13 October 2019

13 OCT. NEWS: Bangladesh, Nepal ahead as World Bank cuts India's growth forecast to 6%, warns of "severe" slowdown/ Jamaat-e-Islami Hind voices concerns after visiting J&K

13 OCT. 2019: 13 Safar 1441: Vol: 12, No: 35
World Bank cuts India's growth forecast to 6%, warns of "severe" slowdown
World Bank today slashed its growth forecast for India's current fiscal year to 6 %, down from 7.5 %, warning that "severe" slowdown could further weaken the country's stuttering financial sector.In its last forecast in April, the bank had said that India's economic outlook was strong and expected growth of 7.5 % during the current fiscal year that began in April.But the country is currently growing at its slowest pace in six years, expanding by just 5% in April-June quarter, hit by flagging consumer demand and a slackening in Govt spending.India's industrial output also shrank at its fastest rate in more than 6 years in August, data released last week showed, indicating that a slew of Govt measures had yet to underpin a recovery. In an effort to kick-start economy, RBI has cut interest rates 5 times this year, and underlined challenge for policymakers by downgrading its growth forecast to 6.1% from 6.9 % earlier this month. World Bank's latest forecast also underlined concerns linked to slowing growth and New Delhi's decision to cut the corporate tax rate, which will cost about 1.5 trillion rupees in tax revenues."While the authorities have shown steadfast commitment to fiscal prudence, the significant growth deceleration as well as the corporate tax cuts undertaken to counter it come with heightened risks of fiscal slippage," the bank's report said.Reuters
Bangladesh, Nepal to grow faster than India: World Bank
Bangladesh and Nepal are estimated to grow faster than India in 2019, according to the World Bank, which said that overall growth in South Asia is projected to slow down this fiscal in line with a global downward trend. Pakistan's growth rate is projected to deteriorate further to a mere 2.4% this fiscal year, as monetary policy remains tight, and the planned fiscal consolidation will compress domestic demand, it said. Growth in South Asia is projected to fall to 5.9% in 2019, down 1.1 percentage points from April 2019 estimates, casting uncertainty about a rebound in the short term, the World Bank said in its latest report.In Bangladesh, real GDP growth is estimated at 8.1% in 2019, up from 7.9% in 2018, the report said, adding that the country''s growth is projected at 7.2 % in 2020 and 7.3% in 2021. In Nepal, GDP growth is projected to average 6.5% over this and next fiscal year, backed by strong services and construction activity due to rising tourist arrivals and higher public spending.PTI
Union Minister Prasad withdraws comments linking economy with box office collection
Facing flak after he cited Rs 120 crore business done by three movies on a single day to rebut suggestions of an economic slump in the country, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today withdrew his comments.Prasad’s comments in Mumbai on Saturday coupled with his criticism of an NSSO report on high unemployment rate and IMF’s report of a slowdown in India had attracted flak and the senior BJP leader was also trolled online.In a statement issued on Sunday, Prasad claimed that one part of his statement had been “completely twisted out of context”, and said “being a sensitive person, I withdraw this comment”.“My comments made yesterday in Mumbai about 3 films making Rs 120 crore in a single day- the highest ever, was a factually correct statement. I had stated this as I was in Mumbai- the film capital of India. We are very proud of our film industry which provided employment to lakhs of people and contributes significantly by way of taxes.tribuneindia
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind voices concerns after visiting J&K
New Delhi: A joint delegation of the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and the civil society has raised concerns over the prevailing situation in Kashmir and also the impact of communication clampdown on Kashmiris.The team, which visited the Valley from Oct.7 to 10 Oct, included S.R. Darapuri (retd. IG, UP Police), Malik Mohtashim Khan (JIH Secretary), Shweta Verma (women & child rights activist) and Mujtaba Farooq (Secretary General of the All India Muslim Majis Mushawarat). The delegation visited Srinagar, Baramulla and Pulwama and met social activists, lawyers, representatives of NGOs and religious organisations."People are unable to contact loved ones even in emergencies. They find it difficult to call hospitals for medical emergencies," the JIH said in a statement. Patients undergoing dialysis were facing problems due to non-availability of local transport, it said and pointed to shortage of medicines. The team has also raised mental health issues due to the blackout and its ripple effect. It also highlighted the issue of large-scale detentions. "The Public Safety Act (PSA) and police detentions are major concerns. No one has correct picture about the number of detentions," it said.IANS
Kashmiris fear their mobile phone calls might be tapped by agencies
After 69 days of clampdown, the Govt on Saturday announced that mobile phone services would be restored in Kashmir. The initial excitement after the news came was quickly replaced by a worry. A general apprehension among the people is that if they could speak freely on their phones. They fear that every call they make might be monitored by the security agencies."It is such a respite. At least I can speak to my children studying in Delhi”,said Ayesha Shah, a Srinagar resident.But Shah quickly adds that telephone here has no longer remained a private affair. On Saturday, Rohit Kansal, Govt spokesperson said that postpaid mobile phone service would be resumed from Oct. 14 noon while the people had to wait for some more time for resumption of internet.Merely a few days after the unprecedented clamp down, Govt restored the mobile phones of some of its senior level police and civil officials. A few officers confided in this reporter that their numbers were blocked as soon as they shared information with their friends living in Indian mainland  about the prevailing situation in Kashmir."My number was blocked soon after I informed a Delhi based friend that things are not normal here. And it was around third week of August" , said a senior govt official.For making a phone call, he said, his office witnessed long queues of people during the month of August."My staff would strictly warn them of  saying anything about the current situation in valley on phone", he said. nationalheraldindia
Kashmiris practicing peaceful civil disobedience: New fact-finding report
New Delhi: A new report released by a team of 4 academics, activists and journalists has chronicled the ways in which Kashmiris have been dealing with the lockdown in the Valley following govt’s decision to read down Article 370 on Aug5. For example, the fact-finding report says that many shops and offices have been closed, but this is not due to them succumbing to the calls of militants, separatist leaders or political leaders. It is, in fact, an “act of resistance against the Indian state”. The team found about three instances where people said they saw posters possibly by militants, asking people to shut their shops. Instead, they say that many more people claim that they were being forced by Indian security personnel to keep their shops open. “These are people the Kashmiris are equally scared of. It is at their behest that people are being arrested. So the decision to defy them is significant and brazen. And yet, that is the choice most Kashmiris have made. To go against the diktat to open shop. And remain in this mode of civil disobedience for as long as they can,” says the report. They say that people across the spectrum – from hardliners to separatists who either want a union with Pakistan or want azadi, to those siding with India – have experienced collective shock and trauma. All of this has turned many Kashmiris into “silent protestors”.thewire
Kashmiris are resisting Govt ‘through satyagraha: fact-finding report
Modi challenges opposition to bring back Article 370, triple talaq
PM Narendra Modi Sunday dared the Opposition to declare in their manifesto that they will bring back Article 370 and triple talaq law.Addressing his first rally in poll-bound Maharashtra, Modi accused opposition leaders of shedding crocodile tears on his Govt’s decision to scrap the special status accorded to Jammu-Kashmir. He said, “I challenge them, if they have guts, declare in their manifesto for state election and future polls too, that they will bring back Article 370 and 35A, which BJP, the Modi Govt scrapped…that they will change the August 5 decision.”“Stop shedding these crocodile tears,” he while addressing a BJP rally in Jalgaon.Defending the Govt’s decision to remove J&K’s special status, Modi assured that normalcy will return to the state in 4 months.“It will not take more than four months to normalise the kind of situation that prevailed there for 40 years,” he assured. PM said it was earlier “unthinkable” that such a decision (of abrogating the Article) could be taken, and noted that only separatism and terrorism spread in J&K  over the years. The scope for development of the poor, women, Dalits and the exploited sections was slim, he pointed out.Members of Valmiki community in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were even deprived of their human rights, he said. He also hit out at the opposition over the issue of banning triple talaq, alleging they tried to see Muslim sisters did not get justice.“But, I kept the promise made to Muslim mothers and sisters,” he said, and also challenged the opposition “to bring back the practice of triple talaq”.indianexpress
Rajnath's "suggestion" to Imran Khan involves army going to Pak
Karnal:Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today took a swipe at Pakistan's PM Imran Khan over not doing enough to act against terrorists roaming freely on its soil. Rajnath, while suggesting a solution to Pakistan that involves India's intervention, also dropped in a word of advice to Pakistani PM, who today reached Iran following a request from US and Saudi Arabia for him to try to defuse rising tensions in the Gulf. "I would like to make a suggestion to Pakistan PM. If you are serious enough to fight against terror, we are ready to assist you. If you want our Army, then we will send them there for your help," Singh said at a rally in Karnal in Haryana. At the rally in Haryana, Singh said Pakistani PM's remarks about Kashmir carry no weight. Referring to Kashmir as a possible flashpoint, Khan had given a volatile speech warning India and the world of the runaway consequences of nuclear war at UN General Assembly last month. "I was listening to Imran Khan's speech where he had said that till Kashmir gets freedom, we will continue our fight over it. He also said that his country will continue to raise Kashmir issue at international forums. Forget about Kashmir. Don't even think about it. Raise the matter, nothing will happen. No one can exert pressure on us," Singh said. "You divided India into 2 pieces as part of 2-nation theory in 1947. But in 1971, your country was divided into two pieces again. And if the situation persists, then no power can stop Pakistan from being broken up further," Singh said.ndtv
Rajnath says with Rafale, forces could have eliminated Pakistan terror camps from within India
When youth ask for jobs, govt tells them to watch Moon, speaks about Article 370: Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi :Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has accused PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of distracting people from core issues including farmer distress and lack of jobs. “The work of media, Modi and Shah is to distract people’s attention from core issues. The media is silent on farmers’ distress, lack of jobs. The media is mum on loan waiver to rich as it is owned by them,” Gandhi said while addressing an election rally at Ausa in Maharashtra’s Latur.  In an apparent reference to ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 mission, Gandhi said that when youth demand jobs, Govt tells them to watch the Moon. “When the youth ask for jobs, the Govt tells them to watch the Moon. Govt speaks about Article 370 and Moon, but is silent on problems plaguing the country,” he said.Gandhi also alleged that Rs 5.5 lakh crore debt of “15 rich people” had been waived off by the Modi Govt, hinting at demonestisation and implementation of GST which he said, was done to take money from pockets of poor and give it to rich. indianexpress
Protracted Ayodhya hearing in SC to enter final leg on Oct. 14
new delhi: The protracted hearing in the politically sensitive Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute at Ayodhya will enter into the crucial final leg on Monday when the Supreme Court resumes proceedings on the 38th day after the week-long Dussehra break.Fixing the schedule for the final leg of the lengthy arguments, it had said that the Muslim side would complete the arguments on Oct. 14 and thereafter, two days would be granted to the Hindu parties to sum up their rejoinders by Oct. 16. Oct. 17 would be the last day for wrapping up the hearing when the parties will have to make the final arguments about the relief they are seeking, the court had said. The bench had earlier fixed the deadline of Oct. 18 to conclude the hearing.PTI
If VHP is permitted to light ‘diyas’, let us offer ‘namaz’: Muslim litigant
Lucknow: Muslim litigant in Ayodhya case Hazi Mehboob has opposed VHP’s demand to light ‘diyas’ on the Ayodhya disputed complex on Diwali day.Mehboob has demanded permission to offer namaz at the disputed site if VHP gets permission to celebrate Diwali on the complex. After VHP’s decision to meet divisional commissioner Manoj Mishra, who is also receiver (authorised person) of the disputed site, to seek permission to celebrate Diwali at the disputed site, Muslims assembled at the residence of Haji Mehboob in Ayodhya and held a meeting.Presiding over the meeting, Mehboob said: “The Supreme Court has ordered status quo at the disputed site. No new activity is allowed there.”If VHP gets permission to celebrate Diwali at the disputed site, then Muslims must also get permission to offer namaz at the site, he added.“The new controversy is unwarranted. All rituals are performed at the Ram Janmabhoomi site every Diwali. This year also it should be the same,” said Iqbal Ansari, another Muslim litigant in the case, while commenting on VHP’s demand to celebrate Diwali at the disputed site. HT
VHP says seers will light diyas at ram temple on Diwali, Ayodhya admin says no activity beyond SC Mandate
Ayodhya: VHP has said that seers will light 5,100 earthen lamps at the disputed  Babri Masjid site on Diwali but the district administration asserted no religious activity beyond the Supreme Court's mandate on the issue will be allowed.VHP spokesperson Sharad Sharma said the seers of Ayodhya will go inside the Ram Mandir and light up diyas before deity. PTI
Majoritarianism taking India down ‘dark and uncertain path’, says ex RBI governor Rajan
Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has attacked Modi Govt, saying its majoritarianism and authoritarianism were taking the country down a “dark and uncertain path”. He also accused it of weakening institutions. Highlighting that the ruling party identified majoritarian issues like triple talaq and Kashmir, Rajan said: “I don’t believe that majoritarians improve national security. They weaken it, they want national integration on their terms. Majoritarian nationalism is intrinsically divisive because it labels a bunch of citizens the ‘others’ and sets impossible terms for these minorities to be considered true citizens. It ends up alienating them and, as Lincoln said, a house divided by itself cannot stand.”Rajan warned that while majoritarinsim may win elections, it is taking India down a “dark and uncertain path”. “India is better off strengthening its democracy and decentralising,” he said.According to Rajan, Modi was elected to power a second time because allegations on the Rafael deal and closeness to business houses did not stick and also because, at the time of the election, the dialogue was changed from performance to national security. He said Govt had “superb command over social media” which helped sell the govt’s performance widely. “Even today you see WhatsApp messages saying that 5% growth is wonderful without recognising that its come down,”said Rajan.Commenting on the perception that Modi is respected globally, Rajan said, “People respect Indian leaders not because of the force of their personality but because they represent a 1.3-billion-strong market democracy growing fast.”TOI
Muslims in India Happiest in the World Courtesy Hindu Culture:RSS Chief Bhagwat
RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that the happiest Muslims in the world are found in India, courtesy Hindu culture. Addressing a gathering, Bhagwat said Hindu was not a religion, language or name of country. “It’s the culture of all those who live in India,” he said, adding that when any nation has deviated from the right path, “it has come to us in search of truth”.“When Jews were wandering, India was the only nation where they got shelter. Parsis practise their religion freely only in India. The happiest Muslims are found in India. Why is it so? Because we are Hindus,” he said.RSS chief added: “Many in India are ashamed of proclaiming their Hindu identity. There are some who will say they are proud of being Hindu. There are others who will say they are Hindu, but show their annoyance at the continuous utterance of the word. There are some who are cautious about their Hindu identity because their interest are affected.”Bhagwat said it was necessary to organise the society and all sections must move together, an aim the RSS was working towards. "We have no hatred towards anyone. We must move together for building a better society that can bring changes and help develop the country as a whole," he said.news18
People link nationalism with Hitler… but India is different: Bhagwat
Bhagwat cannot erase my history in India: Owaisi on  RSS chief's Hindu remark
AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi today hit out at RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat over his remark that Muslims were happy in India only because of Hindus.In a tweet, Owaisi said that Bhagwat could not erase his history in India and pointed out that Muslim culture and faith could not be subsumed by Hinduism."Bhagwat cannot erase my history in India by renaming it Hindu’. It won’t work. He cannot insist that our cultures, faiths, creeds & individual identities all be subsumed by Hinduism," Owaisi said in the tweet.In another tweet, Owaisi slammed Bhagwat for linking Indian Muslims to foreign Muslims and said that Hindu Rashtra was not equal to Hindu Supremacy. "No matter how hard Bhagwat tries to link us to foreign Muslims,it will not reduce my Indianness.Hindu Rashtra=Hindu Supremacy. That is unacceptable to us. The measure of whether we’re happy or not is the Constitution, not the magnanimity of majority," he said.indiatoday
At NHRC, Amit Shah says don’t apply western norms of rights here
Home Minister Amit Shah has said that India’s human rights policy must focus on the rights of civilians killed by militants or Maoists as much as it does on police atrocities and custodial deaths.“There is no bigger violation of human rights than those affected by militants in Kashmir or Naxals. We must look at these issues with an Indian outlook,” Shah said, while speaking at 26th foundation day of NHRC.Shah, who was the chief guest at the event, said that western standards of human rights cannot be blindly applied to Indian issues. “Women not having access to toilets and safe methods of cooking is a human rights issue.Modi Govt has ensured upliftement of millions of individuals from these situations,” he said, enumerating the Govt’s efforts at increasing the standard of living.Union minister said that under PM Narendra Modi’s leadership, India is moving towards a scenario where there will be no human rights violations.NHRC chairperson and former CJI  HL Dattu said that the Govt has supported the commission in fulfilling its mandate. Dattu added that the NHRC has fulfilled its mandate by tackling pressing issues related to bonded labour and custodial deaths.indianexpress
Modi-Xi summit: Real heroes behind ‘clean and clear’ Mahabalipuram haven't been paid for a month
Chennai: If Mamallapuram is now looking clean and beautiful, it’s due to the efforts of sanitary workers, who toiled day and night for the past one month for the summit to become a success.However, thousands of these temporary workers hired by State agencies to expedite the ‘beautification’ process, allege they have not been paid for nearly a month. They also do not have any information about when they will get their wages.G Savithri, working in the temple town, says she is concerned that authorities will pay only Rs 100 per day, as under MNREGA scheme.“20 days back, the panchayat said it wanted people for work. A bunch of villagers went to work. We have not been paid yet,” says Savithri.Similarly, hours before Xi landed in the city, workers were toiling to beautify OMR. Those involved in door-to-door garbage collection were also roped in to clean up the stretches. No extra wages have been promised for them.newindianexpress
'Muslim women spit into water served to Hindus', says BJP MLA, gets notice
Dehradun: A video went viral on Saturday purportedly showing BJP's Rudrapur MLA Rajkumar Thukral spewing venom against Muslims in his constituency, prompting party to serve a notice to MLA.In the video, MLA is seen addressing a gathering in his constituency and saying he does not need the support of Muslims. Thukral said he would never bow his head before a Muslim or in a mosque. MLA also said that he would never visit a Muslim home for a roza-iftar as Muslim women spit into the water served to Hindu visitors to desecrate their religion.In the video, Thukral is seen describing Muslims being "disloyal" to the country. Distancing himself from Thukral's remark, Pradesh BJP president Ajay Bhatt issued a statement describing the MLA's views as personal with which BJP had nothing to do.On Bhatt's directive, Pradesh BJP general secretary Anil Goyal issued a notice to Thukral seeking an explanation from him for his conduct.PTI
WB, AP, Jharkhand Hindus in danger from Muslim intruders, claims VHP
Nagpur: VHP has said that Hindus living in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand are facing danger from Muslim intruders from Bangladesh while CMs Mamta Banerjee and Jagan Mohan Rreddy are allegedly committed to minority appeasement by taking an ‘anti-Hindu stand’. VHP national general secretary Milind Parande said the right-wing communal group would protect Hindus who are facing danger to their lives, properties and faith. Parande said considering the ‘grim situation’ in the backdrop of NRC implementation in Assam, political killings in West Bengal and love jihad in Andhra, VHP would launch an awareness drive from Nov.Parande said AP Govt was on a spree of extending ‘undue favours’ to Muslims in the state and at the same time remaining mum on mass conversions. TOI
NRC implementation across India will have lethal consequences: CPI ML
Ballia; If NRC is implemented across India, it will have lethal consequences and the country's atmosphere will become like that of Kashmir, CPI(ML) Liberation has said.The Left party has also alleged that poor and Dalits are being targeted through NRC.CPI(Marxist-Leninist) Liberation general secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said, "If NRC is implemented across India, it will have lethal consequences and the atmosphere of the country will become like that of Kashmir."Terming BJP-led Centre "anti-public", he alleged that it was following the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and aiming to implement NRC in the country to serve its political interest."This is a ploy to divide the country. Through the NRC, poor and Dalits are being targeted," Bhattacharya said.PTI
Muslim groups: Tickets expose real face of BJP in Maharashtra assembly polls
Mumbai: The absence of a Muslim candidate in the BJP list for the assembly polls has given ammunition to a section of the community leadership to attack the party.In 2014, BJP had nominated Pasha Patel from Ausa. Now that not even the Muslim face of the state BJP, Haider Azam, has been nominated from Malad West, some are reiterating the allegation that PM Narendra Modi's slogan 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas' is hollow."BJP doesn't want Muslims in the assembly and Parliament. It is against political empowerment of the community and denial of seat to a Muslim is part of the same agenda," said FM Thakur, who heads Maharashtra Muslim Sangh, an umbrella outfit of several Muslim NGOs.The sangh had supported the BJP in 2014 but broken away from it a year ago.TOI
Murshidabad triple murders: BJP, RSS continue to dub killings 'political', despite kin of victims claiming they were apolitical
Murshidabad triple murder was being dubbed a case of political violence, with the male victim being dubbed another one of RSS workers who were targeted because of their political affiliation. The claim is politically potent enough that it is roiling West Bengal politics as BJP accused Trinamool Congress for the case. The pattern, the accusation and the ensuing politics appear all too familiar, as in the run up to Lok Sabha polls. However, this time around, the problem is that not just the local police but also the family seems to be denying a political angle to the case. On Tuesday, Bandhuprakash Pal, a 40-year-old school teacher, his wife Beauty (30) and their son Angan (5) were found brutally murdered at their home in Lebu Bagan area of Jiaganj.firstpost
5 Jamia Students Issued Notice for Protesting Israeli Participation at College Event
New Delhi: 5 students of Jamia Millia Islamia have been issued a showcause notice for allegedly "disturbing the normal functioning" of the varsity, a week after they demonstrated against an event on campus in which there was a participant from Israel.The notice said the students had "indulged in acts" that have "tarnished the image of Jamia and disturbed the normal functioning of the university".The varsity administration said students broke the lock of the proctor office gate and misbehaved with the guards and the proctorial team of the varsity. AISA claimed the students were protesting peacefully against the event. Two of the students issued notices belong to the Left-backed student outfit.This event was carried out in collaboration with Israel as a country partner, AISA said. "The alleged 'crime' these students committed was participating in a protest demonstration on Oct.5 against the event "Global Health Zenith: Confluence'19" organised by Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics."This event was carried out in collaboration with Israel as a country partner," AISA said."The event only had one Israel delegate participating in it and there was no association with Israel. He had come to read a paper," Waseem Ahmed Khan, proctor, said. PTI
UP govt recommends CBI inquiry into irregular sale, purchase of waqf properties
UP Govt has recommended a CBI inquiry into the irregular sale, purchase and transfer of waqf properties. According to a Home Department release here, a letter in this regard requesting a CBI inquiry has been sent to the concerned authorities. UP Govt has recommended the CBI inquiry into the irregular sale, purchase and transfer of waqf properties of UP Shia Central Waqf Board and UP Sunni Central Waqf Board.Cases have been registered in Kotwali Allahabad and Kotwali Hazratganj Lucknow in this regard.indiatoday
Gujarat school exam shocker: ‘How did Mahatma Gandhi commit suicide?’
A question in a school exam on how Mahatma Gandhi committed suicide has shocked the Gujarat education authorities, prompting them to initiate an inquiry into it. Another question about boot-legging in dry Gujarat has also irked the education officials.“(how did Gandhiji commit suicide” was the question asked in Gujarati to Class 9 students during an internal assessment examination of schools run under the banner of ‘Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul’, an official said. Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul is an organisation of some self-financed schools and educational institutions getting Govt grants in Gandhinagar. Besides, another question in an exam paper of Class 12 students was about “writing a letter to district police chief complaining about the rise in sale of liquor in your area and nuisance created by bootleggers”.“A cluster of self-financed schools and those getting grants included these two questions for internal assessment exams held on Saturday. These questions are highly objectionable, and we have initiated an inquiry. Action will be taken after the report comes in,” Gandhinagar’s district education officer Bharat Vadher told PTI.PTI
1 lynched to death, 2 injured by mob in West Bengal
Midnapore:An unidentified man was killed and two others were seriously injured in an assault by mobs in separate incidents in two districts of West Bengal early on Sunday, police said.The man, around 30-year-old, died in Salkia area of Howrah district after he was beaten up by locals near a warehouse. He was tied up to a tree.“The youth was suspected to be a thief. We are trying to identify the culprits from footage caught on security cameras installed in the area. One person has been detained for questioning,” Y Raghubanshi, Howrah city police’s DCP(north), said. In another incident, two men were thrashed in English Bazar area of Malda district on suspicion that they were thieves. Haiyul Sheikh, 22, and Salam Sheikh, 20, were allegedly loitering near Pirojpur Women’s College when some locals caught them. When they said that they were from Sujapur in district’s Kaliachak area, which is notorious for organised crime, residents started thrashing them. Officers from English Bazar police station rescued the men and took them to Hospital. “Haiyul and I were going to meet a friend who lives near the college. Local people assumed that we were thieves. Had police not arrived the mob would have killed us,” Salam Sheikh said.HT
Jehanabad wears deserted look after clash
Patna: Tension prevailed at Jehanabad even though no fresh incident of clash was reported from any part of the district on Saturday. Prohibitory orders under section 144 of CrPC continued for the third consecutive day. Jehanabad SP Maneesh described the situation as tense but under control. “No fresh incident of clash was reported on Saturday. However, we are cautious and don’t want to leave anything to chance,” SP said, adding 60 people have so far been arrested.TOI
Centre trying to twist, hijack outcome of Naga peace talks: NSCN
Guwahati:Amid speculation of an early solution to the protracted Naga political issue, Isak-Muivah faction Nationalist Social Council of Nagaland (NSCN) has accused the central Govt of trying to twist and backtrack on its commitments to nullify the ‘’framework agreement’’ reached after 22 years of intensive negotiations.In a statement on Saturday, two days after the latest round of talks between the Centre and NSCN-IM leaders ended in New Delhi, largest Naga rebel outfit said it was surprising to see that central Govt was trying to “hijack” the outcome of the talks by using a section of people, who were neither mandated nor represented the Naga people and Naga national issue. Outfit also expressed its displeasure at the importance given to seven other rebel outfits, which joined the ongoing peace talks at a much later stage.“After 22 years long intensive negotiations, Govt of India has now started to twist and backtrack on their commitments and words so that the hard earned framework agreement is nullified on any pretext,” said the statement.HT
Welfare Party, Lok Raj Sangathan to hold demonstration against 1984 sikh massacre on Nov. 1
New Delhi:Over a dozen social and political organisations, including Welfare Party of India(WPI), Lok Paksh and Lok Raj Sangathan, will be holding a day-long demonstration on Sansad Marg, coinciding with the 35th anniversary of Sikh carnage in Delhi on Nov.1. WPI representative Siraj Talib said that it was not a riot but a “pre-planned massacre” of Sikh connived by the state and police. Surprisingly, most of the instigators and perpetrators of the anti-Sikh violence, he said, had gone unpunished. Talib said that WPI and several other organisations had been holding agitations on every anniversary of the Sikh massacre for the last several years demanding punishment for the accused involved in anti-Sikh pogrom. WPI and many other organisations held a peaceful programme in Abul Fazal Enclave on Friday to create awareness among the people about the massacre and motivate them to participate in the demonstrations on Nov.1. Birju Naik of Lok Raj Sangathan said that “a massacre at such a large scale could not take place without connivance of the state administration and police’’. He also said that the riots at different places in the country following demolition of the Babri Masjid and Muzaffarnagar violence in UP were basically state terrorism. “This cannot be allowed in a democratic country”, he said.India Tomorrow
Terror funding: Role of over 40 individuals under scanner in UP
Bareilly: Bareilly police is now probing the role of more than 40 individuals who were suspected to be involved in various cases of money laundering and caught by cops in Delhi in the past. The individuals’ role came under the scanner following the arrests of 4 accused in Lakhimpur Kheri district on Thursday. 4 accused were allegedly involved in terror funding and were acting as “carriers” in transferring money from Nepal to Delhi via Bareilly. 4 accused - Ummed Ali, Sanjay Agarwal, Sameer Salmani alias Sonu and Airaj Ali - were arrested by crime branch team.Police told TOI , “We are now preparing a list of individuals from four villages who are suspected to be involved in money laundering cases.”TOI
Up to 1000 US troops to withdraw from northern Syria; Erdogan says arms embargoes won't stop operation
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said President Donald Trump had ordered the withdrawal of up to 1,000 troops from northern Syria. "I spoke with the president last night after discussions with the rest of the national security team and he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria," Esper told CBS's Face the Nation. "We find ourselves as we have American forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies and it's a very untenable situation," he added. Esper told Fox News that the number of troops being pulled back totaled "less than a thousand"."I can't give a timeline because it changes hourly. We want to make sure that we do so in a very safe, deliberate manner, that we deconflict things as we go with those folks on the ground and immediate area." Heavy fighting continues as Turkey presses ahead with its military operation against Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria, now in its fifth day. Turkey's president said threats of sanctions and arms embargoes by Western powers would not stop Turkey's military offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria."After we launched our operation, we have faced threats like economic sanctions and embargoes on weapons sales. Those who think they can make Turkey turn back with these threats are gravely mistaken,"Erdogan said in a televised speech. France and Germany said on Saturday that they were suspending arms exports to Turkey over its offensive in Syria against the Kurdish YPG. Erdogan told a news conference that Turkey's military operation will extend 30 to 35km into Syrian territory. Meanwhile, Turkey's assault has forced 130,000 people to flee their homes, UN said, adding it was preparing for that figure to more than triple. "We have moved into a planning scenario where up to 400,000 people could be displaced within and across affected areas," Jens Laerke, a spokesman for UN humanitarian agency OCHA said, adding that these people would be "in need of assistance and protection".aljazeera
Syrian Observatory: 100 people escape camp holding Islamic State relatives
Around 100 people – women affiliated with Islamic State and their children – have escaped from a camp guarded by Syrian Kurdish-led security forces in northern Syria, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, Reuters reported. Citing sources in the camp at Ain Issa, Observatory Director Rami Abdulrahman said there was a state of “anarchy” inside. middleeastmonitor
Bangladesh forces kill more than a dozen Rohingya refugees
Security forces in Bangladesh have killed more than a dozen Rohingya refugees in recent weeks.Police say they were suspected of being involved in the murder of a politician. But rights groups dispute that claim.aljazeera
Tunisia: Voting under way in Prez runoff election
Tunis: Voting is under way in Tunisia's runoff presidential contest which pits media magnate Nabil Karoui against conservative lawyer Kais Saied.The two self-styled "outsider" candidates delivered a shock to the Tunisian political establishment when they came in the top two of 26 candidates during the first round of election held on September 15.At at cafe near a polling station in the Tunis suburb of Ariana, the seats were filled with men chatting and playing cards on Sunday.Everyone here said they had already voted or were planning to vote. Barista Mounir Ahazri didn't want to give away who he will choose after finishing work. While they present themselves as anti-establishment figures, the two candidates present vastly different alternatives for president. Karoui has sought to win votes among Tunisia's poor, the business class and secular voters. Saied is popular among social conservatives while his no-frills campaign has appealed to young people. Saied meanwhile said that he would not campaign on "ethical" grounds given that his opponent was in jail. Even before this, Saied ran a minimalist campaign, which in itself appealed to voters who see him as "clean". aljazeera
Imran Khan arrives in Tehran to mitigate tensions between Iran and Saudi
Tehran: Pakistan PM Imran Khan visited Iran today following a request from US and Saudi Arabia for him to try to defuse rising tensions in the Gulf.Khan's office said his visit was part of an initiative "to promote peace and security in the region", and that he would hold talks with Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani.Khan landed in Tehran and was greeted at airport by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif before going into a meeting with Rouhani. Last week, a spokesperson for Pakistan's foreign office said Khan was also expected to travel to Saudi Arabia, without providing further details.Khan said last month that both US and Saudi had asked him to mediate with Iran to calm tensions in the Gulf.Iran's foreign ministry spokesperson said the day before Khan's arrival that Tehran was ready to talk with Riyadh."Iran has repeatedly announced that it is ready to negotiate with its neighbours including Saudi to solve any misunderstandings with our without a mediator," Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying by ISNA.news18 /AFP
Dozens hurt in Israel occupation forces teargas attack in Ramallah
Dozens of Palestinian young men suffered from their exposure to tear gas during violent clashes at dawn Sunday with the Israeli occupation forces in Ramallah city, Palestine Information Center reports.The clashes took place in Attira neighborhood of Ramallah after the occupation forces broke into and ransacked the house of prisoner Samer al-Arbeed.Similar clashes also happened at the main entrance to Surda town, northeast of Ramallah, during an occupation forces campaign, with no reported injuries.middleeastmonitor
Israel closes Gaza, West Bank crossings
Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday morning shut down Karam Abu Salem and Beit Hanoun crossings, southeast and north of Gaza Strip, for Jewish holidays, Palestine Information Center reported.The administration of Beit Hanoun crossing announced that it would be closed today for Palestinians, except for emergencies and VIPs, until 2:00 pm.A complete closure has been imposed on West Bank since the early morning hours today and it is set to last until 21 Oct..middleeastmonitor
Egyptian court sentences 6 defendants to death over terror charges
An Egyptian court sentenced on Saturday 6 defendants to death and 8 others to life in prison over terror charges. Giza Criminal Court referred the papers of the defendants to the country's Grand Mufti, highest religious official, whose non-binding opinion is required by Egyptian law, Egypt's official news agency MENA reported. In the case publicly known as "attack on 3 Pyramids Hotel" in greater Cairo, another 12 juveniles to 10 years in prison. Prosecution accused 26 defendants of leading an unlawful group, aiding it with weapons and funds and attacking the hotel in 2016.In Jan.2016, a group of gunmen gathered in front of the 3 Pyramids Hotel, which housed Arab-Israeli tourists. Xinhua
Gunmen kill 15 people in attack on Burkina Faso mosque
Gunmen killed about 15 people and wounded others in an attack on a mosque in northern Burkina Faso during prayers on Friday evening, a security source and a local official said.The identity of the gunmen was not yet clear. 2 of the wounded are in critical condition, sources said. Until 2015, landlocked Burkina Faso was largely spared violence that hit Mali and then Niger, its neighbours to the north.Reuters
Typhoon Hagibis kills many as it batters Japan, troops deployed
Japan has sent tens of thousands of troops and rescue workers to save stranded residents and fight floods caused by one of the worst typhoons to hit the country in recent history. Typhoon Hagibis - which means "speed" in the Philippine language, Tagalog - was the most powerful typhoon to hit Japan in six decades. It paralysed the capital, Tokyo, and surrounding areas, causing rivers to overflow and leaving almost half a million homes without power, public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday.Japan's Kyodo News agency said 33 people died and 19 were missing.aljazeera
Erdoğan has managed unthinkable: uniting all the other Middle East rivals:Simon Tisdall, the guardian
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