeera
Kabul meeting seeks ceasefire as US engages Taliban in Doha
An Afghan grand council organised by President Ashraf Ghani has called for an "unconditional ceasefire", as the United States began the sixth round of peace talks with the Taliban in the Qatari capital Doha.President Ghani convened the council of more than 3,200 participants, known as loya jirga, in the capital Kabul to hammer out a common strategy. The Taliban was not invited to the four-day Kabul gathering that ends on Friday.A number of prominent Afghans, including Ghani's partner in the unity government, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and former President Hamid Karzai are among a number of senior figures boycotting the gathering, accusing the president of using it for political ends ahead of presidential elections scheduled for Sept.28. Ghani refuted the allegations.Ghani has been excluded from the crucial Doha talks at the insistence of the Taliban, which views the West-backed government in Kabul as a puppet regime.aljazeera
Pak summons Afghan envoy over terror attack along border
Pakistan Wednesday summoned Afghanistan's envoy to lodge protest over terrorist attack along Pak-Afghan border in which three Pakistan soldiers were killed and seven others injured.A group of 60-70 terrorists from across the border attacked the security forces fencing the Pak-Afghan border in Alwara at North Waziristan district, an army statement said.Three soldiers were killed in the attack while seven others were injured. Several terrorists were killed in the retaliatory firing by the Pakistan Army, it added.Foreign Office said that the Afghan Charge d' Affaires was called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Additional Secretary (Afghanistan and West Asia) and Pakistan's strong protest was lodged over a cross-border terrorist attack in North Waziristan last night, launched by terrorist groups coming from Afghanistan." PTI

US finds no evidence of India using Afghan soil to foment terror in Pakistan: Wells
US  does not have the "evidence" suggesting that India is using the Afghan soil to perpetrate terrorism in Pakistan, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells said here.“I don’t have the evidence what you’re referring to, but our policy is clear that no country should support non-state actors,” Express Tribune quoted the visiting US official as saying while interacting with a group of journalists at the US Embassy. Wells was responding to a question about Pakistan’s longstanding allegations against India for sponsoring terrorism from Afghanistan.
Russia, Syria increase attacks on north-western Syria
Russian and Syrian forces stepped up their air strikes and shelling on north-western Syria yesterday night, in the most intense assault on the last opposition stronghold in recent months. The towns and areas which are being targeted are those around northern Hama and southern Idlib, which both fall under the demilitarised safe zone agreed upon by Russia and Turkey in September last year, and which was setup with the intention of housing civilians and displaced Syrians in order to shelter them from the ongoing conflict.The breaching of the terms of this intended buffer zone by the Syrian and Russian militaries, “will result in the destabilisation of the region”, State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement. The attacks, which started on Tuesday, have forced thousands of civilians to flee to other camps further north towards the Turkish border and have caused severe damage to four medical facilities.middleeastmonitor
African Union gives Sudan army 60 days to hand over power
African Union (AU) gave Sudanese Transitional Military Council another 60 days to hand over power to a civilian transitional authority or face the country’s membership being suspended. On 15 April, AU gave the council 15 days to cede power, however, TMC ignored the deadline.The AU Peace and Security Council has reiterated in a statement “its conviction that a military-led transition in the Sudan will be totally unacceptable and contrary to the will and legitimate aspirations, to democratic institutions and processes, as well as respect for human rights and freedoms of the Sudanese people.”middleeastmonitor
Jordan’s King sacks intelligence director
Jordanian King Abdullah II has dismissed the director of the country’s General Intelligence Department (GID), Adnan Al-Jundi, local Al-Ghad reported.The newspaper did not provide details on the reason behind the decision but said that Jordanian king had appointed General Ahmed Husni as the GID’s new director. Husni – Circassian by origin – was the director of Amman’s intelligence services.The local daily added that another Royal Decree was issued to dismiss the kingdom’s Royal Court’s adviser, Anwar Ali Falah Al-Ayasra, days after a number of senior advisers and senior officials at the bureau resigned.On 24 April, state-owned Petra said that major changes within the Royal Court had resulted in the dismissal of a number of senior officials, including the king’s advisor, Faisal Jibril Al-Shoubaki.MEMO
Top Democrat threatens to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt
A Democratic US congressional committee chairman said on Thursday he may hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress if he does not hand over a complete version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.Barr canceled his scheduled appearance on Thursday before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee after clashing with Democratic Chairman Jerrold Nadler over the format of the hearing. Barr testified on Wednesday before the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee, stoutly defending Republican President Donald Trump in the wake of the release of the Mueller report."We will have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt if he stalls or fails to negotiate in good faith," Nadler said at the outset of a brief meeting held in place of Barr's testimony. Nadler painted the confrontation with Barr in stark terms.aljazeera
Venezuelans rally in rival protests as crisis intensifies
Thousands of opposition and pro-government supporters rallied in Venezuela on Wednesday, a day after opposition leader Juan Guaido called for the military to oust President Nicolas Maduro. "If the regime thought we had reached maximum pressure, they cannot even imagine," Guaido told thousands of supporters in eastern Caracas. "We have to remain in the streets."Maduro also called for his supporters to take to the streets. On Twitter, he said that foreign interference was not the way forward in Venezuela.aljazeera
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