26 May 2019

26 May: PM Modi, council of ministers to take oath at 7 pm on Thursday/Minorities made to live in fear, we must end this: PM to party/ Post results, Muslim bodies urge community to not worry

26 May 2019: 20 Ramazan 1440:Vol: 11, No:210
PM Modi, council of ministers to take oath at 7 pm on Thursday
New Delhi:President Ram Nath Kovind will administer oath of office and secrecy to PM Narendra Modi and his council of ministers at 7 pm on Thursday.“The President will administer the oath of office and secrecy to the Prime Minister and other members of Union council of ministers on May 30 at 7pm,” said a communique from the Rashtrapati Bhavan. President Kovind had appointed Narendra Modi as Prime Minister on Saturday, minutes after leaders of the 40-member national coalition NDA called on him after electing the PM as the coalition’s leader.Standing at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan, PM Modi said that his government wouldn’t waste a moment to get down to work for the people. “President today gave me a letter designating me as the Prime Minister… The country has given me a huge mandate and the mandate comes with the expectations of the people,” Modi had said.BJP-led NDA swept Lok Sabha elections winning 349 of the 542 seats for which polls were held and garnered almost 45 per cent of the votes across the country.HT
Modi to be sworn in as PM on May 30
Minorities made to live in fear, we must end this: PM to party
New Delhi: After an election season seen to be replete with polarising themes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that minorities had long been made to live in fear by those who believed in vote-bank politics and that this deception needs to end to take everyone along. Emphasising the need to win the trust of all sections, the Prime Minister said, “We have worked for ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’, now we have to strive for ‘sabka vishwas’.” Reiterating the importance of coalition politics, Modi said BJP has a majority on its own with more than 300 MPs but he wants to see NDA become stronger as alliances are important to fulfil regional aspirations. “BJP is 300 plus but we shall work together with the NDA partners in future,” Modi said, and added, “The credit for good work will go to all allies and I will own up in cases of blemish.” He floated the slogan of NARA — national ambition regional aspiration — saying that a balance between the two will be key to the country’s progress and it can’t be accomplished without the support of the regional parties. Modi’s outreach to minorities comes after sharply polarised electioneering where the candidature of Pragya Thakur, an accused in the Malegaon bombing case, against Congress leader Digvijay Singh heated the poll arena. Similarly, poll rhetoric in states like West Bengal saw Trinamool and BJP going at each other over contentious issues like illegal migrants and the NRC.  Perhaps looking to bring down the political temperature and also indicate that polarisation cannot be a permanent state of affairs, the Prime Minister told a meeting of NDA MPs called to elect him leader that “unfortunately, the minorities of this country have been kept in fear, used in elections”. “We have to end this cycle,” Modi said, calling for winning the trust and confidence of minorities, as he also said that the politics of alliances is a reality and important to fulfil regional aspirations. He invoked the spirit of 1857’s first war of Independence, saying all communities had joined hands for Independence and a similar movement should be started for good governance now. In his over-75-minute address, Modi also gave several directions to MPs, including asking them to shun “VIP culture”. TOI
Puncture myth of fear among minorities… those who opposed are also ours: PM Modi
Post results, Muslim bodies urge community to not worry
Lucknow:A day after BJP-led NDA’s landslide win in the Lok Sabha elections, two Muslim religious outfits have urged upon the members of the community to not take the defeat of the ‘so-called secular forces’ personally and expressed hope the new government at the Centre would adopt an inclusive approach.“Elections are fought between political parties, who win and lose. Communities should not feel threatened. The public mandate is respected in a democracy. We urge all to look forward and hope for peace, communal harmony and progress of the nation,” said the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in a statement.Asking Muslims to not worry, organisation’s general secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani said the coming days could pose some problem but the community should face the same with courage and be optimistic.“Muslims should maintain courage, passion and encourage others to meet the situation. Our elders had decided to remain in this country with some objective. Earlier too, we have faced several critical situations and this time too we will tide over it,” the cleric said in an open letter.The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), another Muslim religious body, which has a significant following in Uttar Pradesh, also expressed hope that the newly-elected members of Parliament and the ruling class would work for the welfare and development of all Indians irrespective of their caste, class and religion, and execute their constitutional duties seriously and honestly.“We hope that now that the elections are over, the surcharged atmosphere that was created during the elections and differences, if any, would be forgotten and the elected representatives would discharge their duties in the best traditions of this country,” said Syed Sadatullah Husaini, the national president of the JIH.HT
'New govt should work for all Indians': Minorities' organizations on Lok Sabha poll verdict
Jamaat hopes Modi Govt will be more responsible in second term
If you care for minorities, ensure Muslims aren’t lynched: Owaisi jabs Modi
Hyderabad: AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi lashed out at the Prime Minister for his “minorities made to live in an illusion of fear” statement and said if Modi really cares about minorities then he should ensure that Muslims are not lynched by cow vigilantes.“As given in our Constitution, Right to Life is for human beings and not animals. I am sure that if PM realises it, then fear among minorities will go away,” said Owaisi.He also cited an incident of Madhya Pradesh’s Seoni wherein three youths were thrashed, allegedly over suspicion of possessing beef.“If Prime Minister seriously believes that minorities live in fear then will he stop all mob-lynching gangs who in the name of cow killing, lynch Muslims, beat them, take out their videos and demean Muslims. What happened in Madhya Pradesh is an example,” he said. Intensifying his attack, he questioned the Prime Minister over mob-lynching cases.“If PM agrees minorities live in fear he should know people who killed Akhlaq were sitting in the front bench of the electoral public meeting,” Owaisi remarked. “If Muslims seriously live in fear can the Prime Minister tell us, out of the 300 odd MPs, how many Muslim MPs he has in his own party who got elected from Lok Sabha? This is the hypocrisy and contradiction which the PM and his party are practicing from last 5 years,” AIMIM chief said. ANI

India is not Hindi speaking states alone: DMK chief
Chennai: DMK president M K Stalin has said no single state can be ignored by the government at the Centre and asserted India was not Hindi speaking states alone. Buoyed by his party's performance in the Lok Sabha election, the Dravidian party chief for the first time said his party would take the initiative to oppose the BJP -albeit without naming it explicitly- in other states by working with outfits in those regions."DMK will take constructive measures to replicate the Tamil Nadu model (of propping up secularism and DMK's victory in polls) in other states as well by coordinating with forces committed to communal harmony," he said in an open letter to party cadres.On a day when PM Narendra Modi was elected leader of NDA, Stalin said this was the time to support and embrace people of all identities, states, adding "the days that Hindi speaking states alone was India has vanished."The future was all about "constructive politics that centred around the states," DMK chief said."No single state can be ignored whichever party took over reins of power at the Centre," Stalin asserted. DMK's voice will reverberate in Parliament and State Assembly to protect the people's interests, he said.DMK has won 23 seats and the front (SPA) led by it has won 37 of 38 seats in Tamil Nadu and the lone seat in Puducherry (Congress) as well.DMK will continue its "journey of victory," to protect people's interests, he said.The people's verdict in Tamil Nadu showed that Dravidian movement-a reference to the DMK and a pointer to Dravidian ideology which includes secularism and social justice- can never be decimated, he said.As regards AIADMK's jibe that despite a good showing in the polls, DMK's goal has not been realised, he said it was a "reflection of the frustration of ruling party and political rivals." newindianexpress
Foreign nations involved in ensuring BJP's victory, won’t say more in nation’s interest: Mamata
Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed that foreign nations were behind the BJP-led NDA's historic victory in the Lok Sabha polls and also alleged that the EVMs were programmed in the favour of the saffron party. Banerjee also said the Trinamool Congress lost 5-6 seats by slender margins, mainly because of postal ballots."There is some suspicion in the minds of the people. We also have a suspicion. In constituencies where we have lost by less than one lakh votes, we have doubts. Some programming was done in many machines involving one lakh votes," IANS quoted her as saying.On EVMs, the West Bengal CM said that they were programmed and she knew about this from the last 3 months as she was getting such information from bureaucratic circles."There is the hand of foreign nations also. I don't want to say more in the interest of the nation. I am prepared to be completely isolated. But as long as I live, I will utter the unpleasant truths," she added. In a press conference today she also said that she was willing to resign from CM’s post and expressed her desire to continue with the party president post. She also clipped wings of her nephew Abhishek Banerjee and all the charges of districts under him were taken back. Attributing the poor performance of TMC in Lok Sabha polls she blamed Hindu-Muslim polarization and division of votes.She further said that the party fared badly as an “emergency situation” was created and claimed that Central forces were acting against her and the party.In the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, BJP made huge inroads in West Bengal and managed to win 18 out of 42 seats while TMC got 22.Times Now
People of Jammu, Ladakh want removal of Articles 370, 35A: BJP
J&K unit of BJP on Saturday claimed that the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions want immediate removal of Article 370 and Article 35A of the Constitution by voting for the party.It also said the National Conference’s claim that it will form the government on its own in the state after the assembly elections is “hollow“.BJP retained Udhampur, Jammu and Ladakh parliamentary seats, while NC swept the polls by winning all the three seats — Srinagar, Baramulla and Anantnag — in the Valley.On Friday, NC president Farooq Abdullah had said Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot remove Article 35A and Article 370 despite huge majority.“Let him be as powerful as he (Modi) likes, he cannot remove Article 370 and Article 35-A,” Mr. Abdullah had said, adding “our right of Article 370 and Article 35A should be protected. This is very important for us. We are soldiers of this country, not enemies“.Article 370 grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir and limits Parliament’s power to make laws concerning the state. Article 35A empowers the state assembly to define “permanent residents” for bestowing special rights and privileges on them.BJP state spokesperson Brig (Retd) Anil Gupta said, “Abdullah and the NC leadership does not have the mandate of the people of Jammu and Ladakh to make tall claims about Articles 35A and 370 because the people of these two regions want immediate removal of these articles as is evident from the mandate given in favour of their removal.” PTI
Half of BJP’s additional MPs from SC/ST constituencies                                          
New Delhi: BJP has increased its Lok Sabha tally from 282 in 2014 to 303 in 2019 and interestingly nearly half of its additional members (10 of 21) have come from reserved (SC/ST) constituencies, showing its expanded reach among Dalits and tribals. An analysis of the reserved seats shows that the party has won 77 of 131 such constituencies this time as compared to 67 in 2014. This is significant in view of the dominant narrative about the ruling party’s estrangement from Dalits and tribals. BJP has, in fact, increased its tally in both SC and ST seats while Congress — the second top claimant of reserved constituencies — lost 3 such seats. Despite marginally increasing its overall Lok Sabha tally from 44 to 52, Congress saw a dent in reserved constituencies where it got only nine seats this year as compared to 12 in 2014. Former UP CM Mayawati-led BSP, which used to get maximum of the 17 SC seats in the state till pre-2014 polls, could get only two such seats this time. Dalit-centric party could not open its account in other states where it fielded candidates on reserved seats. As far as a total of 84 SC seats are concerned, BJP won 46 this time as compared to 40 in 2014 with bulk of them coming from UP (14), West Bengal (5), Karnataka (5), MP (4) and Rajasthan (4). Similarly, it increased its tally of ST seats from 27 in 2014 to 31 in 2019. After BJP, Congress got the distant second position. TOI
‘Third child should not be allowed to vote’: Ramdev on population control
Haridwar:Yoga guru Baba Ramdev asserted that in order to contain population growth, the government should bring in a law whereby third-borns should be bereft of voting rights. He also batted for a pan-India ban on manufacturing, sale, and purchase of liquor.“India’s population should not be more than 150 crores in the next 50 years as we are not prepared or ready to bear more than that.This is only possible when the government makes a law that third child would not be allowed to vote, neither contest election nor he/she enjoys any type of privileges and facilities given by the government,” Ramdev said while addressing a press conference here on Sunday.“Then people will not give birth to more children, no matter which religion they belong to,” he added.He also demanded a complete ban on cow-slaughter and said that it is the only way out to reduce the conflict between cow smugglers and “gau rakshak”.“There should be a complete ban on cow slaughter and it is the only way out to end the conflict that we see between cow smugglers and ‘gau rakshak’. For those who want to eat meat, there are several other types of meat which they can eat,” he said.Further, he pressed for a country-wide ban on liquor.ANI
Chidambaram appeals to Rahul to not resign, claims party workers in South India will 'commit suicide'
New Delhi: P Chidambaram got emotional while appealing to Congress president Rahul Gandhi not to step down from his post, claiming that the party's cadres in the southern states will commit suicide.During the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting held on Saturday, all leaders urged Rahul to continue as the party president, even as he remained firm on his decision to resign, sources said.Addressing the media after CWC meeting, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said Rahul has been authorised to restructure the party following its dismal performance in the recently held general elections.ANI
Smriti Irani Attends Funeral Of BJP Worker Shot Dead In Amethi
Amethi: A former village head in UP's Amethi, who worked closely with BJP leader Smriti Irani during her Lok Sabha campaign, was shot dead early this morning. Ms Irani reached his village this afternoon to attend his funeral.Surendra Singh, a BJP worker, was attacked at his home; he died later at a hospital in Lucknow where he was taken for treatment, said police. Police said an old enmity may have led to the killing but have not ruled out a political motive.Surendra Singh was the former head of Baraulia village. He quit the village head post to participate in the BJP election campaign.ndtv
Pak PM Imran Khan congratulates Modi over phone, expresses desire to work together
Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Sunday called up PM Narendra Modi and congratulated him for his electoral victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, said the Ministry of External Affairs.Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar tweeted that Khan and Modi spoke about the neighbourhood first policy. “Recalling his initiative in line with his government’s neighbourhood first policy, PM Modi referred to his earlier suggestion to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to fight poverty jointly,”MEA said. “He stressed that creating trust and an environment free of violence and terrorism were essential for fostering cooperation for peace, progress,and prosperity in our region.”Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson Mohammad Faisal also tweeted about Modi and Khan’s phone conversation, saying that Khan expressed desire to work together for the welfare of the people. “Reiterating his vision for peace, progress and prosperity in South Asia, the Prime Minister said he looked forward to working with Prime Minister Modi to advance these objectives,” Faisal tweeted.
Pakistan says it is ready to hold talks with newly elected Indian government
Will attend Iftar 100 times: Mamata over Muslim appeasement allegations
Showing scant regard for BJP's constant criticism that she was appeasing Muslims, Mamata Banerjee indicated that she would continue to attend 'Iftaars' as the community votes for her Trinamool Congress. Banerjee, who was addressing the media, made the potentially controversial comment while inviting the media to attend an Iftaar party organised by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation towards the end of the month."I am going to the Iftar party. You all also please come," Mamata Banerjee said."I appease Muslims, no? I will go there a hundred times. 'Je goru dudh dei tar lathio khete hoi; (if a cow gives milk, one has to be prepared for its kicks also)," she said.The Muslim community voted for Banerjee's Trinamool in the recent elections, where a lot of Hindu votes shifted to the BJP which came up with best performance in Bengal taking 18 seats.indiatoday
Muslim representation increases to 27 in 17th LS
New Delhi: Muslim representation in 17th Lok Sabha has increased by 5 taking the community's tally to 27 from 22 in the outgoing Lok Sabha with BJP getting its lone Muslim face as Saumitra Khan, who won from West Bengal against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress.Most of the winning candidates are from opposition parties while only one candidate of the BJP which won 303 out of 542 seats across the country, could make it to the Lower House.Saumitra Khan is the lone BJP MP in the current Lok Sabha while Mahbub Ali Kaiser is the LJP winning candidate from Khagaria in Bihar. Both will be representing ruling NDA in the Lok Sabha.The highest number of Muslim MPs in the Lok Sabha was in 1980, when 49 members of the community were elected.The BJP had fielded Mafuja Khatun from Jangipur, a constituency where 61.79 per cent of the population is Muslim. She was third while the winner was Trinamool's Khalilur Rahaman. The seat was earlier represented by Congress's Abhijit Mukherjee, son of ex President Pranab Mukherjee. Abhijit was second garnering 2,55,836 votes.Most of the elected Muslim candidates belong to Congress (5) and Trinamool Congress (5), followed by Samajwadi Party (3), BSP (3) and the J&K National Conference (3).Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, which have a considerable Muslim population, are sending six MPs each from the community. BSP candidates Afzal Ansari from Ghazipur, Fazalur Rahman from Saharanpur and Danish Ali in Amroha, and Samajwadi Party's Azam Khan from Rampur, Shafique Rehman Barq from Sambhal and S.T. Hasan from Moradabad made their way to the Lok Sabha. Bihar will have two MPs from the community. Besides Kaisar while another is Mohammad Jawed of the Congress, who won from Kishanganj. 3 Muslim candidates won from Kerala, while two from Assam will also be in 17th Lok Sabha.Mohammed Faizal of NCP won lone seat in Lakshadweep.Congress' Mohammad Sadique also won Faridkot seat from Punjab. IUML candidate K. Navas Kani won from Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu.MIM will have two candidates in Parliament - party chief Asaduddin Owaisi from Hyderabad and Imtiaz Jaleel from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. IANS
MIM’s new MP: Imtiaz Jaleel darts his journey from journalism to Parliament in five years
51-year-old Jaleel’s darting from journalism to politics Maharashtra, came as a surprise in 2014 when he declared that he was leaving his profession of 23 years to join politics. His announcement became a hot talking point because he was not joining just any political party but Hyderabad based MIM.siasat
Muslim family in UP names newly-born son Modi
Gonda :BJP supporters call it the "New India" that wipes away caste and religious boundaries. And offering proof is a Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh's Gonda district who has named their newborn son Narendra Damodardas Modi.The child was born on May 23, the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP returned to power with an overwhelming majority. The infant's mother, Mehnaaz Begum, wanted to name her son after the Prime Minister and stood her ground in face of expected opposition from her family.The newborn's father Mushtaq Ahmad, however, supported his wife and the baby was named after Modi. The baby's grandfather Idris said that the family agreed to the name because of their admiration for the Prime Minister.IANS
Nearly 50 per cent MPs in new Lok Sabha have criminal records
The chances of winning for a candidate with declared criminal cases in the Lok Sabha 2019 is 15.5 per cent whereas for a candidate with a clean background, it is 4.7 per cent. This is due to the fact that the 17th Lok Sabha will have close to half of its new MPs with declared criminal cases.Out of the 539 winners analysed in Lok Sabha 2019, 233 MPs have declared criminal cases against themselves. This is an increase of 44 per cent in the number of MPs with declared criminal cases since 2009.As per the self-sworn affidavits submitted by the candidates at the time of filing nominations, the new Lok Sabha has surpassed the previous 2 in electing MPs with criminal records.Out of 542 MPs analysed during Lok Sabha elections in 2014, 185 (34 per cent) winners had declared criminal cases against themselves while out of 543 winners analysed during Lok Sabha elections in 2009, 162 (30 per cent) had declared criminal cases against themselves. This time its close to half. Among the political parties, NDA ally JDU has the highest percentage of MPs with criminal
CBI Alerts Airports To Stop Ex-Kolkata Top Cop Rajeev Kumar From Flying Abroad
New Delhi: Former Kolkata police chief Rajeev Kumar should not be allowed to leave the country, the Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI has said in a lookout notice to airports and ports in connection with its probe into the Saradha chit fund scam in West Bengal. Mr Kumar is accused of destroying evidence related to the Ponzi scheme when he was heading the probe.On Thursday, the Supreme Court had refused to entertain Mr Kumar's plea seeking extension of protection from arrest in the multi-crore Saradha chit fund scam. The former police commissioner was granted protection from arrest for a seven-day period which ended on May 24."As the Supreme Court's seven-day period ended on Friday and no court has given anticipatory bail to Kumar yet, CBI is free to proceed for custodial interrogation of Kumar. A formal summon to be issued to Rajeev Kumar shortly asking him to join the probe," a top official of the CBI told NDTV, requesting not to be named.ndtv
3 Muslims, Including a Woman, Thrashed by Gau Rakshaks in MP, Made to Shout Jai Shree Ram in MP
Bhopal:In a shocking incident, three Muslims including a woman were thrashed by self-proclaimed gau rakshaks over rumours of carrying beef in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh.The self-proclaimed gau rakshaks had gotten a tip off that two Muslim youths and a woman, who were travelling in an auto, were carrying beef.The cow vigilantes — Baghel, Yogesh Uike, Dileep Namdev, Rohit Yadav and Shyam Lal— had assaulted three persons, including a woman, who were identified as Dilip Malviya, Sama Ansari and Tausif Khan, reports IANS.The victims allege they were forced to say slogans of ‘Jai Shree Ram’ by the accused.A video showing the goons descending on the youths with sticks has gone viral. In the video, the gau rakshaks held the youths to a tree one by one and beat them up mercilessly as the onlookers stood by. In the video, posted on the social media by the main accused Shubham Baghel on Friday, the cow vigilantes with saffron gamchha (towels) around their necks are beating two persons with sticks.The goons are also heard shouting at the youths to repeat ‘Jai Shree Ram’ slogans while forcing one of the youths to beat the woman who was accompanying them.After a video went viral on the social media in which five people are seen beating two persons for carrying beef in the Seoni district of MP, the police on Saturday arrested and jailed the five.Former chief ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti as well as AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi slammed the incident.Owaisi said, “This is how Muslims are treated by Vigilantes created by Modi voters.”Caravan News
MP: Govt Arrests Victims Brutally Thrashed by Cow Protectors in Seoni
Bhopal:Under the ruling of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, the police arrested victims who were brutally thrashed by the cow vigilantes over suspicion of carrying beef in Seoni on 22 May. The police first arrested the victims of violence and 2 days after the incident happened, then it arrested the violence accused when the video was uploaded on social media. Police arrested the victims Tausif Khan, Anjum Ansari and Dilip Malviya after it was informed about the suspicion of carrying beef. They were sent to judicial remand. It said that it had seized the beef from the victims.According to Bhopal-based journalist Shams Ur Rehman Alavi, the incident of violence which happened on 22 May was first tried to be covered up. When the video of the incident was uploaded to social media, then only the police swung into action against the accused.Caravan News
Muslim man beaten up in Gurugram, told to remove skullcap and chant Jai Shri Ram
Gurugram:A Muslim man was beaten by a group of men at Jacubpura in Gurugram on May 25 night after he was told to remove his skullcap and chant Jai Shri Ram. No arrests have been made so far. Mohammad Barkat, 25,was returning to his shop around 10 p.m. on Saturday after offering prayers at Jama Masjid in Gurugram when a group of about half a dozen men allegedly accosted him outside a sweet shop and told him to remove his skull cap. “One of the men called me with an offensive word and told me that skullcap was not allowed in this area. When I told him that I was returning from a mosque, he slapped me. He also asked me to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Jai Shri Ram. When I refused, he threatened to feed me pork,” Barkat said. He had come to Gurugram earlier this month to learn tailoring. Barkat claimed that the man allegedly picked up a stick and hit him and also abused him. When Barkat tried to push the man and run away, the man allegedly tore his shirt. As Barkat started crying, the men left. 4 of them drove away in a motorcycle and two just walked away into one of the alleys in area.A case has been registered on charges of promoting religious hatred, causing hurt, criminal intimidation and unlawful assembly, among others, at City Police Station in this connection. Thehindu
Adivasi Professor Arrested For Facebook Post On Right To Eat Beef
New Delhi:Jeetrai Hansda, a professor at the Government School and College for Women, Sakchi, in Jharkhand was arrested on Saturday. A lawyer from the team handling Hansda’s case told HuffPost India that a complaint was filed against him in June 2017 based on a Facebook post he had written.However, he was finally arrested yesterday. The lawyer, who did not want to be named, said he suspected the arrest was made after the elections were over so that the BJP did not anger the Adivasis and lose their votes before the polls.BJP won 12 of the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand this year, same as 2014. The govt at the state is also led by BJP under Raghubar Das.A diary was filed against Hansda’s Facebook post in 2017 and after ‘investigating’ the complaint, inspector Anil Kumar Singh of Sakchi police station lodged FIR. Hansda’s lawyer said that though he was asked to appear in the police station, he wasn’t arrested back then. He was only arrested yesterday and continues to be in police custody. Hansda had also moved for anticipatory bail, which was rejected.Hansda is a prominent Adivasi activist and theatre artist and his Facebook post asserted his community’s right to eat beef. FIR lodged at Sakchi police station in Jamshedpur, stated that Hansda had written a Facebook post asserting that the adivasi community in India has had a long tradition of eating beef and ceremonial cow sacrifice. It is their democratic and cultural right to consume the meat, he said. The post also said that they oppose India’s laws on eating beef and that his community also consumes peacocks, the country’s national bird. He also expressed his unwillingness to follow Hindu customs.He was booked for insulting religious feelings and attempts to promote enmity between groups of people. Shortly after the complaint was filed against Hansda, Dasmath Hansdah, the chief of Majhi Pargana Mahal, a body that works for the preservation of adivasi traditions wrote to the vice-chancellor of Kolhan University. The arrested professor was employed in a college under the university. The letter attempted to educate V-C about adivasi traditions that Hansda wrote about and against which, allegedly ABVP filed a complaint. The letter said, “We have come to know from local newspapers that you plan to expel Jeetrai Hansda on the basis of complaints for communal organisation ABVP.”huffingtonpost
Dabholkar murder: lawyer, aide remanded to CBI custody
A day after advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, counsel for the fringe right-wing outfit Sanatan Sanshtha, and his aide Vikram Bhave were arrested by the CBI in connection with the murder of eminent rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, a special court on Sunday directed the accused to be remanded to CBI custody till June1.Punalekar and Bhave had been alleged by the probe agencies to have participated in the murder conspiracy, especially in tampering with evidence and in aiding and abetting Sachin Andure and Sharad Kalaskar, named by agencies as the assailants of the rationalist. Earlier in the day, CBI brought the two from Navi Mumbai and produced them before the special court a little after noon amid robust police deployment. Arguing for a 14-day custody, CBI’s counsel submitted before the court that the agency needed time to probe the specific nature of the duo’s roles in the conspiracy and the aid given to 2 sharpshooters in destroying the evidence. After the arguments, the court remanded them to 7-day custody. Sachin Andure’s arrest in August last was the second major one in the case.In June 2016, CBI had effected its first breakthrough by arresting Virendra Tawde, an ENT specialist and activist of the radical Hindu Janajagruti Samiti [a splinter of the Goa-based Sanatan Sanstha] from Panvel near Mumbai.thehindu
Mumbai: Medical student commits suicide after casteist slurs by seniors
Mumbai:Had the authorities acted swiftly and shown sensitivity, my daughter would have been alive today," said Abeda Tadvi, mother of Dr Payal Tadvi, a postgraduate student of gynaecology who committed suicide on May 22 after being allegedly tortured by three of her seniors. Hours before Dr Payal died, she told Abeda she was unable to bear the torment from the trio, who have been absconding since they learned about her suicide. A case has been registered against them, which includes sections from SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.Dr Payal and the absconding seniors were post graduate students of the Topiwala National Medical college, which is attached to the BYL Nair hospital. Dr Payal was taunted about her caste and her admission to the course through the reserved quota. Her parents decided to act on it. Abeda said, "We had started reporting this to the officials concerned. We had even met a lecturer and the hostel warden, who had called these three seniors and asked them not to behave this way with Payal.Abeda filed an FIR against the seniors, identified as Dr. Hema Ahuja, Dr. Bhakti Mehar and Dr. Ankita Khandelwal. The parents are demanding strict action against the accused trio. "We come from the tribal category;my daughter had worked tremendously hard to get a seat in MBBS and PG courses. She was very hardworking and sensitive and it was her dream to work as a gynaecologist in rural areas. But all of those dreams have gone in vain," said Salim.MID DAY
Gujarat: Dalit couple attacked, thrashed by over 200 Upper caste men over FB post in Vadodara
In a shocking incident, a Dalit couple was allegedly attacked by a mob of 200-300 upper caste people. The incident took place in Mahuvad village in Padra taluka of Vadodara on Monday, after the husband allegedly posted on Facebook that government does not allow the village temple to be used for Dalit wedding ceremonies. The police have filed the case against the 11 person and the mob while the victim who posted on Facebook was also charged for allegedly promoting enmity between different groups.The incident came to light on Thursday when Dalit women identified as Tarulataben Mackwana filed an FIR against 11 people and mob of 200-300 people at Vadu police station for attacking her house, thrashing her husband, pelting stones and threatening them over his Facebook post.Tarulataben in her complaint stated that the mob was armed with pipes, sticks and other weapons, arrived at her house and shouted abusive words at the couple. They also allegedly slapped her when she stepped out of her house to confront them and then barged into the house and dragged her husband Pravin out of the house and allegedly beaten her. In her statement she also stated that the men threatened her husband to delete the post otherwise couple had to face the consequences. Though the incident took place on Monday but the victim filed the complaint on Thursday after a failed attempt to arrive at a compromise by both the communities. 11 people named in FIR.catchnews
Meghalaya HC Sets Aside Former Judge's Order Suggesting India Become a 'Hindu Rashtra'
New Delhi:  A division bench of the Meghalaya high court has set aside a controversial order passed by the former chief justice of the court, Justice SR Sen, which included his observation that “India should have been declared a Hindu Rashtra” after Partition.Justice Sen, now retired, made that observation on Dec.10, 2018, while passing a judgement in response to a petition by Amon Rana seeking a directive to the state authorities to issue him a domicile certificate required to apply for a job in the Army. At that time, protests across the Northeast against the Modi govt’s attempt to bring an amendment to the Citizenship Act, 1955 to facilitate Indian citizenship to a certain groups of foreigners on religious grounds was at fever pitch.Justice Sen touched upon the subject while disposing off the case in favour of the petitioner and reportedly stated that“Pakistan declared themselves an Islamic country and India since was divided on the basis of religion should have also been declared a Hindu country but it remained a secular country.”Stating that many residents face difficulties in getting a domicile certificate from the authorities and that it needed close examination, he also referred to lakhs of people left out of the final draft NRC in Assam. Calling it “defective,” he contended that while many foreigners became Indian, “original Indians” were left out of it. The Wire
Zakir Naik got dubious donations from unknown ‘well wishers’:ED report
New Delhi :Zakir Naik, who is being probed by the Enforcement Directorate for money laundering, received crores of funds from unidentified “well-wishers” from several Middle East countries over the years for his speeches that were allegedly used to incite “terror activities”. IRF, Mumbai-based charity trust promoted and controlled by Naik, “allegedly received funds in the form of donations and zakat (a form of alms giving in Islam) from domestic as well as overseas donors from countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Malaysia among others,” PTI quoted the ED as saying.According to ED probe report, IRF maintained various bank accounts in which funds from the donors were deposited. “These bank accounts are held with Citi Bank, DCB Bank Ltd and Union Bank of India,” it said.The agency said its probe found that the total quantum of funds received in the bank accounts of IRF, from 2003-04 to 2016-17, is to the tune of Rs 64.86 crore.“The donors remain unidentified as their names in the receipts are mentioned as ‘well-wishers’. As the donations are made by cash, only the names of the donors are mentioned on the receipts without disclosing their contact details, which raises suspicion of being bogus or sham entries,” the ED report said.“Out of these funds, a majority of the funds were utilised for organising ‘peace conferences’, purchase of capital equipment, payment of salaries and other miscellaneous expenses. An annual event ‘Peace Conference’ was held by the IRF under leadership of Naik,”ED said. indian express
Documents Stolen, Hard Disk Left Behind in Rafale Break-in: Report
Several documents were stolen during the break-in at Indian Air Force (IAF) Rafale Project Management Team office in France – that took place on Sunday, 19 May –according to a report by The Hindu. However, a crucial hard disk was left behind by the culprits, who accessed three rooms.“There were documents, disks with information and a crucial hard disk. The hard disk is intact,” a defence source told The Hindu. The source also added that it is unclear if the hard disk was accessed by the culprits.IAF has identified the likely information that would have been leaked from the nature of the documents taken. The exact nature of the missing documents is yet to be determined, the report said. They may be related to supply protocols, routine communications and weapons-related details but do not include price, the report said, quoting sources.The Quint
No question of FIR registration or CBI probe into Rafale deal: Centre to SC
New Delhi :The Centre has told the Supreme Court that there was no question of either registration of an FIR or investigation by CBI in the Rafale fighter jets deal as the apex court had already concluded that there was no reason for intervention by it on the “sensitive issue”.The Centre, which sought dismissal of petitions seeking review of the Dec.14 last year verdict which gave a clean chit to the government on procurement of 36 fighter jets from French firm Dassault, said CAG report “belied” the main arguments of petitioners regarding alleged “exorbitant price” of the jets.In its 39-page written submissions filed in the top court, the Centre has said that petitioners and former union ministers Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and activist advocate Prashant Bhushan have not made out any ground which would justify review of the “well reasoned” Dec.14 judgement last year.“Especially, once this court had come to the conclusion that on all the three aspects i.e., the decision making process, pricing and Indian offset partner, there is no reason for intervention by this court on the sensitive issue of purchase of 36 Rafale fighter aircrafts by Indian Government, there is no question of either registration of FIR much less any investigation by CBI,” the government said.A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi had on May 10 reserved its verdict on the pleas seeking review of the Dec.14 judgement in the Rafale case.PTI
Modi govt starts showing results, bans terror outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh
New Delhi: Within 24 hours of victory in elections, Modi-led govt has banned Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and its all affiliates. According to the ministry of home affairs, JMB and its formations like Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen India or Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Hindustan and their manifestations have committed acts of terrorism, promoted acts of terrorism and have engaged in radicalisation and recruitment of young people for terrorist activities in India. “Investigations have also revealed JMB’s plan of making permanent bases within 10 km along Indo-Bangladesh border in the districts of States of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura and plans of spreading its network in South India with an overarching motive to establish Caliphate in Indian subcontinent,” MHA
Kerala: Alert issued for coast after intelligence input about IS-linked boat
Kerala Police issued an alert for the state’s coast based on an intelligence report that a boat carrying people affiliated to the Islamic State group had left Sri Lanka and was headed in the direction of Kochi, The Hindu reported.In a May 23 directive, Additional DGP of Coastal Security Tomin Thachankary said the group had left Sri Lankan coast under “mysterious circumstances”. The heads of 72 police stations along the state’s coastline have been ordered to increase their security and alert fisherfolk and residents to be vigilant.The intelligence input, which said that there were 15 terrorists in the group, came from Sri Lanka, PTI reported. scroll
Brother-in-law Can Also be Ordered to Pay Alimony Under Domestic Violence Law, Rules SC
New Delhi: The Supreme Court has held that even a brother-in-law can be ordered to pay maintenance to a woman under the domestic violence law.According to a bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud, there is no immunity to any “adult male person” if he happens to be in a domestic relationship with aggrieved complainant. Domestic Violence Act, said the top court, was widely worded so as to include every male member in a domestic relationship. “The substantive part of Section 2(q) of the Act indicates that the expression “respondent” means any adult male person who is, or has been, in a domestic relationship with the aggrieved person and against whom relief has been sought.The proviso indicates that both, an aggrieved wife or a female living in a relationship in the nature of marriage, may also file a complaint against a relative of the husband or the male partner, as the case may be.news18
Iran will defend itself against any aggression: Zarif
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Tehran will defend itself against any military or economic aggression and calls on European states to do more to preserve a nuclear deal his country signed with them.Speaking in a news conference in Baghdad with his Iraqi counterpart Mohamed Ali al-Hakim on Sunday, Zarif said his country wanted to build balanced relations with its Gulf Arab neighbours and that it had proposed signing a non-aggression pact with them.Iraq is willing to act as an intermediary between its neighbour and the United States, al-Hakim said, adding that Baghdad does not believe an "economic blockade" is fruitful - a reference to US sanctions.aljazeera
Europe's voters elect new parliament as nationalism mounts
Pivotal elections for European Union parliament reach their climax on Sunday as the last 21 nations go to the polls and results are announced in a vote that boils down to a continent-wide battle between Eurosceptic populists and proponents of closer EU unity.Right-wing nationalists who want to slash immigration into Europe and return power to national governments are expected to make gains, though mainstream parties are tipped to hold onto power in 751-seat legislature that sits in both Brussels and Strasbourg.Leading challenge to the established order is Italy's interior minister,Matteo Salvini, head of the League party, who is assembling a group of like-minded parties from across Europe.aljazeera
Afghan forces mistakenly kill a family during raid
An Afghan security forces raid against Taliban fighters in eastern Nangarhar province mistakenly killed a family of six, including a woman and two children, on Friday. The forces, who mistook the family for Taliban fighters when they were driving out of the area after the night attack in Sherzad district, opened fire on their vehicle killing all of them, said Attahullah Khogyani, the provincial governor's spokesman. "At least 10 insurgents were also killed in the raid," he said.Several villagers on Saturday carried the victims' bodies in a procession in the provincial capital of Jalalabad to demand justice.aljazeera
3 killed by military gunfire at Pakistan rights protest                                
Islamabad: At least three people have been killed and more than 15 wounded after gunfire erupted near a Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) protest against enforced disappearances in the northwestern Pakistani region of North Waziristan. This is the latest flare-up of tension between the country's powerful military and the rights group.Gunfire occurred at the protest led by two PTM leaders, who are also members of parliament, near a checkpoint in the Khar Qamar area of North Waziristan on Sunday morning, the military said in a statement.There were conflicting reports on who initiated the violence, with PTM activists telling Al Jazeera that soldiers fired on unarmed protesters, while the military said the protesters "assaulted" the post, led by Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir, both elected members of the National Assembly from the area in a general election last year.aljazeera
Saudi's Jizan airport targeted by Houthi drone: TV
Yemen's Houthi movement launched a drone attack on military hangars in Saudi Arabia's Jizan airport near the Yemeni border, the group's al-Masirah TV reported on Sunday. There was no immediate confirmation from Saudi authorities or from a Saudi-Emirati-led coalition that has been battling the Houthis in Yemen. aljazeera
Opposition rallies to 'save' Israel from Netanyahu
Thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest against PM Benjamin Netanyahu's emerging coalition agreements, which opposition leaders said would constitute the end of country's democracy. Netanyahu, who has until Wednesday night to form a new coalition following the April 9 elections, has so far failed to accommodate the clashing demands of his future government partners, primarily over the issue of drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the military.While no agreements have been presented so far, there was speculation that coalition members would have to agree to measures that would weaken the judiciary, which is seeking to put Netanyahu on trial.Netanyahu has until October to face a pre-trial hearing after Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced in February his intention to indict the leader on charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery.Thousands of people on Saturday night waved Israeli flags and signs with slogans such as "One people, one law". aljazeera
Long wait for families of Bangladesh forced disappearance victims
Nearly 2 dozen people gathered on a rooftop in Shaheenbagh, a sleepy neighbourhood in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, have one thing in common: all of them have loved ones who have been missing, some for years. With vacant eyes that betrayed strain and weariness, each person at the gathering - mostly women and children - held a photograph of their loved ones who disappeared. The meeting on Wednesday was organised by "Mayer Daak" ('Mothers' Call' in Bengali), a group that represents the families of the victims of forced disappearance of opposition members and activists. Mayer Daak has been conducting such gatherings for nearly six years, apart from organising public rallies including one held on Saturday, where family members formed a human chain to press the authorities to find their family members.aljazeera
Sri Lanka freezes bank accounts of 41 suspects after Easter attack
Colombo: Bank accounts of 41 suspects in Sri Lanka having links with the outlawed Islamist extremist group National Thawheed Jammath (NTJ), according to a media report. Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said that the suspects are under the custody of the Terrorist Investigations Department(TID) and the CID.The accounts have a total amount of ₹134 million (USD 759,335) which was in addition to ₹14 million (USD 79,333) seized from the possession of the suspects at the time of their arrest, Gunasekara said. Meanwhile, CID has also launched an investigation into assets worth ₹7 billion (USD 30 million) belonging to the suspects, he said.PTI
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