15 October 2018

15 OCT ND:Haryana village headman: Mosque built with community funds, denies NIA terror funding charges/Kashmiri students at AMU say they did not organise funeral prayer for slain militant; 1,200 Kashmiri threaten to leave university

15 OCT. 2018: 05 Safar 1440: Vol: 11, No:32
Haryana village headman: Mosque built with community funds, denies NIA terror funding charges


Denying the allegation by NIA, Palawal village headman has asserted that the mosque was built on legally-obtained land and was funded by people from many villages, “The land has been obtained legally and people from many villages have funded the construction of this mosque," said Ramesh Prajapati, the headman of Uttawar village.Earlier, NIA on Monday, has stated that Khulafa-e-Rashideen mosque in Palwal, Haryana, was allegedly built on funds received from Hafiz Saeed-led LeT of Pakistan.This came to the light during the probe into an alleged terror funding case, said NIA.3 men, including the Imam of the mosque, Mohammed Salman,were arrested for allegedly receiving a funding from Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) in Lahore. FIF was set up by the parent organisation of Lashkar, Hafiz Saeed’s JuD.Coming out in support of Salman, the villagers said that he was raised in a reputed family and he is unlikely to commit such a crime.According to residents of the village, Salman’s father, late Maulvi Dawood, is well-regarded among Muslims in the Mewat region. He moved to Delhi more than 50 years ago and was an Imam of a significant mosque in Nizamuddin till his death. For the villagers in Uttawar, he was an authority on Islam and had the final say in all disputes in the village.“A mosque in Haryana's Palwal was built with funds from Lashkar-e-Taiba. Imam of the mosque, Mohd Salman, had received ₹70 Lakh from a Dubai based Pakistani citizen Kamran. It is believed that Kamran is working for LeT. It provides fund for terrorist activities in India,” said an NIA official.On Oct.3, NIA arrested Mohammed Salim and Sajjad Abdul Wani apart from the mosque's Imam. They further questioned the office holders of Khulafa-e-Rashideen masjid at Uttawar village in Palwal and probing the matter while scrutinizing account books, donations received and documents. According to sources, Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation gave the Imam Rs 70 lakh to construct the mosque. Salman, the Imam, came in contact with LeT people during his trip to Dubai. The NIA has said that Salman went to Dubai after his Umrah. He met a Pakistani native in Dubai and started getting funds through hawala, as per the report."It even gave him money for the marriage of his daughters. We are now probing from where the mosque has been receiving its donations and how this money is being used,"NIA officer said.nationalheraldindia
Haryana: Mosque in Palwal built with LeT funds claims NIA, but villagers rejects allegations
Kashmiri students at AMU say they did not organise funeral prayer for slain militant; 1,200 Kashmiri threaten to leave university

New Delhi: Students from Kashmir at AMU have written to the proctor alleging that they are being “vilified” legal sanctions are being placed on bonafide students after Manan Wani, a Hizbul Mujahideen commander and former research scholar at AMU, was killed in an encounter on Oct.11.In their letter, the students have said that they had gathered peacefully on the lawns of the university to discuss the situation in the Valley after the encounter, as there were multiple reports of tensions that had raised concerns.“No prayers or any relevant activity was observed, and the directions of AMU – Proctor were duly followed. Meanwhile, some non-Kashmiri people armed with Lathis attacked the sitting students and caused a massive disturbance, and noisy scenes. However,the Kashmiri students dispersed immediately and no protest or law and order violation took place,” the letter says.“Later, a vilification campaign against the students from J&K was started by media that Kashmiri students violated the law and disturbed the peace in the campus. Though nothing of that sort had happened and the same was later confirmed by PRO AMU to the media,” letter continues. Aligarh police has filed an FIR charging 2 named Kashmiri AMU students and several unidentified ones with sedition, allegedly for trying to conduct namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers) on the campus. Aligarh Civil Lines SHO Vinod Kumar said, “FIR has been filed on a complaint of police sub-inspector Israr Ahmed who collected information about the incident through his source. 2 Kashmiri students, who are named in the FIR, are Waseem Ayub Malik and Abdul Hafeez Meer. Other unnamed students are also from Kashmir.”If their demands are not met, the Kashmiri students have said, they will surrender their degrees on mass “for reasons of safety and security”.“In case, the suspension/ show cause notices are not revoked immediately and sedition charges and relevant charges are not withdrawn, we the students from the state of J&K  at AMU will be forced to leave the campus en-masse on Sir Syed Day (Wednesday). We, 1200 students will surrender our degrees and leave for our homes for reasons of safety and security. All the responsibility in that case will fall on University, and local administration. We are feeling threatened and challenged and our career development is under stake, under such fearful circumstances,” the students have said.thewire
Over 1,200 Kashmiri Students In AMU threaten to leave university
Kashmir University students stage silent march in solidarity with AMU students
Srinagar: Students of the Kashmir University staged a silent march on Monday to show solidarity with AMU students facing sedition charges for trying to offer funeral prayers in absentia for a slain Ph.D scholar-turned-militant commander. Manan Bashir Wani was killed in a gunfight with the security forces. AMU authorities had suspended 3 Kashmiri students last week who tried to hold the funeral prayers inside the varsity campus. TOI
Bengali-speaking students of Bodoland protest in Delhi to demand justice for slain leader, fair NRC process
New Delhi: All BTC Minority students Union (ABMSU) Assam, staged a protest at the Jantat Mantar, Delhi on Oct.12 to demand justice for the murder of Lafiqul Islam and address the irregularities in the upgradation of the NRC process.Lafiqul Islam, president of All BTC Minority students union, was gunned down by AK-47 rifle in broad daylight by two unknown assailants in Titaguri Market in Kokrajhar district of Assam. He was a powerful young student leader of the Bengali-speaking Muslims living in Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) Area and spoke about their rights as citizens of India after they had migrated to India (Assam) before Independence. Lafiqul’s killing created a major discord amongst the Bengali-speaking Muslims and even after a year, murderers have not been brought to book.The other demand made by the students was for a free and fair National Register of Citizens in Assam. They pointed out that a large number of people who have been left out of the NRC and ‘declared foreigners’ or descendants of declared foreigners, do not have their other family members’ names listed in the same category. These irregularities need to be addressed and these persons who are actually listed in the ‘D’ (doubtful) category should be given explanation as to how they are categorised in ‘D’ list.Others not listed in draft NRC were issued notices to appear before the authorities with proper documents but there were anomalies in these notices regarding the dates, place of hearing due to which the persons could not appear for the final draft of NRC,said student.ABMSU submitted their memorandum to President of India through an official, asking for his intervention to set up a fair and speedy enquiry into the murder of Lafiqul Islam and punish the guilty.TCN
Muslim trio allege 'religious profiling' by Assam’s Taj hotel for Owaisi video on phone
Guwahati: 3 Muslim men, including a member of the Army Medical Corps, were allegedly harassed and threatened with jail time by management of Taj Vivanta hotel here after videos of MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s speeches were found on their phone.According to reports, Imran Hussain Laskar, Sahab Uddin and Zahid Islam Barbhuiyan had checked into the four-star hotel after missing a flight to Delhi. While Laskar is a dental hygienist in the army, Uddin owns a college near Silchar and Barbhuiyan is a teacher.According to Barbhuiyan, the trio checked in at 2pm, paid Rs 2,000 for an extra bed in their room and went out. He added that they returned at 4pm to find the hotel “full of security men” who were reportedly watching their movements. The trio said the hotel staff had also not complied with their request for an extra bed.When questioned, receptionist allegedly misbehaved with them, while the hotel’s chief executive officer threatened to send them to prison when they tried speaking to mediapersons who were there for a VIP event at the hotel.Speaking to News18, Laskar said,“They put us through security check, luggage check and there were some people constantly following us everywhere. When we questioned, they said it’s the CEO’s order. Is this right; what they have done to me? Is this how they treat a soldier?”“They confined us in a room and cornered us with a volley of questions. There were a number of security personnel who surrounded us and we were mentally tortured,”said Barbhuiyan. news18
Don’t mind going back but ensure democracy, say Rohingyas in Hyderabad
Uncertainty, insecurity and squalor hangs over slums in Balapur, Hafeez Baba Nagar, Pahadishareef, Mir MominPahadi and Kishanbagh in the old city of Hyderabad. This has been home to over 4,000-odd Rohingyas for the last seven years.Living in sub-human conditions, these Rohingya Muslims have been living under the fear of being deported back to their country. “We do not know when we get to hear from the authorities asking us to pack up and return to Myanmar. We have been spending sleepless nights thinking what would happen to us tomorrow,”says Muhammad Fareed, who is working as daily-wage labourer.Recent statements by leaders have added to their fear. Launching the party’s election campaign on Wednesday, the BJP president Amit Shah, addressing a massive rally in Karimnagar, declared that the Centre will take steps to identify each and every Rohingya migrant, including those settled in Hyderabad and parts of Telangana and send them back to their country, as they posed a major security threat to the nation. BJP MLA from Hyderabad, T Raja Singh also demanded that if Rohingyas did not leave India respectfully, they should be gunned down to make the country safe. Rohingyas settled in Hyderabad are now reconciled to the fact that they might be told to go back sooner or later. “We don’t mind going back to our country, provided the international community shall ensure safety and security there. We want restoration of democracy in Myanmar, so that we can enjoy freedom. We don’t want to go there just to be massacred and tortured,” says 51-year old Hameedulla Haq, who has been eking out his livelihood by selling clothes. His wife does the tailoring at the Balapur settlement.HT
Minister MJ Akbar Sues Journalist For Defamation Over #MeToo Allegations
Union Minister MJ Akbar, accused of sexual harassment by a dozen women in India's #MeToo movement, has filed a defamation case against the first woman who named him, journalist Priya Ramani.MJ Akbar had said that his lawyers were exploring legal action on the allegations, which prompted calls for his resignation from the govt.The former editor of papers like The Telegraph and the Asian Age, was named by Priya Ramani in a tweet on Oct 8. She said MJ Akbar was the man she had referred to in an incident she had shared in a magazine article a year ago, when Harvey Weinstein scandal in the US fuelled an avalanche of #MeToo allegations.ndtv
‘Stand by accusations, will fight’: 5 women journalists on MJ Akbar’s statement
New Delhi:Hours after Union minister M J Akbar rejected allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment and suggested they may have been guided by political motives, 5 of the women journalists who accused him said they stood by their statements. Two of them said they were disappointed by Akbar’s reaction, but they were not surprised.Suparna Sharma, Resident Editor, The Asian Age, told The Indian Express, “I stand by my testimony of the 2 incidents — one in which he plucked my bra strap, and the other when he stared at my breasts. I also stand by the fact that he did the same with other women in the office. I am disappointed with Akbar’s response but I am not surprised. This is going to be a longish battle, and the next step in many cases is a legal step.”In his statement, Akbar said his lawyers would “look into these wild and baseless allegations in order to decide our future course of legal action”. Sharma said that for her, “it was not over yet”, and that she was speaking to friends for “legal advice”.indianexpress
No ‘good’ Hindu would want Ram temple at Babri site, says Shashi Tharoor; clarifies as BJP hits back
New Delhi :Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has clarified his stance after his recent remarks on the construction of Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya stirred up a controversy.“I condemn the malicious distortion of my words by some media in the service of political masters. I said: “most Hindus would want a temple at what they believe to be Ram’s birthplace. But no good Hindu would want it to be built by destroying another’s place of worship,” MP wrote on Twitter.Tharoor insisted that it was his “personal opinion” and that he was not speaking on behalf of his party. “I was asked for my personal opinion at a literary festival & gave it as such. I am not a Spokesperson for my party & did not claim to be speaking for @incindia,” he added.On Sunday, Congress leader referred to the demolition of Babri Masjid. According to The Hindu, Tharoor said while a vast majority of Hindus believes that Ayodhya was the birthplace of Lord Ram, no good Hindu would want to see a Ram temple built “by demolishing somebody else’s place of worship.”indianexpress
Yashwant Sinha: Those dividing nation using ‘temple-mosque’ should be voted out
Launching a scathing attack on PM  Narendra Modi, former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha said that BJP is working to divide the society using temple, mosque and caste politics.They are fooling people to come back in power, he emphasised. He was speaking at the Kisan panchayat held in Tawli, Muzaffarnagar.The meeting was attended by BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha, Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and MP Sanjay Singh, among others.Elaborating about the corruption in the Rafale deal, Sinha said, “PM Modi has handed over the contract to Rafael to benefit Anil Ambani. During the UPA regime, 126 fighter jets were to purchased, that too with a price of ₹670 crores for one. Despite this, BJP Govt has purchased the aircraft for ₹1700 crores.” According to a report in Dainik Jagran, BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha said, “BJP has made a lot of false promises. One has to teach lesson to people who make such false promises. Farmers need to unite and use their cumulative power. Demonetisation and GST has weakened the economy.”nationalheraldindia
Major General among 7 given life sentence by Army court for fake encounters
Guwahati:A Summary General Court Martial (SGCM) of the Indian Army has convicted seven personnel, including a Major General, in a 24-year-old fake encounter case, sentencing them to life in prison. Sources in an Indian Army unit based in Dibrugarh confirmed this on Sunday and said that Major General A.K. Lal, Colonel Thomas Mathew, Colonel R.S. Sibiren, Captain Dilip Singh, Captain Jagdeo Singh, Naik Albindar Singh and Naik Shivendar Singh have been awarded life imprisonment for their involvement in a fake encounter case in Assam’s Tinsukia district dating back to 1994. Former Assam Minister and BJP leader Jagadish Bhuyan said that 9 youths were picked up by the Army from different areas of Tinsukia district on Feb.18, 1994 on suspicion that they were involved in the killing of a top tea garden executive.The soldiers killed five of the youths in a fake encounter, branding them as ULFA militants a few days after the incident, while releasing the other 4.Bhuyan had filed a Habeas Corpus petition in the Gauhati High Court on Feb.22 the same year, seeking the whereabouts of the youths. The High court asked the Indian Army to produce the nine AASU (All Assam Students Union) leaders at the nearest police station. The Army produced five bodies at the Dholla Police Station.The court martial process began on July 16 this year and concluded on July 27. The quantum of punishment was pronounced on Saturday, sources in the Indian Army said on Sunday.IANS
Hyderabad: Mecca Masjid blast case judge joins Telangana Jana Samithi
Hyderabad:Former judge K Ravinder Reddy, who delivered the Mecca Masjid blast case verdict and resigned immediately, has joined the Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) led by Prof B Kodandaram. Reddy was judge of NIA court and had resigned after acquitting all five accused in the Mecca Masjid blast case on April 16 this year.Another former judge S Srinivas Reddy also joined the TJS, which has joined the Congress-TDP-CPI alliance in Telangana for next Assembly polls. According to sources, Ravinder Reddy had earlier met BJP leaders and expressed his interest in joining the party, but when there was no communication from the BJP after two rounds of meetings, he met Kodandaram who welcomed him into TJS.Ravinder Reddy may contest in the forthcoming elections,TJS sources said. Ravinder Reddy, who was president of Telangana Judicial Officers Association, had led a protest against judges from AP origin continuing in the High Court at Hyderabad even after bifurcation of the state.indianexpress
Academics, politicians oppose plan to rename Allahabad
Lucknow:Several academics and politicians of Allahabad have opposed the Yogi Adityanath Govt ’s plan to rename the city and the district as Prayagraj.Nagendra Singh Patel, Samajwadi Party MP from Phulpur which covers a large part of Allahabad city, said “the world knows the place as Allahabad” and changing its name would affect its identity and importance.Patel alleged that the renaming bid was a tactic to divert people’s attention from “real issues” such as that of protecting the Ganga — a demand that claimed a fasting monk’s life last week.“The Ganga in Allahabad is as polluted as ever. He (Adityanath) is trying to invoke religiosity for voters’ support ahead of the Lok Sabha elections,” Patel said, alluding to Adityanath’s inclination for changing “Muslim” place names to “Hindu” ones.Janak Pandey, former vice-chancellor of Allahabad University, said it might be acceptable if the Govt  renamed only the Sangam area — which lies at the confluence of the Ganga and the Yamuna and is locally referred to as Prayag — officially as Prayag. telegraph india
India threatens strategic stability in S. Asia:Pak Prez
Islamabad :Pakistan President Arif Alvi has said that the strategic stability in South Asia is being threatened by the offensive posture and induction of lethal weapons by India. Alvi said that nobody should doubt Pakistan’s capability to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty, Radio Pak reported.“Discriminatory exemptions by certain countries for the supply of nuclear technology and supply of advanced military hardware to our neighbour has further complicated the regional security and undermined credibility of non-proliferation regime,” report said. The comments of President, who is one of the founding members of ruling PTI party, came while addressing an international conference on ‘Global Non Proliferation Regime: Challenges and Response’ by Strategic Studies Institute here.PTI
India has optional volumes from Saudi to make up for oil shortfall from Iran
Indian oil companies like IOC have optional volumes built in their annual crude oil purchase contracts with suppliers like Saudi Arabia and Iraq that will be more than enough to make up for any shortfall in supplies from sanctions-hit Iran, senior officials said Monday.India had contracted to import about 25 million tonnes of crude oil from Iran in the fiscal year 2018-19 (April 2018 to March 2019), up from 22.6 million tonnes imported in 2017-18.“We have optional volumes built in with all our term suppliers. These optional volumes can be taken at any time of the year and would be more than sufficient to make up for any shortfall that may arise because of US sanctions against Iran,” a top official at a state-run refiner said.India, the world’s third-biggest oil consumer, meets more than 80%  of its oil needs through imports. Iran is its third-largest supplier after Iraq and Saudi Arabia and meets about 10% of total needs.US sanctions against Iran oil sector kick in from November 4 that will block all payment routes to the Persian Gulf nation. Officials said supplies from Iran will not be a problem till month end, leaving only five months of contracted supplies at risk.PTI
Shiv Sena pitches for Marathi Muslims ahead of its Dussehra Rally
Mumbai:After Muslim-Dalit alliance forged by Prakash Ambedkar and Asaduddin Owaisi, the Shiv Sena has begun attempts for organizing Muslims under "Marathi" tag.In a video that went viral on Sunday, Naseeb Shaikh, a party worker from Beed, is seen appealing Muslims to attend Dussehra Rally of Shiv Sena in large numbers. He is leading the 'Me Marathi Musalman' (I am Marathi Muslim) campaign."We have to bring a change in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections in the coming days, for which the Muslim community needs to stand firm with the Shiv Sena. To express this solidarity with the Shiv Sena, we must make our presence felt during the party's Dussehra Rally at Shivaji Park on October 18," Shaikh has appealed the Muslim brethren in his about 8 min long video clip.Shaikh (33) is resident of Sirsala village in Parli Taluka of Beed district and is active in politics for around eight years now. According to him, Sena always respects patriotic Muslims, while most of the other parties have always misled the community and used them only as a vote bank."During recent Gram Panchayat elections, Shiv Sena could gain 3,700 out of 4,500 minority votes. I see this as the sign of changing mindset of the minority community. That is the reason why we've started drive 'Me Marathi Musalman'.We are appealing all our community members across the state to not get fooled by the other parties and bring Shiv Sena to power again," Shaikh said. Sena had been targeting Muslim votes consciously for past few years.During BMC polls in 2017, Shiv Sena had fielded Muslim candidates and even had brought out campaign material in UrduNew Indian Express
BJP MLA quits party over Rafale corruption, warns Amit Shah of serious consequences in coming polls
Citing huge corruption in Rafale deal and blaming PM  Narendra Modi for compromising national security, a BJP lawmaker from Maharashtra has quit the party. Ashish Deshmukh– an MLA from Katol constituency in the Vidarbha region, also resigned from the Maharashtra state assembly on Wednesday. Accusing Modi of “criminal misconduct,” Deshmukh shot off a letter to the BJP president Amit Shah in which he has reportedly expressed his grievances in details. Talking to National Herlad over phone, Deshmukh said, “I had been raising issues related to farmers’ distress, unemployment and demonetisation disaster but nobody listened. BJP president Amit Shah kept mum. Central leadership maintained studied silence and the state leaders tried to suppress my voice.”“Everyone in the BJP right from the PM to Defence Minister knew that the Reliance Defense Limited owner Anil Ambani has no experience of defense manufacturing. Despite that the deal was signed, why?” asked Deshmukh, adding that not only the Central Govt  but the Maharashtra Govt  also is a beneficiary of “Rafale corruption”. nationalheraldindia
India's biggest Zika outbreak in Rajasthan: total count reaches 60
Jaipur:5 more zika virus cases were reported from Jaipur city on Sunday, taking the total count to 60, a Rajasthan health department official said.The figures were issued after a review meeting chaired by health department additional chief secretary Veenu Gupta. Shastri Nagar area has reported the most infections, but cases have also been reported from Rajput Hostel on Station Road and from Vidyadhar Nagar area.With virus – transmitted through the Aedes Aegypti mosquito -- spreading, Gupta said random surveys were being done in other parts of the city but no case has been detected so far. She said 45 of the 60 infected patients had fully recovered while 15 were still under observation.Fogging and anti-larvae activities have been intensified in affected areas and extended to other parts of the city too, she added.HT
Gurugram judge's wife murder: Killer guard was addicted to internet, say cops
Gurugram: 32-year-old guard named Mahipal Singh accused of shooting an additional sessions judge’s wife and son was allegedly addicted to the internet, said the police. Singh had reportedly also been mentally disturbed since past few days and on account of his behaviour lately, had also apologised to Krishan Kant, the judge.Kant’s 38-year-old wife Ritu and 18-year-old son Dhruv were shot at a crowded Gurugram market where more than 40 people reportedly stood and watched, to no avail. Ritu succumbed to her injuries on Saturday night, Dhruv was declared brain dead on Sunday night.A head constable, Singh was arrested from Gurugram-Faridabad highway on the same day, two hours after the incident and was dismissed from Haryana Police on Sunday.Mirror Now /timesnownews
Hinduism was a colonial construction tocreate common market for capitalism:Scholar Anjaiah
Kalaburagi:N. Anjaiah, Director of Centre of Scientific Socialism, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, on Sunday argued that the very idea of Hinduism as a religious faith was a colonial construction that the British floated as part of their bid to create and expand a common market for European capitalists in India. He said that though the word Hindu was found in many texts such as Kalhana’s Rajatarangini, it is nowhere referred to as a religion. He was delivering the inaugural address at the 100th birth anniversary of Marxist philosopher Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya in the auditorium of Hyderabad Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.“Different religious groups such as Muslims are clearly defined. But the British defined all those people who were not following any other religions such as Islam, as Hindus. They began to list such people as Hindus in all official records, even right from the first Census of India held in 1872. The effort was clearly intended to project the majority of Indian population as Hindus, their land as Hindustan and their language Hindi and create and expand their market. So much so that even the Constitution too continued the colonial legacy of calling the majority of Indian population having diverse social, cultural and religious traditions, as Hindus. Now, we have reached a point where one who refuses to accept this colonial construction is termed as anti-national,”he said. Referring to a survey report, he added that of 85% of Indian population that was labelled as Hindus, over 61% follow family deities and over 31% follow clan deities and they have nothing to do with Brahminical Hinduism. He also pointed to the recent movement for religion status to Lingayat, to say that the original independent status of Lingayat that emerged in its fight against Brahminical Hinduism was obliterated during British period.thehindu
Palestine denounces illegal Israeli settlement plan in Hebron city
Palestinian Authority has denounced an Israeli decision to expand an illegal settlement in the heart of Hebron city, describing the move as a declaration of war against Palestinian people. Govt  spokesman Yousef Al Mahmoud said that the move was a blatant targeting of the existence of the Palestinian people and an attack on international laws and resolutions, Wafa news agency reported.31 settler homes to be built in the flashpoint city of Hebron, located in the occupied West Bank will be the first Jewish settlement expansion in Hebron since 2002.It comes at a cost of $6.1m in Govt  funding, according to Israeli daily Haaretz.Construction permits were agreed in October last year but needed the Govt 's approval, according to the NGO Peace Now, which monitors settlement construction in occupied territory. Now that the cabinet has approved the funds for the plan, the settlement project can go ahead."For the first time in over 20 years, Hebron will have a new Jewish neighbourhood where a military camp once stood," Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday after the weekly cabinet meeting.He said in a statement that the project will comprise 31 settler homes and two kindergartens."It is an important step in the global activity which we are carrying out to reinforce settlements in Judea and Samaria," added Lieberman, referring to the occupied West Bank.Hebron is holy to both Muslims and Jews, with important religious figures including Abraham, seen as the forefather of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, believed to be buried there. It is home to around 200,000 Palestinians and some 800 settlers living under Israeli army protection in several heavily fortified compounds in the heart of the city.
Israel: $6m to build new illegal settlement in Hebron
 Report: Israel army under ‘pressure’ from politicians over Gaza protests
Israeli defence officials are feeling “pressure” from PM  Benjamin Netanyahu’s ministers over ongoing protests in the occupied Gaza Strip, reported Haaretz.According to the report, defence officials told the security cabinet yesterday “that it does not believe a large-scale conflict in Gaza Strip is necessary”, following aggressive rhetoric and threats by Netanyahu and Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman.The unnamed officials referred to “pressure from politicians to do something” about the Great Return March protests at the Gaza perimeter fence.Haaretz stated that the army’s Southern Command is preparing for soldiers to “respond more forcefully” at the fence, and that “the no-entry area” could be “enlarged”.However, in contrast to the language from ministers, the military has reportedly “not altered its decision to try to avoid being dragged into a military confrontation before the end of 2019”, by which time the new fence and underground barrier are expected to have been completed.MEMO
Sole crossing between Syria and Israel-occupied Golan reopens
The only crossing point between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory of Golan Heights has reopened for UN observers, 4 years after closing due to the civil war in Syria.2 white UN jeeps crossed into the Golan Heights on Monday through the reopened crossing near the Syrian border town of Quneitra after a deal between Israel, Syria and UN.UN observers and local notables from the Druze community, the predominant population in the area, gathered near the crossing.The UN observers had left the Quneitra crossing in 2014 for the first time since deploying there in 1974 to monitor a ceasefire and a demilitarised zone. Israel occupied the Golan Heights in 1967.Syrian forces recaptured the Quneitra area in July.Russian military police deployed in the area, including on the edge of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, setting up checkpoints in the area. Moscow said it planned to work closely with the UN force."It is a day of victory,"Youssef Jarbou, a Druze leader, told Syrian Al-Ikhbariya TV from Quneitra. Meanwhile, another crossing between Syria and Jordan reopened on Monday too, for the first time in 3 years, promising to restore trade and movement between the 2 countries that had halted because of the war.aljazeera
 Palestinian refugees in northern Syria launch cry for help
DAMASCUS, (PIC) Dozens of displaced Palestinian families north of Syria continue to rally in Deir Ballout Camp, protesting their tragic living conditions in the poorly-equipped camp.The refugees urged UNRWA to live up to its responsibilities as regards dozens of hopeless families and to provide them with much-needed cash aids, medical items, and relief services.The refugees also appealed to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Turkish authorities, and the international human rights institutions to take urgent action in order to tone down the abject situation endured by Palestinian families north of Syria.Palestinian refugees sheltered north of Syria have been enduring a tragic situation. Most of them have been crammed in underequipped tents and denied their rights to vital services and much-needed items, including heating kit.Rodents and insects have swamped the camp as a result of the poor hygiene. An acute dearth in bread has added bad to worse.The refugees’ stressed their commitment to their right to return to their motherland—Palestine—and retrieve their inalienable rights.They further lashed out at the sanctions imposed by the US President Donald Trump on the Palestinians as part of the notorious “deal of the century”.At least 320 Palestinian have sought shelter in Deir Ballout Camp.
Deadline passes for Syria's Idlib buffer without fighters leaving
A deadline passed on Monday without fighters leaving a planned buffer zone around Syria's last major rebel bastion of Idlib as set out under a Russian-Turkish deal. The armed groups were supposed to withdraw from the buffer as a final condition to implementing a Russian-Turkish agreement to stave off a Syrian Govt  offensive on the northwestern region of Idlib.The accord hung in the balance early Monday, seven years into a grinding civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions.Just hours before the deadline expired, rebels vowed to continue to fight."We have not abandoned our choice of jihad and fighting towards implementing our blessed revolution," said Hay'et Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an alliance led by al-Qaeda's former Syrian affiliate."We appreciate the efforts of all those who strive inside and abroad to protect the liberated area," it said in an apparent reference to Turkey."But at the same time, we warn of the deceitfulness of the Russian occupier," it said of President Bashar al-Assad's ally. Under the deal, heavy weapons were to have been withdrawn from the horseshoe-shaped buffer by Oct. 10 and fighters to have left by Monday.Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had not observed any fighters leaving the outlined demilitarised area by the time midnight struck."The jihadists not withdrawing gives the regime and Russia an excuse to carry out a military operation at least within the demilitarised zone," Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.HTS likely "tried to gain time by neither explicitly refusing nor accepting the deal" between Russia and Turkey, he said.aljazeera
Saudi king orders internal probe into Khashoggi 'murder': Report
Saudi Arabia has opened an internal investigation into the disappearance and presumed murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which could hold those responsible to account, a Saudi official told Bloomberg on Monday.Turkish investigators are poised to enter the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, which Khashoggi entered on 2 Oct. and apparently never left, this afternoon.Turkish officials have confirmed to Middle East Eye that the consulate, the house of the consul-general and diplomatic cars will be searched by investigators. However, the sources told MEE that Turkish authorities do not trust the Saudis, and expect them to disrupt and impede the investigations if they can.A senior Turkish source said on Monday that the interior of the consulate had been repainted since Khashoggi’s disappearance. Sources close to the Turkish investigation told MEE that Khashoggi was tortured, murdered and dismembered after entering the building to obtain divorce papers. According to Turkish sources, investigators were not given access to the consulate previously because the Saudis were unwilling to allow a probe into the consul-general's house. The Saudis were also enraged by leaks of the identities of the 15 Saudi suspects to Turkish media. Saudi’s internal investigation and its acceptance of Turkish demands to search the consulate follow top official Khaled bin Faisal’s trip to Turkey on Friday and a conversation between President Tayyip Erdogan and King Salman on Sunday.According to a source, Khaled bin Faisal, governor of Mecca and a trusted lieutenant of King Salman, attempted on Friday to quash the fallout of Khashoggi’s alleged murder with Turkish help.“He literally begged the president to save them,” a Turkish source told MEE.According to source, Turkey demanded total cooperation from the Saudis in return.Ankara demanded that Saudis let Turkish investigators search the consulate and the consul-general’s house, and interview the consul-general, the source said.The Turks insisted that the Saudis tell them where Khashoggi’s body is buried, the source said.middleeasteye
Jamal Khashoggi case: Turkey to search Saudi consulate, diplomatic source says
Egypt sentences 3 to death for attacks on police
A court in Egypt has sentenced 3 people to death for their involvement in the killing of policemen and belonging to an armed group.The defendants were found guilty by a Cairo criminal court on Sunday of being involved in the killing of 10 policemen  between Aug. 2013 and May 2014. Charges also included establishing and running an armed group known as Ansar al-Sharia.Both defence and prosecution have the right to appeal.Four others were sentenced to life imprisonment- a 25-year term in Egypt - and 7 defendants to 15 years in prison. 9 of 23 defendants were acquitted.Egyptian courts have issued or confirmed a large number of death sentences in recent weeks.Aljazeera
Afghanistan terror attacks: Taliban kills at least 22 security forces ahead of parliamentary elections
Taliban militants killed at least 22 security forces, including a district police chief, in separate attacks on security checkpoints in two Afghan provinces, officials said on Sunday, ahead of parliamentary elections set for this week.Taliban have ramped up attacks in strategic provinces in their battle to expel foreign forces, topple the Western-backed Govt. The police chief of Mizan, a district in southern Zabul province, was killed in armed clashes with Taliban insurgents on Saturday night, the provincial governor, Rahmatullah Yarmal, said.In the western province of Farah, Taliban fighters killed 21 troops at two checkpoints in the district of Posht-e Rud.Taliban captured 11 soldiers and seized their weapons, added Gul Ahmad Faqiri, a member of the Farah provincial council.The militant group claimed the attacks."Our fighters have killed the police chief and 25 Afghan soldiers in two provinces on Saturday night,"its spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahidhe, said.Reuters
Rohingya crisis: Controversial monk Wirathu hits back at UN, international community as ban ends
Yangon:An ultra-nationalist monk -- dubbed "Buddhist Bin Laden" -- on Sunday condemned the international community for their calls to bring Myanmar's generals to justice over Rohingya crisis.F irebrand monk Wirathu, known as the face of Myanmar's Buddhist nationalist movement, was speaking at a pro-military rally that attracted hundreds of supporters, his first since being barred from giving public sermons last year.The ban, which ended in March, was issued by a council of senior monks who said Wirathu had "repeatedly delivered hate speech against religions to cause communal strife".The hate speech he espouses -- which includes calling the Rohingya Muslim minority "Bengali" in an attempt to delegitimize their identity as being from Myanmar -- has also caused Facebook to ban him from their platform.AFP
Pak bye-elections: Opposition PML-Nawaz improves tally
Opposition party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz bagged four seats in the National Assembly, reducing the ruling Pakistan Tehreef-e-Insaf’s margin, Express Tribune reported on Monday.Bye-elections were held on Sunday in 11 National Assembly constituencies – 9 in Punjab and one each in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – and in 24 provincial Assembly seats, including 11 in Punjab, 9 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 2 each in Sindh and Balochistan.Most of the seats where bye-elections were held had been vacated by those elected on more than one seat in the 25 general polls, including PM  Imran Khan who won in all 5 National Assembly constituencies he had contested, reported Dawn.PTI lost two of the four National Assembly seats vacated by Khan to the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal and the PML-N. Ex- PM  Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who lost the general elections from 2 constituencies, defeated PTI’s Ghulam Mohiuddin Dewan in NA-124 Lahore.PML-Nawaz and PTI won 4 seats each in the National Assembly while PML-Quaid won 2 seats and Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal one seat, the Election Commission of Pakistan said.scroll.in
Embattled Bangladesh opposition forges new alliance
Bangladesh's main opposition party has forged an alliance with centrist parties, with an 82-year-old former foreign minister emerging as the main leader ahead of upcoming elections.BNP is hoping the alliance will help it boost its support and move on after a series of setbacks, including the jailing of its leader Khaleda Zia for corruption in February and the sentencing of exiled acting leader, her son, last week.Jatiya Oikya Front (United National Front) was formally announced in the Bangladeshi capital late on Saturday after months of negotiations among opposition parties. Kamal Hossain, a former foreign minister and an eminent lawyer who drafted the secular constitution just after independence in 1971, has emerged as the main leader. "There is no alternative to a free and fair election," Hossain told a press briefing.The new alliance issued a seven-point list of demands including the dissolution of parliament and the holding of free and fair polls organised by an interim Govt . " Launch of the Jatiya Oikya Front will go down in history as a turning point," senior BNP leader and former law minister Moudud Ahmed told reporters.   Aljazeera
Chinese leader visits region with Muslim population, draws the line for religion
Beijing:Sinicisation of religion must be upheld to promote ethnic solidarity, a top Communist Party of China (CPC) leader said during a visit to the country’s remote northwestern region of Xinjiang, home to millions of Muslim Uyghurs.Sinicisation could be broadly defined as increasing the influence of Chinese, or the culture of the majority Han community, on non-Chinese ideas and entities within China.President Xi Jinping has talked about sinicising religions in China since taking over the CPC leadership in 2012.The focus has largely been on Islam and fast-spreading Christianity within China.The leader You Quan said “…sinicisation on religion must be upheld to promote ethnic solidarity and religious harmony” during a visit to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).You is a member of the CPC central committee secretariat, one of the top decision-making bodies of the party, and he is head of the party’s powerful United Front Work Department.“The Party’s leadership over religious work must be upheld,” You was quoted by official news agency, Xinhua, as saying, and adding that “the infiltration of religious extremism must be guarded against”.HT
'Indeed Lies Do Not Have Legs': Ghazala Wahab Replies to M.J. Akbar
2.77 crore cases pending in India’s lower courts, 25% of them in UP :Nandita Singh
Rohingya: 'Better to kill us in India than deport us to Myanmar':by Bilal Kuchay , aljazeera

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