12 May 2019

12 May: Expedite India’s red notice requests, CBI tells Interpol/ ED may invoke the Fugitive Act against Zakir Naik/Held as ‘Bangladeshi’, Assam villager returns as ‘Indian’ after 3 years

12 May 2019: 06 Ramazan 1440:Vol: 11, No:199
Expedite India’s red notice requests, CBI tells Interpol
New Delhi:Rishi Kumar Shulka, the director of CBI , on a recent visit to Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France, is believed to have asked the international police organisation to expedite India’s “red notice” requests against high profile fugitives, a CBI officer familiar with the matter said on condition of anonymity.Shukla, the officer said, asked Interpol’s senior functionaries to take a decision on the red notice requests from India for about a dozen top economic offenders including Nitin Jayantilal Sandesara, his brother Chetan Jayantilal Sandesara, and the latter’s wife Dipti Chetan Sandesara; Winsome group promoter Jatin Mehta, his wife Sonia and son Suraj Mehta; and Zakir Naik.The director travelled to Lyon in the second week of April to attend the annual conference of the National Central Bureaus (NCBs). NCBs are the Interpol’s zonal offices in 194 member countries. In India, it is run from the CBI’s headquarters.HT
ED may invoke the Fugitive Act against Zakir Naik
So far, Indian authorities have failed to convince Interpol to issue a red corner notice against Zakir Naik. They could, however, nail him in a money-laundering case, thereby initiating a move to bring him back from Malaysia to India. “The Enforcement Directorate is considering invoking the Fugitive [Economic Offenders] Act against him,” ED director S.K. Mishra told The Week. On May 2, the agency named Naik in its charge-sheet, saying it had identified Rs 193.06 crore as the proceeds of crime. The ED’s investigation is based on a NIA probe on Naik for spreading communal disharmony, misusing funds for terror activities and money laundering. It is the ED’s second charge-sheet in the case; the first one did not name Naik.theweek
I worry about our family back home: Zakir Naik's wife Farhat
Strong, articulate and educated, Farhat is a few months older than her husband Zakir Naik. In an interview with The Week, she spoke about Naik and her worries about returning to India and her unflinching faith in God. Farhat said, "We had left home on a 15-day tour for umrah, and while we were there, we came to know that we could not go back home. It did come as a shock, but thanks to God almighty, things are all right now. The belief in Allah makes us stronger each day. The only pain I feel today is for the people back home and the kind of harassment they are going through. Mainly the family members, like his brother, sister and all his family members. Even my family members, like my brothers were called and interrogated all the way from Pune to Mumbai and Delhi. It is really painful to see them going through this. Otherwise all of us have taken it in our stride and we feel this is part of the test from Allah. Their phones are being tapped so we don't even talk to them, that saddens us. The good work that was going on has also stopped." She further said, "There is nothing in this world a woman cannot do, except for a few things the Quran does not allow. The media portrayal of women in Islam not being able to do certain things and being backward is wrong. Islam gives her the right to do everything. There are certain things which Quran does not allow even for men, such as acting, dancing, singing and working in pubs. When you are among women, swaying or singing is fine, but if you are doing it in front of other men, it is exhibiting your physical qualities in front of them and it is not right. Women have a lot of important roles to play. A teacher, engineer, or doctor undergoes many years of training, but unfortunately, a woman is simply pushed into motherhood. How many years of training does she have? She is creating the most important product, which is the human life."theweek
Held as ‘Bangladeshi’, Assam villager returns as ‘Indian’ after 3 years
Moments before he left the Goalpara Central Jail in western Assam on May 7, Rehat Ali had promised the jail superintendent he would not say anything bad about his “home” of more than three years.The jail doubles as a detention centre — one of six in Assam — for people declared foreigners by a quasi-judicial Foreigners’ Tribunal (FT). The State has 100 such tribunals that adjudicate the Foreigners’ Act of 1946 to decide the fate of people suspected to be Bangladeshi by Assam Police’s border wing, formed in 1962 to initially prevent infiltration of Pakistani nationals.“I gave him my word,” said Mr. Ali. “But it is better to be dead than live there like a laash [corpse],” he added.Having dropped out of primary school almost 60 years ago, Mr. Ali had such a poor knowledge of numbers that he never noticed that his voter ID showed him to be a 55-year-old, which was at odds with the “66” that he orally submitted as his age to the tribunal in 2015. The “discrepancy” in age was a key reason that led FT at the nearest town Hajo, about 35 km west of Guwahati, to doubt his citizenship.He could also not recall the date when his father Muniruddin had shifted from Bagnapota, 20 km away in Nalbari district, because the village was facing erosion by Brahmaputra. And his name was recorded variously as ‘Rehat Ali’ and ‘Rehaja Ali’ in different documents.But life in captivity taught him to count his days unlike four other inmates, who died of depression during his stay. “How can I forget the number of days I was deemed a Bangladeshi? They killed the Indian in me every day for 1197 days before I walked to freedom,” he said.thehindu
Migration from drought-hit Kutch: 250 herder families, 10000 cattle left high & dry in Sanand
Ahmedabad :Mohammed Soda used to work as a driver till last year.This year, with severe drought ravaging India’s largest grassland Banni, in Kutch district, Soda temporarily gave up his job to take care of his family of five and the 50 cows and buffaloes he owns, and travelled 400 kms to Sanand in search of food and water. However, with Ahmedabad district collector refusing to allocate fodder for cattle, an estimated 250 Muslim families like Soda’s, who have migrated to Sanand with around 10,000 cattle are uncertain about their immediate future.Temporary shelters made of wooden sticks and gunny bags that mimic the traditional mud houses in Kutch locally called “bhunga” have sprouted near Sanand alongside the Sanand-Viramgam highway. 30 families including that of Soda’s have made this plot of land their home for the last 8 months. “The district administration has not given us anything so far, and a few days ago they asked us to return to Kutch. How can we go back?” Soda asks. “Each one of us has spent almost Rs 25,000 to migrate here with our cattle. We cannot go back till the monsoon arrives,” he says, sitting under a neem tree, sipping tea as his toddler plays with a wooden toy.“We have locked our houses and come here.The least the government can do is to help us, especially this year,” Soda said, referring to the poor rainfall that Kutch received during 2018 monsoon. The district – where all the 10 talukas have been declared drought-affected – received just 111 mm rainfall, way below the district average of 417 mm and the state average of 831 mm.Haji Mustaqsad Khan who joins Soda under the tree declares himself as the eldest of the migrating group. “We have made a representation to CM and we also met the relief commissioner in Gandhinagar a few days ago and apprised him of our situation here,” says Khan. “We told them that there are 30 families from Mota Sarada (near Hajipir in Kutch) who are living near Virochannagar with 1,700 cattle. There are about 250 families living with their cattle in and around Sanand.We said some alternative arrangements should be made so that our cattle survive this summer.” Families from Banni said most of them were observing “roza” (fasting) due to Ramzan and were offering prayers in a small clearing that they have made between overgrown “ganda bawal” (Prosopis Juliflora) plants. “We have ensured that the local population does not get disturbed by our presence. We do not even go to the nearby mosque to pray,” says 35-year-old Malek Jat who wears a Pathani outfit and watches the younger lot play a game of cricket under shade of a tree. indian express
Assam communal clash: Curfew extended in Hailakandi district, Army stages flag march
Hailakandi district administration in Assam on Sunday extended the curfew in the region till 7 am the following morning, reports said. The curfew was imposed after a person was killed in a communal clash in the area on Friday and 14 people were injured.Meanwhile, the Army staged a flag march in the sensitive areas of the district during the day. The authorities said no major incidents of violence have been reported in the last 24 hours.Barak Valley Divisional Commissioner Anwaruddin Chaudhary said internet services have been suspended in the entire valley, Assam Tribune reported. “Internet connectivity will be restored depending on the law-and-order situation,” Chaudhury added. scroll
Hyderabad: Tensions continue at Amberpet Mosque, Police arrests 10 youngsters
Hyderabad: Attempting to offer namaz in this disputed site detained 10 youngsters after City Police took action against the individuals.The Hyderabad Police took the ten individuals in police custody after they tried to offer prayers at Ek Khana Masjid disputed site on Sunday afternoon, TT reports.Tensions reportedly escalated in the area when a group of youths from the Jama Masjid Amberpet after offering there prayers came on to the road and started raising slogans marching towards the disputed site.Taking action against the youths, the Commissioner’s Task Force teams arrested the youngsters and took them to an undisclosed location in the waiting police van.A call to offer afternoon prayers at the Ek Khana masjid in Amberpet by Darsgah Jihad o Shahadat created tensions in the region with security beefed up.Activists of Darsgah Jihad o Shahadat and Wahadat–e-Islami, head Maulana Naseeruddin were taken into custody by the police in the morning.siasat
Hyderabad-based trust serves food to around 500 people every day during Ramzan
It's Ramzan time, the Muslim month when the followers of the faith observe fast from before sunrise to sunset.Besides fasting, the holy month is also about feasting from dusk to dawn. And in this spirit of Ramzan, a Hyderabad-based trust provides food to almost 400-500 people every day- all without any funding from outside."We have been serving the poor people for 17 years. On the first day of Ramzan, we distributed ration consisting of various items to 1600 poor families and daily we arrange Iftar for the poor people. Around 400-500 people come here to have Iftari daily," Mohammed Nasiuddin Khan, a trustee of Mohammed Zaheeruddin Khan Memorial Trust, told ANI.Charity is one of the five tenets of Islam. Feeding the poor and needy, supporting orphans, relatives and travellers, spending in the way of Allah, all these find references in Quran, the holy book of the Muslims.Rich and well-off followers of the Islamic faith do charity during Ramzan. Some give money to the poor, several others distribute food, clothes and organise Iftars- the breaking of fast.ANI
Mumbai:Rich Muslims reach out to Mumbai's poor with charity camps and free feasts for Ramzan
Mumbai: Braving the heat and fasting since morning, around 300 women queued up at Maa Hoor Bai Hall in Dongri to receive identical packets this past week. The packets carried flour, rice, khujoor or dates, pulses, sugar, edible oil, vermicelli (sewaiyan) and just any other thing needed for iftar and sehri, the pre-dawn light meal during Ramzan. This is one of the many venues where philanthropist Razia Chashmawala distributed "Ramzan ration" among needy. Charity, the cliche goes, begins at home. And before preaching to others to give to the poor in this pious month, Chashmawala thought of doing her bit first. "Similar initiatives are being taken at many other venues in the city and at the far-off suburb Vasai too. Instead of forcing the needy to go looking for free ration in the holy month, we organise the camps to distribute ration among them," says Chashmawala who is being helped by many including the Foundation's chairperson Nazia Yusuf Mistry, Mistry's father Hassan mistry and Baba Bhai Sopariwala. Since a belief has it that every good deed in Ramzan gets blessings 70 times more than in any other month, Muslims do maximum charity in Ramzan. And distribution of ration, food and holding feasts comprise a major part of their charity work. Former MLA Yusuf Abrahni says that the rich mistakenly believe that they own the wealth. "Quran clearly says that it is Allah who gives everything that we possess. So where does ownership of wealth fall on humans?" asks Abrahni. It is in the spirit of giving that Abrahni has also launched a campaign to help the imams and muezzins, especially in Ramzan. "The needy in big cities somehow get enough ration in Ramzan, many from multiple sources. But few reach out to the dirt poor in rural belts. There should be a committee which prepares the list of deserving families in rural areas and help should reach them before Ramzan fasting begins,"suggests former MLA Sohail Lokhandwala who runs an NGO to help cancer patients.TOI
J&K police say dead militant last member of ISJK
Srinagar :Drawing a link with a militant, Ishfaq Ahmad Sofi, who was killed in an encounter in Shopian on Friday, Islamic State (IS) has claimed that it has established a “province” in India. J&K Police rubbished the claim and said Islamic State Jammu and Kashmir (ISJK) has been wiped out and Sofi was its last surviving member.“This (IS claim) is all rubbish. There is nothing of that sort,” J&K’s DGP Dilbagh Singh said. “Everybody would like to claim the person killed and put him on their list of martyrs,” he said.Police said Sofi was arrested in 2016 for his association with the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. After his release in 2018, he went underground and joined the ISJK.“We don’t see any direct link between the ISJK and Islamic State. It seems that some youths were inspired by their ideology and set up the ISJK,” said the senior police officer.While Hizbul Mujahideen and United Jihad Council have said that there is no space for the IS ideology in the state, the joint separatist leadership termed its act as “un-Islamic” after an IS flag was raised inside Jamia Masjid in Srinagar.indianexpress
Country’s biggest drug haul from Greater Noida house owned by IPS officer
New Delhi:In the country’s biggest ever narcotics seizure, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has recovered 1,818kg of pseudoephedrine from a house in Greater Noida and arrested two Nigerian nationals, and one South African national.Officers said that the house, which belongs to an IPS officer was being used as a drug-manufacturing unit. The approximate value of the seized drugs are estimated to be more than Rs1,000 crore.Madhav Singh, zonal director, NCB, said the seizure is India’s biggest-ever narcotics haul and the world’s largest pseudoephedrine seizure in the past three years.According to NCB officials, on Thursday morning following a tip off, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) intercepted a 31-year-old woman passenger, Nomsa Lutalo, from South Africa, at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport.The woman was to board a flight to Johannesburg via Dubai.“On checking her bags, they found 24.7kg pseudoephedrine from her bags. On questioning, the woman said she had been handed the consignment in Greater Noida by two people from Nigeria. She said she was asked to carry the same to Johannesburg and was promised good money in exchange,” Singh said.Based on Lutalo’s interrogation, an NCB team conducted a raid at the identified premise in Sector P4 of Greater Noida the same day.“A man, Henry Ideofor (35) and a woman, Chimando Okora (30) were living in the house. Both are from Nigeria. During searches, we found several canisters and boxes in the house, containing 1,818kg of pseudoephedrine. We also recovered 1.9kg cocaine,” Singh said.HT
Jamia Millia Islamia to provide free UPSC coaching, check how to apply
Jamia Millia Islamia’s Residential Coaching Academy (RCA) has announced admission for the next batch of UPSC aspirants. Desired candidates can apply online at the official website, or at the centre till June 25, 2019. indianexpress
Phase 6 Live: Overall 59% polling till 6 pm, Bengal sees 80% turnout amid sporadic violence
An average of 59.75 per cent voter turnout was recorded till 6 pm in 59 seats spread across UP, Haryana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi in the sixth phase of Lok Sabha, as per the data compiled by the Election Commission.In West Bengal, violence was reported in some areas even as voters came out in good numbers to exercise their franchise.Elections are being held in 14 seats in Uttar Pradesh, 10 seats in Haryana, eights constituencies each in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, seven seats in Delhi and four in Jharkhand.State wise voter turnout till 5 pm: Bihar -55.04%, Haryana- 62.08%, Madhya Pradesh- 59.96%, Uttar Pradesh- 50.62%, West Bengal- 79.94%, Jharkhand- 65.17% and Delhi recorded 54.82%  of voting today. indianexpress
Civil Society Members Demand Counting of 'All VVPAT Slips' for 'Fullest Transparency'
New Delhi: Members of civil society have released a statement demanding the counting of all VVPAT slips for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.Recommending that “VVPAT slips be recognised as the ballot paper”, the statement calls for the counting of every voter slip.Asserting that the vote is a “citizen’s basic right that gives legitimacy, strength and body to the will of the people”, the statement – signed by Aruna Roy, Jayati Ghosh, Justice A.P. Shah, Sanjay Parikh and Syeda Hameed – asserts that the “voter cannot be compelled to repose her trust in an alien device”.Pointing out the 2009 verdict by a German constitutional court, that struck down the “exclusive use of EVMs for recording and counting of votes and explained the rationale of a paper ballot for purposes of transparency and credibility”, the civil society members maintained that all ballots should be counted to “eliminate the doubts that are raised about manipulation and malfunction of the machines”. Furthermore, the members also suggested that to “strengthen transparency and voter confidence”, in the future, “VVPAT slip should be generated and received by the voter who will themselves drop the slip in the ballot box” as “the final act of casting of the vote”.thewire
As Bhopal Votes, Gas Leak Survivors Say Modi Govt has Failed Them
New Delhi: With Modi fighting the 2019 elections by raking up Rajiv Gandhi’s record as prime minister, it was only a matter of time that after Bofors and the 1984 Sikh massacres, he would set his sights on the  Bhopal gas disaster.The tragedy took place on Dec.1-2, 1984, when poisonous gases leaked from the pesticide plant of Union Carbide Limited in Bhopal. The state govt claims that 3,787 people died. Over 5 lakh people were thought to have developed long-term health conditions that have also been passed on to following generations.Last month, Modi said at a public event:“Who will do Nyay to the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy—the world’s worst industrial catastrophe?That too happened under Congress.”He used the word ‘nyay’ because it is the catchy acronym the Congress has given to Rahul Gandhi’s universal basic income proposal, the centrepiece of the party’s election manifesto.While International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal says that both Congress and BJP have failed to bring justice to the victims and their families even 34 years after the disaster, “BJP/NDA has actually outdone Congress in terms of protecting the interests of US multinationals and denying the rights to justice and a life of dignity to the survivors of the world’s worst industrial disaster.”The campaign says that various central and state government were “cozying up to criminal corporations” and neglecting victims of this corporate crime.The Wire
Decade after Malegaon blasts: ‘The girl in the sky blue dress? She is dead’:By Smita Nair
Farheen is a 2×2 inch studio portrait. Tucked away inside a booklet in her father’s shirt pocket, she only comes out on days when investigators or journalists knock on his door. There is more of her, in a metal trunk. Mostly otherwise, she is a memory.On the afternoon of September 29, 2008, Farheen was the happiest. After weeks of trying, she had finally learnt to string together four words and make a sentence — her first in English. After three incorrect attempts at spelling ‘hi’ as ‘high’, she had proceeded to write a full sentence in her notebook. Neat, bold words, separated by irregular gaps, she wrote: “Have… a… good… day”. She didn’t live to see the day end. At 9.33 pm, she was dead.Her 10-year-old body had taken the maximum impact of military grade RDX, ammonium and nitrate radicals packed into a golden LML Freedom motorbike parked right at the curve of Malegaon’s Bhikku Chowk. The bike and the conspiracy were later traced to Varachha, Surat, and to Pragyasingh Chandrapalsingh Thakur. Thakur is now Sadhvi Pragya, the saffron of her robes dominating the BJP’s Lok Sabha poll campaign in Bhopal, with the party pitting her against the Congress’s Digvijaya Singh.Over a decade after the blasts, Farheen’s father Shaikh Liyaqat Mohiudeen, 60, clings on to memories of his little daughter, the youngest of his five children. Mohiudeen, a truck driver, says he always returned home from work to an excited Farheen. Once home, the two always had their ritual. “She would be thrilled to see me return…hear my stories from the road, and then take me out to the chowk to eat tikkis,” he recalls. Evenings were reserved for walking through Malegaon, sitting at the chowk’s tea stall, or picking bangles from shops that Farheen thought made Malegaon shimmer at night.indianexpress
Hindutva exploits Hinduism for political gains: Ashutosh
Ashutosh, well-known face of TV news in India, joined AAP in 2013, but resigned last year. His political career may not have taken off, but he seems to have put his time away from journalism to good use. He’s written a book about the Sangh Parivar’s capture of political power, titled Hindu Rashtra, which came out last month. In a freewheeling interview, he spoke about, among other things, his disillusionment with politics, the death of secularism, and the danger of an ideological state. He said, "there is a difference between Hinduism and Hindutva. Hinduism is about our Hindu-ness, whereas Hindutva is a political ideology that exploits Hinduism for political gains. It has nothing to do with religion. We should all feel proud that we are Hindus. We should take back our gods — the RSS can’t be the owner of our Ram, our Krishna, our Shiva. As for those who say that Rahul Gandhi is indulging in soft Hindutva, I can only say that these people are not willing to learn from our history."thehindu
BJP, RSS activists sporting uniform of Central forces used in West Bengal, says Mamata
KOLKATA:Reiterating that the BJP government was using the Central forces to influence voters in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday said she feared that BJP and RSS activists have entered the state, sporting the uniform of the forces, to conduct polling.“I do not disrespect the Central forces. But they are being instructed to influence the voters. On the pretext of deploying Central forces in West Bengal, the BJP is forcefully pushing BJP and RSS activists here.“I doubt that some RSS activists in (Central forces’) uniform are being pushed into West Bengal,” Ms. Banerjee said while addressing a rally in Basanti area of South 24 Parganas district in Kolkata.PTI
UP’s Domariyaganj: Caste equations, Muslim vote key as BJP faces alliance challenge
Domariyaganj :Vickey Yadav (21), a resident of Domariyaganj tehsil, who is set to vote for the first time in a Lok Sabha election, has a complaint about voting on the basis of caste equations.Vickey, an undergraduate student, wants to consider all options when voting for a candidate. But regardless of who he votes for, no one is going to believe that he voted for a party other than Samajwadi Party (or this year the alliance) candidate, according to Vickey.“In that case why shouldn’t I vote for the candidate everyone will believe I actually voted for, instead of the candidate who I probably think is actually better. Even if I vote for the BJP or the Congress candidate and he wins, he would always think that I did not really vote for him,” says Vickey.He is not the only voter in Domariyaganj Lok Sabha seat who thinks on these lines, and like nearly every other election in the state, caste equations in Domariyaganj are expected to play a major role in the state.indianexpress
Muslim body for FIR on Congress’s Aurangzeb jibe
Mumbai: A Muslim group has filed a complaint at Ghatkopar police station against Mumbai Congress’s former president and the party’s Lok Sabha candidate from Mumbai North West Sanjay Nirupam for calling PM Modi the “modern avatar of Aurangzeb”. “Nirupam’s statement has hurt millions of people who hold Aurangzeb in esteem. Unlike Modi, Aurangzeb was not a jumlebaaz and laffaz (boaster and one who doesn’t keep promises). Aurangzeb cannot be compared with Modi. I have requested the police to file an FIR against Nirupam for hurting people’s sentiments,”said anti-terrorism crusader and Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi candidate from Mumbai North Central Dr AR Anjaria in his complaint. Nirupam, in his defence, has said that he drew parallels between Modi and Aurangzeb only to show how Modi is “änti-Hindu.” TOI
Partition would not have occurred had Muhammad Ali Jinnah been appointed PM, says BJP candidate
BJP candidate from the Ratlam-Jhabua Lok Sabha seat in Madhya Pradesh, Guman Singh Damor, has said Partition would not have taken place had Muhammad Ali Jinnah been made the prime minister of India after Independence,ANI reported. Jinnah, who was an advocate and scholar, is the founder of Pakistan.“Had Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru not insisted to be the first prime minister at the time of Independence, then this country would not have been divided into two parts,” Damor said at an election meeting. The sole responsibility of Partition rests with the Congress.”
US sends Patriots, warship to Middle East amid Iran tensions
US government has approved the deployment of a Patriot missile defence battery and another warship to the Middle East amid increasing tensions between the US and Iran. USS Arlington, which transports marines, amphibious vehicles, and rotary aircraft, as well as the Patriot missiles, will join the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group, which already passed through Egypt's Suez Canal on Thursday, and is currently sailing in the Red Sea, according to CNN.US says the deployments of military hardware to the region comes in response to "heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations". Patriot missile system is a defence mechanism against aircraft, drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, and is currently deployed in Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE." Acting Secretary of Defense has approved the movement of USS Arlington (LPD-24) and a Patriot battery to US Central Command (CENTCOM) as part of the command's original request for forces from earlier this week," a Pentagon statement said.
Rouhani: Iran may face conditions harder than 1980s war with Iraq
President Hassan Rouhani has called for unity among Iran's political factions to overcome conditions which he says may be harder than those during the 1980s war with Iraq.As Iran faces tightening US sanctions, Rouhani said his country was under unprecedented pressure comparable to when Saddam Hussein's army invaded Iran in 1980, which prompted eight years of intense fighting and economic problems."Today, it cannot be said whether conditions are better or worse than the (1980-88) war period, but during the war we did not have a problem with our banks, oil sales or imports and exports, and there were only sanctions on arms purchases," Iran's state news agency IRNA cited Rouhani as saying. aljazeera
Syria's Assad silenced dissent in secret torture prisons: Report
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government has been running a network of secret torture facilities across Syria while the country's civil war unfolded, a new report has found.In a lengthy report, the New York Times found that the rate at which people are being detained in the country is still increasing, despite Assad's military win in the bloody conflict - now in its ninth year.In the report, several survivors shared gruesome testimonies of how they were arrested and tortured across a number of prison facilities run by Syrian intelligence.The survivors are just a handful of hundreds of thousands of people believed to have passed through secret prison system since Syrian uprising kicked off in 2011. aljazeera
Egypt: court jails 44 people for joining Muslim Brotherhood
An Alexandrian criminal court on Saturday sentenced five people to life in prison for membership of the Muslim Brotherhood, and jailed 39 others for 15 years on the same charges.The case dates back to 2018, where 44 people were arrested for vandalism and threatening people with accelerants in the El-Soyoof area of Alexandria. The prosecution charged the defendants with joining a banned group, possessing flammable materials, setting cars ablaze, and assaulting citizens. The defendants can still appeal the sentence. Ahram
Muslim app banned for containing anti-semitic rhetoric
Google has removed an app from its online store after The Sunday Times revealed it contained anti-semitic rhetoric. The Euro Fatwa App, launched last month by the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), based in Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, is said to be a guide for Muslims based in Europe.The app’s introduction is written by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is regarded as the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has been banned from the UK and France for extolling extremist views. In the app’s introduction, al-Qaradawi speaks about previous fatwas (Islamic law) during which he makes a defamatory reference to Jews. The times
London protest demands Israel end 'unprecedented attacks' on Palestine
Thousands have demonstrated in central London to demand an end to the “unprecedented attacks” against the Palestinian people at the hands of Israel.Marching from Portland Place to Whitehall, a diverse crowd chanted “Palestine will be free” and called for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, while holding banners calling on the UK to stop arming Israel, as part of a demonstration organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Stop the War Coalition, among others.Protesters gathered next to the cenotaph to hear speeches from the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) representative, union officials, MPs and campaigners. Ahed Tamimi, who became a symbol of resistance for the Palestinian people after she was jailed for slapping soldiers outside her home in the West Bank, took to the stage and said she refused to be defined as a victim, but instead a freedom fighter.Richard Burgeon, the Labour MP, said: “Palestine has the right to exist but sadly that is a right that is increasingly threatened … Palestinians should be able to live free from ever expanding settlements on stolen land.”The protest was timed to coincide with the 1948 Palestinian exodus in which hundreds of thousands were forcibly displaced from their homes during 1948 and 1967 wars that resulted from the state of Israel being created.theguardian
Thousands march in London to support Palestinians after Gaza rocket exchanges
Saudi state media: 8 'terror suspects' killed in Qatif
Eight members of what Saudi authorities call a terrorist cell were killed on Saturday in a police raid in Saudi Arabia's eastern Qatif region, a Shia minority stronghold, state media has reported.The recently-formed cell was preparing to carry out "terrorist activities" against the security of the country, official Saudi Press Agency reported, citing a state security spokesperson.The spokesperson said the men were killed after they fired shots at security forces, who had surrounded a residential apartment in the Sanabis neighbourhood. aljazeera
Pakistan bans 11 groups for having links with JuD, JeM groups
Pakistan government has banned 11 Lahore-based organisations for having links with proscribed outifts JeM led by Masood Azhar, JuD's Hafiz Saeed and the FIF.The decision to ban the 11 organisations was taken during a meeting between Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan and Interior Minister Ijaz Shah on Friday.All these groups are Lahore-based.PTI
Gunmen attack hotel in Pakistan's Gwadar, kill five people
Islamabad: Gunmen have stormed a five-star hotel in Pakistan's port city of Gwadar, killing at least five people, officials said.In a statement, Pakistan's military said three armed men killed a security guard as they attempted to enter the Pearl Continental hotel on Saturday in the southern city.Local hospital officials say the death toll from the Gwadar attack has risen to at least five."Five people were killed, and there were six wounded," Abdul Latif, the chief of Gwadar's main government hospital, told Al Jazeera by telephone. aljazeera
Rohingya girls rescued from traffickers in Bangladesh
At least 23 teenage Rohingya girls have been rescued after being brought from refugee camps to the capital, Dhaka, to be sent to Malaysia by air, Bangladesh police said on Sunday.

Dhaka police also arrested four human traffickers including a Rohingya couple and recovered more than 50 Bangladeshi passports from them on Saturday. Police spokesman Mokhlesur Rahman said they raided a residence in the northern part of the city and found the teenagers hiding in a room behind a tailoring shop."They were promised jobs in Malaysia and brought from refugee camps in Cox's Bazar," he told AFP news agency, referring to the Rohingya settlements in Bangladesh's southeastern coastal district. Aljazeera

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Modi’s Hindutva 2.0 written on Varanasi walls: Temple restoration, not mosque demolition:SHEKHAR GUPTA
A radioactive doll, two blasts, East India Company, and Abdul Kalam: the story of a con:Hamza Khan |indianexpress

Compiled and edited by Anwarulhaq (Released at: 6:51 PM)


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