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3 OCT. NEWS: Kashmir leaders to be released from detention ‘one by one’: J-K Governor’s adviser/India-Pak N-war can kill over 10 crore people: Study/ Amit Shah’s plan of anti-Muslim NRC across India receives widespread condemnation,with boycott call

03 OCT. 2019: 03 Safar 1441: Vol: 12, No: 27
Kashmir leaders to be released from detention ‘one by one’: J-K Governor’s adviser
Jammu: Political leaders in Kashmir, who have been placed under house arrest since August 5 as part of the lockdown in J&K following revocation of Article 370 provisions, will be released from detention in a phased manner, an adviser to J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik said.“Yes, one by one after analysis of every individual, they will be released,” Farooq Khan said when asked if Kashmiri leaders will be released from detention after Jammu region leaders. On Wednesday, around a dozen top Opposition leaders of the Jammu region were allowed to move out of their homes to resume their political activities. Lifting of restrictions on movements of Jammu Opposition leaders came ahead of first Block Development Council elections in the state, scheduled for Oct. 24.National Conference provincial president and former J&K minister Devender Rana, younger brother of Dr Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in PMO, had said: “A senior police officer called me late Tuesday night, saying restrictions imposed on us have been lifted and now we are free to go anywhere and meet party workers.” Sajjad Kitchloo, ex-NC lawmaker, and Javed Rana ex MLC, too said restrictions imposed on their movements outside homes have been lifted. The situation in J&K continues to remain volatile as authorities had reimposed restrictions in Kashmir Valley on Saturday.indianexpress
Stalled China-Pak Economic Corridor Projects will be Revived
Islamabad: Multi-billion dollar CPEC was launched in 2015 and several projects under the first phase are close to completion. But the progress on CPEC next phase projects have slowed since PM Imran Khan came to power last year.Khan’s visit to Beijing comes ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s likely visit to India for the second informal summit with PM Narendra Modi, amidst fresh tensions between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. Khan while chairing a meeting on the economic corridor on Wednesday said that the removal of all bottlenecks in CPEC projects and their timely completion is the top priority of Govt, the Dawn reported. He said he would visit China and meet its leadership to strengthen friendship between the two countries.The Pakistani daily reported that most of CPEC-related projects have stalled due to certain reasons, including prevailing financial crunch confronting the Govt and non-cooperation’ of the bureaucracy due to fear of National Accountability Bureau, anti-corruption watchdog.CPEC is the flagship project of President Xi Jinping’s pet multi-billion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). PTI
India-Pak N-war can kill over 10 crore people: Study
If Pakistan PM Imran Khan's repeated forecast of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan comes true, anywhere between 5 crore to 12.5 crore people will die within a span of less than a week -- more than the death toll during all 6 years of World War II, according to new research. Today, India and Pakistan each have about 150 nuclear warheads at their disposal and that number is expected to climb to more than 200 by 2025. Study conducted by researchers from University of Colorado Boulder and Rutgers University in US examined how such a hypothetical future conflict would have consequences that could ripple across the globe. The researchers calculated that an India-Pakistan war could inject as much as 80 billion pounds of thick, black smoke into Earth's atmosphere."Picture is grim. That level of warfare wouldn't just kill millions of people locally," said Brian Toon from CU Boulder, who led the research published in the journal Science Advances."  IANS
Imran speaks to Bangladesh PM before her India trip
Pakistan PM Imran Khan telephoned his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina on the eve of her visit to India today. "Pakistani PM Imran Khan phoned PM Sheikh Hasina this afternoon and exchanged pleasantries," Bangladesh PM''s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said, reported He said that Pakistani PM, during the conversation, inquired about the condition of Hasina''s eye, which was operated in London.IANS
Centre's behaviour in Kashmir reeks of paranoia: Iltija Mufti
Iltija Mufti, younger daughter of ex J&K CM and PDP president Mehbooba Mufti, was allowed by the Supreme Court to meet mother 4 weeks into her detention following the revocation of Article 370 and the state-wide clampdown. She speaks of a simmering anger in the Valley under lockdown for over 50 days. She said, "Thanks to the Supreme Court's order, SSG or the State administration couldn’t harass me this time. However, they aren’t receptive at all. In the course of 4 days I tried unsuccessfully to meet Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar,and then had to leave a written communication. My uncle too has sent him lots of emails, messages and DMs on Twitter. None of it has been acknowledged to this day. My grandmother still hasn’t been allowed to meet her brother lodged in Srinagar’s Centaur Hotel, a designated jail now.The State administration only responds when one approaches the media. Otherwise their behaviour has been extremely insensitive and irresponsible. One shudders to think what a common Kashmiri must be facing." Iltija added, "The State administration gets orders from the Centre. And their behaviour vis-a-vis Kashmir reeks of paranoia. We were able to meet my mother only once I spoke to the media and approached the SC. She like other detainees is not allowed to meet anybody other than relatives."thehindu
Over 100 journalists take part in silent protest, ask govt to lift communication blockade
Srinagar:Over 100 journalists took part in a silent protest today and asked the Govt to lift the communication blockade which has been put in place since the abrogation of provisions of Article 370.They said the communication blockade, which was put in place on August 5 and is set to enter its third month, has severely affected the working of journalists in Kashmir.More than 100 journalists working in international, national and local media outlets took part in the silent protest which started from Kashmir Press Club."The communication blockade, which is set to enter third month now, has severely affected the working of journalists in Kashmir. Even the local newspapers have not been able to publish properly while their internet editions are defunct," president of Kashmir Press Club Shuja ul Haq said.He said all the media associations have come together to press the Govt to lift the communication blockade so that they can freely discharge their professional duties.PTI
Arrests Under PSA Amount To 'Thought Crime', Say Kashmir Lawyers As 100s Remain Under Detention
J&K Govt has invoked Public Safety Act against hundreds of people across the state to justify preventive detentions. But dossiers prepared under PSA, also called grounds of detention, indicate that people have been booked for alleged offences in the past.Lawyers here say that most of the people charged under the PSA have been detained on grounds of “likely to disturb public order,” in accordance with Section 3 of the Act, which has been described by the Amnesty International as a “lawless law”. This may amount to “thought” crimes, according to the lawyers. Relatives of people, detained under the law and shifted to jails outside the state, say they haven’t been given any information about their whereabouts.According to sources, scores of people have been arrested in Kishtwar district of Jammu in the past few weeks, most of them under PSA. A person booked under the Act can be detained for up to a year without trial. outlookindia
Elder sister 17, sibling ‘adult’,fit for PSA in Kashmir
Gousia Bashir, 17, sobbed that she had been orphaned for a second time.Her 14-year-old brother, who had dropped out of school to become the family’s breadwinner, was arrested under the draconian Public Safety Act last month, 10 years after their father passed away, Gousia said.“ Now they have arrested my brother too, orphaning us again. My mother is shell-shocked and so are we all,” Gousia cried at their home in congested Shopian.Gousia’s brother is one of dozens of alleged minors taken into custody by security forces in the past 2 months. At least 4 have been booked under PSA, which allows detention without trial for up to 2 years but explicitly bars detention of children under 18.The juvenile justice committee of J&K High Court has submitted a report in the Supreme Court saying 144 children between 9 and 17 were arrested after August 5, when the state’s special status was scrapped. Of them, 142 have been released, it said. In the case of Gousia’s brother, the Govt denies he is underage and the family will have to fight it out in court to prove that he is. Following a petition filed by the family, the court has ordered an inquiry to ascertain his age.telegraphindia
New York Times seeks UN intervention, says Modi turning autocratic, talks absurd on Kashmir
In what appears to be a scathing reply to PM Narendra Modi’s much-publicized “New York Times” (NYT) article on Mahatma Gandhi titled “Why India and the World need Gandhi”, NYT’s powerful editorial board has said, Modi “didn’t address” Kashmir issue in his UN speech, calling his assertion at the Houston rally a few days – that revoking the constitutional clause on Kashmiri autonomy meant “people there have got equal rights” with other Indians – “absurd”.Insisting that Kashmir currently is “essentially under martial law”, NYT editorial, dated Oct.2, same day Modi’s Opinion piece appeared in the paper, said that UN “can’t ignore Kashmir anymore”, though regretting, UN’s “lack of resolve is a sad sign of the dysfunction in international diplomacy”.Describing Modi as “increasingly autocratic”, the editorial, which is a collective opinion of the daily’s editorial board, the editor and publisher, says, “President Trump has offered to mediate, but his warm relations with the increasingly autocratic Modi —Trump attended the Houston fan fest — hardly make him an honest broker”, adding, what is forgotten is that India has cracked down “on a long-disputed region”, leading to a situation where “two nuclear powers face off.”Even as giving space to Modi, NYT, ironically, praises Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan, calling him “a man on a mission” at the UN, “imploring members” to persuade India to “lift its siege of Kashmir, a longtime flash point between the two nations, which both have nuclear weapons.”Calling Modi, on the other hand, “a Hindu nationalist PM”, the editorial recalls how the “semiautonomous status of the Muslim-majority state, J&K, was revoked on August 5 by imposing “a curfew” and detaining “nearly 4,000 people, including lawyers and journalists”, pointing towards “serious allegations of torture and beatings.”Lamenting that Khan resting any hopes on UN “seems futile, given the approach it has taken to the dispute in recent decades”, the editorial also recalls how UN “made an effort to play peacekeeper in Kashmir”, with the Security Council trying to “mediate tensions between India and Pakistan within months of their independence and partition in 1947.”The editorial notes that ever since 1970s, after the two nations went to war, “pressure from India helped keep Kashmir off the Security Council’s agenda”, though it may come up for discussion in August, when China-backed Pakistan’s request for a discussion of Modi’s “power grab.”The editorial believes, “Countries are unwilling to risk crossing Modi and losing access to India’s huge market. Pakistan is economically weak.” The editorial concludes by asking the Security Council to “make clear that it opposes Modi’s brutal tightening of India’s control on Kashmir.”
Kashmir's crippled courts leave detainees in limbo:bbc
Thousands of people have been detained in Kashmir following a Govt move to strip the region of its special status. Worried family members have been flocking to the courts - but to little avail, reports BBC Hindi's Vineet Khare. Altaf Hussein Lone looked anxious as he sat on a red printed sofa in a large hall of the high court in Srinagar.Since there is no public transport readily available, he had to pay an exorbitant amount to travel from his home in Baramulla, more than 50km away.Life here has come to a standstill since the region lost its partial autonomy on 4 Aug. Internet and mobile phone connections remain suspended, roads and streets are largely deserted; and tens of thousands of extra troops have been deployed.Despite Govt assurances that schools and offices can function normally, that has not happened. Most businesses have stayed shut as a form of protest against the Govt, but many owners also say they fear reprisals by militants opposed to Indian rule if they go back to business as usual. bbc
BJP supporters’ #BoycottMalaysia campaign backfires after PM Mahathir says India ‘invaded, occupied’ Kashmir
BJP supporters recently took to Twitter vowing to teach Malaysia a lesson after PM Mahathir Mohamad accused India of invading and occupying Kashmir in defiance of UN resolutions.What irked the supporters of the saffron party the most a tweet posted from the official Twitter handle of Malaysian PM. It read, “The helplessness of world in stopping atrocities inflicted on Rohingyas in Myanmar had reduced the regard for the resolution of UN. Now, despite UN resolution on J&K, the country has been invaded and occupied.”BJP supporters, who were hailing PM Narendra Modi recently for pulling off a diplomatic coup by reportedly convincing Mohamad for the extradition of Dr. Zakir Naik, launched and trended hashtag #BoycottMalaysia on Twitter. Most BJP supporters posting using this hashtag were urging Indian tourists to not visit Malaysia in a bid to hurt the latter’s economy. This prompted an instant reaction from Malaysian Twitter users, who surprisingly agreed with their right-wing Indian counterparts and said Indians should stay away from visiting Malaysia. jantakareporter
JK Cong leader's bro refutes terror allegations
Jammu: Facing arrest for alleged links with Hizbul Mujahidee, a senior J&K Congress leader's brother Mohammad Shafi Saroori on Wednesday refuted the charges and claimed the case against him was "politically motivated". PTI
Manmohan to visit Kartarpur; Modi, Kovind invited
New Delhi :Former PM Manmohan Singh has agreed to be part of first all-party delegation to visit the Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara. Singh accepted the invitation of Punjab CM Amarinder Singh, who has also invited President Ramnath Kovind and PM Narendra Modi to be part of 550th Prakash Purb celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev.Singh has also urged both the PM and the president to take part in the Kartarpur Corridor opening at Dera Baba Nanak and the main programme at Sultanpur Lodhi on November 12.He, however, ruled out a visit to Pakistan for the Kartarpur corridor opening, making it clear that he would be only leading the first all-party Jatha to Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara to pay obeisance. Kartarpur corridor will connect Darbar Sahib in Pakistan with Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur. Pakistan has agreed to allow 5,000 Sikh pilgrims from India to visit on a daily basis to Darbar Sahib in Narowal through the corridor.“Happy to meet former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh at his residence today. Have invited him to join us on the first Jatha to Sri Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara and attend the main event at Sultanpur Lodhi to mark Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Prakash Purab,” Singh tweeted. Both Kovind and Modi have accepted the Punjab Govt’s invitation and modalities of their visit will be worked out soon, he said.indianexpress
Not going to Pakistan for Kartarpur ceremony, will only visit Gurdwara via corridor: Punjab CM
Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh today ruled out a visit to Pakistan for the Kartarpur corridor opening, making it clear that he would be only leading the first all-party Jatha to the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara to pay obeisance. indianexpress
JNU: Scuffle breaks out between students during seminar on Article 370
New Delhi: A scuffle broke out between two groups of students during a seminar on Article 370 in JNU here. Union Minister Jitendra Singh was speaking at the seminar, where the incident took place."We want to have a discussion on benefits of abrogation of Article 370 but few elements are here in JNU that doesn't want it to happen," said Saurabh Sharma, ABVP JNU.ANI
Civil society groups across northeast protest against Citizenship Bill
Guwahati:After a break of nearly eight months, protests have resumed in northeast against Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the Centre’s plan to enact the contentious legislation soon.Today, several civil society groups across the region held marches and sit-down protests to show opposition to the legislation which seeks to grant Indian citizenship to Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, Hindus and Christians from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, who entered the country before Dec.31, 2014.There are fears across most states of northeast that once enacted, the bill would lead to influx of religious minorities from neighbouring Bangladesh and might pose a threat to indigenous communities.“BJP-led Govt at Centre’s decision to go ahead with the bill will trample on rights of indigenous people. We have been opposed the legislation earlier and will continue to do so,” said Robertjune Khar Jahrin, general secretary of North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP).In Shillong, hundreds of representatives from various organizations conglomerated near the monument of Kiang Nongbah held a sit-in protest carrying placards against Citizenship Bill.In Manipur’s capital Imphal, many students and women came together under the banner of Manipur People Against CAB (MANPAC) and lined up along the town’s main roads holding posters opposing the legislation.Similarly hundreds carried out a protest march in Nagaland capital Kohima. Protests against the legislation had rocked northeast in January this year as well.HT
Amit Shah’s plan of anti-Muslim NRC across India receives widespread condemnation,with boycott call
New Delhi:Home Minister Amit Shah’s plan to conduct anti-Muslim NRC across India has received wide condemnation from the prominent and common people using social media, expressing their strong disapproval to it. Many people have been perturbed by this open anti-Muslim statement from no less a person than home minister of the country.Tamil actor Siddharth even called Shah “Home Monster” reacting to this statement. Many prominent citizens and commoners took to the social media to express their anger over anti-Muslim approach of home minister towards the refugees.“How is the Home Minster allowed to speak like this? Is it not against the Constitution to tell refugees that only Muslims among them will be forced to leave India by the govt? What is going on? These are the seeds of ethnic cleansing being sown in the open for all to see,” Siddharth tweeted.Apart from expressing anger, many people are now calling for boycotting the NRC if it has been done to target Muslim community. They plan not to share their documents to NRC office rather would prefer to go to the detention centers to show solidarity with Muslim community.“If there is any injustice or discrimination done in India against anyone based on their religion under the guise of NRC, i will refuse to declare my citizenship documents and my religion or any other information,” declared Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook saying that Indian Muslims is like our family that completes the nation. Another social media user Vishakha Sharma also pledged to boycott the NRC if it has been done across the country to target any specific community.caravandaily
BJP govt in Karnataka mulling to bring in NRC to identify ‘illegal migrants’
BJP Govt in Karnataka has been contemplating to introduce NRC in the state, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said today.“There is a very big talk going on regarding the implementation of NRC across India. Karnataka is one of the states where across the border people are coming and settling down. There are a lot of issues here. Therefore we are collecting all the information, we will discuss with Union Home Minister and then go ahead,” Bommai told reporters in Bengaluru. On Wednesday, Bommai had said that 2 meetings were held on rolling out the NRC, which has been accepted by a few states.He had said, “I’ve asked senior officials to study the law. In Bengaluru and other big cities, foreigners have come and settled. It has come to our notice they indulge in crime, and some of them have been arrested as well. We will take a clear decision (on NRC) this week.”When it was in the opposition, BJP had raised its voice on the increasing number of Bangladeshi migrants in Bengaluru.indianexpress
Karnataka govt collecting info on NRC, will discuss matter with Centre
Citizenship Amendment Bill has become necessity for those left out of NRC: Assam BJP chief
Guwahati: Assam BJP unit president Ranjeet Kumar Dass said that bringing Citizenship Amendment bill (CAB) has become more pertinent for over 19 lakh people are excluded in final NRC published. He said that the bill will benefit large number of Indians who did not make it to NRC. Dass said, “Many Indian were exluded from NRC now they will have to appear before Foreigners Tribunal for further claim despite the fact that they are genuine India citizens. This is a matter of one’s swabhiman (as Indian. Once CAB is passed, this situation will not arise. From this perspective, we feel CAB is a necessity,” Dass said. economictimes
PMC bank collapse: HDIL promoters Rakesh, Sarang Wadhawan arrested
New Delhi : Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police today arrested executive chairman of Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) Rakesh Wadhawan, vice chairman and managing director of the company Sarang Wadhawan in connection with the collapse of the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC).Properties worth Rs 3,500 crore of HDIL were also frozen by EOW, an official said, PTI reported.The development came three days after an FIR was registered and a Look Out Notice was issued against 17 persons, including the father-son duo, on the basis of a complaint by the Reserve Bank of India. The RBI had stepped in and put restrictions on withdrawals after the crisis at the bank came to light last week owing mainly to massive NPA that were underreported.The bank allegedly violated RBI norms by extending loans to HDIL beyond permissible limits. An SIT has also been constituted to probe the matter and the losses have been pegged at Rs 4,355 crore, PTI had reported.Last week, the central bank had extended relaxations to PMC account holders to withdraw Rs 10,000. The bank, spread over five states, has 137 branches.indianexpress
In PMC Bank Crisis, Directors Of Firm Accused Of Loan Default Arrested
‘Blind Bhakts, you are headed for the abyss,’ says PMC Bank depositor and Modi supporter
Account holders of PMC are venting out their anger and many have been reduced to tears as more of the bank’s irregularities come to light. Many of them are holding the Modi Govt at the Centre as responsible for the mess plaguing the banking sector. Here one Modi supporter can be seen accusing Modi of repeatedly making the lives of common people difficult which is an obvious reference to PM’s disastrous Demonetisation and GST moves.“I work in the finance sector. Every year, there is auditing of bank accounts. What was the RBI doing? I had planned to buy a home for my family after meticulously saving for ten long years. Now, all that money is stuck,” he tells a television reporter.He rambles on, “Modi, who are you really working for? You are repeatedly making the lives of common people difficult. I was a Modi supporter. You can check my Facebook account. And I am telling you, all you blind Modi supporters , you are all headed for the abyss.” More than 21,000 fictitious accounts were created by PMC Bank to hide the loans it disbursed to HDI) and its group entities, according to a police. nationalheraldindia
Yes Bank Group President Rajat Monga resigns, lender’s stocks surge
Yes Bank’s Group President Rajat Monga has resigned, the private lender’s Chief Executive Officer Ravneet Gill said during a conference call on Thursday, Moneycontrol reported. Gill said Monga had decided to “move on” but did not divulge any details. It is not clear if Monga’s resignation is effective immediately.After news broke, Yes Bank’s stock surged 25% to Rs 39.90. This is biggest gain for the lender’s stock in almost eight months, according to Bloomberg Quint.scroll
High prices, poor demand lead to worst slump for India’s gold imports
Babri Masjid hearing: Hindu sides in SC rebut Muslim claims over the site
New Delhi: Hindu parties asserted in the Supreme Court on Thursday that claims of Muslim side over the 2.77-acre-land in the Babri Masjid title dispute are belied from the excavated materials that suggest existence of a "massive structure" beneath the demolished mosque. The counsel for deity Ram Lalla said the excavated materials are a "proof beyond doubt" about the existence of the structure beneath the demolished mosque in Ayodhya while rebutting the claim of Muslim parties about the existence of an Islamic structure.The counsel stated that from the pillar bases, artefacts, circular shrine, intersecting brickbat walls found in excavation, an inference can be drawn that the massive structure was a temple and not any Islamic structure.A five-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi was told by Senior Advocate C S Vaidyanathan, appearing for deity Ram Lalla, that the contention of the Muslim parties about a structure beneath the disputed site being an idgah wall or an Islamic structure was not correct. Advocate Rajeev Dhavan, appearing for Muslim parties, said that as per ASI report there is no conclusive proof or findings of destruction of a temple. "There is no finding in ASI report that there was a destruction of a structure.There is no proof of destruction at all in ASI report," he said.Interrupting Vaidyanathan, the bench said that faith and belief about Hindus cannot be disputed but now in evidence, what is there to establish the existence of temple.36th day of hearing also saw the SC restraining Hindu parties from placing or relying on any new materials saying it won't allow at this stage to place any new evidences. Dhavan periodically raised objections when advocates for the Hindu parties tried to bring out some new facts and materials to counter the arguments of the opposing sides.PTI
Another bench recuses itself from hearing Gautam Navlakha''s plea
New Delhi:Another Supreme Court bench today recused itself from hearing civil liberties activist Gautam Navlakha''s plea challenging the Bombay High Court''s order refusing to quash an FIR filed against him by the Pune police in Bhima-Koregaon case. The matter came up for hearing before a three-judge bench of Justices Arun Mishra, Vineet Sharan and S. Ravindra Bhat. However, Justice Bhat recused himself from hearing the matter, after which the court referred the case to another bench. This third time a judge has recused himself from hearing the case. On Oct.1, a 3-judge bench of Justices NV Ramana, BR Gavai and R. Subhash Reddy had recused itself from hearing Navlakha''s plea.Before that CJI Ranjan Gogoi had removed himself from the case. Soon after Bombay High Court rejected his plea, Maharashtra Govt filed a caveat in the SC anticipating Navlakha''s appeal against the High Court''s order. A caveat means the court cannot pass an order without hearing the other side.IANS
P Chidambaram to remain in Tihar jail till Oct. 17
New Delhi :Former Union minister P Chidambaram will continue to remain in Tihar jail till Oct. 17 as a Delhi court on Thursday extended his judicial custody in the INX Media corruption case, PTI reported.The senior Congress leader was produced before Special Judge Ajay Kumar Kumar after the expiry of his judicial custody today. CBI had sought an extension of his remand. During the hearing, Chidambaram sought permission for home-cooked food, citing medical ailments, at Tihar.Earlier in the day, the former finance minister had moved the Supreme Court, seeking bail in the case. This came four days after the Delhi High Court denied bail to him on the ground that the possibility of him not influencing witnesses while out on bail, “directly or indirectly, cannot be ruled out”.indianexpress
SC/ST Act: Supreme Court reserves order on pleas against changes made to restore original provisions
The Supreme Court today reserved its order on a plea challenging Parliament’s amendments to reverse last year’s verdict of the SC that diluted a law protecting marginalised castes and tribes, Bar and Bench reported. A 3-judge bench said it does not want to dilute the provisions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act anymore. On Tuesday, another 3-judge bench of the court had recalled the earlier judgement from March 2018.Justices Arun Mishra, Vineet Saran and Ravindra Bhat hinted that they would uphold Parliament’s amendments. “As it is, the law before the judgement of Justice Goel has been restored by our judgement in the review,” Mishra said, adding that the judgement would be a short one.scroll
Saradha scam: Former Kolkata top cop Rajeev Kumar surrenders before city court, granted bail
Kolkata:Appearing in public after nearly three weeks, former Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar on Thursday surrendered before the Alipore Court here, which then granted him bail on two sureties of Rs 50,000 each in connection with the Saradha chit-fund scam case. Calcutta High Court had on Tuesday given anticipatory bail to Kumar, who is currently the additional director general of the West Bengal CID.PTI
Terror alert in Delhi: Spl Cell conducts raids at many places after receiving tip-off on terror strike plan
Delhi Police Special Cell has been conducting search operations at several locations in the national capital after receiving inputs on likely terror strike, reported the ANI today. Earlier on Wednesday, police issued a terror alert in Delhi after receiving information from central intelligence agencies that some Kashmiri terrorists were planning strikes during the festival season. The report said that the insurgents belong to Jaish-e-Mohammad and were carrying weapons.The security measures have been beefed up in the 15 districts of the state after the orders of DCP. The police have also heightened the security in more crowded places in the national capitals, including metro stations, malls, and markets. NewsX
Stir against EVM gains momentum; activists draw roadmap for protest
New Delhi: On the eve of assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, representatives of around 50 political and social organisations vowed to intensify the movement against the use of EVMs in elections.At a national conference held here on Wednesday, the politicians and social activists, demanded annulment of May 2019 election results and holding of fresh elections flagging that the Indian democracy and idea of India is under threat.Calling for return to ballot papers, they demanded dismissal of the BJP-led Govt at Center accusing it of coming to power by manipulating the EVM machines. Its organiser and Rashtriya Jansangharsh Party president, Advocate Bhanu Partap Singh, said the main purpose of the conference was to mobilise masses against the EVMs and to build a pan-India movement.He claimed leaders from more than 45 organisations and representatives from 21 states across the country came to attend the conference. Partap Singh said we have planned protest rallies simultaneously in at least 150 major cities including state capitals during the month. The movement against EVMs, he claimed was spread all over the country and needs to be organised as a unified struggle. Professor Nandita Narain Das of Delhi University said during 2019 Election, several startling facts about EVM have come into public domain, which she said were extremely worrying. Caravan Daily
Maharashtra polls: Jailed gangster Chhota Rajan’s brother gets ticket from BJP’s ally
Deepak Nikalje, brother of jailed gangster Chhota Rajan, will contest the upcoming Maharashtra Assembly elections on a RPI (A) ticket, party chief Ramdas Athawale announced in Mumbai. The party, which is an ally of the ruling BJP, has fielded Nikalje from Phaltan constituency, PTI reported.scroll
Haryana: Congress announces names of all 90 candidates, state chief, ex-president excluded
Congress has released two lists with names of all 90 candidates for Haryana Assembly elections. The party has repeated 16 sitting MLAs, and dropped one – Renuka Vishnoi, who represented Hansi constituency. Former CM Bhupinder Hooda will contest from his Garhi Sampla-Kiloi seat, while spokesperson Randeep Surjewala will contest from his Kaithal Assembly seat. The party has given a ticket to both the sons of former CM late Bhajan Lal. Kuldeep Vishnoi will contest from Adampur in Hisar, and his brother and former Deputy CM Chander Mohan from Panchkula. scroll
UP: Not meddling in personal matters but can’t let minor marry
New Delhi: UP Govt has told the Supreme Court that it has no intention to interfere in personal matters like marriage in religious communities, be they minority or majority groups, but affirmed it is duty-bound to take action to prevent a minor girl from getting married.In the light of an allegation levelled by an alleged minor Muslim girl that she was being harassed by police due to her marriage to a Muslim man, a bench headed by Justice NV Ramana had asked UP home secretary to be personally present in court on Sept.23. Girl had stated that she had voluntarily married Javaid Ahmad and sought validation of the marriage on the ground that even if minor, her marriage is valid under the Islamic law as she has attained puberty. Acting on a kidnapping complaint by her father, police produced her before a Bahraich judicial magistrate, who sent her to a women’s shelter. However, the Allahabad HC’s Lucknow bench ordered her to be lodged in a children’s home as a minor could not be kept at a shelter for adult women. The girl moved SC against the order. TOI
Hyderabad: Health screening at madrassas reveals dismal conditions
Charminar: Health screening was held for economically-backward students of Govt-aided schools and madrassas on Wednesday on account of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.The initiatives were undertaken jointly by Helping Hand Foundation(HHF) and state Govt’s Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karykam (RBSK). RBSK runs under the purview of district medical and health officer (DMHO) and district immunization officer Dr. Nagarjuna. “We are happy to work with the NGO as a wide network of volunteers across state hospitals will be helpful to run the programme effectively and successfully,” said Dr Nararjuna.Under National Health Mission, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare project, those between the age groups of 5 and 19 studying in Govt-aided schools, aganwadis, residential schools & madrassas are screened.According to HHF’s study across 100 madrassas, in which over 2,000 students were screened, it was found that almost half of students between 5-12 years of age are malnourished, 20 % were stunted and 23% wasted, falling below the minimum 50% percentile mark as per the growth chart published by WHO & Indian Academy of Pediatrics.TOI
Madrassa teacher, aide arrested for slitting throat of student in Amroha: TOI
Bijnor: A teacher of a madrassa in UP’s Amroha district and his aide were on Wednesday arrested for allegedly slitting the throat of a Class IV student in his sleep to “settle score” from the principal of the seminary, even as the child was still fighting for his life at medical college hospital in Meerut.After slitting the 10-year-old child’s throat, the accused had also stabbed him in the stomach leaving him seriously injured in the wee hours of Tuesday. According to police, Mohammad Hasnain, main accused, was holding a grudge against Rahid Khan, principal of the seminary. “To settle score, Hasnain attacked Adnan, who is the nephew of the principal,” a police officer said. The other accused, Mohammad Uwais, is a senior student in the seminary, police said, adding that both the accused belonged to Saharanpur district and knew each other.
If majority community in India becomes communal...: Digvijaya warns of Hindu radicalisation
Indore: Radicalisation of Hindus is as dangerous as that of Muslims, veteran Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said here on Wednesday. He also criticised PM Narendra Modi for not objecting immediately when US President Donald Trump called him "father of the nation". In Pakistan,majority community has been communalised and if the same happens in India, it would be dangerous for the country, said Singh at a function to mark 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi."You all must have heard Pakistan PM Imran Khan's speech at the UN General Assembly where he spoke about Islamophobia and the radicalisation of Muslims. Against this backdrop, there is talk of radicalisation of Hindus. Radicalisation of Hindus is equally dangerous," Singh said. "Communalisation of the majority population has taken place in Pakistan... Likewise, if the majority community in India becomes communal, it would be difficult to save the country from its ill-effects," MP added.PTI
Communalism of majority is more dangerous: Prof Achin Vanaik
Warangal: Writer, social activist and former professor of Delhi University Achin Vanaik said communalism by the majority is more dangerous than that of minority communalism. He also observed that religious nationalism was against secularism.Delivering the keynote address at a meeting organised by the Telangana Vikasa Samithi, Achin Vanaik launched a scathing attack on BJP-led NDA Govt at the Centre and accused it of communal politics. “Majority communalism in the guise of nationalism holds the threat of changing the political narrative in the country. What is going on in India presently in the name of Hindu nationalism is cent cent majority communalism,” he added. He also said that political vacuum created by the weakening of Congress party helped in the rise of the BJP.telanganatoday
Gandhians shocked at Govt move to take over Sabarmati Ashram
Gandhians were stunned to learn last week that the Govt was planning to take over the Sabarmati Ashram. The plan is to take over all Trusts, institutions, land and property, painstakingly built over the last 70 years, with or without Govt grants. Sabarmati Ashram was served a notice informing trustees and 200 and odd inmates that Govt was preparing to give them ‘handsome compensation’ and apartments for ceding control of the institutions and the land. Govt, the notice assured, planned to transform the Ashram into a fitting ‘world class’ memorial to the Mahatma.Alleging that the Govt is eying what is now prime property, Gandhians point out that the ashram was set up on barren land and was home to Gandhi between 1917 and 1930. Not all Gandhian institutions have been receiving grants from the Govt either. And while Gandhians have kept the legacy of the Mahatma alive in the face of severe odds, they seem to have outlived their utility in the eyes of the Govt.nationalheraldindia
Gandhi's ashes stolen and photo defaced on 150th birthday
Thieves stole some of Mahatma Gandhi's remains on what would have been his 150th birthday, police say.The ashes were taken from a memorial in central India, where they had been kept since 1948 - year of Gandhi's assassination by a Hindu extremist.The thieves also scrawled "traitor" in green paint across photographs of the independence leader.Some Hindu hardliners view Gandhi as a traitor for his advocacy of Hindu-Muslim unity. This is despite Gandhi being a devout Hindu himself. Police in Rewa, in MP, confirmed to BBC that they were investigating the theft on the grounds of actions "prejudicial to national integration" and potential breach of the peace.Mangaldeep Tiwari, caretaker of the Bapu Bhawan memorial, where the ashes were being held, said the theft was "shameful".BBC
Gandhi Jayanti: AMU  avoids Jinnah-Gandhi's pictures together at exhibition
 After a controversy over pictures of Muhammad Ali Jinnah being displayed along with Mahatma Gandhi in AMU, on Gandhi Jayanti last year, varsity administration did not display any such photographs. The exhibition, being held in Maulana Azad Library’s Central Hall, has no pictures of Jinnah and Gandhi together this year. However, Jinnah’s portrait at the students’ union office, which initially sparked the controversy, continues to remain as it is. Prof Shafey Kidwai confirmed that Jinnah’s pictures with Gandhi have not been displayed this time. He however tried to play down the last year’s controversy by saying that the reason for exhibiting their pictures together was just to show Jinnah’s association with the father of nation.TOI
Andhra govt takes over liquor shops, prohibition from next year
Hyderabad :In the first step towards total prohibition, the Andhra Pradesh Govt has taken over 3,500 liquor shops across the state, which will be run by the AP State Beverages Corporation. The new excise policy was issued on Oct. 1, even as the Govt said it wants total prohibition within a year.To gradually cut availability and consumption, liquor shops will stay open from 10 am to 9 pm and later reduced to just 3-4 hours a day. In the last four months, the Govt has started shutting down liquor shops and the number is currently down to 3,500 shops from 4,380. Liquor sales and consumption has decreased by 18 % in the last four months since the YSR Congress Party came to power under CM Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. indianexpress
Bihar rain death toll soars to 73, many areas inundated even after a week
Patna:The death toll in rain-related incidents in Bihar soared to 73 on Thursday even as forces involved in relief and rescue operations fished out rotting corpses from water-logged areas in several places.The torrential rain that took place between September 27 and 30 has created a flood-like situation in 15 districts of the state, including the state capital.The disaster management said that the death toll takes into account loss of lives caused by drowning, wall collapse, trees crushing people to death and electrocution of citizens trapped in water-logged areas.The department was, however, unable to provide a district-wise break-up.PTI
Delhi's Air Quality To Start Dipping By Oct. 5 As Dust, Smoke Start Blowing Over
Air quality in the national capital was recorded in the “satisfactory” level on Wednesday but it is predicted to slip into the “moderate” category by Friday as wind direction changes to northwesterly.Westerly and northwesterly winds bring dust from western regions and smoke caused byburning of crop residue in neighbouring Punjab and Haryana to Delhi-NCR.huffingtonpost
Indian-Origin US Tech Millionaire Tushar Atre, Kidnapped Days Ago, Found Dead In Car
Washington: Indian-origin tech millionaire Tushar Atre who was kidnapped from his home in California's Santa Cruz earlier this week has been found dead inside his BMW car.Tushar Atre, 50 -- owner of digital marketing company AtreNet Inc which caters to Silicon Valley corporate businesses -- was kidnapped from his house around 3 a.m. "during a crime" on Tuesday, the Santa Cruz county sheriff's office said, adding that he was last seen getting into his white BMW.Sheriff's deputies said they responded to Atre's home in the 3000 block of Pleasure Point Rd. after receiving a 911 call from someone inside the residence that day who reported a home invasion and kidnapping.Deputies located the car on Tuesday afternoon in the Santa Cruz Mountains and found a body in the same location."We have some unfortunate news, we have found the car associated with this case along with a deceased person," the office said in a Facebook statement.IANS
Pakistan sets stage for revival of peace talks between US-Afghan Taliban in Islamabad
Pakistan has started playing its role in mediating and facilitating a restart to the peace talks between the Taliban and the US administration. A delegation of Afghan Taliban is in Islamabad to meet the PM Imran Khan leadership.A 12-member high-level delegation of the Afghan Taliban, led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar arrived in Islamabad on Thursday to meet the Pakistani leadership and seek ways to re-initiate peace dialogue with US administration.The Afghan delegation arrived at the Pakistan Foreign Office to meet the Pakistani delegation led by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.Pakistan maintained its desire to see peace in Afghanistan and a resolution to the conflict through dialogue.  Taliban delegation is also expected to meet PM Imran Khan, which is being seen as an establishment of Pakistan's importance and undeniable role in the US-Afghan dialogue process, making its presence much more important for Donald Trump.On the other hand, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, is also in Islamabad along with his delegation and is expected to have the first-ever meeting with Taliban since talks were cancelled. Khalilzad has had extensive meetings with the Pakistani leadership, discussing the importance of ensuring peace in Afghanistan and an end to the conflict through phase-wise withdrawal of US forces.indiatoday
Pakistan, Taliban call for US to resume peace talks
Iraq protests: Death toll rises to 20 as unrest spreads
Death toll from 3 days of mass anti-Govt protests in Iraq has risen to 20, with hundreds more wounded as authorities imposed curfews in several cities and cut internet access across much of the country to quell unrest. Protests, which began in the capital, Baghdad on Tuesday, are mostly spontaneous and without political leadership, staged by disenchanted youth demanding jobs, improved services, such as electricity and water, and an end to Iraq’s endemic corruption.The demonstrations have since spread to cities across the mainly Shia south, making it the most serious challenge to PM Adel Abdul Mahdi’s year-old Govt.In Baghdad, authorities imposed a round-the-clock curfew early on Thursday, saying the measure was meant to "protect general peace" and protesters from "infiltrators" who committed attacks against security forces and public property.But dozens of protesters defied the order early on Thursday and attempted to gather at Tahrir Square, prompting security forces to use live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowds. Aljazeera
'Biggest crackdown' under Sisi condemned after thousands arrested
Egyptian authorities have launched "biggest crackdown" under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's rule, according to Amnesty International, rounding up more than 2,300 people following a series of anti-Govt protests in late Sept. Those arrested include 111 minors, aged between 11 and 17 years, the rights group said in a statement on Wednesday.At least 69 detainees face charges including "membership in a terrorist group". In addition to sweeping arrests of peaceful protesters, Egyptian authorities also carried out targeted arrests of journalists, activists and politicians, Amnesty said. Several lawyers representing detainees have also been arrested while carrying out their work."President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's Govt has orchestrated this crackdown to crush the slightest sign of dissent and silence every Govt critic," said Najia Bounaim, Amnesty's North Africa campaign director. "The wave of unprecedented mass arrests, which included many who were not even involved in the protests, sends a clear message - anyone perceived to pose a threat to Sisi's Govt will be crushed." aljazeera
In Saudi, criticism of MBS increases after oil attack
Some members of Saudi Arabia's ruling family and business elite have expressed frustration with the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) following the largest-ever attack on the kingdom's oil infrastructure last month.It has sparked concern among several prominent branches of the ruling Al Saud family, which numbers about 10,000, about the crown prince's ability to defend and lead the world's largest oil exporter, according to a senior foreign diplomat and five sources with ties to royals and business elite, Reuters reported .All spoke on condition of anonymity. The attack has also fanned discontent among some in elite circles who believe the crown prince has sought too tight a grip on power, the sources said.Some of these people said the event has also fuelled criticism among those who believe he has pursued an overly aggressive stance towards Iran."There is a lot of resentment" about the crown prince's leadership, said one of the sources, a member of the Saudi elite with royal connections. "How were they not able to detect the attack?"This person added that some people in elite circles are saying they have "no confidence" in the crown prince, an assertion echoed by 4 other sources and senior diplomat.aljazeera
UN: Bin Salman exonerating himself from Khashoggi’s murder
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman exonerates himself from the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, UN investigator, Agnes Callamard, said.“He [Bin Salman] is creating a distance between himself, he is exonerating himself from direct criminal responsibility in the killing,” Callamard said, adding the Bin Salman was creating “layers, and layers and layers of actors and institutions which are protecting him from his direct accountability for killing.”She described the Saudi judiciary as “not independent,” stressing that there were “no guarantees for justice there.”In CBS’ “60 Minutes” programme, Bin Salman said that as de facto Saudi leader he ultimately bored “full responsibility” for the killing, yet he denied ordering it.middleeastmonitor
Iran admits supporting Houthis in Yemen for 1st time
Iran has long denied providing any military support for the Houthis in Yemen. However, it has acknowledged for the first time since the outbreak of the war in Yemen in 2015, that the Revolutionary Guards offered “advisory and intellectual support” to its ally, the Houthi group. Iranian Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammed Bagheri, admitted providing this kind of support to Houthis, in an interview with Phoenix Chinese TV Channel.According to Bagheri, Iran provided advisory support, weapons and equipment to Iraq and Syria at the request of their Govts, and IRGC was, of course, responsible for that mission. Maj. Gen. did not deny the Iranian army’s assistance to IRGC forces there.MEMO
Paris police attack: 4 killed by knife-wielding employee
A knife-wielding employee has killed 4 fellow members of staff at police headquarters in the centre of the French capital, Paris.The attacker, who has not been named, was later shot dead by police.Witnesses described scenes of panic, with many people fleeing the building in tears. The area in the île de la Cité has been sealed off. The attack comes a day after police went on strike across France over increasing violence towards officers. There has been no official statement so far on a possible motive for the attack. bbc
Trump impeachment inquiry: Who do House panels want to depose?
Washington:A new fight has erupted between Democrats in Congress and Trump administration over access to officials as 3 House committees investigate US President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine. Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in a July 25 telephone call to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading Democratic presidential hopeful, and his son Hunter Biden who had served on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company.The call between the two leaders was the subject of a whistle-blower complaint alleging Trump used his office to "solicit interference" from Ukraine in the 2020 US presidential elections. The complaint, filed with the top US intelligence official last month, was released publicly on Thursday. Trump has denied any wrongdoing, saying the phone call was "normal".About a dozen White House and State Department officials listened to what was expected to be a routine call between Trump and Zelensky, according to the complaint. In the days after, senior White House officials sought to "lock down" records of the call, signalling White House officials "understood the gravity of what had happened", the whistle-blower said.aljazeera
US reopens embassy in Somalia after nearly 3 decades
US has reopened its embassy in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, nearly 3 decades after it was shut as the Horn of Africa nation plunged into civil war. Washington closed its embassy during 1991 overthrow of then-President Siad Barre's military regime which ushered in decades of chaos. However, diplomatic relations have strengthened in recent years."Today we reaffirm the relations between American people and Somali people, and our two nations," said Donald Yamamoto, US ambassador to Somalia, on Wednesday. aljazeera
South Africa envoy condemns UN’s inability to inaction on Palestine resolutions
South Africa’s Ambassador to the UN Jerry Matjila has criticised UN for not implementing any of its 72 resolutions on Palestine since 1948.Matjila, president of the Security Council for Oct., made his remarks to Al-Quds Al-Arabi paper about the international community’s failure to help Palestinian people achieve their aspirations for independence and freedom.The ambassador described South Africa’s position on the Palestinian cause and its support for the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights as “well-known and unquestionable.”middleeastmonitor
Citizenship Amendment Bill will result in untold fear and dislocation of Muslim citizens:Harsh Mander
Amit Shah’s NRC Plan Decoded – Communal Division, and a Big Lie Too:Siddharth Varadarajan
Make no mistake, Amit Shah’s NRC plan is both bigoted and unconstitutional:Rohan Venkataramakrishnan
U.N. Can’t Ignore Kashmir Anymore:NYT Editorial Board
7 ways Imran Khan’s fans tried to show Pakistanis his US visit was a success:NAILA INAYAT
Our Lokpal movement to schools, water, power — Gandhi’s vision endures:Arvind Kejriwal
Declaring India 'Open Defecation Free' Doesn't Mean Sanitation Goals Have Been Met:Avani Kapur and Sanjana Malhotara
Is Amit Shah above the Constitution? Have oaths of office become meaningless?Faraz Ahmad
Corporate Tax relief: Feeding industry oats in the hope that the poor will eat the dung:Malay Sengupta
Mystery over PMC Bank’s audit firm deepens, no trace of firm found: Moneylife report
The courts’ refusal to curb repression in Kashmir:the economist
An Islamist dilemma after rise of populists in Tunisia: Reuters

Lebanon slammed for deporting undocumented Syrian refugees
Even as Questions Remain, Modi Declares Rural India Open Defecation Free

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