11 October 2016

11 Oct. 2016: 09 Muharram 1438: Vol: 8, No:08
INDIA: Talaq & uniform civil code
Govt stand on triple talaq infringement on fundamental rights of Muslims:Jamaat-e-Islami chief Maulana Umari -stand-on-triple-talaq-infringement-on-fundamental-rights-of-muslims-jamaat-3077364/
New Delhi: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), one of the prominent Muslim organisations, has come out strongly against the govt ’s stand on triple talaq, insisting that there should be no interference “in the belief and religion of any citizen”.In a statement, JIH chief Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said Muslims consider divorce, polygamy and other personal laws as “an intrinsic part of their religion and are hence obliged to follow the Sharia in those matters”. “The govt  should respect this position of Muslims, instead of conspiring to put an end to it,” he said.Maintaining that attempts to “impose” a common civil code in the name of social reform and gender justice will prove “counterproductive”, he said, “Constitution guarantees the freedom to profess, practice and propagate one’s own religion.”“This inviolable freedom is given to every individual and enshrined as a fundamental right in our Constitution.” The Centre had last week opposed the practice of triple talaq in the Supreme Court, maintaining that it cannot be regarded as an essential part of religion. Stressing that the govt  cannot force Muslims to follow other communities in issues related to personal laws, the Jamaat chief said it would amount to “infringement” on their fundamental rights. “Those clamouring against triple talaq and demanding a ban on polygamy are a minuscule minority and are not representative of the Indian Muslim community,” he said, adding the govt  should respect this position of Muslims instead of “conspiring” to put an end to it. “Jamaat-e-Islami Hind completely stands by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board which is the authentic representative body of Indian Muslims,” he said, adding all “major” Muslim organisations and a “vast majority” of the Muslim community stand solidly behind the Board and “will not accept any interference in their personal law.”Asserting that those who are trying to “sow the seeds of dissension among Muslims will never succeed”, the Jamaat chief said, “The problem of triple talaq and polygamy has been blown out of proportion with the sole motive of portraying Muslims as being patriarchal and misogynistic.”He claimed that the percentage of polygamy amongst Muslims is “negligible”.“It is not mandatory for Muslims to practise polygamy but permission to have more than one wife does exist, albeit under certain conditions,” he said.On the question of triple talaq, the JIH President said, “Most of the Islamic scholars accept pronouncement of triple talaq in one sitting as leading to a final and irrevocable divorce. However, if a person pronounces triple talaq in one sitting but says that he intended only a single divorce, then it will be treated likewise.”“The ideal way of divorcing one’s wife is to pronounce talaqs one by one over a period of three months between her menstrual cycles, so that there is an opportunity for reconciliation between the spouses,” he said.Besides, he said, a little known fact is that Islam allows a woman to get divorce through a process called “khula”. “If she is not happy with her marital life, she may return her alimony and demand separation. If the husband does not comply with her request, she may approach a ‘qazi’ (judge) who will help her to complete the divorce formalities,” he said. Indian express
Govt's stand on triple talaq, infringement on fundamental rights of Muslim, says: Jamaat: newindianexpress s-stand-on-triple-talaq-infringement-on-fundamental-rights-of-muslims-jamaat-1527009.html?pm=170 
Govt stand on triple talaq infringement on fundamental rights, says Jamaat: business-standard
Govt stand on triple talaq infringement on fundamental rights, says Jamaat: indiatoday
Govt stand on triple talaq infringement on fundamental rights of Muslims, says Jamaat: economictimes
Any interference in Muslim Personal Law, not acceptable: Maulana Jalaluddin Umari
Govt Stand on Triple Talaq Infringement on Fundamental Rights of Muslims, says Jamaat: outlookindia
Centre must hold referendum on triple Talaq: Zafaryab Jilani
Muzzafarnagar: Striking a strident note on the issue of triple talaq -oral divorce under Muslim personal law - All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Zafaryab Jilani suggested that the centre should hold a referendum on the issue before passing any law. "90% Muslim women support Sharia law. Centre can hold a vote on the issue of triple talaq," Jilani, the additional advocate general of UP, said."Move of banning triple talaq is a conspiracy to impose Uniform Civil Code.Muslims will not tolerate any interference in their personal law," he warned while saying that divorce itself was discouraged in Islam. Jilani also said that every Indian Muslim stood the behind the country in its fight against religious fundamentalism, and supported every action to "teach a lesson to Pakistan".He said that Pakistan was now a victim of its own conspiracy and even Pakistani mosques were not safe from terrorist attacks.NDTV
Law Minister Prasad backs Muslim marriage law reform
New Delhi: Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad reiterated the govt’s stand against triple talaq and polygamy, saying such practices were anti-women, violated the Constitution and that even Muslim countries had reformed their matrimonial laws to put an end to them. “The point to be considered is, if India is a secular country, can women of a particular community be allowed to live in a practice which makes them vulnerable, which discriminates and robs them of their dignity?” Prasad said in an interview.“Can it get in a secular country? And, therefore, we respect the right to faith but every pernicious or unreasonable practice cannot be held integral to a faith.That must be appreciated.”Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan were among those that had amended such laws. “My take is that more than one dozen Islamic countries changing matrimonial laws was not found to be violative of Sharia,” he told ET.“How can the same argument be entertained in a secular country like India?” The Centre told the Supreme Court on Friday that triple talaq and polygamy needed to be abolished as they violated the Constitution, gender equality and women’s dignity.Prasad said there was unanimity within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on the matter and added that it was “politics-neutral” because India is a secular country and not a “theocracy”.He said the govt ’s affidavit was in response to petitions filed by Muslim women who were victims of triple talaq.Govt’s stand had been fully thought through and it will “abide” by whatever the court decides.Prasad called on them to reconsider.“I can only appeal that every society, every community must evolve,” he said.“And the basic standard of judging the success of any society is also measured by the fact as to what is the architecture of gender justice. We must remember that equality, rule of law, democracy and gender justice are all of essence of any good civilised society... They should define the agenda of a modern India.”Economic Times
Muslim groups slam Centre's move on oral triple talaq
Hyderabad: Days after the Centre urged Supreme Court to do away with the practice of oral triple talaq pronouncing in one sitting, Muslim religious organisations slammed the move and called it an interference in Muslim personal laws.Describing Oct.7, the day the Centre filed the affidavit, as a 'black day for secularism and democracy', a panel of religious figures which include AIMPLB secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani and chancellor of Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia, Syed Akber Nizamuddin Hussaini, also a board member, among others, said in a statement:"Those who are adherents of all schools of Islamic thought in India unanimously say that Muslim personal laws are binding on them. Despite this, Govt of India's issuing a statement against Muslim personal laws in the Supreme Court certainly means that it is conspiring to take away from the community its religious rights."Panel urged Muslims to protest against the Centre's move in a "constitutional fashion" and support AIMPLB even as it maintained that Muslim personal laws are derived from the Quran and the Sunnah. "They (Muslims) should not get entangled in the oral triple talaq issue. This is because communal forces have used this issue to divide the community on the lines of sects and schools of thought," an excerpt from the statement read. These laws can neither be be changed by Parliament nor can they be interpreted by courts, the panel claimed.Another Muslim group Jamiat-e-Ulama Telangana and AP said, "Only about 10 or 15% of the Muslim community treats pronouncement of talaq thrice in one sitting as one pronouncement. Over 85% of Muslims consider oral triple talaq in one sitting as a valid provision."Several Muslims from the city urged one another to "sign" the petition and forward the message to like-minded people on the community. Petition, which was filed by Mufti Taufeeq Mansoor Mazahiri, received around 8,700 "signatures" and several comments till Tuesday night.TOI
Triple Talaq phobia ; what about prostitutes, victims of alcohol and female infanticide: Dr. Javed Jamil
RSS reminds govt of resolution on Kashmir, PoK says it’s time to translate into action; praises Gau Rakshaks 
Nagpur:Indicating that RSS is extremely proud of the Modi govt  for undertaking ‘surgical strikes’, Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat today delivered perhaps his most political annual Vijayadashmi address.Peppering his speech with references to Pakistan, Bhagwat praised the army for the “courage” it “has shown under the leadership of the administration”, asked the govt  to ensure that the resolution on PoK is “translated into action”, and hailed the “yashasvi (reputed)” govt  for “isolating” the “enemy”. He even indicated at the need of having more such ‘surgical strikes’.He claimed that the duty towards cow has been validated by “tradition, science and constitution,” and asked the administration to not compare Gau Rakshaks with some miscreants.Never before in his speech there have been so many references and suggestions to the govt .Noting that the “miscreants in Kashmir are incited by those across the border,” he said that “they received a befitting reply by our administration.”Noting that “the courage our Army has shown under the leadership of the administration,” he said that “once again the prestige of the Indian Army, of India has been enhanced before the world.”“Miscreant got the message that there is a limit to tolerance. The yashasvi state isolated (the country) who repeatedly creates nuisance, and has enmity (with us) without any reason.Expressing concern at the situation in J&K, he also praised political parties for their “resolution” that “Kashmir is an integral part of India.” “Entire Kashmir including Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Baltistan belongs to India,”RSS chief said, stressing that “the resolve of the statements must also be translated into action.”Bhagwat also said that “we need to ensure justice” to the Kashmiri Pandits, and they are rehabilitated, trust of the people cannot be restored.He passionately advocated the cause of Gau Rakshaks and said that “many good people, saints are doing it. All are good citizens of the society.”Noting that there are laws against cow slaughters and cruelty against animals in states, he said that “these Gau Rakshaks sometimes launch movements to ensure that these laws are implemented.” “While doing so they always try to be within the limits of the law,” he said. Terming Gau Raksha an act that has been “validated” by the “constitution, science and tradition”, and is “beneficial for the country, he said that “the society and the administration must be made aware” that Gau Rakshaks cannot be compared with those who create nuisance in its name. indian express
Sangh’s support to Modi govt was larger theme of Mohan Bhagwat’s Vijayadashmi address
Bhagwat praises Modi govt over Pak policy,surgicalstrikes
RSS chief backs gau rakshaks, lauds Army
RSS chief slams 'shameful' Una-like incidents, hails 'lawful cow protectors'
Mayawati Attacks RSS Chief for Backing ‘Good’ Cow Protectors
Bhagwat's remark on cow protectors 'empty talk': CPI
RSS chief says all of Kashmir, 'including Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit-Baltistan, is India's'
RSS to use surgical strikes to swing votes in UP polls
New Delhi: RSS cadre is preparing to use the surgical strikes across the LoC as evidence of its protége, the BJP running a “decisive govt in the upcoming state assembly elections.NDA govt ’s more muscular policy in dealing with Pakistan has come as a shot in the arm for the BJP that will face an electoral test in 5 states in 2017 said a Sangh functionary.In poll bound UP, for instance where the cadre is questioned too often about the Ram Temple issue being pushed to the sidelines, RSS hopes the war against terror will divert attention from the Temple issue and swing votes.“BJP cannot do anything on the (Ram) Temple issue till the matter is resolved by the Supreme Court, but it does not mean that they lack the intent. Just as they fulfilled the promise of crushing terrorists, they will come clean on their other promises too,” said a functionary from UP.HT
Kashmir unrest prompts India’s biggest crackdown in decades: AP
Srinagar:Anxious to quell anti-India protests in Kashmir, Indian forces are carrying out their most severe crackdown in more than two decades against civilian protesters, arresting more than 8,000 this summer across the disputed Himalayan territory, police said Monday.That includes 450 or so civilians being held, possibly for up to 6 months without trial, under a harsh security law criticized as a human rights violation. India has said the separatist rebels — and civilians who help them — are undermining the country’s territorial integrity and forcing authorities to keep the India-controlled portion of Kashmir under tight control. “This is, so far, the biggest crackdown against miscreants,” said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to share details of the crackdown. For weeks, Indian authorities have carried out nighttime raids, rolling curfews and stops at roadblocks, but have failed to stop the rebel attacks and angry public rallies.On Monday, govt  forces were battling a group of suspected rebels positioned inside a building in a sprawling govt  compound near a highway running by saffron-rich Pampore town, on the outskirts of the region’s main city of Srinagar.Gunshots and grenade blasts were heard from the site, where the army’s special forces, paramilitary soldiers and counterinsurgency police had cordoned off and encircled the govt  building, according to an officer who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with department policy.Officer said 2 sides were exchanging intermittent gunfire. 1 soldier was reported injured. Scores of people gathered on nearby streets to chant anti-India slogans in a show of solidarity with the rebels.Late Monday, govt soldiers launched what officials described as a “final assault” on building, firing rockets, flame throwers and grenades to “neutralize militants,” officer said. Washington Post 
Kashmir unrest: Fourth day after death of minor boy, curfew remains imposed in parts of Srinagar
Pampore: Security forces resume operation, militants still holed up inside building
Srinagar: Security forces on Tuesday morning resumed operation against militants holed-up inside a govt  building near Pampore town of Kashmir’s Pulwama district. 2 security personnel and a policeman were injured as militants fired from inside J&K Entrepreneurship Institute (JKEDI) in fighting that began on Monday.“Operation against the holed up militants has been resumed. Floodlights were used during the night to ensure that the militants were prevented from escaping under the cover of darkness,” a senior police official said. Rockets and heavy automatic gunfire were used on Tuesday morning to engage the militants.IANS
Shopian: Grenade attack on CRPF patrolling party, two jawans injured
Indian Army was set to cross LoC in 1999, Vajpayee stopped us: General VP Malik
Ahmedabad: Extending “full support” to Indian Army’s surgical strikes along the LoC, General (retd.) VP Malik, who was the Army chief during the Kargil episode, on Monday said the Indian forces were all set to enter Pakistan-occupied territory in 1999, but they were stopped by the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee following international pressure. indianexpress
India’s decision to seal Pak border irrational: Chinese experts
Beijing:India’s move to completely seal its border with Pakistan was a “very irrational decision” and would further complicate India-China relations considering Beijing’s “all-weather” strategic ties with Islamabad, a state media report on Tuesday quoted leading experts as saying.“India is making a very irrational decision, since no exhaustive investigation has been conducted after Uri incident, and no evidence proves Pakistan is behind the attack,” the Global Times quoted Hu Zhiyong, a research fellow from the official thinktank Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy, as saying.Hu was commenting on Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s announcement that 3,323-km-long border between India and Pakistan would be “completely sealed” by Dec.2018. PTI
India conveys to Moscow its opposition to Russia-Pak military exercise
New Delhi: Ahead of their annual bilateral Summit, India has conveyed its opposition to Russia over its joint exercise with Pakistan, a nation which “sponsors and practices terrorism as a matter of State policy”, saying it will create further problems. “We have conveyed our views to Russian side that military cooperation with Pakistan which is a State that sponsors and practices terrorism as a matter of State policy is a wrong approach and it will only create further problems,”Indian Ambassador to Moscow Pankaj Saran said in an interview to Russian news agency Ria Novosti.PTI
Things changing rapidly after PM Modi highlighted Balochistan’s plight at intentional level: Naela Quadri
New Delhi:Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri Baloch, who arrived in India today, believes things are changing “rapidly” at the international level since PM  Narendra Modi highlighted the plight of the people of troubled Balochistan province of Pakistan. Her son Mazdak Dilshad Baloch is already camping in India. She was supposed to address an outreach organised by RSS-backed India Policy Foundation earlier this month but could not do so for failing to secure visa on time.“Things are changing rapidly at the international level. You have seen in the United Nations…other countries are coming forward to support the Balochistan issue,” Prof Baloch, who lives in self-exile in Canada, told reporters after arriving at IGI airport.PTI
Rajnath Singh to brief 150 editors of regional media about security
New Delhi:Amidst escalating tension with Pakistan, Home Minister Rajnath Singh will brief around 150 editors of regional media about the country’s internal security and prevailing situation along the Indo-Pak border. Singh, a key member of the Cabinet Committee on Security, will tell the editors of mostly regional newspapers published and circulated in North and Northeast about various steps taken for strengthening the internal security apparatus as well as border security at a two-day conference to be held in Chandigarh next week.PTI
J&K bank mulls `Islamic banking' due to high demand
Srinagar: Newly-appointed J&K bank chairman Parvez Ahmad on Monday said that the state govt -controlled lender was ready to offer Islamic banking, if RBI approved the move. Ahmad told a press conference that there was a strong demand for such banking service in Kashmir but RBI would need to examine the proposal. "We have not given a serious thought to it, but there is a lot of demand for Islamic banking in the state. We will examine the proposal and we have to also take RBI on board," he said. Currently, there are no guidelines for Islamic banking, which is based on the principles of not charging interest, something that is prohibited under Islam. Recently, RBI had suggested that it would review the norms. "Towards mainstreaming these excluded sections, it is proposed to explore the modalities of introducing interest -free banking products in the country in consultation with the govt ," it had said in its annual report for the last financial year.J&K Bank had seen its powers curtailed by RBI a few years ago and is now working on commercial lines, although it does share a special relationship with the state govt .Ahmad, however, warned that the bank is passing through turbulent times. He said that strengthening and cleaning of the bank's balance sheet would remain his top priority for the next six quarters and warned that the lender may even slip into losses."In order to improve the bottom-line growth, we may not book profits, pay dividends or taxes. There may be no contributions to CSR spending." timesofindia
J&K Bank willing to offer Islamic banking:chairman
Modi at Dussehra rally: No security for humanity without eradicating terrorism
New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi declared terrorism the opposite of humanity, and called for global cooperation in the fight against terror. In his first public address since Army surgical strikes against terrorist camps in PoK devoted a significant portion of his speech to women's rights and equality.TOI
Filth, poverty and illiteracy another form of Ravana, let’s burn them this year: PM Modi at Aishbagh Ram Leela
Live: Modi calls for unity to fight terror at Dussehra speech in Lucknow
WikiLeaks emails on PM Modi’s Silicon Valley visit
Washington:Latest batch of emails released by WikiLeaks from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta gives an insight into the planning done by the Obama administration to ensure a successfull visit by PM Narendra Modi to the Silicon Valley in 2015. More than a month and half before Modi was to visit Silicon Valley in the last week of Sept., US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal wrote an email to John Podesta, who had by then joined the Clinton Campaign, seeking his advice and input on making the trip successful and also checking if the ex US president Bill Clinton can co-host a clean energy event with the Modi at Stanford.PTI
‘Don’t interfere’: Jain leaders tell activists as girl dies fasting for 68 days
Hyderabad: Don’t interfere with our religion, Jain elders warned on Monday as social and child rights activists called for action against the parents of a 13-year-old Secunderabad girl, who died from ritual fasting for 68 days.Top Jain spiritual leaders and elders assembled at a community hall in Koti,a commercial suburb of Hyderabad, to discuss teenager Aradhana Samdaria’s death on Oct.3 that triggered a nationwide debate over the community’s rigorous religious practices. “Nobody has a right to interfere in our fundamental rights to practice our religion. The filing of cases against the parents of Aradhana amounts to interfering in the spiritual matters of the community,” Jain guru Mangilal Bhandari said. Police have yet to take action after the AP Child Rights Association lodged a complaint last Friday against the parents for allegedly forcing the class 8 girl into performing tapasya or penance for the family’s prosperity, a ritual that entails harsh fasting.HT
Sikh Radicals suspected to have killed Punjab RSS leader Gagneja
New Delhi:Punjab RSS deputy chief Jagdish Gagneja may have been killed by criminalturned-radical Sikh elements, intelligence agencies have told the govt . Gagneja was shot at by two unidentified youth on a motorcycle while he was shopping on in Jalandhar Aug.6. He died 47 days later due to complications from 6 bullet injuries. His killers are yet to be identified and nabbed.Days ago, outfit by name ‘Dashmesh Regiment’ claimed responsibility for targeting Gagneja and a Shiv Sena leader Durga Prasad Gupta in a note written in Punjabi. Gupta was also shot dead by two attackers on a motorcycle in Khanna in April. Intelligence sources say, Deshmesh Regiment used to be an active militant outfit in the early 90s. HT
Rohith Vemula suicide: JNU, DU students detained enroute to protest
New Delhi; Students from JNU and Delhi University Monday were detained by police while they were on their way to Shastri Bhawan. They were going to protest against the conclusions of a one-man judicial commission, set up by the Ministry of HRD (MHRD), to probe the suicide of University of Hyderabad (UoH) research scholar Rohith Vemula.On Oct.6, former Allahabad High Court judge A K Roopanwal, in his report, had said Vemula was not a Dalit and that his mother had “branded” herself as one to reap benefits from reservation. indianexpress
Maharashtra: Dalit families leave village after 5-year-old girl’s rape triggers protests in Talegaon
Trimbakeshwar:At least 8 to 10 Dalit families have left Talegaon village in Nashik after a 5-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused by a Dalit teenager, triggering violent protests in the area. One of these families is that of the accused. “Hours after the incident, a mob vandalised the boy’s home. His family fled that night. Once news of protests spread, the other families left Sunday,” said a policeman on duty in Talegaon. The boy’s mother, a labourer, has reportedly told police that if her son is guilty,he should be awarded stringent punishment. indianexpress
Cow urine, dung can give eternal beauty, claims Gauseva Board: pti
Ahmedabad: As part of its endeavour to protect cows, Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board has advised women to give up chemical cosmetics and maximise the use of cow urine, dung and milk products to get eternal beauty like that of Egyptian queen Cleopatra.As per ‘Aarogya Geeta’, a detailed advisory published on official website of Board, ‘panchagavya’ (gaumutra-cow urine) treatment is the best medicine in the whole world for women to get naturally glowing skin.PTI
Samajwadi Party submits plea to Maharashtra govt against Suryanamaskar in schools
Mumbai:Following Bombay High Court directions, Samajwadi Party corporator Rais Shaikh had submitted a fresh petition to the state govt  opposing the proposed implementation of a resolution making Suryanamaskar mandatory in the city’s BMC-run schools.Shaikh submitted his petition to Education Minister Vinod Tawde and CM  Devendra Fadnavis on Monday with the plea that the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s resolution on the subject be revoked. indian express
Gujarat riots accused held in London
Ahmedabad: An accused in a case related to post-Godhra riot at Ode village in Anand district who had escaped to UK by jumping his bail has been detained by London police and would be brought back by the SIT within a week, Gujarat police said today. "Samir Patel, an accused in Ode-riot case who absconded while on bail has been detained by London police," Gandhinagar Local Crime Branch's inspector and SIT member A K Parmar said. PTI
Wife's job no ground to escape maintenance: High Court
Ahmedabad: At a time when earning by women is considered a barrier to securing maintenance for estranged wives, Gujarat high court has told a man to feel happy about his wife's income and maintained that her earning must not be used as a ground to escape the liability to pay maintenance.In the instant case, Mahesh Baviskar,police constable working in Surat, was asked by a court in Bardoli last year to pay monthly maintenance of Rs 5,000 to his wife and Rs 3,000 for his son. The constable moved the HC against the order to pay his wife, Bhartiben, who lives in Bardoli after domestic disputes with him. timesofindia
Congress convenes minority meeting, attacks BJP, RSS over Bijnor clashes
Meerut: A group of Muslim leaders of the Congress on Monday held a meeting in Kiratpur and lashed out at the BJP and RSS over the communal clashes that claimed three lives in Peda village last month. Congress leader Shehzaad Poonawala chaired the meeting, which was also attended by Uttarakhand cleric Maulana Zahid Raza Rizvi, All India Christian Council general secretary John Dayal and Paigam-e-Guru Nanak chairman Moolak Sinh Kalra."People need to be on constant vigil against those who spread communal poison for electoral gains. The Muzaffarnagar riots had affected both Muslims and Jats. Communal elements from the Sangh Parivar are trying to turn this (Bijnor) into Muzaffarnagar Part 2. We must all believe in the goodness in each other,"said Poonawala, secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee.He added,"Body of the accused in the Dadri lynching case was wrapped in the tricolor, an honor which is given to brave martyrs of the armed forces. This act is truly anti-national. Muslims of India had rejected Pakistan and Jinnah in 1947 for Gandhi's India."TOI
500 acres of land in Telangana's Medak dist. not Wakf asset: HC setS aside Wakf's order
Hyderabad: High Court set aside a notification issued by the erstwhile AP State Wakf Board listing more than 500 acres situated in Narsapur and Siddipet taluks of Medak district, including lands of Solithro Pvt Ltd in Shabashpally of Shivampet mandal, as Wakf property under Wakf Act 1954. Justice M.S. Ramachandra Rao was allowing a petition by the company which sought to declare the action of the board in publishing Gazette No. 46-A, dated Nov.15,2001, notifying more than 500 acres including the land of the company as Wakf property without conducting a survey and without serving notice.The company said it had  purchased  23.08 acres  in  an auction  conducted  by  ING  Vysya  Bank  and State Bank of India on Dec.26, 2013, and Aug.13, 2014. It said the land was Inam land and had been in the possession of 111 persons who were cultivating it for decades through their ancestors.DC
Wakf's order on land claim set aside by HC
Police beaten to death a Muslim youth after sharing ‘objectionable’ photo on WhatsApp:TCN
Ranchi: In another case of police brutality, a Muslim youth lost his life on Sunday morning at Ranchi Institute of Medical Science, Ranchi, after he was beaten all night by police officials in Narayanpura Police station, Jamtara. According to reports, Minhaj Ansari, a 22-year-old mobile shop owner and a resident of Tarpar Tola, Dighari, Jamtara, was arrested along with 2 others on the night of Oct.3 for allegedly sharing objectionable photos on a WhatsApp group. According to the police, he had done so with an aim of hurting religious sentiments. Next day, 2 others were released by the police, while they continued to detain Minhaj. 2 people who were released came back with black marks on their body and showed signs of considerable torture. They informed family of Minhaj that he had been beaten so bad that he had apparently lost eyesight. Shocked, when the family reached the police station, they were informed that Minhaj was ill and had been taken to the local hospital. Ilyas, a family member, said, “When the parents were denied a chance to meet their ailing son, his mother got angry at hit Pathak while crying. A couple of her bangles got stuck in Pathak’s hand, but nothing more happened.How did that become life threatening,I do not know.”
MP has highest foeticide & infanticide cases in India: Asian Centre for Human Rights
New Delhi: Madhya Pradesh has reported the highest number of female foeticide and female infanticide in India, said the Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) while releasing its report, ‘MP: The land of female infanticide and foeticide in India’ on Oct.6. Report stated that out of the 2,266 cases of infanticide registered across the country during 1994-2014, Madhya Pradesh topped with 537 cases or 24% of all the cases of infanticide. Further, out of the 1,663 cases of foeticide registered from 2001 to 2015, MP once again topped with 360 cases. Despite such deplorable track record, only 2 convictions had been secured under Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994 in the 20 years from 1994 to Sept.2014.TCN
NCP MLA’s supporters burn Arnab Goswami’s effigy in Maharashtra 
Turkey policy shift? Putin, Erdogan meet in Istanbul; Putin backs project to transport natural gas to Turkey, EU countries
The leaders of Russia and Turkey have voiced support for the construction of a gas pipeline, a plan that was suspended amid tensions between the two countries.In separate addresses to World Energy Congress in Istanbul on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan said their countries wanted to press ahead with the Turkish Stream project.The pipeline would carry Russian natural gas to Turkey and on to European Union countries."We have been providing energy for the EU for the past 50 years," Putin said in his speech."We are now working on a second project. We are discussing the Turkish Stream with Erdogan and our other partners and we want to bring this about." Erdogan said:"We look positively at the Turkish Stream project. Our efforts are continuing." Putin was in Istanbul for the first time since Turkish-Russian relations were damaged last year when a Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian warplane on the Syrian border.In his speech on Monday in Istanbul, Putin also voiced support to Erdogan over the country's July 15 failed coup, saying he was happy that the country had "retained control" after the failed attempt. "We are very glad that Turkey is recovering and wish it success," Putin said."These are the first bilateral, direct talks that are to take place between Putin and Erdogan since the crisis over the downing of that jet," said Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, reporting from Istanbul."Both countries have realised after that falling out that they both stand to lose when they are not on good terms and they both stand to gain a lot when they are. And central to that is the energy trade between the two countries."Russia is also building Turkey's first nuclear power station. A senior Israeli govt  minister is also due to visit Turkey this week in the first such trip since the two countries normalised ties after a six-year crisis over Israel's deadly storming of a Gaza-bound ship.Yuval Steinitz, Israeli energy minister, will attend the World Energy Congress in Istanbul on Thursday, the Israeli embassy in Ankara said in a statement. "This is the first visit at ministerial level in the past six years, and it is the result of the rapprochement agreed upon by the two countries," it said.Steinitz was due to hold talks with his Turkish counterpart Berat Albayrak - son-in-law of Erdogan - on the margins of the Istanbul summit. Aljazeera
Erdogan says Turkey to not take orders from Iraq
Turkey will not take instructions from Iraq on Bashiqa Camp, President Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday. In his address to 9th Eurasian Islamic Council in Istanbul, Erdogan told Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to “know his limits,” reminding him the presence of Turkish military in Iraq was due to a demand made by the Iraqi government itself. Erdogan said al-Abadi himself had asked for the formation of a military base in Bashiqa, located some 12 km northeast of Daesh-held city of Mosul, during the term of former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. middleeastmonitor
IS confirms death of ‘minister of information’ Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad: AFP 
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