19 October 2019

19 OCT. NEWS : Mother of killed Hindu group leader in UP alleges politician ordered hit; son calls for NIA probe/ Legal experts question ‘transfer’ of Assam NRC coordinator Hajela

19 OCT. 2019: 19 Safar 1441: Vol: 12, No: 40
INDIA: Kamlesh Tiwari murder
Mother of killed Hindu group leader in UP alleges politician ordered hit; son calls for NIA probe
Lucknow:The mother of Kamlesh Tiwari, the leader of a political party in Uttar Pradesh who was killed at his house in Lucknow on Friday, has alleged he was killed by a local politician over a land dispute. Tiwari's mother claimed that a BJP leader from Sitapur district, about 90 kms from here, was behind the killing.''You (police) can arrest anyone you like and hang them also but I know that Shiv Kumar Gupta (a local BJP leader) has killed my son,''  grieving mother said. According to the sources there was a dispute between Tiwari and Gupta over ownership of a temple at Mehmoodabad area in Sitapur district and the matter was currently pending in the court. His son, Satyam Tiwari, has said he does not "trust anyone" and wants NIA to probe the case."No one asked me what I feel, who I suspect. He (local politician) got my son killed. He is a land mafia. We had a dispute over a temple land," Kamlesh Tiwari's mother, Kusum, said. When reporters asked UP Police chief OP Singh about Kusum Tiwari's allegations at a press conference, Singh declined to comment."We want NIA to probe the case. We do not trust anyone. My father was killed although he had security guards. How can we possibly trust the administration then?"Satyam Tiwari said.Kamlesh, 43, was a leader of Hindu Samaj Party. His throat was cut and he was shot multiple times by a group at his house in Lucknow.Kamlesh had been provided with armed security - 2 gunners and a guard - by a local police station. On the day of his murder, the gunners were absent. The police said the guard stopped the suspects at the gate and only allowed them through after checking with Tiwari."I don't know if the men arrested murdered my father or if someone else did and innocent people are being framed. If these are the actual culprits and the police have video evidence, NIA should take over the probe. If they probe and this (the arrests) is proved, we will be satisfied.We do not have belief in this administration," Satyam said. 5 people have been arrested for the murder of Kamlesh, UP Police chief Singh said today. 3 were arrested in Gujarat in a joint operation between the police of the two states. The two others are Muslim clerics from western UP's Bijnor. They were named in a FIR filed by Kamlesh Tiwari's wife. 2 more accused, those believed to have carried out the attack, are on the run.The men arrested in Gujarat have been identified as Maulana Mohsin Sheikh, 24, Rasheed Ahmed Pathan, 23, and Faizan, 21. Clerics are Maluana Anwar-Ul Haq and Mufti Naeem Kazmin.Police believe Rasheed Pathan was mastermind, while Faizan bought a box of sweets the killers used to gain entry into Tiwari's house."We were confident we would solve the case in 24 hours and we have done so. Based on clues we formed small teams and fanned out to UP and elsewhere. From the beginning we had a hunch this was related to Gujarat," police officer said today, after CCTV footage indicated the box was from a confectionery in Gujarat's Surat. OP Singh said investigations have ruled out any terror angle and that the main focus of the killing was a defamatory comment Tiwari allegedly made about Prophet Mohammad in 2015. NDTV / Deccan Herald
In Twist to Tale, Mother Accuses BJP Leader Shiv Kumar Gupta of Son's Murder
5 arrested in UP Hindu group leader's killing, suspects on CCTV missing
Tiwari's family says BJP leader behind murder
Personal enmity reason behind Hindu Samaj Party leader Tiwari's murder, no ISIS link: UP Home Secretary
Uttar Pradesh Home Secretary Avnish Awasthi on Friday denied that killing of Kamlesh Tiwari was related to terror group ISIS. Tiwari's murder seemed to be about personal enmity, he said. Police said prima facie it seems that killers were known to Tiwari. dnaindia
#KamleshTiwari called RSS-BJP people ‘Haramkhor’, accused them of conspiring to ‘kill’ him
In a video that surfaced online today, Kamlesh Tiwari, the slain president of little-known outfit Hindu Samaj Party, is seen badly slamming RSS-BJP people (“Sangh aur Bhajpa le log”) for allegedly conspiring to kill him and calling them “haramkhor” (bastards).This is purportedly the last video shot by Tiwari in which he is also accusing Yogi Adityanath led UP govt of withdrawing his security. “If Sangh (RSS)or BJP office bearers or workers die, I never think that I should remain silent because victims belonged to the Sangh. I only think that they are Hindus. Even if I go to jail, even if these people may well hatch conspiracies against me, but I still feel for their workers and I go out fighting for them,” a visibly upset Tiwari is seen as saying in the video.“…I come out fighting even for these bastards (‘haramkhoro ke liye’) who are after my life, who hatch conspiracies to kill me…My security has been withdrawn (sic) as soon as Yogi (CM) govt came to power,”he says.nationalheraldindia
‘Jungle Raj' in UP’: Kapil Sibal attacks Yogi govt over Tiwari Murder
A day after the president of a little-known Hindu outfit was killed in his home in Lucknow, Congress has hit out at BJP government in Uttar Pradesh over the law and order situation in the state, alleging "jungle raj" was prevailing there.Reacting to Uttar Pradesh police chief's comments that Hindu Samaj Party chief Kamlesh Tiwari was killed probably because of a controversial statement he made in 2015, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said, "A state for which the apex court of the country said that there is 'jungle raj', should we believe DGP or the Supreme Court?""CM Yogi Adityanath should be saluted for the prevailing lawlessness," he said in a sarcastic tone.Sibal also referred to the alleged custodial death of a farmer in Hapur and said such is the lawlessness in the state that "fathers are being killed front of their children at police stations and people are killed in broad daylight."PTI
Babri Masjid case: 6 of 7 Muslim appellants reject process and content of mediation deal
New Delhi :Attempts to secure even a weak and partial mediation committee-led deal in Ayodhya matter were dealt a blow as representatives of 6 of 7 appellants on the mosque side rejected the process and content of the mediation deal, as well as the circumstances and timing of the submission of the final report.In a statement on Friday, they said they “do not accept the proposal made which has been leaked out to the press, nor procedure by which the mediation has taken place, nor the manner in which a withdrawal of the claim has been suggested as a compromise”.As reported on Oct.17, on the last day of hearing in the Ayodhya matter, the mediation committee submitted the contours of a “deal” to the Supreme Court premised on chairman of Sunni Waqf Board Zufar Faruqui offering “no objections” to the government taking over the disputed portion of the land, in return for ASI mosques being opened up for namaz, repair of mosques in Ayodhya, an alternative mosque in place of the demolished Babri Masjid and an institution for social harmony in Ayodhya. However, as reported, deity (Ramlalla), Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas and Nirmohi Akhara refused to be a party to the mediation. Offer to give up was backed by just one of the 7 Muslim parties. On Friday, all the Muslim sides barring one went on to say that it was their understanding that “only the limited persons attended this mediation which were Dharma Das of Nirvani Akhara, Zufar Faruqui and Chakrapani of Hindu Maha Sabha. We are also made to understand that the 2 other persons interested may have attended the mediation.” Consequently, they said, “It is difficult to accept that any mediation could have been done under the circumstances especially when the main Hindu parties had openly stated that they were not open to any settlement and all other Muslim Appellants made it clear, but, they would not do so.”Those arguing on behalf of Ramlalla had,in open court, when the mediation process got a second lease of life, declared that they would not be participating in any mediation talks. Alluding to the timing of the final ‘deal’ having been given to the Supreme Court, the public statement today points out that one of the mediators, senior advocate Sriram Panchu “had sent a communication to CJI that protection be granted to Faruqui and UP was directed to make arrangements for him.” The statement also takes umbrage at the “leak” and its timing; “timing of the leak to the press and its confirmation by  Rizvi (advocate on record acting on behalf of Faruqui) on 17th Oct on the very date when the hearing closed seems to have been well thought out. Panchu was also in the premises of the SC on 16th of Oct and was communicating in the premises to  Faruqui.”indianexpress
Reconstructing Mosque Against Justice: Hindu Group In Ayodhya Land Case
New Delhi:Lawyers representing "Ram Lalla Virajman", or the infant Lord Ram, in the politically sensitive Babri Masjid case filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court today, asking that the disputed land be handed over for the construction of a Ram Temple. The group's lawyers argued the Muslim petitioners were entitled to neither land nor equitable relief as the Babri Masjid no longer exists. The lawyers also said Nirmohi Akhara should not be awarded the land because it had questioned whether Ram Janmasthan - the birthplace of Lord Ram - could be considered a juristic entity.'Ayodhya is a sacred place and it is a place of pilgrimage. It is the faith of the Hindus that Ayodhya has divine and spiritual significance even in the absence of temple or idol," the Hindu group said in its affidavit."Reconstructing the mosque at the disputed site is inequitable, unjust and contrary to Hindu Dharma, Islamic Law and all principles of justice. The area which is under dispute is one integral unit and is indivisible, so the whole area should be given to offer worship at Ram Janmasthan," the affidavit read.The Muslim parties have also submitted a relief to the Supreme Court today but have done so in a sealed cover, after the divisions within the Sunni Waqf Board were exposed this week.NDTV
Any Party’s Withdrawal from Case Will Not Affect the Outcome of Babri Case: Zafaryab Jilani
Putting all rumours spread by a section of the media that UP Sunni Waqf Board has “withdrawn” from the Babri Masjid title case to rest, advocate Zafaryab Jilani said on the last day of hearing on Wednesday no application was filed on behalf of the Waqf board for this purpose. Nonetheless, he asserted that 3-member mediation panel’s report would not have any bearing on the verdict which is expected to be delivered next month. He hoped that the Supreme Court would deliver its judgment in the case on the basis of hard evidence.Caravan Daily
Arshad Madani slams Sunni Waqf Board
New Delhi: Saying that chairman of any Waqf board is only a custodian or trustee of the wakf properties and not an owner, Jamiat Ulama chief Maulana Arshad Madani has said the former has no right to donate or surrender any mosque or wakf property.He was commenting upon UP Waqf board’s reported move to withdraw its appeal. Explaining further, Jamiat chief said Masjid is dedicated to the Almighty Allah and even the person who endowed any plot of land for this purpose which becomes the property of Allah, has no right to take back that plot of land dedicated for the mosque or change its status. Madani forcefully reiterated its stand on the historic Babri Masjid that its status cannot be changed at any cost and no institution or individual has authority to surrender or gift the mosque and claimed that the case was not a custody suit but a title suit. On the Sunni Waqf Board’s reported move to drop its appeals in the matter he said the Masjid status is not negotiable.  Siasat
Priority Peace, Ayodhya's Muslim Litigants Say New Mosque Can Wait 'Even if We Win'
Modi’s Turkey visit put off over Erdogan's Kashmir remarks
Government has decided to put off a proposed visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Ankara, as a part of a number of measures showing its displeasure over Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s UNGA speech last month where he criticised its move on Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.According to sources, visit, which had been discussed when Modi met Erdogan in Osaka in June last, is unlikely to take place by year-end, as planned earlier. Official sources said India’s sharp criticism of Ankara’s military operations in Syria this week, as well as an “expected” decision to cancel the selection of Turkey’s Anadolu shipyard to build naval support ships for it followed its “unhappiness” over Turkey’s stand on Kashmir. When asked, Ministry of External Affairs officials said no such visit by Prime Minister was under discussion. However, Turkey’s envoy to India Şakir Özkan Torunlar told The Hindu that Modi’s visit was expected by his government.“It is not just an expectation [Modi’s visit]. It has been discussed recently, and we are now awaiting on alternative date proposals according to Modi’s schedule in the next couple of months. The Government of India has to decide, but it certainly is being discussed, and we are awaiting dates from the South Block,” he said. Official sources also confirmed that $2.3 billion tender granted to Turkey’s Anadolu Shipyard earlier this year to help build five 45,000-tonne fleet support ships for Hindustan Shipyard Limited is likely to cancelled. While the sources noted that rules for local procurement and security concerns over Anadolu’s work for the Pakistan navy were reasons for the likely cancellation, diplomatic sources said Turkey’s recent statements and its support for Pakistan at FATF on terror financing were also considered. When asked, Turkish envoy said he hoped the tender is retained. The Ambassador said his government had not reacted to New Delhi’s criticism of Turkey’s “unilateral military offensive” against Syria on Oct.10, as all countries were “welcome to comment” on a global issue.“I think the purpose of Turkey’s operation was not very well understood when the statement was made. But after it was made clear that this was a counter terrorism programme, we haven’t heard anything further [from India],”he said, defending Turkey’s Operation in Syria.He claimed that all operations were on “legitimate terrorist targets” and claimed “zero civilian casualties”.thehindu
Turkey and Malaysia may face India's ire for supporting Pak at FATF:TOI
Pakistan escapes blacklist, buys time till Feb
Geopolitical considerations helped Pakistan gain more time on Friday to fall in line with Paris-based Financial Action Task Force’s prescribed actions for combating money-laundering and terror-financing and thus avoid blacklisting.Pakistan has till February next year to make “significant progress’’ in meeting the task force’s global standards.“If by Feb. 2020 the country has not made significant progress, we would consider further actions which potentially include placing the country on the public statement often referred to as the black list,’’ the task force’s current president, Xiangmin Liu, said while letting Pakistan off the hook for now.With China currently heading the task force and with Malaysia and Turkey as its members -– all of whom have in the past bailed out Pakistan on matters linked to India --– Friday’s decision did not come as a surprise for New Delhi. Also, US is keen on having Islamabad on its side to put together a peace deal in Afghanistan.telegraphindia
India slams Pakistan for raising Kashmir issue at UN
 India has slammed Pakistan for raising the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at a forum of UN, saying Islamabad employs "empty rhetoric" to serve its "distorted agenda" and continues to engage in spreading unsubstantiated allegations.Minister in India's Permanent Mission to UN Deepak Misra did not name Pakistan but his remarks were in response to a statement by Islamabad's UN envoy Maleeha Lodhi, who while speaking at a forum last week, had yet again raked up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.Ms Lodhi had said that UN's decolonisation agenda will remain incomplete without the resolution of the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and refereed to India's decision to revoke Article 370 in Kashmir.PTI
China wants India and Pakistan to have good relations: Chinese Envoy
New Delhi: China wants India and Pakistan to have good relations and join hands for promoting peace and stability in the region, said Chinese envoy to India Sun Weidong."Both China and India are major countries with important influence in the region. 2 leaders had in-depth communication on the regional situation. China stressed that it sincerely look forward to good relations between China and India, China and Pakistan as well as India and Pakistan. We hope to see countries in the region join hands in promoting regional peace and stability and realising development and prosperity,"he said.ANI
Gross violation of fundamental rights in JK:Amnesty
Amnesty International has expressed deep concern over the continued witch hunt of dissenting voices including children and women since Aug5, in Jammu and Kashmir and demanded on Saturday immediate release of all political detainees held without charge or trial, and a complete end of blockade in the region. Keeping a watch on the situation in the state particularly in the Kashmir valley, the Amnesty International India released an 11-page document to highlight the “gross violation” of people’s fundamental rights.The report, titled as “Kashmir – Situation Update And Analysis: Let Kashmir Speak”, documented a clear pattern of the state government using arbitrary detention of activists, politicians and anyone likely to hold a dissenting opinion, including women and children before and after the government unilaterally abrogated Article 370 and Article 35A on August 5, 2019 amid strict restrictions in the state. Amnesty also urged the government of India to immediately stop this.Report quoted that “J&K police recently accepted that about 144 children as young as nine, have been taken into custody.”caravandaily
Kin say PSA detenue is cancer patient, HC asks J&K govt to get him medically examined
Jammu and Kashmir High Court in Srinagar has asked the Commissioner Secretary of J&K’s Home department to have a Public Safety Act (PSA) detenue “medically examined”. Parvaiz Ahmad Palla (33), who is lodged in a jail in Uttar Pradesh, is a “cancer patient” his family says. The family of Palla, a resident of Matibugh village in Kashmir’s Kulgam, had approached the High Court seeking his release on medical grounds.The court in the order said there shall be no difficulty for the “respondents to have the detenue examined medically and provided him all the facility required for his ailment”. As per medical records, Palla is on “follow-up for the management of disease” and “needs daily medication and investigations for adequate control of disease”.  Palla’s family said he is a cancer patient living on daily medication and cannot be a threat to safety and security of the public.indianexpress
No protests allowed in Kashmir till situation improves: Police Chief
Srinagar: No protests of any form, including sit-ins, will be allowed in Kashmir till the situation improves and the restrictions in the Kashmir Valley are completely lifted, the police said.On Tuesday, over a dozen women, including ex Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah's sister and daughter were arrested for holding a sit-in in Srinagar against the ending of the state's special status. The women academicians and activists, most of them aged between 60 and 80 years, were released on Thursday after furnishing personal bonds."Our effort would be to stablise peace further before any such activity is allowed," Jammu and Kashmir police chief Dilbagh Singh told NDTV. Ndtv
Tell people it was Congress that split Pakistan’s integral part: Kapil Sibal
Congress has accused BJP of raising the issue of revocation of Article 370 provisions in assembly polls campaign for electoral gains and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi must tell the people that it was because of Congress that Pakistan’s integral part split from it.“Modi ji only remembers (Article) 370. He does not know when Pakistan split and who did it. It was we (Congress) who split Pakistan’s integral part from it... where were you (Modi) then?” Congress leader Kapil Sibal asked.“Tell people of Haryana that it was because of Congress that Pakistan’s integral part was split from it.This happened under Congress rule,” he said.PTI
BSF man’s killing: Will talk to shah if needed, fisherman to be released: Bangladesh home minister
Expressing confidence that the recent killing of a BSF jawan by a Bangladeshi border guard won’t have an impact on bilateral ties, the neighbouring country’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said on Saturday he would talk to his Indian counterpart Amit Shah, if needed, to “defuse the situation“. Khan also stated that an Indian fisherman,who was arrested on Thursday for trespassing into Bangladesh waters, would be released, in accordance with norms. Noting that a “misunderstanding between the forces” led to killing of BSF head constable Vijay Bhan Singh, Khan said, “Steps would be taken to ensure that such incidents don’t recur. If needed, I will talk to Amit Shah to diffuse the situation.” A Bangladeshi border guard fired from his AK-47 rifle during a ‘flag meeting’ along the border in West Bengal, killing Bhan Singh and injuring another jawan, Rajvir Yadav. Terming the incident “unfortunate”, Bangladesh Home Minister said the director general of both the forces should ideally sit together and solve the issue.Asked about the fisherman who is in Bangladesh police custody, Khan said, “He will be released. At times when fishermen of both the countries unknowingly stray into each other’s territories, they are released during flag meetings following laid-down procedures.”PTI
Abhijit Banerjee responds to NYAY criticism, says he would have also helped BJP if it had asked him
Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee has said that he does not regret advising the Congress Party on the Nyutam Aay Yojana, or NYAY scheme, and added that he would have also helped BJP if it had asked, TOI reported. Banerjee’s remarks came following criticism by BJP leaders, questioned his work for NYAY programme and his political leanings. On Friday, Union minister Piyush Goyal had said that Banerjee’s political views are left-leaning, and that people had rejected his NYAY scheme, as the Congress won a mere 52 seats in the Lok Sabha elections held in May.“You can’t control the spin people give to things but I also don’t feel like living my life thinking of every possible spin people can give to my actions,” Banerjee said. “They [Congress] asked me a perfectly legitimate question – how much money would it take to implement a guaranteed income...if the BJP had asked me for the same numbers, I would have given it to them. I absolutely don’t believe in restricting good policy out of political prejudice.”Esther Duflo, who also won the Nobel Prize in Economics and is Banerjee’s wife – said that she, Banerjee and Michael Kremer have been working with various state governments – Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab and Tamil Nadu – across the political spectrum. “In our work, we are not fighting ideological battles,” she added.Banerjee said that the economic slowdown in India is a reality and the government is “gradually accepting it”. “Five per cent is now good and soon there will be even less,” he added. “Core message earlier was that India is doing great. Now that we are obviously not doing so great, then the danger is that since the government can’t sell the economic message, there are other messages to sell to win elections.”Duflo said that the economic slowdown is not restricted to India, as even China has been hit by it. She said there are fears of recession in Europe and the United States. Banerjee asserted that Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s decision to cut corporate tax rates from 35% to 22% will not have any impact on growth. Instead, the government should focus on putting money in the hands of the poor. Banerjee also said that while a salary cap on corporate leaders is a good idea, it is a difficult one to implement. Instead, higher taxes should be imposed at high incomes. scroll
Is foreign wife criterion for Nobel Prize? After Goyal, BJP's Rahul Sinha mocks Abhijit Banerjee
Kolkata: BJP National Secretary Rahul Sinha stoked a controversy on Friday as he mocked the credentials of Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee days after the Indian-American was presented with the prestigious award. Reacting to Union Minister Piyush Goyal's comment that people of country have rejected Banerjee's ideas on NYAY, Sinha said that people whose second wives are foreigners are mostly getting the Nobel Prize. He also wondered whether having a foreigner as the second wife was a "degree" for getting the Nobel."Those people whose second wives are foreigners are mostly getting the Nobel prize. I don't know whether it is a degree for getting the Nobel," Sinha said.news18
CPI(M), TMC,Congress hit out at Piyush Goyal for calling Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee left-leaning
Kolkata:Parties in West Bengal cutting across political lines unequivocally criticised union minister Piyush Goyal for his comment against Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee and said it reflects the "narrow" mindset of BJP and the saffron camp.Union minister Piyush Goyal dubbed Abhijit Banerjee, who won 2019 Nobel for Economics, as "Left-leaning" and said he had supported 'Nyay' (poverty alleviation scheme of Congress) and that the people of India rejected his ideology. Senior CPI(M) leader Sujan Chakraborty said nothing more should be expected from a party like BJP which believes in selling off PSUs and privatisation of Railways and BSNL."It is quite natural that BJP and leaders like Piyush Goyal won't like Abhijit Banerjee and will try to demean him. Because BJP believes in privatization of PSUs, BSNL, Railways which is a complete antithesis to what Abhijit Banerjee has been saying. We can only request BJP leaders to refrain from making comments on the pride of India," Chakraborty said. Congress leader and MP Pradip Bhattacharya criticising Goyal said a nobel laureate supporting Congress's NYAY scheme reflects that the party was right in taking it up before the Lok Sabha polls."Does Abhijit Banerjee supporting NYAY scheme take away the laurel he has brought to the country by winning the Nobel prize in economics? Such comments only reflect the educational standard of BJP leaders. Abhijit Banerjee supporting NYAY scheme reflects that Congress was completely right in taking up the scheme for helping the poorest of the poor of the country," Bhattacharya said.news18
Your job is to improve economy, not to run a 'comedy circus': Priyanka slams govt
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra hit out at Union Minister Piyush Goyal for his remarks on Abhijit Banerjee, saying the government's job is to improve the "collapsing" economy and not to run a "comedy circus". Lashing out at Goyal for his remarks, Priyanka Gandhi said instead of doing their work, BJP leaders are trying to belie the achievements of others.The Nobel laureate did his work honestly and won the Nobel Prize, she said in a tweet in Hindi."The economy is collapsing. Your job is to improve it, not to run a comedy circus," the Congress general secretary said. PTI
Another PMC bank depositor dies: 'had no funds for surgery'
Mumbai: An 83-year-old depositor of the troubled PMC Bank died on Friday, with his family claiming that it could not raise money for his heart surgery after restrictions were imposed on fund withdrawals.This is the fourth such incident of the death of a depositor of the Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank after the RBI appointed administrator on the city-headquartered lender.Two of the depositors had died of cardiac arrest, while another, a woman doctor, allegedly took her own life.Murlidhar Dharra (83) died at his home in suburban Mulund on Friday, his son Prem Dharra told PTI.PTI
PMC Bank depositors hold protest outside RBI HQ
Assam NRC chief Prateek Hajela, criticised by state, moved out on SC’s order
The Supreme Court has ordered the transfer of 1995-batch IAS officer of the Assam-Meghalaya cadre Prateek Hajela, in-charge of the contentious updating of 1951 NRC for Assam, to MP, the state he hails from. He was appointed the coordinator of NRC process in Jan.2014. The order was delivered by a bench of CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S A Bobde and R F Nariman. The court asked the competent authority to issue the notification for this “forthwith and in any case within 7 days from today”.Significantly, the order is also CJI Gogoi’s last one on NRC updation process since the bench directed that other NRC related matters would be heard on Nov.26. CJI who became part of the bench hearing the NRC matter is scheduled to retire on Nov. 17.When Attorney General KK Venugopal asked the bench if there was any reason for the transfer order, CJI replied “Is there any order without a reason?” He did not elaborate. When contacted, Hajela declined to comment. State government sources, however, said Hajela’s transfer follows his deteriorating relationship with the Assam government, and mounting criticism of his by the state unit of various political parties including BJP and the Congress in the last few months. indianexpress
Legal experts question ‘transfer’ of Assam NRC coordinator Hajela
Eyebrows were raised when the Supreme Court ordered transfer of NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela  to MP. The order triggered a furious debate on the jurisdiction of the SC and whether the court can at all transfer employees in the executive branch.There was both surprise and consternation. Journalist Maneesh Chhibber tweeted: “As Supreme Court orders transfer of Hajela to MP on deputation, can't stop myself from wondering under what law can SC do this? What next: transfer of clerks and bureaucrats from one state to another?”. Aman Wadud, a lawyer, took to Twitter to say: “19 lakhs excluded from NRC. Not even a single rejection order issued yet.And the person who was heading NRC is transferred by the SC. If this not baffling enough, next date of NRC case is 26th Nov, after current CJI retires. He was presiding over the NRC monitoring bench”.nationalheraldindia
Let Hajela go only after accounting for NRC expenditure: Assam BJP
 Assam unit of the BJP has asked the Sarbananda Sonowal govt to let civil servant Prateek Hajela go to his home State Madhya Pradesh only after he provided an account of every rupee spent on the exercise to update NRC.“Govt must not release Hajela unless and until he gives a statement of account on the ₹1,600 crore spent on the NRC updating exercise. He ended up toying with a burning issue (of illegal immigrants) in Assam and giving us nothing,” State BJP head Ranjeet Kumar Dass said.“We are not happy with the final NRC he came up with. The names of many foreigners are in the list while genuine Indians have been kept out,” Dass said, adding that his party wanted re-verification of documents of all the 3.3 crore applicants. thehindu
Prepare NRC for whole country, no citizen rights for outsiders: RSS’ Bhaiyyaji Joshi
Bhubaneswar:RSS General Secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi has said the government must prepare a NRC for the entire country. Further, it must identify those who have infiltrated from outside as ‘foreign nationals’ and at the very minimum deny them the rights of Indian citizens. Joshi said, “It is the job of every government to prepare an NRC. Many types of infiltration have happened. Hence, it is important to prepare an NRC once and identify all those who are not Indian citizens, and then draft a policy to decide what should be done about them.”Noting that NRC has been prepared only in Assam as of now, Joshi said the government must plan an NRC for the entire country. To a question whether this would be directed against a particular community, RSS leader said, “There is no reason for it to be against a community.”According to him, RSS stand has always been that those who infiltrate are not Indian citizens. “The government must identify them as foreign nationals, and then decide on what needs to be done about them. that depends on government policy,” Joshi said. Joshi also said there is hope that the verdict on the Ram Temple at Ayodhya is in favour of Hindus. He said, “Common civil code is an old demand by everyone. Government should try to bring this about. This is necessary for vikas.”indianexpress
NRC, Outreach or 'Vikas': Why Are Lakhs of Muslims Calling up for BJP Membership in Assam? news18
Close to four lakh Muslims in Assam gave “missed calls” for primary membership of BJP in the past three months, say party leaders, indicating a trend that could rank among the highest across all states in the country. They join another 2 lakh who had registered since 2015, constituting around 13 per cent of the total 47 lakh such calls the party has received from residents of the state so far. Missed calls are an extremely popular phenomenon in India when people, often with prearrangement, call a number and deliberately hang up to escape paying for a conversation. The Bharatiya Janata Party has evidently capitalised on it.Among other factors, the apparent growing interest in BJP membership among Muslims of the state is the result of two outreach drives launched by the party, aimed at Assam residents. The first one in 2015 was followed by a more vigorous exercise that began last July, raising the overall figure from 27 lakh to 47 lakh, including Muslims.“There was hardly any enrolment of Muslims in the BJP in Assam before 2015. Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have registered highest membership among Muslims compared to other states in the country,” said Assam state BJP vice-president Vijay Gupta. “But the percentage is higher in Assam.”news18
NPR to be basis of NRC across country: Yechury
National Population Register (NPR) is going to be the basis of the launch of NRC across the country, said CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Friday. He was addressing media persons at the end of the two-day state committee meeting of the party when he said this.Without naming BJP, Yechury said, “Now they (BJP) have started NPR. It was going on earlier, but was discontinued after Aadhaar was universalised. NPR is going to be the basis for the launch of NRC nationwide.” Speaking on NRC, CPM leader said, “They (BJP) want to extend NRC all over the country and particularly in states where elections are scheduled. NRC is being used as an issue to stoke communal passions to divide people and consolidate Hindutva vote bank. They are destroying the secular fabric of our country by breaking people’s unity.”Asked to comment on his party’s stand on NRC, he said, “Our party’s stand on this is very clear. NRC was part of the Assam Accord and it is, therefore, relevant in Assam. It is completely extraneous to any other state in the country. Therefore, it cannot be extended beyond Assam.” indianexpress
Near Bengaluru, first detention centre for "Illegal Foreigners"
Bengaluru:In semi-rural Nelamangala around 40 kms from Bengaluru, a new detention centre for foreign nationals found to be living in the country illegally is almost ready to receive its first residents. NDTV accessed the courtyard of this detention centre, which began life as a hostel building, with visuals showing a medium-sized open space flanked on 2 sides by what appears to be an L-shaped structure with eight rooms barricaded by iron doors. In front of the building is a small landscaped garden.Spread over a few hundred square feet, the facility may be dwarfed by that being built in Goalpara district of Assam - which is spread over a massive 2.5 hectares - but, as the barbed wires and massive iron gates suggest, Karnataka's first detention centre will be a far cry from the hostel building it used to be. According to Karnataka Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai, centre will be operational soon and, should it prove inadequate to house illegal foreign nationals, Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has confirmed the state will ask for more space. "There is a detention centre ready near Nagamangala, it needs to operationalised, we have discussed it and there will be no further delay in operationalising it,"Bommai said. The conversion of this hostel to a detention centre has raised some eyebrows in the state, particularly with the publication of the controversial NRC list in Assam in August that left out 19 lakh people.ndtv
UP: Their headmaster suspended for Iqbal poem, students walk out
At 9:10 am Friday,around 30 students stood in 2 crooked lines at govt primary school in Pilibhit district’s Ghayaspur area, raising slogans.“Desh ki Raksha kaun karega? Hum karenge?”, they said, and “Kaise karenge? Tann se karenge, mann se karenge, dhan se karenge.” The slogans ended 10 minutes later and several students, none in uniform, walked out of the school premises in Bisalpur block.Asked where they were headed, a Class 5 student, said, “We will come back the day our headmaster is allowed to return and teach us. No teacher can replace him and what is happening to him is wrong and unfair.”On Oct.14, Pilibhit district admin.suspended school headmaster Furqan Ali (45) in the wake of a complaint by local VHP members that he made students recite a religious prayer at the morning assembly. But, earlier this week, an inquiry by Bisalpur’s BEO, Upendra Kumar, found that Ali had made students recite the poem ‘lab pe aati hai dua’, written in 1902 by the poet Iqbal, who also wrote ‘Sare Jahan se Accha’.Basic Education Minister Satish Chandra Dwivedi said he has sought a report from the Education Directorate and Ali’s suspension will be revoked soon.“It was initially found that he was getting a different prayer recited, but later it was found that he was getting a poem by Iqbal recited which is about patriotism. BSA and DM acted hastily. The suspension should not have been done without collecting all the facts,” said Dwivedi.“We will also issue a general notice to all schools that only those prayers should be recited in the morning assembly which are prescribed by the education department.” Deputy Director,Basic Education, Ashok Kumar said that they were investigating the matter. VHP district chief Ambarish Mishra said he would not like to comment on the matter. Leading the group of students protesting at the school is a Class 5 student. “When we read this poem in our Urdu book, we liked it and asked our headmaster permission to recite it. Both Hindu and Muslim students had asked him. He does not say no to us. And he allowed us to sing this poem on alternate days,” said the student. Another student in the group, of Class 4, said,“We used to recite ‘lab pe aati hai dua’ and ‘woh shakti humein do dayanidhi’. If he has been suspended for allowing us to recite the poem, then it is also the government’s fault for making it part of our syllabus. Does that mean this govt should be suspended?”Asked if they know the meaning of Iqbal’s poem, student said: “It is about unity.” Others nodded in approval.“Students are not happy about the suspension and attendance since they got to know has dipped. On Thursday, only 5 students showed up,”said Rehan Hussain,who replaced Ali after his suspension. BEO said attendance had dipped because students were attached to Al.Krishna Devi, whose 13-year-old son is a Class 4 student said, “They did not tell students why he was suspended. My son really likes the headmaster and has almost stopped eating since he was removed,” she said. Rajesh Kumar, a carpenter, whose sons are in Class 2 and Class 5 said: “All 3 children praise the headmaster all the time. They say he spends money from his own pocket for school.”BEO said Ali regularly spent his own money on school infrastructure. “He bought a projector worth around Rs 65,000 and started a smart classroom. He regularly contributes from his salary to improve school infrastructure. If the department gives him Rs 5,000 for some work and if the work requires Rs 7,000, he adds money from his own pocket,”he said.indianexpress
AMU celebrates Sir Syed Day
Aligarh: AMU alumnus and head of FI Investment Group, USA, Dr Frank Islam while delivering the Sir Syed Day commemoration address on the occasion of Sir Syed Day at AMU’s Athletic Ground on Thursday said that “Sir Syed had a collegial and compassionate view of peaceful co-existence, collaboration and communal harmony in a pluralistic society”.“Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, founder of Banaras Hindu University, shared Sir Syed’s ecumenical perspective and his vision,” Dr Islam added. In the welcome address, AMU V-C professor Tariq Mansoor said, “In view of Sir Syed’s vision, the University has started a number of courses in emerging areas. He announced that UGC has sanctioned a grant of Rs 19 crore for equipment and infrastructure development, 160 smart class rooms are now functional and a 1,500 bedded hostel for girls, the Begum Azizun Nisa Hall is operational.”TOI
No separate national flag or constitution for Nagas: Centre
New Delhi :Centre will conclude Naga peace process by October 31 and there will be no separate national flag or constitution for Nagas, interlocutor R.N. Ravi told The Hindu.Accusing National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Isak-Muivah) [NSCN-IM] of delaying the talks, Ravi said, “Endless negotiation under the shadow of guns is not acceptable.” Ravi said NSCN-IM, with which the Centre signed a framework agreement on Aug.3, 2015 to find a solution to the Naga issue, had adopted a “procrastinating attitude to delay the settlement, raising the contentious symbolic issues of separate Naga national flag and constitution.”Ravi, who is also Nagaland’s Governor, said Naga political movement belongs to the Naga people and the civil society groups had given their opinion clearly. He said a “mutually agreed draft comprehensive settlement, including all the substantive issues and competencies, is ready for inking the final agreement”, and it has the blessings of the Church.On Friday, Ravi held detailed consultations for over 3 hours with the apex leadership of all 14 Naga tribes of Nagaland, all the minority non-Naga tribes of Nagaland, Nagaland GB Federation, Nagaland Tribes Council, Church leaders and civil society organizations in Kohima. NSCN-IM has been fighting for ‘Greater Nagaland’ or Nagalim — it wants to extend Nagaland's borders by including Naga-dominated areas in neighbouring Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh — to unite 1.2 million Nagas. The Hindu
CJI Gogoi recommends Justice Bobde as successor
New Delhi :Following the rule of seniority to appoint his successor, CJI  Ranjan Gogoi has recommended the name of Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde in a letter to the Centre. Justice Bobde is the seniormost judge in the Supreme Court after CJI Gogoi.Conventionally, the outgoing Chief Justice sends the recommendation for his successor 30 days before he is to demit office, initiating the process of appointing the next CJI. With CJI Gogoi due to retire in a month, Justice Bobde is likely to assume office on Nov.18. Justice Bobde will be 47th CJI, and the second from Maharashtra’s Nagpur region after former CJI Mohammad Hidayatullah. Born in Nagpur in 1956, Justice Bobde comes from a family of lawyers. His father Arvind Shriniwas Bobde was a two-time advocate general of the Maharashtra government, and brother Vinod Bobde was a constitutional lawyer.indianexpress
FCRA violation: CBI moves apex court against relief to advocate Indira Jaising’s NGO
CBI has approached the Supreme Court against July 25 order of the Bombay High Court restraining it from taking coercive steps against senior advocate Indira Jaising’s NGO Lawyers Collective over FCRA violations.The HC had granted the relief while hearing a plea by NGO seeking quashing of an FIR registered by CBI against it. Challenging this, the agency said the HC order effectively “is an order granting anticipatory bail to the accused/Respondents as contemplated under Section 438 CrPC; that too without satisfying the mandatory conditions mentioned in S 438”. indianexpress
Setback to SAD:Senior leader Paramjit joins Cong
Jalandhar :Senior SAD leader, SGPC member and a close confidant of Badals, Paramjit Singh Raipur Friday joined Congress in the presence of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.Raipur’s family has remained very close to the Badal family and had donated for party fund. Raipur’s elder brother of Jaspal Singh Dhesi is a UK-based businessman and had held a senior position in nthe gurdwara committee there. Also, Jaspal’s son Tanmanjit SIngh Dhesi is the first turbaned MP of UK. Raipur, who remained with SAD for over 4 decades, was elected a village Sarpanch in 1978 and was appointed chairman of Jalandhar Improvement Trust in 2016, just ahead of 2017 Assembly polls.indianexpress
41% milk samples of poor quality, 7% samples unfit to consume says FSSAI survery
Milk samples from Telangana, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, accounted for the highest number of cases of adulteration, according to a national milk sample safety quality survey released by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) here.
Firecrackers are un-Islamic:Deoband-based cleric
A cleric based in Deoband town of Saharanpur has issued a fatwa against firecrackers calling them un-Islamic ahead of Diwali.Maulana Abdul Wakeel Qasmi, state secretary, Ittehad Ulema-I-Hind, said, “Not only bursting firecrackers is un-Islamic but even profit earned from the business of firecrackers is haraam (prohibited).”“What others are doing is none of our concern, but for Muslims, it is certainly haram. Bursting crackers is nowhere mentioned in our religious texts. To burn crackers is like burning your own money. This money can be used for better things like education,” Qasmi further stated.TOI
Mumbai: EC sends notice to BJP chief Lodha for linking minority community to 1993 blasts
A notice has been sent by the Election Commission to Mangal Prabhat Lodha for his communally controversial statement against a particular community and also for flouting the Moral Code of Conduct. Mumbai BJP Chief Lodha had been addressing a campaign rally when he associated the minority community with the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts. Congress had sought action from the EC regarding the comments.TOI
Agra: Anti-social elements vandalise Idgah wall, trigger tension
Agra: Some unidentified anti-social elements allegedly vandalised a wall of an Idgah in a remote village of Firozabad district on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday triggering tension during the ongoing festival season. The incident occurred in Sikandarpur road-based Paadam village under Jasrana police jurisdiction. After the incident, local administration, including SDM Jasrana and heavy police force lead by CO and SHO, rushed to the village to bring the situation under control. The administration took prompt action and restored the vandalised wall within few hours. Pradhan pati of Paadam village, Shailender Pratap Singh said, “It seems that accused just wanted to trigger tension in the village which has mixed population. Idgah wall was found vandalised on Thursday after which local police and administration was alerted.”TOI
Plea seeking quashing of Sec 4, 7 of Triple Talaq law withdrawn from Delhi HC
A PIL seeking quashing of Section 4 and 7 of Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019, was on Friday withdrawn by the petitioner after Delhi High Court granted him liberty to approach Supreme Court as similar petitions are already being heard in the apex court.Division Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice C Harishankar clearly stated that the petition is maintainable and it is upto the petitioner to continue the matter here or wants to approach Supreme Court as several similar matters are already seized in the top court. Petitioner Shahid Ali then decided to withdraw PIL from Delhi HC and speaking to ANI said he will approach Supreme Court soon.The plea sought quashing/setting aside of Section 4 and 7 the act, which makes pronouncement of Triple Talaq a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years and with fine under Section 4.ANI
Pehlu Khan lynching: Rajasthan government files appeal in High Court against acquittal of accused
 Congress government in Rajasthan has filed an appeal in the High Court against the acquittal of all 6 accused in Pehlu Khan lynching case. “The appeal was filed in the Rajasthan High Court,” Additional Advocate General RP Singh said.A court in Alwar had on Aug.14 acquitted Vipin Yadav, Ravindra Kumar, Kaluram, Dayanand, Yogesh Kumar and Bheem Rathi, citing a lack of evidence. Soon after the verdict, Rajasthan government had announced that it would challenge the order. The chief minister had set up a 3-member SIT to hold a fresh inquiry and examine the previous investigation to find if there were any lapses. SIT pointed out loopholes by each of the four investigating officers in the case. SIT said that the 6 accused should also have been charged with dacoity, rioting and rioting armed with a deadly weapon in addition to murder. PTI/ scroll
Rajasthan:5 Months after custodial death, family of M.Ramzan writes to HC Chief Justice for inquiry report
Having failed to secure the judicial inquiry report in the custodial killing of his father in April this year, Mohammed Rizwan of Baran district in Rajasthan has now sent a letter to Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court, seeking copies of the inquiry report, medical report and forensic science laboratory report, apart from demanding adequate monetary compensation to his family. Beseeching that his letter be treated as a PIL application, Rizwan said that his 52-year-old father - Ramzan - died in police custody on April 26, 2019 and a judicial probe was conducted to find out the causes of his death after registering an FIR against the police personnel on duty to provide protection to him, he has not been provided a copy of the report despite several efforts in the last over 5 months.Rizwan, in his letter, stated that he had submitted an application in Kota district court seeking copy of the inquiry report on Oct 9. “But the court official concerned replied me in writing that inquiry report and other details are confidential and hence, its copies cannot be made available to anyone, except the court”, Rizwan, who runs a mobile shop in Kota, said in his letter.India Tomorrow
Muzaffarnagar riots: Court charges 6th and last accused with murder in Kawal case
 6th and last accused in the Kawal murder case, which had sparked massive communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013, was booked for murder and rioting by a court here as it framed charges against him on Thursday. The framing of charges was delayed against Ravinder Singh, who is one of 6 accused in Shahnawaz murder case, as he was on the run and surrendered recently, on Sept.6. The court has already framed charges against rest of the five accused.Shahnawaz (25) was stabbed to death allegedly by a group of 8 persons following a tiff over some issue in Kawal village. Soon after the murder, a crowd caught two of the attackers-- Gaurav and Sachin-- and lynched them. Gaurav’s father Ravinder was also one of 6 accused booked for the murder of Shahnawaz. Hasan Mohsin Zaidi, lawyer of Shahnawaj, said, “The court of district and sessions judge Sanjay Kumar Pachori has farmed charges against Ravinder Singh under sections 302, 147 and 148 of IPC.” TOI
Ravidas temple demolition protest: Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad gets bail
A Delhi court today granted bail to Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad, 2 months after he was detained during an agitation against demolition of Ravidas Temple in Tughlakabad. Azad, facing trial over violence, has been lodged in Tihar Jail since Aug.The court has ordered him not to leave the country and tamper with evidence.So far, 94 of 96 Bhim Army members, arrested on several charges, including rioting and unlawful assembly, have been released on bail.indianexpress
Trafficking charge against Muslim orphanages in Kerala demolished during CBI enquiry
Exonerating Muslim orphanages in Kerala of child trafficking charges going back to 2014, CBI has filed a closure report in the Ernakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate Court.In the report submitted to the court, CBI has stated that parents and guardians of minor children had insisted that they had sent their children to Kerala hoping that they would get educated, free food and other facilities free of cost. In the report, they have stated that “no kind of exploitation was noticed by any witness”.The sensational case saw Railway Police detaining 589 children—who had arrived in 2 trains from Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal —in May 2014 at Palakkad Junction railway station. All the detained children were from extremely poor families and the majority of them did not have documents to prove their identity. However, some of the children had identity cards of Mukkam Muslim Orphanage in Kozhikode.Even when the children had been detained, the orphanage authorities had stated that some of these children were orphans and some others were there with parental permission as they were sent to Kerala hoping that they would get better education and care. Kerala Minority Commission said insisted then that no trafficking was involved.nationalherald
After 17 Months of Taliban Captivity, Kali Mahato Finally Gets Time to Take a Breath
New Delhi: Kali Mahato is finally home. After 17 months of being held captive by Taliban, he is now at his dusty, small village in Jharkhand. He was one of 7 Indians who were kidnapped on May 6, 2018 from the northern Afghan province of Baghlan. Out of 7, four were from Jharkhand, two from Kerala and one hailed from Bihar. They were all employees of an Indian company, KEC International Limited, working to build transmission lines for Afghan state-owned firm, DABS.Out of the 7, one Prakash Mahato was freed in March this year.The news about the latest release of 3 Indians on October 6 was first reported by a Pakistani paper. 10 days later, they finally landed in India and returned to their homes. Indian government has, so far, not publicly commented on their release. Speaking on phone from his village Beram, Kali Mahato said that he is still getting used to freedom. “I am still feeling a bit strange. Asked if they ever asked their captors why they were kidnapped, Mahato replied in the assent. “They told us that they didn’t want money. They just wanted their leaders, who were under arrest, to be free.” Mahato also signalled that their treatment at the hand of their captors – besides the overwhelming reality of their captivity – had been benign. They were informed that their religious sentiments will not be hurt. However, they were not allowed to shave or cut their beards. The only question that he can’t answer is why he was released when the others were held back.the wire
MHA Refuses to Provide Information on UAPA Amendment Citing 'National Security'
New Delhi: In response to RTI queries filed by The Wire, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has said that it cannot supply documents related to UAPA Bill, 2019 “for the sake of national security”. The ministry also refused to provide information regarding the Centre’s decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status by reading down most of the provisions of Article 370.The Wire had filed 2 RTI applications seeking the information. The government has refused to answer in both the cases. The response from the home ministry comes hot in the heels of home minister Amit Shah’s claim — on the occasion of the completion of 14 years since the RTI was first implemented — that the Modi government had already made a lot of information public, so much so that people no longer needed to file RTI applications.thewire
Malegaon: Party hopper Mufti Ismail banks on piety, promises to undo ‘mistakes’
Malegaon:The narrow lanes of Akhtarabad in Malegaon, the tall and lanky Mufti Ismail is forced to get down on his haunches in front of every door that he knocks on. While from afar it seems that he is pleading for votes, the Mufti is doing so to adhere with the etiquette of drinking water or any liquid according to Islamic sunnah. “Wherever I go, they offer me water or milk to drink. This is their love for me,” says former MLA and the AIMIM candidate from Malegaon Central.Ahead of the 2009 state polls, a cleric with a salary of Rs 5,000, Mufti had pedaled across Malegaon on his creaky bicycle promising change as a candidate of Jan Surajya Shakti Party. The residents of Malegaon, a Muslim-dominated town once known as ‘Manchester of India’ for its sprawling textile industry, had by then embedded itself in the national psyche as a town seething with anger and alienation and has been thrust into the national consciousness because of a spate of bomb blasts.To break this mould, local residents, including poor textile workers, crowd-funded Mufti’s campaign by thrusting Rs 5 and 10 notes in his hands. Mufti subsequently won with a resounding margin.indianexpress
UP ATS arrests 2 persons in terror funding case
Bareilly:UP ATS has arrested 2 persons related to terror funding case from Izzatnagar area of Bareilly district. Both the accused are residents of Partapur village and their names were disclosed by the four accused arrested earlier by Lakhimpur Kheri police on Oct.10. The case had been handed over to UP ATS. Another accused, Mumtaz Hussain, who was also wanted in this case, had surrendered in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate in Lakhimpur city on Friday. He was sent to Lakhimpur district jail under judicial custody for 14 days. ATS will now seek remand through court for further investigation in this case.The accused arrested by ATS from Bareilly were identified as Sirajuddin and Faheem. TOI
Around 5.4 lakh TB cases went unreported in India in 2018: WHO
Around 5.4 lakh tuberculosis cases went unreported last year in India which is among the top eight countries with highest burden of disease, according to WHO’s Global TB report.It, however, stated the number of tuberculosis patients in India reduced by around 50,000 in 2018 compared to the previous year.In 2017, India had 27.4 lakh tuberculosis patients which came down to 26.9 lakh in 2018. Also, TB incidence per 100,000 population has decreased from 204 in 2017 to 199 in 2018.PTI
Ahmedabad top cop AK Singh appointed NSG DG
Ahmedabad city Police Commissioner Anup Kumar Singh was appointed as the Director General of National Security Guard (NSG) —Union Govt’s Counter Terrorism Unit — by Ministry of Home Affairs. 59-year-old 1985-batch IPS officer has served as police commissioner of Ahmedabad city for the last three years.indianexpress
5,000 illegal e-waste units being run in Delhi: Study
|New Delhi:Over 5,000 illegal e-waste processing units employing approximately 50,000 people continue to operate in violation of environmental norms in the capital, a study by think tank Toxic Link has revealed. The study has found that these units operate in 15 “informal hotspots” in Delhi.According to the study titled “Informal E-waste Recycling in Delhi: Unfolding impact of 2 years of e-waste (Management) Rules 2016”, hotspots are located in Northeastern and Eastern part of Delhi, including Seelampur (Shahdara), Mustafabad (North East Delhi),Behta Hazipur and Loni (Ghaziabad), among other places.“Seelampur, Mustafabad, Behta Hazipur and Loni in Ghaziabad account for about 57%, 15%, 9% & 10% of all e-waste informal processing units. Many have been operating for about 3 decades,”it adds.I.E.
50,000 cabs go off Telangana roads as transport strike enters day 15
In the biggest protest since the employees of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) called for a strike against the KCR government on October 5, a statewide shutdown was observed by the TSRTC staff today, disrupting transportation across Hyderabad and 32 other districts. More than 50,000 cabs across the state are also off the road as Ola and Uber cab drivers joined the transport strike, demanding regularisation of the ride-hailing market.NDTV
Erdogan warns Kurds as Syria ceasefire gets off to rocky start
The ceasefire in northeast Syria got off to a rocky start on Friday, as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warned he would resume a full-scale operation against Kurdish forces if they do not withdraw from a border "safe zone". Speaking to reporters in Istanbul, Erdogan said the Kurdish forces must withdraw "without exception" from a swathe of land 30km deep inside Syria, running 440km along Turkey's eastern border with Syria. "If promises are kept until Tuesday evening, the safe zone issue will be resolved,"Erdogan said. "If it fails, the operation ...will start the minute 120 hours are over." Ankara considers the Kurdish forces to be "terrorists" linked to Kurdish rebels inside Turkey and wants the fighters pushed back from its border. It says the "safe zone" it wants to create inside Syria would also make room to settle up to 2 million Syrian war refugees - out of 3.6 million it is currently hosting.Donald Trump, president of US, meanwhile, said Erdogan told him there had been "minor sniper and mortar fire" in the region "that was quickly eliminated".Turkish leader assured him in a call that "he very much wants the ceasefire, or pause, to work", Trump said on Twitter, adding that Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) also want the deal to work. There was no sign of any pullout by the Kurdish-led forces, however.In a statement, SDF said the deal only covers a 12km stretch - a much smaller section of the border than that Erdogan announced - and did not commit to pulling out from anywhere.Columns of smoke were seen over the border town on Friday morning, and UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and RIC said fighting continued into the afternoon as Turkish-backed Syrian fighters clashed with Kurdish forces in villages on the town's outskirts. Fighting quieted around 4pm local time, and the calm continued into nightfall, Kurdish fighters said. The ceasefire, brokered by Washington, was aimed at easing a crisis that saw Trump order a hasty and unexpected US retreat, which his critics say amounted to abandoning Kurdish fighters who fought alongside US troops to defeat ISIL.
Israeli support for YPG/PKK reeks of 'Great Game'
Israeli opposition to Turkey's counter-terrorism operation in northern Syria, which aims to secure the area for the safe return of Syrian refugees and prevent the formation of a terror corridor, has let the cat out of the bag. Israeli condemnation of the operation and open support to YPG/PKK terror groups -- who were using their entrenched positions in the region to launch terror attacks inside Turkey -- seem to have exposed the larger plan which some powers had scripted, not only to change demography, but also to destabilize the region forever, for Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.Soon after US withdrawal from the region, American journal Newsweek quoted a senior National Security Council official saying that if this pull out had not happened, they were out to create another Israel on the borders of Turkey."To be honest with you, it would be better for US to support a Kurdish nation across Turkey, Syria, and Iraq… It would be another Israel in the region,” official added, implying that they would have gone ahead to carve out a territory and hand it over to YPG/PKK, in return of their support to US military operations.To put it simply, the territory was meant to become a ground for a “Great Game” -- a replay of what happened in 1948 when Israel was created, which became a permanent destabilizing factor for all the neighboring Arab states. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led his country to denounce the military operation. He offered support to terror groups, saying they were facing an onslaught from Ankara. His son, Yair Netanyahu ran a hashtag campaign on Twitter, opposing Turkey.Prominent lawmakers across the political spectrum in Israel also issued statements against Turkey. Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked issued a call for “Kurdish statehood”, urging the West to support the groups fighting Turkey in northern Syria.   According to Israeli news website Mako, several protests took place in Tel Aviv over the past few days with rabbis and former military officials coming out on the streets to denounce Turkey’s anti-terrorism operations.Anadolu
Setback For Boris Johnson, British MPs Vote To Delay Brexit Deal Decision
London: British MPs on Saturday voted to delay a decision on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, arguing they needed more time to study its contents before an October 31 deadline.Lawmakers backed an amendment which effectively forces Johnson to ask Brussels for an extension until January next year, while they scrutinised the proposed domestic legislation to enforce the deal.Johnson was defiant in responding to the result, despite conceding that the so-called "meaningful vote" on his divorce agreement with Brussels "has been voided of meaning".But he added: "The best thing for the UK and for the whole of Europe is for us to leave with this new deal on October 31.""I will not negotiate a delay with the EU, and neither does the law compel me to do so," he said. Johnson earlier argued that further delay -- more than three years after the landmark 2016 referendum to leave the bloc -- would be "pointless, expensive and deeply corrosive".MPs could still meet the October 31 deadline when the government introduces its formal withdrawal agreement bill in parliament next week.In opting to back a delay, they are seeking to ensure they do not run out of time debating it and deliver by accident the no-deal Brexit they oppose.AFP
Afghan mosque attack:Bodies of 69 people buried
Funerals are being held in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province for the victims of Friday's bomb blasts in which at least 69 worshippers were killed and dozens wounded.Attahullah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, said on Saturday that the explosion also wounded 36 people when it went off as hundreds of people gathered in the mosque in the Jawdara area of Haska Mena district.Sohrab Qaderi, a member of Nangarhar's provincial council, said the mosque, with a capacity of more than 150 worshippers at a time, was full of people when the bombs exploded. "Bodies of 69 people, including children and elders, have been handed to their relatives," Qaderi said, adding that more bodies could be lying under the rubble.Police and local people searched on Saturday for more bodies in the rubble of the mosque.No group has claimed responsibility. Spokesman of Sediq Sediqqi, spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, blamed the Taliban for the attack. But Suhail Shaheen, a spokesman for the Taliban, denied the group was responsible. In a tweet, he said that witnesses to the attack said it was a mortar attack by government forces.aljazeera
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Modi’s Dare on Article 370 Is an Opportunity for Congress to Rebuild:Badri Raina
BJP’s fervent bid to confer Bharat Ratna on Savarkar shows party's strategy to embed RSS in Indian history:Saib Bilaval
Meet IIT Prof Tripathi Who Campaigns for Kashmir on Streets of Delhi:Zafar Aafaq
Kashmir reports: What rights teams have found:Furquan Ameen

In caste-sensitive Tamil Nadu, 6 communities want to be delisted from SC/ST list
Iqbal Mirchi PMLA case: ED conducts raids on DHFL premises
 Compiled and edited by Anwarulhaq (Released at: 6:11 PM)


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