14 October 2019

14 OCT. NEWS : Belief, Purana do not give Hindus title of land in Ayodhya; they did not claim for title until 1989: Muslims side to SC / Indian economy on shaky ground: Nobel Prize-winning economist Abhijit Banerjee/ Sitharaman's husband hits out at Centre over economic slowdown advises BJP to embrace Rao-Manmohan Policy

14 OCT. 2019: 14 Safar 1441: Vol: 12, No: 36
INDIA: Babri Masjid land case
Belief, Purana do not give Hindus title of land; they did not claim for title until 1989: Muslims side to SC
New Delhi:Sheer belief that Lord Ram was born exactly under the central dome of Babri Masjid, demolished in 1992 by kar sevaks, does not give the Hindus the title or ownership of the disputed land, senior advocate Rajeev Djavan submitted before the Ayodhya Bench of the Supreme Court today.“Neither belief nor travelogues nor Skand Purana can give you [Hindu parties] title to the land,” Dhavan submitted. Dhavan's arguments came on the 38th day of the marathon hearings by the five-judge Bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi.CJI indicated that the Ayodhya hearings may finally draw to a close on Wednesday, a couple of days ahead of the deadline of October 18.In his day-long submissions,  Dhavan said what was definite was the Hindus were given (prescriptive rights) to enter the mosque premises and pray. “However, they trespassed into the land and surreptitiously installed the idols on Dec.22-23, 1949,” he submitted.The senior lawyer said there was no evidence of any title they held over the land. Hindus were allowed to enter the land and pray at the Ram Chhabutra after 1857.“What did the Hindus actually pray to from 1857 to 1989? An idol. The rest was a belief with no evidence - Hindus are not able to prove Lord Ram was born under the inner dome. There is no physical manifestation of their belief that this is the exact place where Lord Ram was born...Till 1989, they had accepted that they had only a right to pray there. There was no question of title,”  Dhavan argued.He said the maintenance grant given to the wakf from the period of Babur through the British occupation was proof of the Muslims' title over the land. The right to entry was given by the British as a means to maintain public order in the area.“Right to entry to the Hindus to pray in the Babri premises does not translate to defeasance of the Muslims' title... Why knock down one of the domes of the Babri mosque in the 1934 riots and trespass to install the idols of Lord Ram in 1949 if they already had the title... Why did they have to do all this?” he said.Dhavan countered the Hindu parties’ version that the mosque was abandoned with no prayers offered. “Prayers do not determine title, abandonment does. Look at the Mexican pyramids. Forests surround them with not a single guard... If I go away on a holiday, does it mean I have abandoned my practice,” he asked. Concluding the day's arguments, Dhavan urged judges not to open a Pandora's box by attempting to rewrite history. He said India was more complicated than Europe with more wars and conquests. “How can Muslim rulers be termed illegitimate for building a mosque? Why are we rewriting history whenever new Govt comes to power,” he asked. Dhavan, who argued the whole day, said “we are treating India like a monolithic entity.Practices in North India are fundamentally different from other parts, essentially different from South. Yet we try to assume a commonality...”.“A brilliant civilisation! At best our knowledge of Islamic law is confined to personal law... We cannot selectively dip into Quran or Hadith or Vedas and say this is right, this not or Babur was not a true Muslim,” he said.Dhavan reminded Bench that history books in future would be written on the basis of the judgment in the case. He urged the judges to tread with care like how they did with Uniform Civil Code.The Hindu
144 imposed in Ayodhya as SC nears verdict in case
New Delhi: Prohibitory orders under Section 144, which bans the assembly of 4 or more persons, have been issued in Ayodhya as hearing in the politically sensitive Ram Janmbhoomi - Babri Masjid land dispute enters its final leg today. The order, which came into effect late on Saturday night extends to Dec.10 and was passed "in anticipation of verdict in Ayodhya land case" and "considering safety and security of Ayodhya". The order also bans the use of drones for filming or shooting. VHP expressed disappointment over the order and has sought permission to light earthen lamps at the disputed site on Diwali.In response, a Muslim litigant in the case, Haji Mehboob, declared that if VHP could be allowed to light lamps at the disputed shrine, then Muslims could seek permission to offer 'namaaz'.NDTV
SC orders security for UP waqf board chief
The Supreme Court today ordered UP Govt to provide security to Waqf board chairperson Zafar Ahmed Farooqui. Ayodhya Bench of the court, led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi, took note of communication addressed to it by mediation committee that Farooqui apprehended threat, and directed the State Govt to take immediate steps to provide him security.The letter was written by senior advocate Sriram Panchu, one of the mediators, the others being former apex court judge F.M.I. Kalifulla and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.thehindu
Building Ram temple will be triumph for 130 crore Indians: RSS leader Indresh Kumar
New Delhi:As the final countdown begins in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case, RSS leader Indresh Kumar said that he believes that building Ram Mandir will be a matter of triumph for 130 crore Indians.Muslim Personal Law Board had said that they hoped "the SC will give its verdict in favour of Muslims."Responding to the same, RSS leader said: "Building Ram Mandir is not a matter of victory or defeat for anyone, rather it will be a victory for 130 crore people of India." "Ram is also Imam-e-Hind, and Ram is also a form of Khuda, that is why people say that Ram is Khuda and Khuda is Ram. He is one of the best Nabi of the world and we should keep one thing in our minds that insulting the Nabi of any other religion and insulting their place is inhuman, immoral and a kind of violence," he added.ANI
KK Muhammed was with me during excavation at Ayodhya as a trainee: BB Lal
New Delhi:Ex- DG of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) BB Lal and 3 others linked to the project have said KK Muhammed was part of the team that excavated the Babri Masjid site at Ayodhya in 1976-77.“It is a fact that Shri KK Muhammed was there with me when I was excavating the area in Ayodhya,” Lal, 98, told TOI in an email.This was in response to a letter by Syed Ali Rizvi, chairman, department of history, AMU,  in which Rizvi said Muhammed was never part of BB Lal's team. However, apart from KK Muhammed himself, Lal and at least 3 other members of the team have refuted Rizvi’s rebuttal.Ramakant Chaturvedi, who retired as director of Municipal Museum, Gwalior in 2007, said Muhammed had participated in the excavation at Ayodhya in 1976-77 as a trainee. “Muhammed was a student of ASI’s School of Archaeology at Delhi. He was with me,” he said.TOI
Indian economy on shaky ground: Nobel Prize-winning economist Abhijit Banerjee
Kolkata: Indian-American Abhijit Banerjee, who today won 2019 Nobel for Economics, said Indian economy is on a shaky ground. The data currently available do not hold any assurance for the country’s economic revival anytime soon, he stated.“The condition of Indian economy is on a shaky ground. After witnessing the present (growth) data, just can’t be sure about it (revival of economy in near future). “In the last 5-6 years, at least we could witness some growth, but now that assurance is also gone,” Banerjee told a news channel from US.   58-year-old economist, who bagged the coveted prize jointly with his wife Esther Duflo and another economist Michael Kremer for his “experimental approach to alleviating global poverty”, said he never thought he would get a Nobel so early in his career.“I have been doing this research for the last twenty years. We have tried offering solutions towards alleviation of poverty,” Banerjee, who is currently Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), said.PTI
 Sitharaman's husband hits out at Centre over economic slowdown, advises BJP to embrace Rao-Manmohan Policy
New Delhi: BJP should embrace PV Narasimha Rao-Manmohan Singh economic architecture to steer the economy out of choppy waters, Parakala Prabhakar, a noted political economist and the husband of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has advised in an opinion piece published by The Hindu. Prabhakar, a former communications adviser to Govt of AP, has also criticized the ruling party for attacking the Nehruvian economic framework, saying that the party think-tank "fails to realise" that the attack remains more a political assault and can never graduate to an economic critique."Constructs such as 'Integral Humanism' could not be rendered into practical policy initiatives in the modern market-driven, globalised world. BJP could, therefore, have released itself from that limiting agenda by wholly embracing and even owning Rao-Singh economic architecture," writes Prabhakar in the Hindu article titled "A lodestar to steer the economy". Prabhakar suggests that like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel could become an icon in BJP's political project, Narasimha Rao could become a robust underpinning for its economic architecture. "A full-fledged embrace and an aggressive pursuit of it even now could provide BJP and Govt led by PM Narendra Modi a lodestar to steer the economy out of the choppy waters it is in at present. That architecture could help BJP remove the present infirmity in its economic thinking.Otherwise, macroeconomic thought leadership will continue to be offered to BJP by the shouting analysts on TV and in WhatsApp forwards," he writes.He begins his piece with the observation that "while the Govt is still in denial mode", data flowing into the public domain show that sector after sector is staring at a seriously challenging situation." Govt, however, is yet to show signs that it has come to grips with what ails the economy. Much less evidence is available to believe that it has a strategic vision to address the challenges," he says.ndtv
After FM’s call, withdrawal limit for PMC Bank customers raised to Rs 40,000
RBI today raised withdrawal limit for PMC bank account holders from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000. The change comes days after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reached out to central bank governor Shaktikanta Das on behalf of the depositors and got an assurance that the regulator would keep their concerns on top priority. “We understand the justified worries of the customers,” Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted on Saturday soon after she made the phone call to RBI governor. The banking regulator had last month imposed severe restrictions on withdrawals by depositors after Rs 4,355 crore PMC bank fraud came to light.HT
PMC bank’s Joy Thomas is also Junaid Khan, owner of 10 Pune properties: Cop
Economic Offenses Wing of Mumbai police have been able to link Joy Thomas, suspended MD of PMC bank fraud to 10 properties bought over last 7 years, a police officer has claimed. Officer said Thomas had acquired these properties after he changed his name to Junaid Khan, alias that he had acquired to marry his one-time personal assistant. It was in this name that Junaid and his second wife appear to have bought 10 properties. Most of these assets - co-owned by the couple - were bought after 2012. This is around the same time that the first set of irregularities in PMC bank’s loan fraud, which blew up last month, have been noticed. HT
Retail inflation quickens to 3.99% in Sept
Retail inflation spiked to 3.99% in Sept mainly due to higher prices of food items, Govt data showed today.The consumer price index(CPI) based inflation was registered at 3.28% in Aug. On year-on-year basis, the inflation was 3.70 % in the September 2018.The price rise in the food basket was recorded at 5.11 % in Sept., as against 2.99 % in the preceding month, data from Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) showed.The inflation print for vegetables shot up to 15.40 % during the month.PTI
10,000 HAL Workers Begin Indefinite Strike Across Country After Wage Revision Talks Fail
New Delhi: Demanding an upward revision in wages, 10,000 workers of state-owned HAL started an indefinite strike on Monday, reported ET. Employees of the aerospace major are participating in the strike after talks with management failed on Sunday. “We are observing a strike in all 9 units of HAL all over India. Over 10,000 employees here are on strike and as a result work has come to a standstill,” Suryadevara Chandrashekhar, chief convener  All India HAL Trade Unions Coordination Committee (AIHALTUCC) said. AIHALTUCC is demanding that revision in their wages be at par with the revision in wages of the executives of HAL.thewire
J&K: Postpaid mobile services back in Kashmir after 72 days, but no internet
72 days after mobile and internet communications were blocked in the Kashmir Valley by Govt, postpaid mobile services on all networks in Kashmir were restored at noon today. Restoration of mobile phone connections comes over two months after the Govt revoked J&K's decades-old special privileges. Some 40 lakh postpaid mobile phones have become operational from Monday noon. Around 30 lakh pre-paid mobile phone connections are yet to be restored. Internet connectivity, however, will remain suspended for now.A couple of people NDTV spoke to on the streets of Srinagar were not aware  that postpaid connections are back and had left their mobile phones at home. "It won't make any difference to me... There are certain other issues which need to be solved first," a Srinagar resident said. "In today's world, it is a need. Yes, definitely there will be a relief," he added."Having reviewed the situation, a decision has now been taken to restore mobile phone services in the remaining areas of J&K," Principal Secretary Rohit Kansal had said on Saturday.NDTV
Phone lines are not important for Kashmiris, phone lines used by terrorists: Satya Pal Malik
On a day when J&K administration restored postpaid mobile phone services in Valley, J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik has said phone lines were not very important for Kashmiris. He also said the phone lines were only used by terrorists. Malik said, "Telephone was not important us, but lives of residents are more important." "People were living without telephone earlier also, you must understand, telephone being used for terrorist mobilisation," Malik added.India Today
Kashmir fury at Sufi mission in Hazratbal as eyewitnesses say devotees chant anti-India slogans
Srinagar: Agroup of Sufi clerics from mainland India who were apparently on a mission to placate Kashmiris were heckled, greeted with anti-India slogans and forced to beat a retreat during a visit to Srinagar’s Hazratbal shrine on Saturday.The protesters apparently suspected that the Govt was playing a Sufi card to divide Kashmiris on sectarian lines. That Sufi clerics faced such hostility at the renowned shrine was a measure of the public anger at Aug.5 revocation of J&K’s special status. Clerics from All India Sufi Sajadahnishin Council, headed by Syed Nasiruddin Chishti, heir to chief priest of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, were on a three-day visit to the Valley “to ascertain the ground situation”. 17 members of the delegation came from several prominent shrines, including Ajmer Sharif and Nizamuddin. Eyewitnesses said hundreds of devotees chanted pro-independence, anti-India and anti-Narendra Modi slogans to express anger against the clerics’ visit to Hazratbal shrine. “People chanted slogans like, ‘Go India, go back’ and ‘We want freedom’. The protesters surrounded the Sufi clerics but did not harm them. The (visiting) maulvis rushed out of the shrine, and police escorted them to safety,” said a devotee.telegraphindia
India best place for Muslims, Pakistan spreading false Kashmir propaganda: Chishti after visiting J&K
A member of a Sufi delegation that visited J&K to assess the situation in the Valley on Monday said that there was no complain of human rights violations in the Himalayan state. Naseeruddin Chishti said that the delegation met locals there but none of them complained of human rights violations. “We met locals and none of locals complained of human rights violations. Pakistani propaganda is false, yes basic services like phone were restricted but when a big step is taken, such directions are issued,” Chisti said. He also hit out at Pakistan PM Imran Khan for calling for jihad for Kashmiri Muslims. He said India is the best place for Muslims who don’t need Khan’s advice. “India is the best country for Muslims. Pakistan PM’s call for jihad is shameful. Pakistan should go and fight in Palestine or China if so interested, we don’t need their advice,” Chishti said.financialexpress
From Valley: Trauma of Pandits, Sikhs, Christians
The team met a group of Kashmiri Pandits who live in a resettlement colony or what passes for it, in the middle of precisely nowhere in the district of Baramulla.One resident who spoke at length said that to begin with, they had no idea what Article 370 was and they mixed it up with 35 A, which gives Kashmiris exclusive rights to own and rent property in the state. He also said that 370 was neither beneficial nor good. “We aren't affected by the change of status of state to a union territory because we are working under the PM's special package. The state does not finance us, the centre does.”However, he added that Pandits do associate with Muslims and that most of them are good people.Another Pandit added, “What has happened isn't the fault of the Kashmiris but of the politics of the Indian state.” There were other reactions that criss-crossed the secular-religious divide constantly. “We are a Hindu country. This country was founded on the divisions between Hindus and Muslims. The word secularism was introduced into the constitution much later, by Congress party.” “We have to make Kashmiri Muslims feel less insecure. When centre creates a NRC in Assam and other such moves, it only makes Muslims feel insecure,” said another Pandit. But, when the team visited the association that administers the last leg of the Hindu holy pilgrim's progress to the Amarnath shrine in Kashmir, they were unequivocal in their response. For Sikhs, the main concern was to be able to acquire a permanent resident certificate to be able to buy land in Kashmir. As a minority Kashmiri Sikhs are eligible to apply for this but the process is ridden with corruption. Earlier too they would get the certificates, but they had to pay bribes, but now they hope that with the Article 370 being struck down, they would be able to get certificates easily to buy a house and land.nationalheraldindia
Will Monitor Situation, Says Malaysian PM On Reports Of Curbs From India
Malaysia's PM Mahathir Mohamad has said that his Govt will monitor the trade situation with India, which is reported to be considering trade curbs on the Southeast Asian nation over his criticism of actions in J&K, news agency Bernama reported.Malaysia had said it did not receive "anything official" from India. Mahathir said on Sunday his Govt will "study the impact of the action taken by India", Govt-owned Bernama said. "They are exporting goods to Malaysia too It's not just one-way trade, it's two-way trade," Mahathir said. Reuters
Kashmiri Human Rights Activist Stopped From Travelling to Malaysia
Kashmiri human rights activist Bilal Bhat has claimed that he was stopped from boarding an international flight to Malaysia at the Delhi airport.Bhat alleged that Indian immigration authorities stamped his passport saying that his visa was “cancelled without prejudice.”Bhat says he spent nearly 6 hours at airport, first trying to understand why he was prohibited from flying abroad and then to get his baggage, which was offloaded from his Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur.“I kept asking them what was the reason for not allowing me to travel, but they didn’t give me any reason,” Bhat told The Wire.
UP Deputy CM Maurya says vote for BJP means dropping nuclear bomb on Pakistan
UP Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya has said the votes given to BJP means a nuclear bomb has been automatically dropped on Pakistan. While praising BJP, Maurya said BJP is committed to developing the country. Addressing a rally during campaigning for Narendra Mehta, a BJP candidate in Maharashtra, UP Deputy CM said the lotus will bloom in Maharashtra and urged people to vote for the party in the upcoming polls. newsx
With help from other countries, India trying to put Pak on FATF blacklist: Pak FM
Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that India has been utilizing all means to put his country in the blacklist of Financial Action Task Force's (FATF).Pakistan was placed on the grey list by the Paris-based watchdog in June 2018 and was given a plan of action to complete it by October 2019 or face the risk of being placed on the blacklist with Iran and North Korea. Qureshi also said that India has been in touch with other countries to push Pakistan in the blacklist of FATF."India is still in constant contact with some countries and with their help, it is trying to put Pakistan on FATF blacklist," Qureshi said. His comment comes as a Paki delegation visits Paris to present a compliance report before FATF. Minister for Economic Affairs Division  is heading the delegation.indiatoday
‘Foreigner’ dies in detention in Assam, kin refuse to accept body;say if he is Bangladeshi send body to there
Guwahati : The family of a “mentally unstable” man, who died on Sunday morning after two years of detention in a camp for declared foreigners in Assam, today refused to accept his body. One of his sons said that if his father was a Bangladeshi, they should have sent the body to Bangladesh. Dulal Paul, who was lodged at the Tezpur detention centre on Oct. 11, 2017, died at Guwahati Medical College Hospital. Doctors said he was admitted on Sept.28 and was suffering from diabetes and renal complications. 65-year-old from Alisinga village near Dhekiajuli town in Sonitpur district was the 26 victim of the State’s system of quarantining “non-citizens” since 2011. Sonitpur district police’s attempt to hand over the body to Paul’s family triggered protests in the Dhekiajuli area on Monday. Members of All Assam Bengali Youth Students’ Federation and locals blocked arterial National Highway 15 for 3 hours demanding that he be declared an Indian first.“We have land documents dating back to 1960. But they still took our father and spared no thought to his mental condition. Since Govt declared him a Bangladeshi, it should have sent his body to Bangladesh,” said Ashish Paul, one of Paul’s three wards.“We made them understand that declaring a person Indian was not in our hands and that the courts have to decide. They relented and agreed to take the man’s body for cremation,” Sonitpur SP Kumar Sanjit Krishna said.A spokesperson of the Bengali students’ federation said a police team headed by an additional SP promised to “undo the injustice” to Paul and provide compensation to bereaved family. Those declared foreigners are sent to Tezpur and 5 other detention centres within the central jails. Assam is building the first standalone detention centre in Goalpara district for accommodating up to 3,000 people.the hindu
Terror group JuM expanding in India in the name of Bangladeshi migrants: NIA
New Delhi: Bangladeshi's Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen (JuM) is expanding its area of operation in India and now has its footprints in Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra. Making disclosure about JuM's activities, NIA DG Yogesh Chander Modi on Monday pointed out that terror group was carrying out its nefarious activities in the name of Bangladeshi migrants while addressing the chiefs of ATS and STF of all the states. YC Modi, IPS officer of Assam-Meghalaya cadre, announced that a list of 25 most wanted JuM terrorists has been prepared and circulated among the states to track them. "We are fully geared up and prepared to meet the challenge of such terror groups with the help of all the states. We are a central investigating agency and are coordinating with other similar agencies at the national as well as international level to tackle terrorism," said Modi. Aiming to create a nation-wide robust anti-terror grid, ATS and STF chiefs of all the states are meeting for a brain-storming session in New Delhi. 2-day meeting, which started on Monday, is being coordinated by NIA. The agenda includes terror funding, radicalisation and digital evidence along with other aspects. Addressing ATS and STF chiefs, NIA DG said the purpose is to ensure the country and its security forces are better prepared to tackle terror threats. zeenews
If media is quiet about attacks,terrorism will end: NSA
Zakir Naik speeches inspired majority of 127 people arrested for ISIS links, claims  NIA official
Most of 130-odd people arrested by security agencies in India for suspected ISIS links were inspired by the speeches of Zakir Naik, a top official of NIA Alok Mittal told a conference of anti-terror teams on Monday.Mittal said security agencies had arrested 127 people from different parts of the country in recent years due to ISIS links. The largest number of people were arrested from Tamil Nadu, 33, UP, 19 and Kerala, 17, Telangana 14, Maharashtra 12, Karnataka 8 and Delhi 7. The other states from where ISIS suspects have been arrested are Uttarakhand, Bengal, J&K, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar and MP.A common factor in the radicalisation of majority of these suspects was Zakir Naik, Mittal said. HT
NTK leader Seeman ‘justifies’ Rajiv Gandhi’s killing, booked by police as Congress seeks action
Chennai:Naam Tamizhar Katchi founder leader Seeman has kicked up a row by “justifying” ex PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, triggering sharp reactions from Tamil Nadu Congress leaders who demanded he be booked for sedition.The actor-politician made the remarks at a campaign meeting in the by-poll bound Vikravandi assembly constituency recently and today he remained defiant, indicating he stood by the controversial comments. Based on a complaint from a local Congress functionary who alleged the remarks were against national integration, police in Vikravandi said a case had been registered against Seeman on Monday.In the election rally speech, a video of which has gone viral now, Seeman justified the assassination of Gandhi, who was killed by an LTTE suicide bomber on May 21, 1991 at nearby Sriperumbudur.PTI
NIA to question arrested alleged SIMI man over Bodh Gaya, Patna blasts
New Delhi: NIA will soon start questioning suspected SIMI man Azharudeen, who was arrested on Friday night from Hyderabad Airport after his arrival from Saudi Arabia, sources said on Sunday. A highly placed NIA source told IANS, "The agency will question Azharudeen aka Chemical Ali in connection with the probe into Bodh Gaya and Patna bomb blast cases of 2013." The source said Azharudeen is accused of giving shelter to SIMI men involved in the bomb blasts and his call records showed that he was in constant touch with them. IANS
UP: 2 held for slaughtering buffalo calves in Pilibhit shahar mufti’s madrassa
Pilibhit: 2 alleged slaughterers were arrested from the premises of madrassa of shahar mufti Maulana Jartab Raza Khan in Hashmat Nagar under Pilibhit Kotwali police station circle on Sunday. A third man escaped. Meat of 2 slaughtered buffalo calves and tools were seized from the spot. Police said the arrested duo claimed that they were slaughtering cattle on Khan’s instructions, who had hired them on daily wages of Rs 300 each. They and their absconding accomplice have been booked under provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. However, shahar mufti has not been booked.According to Upendra Kumar,sub inspector, he was on routine patrolling duty in city area along with his team at 3.35 am when he received a tip-off about the illegal slaughtering in madrassa.TOI
UP:5 arrested with 120 kg of meat,cops suspect beef
Lucknow: 5 men were arrested with 120 kg of meat under the Barra police station limits of Kanpur on Saturday and Sunday. Police suspect that the meat was beef, though a laboratory report is yet to confirm this. The men have been identified as Faizan Alam (28), Mehmood Alam (35), Rizwan Siddiqui (28), Dilshad Ansari (24) and Maqsood Alam (46) – all residents of Kanpur. They have been booked under the UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955, said Satish Singh, station house officer of Barra.indianexpress
UP govt suspends IAS officer, 5 others over negligence in management of cow shelter
UP Govt today suspended the district magistrate of Maharajganj along with 5 other officials for their alleged negligence in the management of a state-run cow shelter. UP chief secretary RK Tiwari said the officers have been suspended with immediate effect for fudging figures and giving part of Govt land meant for cow shelter on lease. The officers who have been suspended include DM, Nichlaul, Amar Nath Upadhyaya, then SDM Devendra Kumar, present SDM Satyam Mishra, Chief Veterinary Officer Rajiv Upadhyaya, and Deputy Veterinary Officer Dr VK Maurya.indianexpress
UP: Man beaten to death in Meerut after his bike hits boy
In a shocking incident, a man was allegedly beaten to death by a group of people in UP's Meerut city after his motorcycle hit a boy.2 other persons, who were on the motorcycle, have been admitted to a hospital after they suffered serious injuries in the accident on Sunday. According to reports, 4 people have been arrested so far.In a video of the incident that has gone viral, around 20 people can be seen beating the man who died, while the other 2 can be seen lying on the ground, crying for help. The police, however, said that the man died as his bike hit an electricity pole while trying to flee from the accident spot.IANS
Jamia Millia student commits suicide in Delhi
New Delhi:A 22-year-old student of Jamia Millia Islamia allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself at his rented accommodation in southeast Delhi's Okhla Vihar today, police said. Victim has been identified as Irfan BK, a first-year student, who was pursuing M.A.(Psychology) at the university. He hailed from Kerala, they said.He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead, the police said, adding, a probe was underway to ascertain the reason.PTI 
AMU begins 2-yr MBA in Islamic Banking,Finance
Aligarh: DBA, Faculty of Management Studies and Research (FMSR), AMU, organized inaugural ceremony of MBA- Islamic Banking and Finance last week. MBA- Islamic Banking and Finance has been introduced in the Department of Business Administration as a full-time 2-year course. "A big portion of the society is left out of the banking system and Islamic Finance will be the answer to that problem in our economy," said Prof. Valeed Ahmad Ansari, Dean, FMSR, in his welcome address during the inauguration event while emphasizing on the challenges of implementing the idea of Islamic Banking in the current scenario. "This course has a potential to develop a lead position in the finance sector and as Department, we see ourselves creating a league especially for our own marginalized community", said Prof. Parvaiz Talib, Chairman.The Chief Guest of the event, M.H. Khatkhatay delivered a speech in which he expressed his positive outlook towards this initiative. He identified the gap between the theory and practice and thus, underlined the need for the interaction of students with the renowned scholars and practitioners of Islamic Banking and Finance in India and worldwide. The launch program started with a Design Thinking workshop by Dr. Shariq Nisar.  H. Abdul Raqeeb, General Secretary Indian Centre for Islamic Finance delivered a talk on 'Islamic Finance in a Secular Country- Does it makes sense?'and Aslam Khan discussed about Entrepreneurship and Islamic Finance with students of MBA, an official statement said.ndtv
Dalit and backward Muslims should get reservation: Pasmanda Muslim community
Lucknow:Pasmanda Muslim community has demanded that BJP Govt at Centre and state should provide reservation to Dalit and Backward Muslims.Pasmanda Muslim community general secretary Anjum Ali Mansuri here on Sunday said reservation to Dalit and backward Muslims was banned on August 10, 1950 provided by section 341 of constitution but later reservation to Buddhist and Sikhs was allowed.UNI
Haryana elections: 2 yrs after riots, both BJP and Congress don’t think Jat quota is an issue in Rohtak
“It was frightening… it all happened in front of our eyes.” For Rajkumar, the violence that gripped Rohtak during the Jat agitation of 2016 was most harrowing experience of his life.50-year-old studio owner near Ashok Chowk remembers how the “Jats came in trucks and trollies and vandalised shops”. His memory is still clear: “The mobile shop on the other side of the road was set on fire and all mobile phones were looted. It’s very unfortunate that the Jat community is very well off, but still resorted to violence for reservation,” he says. Jat agitation, aimed at their inclusion in OBC, spawned violence across the region for almost ten days, resulted in at least 30 deaths and extensive damage to property. The govt finally gave in and Jats got OBC status. But the Punjab and Haryana High Court set aside the quota soon after.“The anger is still there in people’s mind. But since it has been two years and things are back to normal, we want the peace to continue,”says grocer Balraj. He thinks the anger against the state Govt for its inability to control violence in Rohtak is unlikely to impact BJP negatively. “What option do we have today. If we vote another party to power, the BJP may not allow it to function smoothly. So for the betterment of our state we want the same party in the Centre and state,” he reasons.indianexpress
Karimnagar mosque offers roof over Army aspirants’ heads; Over 260, mostly Hindus, get home-like treatment
Karimnagar:Setting a shining example of brotherhood, a mosque in town has turned a temporary home for candidates appearing for the ongoing Army Recruitment Rally at the Ambedkar Stadium here.Incidentally, over 90% of the candidates taking shelter at the mosque are Hindus.During the Army Recruitment Rally conducted in Oct.2017 here, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind district head Mohammed Quairuddin had noticed candidates sleeping on the footpaths and traffic islands. Moved by their plight, he held consultations with the Masjid-e-Jaffri at Indira Chowk and decided to convert the mosque into a shelter of sorts for the aspirants, irrespective of religion. Mosque authorities in collaboration with the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind are providing drinking water, fruits and tea to the candidates there. Carpets are also spread on the floor for them to sleep comfortably during their stay. When the recruitment rally began on Oct. 7, there were few takers — less than 70 — for the lodging at the mosque, due to various inhibitions. On Friday, however, the number crossed 260. thehindu
12 dead, several feared trapped after cylinder blast leads to building collapse in UP's Mau
New Delhi: At least 12 people died and several others were injured after a two-storey building collapsed following a cylinder blast in Mau district of UP. Several people are still feared trapped under the debris.The incident took place today around 7:30 am in Waleedpur village under Mohammadabad Police Station in Mau. Teams of police and fire-brigade were rushed to the spot and rescue operations are underway.As some of the injured are critical, police say that the death figure may rise further.As per the preliminary information the blast took place following a leakage of gas. news18
4 hockey players killed,3 injured in MP road accident
Bhopal: 4 national-level hockey players were killed and 3 injured when their car crashed into a tree on a highway in Hoshangabad district today morning, said police.“ Players were travelling on Itarsi road towards Hoshangabad to take part in Dhyan Chand trophy tournament,” said M.N. Chhari, SP. Witnesses told the police the driver of the speeding car had lost control and seconds later crashed into tree and tumbled to the side near Raisalpur village, he said. “Several locals helped rescue the injured.”The deceased had been identified as Shahnawaz Hussain, Ashish Lal, Aniket Varun and Adarsh Hardua, all between 18 and 22 years. thehindu
INX Media case: Court order on ED’s plea to arrest Chidambaram tomorrow
New Delhi :A Delhi court has reserved order on the Enforcement Directorate’s plea to arrest former finance minister P Chidambaram in INX Media money laundering case. The former union minister was produced before the CBI court on Monday where the ED sought his custodial interrogation in connection with the case. Chidambaram, who is in judicial custody till October 17 in the INX Media corruption case filed by CBI, was produced before special judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar, reports PTI.indianexpress
Turkish-backed forces launch push to seize Manbij; EU countries stop short of Turkey arms embargo
Heavy fighting continues as Turkey presses ahead with its military operation against Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria, now in its sixth day. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr, reporting from Akcakale on the Turkey-Syria border, said Turkish-backed rebel Syrian forces had launched an operation to capture SDF-held Manbij."The operation has begun, the question is what happens when these troops reach the centre of the city," Khodr said. Meanwhile, European Union countries committed to suspending arms exports to Turkey, but stopped short of the EU-wide arms embargo that France and Germany had sought. European Council, grouping of the EU's 28 Govts, said in a statement that Turkey's military action had "dramatic consequences" and noted that some EU countries had halted arms exports.
Syria's army to deploy along Turkey border as Kurds strike deal
Syrian Govt troops will deploy along the border with Turkey to help Kurdish fighters fend off Ankara's military offensive in northern Syria, Kurdish-led administration in the region said. The move, announced on Sunday, represents a major shift in alliance for Syria's Kurds and came hours after US said it was withdrawing its troops from the area to avoid getting caught in the middle of the fast-escalating conflict. Kurdish-led administration in a statement on Facebook said it had brokered the agreement with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Govt to counter Turkey's ongoing push, which has drawn widespread condemnation. "In order to prevent and confront this aggression, an agreement has been reached with Syrian Govt ... so that the Syrian army can deploy along Syrian-Turkish border to assist the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)," it said.  aljazeera
Syrian envoy welcomes India’s criticism of Turkey’s ‘military invasion’
New Delhi:   Syria on Monday welcomed India’s statement criticising Turkey’s “unilateral military offensive” in the northeastern part of the country, with Syrian envoy Riad Kamel Abbas saying his nation condemned all forms of terrorism. Last week, India criticised Turkey’s military offensive in Syria. The criticism was seen as an apparent riposte to Turkey’s backing for Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.“On behalf of my Govt, we welcome Indian statement on the Turkish invasion of Syria,” Abbas said during an interaction with reporters at the Syrian embassy. Syria appreciates India’s position on the matter because New Delhi has a “strong voice” in the world community, he said.HT
Senior UAE official in Tehran on secret mission:MEE
NSA of UAE, Tahnoun bin Zayed, has been visiting Tehran on a secret mission aiming to defuse the tensions in the Gulf, a senior security source in UAE told London-based Middle East Eye (MEE).MEE contacted UAE Embassy media office in London but did not receive a reply by the time their story was published.The visit by Zayed, also the younger brother of UAE crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed, marks the highest-level meeting between Abu Dhabi and Tehran after four tankers off the Emirati port of Fujairah were attacked in May. US military accused Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards of being directly responsible for attacks on the tankers. Washington has labelled IRGC a "terror" group. Zayed's mission comes amid a number of backchannel efforts to facilitate a dialogue between Saudi and Iran.
Saudi holds talks with Houthis to deescalate Yemen war
Saudi Arabia has reportedly been holding talks with the Houthi movement of Yemen in an attempt to break the deadlock in the conflict.The “back-channel” negotiations, according to the FT, represent the first time in over two years Riyadh and the Iranian-aligned Houthis have held talks.Regional tensions escalated following the 14 September attacks on Saudi’s oil facilities, which the Houthis claimed responsibility for – although both the US and Saudi blamed on Tehran, which denied the accusations whilst stressing Yemen’s right to defend itself from foreign acts of aggression.middleeastmonitor
Talks under way between Sudan transitional Govt and rebels
Peace talks between a delegation from Sudan's newly-created sovereign council and a number of rebel leaders are under way in South Sudan's capital, Juba.The discussions, which started today, are aimed at ending the country's years-long conflicts and come a month after the two sides agreed on a plan and a series of trust-building measures, including the extension of a ceasefire already in place.Sovereign council's delegation is headed by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemeti, while the rebels' representative team is led by Abdulaziz al-Hilu, leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North, which is active in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan states.aljazeera
Hamas warns of new Israel project to displace Palestinians
Hamas warned of a new Israeli plan to displace tens of thousands of Palestinians from Negev. The movement said that Israeli occupation is planning to “displace about 90,000 Palestinians from 36 villages in Al-Naqab [Negev], south of historic Palestine.”It stated that Israel is planning to “transfer them to makeshift camps in a bid to confiscate their homes and lands.”Hamas warned of the “repercussions of this Israeli plan on Palestinian villages in Al-Naqab,” noting that the Palestinians, who are referred to as Israeli Arabs, have been living in their villages for hundreds of years, well before the creation of the occupation state of Israel.middleeastmonitor
Pak to welcome British royal couple
Prince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are to arrive in Pakistan's capital Islamabad on Monday for the first royal trip to the country in more than a decade.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be accorded a red carpet welcome for their first visit to the country.The five-day visit will be held under special security arrangements being supervised by the military. The royal couple will meet the president and PM during the visit. They will also visit programmes aiming to empower people and learn how communities are adapting to climate change.aljazeera
Pakistan “regrets” Afghan govt’s decision to close consulate in Peshawar
Pakistan has regretted the Afghanistan Govt’s decision to indefinitely close its consulate in Peshawar over a property dispute.Afghanistan indefinitely closed its consulate in Peshawar on Friday, protesting alleged removal of Afghan flag from FirdousMarket in the city.PTI
A lodestar to steer the economy:Parakala Prabhakar
Tomatoes-onions-potatoes face price volatility. Addressing it requires sustainable solutions: Ashok Gulati
As world stares at recession, there is need for coordinated policies by major economies:Pravakar Sahoo
Kashmir communication shutdown cripples IT companies and start-ups in Valley:Majid Maqbool
'Untold Story of Jammu': Report Finds Climate of Fear, Business in Decline:Rajiv Shah
Bhiwandi's Textile Industry Is Struggling, and Political Apathy at Polltime Isn't Helping:Sukanya Shantha
Audrey Truschke – Scholarship That Debunks Hindutva Myths
“Muslims in Maharashtra are scared”: Social activist Irfan Engineer on the impact of NRC:Aathira Konikkara
Economics Nobel For Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo And Michael Kremer
Is World Economy Facing First Recession Since 2009? Experts Read Signs
‘Hindu-Muslim unity developed in South India, not North’, says V-C of Osmania University
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