09 October 2018

09 OCT.India Today Exposed:Sanatan Sanstha terror link busted as its men acquitted in Thane blast case admit to planting bombs /Industries hit as 50,000 UP,MP, Bihar migrants flee Gujarat after hate attacks/ Jamaat-e-Islami Hind accuses Centre of sponsoring interventions in personal laws

09 OCT. 2018: 27 Muhram 1440: Vol: 11, No:21
India Today Exposed:Sanatan Sanstha terror link busted as its men acquitted in Thane blast case admit to planting bombs
The news director of the India Today channel, Rahul Kanwal, on Tuesday accused Sanatan Sanstha of attempting to intimidate it by releasing the names and photos of its investigative reporters who had carried out a sting operation on two members of the Hindutva outfit. A trial court had acquitted the Sanatan Sanstha members, who were accused of planting bombs outside theatres in Thane, Vashi and Panvel in 2008. But news channel’s exposé revealed that the Hindutva outfit may have played a role in the attacks. Seven people were injured when a bomb went off in the parking lot of the theatre in Thane. After being exposed by @IndiaToday in #SanatanTerrorSanstha tapes Sanatan now releases names & photos of our investigative reporters on their website asking supporters to hunt us down. If these people think such intimidatory tactics can scare us, they have another thing coming!One of the 2 men who the channel talked to admitted seven years after his acquittal that he had planted the explosives outside the theatre in Vashi, India Today claimed.Mangesh Dinkar Nikam allegedly told the undercover reporters, whom he met at his home in Satara district, that he had planted the bomb, which disposal squads defused, with the objective of avenging what he claimed was “wrongful depiction of Hindu gods and goddesses” in Marathi play Aamhi Pachpute that was running at the theatre.“I was in Vashi,” India Today quoted the 45-year-old as saying. “I planted it [the IED] and came out. That was my role. In the [Vashi] case in which we were involved, people were parodying our gods and goddesses [in the play]. So we tried to stop it, nothing else.”Nikam told the news channel that he has been a follower of the Sanatan Sanstha since 2000. “I used to visit the Panvel ashram but stayed at home,” he said. “There, I came in touch with others.”He said the plan to carry out the serial bomb blasts was formulated at the ashram.Another Sanatan Sanstha activist – 58-year-old Haribhau Krishnna Divekar – told reporters that he had been in possession of the explosives. However, the Maharashtra ATS, which had investigated the case, did not record this in its chargesheet. According to the police, he was a close aide of one of the two convicts in the case.Divekar was acquitted in 2011 on grounds of insufficient evidence. Maharashtra Police had named 4 other suspects – Ramesh Hanumant Gadkari, Vikram Vinay Bhave, Santosh Sitaram Angre and Hemant Tukaram Chalke – in its chargesheet. In 2011, the trial court convicted Gadkari and Bhave and acquitted the others.“When I went there, the police came here and conducted searches and investigation, I handed them what I had with me,” the news channel quoted Divekar as saying. When asked what he had handed over, he replied: “That time, there were one-two revolvers and detonators, it is called detonator right, gelatin [sticks] and digital meters. Around 20 gelatins were there and 23 detonators. They took away all those things.”Divekar said he had the explosives with him for 5-6 days. scroll
‘Ban Sanatan Sanstha’ demand grows after its members confess role in terror blasts
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India today Exclusive: Video tapes reveal how Sanatan Sanstha workers planted bombs
India Today:Sanatan Sanstha terror link busted
Goa BJP leader saved Sanathan Sanstha from ban; suspects confess their roles in blasts
No decision yet on Zakir Naik’s extradition, matter may end up in court: Malaysia minister
New Delhi :Malaysia is yet to take a call on extraditing Zakir Naik to India and the matter could end up being decided by the country’s courts, a senior Malaysian minister told External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday when she raised the issue during a meeting in New Delhi. Malaysia’s Minister of Human Resources M Kula Segaran, who is on an India visit, said Swaraj sought Naik’s early extradition during the meeting. “She was asking for the latest on Zakir Naik, whether he will be deported from Malaysia, I did say that no final decision has been taken by the Malaysian Govt,” he said. He also told Swaraj that the Malaysian Govt  could also leave it to the courts to decide.Asked how the extradition request could progress according to Malaysia’s laws, he said, “If Govt  decides to deport him, that is end of the matter for us, but Zakir Naik can still challenge (it). If Govt  decides not to deport, we can refer it to the court and ask the court to decide the matter.” Malaysia will ensure necessary “justice and fairplay” in the matter, he asserted. Asked if that means the court could end up deciding on his deportation, the Malaysian minister answered in the affirmative. He added that first the cabinet led by PM Mahathir Mohamad will decide.Naik, who is in Malaysia, in a statement published in Malaysian newspapers in July, had thanked Malaysia’s PM Mahathir Mohamad for examining his case from an “unbiased perspective”. PTI
Industries hit as 50,000 UP,MP, Bihar migrants flee Gujarat after hate attacks, over 400 arrested
Gujarat Govt  has beefed up security in areas inhabited by non-Gujaratis after a mass exodus of migrant workers. Migrant workers fled fearing retaliatory violence after a man from Bihar was accused of raping a toddler. The police has also taken hundreds of people into custody and has slapped several cases against them.On Sept.28, a 14-month-old girl was allegedly raped by a migrant worker in Sabarkantha district.Accused Ravindra Sahu, who hails from Bihar was later arrested for the crime.Six districts, most of them in northern Gujarat, witnessed sporadic incidents of violence against Hindi-speaking people. Mehsana and Sabarkantha were the worst-hit districts.Fearing retaliatory violence, there was a mass exodus of migrants from Bihar, MP  and UP .Uttar Bharatiya Vikas Parishad President Maheshsingh Kushwah claimed that over 20,000 people belonging to Bihar, MP  and UP had fled the state due to prevailing uncertainty."Over 20,000 migrants from these states have fled due to fear as Hindi-speaking people are being attacked in different parts of the state. All non-Gujaratis should not be seen as culprits for the misdeeds of one person," he said.Reports, however, suggest that the number of migrants fleeing the state could be as high as 50,000.On October 8, the police said that it had arrested 431 people in connection with 56 cases registered in the issue. The police department also directed officials to organise camps and communicate with local leaders. Claiming that no untoward incident had taken place during the last 48 hours, CM  Vijay Rupani said the situation has been brought under control. Rupani assured security to the migrants and appealed people not to engage in violence.As a result of thousands of migrant labourers fleeing Gujarat, infrastructure and construction companies in state could face manpower shortage in the short-term.Human resource officials also said that the companies are currently engaging with the state Govt and police forces to ensure safety of the workers at their factories and manufacturing facilities.Also, measures are being taken to contact those who have left for their native places and convince them to come back.The exodus may also create problems for pharmaceuticals
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind accuses Centre of sponsoring interventions in personal laws
Jaipur: Jamaat-E-Islami Hind (JIH), a frontal body of Muslims, has asked the community to vote against leaders/political parties who pose a threat to their beliefs and personal laws.JIH passed a resolution on Sunday evening after a daylong ‘ijtema’ (public gathering) at Karbala Maidan in Jaipur and accused the central Govt  of sponsoring interventions in the Muslim personal laws. The speakers during their address didn’t name anyone but held the silence of ‘Hukumrans’ (rulers) on mob lynching and hate speeches against minorities and Dalits as their endorsements to these acts. The ‘ijtema’ was attended by over 10,000 Muslims, mostly clerics and influential ones from across the state have set the tone for elections in the state. The speakers criticised Raje Govt  over spate in communal incidences. Local office bearers of JIH claimed that they made several attempts to reach out to CM Vasundhara Raje but were never allowed. “In the last five years, she (Raje) has never bothered to meet a delegation of Muslims. It speaks volumes about the attitude of the state Govt  towards Muslims which should be kept in mind till we have those who actually believe in ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’,” said Engineer Khurshid, state president of JIH.  Expressing concern on the declining number of Muslims in the state assembly of Rajasthan, general secretary of JIH Salim Engineer said, “The absence of political voice has resulted in laws like Triple Talaq without any debate and implemented by the state Govts which subscribe to the views of the central Govt. In such a situation it is the duty of the Muslims to participate in the elections by supporting candidates with secular credentials.” Dr. SQR Ilyas said that community respects the Supreme Court judgement on decriminalization of homosexuality and adultery but will advise the community to stay away from the vices.“Our view is that both orders are threatening the institution of marriage and natural laws,”he said.TOI
Meat shop asked to shut in UP village after protests over licence
Lucknow :Police on Sunday forced a meat seller to close his shop at a market in Kasampur Bilauch village of UP ’s Bijnor district following protests by local residents over the licence issued to the meat-seller, it was informed on Monday. The police also ordered an inquiry to check whether all formalities were completed and a NOC was obtained from the departments concerned before the licence was issued to Khursheed 35, to sell meat. Inquiry was ordered after people, allegedly from the Hindu community, staged a protest on Sunday when Khan opened the shop near his home in the village. The local police subsequently asked Khan to close the shop for a few days until the situation normalises, it is learnt. SP Bijnor, Umesh Kumar said, “Inquiry has been ordered based on complaints from local residents claiming that all formalities were not completed before issuing the licence. If anomalies are found, action would be taken accordingly. There are a few more such cases in Bijnor where local residents raised objection over the issue of licence to meat shops.”Heavy police force have been deployed at village, which has 70%Muslim population.“I applied for licence at district administration office. District admin.completed formalities and issued me licence to sell meat on Sept.19,” Khurhseed said. Indian Express.
Gujarat ‘02: SIT report on army deployment is ‘blatant lie’: Zameer Uddin Shah
New Delhi:Retired Lt. General Zameer Uddin Shah, who led Army troops in quelling violence in 2002 Gujarat riots, has described portions of the enquiry report by the Supreme Court appointed SIT, related to Army movement, as “a blatant lie”.Shah has said in his upcoming memoir, “Sarkari Mussalman” that after about 3,000 troops landed at Ahmedabad airfield at 7 am on March 1, they had to wait for a day to received transport and other logistical support from the state Govt  in order to fan out to the cities and towns which were engulfed in violence.This delay happened despite a request by the Lt. General to the then CM  Narendra Modi at 2am on March 1 in Ahmedabad, in presence of Union Defence Minister George Fernandes.SIT report, that had cleared Modi’s name, had concluded that there was no delay “in requisition and deployment of the Army”, based on testimony of Ashok Narayan,Additional Chief Secretary (Home). “Deployment of Army commenced at 1100 hrs on 01-03-2002, after a high level meeting of CM  and Union Defence Minister along with the senior officers of Army and State Administration”,SIT report said. “This is a blatant lie,” Shah said on Monday, maintaining that 3,000 Army troops were kept stranded at Ahmedabad airfield for more than a day as state Govt was said to be still “making arrangements” to provide them transport. Troops were moved by Air Force from Jodhpur on orders of then Chief of Army Staff,Gen S. Padmanabhan, following widespread killings in Gujarat on Feb.28. Shah’s assertions have been backed by Gen Padmanabhan to whom the After Action Report on the army’s action to quell the riots, was submitted by Shah in June 2002.“In this event, as far as I remember, the army troops must have landed by the middle of the night. If they landed in the middle of the night, what were they going to do? Start running around all over the place? The vehicles were not there. They were not provided by state Govt. How will they function? So if he (Shah) has said that then he’s certainly right.He was the man on ground,”Padmanabhan said over phone.IANS
Priest on hunger strike demanding Ram temple rushed to hospital
Lucknow:Mahant Paramhans Das, who had been on a hunger strike for the past week demanding construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, was shifted to Lucknow in an ambulance on Saturday night after his condition deteriorated.He was admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences. He initially denied treatment, but was administered saline late on Monday night.On Sunday evening, BJP leaders and as Govt  officials had tried to convince him to abandon his protest, but he refused.indianexpress
Rajasthan: 29 people test positive in biggest Zika outbreak in history of India
29 people from Rajasthan have tested positive for Zika virus, said senior officials of state’s Health Department on Tuesday. According to the officials, the first case of Zika Virus was reported onSept.23, following which tests by the authorities established traces of the virus in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes on Sept. 26.“29 people have tested positive so far for Zika virus and all the cases are from Jaipur’s Shahstri Nagar area. Around 450 samples have been sent for testing of which 160 are of pregnant ladies,” said Veenu Gupta, additional chief secretary, Medical & Health and Family Welfare.indianexpress
9 killed, 14 injured in blast at Bhilai Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh
Raipur:A blast at Bhilai Steel Plant here in Chhattisgarh killed 9 employees and injured 14 on Tuesday, the police said.The explosion at the plant of the state-owned Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) took place at around 10.30 am, the police said. he explosion took place in a gas pipeline connected to the coke oven section of the plant in Bhilai town, located around 30 km away from the Chhattisgarh capital Raipur, IGP (Durg Range) G.P. Singh told said.As per preliminary information,over 24 employees were working at the spot when the accident occurred, he said.PTI
Haryana to raise NSG-trained anti-terror Kavach
Haryana Govt  has decided to set up an Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) that would comprise specially trained personnel to be recruited from the State police, announced CM  Manohar Lal Khatar.CM  was interacting with media persons on the occasion of the release of ‘Vikas Geet’ CD composed by Information, Public Relations and Languages Department, at Gurugram on Monday.After rigorous training of around 14 weeks by National Security Guard (NSG) located at Manesar in Gurugram around 150 Haryana police personnel will be inducted into this special force. A batch of 50-50 physically fit personnel of the state police will be inducted in the ATF and member of the force could be transferred to Haryana police.dailypioneer
Spurt in terror ranks in J&K post NRC, warns Intel agency
New Delhi:Despite all-out operation by security forces against terrorists showing results in neutralising them in J&K , a recent intelligence input to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) suggests that a worrying trend has set in as of late with ‘many indoctrinated youth from eastern India’ joining the terror ranks in the troubled state after implementation of National Register of Citizenship (NRC) in Assam.In light of these intelligence inputs, directives have been issued to states like Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal to keep a 'strict vigil' on the activities of suspected organisations and also focus on the ongoing “deradicalisation drive”, reliable sources in the MHA told UNI. UNI
J&K local polls: Just 8% turnout in Valley, nearly 70% in Jammu
Jammu:FIRST phase of local body polls in J&K, being held after 13 years amid calls for a boycott from militants, presented a stark contrast in voting patterns Monday with the Jammu region recording a turnout of nearly 70 %  while the Valley logged just 8.2 % .The first of the four-phase polls saw voting in 17 cities and towns in the border districts of Jammu, Rajouri and Poonch, and eight districts of the Kashmir division, including Leh and Kargil and three wards of Srinagar. Kashmir division recorded an overall turnout of 18.6% .Apart from threats by militants, 2 major local political parties, NC and PDP, stayed away from the polls, leaving BJP, Congress, Sajad Lone’s Peoples’ Conference and Independents in the fray.In the Valley, however, no vote was cast in 92 of the 149 wards that went to polls in this phase. In 69 wards, candidates were elected unopposed. There was no candidate in 23 wards.indianexpress
MP : Monk tells Jain couples to have four kids
Bhopal:Jain Monk Acharya Nirbhay Sagar has urged members of the community to have at least four children each or else “the religion may not survive after 100 years”. At an event organised on MP  Vidhan Sabha premises on Sunday, the Jain monk also asked parents not to hold social functions if their children married outside the religion.“The community’s current population in the country is about 50 lakh. If there are only one or two children per family, the population will reduce to 25 lakh in the next 50 years and then plummet to six lakh in the next four decades. You may build temples, but there should be worshippers from the religion,” he said.The Jain monk was addressing the ‘Samuhik Kshamavani’, an annual event of forgiveness, organised by the minority community on the state’s Vidhan Sabha premises.indianexpress  
Meet Sanjiv Pradhan, man on mission to bring back all muslims who left riot-hit UP village
Sanjeev Pradhan has a dream. He wants every Muslim family that was forced to leave his village Dulheda in UP’s Muzaffarnagar district to now return home. Of the 65-odd Muslim families in Dulheda — situated in the Shahpur region of Muzaffarnagar — that fled after the deadly riots that shook the area in 2013, Pradhan has persuaded around 30 to return.Pradhan’s efforts resonate more in the restive region because 42-year-old had helped save several Muslim families during the riots by not only giving them shelter in his home but also ferociously guarding them at the places where they had taken refuge.Afsana Begum, who came back to the village after more than four years, recalls, “I remember how he and his men guarded our mosque. He wouldn’t let anyone touch it.He protected us with his life. If he says we should come back, I will trust him without thinking twice.” On his part, Pradhan says he judges people on the basis of their character, not religion. “ Mussalman kharab hai? Ya Hindu kharab hai? Insaan kharab hai (Is the Muslim bad, or is the Hindu bad? I will say it is the person who is bad). We need to fight and hope for change. I am only doing that,” he says.Sticking to his conviction has not been easy though. Pradhan, a former village head, had to incur criticism of the members of his Jat community (who make up most of the population of the village) for “being an obstacle when an opportunity had come for ridding the village of Muslim influence forever.”Nawab Singh, one of his supporters, says, “Sanjeev lost the village head elections in 2015 and one of the primary reasons was his act of saving minority members’ lives in the riots. Some of the Hindus had even started greeting him with Salam-Alaikum in a sarcastic manner, claiming he was now almost a Muslim.”Looking back, Pradhan says he wouldn’t have done a thing differently.TOI
Riot-hit UP village: This ‘Jat’ man saved hundreds of Muslims from being slaughtered
Delhi teacher Ankit was not murdered over relationship with Muslim girl, his killer Akash held
In a stunning twist in the murder of Delhi’s 31-year-old teacher Ankit Kumar, the Delhi Police has said that it had cracked the murder mystery by arresting the prime accused Akash.In its tweet, Delhi Police said that Ankit’s killer was Akash, who had killed the teacher because he was unhappy with the teacher allegedly harassing his girlfriend, who studied at the coaching centre.In a series of tweets, the Delhi Polcie wrote, “With the arrest of a 21 year old, final year BTech student, Aakash Kashyap, who belongs to Bagpat in UP, @DelhiPolice Distt North West has solved the murder case of a teacher Ankit Kumar, in Jahangirpuri, on Oct 1. Aakash killed Ankit for harassing his girlfriend & pursuing her.”In its subsequent tweet the Delhi Police also said that Akash Kashyap hatched the murder plan after he Ankit did not give his pursuit for the accused’s girlfriend. “Girl studied at Ankit Kumar’s coaching centre & Ankit had fallen in love with her two years ago. When Ankit didn’t abandon pursuit & blackmailed the girl, Aakash Kashyap, the accused, hatched the plot to get rid of him,” said the tweet by the Delhi Police.Aakash reportedly bought a desi pistol when he visited Fazalpur village in UP ’s Baghpat, the place of his maternal uncle, in March this year.Later Aslam Khan, DCP of Delhi Police’s North-West district, confirmed that his forces had indeed cracked the case.jantakareporter
UP: Clash over Muharram flag being replaced by saffron, 14 - all Muslims  arrested                                      
Maharajganj Police in UP  arrested 10 people on Monday in connection with a clash at Bargadwa village of the district after they allegedly objected when a flag put up for Muharram was replaced with a saffron one on Sunday. 7 people were left injured.The arrests were made on the basis of a complaint filed by local resident Ram Nayan. FIR was registered against 14 people — all Muslims — and 25 unidentified people.“The other group (Muslim residents) has not filed any police complaint so far,” said Manish Kumar Singh, SHO of Panivara police station, where the FIR was registered.According to SHO, around Sunday noon a group of people tried to remove a green flag put up on an electric pole in the village. The group, comprising members of the Hindu community, wanted to put up a saffron flag instead, he said.“When they were trying to remove the flag, some members of Muslim community arrived there and objected. A heated argument ensued and soon more people joined in…It eventually led to a clash,”Singh said.Police said members of both groups threw stones and attacked each other with sticks. A police that arrived at the spot had to use force to disperse the crowd. Several Muslim men have left the village since the clashes, a police officer said.The arrested people — all of them residents of Bargadwa village — were later produced before a local court, which sent them to judicial custody, Maharajganj CO Devendra Kumar said.indianexpress
Waseem Rizwi Booked for Hurting Religious Sentiments With Remarks on Caliphs
Lucknow Chairman of the UP Shia Waqf Board, Waseem Rizvi, was booked for hurting religious sentiments after he allegedly made statements against the Caliphs of the Muslim community. An FIR was lodged against Rizvi on Sunday at Chowk Police station in Lucknow following a written complaint by the Sahaba Action Committee.Rizvi’s statements had reportedly offended members of the Sunni sect who were angered by statements about the Caliphs of Islam, though he has denied these claims.Following the complaint, thousands of people took out a protest-march in the Old Lucknow area on Monday, demanding Rizvi’s arrest within 24 hours. The protesters also burnt an effigy of the UP Shia Waqf Board chairman.The president of the Sahaba Action Committee, Maulana Abdul Wahid Farooqui, said the community was hurt by the language used by Rizvi and was demanding the slapping of National Securities Act on him.“Waseem Rizvi has been making derogatory remarks about Sunni community and caliphs for quite some time now. So after proper consultation, we decided to file a complaint against him. Today, thousands of people have gathered to protest and are demanding that National Security Act be slapped on Rizvi,” Maulana Abdul Wahid Farooqui said.He added that they would write to the CM  and district magistrate asking for Rizvi’s immediate arrest. “If our demands are not met, then we will plan our strategy ahead,” he said.Shia Waqf Board chairman, however, alleged that his words were being twisted to malign his image. “I have only spoken about Abu-Baqr Al Baghdadi of Islamic State and Mullah Mohammed Omar of Taliban. These are concerted efforts to malign my image,” Rizvi claimed.news18
#MeToo hits Modi govt as journalists call for resignation of MJ Akbar & top union minister
The embers from the MeToo movement have reached the doorstep of the Narendra Modi Govt , with at least two senior scribes raking up allegations against Minister of State (MoS) for External Affairs MJ Akbar.Writing in Vogue Magazine in Oct.last year, journalist Priya Ramani recalled a meeting with then editor MJ Akbar at a hotel in Mumbai, in which she accused Akbar of making inappropriate advances.“I escaped that night, you hired me, I worked for you for many months even though I swore I would never be in a room with you alone,” Ramani had recounted in her magazine piece. Fast forward to Oct.2018, allegations against Akbar have surfaced all over again.“The right-wing trolls who suddenly turned feminists when it came to criticising sexual transgressions from men in liberal media are conspicuously silent on MJ Akbar,” tweeted Abhishek Baxi, a journalist and a contributor at Forbes Magazine.  Baxi’s tweet was picked up by another senior journalist, Rohini Singh, who went a step further and accused another “top cabinet” minister of inappropriate conduct towards women in the past.“Not just MJ Akbar. A top cabinet minister indulges in such inappropriate talk about clothes women journalists wear. But he won’t be outed for obvious reasons!” Singh wrote on Twitter.The accusations against Akbar and another cabinet minister of Modi Govt follow a heady day which witnessed the “stepping away” of Tanmay Bhat, the co-founder of comedy group AIB. Nationalheraldindia
#MeToo: Gautam Adhikari, ex TOI and DNA Editor, Quits US Think-Tank
New Delhi: Former executive editor at Times of India and former editor-in-chief of DNA, Gautam Adhikari appears to have resigned from his post as senior fellow at Center for American Progress in Washington DC following three allegations of sexual harassment against him.His profile page on the centre’s website is currently blank and his name is not there on the centre’s list of experts, even though as late as Oct. 1, 2018, it was. The Wire has emailed the CAP to ascertain the reasons behind the removal of Adhikari’s name and page and will update the story when we receive a response.Sandhya Menon and Sonora Jha first wrote about Adhikari on October 5. Now, a third journalist has come forward with an account of Adhikari forcibly kissing her when she went to his office to discuss work.In a post published on her website on Oct.8, Tara Kaushal – who is now a writer on gender, sexuality and rights – recounted an incident from January 2006, when she was a 22-year-old freelancer who went to meet Adhikari, then the “50 something” editor of DNA in his office. Kaushal said she first met him at a Christmas party in Dec. 2005, thrown by people known to both of them, when she spoke to Adhikari, expressing an interest in writing for DNA. He told her to follow up with him in January.thewire
Madras HC asks mosque trustee to hand over all records to wakf board
Madurai: Madurai bench of the Madras high court has slammed a petitioner for stalling Tamil Nadu Wakf Board’s efforts to frame a scheme for proper administration of Kazimar Big Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Madurai. Dismissing the appeal by S A Fakrudeen Ibrahim, a division bench of Justices Pushpa Sathyanarayana and T Krishnavalii directed the petitioner to hand over and deliver possession of the records, accounts and all properties of the wakf, including cash to the executive officer of the TN Wakf Board within a month. The dispute revolves around the management of the Kazimar mosque, which was maintained by a group of trustees claiming to be descendants of the founders of the 700-year old mosque. They claimed a right of hereditary trusteeship, especially of the mosque.Based on a petition before it, TN Wakf Board resolved to frame a proper scheme for administration of the wakf. TOI
Watch: Modi Govt  was built on false promises: Union Minister Gadkari -was-built-on-false-promises-says-union-minister-nitin-gadkari
In a rather candid confession, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has said that BJP led by Narendra Modi came to power on the basis of unrealistic promises, which unexpectedly gave false hopes to the people of the country.In the video, which was shared by the Congress party on Twitter on Monday, Gadkari can be heard telling actor Nana Patekar during a talk show on TV:“We were very confident that we can never come to the power.So our people suggested us just to make tall promises. If we don’t come to the power,we won’t be responsible anyways.”“Now the problem is that people have voted us to the power,” he laughs and adds, “Now people remind us of our promises along with the dates.Now a days, we just laugh and move on.”nationalheraldindia
Murder in Delhi: Muslim Auto-rickshaw driver was family's sole breadwinner
New Delhi:Ever since Jahangir Alam came to Delhi from his native West Bengal 6 years ago, he somehow managed to earn a living by driving an auto-rickshaw. Alam, 26, was murdered after a dispute with his passengers over the fare. His uncle feels that the murderers should not be spared just because they are juveniles.His uncle, Muneer-Ul-Islam, 40, woke up on Monday in his rented home in Zakir Nagar and saw on a TV news channel that an auto-rickshaw driver in the city had been killed. Minutes later, he got a call from the police informing him that the slain man was his nephew.Father of four, Alam was the only breadwinner in his family.Alam was stabbed to death after his passengers fought with him over fare. Four minor boys have been arrested for their involvement in the murder. DCP Madhur Verma said four boys aged between 16 and 17 had hired his auto-rickshaw from Delhi's Khanpur to Connaught Place area on Sunday night.IANS
Hyderabad's Yakuthpura mosque talk draws tension, preacher arrested
hyderabad:Tension gripped Yakuthpura area of Old City after Islamic preacher Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui aka Brother Imran allegedly made an objectionable speech during a congregation at a mosque.Founder of IRF Imran was invited to deliver religious discourse at Masjid-e-Abu Bakr at Yakuthpura Etebar Chowk.A group of locals gathered outside mosque during the meeting and raised objections over Imran's speech, alleging he was dishonouring Islam. Police swung into action and the speech was stopped immediately. However, news spread and videos from the gathering went viral on social media forcing police to deploy heavy force in the area. Commissioner of police Anjani Kumar and other officers tried to pacify the agitators as rumors of clashes started coming in. South zone police escorted Imran to an undisclosed location fearing mob lynching.On receiving complaint from one Syed Najaf Ali Shoukat, Mirchowk police registered a case against Imran. Imran said, "I have not used any derogatory words against any personality of Islam. I am ready to clarify discourse."TOI
Urinating in public is age old tradition:BJP Minister who relieved himself near campaign poster in Rajasthan
Rajasthan cabinet minister Shambhu Singh Khetasar, who has been facing flak for relieving himself in public near a BJP campaign poster, has responded by saying that urinating in public is an "age old tradition," according to media reports.The incident, which has been a source of embarrassment for Khetasar and the BJP, occurred in Ajmer, where the minister was attending an election rally.Khetasar, who is also chairman of Rajasthan State Seed Corporation, denied that he had urinated on a campaign poster featuring CM  Vasundhara Raje."Photo of me urinating against a wall is not near a campaign poster," he said.Photograph of Khetasar, which has gone viral on social media, suggests otherwise.Khetasar's actions and justification fly in the face of PM Modi's appeal to every citizen to work towards creating a "Swachh Bharat." Khetasar said that he was forced to urinate in public because there was no toilet near the election rally he was attending - a rally that was attended by 2.5lakh visitors.huffingtonpost
UNRWA slams Israeli plans to close Jerusalem office
UN refugee agency UNRWA has decried as “irresponsible” Israeli plans to close the agency’s offices in the occupied East Jerusalem. “UNRWA is carrying out operations within the framework of the UN Charter and bilateral and multilateral agreements which are still valid as well as relevant resolutions of UN General Assembly," UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness said. He said the refugee agency has been authorized by UN to provide protection and aid to Palestinian refugees in the occupied territories, including East Jerusalem. “Such messages by top elected figures in Israel are irresponsible and very serious,” he said.Last week, Israel’s Jerusalem municipality announced plans to remove UN agency from the occupied city. According to Israeli Channel Two, US President Donald Trump's recent decision to end financial aid to UNRWA has encouraged Israel to take move. The broadcaster said that Israeli move was planned in coordination with the U.S. administration and will soon be presented to the Israeli Govt  for approval. In September, the U.S. State Department announced that Washington would “no longer commit funding” to UNRWA. Anadolu Agency
UN: Over 700 Israel obstacles to Palestinian movement in West Bank        
There are over 700 obstacles to Palestinian movement across the West Bank imposed by Israeli occupation authorities, according to the findings of new research by UN.According to the comprehensive survey, conducted by UN OCHA in July, there are 705 permanent obstacles across the West Bank “restricting or controlling Palestinian vehicular, and in some cases pedestrian, movement”.UN OCHA noted that “this figure is 3% higher than in Dec.2016, date of the previous survey”. The largest net increase was recorded in the Ramallah governorate, with a total of 15 additional obstacles. Obstacles include “140 fully or occasionally-staffed checkpoints, 165 unstaffed road gates (of which nearly half are normally closed), 149 earth mounds and 251 other unstaffed obstacles (roadblocks, trenches, earth walls, etc).”middleeastmonitor
New US law enables Americans to sue PA
US Congress approved at the end of Sept.a new law that enables Americans who have been hurt in Palestinian resistance attacks to prosecute Palestinian Authority (PA),Israeli paper Haaretz reported. Haaretz said that the new law “gives the American courts jurisdiction to seize assets from any entity that receives foreign assistance from the US.” It also said that the “legislation exposes the PA to potential lawsuits over past ‘terrorism’ and could even lead it to bankruptcy.”Israeli officials and Israeli media refer to the Palestinian resistance attacks against the Israeli occupation as terror acts. Law was signed last week by US President Donald Trump and it is in line with America’s plans to end financial assistance to PA’s security forces.middleeastmonitor
Myanmar ‘unwilling’ to probe Rohingya abuse, UN must act: rights envoy
Myanmar is “unable and unwilling” to investigate its abuses against Rohingya Muslims, a UN rights envoy has said, bolstering calls for the country’s generals to be hauled before an international court.A UN fact-finding mission has called for Myanmar’s top brass to be investigated for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes over a brutal crackdown against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state that forced more than 720,000 of the beleaguered minority to flee the country to Bangladesh. Myanmar has dismissed allegations, slamming the UN body as biased, and the Govt  has set up its own committee to investigate the crimes.But UN special rapporteur to Myanmar Yanghee Lee -- who has been barred from entering the country since December -- said the Govt  has shown little capacity for an unbiased probe into the violence, saying it has taken “limited and insufficient steps”.“[Myanmar] is unable and unwilling to discharge its obligation to conduct credible, prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigations and prosecutions,” Ms. Lee said in a report she published via her Twitter account on Monday.Given Myanmar’s refusal to hold itself accountable, she added, it was up to international courts to seek justice.AFP
UN voices 'serious concern' over Khashoggi
 UN human rights office has called on Turkey and Saudi Arabia to properly investigate the fate of prominent Saudi journalist and regime critic Jamal Khashoggi, who vanished after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week."If reports of his death and the extraordinary circumstances leading up to are true,this is truly shocking," spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said during a press briefing in Geneva today. Shamdasani's comments come shortly after US President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo all expressed concern regarding Khashoggi's whereabouts."I am concerned. I don't like hearing about it. Hopefully, that will sort itself out," Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday. "Right now, nobody knows anything about it.There are some pretty bad stories going around. I do not like it." Khashoggi, a US resident, has written articles over the past year critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. On the eve of his planned marriage to a Turkish woman, he entered the consulate on October 2 and has not been seen since.  aljazeera
Erdoğan to Saudi : You have to prove that Khashoggi left the consulate
Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan said that officials at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul have to prove that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi had left its building, at a time when Ankara asked to enter the consulate building for inspection. Erdogan added in a news conference in Hungary, the country he is visiting, on Monday: “I have given my orders to the intelligence services, the Ministry of Justice, the prosecution and the police to take the necessary measures and gather information about Jamal Khashoggi and then reveal them.”He stressed that the incidence of the disappearance of Khashoggi is, “of high importance,” and explained that “it is part of our political and moral duties to follow up this case, and it is impossible to ignore it.”middleeastmonitor
Photo of journalist Khashoggi entering consulate released by Washington Post
Afghan election candidate killed in suicide attack
A suicide bomber has struck an election meeting in Afghanistan's Helmand province, killing at least 8 people, including a candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections, a provincial official said.Saleh Mohammad Achekzai was holding a meeting in front of his house in Lashkar Gah,capital of Helmand, when the bomber detonated himself on Tuesday. Blast also killed several of his bodyguards, Attahullah Afghan, head of the southern Helmand provincial council told AP in a telephone interview.It was the second suicide attack to target a parliamentary candidate since campaigning officially kicked off on Sept.28 for the parliamentary elections scheduled for Oct.20. There are 2,565 candidates vying for seats in the 249-member chamber, including 417 women candidates.aljazeera
2 million Afghan kids will suffer severe malnutrition
In Afghanistan, more than 40 % of children under the age of five have stunted growth through lack of food and poor nutrition and 10 % are wasting away to skin and bones.The number of severely malnourished children in Afghanistan is on the rise. Aid organisations warn it could reach two million.Countries are sending in food, but that is only half the battle.Often armed groups prevent the food from being delivered to those in need and aid workers have been attacked and killed.aljazeera
Syria's Assad offers amnesty to army deserters
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has granted a general amnesty for men who deserted army or have avoided military service.A decree published by state media on Tuesday said the amnesty applies to men "inside and outside the country" and covers all punishments for desertion. Men inside Syria will have four months to take advantage of the amnesty while those outside will have six months.The move could help boost the return of refugees, some of whom have not been able to go back home because they were blacklisted.Under Syrian military law, deserters can face years of prison if they leave their posts and do not report for service within a set amount of time.While Tuesday's amnesty covers desertion, it does not cover fighting against the Govt  or joining the rebels, who are regarded by Syrian Govt  as "terrorists".aljazeera

Masood Azhar bed-ridden for months with life-threatening ailment:HT
Masood Azhar chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), has been confined to bed with a life-threatening condition, Indian intelligence officials said, and the proscribed Deobandi outfit is now operationally divided between his two younger brothers, Rauf Asghar and Athar Ibrahim, who continue to carry out jihadist attacks on India and Afghanistan.Azhar, 50, is suffering ailments that have affected his spinal cord and kidney, the officials added, declining to elaborate.Intelligence officials, who asked not to be identified, said Azhar is believed to have been treated for his spinal cord and renal condition at the Combined Military Hospital in Rawalpindi, and that the jihadist leader has been bedridden for at least a year and a half.HT
Pak cleric arrested booked under blasphemy for claiming to be '11th Imam of Islam'
 Lahore:Police in Pakistan's Punjab province on Monday arrested a cleric, who claimed himself to be the 11th Imam of Islam, and booked him under blasphemy laws. Police booked Farhan Ahmed, who is in his late 40s, on the charges of blasphemy after a video in which he claimed himself to be the 11th Imam of Islam went viral on social media.  Ahmed is a resident of Sahiwal, some 200-km from Lahore, the provincial capital. According to police, an FIR has been registered against Ahmed under section 295-A of the Pakistan Penal Code and section 16 of Maintenance of Public Order. Police said Ahmed told his followers that Sufi saints had already foretold about his "appearance".  "PM and the army chief should swear their allegiance to me," said Ahmed, who was flanked by his disciples in the video.He also claimed that he was the guardian of the appearance of Imam Mahdi. He invited the youth of Pakistan to join him, urging them to take oath of allegiance to him. PTI
China Announces 48 High-End Drones For Pak, Days After India's S-400 Deal
China will sell 48 high-end military drones to its "all-weather ally" Pakistan in what a military observer said will be the largest deal of its kind between the two countries, official media in Beijing reported today.The cost of the deal was not revealed. Wing Loong II, a high-end reconnaissance, strike and multi-role endurance unmanned aircraft system, is manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Company. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will also be jointly manufactured, China's state-run Global Times reported.China, an "all-weather ally" of Islamabad, is the largest supplier of weapon system to the Pakistan Army. Both the countries also jointly manufacture JF-Thunder a single engine multi-role combat aircraft.The announcement by China to permit the sale of high-end military drones comes in the immediate backdrop of India's move to acquire the sophisticated S-400 missile defence systems from Russia. The deal was clinched during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to New Delhi last week.PTI
Saudi's oil refinery in Gwadar threatens China, may increase risk of Arab nation's face-off with Iran
Pakistan's latest announcement about Saudi Arabia's investment in an oil refinery at the port city of Gwadar has set alarm bells ringing in the international arena.A Zero Hedge article claims that Pakistan's move comes from a "desperate" need for funding to ward off a financial crisis stoked by growing debt to China. The column, written by James Dorsey on Mid East Soccer blog, claims that Saudi's oil refinery in Gwadar Port could threaten Iran's India-backed Chabahar Port, making China a part of an "all but open war" between Iran and Saudi Arabia. SAUDIS may invest up to $10 billion in the region. The deal could additionally involve deferred payments on Saudi oil supplies which will firstly, create a strategic oil reserve close to Iran, and secondly, help cash-strapped Pakistan in payments. Zero Hedge article further stated that Pakistan will be forced to seek a $12 billion bailout from International Monetary Fund if Govt  expenditure is not brought under control — a fact that PM  Imran Khan-led Pakistan has taken note of.ANI
Did China arrest Interpol chief for letting go Uyghur Muslim leader?Prabhash K Dutta
2002 Gujarat riots: SC-appointed SIT report on army deployment is “a blatant lie”:Suman:IANS
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8 homeless, as Israel forces  Demolish home
Khabib 100 times bigger than Mo Salah after winning the Muslim world:UAE-based MMA fighter

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